Heather had just finished turning a trick; she was waiting on the street outside the Vegas hotel. She was mulling over the last two months of her life & how she had gone from a care-free senior in Wisconsin to a Las Vegas call girl.

She did not choose this life, she was been tricked into it: kid-napped & threatened. The threats were not only targeted at her – but her whole family. She saw no way out & nothing scared her, or protected her more right now than her pimp: Biggz.

As she thought, another call girl came down the street – she ran up to Heather & put a small old coin in her hand. She seemed a bit drunk, or high on something, she was smiling from ear to ear. As she passed off the old coin she told Heather, “I’m free, wish for your freedom honey & you’ll be free too!”

She then staggered off… Heather couldn’t help but to think she was fucked up on something, or just found Jesus, or just completely cracked. She could relate to the last option as Heather was about to self-destruct herself. All of these thoughts fled from her mind as she saw Biggz Mercedes round the corner. She snuffed her cigarette & jumped in as he pulled up to the curb.

“How’d you do?” He asked

“Alright, I took him for $500, took another $1500 that was in his nightstand while he got me a drink.” She said, almost proudly.

Biggz was happy about that, “Damned bitch, you’ all right….” he paused then his mood darkened, “How I know you didn’t find more an’ you is jus’ holdin’ out on me.”

This wasn’t the case; she was too scared of him to do that. Heather had learned how to calm him down before he got too wound up. She reached over & rubbed his dick through his pants while she cooed reassuring words to him. This calmed him down & she felt his cock growing with one hand, while her other hand fingered the coin she had just been given. Her mind returned to thought while she absent-mindedly played with her pimps growing hard-on.

“I wish I could just go, right now & never remember any of this shit. I wish he could be trapped in my shoes & have to deal with all the crap I’ve been through.”

**The coin flashed, and it granted the wish**

Suddenly Biggz saw a flash of light; its magic took him two months in the past & trapped him inside of Heather’s body. He has no power to control her, he is only along for the ride – but he can feel all of her emotions & sensations. However, he has yet to figure this out…

He finds himself looking at himself on his couch at home; he feels terrified but also a tad bit turned on. His mind reels as he hears himself say from across the room, “A’ight girl, now we got you dressed up all nicey-nice – we’re goin’ to see what we gots here. Get over here & show me how you suck a dick.”

That’s the line he gives a girl when he’s going to ‘break her in’

He feels a self consciousness that doesn’t seem to be his own & feels this body take an involuntarily peek at a mirror on the wall. He sees Heather, freshly bleached hair, all made-up wearing a tight little black dress with high heels. Her big pale-blue eyes in the mirror meet with his & he can tell they are his. He also knows exactly what’s coming next… Entrapped in Heather he can only watch as he sees the events unfold.

Heather steps toward Biggz & starts to undo his pants, Biggz stops her.

“Listen, you can’t be goin’ after a John like that. You can’t be givin’ him what he want right away – you gots to tease the motherfucker – drive him crazy, work him up so bad he’ll pay you twice as much just to get his nut off. Dig? Just start by sweet talkin’ the mutherfucker & rubbin’ on his dick – whisper in his ear, breath on his neck & shit. When you hear him startin’ to loose it offer to play with his dick BUT say it’s gonna be mo’ money, then when you’re jerkin him off and shit – keep breathing on his neck & say you’ll blow him for just a little more, don’t let that fucker bust his nut – hold that over his head til he pays. Don’t get him off until you work him up enough to pay as much as he got… A’ight? Now try it again.”

Inside Heather was scared shitless, she nibbled on Biggz ear, while her hand rubbed Biggz crotch. Then her hand came across Biggz dick, there was a reason they called him Biggz, she felt the enormous bulge in his pants which went halfway to his knee.

She whispered, “Mmm, baby, you like this? I bet you’d like to feel my mouth on your dick.”

The captive Biggz couldn’t believe what was going on, what was being said, what was coming next & the growing feeling of excitement mixing with the self-consciousness & fear.

The Biggz on the couch just smiled & moaned in appreciation – his hands felt up Heather’s cute heart-shaped ass. She was proud of her ass & knew what guys thought of it.

Heather kissed Biggz neck, tasting his cologne – she couldn’t help getting a bit aroused by Biggz huge arms & hands running over her ass & squeezing her tiny waist. She figured she should take the next step & just get this over with before she started to enjoy it too much.

“Baby, I know you want me to suck on that big dick of yours…”

“MmmHmm” Moaned Biggz as he gripped her by the waist & tried to push her down.

Remembering what he said earlier she cooed, “Eh, eh, eh! Everything nice has a price baby.” Then she really closed in & said in a husky, breathy whisper “For another $75. You can fuck my little face.”

“Hell yeah, bitch, that’s how you do…”

Heather slunk down between his legs, Biggz peeled off her dress as she slid down, leaving Heather in nothing but a satin string thong – her pink nipples hard on her shapely heavy breasts. She rubbed his chest thighs & his raging hard-on. Biggz helped her undo his belt & pull his pants off. Biggz sat there in a dress shirt & a pair of boxers, Heather saw the head of his thick cock hanging past the leg. She wrapped her hand around it & slowly made her hand up & down the bulge. She bit at the bulge through the materiel then Biggz lifted his ass & pulled a leg free leaving the boxers hanging off his leg while his dark huge cock throbbed in front of heathers face, although he was manscaped & had obviously put cologne down there it still smelled musky. It was so close; she could feel heat of it on her face.

Heather was filled with apprehension, she never liked giving head & wasn’t sure if she was good at it, the captive Biggz liked the idea of sucking a dick even less – at least, it was his, sort of.

Heather put his head to her mouth, her hand couldn’t even close all the way around it, and then she opened her mouth & took it in. She tasted it, it was salty & musky, its size filled her mouth, and Biggz hips bucked unexpectedly pushing it further into her mouth. Then she realized she’s got to blow like her life depends on it. She palmed his ball sack & started bobbing her head furiously – the big dick forced strange noises from the back of her throat, her jaw began to ache. She was watching him, he started to chant, “Yeah bitch, yeah bitch…” She could tell he was about to cum, just at the point where she could no longer take the pain in her jaw he yanked his meat out of her mouth & lifted Heather’s body up kissing her on her tits while his fingers made circles over her pussy through her panties. Heather was in all reality being raped, but her body betrayed her mind as his tongue lapped at her nipples & his hand worked her twat. Biggz felt the moisture growing in her crotch & commanded her to bend over.

The captive Biggz felt Heather’s fear mixed with his own, he thought, “No way am I going to get fucked”. He also felt Heather’s own betraying horniness; their knees were shaking with all the emotions & body heat.

Heather bent over & arched her fine little ass high in the air – her bald little pink pussy was still under her soaked pink satin g-string panties. Her blonde hair spilled over to the side as she put the side of her face against the rug. She saw Biggz get down behind her, stroking himself hard again.

Heather gasped when she felt Biggz push aside her panties & begin to work her clit with his lips & tongue. Her eyes closed, and a moan slipped out – she writhed from the pleasure which she did not want to feel. Her back started to arch up & down & her hands were now palming her nipples & rubbing her breasts, kneading them to the rhythm of Biggz mouth on her cunt.

She was wetter than a July peach, Biggz decided she was slippery enough to take his big dick, he worked her clit with his hand as he lined up to Heather’s twat. She gasped as if she had been thrown into cold water when here little cunt was stretched as he began to push inside her. Biggz only put it in about three inches, letting her ease in on it.

The trapped Biggz & Heather both felt the stretching burn sear through them when Biggz pushed his cock into them, then Biggz pulled it out a bit & worked it in a little further than before. Their little pussy was being reamed by Biggz ten inch meat, it screamed as it stretched – but then the pain gave way as their tiny twat relaxed to fit in his thick dick. What could Heather do, too scared to ask for mercy & slightly turned on by this man’s incredible muscled physique & mind-blowing size. They felt Biggz huge hands wrap around their tiny little waist & Biggz started to gently pump her, using her waist to force his dick further in. Heather bit her lip as her pimp’s huge pecker was making her internal organs play musical chairs. Biggz had worked his whole length into her; he sped up & increased his power with each stroke. Heather’s snatch was now able to cope with his size & the pain was giving gave way to pleasure. Size matters, the girth of his fat dick was pushing & pulling on her swollen clitty with every stroke. One hand found her tits while the other worked her pussy. Biggz cock was hitting her in the perfect place deep inside of her body. Moans increasing in intensity began to escape her lips; she could feel a tingly pleasure build in her tummy. Heather tried to resist the oncoming orgasm, she reached out in front of her shaking her head – but she could not stop the feeling as it spread from her tummy to her cunt & into her throat.

The captive Biggz was in awash of emotion as he felt the first guilty orgasm of Heather rip through their body. The intensity was incredible & it made the gigantic dick feel even bigger as their quim clamped down in rhythm on his black dick. Meanwhile their snatch was that much more sensitive making the fucking unbearable.

Biggz held onto Heather’s waist & rode her like a bronco through her orgasm, he was laughing a bit as she moaned & squirmed. He stopped pumping her long enough to let her catch her breath, then pulled out of her. Her resized pussy hung open for a moment before closing when the big dick was pulled out; Heather twitched from the sudden sensation. Biggz stayed silent then Heather felt the huge pecker-head rub up & down against her asshole, she knew what was coming, then Biggz dick found her entrance & he started to push. Heather had never tried anal & now she was about to have a cock the size of her forearm shoved up her ass.

The pain ripped through Heather & her unbeknown passenger’s body, she instinctively tried to get away & squealed – but Biggz held her by her tiny waist. He grabbed her by the hair & whispered in a menacing tone, “We gotta get you used to takin’ it in the ass bitch; you can charge some big ass money for that shit. Just relax as much as you can & don’t be cryin’ & shit or I’ll kick your bitch-ass! No John wants a girl looking like she don’t like it, so I want you to look like you want it.”

She stifled herself as Biggz worked his dick up her ass which was lubed only with Heathers own juice – she buried her face & clawed at the rug; it was all she could do to bear the pain. He fucked her very slowly, pulling out & then pushing it in a little further each time. The sensation was very different from having her pussy fucked; her asshole didn’t relax & enjoy the sensation like her snatch eventually did. She just tried to keep her breath & not show any signs of discomfort. Then she felt his hips against her ass cheeks & he pushed it as deep as he could inside her.

Heather squealed when she was invaded, quickly recovering she acted as if her pain was pleasure. She followed the squeal with a moan, then again tried to play his game.

“Ohhh, I love that big fucking cock, mmmmm, fuck my little ass!”

She felt a sharp slap on her ass & he started to gently pump.

The pain was bearable when his cock was not moving in her, but when he started to fuck her, the pain returned, so she played off her yelps as moans of pleasure. His strong hands still clamped on her hips pushing & pulling her on & off his dick – the speed was picking up. Heather continued to pass off her grunts & squeals as moans of pleasure. The pace quickened & Biggz was now pounding her ass, she could do nothing but scream.

Heather & the captive Biggz felt their ass getting pounded & each stroke reminded them of their helplessness in this surreal situation. All Heather could do was to pretend to enjoy it to avoid another beating. She faked her moans, said dirty things then reached through her legs and lightly massaged Biggz balls in hopes of getting him to cum. They felt so conflicted about wanting to pleasure the man that was raping her ass.

Then he started to chant, “Yeah bitch, yeah bitch, yeah bitch…”

He suddenly ripped his cock out of her, flipped her over and was stroking his cock as he stood over her. She looked up at his strong thighs, cut upper-body & the biggest dick she’d ever seen – she was like a deer in the headlights. Biggz, ready to blow, just shoved his thick cock, fresh from her ass, into her mouth. She instantly tasted a hot, cloying, salty shot of her pimp’s cum squirt into her mouth. She hated cum in her mouth, she swallowed it, but it’s taste was strong & it made her mouth numb with it’s bleachy taste – not wanting to think of what he would do if she spit it out. She wanted to divert the squirt, so she stroked the length of his cock & rubbed his balls as he shot his load on her face & chest. As he was cumming she couldn’t help but to admire his body & even though she still felt like his dick was in her ass, her ginny was still tingling with pleasure.

The pimp had fucked her every which way; Heather & her inner prisoner were horribly conflicted by the mixed feelings of fear & lust. They were betrayed by their body & the taboo of a big black dick paradoxically added to the pleasure. Their body was sore & tingling; however Heather felt like she wanted it again.

Heather went on with a captive Briggs in her subconscious feeling all the pleasure, pain & fear of being a pimped whore. Until one day, Heather was handed a magical artifact & wished her wish.

Biggz was freed from Heather’s mind; he pulled the car over, handed her the money & told her to get out of the car.

She did, Heather found herself on the sidewalk in Las Vegas dressed like a whore with a wad of money & had no idea how she ended up there, dressed like that.


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