Gemma waited nervously in the London hotel room. It had been her idea to meet up with Tia, her husband’s ex, but now she was having second thoughts. What if he regretted leaving Tia? What if he preferred fucking Tia to her? What if… But then her thoughts her interrupted by a knock on the door. Her husband wasn’t due back for a while, it must be Tia!

Gemma waited nervously in the London hotel room. It had been her idea to meet up with Tia, her husband’s ex, but now she was having second thoughts. What if he regretted leaving Tia? What if he preferred fucking Tia to her? What if… But then her thoughts her interrupted by a knock on the door. Her husband wasn’t due back for a while, it must be Tia!

Gemma looked at herself in the mirror briefly, wondering how she’d measure up. She hoped she looked young for her age, perhaps could pass for forty, with a clear complexion and not too many lines in her face. She liked her boobs, full without being too big, and still firm, but frowned when her gaze dropped to her tummy, which she thought too prominent, and she thought her bum was too big, however many times her husband had told her it was just right, and very spankable… She hoped her blouse and skirt looked right, stylish but still suiting her age, she didn’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

She opened the door, and in walked Tia.

“You must be Gemma! I’ve heard so much about you!” she said, and opened her arms to hug her. Gemma hesitated but then responded, and Tia kissed her, first on the cheek and then full on the mouth.

Then Tia released her hold and stood back, the two women looked each other up and down, comparing themselves to their rival.

Tia’s auburn hair looked expensively styled, and high-lighted. She was well-tanned, presumably from frequent foreign holidays rather than a tanning salon, but Gemma thought her skin looked sun-damaged and a bit wrinkled, compared to her own pale ‘English rose’ complexion, but that may have been jealousy. Tia was slender, with no bust to speak of, and her legs looked good, Gemma had to admit, although she thought she could see too much of them between Tia’s short leather skirt and high-heeled shoes, both of which would have looked better on a girl half Tia’s age.

“My husband will be here later” said Gemma, consciously emphasising the ‘My’.

“Why don’t we get to know each other a bit better now then?” replied Tia, and to show what she meant she bent forward and started unbuttoning Gemma’s blouse.

This took Gemma by surprise; although she’d been expecting to be naked with Tia, she thought it would only be for her husband’s benefit. Tia was keen though, and Gemma was open to a new experience, so she allowed Tia to continue, and take off the blouse, revealing Gemma’s bosom, clad in a white lacy bra.

The skirt came off next, quickly unzipped by Tia, and Gemma stood in front of her, in just her underwear.

“well, what are you waiting for?” asked Tia. “do I have to undress myself?”

Gemma shook her head and gingerly unbuttoned Tia’s blouse and soon Tia was reduced to her underwear too. Then Tia cupped Gemma’s heavy breasts in her hands, gave a sound of appreciation, reached behind to unhook Gemma’s bra and then gently removed it. She kissed each nipple softly and then stood straight, arms by her side, and allowed Gemma to return the favour.

Tia stood in front of her, both of them naked except for their knickers.

“Wow!” Tia purred, “your boobs are magnificent. No wonder he’s happy with you, he always was a tit man. My little bee-stings could never satisfy him.”

“You don’t think they’re too saggy?’ Gemma asked. “They’re not pert like yours, and your nipples are so firm and perky.”

“Oh no”, said Tia, “you can suck nipples, but you can do so much more with tits like yours, squeeze them, knead them… Here, like this!”

And with that Tia’s mouth fell hungrily on Gemma’s right breast, taking a big mouthful around the nipple, while Tia’s hands grabbed eagerly at her breasts, each hand firmly grasping a handful of Gemma’s soft tit-flesh.

Briefly taken aback by the attention of another woman, Gemma quickly realised how enjoyable it was and put her hands behind Tia’s head, pulling Tia towards her. Together they slid to the bed, Gemma on her back and Tia on top of her, each hand firmly squashing, kneading and massaging a breast.

Tia put her head between Gemma’s breasts and licked, exciting Gemma even more, and then gradually moved down Gemma’s body, licking as she went, her tongue circling Gemma’s navel on the way. Next her tongue found first Gemma’s thick pubic bush, and then Tia started teasing out Gemma’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Once she’d explored it she started lapping forcefully, responding to Gemma’s excitement. Soon Gemma’s whole body was shaking and she grabbed Tia’s hair hard, pushing her head down on her cunt as she orgasmed, as quickly and as vigorously as she ever had with her husband – and he was no mean pussy-licker. Then Gemma released her grip on Tia’s hair and collapsed on the bed, exhausted.

Tia gave her a moment to get her breath back and then asked hesitantly “Since I’ve been so nice to you, would you mind licking my pussy?”

Gemma wanted to return the favour but she couldn’t bring herself to lick a cunt for the first time so she shook her head but said “I could finger you though”, thinking that it must be as easy as masturbating herself.

Tia gave a resigned sigh and laid down alongside Gemma, who ran her hand up Tia’s thigh, gliding over her waxed skin and quickly found her neatly-trimmed bush. She began slowly exploring Tia’s cunt with her middle finger, curling her finger to probe inside and gently rubbing her palm against Tia’s clitoral hood. Tia was getting slowly aroused but too slowly for her liking so she put her hand on Gemma’s and pushed it down hard and quick, forcing Gemma to respond and as Tia got the stimulation she needed and Gemma quickened her pace, their bodies moved in harmony and Tia trembled as she came. Not as big as Gemma’s orgasm but then that was the first time Gemma had made a woman cum, while Tia was much more experience. Tia leant towards Gemma and gave a long French kiss, tongue (still sticky with Gemma’s own juices) pushing into Gemma’s mouth and then murmured ‘Thank you’ as they both fell back on the bed and awaited Gemma’s husband.

* * *

Gemma’s husband opened the door with his key-card and entered the room.

“Hi darling!” said Tia and Gemma, simultaneously. They both rushed to greet him. Tia got there first and kissed him deeply. He responded but then pulled away to kiss his wife. Tia then unbuckled his belt and started pulling down his trousers so Gemma sank to her knees to join in, and then took his cock in her mouth, keeping Tia away from it. Thwarted in her first goal, Tia then kissed him deeply and removed his shirt, rubbing her small breasts and erect nipples against his bare chest, ‘accidentally’ kicking Gemma as she did so.

“you must be tired after a long day.” said Tia. ” why don’t you lie down on the bed and let us look after you?”

This seemed like a good idea to him so he did so, and once he was laying on his back, then Gemma and Tia straddled him, facing each other, Gemma over his cock and Tia over his face.

Gemma started rubbing herself against him, distracted by the attention of Tia who was kissing her and fondling her breasts. He was licking Tia’s cunt, to her obvious satisfaction, and Gemma put her hands on Tia’s buttocks, trying to lift her away from him. This only made Tia squeeze Gemma’s breasts in return.

Gemma was relieved when Tia got up And moved away from her husband’s tongue. She concentrated on rubbing her cunt against her husband’s cock and forgot about her rival.

“Am I being naughty enough for you, darling? Rubbing my pussy against your cock, using you?” she asked.

“She is being naughty!” Replied Tia, who was now behind Gemma’s bottom, which she spanked a couple of times on each cheek.

Gemma could feel Tia’s fingers caress her bum, then move between her cheeks and start circling her asshole.

“She’s being very naughty, I think you should punish her ass”, Tia said, and with that she pushed her middle finger into Gemma’s anus. She thrust it in and out a couple of times before adding her index finger, all the while Gemma’s husband was spanking her, and Gemma was getting very aroused.

“I think you should… Fuck her ass!” continued Tia. Gemma didn’t know what to think, she’d never had anal sex, but wanted to please her husband, and was open to the new experience.

Tia pushed Gemma off her husband, so she was laying on her back, her legs open wide. Then Tia pushed Gemma’s legs back so that her ass was exposed, ready for her husband’s cock. He knelt between her legs and pushed his cock slowly into her ass, guided by Tia. Gemma found this painful at first but soon her arousal more than made up for this, as her husband fucked her ass, while Tia’s fingers explored her cunt. Then Tia started playing with her clitoris and Gemma could feel an orgasm building inside her, and she climaxed as Tia roughly rubbed her pubic mound.

Her husband hadn’t come yet and he withdrew from her ass. He was going to start fucking Gemma’s cunt when Tia stopped him, and encouraged Gemma to turn over, and get on her knees. Then Tia guided his cock into Gemma’s cunt, and he started fucking her, doggy-style.

Tia knelt over Gemma, her cunt over the back of Gemma’s head and her breasts against Gemma’s back, as she watched his cock going in and out of Gemma’s cunt. She pushed Gemma’s head down against the bed and put her hands on Gemma’s pendulous tits, and squeezed hard, asserting her power over her. When Tia could see that he was getting close to coming she moved off of Gemma and laid back on the bed, her legs open wide and her cunt in front of Gemma’s face.

“She wouldn’t lick my cunt earlier” complained Tia. “make her do it now, please!”.

Gemma’s husband grabbed her hair and pushed her head down towards Tia’s cunt. With her husband’s encouragement she lost her earlier reluctance and started lapping at Tia’s wet and welcoming pussy. She tried to do the things she liked her husband doing to her, first exploring inside and then concentrating on arousing Tia’s clitoris. Tia grabbed Gemma by the hair and pushed her head down, as she started to come. At the same time Gemma felt her husband come inside her, and she felt in control, making them both come, at the same time as being dominated by them.

All utterly exhausted by their exertions, they collapsed together in bed, Gemma’s husband in-between the two women.

* * *

Gemma’s husband had had to return home the next day – work had called – but he suggested that Gemma stay up there – perhaps Tia could show her around, help her with research for her novel, as Gemma was writing about crime in South London. Tia had readily agreed, as she had contacts from her work as a journalist. She just had to pop into the office first and arranged to meet Gemma at Canary Wharf.

“I know just the man you need to see!” said Tia when Gemma had explained what she was writing about.

“You want to talk to my friend Dave, they call him ‘the yellow pages of the underworld’. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. I happen to know he’s around today, so let’s go and see him’.

They get the Docklands Light Railway to Woolwich, and then take a brisk walk to Dave’s house. Gemma is glad that Tia knows the way as she thought she’d never find her way back again on her own.

Gemma barely has time to take in the exterior of the house as Tia buzzes the intercom and the door swings open. Tia ushers her through and closes it quickly behind them. It was obviously the morning after a big party, with a marquee, or maybe more accurately a beer-tent, set up, and a lot of rubbish left behind.

“He said for us to meet him at the bottom of the garden”, Tia said, and although this sounded strange, Gemma followed her down the garden path, past the giant inflatable paddling pools, through the discarded beer cans, clothes, condoms and other post-party debris, to the building at the bottom of Dave’s garden. Gemma wondered what was in the building – it was too far from the road to be a garage and too substantial to be a shed.

Tia got a key out of her purse and unlocked the door to the building, pushed the door open and ushered Gemma indoors, saying with a smirk ‘Welcome to the dungeon’.

Gemma thought this was another of Tia’s silly jokes and wondered what it really was as she went on ahead of Tia into the darkened room – Tia hadn’t yet switched the light on.

When she did, Gemma realised it wasn’t a joke and, after blinking in the light, her eyes opened wide as she took in what she could see.

The walls were dark red, two were decorated with erotic murals.

A third wall was mirrored, as was the ceiling, and on the remaining wall was a variety of ‘torture’ equipment, the like of which Gemma hadn’t seen before. The Centrepiece was an X-shaped cross, with padded red leather manacles at each tip clearly designed for restraining wrists and ankles. There were racks with various whips, paddles, bats, pairs of handcuffs and god-knows-what on them. Elsewhere in the room there was a double bed, with elaborate wrought-iron bedstead, a stock, again padded with red leather, a padded bench, about 6′ long, and a much shorter bench with manacles on the legs.

There was also a big wooden box, full of clothes and other items, all seemingly made from black leather and shiny metal rings.

Tia walked up to the box, saying “there’s something in here that will be just right for you! Get your clothes off now and I’ll help you into it.”

Not quite knowing why she was being so submissive, Gemma took off her clothes without a murmur, piling them neatly on the long bench as she took them off. She stood, naked and a little self-conscious, as Tia found what she was looking for. She stood up, turned round and offered a garment to Gemma, not that Gemma thought she had any choice about accepting it.

Gemma looked at the leather corset that Tia had given her – a zip at the front, and laced-up at the back. Cut-away under the breasts, and with two straps each side that circled the breast, joined above it with a metal ring and went over the shoulder and clipped to the back. Cut-away at the bottom of the back, fully exposing the buttocks.

Gemma slipped the corset around her and tried the zip, the fit was tight but bearable and Gemma zipped the corset up. Once it was on, she liked the way it thrust her boobs out in front of her.

While she was putting the corset on, Tia had continued rummaging in the box and she found a couple of things for Gemma.

Firstly a leather collar with a metal ring at the front and a strap at the back, which Tia fitted for Gemma, standing behind her.

“Open your mouth” ordered Tia and Gemma complied, not knowing what to expect next. She certainly didn’t expect Tia to push a rubber ball gag into her mouth and pull back the straps attached to it, buckling it securely behind Gemma’s head.

“There, why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror?” asked Tia, pulling Gemma by the arm to a convenient spot by the mirrored wall.

“You look just like a proper slave now!”

Gemma could only nod in agreement as she gazed at her reflection: the corset revealing and enhancing her boobs, the nakedness of her cunt and buttocks, the collar making her easy to restrain, the ball gag keeping her mutely submissive, and all the black leather contrasting with her pale skin.

While Gemma was admiring herself in the mirror, Tia slipped off her jacket and skirt, revealing red, lacy lingerie. She kept on her boots and looked every inch a slave-mistress.

“Now, why don’t we try out some of the equipment?” asked Tia. “Perhaps you should try out that cross for size” she added, her tone not suggesting that Gemma had any choice in the matter.

Gemma stood against the cross, spreading her legs wide and raising her arms up to meet the corners of the cross. It was uncomfortable but strangely thrilling, and Gemma wished her husband was there to strap her in.

“You look great! We should try that later, but first I’d rather see you bent over this bench here” said Tia, pointing at the shorter of the benches.

So Gemma got down from the cross and went and laid on her stomach on the short bench. She put her arms down so that her wrists were in the manacles below, which pushed her breasts out in front of her, invitingly. Quick as a flash, Tia clicked the manacles onto Gemma’s wrists and then took one of the bars from the rack on the wall. She then fastened Gemma’s ankles to each end of the bar, spreading her legs wide and leaving her ass and cunt vulnerable and exposed.

Tia spanked Gemma hard twice, once on each buttock, and then, softer but more painful and humiliating, between her cheeks, leaving her fingers pressed against Gemma’s labia. Tia rubbed hard, letting her finger-tips brush Gemma’s clitoris as her thumb pushed against Gemma’s asshole.

Then Tia started exploring Gemma’s cunt with her fingers, rubbing to and fro across her labia before thrusting her fore and middle fingers deep into Gemma’s cunt. Tia thrust her fingers in and out, twisting and opening them, spreading Gemma’s cunt wide open.

While Gemma was getting used to this invasion, she felt Tia’s thumb against her anus again. Without warning it thrust into her ass at the same time as Tia’s fingers were deep inside her! Tia squeezed her thumb and fingers together, and a sharp, exquisite pain pulsed through Gemma’s most sensitive areas.

“There! You just love things in your ass, don’t you, you slut? Why don’t we stick a butt-plug in there now, just in case your husband wants to fuck your ass again. Or anyone else does for that matter.”

Gemma shook her head at the last sentence but if Tia noticed she didn’t say anything, as she briefly removed her hand from Gemma’s body. Shortly Gemma felt a hard cold presence against her anus and before age could get used to the idea, Tia pushed the butt-plug hard into Gemma’s ass.

Gemma shuddered in pain with the stimulation of all those sensitive nerve endings but soon wanted more, which she got when Tia waggled the protruding end of the plug.

Satisfied that it was secure, Tia then continued her serious task of punishing Gemma and started spanking her hard, leaving an angry red handprint after each smack. More pain jolted through Gemma’s ass with each smack, but excitement and pleasure too, as she wished her husband spanked her this hard.

The rhythm of Tia’s spanks slowed and she complained “this is hurting my hand more than it’s hurting you, you cunt. I need some help!”

Gemma wondered what Tia meant but it soon became clear as the next stroke was heavier, more solid and more painful. Tia had obviously picked up one of the leather paddles that had been hanging on the wall. After several strokes of this Gemma found it more painful than pleasurable and it came as a relief when Tia was interrupted by the noise of the door being pushed wide open.

* * *

A big, bald man strode powerfully into the room. He wore a white suit and waistcoat, that Gemma thought had been well-tailored to flatter his figure. His cowboy boots looked expensive and immaculate too. While not a handsome man, he exuded charisma and Gemma thought this must be Dave, owner of the house, dungeon and in his own way, the whole ‘manor’.

“‘Ello darling!” says the man, walking towards Tia. He puts his hands on her shoulders and holds her in front of him, looking her up and down and leering. “you look gorgeous as ever, babe!”

Then he puts his arms round her in a big hug and kisses her. Gemma can’t take her eyes off them, drawn to the animal magnetism of the big man and she can tell Tia feels the same as she watches her thrust her tongue into his mouth.

When they run out of breath their lips part and Tia says “have you missed me, Dave? let me show you how much I’ve missed you and your big thick cock!”

with that she put her hand in his groin and expertly unzipped him and let his cock flop out.

From her close-up vantage point Gemma could see that Tia hadn’t exaggerated the size of his cock, swelling as Tia slowly wanked him.

Despite this distraction, Dave paid attention to Gemma for the first time, his eyes drawn to her milky-white tits.

“‘Oo’s your friend?” he asked. “good pair of knockers on her, whoever she is.”

“This is the bitch that stole my boyfriend! I’ve just been teaching her lesson she won’t forget.”

“So I see.” said Dave, noticing how red Gemma’s buttocks were. “looks like you’ve given her a damn good spanking.”

“She deserved it too! Want to have a closer look at my handiwork?”

Not waiting for an answer, Tia leads Dave behind Gemma. Holding his cock in her right she brushes the tip of it up and down against Gemma’s exposed cunt. Before Dave can get too excited she says “No, I want to make you cum myself, don’t waste it on this dirty cow!” Practically leading Dave by the cock she walks in front of Gemma. She uses Dave’s by now massive erection to slap Gemma across the eyes, sneering “take a good look at this, it’s more cock than you deserve!”. Meanwhile Dave reaches down and fondles Gemma’s tit, surprising her with the tenderness of his touch.

Then Tia kneels in front of Dave, first wanking him then taking his cock fully into her mouth and sucking him off, playing with his balls with one hand, all this happening no more than a foot or two from Gemma’s eyes. Gemma had never watched a blow-job before and couldn’t take her eyes off this one, and she could tell from her own experience that Tia was a skilful cock-sucker. Soon she could tell that Dave was ready to cum, as he grabbed Tia’s hair and pulled her head towards him, while her fingers moved back from his scrotum and started circling his anus.

Then the climax: As Dave released his grip on Tia’s hair and grunted loudly, signifying that he was about to cum, Tia pulled her head back and as Dave’s cock popped out of her mouth and started spraying his cum, she pointed it at Gemma’s face with her hand! Gemma barely had time to blink as the hot, sticky semen blasted over her face (she was impressed with the quantity and force of his ejaculation). She did close her eyes just in time but her eyelids were gummed-up with cum when she opened them again, so well had she been coated.

The torrent of Dave’s semen had practically stopped, he gave a long, contented sigh and Tia grabbed a handful of Gemma’s long blonde hair and used it to dry off Dave’s cock.

“There, bitch, that’s more than you deserve, you cum-bag!” Tia spat out at her.

“Now Dave, let’s go back to your bedroom and watch back the video of that, while you get your strength back and I’ll make better use of your next load of cum. We’ll leave this cow here and maybe let her out later, if no one else gets to her first.”.

With that, Tia zipped up Dave and they were off, leaving the door swinging behind them, so anyone could walk into the dungeon.

As the cum slowly dripped down Gemma’s face she pondered the thought of it all having been caught on tape…

* * *

“Dave? Are you in here?”

A tall, slender black woman walks through the doorway. She is wearing a black leather coat, leather trousers and calf length boots. Her hair is cropped short. She moves with a feline grace, but a hardness in her eyes puts Gemma more in mind of a hungry lioness than a friendly pussy cat. She looks round the room and her gaze alights on Gemma.

“Ooh, who are you? A present from my husband?” she purred. “he knows how much I love big white tits and a big white ass.”

“Here, let me take a good look at you”, she added as she strode powerfully towards Gemma.

“Hey!” she shouted as soon as she saw Gemma’s cum-splattered face.

“Dave wouldn’t leave me a soiled present like you. You must have been leading him astray, you dirty cow!” and with that she slapped Gemma across the face.

“Husband-stealers like you deserve serious punishment. Let me get comfortable while I give you what you deserve” she said, taking off her coat and revealing just another leather garment, a bra or a bikini, beneath it.

“You have got lovely tits though’, she added, ‘let me see them swing!”

She reached down and started slapping Gemma’s tits from side-to-side, gently at first then increasing in intensity which Gemma found stimulating rather than painful, so much so that she didn’t want the woman to stop as soon as she did.

“Now let’s have a look at these” the woman said, taking a firm grip on each of Gemma’s nipples and pulling them towards her, stretching Gemma’s tits away from her.

“Mmm, they’re good”, she purred, rolling each nipple between her thumbs and forefingers, squeezing them hard, sending sharp bursts of sensation through Gemma’s tits.

“I bet they’re really sensitive, and you’re loving this, however hard I squeeze?”

Gemma nodded mutely. She thought even if she hadn’t been gagged she couldn’t have brought herself to say that she loved it, but she couldn’t deny it.

“Submissive slut, ain’t you? You’re enjoying this as much as me, and you need to be properly punished!”

Having said that, the woman released Gemma’s nipples and as they bounced-back, she gave each one a sharp slap and walked around behind Gemma.

“Ooh, a butt plug!” she exclaimed when she saw what was protruding from Gemma’s asshole.

“Were you expecting Dave to fuck your ass later? Too bad! Your ass belongs to me now and I won’t let him. Who knows what else will happen while you’re tied up here though…”

A shiver went through Gemma as she contemplated what this meant, and the woman continued

“Now though, all you have to look forward to is getting fucked by me! Now, where’s my favourite strap-on?”

There was a pause and some rustling while the woman presumably looked through the same ‘toy box’ as Tia and Gemma had explored earlier, then:

“Ah, here it is! Maybe you should have a good look before I fuck you” and the woman walked in front of Gemma again, who could see that she had dispensed with her trousers and was sporting a large and incongruously-white strap-on cock.

“Big, isn’t it? I’m going to enjoy sticking this up your cunt, you white bitch!” and with that she disappeared again.

Gemma tried to crane her neck round to get some warning of what was going to happen next, but before she could, the woman grabbed a big handful of her hair and pulled her head back, and she felt the cold fake cock rubbing against her cunt lips and then suddenly it thrust hard into her cunt and setting off explosions in all the sensitive nerve endings as the plastic invader filled her cunt.

“Felt that, didn’t you? You fucking slut!” sneered the black woman as she felt Gemma’s body shudder underneath her. Then she began fucking Gemma hard, pushing as far as she could each time. Gemma felt like her cunt was on fire. With her free hand the woman slapped Gemma’s buttocks or occasionally the butt-plug – when she did this Gemma felt like every nerve in her body was tingling between her ass and her cunt.

After a while the thrusting became more ragged and Gemma could feel the woman’s body trembling against her as she came. Gemma was on the brink of orgasming too and just needed some clitoral stimulation to climax, but there was none, however much she wriggled trying to find something to rub her clitoris on. Eventually Gemma ran out of energy and slumped down onto the bench.

“Oh, poor cow, haven’t you come yet? Too bad! Here, let me help you get up.” said the woman as she clicked open the spreader bar and then released Gemma’s wrists from the manacles.

Gemma could barely move her arms, so long had she been kept constrained, and the black woman pulled her up so she was sitting on the bench. She looked at Gemma and said “you must be boiling in that corset. Why don’t you slip into something cooler?” as she pulled down the zip at the front and the corset fell off from Gemma’s ample curves.

“I’ve got just the thing for a fat slag like you!” and reaching into the box of toys she produced what looked like a collection of leather straps and metal rings. “Stand up and I’ll get it on you!”

Gemma stood, unable to resist the command of her powerful black mistress, and the woman started pulling the garment up her body. Two straps went between her legs, two more either side of her waist. More straps went up the body until four straps circled each breast, joining between her breasts in a big metal ring. The outfit was completed by more straps going over the shoulder.

“There, much better! now everyone will be able to see you properly!”

Gemma wondered who the ‘everyone’ was as the woman fished in the toy box again and produced another gag, much like the one Gemma already wore but with two chains, with clips on the end, attached each side of the mouth-piece. The woman went behind Gemma and undid the strap of the ball-gag. No sooner had she removed it, and Gemma had taken a deep breath, than she forced the new gag into Gemma’s mouth and did it up again. Then she came back in front of Gemma and showed what the chains were for as she clipped them to Gemma’s nipples.

Gemma shuddered with the sharp pain from her already over-stimulated nipples and the black woman laughed in her face.

“Don’t worry love, you’ll get used to it, you’ll be there a while! Don’t worry about getting too lonely though, I’ll send some friends down here to look after you later.”

With that, she spat in Gemma’s face and turned on her heel and left the dungeon, leaving Gemma tied-up and anxiously contemplating who the black woman’s friends would be.

* * *

Gemma could hear people coming down the garden path; one sounded like Tia, and a couple of deep, male voices. She couldn’t make out any words but it didn’t sound entirely amicable.

The voices got louder and then the party crashed into the room. Gemma could see that it was Tia, wearing just her lingerie, and flanked by two men, one a coloured guy with dreadlocks, about 6 foot tall and averagely built, the other a white guy of much the same height but much stockier build, which Gemma thought was more fat than muscle, no discernible neck, and as bald as Dave without any of his charm or presence.

The party was completed by a muscular black man, at least 6’6″ tall, wearing sunglasses and exuding an air of authority. All three men were wearing the cheap black suits and white shirts, the bouncers’ uniform.

The two other men stood each side of Tia, restraining her, while the black man addressed her.

“You stupid bitch! You’ve made my friend Jet very angry, that makes me angry too. How far you fuck her old man without her permission? Well, now you’ve got her permission to fuck us. Now, are you going to strip for us or do we have to tear the rest of your clothes off?”

“Since you asked so nicely…” replied Tia as she reached behind to unclip her bra and then pulled off her knickers, her two new companions releasing her arms to allow this.

“Must have been cold walking through the garden.” the black man remarked, noticing her erect nipples.

“No, just pleased to see you” countered Tia.

“Why don’t you show me how pleased?” he replied, taking off his jacket and unzipping his trousers.

Tia sank to her knees in front of him and put her mouth round the tip of his cock. It was so big that she knew she’d never fit it all in her mouth.

Her mouth round his knob, she moved her tongue slowly over the end, exciting him. She wanked the base of his shaft with one hand while feeling his balls with the other. She could feel him swelling in her mouth and thought she was doing a good job distracting him when suddenly he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

“Now, bitch! Don’t try to get round me! Are you sorry you stole Dave from Jet?”

“I’m sorry… Sorry I sucked Dave off before I got to you, big boy”

“Not good enough! Come on lads, let’s do as we’ve been told”

With that the other two men, who had got undressed while watching Tia suck off their leader, picked up Tia and manhandled her till she was laying face-down on the long bench.

The black man stood in front of her and pulled her head back sharply.

“Sorry yet?” he asked rhetorically, going on to say “let her have it, lads!”

At this the two other men started alternating hard slaps on her buttocks. Tia wiggled her bottom, which just made them spank her even harder. Then as the fat white man kept spanking her, a job he seemed to relish, the other one started feeling her cunt, rubbing around it, then slipping two fingers inside her.

Obviously satisfied with how she felt, he nodded to the boss and then, helped by the fat man, lifted Tia off the bench and put her down, on the gym mat that was nearby, cushioning her slightly when they dropped her.

The black man was in front of her again, and again her grabbed her hair, pulling her up so she was kneeling in the doggy position.

“You can suck my cock now!” he ordered, and she willingly complied, taking as much of his cock as possible into her mouth and working her tongue hungrily.

The black man winked at the dreadlocked guy, who knelt behind Tia and, steadying himself with a hand on her back, thrust his cock forward into her cunt.

“Time for a spit-roast, bitch!” and one fucked her hard from behind as the other fucked her mouth, pulling her head back and forth.

The fat man stood watching this for a few moments, then walked up to where Gemma was tied up, slowly wanking himself.

“Enjoying the show, darling? Don’t worry about missing out, it will be your turn later!”

Then, still masturbating with his left hand, he reached up with the other and cupped her left boob in the palm of his hand. Tenderly at first, and Gemma found herself turned on, against her will, by the welcome attention of a male. Then he squeezed her tit harder, Gemma would have gasped in pain if she hadn’t been gagged. He looked pleased at the result and Gemma began to think he was more than a little sadistic.

Then he stopped wanking himself and, placing both hands on her tits, released the nipple clamps. The relief was temporary as he then pinched each nipple hard, but then he grabbed a breast in each hand and pushed his body against her, squeezing her breasts beneath his grasp.

Gemma could feel his erection rubbing against her pubic mound and she wished it was someone else doing it, anyone other than this ugly fat sadist. she started wishing it was Dave before feeling guilty at the unfaithful thought.

Fortunately, before the fat man could get too excited there was a cry from behind of “Come on, mate, there’s room for you now!” and she looked across to the gym mat.

The black man was now laying on his back and Tia was astride him, her cunt full of his cock. She leant forward, sucking the other man’s cock, and her backside was raised invitingly.

The fat man went over and knelt behind Tia, spanking her hard on each buttock before licking his fingers and plunging his middle finger into Tia’s asshole. He left it there as Tia bounced up and down a couple of times before inserting his index finger as well. Then, satisfied that she was ready, he withdrew his hand and used it to guide his cock in, so its head was against her anus. He waited until Tia was pushing down onto the black man’s cock and pushed forward too and penetrated her ass. Even with a mouthful of cock Tia cried out with surprise.

Soon the two men found a rhythm as Tia’s cunt and asshole were alternately filled, and as Gemma watched she half wanted them to treat Tia more roughly, punishing her, but half wished it was she herself who was on the mat, full of cock and being used, needing to do nothing as the men wrought their sexual gratification from her.

Before too long the men’s thrusting became more urgent and Gemma could tell they were all ready to come. The fat man came first, withdrawing his cock and cumming over Tia’s ass, then the black man came too, first inside her then he too withdrew. Gemma was impressed to see his spunk fly upwards, spraying Tia’s ass and even her lower back, and pleased to see that some caught the fat man, who didn’t get out of the way in time. Finally the last man came, first holding Tia’s mouth closed around his cock and then releasing her, letting the rest spatter her face and hair.

Tia rolled off from on top of the black man and collapsed on her back on the gym mat, exhausted, literally shagged-out.

The three men got to their feet and stood over Tia.

“What a mess!” said the black man, looking down at the cum-splattered Tia. “We better hose her down!”

Gemma was confused, not having seen a hose, or even a tap, in the dungeon, but all was revealed when all three men pointed their cocks at Tia and started urinating over her, directing their piss over her cunt and tits, the fat man even spraying his towards her face.

Gemma wondered what the torrents of warm piss felt like on Tia’s body, and although she wouldn’t want a mouthful of piss she was excited by the thought of the warm fluid hitting her body.

Eventually the peeing dried up, Gemma thought they must have just been drinking quantities of beer judging by the volume produced, and the men turned their back on Tia and towards Gemma.

Gemma’s stomach churned with a mixture of excitement and fear. It was one think fantasising about being used by this gang of strong men, but the reality could be quite different, particularly when one was as nasty as the fat man seemed to be.

They walked up to her, the black man in the middle, practically blocking the light as he towered over her.

“Well, well” he said. “here’s Jet’s little present for us. She knew a skinny cow like her”, gesturing over his shoulder, “wouldn’t keep us satisfied.”

With that he bent down to give Gemma a long, lingering French kiss, his tongue pushing deep into her mouth, and she found hers responding.

His hands found her breasts and he cupped and caressed them.

Gemma was really turned on by this, and disappointed when he pulled away, saying “Jet said you were an unfaithful slut too! Time you got a good spanking!”

With that he reached up and released Gemma’s wrists, his hands were so big that he could grip both her wrists in one hand, which he did, while the other two men released her ankles and between them they carried her over to the long bench recently vacated by Tia and pushed her face-down on it. Gemma’s boobs hurt from being squashed but she suspected she’d soon be distracted from the pain.

Just as she was waiting to feel the first blow on her ass she heard Jet enter the room.

* * *

“Lads! I got here just in time. Dave’s told me everything, that poor cow was set-up by her friend.”

With that the three men released their grip on Gemma and the big black man gently helped her get up off the bench. The fat man looked particularly aggrieved, as if he’d been looking forward to having more fun with Gemma than he’d had with Tia.

Jet walked up to Gemma and said “Sorry my dear, it seems I owe you an apology. Let me take your gag off, and let’s see if I can make it up to you.”

She reached behind Gemma’s head and unbuckled the strap on the gag, then gently pulled it from Gemma’s mouth. Then she gave Gemma a long, slow kiss on the mouth, pushing her tongue in deeply, Gemma could feel the stud in Jet’s tongue, and couldn’t help responding.

After the kiss, Jet lead Gemma to the bed, saying “lie back on here, and I’ll try to make it up to you”

Gemma complied, and as she laid back against the pillow she opened her legs and found Jet lying between them, spreading Gemma’s cunt lips with her fingers while she started licking her cunt. Jet’s tongue flicked all round Gemma’s cunt before penetrating deep inside her, finding Gemma sopping wet and betraying how turned-on she was. Then Jet started teasing at Gemma’s clitoris, her tongue flicking it as it became proud, then running the tip of her tongue across and around it. This would have been enough to make Gemma cum anyway, but the added stimulation of feeling Jet’s stud excite her clitoris found her building up to what felt like the best and biggest orgasm she’d ever had, her hands On the back of Jet’s neck forcing her down, her whole body shaking.

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