Daphne Moon’s hand had just grabbed the front door handle when she heard a voice behind her.

“Where are you going Daphne?”

She spun around in surprise “Oh it’s only you Mr Crane”

Mr Crane eyed Daphne suspiciously and surveyed what she was wearing. Her hair was plaid in two pony tails and she wore a tank top and shorts that showed off her rear and long legs very well. She had on a pair of high heel wedge sandals.

“Where are you going Daphne?’” repeated Mr Crane.

“It’s a beautiful summers day, I just thought I would get out of the apartment do some shopping” she replied.

“But what about my physical therapy?”retorted Mr Crane

“Surely you can miss one day of your exercises you silly old bugger!” replied Daphne.

“OK OK but remember to get back in time to walk Eddie, he can’t walk himself you know!”

She glared at him and replied angrily “Aren’t I the one that always ends up walking him!” and with that Daphne opened the door and walked out of the apartment.


Daphne had just begun browsing a rack of blouses in the second store she had visited when she first saw her. Her eyes glanced upon one of the stores sales assistants who was tending to a display not far from Daphne. She wore a white blouse, a very short mini skirt and a pair of black boots. Daphne stared at her entranced, her eyes going from her boots, up her beautiful legs to her blonde hair, that was cut short. From time to time the sales assistant would bend over and Daphne would see glimpses of ass and her white lace panties. At one point the sales assistant bent over the front counter to retrieve an item, and Daphne could see the woman’s ass with her lace panties covering only her ass crack. Daphne began to feel her pussy moisten- she began to feel sexually aroused. Daphne continued to watch the sales assistant, her arousal growing – at one point she had to physically stop her hand from slipping into her shorts. Suddenly she snapped back to reality “Good lord, no man in my life and I am getting hot as hell by a girl no more than eighteen! I have to get myself off somehow” she thought to herself.

She quickly exited the store and walked the down the street and around the corner. She walked past the building before stopping and walking back. It was the “Sunset Strip” adult movie theatre, a establishment she would never have considered entering. But at the moment she was horny as hell and needed desperately to relieve her ‘itch’. Summoning all her courage she pushed the door open and entered “I hope no one I know catches me in a place like this – I’ll die of embarrassment”

She quickly paid her money to the cashier and entered the darkened theatre. Daphne quickly scanned the theatre and found to her relief that it was almost deserted, with only two or three patrons.

She selected a seat three rows from the rear of the theatre and sat down, with her long legs straight in front of her. Daphne glanced at the movie playing on the screen in front of her – it showed a butler pounding a maid in her pussy from behind, while the maid was hungrily sucking the cock of a man in front. Daphne watched as the cock rhythmically went in and out of the maids pussy. She continued to watch as she undid the top button of her shorts and slid her hand into her panties. She slowly rubbed her pussy, which by this time was extremely wet. She rubbed slowly at first and gradually picked up the pace, inserting two fingers.

Suddenly behind her she heard three more patrons enter the theatre and Daphne quickly withdrew her hand from her pussy in surprise. She watched as the new patrons – an attractive black woman wearing a short skirt and high heels and two black men who were both wearing slacks and a T-shirts – survey the theatre for places to sit, finally deciding on seats only three away from Daphne. She watched, as if drawn to them for some reason, as they sat down, the woman sitting between the two men. Finally Daphne broke her stare and turned her attention back to the movie.

A short while late Daphne turned her head to glance at the latest patrons and was startled by what she saw – the woman was slowly and methodically sucking the cock of the man closest to her while the other man had slid his hands up the woman’s skirt. Daphne stared at the woman as she alternated between jacking and sucking cock only three seats away – she watch fascinated as the woman deep throated the man and how it glistened in the light because of the saliva. Daphne noticed that engorged member was easily eight to nine inches long, easily the biggest she had ever seen. She found herself thinking “I wish I had something that size, sliding in and out of me!”.

Suddenly the woman lifted her head from her cock sucking and their eyes met. Daphne could not turn her head away and the face of the black woman broke into a huge smile. “Looks like someone wants to join our little party!” Daphne heard her say. The woman rose from her seat and sat in the seat next to Daphne. “My you are a pretty little one aren’t you!”. She placed her hand on Daphne’s lips and then with her fingers slowly traced a path slowly up and down Daphne’s stomach. Suddenly she slipped her hand into Daphne’s shorts, while at the same time locking lips in a full throated kiss. Her tongue darted into Daphne’s mouth and Daphne felt herself responding in kind. She could not believe this was happening to her, but found her sexual arousal going into overdrive.

The woman broke off the kiss and turning to her companions said “Hey Leroy & Darius, come over and join the party, she’s already sopping wet!” Daphne watched as the two men approached, noticing that the two men were already naked from the waist down, their nine inch cocks standing erect as flagpoles. “I told you we would get lucky tonight Darius!” Leroy exclaimed.

Their female companion, Wanda slowly lifted Daphne’s tank top over her head and threw it over into the next row of seats. Wanda then stood up and slowly took off her clothing and Daphne watched, getting more turned on as each item was removed. At the same time one of the men was tugging at Daphne’s shorts, and she lifted her bum off the chair to ease their removal. The man slowly slid them down Daphne’s legs and finally off her feet, leaving Daphne clothed only in her bra and panties. “You’re right Wanda, she’s primed for a good fucking, her panties are soaked right through!” Darius remarked.

Daphne watched as Wanda, now naked, go down on her knees and start hungrily sucking on Leroy’s engorged appendage. Darius began rubbing Daphnes pussy with his hand through her soaked panties “Take off you bra baby” – she reached behind, undid the clasp and let her bra fall to the floor. Darius climbed on top of her and started to lick his his way down her chest to her panty covered pussy – he hooked two fingers in the elastic of her panties and slowly pulled hem off, down her legs and tossed them behind him. Daphne shivered slightly from the cool air, which made her pussy tingle.

Darius inserted one finger into her pussy and began to finger fuck her, slowly at first and then with increased rapidity. Daphne moaned as his finger went in & out of her pussy and she arched her back in sexual ecstasy. Each stroke made a squishing sound as her snatch was was drenched. He withdrew his finger and raised it to her mouth – she licked it clean and tasted her own pussy juices.

Recommencing his finger fuck he her inserted three fingers into her quivering pussy and proceeding to finger fuck Daphne with vicious strokes. Daphne rolled her eyes and started rub her breasts as the finger fucking continued – this was Daphne first sexual encounter with a black man and she found the sensation incredible – her body was shaking with desire and she was close to orgasm.

Daphne’s body continued to vibrate with ecstasy as the finger fucking continued until Darius withdrew his fingers from her dripping cunt, leaving her disappointed and on the edge of orgasm. Darius then pulled her slightly forward in the seat until her pussy was at the edge of the seat and then lifted each of Daphne’s legs to rest on his broad shoulders, giving his mouth unrestricted access to her beautiful pussy, glistening with her lovely juices. He flicked his tongue over her swollen clit. and she let out a loud moan lifting her body to meet his mouth. He then started to lick furiously at her pussy, making her body shake and she squealed in delight. He continued his savage attack occasionally biting and sucking on her clit. Her moaning and panting increased and he knew she was close to cumming. Daphne was heaven and an “Oh my god” escaped from her lips as she came with a shattering orgasm, releasing a torrent of pussy juice onto Darius’s face and into his mouth.

Her body was still shaking when Darius got to his feet and sat in the seat next to Daphne. He then roughly grabbed he head, pulling Daphne’s mouth onto his engorged member. Daphne slowly began sucking on his huge member, trying to adust her mouth to the size and not choking. Darius forced her head up and down “Oh baby that feels so good”. In the back of Daphne’ mind she wondered what would Dr or Mr Crane do if they ever saw in such a position, but at the moment she didn’t care. In fact she did not care if anyone was watching, she was so aroused.

Darius let Daphne shift position to kneeling in front of him. She rapidly moved her hands up & down the thick member, all the while still sucking away. By now Darius’s cock was thickly coated with Dahpne’s saliva, which made the passage of the huge member in her mouth and throat a little easier. She savoured his cock – the taste, the smell, the way it slid down her mouth and throat. Daphne reached down and started frigging her own pussy with her fingers, leaving only her head to bob up & down on the delicious cock. Above her moans and those of the film she could still hear Wanda moaning as she was being pleasured by Leroy. Daphne had to stop sometimes gasping for air as she was not used to having nine inches of manhood in mouth & throat. Daphne took his balls in her mouth causing Darius to moan. She started to feel his cock swell as she worked her lips and tongue up and down his long staff, when suddenly Darius felt his cock explode. She could feel a tremendous burst down her throat and as she pulled back she tasted his warm thick cum that was continually shooting into her mouth. Daphne tried to swallow all the cum but most of it dribbled down her chin and onto her breasts.

Little streams of cum were trickling down the corners of her mouth so Daphne wiped them up with her finger tips and sucked them clean with her mouth. “I need your big black cock in my pussy – I want to ride you”. She deep throated his cock a couple more times to ensure it hardness. Darius stood up and picked Daphne up like was a rag doll. They exchanged a passionate kiss, their tongues touching before Darius roughly turned Daphne around, sat down, before slowly easing Daphne down onto his lap. He guided his eight inch member to let it rub against Daphne’s pussy, coating it with his cum and her pussy juice. He then lifted Daphne up until the tip of his cock was resting at the mouth of her pussy, and slowly forced her down onto his huge member. “Oh my god, Oh my god” moaned Daphne – all her previous lovers, British or American, were much smaller in size, so her pussy constantly has to readjust itself to allow such a massive appendage inside her. She slowly raised herself up and down, allowing herself to get used to the size before picking up the pace.

Daphne leaned back letting her long legs rest on the row of seats in front of her. She turned her head to see Wanda on all fours, being pounded from behind by Leroy. The smiled at each other at their sexual good fortune. Up and down she continued, riding Darius’s cock like she was doing her exercises. His hands reached up to fondle her breasts, pinching and flicking her nipples with his fingers and she felt like she was heaven. The stimulation on her pussy was incredible – “You’ve got the best seat in the house baby” Darius exclaimed. Daphne smiled and looked up at the movie screen – and then around to the other patrons in the theatre. No one seemed to be noticing their sexual adventures in the back row, as if being fucked in a porn theatre was an every day occurrence.

Daphne continued to ride Darius, feeling more confident she could handle his nine inch member with every passing minute. “Fuck me… Fuck me…I need it… God I need mpph” She was cut off when Leroy, standing on the two seats either side of Darius, forced his cock into her mouth. Grabbing hold of each of her ponytails, he pulled her head onto his member in a brutal head fuck. Leroy grabbed the back of her head and started to face fuck her hard and deep. Her throat started to bulge with each thrust as his cock went down the back of her throat, leaving Daphne gasping for air at times. Her mouth and throat began to hurt as Leroy repeatedly rammed his cock into her mouth. Darius, sensing that her vertical momentum had slowed, started to pump his cock into her rapidly from below.

Suddenly Leroy withdrew his cock from Daphne’s aching mouth “How I about I try that white pussy of yours?”

Darius pulled his throbbing cock out of Daphne’s pussy and then she carefully climbed on top of Leroy, who had laid down on his back on the row of seats. She slowly eased her drenched pussy onto Leroy’s cock. He began to savagely pump his member in out of Daphne making her moan loudly. He pulled her body onto his and took one of Daphne’s breasts in his mouth, sucking and biting on her nipple.

Dairus knelt down behind Daphne’s beautiful ass, bent down and using his hands spread her ass cheeks open, revealing her puckered ass hole. He then proceeded to lick her ass hole, with quick strokes of his tongue, coating it with his saliva. He could smell the sweet aroma that was emanating from her snatch, as his tongue dove deeper & deeper into her arse hole. He withdrew his tongue and inserted two fingers, slowly drawing them in & out to ensure her arse hole was properly lubricated. Darius then began to slowly insert his nine inch member into Daphne’s arse causing her to cry out “Shitt… that hurts!!”. “Don’t worry baby I’ll fuck you nice & slow” Darius replied. She had never had anal sex before and the pain was intense but she did not want it to stop.

Daphne was beside herself with lust – as the initial pain subsided, the continual pounding of Leroys’s cock in her inflamed pussy & Darius cock in her arse were sending her over the edge. She loved the feel of her body between the two muscular black men and the most intense, heat-filled sensations flooded her body. Daphne could feel the two cocks pounding together just millimetres apart and the sensation was driving her absolutely wild. They continued their pounding in a steady rhythm, sweat pouring from their bodies despite the cool air of the theatre. Daphne looked up and could see Wanda sitting nearby, playing with her pussy while watching their sexual escapades.

The fucking continued with Darius driving his cock into Daphne’s ass as hard as he could and Leroy thrusting hard upward into her soaked pussy. Her body vibrated with sexual pleasure with each thrust and her pussy & arse hole were becoming sore from the constant hammering of the nine inch cocks, but she wanted the fucking to go on forever. In between thrusts Daphne breathlessly whispered “Cum inside me. Please cum inside me!”

It wasn’t long before Daphne started to spasm and her body was gripped by one intense orgasm after another. Her pussy and ass clamped down hard on the throbbing cocks and.

with both men were ready to cum, they exploded at the same time. Daphne felt both cocks swell and release their loads inside her pussy and arse hole. She could feel the warm cum as it filled both her holes and then both men pulled out, their cocks making an audible ‘plop’ noise. They lay there spent before Wanda sucked cleaned both their cocks of their cum and Daphne’s juices.

Exhausted Daphne collapsed in a theatre seat, her body still shaking from the multiple orgasms. In one final act of passion, Wanda spread open her long legs and began to slowly lick clean the cum dribbling down Daphne’s legs and from her sore pussy & arse hole. As Daphne sat, cum dripped from both her holes staining the theatre seat and even now her pussy still tingled when Wanda licked clean the oozing cum.

“Damn what a ride!!” exclaimed Leroy “What I wouldn’t do to go through that again!”

Daphne Moon, sweaty and sore from the most extreme fucking she had ever received, scrounged around for her hand bag, found a slip of paper and on it wrote her name & cell phone number. With a mischievous grin she gave it to Leroy “Any time, any time ”

When Daphne tried to get dressed again she could find her clothes with the exception of her panties. Some pervert had pocketed them she thought – the image of someone keeping her panties as a trophy, gave her an unexpected thrill. She dressed, cleaned herself as best she could and exited the theatre into the bright Seattle sunlight knowing that her life had been changed forever.

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