Note: I recently discovered I had missed a part of the story, if you noticed there was a hole between chapter 4 and 5. I added the missing part in chapter 5, if you are interested in reading it as it should have been. :)

He kissed her with passion while caressing her bottom lustily, his fingers slid inside the cotton fabric of her panties, teasing her, and she whimpered lowly in his mouth. Unexpectedly he let her go to push her to her knees, as he unzipped his jeans. With bared teeth and a dominating stare, he took his dick out and grabbed her from the hair to push it inside her mouth, as she opened it immediately in obedience, he breathed out, “Good girl…” A pleased smile reached his lips, and a wild spark lightened his eyes when her mouth closed around it.

Kristen ran her tong all over him eagerly, trying to caress him carefully, but instead he rammed it into her throat, making her gasp for air. Tears of chocking filled her eyes, but still she found a delirious pleasure at being used so roughly by him.

“Look at me!” James snarled and she complied with watery eyes and pain written in her face. He loved that. Breathing heavily he kept moving into her, his fierce stare locked to hers, as his lips parted in pleasure. Suddenly he pushed himself deeper than ever, and released his grip, letting her breathe. He stepped out of his pants, and kicked them away, and then knelt in front of her, kissing her savagely, as he pulled up her shirt twisting it within his fist over her chest, freeing her breasts. Not breaking the kiss he leaned her roughly with the back to the floor, he stopped kissing her and looked straight to her eyes saying, “You’ve forgot there is no democracy around here…” She couldn’t help to smile biting her lip, as she recognized the game being played tonight. James braced over her to plant wild bites on her breasts, hard enough to make her moan in pain, soft enough to feel delicious on her skin.

He straightened to remove his shirt, while filled his eyes with the delicious sight of her submitted body in front of him. “I’m the maker of the rules and you must obey or face the consequences… y’know?” he smiled wickedly to her. She bit a smile and eyed him in pretend fear.

“I see you don’t believe me…” he paused, took a hand to her hair and pulled it hard. “You just don’t know what is good for you, do you?” he snarled at her, making her change her expression, as he roughly rolled her under him, to face the floor, his attention changing to her behind, as his hand moved to caress her ass, reaching for her panties to remove them forcefully. He pulled her hips up making her stand in four. With no warning he grabbed his cock and pushed it in to her, making her gasp loudly. Took both his hands to her hips and started to thrust in to her violently, not holding back at all.

She felt her body rocking all over, hardly being able to keep herself steady as she fell on her elbows, pushed toughly by his stabs, she felt his hand reach down to caress her moving breasts. Her cheeks turned to pink as his moves drove her to an explosive orgasm, she panted loudly under him. As he felt her tighten around him and licked his thumb and pushed it in to her asshole. The unexpected move made her howl, still lost in the violent pleasure inside.

“Now you remember whom you belong to, huh?” he asked, feeling himself shaking inside with sadistic hunger.

“I do! I do!” she shrieked.

“I’m gonna cum in your ass…” James whispered between his teeth, in the back of her ear.

He took his finger out of her ass, and bent to make it wet with his tongue. She felt his hand on her upper back, pushing her lower, as her face reached the floor. He slid out of her slowly and held his breath in sweet anticipation as he entered her tight ass. “Argh!” she chocked, searing pain filled her eyes with tears, as her body slowly accustomed to his invading presence.

“Oh, baby!” he growled, and started to move slowly inside her, to ease the pain, holding her so near, she could feel his breath on her neck and his hair on her back. She was whimpering lowly when she felt the callous tips of his left hand caressing lightly her clit, causing her to moan louder.

James’ fingers kept moving, putting more pressure into her, as his movements grew faster inside her. She started to feel the pleasure overcoming the pain as he played her skillfully. No matter what he did to her and how, his hands were always graceful, she thought half through the orgasm he was giving to her with his hand, as she cried louder, her breath steamed the wooden floor below her.

As he felt her trembling in pleasure under his grip he started to plunge a bit deeper in to her, losing himself in to the tight touch around him. Slowly he pushed her lower back in to the floor too, to lay completely stretched in to the floor, resting on his arms over her, letting the weight of his hips push him harder and deeper in to her. She cried softly and he started trusting harder in to her, tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought she wasn’t able to take it so hard, when, once again, overwhelming pleasure took over her body making her almost faint, her throat exploded in loud screams.

His hoarse voice resounded in her nape and his body quivered on top of her, as he felt coming in violent spasms. His warm release felt as a last delicious caress inside of her.

He laid panting over her, his sweaty cheek resting on hers.

“…Shit! Now I know how your motherfucker guitar feels in your hands… oh…” Kristen mumbled painfully. He lifted himself to slip out of her, rolling on his back. Then a stung of guilt brought him to back to his senses, and he looked for her face, wondering if he pushed it too far this time. He removed carefully her tangled hair, to find her flushed face smiling naughtily to him.

“Oh, you dirty slut, you loved that!” he laughed, still catching his breath.

“Me? Never!” she kept smiling.

James reached near and kissed sweetly as he caressed her back lightly. “Wait here,” he stood up, and left the room. Kristen wondered if she was going to be able to remove herself from the floor one day, everything felt sore and hurt.

A few minutes later he came back, leaned next to her, and offered his hand. “Come,” he said, pulling her as she reached to him. He helped her up, and as she stood he lifted her in his arms, making her scream in surprise.

He looked at her face and smiled, “Feeling like a princess?”

She smiled back with knitting brows, “Not really!” And he held her close in guilt.

She found herself being carried to the bathtub, and that felt so nice. He lowered her to her feet and went in to the water, once he was seated he took her hand to help her in. In there she laid on her side, resting her head on his hairy chest.

His hands caressed her hair and her back, and she felt totally drained and relaxed in his arms, hating the thought of going early to work.

“OK, I’ll be quitting tomorrow,” she said to him, curling his chest hair with her finger.

He laughed quietly.

“What?” she demanded to know.

“I knew I could fuck you to submission.”

She frowned to him and curled her finger to a second loop.

“Ouch!” he yelled.

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