Marriage is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Two people joined in a union of sharing, caring and love.


Susan’s marriage was all about maintaining good relationships between rivalling families. Anyone would think this was the Dark Ages, an arranged marriage of a white 18 year old, 5′ 6″, blonde goddess with perfectly pert tits and well rounded ass to the son of a billionaire crime boss. However, this was 2011 and Susan was walking down the aisle to meet the man she was betrothed to for the first time in her life.

Having recently moved to England, from America, Susan was the only daughter of a renowned crime family. Her father was the head of a mob that controlled most of the prostitution, drug and racketeering trade in several states. It was decided, when she was younger, that she would be joined with a family who controlled the European interests of the company. For this reason, she was kept house bound for most of her teenage life, with limited access to only female friends.

On her 18th birthday, she was told that her wedding would be the following week. All the arrangements had been made and her belongings had been packed for the flight the following day. Stunned, Susan could do no more than look down politely at her feet and nod her head. Arguing with her father was pointless, she’d seen her mother do it and now she was permanently hospitalised after he beat her senseless.

Women meant little in her father’s profession. They were just a means for pleasure or to create off spring. Aware that her father never loved her mother, it was unsurprising she was not going to be allowed to form a love match like her brothers. Although in their cases, the love match was very one sided, both their wives had little choice in the matter. Both often supported heavy bruising from ‘punishments’ afflicted upon them by their beloved husbands.

Susan led a sheltered life, but had never been ‘punished’ by anyone. Understanding early on that being the docile daughter was expected, she performed her role to perfection. Instead believing that her sister-in-laws ‘punishments’ were their own fault for disobeying their husbands and that when she was married she would never give her husband call for such treatment.

Now here she was, walking down to meet the man who would look after her and be her husband. Taking ownership of her from her father who currently held her arm in an almost vice like grip. If he doubted her commitment he needn’t have bothered. Upon sight of her new partner she was relieved. Tall, dark and handsome was a perfect description of John Smith.

Startlingly blue eyes, which seem to piece deep into her soul, watch her coming towards him. After reaching the church altar, he takes her hand in his and she gets a perspective of his strength as he crushes her fingers ever so slightly. Turning her eyes to look at him further, she sees a grin spread across his face as he squeezes tighter. Looking at her father, he just nods and she is released. Ownership is passed. All that is needed now are the words to cement the union and the consummation that was inevitable tonight.

From that moment on, everything seems to go in a blur. The ceremony is over in what seems like seconds and the following sit down meal and reception seem elaborately surreal and dreamlike. It occurs to Susan that she has not even spoken to her husband yet other than to proclaim her vows. Seeking him out, she finds him talking to her father and brothers.

Laughter and jesting abound, as the men discuss various issues, anecdotes and sporting news. Susan waits patiently for them to finish, knowing all too well that her father and brothers hate to be interrupted when they are talking. When finally they finish, her father looks over at her.

“She’ll make you a good wife. She’s been a faithful daughter and I’ve never had to beat her. I’ve kept her safe for you and I know for a fact she is still a virgin. I hope you’re very happy with her.”

Stunned at her father’s declaration of her maidenhood, Susan looks into the amused eyes of her husband, John.

“I think I’ll enjoy her very much. Thank you for raising her so well, she is quite the beauty. However, I think we’ll take your leave and make the most of the hotel room we have booked upstairs, time to take care of that cherry and make this marriage official.”

With even more laughter echoing in her ears, Susan is forcefully pulled away by John towards the hotel foyer. Susan struggles to keep pace in her high heels as he swiftly moves to the lifts. Whilst waiting for it to arrive, she is startled by his mouth suddenly locking upon hers. This is no chaste kiss, his lips mash against hers and his tongue slips inside. It feels like a violation, having never kissed this way before, she moves her head backwards to be stopped by John’s hand holding her firm. His large hand holding her neck with his fingers laced into her hair, it hurts as he pulls her in even deeper.

Responding in a way she hopes will please him, she gives over to the kiss hoping it will stop as soon as the lift arrives. However, as the doors open and the previous passengers vacate, he keeps possession of her lips and moves them inside. Once there and the door closes, he presses the executive button to the top floor and pushes her back against the wall. Never once does he break his hold or even seem to lose concentration with his exploration of her mouth.

Alone, pushed up against the mirrored wall, Susan starts to panic slightly. If a simple kiss was hard to bare what would their consummation be like? With him this close to her she could feel the threatening bulge in his pants, she can even feel it throbbing as he continues to kiss her fiercely. Unsure of what to do with her hands she keeps them limply by her sides, thus allowing him free access to her body.

Unreservedly, he moves to grasp her tits through her exquisite wedding gown. Finally overcome with emotions, Susan’s hand automatically comes up and slaps John’s face with as much force as she can muster. The sound echoes around the lift and the realisation of what she has done hits her with the reverberation. Slowly, looking into his eyes confirms her thoughts. Susan has just made the worst mistake of her life.

“Quite the swing, Darling! However that is no way to treat your new husband. I think it’s time you learnt your new role in life, My Pretty. From now on you belong to me, this is no ‘partnership’, you ain’t my ‘better half’. You’re mine to do with as I see fit. My father owns this city.

One more outburst like that and I’ll have you sectioned and thrown into the nearest mental asylum. Which, coincidentally, I own. There, I’ll get them to strap you to a table where I can do what the hell I want to you. Whilst the rest of the time, they’ll send electric shocks through that perfect body of yours until you pass out from the pain.

Now, I don’t want to hear a sound out of you unless I ask, you’ll do everything I want and you’ll smile and be polite. You father raised you better than this, I’d hate for you to disappoint him!”

Standing dumb from disbelief, Susan is unable to react as John takes her flimsy bodice in both hands and rips it clean down the front. Two pert tits fall freely out as the dress provided all the support she needed and now that had been removed. The air conditioning in the lift causes her nipples to harden automatically making them look enticingly edible.

Taking one in each large hand, John proceeds to pinch them both mercilessly whilst resuming his attack on her mouth with his tongue. Having never felt a man touch her, Susan is shocked by how much her body is reacting. Never did she think her breasts would be so sensitive, each pinch sending waves of pain through her body but also tiny shimmers of something that causes something deep inside of her to warm and tingle.

Inside John’s head is an array of sexual possibilities, when his new wife’s father and his had planned all of this over 10 years ago, he’d been a stroppy lad who hadn’t really liked the idea. At the time, Susan was only 8 and he couldn’t see how this would work out. However, now he could see the potential, at 29 he’d had many sexual partners, not all of the 100% willing, and lived out many of his fantasies. However, none of them he could keep. Now this kid had turned into a buxom goddess and he had the keys to the kingdom.

Ripping her gown further down her body, John takes a step back and looks at his new toy. Watching Susan shake as her dress hangs at her waist, whilst being observed, causes his cock to grow even harder. Perfect 10 with tits to die for. Callously, he orders her to do a little turn for him. Unfortunately, or fortunately for him, this causes her dress to lose all stability and it pools around her feet just as the elevator grinds to a halt and the doors open.

Susan grabs for her dress to once again be stopped by her husband. Wrenching the garment from her body, he hurls it away and pulls her semi-naked into the corridor. Stood only in her silky white pants with hold up stockings and high heels, she can see in the lift mirror the picture she makes. With nipples red and erect from John’s pinching she looks like a wanton slut. Ashamed, she tries to cover herself the best she can with her arms.

“Don’t you dare hide my property! I own that stunning body of yours and I don’t want it covered up. Put your hands on the back of your neck, stand up tall and walk out of the lift and to my room door. I want to watch that sweet ass shake and swing.”

With a light swat, Susan does as she is instructed, wiggling her ass as much as she can. She knows his earlier threat is true, she knew he owned several businesses including a mental institution. One look in his eyes and she knows that one serious mistake from her could be her undoing. Also, she knows that her father would stand by and let it happen as she was no longer his concern.

Nervously, Susan enters the corridor to find that John’s room is the only one on the floor. That means he’s booked the pent house for the night. Thankful that no one else would see her in this compromising position, Susan stands patiently by the door.

John, admiring the view, comes up behind her, picks her up and throwing her into a fireman’s lift. Opening the door he ‘carries her over the threshold’ and moves straight to the bedroom. Here he unceremoniously dumps her face down on the Emperor sized, four poster bed and strips off his own clothes.

Susan lies silently as her husband disrobes, she has never seen a grown man’s cock before and after only feeling it though his trousers she knows this one is ready for action. Once naked, her husband takes no time in dragging her by her legs to the end of the bed, bending her over the edge. With no warm up he shoves his cock straight into her dry cunt and Susan cries out in shock.

With a grunt, John pushes past her cherry with vigour and plants himself to the hilt. Holding still he looks down at his wife and smiles. So she was a virgin? He’d felt something break inside her and adored the tightness of her cunt. Pleased that he’d at least got what he’d paid for, John slowly pulls out to the tip. Digging his fingers into her hips he uses them like handles to violently pull them backwards onto him as he thrusts forward.

Susan screams again as his cock is forced back inside her repeatedly, feeling his balls bouncing off her ass as he buries himself in deep with each stroke. It seems forever until his grunts get deeper and he suddenly stops.

“I have no intention of getting you pregnant yet, My Pretty. I don’t want some rug rat getting in the way of having some fun with my new plaything. Also, there is more than one cherry I’d like to take today.”

With an evil laugh, John pulls his rock hard cock out of Susan’s aching cunt and aims it at his new goal. Spreading her ass cheeks apart with his fingers, he shoves the tip of his erection into her anus. Barely making it through, he gives her little time to adjust as he grasps her tits and uses those to pull her backwards to impale her onto his thrusting weapon.

Susan feels like she is going to be ripped open, the cock in her ass causes immense pain as it pushes up inside her. The rough fingers on her tits squeeze them painfully hard and her body is helpless to protect itself. As John picks up the pace, Susan struggles to stay conscious. Her brain wanting to shut her down from the pain, but she knows that this will not help.

Fighting to stay awake, she looks blankly at a picture on the hotel wall. It shows a woman and man obviously in love. He is kneeling, holding out a flower towards her. Romance, not the brutal violation she is suffering at the hands of her own husband. It seems John is graced with exceptional stamina, as he takes his time to unload his cum deep into her bowels. His last shove almost breaks her hips with its force.

John collapses against Susan’s back. Wow, it’s never been that good before. Normally, afterwards, he’d have to get his body guards to pay off the girl or give her a beating to warn her to keep her mouth shut. However, here was a girl he could do what he wanted to and she didn’t have to go anywhere. He could do it all again and she’d have to take it.

A slow smile creeps across his face as he spanks her harshly on the ass and pulls out his cock with an audible pop. Spreading her ass apart, he can see his cum dripping out her hole mixed with a tiny amount of blood. He’d have to be careful. He didn’t want to break her too soon. That would spoil all the fun.

Using her hair, he pulls Susan to her feet. The wincing in her eyes betrays the pain she is feeling inside. Shoving her towards the bathroom, he orders her to clean herself up and to bring back a cloth to sort him out.

With no hesitation, Susan almost runs to the privacy of the bathroom. Here she uses a soft cloth to clean the cum and blood out of her ass and cunt. Selecting another, she dampens it and wills herself to return to the bedroom. It takes her several minutes to build up the courage to leave, but knows that if she takes much longer she may displease him and fears his wrath.

Finding him sat at the end of the bed with his trousers round his ankles, she goes over and kneels in front of him. Using the cloth carefully, she removes traces of their bodily fluids from his cock. John moans softly as her soft administrations renew his erection. Wrenching the cloth from her, he grasps her hand and places it against him. Wrapping her fingers around his base and using her hand to wank himself. Her hands are soft and their touch almost sends him spewing cum all over the place. However, he’s honed his skill of control and has more in mind than a quick hand job.

Locking his fingers around her neck, he pulls her head until her painted lips are touching his pulsing cock. Again, one brush of that soft mouth is nearly his undoing, but he holds back and pushes himself past their barrier. Here he hits a wall of teeth that seem unmoving.

“Open wide, My Pretty. I’d hate to have to knock all those teeth out before I can carry on, but I will. I plan to shove myself right down that elegant throat of yours and fuck your face like I did that cunt and ass. When I cum, you’ll swallow the whole lot.”

Distraught, Susan reluctantly opens her jaw and allows the rock hard flesh into her mouth. Instead of resting there it proceeds straight to the back of her throat and she struggles not to gag. His hand on the back of her neck makes sure she cannot escape the infiltration and she closes her eyes to focus on her breathing.

John then does exactly as he explained, moving in and out of her, using her face like a cunt and fucking it for all it’s worth. Her constricting throat is delightful and it doesn’t take long until he buries himself deep and shoots his load straight down her gullet. There is no chance of any leaking with him stuffed inside, but after a cruel thought he pulls out and shoots the last drops onto her face.

Bending down to smear the cum across her face, John looks down on Susan with a fake angry glare.

“I said every drop, My Pretty. Looks like some escaped. So I guess I’d better teach you a lesson. It’s only a drop so I’ll only punish you a bit. That seems fair.”

With that, he pulls the belt from the trousers around his ankles and stands in front of Susan. Instructing her to wrap her arms around his legs, whilst she is still on her knees, he flicks the belt backwards and then flips it forwards, over her shoulders and landing it across her bare back. Straight away a red mark appears on her china doll skin and it is joined by several more in quick succession.

After several more lashes, he drops the belt and makes her stand and turn for him, keeping her arms locked on her neck so his view is not obscured. Pleased with his handiwork he orders her to re-dress and directs her to the oak wardrobe in the corner.

Inside is a red dress, cut low at the front all the way down to her navel with only a small broach to keep her breasts out of view. The high back covers her battered body and a slit on the side goes all the way up to her hip. Deadly looking stilettos accompany the outfit and she is shocked to see everything fits perfectly but also to see that no underwear has been provided.

Dressing quickly to regain some dignity, Susan is dismayed that the dress reveals more than she anticipated. The cloth is so thin that her dark nipples are clearly visible and the high slit shows a great deal of flesh as she walks. The shoes are difficult to balance in but she maintains her composure and walks back to her husband.

John has also redressed and is in the process of cutting up the hotels white bed spread. The section he takes is the patch where her maidenhood has bled, a lasting souvenir of their consummation and proof of her virginity. Folding it expertly he tucks it into his handkerchief pocket of his jacket so that he can display it proudly.

Barely uttering a word to her, he briefly allows her to refresh her make-up and then walks her back towards the elevator, past the shredded wedding gown. Once inside and the doors close, John takes the opportunity to view his bride. The dress was a perfect choice, showing off her new complete lack of innocence.

In his own way he was proud of her, he’d taken her roughly and she’d bared it well. Her walk was hampered by the soreness but she was carrying on with her duties and she wasn’t a hysterical wreck. Later, he was going to thank his father and apologise for doubting his management of his nuptials. John had every intention of enjoying this new union and seeing how far he could push his new wife.

Taking a brief opportunity to grope her before the elevator stopped, John crushed Susan against the mirrored wall. Shoving his hand up and under her skirt and straight between her thighs, using his own knee to open them, he digs his fingers into her slit and fucks them in and out. Once again probing her mouth with his tongue, he continues until the elevator bell rings and then disentangles himself.

Leading her by a secure grip on her arm he directs her back to their wedding reception in the grand main hall. Outside it is getting dark and a few members have returned home or to their hotel rooms. However, some continued to make the most of the disco provided and the open bar. Seeing their fathers deep in conversation, John steers his wife over to them.

“I’d like to thank you Sir, you’re daughter was very pleasing in the bedroom and I have the evidence of her virginity in my pocket. I look forward to further business dealings between yourself and our end of the organisation. Father, thank you for arranging such an enticing bride for me to marry, I think she will be most agreeable and will hopefully provide us with an heir to the family fortune one day.”

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