We’d been seeing each other for a few weeks. I’d pop round on the way home from school for a quick fuck, sometimes on your settee in the living room, other times on the stairs right in the hall. A couple of times you picked me up from school and took me on a short drive into the woods. Sometimes, if I had ten minutes and I was at home, I’d pop round and give you a blow job and then run back home.

After three weeks like this I managed to get away for the night. I said I was visiting a friend, left the house, went down the road, and then sneaked back up and into your house. We spent all evening in bed together. I sucked your cock and you licked my pussy for the first time. I posed for photos for you and showered with you. I took my clothes off as soon as I was through the door on Friday and didn’t put them on again until I went back on Saturday evening.

One night we were lying in bed when you asked me if I’d like to go away with you for the weekend. I said yes, I’d love it, but where?

“A nudist place,” you said. I thought you were joking.


“Yes, it’s nice. Feeling the breeze against your bare skin, the grass, the bark; it’s how humans are supposed to be after all.”

“I suppose,” I replied. “What sorts of people do you get?”

“Oh all sorts. All ages, sexes, races, and some families. What do you think?” I didn’t really know, I’d never thought about it, but it was a chance to get away, and as long as they had a room we’d spend most of our time in there. I didn’t imagine it would be much different to any other holiday. So I agreed.

A school friend of mine had moved away a few weeks ago and I told my parents I was going to stay with her. They drove me down to the train station, and about half an hour after they left you arrived and I got in your car. We drove for about an hour, eventually turning off the motorway onto country lanes.

“It’s not far now.” You said. “Actually, there’s something I need to tell you.” I was a little nervous “Given your age we can’t say we’re a couple, can we? Now, don’t worry, we’re still in the same room, but I’ve had to tell them you’re my granddaughter.”

I burst out laughing, “Your granddaughter?”

“Yes,” you said, “pretty silly I know. Are you ok with that?”

“Sure,” I said, still smiling, “that’s fine.”

We turned up a wooded track with the sun breaking through the leaves. We came to a gate across the narrow road with a speaker next to it on the drivers’ side. You rolled your window down and pushed a button. When the answer came you said “Greenbourne and granddaughter.” I laughed again as the gate opened. You looked at me and smiled too. “Behave, or I’ll tell mum and dad,” you said with a wink.

We parked the car, took our bags out, and walked over to a wooden building which looked like an office. There was no one around and it was very quiet, just the sounds of nature. You opened the door and I went in ahead. As my eyes adjusted from the sun to the office I was startled to see a naked man in his fifties stood in front of me.

“Hello,” he said, “you must Ms. Greenbourne?” I didn’t answer, I was pretty stunned as I took in what an unusual situation I’d got myself into.

“She is,” you said as you came up beside me, “I’m her grandfather.”

“Excellent,” the naked man said, “I’m Terry, it’s a pleasure to have you both here,” he said, “a real pleasure.” He repeated, looking at me.

Terry got the key and took us to our chalet. On the way he gave us a tour of the place. It was off season, he said, so there weren’t too many people around, about 15 or so, but there was a sauna, gym, tennis courts, hot tub, and several acres of woodland we could walk in. Our chalet was small but clean, and was in a cluster of other chalets. As we went in Tony wished us a good time and said he looked forward to seeing us around the camp.

“You’re very lucky to have a granddad who’ll bring you somewhere like this,” he said before taking one last lingering look up and down me and turning to leave.

Inside the chalet we dropped our bags and had sex straight away; me bent over the sink with you behind me and my face pushed up against the window. Afterwards, with your cum dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs, we undressed, went to the bedroom, and lay down.

“I think we’ll have fun here,” you said.

I smiled. “Keep doing that and we will.”

You smiled too. “True Stace, but we have to go out and about round the camp as well. It will look unfriendly if we don’t.”

“I don’t mind being unfriendly,” I said “I’m here to spend time with you.”

“I know Stace.” You said after a pause, “Me too, but…it’s something I enjoy. And you like me being happy, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.” I was a little upset by the idea that there was something I wouldn’t do to make you happy.

“Good,” you said, pausing again. “If you want me to be happy Stace, when we’re out there naked, if you’re sunbathing and your legs are a little spread when someone walks by, don’t close them. I want us both to be totally relaxed. That’s the point of this place.”


A little later you decided we should take a walk. “Naked?” I asked, hoping you’d say I could take a towel or something.

“Naked.” You answered. So I sat on the bed and pulled my trainers on, but was totally naked otherwise.

We stepped out of the chalet and I was all nerves in case someone saw me, I was tingling all over. It was as though my body wanted to be so sensitive it could feel even the slightest glance at me. You were relaxed and I wished I’d felt the same. As I looked round at the other chalets I froze and went cold as I saw two guys on their porches looking at me. They were sat in the shadows, out of the sun, and were at least in their 40′s. I wanted to move my hands to cover my pussy and tits but, as though you could read my mind, you said softly “Remember Stace, relax.”

You took my hand and led me off our porch “Afternoon.” You said to the guys, and they eagerly said the same back. As we walked past their chalets to the path leading out of the clearing I could feel their eyes over every inch of my skin. Their gazes were hungry, I could almost feel them pawing at me. Part of me felt sick and embarrassed, but, to my surprise, part of me enjoyed it. My pussy tingled a little. Not only was I doing what you wanted, I also enjoyed the feeling of power I had over those guys.

We walked until we found a wide open stretch of soft grass. I brushed a space free of any twigs and lay down, and you did the same next to me. I closed my eyes, and I felt the sun and soft wind on parts of my skin I’d never felt them on before. My nipples hardened from the gentle breeze and I felt the warm rays of the sun on my vagina lips. I enjoyed the feeling and opened my legs up a little further.


I was woken up suddenly by the sound of laughing. I raised my hand to my eyes to block out the sun and saw, standing facing me, a stranger totally naked. He was about two feet from my ankles, which had spread wide apart exposing my pussy to the stranger.

“Sorry,” he said to me, “didn’t mean to wake you up.” You were smiling as well so you two must have been talking while I slept. The stranger crouched down so he was close to me, reached out his hand and said, “I’m Glen.”

“Stacey.” I said shaking his hand.

“Just been talking to your granddad,” he said, “shame you’re only here for one night.”

“Yes,” I said looking at you, wondering what else you’d said.

“You have your own chalet Stace?”


“Shame,” he replied before realising he might have said something wrong “You know…”

“Cheaper that way.” You said.

“Yes. That’s nice,” Glen said, “very nice.” I could see that he was staring at my bald pussy spread wide just a foot or so in front of him. I looked to you for some instructions, hoping, I think, that you would distract him or indicate I could shut my legs from his invasive gaze, but you just smiled and nodded your head slightly in Glen’s direction and, instinctively, I knew what you meant. I looked at Glen’s small, wrinkled cock and saw it was getting hard, its head twitching upwards.

A buzz ran right through my body seeing the effect I was having on this guy. I smiled back at you and sat up, resting with my arms behind me with my elbows on the grass, crossing my legs, and leaning far back to spread my cunt as wide as I could for him. I wondered if he could see that I was getting a little wet from showing myself off to him like this. I could see his cock take another leap upwards, which he tried to hide by facing away a little. Glen flushed, mumbled a little, and said he had to go. “If you fancy a break from you granddad come over and say hi,” and he was off into the wood. When he was gone we started laughing.

“Bet he’s off for a wank.” You said.

“Probably,” I said, “but he didn’t look at my tits once.”


That night was another first for me. I was washing my hands by the kitchen sink when you came over to me like you had that afternoon. You kissed my neck as I felt your stiff cock against my arse. I sighed and leaned back into you as your hands ran up from my hips, over my stomach to my tits, stroking all the way, and taking my nipples in between your thumb and finger, and rolling and squeezing them gently. My pussy was soon soaking and ready to receive you, and I offered no resistance as you bent me forwards over the sink again. I closed my eyes and smiled with anticipation as your left hand played with my left breast. I had my right hand working on my other breast and my left hand fingers rubbing my swollen clit. I couldn’t wait to feel the tip of your cock against my swelled, sensitive lips.

Suddenly, I felt cold jelly on my arsehole. You were rubbing it around and poking it a centimetre or so in with the tip of your finger.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Shhhhh Stace.” You said.

I knew what was coming, and I knew it would be painful. I took my hand from my breast and grabbed a wooden spoon by the sink. You took your hand off my tit and placed it on my shoulder, pinning it to the counter with all your weight to hold me in place. I felt the tip of your cock against my tight virgin arsehole, which had only ever had the tip of your finger up it. I thought of what your stiff seven inch cock would do to it, gulped, and closed my eyes.

“If it hurts Stace,” you said “it’s ok to let it out.”

You were guiding your prick into my arse with your right hand gripping the base. You eased in the tip easily enough, the swollen helmet which pulsed with blood. Your finger had been about that deep in before. “Here goes,” you said. I gulped again and squeezed the wooden spoon handle.

“Aaaaaaaagh!” I screamed at the unnatural, burning, tearing pain in my tight arse as your cock forced its way in. You stopped and stroked my hair.

“Shhhhh,” you said, “there Stace, it’ll be fine.” I looked at my hand, white from squeezing the wooden spoon handle so hard, and then it was gone as my eyes closed from the pain in my arse from another deep thrust of your cock. I screamed again. Tears were streaming down my cheeks I noticed. This was worse than when you’d taken my virginity. I took some comfort from thinking that while it had hurt at the time, I was fine with it now. This would be the same, surely?

I let out another scream, which I tried to stifle by biting my lip as you pushed in again. This time you were all the way in as I could feel your pubes against my arse cheeks. I heard you grunt.

“Fucking hell,” you said, “that’s tight.”

You didn’t thrust in and out, hard and deep, as you did with my pussy, instead you rocked rhythmically backwards and forwards, our hips moving together. There was no new pain, but there was plenty left over from your entry. You stroked my hair with your left hand and held my hip with your right as you fucked my arse. I tired not to make any more noise which would put you off.

Soon the pain welled again as you pushed deep in me and I let out a deep groan. You were tensing and I knew that meant you were about to cum and you did, heavily, filling my arse with hot sticky juice.

You pulled out slowly which hurt as well. I let go of the spoon, surprised I hadn’t broken it, wiped the salty tears from my cheeks and tried to stand up.

“Agh.” I let out as the pain from my arse shot through me again. You pulled me close and patted my head as I buried my face in the silver hairs on your chest and sobbed.

“There there Stace, you did really well, I’m so, so proud of you.” I stopped sobbing and said thanks. “That’s something I really enjoy, you made me very happy.” Not only was I now not sobbing, but hearing you say that actually made a smile flicker across my face. Then came a knock at the door.

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“Probably some of the others here come over to say hello. It’s a friendly sort of a place.”

“Can you tell them to go?” I whispered weakly.

“We can’t Stace,” you said, “we have to be friendly back. And remember, I enjoy it here and like doing this.” You looked into my eyes “It makes me happy.”

“OK.” I relented.

“Good,” you said. “They won’t stay long. Go off to the bathroom and clean yourself up a little. Remember, you’re my granddaughter.” I walked painfully to the bathroom.

I shut the door behind me, wiped my face and straightened my hair a little. I could feel your cum seeping out of my arse, so I pulled some toilet roll and ran it gently up in my arse crack. I looked down at the paper to see cum mixed in with blood. I dropped it in the toilet, ran another handful and did it again. I repeated this a couple more times then flushed. I looked at myself in the mirror once more. I looked ok, but the pain in my arse was throbbing and burning. I took a deep breath and went back out into the living room, trying to hide the pain as best as I could.

Sitting around with you were Glen, Terry, and another couple of guys. “Stace,” you said, “you know Glen and Terry, this is John and Mark, they’re in the chalet two down.”

They both said hi and I managed to reply. The two of them, and Glen and Terry, were staring at me like they had been this morning. I immediately became very self conscious about being stood totally naked in front of them.

“Take a seat Stace.” You said. I couldn’t really say no, and the only seat was on the small sofa in between John and Mark. I walked over, hiding the pain in my arse, their eyes roaming over me all the way. I came in between them, turned my back and taking a deep breath began to lower myself onto the sofa. The pain was incredible but I managed it.

The gap between John and Mark was so small that my hips were pressed against theirs. Both continued to stare at me, and neither made any attempt to hide the fact that they had solid erections. Neither did Glen or Terry for that matter. I was turned on as before to discover the power my body and sexuality had over these men and my nipples hardened but the pain I was in stopped my enjoying it as much as I would have otherwise.

“Your granddad was telling us you have to keep this secret from your parents,” said Glen. I nodded.

“Yes,” I said. It was kind of true.

“Do you have any other secrets?” Mark asked. As I turned to face him he made a big point of looking me up and down.

“Then they wouldn’t be secrets,” you told him.

“There was quite a bit of noise coming from in here just now,” Terry said, “everything ok?”

“Yes,” you replied. “We were taking a splinter from her foot.” I noticed that John had snuck his arm around behind my shoulders.

“Is it just me or is it hot in here?” he asked with a wink. The others giggled like schoolboys.

“It is a bit warm,” you said. “Stace, maybe you could get us some drinks from the fridge?” I didn’t much like the thought of getting up and walking around given the pain I was in, but it got me away from Mark and John so I took another deep breath and pulled myself up, the two guys making a close inspection of my arse as I did so. I kept my cheeks tightly clenched and headed for the fridge.

“You’re a lucky man to have a maid like that.” Mark said to you and I heard you all laugh behind my back. I shut the fridge door and came back with five bottles of water. I stood in front of you all and crouched to put the bottles on the floor. The pain shot through me again, though a little less than before. I was beginning to recover. I took the top off one and handed it to you. Then I turned and handed one each to Mark and John. Then I heard Terry behind me cough rather obviously. I turned to him and he was looking at you so I switched my gaze to you wondering what was going on.

“Er…Stace” you said indicating the floor underneath where I was crouching. I looked down, and a wave of shame and embarrassment hit me so physically that I could feel my skin burning as I saw a few drops of blood. I stood up and headed straight for the bedroom and as I shut the door I heard sniggering behind me. I curled up on our bed and cried. Not for the pain or embarrassment, but because I felt I had let you down.


That night my arse was still sore, so you lay me face down on the bed and spread my legs. You put some more of the jelly on your little finger and worked it into my anus. It hurt, but as you pulled it out and pushed it in slowly the cool jelly made the burning go away a little. You stroked my hair softly with your other hand. Soon I began to drift off to sleep, with the breeze fluttering through the curtain by the open window, and your finger still gently working me, stretching my sphincter. We were going home tomorrow. “I hope I’ll be better for the netball match on Tuesday,” was the last thought I remember before falling asleep.

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