We met on the internet, as so many do. He was searching for a girl with something extra, and my schoolgirls outfit fit the bill as far as he was concerned. We met a month later, he had abandoned his wife and children for a day in the woods with me. First we were going to have a little fooling around in his car.

We’d arranged a spot on a quiet road in the forest, a spot where cars could leave the road and park beyond the trees. I pulled off the road, avoided some trees, and looked for his car, a black 4×4. I spotted it parked in the shade of a tree, and brought my car alongside. I wasn’t yet dressed, but he had said it wouldn’t matter to start with. I could see him in the drivers seat, and wondered how aroused he must be, the kind of anticipation of a meeting just for our mutual pleasure must have him quite horny by now, and I was struggling with my own erection as I stopped the car. I looked over at him, hoping I wouldn’t be disappointing him, but I could see him grin somewhat, and he had already told me that my looks wouldn’t be an issue.

I opened the door, got out of my car, and then straight into his, looking into his eyes. I knew that we were both aroused, and would definitely be fucking very soon indeed, but I’d felt special when talking to him, and even if I was desperate for him to enter me, I was also sure that I wanted to wait. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of being with him first.

I sat down in the passenger seat, and leaned round to get a good look at him, he was quite toned, in comparison to my large frame. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, had a very close crew cut and was dark and handsome. I wanted to feel him against me. He drew breath, as if to speak, but I quickly reached up with my hand to quiet him. I didn’t feel like that kind of conversation right now, instead, I leant in towards him and took a kiss from him, I think he was as nervous as I was, even though this wasn’t the first time for either of us, but quickly he responded, and I felt a thrill as I found my tongue entwining with his. He breathed in slightly, sucking my mouth onto his, and I moved in closer, supporting myself with a hand on his thighs. I took the opportunity to run my fingers over his crotch, confirming his arousal was as intense as mine, the strain of his penis on the zip of his jeans, the pulse of blood through it making it twitch under my caress.

I knew that he felt the same way I did, both of us married, but seeking an intense connection with each other as lovers, not just sexual partners, and I gently pulled him towards me, cupping his hip in my left hand, rolling him slightly in his seat. The kiss continued for many minutes, I enjoyed the taste of him, the deep and sensual probing of his tongue, feeling more intense each moment. I was shaking uncontrollably, but this was the first time in many years I had met a man outside of my marriage, and I wanted him to feel the same intense longing and desire for me as I did for him.

We stopped a while later for breath, and I knew we’d made some kind of connection, and we were both still thoroughly aroused, and I decided to take the next step, briefly holding a finger to his lips to silence him, I took his hand, kissing them both on the palm, then sucking on each of his fingers in turn, knowing it would turn him on, but still restraining my desire to drag him into the woods and let him work his magic on my body.

I held his left hand in mine, as I gave his penis a squeeze through his jeans, and then slowly drew his zip down, freeing him slightly, watching the bulge bring his boxer shorts through the gap, I groped his testicles, cupping them gently, and then popping the buttons on his boxers, drew forth his penis, and quickly leant down and took the entirety into my mouth. The tightening of his hand on mine and the groan as his body relaxed completely confirmed my move had been effective, and I had to control a sharp thrust of his hips with my other hand to prevent him choking me with his lovely silky cock.

I lubricated it with my tongue, making sure that my mouth and tongue would be pleasing to him, and gently began to bob my head on him, ever so gently and slowly, feeling his breath falling into line with my movements. I wanted to please him so much, even with my lack of experience, but I also wanted to make sure he would be aroused later when he had the opportunity to do much more as my lover.

I felt fingers entwining themselves in my hair, and a pressure forcing my downward movements deeper, he wanted to penetrate my mouth and throat with his penis deeper and deeper. Ignoring the discomfort, I acquiesced, as I wanted his control, his force, and also, I desired a little pain and discomfort, as I would desire more than just a little pain later on. I felt his breath becoming more ragged, and I brought myself up, leaving his cock glistening with my saliva, a few drops of white liquid just freeing themselves from the tip, I shook my head, “Not yet. Later, but not yet.” I could see his disappointment, and the strain as he controlled his urge to ejaculate, I held my finger to his lips once again. “kiss me again, please.” and with the adrenaline I had caused to rush through his system, he leant over quickly, pushing me back into the seat, He took this kiss by force, pinning me back, forcing his tongue into me, all gentleness and subtlety lost. He was taking from me because I had denied him, but my place was beneath him, and this was more than I had dreamed of, and I felt elated as he took his pleasure from me just as he gave me the same rush of physical pleasure. I grasped him by the hips and pulled him onto me, the feeling of his weight pushing me into the seat so excited me, feeling his damp penis pushing against my belly, and my own hardness pushed against his knee.

He stopped a few moments later, his face hard, clearly wanting to move onto our other intended activities, he roughly opened his door, slammed it, walked round to my side of the car, and in one quick move, opened my door and dragged me out by the arm.

Slamming the door shut, and pushing me against the side of the car like a policeman subduing a suspect, he put his cock back inside his jeans and zipped himself up. For a brief moment my heart sank, as I worried he may be crying off, and leaving me to my unsated desire for him.

Then, as he locked the car, he walked past me, grabbing my hand, all thoughts of me losing this opportunity suddenly forgotten, although I was still pleased I had worn some ladies suspenders and stockings under my own jeans. I looked forward to the sensations of him against them, and against me.

He had a coil of rope in his hand, and the feeling of intense arousal, and of fear crept into me, but I had made the decision to meet him, out of desire for the one thing he wanted, and I did not deserve the option to deny him.

We walked briskly into the woods, at least a few hundred yards from the car, avoiding any ppublic paths, until we reached a clearing in the woods. Some soft mossy grass, and a lack of forest waste made it perfect. He gestured for me to kneel down, and doing so, he knelt with me, pulling off his shirt, and I followed suit.

Wearing just his jeans, and I the same, I suddenly felt shamed, my body was nowhere near the standard of his own, and I hugged myself to cover it, but he’d told me before it wouldn’t matter, and moving behind me he pulled my arms back, not just to make me uncover myself, but so he could slip the rope around my wrists, and a few brief moments later I felt the rope tighten, and stay tight.

I flexed my arms, and while they could still move slightly, he hadn’t tied a lovers knot, which would free me when tested, but a proper knot, intended to keep me restrained no matter how much I struggled. Another flash of fear ran through my mind. While we had talked about bondage, and my desire for submission, he was still a stranger, and now I had passed the moment of no return. I had given my body to him, and it was at his discretion that I would have my freedom again.

Standing, he move in front of me, and stripped himself of his jeans, and his underwear, and I bit my lower lip as I looked at his fantastic body, well toned, and admired his erect cock, which I so wanted inside me. Kneeling, he kissed me again, but now his breathing had slowed, regular and deep. He knew now that he was in control, that he could decide the path of our courtship.

He pushed me back, my bent knees forcing me to let myself fall backward onto the grass, and he undid my jeans, pulling them off with no ceremony, just making me almost as naked as he was. I looked up at him, seeing a slightly sneer on his face, and I bit my lip again, not sure where this would go, whether we would enjoy each other as lovers, or whether I was just a naive conquest of his, a one night stand for him.

He parted my legs, running his fingertips from my bottom to my ankles along the backs of my legs, he obviously enjoyed the feel of the nylon stockings I had on and I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed another mans touch, as his fingers ran over the elastic of the tops of the stockings, giving my thighs a gentle squeeze, he lifted my legs up against my tummy, holding my ankles either side of his head, he kissed each of my calves in turn, moving in towards me.

I realised he had not put a condom on only when I felt the damp head of his penis against the cheeks of my bottom, but I was far too desperate for him to say anything. I wanted him so much I didn’t care if he left his semen inside me or not, and a moment later I felt his penis against me, gently testing me.

At first I thought he would just penetrate me roughly, taking his pleasure after I’d denied it to him in the car, but he spent several minutes slowly pushing ever so gently into me, never penetrating more than a few millimetres. Opening my eyes, I looked into his, and he was smiling a gentle smile, enjoying the moment, and I smiled back, knowing that this was going to be an intense moment for both of us.

He paused, grinning slightly wider, and then with a sudden movement, thrust into me deeply. I gritted my teeth, and winced as my muscles accommodated his length and girth, the pain was quite focused, and I fought back, only slightly, but failed to restrain the reflex to push it out. Even with that effort lost, he threw his weight down, throwing my legs over his shoulders, and pinning me down by the shoulders, and held his cock inside me. “Is that what you wanted Lucy?” He asked, using the woman’s name I’d adopted for our conversations previously, and with my teeth clamped together, and tears coming forth, I nodded.

I still had my eyes closed when I felt his weight shift forward, and I felt his lips against mine once more, and trying to relax as much as I could, I opened my mouth to let him in. The pain was still there, but I felt it subside slightly around him, and instead of holding me down, I felt his hands at my sides, clasping my hips as he pulled out slightly and starting making love to me.

I had known the pain would be there, but now I relished it, and the fear as I lost control, giving my body completely over to him. We’d talked about rape as a fantasy, but we both knew it would never really be so, only mutual joy to both of us, domination and submission, and the opportunity for him to use me as he wanted, as a willingly submissive sexual partner.

He moved forward, propping me up slightly with his knees facilitating a deep entry, and began a steady rhythm, his breaths getting shorter and sharper, I groaned with each thrust, knowing it aroused him, knowing he wanted me to be vocal, I gasped at the deepest point of each penetration, feeling him move faster and faster. I hadn’t expected him to last long after my performance on him in the car, and I wasn’t disappointed when only moments later he drove himself into me, threw his weight onto me again, and with a twitching of his cock, ejaculated into me, I stared into his eyes as he froze with me, his eyes searching mine, and I whispered “I love you” as I felt his hot cum flooding me, coming out around his penis.

Sobbing with each breath he thrust a few more times, emptying his load into my willing body, and spent, without withdrawing he lay down on top of me.

He took a moment to get his breath, and rolled off me, and with his weight gone, I felt the blood return to my hands which had been pinned underneath me and I wriggled them to get the feeling back into them. He lay on the grass next to me, and I felt his hand snake over my belly and gently grasp my own cock and start to gently pump it. I smiled, telling him he didn’t have to, for the fantasy it would be better not to let me cum at all, only letting me do that when we met again, but he laughed gently, and leaning over, took it into his mouth, and it only took a few strokes before I arched my back and lost all control again, pouring myself into him.

He undid the ropes tying my wrists, and we shared a cuddle on the grass, before he got up and got redressed. I stood naked with him, and we held each other as lovers, before he left without another word. Looking into his eyes, I only wanted to know one thing, when we’d be together again…

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