Chitra, My Servant

(Sri Lankan story)

This was happened during the period that my wife was delivering her second baby. Some complications were aroused then she had to stay at the hospital for special medical attention. This caused big difficulties to the day to day work at home because we have another child at the age of two years to look after carefully. And I had to go my office which was 5 to 6 km away from my house, every day. As a solution to this problem we had decided to find a servant. We had hard time to find a suitable servant, fortunately at last we could find out a Tamil girl from upcountry.

Most of the Tamils in up country were employed as house servants in the main cities of the country. They were keen to do any difficult jobs that assigned to them. The girl we found was brought by wife’s brother through the contact of one of his friends. However she came two months before the hospitalization of my wife. Her name was Chitra, at the age of 21 years. She was dark but looks good. She had long dark hair up to his waist. And I guessed that she had average bust and slim body with round curved butt.

It was obvious that she was very shy girl and especially very scared to speak with me. She didn’t talk with me one or two ward unless it was necessary. Wife was also didn’t tell anything to her do behalf of me. Wife did every thing what I wanted when it was necessary such as ironing my dresses and preparing meals bring to the office. Anyway I noted that Chitra purposely refrained from affairs. But my thoughts admired her behaviors and appearance. She always wore long skirts and blouses. Most of the time there was a small silver colour chain around her right ankle. When she was walking it made sound of chime.

One day when I came back from the office and I went to up stair where the master bed room was. I just opened the window shutter to get fresh air before I changed the cloths. Then I heard water running sound on the ground of backyard of the house. I just peeped through the gap of window frame and shutter. It was delightful scene. It was unexpected; Chitra was having a bath using the shower fixed out of the house close to parapet wall. Chitra didn’t go to bathrooms in side of the house, because she thought that it was not good to use the bathroom of her master’s. So normally I didn’t see that she was bathing because she did those personnel things before I came back from the office. This unexpected scene was caught because of my early arrivals to home. I wanted to observe this incident clearly. So I started to look at her to get better view of her figure not knowing her that I was there.

The aerial view of the scene made good look of her figure. The running water from head to down the cloth got wet and it projected her sexy figure keenly. She had worn a plain cloth putting a knot to keep over her boobs. She started apply soap along the upper part of body with holding the loosen cloth by one hand. It showed her beautiful round firm boobs very well. Her nipples were erected. When she applied soap on boobs they jumped here and there nicely. My dick was got bulged. I squeezed my tool with my left hand looking at this live show. After that Chitra started apply soap on her thighs by holding loosen cloth. The bubbles ran down along the thighs. Round thighs were beautiful and very sexy. Once, the cloth unveiled showing her bush through the slit. I anticipated seeing her secret. It was thick dark bush. My dick tried to come out from my pants Again she applied soap on her bum. How lucky I was to see her round booties. She ran her fingers between the cleavage of ass cheeks to apply soap on her asshole area. Finally she applied soap on her pelvis area. All along the way when she moved, the chime of the jewelry around her ankle made accordingly.

I remembered several time when I was carrying my child, she came and took the child as it was her duty of looking after our baby. All the time when I gave the child to her, I kept my palm on her bum and pressed purposely. She excited all the time when I did that but she didn’t tell utter a word as well as no complained to the wife. The clue was that no harm from her if I moved forward.

As I told when my wife was in the hospital, one day I came home from the office early to prepare the stuff to bring to the hospital during the visitor’s time of 5 to 6 evening. When I came to home, I saw that Chitra was keeping the baby on her lap letting her get to sleep on the sofa in the visiting room. I went direct into the master bed room on the up stair. And I changed the cloths and had a wash from the attached bathroom and came down wearing a red colour T-shirt and three quarter trouser. Normally, I didn’t wear underpants when I was at home to make comfortable myself.

When I came to the visiting room, Chitra and baby were not there.

Then I called ” Chitra….Chitra ” with the intention of making a cup of tea for getting refreshment.

“Sir…I am coming…….” Her voice came from up stair through the baby’s room.

Then I went and stopped at the doorstep of the room. She was keeping the baby on the bed and to make her comfortable she arranged the pillows around her. When I shouted Chitra’s name again, baby had opened her eyes. Therefore, she beat on to the pillow with her palm softly to sleep the baby again. I observed her from the entrance of the room. She was bending over the bed. Her round ass projected towards door side. She was wearing a orange colour T-shirt and ankle length long, small flowers printed green colour skirt. I could see the hem of her panty embossed over the skirt. I felt uncomfortable and it was little hesitation how she would react if I went to touch her.

Anyway I got courage and reached behind her. Similarly I bent over her and put my right hand around her over her bending body. I too started to beat the pillows with my hand. She got very excited with this unexpected incident. She was unable to shout because of sleeping baby. I realized that she was very uncomfortable with sudden invasion of me. I noticed that she tried to refrain from touching of my body. At the moment baby got to sleep well again.

Chitra cried.” Sir…please…..!!!!

“Shhhhhh …” I stopped her. “Don’t make sound, baby will wake up ”

She had no choice. She tried to creep back to get rid from me. I didn’t allow her to escape. I put my right leg crossing her back. She was helpless at the moment. Again she pleaded.

“Sir…please let me go…” I just pushed my knee between her legs. She gasped with excitement.

“Sir…..please….if Madam gets to know this….She will kill me…..Therefore, let me go Sir ….please.” She pleaded.

I thought that only problem of her was that wife would get to know this. Otherwise she was willing to do so.

I explained her “Don’t worry Chitra…she will not get to know…you don’t scared about that”

I pushed my knee further between her legs. She just responded by spreading her legs bit. Her breathing was heavy. I touch her small boobs over the T-shirt She shivered with the fear and ecstasy. I fondled her boobs massaging with passionate manner. The first time I heard her cry with pleasure “ah..ah..ah…”

I asked from her ” Chira ..Shall we go to other room?.”

She didn’t tell anything. Without telling any word she raised up her body. I too had to standup with her same position just behind her. I didn’t keep away my hands from her boobs. I started to caress her earlobes and behind the neck by my lips.

“OH….uh….uh…aha…” Chitra moaned with pleasure.

Her height was up to my shoulders. Therefore, I can play with her easily. When I was kissing her neck she leaned against my body and arched her head on to my left shoulder. Then I kissed her cheeks and neck softly. I could hear her heavy breathing and she raised her right hand and put around my head and pulled toward her mouth.

I went out from the room pushing her leading to out master bed room with same position. We stood in front of the huge dressing table facing the mirror. She was very shy to look at the images on the mirror. She was gazing her eyes towards the floor. I stated to fondle her boobs looking at the images on the mirror. She raised her face with closed eyes. Then I kissed her lips roughly and parted her sexy lips and put my tongue into her mouth. She started to play with my tongue with her one. Same time, I squeezed her boobs playfully. I felt that hers well round booty was pressing against my groin area. My dick had come to maximum strength of it. I put my both hands under the T-shirt that she was wearing. And found firm boobs. She had worn a bra. I cupped my hands on them and fondled. Still my lips were on her mouth. I rolled up her T-shirt and her responded stretching her hands up. I removed her top. She was wearing black cotton bra. I squished her boobs over the material and I saw that she opened her eyes to see this very captivate move of her.

I just asked from her. “Chitra ….are you happy…?”

Her reply was only nodding her head and closed her eyes again with pleasure morning. “ohoooo yeaaaah….”

Then I pulled down her printed long skirt. And she stepped out kicking off the skirt away. I found that she had worn underskirt too. It was transferring material. Therefore, her panty was visible through the skirt. I hurried enough to remove her underskirt. Then she was only with bra and pink colour panty. She had very sexy figure and very young age. Her round thighs were pressing together. I could see the wetness of pussy had absorbed by the panty. I just kept my hand over her pussy while my left hand was on her boobs. I parted her thighs to examine how power of her wetness. Wonderful, the cotton panty had got soaked just like a little child had put pee on his panty. I applied her pussy juice on my fingers and kept close to nuzzles of me, to feel aroma of most delicious fluid in the world. It gave very sweet smell. I held fingers very close to her mouth and touched her lips; finally I put my fingers into her mouth letting her to taste her own pussy juice.

Next, I unhooked her bra behind. Then she slid off the straps over the shoulders letting the bra drop on the floor. I had been waited quite long period impatiently to see these round firm nice boobs. Her dark nipples had hardened and stiffed tits were extended more than half inches in length. It was fine to suck and play. Actually I was lucky to play with those natural boobs. I put the hands surrounding her and started to play with her boobs. Still we were standing position in front of the mirror. She was crying with pleasure and fantasy of sex playing. I pulled her nipples and twisted them with forefinger and thumb.

“Oooooh …so….gooood sir….” She murmured. I shook her boobs by pulling nipples forward.. Oh……God…….ohohohoh…..uuummmm..”

“Chitra” I called her name very lustful way.

“See how beautiful your boobs and see how lucky there are in my hands.”

Her nipples were well erected towards the mirror. “Chitra just open your eyes and see”

She opened eyes bit. The eyes were looked crazy with fantasy. I just took her hands which were around my head. And slowly I kept palms of her both hands on her boobs. I started to fondle her boobs keeping my hands over her hands. I guided her to get fun by playing with her own boobs.

And I asked her” Chitra… Girly…. enjoy yourself with your boobs.”

Still her eyes were closed. I slowly took my hands off from her boobs. My hand teased down to her naval. “Oh” it was wonderful to see that she started to play with her beautiful boobs by touching and pulling the nipples. It was really fascinating even to see the image through the mirror. I just reached to her pussy covered with cotton pink panty. It had been got wet with dripping down pussy juice of her. Then I put my right hand into her pelvis area and found her well grown thick bush. I teased here and there with my fingers. She moaned with sudden pleasure of lower part of her body. “Ohhhh …ahhhhh…mummmmm…”

She arched her waist and pushed her bums against my crotch. My dick was at maximum erection point. She rotated her back pressing on my dick over my three quarter trouser. I slipped down her panty up to her knee.

“Oh No….Sir…please… don’t” She held my hand to stop go further. I realized that she was afraid that I would destroy her virginity.

I explained her softly. “Chitra I told you … that I don’t want to make problem to you….don’t worry girly…if I do a wrong thing, it will be a problem to me as well as you. So please believe me… I don’t want to make problems…..” She released her grip on my hand.

Then I rolled her panty down to her ankle. She came out of the panty letting it on the floor. She was fully naked in front of the mirror. Her beautiful sexy figure delighted me. She again started to play with her boobs; meanwhile I began to touch her pussy from behind of her. I ran my fingers over her outer lips and inner lips then came to her clit. It was projected. At very first touch, she started to moan.

” Oh…myyy..God….shshshs….mmmmm..ah…” her mouth had opened with this sensation.

Her pussy juice had become to pour down. It was really wet area. I just slid into her pussy hole with my middle finger. “Oh no Sir…” She tightened her thighs together.

” Chitra ….. I told you as I promised …I don’t do anything wrong….” I promised her again. I just wanted to taste her sweetness on my fingers. It was really sweet fluid. Again and again I did so.

I turned her around to face to face position. I rolled up my T-shirt and removed over the head. She could see the hair on my chest. Without any invitation she started to stroke my chest and ran her fingers through my hair on chest. She kissed my chest and nipples and started to suck nipples like a slut. I just lowered my body and started to lick her well firm boobs and tip of the tongue ran over her bud on the boobs and moved tongue circling the tit.

Finally, I took her nipples into mouth and sucked very gently. Both tits got harden and erected. She cried with pleasure again. “Oh …..Sir….suck…me….it is really Goooood…….I like …..It. Ooooooooh… suck me….hard…Sir…oh.. Oh… ah…” I sucked hardly and nibbled her huge buds. “Oh… really good sir…you are killing….me…” She got breath heavily.

Then I took her boobs each into my mouth just like vacuum machine works. Half of her delicate globe went into my mouth. This pressure made her mad. She ran her fingers over my head and hugged me tightly. We embraced together little while. I rested my hand behind her on her booty and started to squeeze her bums. She ran her hands down to the waistband of my trouser. Her hands crept into touch my dick and pushed down the short on to the floor. Now, we were both naked. My six inches tool was erected and pulsed with glittering header. Chitra’s eyes were delighted by looking at my dick. I closed to her and we hugged together tightly to feel our hot rampage of sex. It was really hot feelings.

To get closer I put my dick between her thighs. She wrapped my dick with her luscious thighs. I kissed her lips and played with her tongue. After that I took her hand kept over my dick, she started to stroke my dick with her both hand. Dick got real comfort between her tender palms. I pushed her down on her knees. She was really playing with my throbbing dick and balls. She caressed and kissed my prick delicately. Still she didn’t take my dick in to her mouth. I kept my hand on her head and pulled towards the prick. Puzzle was on her face to do next.

“Chitra, suck me and enjoy” She opened her lips little, I pushed dick into this narrow entrance. Big header entered ruthlessly. Her mouth was filled with this throbbing tool. And it went to maximum point. She was uncomfortable to breath and took out and started move her head back and forward along the dick. This blowjob made me mad. She was very keen of doing that. Oh …Chitra …you are so…good…suck… me ….suck me…baby…” I could see all the moments lively through the mirror image. Oh it was wonderful; this black beauty knelt down at my feet and sucking her master’s dick. It was delightful posture to see.

After little while, I let her to stand and again we hugged together and kissed passionately. I pushed her backward to the bed and she sat beside on the bed. She took my dick into mouth, to suck again. She dried the juice had come out of my dick. I let her to lie down in the bed on her back. And, legs were raised into air. The chime of the chain around her ankle made sound whenever she moved her position. Now it was easy access to her pussy. I knelt down on the floor and opened her legs. She responded spreading her thighs to either side. Her pussy had puffed and greatly got wet for next encounter. I started to kiss her both thighs, feelings were like run over velvet.

Thereafter, I started eat her cute pussy, fondling with my tongue. I departed her pussy lips and licked her hot spot tenderly. She started to cry and raising and moving her back. “Ohhhhhhh…..Mmmmmu Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…..Sooooooo…..good…………….Sir…oh …oh…oh… I can’t…..I can’t….” She shrank the bed sheet and hit on the mattress with her fist. I came on to her clit. I gave her wonderful tongue treatment as I know every woman have no turn from this point. She came to maximum when I was licking her pussy and nibbling her clit. She screamed. “Ohhhhh….I can’t ……Sir…..Ohhhhhhh..Iam cummmmming…oh…oh…” She exploded her sweet juices; those came out of her hole. I tasted some fluid and let drain that slippery saliva up to her asshole. I applied that fluid with my middle finger and insert into her asshole. She raised her head to see this unexpected invasion and she had never got this kind of experience. She surprised by her thoughts that her master was poking her asshole with finger. Actually it brought her more and more pleasure. I moved finger in and out along the passage. Again she started to cry with pleasure. She thought, this would be end of sexy act happened today with her master. I felt that wall of the anus getting relaxed and tight entrance got relaxed. I entered one more finger and another. She screamed loudly with pleasure. “Ooooooohh……ooooohhhhhh….” She responded widening her thighs and rising up her booty.

“Chitra” I called her softly.

“Sir…..” she looked at me hesitation.

“You know, that your asshole is ready for entering my dick” I said that with not sure of her will. She astonished and pleaded. “No…it will hurt me Sir…It is too big sir… please and you know that I am going to marry very soon. So I have to concern about my virginity too…Sir we will stop now…please… “

“No…Chitra …It doesn’t hurt you…..I will apply some cream if you are scared….and do you know? I don’t like to hurt you……” I explained her again and again


She nodded her head to give her permission but her eyes showed her fear ness. While she was lying on the bed, I reached to the dressing table and took a tube of baby cream which was among the verity of cosmetics belonged to my wife. I squished baby cream onto my palm and looked at her. Her eyes were closed but her hands were playing with boobs and nipples. I knelt down again near by her. “Chitra,” I called her. “Sir…” She murmured like that she was in a dream. “Raise your legs up…” She followed and let me to do what I wanted. I applied enough cream in and out of her asshole. Naturally, head of my dick was bigger. I applied some cream on my dick. It looked gorgeous and signing. Holding her legs up, I put tip of the dick at the entrance of her asshole. She cried again. ” Sir… please… Don’t hurt me… Do it slowly sir….” I said.” Chitra… Don’t worry about …. I know how to that… will be more happy than we did so far…” I just pushed slightly to expand her asshole entrance. It entered little bit. Chitra shouted with little pain but she didn’t refuse to do so.

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