Please note, all characters portrayed in this story are over 18.


Davina hurried down the hallway, her books clasped in front of her heavy breasts to stop them jiggling as she ran.

It had been almost two weeks since she had truly given herself to Mistress K in the beautiful, imposing headmistresses study, drinking the transgendered woman’s seed from another T-girls newly fucked butt.

In that time, Davina had slowly been coming to terms with her new body. The perfect legs, curving hips, bubble butt and the full, rounded breasts that were causing her so much trouble now. The weight was still unusual and she found that if she hurried without her books in front of them, the dom girls would wolf whistle and there had been a few occasions when Davina had got herself pressed against the wall by some of the more predatory doms.

Davina now slept in a small dormitory with three other girls. It was comfortable and had a little washroom and shower at the end. Olivia, the girl who had been so brutally fucked by Mistress K, slept in a bed next to Davina and the two had become firm friends. The other two girls were Katie, a gorgeous, petite girl with coffee coloured skin and a cute, upturned nose, and Bobbi, a girl who was very shy and would often keep out of some of the more graphic conversations the other three girls had late at night.

Davina was still finding the change in her life from skinny, awkward teenage boy, to a beautiful, curvy t-girl hotty, a bit difficult, but with the help of her new friends, things were changing. Olivia was the most sexually experienced out of all of them. They would sit in their nighties once the door to the dorm was locked and chat about their new lives. Olivia claimed that she was in love with one of the dom girls, a tall, statuesque brunette called Hope. And she described to her shocked, delighted room mates the few times that Hope had taken her to a deserted classroom and fucked her tight ass with her thick eight inch prick. The last time they were together they had been discovered, which was why Mistress K had fucked Olivia’s cute, puckered rosebud so fiercely, as a punishment.

They had asked Olivia what Mistress K felt like, what was it like to have that huge cock inside her? Olivia’s eyes widened and she said that she had never experienced anything like it. It stretched her so much she felt like she was going to split and the length simply took her breath away. She said she wasn’t sure if she’d like to do it again, but she was glad it had happened. Although, Davina thought to herself, it didn’t seem to have taught Olivia anything, as she was still constantly flirting with Hope whenever she could.

Davina finally made her way to the locker rooms and made her way in. The rest of the sub girls in her year were already there, milling around and chatting. They did sports 3 times a week, and the outfits seemed to vary from run-of-the-mill to scandalously sexy. Davina found Olivia sitting on her own, checking her nails.

“Sports outfits arrived yet?” Davina asked, placing her books in her locker.

Olivia shook her head when the sports master Mr Roberts, opened the door with an armful of parcels. He was huge, almost 6 feet 5 with a shaved head and massive shoulders.

“Get changed and be on the hockey field in fifteen minutes.” Mr Roberts shouted over the din of the chatting girls. “Or you’ll be in detention with me on Sunday.”

Davina shivered slightly at the words. The rumour was that detention with Mr Roberts meant squatting in a freezing classroom, naked, sucking the man’s cock for up to an hour whilst he read the Sunday papers. Davina still felt a little odd about guys. She loved the other girls and felt a thrill run through her when she noticed one of the Dom girls looking at her. But the idea of giving herself to a guy… it still felt a little icky.

The girls quickly started unwrapping the parcels as Mr Roberts walked out. Davina heard Olivia gasp as she opened the parcel.

“Oh my god!”

Davina opened her own parcel and suddenly blushed. Inside the box were a few tiny items of rubber clothing. Davina looked at Olivia. “Are we supposed to wear this?”

Olivia nodded with a grin. “We’ll have to help each other if we don’t want to end up blowing Roberts.”

They took the outfits out to reveal a tiny, baby pink polo shirt, white pleated sports skirt and pink and white hooped stockings, all made of rubber. A small vial of talc was in each parcel.

Davina and the other girls quickly took their uniforms off and began helping each other out. Olivia walked naked to her friend, talc in hand.

“Right hun,” she smiled, “this might tickle.”

Olivia started patting talc onto Davina’s shoulders and back and then onto her heavy, tan breasts and tight little tummy. Olivia’s warm little hands felt good on her body and as the girl’s hand went lower, fingers brushing through the tiny triangle of pubic hair and lower, their eyes met.

Davina bit her bottom lip as Olivia’s fingers slowly found her small, smooth penis.

Davina felt her butterflies in her tummy at the other girl’s touch, when suddenly Olivia stopped.

“You do me now!” Her friend laughed mischievously.

Davina started patting the perfumed talc into her friend’s soft skin, loving the feel of her under her hands. Olivia turned and Davina started applying the talc to her friends breasts. They were a little bigger than Davina’s but still beautiful and firm. As Davina’s movements became slower, Olivia’s nipples started to blush and grow.

Olivia’s blue eyes once more met Davina’s green ones and slowly they moved together. Davina felt her friend’s nipples brush her own. And with what felt like a tiny electric shock in the pit of her tummy she felt her own penis brush against Olivia’s. Davina felt her girlie cock start to grow slightly. Olivia’s pink bow lips where just inches from hers when they heard a cough.

Davina spun to see that the changing room was almost empty — Bobbi the shy girl from their dorm moved closer and spoke in her soft, quiet voice.

“You better hurry, or you’ll be in trouble.” With that, she lowered her eyes and scampered out of the room.

Olivia and Davina quickly started putting the outfits on. The polo shirts were incredibly snug. Davina pulled hers over her head, putting her thin arms through the short sleeves. The rubber stretched over her skin and felt very strange… and also very nice. Soon the shirt was pulled down as low as it would go, an inch above Davina’s bellybutton. Her breasts felt unusual, pressed together in the tiny pink top. A slit ran several inches down the front giving anyone who wanted a great view of her tightly packed orbs.

She quickly buckled on the tiny white rubber pleated skirt which started at her hips and was only a few inches long. She then ran the hooped rubber stockings up her lithe, smooth legs until they stopped mid thigh. At the bottom of the parcel she found a tiny pair of pink panties and two small white gloves, both in rubber.

She wriggled into the panties, and feeling them slide over her girlish thighs was one of the most erotic things she had felt in her life! She pulled them up into place, hoping that the swelling of her penis wouldn’t show too much. She then pulled on the tiny gloves that barely came to the wrist and pulled her long auburn hair into a ponytail.

Olivia was standing waiting for her and they turned to look in the mirror before they went out. The uniforms were practically indecent. The tops hugged their figures beautifully, lifting and presenting their ripe cleavage, whilst the stockings and skirts showed a tantalising few inches of firm, tanned thigh.

Davina put a gloved hand to her mouth. “Oh my god!”

Olivia winked into the mirror. “We look super hot.”

Davina smiled nervously. “We look like we’re going to go do a porno or something.”

Olivia grinned again. “I’m game if you are.”

Olivia giggled, watching her friend blush once more and they put on small pink trainers and hurried out.

On the sports field, Roberts was waiting, looking at his watch as Davina and Olivia ran out. Roberts sighed as they came out. Fourteen and a half minutes. 30 seconds more and Sunday would have been incredible. Oh well, he thought to himself. There’s always a next time.

The girls began playing hockey in the wall enclosed field. It wasn’t long before their tight rubber outfits started to make them all glisten with sweat. This was the first time that Davina had worn rubber clothing and it felt liberating and frightening. She felt tightly enclosed and yet very very exposed, all at the same time.

And every time the girls went for the ball, bending over, their tiny skirts would rise up, exposing their thighs and tiny, skin tight rubber panties, enclosing their delicious behinds.

As they were playing, Davina noticed a man watching them from a gap in the wall. “Who’s that?”She asked Olivia, panting at the exertion.

“That’s Joseph. He looks after the grounds. Cute isn’t he?” She said, before running off after the game.

Davina watched the man and saw, with a shock, that he was looking directly at her. She quickly turned and ran after the ball.

Davina was no good at sports. As a boy she had had no talent, and as a girl, she seemed no better. At one point Mr Roberts stopped the game and walked over to her, towering above.

“It’s a hockey stick, not a goddam agricultural tool. If you can’t even be bothered to try to do it right, I’ll put you straight in detention ” He shouted. Davina was shaking, afraid that he would humiliate her just as countless sports teachers had in the past. When suddenly Davina realised he was staring down her top, at the pin-pricks of sweat making their way between her tightly clasped cleavage. Again, that strange feeling came over her. The feeling of having power over a man. She still couldn’t believe that when guys looked at her, they weren’t seeing the geeky boy, but a voluptuous, tanned girl that they wanted to touch and hold. Davina began to shake, from fear and from excitement at what she was about to do.

Davina bowed her head and bit her bottom lip, then looked up at him through her thick lashes.

“Could… could you show me? Sir?” Davina half whispered.

Roberts looked at the beautiful t-girl and slowly moved around behind her. He reached around, putting his hands over Davina’s on the stick.

“You hold it like this.” He said, moving the hockey stick back and forth.

Davina slowly let her tight little ass move backwards until it was pressed against the large bulge in the sports teacher’s pants. She heard him gasp between his teeth, and genuinely unable to believe how shameless she was becoming, slowly wriggled her rubber clad butt into his crotch. The man groaned.

“I think I’ve got it now, Sir.” She said, huskily over her shoulder.

The man nodded and stepped back, wiping sweat off his forehead. Davina noticed that some of the other girls were staring at her, but for the first time, she didn’t care. She felt powerful.

At the end of the game, Davina and Olivia walked back towards the locker rooms, their skin glistening with a thin film of sweat, their breathing making their breasts rise and fall in the tight rubber material.

They were chatting when Davina saw something from the corner of her eye. It was Joseph, the groundsman, he smiled, beckoned once to her and disappeared round a corner. Davina’s head was spinning, but, overcome with her power over Roberts on the hockey field, she decided that she would be brave. She turned to Olivia.

“I… I think I forgot something.” Davina said, her voice shaking a little.

Before Olivia could say anything, Davina started jogging back the way they had come. When Olivia was out of sight, Davina turned and made her way in the direction Joseph had gone in.

There was an overgrown path leading away from the sports field. Davina felt her breath come in quick gasps, her knees trembling. What was she doing? This was so stupid.

Her courage almost gone, Davina turned and came face to face with Joseph. He was 6ft tall, broad shouldered with a hard, lean body. His black hair and dark skin gave him a Mediterranean look.

Davina gasped and stopped.

“Sorry I surprised you, sweetie.” Joseph smiled.

Davina looked up at the man, and felt her body shaking. “I… I came the wrong way.” She mumbled.

“Really?” He moved forwards slightly. Davina stumbled a little and felt a wall behind her back. “Cos, when I beckoned you over, you looked like you knew where you were going.”

He moved closer to the trembling t-girl, and put his arm past her head to lean on the wall. Davina’s stomach was churning with fear… and excitement. She had never been in this situation before. She wanted to run… she wanted to… kiss him. The thought came to Davina’s head in a flash. Somewhere inside her David suddenly awakened. He didn’t kiss boys, he didn’t wear slutty outfits and wriggle his ass in other guys crotches. What the fuck was going on.

Davina pushed hard against Joseph’s chest. “Let me go.” She said, her breathing laboured.

Joseph smiled, looking down at the tight, tan body. The beautiful breasts straining against the rubber, and at the slim brown thighs, slightly parted below the white rubber skirt.

“I’ll let you go.” He said. “But first, you gotta give me one kiss, sweetie.”

“No,” cried Davina. “And stop calling me that. I don’t like guys… I… I’m not who you think I am…”

Joseph smiled and leaned forwards. Davina moved her head to the side but a strong hand came up and gripped her jaw. Joseph leant forwards and kissed Davina strongly, mashing her lips back.

Davina felt a wave of something incredible come over her the moment their lips met. Pure unbridled lust. Her little cock was starting to harden against the restricting material of her pink rubber panties. She groaned in the back of her throat.

“Please…” She moaned.

Joseph leant in again and kissed her, more softly this time. It was the first time she had been kissed by a boy and the feeling was incredible. The smell of his aftershave, the feeling of stubble on his jaw. She felt his tongue slide between her lips and start to explore. Her own tongue slid along his.

It was like nothing she had ever felt. Her breasts rose quickly as Joseph leaned back, taking in the beautiful t-girl.

“Lift up your skirt.” He said huskily.

Davina never dropped eye contact as she slid trembling hands down her body to the hem of her skirt. She slowly pulled it up, exposing her tight panties.

She watched Joseph drink in her body with his eyes. His hand moved down between her legs, his thumb slowly stroking the soft skin of her thigh. And then she felt his hand gently stroke the front of her panties, stroking along her hardening cock.

Davina groaned again, letting her head fall back as he slowly tightened his grip and then relaxed it, squeezing her clit. His fingers came up and slid into the tight waistband of her underwear. Davina clung to him, her breath coming in hard gasps and soft moans, kissing his neck as slowly he stroked her, running his thumb over the tip of her little cock. His other hand rose up her hip, across her tummy and began to squeeze her breasts.

Davina reach down and her gloved hand found the front of his pants. She began rubbing the huge bulge, feeling it twitch and harden.

Joseph kissed her deeply again and then lowered himself down her body, kissing her neck, running his tongue over her cleavage, tasting her sweat mixed with the scent of rubber. He kissed her breasts, letting his tongue swirl against the shiny material, feeling her nipple grow. He got to his knees and kissed the tight skin of her tummy before moving down.

He inhaled her perfume, and the scent of her sweat and kissed the front of her panties. Davina moaned again, instinctively spreading her thighs as his hot, wet tongue licked the velvet, hairless skin where her thigh met the material of her panties.

With a quick movement he had his fingers in her waistband and urgently tugged the stretchy rubber downwards. Davina felt her hands rest on the back of his head and her panties stretch between her spread knees. She knew it was wrong, to be so exposed, to be letting a boy do this to her.. But she couldn’t stop. It was impossible.

He gently kissed the tip of her semi-hard cock and then took both her cock and balls in his mouth all in one go. Davina’s eyes rolled in the back of her head at the intense pleasure and moaned hard, an almost animal sound. She sighed as he let her slip from his mouth.

She felt his hands grip her hips and slowly turn her until she was facing the wall. As though in a dream, and with her whole body trembling with new pleasure, she let her breasts press against the rough surface as she pushed her beautiful rounded ass towards Joseph. His tongue explored her cheeks, leaving silvery lines of saliva. She felt his strong hands clasp her cheeks and spread them, then felt his hot breath on her most secret place.

The moment his tongue touched her rosebud, Davina felt fireworks go off in her head. And then, the tongue was withdrawn. Her body sagged when suddenly she felt the tip of his tongue press against her anus, softly at first, then more and more firmly. Slowly she felt her most secret entrance begin to open for him and Joseph’s thick tongue slid smoothly inside her.

She arched her back, pressing her butt into his face as he began to tongue fuck her. “Oh, god… Joseph… please…”

Joseph’s tongue continued to fuck her, sliding into her perfect little hole, and then out, then back in, swirling around. And then it slowly withdrew. Davina didn’t notice that he had stood up. He reached around her, his hand cupping her breast, squeezing and kneading and she felt a strong finger pressing against her entrance.

She turned her head, panting and his mouth found hers, his tongue taking over her mouth. The finger slid inside, passing the rubbery resistance of her virgin hole and he began fucking her with the digit. Davina’s little cock was now pressed upwards against her stomach, pulsing in time to the movements of Joseph’s finger.

The finger withdrew and she lifted his hand, taking the finger between her cherry lips, licking and tasting herself like a slut.

She felt Joseph shifting behind her and the jangle of belt buckle. Then she felt something she had never felt before. The hard, hot, throbbing meat of a huge cock resting against her ass cheeks.

She felt him shift again and looked down. With a delicious feeling he was rubbing his long, thick cock between her legs, against the bottom of her scrotum. As she watched she saw the perfect purple head, huge beneath her own, sliding backwards and forwards.

Her gloved hand came down between her legs and gripped his thick shaft. He was not as big as Mistress K, but it was still a thick, beautiful cock. She squeezed and she felt his meat pulse in response.

Joseph held her tight as with one hand he took hold of his penis and pressed it against the t-girls velvet cheeks. The head of his cock found her entrance and he wrapped an arm around her tummy as slowly he began to push forwards.

The entrance held for a few seconds, and then, like a blossoming flower, began to open to him. Davina felt pain as the thick head spread her open, but it was only slight. Most of all she felt an incredible heat gathering in her stomach, of pure unbridled lust.

Suddenly, she stiffened.

Joseph spoke in between hard gasps. “Are you okay?”

Davina, her body shivering looked over her shoulder at him, her huge, liquid green eyes making him want to be inside her even more. “I… I promised the Mistress.”

“You mean… you’ve never…?” He asked in disbelief.

Davina nodded, her eyes tearing. “I promised the Mistress that I let any man inside me until she… until…”

Joseph nodded and gently let her go. “I understand.”

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Davina kept muttering.

He gently turned her round and wiped a tear away from her cheek. “I understand. I’ve worked here long enough to know what would happen if you disobeyed her.”

Davina smiled weakly and kissed him. As she did, she felt his thick cock between them, pressing against her tummy.

“But,” she said, smiling, “I can still do something about that..”

She kissed him again and got to her knees. Joseph sighed as her small gloved hands took his shaft and began stroking back and forwards. She looked up at him as her little pink tongue began flicking around the tip of his penis, licking tiny drops of pre-cum away.

“You’re beautiful.” He said.

Davina slowly opened her thick red lips and felt his cock slide into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around him, loving the his scent, the salty mineral taste of his cock.

She began moving her head backwards and forwards, always looking up at him with her big green eyes. She loved the way his thick meat spread her mouth so wide, stretching her lips. He put his hands on the back of her head, grasping her ponytail. He began to fuck her mouth, pushing deeper and deeper into her throat. Davina gagged slightly, but she didn’t want to let this gorgeous man down, she held her breath, taking him further in.

Eventually, she felt her petite nose press against his pubic hair, his soft scrotum pressing against her chin. She slid the cock back out, long tendrils of saliva connecting her sweet lips and his engorged head, then plunged him back inside.

She could feel him shifting his footing and his legs begin to tense when suddenly he pulled her hair back and got her to her feet.

“But you haven’t cum!” She cried.

He looked at her slick, glistening lips and felt the cum boiling inside him. Quickly he reached down and, grabbing the rubber panties stretched between her knees, pulled them up.

She looked at him in confusion. He quickly pressed her against the wall and kissed her, then turned her round. He then flipped the back of her skirt up and pulled the back of her tight panties open. His other hand was wrapped around his penis as he began to feel his cum rising. He pressed the tip of the penis against the soft skin at the very top of Davina’s cheeks and, grabbing her tight, began to cum.

Thick fountains of hot sperm flew from the tip of his cock, splashing against Davina’s butt and slowly sliding down between her pert cheeks. He came more and more, his legs almost buckling at the experience. Finally, he stopped, drained, and leaned against Davina’s back.

Davina felt herself pressed against the wall and smiled to herself. His weight felt wonderful against her, and she felt as though she had made an important step. This man. This very handsome man, had wanted to mark her as his. She had never had this effect on anybody as a boy.

Deliberately she reached back and pulled her panties up all the way, feeling the hot semen sliding over her entrance and around her smooth balls.

She turned as Joseph shakily got his balance back.

“Thank you, Sir” She said, smiling cutely. And she turned, adjusting her skirt and walking away, making sure that she put an extra wiggle in her hips as she went. And as she did, she could feel his strong, potent seed, washing around her most vulnerable parts.

Inside the locker room, Davina found Olivia waiting for her, wrapped in a towel.

“Where have you been?” Her friend asked.

Davina smiled. She wasn’t sure she wanted to share this, but then remembered that she and Olivia had already been as close as possible that day when Olivia was strapped down on the Mistresses desk.

Davina smiled slowly like a cat and unbuckled her rubber pleated skirt, letting it fall to the tiles. Then, very slowly, she pulled her rubber panties a few inches down her thighs.

Olivia looked at her friend in puzzlement and then saw thick strands of thick white goo dripping not only from the panties, but also from between her friends thighs. Olivia’s eyes widened.

“Did you..?” She asked.

Davina shook her head. “I promised Mistress. But it was close.”

“Who was the… Joseph!” Olivia almost shouted, then looked around guiltily. But the changing room was empty. “It was Joseph?”

Davina nodded shyly. Olivia slowly got her feet, letting her towel drop, revealing her soft, curvaceous body and small, hairless penis hanging between ripe thighs.

Olivia walked around Davina and stopped behind her. Davina was shaking again as she felt her friends finger run gently through the cleft of her buttocks.

“Well, if the amount is anything to go by, he certainly enjoyed himself.” Olivia whispered over her friends shoulder.

Davina saw a finger appear from behind her laden with thick, dripping sperm. The finger made it’s way to Davina’s lips. She opened them, and sensuously licked the finger clean, swirling her tongue around Olivia’s slim, manicured digit.

Olivia moved and Davina felt her friend pulling her cheeks apart. A slim, hot little tongue began lapping at Davina’s behind.

“Mmmmm…. W-what are you doing back there, Olivia?” Davina gasped.

Olivia get to her feet and walked to face her friend. Her nose and lips were smeared with Joseph’s cum. Olivia smiled and leaned forwards. Davina closed her eyes as she felt Olivia’s lips meet hers.

As they kissed, Olivia opened her lips and Davina suddenly felt a warm, liquid silk flow into her mouth. Joseph’s cum circulated between them as their tongues met and slid.

Olivia leant back, smiling, her eyes bright. “Swallow what the gentleman gave you, Davina.”

Davina let the rich tasting cum slide over her tongue one more time, and then swallowed. She looked down and saw that Olivia’s cock was now hard… and so was her own.

They moved forwards again, their cocks sliding against one another, kissing. Davina felt breathless, her rubber-clad breasts pressing against Olivia’s naked chest.

They moved together, and Davina felt Olivia’s finger run down her back and over the rise of her bottom. The finger pressed gently against her entrance.

Olivia pulled back again and smiled devilishly. “I’ve got a way you can keep this with you all day.”

She quickly got to her knees and cupped the gusset of Davina’s panties in her hands as they rested, stretched between her thighs. Olivia tipped the panties and let the pool of thick white semen that had collected fill her mouth, dripping over her lips.

She motioned for Davina to lie down and then grasped her friends ankles and brought them up and over. Davina lay on the cold tiles, her own ankles by her ears, looking curiously at her friend.

Olivia squatted above Davina’s face, her own legs keeping Davina’s firmly anchored in place. She then leant forward so that her face was resting an inch above Davina’s exposed anus. With gentle fingers she spread Davina’s entrance and opened her lips.

The sperm flowed out of Olivia’s mouth in a beautiful white ribbon — directly into Davina’s open hole. The flow was true and soon disappeared deep into the beautiful young t-girl’s most sacred place.

Davina felt the warm flow of liquid pass deep inside her. She gratefully reached her head upwards and softly kissed Olivia’s rosebud, making the girl shiver.

Suddenly there was a banging from outside. The cleaners were coming in. The two girls quickly got to their feet and hurried to the showers.

Mistress K sat at her desk, a cup of tea perched between her hands, as she looked out of the window to the sun sinking below the horizon. There was a knock at the door and Matron walked in. They greeted each other and Matron sat opposite the headmistress.

“You don’t have company today? Is Imogen out of favour?” Matron asked, nodding to the large dildo sticking from the floor underneath the Mistresses desk. Normally one of the students, often a beautiful blond called Imogen would be impaled on the rubber cock, nuzzling and sucking on the Mistresses legendary prick.

The Mistress shook her head. “Everything’s fine. I just want to ask your opinion on something.”

Matron nodded as the Mistress pushed a button revealing a large screen. It was the view from a hidden camera showing somewhere on the grounds. Davina walked in wearing a rubber sports outfit and then Joseph appeared. Matron felt herself becoming aroused as she watched.

“I’m not surprised that Joseph couldn’t resist. You know how he feels about t-girls in rubber.” Matron smiled.

Mistress nodded. “Why do you think I chose those outfits for today?”

“Are you going to punish her?” Asked Matron as they watched Davina turn to the wall and present herself to the man, panties round her knees.

“Watch.” Murmured the Mistress.

Matron watched, and then opened her mouth in surprise. “She didn’t do it!”

Mistress nodded. “It was a test. And she passed. But she’s becoming aware of her power more quickly than I ever thought. She nearly made Roberts cum in his sports pants out on the hockey field today. I had to lend him, and that battering ram he calls a cock, Imogen for the evening. Before he tries to take Davina during the next hockey game.”

Matron gasped. “You gave him Imogen? But I thought she was your favourite?”

Mistress nodded. “She has to learn that she does what she’s told. She was getting a little too comfortable as my personal slut.”

“So,” asked Matron, “what are you going to do about Davina?”

Mistress smiled a catlike smile. “I need to know if she can really be controlled. If not, she’ll just end up as another slut that has fun for a few years before losing herself. I’m going to put her to the ultimate test. If she does as she’s told, I’ll make her future assured.”

Matron raised an eyebrow.

Mistress’ expression became hard, “But the test will be the hardest thing she has ever had to do.”

The next day, Davina sat in class, a large dildo complete with balls stuck to the table in front of her. At the front of the class Ms Fanshore, a tall, hard looking transgender woman stood with her tight jeans undone, her large cock hanging from the fly. A 20 year old T-girl sub in the year above Davina was on her knees, licking and sucking at the teacher’s cock.

“Now class.” Ms Fanshore said. “Do what Victoria does. Work the shaft. That’s it.”

The girl on her knees slid her tongue up and down and Davina leant forward, letting her own tongue work up and down the dildo. As she closed her eyes she started fantasising that it was Joseph’s cock. She had been up half the night, going over and over what had happened with Olivia and the other girls. Things had got quite heated and as they went to sleep, she could hear a buzzing noise from Olivia’s bed, which meant that her friend was using a vibrator on her little hole.

The classroom door opened and Matron walked in. She looked directly at Davina.

“Come with me, now.” Matron said sharply, before turning and leaving.

Davina quickly got to her feet and picked up her books, mumbling an apology to Ms Fanshore as she went.

Matron strode down the corridor ahead and Davina hurried to keep up, still tottering slightly in her heels.

“Matron, what’s..” Davina began.

Matron stopped dead and turned. She looked furious. “Don’t say another word. You don’t want to end up in even more trouble.” And with that, carried on down the hallway.

Davina felt panic run through her body. What had she done. What had… Joseph. Suddenly Davina felt a thin film of sweat on her forehead. She had acted like a slut with Joseph and now she was going to be punished.

Matron stopped outside Mistress K’s door and knocked. Then she turned, glared at Davina and walked away.

“Enter.” Came Mistress K’s reply through the wood.

With a pounding heart, Davina walked into Mistress K’s study. The beautiful, imposing T-woman stood facing away, looking out of the window. She was wearing a white, figure hugging suit with a short, businesslike skirt.

“Close the door. Undress. Now.” Mistress K did not turn round, but her voice was cold.

With shaking fingers, Davina unbuttoned her blouse, fumbling with the buttons. In a few seconds the blouse fell to the floor and this was followed by her skirt and bra. Davina took a deep breath and slid her panties down around her ankles. She was about to pull down her thigh high stockings when the Mistress turned around. Her face was pale, and her lips were set in a thin line.

“Leave those on. And your shoes.” She barked.

Davina did as she was told, her eyes lowered, visibly shaking.

“Pick up your clothes and put them on the bench.” She was commanded.

Davina did as she was told, trying not to meet Mistress K’s gaze. The Mistress walked over to her and grabbed Davina by her auburn hair.

“I told you that you belonged to me, little slut. Do you remember?” The Mistress asked, eyes like steel staring directly into Davina’s own. Davina nodded, her eyes tearing. “I do, Mistress.”

“And yet I find out that you’ve been spreading your legs,” Mistress K slapped Davina’s thighs, making the girl jolt, “and your lips,” this time she slapped Davina’s cheek, making her cry out, “to one of the gardeners. One of the fucking gardeners of all people.”

She pulled Davina by the hair towards the desk. “We had a deal, and you broke it, you little bitch.”

She dragged her to the far side of the desk and pushed her to her knees. “Get under the desk and mount the dildo, slut.”

Davina hurriedly got to her knees and turned, backing her way under the desk, tears now freely running down her cheeks from fear and self-disgust. She carried on backwards until she felt the huge rubber cock press between her cheeks.

She shifted her ass slightly until she felt the huge tip against her rosebud. Mistress K, meanwhile stood in front of Davina, lifted her skirt to expose her huge, beautiful cock, and sat in the chair.

Davina slowly pushed back on the dildo, but it was so much bigger than anything she’d ever had in her before. She grunted a little as she pushed, but it was no good, the tip was just too wide.

Mistress K lifted up her booted feet to rest them on Davina’s naked thighs, the stiletto heels poking into her flesh. “Get on that dildo, or I’ll whip the flesh from your body, bitch.” Mistress K growled, and pushed down with her stiletto heels. Davina shrieked with pain and plunged her ass backwards. Her hole spread wider and wider, pain shooting through her, as the thick rubber invader dug deeper and deeper into her virgin hole.

Mistress K kept pushing with the heels, as the girl sank down onto the huge rubber cock, the sluts breath coming in hard, tortured gasps, her body spasming, trying to make room for the unwelcome visitor.

Finally Davina felt her butt cheeks touch the end of the Dildo. She was in excruciating pain, the dildo was like a steel pole running up through her whole body. She could hardly breath and she blinked back more tears, waiting for her body to adjust.

As she gasped, the thick head of Mistress K’s cock was pressed against her lips. Mistress K had forgotten what it was like to have a first timer impaled on the huge dildo. She was already hard and, throwing her hair back and her hips forward, she thrust her cock into Davina’s open mouth. The girl gagged, but the Mistress did not let up, pressing her cock in deeper and deeper.

“Fuck the dildo, Davina.” She said huskily. And she felt the girl whimper around her cock as the little slut began slowly moving herself up and down the thick toy. Strands of drool were already appearing from the side of Davina’s mouth as she felt her Mistresses cock tap again and again against the back of her throat.

Mistress K held the girl’s head still and spoke in a low whisper. “You have displeased me. And I do not like those who displease me. You are about to hear what your future holds. Say nothing, and do nothing but pump that prettily little rump of yours up and down the dildo and suck on my cock. If you stop or try to interrupt my conversation, you leave immediately, naked and alone.”

Davina whimpered again but did as she was told, feeling her sphincter start to loosen around the invader and her gag reflex start to abate.

The intercom on the Mistresses desk sounded. “Your 12 o’clock is here, Mistress.” The secretary’s voice sounded tinny through the speaker.

“Send him in.” The Mistress replied.

Davina could here the sound of the door open above the coarse sound her her own breathing through her nostrils.

“Please, take a seat.” The Mistress said. “I’d get up, but as you can see…”

Davina heard the man take a seat, and then inhale sharply. She guessed that he had seen her ass so crudely distended by the monster toy. Almost without meaning to, Davina began to pump a little harder, wanting to put on a show for their visitor.

“May I get you anything?” Asked the Mistress.

When the man spoke, Davina froze.

“How’s about one of what you’re having.” The man said. Davina recognised the voice. It was her Step-Father!

Mistress K pushed forwards, gagging Davina and bringing her back to reality. She continued to pump against the dildo, still sucking on her mistresses cock, but now her heart was racing and she could feel panic building.

“I’m sure we can find someone to attend to your needs after this little meeting, Mr Jonas.” Mistress replied silkily.

Pete Jonas, Davina’s step-father leaned back in his chair, and watched the plump, tanned ass as it slid up and down the sex toy. The ring of muscle looking almost like lips as they seemed to suck and swallow the thick rubber.

Mistress k coughed politely, getting his attention. “I called you here today to speak about your son, David.”

“Step-Son, you mean,” he grunted. “He’s no son of mine. He’s always been useless. Just the same as his mother. Useless fucking family as far as I’m concerned.”

Mistress k ran her fingers through Davina’s hair as she felt the girl stiffen again. “Indeed.” She replied. “David showed some promise when he came to us, but he has recently been causing trouble. We’re very close to sending him home to you.”

Jonas snorted. “Doesn’t fucking surprise me. Little faggot can’t do anything right. Although you might as well just drop him on the street, because he’s not welcome in my house anymore. Truth be told,” he said shifting forwards in his chair, and getting an eyeful of the show, “his mother’ll soon be out on the street too. It was a mistake getting involved with them in the first place.”

Mistress k smiled coldly. “Of course. You’re clearly a man who makes up his own mind. I admire that. Why don’t you stay this evening, and I’ll arrange a little entertainment for you. It seems a shame for you to have wasted such a long journey.”

Jonas leaned back in his seat and nodded. “Sounds like a great idea.”

Later, once Jonas had left, Mistress K slid her cock out of Davina’s tired mouth and looked down at her charge, taking in the smeared mascara and tear stained face.

“Davina. What happens next is very important for your future. I want you to understand that I am not doing this because I am cruel, although I can be cruel. I’m doing this because you have to understand that you belong to me. And more than that. You have to understand that you have an incredible talent with men. They crave you. You must understand that this is how you will make your future a success. Use you ass, your mouth, your beauty. Use them all to get what you want. Do you understand.”

Davina nodded hesitantly, but the Mistress could tell that she did not understand. “You face a test tonight, Davina. Pass it, and you start your future tomorrow. Wealth, happiness, adventure, can all be yours. Fail the test, and I send you home with that man. And trust me, I’m a good judge of character, and that man is a monster.”

Davina blinked back tears. She nodded silently. “Now,” said Mistress k, “because you have such a lot to do, I will let you go now, before I have even cum. That is how important this is.”

Mistress K backed up in her chair and stood, letting her skirt slide down over her cock. Davina slowly edged forwards, feeling every single inch of the huge dildo slipping out of her. The head was the largest part, and yet there was only a small amount of resistance as it finally popped out of her battered little rosebud.

She shakily got to her feet.

Mistress K pointed to a door that Davina had never noticed before. “Matron is waiting for you through there. Do as she says, obey your instructions and the future will be wonderful. Goodbye, little one.”

And with that, Mistress K leaned down and kissed Davina deeply, tasting her own pre-cum on the little sluts lips.

Davina walked through the door, her legs barely able to take her weight. To hear that the Mistress was thinking about sending her back to that heartless bastard. Pete Jonas was Davina’s step-father, an evil minded sadist who, back when Davina was still David, used to knock him around at the slightest provocation. He was also mean to Davina’s Mom, and it sounded like he was going to dump her too! Davina’s Mom had put a lot of money into Jonas’ business, which had now become a success, but the bastard probably wouldn’t leave her a thing when he walked out of the door.

Davina was trying hard not to cry when she saw Matron waiting for her in a small room. Matron walked over and put an arm around her shoulders, and Davina immediately began sobbing.

“There, there, darling,” Matron said softly. “I’m sure you’ll do well this evening. And then all of this will be over.”

She poured a deep, hot bath and washed Davina very gently, then dried her and wrapped her in a thick, fluffy robe.

“What… what’s the test tonight, Matron?” Stammered Davina.

Matron smiled. “You’ll find out soon enough, darling.” And with that she opened a side door and let in Charity, the T-girl who had first taught Davina how to apply make-up.

Charity smiled at Davina and sat her down in a make-up chair. She began styling the beautiful young T-girl’s long auburn hair, straightening it and adding product to make it shine like silk. She then began applying make-up. Davina sat dumbly in the chair, not sure what was going on. From the mirror she could see that Charity was applying quite heavy make-up, certainly more than she was used to wearing. By the time she was finished, Davina looked at herself, and couldn’t believe the transformation.

Normally she looked pretty, but innocent, just a dash of make-up to bring out her natural beauty. Now, with eye-liner around her eyes and deep, shiny red lips, she looked like a little whore. Charity leant back to admire her work, and smiled. “You look gorgeous, babe.” She said. “Now, drop your robe and we’ll make you perfect.”

Davina slowly got to her feet. She felt so nervous, but she had known Matron and Charity since she first got to the finishing school, and she didn’t really feel strange being naked in front of them. Her robe dropped down to the floor. Charity smiled again, taking in Davina’s beautiful, lithe body. “Looking hot, hun. You’ve really developed.” She said, wickedly.

Charity then began to squirt oil onto her hands and rub it into Davina’s skin, first her legs and then up her thighs, her tight little butt and back. The sensation was very nice, and even though Davina had had a very stressful day, she felt herself begin to loosen up. And she felt other parts of her body begin to harden up.

Charity turned her round and knelt down, starting to rub oil into her tummy, when she saw Davina’s little clit begin to swell.

“My,” she purred, “you are a very responsive young lady, aren’t you?” And Charity leant forwards and flicked the very tip of Davina’s hardening cock with her tongue. Davina moaned softly, but Charity just smiled and continued with the oil, up Davina’s body, and over her pert, rounded breasts, her thumbs running over the thick nipples.

Davina was a little out of breath by the time Charity had finished, and wished that the sexy T-woman’s hands hadn’t stopped their delicious work. Matron then walked forward holding a shiny piece of red leather. It was a tiny waspie corset that encircled Davina’s already slim waist, and, pulling hard on the cords, matron tied the corset as tight as she could. Davina felt the breath leave her body and her back straighten as the restrictive garment was made secure. Her butt now stuck out and her breasts were pushed upwards and forwards.

Charity the knelt once more and took out two red patent sandals with a thick perspex platform and stiletto heal, buckling them onto Davina’s petite feet. The straps continued up Davina’s calfs, finishing just below the knee.

Matron slowly turned her about, tottering slightly on the high platforms, to face the mirror. Davina drew in a quick gasp. She nearly didn’t recognise herself. Her face looked wicked, and sensuous, but her body looked made for fucking. Glistening with a thin film of oil, the corset and heels doing their work to present her assets in the most alluring, most provocative way.

Davina felt her cock grow harder as she looked at herself. The perfect shemale whore, ready for anyone who wanted to fuck her.

“You’re ready,” whispered Matron, and taking Davina’s hand, led her through a tight passageway into a round chamber with a single door at the far end. Sitting on a couch was Mistress K. Her eyes widened as Davina was led in.

“My god. She’s incredible.” Mistress K breathed, getting to her feet and slowly walking around Davina, taking in the rising, falling breasts, the beautiful, pert shining ass.

Mistress K stopped directly in front of Davina and with soft hands gripped the T-girls hairless penis, gently tugging.

“Am… Am I for you, this evening, Mistress?” Davina asked, nervously.

Mistress K laughed a deep throaty laugh and shook her head. “I wish you were, Davina. I could fuck you until you were no longer able to walk. No my darling, we have a different test for you this evening.”

She took Davina’s hand and led her to the doorway at the far end of the room, and pointed to a small viewing hole. Davina leaned forwards and looked in to see a dimly lit room. The room had mirrors on ever surface apart from a wide leather chair sat in the middle. And sitting on the arm chair was her Step-father. Davina’s heart started beating faster and faster, and she felt herself begin to tremble. Pulling away from the door she turned to Mistress K, shaking her head.

“Please,” she begged, “not him. Anybody but him.”

Mistress K smiled slightly cruelly. “As we agreed, you belong to me, slut.” Her expression softened slightly. “You think I’m being cruel, but I’m not. There is a hidden video camera in that room. You must go in and do what he asks. You must let him fuck you. And you must make him say that he knows who you are, knows that you were once his step-son.”

Davina blinked, trying not to cry. “But why? Why would you make me do this?”

Mistress K narrowed her eyes. “It should be enough that I tell you to do it. But I also do this to help you. That man is pure evil. But once we have this tape, he belongs to us. To you. We can ensure that your mother is cared for for the rest of her life, that he never bothers her, or you again. With that tape, you will have control. Life is not easy for women like us, Davina. We must use everything we have to make life better. Do you understand?”

Davina looked at the Mistress, and slowly she began to understand what the Mistress had been trying to tell her. Finally she nodded. “I understand.”

And with that, she leant forward on her high platforms and lightly kissed the Mistresses lips. Mistress K looked at her, shocked, and for the first time that she could remember, blushed.

“Let’s get started.” Davina said softly.

Mistress K dimmed the lights in the chamber and slowly opened the door.

Pete Jonas was getting bored. He’d had an excellent supper and a few too many glasses of wine. The girls had been good company over dinner, and he’d tried pawing at one or two of them, but that Mistress K bitch kept a pretty tight ship. Whenever he got a little out of hand, the girls were sent to sit at a different part of the room. She’d promised that it would all be worth his while, but he’d already been sitting here for 15 minutes, and if something didn’t happen soon, he’d just get up and leave. He stared at his own reflection in the mirrored walls and admired himself. Not too bad looking even after all these years.

The door opened slowly, and for a few seconds he could see nothing. Then he smelt light, sensuous perfume and saw a figure swaying into the room. He saw only the outline at first. The girl was beautiful, petite, curvy, but slim.

As the girl walked into the dim light, Pete took in the porn star shoes, the beautiful slim legs and ripe thighs, the rounded hips and tiny, corseted waist. He saw the small cock hanging between those thighs and licked his lips. That he liked girls with ‘something extra’ was a secret he’d kept hidden for all his life. As he continued looking up he admired one of the finest racks he’d ever seen. Rounded, heavy and pert. The T-girl’s tan body glistened in the low lighting.

“Good evening, Mr Jonas.” The voice was light, breathy.

Pete looked up and saw a beautiful, slutty face, framed in auburn hair, piercing green eyes staring back at him, a sultry smile on the plump lips.

There was something about the face that he knew, but it was difficult to place.

The girl walked towards him, hips swaying seductively until she was just a few inches in front of him. Her scent was beautiful, perfume, and a slight sexual musk that made his cock start to harden in his pants.

She slowly turned on the spot until her ass was just in front of his face. “Do you like what you see, Mr Jonas?” The girl asked, looking at him over her shoulder. She began to bend forwards, running her hands down her glistening legs, revealing her tight little rosebud. Slowly she stood up again.

Pete’s cock was painfully hard now, as the girl turned back towards him. She stepped even closer, until her little hairless cock was right in front of his face, then bent forwards to whisper into his ear. As she leant forwards, her heavy breasts brushed his cheek. Pete moaned in the back of his throat. The heat from the girl was incredible. He had never wanted anyone so much in his life.

The girl’s mouth was right by his ear and he felt her lips brush briefly against his skin. “Don’t you recognise me, Mr Jonas? Don’t you recognise your step-son?”

Pete suddenly jerked backwards and the girl rose and took a step back. Pete Jonas’ breathing was heavy. “What the fuck is going on?”

The girl smiled sexily and ran a hand down her body, arching her back. Her finger ran down her cock and further, between her legs. She slowly sank into a crouch.

“You know what’s going on. Don’t pretend that this isn’t what you wanted. Your own personal shemale fuckslut.” The girl almost purred.

Pete didn’t know what to do, as he looked at the girls face he started to see slight signs, slight memories of David’s in the shape and bone structure. And in the eyes. But his own eyes were drawn down to the wide spread, tanned thighs, to the little hand working away. He could see the tips of her fingers dipping in and out of her ass. His cock pulsed.

“David…” He gasped, his voice sounding rough.

The girl smiled and withdrew her fingers from between her legs. She brought them to her lips and began to lick them with her pink little tongue.

“You made me. You wanted this.” She got to her feet and slowly brought her knees up so that she was straddling him in the leather chair. She slowly took first one of his hands, then the other and placed one on her breast and the other on her ass. “Tell me who I am.”

Pete’s voice was a harsh whisper in the dim room. “You’re… you’re my step-son.” He said finally. His hands were trembling but already he was starting to squeeze the flesh of her ass, to stroke her beautiful firm breast.

“They call me Davina now. But I’m in trouble. I’m not supposed to be here.” Davina leant forwards until her lips were just by his ear. She swallowed, trying not to tremble or let her fear or loathing for this man show. She let her lips kiss his ear and he gasped. “I want you to take me home, throw my bitch mother out of the house and keep me as your personal sex slave. Would you like that?”

Pete paused, and for a second, Davina thought she had gone too far. But when he replied his voice was tight with lust. “Yes.”

Davina slowly got off him and knelt down, swiftly removing his shoes and socks. She leaned forwards and Pete looked over her shoulder seeing her tanned, ripe little ass reflected in the mirrored walls, the small smooth balls hanging between her legs.

Her hand stroked over his cock, making him moan and then she undid the buttons on his shirt.

Pete suddenly grabbed her hand. For the first time he looked slightly suspicious. “Then… then why don’t we leave now? Together.”

Davina felt a thrill of nerves run through her, but she stood up, arching her back. She ran her hand down her corset and down over the oiled, velvet skin of her cock. To her surprise it was starting to grow hard again. She breathed deeply, watching him watch her breasts rise and fall. “Do you see my little clit? So pathetic compared to that beautiful thing I just felt in your pants.”

Pete nodded, still wary.

“It’s getting hard for you. I’ve wanted you for so long. A real man. A strong man. The reason we can’t leave now is because I’ve waited long enough for you already… Daddy.” Davina breathed.

She looked at him through her lashes, still letting her fingers slide of her hardening clit. And she could see that she had him now. He was hers to control. And now she truly understood what Mistress had been trying to tell her. With her beauty, her sensuality, she no longer feared this man as she had as a weak, slight male. Now he wanted her more than anything. And she was going to put him in a position where he could do no harm ever again. This was her power. And it was starting to turn her on, overriding the hatred and loathing and fear she felt for him.

“Don’t you want to fuck me, Daddy?” She asked, almost a little sadly.

Pete took a shaky breath. “Yes… I want to fuck you… I want you right now…”

Davina moved around behind the chair, her ass jiggling slightly with every step, and she removed his shirt. She then walked back in front of him and crouched down on the floor. Her hands ran up his thighs. He growled in the back of his throat as she started to rub his cock through his pants. She then slowly undid his fly and he watched as she smiled like a slut, pushing one hand into his fly.

“What do you have for me, Daddy?” She purred. Her fingers found his throbbing cock. It was about average in length, but very very thick. At least Davina understood one thing her mother had seen in him.

She freed his cock from his pants and gripped it in her hand, squeezing and gently pulling the skin down and up on the shaft.

“Can… Can I suck your cock? Please?” Davina asked, looking up at him. He nodded, unable now to talk.

Davina leant forwards, and took in the smell of his sex. She couldn’t believe it, but she was now incredibly turned on by the effect she was having on this idiot. She opened her lips and pressed her tongue against the very bottom of his shaft, and then incredibly slowly, licked her way up his cock, her eyes always on his. When she reached the top she let her tongue swirl around the hot, fat helmet, already covered in pre-cum. And then she bobbed her head, letting her lips run over the top, taking him in her mouth.

He grabbed her hair as she began sucking his cock, tasting him, swirling her tongue around, feeling the thick shaft stretch her lips wide. Her head bobbed up and down and his hips rose to meet her. Soon his cock was buried deep in her throat and she felt his pubic hair graze her nose.

He began to tense and she swiftly pulled back, letting his cock fall from her mouth. He watched entranced at the saliva that still connected his cock to her lips. She quickly undid his belt and removed his pants and shorts. Then she stood in front of him and straddled his naked body. Her boobs pressed against his face and she felt him start to lick and suck at her nipples.

She brought her oiled ass down and began sliding it back and forwards along the length of his shaft. She had to admit that the girth and the heat felt wonderful.

She looked over her shoulder and saw her pneumatic body sliding over his, her glistening tanned flesh rippling with every stroke. She gasped as he bit one her nipples, but it felt good.

She felt his hand grip her cock and she gasped out loud, arching her back. And then she did what she had to do. To end this whole charade. She leant backwards and gripped his cock and pushed back until the head was just pressing against her most secret entrance.

Slowly she pushed backwards and felt herself begin to widen as her rosebud blossomed around the thick invader. Her breath came in harsh gasps, restricted by the corset, but she continued to push onto him. It was the first cock she had had inside of her, and it felt right that this would be the one that freed her.

The thick head widened her ass even further, making her cry out and bite her lip, until finally, it was in. She paused, her hand resting on his shoulder, but clearly he had mistaken her cry for one of passion.

He grabbed her waist and thrust upwards. Davina groaned as his full, fat length filled up her tiny ass. Her own little cock was pulsing with each beat of her heart as she sat, splayed on him.

He started to fuck her, with swift, hard strokes, pounding her soft, delicate hole. She felt him rear up in her insides, stretching her as wide as she would go, then sliding out, only to pound back in once more.

Gradually her muscles relaxed and she began to accommodate his length more easily. And soon, she was riding him hard, her ass slamming down onto his thighs taking his cock deep into her perfect place.

He suddenly stopped and pulled her up and off him, and as his cock left she felt her ass gape, already used to its powerful visitor.

He turned her round, his legs wide, and forced her thighs wider still until she was as spread as she could be, her own legs hooked behind his. And then he sat her back down, aiming his cock, sliding it easily into her ravaged hole.

Davina gasped again as he re-entered her, but now she could take him. He thrust up into her and they both watch their reflection in the mirror. She watched her own little cock bounce in time with his thrusts as he gripped her hair, pulling her head back. His other hand found her breast and kneaded and pawed at it cruelly.

He began to thrust harder and harder, sweat now covering both of them, and she felt him tense beneath her. He shouted and she felt the warm heat of his semen begin to spurt inside her, swiftly filling her tight ass.

He finally stopped bucking and lay back in the chair. For a few moments she lay back against him, her thighs still spread, her ass still impaled on his dick. When she had got her breath back, she braced herself, and slowly got to her feet, feeling him slip wetly out of her. She also felt his cum begin to leak out of her, down her inner thighs.

“That… That was incredible.” Pete said.

Davina stretched. She felt incredible. So powerful and strong she could hardly believe the change in herself.

“I’ll get dressed,” he said, “and then I’ll see you outside. We can leave tonight.”

Davina looked at him over her shoulder, still getting her breath back, his semen dripping from her. “Uhuh.” She said non-committally and then walked, with shaky legs, out of the door she had come in through.

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