After the brutality of the first day, the next two seemed benign. The humiliation had started to set in for Fate and she fell in line with the rest of her group. It seemed no one could do anything right.

In Cupid’s class, they learned about the anus, including enemas, and how to maintain a sanitary enema tip, and the next morning an enema bottle was found in the grooming room. Cupid’s next class was on the skin, and how to maintain and protect it from the rigors of the slave lifestyle. He included nail grooming both fingers and toes.

In Diana’s class, she learned several more positions including the “canine” command which entailed the subject being on their hands and knees with their ass held high. He also went over the idea that a slave’s orifices MUST always be accessible.

Bacchus introduced her class to the difference in devices and their maintenance; the cross, the wheel, the stocks, the rack and the spreader. Vulcan continued their physical education but had not been as brutal physically but more demeaning, as the first day. He taught them kegel excercises and sphincter control exercises.

As for the demonstrations, they were eye opening events. Lars was made to “properly” perform analingus on Hera, and the next night, #4 had increasing sized “butt plugs” inserted so that her anus could receive Diana’s fist. The neophytes were also taught several exercises that would decrease the chance of an anal tear. Fate would certainly keep up with those exercises after watching the petite Nubian’s sphincter bleed from the massive cone that violated her nether region. Fate and other band of neophytes were quickly being humbled and humiliated.

By the third day, Fate and her group seemed to understand the routine but were belittled at every chance. They were kept so busy that each had very little time to ponder other things until bedtime where most would sob and regroup from the rigors of the day.

The third day was business as usual except Steve did not go with his pet instead he and the lady code named Hera went to an all day “Master’s class.

Grooming, breakfast, and the start of classes, but Fate wondered where the mysterious man, that had enslaved her, was. Cupid lectured on breasts, including lactation and breast augmentation. Fate was well aware of breast implants, and lactation. Her father’s first wife had the procedure done to an audacious size, and several of her sisters had already had children.

Steve awoke as Jasmine’s tongue swept across the tip of his cock. He lifted up and leaned on his elbows as little Jasmine orally devoured his cock. She had a nice rhythm, swallow, retreat, and finished with a couple of twisting strokes of her hand. Swallow, retreat and twist, after just a minute or so, Steve felt his testicles being tugged on and that was it.

Semen shot from the tip of his cock hole, and flew into the air.


Jasmine waited till the white cream oozed from his cock until she gave it one long slow squeeze from nut to tip. Then she swirled the tip with her tongue and lapped up all the semen from Steve’s now slimy abdomen. When she was done she reached back and retrieved a moistened wash cloth, and wiped Steve down. Steve almost fell back to sleep until Jasmine reminded the dear master that breakfast would be served in 20 minutes, and today was a special day for him.

Steve ate on the balcony of his suite. He watched as the slaves walked into the large estate. He wondered “Why hadn’t I been able to move when Wendy’s car fell into the canal? There was Fate, but he didn’t think she saw him.

When he was done he and Hera met in the auditorium. Hans greeted them, and started his lecture.

“Dear Master and Mistrezz, today vee vill be addressing your vroll in de life of your slave.”

The older grey haired gentleman spoke for the next 2 hours about control and affection. That a master could do what he wanted, but there were unwritten rules to consider in the nature of modern day society. Unless they were going to lock up there slaves 24/7, a bond needed to be created, a bond of affection and control. That a master needed his or her slave just as much as the slave needed his or her master.

The last of his lecture involved need; the need of a slave to a master/mistress, and the need of the master/mistress of a slave, complete symbiosis,. A slave requires physical, mental and emotional security. Not a want in the world but the affection of their master. Food, clothing, and material needs, all fulfilled by the master. That a master may put them in burlap, but what will that do for the slave who is trying so hard to satisfy his or her master or mistress He ended on a note that the first week was the breaking down phase, and that the next three weeks were a building and bonding phase.

For lunch they ate in the garden. Two male slaves acted as tables, while they dined.

Diana, spoke on the art of body language and introduced the class to the auction command which was the same as the present command but legs slightly wider then shoulder width and arms at a 45 degree angle. Moral seemed to dip as each slave failed miserably as they were called upon to perform. When #2 was asked to perform the “auction” position, Diana laid into with insult after insult. Fate was taken back as she watched his shoulder slouch and his knees tremble at each nasty insult Diana laid upon him.

Fate had also seen this before. Once, one of her father’s workers had made a mistake with livestock, costing him several hundred thousand dinar. The man named Omar, who only came around once a year, at the end of Ramadan, became sheepish as her father belittled him, all the while Fate and her mother watched on.

Fate could not figure out when or which day it was, but that Ramadan, the holy month of Islam, was starting, though there would be no way in this state to honor it. Her mind was brought back as they were gathered up for lunch.

After lunch, of soup and a salad, Bacchus spoke on the “hand tools” of a master. Fate mind raced as he spoke of; crops, canes, whips, flogs, switches, prods, shocking batons, pears, and belts. It was all so much. Her head spun as her attempted to memorize their differences. Each seemed more sadistic then the next. Her knees got weak and began to fell nausea as they walk around. This was all too much, as she felt a surge of panic. She started to turn and just run, but just as she did, #2 grabbed her arm, and whispered.

“Don’t do it. Relax”

“Did I hear somebody say something” Bacchus bellowed.

“Yes SIR” #2 replied.

Fate’s adrenaline soon got overrun with dopamine, and her “fight or flight” attack was over and now she was almost lethargic.

In a semi trance, Fate watched as Bacchus called #2 forward. Bacchus called him to the “auction” position where he took a switch and placed 2 strikes on each part of his body. With each slash, a light red mark appeared; arms, legs, torso and back. #2 cringed as the switch made contact with his flesh.

Fate stood in shock as her mind raced back to being in Yemen, where a man was caned in public for some such charge. The brutality of the crowd, and cheers as each of the 20 lashes struck the middle aged man.

The repressed memory made her shake. She had to get it together, her legs were trembling and there was a fire in her gut. She was losing control as #2 walked past. As if a light bulb went on in her head, she straightened, and her mind came back to her. She felt like she had been reprogrammed. She had to keep it together, so she, or others, would not be further harmed.

This day was now becoming different for Fate. She seemed to have a spring in her step as she ran. Even Vulcan, was taken by the air in her lungs and the spring in her step. Maybe, just maybe, the transformation was starting early in the Persian princess. Vulcan would have to keep a keen on her, to see if the seed of slavery had taken root.

After lunch, Hans continue his seminar on being a master. For the next two hours, he spoke about the handling and care of a slave. Hans related slaves to dogs. We give them food, water and attention, just as we give our slaves. Dogs need grooming and exercise, just as slaves do. Owners take their dogs to the vet when they’re sick, just as master take their slaves. The better we train the animal, the better they serve their master. If we treat them right, they serve and protect their owners. Treat them wrong, and they may bite. He ended the speech with these words.

“Please, feel free to speak opening with the estate slaves. Ask them how they feel, and would they like to leave? Are they fed properly, due the get enough attention? Do they feel the modern day pressure of rent, taxes and car payments? Most people vould gladly give up the hustle and bustle of our modern day vorld for the safe and exotic lifestyle behind the estate walls. It’s all in the TRaining.”

“Eye opening, I say” Hera said as she and Steve left the room. Steve got a sense that Hera might be English, though he knew not to ask.

“Yes, I..I had never thought of it like that… this…well… my slave Fate came ….well” Steve stuttered.

“Son, after my Alfred died, I almost ended it all , but my world was changed when my son in law Sir.. oh sorry I forgot no names. Well a family member purchased a fine young lass from this same estate. Well, you see, after 3 children my daughter just did not have it in her to….well.. to keep up with her wifely duties, and they.. how do I put it… They have an image to uphold, and so my daughter attends to the outside affairs, say a charity event, and Tess, that his slave, makes sure the kids homework is done, and Sir… my son in laws pipes are cleaned. See Tess cannot have children, and came from a very poor section of Baltimore, and my son in law has a certain panache for say larger African Americans, and Tess had a fetish for acting as a Mammy. Anyone can get a nanny, but even they tell all for the all mighty pound. You see son, Fate only touches us, if we need touching, if not we call it an accident. Fitting name you picked.”

They walked a little farther.

“Lars..” The graying lady winked as she said his name.

“..was facing 20 years behind bars before …well .. a certain person saw his submissive nature and made him an offer he could not refuse…Fuck me, or get fucked for the next 20. He knows once he gets out of here its easy street. I’m 60, there only so much vigor in me left. Then he’ll be just eye candy for the ol’ broads to gawk at. He knows I don’t even own a whip nor do I care to have one. You remember that old show Fantasy Island… with that Ricardo guy… this is it.”

Steve laughed as he remember sitting in front of the television and watching it ever Saturday night. He loved that show. It seemed everything sounded so right, but his secret about Fate. What would happen, did he ruin her life?

They had just passed a window as Steve looked out. Fate was leading the pack. Head high, back straight, she looked like she was running for the gold.

Fate seemed to have a hyper sensitive eye that day while showering. Her eye followed as the Nubian man washed his massive ebony pole. Even flaccid, she could see the large vein that sat atop his cock. As she was grooming, she felt an energy she never had. Her fingers tingled and her legs were anxious. When she got to her breasts, her areola her raised and her brown nipples were hard and extended.

She watched as the cold water elevated the blonde’s nipple. They rose as the water struck the large brown nubs. Her body seemed to arch as she slightly lifted her leg to insert the enema tip into her ass. These new feeling surged as she looked down and saw a small puddle of fluid collecting on her stool, between her legs.

That night after dinner, #4 was called in front of the dining hall. The tall, thin black woman assumed the “auction” position after Bacchus bellowed the command. He ran his fingers over her body as he circled.

“Canine” Bacchus called out.

#4 went right to her knees. Bacchus swiped his hand between her legs and showed his audience.

“Moisture, it will be your saving grace, when duty calls.”

With that said, Bacchus raised his tunic, exposing his well hung meat pole. He took hold of his semi rigid cock and placed it between the ebony beauty’s thighs.

She grunted and moaned as his engorging cock started its dry penetration between her legs.

“Think my child..Think of your pleasure”

Her face was contorted as her pressed into her. Several long seconds when by when her grabbed her bony hips and started to sink his weight into her.

“ child you got the hint”

In an instant, his shaft sunk to its hilt. Her black slit seemed to envelope his pink pole as he sunk farther into the dark hole. Only after he had reached the bottom did he slowly extract his cock, everyone could see a hint of wetness. He started another slow assault on her slit, and quickly her rock bottom. After a couple of long assaults, everyone could see her juices were flowing. As if a flood gate had been opened, soon his cock glistened with her nectar. She began to moan as his pace increased until he was sawing into at a regular pace.

Fate watched on as the ebony body accepted the ivory shaft. The Nubian was panting after several minutes of the vaginal assault, and seemed to being almost enjoying. Fate’s mind raced; How could she enjoy that? Was she truly excited? Was it pleasure or pain?

“Don’t you cum, bitch” Bacchus yelled out as he slapped her ass, making her flinch.

Everyone could see the change. #4 seemed to be brought back into place. Her moans became softer. Her body responded less to the fucking that she was receiving and more to accepting the two hundred and twenty pound man. After fifteen minutes of non-stop fucking, Bacchus reached under the woman midriff and picked her up in mid stroke. As he raised her up, he slid her to his right arm and twisted her so she was facing him. Her legs extended out and wrapped around the hulk of a man. Without missing a beat, Bacchus now increased his thrusts.

Fate was amazed as they switched positions. Now while holding her up, he was ramming his ivory pole into the tall ebony goddess at an frantic pace. She watched as the woman fluids ran down her leg, and Fate could feel her own body responding. Fate noticed that Bacchus was grabbing her so hard that he was leaving hand prints in her, and she was grimacing terribly. Finally after another fifteen minutes of pure pussy assault, Bacchus bellowed. His body became rigid, and his muscles seem to become stone as he bore into the black beauty. Seconds led to a minute, and all could then see a torrent of white seed drip from between her legs.

When Bacchus had caught his breathe, he placed the woman on her knees and waited. The woman got her bearings and gently pulled his limp penis to one side and began to orally clean him. When both sides of his penis were cleaned, she gently lifted his penis and properly cleaned his balls. When she was done, she assumed the 1st position.

As the instructors all cheered, Bacchus called Lars and #1 to the front.

“She needs a reward, cum in her mouth, NOW” Bacchus decried.

Fate watched as the two men, exposed their massive meat sticks and started to stroke their cocks. Never had she seen such beauty as she was seeing, a black man and a white man, both slowly stroking large cocks. She felt a tingle as they both started to become aroused.

At least twenty inches of cock sat just inches from the black girl’s mouth and Fate’s mouth watered as each minute went by and the cocks became more and more enriched. She was mesmerized as the men’s hands stroked their firm man meat, and small drops of liquid started to drip out of the tips of the penises. Finally, the black man began quickening the pace as he arched his back and grunted.

The black woman was watching as #1 started to lift himself up on his toes. Like a baby to a bottle, she grabbed his cock with her right hand and took the engorged head into her mouth. The sheer volume was too much for her to swallow at one time and soon there was semen running down the corner of her lips. #1 shook as the last of the aftershocks rocked his body.

As #4 licked her lips, she turned slightly as the large blonde man began to cry out. She firmly grabbed the pink pole with both hands and embedded her mouth onto it. Wave after wave shot into her mouth but this time she had thought back to Cupid’s class and placed the tip at the back of her throat and extended her tongue. This time the creamy batter struck its mark, her esophagus, and like a cat cleaning itself, she licked her lips, and cleaned his shaft.

“Bravo, Bravo, you learned well after your initial mistake. Please all back to your seat.” Bacchus chuckled.

Fate’s body was electric as the three sat down. She had never seen such an erotic display of sex. She tried to clear her head but the image of the woman swallowing those massive man poles etched in her eyes. She had not seen the sperm eject, but her mind raced at the imagery.

That night as she tried to sleep, she heard wet noises, and then sighs. She could tell who or where they were but she had an idea tonight had been to much for someone, and it said in the handbook, “ALBSOLUTELY NO MASTERBATION without permission”

The next morning seemed the same as the other but today the man named Zeus met her with his leash after breakfast.

“Hello beautiful, did you sleep well” The man asked Fate.

“Yes, M.. Master.” Fate replied

She had lied. It had taken her hours to fall asleep because she had such an urge to touch herself but knew deep inside someone was watching.

After breakfast, Cupid had a long and through lecture on the vagina. The first hour was an intense anatomy lesson on the reproductive system. Fate sat mesmerized as she learned about the clitoris, Bartholin glands, and the cervix. She was awed as he explained how as the female gets excited, the body starts a natural progression; the clitoris grows, nipples become erect, fluid is expelled from glands, breathing increases, and finally the cervix contracts awaiting it’s prize, sperm. Her mind raced as she put the past couple of days into her mind.

After the lecture, Cupid called #3, the red head, and Fate to the front of the class. He asked Fate to be seated in a large chair.

“Number 3, bring her to orgasm” Cupid commanded as he brought over a tripod that had a video camera attached to it.

Fate instantly gripped the arms of the chair as #3 knelt in front of her. Cupid connected some wires and instantly the rest of the class had a perfect view of the small piece of cloth that covered her groin.

The plump red head slowly lifted the cloth, and stared at Fate’s, hairless, exposed pussy. She had never seen such a jewel.

As Number 3 stared at the marvelous clam shaped object in front of her, she thought back to her high school days, just after her parents died in the house fire. She would sneak glances at the other girls in the shower. She longed to be touched, but she knew that lesbians were outcasts in Nebraska especially town as small as Plainwater. So after living with the Grants, and graduating she left Plainwater, and headed for Dallas, where she met Buck, who when they ran out of money, sold her to this place, but now she was about to fulfill a dream of being with another woman.

Number 3 stared into Fate’s eyes and tried to tell her everything would be OK, but she could tell the bronze skin goddess was scared so she gently parted she legs, and softly ran her hands up her thighs then to her ass cheeks. She pulled Fate to the edge of the chair, and brought her thumbs back to the top of her slit. Her fingers parted Fate’s labia, and she silently gasped as Fate’s crown jewel was exposed. Fate’s clitoris was starting to bulge under its hood, and #3 could feel Fate start to self lubricate. Her right thumb found Fate’s hood, and she applied some pressure and pushed it up. Freed from its lair, Fate’s clit rose like a micro monolith. #3′s left thumb found its mark and Fate exhaled. She knew now she controlled Fate’s destiny, as fluid started to pool on the chair. #3 rolled the clit, and pushed the clit until she could take no more. Her tongue instantly found its mark.

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