This chapter is a straight continuation of the previous one (12). You don’t need to read the previous ones but I think you’d enjoy it more.


The two sets of husbands and wives continued their kissing and moved on to groping and giggling. Gavin was looking forward to getting his wife home and making love to her ‘properly’. Elaine lay under her husband she was grinding her pelvis against his and enjoyed the feel of his hands kneading her covered breasts. She was particularly enjoying watching Mike do the same to Louise, Louise was making small whimpering noises while Mike nuzzled her neck and ear lobe. Louise returned Elaine’s gaze.

Gavin had been holding back the urge but what with all the drink and the grinding of his wife’s groin, he simply had to go to the loo. “I need to pee.” He whispered in Elaine’s ear.

“You better go then.” She replied, a little louder.

They disentangled themselves and Gavin sauntered off to the bathroom, leaving Elaine on her back with one foot on the floor. Elaine sat up and began rearranging her dishevelled clothing. Mike and Louise both watched as Gavin left the room.

“Phew!” said Elaine with a smile. “You two should get a room,” she joked.

Louise and Mike exchanged glances.

In the bathroom Gavin was having difficulties. He was bursting for pee but his cock was rigid. He looked at the ceiling which was in imminent danger of getting a urine bath. He tried to push the end of his cock down to point at the toilet but to no avail. He looked around the room and his eyes fell on the shower cubicle, “Nothing else for it” he thought to himself and opened the shower door. Almost instantly his bladder let rip and a golden arc set forth from his penis and splashed against the back wall of the shower. “Ahhhhhhhh”. After what seemed like an age, the flow subsided and his penis actually relaxed a little. He shoved it back in his pants and set about working out how to run the shower to wash away the evidence.

Finally, the deed was done and he exited the bathroom, he wanted to get Elaine home now, he was more than ready to take her to bed. He re-entered the living room to find is wife and Louise stood next to each other holding hands, Mike was still sat on the couch, he was looking at his feet. Elaine smiled at him as he entered.

“Gav?” She said.

His wife only ever called him Gav when she wanted something. “What?” he asked suspiciously.

“Louise and I have been talking, and …she would like to take you to her bedroom.” The words ran out of her mouth quickly so as to get it over with. She felt like cringing but did not actually wince.

“Why?” He replied. It was the single most stupid question he had ever asked.

Elaine tilted her head to one side and raised her eyebrows, giving him the “Why do you think?” look.

“Ah!” He said as it dawned on him. He had drunk too much for his brain to process the situation. “What will you do while we’re… while she’s….?”

Mike gave a small sputtering cough, Gavin jumped and looked at him, as if for the first time.

“Well, perhaps Mike could show me the spare room.” said Elaine.

His alcohol soaked brain cells were now up to speed on the situation. He looked at Mike who continued to sit and examine his shoes. He looked at Louise who frankly looked fabulous and she pursed her lips and blew him an exaggerated kiss. He looked at his wife who smiled, tilted her head slightly to one side and shrugged her shoulders.

It was his decision.

That he wanted to fuck Louise was a no brainer, but did he want, or more correctly, was he prepared to let, Mike fuck his wife? Did she actually want to go to bed with another man? Could he bear to have another man know her that way? Despite his recent exploits the hypocrisy of his thoughts failed to register. The kissing earlier on had turned out to be fun, in fact he had been mesmerised and tremendously turned on watching Elaine bare her breasts to Mike, but this was somehow different, this was premeditated.

“I’m not sure I could ….”, he started.

Elaine held out Louise’s hand to him. “Of course you could.”

Robotically he took the offered hand. Mike exhaled a long breath as if he had been holding it.

“It’ll be fun. I promise.” said Louise, “Mike, why don’t you show Elaine where the spare room is.”

“Sure”, he said, and looked at Elaine, who smiled down at him. Elaine held out her hand to Mike who took it and stood up. Mikes eyes caught Gavin’s and he gingerly nodded.

Elaine looked at her husband, she could see the tense uncertainty in his face, she leaned her mouth to his ear and whispered, “I love you.” Then a little louder, “Now go and be as good as I know you can be.” She kissed his cheek.

Louise looked at Mike and Elaine, “Have fun.” She said to both of them, and meant it.

Elaine led Mike towards the door. “Actually, I know where the spare room is. Come on you, get upstairs.” Mike did not put up a fight.

Gavin watched as his wife climbed the stairs leading another man to a bed, to nakedness, to embraces, to kisses, to her cunt.

“Fuck!” he muttered.

“Hmmm. Sounds like a plan.” Said Louise. Gavin did not respond. She squeezed his hand. “Hey, hello.” Gavin finally looked away from the now empty staircase in the hall, and towards Louise.

“Doesn’t it bother you?” He asked.

She shook her head. “It really doesn’t” she replied, “I love him, and I know he loves me. I want him to enjoy himself. As for Elaine? You know we have a thing going, and I care for her very much, so I want the two people I care for to enjoy themselves. Besides, it’s a real turn on for me. Look we can stop this now if you want to. Or”, she pulled his hand to her breast, “You can undress me and fuck my brains out.” She moved his hand down her body to her crotch.

Gavin looked at the hand, he looked at the breasts, he looked at the perfectly made up face. Louise really was very beautiful and she smelled of heaven.

“You helped me come earlier, the least I could do is return the favour.” She said. Using her own hand to rub the front of his trousers.

There were two loud clomping noises from the room above them, unmistakably the sound of shoes dropping to the floor. They both raised their eyes to the ceiling.

“Come on Gav let’s go make some noise of our own.”

Gavin breathed out heavily through his nose. For once, it was his mind that was making the decisions not his trousers, but for once his mind and his cock agreed.

“Take me to bed Louise.”

She stepped in closer to him and lifted her lips to his. Softly they kissed, her hand still rubbing the front of his jeans, his cock hardening every second. She pulled away.

“Come on, follow me. She headed out the door and up the stairs with Gavin in close pursuit. He could not help feeling her bum as it wiggled up the stairs.

Louise led him along the landing to her and Mike’s bedroom. The door to the spare room was directly across the landing, it was closed. As Gavin entered Louise’s bedroom, he heard a loud groan emanate from behind the closed door opposite. It was a man’s voice and it sounded like it was having a good time. “Fuck!” he thought, and stared at the closed door. Louise took his wrist and pulled him further into her room.

“Never mind them.” she said softly. “Come here and kiss me.”

Gavin was feeling torn. If Louise had said that at any time in the past he would have been on her like a rash, but this was so different, his wife was just a few feet away doing God knows what to another man, he was being offered a winning lottery ticket but he was paying as much as he was going to win, and it felt too expensive.

Louise moved around to be in front of him, “How about I take your mind off things?” She dropped to her knees and began unzipping his jeans. A few seconds later they were around his ankles, along with his black briefs. The groan from the other room had drained the life from his cock. “Hmmm, I like a challenge.” she said.

It was not so much her cold hands cupping his balls but a draft from the slightly open window that wafted across his bum that brought his attention to the room he was in and Louise massaging his almost flaccid cock.

“Well,” he thought, “if I’m going to pay this much, I’m going to get my money’s worth.” “Let me get these off.” He said, and pulled away from her to remove the jeans and pants. His shoes socks and top soon followed, till he was standing naked before Louise in her bedroom. The only light in the room came from the landing through the open door. He moved to the doorway and closed it rather too loudly. Just as he did so, the other voice in the spare room uttered an “ooooooooh”. He switched on the light.

“Do you mind if we don’t have that on?” suggested Louise, “I’m a little nervous myself.”

Actually he did mind, he wanted the full experience and fumbling around in a room with only a dim streetlight to illuminate things did not fit the bill. Louise was the best looking woman he had ever been with and he wanted to see it all.

“Fine,” He said, and switched it off again.

He crossed the room to the bed, tripping on a pair of Mike’s shoes on the way. He sat on the end of the bed, Louise, fully clothed, stood before him. Gavin pulled Louise by her hips close to him. She embraced his head and his face nuzzled her tummy while her breasts brushed the top of his head. He kissed her tummy; she was warm and smelled of expensive cosmetics. His hands wandered around to her bum cheeks and he gently massaged them. His cock twitched in appreciation of the feel of them. Louise bent and kissed the top of his head. “That feels nice.” She said. Encouraged he moved his hands lower down to her knees and back up again this time under her dress. Feeling her firm nylon covered thighs, higher to her hot and still nylon covered buttocks.

“I like tights.” He said.

“I could put on some stockings if you prefer.” “No. I mean it, I do like tights.”

“Not many men do, but they are practical.”

“They are also easy to tear off.” Gavin suggested.

“Oooo, you fancy that do you?”

Gavin quickly swung her around so that she lost her footing and sprawled onto the bed.

“Yes I bloody well do.” He said, and stuffed his hands up her dress to take a hold of the frail nylon garment. He managed to get a finger hold of the tights just above her pubic bone, and pulled until his fingers went through, loudly tearing a hole in them.

“Oooo, come on then mister caveman, do your worst.” She giggled.

Gavin knelt above her and used both hands to rip his way to her silky black panties.

Louise wriggled under his attack, she was actually getting very turned on by this brutish approach. Mike was always quite gentle and slightly in awe of her, so this made a surprising change. Gavin meanwhile buried his face between her legs and was openly inhaling the moist black gusset that separated him from her womanhood.

“Ohh yes, go on, smell my pussy, you dirty man.” She was not sure where that had come from, but, “what the heck” she thought.

Gavin did. He pushed his nose against the furnace hot material and inhaled. She smelled musky and sexy and ready. Using his fingers he pulled the panties aside, cursing the fact that the room was so dark. He extended his tongue and trailed it roughly across he swollen cunt lips. Louise grunted in approval. Placing his hands on her inner thighs he prized her open exposing her inner most secrets, her pink cunt glistened in the darkened room, he pushed his tongue into her wet hole and lapped at her moistness. Louise gurgled and hissed. His tongue moved its attention to her hard swollen clitoris and circled violently around it. His mouth covered her clit and cunt and he shook his head from side to side like a dog with a bone.

“Yes… yes…don’t stop… yes” she yelped.

Suddenly she convulsed pushing his head firmly away, but he pushed back, his tongue did not relent.

“Gavin.. stop…please, I can’t take anymore.. please… oooohhhhh. Fuck!” She shouted.

Gavin came up for air, but pushed a finger into her gripping vagina.

“Fuck me, put it in me now!” She breathlessly demanded.

Gavin became aware that his cock was rigid and ready. He climbed on top of her, and used his hand to hold her panties to the side and guide it to her entrance, sliding it back and forth between her cunt lips to lubricate his engorged cock head. Having found his target he paused, savouring the moment. Beneath him Louise panted in anticipation.

He tensed his hips and thrust forward slowly but strongly. His cock pierced her opening.

“Wait!” she shouted and pushed him over to one side.

“What the fuck!, Why? What’s wrong?”

“Condoms!” She almost sobbed, “We need a condom.”

“Oh Christ! I thought you’d be on the pill. Look I’ll be careful, I won’t come inside you.”

“Yeah right! Besides the way I was feeling a moment ago, I wouldn’t have let you come anywhere else. Look I’ll be right back, Mike has some in his wallet.”

“Where’s his wallet?”

“In his trousers of course.”

“You mean .. in there?” He waved towards the door.

“Yes. In there.” She rolled off the bed and headed towards the door.

“You can’t go in there.”

“Why not? Neither of them have anything I haven’t seen before.?”

“But they’re … they’re.. ” He couldn’t bring himself to say it.

“So were we a moment ago.”

“Anyway, you can’t go in there like that.” He gestured towards her.

“Like what? I’m perfectly decent and they have both seen me looking far from that.”

“Exactly!… You’re still dressed.”


“You’re still dressed.”

“Well my tights might argue with that but yes I am.”

“It won’t look like I’ve… we’ve done anything.” “Oh for goodness sake. Is this a macho competitive thing?”

It was. “No, of course not.”

He leaned over and turned on the bed side light, he was sick of talking to a shadow somewhere in the darkness. In the light Louise looked somewhat flushed and was developing a severe case of ‘bed hair’, her tights had a long ladder in them that reached her calf.

Louise smiled. “Would it help if I took my dress off?”

Gavin thought that a woman taking her dress off was always very helpful.

“It might.” He said.

Louise moved back to the bed, she noticed in the light that Gavin’s cock was still hard, and despite the fact that she had seen it before, its length surprised her. “Undo me.” she ordered, turning her back and lifting her hair to allow him access to the zip and tiny button. Gavin obliged, slowly pulling the zip down to her panty line.

“Thank you.” She said.

He couldn’t help but insert his hands inside the open dress and reach around to her bra covered breasts. Firmly he squeezed them, nuzzling her neck at the same time. Louise breathed in deeply, she loved having her neck kissed, she loved having her breasts played with. “Hmmmmm” she mewed. Gavin began raising her bra over her tits and she remembered what she was supposed to be doing. With his hands still fumbling at her chest, she managed to shuffle off the dress. Gavin gave up trying to lift the bra. Louise turned to face him; one tit, complete with very extended dark pink nipple, was uncovered whilst the other remained firmly in place.

“Will I do now?”

Gavin looked her up and down, close up it was apparent that her makeup was smeared, her tights were torn to shreds, her knickers were still over to one side exposing her protruding cunt lips, his gaze came to rest on her exposed breast hanging out of her disarrayed bra, he licked his lips at the sight of her long erect nipple. She looked like a rape victim.

“Perfect.” He said.

Louise padded across the room, and opened the door; two more steps took her to the spare bedroom door. She paused momentarily, listening for any noise coming from within. She did not want to knock; frankly she wanted to catch the pair ‘at it’. It amused and aroused her. Carefully and quietly she opened the door wide.

Gavin remained on the bed from where he could see all the way into the opposite room. He heart was in his mouth as Louise opened the door, he was both sacred and desperately curious of what was occurring in that room.

The first thing he noticed was that the light was on. The second thing was his wife, who was on a bed, naked from the waste down, upright on her knees facing away from him she was sitting astride a gorilla’s face. The third thing, was the gorilla, which was lying flat on its back legs hanging over the end of the bed, it was wearing socks but nothing else, it appeared to be playing with the tube from a toilet roll. It slowly dawned on him that the tube was actually Mikes penis. “Fuck!” he mouthed silently. Elaine was gyrating her pelvis rubbing her cunt on his face and making small grunting noises. Louise entered the room fully and Elaine snapped her head around.

“That looks like fun.” said Louise, “I’m really sorry to disturb you but I need Mikes wallet.”

There was a muffled noise from the gorilla. Elaine raised herself a little so it could speak.

“Why do you need my wallet? He’s not charging you is he?”

“No darling, I need some thingies.”

“Oh, I see.” the gorilla didn’t sound overly happy about that. “My trousers are over there.” A hairy arm waved in the direction of a chair. Louise retrieved the ‘thingies’.

“Are you two ok?” Elaine asked Louise, but turning around so that she could see Gavin in the other room. It was a shock to see him naked on another bed watching as she sat on another mans face.

“Very OK thanks” said Louise.

Elaine lifted a leg that allowed Mike to shuffle out from under her crotch. Mike avoided looking at Gavin but when he saw his wife’s state of dress he glared at him. “What the hell’s he done to you?”

“Nothing, I didn’t enjoy, darling. Now why don’t you carry on with what you were doing?”

Elaine gave Gavin a little wave. Gavin nodded his head in acknowledgment. Gavin felt like he was in a dream, this was all too weird. Louise wiggled out of the spare room. “If you wear him out Elaine, you know where I am” she winked. Elaine smiled; the thought of being sandwiched between the husband and wife pair aroused her more than a little.

“Yes” said Elaine.

Louise returned to Gavin, closing the doors behind her.

“They seem to be getting on OK.” She said.


Louise climbed onto the bed; she tossed the condom packets on the pillow. She pulled off her ruined tights, unsnapped her bra clasp, shuffled it off and rearranged the gusset of her knickers into a more comfortable position. “Now where were we?” she said in a slightly husky voice.

They lay on their sides facing each other, arms intertwined and kissed, long and deep. Louise felt his hardness pressing her abdomen and reached a hand down to grasp him firmly; slowly she pumped his cock making low murmurs of approval. Gavin rocked his hips, thrusting his cock harder between her slender fingers. Still they kissed, tongues wrestling in and out of each others mouths. Gavin squeezed her breast pinching the elongated nipple firmly, Louise mewed her appreciation. Finally he broke their kiss and moved his lips to her engorged nipple which he suckled on, still she pumped his cock, her other hand ruffling hair on the back of his head as she pulled him closer to her excited teat.

“Oooh fuck, yes, suck my tits, suck my tits, you filthy boy” The words turned him on more and he sucked harder, harder than he would ever have dared do to Elaine.

“God! My cunt’s on fire, suck my tits Gav.” Maintaining the lip lock on her long excited nipple, Gavin stretched out his arm to feel her hot, well trimmed cunt. His fingers easily slipped between her swollen lips and her wetness was instantly apparent. He rubbed her clit with his lubricated finger; Louise drew a sharp breath through her teeth and grasped at his hair.

“Lick me there… please… lick my cunt.”

Pulled away from her and switched ends aligning his face with her hot cunt. The intoxicating smell of her sex filled his nostrils and he buried his face between her legs. Louise regained a hold of his erection, now at eye level with her. As Gavin licked at her clitoris she pumped his cock with a vice like grip. Momentarily Gavin removed his lips.

“Suck me… suck my cock, you dirty bitch.” He was shocked at the words his mouth was uttering but Louise eagerly obliged by clamping her lips around the swollen head of his penis and began bobbing her head. They were still on their sides and Gavin wanted better access to her wetness. Skilfully he manoeuvred under her, neither released their contact with the others sex but they ended in a full sixty-nine. Gavin lapped at the hardened clitoris before him, he inhaled the intoxicating smell of her sex, he pushed and rubbed his face into her molten wet lips and slit, he licked the length of her cunt and up to her puckered brown hole. He probed her arse with his tongue; he wanted to know every intimate detail of his long lusted after neighbour. Louise could not believe how good her cunt was feeling, she could not concentrate on the rigid cock that slapped around her face. All she could do was hang on as the waves of pleasure passed from her cunt to her brain. She couldn’t believe that she was actually letting this man do what he was, the whole thing, the whole scenario was such a turn on, knowing her husband was just a few feet away fucking another woman was so fucking sexy. She gasped as Gavin slipped a finger part way into her bum and clamped his lips to her clit, it threw her over the top, and she came with a guttural scream, so loud that they must have heard it in the next village. Involuntary convulsions drove her hips forward and down, grinding her pulsating wet cunt onto Gavin’s face, rubbing her free flowing cunt juices across his face. Gavin could not draw breath but did not care, this woman was so reactive to his touch he revelled in her animal enjoyment. A full thirty seconds passed before Louise relaxed her body, she flopped forward resting her whole weight on his body, her thighs trembling with the aftershocks of her climax. She panted short rapid breaths, her breasts squashed against his abdomen, her dripping cunt just below his chin, her soft buttocks quivering.

“Fuck” She said softly.

After a few more moments Gavin felt her raise herself a little and heard the sound of tearing paper followed by the feeling of hands firmly clasping his cock. Louise expertly unrolled a condom down the length of his shaft, taking care not to entangle his pubic hair at the base. Louise rolled off of his sweat covered body. And lay on her back.

“I need you in me. Now” She demanded.

Gavin did not need asking twice. Kneeling between her open legs he aimed his latex covered manhood at her gaping hole. Her cunt was almost dripping with her juice and his saliva. Lifting her legs he pushed forward and entered her quickly and easily thrusting his entire length into her in one urgent push. His length surprised her, Gavin’s cock reached deeper than her husbands her cunt walls easily adjusted to tightly grip his thinner girth.

“Aaaahhh” the both exclaimed.

Louise rested her legs against his shoulders and he began to slowly thrust in and out of her slippery love tunnel.

Louise grunted with each inward thrust.

“Fuck me, fuck me.” Louise ordered, Her cunt contracting around his hard cock,

Gavin quickened his pace thrusting harder and harder, Louise’s tits flopped back and forth almost hitting her chin, Gavin grasped them in his hands and squashed them hard in his grasp. He leaned forward Louise was doubled up under him, her head was shaking from side to side, her eyes closed her mouth muttering words of ecstatic filth. Gavin’s mouth found hers and thrust his tongue between her lips, he wanted to envelope his entire being inside her.

He fucked her harder and harder, her hips rising to meet his every cunt pounding thrust. Under him Louise was whimpering into his mouth.

She pulled away from his kiss.

“Come in me, give it to me, come in me.” She pleaded.

With a couple of deep hard thrusts, Gavin obliged. His cock pumped out its stream of white fluid. His body was rigid with the sheer pleasure that was passing through his cock head.

“Good boy, good boy, let your spunk out.” Louise whispered, sounding almost motherly.

Gavin slowly pushed himself to a kneeling position, his softening cock still inside his neighbour. He looked down trying to make a mental photograph of the sight of her naked and spread out before him. She truly was very beautiful, maybe even more so now that her makeup was smeared and her body was wet with sweat. The look of sheer contentment on her face was unmistakable. Carefully he held the condom in place as he withdrew his penis. Removing the condom, and tying a knot in the end he was surprised at its weight and the sheer volume of fluid within it.

“Phew!” was all he said. They smiled at each other.

“That was intense.” She said, “Thank you.”

Gavin could not remember a woman thanking him for fucking her before. He beamed at her.

“It’s a pleasure.” He smiled, and flopped down next to her. They faced each other and hugged, a sticky sweaty hug, and exchanged gentle kisses and murmurs. Gavin could not resist feeling and stroking her breasts, he wanted to make the most of this moment, he doubted it would happen again.

They were disturbed from their mutual admiration, by a low muffled moan from the direction of the door, it was a mans voice. Having had his lust satisfied, albeit in a spectacularly fabulous manner, Gavin felt a huge pang of jealousy, another man was taking, and more painfully to him, giving, pleasure to his wife. The concerned look on his face did not escape Louise.

“Are you OK?”

He was not. “Yes, I guess so.” He said.

Gavin actually wanted to go and drag Elaine from the other room and take her home.

“No you’re not.” She replied.

Louise jumped up off of the bed and padded across the room to the door.

“What are you doing?” Gavin asked.

“I think it’s probably worse for you, not knowing what’s going on in there. I do understand how you feel. I’m just able to turn it around in my head, and get turned on by it rather than let the jealousy kick in. She does love you; you know that, this is all just for fun.”

“I think maybe it’s a bit different for a man.”

“Maybe but Mikes a man too” With that Louise opened the door and went to the spare room door opposite. She tapped on it but didn’t wait before opening it wide.

Gavin did not want to look he was scared of what he would see, but his brain let him down and his eyes remained staring towards the bedroom opposite. All he could actually see was Louise’s fabulous bum and back blocking his view.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys,” she said softly, “but Gavin and I were wondering if you’d like to join us in the big bedroom.?” She took a step aside and held an inviting arm out towards the bed that Gavin was on.

Her question barely registered with Gavin. He could now see into the other room. His wife was on her knees beside the bed, the gorilla was sat on the edge of the bed, his thick purple headed cock squeezed between his wife’s breasts, she was giving him a tit wank. As his eyes focused on Elaine’s breasts he realised that actually it was more accurate to say she had given him a tit wank, large blobs of sticky white semen adhered to her nipples and neck.

Elaine was looking directly at Gavin, uncertainty was written across her flushed face, even though this had all been done through agreement, she still felt a huge pang of guilt like she’d been caught in the act by an unsuspecting husband.

“I’m not sure,” Elaine glanced at Mike, “I think we were about to get dressed again.” She found herself saying.

Mike was looking at his wife. Louise looked like she had been given a damn good seeing to. Her hair and makeup were a mess, her chest had a healthy tell tale blush, her nipples were rock hard and her thighs were reddened.

“Oh, I was hoping we might make a night of it.” Said Louise.

Elaine used Mikes knees to push herself to a standing position not knowing that a long string of spunk dangled from her hard pink nipple. Gavin looked at the uncertain naughty school girl look she had written on her face and the swinging strand of jizz struck him as quite comic, he smiled. He did not think further than the outward appearance; he did not find the fact that his wife had another mans come on her tits very amusing at all.

Elaine wanted to go and hug her husband. She wanted the reassurance that everything was OK. She skipped across into his room, the white string swaying hypnotically. Gavin climbed off the bed. “What do you think?” she asked before she reached him. She opened her arms to embrace him, Gavin held out his hands to fend her off, a quizzical look crossed her face. Gavin motioned to her semen covered chest. He was not desperate to have Mikes come rubbed on his body.

“Oh!” She said, “Sorry, I forgot”.

Louise followed her into the room and retrieved some tissues from a box on the dresser. “Here, let me.” She said, and began wiping her husband’s come from Elaine’s tits. “What a messy boy.” She called out to her husband.

“What do I think about what?” asked Gavin.

“Making a night of it?” said his wife. Louise wiped the last remnants of evidence from Elaine’s neck, and planted a small kiss there.

“All done” interrupted Louise, tossing the tissues towards a small bin in the corner.

Gavin was torn. It was going through his mind that Mike might not have actually fucked his wife. He could call a halt now and get out ahead, knowing he had given Mike’s wife a very good seeing to. On the other hand he quite like the idea of spraying his seed over Louise as a sort of payback, after all, all he’d done in that department was to fill a rubber balloon.

“I’ll get some wine,” said Louise, “while you guys make up your minds, but I’d quite like to go again with us all together. So I can make sure he’s behaving himself.” She nodded to Mike who was now standing in the doorway. Louise pushed past her husband, kissing him on his cheek as she went.

Gavin looked at Mike, his powerful hairy body complete with limp but still impressive dick, filling the doorway. “What do you think?” he found himself asking.

“I think the ladies should decide.” Mike chickened out. He had been shocked by the scream that his wife had made; frankly it had dampened his and Elaine’s own moment. Thinking that Gavin was giving his wife that sort of pleasure had un-nerved his own confidence. The scream had happened just as he was about to enter Elaine and give her the fucking of a life time, with the effect that it had softened more than just his ego. He wanted a re-match, especially as he had just spied a spent condom on the bed, bulging with Gavin’s come.

Elaine finally hugged her husband. “Well?” He asked her.

“I’m willing if you are.” She replied. Actually she was really hoping that the answer would be yes, having got past the initial worry of what her husband might do or think, she was back on track, she needed a fuck, an exotic fuck, either with another man or with her husband in the same room as Mike and Louise. She had actually been quite sorry when Mike had come on her tits, she was hoping for so much more.

“OK” Gavin heard himself saying.

Elaine smiled, and turned to Mike, “If that’s OK with you Mikey?”

Mike looked at Gavin, not sure how he should appear to react in front of her husband. “It would be good to carry on.” He said.

Elaine still hugging her husband stretched out her hand to Mike, who hesitantly walked across the room to take it in his. Elaine let go of her husband and taking Gavin by the hand she leaned towards Mike and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Gavin was not sure where to look, so continued to stare at the pair as they shared tongues, his wife still squeezing his own hand. Mike put his own arms around Elaine and hugged her to him. Gavin observed as her heavy breasts squashed against this other mans chest. He did not feel like relinquishing ownership just yet and ran his other hand over her shapely bum. Elaine adjusted her stance a little by open her legs a little and pushing her bum back towards his touch. Gavin ran his hand under her cheek and slipped his fingers between her legs. He found her to be as wet as he had ever experienced, and his fingers slipped easily inside her. Gavin was wondering if this juice was just his wife or a mixture of hers and Mike. He withdrew his hand and looked at it. His fingers glistened with the clear womanly moisture from his wife’s cunt. Satisfied that it was pure female, he released his other hand from Elaine’s grip and knelt behind her, burying his face between her buttocks. Elaine wrapped both arms around Mike as they continued to kiss, but pushed her rear firmly against her husbands face. Gavin grasped her hips and extended his tongue, licking her dark purple arse hole and as far towards her cunt as he could manage. Elaine moaned into Mike’s mouth.

Mike grasped one of her tits in his hand and began rubbing her clitoris with the other. His cock hardened.

“I see we have decided.” said Louise, re-entering the room carrying a bottle of wine and some glasses.

The three did not stop to acknowledge her. Mike began to slide his fingers along Elaine’s slit, momentarily touching Gavin’s outstretched tongue. Elaine began to grunt and rocked her hips back and forth against the onslaught of fingers and tongue.

Louise deposited her drinks on a small table and took up position next to Elaine, bending her head to suckle at the one free breast that jutted out between Elaine and Mike’s embrace. This was too much for Elaine, she broke the kiss and wailed uncontrollably “Ooooooo…… Oooooh… fuck! Yes…. Yes”. Mike kissed her neck as she came, bucking her hips back and forth, her legs trembling and shaking, she over balanced and fell across the bed face first, her bum quivering in the air, her feet still on the floor. “FUCK ME…. Fill my cunt!!” She demanded. Gavin and Mike looked at each other, not sure who she was asking. Both were more than ready to fuck her.

“Go on then Mike.” Louise suggested, “It would be rude not to oblige your guest.”

Gavin looked on, breathless with what was about to happen, as Mike lined up his monstrously thick penis with Elaine’s gaping red cunt lips, briefly rubbing the dark purple head along the wet slip to lubricate himself. Mike looked at Gavin, and thrust slowly forward, stretching her cunt wide as he pushed his entire length into her sopping wet love hole. Mike growled as he felt the tightness of her cunt walls.

Gavin watched, wide eyed at his wife’s quivering buttocks pushing back towards the thick intruder, deeply impaling herself on the solid rod.

“Fuuuuckkk!” she uttered.

Mike grunted in animal lust and smacked her buttock hard, leaving a reddening mark. Then he grasped her hips and began to thrust back and forth, short sharp motions, intended to let her know who was boss.

“Ahhh … ahh….ahhhh” she moaned.

The smack had surprised Gavin, so did the next one and the next. His wife was being used and abused just inches from him, and she seemed to like it. Mike’s face contorted in animal lust as he hammered his thick cock in to Elaine.

Louise meanwhile stood behind her husband egging him on.

“Go on babe, really give it to her, stretch her wet cunt.”

She moulded herself to her husbands back matching his thrusting movements, grinding her mound against his taught hairy buttocks. She looked at Gavin and pouted her lips and partly closed her eyes, imagining she was fucking Elaine.

Gavin stared on in disbelief. Elaine pushed herself up so that she was resting on her outstretched arms, her large tits swinging back and forth with each thrust of the hard cock that was filling her cunt.

“Come on … give it to me…. Fuck me….. harder…. harder…. fuck my cunt..”, she challenged. She looked back over her shoulder towards her open mouthed husband, and grimaced, her face contorted in pure sexual frenzy.

As the sweat began to build on Mike’s face and body, Louise removed herself from his body, moved to push Gavin onto his back across the bed, he came to rest next to his grunting wife, who looked down at him and managed to silently mouth “I love you”, her face scarlet and the blood vessels clearly visible around her temples, her eyes wide bulging in disbelief at the ferocity of the thick cock pounding her little pussy was receiving. Her tits continued to swing back and forth. Gavin reached out and squeezed one.

Louise meanwhile had walked around the bed to face her husband, she clambered across on her knees and planted her sopping wet cunt on Gavin’s lips.

“Look at him eating me babe.” She goaded. “He’s got his tongue in my cunt. Hmmmm… it feels so good. Do you like the taste of my pussy Gavin?”

Gavin mumbled a “Uh huh”.

Mike picked up the pace thrusting harder into Elaine. Louise leant forward and grasped Gavin’s rigid cock.

“Look how long his dick is, ” said Louise, “so long and hard…” She began to pump Gavin’s cock with her fist. Mike was overcome with lust, he pulled roughly out of Elaine and firmly flipped her onto her back, her legs wide open in the air and her tits spreading out to the sides. Mike held her ankles and thrust heavily back into her sopping vagina, emitting a deep growl as he did so.

Elaine let out a high pitched whimper of shock and submission. She panted, short shallow breaths. She was now able to see Louise rubbing her hairy cunt on her husbands mouth, see her pumping his hard cock. She reached out and took his hand, squeezing it hard, Gavin squeezed back.

Louise continued to grind her swollen, excited sex against his face. Gavin actually found it hard to breath but the feeling building in his cock far outweighed his need for oxygen, especially when the fingers around his shaft squeezed harder and more firmly, more expertly.

“Come on big boy, come in her cunt. Give me something to lick out.” Gavin heard Louise tell her husband. The bed began to shake more violently; the pumping hand on his cock became more urgent.

Louise relented and lifted her pussy slightly from his mouth, giving him a view of her glistening clitoris, and further away, Mike’s face, as he unloaded his balls into Gavin’s whimpering wife, with a guttural shout. It was all too much and he let his own load go in a fountain of sperm, the hand on his cock expertly milked every last string of cum from his balls.

Louise pushed herself back away from his head and leaned over towards Elaine fondling her tits with both hands and kissing her on the lips.

Still the hand grasped Gavin’s cock. He had a stupid grin on his face, he had seldom received a hand job, and that was the best ever. That was when it dawned on him.

Louise was fondling Elaine’s tits with both hands…. “Fuck!” He said and thought. He raised his head and looked down at his crotch; Mike’s cum covered fingers were still wrapped around Gavin’s quickly shrinking cock. Mike was staring at his handy work.

“Fuck!” said Gavin again.

With a smile, Mike released his grip and wiped the sperm covering his hand across his own hairy chest. He withdrew his own softening cock from Elaine whose cunt walls contracted quickly forcing a loud farting noise to emerge.

Louise laughed. “Well done babe, two at once…. What a clever boy.”

Elaine was unaware of the ‘male bonding’ that had gone on. She just panted heavily, trying to catch her breath, her breasts heaving and glistened with sweat, a red blush across her chest giving proof of her orgasms, she had lost count of how many. Still she held her husbands hand.

“Did you enjoy that?” Louise said. “Oh gosh …yes” said Elaine.

“Weird…” was all Gavin could say.

Neither of them aware of who the question was aimed at.

“Fantastic” answered Mike.

Gavin did not know what to think.

Louise was the only one not to come and was still as horny as ever. Watching her husband fuck Elaine while he wanked Gavin had been both extraordinary and unexpected, but she had found it massively arousing.

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