Where do I begin to tell you how lucky I have been so far in my life? I have been blessed by having a very open and outgoing family when it comes to home life. I was raised as a nudist as far back as I can remember. I love the freedom of not having to wear clothes around the house and trying to find something to wear during the day. Never bother with bathing suits either when I go to the beach so that saves some cash as well not that it matters much to us. We live in a very private area just north of Chicago and we never have to worry about being surprised by drop in visitors. The only people who come by unannounced are the delivery drivers and they are used to our nudity by now. It does not even faze them anymore.

I am the elder of two children of David and Susan Torrance. My name is Mark. I am 18, 5’11, 175 lbs. I am in reasonably good shape and love working out. My younger sister is named Terri. She is a hottie only a year younger than I am. I recently started dating a very attractive girl named Danielle. She is my age, black and a very hot bod to boot! She is 5’7, 135 lbs and a gorgeous a cups and a night large butt to boot! I am on my way over to my house to introduce her to my parents. She has never visited but I have told her we are quite the open around the house. She knows we are nudists but has never seen us all nude before. She is as open minded as I am but I am not sure if she is prepared for our home life situation yet. I will get an idea of how cool she is with all of us soon.

I drove up to our home after a short drive down a long secluded drive. We do not have a large home but it is quite modern and well taken care of. I opened the door for Danielle or Danny as she likes to be called. She was wearing a loose buttoned top and a short skirt today and she purposely flashed me her shaved beaver as she got out of the car. I love that about her-she takes any chance to have some fun with anything sexual. We walked up to the house and I opened the door for her. I called out to the family but there was no answer. We went to the kitchen and I got us some bottled waters. I heard some splashing from the pool out back so I took Danny out back. There were mom and dad playing in the pool.

“Hey mom and dad” I called.

They looked over as soon as they heard me and started to get out of the pool. I felt Danny squeeze my hand as she saw my dad get out first. He is 6’2 tall, 190 lbs., very muscular with a soft, thick 6″ cock hanging between his legs all shaved of course. Mom got out as dad helped her and she is about 5’6, 145 lbs with a gorgeous figure that one could call rounded if she had any boobs but she is reasonably flat there but she makes up for it in the ass department!

“Well hello there!” she said to us as she extended a hand for a shake. “I am Susan and this is my husband David”.

“Mom, dad this is Danielle or Danny as she prefers” I said.

“Hello there” she said to my parents.

“We hope our outfits or lack of them does not bother you” dad said.

“Not at all” she replied.

“Good” said mom “we prefer being nude all the time”.

“I like that idea” Danny replied.

Dad then shook her hand as well and I loved that Danny was not in the east bit put out by their nudity. Mom and dad sat down on the lounge chairs and offered us a seat as well.

“So Danny, how long have you and Mark been dating?” asked dad.

“About a month” she replied looking on as mom lay down on her chair.

“So you like him?” asked dad.

“I love him” Danny said, “He is very good to me and for me”.

“That is good to hear” said mom. “We love him too!”

“We hope to see a lot more of you around her this summer then” said mom.

“Oh you can count on that” said Danny.

“Great” said dad as he lay back as well on his lounge and his cock flopped back on his stomach as he did. Danny squeezed my hand again after seeing this happen.

“Hey mom do you mind if Danny and I use the pool as well?” I asked.

“Not at all go for it, Danny did you bring a suit?” asked dad.

“What for?” she replied as she started unbuttoning her blouse and removed it to expose her gorgeous a cups capped with dark nipples. She then stood up and unclasped her skirt and let it fall to the ground as she stood there waiting for me. I took about three seconds to remove my shorts and tee shirt and join her as we jumped together into the cool water.

We swam a few lengths of the pool and enjoyed the wonderful feeling on such a warm day. Danny swam up behind me and grabbed me around the waist and held me. I reached back and felt her taught buttocks as she reached down and gave my cock a small squeeze. It was a beautiful day for a swim like this.

“Too bad we are not alone” said Danny.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck me right now” she said “seeing your dad and you nude has got me all hot and wet!”

“You like him huh?”

“He is hot for a dad yes”.

“Like I have told you we are a very open family”.

“Oh come on now how open?”

“Very” I said.

With that I turned around to face her and we started to kiss. I held her in my arms and we kissed as well as had a tongue fight. I reached down and held her beautiful ass in my hands and squeezed them. She wrapped her arms around me and returned the kisses. She then reached down to my growing cock and played with it. Suddenly she pulled off and realized where she was.

“I am sorry” she said.

“Danny it is all cool” I said to her.

“How can it be?” she asked “your parents are right there”.

“They have no issues at all with us playing or having fun here trust me” I replied.

“But we are nude and being intimate not ten feet from them” she replied.

“Like I said we are very open here” I said.

“Somehow I do not believe it is possible for this” she said as she gave my cock another squeeze.

“Oh it is” I said to her and pulling her out of the pool with me.

We started up the pool steps and my hard eight inch cock led the way.

“Hey Mark” said mom “looks like Danny got something started!”

“Yes she did” I replied without a hint of shame “and she wants to finish it but feels awkward”.

“Oh fuck Danny do not let us bother you” said dad “feel at home with us and do what you want to do here. We have no rules here at all when it comes to that sort of thing. We raised our kids to enjoy their bodies and allow themselves to have fun here”.

“Really?” asked Danny.

“Yes really” said mom as she reached over and gave dad a small tug on his growing cock.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes” said mom as she started to stroke dad’s cock and it started to get hard like mine.

Danny watched as mom stroked it for us all to see and she started to stroke mine we sat there not three feet from my parents. Danny continued to watch as mom got dad harder and harder until he was his full ten inch length. Mom then used her thumb to smear some of dad’s precum over the tip of his cock. I looked over at Danny and she was quite absorbed by this. She stroked my cock harder as she watched mom and dad play.

“This is so cool of you Mrs. Torrance” said Danny.

“Do not call me that, it is Sue for you hon” said mom.

“Ok” said Danny.

She continued to stroke me as mom leaned over and took dad’s cock in her in her mouth. Mom is one of the best blowjob givers the world will ever know. She took the whole thing in one swoop down her throat. Danny continued to stroke my cock as she watched mom blow dad. David leaned back on the lounger and just allowed mom to take over his hard cock. I never fail to be impressed by the cock dad has. I know I have stopped growing in size but am in awe of his unit. Danny then leaned over and started to lick my full knob as she stroked me. I love the way she starts out just concentrating on the tip and then continuing on the rest of me. I became harder and harder from the blowjob and from mom and dad being right next to me. Danny started to get an idea of how open we were. Her eyes sparkled as she blew me in the afternoon sun. She sucked on my cock as she watched mom pleasure dad. I could hear dad moaning as mom worked her magic on him. Danny tugged on my balls as she blew me and then took a finger and started to push it in my receptive ass. I love it when she does this. In fact we both love assplay! I could feel the load coming up my cock as she massaged my asshole with now two fingers while blowing me. I could hear dad also moan as he was about to cum soon. Danny sensed my impending orgasm and sucked me harder and faster as did mom with dad.

Suddenly I lifted my ass off the chair and my load shot into her throat. I shot four to five long shots down her waiting throat as she swallowed every last drop. She loves cum and never misses a bit of it! After I finished my orgasm she licked my cock clean of any cum and then came up to give me a kiss. We then lay back and watched as mom was close to bringing dad close to cumming. It took mom about another minute to get him to the edge and when he did he lifted his ass of the chair as he did.

To be continued…

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