The second chapter of the exploits of our dear wandering warrior takes him towards the Kingdom of Ereschel, but getting inside the walls of the Elven Country proves to be far more difficult than he imagined and he must re-think his process…and gets help from an unexpected place. Please go to my profile to view the characters involved in the story! Enjoy Chapter Two!


Alex brought Thor from the fast gallop he had been riding him at to a slow trot once the forest thickened, meaning that he was most likely entering the land of the Wood Elves. Ereschel was a kingdom that required the utmost focus, for showing any type of hostility as another race would almost certainly be met with mystery arrows flying at you. The only thing going for him was the fact that he was alone. The stories that were spread throughout Ki-Rynn about this area were that you were safe if you were alone. It meant that you were usually just a lost traveler. While Ereschel was shut off to all races, it did not mean that the people were hostile.

While Wood Elves and Humans got along in diplomatic affairs and could even be seen living amongst each other, this was not the case in Ereschel. No one truly knew the reason why Ereschel banned practically everyone that was not a Wood Elf, but the rumors had been passed around, from as little as a personal grudge between royal families all the way up to Dark Elves, Humans, and Drow, breaking in and stealing valuable treasures. For whatever the reason, Ereschel was impossible to get into without a damned good reason.

Still, even the confident Alexander was a little nervous about what he was doing. He was traveling there on a random whim, simply because he had been handed a trinket. It could have been an elaborate prank being played on him, but his gut told him that this was legitimate. He was a bit paranoid that he was being watched as he neared the kingdom walls that had just come into visual range, but still a little ways off. Glances into the thick trees would show quick movements. Alex calmed himself and maintained his slow pace, even though it would take just a little longer to get to his destination.

After another hour or so, Alex had come within view of the guards that stood outside of the great gates of Ereschel. Almost immediately, the guards in the two towers on either side raised their bows that were armed with deadly arrows, but relaxed when they saw it was a single traveler. There were four guards on foot in front of the gate, with one being the most armored, which meant a higher ranking soldier.

“Car! Car!” Alex heard the words and, having learned basic Elven, knew that he was telling him to halt. Alex stopped and nodded to the guard, who eyed the human briefly.

“Pai o mael aelael os common?” Only the last word stuck out to Alex, and he had to assume that the elf was asking him if he preferred elven or common as the language.

“I only speak common.” The human spoke freely.

The guard nodded and lowered his weapon. “Understood. What brings you to Ereschel, traveler?”

Alex reached into his pocket slowly, knowing he was under watchful eyes, and pulled out the trinket that had been given to him. The guard looked at the trinket and scoffed at it.

“Where did you steal this from, human?”

Alex’s eyes narrowed at the elven soldier, who obviously had a problem with humans. It didn’t surprise him, though, considering that Ereschel attempted to shut out everyone possible.

“I did not steal it. It was given to me by two elves from Ereschel in a town to the west of here.”

The guard refused to believe him and waved him off, tossing the trinket back to him.

“I believe you are lying, human. It would be best if you bypassed our Kingdom altogether before harm comes to you. Move along!”

Alex glanced up at the towers. Two elves had now drawn their bows once again while the two on the ground on either side of the gate were taking more of a defensive position. Alex just laughed at the overly protective elven males.

“And you of Ereschel wonder why other races want nothing to do with you…always looking for a fight.”

While Alex wanted to accommodate them with the fight they sought, it would do little good to him. He would probably take down the main guard before the towers gunned him down with arrows. After all, elves rarely, if ever, missed. Glancing on either side of the gates he noticed that the main path that had lead up to Ereschel split off and wrapped around the city.

“Very well, I will move on.”

The guard nodded and moved back to the gate as Alex rode Thor at a brisk gallop north along the wall, eyeing it up and down for any kind of weaknesses or, perhaps, other routes to get in. It was to little avail, though, as he simply could not find any differences in the wall as he rode towards the corner. The main wall itself was incredibly large. He had to guess that the entire wall itself, not just the section he rode alongside of, was at least a quarter of a mile. It was rare to see such a thing nowadays, even with most castles being protected.

The path that Alex rode along continued north even past the wall of Ereschel, but it went into the heaviest part of the forest. It became very difficult to ride Thor at anything faster than a trot and, with daylight starting to fade out, he figured it would be best to dismount and start to search for shelter. With both sides of the path incredibly thick with vegetation and trees, he was finding that he may very well have to settle for a spot along the path itself. Just as he was beginning to think that it was a good time to stop, he came across a small outpost with a few lanterns lit around it. It was bigger than a small house, but he figured it was better than nothing. The shelter itself did not look like a regular home that someone lived in. It didn’t look to be much more than an outpost, perhaps a place for people to use freely as there were many of those throughout Ki-Rynn, at least in the friendlier areas. Convinced that this was his best option, he tied off Thor to the nearest tree he could find and walked up to the shelter, knocking on the solid oak door a few times. He looked around as he waited just a few moments to make sure no one was actually there.

He was greeted by a door flying open….and a sword directly to his neck. With no time to react, Alex had fallen back onto the grass in front of the shelter, his hand going for his sword but not having a chance as a strong leg pinned his arm down. He would look up into the red eyes of a soldier….a Drow.

“Vel’uss ph’ dos?”

Alex’s look of fear was gone in a matter of moments as he realized that the voice was female. In the dim light, it was tough to see just what this person looked like. All he could see were those glowing red eyes and a faint few features. He had studied their language, however, long ago. Who are you? That’s what she was asking.

“Fridj natha traveler. Usstan hass’l dos nau jivviim!” (Just a traveler. I mean you no harm!)

Those red eyes narrowed and, if Alex had more light to see, had caused this soldier to form a very curious look on her face. She, too, was well educated in the opposite language and knew common, but usually did not speak it as her kind did not appreciate it as a universal language.

“Dos ph’ s’gos ulu travel nindol revis a isto.” (You are brave to travel this road at night.)

Alex’s eyes were starting to adjust to the night and could see her better. While he had come across several Drow in his travels and even fought with a couple of them as comrades, he tended to avoid them. This one, though….she seemed different, and not to mention she was actually attractive…at least with what he could see.

“Usstan doerrus dal Ereschel. Usstan zhahus lorith whol shelter whol l’ isto. Xun dos telanth rivvin?” (I came from Ereschel. I was looking for shelter for the night. Do you speak common?)

The Drow was genuinely impressed with his knowledge of her race’s language and raised her knee off of his arm, standing up and nodding.

“Yes, I do. Arise…and do not make a sudden movement.”

The sword that was pointed at him was large, bulky, but could easily cut him in half if necessary. He was thankful for his time that he spent with the Drow. If he hadn’t, he would surely be dead right now.

“Thank you. My name is Alexander Drake. I am a traveler, as I said, and I am simply looking for shelter for the night. I had no idea that I was this close to Drow territory…”

The Drow female was now acting a little differently. She had never seen a human at all, let alone a human male. She pulled the sword away from him and holstered it on her back.

“If you know my language that well, then you should know that we Drow do not live above ground, except for a select number. This is an outpost set up by my people….and I am Riniel Roloval. Are you…human?”

The question caught him off guard. Most Drow knew quite well what a human looked like, simply because they hated humans. Why was this one acting so differently?

“Yes, I am human. I am aware of your people and their choice of living environment. I once worked alongside a couple of your people. Good men.”

Riniel eyed the red-haired male up and down and found herself strangely drawn to him. She was a bit of an oddity with her people. She hated Drow males. She felt that they were very ugly, bony, and simply not attractive. Other races intrigued her, so long as they were not elven.

“I see. If you assure me that you do not come to this area with ill intentions, I will allow you to step inside of my outpost.”

“I am in debt to you, Riniel.”

As the two moved towards the outpost, Alex realized that this woman may very well be the most attractive Drow he had ever seen. While most Drow women were tall, slender, and had very few appealing features to males of other races, Riniel was quite different. Her skin was still purple, though more vibrant than usual. She had very feminine features to her face, which was very lovely on its own. However, the traveler could not help but admire this female’s incredible bust. She sported one of the largest pairs of breasts he had ever seen, quite honestly, and her choice of armor did very little to hide them as all they did was wrap underneath them and cover up enough to cover her nipples. The bottom half was much of the same deal, with a leather thong being held by two strong straps around her very slender waist. Her thighs were fully exposed, except for two more leather straps, one of which sported a very large hunting blade. Besides the gloves and large shoulder pieces that she wore, the rest of her body was exposed, and it was a beautiful sight to him.

The Drow soldier welcomed him into the shelter as she, too, was checking him out from time to time. She had been taught all of her life to hate the humans, but having never come across one; she never had the chance to truly develop that hatred. To her surprise, she found the human male very attractive. Closing and barricading the door behind him, she led him through a relatively empty building, which made sense when they got to the back of the outpost, finding a staircase that actually went into the ground. He had to remind himself that Drow lived below ground, and even with the shelter, this was nothing new. To his own surprise, he found that her accommodations were quite nice. The underground home was spacious, along with a very large, luxurious bed at the very back.

“Orn’la dos kyon whol…I apologize…would you care for a drink, Alexander?”

He smirked, knowing that it was probably hard for her to switch to common, even if she was fluent in it.

“I would like one very much, yes.”

His eyes trailed up and down her body as he took a seat, admiring the features that she had. She was definitely strong, for she even had somewhat of a six-pack formed on her flat stomach.

“So, tell me Alexander: You mentioned that you were coming from Ereschel, yet you are not a wood elf. If you had mentioned to that to just about any other soldier of my kind, you would have been hauled underground in shackles and not cordially like I have. Why is this?”

Alex, knowing that Drow had their own Gods and Goddesses that they followed, would probably understand the story, but he kept it limited.

“I have been charged with a quest by a Goddess. Part of the quest requires me to get into Ereschel.”

Riniel looked back at the human, actually catching him looking at her body. She did not mind it. After spending six months alone at her outpost, the company was nice, and it was far better to have an attractive male eyeing her up and down.

“A Goddess’ quest, you say? Tell me, which Goddess of yours came down to give this to you? I am a little familiar with your people and their beliefs.”

Alexander waited for her to come over with a glass of mysterious liquid in it, figuring it was a Drow concoction. He sipped the glass and found the taste to be quite enjoyable, laying back against the backrest of the cushy chair that he sat in.

“Celeste, the Goddess of Lust and Beauty in the world is who visited me. She gave me a list of ten women….”

Riniel stopped him, already curious as to what he was explaining.

“The Goddess of Lust and Beauty? Alexander, what would she want you to do?”

“…she wants me to bed each one and leave her mark on them.”

He held up his right palm, showing that his hand had a faint image of Celeste’s mark. Riniel had actually seen the mark before and nodded.

“I know of that mark. I have seen it when I am on my late night patrol, though I have never actually met a worshipper. You are actually the first human I have ever come in contact with.”

Now it made sense. Drow were never this friendly. Even if he had proven to be educated and knew of their language, a normal soldier would have still taken him into custody, as she made a mention of earlier. It was plain, dumb luck that she was the soldier standing guard.

“I see. I pray that you have not let the stories of hatred between our kinds pervert your own thoughts?”

Riniel gave a very slight smile and shook her head as she sipped on her own glass.

“On the contrary. I know of the stories quite well, but I have never been involved in one. You see, I am quite young for my race. I must say, Alexander, if all humans were as attractive as you were, I would have to tell my people to stop fighting and create a treaty just to mate with your kind.”

Alex gave a hearty laugh. That was as good of a compliment as he had ever received from a Drow. The agreement he had between his old Drow comrades and himself was a shaky one at best. However, if he didn’t know any better, this busty female Drow had just made a pass at him. On top of that, he was starting to have a warm feeling come over him. It was certainly not the small fire that burned in the room that they were in.

“I am quite flattered by your words, Riniel. If I may say much of the same thing in return, you are very beautiful and attractive yourself.”

Riniel grinned and finished her drink just as Alex did the same. The grin was one of seduction as she slowly stood up from her chair and walked across. Alex was feeling a little strange, though in a good way as he watched her walk across to him.

“I am glad you said that before the drink kicked in. You see, that drink that you and I both consumed is called Ssinssrigg Lu’vith…”

“…Lust and sex.”

He finished her sentence before she could, which made her grin even further. The Drow female had not had sex in close to a year, and she was going to take zero chance of that continuing with such a handsome male in her private quarters.

“You say you need to get into Ereschel? I can help with that….but I wanted to make sure I got something out of it as well.”

Riniel had now straddled his lap, getting comfortable as her legs were on either side of his, looking down at the red-haired male while her hands slowly ran up his body, feeling his toned chest. One hand eventually slipped down his body and grabbed his growing cock through the black material of his trousers. She liked what she felt, finding quite a large bulge, and it seemed to still be growing.

“Tell me….have you ever wanted to enjoy the company of a Drow?”

Alex’s head was starting to spin as the drink took its effect. He wondered if he was going to pass out before anything even started, but right before he answered, he found his head completely clear….and he was very, very horny.

“Not until I came across you, Riniel…do you want me to fuck you?”

Fuck…or Vith, as it was known in her language. It was such a crude word, though she knew of it in his language. She knew its meaning and, for the first time, actually understood it and wanted it done.

“Yes…usstan ssinssrin dos ulu vith uns’aa ‘zil dubo ‘zil dos shlu’ta, Alexander.” (I want you to fuck me as hard as you can.)

With his newfound clarity, his hands reached up and undid the clasps that held the small breastguards that she wore, letting her large mounds into full view. The Drow moaned softly as she felt the man’s strong hands cup her breasts and squeeze them, eventually watching him lean forward and suck on them. Her nipples were a darker shade of purple, with large areolas and sensitive nipples. His tongue teased and licked at them as she moaned out in pleasure. One of her hands was wrapped around his neck while the other was fishing out his cock, finally undoing his trousers and opening them up enough to pull it out. She let her hand very slowly go from the base to the tip, her eyes widening at how long it was.

“ol orn’la kluth dos zhahen velkresa folbol ves izznarg dal uns’aa.” (It would seem you were hiding something very large from me.)

It was a bit strange to have her speaking so seductively to him in her own language, but it turned him on even further. Indeed, he was hiding a long, thick cock in his pants from her.

“Izznarg lu’ ves halt, ussta ssin’urn Ilythiiri” (Large and very thick, my sexy Drow.)

His teeth lightly clenched one of her nipples, causing a shudder to go throughout her body as she moaned out. She pulled him away from her breasts and kissed him deeply on his lips, her tongue sliding into her mouth as the concoction she poured for both of them was now coursing throughout their bodies fully. He was rock hard, throbbing against her body and she was very hot and wet. The mere thought of how taboo this was for her to be seducing a human only drove her further into a lust-filled craze.

She would slide very slowly down his body, dismounting from his lap until she was on her knees in front of him, spreading his legs apart so she could slip in between them. Quickly, she yanked his trousers off of his body while he pulled off the rest, revealing his toned body to her. She found him far more attractive than any Drow male she had come into contact with, and she was going to make the most of the moment. She leaned forward between his legs and engulfed his long cock, bobbing her head up and down on the thick member almost immediately. Going slow was not fun to her. She wanted it fast, hard, and rough, and it seemed that the Human didn’t mind that at all.

“Ohhhhhh….Riniel….shlu’ta dos satiir lu’oh dubo Usstan tlun whol dos?” (Can you feel how hard I am for you?)

She would nod to him briefly with his cock still in her mouth before resuming her torrid pace, jerking his cock roughly as she sucked on it, bobbing up and down while her grayish-silver hair bounced around. His hands grabbed the back of her head, pumping her head downwards harder as she groaned on his cock, gagging on it a bit but not stopping her wet, sloppy blowjob. Her free hand would trade off between playing with her own breasts and fingering herself, eventually unclasping the thong piece that she wore to have easier access. The busty Drow was in pure heaven sucking on his cock, finding it to be everything she wanted and then some. She would pop his cock out of her mouth, licking at the head of it teasingly as she looked up at him with those deep red eyes.

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