Experiments 01 “My son Jack and I surprise each other…”

(Of course all characters are fictional and 18 years or older)


My son Jack and I went to our cabin on Lake Elsie north of Minneapolis to fix the roof and several other needed maintenance items. Jack was off to school at the U of MN in a few short weeks and I needed him to help before he was otherwise occupied.

The cabin had been built by my dad in the late 40′s and was most rudimentary. We had running water but no electricity and heat was a wood kitchen stove and small fireplace. Ever since I can remember we spent at least a week on that small lake.

We arrived the night before and got an early start on the roof. It was dirty, hot and tiring. We must have looked a sight, my denim’s were torn and Jack was wearing a filthy T shirt and baggy mustard colored shorts. Quitting about 3:30 we each had a beer and I went to take a shower. The cabin has a larger main room with bump out for the kitchen, another bump out with two small bedrooms and bathroom squeezed between them. No doors, just curtains. The shower consisted of an old claw foot tub with a stand pipe shower… The water was heated by the kitchen stove… so no hot water today, but I didn’t care.

I was about to step into the shower and turn on water the when the shower curtain rod came down. I stood with one leg on edge of the tub, the other on the floor stooped over trying to fit the rod back into the holder. The screws were loose so I yelled to Jack to bring a Phillips screwdriver and come help me.

In a couple moments I heard the curtain at the door slide back and Jack, suppressing laughter, said, “Jeeze dad. You should see yourself.”

“Just give me the dammed screwdriver and get over here! Hold this up for me.”

There was a pause and then a FLASH. Crap. That damned phone.


The room was very narrow with the toilet right next to the tub, so there was no room for the two of us. I handed the rod back to Jack and reached up to replace the rod holder. The rod had to be in the holder before I could screw it back in new holes, so Jack had to reach over me to hold it in place.

THAT pushed his ‘package’ up against my left hip. He was very tentative about pushing against me, but also couldn’t reach to place the rod in the holder.

“Come on Jack. Get the damned thing up here. YES. Just a little higher.”

Well I could really feel Jacks junk now pressed tightly against my thigh. Also I could feel that it was changing. Clearly the contact was causing his penis to continue to thicken.

“Uh, hurry up dad. It’s hard to hold it this way.”

His skimpy, nylon shorts left virtually nothing between us as he struggled to keep the shower curtain rod held in the right place. Twisting the screwdriver caused a movement of my hips which in turn rubbed on Jack. There was no question he was getting a hardon. In all honesty I have to state that I am not totally innocent here, because for some time I have used butt plugs, dildo’s and other toys on both myself and willing partners.

“Almost done son.” and just to play with Jack a little, I slid my butt left causing his thick, raising penis to center on my butt cheeks.

“Ugh. DAD, what are you doing! That’s really dangerous you know.”

“Here, hold this.” I said, handing the screwdriver over my shoulder. When he took it I slid my hand down and ran my fingers from the base of his penis down to the end of his shorts. It was quite hard. A couple inches were protruding beyond the shorts.

“Ghaa. I’ll make a mess. Let go…” Jack couldn’t back away because he was against the wall. There was barely room for the two of us between the wall and the sink.

I turned, grasped Jack’s penis and lifted it, well freeing it really. It just sprang up. The lose shorts were no restriction. It was also obvious that my penis had not been sleeping either.

Holding Jack’s penis I placed mine on top of his and pushed forward to compare size and length. The head on Jack’s was pressing against my balls before the head of mine touched his groin. Wow. It was thicker too! I always considered myself normal in size and hopefully on the big side of normal, but Jack’s was clearly bigger.

“That is a nice piece of Norwegian Wood you’ve got there Jack. Just like your grandfather. He was big like that too. Called it his Norwegian Wood.”

“DAD! For the last time, I’m going to go off. Let Go!”

I squeezed hard on the middle of his long penis using my thumb and forefinger.

“No you can hold it! Just stay still a minute.”

I turned around, opened the medicine cabinet and took my trusty jar of Vaseline from the top shelf, spun off the lid and with two fingers gouged out a large glop. Turning back I grabbed him again and slid the large glop on the glossy, purple globe.

Not letting go of his penis, I turned around, bent to lay my arm and head on the counter. I needed to move quickly so Jack wouldn’t get weirded out. I aimed his penis at my eager sphincter and pressed back. It spread my cheeks and fortunately squished the Vaseline exactly where it needed to go.

“Oh god! Dad…. Uh… Really? I don’t want to hurt…. OW don’t push so hard. It’s not going to go in.”

“Grab it with your fist and help it. It’ll go. Push!”

He pushed, I pushed. I felt myself give way and flair open. The knob slid in.

“My god. Really! Oh, oh.” He grabbed my hips with hot shaking hands and in seconds was shooting huge spurts of hot cum.

“I’m so sorry dad. I shouldn’t ….”

“Shut up Jack. It’s exactly what I wanted. Just DON’T take it out.”

“Does it hurt?” After a moments pause, “Wow, that’s radical. ….. .It’s softening, so it will come out easier.”

“NO!” I instructed. “Move it a little, don’t let it get soft.”

“Really?” he replied as he began small movements.

I reached between my legs to feel where he impaled me to find a hot, large, REAL cock in my ass. That was exciting!

Suddenly there was a flash! Damn that kid, his phone camera again.

“Jack, I’m going to download those pictures to my laptop and delete them from your phone. You are NOT going to email them anywhere! Got That?”

“This is so hot dad. You should see it. I’ve never had my dick inside before.”

Another flash!

I handed the Vaseline jar over my shoulder and said, “Here, grease up the rest of your Wood.”

” It doesn’t need… I’ll be real careful pulling out.”

“Do it Jack! I want to see if I can take the whole thing and… I’m betting I can.”

Jack took the jar. “Really. You want me to put my….” His voice was shaky. I knew he was turned on.

Handing the Vaseline jar back Jack asked, “Just push? Should I pump? What do you want me to do?” He was a full and interested partner in the operation now.

“Just a steady pressure.” I said pushing carefully back. “Go until I say stop.”

Jack firmly grasped my hips, pressing forward while pulling me back. His penis moved resolutely in, filling and stretching me with his hot member. I accommodated him easily until it felt like he hit something. I let out a small moan and Jack stopped.

“What? Does it hurt. I can back out. Are you O.K. dad?”

“It’s great! I love it! Just give me a minute.” I moved my butt in a circular motion until the pressure eased.

When I pushed toward him again, Jack said, “Wait. Hold on a minute.”

Flash. “Hold it.”

“How much more son? How much is still outside?”

Another flash. Watching in the mirror over the sink I could see he held up three fingers.

Waving his phone at me he said, “Whew! This is too hot to believe. You’re goina love seeing these….”

I pushed, It was totally into taking it all.

“Uhh! Ohh!” The phone clattered to the floor as Jack grabbed my thighs. “I’m cumming again!.”

My butt pressed hard against Jacks groin. I had ALL of him. I could feel his shaft ripple and then detonate another huge blast of sperm.

“Dad,… Uugnnhh, … this is SO GOOD!” He slowly withdrew a little and pressed forward again. Liquid was expelled to run down the inside of my thighs.

“This is alright? You don’t care if I do this?” Jack asked as he slowly pumped.

Straightening I reached back and placed my hands on his hips, encouraging him to continue.

“Go for it son.” I murmured.

Watching in the mirror I could see his eyes were closed, a stern look of concentration screwed up his face as he increased the intensity of his movements.

His thrusts filled and bloated me. Withdrawing evacuated me. As he sped up there was a squishing sound as more fluid was expelled. My thighs were rivers as I grasped my own erection. It wouldn’t take much.

“Oooooh. …. Wizard! You’re going to get me off AGAIN dad.”

“Me too Jack! Me too.” I groaned as I squeezed and pumped my dick. I wanted to grab one of Jacks hands and have him extract my load, but he was too preoccupied, so I kept thumping myself.

“Gnhhhaaa!” as Jack pulled my hips extra hard and jammed his magnificent rod hard and deep in. It was surging out again. I could feel the hot fluid deep inside me. I in turn ejaculated several bursts onto the counter.

Jack stopped a moment, took a couple long, slow strokes and lightly slapped my thighs.

“Now what? I can hardly stand I’m so wiped.”

“Hold still. I’ll get off. I want to take my time.”

As I slowly moved forward I realized the real length of Jacks penis.

Just before the head was to slide out Jack said, “Stop! Wait a minute I want a picture of this.” He leaned over and I crouched down to retain the head of his penis in my butt, so he could pick up the phone.

“O.K. Now SLOW, SLOW.”

I did go slow. It felt fantastic enlarging, then a sudden rush of cool air and it was out.

“Whoa. Did I do that dad? You are leaking cum all over the place.”

“It’s all you son. My load is in the sink.” I replied.

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