I was well into my first semester of college. The University I chose was close enough to drive to, but my parents thought it would be a good idea to for me to live on campus. I didn’t mind, and actually wanted some freedom. I lived in a single dorm unit and was not having a difficult time of transitioning to life on my own. I had plenty of homework to keep me busy during the week, and I also was working out more. I was starting to enjoy the solitude of a nice long run. There was an area with lots of hills that gave me solitude and a challenge. On weekends, I would occasionally drift home to see my parents, who actually were busy doing stuff themselves. I had not seen Amy since high school graduation. She had left me a couple of rambling messages that I had not returned. I really had no reason to be mad at her. I had enjoyed myself very much during that afternoon with Rick. I guess the reason I was avoiding her was that Amy had exposed a submissive, feminine side I never knew I had. I felt being around her might expose other parts of me I did not know about.

After receiving a text message about a party she was having, I decided to go and visit her. I figured I would be safe at a party, around her stoner friends. When I got there I realized 2 things. 1: Her sister was out of town. 2: It was B.YO.B. Bring your own bong. I saw people smoking pot. They were in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hall-way and all over the place. I saw a group of people in one of the bedrooms. I wondered if she was she supplying all of them.

I stood close to the door and saw that Amy was sitting on the couch and was talking with an unfamiliar man. She seemed serious. They were looking at the screen of her phone and nodding their heads.

“Where are you at man?” Someone said to me.

“I’m just waiting for Amy.” I answered.

He continued on his way. I noticed he was having a conversation with someone else through an earpiece.

She seemed busy, and was probably not going to have time for. I looked around to see if I knew anyone. In particular, I was looking to see if Rick was there. I did not see him. I was getting ready to leave, when a hand touched my shoulder. I was half expecting it to be Rick. Something had me very horny and not in control of what I might do.

“Eric! I can’t believe you came.” Amy said.

She opened her arms and moved forward to hug me. I wrapped my arms around her. It felt good to see her again. She was dressed in black and was barefoot. Her hair was in a pony tail. Her brown eyes looked high, but not from pot. She looked energized by something else.

“How are you?” She asked.

“Good. I am sorry I never answered your messages. I have been getting used to College.” I said

“You are here now. That is nice.”

She told me about how her business venture was going. She said it gave her a sense of purpose. She was soon to get her medical marijuana distributor license, and that this party was the last type party she was going to have. Amy was going to be serious about her future and this was her way of saying goodbye to the past. I commented that I thought she looked very motivated. I told her that the desire that now filled her suited her perfectly.

“You always said the nicest things to me before. I am glad you are here. I know you probably feel out of place, but every moment with me must have felt like this.” She laughed.

“Almost every moment felt odd.” I said. “You were great.”

“How is college life?” She asked.

“It’s too structured.” I said.

“Meet any one new?”

“No. I haven’t”

“Do you still put on my sister’s thong? You left here with it that day.”

I was surprised she mentioned it. I tried not to look too fazed by her question.

“I am joking.” She said.

“How’s Rick, anyway?” I asked.

“He was around here. Something tells me you came by to see him.”

“Amy, I came to see you.” I said.

She was very perceptive. Part of me did want to see Rick. As for the thong, I was wearing it.

“I have some things to do, but I want you to know that we should stay in touch. Not just me, but you returning my messages. I mean it. I want to stay friends. You stood up for me… I was an outcast at that school. I will always have a love for you.” Amy said.

“I know.” I said.

We hugged again, and I so wanted to be her friend in the future. I wanted to think that our differences would not keep us apart completely. I said goodbye to her and left as if walking through a haze.

I gulped at the fresh air once I got outside. I stood on the porch a few moments breathing in the air. Just before I was about to leave, I felt a tongue in my ear, followed by a familiar voice. Rick was standing next to me. I had not realized how tall he really was. That day, neither of us was standing at the same time. He looked the same, except that he was full of a strange energy.

“Eric. How have you been?” He said.

Part of me wished that he had called me Erica. Perhaps, because I was dressed as a man, he called me by my real name. I looked up to him with a look that I was sure conveyed submission to him and to what he could give me.

“I am really busy tonight, but I want to see you again.” He said. “I want to see Erica again. Has she been around?”

“Yes. She has been around. You might be surprised. She looks better these days.”

“I believe it. She was something else. I have her number from Amy. I will call her soon.”

I was disappointed. I so wanted to spend some time with him. I wanted to be treated as before: like a girl. We waved goodbye to each other. I was left with a void. I needed to be satisfied. I got into my car and headed back to campus. I had brought Erica’s outfit with me, in case she was called upon that night. I wanted to cry, but found solace that he wanted to call Erica.

Once back at my dorm, I got out some outfits for Erica that I had been collecting. I had bras, skirts, women’s jeans and blouses. I also had a few shoes. I really had not mastered walking in heels, so I just used flip flops. I also had a pair of pink ballerina type shoes that Erica really felt sexy in. I was also getting better at applying make-up. I always put on very little. I only used a light amount of lipstick.

I stood in front of a full length mirror. I had on makeup and a small amount of red lipstick. I was naked, except for the white thong I had on earlier. I finally chose a pair of black spandex pants and a white blouse. I wore a white padded bra. I put on a pair of pink flip flops. I looked at myself in the mirror from all sides. I really liked the way my ass looked. I had lost a few pounds since high school due to the new exercise routine. My man boobs were only a little smaller. They had not melted away. I kind of wanted more of them now. The padded bras I wore made me feel more feminine. They made Erica feel more feminine.

I pointed my foot out, and extended my leg. I knew I needed to practice walking like a girl. I tried to go slow, moving the thighs very slowly, almost stepping in slow-motion to get a better idea of what I needed to do. I tried to work on the rhythm of my gait. I tried to keep my hands still. I wanted to be a cool girl with no exaggerated movements.

After about an hour of admiring myself and of becoming very horny, I stripped off the clothes and fell onto the bed. I was tired, and wanted to dream of Rick. I remembered the way his hand held onto my hips. I recalled his strong, calloused hands and how submissive he had made me feel.

I woke up the next morning a half hour or so later than usual. I was going to go for a jog. It was still the weekend. I got dressed quickly. Even though it was chilly, I wore shorts. My legs looked very shapely. I hardly had any hair on them, or on my face I was grateful for that. I never worked to get in such good shape while I had played baseball.

There were a few people out jogging. I chose an intermediate path. The hills were not so demanding, as I was not ready for the most difficult hills. My stride was good, as was my motivation.

I thought of Rick mostly. I should have kissed him while I had the chance. I was disappointed in myself.

Tired and sweaty, I headed back to my dorm. There was only one person in the common area. I went into the area to get a drink from the fountain. I nodded hello to him. I knew he was a wrestler. He was an inch or so shorter than my 5’10″ and looked very muscular. After I had my drink, I looked over to him one more time. He was making some notes in a small booklet. He looked up and we made eye contact for just a little too long. I felt it strange we were holding a staring contest. He then motioned to his lips, telling me to look at my lips. I turned around and found a mirror above the drinking fountain. I had lipstick all over my mouth. I had forgotten to take it off the previous night, and while wiping my face it had smudged all over my cheeks.

“Are you all right?” He said, walking towards me.

“I am fine.” I said.

I was embarrassed and wanted to get out of there quickly.

“I prefer darker colors on girls, but that is not bad.” He said.

I looked at him as if he had just dropped from the sky and was going to take me back up to wherever he had come from.

“I have to go and clean up.” I said.

I walked away, and looked over my shoulder once. He was staring at me, yet our eyes did not make contact again. He was looking at my ass as I walked away. My stomach knotted up. My previous experience had been aided by my then girlfriend, Amy. This scenario, if it ever transpired, was strictly on my own.

As soon as I got back to my room, I looked him up on the wrestling website. His name was Alex and he was from a neighboring state. He was sophomore and his major was listed as Urban Studies. He was listed at 5’10 inches tall, which meant he was an inch or two shorter and he wrestled in the 157 pound weight class. He looked cute. He had brown eyes and curly brown hair. I kept playing his words over and over in my head: “I prefer darker colors on girls, but that is not bad.” I wondered if he would ever prefer to be with me.

I tried my best to look out for Alex, but he never seemed to be around. He was not in any of the places that I was looking. I was sure that his comment did not exclude me from what it was that he liked.

We finally spotted each other after one of my runs. He came up to me and said hello. I was very nervous. His eyes were very bright and pierced through me. I wondered if he was imagining me as Erica. He had no clue about Erica was. Not yet, at least.

“How are you?” He said.

“I am fine.” I answered.

“I have some time off this weekend. Maybe we can go for a jog or something.”

“That would be great.” I said, trying not to sound too excited.

I was very excited. He gave off a very vibrant air of confidence.

“Did you have a good run?” He asked.

“Yes.” I said.

His phone suddenly rang and he seemed rushed to answer it.

“I’ll come by tonight to make plans. I have to take this call.” He said.

All my doubts about whether or not his comment was real were starting to fade. He was going to come by my dorm that night. I wasn’t going to be there, but I was sure he would like meeting Erica, and she might just like meeting him.

I went home and took a long shower. I shaved off the few visible hairs on my legs and I touched up my already trimmed pubic area. I put makeup on first. That always took me the longest. I put on some foundation and a little blush. I put on the darkest lipstick I had: a reddish black.

It took me some time picking out my outfit. I decided to wear pink panties and a pink padded bra. I wanted to wear a skirt, but decided a pair of torn at the knee jeans might suit the occasion better. I wanted to get fucked, but did not want to seem desperate. A skirt just begs to be lifted. I chose a light blue top and ballerina shoes of the same color. The last piece of my outfit was my wig: short, straight and black.

I sat down and concentrated on relaxing. I was breathing in deeply and slowly exhaling. A purposeful knock at the door brought me back to the moment. I went over to the door and tried to be confident myself. I knew my body had tightened up since I started running the hills.

“Hello, Alex.” I said, trying to sound docile.

His eyes widened as though he were just given a gift.

“Hello.” He said. “You know, I never did catch your name.”

“Erica.” I said.

I felt so slutty just then.

“Hello, Erica.”

He came into my room. There was no need to make plans. These were the plans.

“Maybe we can get our exercise in here.” He said.

I thought that a wonderful idea.

We had an awkward moment of silence, then, as two horny college kids do, we started to close in on each other. We started to kiss, and I could feel his strong hands search out my body. His hands settled on my hips. His lips were active. I peeked to look at his eyes. They were closed. His body was so strong and I told him so. On cue, he went into the middle of the room and started to undress. He kept his eyes focused, but did not look at me. His chest was impressive. I could tell he was capable of lifting plenty of weight. When he was finally down to just his briefs, he paused and let me take in his beauty. He was a vain young man who had certainly put in the work in the gym over the years.

“Wow.” I said as I was admiring him.

He kept on his underwear, and I wondered if he was hiding a small surprise for me. Or was it a large piece of meat to chew on?

It was my turn now. Without saying anything, I started moving around to a silent beat in my head. I did my best to seem girly. I turned for him so he could see my ass shake for him. I walked backwards into his body. I could feel him under his underwear. There was something solid, just like his body.

Alex grabbed my ass and squeezed. It felt so real. He moved to the front of my jeans and unbuttoned them. That is all the prodding I needed. I had them off quickly, and was presenting myself to him. I removed my top and threw off my shoes. I stood there in bra and panties. I was surprised that I was no thinking about what I was doing. I was being instinctual. He came over to mw and his momentum carried me back onto the bed. He slid off my bottoms. My little worker was very hard. I was expecting some attention from him. He only looked at it and placed a finger on the hole he was looking for.

Alex finally took off his underwear to reveal a penis about the length of mine but twice the width. I was in shock almost. I didn’t think I would be loose enough, or experienced enough to allow him in. I motioned to him that there was some lube on the nightstand. He reached over and got some. He was sort of rough as he applied it into my opening. His hands did not seem gentle at all.

“Up you go, princess.” He said.

“Where am I going?” I said, sounding frightened.

He grabbed both my legs and lifted them in the air. He pressed into me and I gasped. I tried to remember to relax. After a few attempts, he found admission and proceeded. He pushed in. A bareback adventure and my eyes were spilling out of my head. I started to grunt. Not seeming very lady like, Erica was reduced to a grunting whore as he pushed in farther. My own penis was losing all the ambition of earlier. I was in survival mode all of a sudden.

I felt he could have crushed me if he had wanted. It made me wonder if I had ever been an athlete myself.

“Please be gentle, Alex.’

“Quiet, Erica.’ He said.

He closed his eyes. Alex had a stern look on his face. His hands holding onto my legs with a power I am sure he usually saved for the wrestling mat, but here he was using it on me. My feet flopped in the air. His fullness enveloped me with nothing but pain. Any tenderness I had expected for the girly Erica was gone. He continued his power strokes, and I continued hanging on, wanting it to be over. I raised my head to try to get a better view. He was relentless with me. His face was reddening and he held an unflinching stare. Then, finally, things changed a little. I started to pay attention more to what my body was feeling and it did not feel so bad. More, Alex. Violate this bitchy, black haired girl. Do it.

I sensed he had been with a few before me. He was too relaxed and one-minded to be an inexperienced stud. His penetration of Erica was now complete and all that was left was release.

Into Erica he came, and it felt warm and friendly, possibly the only nice thing about him. He was out of breath and wiped away some sweat from his face. Match over.

Alex looked relieved. His face softened now. His scowl was gone. I lay there looking needy. He pulled out his still engorged cock. I grabbed my semi-hard penis as if to present it to him. He laughed and flicked it with his fingers. He was done.

“See you, girl.” He said, as he gathered his things.

“What?” I said.

After the door closed I started to cry. Why was he so rough with me? I wanted him to acknowledge that I needed to be looked after, but he was gone. I needed Erica looked after, and treated like a woman who had given a man something special.

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