Roy looked up from the keyboard.‭ ‬He had been at this for hours and needed a break.‭ ‬If he were close to home he’d just fuck Elaine and feel better,‭ ‬but he was out in the desert and she was back at his house.‭ ‬He stretched,‭ ‬put on his sunglasses and walked outside.

Hunter was firing an old-fashioned Winchester Model‭ ‬94‭ ‬repeater at a jackrabbit a hundred yards away.‭ ‬Roy felt a little satisfied that he kept missing‭; ‬even his fighting machine of a friend had some weaknesses.‭ ‬Hunter fired one last shot and watched the jackrabbit escape into the cactus.

‭”‬That’s why I like an M-16.‭ ‬Hell,‭ ‬even an old M1‭ ‬could have got it,‭” ‬Hunter said,‭ ‬then he checked the chamber to make sure it was empty and set the rifle down beside the trailer.‭ ‬He turned to Roy,‭ “‬how goes it‭?”

Roy shrugged and grabbed a beer from a cooler in the shade.‭ “‬I’m in.‭ ‬I’ve got taps on all their systems.‭ ‬Anything they do by computer we can read.‭ ‬Some pretty tricky security,‭ ‬but that stuff Greg got me from the NSA finally wormed through it,‭” ‬he drained half of the Coors and let out a loud belch.‭ “‬Give it‭ ‬24‭ ‬hours to gather data and begin sifting through it and we can find out if they are on the level and if they have any surprises for us.‭”

Hunter opened his own beer.‭ “‬That’s what I like about the younger generation,‭ ‬everything has to be digital.‭ ‬No matter how good your crypto is,‭ ‬someone is better.‭ ‬Back in the old days guys kept it all in their heads,‭ ‬or the dumb ones would write it down,‭ ‬but you still had to be there to read it.‭ ‬Now you can read their e-mail and messages from here as soon as they get them.‭” ‬He took a long drink.‭ “‬What does your gut say‭?” ‬Hunter asked seriously.

It was a gut feeling that had saved them at Arsenic Wells.‭ ‬Something just told Roy that the buyers were not to be trusted.‭ ‬Everything else had looked good,‭ ‬the right people said the right things about them,‭ ‬all the digital surveillance had been good.‭ ‬All the i’s were dotted and the t’s crossed,‭ ‬but something just struck Roy as wrong.‭ ‬He could not say what,‭ ‬but there was something.‭ ‬He had rigged up a circle of booby traps,‭ ‬everything from sirens to claymores,‭ ‬around the meeting site and when the buyers pulled guns Roy was on it instantly.‭ ‬Hunter said that he had saved them a half million dollars and,‭ ‬oh by the way,‭ ‬their lives.‭ ‬Since then Roy had gone from being the tech geek to an equal partner.

‭”‬I don’t like it,‭” ‬Roy said.‭ “‬The deal is a good one,‭ ‬good enough to keep us on the hook,‭ ‬but not so good that we’d get suspicious.‭ ‬I know that somewhere behind all of this is Mark,‭ ‬I just can’t find the proof and that worries me.‭”

“Keep at it,‭ ‬kid,‭” ‬Hunter clapped Roy’s shoulder.‭ “‬No matter what,‭ ‬we’re taking precautions.‭”

Roy shrugged and picked up the rifle.‭ ‬Hunter handed him box of ammo and Roy loaded the Winchester.‭ ‬About a hundred and twenty yards away was an old‭ ‬55‭ ‬gallon drum that had been shot to hell over the past decade.‭ ‬Roy drew a bead on that and quickly fired off the eight shots in the rifle.‭ ‬He was rewarded by eight satisfying clanks as he hit home with each shot.

‭”‬Not bad,‭ ‬easier than pushing a rock,‭ ‬isn’t yet,‭” ‬Hunter said with a chuckle.

‭”‬Hey,‭ ‬you gotta do what you gotta do,‭” ‬Roy frowned at the memory of the truck going over the edge.‭ “‬Besides,‭ ‬it’s hard to explain bullet holes in corpses.‭”

“True enough,‭” ‬Hunter agreed.‭ ‬He grew serious,‭ “‬you’ve already had to kill two men to keep your new slave.‭ ‬Is she really worth it‭?”

Roy started reloading the rifle.‭ “‬Yes.‭ ‬Yes she is.‭ ‬Elaine is amazing.‭ ‬She’s beautiful and a perfectly natural slave.‭ ‬The more I use her and make her submit the more she wants.‭ ‬Hell,‭ ‬I would have killed those two cowboys for her ass alone.‭”

“You know she is going to present problems‭? ‬Word is around that Sam really wants her and Sam is not to be denied easily,‭” ‬Hunter said.

‭”‬I know,‭” ‬Roy said simply.‭ ‬He saw the jackrabbit Hunter had missed.‭ ‬He carefully aimed and fired.‭ ‬The shot hit true and the rabbit flew back,‭ ‬dead.

‭”‬Just had to mention it,‭” ‬Hunter said.‭ “‬By the way,‭ ‬nice shot.‭ ‬You want to eat that‭?”

“Nah.‭ ‬Coyotes and vultures need to eat,‭ ‬too.‭” ‬Roy fired off the remaining shots at some pieces of random trash that surrounded their trailer.‭ ‬They picked this spot because it was in the middle of nowhere,‭ ‬but there was a satellite dish and microwave relay station that they could easily access.‭ “‬Why don’t you give her a try‭?” ‬Roy asked Hunter.

‭”‬The rifle‭?” ‬Hunter asked.

‭”‬No,‭ ‬Hunter.‭ ‬Elaine.‭ ‬I’ll be here for another day or two,‭ ‬then off to scout the route.‭ ‬Anna is off and my little slave is probably getting lonely,‭” ‬Roy put the gun back in the rack.

‭”‬Well,‭ ‬I’ve done about everything I can do out here,‭” ‬Hunter said with a grin.‭ “‬Guess I’ll head to town.‭”

Roy smiled and got a card for the locks at the house for Hunter.‭ “‬Have fun‭!” ‬Roy told him.‭ ‬Hunter got into his black Suburban and drove away across the desert.

‭ ‬***

Roy had been gone eight days.‭ ‬After the long night in his room,‭ ‬he had left with a quick kiss and said‭ “‬I’ll be busy for a while.‭” ‬Elaine had not seen him since.‭ ‬Elaine’s life was not bad without him,‭ ‬but she missed her owner.‭ ‬Her days had settled into a routine:‭ ‬up for breakfast,‭ ‬then an hour or more of exercise in the gym by the garage.‭ ‬Roy had a routine given to him by the Association to keep her body just the way he liked it.‭ ‬Elaine wondered what kind of research staff the Association had on hand for this sort of thing.‭ ‬Then she had some free time in the afternoon,‭ ‬which she usually spent in her rooms surfing,‭ ‬reading or watching TV.‭ ‬Roy had given her an account at Amazon and she had used it to buy stacks of books and catch up on some reading.‭ ‬Right now she was in a Russian literature phase,‭ ‬she had plowed through Doctor Zhivago in a couple of days and moved into War and Peace,‭ ‬but found it a little slow at times.‭ ‬She had made an attempt to re-read some of her old favorites,‭ ‬like Pride and Prejudice,‭ ‬but since Roy her views on male-female relationships had changed so much that Jane Austen no longer interested her.

Anna would let her swim later in the day when the sun was behind the mountains and the heat had let up some,‭ ‬then more free time until dinner.‭ ‬Since Roy was not around,‭ ‬she read and spent more time on her computer until she went to bed alone.

Elaine thought a lot about the night at Mark’s ranch.‭ ‬Being tied up and fucked over and over by the three men had terrified her,‭ ‬and it hurt like hell,‭ ‬but it had been amazing.‭ ‬She remembered being helpless as one after another they did her in the ass,‭ ‬not caring for how she felt,‭ ‬just after their own pleasure.‭ ‬Or how it felt to have one person in her ass and one in her cunt,‭ ‬pounding away at her,‭ ‬making her feel so full.‭ ‬It was almost an out of body experience.‭ ‬She wanted to ask Roy to do that to her again,‭ ‬but was too scared and she thought he would when he was ready.

Some of the days were broken up by running errands.‭ ‬Anna took her to the grocery,‭ ‬another trip to the dry cleaners and once to the post office.‭ ‬On Monday,‭ ‬Anna took Elaine to another unmarked office for a thorough checkup by an Association doctor,‭ ‬on Tuesday back to the warehouse for more packages‭ (‬and another blow job for J.J.‭) ‬and Wednesday was her tattoo removal session.‭ ‬Already the turtle was almost gone,‭ ‬and Elaine was wistful about it’s disappearance.‭ ‬It was a reminder of Amanda and her time before Roy,‭ ‬but that was all gone.

But her life was boring.‭ ‬She missed Roy and she missed sex.‭ ‬Anna did not help either‭; ‬she seemed to have little interest in Elaine except when there was lifting to be done.‭ ‬Anna also found some minor reason to punish Elaine at least a few times a day and Elaine was getting accustomed to Anna grabbing her paddle when she found a piece of paper on the floor,‭ ‬or a towel from the pool not folded perfectly.‭ ‬Elaine was learning to detest the older German,‭ ‬and making her suck J.J.‭’‬s cock just added to it.‭ ‬She could tell from the gleam in Anna’s eyes that it was just a matter of time before she let J.J.‭ ‬fuck Elaine.

But starting yesterday,‭ ‬even Anna was off.‭ ‬She had not told Elaine where she was going,‭ ‬only that she would be gone a week and would punish Elaine for every little thing she found wrong with the house.‭ ‬Armed with the knowledge that no matter what she did she would be punished,‭ ‬Elaine was intentionally messy the first day.

Elaine still wore only her collar.‭ ‬Anna had given her several of them that did not have locks and reminded her that she was to wear them at all times when she was not showering or in the pool.‭ ‬Elaine could have disregarded that instruction,‭ ‬after all,‭ ‬how would Anna know‭? ‬But Elaine liked the reminder of her servility and bondage‭; ‬being naked except for her collar,‭ ‬ready to be taken and used,‭ ‬just seemed right.

Anna had given Elaine a card for the card locks and a vague reminder that‭ “‬curiosity killed the slave.‭” ‬Of course,‭ ‬Elaine was curious and as soon as she was sure Anna was gone,‭ ‬Elaine began exploring.‭ ‬The card allowed her access to her rooms,‭ ‬of course,‭ ‬and the kitchen.‭ ‬All the bedrooms,‭ ‬except for Roy’s,‭ ‬were fair game,‭ ‬but those did not interest her too much.‭ ‬She knew at some time she should be in each of them,‭ ‬tied and and naked while somebody fucked her.‭ ‬Time enough to get to know them later.‭ ‬The attic was pretty boring.‭ ‬It was right next to her rooms,‭ ‬but just had boxes of crap stored in it.‭ ‬She had no desire to go attic diving so left it alone.‭

On the main floor she found the kitchen,‭ ‬dining room and living room.‭ ‬There was a library and a locked door that led to what she knew was Roy’s office.‭ ‬That really intrigued her,‭ ‬but she imagined the punishment for breaking in there would be severe,‭ ‬assuming she could do it,‭ ‬and she really did not know how.‭ ‬There was a sitting/family room and a media room.‭ ‬It was all impressive,‭ ‬but not that interesting.

Elaine went down to the basement.‭ ‬She could not open the outside garage door,‭ ‬which did not surprise her.‭ ‬If she was going to leave the house she would have to do it on foot,‭ ‬and since she was miles from anything and it was over‭ ‬100‭ ‬degrees each day,‭ ‬she was not going anywhere.‭ ‬Anna’s apartment would not open,‭ ‬and Elaine was actually relieved.‭ ‬She did not want to know all that much about her warden.

She walked past the exercise room,‭ ‬she was there every day already.‭ ‬She found Roy’s workshop and lots more storage.‭ ‬He had tons of outdoors gear,‭ ‬a couple of kayaks,‭ ‬and lots of rope.‭ ‬She guessed most of it was for climbing,‭ ‬but she knew he was quick with knots.

Inevitably,‭ ‬Elaine stood in front of the door that led into the long hall into the mountain.‭ ‬She took a deep breath and held the card up to the lock.‭ ‬Much to her surprise,‭ ‬the door opened,‭ ‬the lock retracting with a heavy click.‭ ‬She turned on the light and stared down the long hallway.‭ ‬It seemed cooler already,‭ ‬the earth was insulating this part of the house from the oppressive heat outside.‭ ‬She took a step forward‭; ‬somehow she thought that whatever mystery there was here would be solved by what was behind the third door.

She padded down the twenty feet and came to the last door.‭ ‬She held her card up to the lock,‭ ‬but this time the lock buzzed angrily and flashed a red light.‭ ‬Elaine did not think she would get in to that room,‭ ‬but she was disappointed none the less.‭ ‬She had seen the room twice when Anna had her carry the unmarked boxes in there and her interest was piqued.‭ ‬What was in all of those boxes‭? ‬The room was full of them and,‭ ‬despite all of Anna’s warnings,‭ ‬she was a curious woman.‭ ‬She tried one more time,‭ ‬the lock refused again and she gave up for now.

She started back towards the garage,‭ ‬but stopped at one of the other doors.‭ ‬This one opened for her and she found herself face to face with Roy’s wine cellar.‭ ‬It was a smallish room,‭ ‬maybe eight feet by ten feet with wooden wine racks.‭ ‬It looked like only a third of them were full,‭ ‬but Roy seemed to be on his way. A few cases sat on the floor in front of the racks, Roy had not got around to opening them yet.

Elaine smiled and turned around to open the other doorway.‭ ‬This one paused a few seconds then clicked open.‭ ‬Elaine pulled on the door,‭ ‬which was heavier than it looked from the hallway.‭ ‬Behind the door it was dark.‭ ‬Elaine reached on the wall and found some switches.‭ ‬The first two she pushed each started some sort of buzzing and Elaine quickly pushed them again to stop.‭ ‬The third one was a light switch.

Elaine was in Roy’s dungeon.‭ ‬Roy had made no effort to disguise that fact that this room and once been part of a mine shaft.‭ ‬The ceiling was still supported by timbers and the walls were unfinished rock.‭ ‬Rings and hoops were stuck in the wall at various heights and some more hung from the ceiling timbers.‭ ‬There was a rack in the middle of the room and shelves with chains and whips on them.‭ ‬Elaine felt chilled standing in there.‭ ‬She would be in this room,‭ ‬tied to that rack,‭ ‬being whipped and fucked.‭ ‬It scared her,‭ ‬but she was incredibly turned on by the thought,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬On one last look around she saw something that could only be a branding iron.‭ ‬It was a small,‭ ‬maybe an inch high,‭ ‬letter‭ “‬R‭”‬.‭ ‬She picked it up and held it,‭ ‬knowing Roy would mark her with it.‭ ‬She tried to imagine the searing pain as it forced its way into her skin,‭ ‬burning Roy’s ownership of her into her delicate flesh.

Elaine quickly turned and walked out of the room.‭ ‬She calmly turned out the light,‭ ‬then shut the doors on the dungeon and the hallway.‭ ‬She ran back up the three flights of stairs to her room and jumped into her bed.‭ ‬Roy was going to brand her,‭ ‬and find all sorts of other things to do to her in that dungeon.‭ ‬She tried to catch her breath and figure out why she was so upset.‭ ‬Was it fear‭? ‬Excitement‭? ‬Dread‭? ‬Anticipation‭? ‬Maybe even all that,‭ ‬but there was also knowing that she was going to have to wait to find out.‭ ‬She spent the rest of the night trying not to think about the dungeon and the branding iron.

The next morning Roy called to let her know he would be gone for another week and to advise her to try to keep herself occupied the best she could.‭ ‬He hinted at a surprise for her sometime today,‭ ‬but did not say what.‭ ‬Elaine was horny‭; ‬at this point even getting fucked by J.J almost seemed like a welcome option.‭ ‬She planned to spend the day doing not much of anything.‭ ‬She could not really leave the house except to go swimming,‭ ‬and that was only really an option in the afternoon.‭ ‬Now she had the big house all to herself and it grew lonely and creepy.‭ ‬They were far from anyone,‭ ‬she knew that,‭ ‬but when the house settled or creaked she found herself jumping and looking for someone.‭ ‬She was relieved and disappointed,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬when there was no one there to ravish her.

After she got off the phone with Roy,‭ ‬Elaine looked at the clock‭; ‬it was‭ ‬9:58am.‭ ‬Wow,‭ ‬she had gotten into the habit of sleeping until Anna woke her up,‭ ‬when she didn’t,‭ ‬Elaine slept late.‭ ‬She stretched,‭ ‬went to the bathroom then padded downstairs to the kitchen.‭ ‬She could make coffee in her room,‭ ‬but liked seeing the mountains and the big open space of the living room.

Elaine ground the beans and started the coffee pot.‭ ‬It was only when she turned to look out the window did she realize there was someone else there.‭ ‬She jumped back,‭ ‬startled.‭ ‬She had certainly not been expecting to see anybody,‭ ‬and if she had she expected a familiar face.‭ ‬She had never seen him before,‭ ‬but he looked perfectly at ease.

‭”‬Good morning,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬he said in a crisp voice.‭ “‬I am Hunter and we will be spending some time together.‭”

Hunter was about‭ ‬50‭ ‬with short blonde hair that was thinning from the front,‭ ‬clean shaven with piercing blue eyes.‭ ‬She guessed he could be considered handsome in a rugged,‭ ‬outdoors sort of way.‭ ‬He wasn’t going to win a beauty contest,‭ ‬but she would give him a second look if she saw him walking down the street.‭ ‬He did have a nice body,‭ ‬though. He was muscular and fit in a way that suggested an active life rather than hours in a gym.‭ ‬She saw in him the same edge of violence she had seen in Sam and others.‭ ‬There was a confidence about him that he would bend her to his will,‭ ‬that she could fight if she wanted,‭ ‬but he would make her do whatever he wanted. That thought made Elaine wet without wanting to.

He walked into the kitchen and smiled,‭”‬If you’re good,‭ ‬slave,‭ ‬maybe I’ll call you by your name again later.‭”

He lifted her chin and looked her in her beautiful blue eyes.‭ ‬She returned his gaze,‭ ‬getting more turned on by the second with the thought of what he was going to do to her.‭

“You are going to do everything I tell you to do,‭ ‬aren’t you,‭ ‬slave‭?” ‬he asked.‭ ‬There was a slight accent,‭ ‬a certain clip of the vowels that hinted either northern European or South African somewhere in his background.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬she looked back in his eyes,‭ ‬feeling helpless.

‭”‬Good,‭” ‬he smiled.‭ “‬Now,‭ ‬let’s have some of that coffee.‭” ‬Hunter walked into the kitchen and sat at the table.‭ ‬When the coffee finished brewing,‭ ‬he watched Elaine pour two cups,‭ ‬drinking in every inch of her beautiful naked body.‭ ‬She poured some milk into hers and turned to him.

‭”‬How do you like your coffee,‭ ‬sir‭?” ‬Elaine asked.

‭”‬Black,‭” ‬he said.‭ ‬Then added,‭ “‬and served by a beautiful naked woman.‭”

Elaine smiled and nervously handed Hunter his cup then sat down in the chair he offered her beside him.

‭”‬It’s okay,‭ ‬sweetie,‭” ‬he said softly to her,‭ ‬putting his hand on hers.‭ “‬As long as you do as your told I will not hurt you,‭ ‬at least,‭ ‬not more than is necessary.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬sir.‭ ‬Thank you,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬Elaine mumbled and began sipping her coffee.

They drank their coffee in silence.‭ ‬Elaine was glad he did not need to fill in the empty spaces with inane chatter.‭ ‬She knew that in a few minutes he would be inside her,‭ ‬there was not a whole lot that needed to be said.‭ ‬She tried to look out the big window to the mountains and not to look at Hunter,‭ ‬but,‭ ‬invariably her eyes would wander to him and he would be focused on her.

Elaine knew of Hunter,‭ ‬or The Hunter as he was sometimes called.‭ ‬She did not know much about him,‭ ‬but between Amanda and Roy she had pieced a few things together.‭ ‬She knew he was a bounty hunter,‭ ‬he ran down bail jumpers and escaped criminals,‭ ‬but it seemed like he did that as much for fun as for the money.‭ ‬He also chased down escaped slaves and brought them back to their owners.‭ ‬From what Amanda had said,‭ ‬they never escaped The Hunter and none of them ever ran away again.‭ ‬Roy had hinted that he had been with the CIA or some other agency even more secretive and had spent a lot of time‭ “‬in Asia‭”‬.‭ ‬Elaine also knew that Roy and Hunter worked together a lot,‭ ‬and from what she had picked up at Mark’s ranch,‭ ‬they had been together at Arsenic Wells,‭ ‬whatever that meant.‭ ‬She knew he was a killer and someone who easily used violence to get what he wanted and what he wanted right now was her.

There was an unnatural calm to the morning as they finished their coffees.‭ ‬The usual noises of the house‭; ‬the hum of the air conditioning,‭ ‬the creaking as the big house settled and the soft whirl of the ceiling fans overhead were the only sounds.‭ ‬It seemed so peaceful.‭ ‬Elaine knew that soon this strong,‭ ‬willful man would be pleasuring himself in her and if she did not do everything the way he wanted he would hurt her.‭ ‬The thought of getting fucked did not scare her,‭ ‬she had not seen Roy or had an orgasm in eight days and was eager to be used.‭ ‬What did scare her was not performing well.

Hunter finished his cup and slid the empty cup to Elaine.

‭”‬More,‭ ‬sir‭?” ‬Elaine asked.

‭”‬No,‭” ‬Hunter answered,‭ “‬we’re finished.‭” ‬Elaine looked at the half cup she had left and wished she had drank faster.‭ “‬Take the cups to the sink then come back to me.‭ ‬Do not sit down.‭” ‬He scooted his chair out from the table and waited expectantly.

Elaine stood and carefully carried the cups to the sink.‭ ‬She set them in without dumping hers,‭ ‬hoping maybe she could finish it later,‭ ‬when Hunter was through with her.‭ ‬She took a deep breath and walked to the table,‭ ‬holding her chin high,‭ ‬mustering all the courage she could even as the need to be taken by Hunter nearly overwhelmed her.‭ ‬She stopped in front of him,‭ ‬displaying and offering her body to him,‭ ‬waiting for his next move.

Hunter slowly looked her up and down.‭ ‬She was indeed beautiful.‭ ‬Thirty years old with a tight body and a clever mind that could appreciate all that was being done to her.‭ ‬She was short,‭ ‬maybe‭ ‬5‭’‬2‭”‬,‭ ‬to Hunter’s professional eye he would guess‭ ‬5‭’‬1‭ ‬3/4‭” ‬and slim.‭ ‬Her dark blonde hair fell straight to the middle of her back‭ (‬Roy had told Hunter that he wanted it longer so she would grow it out‭)‬.‭ ‬Full cheeks and a pretty face were highlighted by her beautiful,‭ ‬big blue eyes.‭ ‬Many a man had fallen for her eyes without ever seeing the rest of her.‭ ‬Elaine tried a wan smile,‭ ‬when she was truly happy her smile could light up a room.‭ ‬She had a slender neck and shoulders that seemed to call out not only to be kissed,‭ ‬but held roughly while pleasure was forced from the rest of her body.‭ ‬The collar suited her well.‭ ‬His gaze wandered to her small,‭ ‬perky breasts.‭ ‬Her nipples were hard and her chest heaved with deep breaths,‭ ‬a mix of arousal and fear.‭ ‬Below was her flat stomach,‭ ‬smooth but not ripped.‭ ‬He looked down at her crotch and the neatly trimmed bush above her slit.‭ ‬Hunter and Roy agreed that pubic hair was nice,‭ ‬as long as it was maintained.‭ ‬Hunter had fucked his share of shaved woman‭ (‬especially in the last few years as it became more in style‭)‬,‭ ‬but he liked the way a bush highlighted the area and invited you in.‭ ‬She had beautiful thighs,‭ ‬silky on the inside in a way that funneled you in to her pleasure center.‭ ‬Her calves were a little thin,‭ ‬but tapered into graceful ankles and delicate feet with a high arch and red painted nails.

Elaine held her hands at her side as Hunter looked her up and down,‭ ‬still not touching her or saying anything.‭ ‬Finally,‭ ‬he broke the silence and said‭ “‬turn around.‭”

Elaine turned around and presented her back to him.‭ ‬Hunter smiled.‭ ‬Roy had gone on and on about what a great ass his slave had and now Hunter had to agree.‭ ‬Her back was smooth,‭ ‬a few dark freckles here and there against the pale background of her skin.‭ ‬Her complexion was pale,‭ ‬but not pasty white.‭ ‬She got some sun,‭ ‬and had an even light color.‭ ‬Roy was keeping her either inside or with lots of sunscreen on outside.‭ ‬Hunter agreed that the look suited her in a way a deep tan would not.‭ ‬From the back her legs looked just as sexy and inviting.‭ ‬If she was his,‭ ‬Hunter would never let her cover her legs.‭ ‬She would always been in shorts or short dresses,‭ ‬showing her legs for the whole world to enjoy.

Hunter’s gaze kept returning to the perfect ass in front of him.‭ ‬The firm cheeks with a soft,‭ ‬smooth curve.‭ ‬Just the right amount,‭ ‬not too big for her body and not too small.‭ “‬Spread your cheeks,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he ordered her,‭ “‬let me see your anus.‭”

Blushing,‭ ‬Elaine reached back and pulled her cheeks apart so Hunter could see her tight little back door.‭ ‬She had no illusions,‭ ‬he would take her there.‭ ‬It was just a matter or time.

Hunter was mesmerized by the little brown hole.‭ ‬Roy had insisted he try her ass.‭ ‬Hunter agreed it looked magnificent and he would plunder it deeply.‭ ‬Roy said he took her anal virginity only a few weeks ago‭; ‬Hunter thought it was a shame to have left an ass this wonderful unused for so long.

Elaine jumped when Hunter touched her.‭ ‬He reached his hand between her thighs and began stroking them,‭ ‬gently brushing against her lower lips with each stroke.‭ ‬She held on to her cheeks‭; ‬he had not told her to let go.‭ ‬She could feel the strength in his hands even with the soft strokes.‭ ‬He stroked her thighs a few more times then slid a finger into her slit.‭ ‬She was wet,‭ ‬ready to be used and fucked hard.‭ ‬He pushed the one finger all the way into her,‭ ‬exploring her channel,‭ ‬feeling the hot wetness.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬apparently satisfied,‭ ‬he withdrew.

‭”‬You may let go,‭” ‬Hunter told her and Elaine dropped her hands back to her side,‭ ‬still facing away from him.‭ ‬She heard him stand and start to undress.‭ ‬He carefully folded and placed each piece of clothing on the table,‭ ‬and she heard a lot of heavy objects thud onto the wooden table.

Hunter grabbed Elaine by the upper arm,‭ ‬his firm grip squeezing her and slowly pulled her into the living room.‭ ‬He looked around the room for a moment then with his other hand on her collar,‭ ‬pulled her to the sofa.‭ ‬He pushed her head down onto the seat,‭ ‬but kept a tight grip on her collar.‭ ‬With the other hand he arranged her back end to his liking,‭ ‬one foot was on the floor,‭ ‬her leg straight,‭ ‬the other leg was on the sofa,‭ ‬bent at the knee and her ass was up in the air.‭ ‬It all happened very suddenly,‭ ‬Elaine was trying to adjust to it when a cramp hit her in the hip.‭ ‬It was very painful and instinctively she tried to push up and straighten her bent leg to relieve the pressure.

Hunter smacked her ass with his free hand.‭ ‬The sound of it echoed off the vaulted ceiling of the living room and Elaine was so stunned by the hard impact of it that she could not even cry out.‭ ‬She knew there was going to be a hand print on her cheek that might linger for days‭; ‬Roy had certainly never spanked her this hard before.

‭”‬Please,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬she begged,‭ “‬I’m just trying to…‭” ‬she did not finish because he spanked her a second time,‭ ‬this time even harder and the hand on her collar tightened its grip.

‭”‬I did not say you could talk,‭” ‬Hunter barked.

Elaine began to cry.‭ ‬She was shocked by the spanking,‭ ‬but more than that the knowledge that all she was to this man was someone to fuck and if she did not do it right he would hurt her until she did.‭ ‬Trembling and crying she lay still,‭ ‬waiting for him.

Hunter stood behind her.‭ ‬Now that that little bit of unpleasantness was finished,‭ ‬he could get on with the fun.‭ ‬His hand prints glowed red on her pale ass‭; ‬he had no worries that she would not be very compliant now.‭ ‬It was almost a pity,‭ ‬he would have to find another reason to punish her later.‭ ‬Now,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬she was spread and ready for him.‭ ‬He kept one had on her collar in case she decided to pull away again,‭ ‬and with the other he guided his large,‭ ‬hard cock to her slit.‭ ‬She was ready and eager,‭ ‬wet and hot as he pushed his way into her.

Elaine moaned in pleasure as he forced his way inside her.‭ ‬As he filled her he moved both hands to her hips and she felt his iron grip on her body.‭ ‬She tried to hold still as he began slowly stretching her and fucking her.‭ ‬She was thinking of his power,‭ ‬how he had quickly bent her to his will and left no doubt about her place.‭ ‬How long would he have her today‭? ‬How often would he be back‭? ‬Could she dare hope of having Roy and Hunter fuck her at the same time‭?

She moaned happily as he plundered her body.‭ ‬In only a few minutes she came,‭ ‬panting and crying as she reached her first climax in days.‭ ‬She was so helpless,‭ ‬so much a slave.‭ ‬As her orgasm subsided,‭ ‬Hunter slowed then pulled out of her.

‭”‬Lie down on your back,‭” ‬he ordered her.

Elaine complied and lay down on the couch,‭ ‬spreading her legs and offering her already fucked pussy to him.‭ ‬She looked up at him.‭ ‬She expected to see the same scars and tattoos that Sam had.‭ ‬He had scars,‭ ‬including a few nice round ones,‭ ‬but no tattoos or distinguishing marks.‭ ‬He had a hairy chest,‭ ‬but no hair his shoulders or back.‭ She thought how wonderful it would be to have her legs on those broad shoulders. ‬He smiled at her then took a step forward and pushed his cock into her face.

Elaine opened up and took it in her mouth,‭ ‬tasting her juices on his rigid rod of flesh.‭ ‬Elaine thought he might be a little bigger than Roy’s‭ ‬7‭ ‬inches,‭ ‬but not the same size as Sam’s monstrous shaft.‭ ‬As he pushed into her throat Elaine thought more about the taste of pussy.‭ ‬Amanda’s was her favorite,‭ ‬it had been the first she had tasted and would always be the gold standard.‭ ‬She thought that her own juices tasted better than Kristy’s,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬Of course that could be because she detested the young brunette.

Elaine closed her eyes and waited for Hunter to finish.‭ ‬Just when she thought he was done,‭ ‬he pulled out of her mouth and climbed between her legs.‭ ‬He rammed his cock back into her pussy and began pounding away at her tender body.‭ ‬This sent Elaine over the edge.‭ ‬She grabbed on to his back and screamed out as another massive orgasm wracked her.‭ ‬She felt Hunter cum,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬and they both slowed to stop,‭ ‬panting and sweaty.‭ ‬With tender eyes,‭ ‬Elaine stared up at this man who had just violated her.‭ ‬He stayed inside her and stroked her cheek while he looked into her beautiful eyes.

‭”‬You’re very pretty,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he said to her as he rubbed the drying tears on her face.‭ “‬Don’t fight it.‭ ‬You can’t win and you don’t want to,‭ ‬either.‭”

Elaine was silent.

Hunter pulled out of her then put his softening cock back in her mouth to clean it off.‭ ‬Elaine obediently sucked the last of the cum out of his shaft and took it as he pushed all the way in to clean off the cum and pussy juices.‭ ‬When she was finished Hunter walked back to the table.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬he ordered,‭ “‬I have not had breakfast yet.‭ ‬Make me some food.‭”

Elaine rose from the couch and stood on wobbly legs.‭ ‬She slowly walked back into the kitchen,‭ ‬trying to regain her equilibrium after being fucked by Hunter.‭ ‬When she walked past the table Hunter reached out and slapped her ass again.

‭”‬Quickly,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he ordered.‭ “‬When I tell you to do something,‭ ‬do not dawdle.‭ ‬It appears Roy has more training in store for you.‭” ‬Even as Elaine hurried towards the kitchen she noted the crispness of his speech,‭ ‬his clear enunciation of each syllable.‭ ‬She also noted the tone of command in his voice‭; ‬he was used to giving commands and used to being obeyed instantly.

Cum dribbled down her thigh as Elaine put a skillet on the stove.‭ ‬She had no idea what he wanted,‭ ‬but figured bacon would be a good start.‭ ‬He did not strike her as the oatmeal type and probably not a vegetarian.‭ ‬There was not a lot that Elaine could cook well,‭ ‬but she was a good breakfast cook.‭ ‬She quickly put the bacon in the skillet and began making up an omelette.‭ ‬She prepped some cheese,‭ ‬green onions and bell peppers‭; ‬Roy kept a well stocked kitchen.‭

As she hurriedly chopped the vegetables she thought about the man who had just fucked her.‭ ‬She barely knew him,‭ ‬he showed up at her door,‭ ‬they had coffee and then his cock was buried inside her wet snatch.‭ ‬Now she was making him breakfast before he fucked her again.‭ ‬Another stranger using her body for his pleasure.‭ ‬She turned the bacon and wiped her thigh with a paper towel.‭ ‬She knew she would have to clean up this mess later,‭ ‬after Hunter was finished with her.‭ ‬She stifled a sob thinking of what he must think of her,‭ ‬how she was just a fuck toy to him.‭ ‬But that was what she wanted,‭ ‬wasn’t it‭?

She finished cooking the bacon,‭ ‬poured the eggs into the skillet and chopped up the bacon.‭ ‬Two pieces of wheat bread went into the toaster.‭ ‬She did not dare turn around to look at Hunter.‭ ‬She knew he was watching her as she cooked breakfast for him wearing only a collar,‭ ‬his handprints on her ass,‭ ‬his cum dribbling out of her.‭ ‬The toast popped out and she quickly buttered it then cut it in half.‭ ‬The omelette was done and she was rather proud of herself as she slid it onto a plate without messing it up.‭ ‬She took a deep breath and turned around with the plate.

Hunter,‭ ‬also naked,‭ ‬smiled a self satisfied grin as Elaine placed the plate in front of him.‭ ‬He reached up and tugged on her nipples before she could step back.

‭”‬Nicely done,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he told her.‭ “‬I guess the key to getting you to perform is to slap your ass.‭ ‬Now,‭ ‬go get that bottle of olive oil and set it on the table.‭”

Hunter began eating as Elaine got the small bottle of oil.‭ ‬She did not know if she should bring the vinegar,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬but since he had just said oil she left the other bottle.‭ ‬She sat the oil on the table and waited for his next command.

‭”‬Juice,‭” ‬he said simply and Elaine rushed to pour him a glass of orange juice,‭ ‬then stood watching as he ate.‭ ‬She realized how hungry she was,‭ ‬she had not had a chance to eat before Hunter showed up.‭ ‬Hunter ate with gusto,‭ ‬but did so neatly.‭ ‬No food spilled,‭ ‬no crumbs made their way onto his hairy chest.‭ ‬When he finished he wiped his mouth more for closure than any real need.

Elaine took his plate and glass to the sink and came back to the table.‭ ‬Hunter stood up,‭ ‬his erection clearly visible and indicating he was ready for action.‭ ‬He stepped behind her and began running his hands over her body,‭ ‬always coming back to her erect,‭ ‬sensitive nipples.‭ ‬Elaine had been sensitive about her small breasts,‭ ‬but Amanda‭ (‬who did not share Elaine’s small bust‭) ‬had spent so much time playing with and complimenting them that she had gotten over that.‭ ‬And there was no doubt she loved to have them touched.‭ ‬It did not take long for Elaine to get wet and ready for Hunter to take her again.‭ ‬She moaned and breathed heavily as his strong hands caressed her.‭ ‬She felt his cock against the cheeks of her ass and moved her hips against him,‭ ‬rubbing his hard rod with the soft flesh of her ass.‭ ‬She closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment as he softly kissed her neck.

Hunter took a step forward and pushed Elaine against the table.‭ ‬She offered no resistance as he bent her at the waist and soon her chest and face on flat on the table top.‭ ‬She stayed in that position as he took his hands off her to grab the small bottle of oil.‭ ‬Behind her,‭ ‬she heard him open it and pour some out then he put it back on the table.‭ ‬One hand grabbed her neck while the other hand guided his shaft to her back door.

Elaine tensed up as he pushed at her tight brown hole.‭ ‬The strong hand on her neck held her down as he invaded her from behind.‭ ‬Elaine whimpered in pain as Hunter forced himself into her ass,‭ ‬slowly filling her and stretching her.‭ ‬When he was all the way in and his hips pressed against her cheeks his other hand rubbed her back,‭ ‬leaving a faint sheen of oil.

Elaine was breathing raggedly.‭ ‬No matter how many times she had taken it in the ass,‭ ‬it still hurt.‭ ‬It was still humiliating and painful and reminded her of her place and that her pussy,‭ ‬neglected as it was,‭ ‬was still wet and ready.‭ ‬He began fucking her,‭ ‬slow,‭ ‬regular strokes.‭ ‬Elaine tried to shift up an inch to ease some of the pain,‭ ‬but Hunter squeezed her neck.‭ ‬It was only a thumb and one finger,‭ ‬but it hurt and she returned to how she was.‭ ‬He seemed to be in no hurry to finish,‭ ‬only slightly picking up the pace.‭ ‬It was not the take command fucking that Roy used on her or the brutal sadism of Sam.‭ ‬Hunter fucked her like a man who knew she was in his power,‭ ‬he fucked simply for the pleasure her ass brought him.‭ ‬There was no agenda of subjugation or domination,‭ ‬he knew he was in charge,‭ ‬he just wanted to wring every last bit of pleasure from her body.‭ ‬Only when he came did he really pound into her,‭ ‬and she cried out in pain as he grunted in pleasure.

Hunter leaned forward and whispered in her ear,‭ “‬you have an amazing ass,‭ ‬slave.‭” ‬He brushed her sweaty hair away from her face and kissed her ear.‭ “‬We’re going to get to know each other better.‭ ‬You’re mine today,‭ ‬Elaine.‭”

He pulled out of her ass,‭ ‬leaving a string of cum.

‭”‬Clean up the dishes and make another pot of coffee,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Hunter took a towel,‭ ‬wiped off his cock and sat back to watch Elaine.

She stood up,‭ ‬too fast as it turned out and fell on the ground.‭ ‬She thought Hunter might punish her,‭ ‬but instead he helped her to her feet.‭ “‬Slowly,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he said to her reassuringly,‭ “‬don’t hurt yourself.‭” ‬He smiled at her,‭ “‬after all,‭ ‬that’s my job.‭”

Grateful for the kindness,‭ ‬Elaine flashed a timid smile and took a minute to gain her bearings.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬slowly,‭ ‬she started more coffee.‭ ‬When it finished she poured two more cups and sat down at the table with Hunter.‭ ‬Elaine was happy that this morning was turning out better than the lonely day she had expected.‭ ‬She was becoming fascinated by Hunter wondered what he had planned for her next.

“Elaine,‭ ‬how would you like to go hiking with me‭?” ‬Hunter asked her as they sipped their coffees.‭ “‬Someplace cool,‭ ‬up in mountains in Utah‭? ‬Roy said I could borrow you for a few days and I’d like to get out of the damn heat.‭”

Elaine had been cooped up in the house basically since she had gotten here.‭ ‬The only times she had gone out were on errands with Anna and those usually included sucking J.J.‭’‬s cock.‭ ‬She missed being outside in the forests and mountains,‭ ‬even the deserts when it cooled off a bit.‭ ‬She missed fresh air and exercising in the outdoors.‭ ‬She knew whatever they did,‭ ‬Hunter would be fucking her,‭ ‬so she might as well enjoy the scenery,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬Elaine was honest enough to admit that having Hunter there to make full use of her would help balance out the lack of lurking ravishers these past few days.

‭”‬I would like that,‭ ‬sir.‭ ‬I would really enjoy it,‭” ‬Elaine let the joy of being outside show in her voice.

A quick trace of sadness crossed Hunter’s face.‭ ‬Going to zoos had always depressed him.‭ ‬Seeing the magnificent animals,‭ ‬especially the lions,‭ ‬caged just struck him to his core.‭ ‬He knew lions needed to range,‭ ‬to have lots of space and freedom to truly be lions.‭ ‬Cut off from that they were incomplete,‭ ‬forever unhappy.‭ ‬He had just seen that look in Elaine’s eyes.‭ ‬But did she want freedom or just some space to reconnect to herself and the rest of the world‭? ‬She was a totally different person than she was just a few long weeks ago.‭ ‬What was still there‭? ‬What was gone and what was new inside her‭? ‬Who was she now‭? ‬She knew she was a slave,‭ ‬but what did that really mean‭?

“Here,‭” ‬he handed her a bag of clothes he had brought.‭ “‬Get cleaned up and dressed then let’s go get you outfitted.‭”

Elaine wanted to tell him that she did not need gear,‭ ‬but then remember that here she did not even have any clothes and gratefully took the bag.‭ ‬Inside where some khaki shorts that showed a lot of thigh and a white,‭ ‬long sleeve t-shirt featuring a big print of one of the more popular southwestern artists.

They finished their coffee and Elaine ran upstairs to shower.‭ ‬When she returned Hunter was tying his boots and looked up at her.‭ ‬Hunter was struck again by her beauty and innocence,‭ ‬even after all he had done to her.‭ ‬He wanted to take her again right now,‭ ‬but forced himself to wait.‭ ‬They had a long way to go today.

‭”‬Amanda’s files on you say that you are a great hiker,‭ ‬I’m curious to see what you’ve got,‭” ‬a slight challenge gleamed in his eyes.

Elaine rose to it.‭ “‬Aren’t you afraid I’ll run away‭?”

“I would be disappointed if you did not,‭” ‬he smiled.‭ “‬Now,‭ ‬let’s go spend money.‭”

He led her out.‭ ‬Elaine had expected to see the black suburban,‭ ‬but was greeted instead by an old Ford Bronco.‭ ‬It was still in great shape and look well maintained,‭ ‬but she was surprised to see it.

‭”‬Play car,‭” ‬Hunter said and offered her a hand up into the Ford.‭ “‬The Suburban is the work car.‭”

They went to a small outfitter way out of town.‭ ‬An older lady and gentlemen,‭ ‬both of whom looked like they had spent a lot of time outside before the days of sunscreen,‭ ‬greeted them as they came in.‭ ‬They instantly recognized Mr.‭ ‬Hunter.

‭”‬Gladys,‭ ‬William,‭” ‬he introduced them,‭ “‬This is Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine needs boots,‭ ‬socks,‭ ‬clothes,‭ ‬pack‭; ‬the works.‭ ‬She is in town and finds herself without all of her gear before a big weekend.‭ ‬She knows what she wants,‭ ‬please provide it.‭ ‬Don’t worry about price,‭ ‬I want the best for her.‭”

Elaine was briefly startled by this.‭ ‬She had not interacted regularly with people in a while and it took her a second to start thinking and looking.‭ ‬First she went for boots‭; ‬lightweight and waterproof with decent ankle support and comfortable.‭ ‬Then a day pack,‭ ‬socks and pants‭ (“‬Roy doesn’t want you scratched up‭”)‬,‭ ‬a rain jacket,‭ ‬hat and so on.‭ ‬Hunter insisted on top of the line and happily paid for it all.

‭”‬You need to have all this,‭” ‬Hunter told her as they left town.‭ “‬You need to be out more and with all this at hand,‭ ‬Roy can take you,‭ ‬too.‭”

She leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.‭ “‬Thanks,‭ ‬Hunter,‭” ‬she sat down on her side of the bench.‭ “‬So where are we going‭?”

“There’s a sky island,‭ ‬old volcano that punched through the plateau about‭ ‬30‭ ‬million years ago.‭ ‬that stands kind of off by itself from the rest of the mountains.‭ ‬It goes up to‭ ‬12,000‭’ ‬feet,‭ ‬nice pine and Aspen forest,‭ ‬some creeks.‭ ‬Lots of empty space,‭” ‬Hunter answered.

‭”‬And what are we going to do up there,‭ ‬sir‭?” ‬Elaine leaned back against the bench and stretched out her lovely legs.

Few men could hope to resist the allure of Elaine’s perfect thighs and Hunter did not even try.‭ ‬He drove with one hand while the other caressed the silk of her thighs.‭ “‬We are going to play,‭” ‬he answered with a look that said he would speak no more of it.

Elaine was not sure how long they were on the road.‭ ‬She had explored some of this territory when she had lived with Amanda at the Grand Canyon and recognized Zion when they stopped for lunch in a lovely grove of cottonwoods by the river.‭ ‬She had thought Hunter might want to use her there,‭ ‬but there were too many people around.‭

Elaine enjoyed the scenery,‭ ‬but she also watched Hunter.‭ ‬There was something strong,‭ ‬confident and predatory about him.‭ ‬He always knew where she was and what she was doing,‭ ‬but his attention was rarely on her,‭ ‬he was constantly surveying their surroundings,‭ ‬observing and noticing details she missed.‭ ‬A few times he pointed out deer or birds in the distance or some tiny,‭ ‬beautiful flower that Elaine did not see.‭ ‬She thought of how he felt inside her,‭ ‬how he knew she would do precisely what he wanted.‭ ‬Until she got back to Roy,‭ ‬she was Hunter’s and he could do anything he wanted to her.

Once they passed the park,‭ ‬Hunter turned on to dirt roads and for the next several hours they wound their way through canyons and over ridges until the began to climb in the early afternoon.‭ ‬Elaine had thought about sleeping,‭ ‬but was enjoying watching the scenery.‭ ‬Hunter’s hand,‭ ‬frequently on her thigh,‭ ‬also promised more for later.

The last hour they were on what could only be considered a road in the broadest sense of the word.‭ ‬There were‭ (‬usually‭) ‬two tracks for the wheels,‭ ‬but it curved and zigzagged,‭ ‬went across creeks and over rocks.‭ ‬At one point Hunter had to stop,‭ ‬get out a chain saw and clear a tree that had fallen across the road.‭ ‬Finally,‭ ‬they stopped in a beautiful meadow surrounded by firs and aspens.‭ ‬A small stream ran through the middle and Hunter found a flat spot to camp.‭ ‬Elaine looked around‭; ‬the mountain rose up around them,‭ ‬ridges leading to a summit high above.‭ ‬She thought that the men who liked fucking her certainly picked scenic spots to do it.

Hunter quickly made camp.‭ ‬He spread a tarp on the ground,‭ ‬two sleeping pads on top of that and two mummy bags on top of those.‭ ‬There was a ring of rocks for a fire and he sent Elaine to gather some wood.‭ ‬They were on the west face of the mountain so they still had sunlight,‭ ‬but it was getting late and there was a chill in the air when Hunter started dinner.‭ ‬It was simple,‭ ‬a couple of cans of chowder and a loaf of sourdough bread.‭ ‬Still,‭ ‬Elaine was hungry and ate eagerly.

Elaine kept waiting for Hunter to use her again.‭ ‬She wanted to be fucked hard by this strong man,‭ ‬his hands on her,‭ ‬his cock inside her.‭ ‬He showed restraint,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬The sun went down and the campfire started to burn low when he spoke to her about it.‭ “‬I am keeping you wound up,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he said to her.‭ “‬I want you nice and horny and ready when we play tomorrow.‭ ‬That does not mean,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬I will deny myself.‭ ‬Strip,‭” ‬he ordered her.‭ ‬Elaine stood up and obeyed,‭ ‬first her shirt,‭ ‬her nipples hard and erect in the chill and her arousal.‭ ‬Then she slid off her shorts and socks and stood naked in front of Hunter.‭ ‬Hunter gazed on her,‭ ‬savoring her beauty.‭ ‬The light of the fire flickered on her body and Hunter realized that Roy was right,‭ ‬she was worth killing for to keep.

Elaine looked up at him expectantly as he approached her.‭ ‬Hunter pulled her hands behind her back and tied them.‭ ‬He began caressing her‭; ‬rubbing his rough,‭ ‬strong hands on her smooth skin.‭ ‬She was breathing heavily as he touched her,‭ ‬aching to be taken by him.‭ ‬Hunter leaned in,‭ ‬kissed her softly on her slender neck and whispered in her ear‭ “‬on your knees and open your mouth.‭”

Elaine did as she was told,‭ ‬kneeling on their camp bed.‭ ‬Hunter undressed and stood in front of her.‭ ‬He ran his fingers through her long hair then roughly grabbed a hand full.‭ ‬He slid his cock into her waiting mouth,‭ ‬deeper and deeper.‭ ‬She gagged as he pushed past her tongue and into her throat.‭ ‬Elaine had rarely sucked much cock before Roy,‭ ‬she had only had her boyfriends cum in her mouth a couple of times.‭ ‬Now,‭ ‬well,‭ ‬now there had been almost too many men to count ramming their hard shafts into her throat.‭ ‬It made her feel so helpless and abused and that made her want more.

Hunter had both hands in her hair and took her slowly.‭ ‬He pulled her hair just hard enough for it to hurt and to get her to move how he liked.‭ ‬She had such a pretty face and he loved watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth,‭ ‬her eyes closed and pinched in discomfort.‭ ‬Who would not want to abuse a woman like this‭?

Hunter moaned and came in her mouth.‭ “‬Swallow every drop,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he told her.‭ ‬Elaine gagged and felt his cum fill her mouth,‭ ‬but she kept it all in and swallowed.

Hunter patted her cheeks and left her kneeling there and went back to the truck.‭ ‬He returned with a collar and leash.‭ ‬He collared her and tied the collar to a stake in the ground,‭ ‬then he tied her ankles together and had her lie down in her sleeping bag.

‭”‬Good night,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬Hunter said to her as he climbed in his bag.

‭”‬Good night,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬Elaine said.‭ ‬She watched the stars for a little while,‭ ‬enjoying being outside again and tasting Hunter’s cum in her mouth.‭ ‬She wondered what he would do to her tomorrow and fell asleep.

‭ * * *

Hunter had woken her up at dawn.‭ ‬She dressed, he built the fire back up and they had coffee and breakfast while he told her about the day.

‭”‬I am going to hunt you today,‭” ‬he said to her as she watched him with her glorious blue eyes.‭ ‬She did not ask any questions yet.‭ “‬You will go off into the forest,‭ ‬and I will find you.‭ ‬When I find you,‭ ‬well,‭ ‬you can guess all the things I will do to you then.‭”

Elaine just wanted to be fucked by him.‭ ‬She did not see any reason to really try to get away when all she wanted was to be caught.

As if reading her mind Hunter said,‭ “‬just in case you are thinking of letting me get you so you can get the fucking I denied you last night,‭ ‬well,‭ ‬I will make you try.‭ ‬Here is your incentive,‭” ‬he held out a riding crop and smacked Elaine on the ass with it.‭ ‬Elaine yelped and jumped,‭ ‬even through her jeans it really stung.‭ “‬When I catch you,‭ ‬we will start out with one hundred,‭ ‬on your bare skin.‭ ‬I am giving you a two hour head start.‭ ‬After that,‭ ‬for every hour you stay free I will reduce it by ten strokes.‭ ‬If you manage to stay free for‭ ‬12‭ ‬hours,‭ ‬that’s the two hour head start plus ten hours,‭ ‬you get no lashes.‭”

Elaine looked up at Hunter with a challenge in her eyes.‭ ‬If she was going to try,‭ ‬she was really going to try.‭ “‬What if I stay free longer‭?”

“You won’t,‭” ‬Hunter said with absolute confidence.

‭”‬But what if I do‭?” ‬Elaine insisted.‭ ‬Hunter gave her a cross look and Elaine thought for sure that he was going to punish her for insolence,‭ ‬but instead a grin crept across his face.

‭”‬Fine,‭ ‬little slave,‭ ‬if I don’t catch you within‭ ‬12‭ ‬hours you can give me twenty strokes for every hour after that,‭” ‬he finally said.

‭”‬You’re that confident‭?” ‬Elaine asked.

‭”‬I’m that good,‭” ‬he shrugged and handed her her backpack.‭ “‬Your two hours begins,‭ ‬now.‭” ‬He pushed a button on his watch and waited for Elaine to leave.

Elaine strapped on the pack,‭ ‬took a minute to make sure her boots were tight,‭ ‬gave Hunter a quick kiss and loped up the meadow and into the trees.‭ ‬She knew she had to put some distance between Hunter and her and might as well start now.

Hunter smiled and relished the thought of what he was going to do to Elaine once he caught her,‭ ‬and the little surprise waiting for her up there.‭ ‬He would give her two hours before he went after her,‭ ‬but that did not mean he would not watch.‭ ‬The campsite was in a clearing in the valley that gave great views all around.‭ ‬At some point she would top out on one of the ridges and he would see her and be on his way.‭ ‬He was already picturing her tied and squirming while he administered her whipping.‭ ‬It was going to be a fun day.‭ ‬He was happy to see her run,‭ ‬he wanted to watch her move,‭ ‬to see her body in action before he caught and plundered her.‭ ‬She had a lithe grace to her,‭ ‬not like a lion but a deer running from a surprising noise‭; ‬she was prey,‭ ‬not predator.

As soon as she was far enough away from camp Elaine stopped.‭ ‬She knew that weight was key here,‭ ‬the more she carried in her pack the slower she would go and the more tired she would be.‭ ‬A few minutes now might give her a couple of extra miles and hours before it was all said and done.‭ ‬Hunter had packed a heavy pack for her,‭ ‬she was sure that was part of his plan.‭ ‬He would find the pile of crap she was discarding,‭ ‬but traveling light meant traveling faster.‭ ‬She dumped the contents on the ground.‭ ‬There were a couple of MREs.‭ ‬She stripped these,‭ ‬taking only some of the food and leaving the heating packs and anything that wasn’t quick energy.‭ ‬He had a survival kit with an emergency shelter,‭ ‬that went.‭ ‬She was not going to be out after dark.‭ ‬One way or another,‭ ‬Hunter would find her before then.‭ ‬She kept the rain jacket,‭ ‬but got rid of the fleece pullover.‭ ‬She kept some bandaids and tape out of the first aid kit and left the rest.‭ ‬He had given her four liters of water,‭ ‬she drank one,‭ ‬dumped one and packed the other two.‭ ‬She noted wryly that he did not include a map,‭ ‬compass or knife.‭ ‬Had she been on her own and not running from someone she would have kept it all,‭ ‬but she happily shouldered the lighter pack and headed back up the slope.‭

‬She moved quickly,‭ ‬but had to change routes when she ran into a big field of dead fall trees.‭ ‬The trees were down,‭ ‬crisscrossed and Elaine quickly realized that she was either going to have to climb over them continuously or change course.‭ ‬She could head to her right,‭ ‬but that would swing her back towards camp and surrender some of the valuable time she had gained on Hunter.‭ ‬She backed down a little,‭ ‬below the downed trees,‭ ‬and looped to the left.‭ ‬She made good time and soon was able to resume going up,‭ ‬but now she was limited in where she could go.‭ ‬To her right were the downed trees,‭ ‬only up here they still had their branches which made them impassable,‭ ‬it would be like trying to crawl through barbed wire.‭ ‬To the left she was rapidly approaching the top of the ridge and would be visible silhouetted against the sky.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬she didn’t have much choice.‭ ‬She stopped,‭ ‬took a long drink of water,‭ ‬ate a power bar then pushed on.‭

‬When Elaine reached the top of the ridge the alarm on her watch went off.‭ ‬Her two hour head start was over.‭ ‬She looked down and realized she could see their camp far below.‭ ‬She could barely make out the form of Hunter before he sprinted into the trees.‭ ‬She knew he had seen her.‭ ‬She tried not to panic,‭ ‬the trick was time.‭ ‬Every hour meant ten less lashes and she meant to make the most of it.‭ ‬The ridge was rocky,‭ ‬a boulder field that led to the summit.‭ ‬If she could get over the mountain and drop down the other side she would be harder to find.‭ ‬The only problem was that she was going to be very visible until she was over the top.‭ ‬Nothing to be done about it unless she wanted to risk doubling back and heading down,‭ ‬but she looked over the other side of the ridge and it was not a good idea.‭ ‬She could either go back through the mess of downed trees or drop down a steep,‭ ‬lose slope with what looked like a couple of big cliffs and cross an avalanche chute.‭ ‬It looked like an invitation to a broken leg.‭ ‬If her life had depended on it,‭ ‬she might give it a try.‭ ‬It didn’t,‭ ‬so she went up.‭

‬Elaine had spent enough time hiking that she knew how to get into a steady,‭ ‬ground eating pace.‭ ‬Each step up was a step in the right direction.‭ ‬She was in good shape and this part was sheer determination,‭ ‬one foot in front of the other,‭ ‬up and up.‭ ‬A few times rocks rolled under her and she stumbled.‭ ‬Every few minutes she had to stop to catch her breath,‭ ‬more often as she got higher and the ridge became steeper.‭ ‬Finally,‭ ‬she ran out of up:‭ ‬she was at the top.‭ ‬She stopped to breathe,‭ ‬drank some water and had a quick snack.‭ ‬The view was breathtaking.‭ ‬She could see the mountains and canyons of southern Utah and,‭ ‬in the distance,‭ ‬a line of clouds that she knew were the Rockies.‭ ‬She would have liked to either be able to enjoy the view or have Hunter just catch her here.‭ ‬But neither was possible at the moment.‭ ‬She checked her watch,‭ ‬she had left camp four hours ago.‭ ‬That meant she was down to‭ ‬80.‭

‬She looked down the way she came and thought she saw someone moving,‭ ‬but couldn’t be sure.‭ ‬She surveyed the summit and was shocked to see a trail heading down the other side of the mountain.‭ ‬She realized that there probably would be one,‭ ‬most any mountain worth noticing had a trail on it,‭ ‬so why not this one‭? ‬She knew she could make good time on it,‭ ‬she also knew Hunter would make better time.‭ ‬She made a plan,‭ ‬take the trail at least below the trees then get off it.‭ ‬She was tired,‭ ‬but thrilled by the chase and eager for more hiking.‭ ‬If Hunter was going to get her,‭ ‬she was going to make him work for his fun.‭ ‬She knew not to run,‭ “‬don’t rush the mountain‭” ‬she had been told many times and carefully stepped down.‭ ‬Once she got into the trees,‭ ‬though,‭ ‬her footing improved and she ran for a mile.‭

‬Elaine stopped for a break,‭ ‬the trail dropped to the left,‭ ‬heading generally away from camp.‭ ‬She wished she had a map so she knew where the trail went.‭ ‬She decided to get back on the same side of the mountain,‭ ‬thinking that Hunter might not expect that.‭ ‬Another hour had gone by,‭ ‬she was down to seventy.‭ ‬Walking carefully,‭ ‬trying to stay on rocks and logs where she would not leave any tracks she dropped into a drainage that led down the mountain.‭ ‬It was a little choked with downed trees,‭ ‬but she was able to work her way around those‭; ‬sometimes she climbed under,‭ ‬sometimes over,‭ ‬sometimes around and once or twice she just forced herself through the branches,‭ ‬picking up a few scratches.‭ ‬At one point she pushed through some branches and one snapped back and smacked her in the ass.‭ ‬She thought wryly that that should count towards her total when Hunter caught her.‭

Elaine continued down the drainage.‭ ‬It began to quickly narrow and get steeper.‭ ‬She stopped and looked over the edge of a fifty foot dry waterfall.‭ ‬She was going to have to get out of it now and get on the ridge.‭ ‬She could be seen easier,‭ ‬but this drainage had played out.‭ ‬On the ridge she would be more visible,‭ ‬but she had to get out.‭ ‬Which side,‭ ‬though‭? ‬She stopped,‭ ‬caught her breath and listened.‭ ‬She heard someone far above her on the left side,‭ ‬a distant sound of heavy crashing through the trees.‭ ‬That made her choice for her,‭ ‬it might be an elk or bear,‭ ‬but she did not want to chance that.‭ ‬Elaine took a drink of water and counted ten breaths then scrambled up the steep right side of the drainage.‭ ‬The footing was a little loose and she skidded some,‭ ‬but made it out without too much problem.

She topped out on the ridge in between a pair of big Douglas-Firs when she was knocked to the ground.‭ ‬Something big and strong whacked her in the middle of her pack and drove her down.‭ ‬She was winded from the fast climb and the sudden impact knocked all her breath from her.‭ ‬She lay on her stomach trying to catch her breath when someone landed on her back.‭ ‬He grabbed her hands and quickly tied them together.‭ ‬Another man darted out from under a tree and blindfolded her before she got a good look at him then hooked a collar around her neck.‭ ‬He held her by her hair and tied a gag in her mouth.‭ ‬Elaine franticly sucked air through her nose and,‭ ‬once the man got off her back,‭ ‬was able to breathe again.

Elaine knew she had been captured,‭ ‬but by whom‭? ‬She thought now that Hunter might have been herding her this way the whole time,‭ ‬had he planned this then‭? ‬Were they going to bring her back to Hunter‭? ‬He had not said anything about other people so she really did not know.

‭”‬Alright,‭” ‬one said in an English accent,‭ “‬let’s get her back to camp.‭”

Elaine was lifted to her feet.‭ ‬They slid up her blindfold just enough to let her see her feet and began pulling her by the collar.‭ ‬The one behind her stopped to rub her ass through her pants.

‭”‬Yeah,‭ ‬we’re gonna have some fun with this one,‭” ‬he said with a hint of a Scottish brogue.

Elaine was pushed and pulled back down the mountain.‭ ‬She kept tripping and stumbling,‭ ‬but the one behind her had a firm grip on her pack and kept her from falling down.‭ ‬She did manage to bang up her toes and shins,‭ ‬though.‭ ‬After a while they got on an elk path and the going got easier.‭ ‬The ground was soft and free of rocks and her helper from behind kept her from clothes-lining herself on any low hanging branches.‭ ‬But given what she thought they were going to do to her,‭ ‬she could not feel much gratitude.

They walked for a while,‭ ‬stopping twice for water breaks.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to ask questions,‭ ‬but when she was not drinking they put the gag back in her mouth.‭ ‬On the third water break,‭ ‬after Elaine had finished drinking,‭ ‬strong hands pressed down on her shoulders.

‭”‬C’mon,‭ ‬baby,‭” ‬she heard the one with a brogue say,‭ “‬get on your knees.‭”

“What,‭ ‬you can’t wait until camp‭?” ‬the English one asked him.

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