It was late night,‭ ‬long past midnight when Amanda dropped Elaine off at her new home.‭ ‬Amanda had driven Elaine from Mark’s ranch near Elko to Las Vegas where Roy lived.‭ ‬Roy:‭ ‬her new owner.‭ ‬Roy:‭ ‬who had kidnapped her,‭ ‬raped her and let four other men and two women use her,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬Roy:‭ ‬who had killed two men who were trying to take her away.‭ ‬He was the mysterious younger man who had gotten her to sign her life to him,‭ ‬to become his sex toy.

Elaine sipped on the last of her soda.‭ ‬Amanda had insisted on getting some burgers on the way and Elaine was grateful to have the food in her stomach.‭ ‬Last night Roy,‭ ‬Sam,‭ ‬Mark and Amanda had all fucked her:‭ ‬they had fucked her mouth,‭ ‬pussy and ass and everything still hurt.‭ ‬She was still weak and spent physically and mentally from the ordeal.‭ ‬When she closed her eyes she could feel the cocks in her throat,‭ ‬a hard shaft pounding away at her sore ass.‭ ‬The cheeseburger had hit the spot,‭ ‬she felt a little stronger and even though the pain killers Amanda had given her had long since worn off,‭ ‬she hurt less.‭ ‬Elaine supposed she should get used to it,‭ ‬she doubted that that would be the last time Roy shared her body with other people.

Amanda had taken them through a dark neighborhood where most of the houses had never been started.‭ ‬There were lots,‭ ‬street signs and even fire hydrants but only a smattering of houses.‭ ‬Amanda had gone on a rant about the crash of the housing market and how it had screwed up her deal,‭ ‬but Elaine tuned her out.‭ ‬She had bigger things to worry about than Amanda’s real estate deal gone bad.‭

Elaine fingered the collar she still wore from last night,‭ ‬it reminded her that she was an owned thing now,‭ ‬property rather than a person.‭ ‬Somehow she thought that the entire world should be different.‭ ‬She knew she was.‭ ‬Elaine was not the same person who had gotten off the bus in Goldwash to meet Amanda for what she hoped was going to be a weekend of rough,‭ ‬passionate sex with her former roommate.‭ ‬Elaine obsessed over little fine points,‭ ‬like did her life change when she got on the motorcycle with Roy or did it really only change when he raped her tied to the picnic table‭? ‬What was the moment her new life began‭? ‬And it was a new life‭; ‬she had signed herself away,‭ ‬she had become Roy’s slave,‭ ‬and even if there was no way he could enforce it‭ (‬but she believed him when he said there was‭)‬,‭ ‬her willingness to sign the papers signaled a new chapter in her life.‭ ‬She had been willing to give up everything she was and had accomplished to become the property of this man.

Why‭? ‬She took a deep breath,‭ ‬held it and let it out.‭ ‬She knew why.‭ ‬She did it because he made her feel like no one had ever made her feel before.‭ ‬She enjoyed a level of sexual awareness and fulfillment that a few days ago she had not dreamed possible.‭ ‬Roy satisfied all her carnal desires that had gnawed at her,‭ ‬un-sated,‭ ‬for her entire life.‭ ‬He filled in the missing pieces.‭ ‬Elaine did not really need to be loved and cherished now,‭ ‬she needed to be fucked hard and used roughly.‭ ‬She needed her body to be desired and her wishes ignored if needed to meet that desire.‭ ‬She had no family‭; ‬they were all dead or out of the country,‭ ‬so there was no one to stop her or impede her from making this change.‭ ‬The only real contact she had was Amanda and Amanda was ready to sell her as a slave to another man.‭ ‬She had no real career to give up,‭ ‬she had been a freelance graphic designer.‭ ‬She had been good at it,‭ ‬not great,‭ ‬and with all of her contracts finished no one would miss her.‭ ‬Maybe someone would contact for another job,‭ ‬but when they did not hear back they would find someone else.

Elaine Galway was a slave‭; ‬she had always been a slave she just had not realized it.‭ ‬She belonged to Roy Barnhardt now,‭ ‬and she hoped he would be a good owner.‭ ‬She hoped her life with him would give her what she had been missing.

Finally,‭ ‬Amanda pulled into a driveway and stopped.

‭”‬This is it,‭” ‬the redhead told Elaine,‭ “‬you get out here and I head back to Elko.‭”

One light was on in the lowest floor of the house.

‭”‬Are you sure this is it‭?” ‬Elaine asked.

‭”‬Sure.‭ ‬Now kiss me then get out,‭” ‬Amanda ordered.

Elaine leaned over and kissed Amanda,‭ ‬her tongue briefly caressing her former roommate and lover’s.‭ ‬Then she took a deep breath,‭ ‬unbuckled her seat belt,‭ ‬and opened the door.

‭”‬It was nice to see you again,‭ ‬Red,‭” ‬Elaine said as she got out.

‭”‬I’ll miss you,‭ ‬Laney.‭ ‬Good luck,‭” ‬Amanda said to her.‭ “‬Find me if you ever need help.‭ ‬You’re going to be a great slave.‭”

As soon as Elaine closed the door Amanda backed out of the driveway and headed back east.‭ ‬Elaine stood for a moment in the driveway,‭ ‬enjoying the quiet of the night for a moment.‭ ‬She hoped it was the right place,‭ ‬otherwise she was showing up wearing a short skirt,‭ ‬a blouse with the buttons torn off,‭ ‬no underwear and a locked collar.

Elaine was thirty years old,‭ ‬5‭’‬2‭” ‬tall and her Irish heritage showed through in her slender build‭; ‬she weighed maybe‭ ‬110‭ ‬pounds.‭ ‬She had small,‭ ‬sensitive,‭ ‬firm breasts,‭ ‬long legs with gorgeous,‭ ‬silky thighs,‭ ‬narrow hips and a firm,‭ ‬beautiful ass.‭ ‬Elaine had a pale,‭ ‬almost milky complexion with a little color from spending time outside,‭ ‬and a few large freckles here and there that seemed like dark stars on a white sky.‭ ‬Her hair was straight and dark blonde and fell to the middle of her back.‭ ‬She had big,‭ ‬beautiful blue eyes that seemed to draw in even the most casual glance.‭ ‬Her eyes also seemed to display her naturally shy disposition‭; ‬in them one could see her ready to run like a frightened deer.‭

She could run now.‭ ‬There was no one holding her here right now,‭ ‬she was all alone.‭ ‬She could start walking away,‭ ‬down the hill.‭ ‬Someone would give her a ride into town,‭ ‬she could get away.‭ ‬No one would tie her up and fuck her,‭ ‬no one would hold her down while they pounded her ass as she screamed.‭ ‬If she went through that door into that house she would be a sex toy,‭ ‬the man who had kidnapped her and violated her would be able to do anything he wanted to her for as long as he wanted.

The night was quiet.‭ ‬She was tired,‭ ‬nothing made sense.‭ ‬Yet the more she thought about her time with Roy the more he made sense,‭ ‬what he did to her made sense.‭ ‬Too much to think about.‭ ‬She had made her choice already,‭ ‬she knew it.‭ ‬She took a step forward,‭ ‬then another.‭ ‬As she reached the downstairs door,‭ ‬it opened before she had a chance to knock.‭ ‬Elaine was blinded by the light pouring out.

‭”‬Come in,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬a female voice with a German accent told her.‭ “‬I’ve been waiting for you.‭”

Elaine stepped in and blinked until her eyes adjusted to the light.

‭”‬Good evening,‭ ‬slave,‭ ‬I am Anna,‭” ‬the woman said,‭ “‬but you will address me as‭ ‘‬ma’am‭’”‬.‭ ‬Elaine could see her now.‭ ‬She was blonde with her hair tied up in a night cap.‭ ‬Elaine guessed she was about forty years old and took good care of herself.‭ ‬She was not beautiful,‭ ‬but would be considered handsome.‭ ‬There was a certain precision to her that was apparent.

Anna picked up an old style wall phone and dialed.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬she said into the phone,‭ “‬she just arrived.‭ ‬Yes,‭ ‬sir.‭ ‬I will.‭” ‬Anna handed Elaine the phone.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬it was Roy,‭ “‬obey Anna.‭ ‬I am putting her in charge of you while I’m away.‭ ‬You will do as she says.‭ ‬Always.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine answered,‭ ‬the thrill of hearing his voice undercut by knowing he was not close.‭ ‬There was a click as Roy hung up.‭ ‬Elaine handed the phone back to Anna and she returned it to the cradle.‭ ‬Anna smiled and looked down at Elaine.

‭”‬Now,‭” ‬Anna said in a heavy German accent,‭ “‬the first rule is that you will be naked at all times unless your Master or I tell you otherwise.‭ ‬Strip.‭”

Elaine looked at the German with bewilderment.‭ ‬She was not ready for this.‭ ‬It had been a rough couple of days and she wanted to sleep and rest and be ready for her owner.‭ ‬Having a strange,‭ ‬German woman tell her to strip within a minute of walking through the door caught her off guard and she did not react.

Anna frowned and anger flashed in her eyes.‭ ‬She grabbed Elaine by the collar and pulled her head down.‭ ‬Anna quickly secured the collar to a ring on the table and left Elaine bent over at the waist.‭ ‬Anna ripped Elaine’s skirt off and before Elaine knew what was happening Anna began paddling her bare ass with a short leather paddle.

Elaine tried to cover her bottom with her hands but Anna brushed them aside and continued paddling her.

‭”‬I see you need to learn a few things,‭” ‬Anna said as she continued reddening Elaine’s lovely butt.‭ “‬The first is that you will obey me,‭” ‬she added a few more hard paddles for emphasis.‭ “‬The second,‭” ‬and she struck again,‭ “‬is you will obey me immediately,‭” ‬and she hit Elaine again with each syllable,‭ ‬deliberately enunciating each one in‭ “‬immediately‭”‬.‭ ‬By now Elaine’s ass was bright red and throbbing and Elaine was crying from the pain and the shock of the paddling.

‭”‬You will find,‭” ‬Anna said and smacked Elaine again,‭ “‬things will be much more pleasant,‭” ‬another smack,‭ “‬if you do precisely as I say,‭” ‬two more paddles.‭ “‬One thing I do not tolerate,‭” ‬she paddled Elaine again,‭ “‬is a willful slave‭!” ‬Anna paddled Elaine ten more times hard then hung the paddle back on her belt.

Anna unhooked Elaine and Elaine stood back up unsteadily.‭ ‬Her ass was throbbing,‭ ‬tears streamed down her face and the spanking had reminded her how sore her asshole and pussy were from last night’s fuckings.‭ ‬Elaine did not want to be punished again and quickly took off her blouse.

‭”‬Very good,‭” ‬Anna said,‭ ‬smiling.‭ “‬Now turn around slowly.‭ ‬Let’s see what Roy has acquired for his amusement.‭”

Elaine slowly turned around,‭ ‬showing herself for Anna.

‭”‬Yes,‭” ‬Anna purred,‭ “‬you’ll do nicely.‭ ‬I do not go for women myself,‭ ‬but I might take a turn with you later.‭” ‬She smiled and rubbed Elaine’s wet cheek with her pointer finger.‭ “‬Do not worry,‭ ‬little one,‭ ‬you will do fine.‭ ‬Men will love having you.‭ ‬As long as you obey me and keep Roy happy everything will be alright.‭”

Anna bent down and picked up Elaine’s blouse and skirt and tossed them into a hamper.

‭”‬Come with me,‭” ‬Anna commanded and Elaine followed her down a short hallway.‭ ‬At the end they stopped and Anna took the paddle off her belt.‭ ‬Elaine tensed up,‭ ‬trying to ready herself for another spanking,‭ ‬but instead Anna waved the paddle in front of a panel beside the door and the door opened with a click.‭ “‬Card locks,‭” ‬Anna explained.‭ “‬The doors only open with the card.‭ ‬You will not have a card.‭” ‬Anna smiled as she held up her paddle,‭ “‬it was your owner’s idea to put my card in the paddle.‭ ‬Quite ingenious,‭ ‬really.‭”

They climbed up a flight of stairs.‭ ‬Anna opened a door,‭ ‬allowed Elaine to look,‭ ‬but did not go through it.‭ “‬The kitchen,‭ ‬living room and so on.‭” ‬Anna shut the door and they climbed up another floor,‭ ‬Anna opened that door.‭ “‬Bedrooms.‭ ‬You will be here a lot,‭” ‬she said curtly then closed the door.‭ ‬They went up one more flight and the stairs ended at another door.‭ ‬Anna opened that one and led Elaine through.

They walked down a wide hallway with doors on either side.‭ “‬Attic space.‭ ‬Storage and room for future development.‭ ‬Maybe Roy will build a shooting range here,‭” ‬it took Elaine a second to realize that Anna was making a joke.‭ ‬The hallway ended at a heavy white door with a peephole set in the middle.‭ ‬Anna clicked the card lock and pulled the door open.‭ “‬Your rooms.‭” ‬Anna motioned for Elaine to enter.

Elaine looked around at her new home.‭ ‬It was clean,‭ ‬but spartan.‭ ‬Elaine stepped in,‭ ‬but Anna remained by the door.

‭”‬It is‭ ‬2:45am,‭” ‬she said looking at her watch.‭ “‬We have your first tattoo removal appointment at‭ ‬2pm.‭ ‬You may sleep until noon.‭ ‬I will wake you.‭” ‬She shut the door and it locked with a ominous click.

Elaine was spent,‭ ‬but she wanted to look around and see where she would be staying.‭ ‬There were windows on‭ ‬the three walls that did not face the attic.‭ ‬Elaine pushed the curtains back and looked out.‭ ‬One faced the city and offered a great view of The Strip far in the distance.‭ ‬The other two looked out on the desert and mountains‭; ‬if this was to be her tower prison at least she had great scenery.‭ ‬There was a full sized bed,‭ ‬Elaine noted the rings bolted in to the headboard and foot-board,‭ ‬she knew what those were for.‭ ‬A sitting area had a small bookshelf and a tv with a satellite box.‭ ‬Beside it was a desk with a brand new laptop on it.‭ ‬At least she would not be bored.‭ ‬Two doors led off the room,‭ ‬one to a bathroom,‭ ‬the other to a kitchenette.

It was a nice enough place,‭ ‬she thought,‭ ‬for a slave.‭ ‬It was nicer than the one bedroom apartment she and Amanda had shared at the Grand Canyon.‭ ‬She collapsed on the bed,‭ ‬careful to lie on her stomach and not her sore butt.‭ ‬She was locked in a prison with a sadistic German warden,‭ ‬she thought ruefully as she fell asleep.

Elaine awoke when Anna came in.‭ ‬The older woman opened all the curtains and midday summer Nevada sunlight poured in.‭ ‬Elaine blinked and stretched as Anna readied the room.‭ ‬There was a tray with coffee and food sitting on a table and the smell of the coffee perked up Elaine.‭ ‬She climbed out of bed,‭ ‬feeling less sore than when she went to bed.

Anna was dressed in a navy blue skirt that fell to her calves.‭ ‬Elaine was reminded somewhat of Kristy’s work outfit,‭ ‬but Anna’s dress was higher quality and perfectly pressed.‭ ‬The pleats were straight as an arrow and there was not even a speck of lint or dirt anywhere on it.‭ ‬She had on dark stockings beneath that and black leather low heel shoes.‭ ‬She wore a long sleeve white blouse‭; ‬starched,‭ ‬or course‭; ‬buttoned at the collar and had her blonde hair up in a bun.‭ ‬Severe and precise were the two words that came to Elaine’s mind when she looked at Anna.‭ ‬Anna’s dress made her aware of her own nudity,‭ ‬another reminder of her place.

Before she made it to the table Anna barked‭ “‬make your bed,‭ ‬slave.‭” ‬Elaine looked longingly at the coffee and slowly turned back towards the bed.‭ ‬She jumped when Anna hit her bare bottom with the paddle again.‭ “‬Quickly,‭ ‬slave‭!”

Elaine began to make the bed.‭ ‬She had cleaned hotel rooms for a while in college and thought she could do a decent job,‭ ‬but she also knew that nothing less than absolute perfection would please Anna and she was sure to get paddled again regardless of how she did.‭ ‬She did her professional best and turned back to Anna,‭ ‬waiting to be punished.

Much to her surprise,‭ ‬Anna smiled slightly.‭ “‬Well done,‭ ‬slave.‭ ‬It looks like you are good for something besides pleasing men.‭ ‬Sit.‭ ‬Have some coffee.‭”

Elaine sat and poured some coffee into a china cup.‭ ‬She added some cream and started eating.‭ ‬Anna sat down across from her and poured a cup of coffee for herself.

‭”‬Now that you have gotten some rest,‭ ‬let me explain your new world to you,‭” ‬Anna always spoke deliberately,‭ ‬while she could never get rid of her accent she prided herself on never lapsing into German.‭ “‬You are a slave.‭ ‬You are a piece of Roy’s property just like this house or this cup.‭ ‬Your only purpose is to bring pleasure to men,‭ ‬and women if your master so desires.‭ ‬Your feelings do not matter,‭ ‬your thoughts and wishes do not matter.‭ ‬All that matters is you keep your master pleased.‭”

“Where is Roy‭?” ‬Elaine asked.

A frown crossed Anna’s face.‭ “‬Do not speak unless you are spoken to.‭ ‬I will punish you after breakfast.‭”

The two women sipped their coffee then Anna continued.‭ “‬Your owner is a busy man,‭ ‬frequently out on business.‭ ‬I take care of his household,‭ ‬which now includes you.‭ ‬I would advise you not to inquire into your owner’s business,‭ ‬curiosity is unbecoming in a slave and will be punished.‭ ‬I run an orderly house.‭ ‬You will have your duties and responsibilities,‭ ‬including keeping your rooms clean.‭ ‬I will not tolerate a mess and will inspect every day.‭ ‬My primary duty for you is to keep you ready to please your master,‭ ‬when you are not being used I will find other uses for you.‭ ‬I will punish you as I see fit.‭”

Elaine ate her breakfast without speaking again.‭ ‬Anna seemed to enjoy the silence and rarely looked at Elaine,‭ ‬instead she stared out the window at the mountains.‭ ‬Elaine again wondered what she had gotten herself into,‭ ‬only last week she was living a normal,‭ ‬if boring and lonely,‭ ‬life.‭ ‬Now that was all gone and she was someone’s toy.‭ ‬Well,‭ ‬nothing to do about now,‭ ‬so she finished her breakfast.

When Elaine put her dishes back on the tray she looked at Anna and Anna motioned for her to stand up.‭ ‬Anna caressed her paddle and a gleam came into her eyes.

‭”‬Now I need to punish you for speaking out of turn,‭” ‬Anna said to Elaine,‭ “‬I hope you will learn not to be punished.‭” ‬Elaine knew it was a lie,‭ ‬she could already tell Anna enjoyed spanking her and inflicting pain.‭ “‬Bend down and grab your ankles,‭ ‬slave.‭”

Elaine bent over,‭ ‬her ass sticking in the air,‭ ‬ready for Anna.‭ ‬Anna rubbed her hand on Elaine’s vulnerable ass.‭ “‬You do have a lovely bottom,‭ ‬slave.‭ ‬I can see why men find it irresistible.‭ ‬So soft,‭ ‬so accessible.‭ ‬Now,‭” ‬she snapped out of her reverie,‭ “‬your punishment.‭ ‬It is a minor infraction,‭ ‬the first time.‭ ‬So,‭ ‬let’s say ten.‭”

With that she whacked Elaine’s right cheek.‭ ‬Elaine cried out as the paddle stung her ass and bit her lip as Anna finished reddening her ass with the remaining nine whacks.‭ ‬Elaine’s ass was glowing and her eyes watering when Anna finished.‭ ‬Much to her embarrassment,‭ ‬Elaine found she was wet,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬The punishment and humiliation were fueling her submissive desires.‭ ‬Anna reached her hand between Elaine’s legs and discovered her moist pussy.

‭”‬My,‭ ‬you are a natural slave,‭ ‬aren’t you‭?” ‬Anna taunted.‭ “‬I am finished with you.‭ ‬Shower and get cleaned up.‭ ‬I expect you downstairs in twenty minutes.‭” ‬With that Anna took the tray and left.

Elaine was horny and wanted some relief,‭ ‬but Roy was not around and she did not want to risk masturbating.‭ ‬Instead she showered and thought about anything but sex.‭ ‬When she was finished she saw she had two minutes to get downstairs.‭ ‬She hurried down,‭ ‬relieved to find all the doors unlocked.

‭”‬Punctual,‭” ‬Anna said as Elaine padded in on bare feet,‭ “‬good.‭”

Anna had Elaine wear a short blue dress that barely came down below her butt and sandals.‭ ‬Of course,‭ ‬there was no underwear.‭ ‬Anna walked around Elaine after she dressed and tugged the dress here and there to get the dress fitting just right.

‭”‬Come with me,‭” ‬Anna said and took Elaine out into the garage and to the car,‭ ‬a white Ford Explorer with tinted windows.‭ ‬Elaine guessed it was at least three years old and had a few scratches and dings in the paint.‭ ‬All the seats except for the first row and the front seats were out and sitting in the back of the garage.‭ ‬As Elaine walked through the garage she saw Roy’s motorcycle and wondered what he was driving today.‭ ‬Elaine hurried on,‭ ‬not wanting to displease Anna and climbed into the big SUV.‭ ‬She expected the inside to be one of those pointless luxury cars that people drove who only needed half the car.‭ ‬Instead she found cloth covered seats and remains of boxes and clutter in the back,‭ ‬this was obviously a work truck.‭ ‬Anna put some Carl Orff on the stereo and backed out into the street.‭

Anna did not say a word to Elaine as they drove.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to have some conversation or interaction,‭ ‬even with someone she disliked as much as Anna,‭ ‬but remembered the paddling she got when speaking out of turn earlier and stayed quiet.‭ ‬The loud music would have made any conversation impossible,‭ ‬anyway.‭ ‬Elaine had never been a big fan of Orff‭; ‬too German,‭ ‬too over the top and she had problems with his political leanings,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬The fact that Anna like him just reinforced her distaste.

The first stop was a tattoo removal place located in an unmarked building in an industrial part of town near the railroad tracks.‭ ‬Elaine was a little wary since she saw none of the usual trappings of a respectable business:‭ ‬no degrees,‭ ‬licenses or staff.‭ ‬There was only one man,‭ ‬a short old Asian in a dirty lab coat and he mumbled something about‭ “‬experimental‭” ‬as he pointed a large laser at the turtle tattoo on her bottom.

Elaine had gotten the tattoo of a turtle at Amanda’s request.‭ ‬Amanda felt that Elaine should have some sort of marking on her,‭ ‬a tattoo or piercing beyond the one in each ear.‭ ‬Elaine finally gave in and had a small,‭ ‬green turtle about the size of a quarter on her upper butt cheek.‭ ‬She had felt naughty when the artist did it,‭ ‬especially since Amanda had insisted that Elaine let him see her whole ass while he inked it.‭ ‬Roy had taken an instant dislike to it,‭ ‬he felt it marred an otherwise perfect expanse of flesh and getting rid of it had been one of his first priorities once he owned her.

Elaine had no experience with tattoo removal,‭ ‬but she was pretty sure that it should not feel like someone had taken a blow torch to her.‭ ‬When he was done,‭ ‬she was surprised to see no burning or blistering,‭ ‬but it still hurt.‭ ‬The man working the laser had an erection the whole time he worked on her,‭ ‬and for once Elaine was grateful for Anna’s glowering presence.‭ ‬It took about half an hour and Elaine was greatly relieved when he finished.

‭”‬See you in a week,‭ ‬Anna,‭” ‬he said.

On the way to their next stop Anna explained that this was a new experimental procedure that had not been approved yet for use in the United States‭ (“‬but it’s very popular in China‭”‬,‭ ‬Anna assured her‭) ‬that would only take three weekly treatments to completely remove the tattoo.‭ ‬There might be some long term side effects,‭ ‬but Anna disregarded those with a shrug.‭ ‬Elaine was a slave so there was no sense worrying.

The next stop was Radio Shack for some obscure cables that Roy needed.‭ ‬Anna brought Elaine in and all the tech guys and geeks gawked unashamedly at the beautiful woman in the short dress.‭ ‬Elaine found their attention harmless and amusing,‭ ‬unlike most everyone else she had met in the past week,‭ ‬they did not seem like any threat to her and she even gave a little flash of the side of her butt to them as she followed Anna out.

‭‬After that they hit a few more stores:‭ ‬a wine shop,‭ ‬bakery and grocery.‭ ‬Each time Elaine followed Anna in and stood quietly behind her.‭ ‬Anna scarcely seemed to even acknowledge Elaine’s existence until there was a bag to be carried.

They finally stopped at another unmarked warehouse near one of the small airports that ringed Las Vegas.‭ ‬Elaine felt a shock of recognition,‭ ‬it was the same one she had flown in to a few days ago to start this adventure.‭ ‬She saw the small bus station and across from that the gas station where she had first seen Roy.‭ ‬Anna led Elaine to a small,‭ ‬unmarked door around the side and into a small,‭ ‬cluttered office.‭ ‬What instantly struck Elaine about the office was the total absence of not only a computer,‭ ‬but any paperwork.‭ ‬There were boxes,‭ ‬both opened and sealed‭; ‬half empty Chinese food containers,‭ ‬overflowing ashtrays and a shotgun propped up in a corner,‭ ‬but no records.

The room was deserted but right after they came in a short young man in a dirty work shirt entered through a side door.‭ ‬He was about‭ ‬5‭’‬6‭” ‬tall,‭ ‬with another inch or two taken up with a big mass of black curly hair.‭ ‬He had a slightly swarthy complexion,‭ ‬deep brown eyes and a day or so worth of stubble.‭ ‬He had a short,‭ ‬compact build with no hint of a gut.‭

“Hi,‭ ‬Anna,‭” ‬he said then quickly looked Elaine over,‭ “‬let me get Roy’s shipment.‭ ‬Sorry,‭ ‬it may take a minute,‭ ‬but it’s just me here today.‭ ‬Tony’s gout is acting up again.‭” ‬He lit up a cheap cigarette and leered at Elaine again.‭ “‬Who’s she‭?” ‬he asked,‭ ‬squinting as the smoke drifted up into his eyes.

‭”‬A slave,‭” ‬Anna answered.‭ ‬Elaine flushed.‭ “‬Isn’t that right,‭ ‬slave‭? ‬You’re a fuck toy,‭ ‬aren’t you‭?”

Elaine reddened more.‭ ‬It was humiliating to be spoken off in front of a stranger like that,‭ ‬especially one to whom Elaine would never have voluntarily said more than two words.‭ ‬She wanted to deny it or run,‭ ‬but it was true and she knew if she disobeyed Anna she would be punished,‭ ‬and probably in front of him.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine said softly.

Anna smiled a satisfied smile.

‭”‬Yours‭?” ‬he asked,‭ ‬not taking his eyes off‭ ‬Elaine.

Anna laughed,‭ “‬no,‭ ‬Roy’s. J.J.,‭ ‬you know I only like men.‭” ‬There was something flirtatious in the way she said it that made Elaine think that at some point there had been something between them.

‭”‬Where is Roy,‭” ‬J.J.‭ ‬asked with a raised eyebrow.

‭”‬Busy,‭” ‬Anna answered curtly in a tone that said that line of questioning was finished.

J.J.‭ ‬shrugged,‭ ‬drinking in Elaine with his eyes once more,‭ ‬then he crushed out his cigarette.

‭”‬Why do you insist on smoking such awful cigarettes‭?” ‬Anna asked him,‭ “‬I will buy you some Dunhills or even Marlboro’s.‭”

“Nah,‭” ‬he said,‭ “‬Ligget’s get the job done.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬I gotta keep up appearances.‭ ‬I’ll bring the stuff out to your car.‭”

Anna led Elaine back out into the heat.‭ ‬J.J.‭ ‬came out with a dolly loaded with four long wooden boxes,‭ ‬each one spray painted black with rope handles at each end.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬Anna barked,‭ “‬help him load those.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine took one end and helped J.J.‭ ‬hoist them into the back of the Explorer.‭ ‬They were a little heavy,‭ ‬but not as bad as Elaine had feared and in a minute they had them loaded.‭

“J.J.,‭” ‬Anna asked,‭ “‬would you like to see Elaine naked‭?”

Elaine froze.

J.J.‭ ‬looked Elaine up and down again.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬yes I would,‭” ‬he answered.

‭”‬Let’s go back in the office where it is a little cooler,‭” ‬Anna said and gave Elaine a light slap on her ass to get her moving.

Elaine was nervous.‭ ‬She did not want to expose herself to this man,‭ ‬but she knew she had to obey Anna,‭ ‬Roy had told her to.‭ ‬If she did not do as she was told,‭ ‬Anna would punish her‭; ‬Roy probably would,‭ ‬too‭; ‬and they could overpower her and make her do what they wanted anyway.‭ ‬She followed J.J.‭ ‬back into the cool,‭ ‬cluttered office.‭ ‬Anna shut and locked the door behind her.

‭”‬Slave,‭ ‬take off your dress,‭” ‬Anna ordered,‭ ‬holding out her hand.‭ ‬Elaine slipped the dress off and handed it to Anna.‭ ‬Elaine was now naked except for her sandals.‭ “‬No touching,‭” ‬she said to J.J.

J.J.‭ ‬walked around Elaine,‭ ‬looking her up and down and smiling.‭ “‬Wow,‭ ‬she is a nice piece of ass.‭ ‬I’d love to fuck the shit out of her.‭”

“Not today,‭” ‬Anna said,‭ “‬but would you like her to suck your dick‭?”

Elaine felt a moment of despair as she looked around the dirty,‭ ‬cluttered office.‭ ‬Anna was going to make her do this,‭ ‬suck his cock here.‭ ‬Elaine had memories of the two cowboys and what had happened with them and to them.

Anna opened her purse and took out a length of rope.‭ ‬Elaine put her hands behind her back,‭ ‬waiting for Anna to tie them.‭ ‬Anna tied them quickly,‭ ‬a little too tightly,‭ ‬Elaine thought as her hands started to hurt.

‭”‬Elaine likes being tied up,‭ ‬don’t you slave‭?” ‬Anna asked tauntingly.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered.

‭”‬Do you know what,‭ ‬slave‭? ‬So does J.J.‭” ‬Anna took a dirty bandana out of J.J.‭’‬s back pocket and tied has hands behind his back,‭ ‬too.‭ ‬Elaine was surprised‭; ‬in her brief time as a slave she had never seen a man tied up.‭ ‬Anna turned back to Elaine,‭ “‬on your knees and open your mouth,‭ ‬slave.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine dropped to her knees on the dirty concrete floor,‭ ‬little bits of gravel and dirt dug uncomfortably into her skin.‭ ‬She wanted this to be done.‭ ‬Anna moved J.J.‭ ‬until he was right in front of Elaine.‭ ‬Elaine could see the bulge in his pants,‭ ‬just waiting for her to satisfy.‭ ‬She opened her mouth just as Anna had told her.

Anna stood behind J.J.‭ ‬and undid his pants.‭ ‬She dropped them to his knees and grabbed his cock in her hand.‭ ‬He had a decent cock,‭ ‬not too big and uncircumsized.‭ ‬Anna stroked it up and down a couple of times then guided it into Elaine’s mouth.‭ ‬Elaine took a deep breath as he filled her mouth.‭ ‬Anna put one hand on Elaine’s head,‭ ‬pushed her down on J.J.‭’‬s cock and he slid into her throat.‭ ‬Elaine let Anna’s hand on her head guide her.‭ ‬She looked up for a second more before closing her eyes and saw Anna reach down between J.J.‭’‬s legs,‭ ‬she would swear that Anna stuck her fingers into J.J.‭’‬s ass.

Elaine did not stop to watch.‭ ‬She hated having her eyes open when someone fucked her face,‭ ‬she did not like the view and did not like being reminded of how submissive she was to men she did not like.‭ ‬She closed her eyes and just felt J.J.‭ ‬slide down into her throat and out again,‭ ‬her head guided by Anna’s hand on it and his hips guided by Anna’s fingers in his ass.‭ ‬She could hear him moaning and groaning and Anna whispering in his ear.‭ ‬Anna lengthened and slowed his thrusts,‭ ‬seeming to know when he was ready.‭ ‬When he came,‭ ‬Elaine was grateful.‭ ‬With his cock still in her mouth she swallowed his cum and opened her eyes.‭ ‬She saw that Anna did have her fingers in J.J.‭’‬s ass,‭ ‬and J.J.‭ ‬had a dreamy smile on his face.‭ ‬Anna took her hand out from behind J.J.,‭ ‬untied his hands and wiped her fingers on the bandana.

Anna pulled Elaine up by her hair and handed her the dress.‭ “‬Don’t forget to say thank you to J.J.,‭” ‬Anna told her.

Elaine slipped on the dress and tried to avoid looking at the smug sense of satisfaction in the young man’s eyes.‭ “‬Thank you,‭ ‬J.J.,‭” ‬Elaine said softly.

‭”‬You’re welcome,‭ ‬little slave,‭” ‬he said and lifted her chin so she looked him in the eyes.‭ ‬He wiped a little drip of cum from the side of her mouth.‭ “‬Let’s do it again,‭ ‬soon.‭”

Anna slipped J.J.‭ ‬a few bills and smiled at him.‭ “‬I’ll be free tomorrow night,‭” ‬she said to him in a soft voice then climbed back in the car.‭ ‬Elaine followed,‭ ‬dusting off her knees as she got back in while the sweat from the desert heat dried on her fair skin.

Elaine sat in stony silence as they rode back to the house.‭ ‬She stared out the window,‭ ‬not looking at Anna.‭ ‬Elaine was angry at Anna for what she had made Elaine do,‭ ‬for what she let J.J.‭ ‬do to her.

‭”‬Did you enjoy that,‭ ‬slave‭?” ‬Anna asked.

‭”‬No,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered.

‭”‬Why not‭? ‬I thought you liked being a slave‭?”

“I like being Roy’s slave.‭ ‬I didn’t like J.J.‭”

“What’s liking them have to do with it‭? ‬You gave that choice up.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬I would think that being forced to submit to a man you don’t like would make the submission even deeper and more arousing.‭ ‬The additional humiliation did not fuel your desire‭?”

Elaine did not want to answer.‭ ‬Even now she was still wet,‭ ‬Anna was right.

‭”‬It did,‭” ‬Elaine finally answered.

‭”‬I like this fighting spirit in you,‭ ‬your little acts of resistance.‭ ‬You have spirit and intelligence and can fully appreciate what is being done to you.‭ ‬You have an artist’s soul who sees‭ her ‬enslavement as a work of art,‭ ‬of drama‭; ‬instead of pure self indulgence.‭ ‬How you choose to view your enslavement is your choice,‭ ‬I think that is one of the things Roy likes in you.‭ ‬Not all owners would be so appreciative or gentle in their treatment of you.‭”

Elaine had not considered that Roy had been gentle with her,‭ ‬but then she imagined what Sam would do to her if he could.

‭”‬It’s just beginning,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna said,‭ ‬putting a hand on Elaine’s knee.‭ “‬Every man,‭ ‬and many women who see you will all want one thing.‭ ‬They may not know you are a slave,‭ ‬but there will be something that makes them want to have you,‭ ‬to use you,‭ ‬roughly and completely.‭ ‬And many will get that chance.‭ ‬You don’t really think Roy was going to keep you for only him‭? ‬You are a slave and you will be treated like one.‭ ‬You will be used often and by many men,‭ ‬your enjoyment means nothing,‭ ‬only what they want.‭ ‬Roy is too generous of a young man,‭ ‬and too proud of you,‭ ‬not to want to share you.‭ ‬Get used to it.‭ “

Elaine and Anna sat in silence while Elaine digested what Anna had said.‭ ‬It made her wonder more about Roy,‭ ‬who really was he‭? ‬Besides her owner and master of her destiny,‭ ‬that is.

Driving back towards Roy’s house Elaine was amazed at the ambition of whoever had planned his neighborhood.‭ ‬The empty streets went on for miles,‭ ‬there were a few houses were construction had begun,‭ ‬but apparently had been abandoned.‭ ‬Elaine counted eight houses that looked like they had been finished and three of those had for sale signs in front of them.‭ ‬It was a little depressing and lonely,‭ ‬another Nevada ghost town.

Anna backed the Explorer into the garage.‭ ‬As they got out of the car Anna looked at Elaine,‭ ‬snapped her fingers and held out her hand.‭ ‬Elaine slipped off her dress and handed it to the waiting German.‭ ‬Anna and Elaine unloaded the boxes and carried them through a door in the back wall and down a long hallway.‭ ‬By Elaine’s sense of direction,‭ ‬the hall was longer than the house,‭ ‬they must be in the mountain behind the house now.‭ ‬There were three doors off of the hallway and they went through the last one.‭ ‬It was a heavy locked metal door and behind it was a room maybe ten feet wide,‭ ‬fifteen feet long with a low ceiling of maybe‭ ‬6‭ ‬feet.‭ ‬The walls were rough carved stone,‭ ‬Elaine was reminded of a mine shaft.‭ ‬A narrow clear path went through stacks of boxes of different sizes and shapes.‭ ‬They added their box to a stack near the door.‭ ‬Anna and Elaine made four trips from the garage down the hallway,‭ ‬and Anna locked the door when they left the last one in there.

Back in the garage Anna turned to Elaine while she held the paddle.‭ “‬Do you know about curiosity and the cat,‭ ‬slave‭?” ‬she asked.

Elaine looked at the paddle and Anna’s firm grip on it,‭ “‬yes,‭ ‬ma’am.‭”

“Good,‭ ‬now bring the bags up to the kitchen,‭” ‬Anna said and walked towards her apartments.‭ ‬Elaine unloaded the rest of the car and carried them up to the kitchen,‭ ‬Anna had unlocked the doors for her.‭ ‬She was wondering if she should put them away when Anna came in,‭ ‬opened the refrigerator and took out two beers.‭ ‬She handed one to Elaine.

Elaine was extremely impressed with the house.‭ ‬The kitchen was huge with granite counter tops and lots of space,‭ ‬pans hung from hooks above an island in the middle and stainless steel appliances gleamed.‭ ‬It opened into a living room that was larger than the house Elaine had grown up in.‭ ‬There was a fireplace‭ (‬somewhat pointless for warmth here,‭ ‬but looked nice‭)‬,‭ ‬high vaulted ceilings and a picture window that looked out on the mountains.‭ ‬Elaine saw a swimming pool out one side and green grass out the other.‭ ‬Whatever Roy did,‭ ‬he was loaded.

‭”‬Enjoy,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna said and opened her beer.‭ “‬There is nothing more planned for today.‭ ‬Tomorrow you will be up at‭ ‬7am and will begin your exercise routine.‭ ‬You must keep your body desirable for your master.‭”

Anna busied herself putting groceries away while Elaine finished her beer,‭ ‬washing the last taste of J.J.‭ ‬out of her mouth.‭ ‬She walked into the vast living room,‭ ‬he could entertain quite a crowd here.‭ ‬Above the kitchen a balcony opened up from one of the bedrooms.‭ ‬Elaine wondered how long it would be before Roy took her up there and used her.‭ ‬She started getting turned on thinking about it and quickly changed her thinking to wondering about the air conditioning bill for this place before she got too aroused.

The sun dipped behind the mountains behind the house and Elaine looked longingly out the picture windows at the swimming pool.‭ ‬She could use a good swim.‭ ‬Anna saw her looking and smiled.

‭”‬Go,‭” ‬Anna almost smiled.‭ “‬Have fun,‭ ‬little slave.‭ ‬But first,‭” ‬Anna pulled a key out of pocket and took off the collar.

Elaine almost skipped out the sliding glass doors and onto the pool deck.‭ ‬The sun had already gone behind the mountain,‭ ‬it was still hot but bearable and not too bright.‭ ‬Elaine did not even pause or check the water,‭ ‬but dove right in.‭ ‬The water was chilly‭; ‬Elaine had not thought that Roy would be the kind of man to need a heated pool when it was‭ ‬115‭ ‬outside,‭ ‬and was right.‭ ‬She swam and enjoyed the water running over her naked body.‭ ‬She had always enjoyed swimming nude.‭ ‬When she was a teenager it was naughty,‭ ‬always worrying someone was going to catch her then secretly disappointed when no one did.‭ ‬When she began spending time in the Grand Canyon skinny dipping was easier,‭ ‬your clothes didn’t get wet and chafe and there was no one around.‭ ‬She and Amanda had had a few enjoyable naked swims.‭ ‬Those memories brought a smile to her face as she swam.

Before Elaine knew it the sun was lower and Anna was at the edge of the pool telling Elaine to come in.‭ ‬Elaine almost felt like a little girl being called to dinner as she reluctantly climbed out of the cool water.‭ ‬She knew she had goose bumps as the water dried quickly in the desert air,‭ ‬and her nipples stuck out like little rocks,‭ ‬but Elaine did not care.‭ ‬She had had a wonderful time in the water and washed away all the unpleasantness of J.J.

Anna handed Elaine a towel.‭ “‬Back to your room,‭ ‬clean up and your dinner will be ready.‭ ‬You will eat in your room,‭” ‬Anna said curtly.

Elaine happily ascended to her room and a long,‭ ‬hot shower.‭ ‬All in all,‭ ‬her first full day of a slave had not been too bad.‭ ‬Even Anna,‭ ‬though not pleasant,‭ ‬was bearable and seemed to see Elaine as something close to a human being.‭ ‬After the shower Elaine rubbed a lot of lotion into her skin‭; ‬the desert air,‭ ‬the pool and the long shower were drying her out.‭ ‬Roy had some for her,‭ ‬not her first choice but if that was what he wanted her to smell like,‭ ‬it was his choice.

Dinner was baked chicken,‭ ‬rice,‭ ‬steamed vegetables and a salad.‭ ‬All in sensible portions.‭ ‬They were going to force her to be healthy.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to protest that they apparently liked her the way she was so why couldn’t she eat like she had‭? ‬First chance she got,‭ ‬she was buying a bag of chips.

There was a note that said simply‭ “‬You are locked in for the night.‭ ‬Wash your dishes,‭ ‬I will wake you at‭ ‬7am.‭”

Elaine had her dinner,‭ ‬washed her dishes in her kitchenette then found a bottle of wine.‭ ‬She was surprised that Roy trusted her with a corkscrew,‭ ‬but remembered that she had handled his gun before.‭ ‬She poured a glass of wine and settled in in front of the tv.‭ ‬There was nothing on,‭ ‬but it was fun just to channel surf,‭ ‬watch a little of this and a little of that before she headed to bed for a good night’s sleep.

‬The following day went by quickly.‭ ‬Anna had Elaine exercise for an hour in a gym off the garage.‭ ‬Elaine would have liked to have done something outside,‭ ‬but knew it was too hot.‭ ‬During this time of year the heat was its own special prison and kept everyone inside during the day.‭ ‬After that Elaine helped Anna with some housework and chopped some vegetables for a salad.‭ ‬Anna would always find some reason to paddle Elaine,‭ ‬once for not folding a towel correctly,‭ ‬again for cutting the lettuce instead of tearing it.‭ ‬Elaine just accepted that Anna was going to punish her periodically and just went with it.‭

The biggest problem was that Elaine was horny,‭ ‬it had been a few days since her last orgasm.‭ ‬She had been through a long famine before Roy,‭ ‬but when he took her she had cum frequently,‭ ‬and now she was in another dry spell.‭ ‬When Anna paddled her it just made Elaine want to get fucked even more.

It was later afternoon when the phone rang.‭ ‬Anna answered another old wall mounted unit in the kitchen.‭ ‬Elaine did see a cordless unit under it and wondered whether Roy or Anna had the fetish for old technology.‭ ‬Anna talked briefly then hung up the phone.‭ “‬That was your Master,‭” ‬Anna told Elaine.‭ “‬He will be home in thirty minutes and wants you ready for him.‭ ‬Go get cleaned up,‭ ‬then come back down here.‭”

Elaine ran up the stairs to her room and took a quick shower.‭ ‬She would have liked to linger,‭ ‬but did want to be late for Roy.‭ ‬She washed up,‭ ‬regretfully turned off the water,‭ ‬and toweled off.‭ ‬All the while she kept thinking that soon her owner would be home and using her,‭ ‬soon he would be inside her and making her serve him.‭ ‬She was wet and ready even as she dried her hair.‭ ‬She looked in the mirror at her naked body.‭ ‬She was as ready as she could be,‭ ‬at least she did not need to worry about picking out an outfit or get dressed.

Elaine quickly padded down the stairs on bare feet.‭ ‬The kitchen door was open off the stairs and Elaine rushed in.‭ ‬Anna smiled at her as she did.

‭”‬Punctual.‭ ‬I like that.‭ ‬You are all ready to be fucked senseless,‭ ‬aren’t you‭?” ‬Anna asked.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered.

Anna slipped a collar on Elaine and cuffed her hands in front of her.‭ “‬When he gets in to the garage,‭ ‬make him a drink.‭ ‬Use these glasses,‭” ‬Anna pointed to some rocks glasses,‭ “‬three ice cubes.‭ ‬Bourbon,‭” ‬Anna pointed to a bottle,‭ “‬to a half an inch below the top.‭ ‬Place it on a tray,‭ ‬that way your hands do not warm up the glass,‭ ‬and hand it to him.‭ ‬Understand‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am.‭”

“Good.‭ ‬I have things to do so I will leave you to your Master’s amusement,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna sneered and headed down the stairs to her apartments.

Elaine waited.‭ ‬This would be the first time she had seen Master in his own home,‭ ‬the first time he would use her since the night in Elko.‭ ‬She was impatient,‭ ‬eager for the young man who had made her his own‭; ‬not his girlfriend or lover,‭ ‬but his slave,‭ ‬his property.‭ ‬He would not buy her flowers or take her to dinner,‭ ‬he would fuck her roughly and punish her as he pleased.‭ ‬He would not be her one and only,‭ ‬but would share her with whomever he pleased.

Elaine was so distracted by this train of thought that she almost did not hear the garage opening below.‭ ‬She snapped out of her reverie and made his drink just the way Anna had instructed.‭ ‬She had it on the tray when Roy stepped out of the doorway.‭ ‬She had thought of so many clever or welcoming things to say to him,‭ ‬but they all escaped her mind as she saw him again.

Roy was dressed up.‭ ‬Elaine had never seen him in any kind of formal clothes,‭ ‬just riding clothes.‭ ‬He wore khaki slacks,‭ ‬a blue silk shirt and red silk tie and polished dress shoes.‭ ‬His hair was neatly combed and his beard trimmed.‭ ‬Elaine was stunned at how beautiful he looked civilized,‭ ‬as perfectly at ease in a tie as in jeans and t-shirt.‭ ‬She gaped at the young man who had violated her so thoroughly and completely.‭ ‬He had such power over her,‭ ‬such control.‭ ‬Elaine knew she was sopping wet right now,‭ ‬desperate to be taken by him.

Wearing only hand cuffs and a collar,‭ ‬as vulnerable and exposed as she could be,‭ ‬she offered Roy the tray.‭ ‬For his part,‭ ‬Roy never took his eyes off Elaine.‭ ‬She was such a natural slave,‭ ‬beautiful in her bondage.‭ ‬He had planned to linger,‭ ‬to tease her and make her wait while he slowly unwound from the long day at work,‭ ‬but those plans disappeared as his lust overcame him.

Roy took the drink from the tray and started drinking it.‭ ‬He took off his tie first and kicked off his shoes.‭ ‬Elaine stepped forward and began unbuttoning his shirt with her cuffed hands.‭ ‬Roy sipped his drink and let his eager slave undress him.‭ ‬Elaine opened his shirt and ran her hands over his broad chest then slid the shirt off his arms.‭ ‬She dropped to her knees in front of him and unbuttoned his pants,‭ ‬then unzipped them and dropped his pants to his ankles.‭

Roy stepped out of them and Elaine hurriedly pulled down his silk boxers.‭ ‬His cock bobbed in front of her face and Elaine licked it from base to tip.‭ ‬Elaine eagerly attacked his cock within her mouth,‭ ‬she thought of how many times he had plunged it into her depths and how she wanted him to take her again.‭ ‬She took his shaft into her mouth and began sucking,‭ ‬pushing her head down on him.

Roy was amazed by her reaction to him.‭ ‬He had expected something from her,‭ ‬but he was not quite ready for this.‭ ‬When he first saw her in Goldwash she had seemed so innocent,‭ ‬and maybe she was then,‭ ‬but she was innocent with a deep need to be used.‭ ‬He had tapped into that need and made it the most important thing in her life,‭ ‬he had made her life her wantonness and sexuality.‭ ‬She had to be owned and he owned her.

‭”‬Lie down,‭” ‬Roy told her.

Elaine lifted her head off his cock and lay back on the cold linoleum floor.‭ ‬She stretched out,‭ ‬spreading her legs for him,‭ ‬her bound hands held above her head.‭ ‬Her nipples were rock hard,‭ ‬her crotch wet and ready for him,‭ ‬even her ass tingled in anticipation of being filled.

Roy gazed down on her.‭ ‬He gorgeous legs were spread for him,‭ ‬her silky thighs inviting him in.‭ ‬Her glorious blue eyes stared up at him with desire,‭ ‬her bound hands in tight little fists.‭ ‬He wanted to show some self control,‭ ‬but she was his and ready.‭ ‬He dropped to his knees and climbed between her legs.‭ ‬He wanted to taste her desire and licked her cunt once,‭ ‬savoring the flavor of her juices.‭ ‬He had thought he was only going to have a quick taste,‭ ‬but he wanted more.‭ ‬He buried his face in her crotch,‭ ‬lapping up her wetness,‭ ‬sliding his tongue between her swollen lips.

Elaine had been ready to be fucked,‭ ‬she was not ready to have her pussy eaten.‭ ‬The shock and the pleasure made her cum only a minute into Roy’s ministrations.‭ ‬She arched her hips up,‭ ‬pushing her crotch into his face and moaned out in ecstasy.‭ ‬She closed her eyes and lost herself in the pleasure.‭ ‬She came again,‭ ‬her body quivering and her cries echoing off the ceiling above.

Roy could not wait anymore.‭ ‬The feeling of this beautiful woman cumming beneath him was too much.‭ ‬He kissed her thighs then climbed on top of her.‭ ‬He kissed her,‭ ‬making her taste her own desire and plunged his cock into her.‭ ‬She was so wet and ready that it took no effort to penetrate her.‭ ‬He pounded away at her,‭ ‬his lust and desire to control her overcame any restraint.‭ ‬He drove into her,‭ ‬slamming away on the kitchen floor,‭ ‬slowly scooting her across the linoleum.‭ ‬Elaine moaned and yelled as he plundered her,‭ ‬her submissiveness bringing her to another climax.‭ ‬Relentlessly her fucked her until he came with a yell of his own.

They slowed and stopped,‭ ‬sweat drying and cooling in the air conditioned house.‭ ‬Elaine looked up at the young man inside her with adoration and amazement in her blue eyes.‭ ‬She had never imagined anyone could make her feel like this and she never wanted it to stop.

‭”‬Welcome home,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she whispered.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he said and pulled out of her.‭ “‬Now,‭ ‬pour me another drink.‭”

Elaine struggled to her feet‭; ‬she was in a daze.‭ ‬Elaine had found it hard to recover quickly from cumming,‭ ‬her body was wobbly and her brain fuzzy for a while afterward.‭ ‬Trying to get off the floor with her hands tied and Roy’s semen oozing out of her was even worse.‭ ‬When she did finally get to her feet she saw Roy looking at her impatiently.‭ ‬That made her flustered and she quickly tried to make up time by rushing as she made Roy’s drink.‭ ‬She grabbed a handful of ice and dumped it into the glass,‭ ‬spilling a couple on the counter.‭ ‬Then she hurriedly poured the bourbon into the glass,‭ ‬sloshing liquor onto the counter.

Elaine handed Roy the drink barehanded.‭ ‬He glared at her and took the drink.‭ ‬He walked to the intercom on the wall and spoke into it.‭ “‬Anna,‭ ‬could you come up here‭?”

Roy glared at Elaine and sipped on his drink.‭ ‬Elaine shrank back,‭ ‬she knew she had made a mistake and now feared being punished.‭ ‬As her head cleared a little more she remembered the instructions Anna had given her and realized how much she had done wrong.‭ ‬Now Anna was coming up here with her paddle.

Anna strode through the kitchen door,‭ ‬paddle in hand from opening the door and her heels clicking ominously on the tile floor.‭ ‬She looked at Elaine distastefully then turned to Roy.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬sir,‭” ‬she said to him,‭ “‬is there something you need‭?”

“Anna,‭ ‬did you instruct my slave on how to prepare my drink‭?” ‬he asked her.

‭”‬Yes.‭ ‬Yes I did,‭” ‬the German answered.

‭”‬I thought so,‭” ‬he handed Anna his drink.‭ “‬Please take care of this.‭” ‬He sat down on one of the kitchen chairs.

Anna quickly assessed the situation.‭ ‬She saw Elaine standing naked and flustered,‭ ‬freshly fucked and scared.‭ ‬Anna smiled slightly,‭ ‬this woman needed to learn a few things.‭ ‬She saw the improperly made drink and the mess on the counter.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬Anna snapped.‭ “‬Did I not tell you how to prepare your owner’s drink‭?”

“Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine answered,‭ “‬you did.‭”

“Did you do it correctly‭?” ‬she held the glass in front of Elaine.

‭”‬No,‭ ‬ma’am,‭ ‬I did not.‭”

“And did you make this mess‭?” ‬she pointed at the spilled bourbon and melting ice cubes on the counter.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭ ‬I did.‭”

“This is not acceptable,‭” ‬she said coolly,‭ ‬her hand automatically touching her paddle.‭ ‬Elaine flinched.‭ “‬Some,‭ ‬correction,‭ ‬is in order.‭”

Elaine wanted to shrink away,‭ ‬but forced herself to hold her ground.‭ ‬She glanced at Roy and saw him smiling slightly.

‭”‬First,‭ ‬pour your owner a new drink.‭ ‬Correctly this time,‭” ‬Anna ordered.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine calmly made another drink just as she had been instructed before.‭ ‬Roy took it off the tray without commenting.

‭”‬Now,‭ ‬clean up the mess,‭” ‬Anna snapped.‭ ‬Elaine started to grab a paper towel,‭ ‬as she did Anna quickly smacked her ass with the paddle.‭ “‬With your mouth.‭” ‬Anna grabbed Elaine’s hair and pushed her face down on the counter.

Elaine picked up the ice cubes in her mouth and dropped them into the sink.‭ ‬Then she went back and licked up the melted ice and liquor.‭ ‬She was grateful Anna kept a clean house as her tongue was on the counter.‭ ‬She hated to think what she looked like,‭ ‬bent over the counter,‭ ‬a red mark on her bare ass from Anna’s paddle while Roy’s cum slid down her thigh.

Anna put her hand on Elaine’s back and Elaine stopped.

‭”‬Acceptable,‭” ‬Anna said.‭ ‬She held Elaine down with one hand and with the other rubbed her paddle on Elaine’s beautiful butt.‭ “‬Now,‭ ‬I think some punishment is in order for disobeying my instructions.‭ ‬Don’t you agree‭?”

Elaine took a deep breath.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am.‭”

The first smack was very sudden and Elaine jumped.‭ ‬After that they fell with clockwork regularity,‭ ‬covering her perfect ass with stinging blows.‭ ‬Elaine cried and bit her lip to keep from yelling as she was paddled.‭ ‬Elaine did not know how long it went on,‭ ‬after twenty she stopped counting.

Anna stopped and Elaine tried to catch her breath,‭ ‬but before she could Roy was behind her.

Roy loved watching his slave being punished.‭ ‬He was obsessed with her ass already,‭ ‬seeing it reddened and hurt was too much.‭ ‬When Anna finished,‭ ‬he wanted to take Elaine again.‭ ‬Anna stepped aside and Roy was behind Elaine.‭ ‬He put his hands on her abused cheeks,‭ ‬feeling the heat rising off of them and seeing her body rise and fall with her muffled sobs.‭ ‬He thought of how wonderful it was to have such a beautiful woman here to do anything he wanted to.‭ ‬Roy slid one hand up her back and firmly gripped the collar,‭ ‬holding her against the counter.‭ ‬His strong legs pushed hers apart,‭ ‬spreading her,‭ ‬opening her.

Roy put his cock against her puckered little asshole and waited.‭ ‬Elaine tried to gain some composure,‭ ‬but Anna’s punishment had pushed her too far and as much as she tried she could not find calm.‭ ‬He body,‭ ‬already inflamed from Roy’s use of her on the floor,‭ ‬was beyond reason and she could not stop sobbing.‭ ‬Roy waited a second more then bored into her,‭ ‬filling her quickly,‭ ‬stretching her tight ring of muscle.‭ ‬Elaine yelled out and tried to rise up,‭ ‬tried to get away,‭ ‬but Roy’s grip held her down.‭ ‬He slid back and forth slowly a few times,‭ ‬stretching her and letting her ass get ready for his invasion.‭ ‬He was ready to start fucking her hard,‭ ‬but each time he did,‭ ‬she tried to rise up.‭ ‬He wanted both his hands on her hips and he wanted her to stay down.‭ ‬He realized that no threat of punishment would work now,‭ ‬she was beyond reasoning and beyond controlling her body.

‭”‬Anna,‭” ‬Roy said to the German,‭ “‬Please hold her down.‭” ‬Elaine saw the sadistic gleam in Anna’s eyes as Anna pushed down on Elaine’s shoulders,‭ ‬forcing her onto the granite counter top.

Now with Elaine held in place,‭ ‬Roy started ramming her ass.‭ ‬She cried out with each thrust and felt her helplessness,‭ ‬Anna was not letting her go and Roy was not stopping until he finished.‭ ‬He savored each second his hard cock was buried in her hot,‭ ‬tight ass.‭ ‬He loved how fucking her felt and he loved the power he had to do this to her,‭ ‬nothing could stop him.‭ ‬He let out a primal roar as he came inside her,‭ ‬slamming her violently as he did.‭ ‬Elaine cried freely,‭ ‬but did not try to get away any more,‭ ‬she accepted her submission to him and accepted his desire to do this to her.

Somehow,‭ ‬she knew what was going to happen next.‭ ‬With his cock still buried in her aching ass,‭ ‬Roy reached between her legs and began stroking her pussy and clit.‭ ‬Elaine wanted to fight the orgasm,‭ ‬deny the climax and not give Roy the satisfaction of making her cum,‭ ‬but she had no will left.‭ ‬Before she was ready,‭ ‬before she thought possible,‭ ‬she came.‭ ‬Elaine could hear Anna chuckle as the orgasm blew through her body,‭ ‬but Elaine did not care,‭ ‬this was what her body craved.‭

With a soft pat on her red ass,‭ ‬Roy pulled out and let go of Elaine.

‭”‬Anna,‭ ‬I’ll have dinner in an hour.‭ ‬Have Elaine fed,‭ ‬bathed and ready in my bedroom in two hours,‭” ‬he instructed then took his clothes and headed upstairs.

‭”‬Back to your room,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna ordered.‭ “‬I’ll be up after I have fed your Master.‭”

Elaine slowly stood up.‭ ‬Her ass ached,‭ ‬her legs were wobbly,‭ ‬she was leaking cum front and back,‭ ‬and her brain had not turned back on yet,‭ ‬but she managed to get out of the kitchen and up the stairs.‭ ‬Fortunately Anna was more interested in cooking than taking care of a slave so Elaine made it up unmolested.‭ ‬She collapsed on the bed,‭ ‬hoping she had an hour to rest until Anna came for her.

Slowly,‭ ‬Elaine was able to calm and get control of herself.‭ ‬She stopped crying and started thinking about Roy inside her.‭ ‬Even when he hurt her,‭ ‬Elaine still wanted him.‭ ‬She needed him to do these things to her and to make her do things she would never dare to on her own.‭ ‬Elaine was a little jealous of women who could just do what they wanted,‭ ‬she needed someone to force her to act out her deepest desires.‭ ‬This is what she wanted,‭ ‬she kept reminding herself,‭ ‬and soon Roy would take her to his bed and use her as he desired,‭ ‬this was her life.

She sighed,‭ ‬and enjoyed the little bit of rest time she had.‭ ‬She turned her head and looked out the window facing the Strip.‭ ‬It was getting dark and the lights of the casinos were bright against the darkening sky.‭ ‬She wondered how many people were having sex right now,‭ ‬in how many of those rooms were women getting fucked‭? ‬How many more would be by the end of the night‭? ‬All that screwing going on made her chuckle a bit,‭ ‬she hoped some of them would be as satisfied as she would be by morning.

At some point the door opened and Anna came in.‭ ‬She was carrying a tray with some pasta and meat sauce and a glass of red wine.‭ ‬There was a gleam of cruelty in her eyes and she seemed a little disappointed that Elaine was no longer distraught.

‭”‬Ready to be taken again,‭ ‬slave‭?” ‬Anna asked with a smirk.

Elaine rolled over and scooted off the bed.‭ “‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬she answered and sat down at the table.

Anna unlocked Elaine’s collar and set a timer down on the table,‭ ‬it read‭ ‬58‭ ‬minutes.‭ “‬When this timer goes off,‭ ‬I will be back for you.‭ ‬Be ready or you will be punished,‭ ‬severely.‭” ‬The heels of her shoes clicking on the floor,‭ ‬Anna turned and walked back down the hall.

Elaine attacked the food with gusto.‭ ‬She was hungry and knew she needed her strength for tonight.‭ ‬The wine was especially welcome and she enjoyed the warmth radiating out from her stomach.‭ ‬When she finished she took a quick shower,‭ ‬washing off the sweat and cum.‭ ‬She had to switch to cool water,‭ ‬the hot water was too painful on her paddled ass.

When the timer went off,‭ ‬and Anna walked through the door on the first beeping,‭ ‬Elaine was ready.‭ ‬She sat at the table waiting for Anna to take her to her master.

Anna frowned at Elaine,‭ ‬apparently she had been eager to deliver another round of paddling to the slave’s bottom and was disappointed by not being able.‭ ‬The German woman locked a collar around Elaine’s slender neck and hooked a leash to it.

‭”‬Stand,‭” ‬she barked.

‭”‬Yes,‭ ‬ma’am,‭” ‬Elaine stood,‭ ‬staring defiantly into Anna’s eyes.

Anna roughly pulled Elaine’s arms behind her and cuffed her hands together.

‭”‬Well,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬Anna said and tugged on the leash.‭ “‬It is time to go and please your master.‭ ‬Do not disappoint him or I will get you.‭”

Anna led Elaine down one flight of stairs and waved her paddle to open the door to the bedrooms.‭ ‬The door opened at the back of a hallway near a linen closet.‭ ‬From this side,‭ ‬the door was almost invisible,‭ ‬blending perfectly into the wallpaper.‭ ‬Elaine followed Anna past closed doors to the master suite and into Roy’s rooms.‭ ‬Anna had Elaine kneel by the door and hooked the leash into a hook on the floor.‭ ‬Anna patted Elaine condescendingly on the head and left,‭ ‬shutting the door behind her.

Elaine looked around and wondered again where Roy got his money.‭ ‬The room had a balcony that opened onto the living room below and another one that faced the mountains.‭ ‬There was a big bed in the middle of one wall,‭ ‬and Elaine quickly noted the obligatory hooks and loops at strategic places.‭ ‬Doors opened to walk in closets and a bathroom,‭ ‬and Elaine heard water running in there.‭ ‬The floor was tiled with a rich mosaic pattern with a few oriental rugs scattered here and there.‭ ‬A dresser was on another wall,‭ ‬a big hardwood thing that looked like it belonged in a gallery.‭ ‬The wall decorations were minimal,‭ ‬a Diego Rivera‭ (‬print‭? ‬Elaine wondered‭)‬,‭ ‬a Goya and a few landscape photographs.

Elaine closed her eyes and took a deep breath.‭ ‬Soon Roy would be fucking her,‭ ‬making her do things,‭ ‬pleasing himself with her body.‭ ‬The more she thought about Roy inside her,‭ ‬the more she became aroused.‭ ‬She knew that this was going to be the first of many nights spent in this room with her master.‭ ‬When she opened her eyes,‭ ‬Roy was coming out of the bathroom.‭ ‬He was wearing only a blue terry cloth robe that fell to his calves.‭ ‬He saw her kneeling there,‭ ‬bound and collared,‭ ‬naked and helpless,‭ ‬and smiled.

Roy slipped off his robe and dropped it on the floor.‭ ‬He was hard and ready,‭ ‬the only question was how was he going to use his slave tonight.‭ ‬He stood in front of Elaine,‭ ‬her magnificent blue eyes looked up eagerly at him,‭ ‬ready to do whatever he wanted.‭ ‬She leaned forward,‭ ‬ready to start sucking his cock,‭ ‬but he held her back with a light hand on her head.‭ ‬Roy caressed her cheek and neck,‭ ‬touching her soft skin.‭ ‬Having her so completely in his power was intoxicating,‭ ‬there was so much he wanted to do to her,‭ ‬or to have done to her,‭ ‬but right now he just wanted to savor her beauty.

He unhooked her leash from the hook and had her stand up.‭ “‬Turn around,‭ ‬slave,‭” ‬he told her.‭ ‬Elaine began slowly turning around in a circle.‭ ‬Roy did not touch her,‭ ‬but drank her in with his eyes.‭ ‬He gazed at her small,‭ ‬firm breasts with nipples erect from her arousal.‭ ‬He stared at her flat stomach and neatly trimmed bush beneath.‭ ‬His eyes wandered to her silky thighs and shapely legs as she turned her perfect ass that he had claimed as his own.‭ ‬He smiled at the scattering of dark freckles on her smooth,‭ ‬pale skin.‭ ‬She was beautiful and she was his.

When she faced him again he stopped her and lifted her chin.‭ ‬Roy leaned down and kissed her,‭ ‬his mouth gentle on hers,‭ ‬his tongue softly probing her hot mouth.‭ ‬Elaine welcomed him in,‭ ‬her tongue brushing his,‭ ‬but softly retreating,‭ ‬drawing him deeper into her.‭ ‬His hands slid down her sides then around to her back.‭ ‬He held her bound hands in his as he kissed her.‭ ‬She responded eagerly to him,‭ ‬pressing her naked body against his,‭ ‬feeling his chest hair on her nipples,‭ ‬his hard cock against her stomach.‭ ‬She spread her legs slightly and pushed her wet cunt onto his muscular thighs,‭ ‬his hair softly tickling her lips and clitoris.

Roy continued kissing her.‭ ‬He still enjoyed a good kiss,‭ ‬the pleasures of fucking were great,‭ ‬but a good kiss was something to enjoy.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬he was in no hurry,‭ ‬she wasn’t going anywhere.‭ ‬Elaine’s knees grew weak as he explored her mouth,‭ ‬she had not expected this,‭ ‬do you really kiss a slave or just fuck her senseless‭? ‬The idea that she was his to be enjoyed every way possible had not occurred to her before.‭ ‬This tenderness by the man who had so brutally taken her ass earlier was hard to adjust to,‭ ‬but keeping her off balance also added to the intrigue.

Roy let go of Elaine’s hands and began caressing her back and bottom,‭ ‬all the while moving his leg up and down against her wet pussy.‭ ‬Elaine loved his touch,‭ ‬the feel of his strong hands exploring her.‭ ‬He began kissing her neck now,‭ ‬nibbling and licking around her collar.‭ ‬Then,‭ ‬abruptly,‭ ‬he picked her up,‭ ‬her chest against his,‭ ‬his cock rubbing the outside of her lower lips and carried her to the bed.‭ ‬He set her down on her back on the silk sheets,‭ ‬Elaine spread her legs,‭ ‬ready to be entered.

‭”‬Please,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine moaned,‭ “‬please fuck your slave.‭”

Roy smiled and looked down on her.‭ ‬She was so ready,‭ ‬and needed him in her so much,‭ ‬but he was not ready yet.‭ ‬He had gotten his immediate need out of the way earlier and this was his time to enjoy her thoroughly.

‭”‬Not yet,‭” ‬Roy said then climbed between her legs.‭ ‬He licked her neck from her collar to her chin and stopped for an eager kiss.‭ ‬He kissed along her collar bone while his hand caressed her thighs,‭ ‬sliding from the outside to the inside and back again,‭ ‬touching the soft skin and the firm muscles beneath.

When Roy began to lick Elaine’s small,‭ ‬firm breasts she began to squirm and moan.‭ ‬Roy slid a finger than another into her sopping wet pussy while his thumb gently worked her clitoris.‭ ‬She let out a soft yelp and arched her back into Roy,‭ ‬pushing her sensitive nipple deeper into his mouth.‭ ‬She bit her lip and began sweating as he played her body.‭ ‬It felt so good,‭ ‬and with her hands bound she could not stop him even if she wanted to.‭ ‬Elaine closed her eyes as she felt the orgasm building.‭ ‬Roy switched from breast to breast,‭ ‬wetting each with his tongue,‭ ‬pulling on each nipple with his teeth,‭ ‬but his hand stayed firmly in her crotch.‭ ‬His fingers inside her slowly worked back and forth and his thumb caressed her swollen clit.

‭”‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine moaned,‭ “‬I’m cumming…‭” ‬The orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning.‭ ‬She squirmed and jerked,‭ ‬but Roy did not stop.‭ ‬She cried out as she rode it,‭ ‬her bound hands clenched into fists beneath her.

In more clearheaded times she wondered about her body.‭ ‬For the first twenty-eight years of her life she had not been able to orgasm.‭ ‬Then along came Amanda and she orgasmed and once she did the first time it was easier.‭ ‬Now there was Roy and since he had first raped her,‭ ‬and there was no other way to describe it,‭ ‬she came almost at the thought of him taking her.

‭”‬Please,‭ ‬Master,‭ ‬please fuck me now,‭” ‬she panted.

Roy was not ready yet.‭ ‬Elaine quivered as Roy started kissing her stomach,‭ ‬working his way down.‭ ‬He tugged gently on her pubic hair with his lips,‭ ‬then pulled his hand out of her.‭ ‬She moaned with disappointment when she was empty,‭ ‬but the moan was cut short as Roy buried his face in her crotch.‭ ‬In only a few seconds of Roy eating her pussy,‭ ‬Elaine came again,‭ ‬bucking her hips into his face.‭ ‬Roy reached under and grabbed her ass,‭ ‬one cheek in each hand and continued his oral assault on her lips and clit.

Roy loved the taste of her juices.‭ ‬She was so wet now,‭ ‬his tongue lapped at her lips,‭ ‬sliding inside her then moving up to her clit again.‭ ‬Her smooth thighs rubbed his cheeks and when he looked up he saw he breasts heaving with passion,‭ ‬her chest flushed red.‭ ‬After her third orgasm,‭ ‬Roy was ready.

‭”‬Please,‭ ‬please,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine begged.

Roy climbed out from between her legs and Elaine caught her breath for a moment.‭ ‬Roy slid on top of her,‭ ‬and put his cock to her entrance.‭ ‬Elaine opened her eyes,‭ ‬soft from her passion,‭ ‬and looked pleadingly into his eyes.‭ ‬Roy pushed into her,‭ ‬slowly,‭ ‬until his hips pressed against hers.‭ ‬Elaine kept her eyes on his,‭ ‬breathing deeply in relief.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬she sighed.

Roy began slowly fucking his slave.‭ ‬He closed his eyes now and concentrated on the feeling of her hot,‭ ‬wet pussy gripping his hard cock.‭ ‬Slowly he slid in and out,‭ ‬burying himself deep inside her.‭ ‬Elaine’s pussy was magnificent,‭ ‬tight and ready.‭ ‬He began going faster,‭ ‬building up speed and thrusting harder into her.

Elaine watched his face as he took her.‭ ‬Her body felt loose,‭ ‬from her head to her toes,‭ ‬as she received him.‭ ‬He had done this to her,‭ ‬he had made her a slave and made her feel alive like no one had ever before.‭ ‬She felt another climax rising,‭ ‬and began rotating her hips around Roy’s cock.‭ ‬She found his rhythm and came yet again.

Roy slammed into her a few more times then pulled out.‭ ‬He crawled up on the bed and rammed his wet cock into Elaine’s mouth.‭ ‬She eagerly took him in,‭ ‬tasting her juices as he slid down into her throat.‭ ‬He came quickly now,‭ ‬shooting his cum into her mouth.

He flopped down on the bed beside her,‭ ‬breathing heavily.

‭”‬Thank you,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine said softly.

‭”‬Oh,‭ ‬we’re not done,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬Roy assured her,‭ “‬we have all night.‭”

Roy ran his hands up and down Elaine’s chest,‭ ‬her nipples flicking as he caressed them.‭ ‬Elaine slowed her breathing and calmed,‭ ‬but her body was still on fire,‭ ‬every nerve tingling.‭ ‬She was his.

He turned her onto her stomach,‭ ‬Elaine prepared for another fucking,‭ ‬but Roy unlocked the cuffs.‭ ‬Elaine stretched her arms,‭ ‬rubbed her wrists and hands and sat up.‭ ‬Roy was up and came back with a glass of cold water for her.‭ ‬Elaine drank deeply and felt the cold water flow down her throat and into her stomach.‭ ‬She smiled at this little kindness,‭ ‬finished the glass and handed the empty glass back to her owner.

Roy sat back down beside her and Elaine leaned over and kissed him on the neck.‭ ‬She timidly reached a hand out and touched his chest,‭ ‬afraid he would push her back.‭ ‬Instead he smiled and held her hand on his chest.

‭”‬Slave,‭” ‬he told her softly,‭ “‬please me.‭”

“Yes,‭ ‬Master,‭” ‬Elaine whispered into his ear as she kissed his neck.‭ ‬She had longed to discover his body since he first taken her and now she had the chance.‭ ‬She continued kissing his long neck,‭ ‬happy he had a smooth shave.‭ ‬His breathing quickened and she felt his leg muscles tense up so she kept it up while her hands ran across his broad chest,‭ ‬gently tugging on his hair.‭ ‬Her other hand found his back,‭ ‬smooth with no hair but one mole almost right in the middle.

Elaine kissed his neck and throat for a long time,‭ ‬trying not to leave any marks,‭ ‬but enjoying the obvious pleasure it gave him.‭ ‬Her hands were on his chest and back,‭ ‬only sometimes venturing down to find his cock was hard again.‭ ‬He was ready,‭ ‬but she was not yet.‭ ‬She pushed on his chest gently,‭ ‬but firmly and he got the picture.‭ ‬He lay back on the bed,‭ ‬his cock standing up like a flagpole.‭ ‬Elaine kissed it briefly then kissed his thighs.‭ ‬His legs had enchanted her since the first time she saw them,‭ ‬powerful and masculine.‭ ‬She wrapped both hands around one and kissed it again,‭ ‬rubbing her cheek against it.‭ ‬Roy ran his hand through her hair,‭ ‬but let her continue.‭ ‬She worked down to his calf,‭ ‬looking closely,‭ ‬touching and tasting,‭ ‬then back up the other leg.‭ ‬When she got back to his cock,‭ ‬she was satisfied for the moment and switched her attention to it.

She licked his shaft a few times,‭ ‬tasting her juices on him,‭ ‬but she was not in the mood to give more head.‭ ‬She climbed on top,‭ ‬facing him and got up on her knees.‭ ‬She held his cock in her hand and guided it to her waiting cunt.‭ ‬Roy stared up at her as she slid down on it,‭ ‬a dreamy smile on her face.‭ ‬Elaine rested her hands on his chest then began moving her hips around his embedded cock,‭ ‬circling and up and down.‭ ‬While she fucked him,‭ ‬Roy reached up and began tugging on her nipples,‭ ‬pinching and twisting.‭ ‬Elaine was enjoying fucking Roy,‭ ‬but was not able to cum,‭ ‬she realized she needed him to be in control to get off.‭ ‬She had to be submissive,‭ ‬but she did as she was told and was rewarded by Roy cumming inside her.

Roy lifted her off of him.‭ ‬He took another long drink of water then cuffed her hands in front of her.‭ ‬Then he lifted the glass to her lips and let her drink as he held the glass.

‭”‬That was nice,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he said to her,‭ “‬but you didn’t cum,‭ ‬did you‭?”

“No,‭ ‬Master.‭ ‬I guess I need you to be in charge,‭” ‬she sighed.

‭”‬Don’t worry,‭ ‬Slave,‭ ‬there will be plenty of that,‭” ‬Roy said.‭ ‬He guided her down so she was lying on her stomach,‭ ‬her hands beneath her.‭ ‬He placed a couple of pillows under her hips,‭ ‬sticking her butt in the air while her face was on the mattress.

‭”‬I was after you for a long time,‭ ‬Elaine,‭” ‬Roy said,‭ ‬while he began caressing her thighs and butt.‭

“‬When I saw you at the party,‭ ‬the one to which Amanda brought you,‭ ‬I knew I had to have you.‭ ‬It was your beauty,‭ ‬your innocence,‭ ‬your need.‭ ‬You went into that party scared,‭ ‬nervous about having multiple men you had never met fuck you.‭ ‬You were trembling when Frank spread your legs and readied to penetrate you.‭ ‬But Frank was gentle and considerate,‭ ‬all the men that night were.‭ ‬As you were leaving I could see relief in your tired eyes,‭ ‬but also disappointment and could tell you were wanting more.

‭”‬After that,‭ ‬I hacked Amanda’s computer and e-mails.‭ ‬It wasn’t hard,‭ ‬all she had was your basic store bought virus protection and it did not take me long.‭ ‬I was reading all her files on you,‭ ‬with pictures and videos,‭ ‬within a day of the party.‭ ‬I got into her e-mail and read everything you two wrote back and forth.‭ ‬Then I got into your e-mail.

‭”‬I knew I had to have you,‭ ‬Elaine.‭ ‬I knew you were a perfect slave,‭ ‬that you needed something rougher and more dominating than the party.‭ ‬You needed to be taken,‭ ‬not walking into a party under your own power and letting men fuck you,‭ ‬but taken by a man who wanted you so bad nothing would stop him.‭ ‬You needed to be owned and I needed to own you.‭”

Elaine listened to him as his hand began to penetrate her pussy,‭ ‬wet and leaking from him.‭ ‬His other hand stroked her back.‭ ‬By this time,‭ ‬nothing should have shocked her.‭ ‬She had been raped every way possible,‭ ‬but the idea of Roy reading her e-mail made her feel violated.‭ ‬There had been some intimate e-mails between her and Amanda,‭ ‬things that she did not any other person to ever see and Roy had read them all.

‭”‬After that I found out everything I could about you,‭” ‬Roy continued,‭ “‬friends,‭ ‬family,‭ ‬finances,‭ ‬habits,‭ ‬anything.‭ ‬I constructed a pretty good picture of a shy,‭ ‬lonely woman waiting for something big to happen in her life.‭ ‬I even drove to Prescott a couple of times to watch you,‭ ‬seeing you jog in those short shorts was almost enough to make me take you then and there,‭ ‬but I knew the timing wasn’t right.‭ ‬But I knew I could make you disappear quite easily.‭”

Roy reached for a tube of lube and squirted some into her battered asshole,‭ ‬working it in with a finger.‭ ‬Elaine realized now how thoroughly he had hunted her,‭ ‬how even when she thought she was most alone and on her own,‭ ‬Roy was waiting for his chance to get her.

‭”‬When Amanda began offering you to settle her debts I knew I had to move,‭” ‬he kept the fingers of one hand in her pussy while the other readied her tight back door.‭ “‬Fortunately,‭ ‬she provided me with the perfect situation.‭ ‬All I had to do was delay her and sweep in and take you away.‭ ‬When I saw you in Goldwash I knew it was going to happen and when you climbed on the back of my motorcycle it was already too late for you.‭ ‬The anticipation was great,‭ ‬though:‭ ‬riding down those old roads,‭ ‬you pressed into my back,‭ ‬your hard nipples poking into me,‭ ‬you unaware of what I had in store for you.‭ ‬When I tied you to the picnic table and pulled up your skirt,‭ ‬seeing you gorgeous ass and hips in my power,‭ ‬I knew I was there.‭ ‬No matter what,‭ ‬I would have raped you there,‭ ‬but feeling your wet pussy made me know that I would own you.‭” ‬Elaine closed her eyes as his fingers worked into her,‭ ‬getting her ready for further use.‭ ‬She thought back to the picnic table where her whole life had changed.

‭”‬And,‭ ‬Elaine,‭ ‬you have disappeared,‭” ‬Roy paused and kissed her butt briefly then continued talking.‭ “‬Movers cleared out your apartment while we were riding through the mountains.‭ ‬All utilities and bills were settled up and closed,‭ ‬your car was picked up at your apartment.‭ ‬There is a post office box that is your forwarding address.‭ ‬Your family is gone or out of the country,‭ ‬you really did not have any friends.‭ ‬No one will come looking for you and as far as any legal authority is concerned,‭ ‬you are paid up and on your own.‭”

Somehow Elaine thought that she could end this when she was ready,‭ ‬get out and go back to her old life.‭ ‬Not that she really wanted to,‭ ‬but the idea that she had some chance left to go back was appealing.‭ ‬Now she realized that there was nothing to which she could go back.

‭”‬I can do anything I want to you,‭ ‬any time I want to.‭ ‬I can act out every fantasy or dirty thought I have ever had on your beautiful little body.‭ ‬I loved seeing you tied down while Sam,‭ ‬Mark and I took turns plowing your tight little ass.‭ ‬We’ll do that again and lots more.‭” ‬He pulled his fingers out and moved between he smooth thighs.‭ “‬By the way,‭ ‬Sam wants to buy you.‭ ‬He made me a nice offer.‭ ‬I declined,‭ ‬this time.

‭”‬For now,‭” ‬Roy let it hang and slid his hard cock into her sore ass once more.‭ ‬Elaine bit the sheets as Roy took her from behind again.‭ ‬It hurt,‭ ‬it always did.‭ ‬It did not hurt as much as earlier,‭ ‬he lubed her up this time,‭ ‬but she was sore from his brutal assault on her anus earlier and had not really had a chance to recover.‭ ‬She tried not to think about what he had said,‭ ‬how he had completely erased her old life.‭ ‬Now everything depended on keeping Roy happy‭; ‬she hated to think what Sam would be like as an owner.

Roy was pounding away at her,‭ ‬lasting longer each time he fucked her tonight.‭ ‬Elaine’s eyes were watering and she began moaning in pain.‭ ‬Roy kept his grip on her hips and slammed roughly into her each time,‭ ‬reminding her with each thrust that she was his property and entirely in his power.

‭”‬Touch yourself,‭” ‬he ordered her,‭ “‬make yourself cum while I fuck you in the ass.‭”

Elaine hesitated and Roy smacked her ass.‭ “‬Do it‭!” ‬he ordered.

Elaine reached her bound hands between her legs and began touching herself.‭ ‬She briefly touched her wet pussy,‭ ‬but quickly moved to her clit.‭ ‬The combination of bound hands,‭ ‬realizing she had lost her old life entirely and Roy pounding away at her ass was such a turn on already that it only took a few seconds for her to reach climax.‭ ‬When she came her asshole spasmed and that made Roy cum,‭ ‬too.

‭”‬Good job,‭ ‬Slave,‭” ‬he whispered to her.‭ ‬He ran both hands up her back and moved her sweaty hair to one side,‭ ‬a few stray strands sticking to the sweat and tears on her cheeks.‭ ‬He leaned forward and kissed her neck and cheek softly,‭ ‬gently.‭ “‬You are wonderful like this:‭ ‬helpless and fucked hard.‭ ‬This is what you want and need,‭ ‬isn’t it,‭ ‬Elaine‭?”

Elaine nodded slowly and answered,‭ “‬yes,‭ ‬Master.‭”

Roy slid out of her and walked into the bathroom.‭ ‬After a minute she heard him urinate and flush.‭ ‬He came back out and dimmed the lights then crawled in beside her.‭ ‬Within a minute Elaine heard the regular breathing that told her he was asleep.

Elaine stared up at the ceiling while Roy snored beside her.‭ ‬She could not sleep,‭ ‬her brain was too active right now to shut down.‭ ‬Physically,‭ ‬she was exhausted and sore,‭ ‬but it did not translate to sleep.‭ ‬Her ass and pussy ached from Roy’s hard fucking,‭ ‬her hands were bound and she was collared.‭ ‬Semen seeped from front and back and little bits were stuck in the corners of her mouth,‭ ‬she was as helpless and used as she could be.‭ ‬She wondered about her life,‭ ‬would it be like this every night‭? ‬Wasn’t that what she wanted‭? ‬She knew it was.‭ ‬What worried her was being lonely and cut off.‭ ‬As long as Roy was here and using her then she thought she could bear it,‭ ‬no matter how painful and physically tiring it would be.‭ ‬But something told her that Roy would frequently be gone for long stretches,‭ ‬leaving her alone with Anna.‭ ‬That did not seem pleasant.‭ ‬She realized that there was no way she could get on Anna’s good side,‭ ‬there was no way they would be friends.‭ ‬Anna was her keeper,‭ ‬nothing more.‭ ‬Being isolated in this house with no friends and no Roy would start to drive her crazy.‭ ‬She needed him more,‭ ‬she needed someone.‭ ‬She did not sign her life away to be lonely.

At some point,‭ ‬Elaine got up to use the bathroom.‭ ‬It was a tidy bathroom,‭ ‬clean and tastefully decorated in a masculine way.‭ ‬The smells were of musk and soap,‭ ‬with a faint hint of sulfur in the air.‭ ‬There not much on the sink:‭ ‬a razor,‭ ‬a comb and a toothbrush and,‭ ‬she noted with amusement,‭ ‬a pack of matches with one burned out beside it.‭ ‬She fought the urge to look through the medicine cabinet and drawers and instead sat on the toilet,‭ ‬urinated and cleaned herself up as best she could with toilet paper.‭ ‬She washed her face with cold water and gargled with some mouthwash to get the last of the cum out of her mouth then came back to bed.

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