AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction. This story contains scenes of extramarital, unprotected, and group sex. If it’s not your thing, please move on. This story is slightly rougher and more raunchy than most of my other work. Fair warning.


Be careful what you wish for, isn’t that what they say? I guess I got what I wanted, although it’s not quite the way I imagined it. Nope, it’s pretty fucking far from how I imagined it. Most days I feel like it worked out all right. I’m happy now. Sometimes I remember how it all got started, and what my life would have been like if I had chosen a different path; where I would be now, who I’d be with. But regretting is never helpful.

I could blame Gretchen, or my ex-husband Jim, or alcohol or The Providers or whatever for my situation, and I have at different times blamed them all, but it just makes me bitter and angry, and it affects my enthusiasm, and I risk getting corrected. So I try not to think about it anymore, and stay with the program, and I don’t resist, ever. And besides, inside I know it was my fault, no one else’s. Everything else just helped me or reacted to me. But it was me. I realized that soon after arriving here, one night while I was recovering. And then all the anger I’d been harboring melted away mostly, and my attitude became more suitable, and I started getting corrected less.

It’s hard to admit that you made your own bed. But this is my bed now, and like I said, I get with the program now and enjoy it. And since I won’t be transitioned from entertainment to asset, I guess I’m doing okay.

But maybe I should start at the beginning.

Jim and I married young, he was 22, I was 20. He had a fledgling construction business that was pulling in some good money. I encouraged him to expand, guiding his enthusiasm and abilities, wanting him to make more money and he did, exploding the business over the next few years into a real money machine, which I loved. I did the house, the clothes, the lunches. I had a soft job in a local firm, and my friends and I partied hard on Jim’s money. Jim didn’t, he was too busy working. We had an OK sex life, but that soon dwindled with our reduced time together as he worked the business, and I worked his money.

After three years of spending Jim’s wealth I started to feel lonely and horny. Hanging out with friends didn’t do it for me anymore; they all went home to spouses and significant others, I went home, usually drunk, to my well-appointed empty house. My current situation began about six months later, in a club with friends. I was almost twenty-four then; my friends and I were drinking and dancing. I met these two guys, I don’t even remember their names, I call them Big and Bigger, because that’s how I remember them. We danced, and drank, and danced more, first with one, then the other, then both. My friends started leaving, Big and Bigger separated me from them. At one point I looked around and couldn’t find my friends. At first I cared. Then Big kissed me, and I stopped caring. I kissed him back, and all my good sense left me. We danced more, and then I was kissing Bigger. I could feel him pressing his hardness against me, and I got wet, and hot, and my neglected pussy starting doing all my thinking.

I could tell this part the long way, describing the passion and the longing, and my reactions, but it’s not really important. It was hot though, and the idea of being out, and cheating on my husband added to the excitement. Being attractive to someone, getting a man excited, knowing he wanted me, made me crazed and loose and easy. A half hour after the first kiss we were outside by Big’s car, and I was on my knees, kneeling on his jacket, sucking his cock. I was sliding my mouth on his long, fat shaft, licking the head, feeling it slide past my lips, smooth and hot and hard for me.

I was not very experienced when Jim and I met, and my sexual experience didn’t grow much after we married. We had sex, but it was mostly vanilla, and when he started spending lots of time at work and away, it became vanilla and less. I didn’t do a lot of oral and was never a big fan, but this night I really got into it. I wanted to suck this guy’s cock, and I was enjoying feeling it in my mouth, the way it tasted, the way it made me feel, on my knees in a parking lot with a well-hung stranger who wanted to fuck my mouth. I was so turned on that his cock was hard for me, I was drooling on him, pumping my hand and mouth on his gorgeous succulent shaft, struggling to fit more inside my mouth. He was groaning, and grunting, holding my head, humping into my face. I thought he might be starting to cum, and was thinking if I should let him cum in my mouth when I heard him say, “its about fucking time,” and I heard a noise behind me. I turned my head to see the guy I would remember as Bigger pull his giant half-hard rod of destruction out of his unzipped pants. My fucking pussy gushed, and I nearly came, I swear. I pulled my head off Big and never even got the chance to close it or inhale before Bigger filled my mouth. I had to stretch my jaw to take it, and he pushed, and hit the back of my throat, and I gagged and coughed, spit flying between my stretched lips and his shaft.

He pulled my hair, yanked me off his cock and slapped my face with his saliva-slicked monster. “Don’t fucking stain my pants, slut!” he barked, then pulled my head back on him, hard. Instead of resisting, I went willfully.

“Get in the car,” I heard Big say, and the door opened, and Bigger led me into the back seat by my mouth. He was fully hard by the time we pulled out of the parking lot, and I licked and sucked him for the short drive. I stopped when I heard the doors open. We were in the driveway of a house in a part of town near the club. Bigger zipped and got out, then Big pulled me out of the car.

They led me to the front door, feeling my ass on the way, kissing me, and pulling my top down. I walked halfway there with my tits exposed, Big’s tongue in my mouth, and his hand on my ass, under my skirt and inside my panties, and I loved it. I was pretty sure I was going to get the fuck of my life, and my cunt was dripping with excitement. My panties were pulled under my ass cheeks by the time we opened the door. I followed Bigger inside, into the living room. As he pulled his pants down and sat on the couch, facing me, Big pulled my panties down to my ankles and pushed me towards Bigger, making me trip and fall onto all fours. I swear, I crawled to Bigger on my hands and knees, my feet tangled in my panties, and drove my mouth down on Bigger’s mighty joystick.

I was sucking the head, swirling my tongue around, thrilling at the mouthful of hot cock meat. He pushed my head down and made me gag again; this time I blew spit all over his balls. He pulled me up by the hair and drove my face under his shaft, told me to lick the spit off his balls, and I did it with relish. “I want your hot cum in my mouth,” I told him, “Shoot it my mouth.”

“Shut the fuck up and suck, slut!” He crammed my head back down on his cock. As I sucked I felt Big lifting the back of my skirt, felt his hands on my ass. Then a hard fleshy globe pushed at my pussy, and in one stroke he buried his entire length into my eager cunt. Fuck, he was the biggest thing I’d ever had inside me, and I yowled in pain and passion as I stretched to fit him. My reaction was muffled around Bigger’s fat cock, and I heard him chuckle at my reaction. My cunt began to clutch and spasm at the invasion, and I felt my juices running down my thighs as Big started to stroke in and out.

It was the single greatest fuck I had ever experienced in my short, selfish naive life. It felt like he was splitting me apart, and fucking my whole torso, for fuck’s sake. He started pounding me, hard, and I felt his balls slapping up into my clit, and like an explosion I came, screaming on Bigger’s cock again, as my body shook with the greatest climax I’d ever had. As it crested, and began to recede, I felt a finger at my anus, exploring, then pressing, then pushing inside and I came again! I’d never had anyone touch me there, never mind inside, and the filthy debasement drove me to new heights of excitement.

I felt him pumping harder as I sucked, and sensed he was going to cum. I pulled off Bigger and turned my head, pleading, “Not inside me, cum in my mouth.” I barely got the words out before Bigger pulled my hair and drove me back on his cock, telling me to shut up.

“You’ll get it in your mouth, don’t worry, you fucking whore,” I heard from behind me, and then he pushed his finger deeper into my ass, and pounded me harder, faster, and then he groaned and I felt my pussy fill with heat as he shot his load in my eager hole. He stroked his cock through his climax, filling me, and I felt his load spilling out as I came again, filled with another man’s semen for the first time in years. Then he pulled out, and I heard him joke to Bigger, “she’s wide open, it won’t close!” I imagined my cunt gaping open, cum spilling out, and I felt his cock under me, the head on my clit.

Bigger suddenly pushed my mouth off him and stood up, and moved behind me, and Big sat on the couch. “Here you go, slut,” he said, and I saw his cock, just beginning to soften, glistening with my juices and cream, and coated with a thick glaze of his cum, fresh from my dripping pussy. “Right in your mouth, like you wanted!” He pulled my face down, but missed my mouth, and rubbed the disgusting mess on my face, finally onto my lips. I opened wide and took the slimy shaft into my mouth, my jaw already sore. I tasted his semen, and my own flavor, and smelled the odor of our sex, and it made me gag and salivate. As I swallowed the mixture my pussy twitched and flushed again, just in time to feel Bigger push his fat pole into my sloppy wet cum-filled hole.

I tried to scream as I sucked and swallowed, and Big’s cock pushed into the back of my mouth as Bigger’s cock stretched me even more; it felt like I was on fire, and then he pushed, and he was pressing painfully into my cervix. Pain shot through me, exquisite and shocking, making my pussy clench on his fat pole, and still he pushed, further, until I felt his thighs press against me and he was all in. Fuck, I thought his cock would hit Big’s in my throat, and it hurt so bad I cried and whimpered, and pushed back on him, and then he pulled out most of the way, and drove back in, hard; and again, and then started a rhythmic pounding in my destroyed cunt. I pulled my mouth off Big’s cleaned cock, and started licking the cum and pussy juice off the base, and off his balls, hating myself for loving it and wanting more. And then I heard Bigger grunting, and he came, and filled me a second time, bellowing as he plowed into me, and another orgasm ripped through me. He slowed as he finished; then drew out, and he did the same as Big, and allowed his cum to drip onto his cock. Big released my head and Bigger grabbed my hair and pulled me to him, and I repeated my post-fuck oral work, sucking his cock clean, swallowing the hot cum from my pussy off his incredible cock and balls while he ridiculed me.

“You like that, slut? You taste your slut pussy on my dick? You’re a real cum-whore, aren’t you,” and more disgusting talk that just made me hotter. “Fucking eat it, slut. Eat that cum off my cock!”

When his cock was cleaned, I figured it was done, but I was wrong. Big came to my side, he was holding a small mirror, and he put it on the floor under me, and moved me to squat over it. He made me look at my pussy in the mirror, and I was horrified. I had never spent a lot of time looking at my own vagina, but I didn’t recognize the mess I saw. A gaping red maw, dripping with white slimy cum, my pubic hair matted and soiled with cum and my own cream. It seemed to throb as I watched it, not closing, held open by the trauma of the pounding and stretching. As I watched, mesmerized, a fat drop of cum oozed out, landing on the mirror, then another.

“Clean that up, slut,” Big said, and I couldn’t stop myself. I bent down, and licked the cum from the mirror, disgusted at what I was doing, and betrayed by my own body. I felt the urge for more, more cock, more fucking. I finished licking the cum from the mirror and looked up at them. “Please,” I heard myself say, “fuck me again. Please.”

And they did, twice more each over the next two hours. Each time I had multiple orgasms, cumming on their giant cocks, sucking them clean when they were done as they called me vile names and egged me on. I never felt so dirty, so disgusting and so fulfilled. When it was over they put me back into the car, without allowing me to clean up. I struggled into my clothes on the ride, my pussy sore, my jaw and tongue aching, but my body completely satisfied. My mouth tasted like cunt and semen. They took me to the club and pulled away, leaving me at my car in the empty lot.

On the drive home I felt cum still leaking from me, and I pushed my fingers inside and sucked them clean, scooping gobs of cum from inside me. I couldn’t stop. I kept it up until all I could taste was pussy, then I fingered my clit until I came again, hard, screaming in the car as I pulled into my driveway.

I staggered into the house, my legs still shaky and weak, thankful Jim would not be home until the next afternoon. I got to my bedroom; it was after four already, and as I turned on the light I saw myself in the mirror. My God, if Jim was home how would I explain this? My makeup was a wreck, there was cum on my face and in my hair. My skirt was sideways and my tube top was stretched out, one nipple showing over the top. Anyone would know I’d just gotten the fuck of a lifetime. “Not Jim,” I said out loud, “he wouldn’t know sex if it fell on him.” Well, if he couldn’t tell from the cum on my face and wrinkled clothes, maybe this would do it, I thought. I pulled up my skirt and spread my legs a little, arching my hips forward. See that, Jim, I thought, That’s a fucked pussy. Can you see that? Can you see what those boys did to me with their giant cocks? I squatted down, spread my legs, and stared at myself. I was in awe at the sight of my own pussy, still gaping and red and raw, the hair all sticky. That’s what a pussy if for, Jim. To be fucked raw, pounded hard. I imagined him seeing cum dripping from my hole, down to my anus. He fingered my ass, too, Jim. Did you ever finger my ass? Hell, you barely even fuck me, never mind fuck me right. I came a dozen times on their cocks, Jim, and I ate their cum from their beautiful hard cocks, and I begged them to fuck me more. How do you like that?

He wouldn’t like it. It would kill him, I was sure. I knew he could never find out.

But I liked it. A lot. And I knew I wanted more.

It was more than a month before the next time. I spent that time worrying that Jim might find out, and the few times we had sex I wondered if he would notice how stretched out I was, but if he did, he didn’t say. Every free minute I thought about those tremendous cocks tearing me apart in ecstasy. I wondered if I would ever feel like that again. I needn’t have worried.

The next time the cock wasn’t huge, it was average, but the guy was hot, and he had a talented tongue that made me cum over and over before he fucked me. He tried to pull out, but I held him inside, loving the feel of being filled with hot cum. I thought he would lose his mind when I sucked him clean, scooped cum out of my cunt and ate it, and got him hard again. This time I sucked his cock until he exploded in my mouth. I showed it to him before I swallowed his load. On the way home I fingered myself, and masturbated more when I got home. Jim never knew, again.

I didn’t wait a month then. The next weekend Jim was away again, and I got fucked by two guys from out of town in a hotel room. One guy made me lick his ass, and the other guy fucked my cum-filled pussy with a champagne bottle. They made me drip cum into a champagne glass and drink it. It was so depraved. I loved it. I masturbated in front of them, sucking my juices and their cum off my fingers. One of them pinched and pulled and twisted my nipples while I crammed three fingers into my cunt; he was so rough my nipples hurt for a week, and they stayed hard for days.

After that, whenever Jim was away I went out and got laid. I never saw Big and Bigger again, but that was okay, and anyway, it would be too much like having an affair. I’d go out with my friends, and then find a guy, or guys, and ditch my friends and go out and get laid. I was pretty sure my friends knew what I was doing, how could they not? At least they suspected, but no one said anything to me, so I knew they wouldn’t tell Jim. Hell, they barely knew him, he was never around.

I became a complete freak for raw, kinky sex, the nastier the better.

My friend Gretchen was the first one to actually find me out. One night we were out in a club, and she found me in the men’s room sucking two guys’ cocks. I figured she’d run, or scream at me, or something, but she just stood there and watched as I took one load in my mouth and one on my face. I was still wiping my face off (into my mouth, of course) as she shooed the guys out, helped me get presentable, and escorted me out. We ended up in a diner, where she got the story out of me.

She didn’t express shock, or disapproval, or judge me in any way. Of course, I hadn’t told her the details of all the depraved things I did, just that I had started suddenly cheating on Jim, and now was doing it all the time. I confessed that I couldn’t stop, that I needed to get sex, all the time, it seemed. She seemed to understand, even as she made me admit it was wrong. I swore her to secrecy. She’s a lawyer, so she said I had attorney-client privilege. Later I would find out just how good a lawyer she was.

The next time I went out Jim wasn’t away, he hadn’t been away in a while, and I needed a ravaging. He called and said he’d be late, like a good husband. And like an awful wife, I went out on a cock hunt. It was late afternoon, so I went to a happy hour near a college, and picked up an energetic young man with mythical recovery ability. He did me three times in two hours. I rushed home, didn’t even finger myself on the way hone, just oozed into my panties, but when I got there I saw Jim’s car in the driveway, and another car. I checked my appearance and, scared to death, went into the house.

The other car belonged to a client he was meeting with. They’d gone to dinner, and had changed plans to come here instead! Fuck, I thought, putting on my friendly ‘meet a client’ persona. I kissed Jim quickly, hoping he couldn’t smell the semen on my breath. I told him I’d gone shopping when he said he wouldn’t be home, and offered to make some dinner, but he said they’d ordered pizza. Relieved, I excused myself from their meeting, and ran upstairs to clean up. Five minutes late I was in the master suite bathroom, scooping cum from my pussy and sucking it off my fingers as masturbated, standing with my pants off. I washed up, threw the panties in the wastebasket, and dressed for bed. When Jim came up I pretended I was sleeping, and then lay awake as he slept, hoping he couldn’t smell my ripe cunt.

Having done it once, I no longer waited for Jim to go away. I started taking more chances, convinced that my oblivious husband would never catch on. I would just get fucked, or suck a guys cock when he was working late. I saved the wild adventures for the times he went away, and those got wild, and more daring. One day Jim and I even had one of our rare sexual interactions while my pussy was filled with another man’s cum. If he noticed how wet I was, he didn’t mention it.

Once I picked up a guy in a club, and he took me to his house, and his wife greeted him at the door. He introduced me as ‘the slut who sucked my cock in the car on the way home’ and she grinned and started getting undressed. First I thought “what the fuck?”, then my defensiveness became defiance; “this bitch isn’t getting this cock tonight!” but she took off her pants and was wearing a strapon! And it was huge! I thought of Big, and dropped to my knees and sucked her ‘dick’ while the guy took off his clothes and mine. Then she fucked me while I sucked her husband’s cock. It was glorious! She could really fuck, let me tell you. When I sensed he was going to cum, I started talking dirty, telling him shoot in my mouth, I want your hot cum in my mouth, like that, and he said no, and his wife stopped fucking me and took off the strapon. She laid on the floor and he fucked her and came inside her. Then he pulled out and said, “you want my cum, you slut, go get it.”

His cute wife was laying there, legs spread, and she had her pussy completely shaved except for a little strip above her clit, which was poking out from the hood. Her cunt was open, and fat drops of cum were oozing out. In a fit of passion I dove straight in, and licked and sucked the cum from her wet snatch. When it was gone I sucked her clit until she came. It was the first time I did anything with another woman, and I knew it wouldn’t be the last.

Another time I picked up a guy who’s wife was out of town After sucking his cock and letting him cum on my face (he wouldn’t let me clean up, and I loved it!) he got hard again and we were fucking. Then he turned me over and did me doggy style. I was close to cumming when he pulled out. He went to the closet and took out a bag and came back to the bed. He pulled out a vibrator and gave it to me to vibe myself while he fucked me. I put my ass back in the air and rubbed the vibe on my clit and he continued fucking me. Just as I was close to cumming, I felt him slow down, and felt something wet on my ass. I thought he came, but was busy with my orgasm, and as I climaxed he pushed a finger into my ass! I came even harder, screaming as he pumped a finger in my back door while he fucked me. Then he added a second finger, and it started to hurt, and I complained and he pulled my hair and told me to shut the fuck up.

I kept the vibe on my clit, and he was still pumping my pussy, and I could feel his fingers stretching my anal opening. Then he pulled out his fingers, and pulled his cock out of my pussy. Fuck, I thought, he’s done. But then I felt something at my ass, not fingers, and I turned my head. “No way,” I said, “I can’t,” but he added some more lube, and I felt the head push inside. Fuck, it hurt, and I thought about pulling away but my body betrayed me and my desire won out, and I rubbed the vibe on my clit and pushed back on him. His cock went a little further, stretching and penetrating my ass. I felt a pressure, and then he pushed passed my inner ring, and his cock slipped all the way inside me. I screamed, in pain, but in excitement too, and he waited for me to adjust, until I started to squirm on his cock. I turned to him again and said, “Fuck my ass, you dog. Fucking take my ass cherry! I want your hot cum up my ass!” he started pounding me, short strokes at first, then longer, full-cock strokes. I felt so full, so nasty and slutty, and I shoved the vibe into my pussy and double penetrated myself. I came twice more before he buried himself inside me and shot a load of hot cum up my ass.

The next day I couldn’t sit or walk right, and called in sick to work. I masturbated myself raw thinking about it. I put everything I could think of in my ass, fingers, a candle, whatever I could find, fingering myself to blistering orgasms in my new depravity. It was my first anal, and I loved it. The next day I bought some vitamin e oil at the drugstore, and soothed my aching ass and cunt. I had anal sex pretty frequently after that.

During this period I would occasionally run into Gretchen, and when we were alone she would ask, and I would fill her in on what I was doing. I was grateful for the opportunity, because my secret was like to burst out of me, and it gave me an opportunity to release a little pressure without more people knowing. She seemed cautiously interested at first, but as weeks passed she it seemed she could barely wait to hear of my latest exploits in all their debauched detail. And honestly, the telling was near as exciting as the doing, and the more she asked, the more detailed my explanations, and I started masturbating following our little chats. Sometimes these were day or afternoon conversations. A couple of times it was when we were out, and I would get her alone in the bar or the club, and tell her what I had done. Or what I was going to do, and then leave and go do it.

The first time she came with me was one night at a club, and I told her I was leaving with this group, it was two guys and two couples, and they were going to one of the guys house. She said she was nervous for me, and thought she should tag along to make sure I was OK. She came with us, and we partied at this guy’s place for a while, but she didn’t seem to drink much. She was friendly and all, but I was going wild with the rest of the group, and it soon got heated. One of the guys started making out with his girlfriend, and I grabbed the ass of one of the single guys, Blondie I called him, while we watched them grope each other, then he kissed me.

Things proceeded from there predictably, for me anyway. As soon as I felt the guy getting hard I dropped to my knees, and everyone stopped to watch me suck his cock. I was bobbing my head and fondling his balls and ass, his pants around his ankles. The kissing couple, the Preppies, started undressing, and he was sucking her tits when I looked up. The other single guy was sitting with Gretchen and the other couple, the Quiet Ones, talking to Gretchen. I saw her say something and point to me. Other Guy got up and stood behind me, grabbing my tits and squeezing my nipples, hard. The feeling went straight to my pussy, and I let him know it. He pulled off my shirt and bra, and I guess his pants, too, because the next time he reached around for my tits I felt his hard cock pressing into my back. I got up and got my pants off, and he got his face under me, and I sat on his mouth while I sucked Blondie. I felt his tongue slip into my wet hole and I gushed fluid into his mouth.

The couple was in a sixty-nine on the floor right next to us now, and I watched her lick his balls. Not to be outdone, I pushed Blondie back to the couch, and pulled his legs up so I could lick his ass. With my butt in the air, Other Guy got up and drove into my cunt in one stroke, pushing my tongue up Blondie’s hole. I managed a glance across the room, and saw Gretchen staring at me, apparently now believing all the stories I had told her.

Once the cock entered me I started talking dirty, telling him fuck my slutty cunt, pound me. He obeyed, and it felt great. I replaced my tongue with a finger in Blondie’s ass, and licked his balls while I stroked him, all the while spewing a stream of filth for everyone to hear. I heard the Preppies goading Other Guy to fuck me harder; they were fucking now, doggy style like me, and both watching me with Blondie and Other Guy.

I heard Gretchen telling the Quiet Ones what a nasty slut I was, fucking two guys in front of everyone. She called me awful names, and it got me hotter, knowing I was all those and more. Then she yelled to Other guy to fuck my ass, and I felt him pull his cock out, and press against my anal opening. He popped the head inside, and I howled, half in pain and half in delight. I clenched, then loosened up and pushed back, burying him halfway in my ass. He pulled back slightly, and then pushed the rest in, and my ass was filled with cock.

Now the Quiet Ones joined Gretchen in cheering and deriding me, and I felt my first orgasm coming as Preppie girl reached under me to rub my clit. I came on her hand, screaming, and she came too. Then the Other Guy grabbed my hips and pulled me backwards as he lay on his back, his cock buried in my ass. I imagined I was quite a sight, my legs wide open, on my back on top of him, my hungry cunt and ass stretched and exposed for all to see. Blondie got up and got between my legs and fed his man meat into my waiting slit, and I had two cocks fucking me.

“Fuck that slut!” I heard Gretchen yelling. “Fuck her cunt and her slut ass!” “Give it to her! Fill that whore up!”

“Give me your hot cum,” I told Blondie and the Other Guy. “Fill my ass and pussy with cum! I want it in me!” That was all Preppie guy needed, and we all heard him groan and empty his balls in his girlfriend. She moaned with him, cumming again, and that set me off, and I felt my cum splashing out on Blondie’s fat cock, running down my crack and into my ass. He pushed harder into me, driving me down onto the dick in my ass, until I thought my chest would explode. “Give me your cum,” I kept repeating, “Fuck your cum into me! Give it to me!”

I saw movement from the corner of my eye, and then Preppie girl was lifting her leg over my face, and she squatted over me, dripping cum into my mouth. I lapped it up, slobbering the mess on my lips and nose and chin, and then she lowered herself down.

“Suck it out, slut!” she yelled, then announced to the room, “Her tongue is up my cunt, the nasty slut! She’s licking the cum out!” Gretchen and the Quiet Ones were cheering, yelling “Eat that cum! Suck that fucked pussy!” and I did, with relish. That drove my two cocks over the edge, I felt them swell, and pulse, and then they came, Other Guy first, then Blondie, and filling my bowels and pussy with hot slimy semen. The combination of being filled and fucked, and the pussy on my face, and the audience drove me to a body-shaking climax, and I trembled uncontrollably until it passed.

When I settled down Blondie fed me his cock to clean, and Preppie girl brought her guy over for the same. I was still on my back atop Other Guy, who was softening in my ass, and finally slipped out. I finished sucking Preppie boy clean and climbed off Other Guy, only to turn over and suck his cock clean too. Everyone was aghast and disgusted that I sucked the cock from my ass, but the passion had taken me and I never gave it a thought. It tasted nasty, but I got excited by how depraved it was.

On the way home that night Gretchen said that she hadn’t fully believed I was that wild until she had seen it for her own eyes. I asked why she hadn’t participated, and she said that she couldn’t. She was in a relationship, and she couldn’t be like that with anyone. I told her she was just jealous. I know different now. She asked if I ever felt guilty for doing things like this behind my husband’s back. I told her I did, at first, but I enjoyed it more, and I deserved to be happy, and he wasn’t doing it for me, so it was OK. She was quiet for a while, and then we got in a discussion about anal sex, and I told her that it made you sore, but in a good way, like when your nipples still hurt from being pinched and pulled too much, or when the back of your mouth feels bruised from a good face fuck.

About a week later I had a sex party at my house. Jim was away for a few days, and I went out one night to a club, and brought the party to my house. It turned into a full blown orgy, I swear, and it lasted until the sun was coming up. I ate pussy and ass, I sucked cock, I got fucked in my pussy, my mouth and my ass, over and over. I think every guy there came in me or on me or both. Once after fucking this guy, his girlfriend stuck her fingers in my cunt, and started feeding me his cum, and then she worked three fingers inside me, pushing and stretching me, then she added a fourth. I started to feel another climax coming when she looked in my face and said, “Get ready,” and then she folded her thumb in, and pushed her whole hand into me. She fisted me through two orgasms while everyone watched, and a guy jerked off in my mouth. She made me lick her hand clean, too. One of the other girls squirted when she came, and I made sure I got my face right in there. She drenched my face and filled my mouth and I drank it all and licked her clean. I sucked cum off cocks, and licked it out of pussies. After one guy ass-fucked his girlfriend and I sucked his cock after he came in her ass, she pushed my head between her legs and made me suck the cum out of her ass!

When I told Gretchen about the party, she was horrified. Not at what I did, but that I did it in my house. “What if you get caught? Won’t he suspect? What if someone leaves something behind?” She was full of questions. But frankly, it was better for me to do it at home, because I could drink, and fuck till I passed out, even, and didn’t have to worry about driving home. I just had to make sure I had an extra day to clean the house before Jim came home. It had worked out well, and I knew I could get away with it whenever the possibility presented itself.

I continued my one-off antics for the next few weeks, Jim being none the wiser. His sexual appetite seemed to diminish a little, and I went out even when he was working, coming home sometimes with cum breath, or a pussy or ass full of cum. Once I came home, wearing a skirt without panties and Jim was home. As we talked in the kitchen I had cum running down my leg. What would he say if a fat drop of semen dropped out and hit the floor? Would he notice? What if I lifted my skirt in front of the dense bastard and jammed my fingers in my cunt and scooped it out for him? Would he notice then?

I continued confessing my antics to Gretchen, and one day she asked me if I wanted to attend a party. She told me her firm was meeting clients from out of town, adding that she was in charge of providing entertainment while they were there. She had booked a party room at the hotel they were staying in. As it happened Jim was away for the week, and I naturally took up her offer.

There was great food, but I didn’t eat much. I’d kept my food light and had two enemas before attending in the hopes of some great anal sex. I thought Gretchen knew exactly what kind of entertainment I was going to provide, although she played innocent all night. Her clients were young, wealthy, handsome and confident men and women. If I remember correctly, it was two married couples, three single men and a single woman. I was leaking pussy juice into my panties as she made the introductions. I had a couple of drinks with them as we all checked each other out. When I laughed at one of their dirty jokes, and then told one of my own, the party took a turn in the right direction. The talk got bawdy, then sexy, then downright dirty after that, the women going even further than the men. One of the married women, in response to a comment about cock size, made us all look as she unzipped her husband and pulled his giant slab of meat out. As everyone laughed I knew I was going to have this one more than once. Things got wild after that, and we made it up to the team leader’s suite in various stages of undress. My shirt was unbuttoned and one of the single guys was grabbing my tits from behind as we spilled through the door.

Clothes went flying. The single woman, and slim redhead, was the first naked and grabbed me and pushed me to my knees, jamming my face into her shaved cunt. She was dripping wet and I lapped her juices as she told the rest of the crowd what a nasty cunt licker I was. Everyone got a charge out of that, and then one of the men walked up behind her and rammed his cock up her twat while I kept licking. He fucked her standing, and everyone stood around fondling each other until he came, and I licked his load out of her cunt. While I did, someone finished undressing me, and I felt a cock enter my pussy.

Parts of the night were a blur after that, but some moments were memorable for their depravity. Guys came in my mouth and on my face, and one of the wives licked my face clean and then spit it back into my mouth. I licked cum from pussies and asses. I got the Big Dick guy in my ass while the rest of the men fucked my pussy and mouth in turn. One of the women emptied a half bottle of wine into her cunt, and squatted over my mouth while I was getting fucked, and I drank as much as I could catch. One man fucked his wife’s ass and my mouth alternately, holding my face down so he could ram it into my throat straight from her anus. Fucking nasty.

Halfway through the night the three women took me to the bathroom and laid me in the tub. I thought they were going to clean me off, and they did, but not with the shower. The redhead stood over me and spread her lips with her hands, and started pissing. It came out in a forceful stream, on my tits, splashing on my face, then moved up to my mouth which had opened in shock. I was horrified, and humiliated, but as the stream finished and the married women took their turns, I became turned on, and then eager. All three of them pissed into my mouth and my cunt, and I licked their pussies clean. They were all shaved. I love shaved pussy. They rinsed me off and brought me back out to the men.

Later, after more sucking and fucking, I was on my back and felt one of the women kissing me. I opened my eyes to see it was Gretchen! That was hot. I grabbed her head and kissed her back, my tongue going into her mouth to meet hers. We kept kissing as two men fucked me and dumped their load in me. Then she stood, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down, and sat on my mouth so I could lick her pussy. She came almost instantly, and I drank her sweet tangy juices.

It was a fabulous night, and Gretchen came back to my house and spent the night. I fucked her with a dildo and licked her ass, and she sucked my tits.

A few weeks later I had planned an evening at my house again, as Jim was away. Gretchen couldn’t come, but that was OK with me. But that was the night my life went completely sideways. Halfway through the night, I was being carried around the room by a giant black man with a tremendous cock. He was holding me under my knees with my back against his chest and his cock was buried as far as it would go up my ass. He was walking me around the room to each man to fuck my cunt, fill it with cum, and then move to the next one. I never heard the door, and I don’t know how much he saw, but as the third guy finished filling me with cum the room got quiet. I looked where everyone else was looking and saw Jim at the door of our bedroom. The guy carrying me turned too, and I faced my husband with a giant black cock up my ass and cum from three different men dripping out of my open cunt. He looked into my eyes, and then turned away without saying a word. By the time I threw some clothes on and ran downstairs he was gone, and then everyone left.

I didn’t see him again for six months, when we met at the lawyer’s office to settle our divorce. Gretchen had agreed to represent me when I decided to file for divorce. Believe it or not, Jim didn’t file; I did. I figured I had grounds on spousal abandonment. She filed the papers and Jim didn’t contest them. I stood to get the house and plenty of income from Jim’s successful business. So I was feeling pretty sure of myself when I saw him in the hall outside the conference room. Gretchen was with me when Jim approached with his lawyer, a smaller, balding man. Gretchen had told me the guy was pretty sharp, and I saw his face tighten when Jim asked to speak to me alone.

We walked alone to the elevators. Jim spoke in a low voice, very serious. “Before we go in,” he said, “I wanted to ask you one time if you might reconsider this.”

“Excuse me?” I asked. I was guessing that he might be having second thoughts about contesting, based on my actions, but Gretchen had said he would be too embarrassed to have all those details come out.

“Are you sure that you want to go through with this. I just wanted to give you one last chance to drop the divorce case.” So he wasn’t going to contest, he just wanted me to go away, I thought. Months later I would realize that he was trying to protect me from myself.

“Drop it? Hell no,” I told him, all full of my misplaced bravado. “If you’re so concerned about your money, maybe you should have thought of that before you stopped having sex with me. You drove me away, remember?”

His face took on a pained resignation, and he nodded silently. “Okay,” he muttered. “That’s what I was afraid of. All right.” He took a deep breath and turned and walked away, looking a little defeated. I felt victorious.

We went in, papers changed hands and were signed, the Lawyers agreeing to the exorbitant funds that I would be receiving. A couple of times Jim’s lawyer advised him that professionally, he was telling him, one last time, to fight the divorce, as he was giving up too much. But Jim remained firm, and the last papers were signed. Gretchen advised me to stay seated as they left. When he got to the door, as his lawyer left the room, Jim turned to me and said, “Goodbye Miriam. I hope you enjoy yourself.” Damn right I would, with his house and his money. I waved to him, then blew him a kiss.

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