Clea sat slumped against the door to the Warchief’s throne room, her pale hands fidgeting with her armor. She had been forced to stay outside, to her great dismay. The sound of her queen and the Warchief mating rang loud in her ears, and she wouldn’t doubt that the whole center of Orgrimmar could hear the two (Sylvanas especially). A tinge of anger flashed through her. She had wished to mate with the new orc leader to, and now here she was, sitting outside the very door which held her queen being ravaged by the giant orc. Her anger was quickly replaced by jealousy as the Dark Lady’s wails of pleasure continued to assault her ears. With each scream Clea would mutter a curse, but despite this she couldn’t help but find herself with her ear pressed against the very door blocking her from from the dick she craved. She listened intently to what could only be described as her queen being destroyed by the large orc’s magnificent cock. She could hear every slap his balls made as they pounded against her, every degrading insult he threw at her, and every pitiful moan she responded to him with. She was about ready to leave the building and find an orc of her own to fuck, when her ears caught wind of a sound other than the screeches of her mistress. Her long ears picked up the sound of footsteps strolling towards her area. Feet which belonged to an orc no doubt. Clea’s purple lips curved into a smile as her hands went to work on making herself look appetizing. She propped up her sizeable breasts and pulled her tight leggings down to a tantalizing length on her hips just as two orcs stepped up in front of her. Clea licked her lips and twirled a strand of her dark blue hair, her gaze filled with a predatorial hunger.

“Hello, boys.”


Sylvanas’ teeth dug into her cum-covered lips as the thick brown shaft of the Warchief pounded down on her from above. She was on the ground, bent into an unnatural C shape with her waist in the air and her upper half on the ground. The large brown orc was humping into her bent form, his rock-hard pole slamming down into her asshole over and over. He was going slow, but the orc made sure to put all of his power into each and every thrust. This was evident each time his shaft hilted itself inside of the undead woman’s ass, as each energy-filled thrust caused a moan to escape past her clenched teeth. Her face wore an angry mask which occasionally shifted to a look of immense satisfaction. She didn’t want to have sex with the idiotic orc chieftain, but she loved cock, and at times she couldn’t help but let that be known. Reaching up, she cupped her bouncing blue orbs with her petite hands and squeezed, letting out a seductive half-fake, half-real moan of pleasure. Garrosh increased his efforts upon seeing this, his muscles straining even further as he prepared to spit on her face again. This time, however, the Dark Lady opened her mouth and caught the flying saliva in her mouth and swallowed it, before shooting him a wicked grin. His reaction almost made her want to laugh, but instead she did something else; With her grin widening, and with the Warchief’s thick brown cock lodged inside of her tiny blue rump, she clenched the muscles wrapped around the orc’s shaft. The muscles in her ass squeezed and milked his cock, forcing Garrosh to utter a curse at her before he could no longer hold back the tidal wave of cum yearning to be unleashed within the Forsaken queen’s ass. As the Warchief’s plundering cock hosed the insides of her ass out with sticky white goo, Sylvanas bit her puffy lips and moaned, her eyes rolling back slightly in a fit of ecstasy. She loved having her insides painted with the sticky seed of a male, and Garrosh was doing a great job of appeasing that pleasure.

When the large orc was finished unloading his seed in her, he stood up, allowing the queen’s thin blue legs to fall down onto the ground. The Dark Lady looked up at the orc to find him walking towards her, his wet, semi-hard cock waving back and forth as he walked. Sylvanas sat up as the Warchief planted his legs on either side of her body, ready to suck, but was met with a slap to the face by the orc’s large sac.

“Leave everything to me,” he said, grabbing the back of her head. With one hand wrapped around his cum covered phallus, he pressed it’s head against the undead queen’s lips.

“Open wide Banshee slut.”

Sylvanas’ tongue slithered out from her mouth to the underside of the shaft pressed against her lips, licking the cum off of it and tasting herself in the process. The orc leader didn’t allow her time to suck him off at her own pace, however, and instead decided to take things into his own, thick hands. Using the hand on her head he pushed his cock past her uninviting purple lips, along the length of her wet tongue and down her throat. He pressed her down on his cock until her face was mashed against his unshaven groin and held her like that for what would seem like an eternity to an average, or living, girl. To the Banshee Queen his cock was almost childs-play. Not only had she had cocks far bigger than his, but she no longer needed to breathe either, allowing her to deepthroat whenever necessary.

Garrosh did not like that she didn’t respond with a frenzy of coughing and sputtering, so instead of simply forcing her to deepthroat his cock he decided to pound her face like he pounded her rear-end. Wrapping his other hand around her skull and withdrawing his cock from her mouth, he used both of his hands to plunge it back in again. This time, however, he didn’t hold her down on his shaft and instead withdrew from her mouth before thrusting back in for a third time. He kept at this for a good ten minutes, his shaft sliding in and out of the undead beauty’s mouth whilst she tried to work him over with her tongue. His large ungentle hands were tangled in her hair and he would occasionally rain spit down on her from above, though he was starting to think that she enjoyed the shower. She was undead after all, and he imagined that they must have some rather disturbing fetishes which extended farther than just being spit on.

The orc didn’t like the woman who’s lips were wrapped around his shaft but he had to admit that she was an amazing fuck and she certainly knew how to use her tongue. He knew he was going to cum soon, but that didn’t worry him. Ever since the human mage he had fucked a week prior – Lady Proudmoore – had given him that potion to increase the size of his manhood he found himself being able to cum multiple times without needing a break. He didn’t like the human and he refused to deal with her, but he was certainly glad that she had given him that potion.

Looking down to the sight of his shaft stuffing the Banshee queen’s face, he found that she was actively playing with her blueberry colored breasts as if she enjoyed the cock stuffed down her throat.

The Dark Lady did indeed enjoy the cock filling her mouth and roughly fucking her face, but she also knew that the newly appointed Warchief was trying to show her who was the boss in this new Horde. Lucky enough for her, however, Jaina told her weeks before about her own encounter with the Warcief and how she had given him a potion to increase his performance. She knew of what it did and how it would allow the large orc to fuck her and cum in or on her enough times to ensure that she herself would tire out before he did. Sylvanas had a trick up her sleeve though. A trick which would ensure that the brown orc would tire out much sooner than she would.

All Dark Rangers know a set of basic abilities taught during training, however the knowledge of these spells can be manipulated into new spells, or just used to enhance the original spells. All Dark Rangers have the ability to drain life, but Sylvanas, the first and most powerful ranger, devised a way to use that same spell, albeit slightly altered, to drain the stamina out of sexual partners. She learned how to do this more than ten years prior when she allowed the Dreadlords inhabiting Lordaeron to gangbang her. She hasn’t used it since.

The Banshee Queen’s tongue slithered along the length of the Warchief’s shaft, and if the dim witted orc could see inside of her maw he would spy a faint green glow filling the blackness of the vampiric undead beauty’s mouth. As Garrosh pumped his hips back and forth against the blue woman’s face, as his megaton sac filled with more than a cup of white gooey cum slapped over and over into her throat, as his glove-like hand gripped her head and pulled at the roots of her blonde hair, his precious stamina was being drained. The source? Sylvanas’ purple cum sucking lips, or, more specifically, her snake-like tongue.

Garrosh’s climax drew upon him like the Grim Reaper hovering above a soldier wounded on the battlefield, exhaustion wished to overtake him. The reaper would not get him now though, Miss Proudwhore’s potion would make sure of that. He joined the hand on the Banshee Queen’s head with his other before pressing down as hard as he could. The undead Queens head slammed down on his cock until her nose was tangled in a mess of black pubic hair. Her tongue slobbered out of her mouth, finding little room to be had. It squeezed past her purple lips and the cock in her mouth until it found its home grasping desperately to the underside of the newly appointed Warchief’s balls which were busy pumping an alarming amount of salty cum down her throat and into her gullet.

The thick, gooey substance clogged her throat and filled her mouth until it spilled and dribbled out of both her nose and the tiny room left inbetween her lips. When the orc finally let go of her head and slid his ridiculously slimey cock from her cum-drenched maw he panted and gripped her head again before planting his semi-hard cock on Sylvanas’ face, as if for a short rest break. It was big enough to block her vision and it smeared cum all over her face and hair. She couldn’t speak as cum still clogged her throat, however she knew that Garrosh was much too tired to continue.

Reaching one hand up above her head, she grasped the orc’s hand and lifted it from her before standing slowly, allowing the cum plastered dick to slide along her face before flopping off.

She swallowed.

“Why don’t you lay down dear Warchief, you seem… Exhausted. Utterly.” The right ride of her mouth curved into a smirk upon saying this, bearing her teeth which still had bit of sticky spunk stuck in them.

The Warchief did not understand why he was so tired. The human slut’s potion should have prevented this from happening. He would not have minded as much if it had worn off while he was in the middle of treating the Blood Elven ambassador to a dinner of orcish meat like he so often did, but that was not the case. It had worn off while fucking the Forsaken Queen, and she was much different than a fragile elf girl with an orc fetish.

“Maybe I drained too much energy,” she pondered, not bothering to lower her voice.

“I don’t want you to have a heart attack. Your death would almost certainly be blamed on me.

Lay down.”

Garrosh’s mind did not register her words, but he was exhausted and he quickly found himself stumbling towards his throne. The tired orc warrior plopped down onto it, his cock now soft but still glistening with cum and the Banshee Queen’s saliva.

“Yes you really do look exhausted. Let Sylvie take care of you.” A wicked grin spread across her face and her red fiery eyes flared up like a fire being fed gasoline. Sauntering over to the throne, she sat her naked rump down on the exhausted orcs lap and placed her slender legs on either side of him before wrapping one hand around his cock. She jerked him off until he was hard again, cum and spit acting as a slimey lubricant. After she had gotten him hard she lifted herself up and, with proper positioning, speared herself on his erect rod. They both groaned and Garroshs heart began to pound even faster as the undead beauty ontop of him took it upon herself to bounce her body up and down. For the next half hour or so Sylvanas’ constricting cunt acted as a sheathe to Garrosh’s worn out manhood. The dark queen seized to relent and never once slowed down her efforts. She enjoyed having her inner depths filled with the orc’s reddish-brown meat. It penetrated her like a Goblin jackhammer and she loved the feeling of his arrow-like cockhead tearing up her sweet pussy. However, she was not after her own pleasure. Again, like a Goblin jackhammer, the orc would soon explode. He would fill her purple cunt with whatever cream he had left in the large deflated sac hanging between his legs. And then, she would win.

“A relatively easy victory with the knowledge of Jaina’s potion,” she thought, blonde hair flowing wildly around her as she bounced.




The sounds of Sylvanas’ body as it came crashing down on the Warchief’s dick rang loud within the room.

“Too bad Thrall left. Our sessions were so much more interesting than this.” Her eyes locked on the orc’s eyes whom she was riding.




“I believe Gallywix is next on my list of leaders to visit. How dreadful. Might as well fuck a slimey frog.”




Garrosh tensed and gripped the sides of his chair, a low groan escaping his lips. His body pushed up as his balls contracted and sent the last reserves of his supply of cum shooting up into the Banshee Queen’s milking snatch. His heart beat fast and when his balls were dry and the woman’s pussy filled with a cream filling he slouched down and passed out, his shaft quickly softening within Sylvanas’ creamy cunt.

The Dark Lady climbed off of him and dressed without hesitation, applying her tight fitting armor to her taut body. Before making for the closed door she smirked and, picking up her pair of see-through Forsaken panties, through them ontop of Garrosh’s bald head.


The last drop of orcish cum splattered across Clea’s face right as Sylvanas Windrunner stepped out of the Warchief’s chamber. The undead queen was only mildly surprised, and her presence caused the two orcs to quickly scamper away.

“I see you’ve made friends with the locals.”

Clea licked her lips, catching a sizable amount of sticky cum before pulling it into her mouth and swallowing.

“They came onto me,” Clea replied, using her middle finger to wipe a glob of cum from her left eye and smiling.


The two undead ladies had no where to stay when they first set foot into the dusty city of Orgrimmar, but by the end of the day an old orc warrior named Varok Saurfang had given them lodging free of charge. They would not be staying for long though, as they were leaving in the morning for Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace in Azshara. The old orcs house was bigger than the average peon’s house, but not very big overall. Never-the-less Clea soon found herself wandering to pass the time. Sylvanas always did say that she was impatient. The house was oddly quiet, besides the crackling of a fire. Not even her footsteps were audible due to her training, but the silence was oddly suspicious. Perhaps the old orc worked for the Burning Legion, an evil cult comprised of orcs which lurked underneath Orgrimmar.

Clea made her way to what she assumed was the orc’s – Saurfang’s – room. Something about the area felt odd, but she opened the sturdy wooden door anyways. As soon as she opened it a blast of noise assaulted her pointed white ears. The sounds of a woman shrieking, of low guttural grunts, a repeating slapping noise, and of satisfied groans. Clea’s quick eyes scanned the room. The red fire of her eyes first settled upon Sylvanas and the old orc rutting on top of the bed. The undead queen had her back arched downwards so as to push her ass up, but the pose also gave Clea a nice view of her pretty face. A blissful look of satisfaction was painted across her features and her teeth bit down deep into her purple lips, drawing a small amount of blood. The old orc was squatting down and humping into her from behind into what she assumed was the Dark Lady’s asshole. Her eyes quickly settled onto a human figure laying vertical on the bed with her head upside down and hanging off of the furniture piece. A small pool of either cum or saliva was in her mouth and her face and hair was also spattered with white goo. She quickly identified the human woman as Jaina Proudmoore from the tiny Horde and Alliance tattoos upon her sizable pair of tits. Her eyes finally fell upon a black and white spotted Tauren girl upon the floor. She had her ass up with her tail covering both of her holes, but Clea could still see a trail of cum leaking out and forming a small puddle upon the floor. She also spotted the word “SLUT” crudely branded upon her ass. The Tauren’s tongue lolled out of her mouth into what appeared to be a puddle of saliva and orc cum. The Dark Ranger’s eyes finally settled upon Sylvanas again who was busy having her ass reamed by the large old orc.

“Saurfang must have had this room enchanted with some kind of spell to prevent sound from escaping it,” Clea thought.

“Why am I never invited to these parties?”

Clea stepped inside and dropped her pants, her belt buckle falling with a clink as she closed the door.

Unbeknownst to Clea, she had not shut the door entirely, and from the other side a small Gnome with funny hair peaked through the crack. The little fellow watched the four girls take the orc’s green meat pole into their holes for the rest of the night, his eyes constantly shifting to Dark Ranger Clea as he stroked himself.

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