Futa/Shemale themes, if that’s not your cup of tea, you should pass. Thanks!

I was excited as always as my girlfriend Joan took me by the hand and led me down the stone steps into the lower level of the deserted downtown building that she had brought me to. Joan was always finding new and erotic ways of expanding my horizons. I gazed at her tight yet voluptuous ass swaying making her way down the stairs, her black latex pants showing off the curves of her body. I opened the heavy black metal door for her as we came to the bottom of the steps and then followed her inside this mysterious place.

After I entered, she closed the door and locked the door with a steel metal bar from the inside and gave me a brief kiss as I looked into her dark eyes. As I turned to look where we were, I saw that we were in a large stone room lit by torches lined along the walls with a single wooden desk up against the back wall. The desk was covered in different manuals and had multiple instruments laid out along with multiple vials and bottles filled with various indiscernible liquids.

Joan once again took my hand and pulled me towards the middle of the room and positioned me in the middle of a circle that seemed to have been painted onto the floor. There she looked deeply up into my eyes, smiled, and told me, “this night will be the wildest that you have ever experienced”. She pressed herself into me as we kissed deeply, her 36-C breasts covered by nothing more than a latex bra.

As we broke our kiss she told me to stay inside the circle. As she walked towards the desk, I looked down and saw that the circle I stood within was connected to a larger circle with a star drawn within it. Joan picked up the large thick book resting on the table and stood in another smaller circle on the opposite side of the larger circle with the star.

She began speaking in some language that I had never heard before and that is when it all started. Suddenly we were surrounded by a blue light emanating from the circles drawn on the floor. Joan continued chanting as I felt the air within the circle become thick. It felt like being submersed in water but easier to move within. The edges of the circle became walls of light that I could no longer penetrate like being confined within a large water tank of some sort. Joan began chanting louder and suddenly stopped and slammed the book shut, her eyes wide looking towards me across the circles.

A large body began to form in between the two of us inside the largest circle. There was a blinding flash of light and suddenly she was before us looking down on me. She was at least 7 foot tall, naked, with large firm breasts and strong yet feminine curves. She had what looked to be rough, purple skin and eyes that glowed the same blue as the color of the light that had previously been coming from the circles on the ground which were no longer there. She stepped towards me and bent down, reached towards me and gently grasped my chin to bring my gaze to her eyes and stated, “you will make a nice play-thing.” She then turned and moved towards Jane and said, “and for you, by bringing me such a gift, I will endow you with some of mine.”

Joan’s eyes then glowed briefly and elaborate artwork the purple color of the creature’s skin inscribed itself on her body. Her breasts began suddenly began to grow and her body became impossibly disproportionate, with at least DD breasts, an impossibly small waste and flaring hips. She looked at me and smiled. Both women began walking toward me.

The creature then snapped her fingers and suddenly my clothes disappeared from my body and Joan’s. She then said, “my name is Gira and you will never experience anything the likes of which you will tonight”. She then kissed me deeply as Joan stepped behind me and pressed her body to mine. Immediately I was erect. Gira’s tongue then entered my mouth and snaked its was down my throat as she began stroking my cock with her large, smooth hands. At the same time, Joan reached in front of me and began playing with my nipples. Gira then began fucking my mouth with her long tongue which began to thicken and expand my throat. How I could breathe, I have no idea, but the sensation was amazing.

Slowly she snaked her tongue out of my mouth as she worked her way down my body and wrapped it around my straining dick. Suddenly I felt a pinch in my pelvis as Gira bit into me, her tongue continuing to stroke my length. Her tongue then retracted and she lightly kissed where she had bitten me and said, “that is to make sure that your body can withstand our ministrations tonight hun”.

She leaned back from me with Joan still running her hands over my body and I got my first glimpse of Gira’s pussy. It swollen with thick lips and a large protruding red clitoris. Then it happened. Gira looked at me and smiled “YOU WILL BE MINE!” With those words something spread her labia and began to emerge from her vagina. It was a cock! The large head had to be at least 2 to 3 inches around and the shaft just kept coming! “Ungh!” With a grunt two large testicles the size of grapefruits popped out to join her now foot-long erection.

She stepped towards me and turned me around easily. My strength was clearly no match for hers. Joan’s smiling face was suddenly right in front of me and she kissed me while bringing my hands to her newly enlarged breasts. Clearly something in her transformation had made her more sensitive as she climaxed from my touch.

Then I felt what frightened me. Gira’s huge cock was pressed between my butt cheeks, poised to penetrate my virgin ass. Pre-cum poured in a stream onto my hole as she pressed her gigantic breasts into my back and whispered into my ear. “Relax, I’ll go easy on you your first time….you’re going to love this, baby”. Gira picked me up by the waist and I felt the head of her cock begin to push into me. My sphincter spread against my will, but for some reason I was immensely turned on. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my life. Joan’s body was pressed firmly to mine, I could feel both of their breasts pressed into me as the head of Gira’s penis pushed past the ring of my anus muscle. The pressure on my insides increased as Gira continuously fed her monstrous cock into my ass. She slowly pressed forward, inch by inch as I felt her bulging cock roll over my prostate. Suddenly I came with a torrential explosion of semen splashing between mine and Joan’s body. With that Gira quickly slammed the length of her meat into me and I felt her huge balls slap into mine.

“This won’t quite do” stated Gira plainly, and suddenly there was a leather bench behind her which she layed on while lifting me onto her. Her huge hands which nearly wrapped fully around my waist picked me up and began to slide me back and forth on her dick as Joan straddled Gira to join us on the bench. I could feel my anus stretching and beginning to loosen as Gira slowly lifted me up and down on her massive tool. With each foot-long down-stroke I reached a new peak, cum leaking from my cock, my nerves tingling from within.

Joan then quickly hopped on top of me and slid my cock into her dripping pussy. While my dick was not nearly as massive as Gira’s, Joan’s vaginal walls had tightened and become more sensitive than they had ever been before causing her to orgasm with her first downstroke. With her smooth body pressed against mine, my skin was tingling all over from the contact with my beautiful woman and the hermaphrodite creature that was fucking me in the ass. Joan’s pussy was now squeezing my cock inside her juicy cunt as the demoness’s giant dick continued to ream my virgin ass.

“There you go my pet, time for me to get mine” Gira leered. Immediately she began to fuck my ass with incredible vigor sending me to new heights as her cock pounded into me while Joan bounced on my dick from the sheer force of Gira’s thrusts. Orgasm after orgasm rocked mine and Joan’s bodies as Gira continued to slam into us. I could feel that my anus had been loosened despite it’s tight grip on Gira’s cock. She began to growl as my body began to shake from the impending climax. All of a sudden I felt Gira’s cock expand and bulge as her dick pumped huge torrents of cum into my ass, sending me over a peak I never knew existed. My dick began continuously spraying its contents into Joan’s pussy causing her to climax as well. Gira continued pumping her enormous meat in and out of my ass with her semen leaking from my anus pumping me full of her fluid until my stomach began to bulge from the immense amount of girlcum. My nerves exploded as my balls squeezed tight and gushed my semen into Joan causing orgasms so intense that we both passed out from the pleasure.

Shortly thereafter, I awoke on the stone floor with Joan next to me as Gira’s huge girl-cock slowly slid out of my ass. She whispered into my ear, “I look forward to our next visit my toy”. With a brief shove back into me she then quickly slipped herself from my body with a pop causing a small, brief orgasm and she disappeared in a flash of blue light.

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