Di and I haven’t really been debauched for a while. Then I called the owners of the club we used to frequent. Turns out, this solid swinging couple was divorcing. WHAT?!?!?! We were shocked. So, the wife fell off the face of the earth. The husband, Jim, is in the service business and sometimes we need his services (not the nasty kind, come on people – not yet at least).

I talked to him for a bit seeing that he was ok with his divorce. He seems to be down a little, but no worse for wear. He has family and friends to get him through. Well, being the second guy Di fucked outside our relationship, I know she liked the feeling of his cock in her pussy. One time while he was giving it to her and I was doing his wife, Di yells out, “Don’t stop fucking me!!! I’m cumming!!” That was the first guy that made her cum other than me….

I ask if he’s still friends with the couple Bill and Sue. They BOTH fucked Di one night. Sue is very awesome. She’d always bring her strap-on, and she got into Di one night. ANOTHER fabulous time. He says yeah, he is still friends with them. I suggest we should hang out with Bill. He’s all for it. Who wouldn’t be? If you know my Diane, she is a fantasy any guy would love to borrow.

Mentioning it to Di, she’s down. We make a plan for Saturday a couple weeks away. As we are going, we’re planning to just hang out in the Jacuzzi, nothing really big, because its been a couple years since we’ve swung and it is like we are starting all over. We knock. Sue answers the door naked with only her strap-on on. Not unusual to see her in this state, swinging that thing around, making a scene. But, having not seen them in a couple years, we start giggling. She laughs and says, “Too forward? Here, I’ll take it off and save it for later… Come on in, you two sexy beasts.” We go in, strip our clothes and Di heads to the Jacuzzi while I pour us some wine.

After sharing some stories and wine in the Jacuzzi, I say I need to pee. Coming back to the Jacuzzi, I see Di sucking on Bill’s cock while Sue is sucking Jim’s dick. May as well get some more wine and enjoy the view, right? So, I do. We’re all hard and horny. I love watching my little minx please cocks. And I love watching her receive the pleasure, too. Sue stops everything and says us three guys need to go sit on the couch. We dry off and sit. Then, Di comes over and starts stroking me with her left hand, and Bill with her right. Jim is saved for her mouth. She’s busy with both hands stroking cock and sucking another, God I love this woman. Just then, Sue straps on her dildo and starts fucking Di doggie. as Di switches the cock in her mouth to enjoy us all, its heaven. She’s loving it; we’re loving it; Sue’s loving it.

Sue says, “She’s ready for you.” to Bill and Jim and pulls out and grabs me by the dick and leads me to the master bedroom. Di follows closely leading the two others by their dicks. She has Bill lay down and sucks his cock some more while Jim puts a condom on and starts fucking her doggie. Meanwhile, I’m condomed up and fucking Sue doggie while the two girls kiss and suck bill’s dick. Bill and Jim switch spots and Sue let’s me take her ass. Di says she’d love to be airtight, but the guys are all too big for her tight little ass. Oh fuck, Sue says hold on and comes back with her thin dildo strapped on! “Ok, Babe. Now you’ll be airtight!” Di, looses it a little. You can see she’s on fire. I back out for the mess and let her mount Bill. She lays all the way down on him and his wife lubes up my beauty and slowly slips in her ass. After an adjustment period, Di leans up a little to take Jim in her mouth. Just before she does, she starts quivering and says oh god, fuck me! Fuck the shit out of me. Then, she starts giving Jim a real deep sucking and the husband and wife team rhythm her hard and deep.

I can’t touch my cock, because the scene is so hot I’m going to cum. Bill doesn’t last long and cums. Di hasn’t had enough, and she asks Jim to lay down, mounts him and tells ME to fuck her ass. First time for a real DP. And She and I and Sue and Jim and Bill all know we aren’t going to last very long. I’m out in about 2 “Oh, Fuck Hugh, that’s so good, I’m cumming” screams from her, which is about 10 thrusts. Haha.

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