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Though I try to stick to the game closely, I'm a little off sometimes, and yes, I have changed certain situations so that it fits. I hope you enjoy this, and feedback is always appreciated. Thank you! ]

Dante’s Inferno: Lust, Chapter Two

The Queen of the Nile

Dante heaved out a great sigh of relief, letting his scythe fall loosely between his fingers. His eyes gazed upon to lustrous Cleopatra, clinging to her lost love, Marc Antony, whom had been defeated by the very scythe in Dante’s large hands.

“No!.. Antony!..” Cleopatra cried, kneeling before the fellow’s limp body.

“You said we’d be together for all eternity,” He croaked with his last, gasping breath. His eyes rolled upwards and his head tilted back very slowly, and Cleopatra paused in awe and sour passion. She lowered his head towards his and whispered his name in a quiet sob. Then, she shot a fiery glare at Dante, the man who had just destroyed her dearly beloved.

“It wasn’t supposed to end like this.” She hissed, “We had a deal!”

Dante, prepared to reap her life next, gripped tightly onto his weapon, but just as soon as he did this, it subconsciously weakened. The Queen of the Nile had begun crawling slowly towards him, as if she were a feline stalking its prey, and a strange sensation came over him. The closer she got, the weaker he became. He felt his face flushed as she raised to her feet before him – much like a snake, even producing the hissing of a snake, but oh so seductively.

Dante fed his eyes with her body, which glistened from sweat or some kind of hellish nectar; one could never be sure in a place like this, after all. Her tits seemed so perfect, from the shape to the size, and they just begged to be touched, licked and sucked. Her upper body curved lusciously into a thin middle and wide, flawless hips and then to long, goddess-like legs. His heart raced. This woman, this evil, evil woman, was controlling him this easily… He knew it was wrong but what was so bad about a bit of a sin?

She made a soft coo from the back of her throat and Dante dropped his scythe, backing away as she continued to approach him. He raised his hands up as to shield his eyes, but it was to no avail. Suddenly, she sprung into the air and skillfully wrapped her long legs around his middle, biting hard onto his neck. She drew only a slight amount of blood and sucked on his neck, all the while her hands exploring his chest and middle. Dante felt a pleasurable rush come over him as she treated herself to his neck, then he came to his senses and quickly shoved her off.

Cleopatra retaliated as if it were nothing at all, and with outstanding quickness, she pounced forward, pushing Dante on his back. Still weakened, Dante was easily pinned by her lust-powered strength. She arched her back and grinded her hips against his, and with a frustrated roar, Dante rolled over, now pinning Cleopatra beneath him.

With a sudden loss of control again from her mere scent and aura, Cleopatra let out a beautiful moan as she guided his hand to her breasts. He played with these wonderful things of nature, trying his hardest not to lose sight of his goal… but her influence was just too strong.

Dante struggled with himself as he fumbled with his armor to relieve his pulsating erection from it, and when he had situated himself, he moved his hands to Cleopatra’s hips and pulled her onto his thick cock. Her pussy lips wrapped around his member as he pushed his entire length inside of her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. Dante fiercely nibbled at her hard nipples as he began pumping in and out of her. His cock was so soaked with her pussy juice and his own precum that it was simple to slide in and out of her, pounding into her little womanhood. She gasped and groaned and arched her back in pleasure, biting her bottom lip as he picked up speed and power. He had begun slamming into her cunt, a loud slapping noise made from the frequent and sudden connect of his hips, hers and her thighs.

He stopped for a moment, and began pulling out of her. Cleopatra’s eyes widened in shock. “What are you doing?” She snarled.

Dante angrily reached his arm up and wrapping his fingers around her throat in a tight grasp. “You will have the fate of your Marc Antony,” He murmured under his breath as she squirmed within his clasped hand. Still holding onto her throat, he used his free hand to position his dick at his tiny asshole, and then he pushed forward into her. She wriggled in pain and pleasure, moaning out loudly, strained through his choking hold around her neck.

With a smirk, Dante whisked into her, making her scream as much as she could, though hoarse and barely audible. He let go of her neck and she gasped for air through pained cries and he took ahold of her hips, rocking violently in and out of her ass. It felt great around his cock, the walls of her insides squeezing around the length of his member.

“Uhh,” He groaned as he pulled her into him as he pushed in as well, then reclined and repeated several time. He knew he was close to cumming, and by the amount of wetness running down from her pussy and all over his cock, she had already done so many times before this.

But this, this would be something she had never experienced and what she would never forget.

With a final thrust, Dante threw his head back and shouted as his cock spit out its first load into her ass. Carefully and successfully he withdrew from her asshole and shoved himself back into her pussy, where he pumped a few times into her and let out the next two, three, four hot streams of cum into her cunt.

Panting heavily, sweat dripping from his forehead, he removed himself from the Queen of the Nile and readjusted his armor, picking up his scythe and heading off for the next level of hell.

Cleopatra’s pussy twitched with satisfaction and defeat, Dante’s white cream oozing plentifully from both her holes. She lay unmoving, her chest rising and falling quickly to regain her breath. With the energy that still remained, she watched Dante exit her circular prism platform, the powerful warrior who had overcome her and her seductresses… all for what?

A worthless, untouched farm girl?

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