As Danielle slept that night she had ravenous dreams. She envisioned a train of the frat boys ploughing away at her pussy, one at a time, in missionary position. Guy after guy, unrecognizable faces, mounted her and entered her, thrusting away, pawing at her breasts, until they unloaded on her face. She took it like a slut, reveling in the attention. When she found Russell, she had been looking for a real man, and if there is one thing she could say for this group of frat guys, they all knew how to fuck. At least she dreamed they could.

When the sunlight flooded into her room at 7:30am, her eyelids flickered she quickly found herself back in the real world. She tried to move her hand to the sheet to shield her eyes from the invasive luminescence, but they were stuck. She peered up the corners of the headboard, where she saw her wrist cuffs secured in place. In a panic, she began squirming, and soon realized that her ankles were cuffed to the corners of the bed frame, leaving her spread eagle, lewdly displayed for anyone who walked through the door.

What else she realized, and she was surprised that she did recognize it sooner, was a sticky substance laced all over her breasts. She immediately identified it as cum. When she gasped, she realized that there was some caked on the corners of her mouth as well. The more she observed, the more she found: her cheeks, her neck, her stomach…she must have been the victim of a mid-night bukake, she thought.

As she resigned herself to her situation, she looked around the room, taking inventory of her environment. For the most part, the room was pretty plain: white walls and drapes, very little furniture, a recliner in the corner. The wall opposite the window, though, caught her eye. She saw five pictures on the wall, and recognized one: it was the picture of her in profile with her mouth wrapped around Russell’s cock, the one that had been sent to her as part of the blackmail package. Beneath it was her name, Danielle, with a single gold star beneath that.

As her eyes focussed on the other pictures and names, she realized that they were the four girls that had helped initiate her last night: Jenna, Sarah, Michelle and Andrea each with 10 gold stars beneath them. Danielle assumed that each of them had been subject to the same treatment that she would receive this week, and, after each new deviant act, they received a star. Danielle looked at the row with her gold star and followed it across to “Anal Fingering.” She knew she was in for a long week.

As she was reading the other challenges on the wall, the door opened and Jenna entered. She stared Danielle up and down, her spread pussy and cum-covered body, and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Good morning, sunshine!” she chirped. Danielle asked an obvious question,” What happened last night?” “Oh, no big deal,” Jenna replied. “Three of the guys could not wait to get their hands on you, so they came up here, tied you in your current position, and took turns with you.” Just as Danielle suspected.

“And I just slept through it?” Danielle asked. “You were clearly exhausted, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy it. You spent the whole half hour moaning like a whore. You came at least twice!” Danielle blushed. Was she being serious?

Jenna walked around the bed unclasping her locks, and told her to get up. Once Danielle worked her way to her feet, Jenna pointed to the sheets, just below where Danielle’s ass had rested. There was a giant wet spot there. “You squirted,” Jenna said. “You squirted as three guys had their way with you while you were passed out. Can you say ‘slut?’” Danielle wanted to run and hide somewhere, but she knew it was not an option.

“Lets get you cleaned up,” Jenna said, taking Danielle by the hand and leading her to her bathroom. Danielle followed her into what appeared to be her private bathroom. Jenna turned the knobs of the shower, regulating the water for Danielle. “Listen,” Jenna said, “I am the most recent convert here, and I know what you are about to go through. The other girls are going to be mean, but in private, I will try to be nice to you. OK?”

Danielle smiled in appreciation. It would certainly help to have someone coach her through this week. “Thank you,” she said. “Get in the shower and rinse off that ejaculate,” Jenna encouraged. Danielle stepped into the steamy shower, letting the water cascade through her hair and down her body. She felt the semen melt away from her, the heat reviving her senses as she made herself sudsy.

“Jenna?” she called through the shower stall. “Yeah?” she replied. “I am nervous about the anal. Is it terrible?” Jenna giggled. “What was it like last night, with just the finger?” she asked. “It was uncomfortable, it felt tight, but not all together painful.” “Well, once you get a cock in there, it will feel the same way, but amplified. Painful at first, but it really just heightens your erogenous zone, and usually makes your orgasm more extraordinary. Basically, if you can survive the first five minutes, you will be a fan for life!”

Danielle was skeptical, but was at least somewhat relieved to hear this. Jenna told her to keep showering, and that she would be right back. A few minutes later, Danielle heard Jenna reenter the room. “Lets go, I will help you warm up,” she said. Danielle stepped out of the shower and into the towel Jenna was holding out to her. Steam filled the bathroom, keeping her warm as she toweled herself down.

When she was all dry, she turned towards Jenna, who was smiling and holding a plastic syringe. “Trust me, this will help,” she said. She instructed Danielle to kneel and place her chest on the floor, ass in the air. Danielle complied, preparing herself mentally for what was about to come. Jenna pressed the tip of the syringe against her sphincter and through into her ass. Danielle felt next to nothing, a sign, she thought, that she was still loose from Sarah’s finger.

Jenna unleashed a stream of saline solution up Danielle’s ass, refilled the syringe in the sink and did it again. “Just wait there for a few minutes, then sit on the toilet and relieve yourself. Once the pressure swells, you will know it is time. Let me know when you are ready.” With that, she left.

Danielle stayed in her obscene position for five minutes, and then followed Jenna instructions thoroughly. When she flushed, Jenna came back in, with some guy Danielle did not know but assumed was a frat guy. “Don’t worry,” Jenna said, “He is not going to take your anal cherry now. He is going to help me help you enjoy anal, though.”

In her left hand was a tiny vibrator, and she unveiled it to Danielle, who took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “On your hands and knees,” Jenna said, a bit more forcefully than Danielle expected. Danielle turned and knelt back on the ground, head near the toilet, ass facing her observers. Jenna stood over her and slid the vibrator into her ass with little resistance. It was tiny enough to slid in easily, another relief to Danielle.

Jenna flipped it on remotely, and Danielle jumped in shock. Looking over her shoulder, she watched as the guy knelt behind her and cupped her ass in his hands. In an instant, his dick found her slit and pushed into her wet pussy. He put his right hand between her shoulder blades and forced her chest down to the floor, the same position she was in when Jenna gave her the enema.

“Danielle, you should know that the boy you are fucking is a senior in high school, looking to pledge here this year. If he does you well enough, I will pass a good word on to Russell.” Danielle was stunned, and concerned that it was not even legal to be with a guy this young. She opened her mouth to complain, but upon hearing that this was an audition, the guy started pounding her harder.

He slammed into her hard, forcing her further up the floor, wedging her shoulders between the toilet and the wall of the shower. The boy grabbed her anal vibrator with two fingers and moved it in and out of her, matching the motion of his cock. Danielle lost herself in the sensation, and felt her climax approaching. Jenna whispered something in his ear, but Danielle could not make it out.

He increased his speed, plunging into her sopping, juicy box until it was gushing like a slip and slide. Despite being pinned against a toilet, this high school kid had Danielle on the verge of orgasm. The obstruction in her ass did not deter her. In fact, Jenna was right. The anal stimulation was making was causing the throbbing in her clitoris to amplify.

Jenna pushed the boy’s ass hard, and with Danielle stuck in her spot, he bottomed out into her pussy. Danielle screamed and bucked her ass as she came with an explosion. While he loved the feeling of her warm cunt around his dick, he had to obey Jenna’s whispered command. He pulled his dick and the vibrator out of Danielle and stood, jacking his cock above her. Danielle worked her way to her knees and watched in disgust as the kid unloaded his sperm on the toilet seat.

“Clean that up, bitch!” he barked at her. Danielle looked at Jenna, seeking consult. She shrugged and offered “You are the maid!” Danielle turned back towards the toilet seat. “Use only your mouth,” the boy said. Danielle was on the verge of tears, humiliated on so many levels. Not only was she about to lick a stranger’s cum off a toilet seat, but this stranger, who had just fucked her, had only spoken eight words to her, ordering her to do so.

She lowered her mouth to the largest wad of cum and slurped. The salty mayo spread over her tongue and filled her cheeks. She closed her eyes and laid her tongue flat on the seat, trying to mop up the flecks that remained. She was able to get most of it, with a few strands falling into the water beneath her. The guy grabbed her hair and held her in place as he looked at Jenna. “Good enough?” he asked.

“Above and beyond,” she answered. “I will put in a good ward with Russell.” He let go of Danielle’s hair and walked out without a word. Danielle was gasping deep breaths on the floor when Jenna turned her attention back to her. From beneath the sink cabinet, she withdrew bathroom cleaner and paper towels. She left them at Danielle’s feet. “I will be back in an hour. Make sure you are clean, and that this bathroom is spotless. You have another test in the afternoon.”

Danielle looked at the clock on the wall. 10am. This was going to be a long week.


When Jenna returned, she was pleased with Danielle’s performance. The bathroom was spotless, and Danielle had done her hair in a manner that showed effort. As there were no clothes to prepare, it was all she could do. “Very nice,” said Jenna. “Let’s go downstairs.” She attached a leash to Danielle’s collar and led her to the main room of the house, where at least half of the guys in the house were watching a game on TV.

The whistled and hooted at them as they continued into the kitchen. There were trays of food laid out all over the place. “This afternoon, you are to serve this food to the guys. You are to constantly be in the room with a tray in hand. You are to let the guys do whatever they want to you, and obey their command. OK?” “All I have to do is serve food for now?” Danielle asked. “All you have to do is whatever they want. Got it?” Danielle nodded.

Jenna handed her the first tray, crudite, and pushed her into the TV room. Danielle was keenly aware of all the eyes on her, and knew that there was nothing she could do to hide herself. She was surrounded by guys, and they would see her if they wanted.

At this exact moment, Danielle decided to try and enjoy herself. After all, there did not seem to be any sex in the plan for this afternoon. Maybe she could use this as a gateway to enjoy exhibitionism. She walked over to the closest guy and suggestively bent towards him, proffering the vegetables to him. As he met her gaze and picked up a carrot, and dipped it into the sauce. Before she went onto the next guy, Danielle turned and eyed the guy behind her, staring squarely at her ass and pussy. She could practically feel her asshole winking at him, having had it stretched by Jenna earlier. She blushed, and smiled a wry smile.

Flipping her hair, Danielle straightened herself and moved on to the next couch. She repeated the motion with the next guy, who was staring madly at her hanging tits. With a mischievous grin, he brought the cream cheese dip to her nipple and gooped it onto her breast. He then took a stick of celery and rubbed it along the inside of her cleavage, and put it in his mouth. Danielle giggled, even though she thought this was stupid.

She made her way around the room, enduring mild groping and prodding from the guys. It was harmless, she reasoned, and allowed herself to get into it. When she made her way to the last guy, who had ben the one ogling her ass while she was with the first guy, he had an evil grin. He took two carrots from the tray and asked her to turn around.

Danielle had an idea of what he had in mind, but dared not protest. She turned, and at his urging leaned forward a little, exposing herself to him. He stood and presented both carrots, side-by-side, to her mouth, and told her to open wide. She opened her mouth, and he forced the vegetables onto her tongue. “Now close,” he insisted. She did as she was told.

He slid the carrots seductively in and out of her mouth, a crude euphemism, and tried to get them moist in her saliva. After about thirty seconds of this, he sat back on the couch, facing her ass. He pulled at her thigh, implying that she should spread her feet a little more. Danielle opened her legs and braced for the invasion.

He brazenly put a finger right between her slit to expand her opening, and slide one of the carrots inside her. He had no trouble working it all the way in, with just the green sprouts sticking out of her. Danielle gasped as she felt yet another phallus exploring her depths.

By now, no one in the room was watching the game, and all eyes were on the beautiful brunette suffering at the hands of their fraternity brother. With an evil grin, he spread her ass and placed the tip of the other carrot inside her sphincter. The vibrator had loosened it to the point that he could ease the tip in, but from there, he met resistance.

Danielle closed her eyes and slowed her breath as she felt him try to push deeper. Her tray started shaking in her hands, which gave the guy an idea. “If anything on that tray falls off, you will submit to tit torture tonight.” Danielle nodded in understanding, and altered her grip in the tray, securing it tightly.

Her conquerer continued his assault, jamming her anal carrot halfway inside her. Danielle rocked forward on her tip-toes, but held the tray in balance and sank back to her heels. The guy left it like that for now, and started easing her vaginal carrot in and out. He let go of the carrot in her ass and started massaging her clit.

“Come on, baby,” he mocked. “Let a couple sticks of carrot get you off. We want to see you come at the hands of a pair of veggies.” Danielle was embarrassed beyond belief, especially as she started to feel juices emerge from around the carrot in her pussy. The guy pinched and pulled at her clit, causing her to leave her mouth agape in awe. She held onto the tray for dear life, keeping it level in fear of whatever “tit torture” he had planned.

Her knees started to shake as he brought her close to the edge again. Danielle was afraid to think about it, but it would be the second time today that she would have cum in a submissive, humiliating position. But before she could think too much about it, he got it out of her.

Danielle screamed out loud as her orgasm rocked her body. Her knees gave way to the point that she was almost squatting, but she managed to keep the tray level, not spilling a thing. The boy looked over her shoulder at it and admired, “Good Job,” he said. He then brought his right hand down, palm extended, onto her ass carrot, driving it the rest of the way in in one thrust.

She had done all that she could up until that point, but in her weekend state, she could do nothing to stop the inevitable. She fell forward, the tray practically flying out of her hands towards the middle of the room. She landed on her hands and knees, and stared ahead of her, at the mess she created.

“Oops,” said her assailant. “Tonight’s entertainment will be Danielle’s Breast Abuse,” he proclaimed. The crowd roared their approval as Danielle fought back tears. Jenna took Danielle back into the kitchen to help her prep the next tray. “That was unfair,” she said in an effort to comfort Danielle. “Take my advice, and leave the carrot in your ass. Might as well take advantage of this and get used to the feeling. You will thank me later.” Danielle sobbed and agreed, taking the next tray into the assembly.


That night, Danielle found herself in the same room, on her knees in the middle of the floor in front of every inhabitant of the house. Chris had laid out some tools of the trade, as it were, to intimidate Danielle and increase her anxiety. He took her wrist cuffs and pulled them behind her neck, attaching them to her collar. Danielle did not even know that this was a possibility, but knew that it as once her hands were locked behind her head, her gorgeous globes proudly announcing themselves to the room.

After she was secure, the boy brought out a ball gag. “We all love seeing you endure this torture, but hearing you scream can really make a guy go limp. Think of this as your muffler,” he proposed as he pushed it between her lips. Danielle opened wide and took it, not wanting to piss him off. He locked it behind her head.

Standing behind her, he leant over her and gripped each of her tits in his hands, squeezing them harshly. “MMM,” he admired. “These are just about as good as they come. We are going to have fun with these.” He moved to his table of implements and returned with two leather straps, each with notches in them like miniature belts. He lifted her left breast in his right hand, admiring its heft, and wrapped the belt around it at the base. He pulled it as tight as it would go and clasped it in place.

After repeating the process with the other, he stepped back and admired her beautiful form. Her tits extended painfully from her chest, already a lighter shade of red from the blood that was trapped from circulation. He picked up a riding crop and started running it over her breasts. She looked down in horror in anticipation f what he could do. Even if she had the nerve to protest, her ball gag was preventing anything but strings of saliva from escaping her mouth.

He gently raised and lowered the crop on her right tit, wanting to hurt her but not to leave any permanent marks. Danielle assumed that he had done this before, as he seemed to be an expert. He gently but firmly hit every square inch of her breasts. No single shot hurt her, but the accumulation of all of them created a loud, stinging sensation. She wanted nothing more than to hold them and caress them.

After she was significantly red, he hit each of them with a newfound fierceness, and Danielle screamed six loud screams into the room, muffled as they were by the gag. As her breath quickened to help ease the pain, the guy put down the crop and undid the belts on her tits. As the blood started running through her veins, the stinging increased. She moaned in pain as she could do nothing else to help her cause.

The boy came forth with two nipple clamps attached by a chain. The clamps had rubber padding, at least, and Danielle realized it was not anyone’s intent to scar her permanently. Still, she anticipated great pain from this. She had never wished that he nipples were not aroused like she did right now, but they had betrayed her, easy targets poking away from her.

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