Chapter 5 of a new series. Carl sees the first video back from the ship and calls Kristen in awestruck excitement. On Tuesday, Kristen and Katy decide to try the Orgy Room and enter the Sexy Lingerie Competition. Carl completes his negotiations with the Koreans in Sydney, makes the Park Hyatt dinner and finds out with his Korean guests that the Second Hand Rose Club is not any ordinary strip club. His world with Kristen, already changing enormously, is about to do so even more.

Note: This story is entirely fictional written for readers’ enjoyment, and bears no resemblance to any people living or dead.

It was after 10 p.m. on Tuesday night in his beautiful apartment near Darling Harbour in downtown Sydney that Carl finally sat down to eat his takeaway Indian curry for dinner with a cold Peroni beer. As he sat watching Lateline and then the late news, he wolfed down the meal and his beer. His mind was still churning over where the negotiations with the Koreans had got to today. This was a big export supply contract for his mining company, and they did not want to lose these long-term customers. He went to the fridge to grab a second Peroni as the first one barely touched the sides. As he finally honed down in his mind the apparent outstanding issues to just two key issues, he thought he would do a quick email back to his work address as a little reminder to pursue a couple of things early in the morning before the face-to-face negotiations resumed at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

He smashed out the email, jotting down just some key headings that would act as an aide memoire in the morning for him to quickly do the mornings the team would need for the 10 a.m. meeting to help find a way through the real outstanding issues rather than the fluff.

It was now well after 10.30 p.m., and he was tired with the beer helping relax him. Nevertheless, after he hit send on the email back to his office, he thought he might just check his emails first and then give Kristen a call on his private mobile before going to bed. Secretly, Carl was in fact hoping that the first cruise video for husbands of the wives on the cruise with a difference might have arrived. He was in luck – there it was, an email from Campbell Hodgkins of the Adonis II!

With his stomach beginning to churn a little, a dry taste on his tongue, and a definite feeling of nervousness, Carl opened the email. Was he ready for what he was about to read and See? Possibly not. He already was tired and worn out from a long couple of days’ hard work. Yet little did he know it would be a couple of hours before he finally crashed.

He took another swig from his Peroni beer as he read the short cover email. Carl was sort of half-hoping that he wouldn’t see Kristen and Katy in the first email, notwithstanding the fact that he and Chris had enthusiastically signed up to the video feed service, and their stunningly gorgeous wives were wearing the Ace of Spades necklace to indicate they were available for filming.

As the days had progressed (and we were only up to night 4 after seeing Kristen off Saturday night), he wiped a little tear realising that he dearly missed his wonderful wife. This was especially as he came home to his empty apartment at night after an intense day at work. To hold her as he stepped inside, to cuddle and snuggle in bed – he missed these things as much as anything. But most of all, he missed her bubbly personality and warm, loving company.

Yet, on the other hand, he knew that although blessed with a great brain and many other capabilities, he just wasn’t available to deliver for Kristen what she needed in her pussy. Sure, he was a gentle and wonderful kisser and pussy licker, and Kristen certainly acknowledged she could not go past him for how well he played with her beautiful 35D tits, gently suckling them to full hardness. Carl knew he could, and certainly did bring Kristen to orgasm regularly. But there was also that loving realisation that she deserved more with her glorious body and that he, too, actually got off on knowing she could, with his blessing, have her cock cake and eat it too. Although it made his stomach churn and throat to dry somewhat, it also strangely made him so horny to know that Kristen’s gorgeous body was just made for hard rockin’, full-on dirty sex. It was almost weird. But that hard rockin’ sex was something he just couldn’t do like she needed, as much as he wished with his genuine gentle manner, small dick, and penchant for cumming too fast.

All these conflicting thoughts and emotions were running through his brain as he began to read Campbell’s cover email. He opened by advising that this was the first five emails. There would be another email for each of the next 4 nights. He read on. With each day’s email, Campbell announced that not only would there be video footage of live action on the ship as already foreshadowed, but there would also be a filmed segment done professionally in one of the royal suites featuring some of the most beautiful and delicious wives on the ship. These would be a proper short porno film, with make-up, costumes, staging, and some dialogue as a special treat to the husbands out there around the world with their wives on this cruise with a difference.

Carl’s heart simultaneously took a leap and also sunk. The next para hit him between the eyes – the first filmed segment would feature two stunning best friends from Australia, Kristen and Katy, with their new Italian friend, Maria. The segment would also feature the ship’s hairdresser and make-up lady, Jenny and Fiona, as well as three of the ship’s crew, Darren, Dexter, and Ramon, as well as himself. Carl asked himself “was he ready for this?”. He was really tired, but then he felt his little dick starting to rise. It had other ideas.

He finished reading the cover email, which included the link to the video as well as the password to open it. He followed the simple instructions and soon the video was loaded. He slipped out to the kitchen to grab a third Peroni beer from the fridge, as well as some tissues (already certain as to where this would lead), settled in his seat in front of his PC and hit play.

“Well, hi everyone to the Adonis II and the first of our daily videos being prepared to be sent back to you, the loving husbands at home,” Campbell opened. “As you know, each day, the film crew will be moving around the ship, and randomly filming action on the ship. This you already know about from the information we provided in the emailed brochure when you signed up. What we didn’t tell you then is that each day, we will also include in the video a special section where we professionally film some of the wives in action. This will be more staged, with the girls fully prepared in terms of make-up and hair, and the section done to provide an opportunity to give you guys a much closer, more professionally done look at your beautiful wives enjoying themselves here on the Adonis II.”

Carl then saw for the first time since Kristen flew out to Venezia to catch the Adonis II, one of the ship’s staff in all his glory, as the cameras panned showing Campbell’s naked, already with a hardening, long cock. The camera then panned the room to show his naked film crew colleagues, as well. Carl instantly understood deeply why Kristen had agreed to the cruise with Katy. If all the guys on the ship were hung like Campbell, she would be having her magnificent pussy pounded into orgasmic heaven.

“For the first such professionally prepared segment, we have a special treat today. May I introduce for you, from Australia, Kristen (Carl’s beautiful wife stepped out to join Campbell, kissing him lightly); Katy (she did likewise, but gave his cock a little tug as she did); and from just near here in Verona, Italy, Maria” (she followed the other two out, and followed Katy’s lead).

As the 3 girls stood in a line beside Campbell, he went on, “And we also have today, two of our wonderful staff on the Adonis II, Jenny, our hairdresser, and Fiona, our manicurist and make-up lady.”

Carl focused on his wife. His heart skipped another beat as he witnessed how fantastically Jenny and Fiona had prepared her hair and make-up, and he saw what outfit she had chosen – one of his favourites amongst her many saucy play ensembles they had bought together over the years. Kristen was in her black Pipedream Sinner’s studded leather teddy set that kept her gorgeous 35D breasts fully exposed, except her nipples which she had covered with black pasties; little G-string with an opening at the front where the pussy slit goes, and topped off with her pair of Pleaser black thigh high kinky boots with red laces up each side. Carl could also see her little bluebird tattoo just above her pussy that he loved so much.

Carl was a bit shocked when Campbell proceeded to do a short interview with each of the wives – who their husband was, what he did, where they lived, their cock measurements, why they were on the cruise, and how excited they were to do the porn film for the husbands back home. Kristen was last.

With an excited look on her pretty face she spoke clearly, “My wonderful husband, Carl, encouraged me to take this trip with my best friend here, Katy. I have never done anything like this before. This is my first time, but I am enjoying so much and I have Carl to thank so much for it. I love you so much, honey. Carl is a senior executive with a big global mining company in Sydney, and we live in a beautiful apartment near Darling Harbour close to the city.”

Campbell cut in, “And so, Kristen, why then are you on this cruise? What is it that led you here?”

Kristen thought carefully for a second but then blurted it out, “Carl is everything a girl like me could ever want except for one thing – his willy is not very big and he gets so excited around me he often comes very quickly, before I can get properly revved up. He is very talented at bringing me off other ways, especially with his fingers and tongue. But Katy here has a huge sex drive too, and her hubby Chris has actively allowed her play time for some years with great results for their marriage and sex life. Thank you so much, sweetie, and I will have some more special presents for you when I get back.”

Campbell was most impressed, as he was with Katy’s answer. His mind started thinking, “Wow! If these two girls are every bit as good in the sack as they look, perhaps I should get them again at the end of the week, and maybe, try to convince them to do some real porn films in Prague for a few days with my industry friend, Pavel and his company, before they head back to Australia.” He made a mental note to contact Pavel to see if he was planning any shoots next week.

Campbell though then returned to the now, turning to Jenny and Fiona, and asking “Girls. What do you have in mind for the husbands at home today with our three gorgeous wives?”

“We thought we might just have a girls’ party today, Campbell. Sorry, fella, but you are going to have to watch – at least for a while,” they said together. Carl’s eyes and ears pricked up. Hot diggity! Kristen and Katy are gonna be in an all-girl orgy – he thought now that is a bonus.

Campbell then proceeded to have each of the girls parade around the bed, giving a description of their outfit. Once again, Kristen was last.

He said, “Finally, viewers, we have Kristen. She has chosen a black Pipedream Sinner’s studded leather teddy set that fully exposes her luscious 35D titties, which are covered with black pasties; G-string with a slit at the front, and Pleaser black thigh high kinky boots with red laces.” As he spoke, she paraded around the bed, wiggling her butt and fondling her titties with a wonderfully wicked cute smile.

“Fellas, that is Kristen from Sydney, Australia. What a stunning hot wife! Her breasts are fucking glorious and those thigh high boots – Oh Wow! You are not going to believe this, but Kristen told me earlier this is in fact her first time away from her husband, Carl. So today’s film is going to be extra special, because until earlier today, Kristen had never been fucked by another man since she married Carl – and now she is going to be in a porno for you and her hubby back home. That is fuckin’ awesome. Jenny and Fiona, will you now lead the way and ask the girls to join you for some hot fun?” Carl’s draw almost hit the desk when he heard this – it was much more explicit than the little hints Kristen had said on camera before!

Given the girls were “the stars” of the first video back to the husbands off the ship, Carl also now understood that clearly Kristen was enjoying herself immensely, and immersing herself completely in the dark carnal pleasures available on the Adonis II. Carl knew this is why he actually encouraged her to take the vacation with Katy, but it still was causing these dual conflicting emotions – his penis was stiffening rapidly as he watched intensely the girls enjoy each other’s bodies to the max. His heart was in a state of apprehension.

He surprisingly wasn’t surprisingly feeling jealous, although the boys hadn’t joined in as yet – that might change his emotions there. He was though more somewhat sad as he took another swig on his beer, focusing on a scene that he knew this cruise would set the future of his relationship with Kristen. He knew deep down that as good as provider, and as wonderful a gentle, loving husband he was, and how much she loved him, Kristen’s bubbly personality and magnificent model-standard body and highly charged sexual motor needed more than he could give. Yes, there were going to have to be deep discussions and changes when Kristen returned, but for now, for these next few days with the cruise, his little dick was taking control of his brain, perhaps over his heart. He needed to see more. He needed to see his gorgeous stunning wife getting fucked out of her brains by massive black cocks on this video NOW!

His excitement levels raised up another notch as he watched the action closely on the video unfold, while gently fondling his now rock hard member. While watching the entire video, he obviously took a much closer and more intent study of events when the cameras zoomed in on Kristen – which, if Carl seemed to be mistaken, appeared to be quite often.

He watched as Kristen was once again last to be stripped down, by Katy and the hairdresser, Jenny. The girls were now all naked on the bed and getting into it. Not surprisingly, Kristen’s first action involved Katy fingering her pussy and getting her already very wet cunt really revved up. He saw Katy gently kissing Kristen’s little bluebird tattoo just above her pussy. Then a sort-of daisy wheel formed with Katy furiously licking and munching on Kristen’s now very wet sex, while Fiona had joined in, with Kristen now doing the same to her pussy.

Carl saw Katy suddenly bite down on Kristen’s clit, with enough vigour for Kristen to scream out “ouch.” Then a flood of cum came gushing out of Kristen’s pussy onto Katy’s face and into her mouth. Carl was awestruck. His muscles tensed and his dick twitched.

Just as Kristen screamed out “Fuck!! I’m cumming, Katy. All over you. I’m fucking gushing. Mmm,” Carl also came with a rush too, quickly grabbing some tissues to catch the cum shooting out of his dick. It softened soon after that, but his brain was massively focused on the incredible sex show before featuring his own gorgeous stunning wife. Despite being tired, he kept the tape going.

In the next scene involving Kristen, Carl observed Maria vigorously not one, but two, dildos in her – one in her vagina and a smaller one up her arse! Kristen in the meantime was focused intently on Jenny’s upper body (as Katy worked a vibrator in her below). This was hot! Not only was Kristen nibbling, sucking and even biting down on Jenny’s luscious breasts, but they were kissing – deep and passionately with their tongues clearly down each other’s throats. Soon, Kristen was cumming again. Maria whipped the dildo and started lapping at the squirting stream rushing out of Kristen’s sopping cunt! Carl’s cock already started to rise again – this was as good a lesbian orgy sex scene as he could remember.

Then the fiIm cut to the bathroom. Carl was no dill. He already knew what was about to transpire. He grabbed his cock, which was rapidly coming back to life. The girls started in the bathtub, pissing on each other. “Wow!” Carl called out to himself.

The camera zoomed in on Kristen standing over Maria and then Jenny in the shower, pissing on their tits and face! Jenny was smiling, drinking it up. Kristen was calling out, “There Jenny. Drink my piss, you hot English slut!”

In Kristen’s next scene, she was on the floor, as Katy sat on the vanity above her, pissing on her best friend’s tits and face so copiously such that Kristen was soaked. As the girls fully engaged in their eye-popping piss orgy with each other, in walked the boys into the room naked, primed and ready to go – Darren, Dexter and Ramon. Carl saw them come in on the video. His heart skipped another flutter. The all-girl show was about to end, and the part he had really tried to prepare himself for emotionally and mentally was about to begin.

Sure, he and Kristen had chatted on the phone about things already, and there was that amazing phone call Monday morning where Katy described Kristen being fucked as she did it. But now this would be for real. Carl realised he was soon about to see his wonderful wife – the centre of his universe – fucked on film by not one, but several big black cocks!

He took his hand of his dick and finished his third Peroni beer. He thought “do I want to continue with this now? Am I ready for this? I already have cum once & I am tired.” But again his dick spoke up first. “Yes. This is why we agreed for Kristen to go on the goddamn cruise. She needs good, hard lovin’. She needs those big black cocks in her raging pussy, and I want – I need – to see it!”

But the boys didn’t start by fucking the girls. First of all, they joined in the piss orgy! “Far out,” Carl thought, “this is just too much. This video is just off the planet. How are they going to keep this up? Is this what the cruise is really like?”

Each of the 3 boys pissed on one of the paying girls – Maria, Katy and Kristen. Carl’s eyes nearly popped as he saw Ramon point his 9″ firehose at Kristen’s face, getting her to drink his golden shower as much as she could, before spitting it back out. Carl closely watched his wanton slut wife in awe, but also a little trepidation, thinking “Fuck! I knew Kristen was always hot and horny, but I never realised she is actually this much of a real fuckin’ slut! We can’t go back. There has to be changes when she gets home. I need to find a way for her to get her release back here. I don’t want to lose her!” His dick was rock hard but as yet just then his thoughts were elsewhere. He was pondering what to do to keep Kristen happy.

The action then returned to the bed and elsewhere in the room. After a few minutes of the others, the cameras returned to Kristen – again last. She was in a three-way on the bed with Katy (no surprise there), and the host, Campbell! Katy was sitting on Kristen’s face, having her cunt well and truly eaten out by Kristen. But as the cameras panned down, Carl saw it. Campbell’s monstrous black cock was slowly working its way in and out of Kristen’s gorgeous pussy. She was taking it all the way in each time.

Soon he picked up the pace a bit. Katy came all over Kristen’s face, drenching her in orgasmic juices and screaming out. As she wound off her high, she stepped off camera and one of the other boys, Kristen’s room steward, Ramon, joined in with her and Campbell.

Kristen flipped over, taking Campbell now from behind as she starting sucking and wanking Ramon’s impressive hard cock back to full hardness. She was being spit roasted. As he reached full hardness, Campbell called out to her, “Kristen. Are you ready now, honey?”

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