I hadn’t belonged to him for all that long, yet, from the beginning, the rules had been simple and definite. Near the top of the list, I was not allowed to masturbate in any way without express permission. That also happened to be the rule I had the most trouble following. Unfortunately, I also had difficulty not admitting to having broken that particular rule.

For some reason, I was always so sure he would want to hear all about it, want to see photographic and video proof. Every time I even so much as fingered my clit, I took a picture or recorded it. Then I would call him up, happy as a clam, and proclaim that I had some new evidence of my desire for him and all that he did to me. Usually he would immediately rebuke me, tell me he was disappointed, and then the next time we would meet he would punish me.

Every other time this had happened, it was usually a spanking, sometimes with a paddle or crop instead of his bare hand, but always within my pleasure limits. Almost like her was encouraging me to break the rules. Sometimes, he would make me get on my knees and service him, but again, always within my limits.

He would let me take my time, swallow him slowly, run my hands over his belly and ass cheeks, drag my nails lightly down his scrotum, and he would never force himself into my mouth. During these “punishments” he would invariably give me some sort of sign or word that he was going to cum so that I could prepare for it.

I swear, he always knew if I was in the mood to swallow his load, or have it streamed onto my face and tits, because he would do the opposite of that preference when the time came; the only real indication that it was anything approaching a punishment.

Whether it was “forced” oral, or a spanking, or both, he would pepper the whole experience with commentary about what a bad girl I was, how I needed to be taught a lesson, how sluts can’t be left to their own devices (thus the basis for the rule in the first place), how I belonged to him and therefore was required to ask permission to play with his toys.

These lectures always made me feel good. It showed that he cared about me and how I occupied myself when he wasn’t around. Then, one day, things changed, though I didn’t realize it at first.

I’m not sure what brought on the change. Too many times testing the limits perhaps. Or maybe just a particularly bad day at his work. I may never know.

What I do know is that that day, when I called him to tell him about this glorious video I had just finished making, which involved a thick dildo buried in my pussy and rather lengthy butt plug being slowly pushed and pulled in and out of my ass, not to mention the leather collar around my neck with attached nipple clamps, or the ball gag between my teeth to keep me from alerting the neighbors to what I was doing, all that was on the other end of the phone was silence.

After a few moments pregnant with tension, he simply told me in a low, threatening voice, that I was to make my way to his residence immediately. He then hung up without another word. Realizing that he might actually be upset with me this time, I went to my closet and put on his favorite slutty outfit, sans any kind of underwear, threw on a long coat, grabbed my keys and left my apartment.

When I got to his house, he was waiting for me. He opened the door and stood back, indicating that I should enter. As I did, he closed the door behind me and locked it. I hadn’t even made it to the middle of the room when he walked up behind me, grabbed me by the hair and forced me down to my knees.

So quickly I barely had time to register, he moved in front of me, unzipped his fly and pulled out his already rock hard cock. His hand still in my hair, he tilted my head back, growled at me to open my mouth, and as soon as I complied, shoved his thick length in to the hilt.

Needless to say, I was not prepared. I gagged a bit and a few tears sprang to the corners of my eyes but I didn’t resist. I began to reach up with my hands to fondle his abdomen as I usually did while sucking him off, but he looked down and told me harshly to place my hands on his thighs and not move them.

I did as I was told and then proceeded to concentrate on timing my breath to his thrusts so that I wouldn’t pass out. In his agitated state, he was done quicker than usual. The whole thing only lasted a few minutes before he pushed all the way into my mouth a final time and exploded into the back of my throat.

I’m not sure how I managed to swallow it all without choking, but one glance at the look on his face told me that I should not dare to let any of his load leak from between my lips. When he was done, and satisfied that I had swallowed it all, he pulled out of my mouth, but retained his grip on my hair.

He looked down at me and told me that now I was going to find out what real punishment was. He released me and stalked away into another room, calling to me without looking in my direction that I was to go to the play room and prepare myself for a spanking.

Knowing what this meant, I quickly got up, and moved to the room in the basement outfitted for our particular type of activities. I removed all my clothes except my thigh high stockings and garters, went over to a waist high table with a cushioned edge and bent over it spreading my legs to a bit past shoulder width apart.

He kept me waiting for a while before coming into the room silently. Usually this is when he started talking, telling me what was to come. How he would spank my ass until the cheeks were beet red and how he would make me beg for his cock until finally he relented and fucked me until I screamed with the sheer pleasure of it.

This time he didn’t say a word. He just walked in, came over to me, tilted my head back and pushed a ball gag into my mouth. He then pulled me by my shoulders into more of a standing position, reached around, and slipped a set of clamps onto my already rock hard nipples. Then he tightened them considerably further than he usually started with.

I screamed a bit into my gag but he barely seemed to notice. He pushed me forward again until i was fully bent over the table, then pulled my arms behind my back and locked them in place with padded handcuffs.

Following this, he went to a cabinet in the corner of the room and removed several items, bringing them over to the table. He warned me that this was not to be like any of my other punishments; that this time I would learn my lesson, and without any warning he whipped my ass cheek with the riding crop.

I can’t say he hit me harder than he ever had before, but he definitely had always worked up to that level in the past. I jerked a bit and screamed into my gag, more surprised than actually hurt.

He didn’t give me any time to recover my senses before he was raining down blows on my soft skin. Despite my penchant for pleasurable pain, I began to tear up again as it got to the limits of what I had previously been able to handle. It felt like it lasted forever.

In reality probably ten minutes passed before he slowed his blows and finally stopped. I had just started to breathe a sigh of relief when he reached forward with one hand and pulled one of my ass cheeks toward the side, exposing completely my tiny hole. I didn’t even have time to tremble in trepidation when a stinging slap from a thin, rounded rod landed directly on my anus.

Without me realizing, he had put down the crop and picked up this stiff, whip-like instrument and began whipping my delicate ass hole with it. I was screaming though my gag and writing about on the table and making a whole big production out of this before I settled down long enough to realize that he was deliberately not whipping me hard enough to hurt or do damage.

In fact, it was a pleasant pain, just a previously unknown one. Once he realized that I began to like it, he increased the force behind his blows until I was once again close to sobbing. It was around this time that I realized my pussy had gotten so wet from my punishment, that my juice was flowing down the inside of my thighs.

He must have realized this also, as he paused, ran the end of the rod along my leg to moisten it, and then resumed spanking my hole. Ah, the sweet torture of it. It hurt more then, of course, but for as much as I was crying through my gag and struggling, I was also silently begging him to continue, to whip me just a little harder. I rather hoped that this would become part of our regular routine.

Heaving a sigh a few minutes later, he stopped, dropped the rod, and simply stood behind me. He then picked up a bottle of lube off the table, poured some onto my abused rosebud, and began to massage my aching hold with his fingers. He swirled the lube around, then pushed some inside my tight little ass, sawing his fingers back and forth in a hypnotic motion.

Seeing as how one of the first things we tackled when I became his property was to loosen me up so that I could not only handle, but enjoy anal sex, I was loving his current ministrations. Again, I must have stopped paying attention to what else he was doing behind me, because he hadn’t slipped his fingers out of my ass for more than a second when his thick cock suddenly plunged into my ass with one forceful thrust.

Thankfully he was fully lubed up, and it felt like heaven, but I screamed into my gag anyways, knowing how he liked that sort of token resistance.

He immediately went to work fucking me as hard as he could, giving no consideration to how I would have wanted him to do it. Incidentally, his hard, deep, quick, almost machine like motions were exactly what I was craving. The feel of him sliding in and out of my freshly abused hole only adding to the pleasure.

Within a few moments I came, cream oozing down my thighs. He reached down and scooped some onto his fingers, and I knew he had taken his hand to his mouth to lick it off. It only made me wetter. He continued to fuck me as hard as he could, venting all his frustrations on my tight, prick-hugging hole.

Having cum less than a half hour before, he lasted a long time in my ass. I think at one point I might have passed out from the intensity of the sensation, but being the excellent kind of dom that he was, he made sure to pour on more lube anytime my hole started to give resistance, and continued to use me solely for his pleasure.

I think that’s why we get on so well; we both really just want him to take his pleasure from me in any way he pleases. At one point, he reached forward to tighten my nipple clamps, drawing a new round of sobs from behind my gag, then she loosed my handcuffs and pulled them off.

Now that I could use my arms, I placed them on the table in front of me to give myself leverage and began to push back to meet his demanding thrusts. Giving myself over to the pain and pleasure, I let myself sob through the gag. It’s sort of like being on a roller coaster. You know it won’t do you any good, but you scream because it feels better that way. Plus, I know he likes to hear me whimper and sob as he uses me, so I indulge him

. Really, I’d indulge him almost any pleasure, but it’s especially nice that this one benefits us both. I think I came again at some point, I was so overwhelmed by sensation, I can’t be sure. It must have been close to an hour later than he finally tightened his hold on my hips, pulling me back, all the way onto his shaft.

He placed one hand on the small of my back and pushed me down into the table to hold me still, then thrust a few more times, abruptly reached forward and grabbed me by the throat, pulled me back a bit as he flexed his fingers around my neck and almost roared in my ear as he emptied shot after hot of scalding hot cum deep into my ass. Maintaining his hold at my throat, be moved his other hand to the table next to my shoulder, leaned down, and with his cock still buried inside me, asked softly if I had learned my lesson. I nodded vigorously, secretly thinking that I needed to find something that would push him to abuse my pussy this same way.

I was debating in my head whether I wanted him to spank my clit the same way he was whipped my asshole, in fact, had just decided I would definitely like that if it were with a slightly wider instrument, when he pulled back a bit, pulled out of my ass, and before my hole could start to shrink, shoved a large plug into me to hold in his cum.

He then reached down and slipped two fingers inside my sopping pussy before resuming his hold on my throat. Still speaking softly, he informed me that not only was my punishment not over, but that if I ever disobeyed him again, I would be begging for a repeat of this episode instead of what he would give me at that time.

I promptly decided that I would definitely have to break the rules more often, but also that I would have to find a way to do so less severely to ensure that my subsequent punishments were lessons just as valuable and educational as this one had been.

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