The following is an exact account of actual events as told to me by Mrs. Jacobs. I should know these are true because I am her therapist… or was. She came to see me almost a year ago. Her husband was cheating on her so she did what many women do in such circumstances. She decided to get revenge and, like most women that seek revenge, was confused about where her life was headed and what she should do next.

As I do with many of my patients I used hypnosis on Mrs. Jacobs so that she could recall exactly what happened down to the smallest detail. You may laugh, but believe me it works. These are the transcripts of the recordings I made during the sessions with her. At the first session I took Mrs. Jacobs back to the moment that she first learned of her husband’s infidelity.

Session 1, Mrs. Jacobs under Hypnosis – Transcript

It is Tuesday evening and Dave is not yet home. Subconsciously I am glad he is working late again. These are my private moments. I need them. Between looking after the kids from early in the morning, rushing to my job at the law firm, trying to keep up with community volunteer work and finally getting the kids to bed, I am exhausted.

My husband is a very successful partner in the law firm where I work. We live well, but I hardly ever see him. He comes home past ten several nights each week, and works most weekends. Billable hours are what they call it and my husband is addicted. At least that’s what he tells me. I often wonder if he is having sex with some of the pretty young secretaries. He hardly ever touches me anymore.

My routine is more or less the same. I put on a skimpy nightie and pull out one of my favorite X-rated DVDs from our collection. The collection has become quite large during our 10 years of marriage. It is a carryover from when we were dating. Dave liked to take me to drive-ins where X-rated movies were playing and fuck me in the backseat. I liked it too and felt nasty doing it.

I pull out a rubber cock and a vibrator from the bedside stand. I avoid touching my pussy for as long as I can but it becomes harder to do with each steamy scene. I squeeze my tits and play with my nipples. I can feel pussy juice seeping down my ass. When the girl on the screen has a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth I can no longer help myself.

My hand moves between my legs. A finger slides up my juicy gash and finds my clit. I rub it in circles. I push two fingers into my cunt and rub them against the smooth wet walls. I feel pressure building in my belly me so I back off. I want the pleasure to last. I watch her devouring the cock in her mouth while the other one pounds her pussy and wonder what it would be like to have two men at the same time.

The girl on the screen is screaming. The cocks that are fucking her pussy and mouth are huge. I need something bigger inside me, something that will fill the emptiness in my belly. I rub the head of the rubber cock up and down my slit until it is lodged in the opening to my cunt. I moan when it plunges inside, stretching my pussy and filling the void.

Now she is getting fucked in the pussy and ass at the same time. It is something I have never tried but I find it exciting to watch… so dirty and nasty! My rubber friend fucks me faster and deeper. It feels so incredibly good. I pull my knees up and pinch my nipples. My breathing is fast, my heart is pounding. I bite my lip. My body tenses. My pussy clenches. I cum. It’s a good one, but not the big one. For that I need my vibrator.

I put the rubber cock into my mouth. The girl on TV is about to get blasted with two loads of hot cum. Sometimes Dave shoots all over my face… or he used to anyway. I miss the feel of warm cum splashing against my skin. The girl gets drenched while I continue to suck my rubber friend. I like the taste of my own pussy. I’ve never tasted another woman but have fantasized about it often.

My pussy wants more. I pick up my electric fuck machine. On the TV a tiny blond is sucking a huge black cock that she can barely fit into her mouth. I have never been fucked by a black cock, but it is a recurring fantasy of mine. I rub the vibrator across my pussy and clit to get it ready. When she mounts his monster I push it into my cunt.

I feel the ridges of the thick shaft rotate against the walls of my pussy. The little finger at the top vibrates against my hard clit. The sensations shooting through me are incredible. I rotate it around inside me and imagine that the big black cock is in my cunt instead of hers. Several times I have to back off. I want this one to last.

Before I can finish the front door opens. Dave is home. I scramble to hide the tools and turn off the TV as if I had something to hide. I don’t know why I’m embarrassed to let him see me getting off. It might make him want to fuck me, and right now I need to get fucked badly. My pussy is crying for relief.

He climbs into bed and I do something I haven’t done in years. I attack him. Before he can react I have his cock in my mouth. He tries to push me away but it is too late. I can still taste pussy juice on his shaft. He didn’t even use a condom or bother to clean himself. I should be disgusted, hurt, angry… but I don’t. I feel a tinge of excitement at tasting another woman, especially one my husband has fucked.

It doesn’t take long for me to get him hard. I use all the oral skills developed when we were younger just to remind him of what he has been missing at home. I nibble on his sensitive crown and take him down my throat. I lick his balls and suck them into my mouth one at a time. It is time to give my pussy its reward.

I climb on top and push his cock into my juicy hole. I feel him go deep. I fuck him intensely, lifting up and driving down on his shaft over and over. My breathing is hard. Gasps and moans escape from my throat. My breasts bounce back and forth in front of his face. I use my finger to rub my clit.

Dave is getting into it now only, as usual, he wants to be in control. He flips me over onto my back, pushes my knees to my shoulders and buries his weapon deep into my cunt. I can feel myself losing control as he pounds into me again and again and again. Filth begins to spew from my mouth just like it used to when we were younger.

“Fuck me… harder… oh god… fuck my cunt… yes… shove your big cock up my pussy… oh fuck… here I cum… oh shit… oh… oh…”

It is the big one I wanted earlier. My fingernails dig into his skin. I throw my head back and bite my lip. I can feel his cock spear into my cunt as the pressure in my belly peaks. I scream just as my pussy explodes, drenching both of us in a sheen of cunt juice.

Dave continues to pound my pussy and I continue to cum. When I can’t stand it any longer I push him off me, get on my knees and suck his juicy meat into my mouth. I know he can’t last forever no matter how many times he fucked his whore at work before coming home.

My jaw is sore but I can tell he is close. I feel like such a slut fucking a man who has just finished fucking another woman. I tell myself that he is not my husband, just a big cock for a cock-hungry slut. I like being a slut. I want his warm cum to splash on my face just like the girl on TV.

I suck his knob while I jerk him off with my hand. I feel his cock swell. I aim it at my face and feel the warm juice splatter across my lips and nose. Cum splashes over my forehead and drips down my eyebrows. A final spurt lands in my hair. I take him back into my mouth and suck him until he goes soft.

Session 1 – Therapist Notes

Never had a patient delved into such intimate details of her sexual encounters. Despite my attempts at objectivity I quickly became aroused as I listened to her confession. I tried to ignore my problem but it became impossible when Mrs. Jacobs pushed a hand under her skirt and slipped it into her panties.

Mrs. Jacobs was squirming on the couch and moaning as she continued to talk about the night she discovered her husband’s infidelity. She moved a hand under her blouse and squeezed her breasts. Watching her masturbate right in front of me while weaving this incredibly sexy tale was more than I could handle.

I pulled my hard member from my trousers and wrapped my hand around it. Just as she finished telling me about how her husband had ejaculated on her face Mrs. Jacobs stiffened and let out a squeal. Her body jerked and thrashed in spasms. For a second I was afraid she was going to pull herself out of the hypnotic trance but there was nothing I could do for just then my own release exploded and splattered across the floor.

I quickly cleaned the mess and stuffed my member back into my pants. I was able to slowly bring Mrs. Jacobs out of her trance. After questioning her I was quite sure that she did not remember anything that had happened during the session. In fact, she said that she already felt better so that whatever I was doing must be working. I told her that this was often the case when a patient opens up during hypnosis.

We made an appointment for the following week.

Session 2, Mrs. Jacobs under Hypnosis – Transcript

It is Thursday. At work I look at the young women in the office so eager to get ahead and wonder which one Dave is fucking. He’s probably banging more than one. I should have known better when I married him. After all, I was just another of his sexual conquests when we met. He fucked me up against the wall in the supply room and then asked me out on our first date.

I’m not angry. I should be, but I already know I’m going to get even. I’ve suspected his infidelity for a long time but I didn’t want to know because I didn’t want to have to do something about it. Now I’m ready. I just want to know who he’s fucking, that’s all. I want to know whose pussy I have been tasting when I suck his cock.

It happened again last night. When he came home I attacked him in the kitchen, dropped to my knees, pulled down his pants and sucked his cock into my mouth. The fresh taste of pussy was strong. He knew I knew and he was flaunting it. I didn’t complain. After all, my husband fucked me two nights in a row… something that hasn’t happened since we were in the islands.

At lunch I go upstairs to the oil and gas department to check out the women that work with Dave. There is a new girl… young, dark hair, great body. I introduce myself. Melanie drops her eyes and stutters. She is the one. I insist on taking her to lunch. She reluctantly agrees. We make small talk. She won’t look at me. She is nervous. I wait for the right moment to say what I came to say.

“So how long have you been fucking my husband, Melanie? Please don’t try to deny it. I could taste your pussy on his cock when he came home last night. Yes, I still suck my husband’s cock and he still fucks me in case you were wondering.”

I see the tears in her eyes. She wants to say something but the words won’t come out. A mumbled apology finally spills off her lips.

“Let’s go someplace more private to talk about it, okay?”

She shakes her head up and down. I lead her down the hall to an empty office. I lock the door. Melanie leans against the edge of the desk. She is still crying. I step in front of her and take her hands.

“There’s nothing to be sad about, dear. Dave is a big-time lawyer and you’re just a young vulnerable secretary out to impress him. Besides, he does have a nice big cock, doesn’t he? I don’t blame you, Melanie. He’s the asshole.”

She smiles at me sheepishly as I wipe away a tear from her eye. I slide my hand to her cheek and gently caress it in a motherly manner. I realize that I want her. I have never been with another woman but it has always been a fantasy. I want to caress and feel and kiss and taste the woman my husband has been fucking. I lean forward and whisper to her with my face only inches away.

“There’s one thing Dave forgot to tell you, dear. We share everything… and I mean everything.”

Our lips meet. She doesn’t pull away but is hesitant. My mouth opens. I push my tongue between her lips. My hands move to her full tits. I squeeze them with my fingers. She is so soft. I find my body reacting to being with another woman. My panties get damp and my nipples swell under my blouse.

Slowly she responds to my kiss. Her mouth opens and her tongue moves against mine. She puts her hand on my shoulder. I unbutton her blouse while we continue to kiss. I reach behind and unsnap her bra. My hands squeeze and caress the naked flesh of her soft breasts. Her hard nipples are sensitive to my touch. We break our kiss.

“I… I’ve never done this before,” she mumbles shyly. “Not with another woman I mean. I’m not sure its right, Mrs. Jacobs.”

“Fucking my husband wasn’t right either,” I reply, “but I bet it felt good. I could taste your pussy on his cock last night. I liked it. I want to taste your pussy without his cock.”

“I’m… um… not so sure that is a good idea Mrs. Jacobs. Besides, I have to get back to work.”

Melanie tried to pull away but I held her there. She was hiding something and I wanted to find out what it was.

“Not so fast,” I said, “Not if you want to keep your job.”

She stopped struggling. Her pleading eyes looked at me. I could see fear. I slid my hand under her skirt and up her thigh. She bit her lip and turned her eyes away. My hand reached the crotch of her panties. They were soaked and sticky. I slipped my fingers under the crotch. Her pussy was a mess. She had been recently fucked.

“I… I’m sorry Mrs. Jacobs. I told you not to.”

I loaded up my fingers with cum still in her pussy and sucked them into my mouth.

“Well aren’t we full of surprises. A wife knows the taste of her husband’s cum. So Dave was doing some dictation today. How long ago did he fuck you?”

“Um… well, I was just coming from his office when you showed up. I… I couldn’t help myself, Mrs. Jacobs. I need this job. My husband doesn’t work.”

So she is married. She doesn’t look more than nineteen. Part of me feels sorry for her. I know how persuasive Dave can be when he turns on the charm. It is why he is such a successful lawyer. I am actually excited to know that the first pussy I will taste is filled with my husband’s cum.

I squat in front of her and pull down her cum soaked panties. Her pussy is shaved and puffs out from between her legs like a swollen peach. Glistening pink lips with drops of cum peek out from gash down the middle. I press my lips against her sex and clamp my mouth around her swollen mound. She gasps when my tongue pushes into her cum-filled chamber.

The taste of my husband’s cum mixed with juices from her pussy is intoxicating. I suck and slurp her sweet fruit aggressively and with passion. She spreads her legs and puts her hands on the back of my head. My thumb rubs her clit. I pull my mouth from her cunt and thrust two fingers deep inside. I know exactly the right places to touch.

Melanie is breathing in gasps and moans. I take my thumb away from her clit and replace it with my tongue. My fingers continue to dig around inside her cunt. I can feel her tense. Her legs are shaking. Her fingers dig into my scalp.

“Oh… oh… oh… oh… uuuuuuuhhhhhh… uuuuunnnngggghhhhhh…”

I pull out my fingers and clamp my mouth over her gushing pussy. She bucks hard against my face. Her whole body is shaking. Her knees buckle. Cunt juice flows into my mouth and coats my thrusting tongue. I continue to munch and lick her quivering sex until she finally pushes me away with shaking hands.

I stand and press my lips against hers. Melanie throws her arms around me and opens her mouth. This is a woman desperate to taste the juices of her passion. My fingers slide between her legs and rub her clit. She shudders with a second release. We continue to kiss. I guide her hand between my legs. Her fingers find my pussy through a pair of damp panties.

I lean against the desk and push down on her shoulders. Melanie squats in front of me. I lift my skirt and pull the crotch of my panties to the side. Her face moves between my legs. I feel her tongue flick across my pussy and push into my steamy passage. Her mouth opens around my swollen mound.

I put my hands on her head and fuck her tongue. My body is on fire. My nipples are burning. The same mouth that has been sucking my husband’s cock is now eating my pussy. It all seems so nasty and forbidden. I can feel pressure in my belly. I am going to cum in her mouth.

She touches my clit with her finger. Her tongue pushes in and out of my steamy opening. I reach under my blouse and pinch my swollen nipples. My breathing becomes erratic. I grind my pussy against her face. My head is spinning. My legs begin to shake. The pressure in my belly releases in a surge of pleasure that explodes from my opening. I hear a scream pierce the air and am vaguely aware that it must be mine.

I have always been a gusher. I can feel my juices filling her mouth. She keeps her lips clamped around my pussy. Her tongue continues to fuck me. A second wave of spasms grips my body. More juices pour into her mouth. I put my hands on her head and buck hard against her face. At last I am finished. She stands and kisses me on the lips. Our tongues share my cum which is still pooled in her mouth.

“Um… are you going to tell him, Mrs. Jacobs? Your husband I mean. You know, about us. I don’t want to get in trouble. My husband will kill me if I lose this job.”

“Not as long as you do what I say. I’m going to need your help on a few things. Oh… and you can keep fucking him. I like the taste of your pussy on his cock.”

Session 2 – Therapist Notes

Once again the graphic descriptions that Mrs. Jacobs used to describe her sexual encounters had me quickly aroused. My hand was rubbing my bulge as I watched her squirm on the couch while fingering her sex. I could feel my willpower slowly dissipating . I walked to the front of the couch and looked between her spread legs where her fingers were furiously digging into her body underneath her panties.

Throwing all professional judgment to the wind I slid onto the couch and moved my head between her legs. I could smell the aroma of her sex and could hear the faint squishing sounds her fingers were making inside her body. I pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and gently removed her hand. My tongue shot out and flicked across the folds of her sex before pushing into her steamy hole.

Mrs. Jacobs put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my lips tight against her swollen mound. She continued with her story between gasps and moans. I licked and slurped on Mrs. Jacob’s juicy peach until I could feel her tremble. Her fingers dug into my scalp. She bucked hard against my face and cried out the words, “Melanie, I’m cumming.” Seconds later an incredible amount of juice gushed into my mouth.

Mrs. Jacobs did not remember anything when I brought her back from the trance other than to say that once again she felt so much better and that the hypnosis must be working. We made an appointment for the following week, and then I ran to the bathroom to relieve the pressure in my testicles.

Session 3, Mrs. Jacobs under Hypnosis – Transcript

It is Saturday. He’s working again this weekend. It’s okay. This afternoon I plan to get fucked. It will be the first time since we were married that another man has put his cock in my pussy. Well, Bobby’s not exactly a man, but he is a grown boy. I am perfectly comfortable with doing it. I’ll carry no guilt and have no regrets. And I’ll do it again and again.

Last night Dave came home with pussy on his cock. I could tell he wanted me to suck him by the way he kissed me when he came through the door. I dropped to my knees right there in the entrance foyer, pulled out his cock and slid it between my lips. It didn’t taste like Melanie. He was fucking someone else and he wanted me to know. He knew it would get me excited. It was becoming an unspoken game.

He picked me up, slammed me face first against the wall, pulled my jeans down to my knees and drove his cock into my pussy between my ass cheeks. I came almost immediately. He continued to recklessly pound his cock into my pussy until I came a second time. Moments later I felt him flood my cunt with hot cum.

The kids are both out with friends for the next few hours. I hear the doorbell ring. It is Bobby from up the street. He has just finished with the yard work and wants to get paid. As usual he is not wearing a shirt. I let my eyes wander across the sweaty torso of his well-toned 18 year-old body. I invite him in for a drink while I look for my purse.

I am dressed in a pair of tight white shorts and a red shirt tied just below my tits. The shirt is buttoned down to show enough cleavage to pique his interest. Without a bra my hard nipples punch two dimples in the front of the shirt. He follows me back to the kitchen. I put an extra sway in my walk to draw attention to my shapely ass. I know I have a killer body and I am quite sure he has lusted after me in the past.

My purse is on the floor. I bend over and pretend that I am looking for money. My shorts ride up my ass cheeks and expose the puffy outer edges of my panty-less pussy. I shift my cheeks back and forth and spread my legs further apart. I say something about not being able to find anything in my purse so I can hold the pose a little longer.

At last I stand up and turn around to face him. My nipples have grown harder and are shamelessly poking out from my blouse. I look up at him and put a hand on his bare chest. I can see he is nervous.

“Bobby, I’m afraid I don’t have any money. Can you think of another way I might pay you?”

I place my other hand on his bare chest and step closer. He is looking around for an escape but I am not going to give him any. I rub my hands over his chest and my thumbs across his sensitive nipples. His cock must be hard. I lower a hand and confirm my suspicions. My fingers caress the length of his bulge through his shorts.

“My goodness, Bobby, that’s quite a weapon you have there. May I see it?”

“Um, Mrs. Jacobs, um maybe we shouldn’t do this. I mean someone might come by or something.”

“Don’t be silly, Bobby. No one is going to come by. Besides, how else am I going to pay for the yard work?”

I drop to my knees and quickly pull the shorts down his muscular thighs. Out springs a beautiful cock the length of Dave’s but thicker. I slide my lips over the swollen tip and swirl my tongue around the smooth skin. I push my lips down his shaft and take his hard meat deep into my mouth. My tongue explores the ridges and veins of his throbbing member. I take him even deeper until I feel him pushing into my throat.

Bobby doesn’t have a chance. He has never had a girl suck cock like this. My lips press against his pubes while my throat vibrates against the head of his cock. I pull him out and take him deep once again. Then I fuck him with my mouth. I bob my head rapidly up and down his shaft making loud sucking and slurping sounds and drooling spit everywhere. When I feel his shaft swell I put my fingers against his scrotum and push.

Hot cum explodes into my mouth in a powerful and steady spray. I move my lips up his shaft holding just the knob of his cock in my mouth. Another jet of cum blasts into my mouth and then another. I take him back down my throat as the last few drops of seed dribble out of his cock. I feel cum leaking from the corners of my mouth onto my blouse. I continue to suck him until his cock softens. I pull him from my mouth and swallow.

“Now that was a man sized load of cum. Have you been saving that for me Bobby? I really do appreciate it but now I have a problem. My pussy is all gooey and has made a mess of my shorts, and I have this big wet spot on my blouse. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take them off.”

I quickly strip and sit on countertop with my legs spread. Bobby is in front of me staring with his shorts still around his knees and his semi-erect cock hanging between his legs. I spread the lips of my pussy and rub my clit with my finger. I push a finger up my cunt and suck it into my mouth.

“Mmmmmmm… so good. Why don’t you come over here and taste my pussy? I mean it’s only fair after what I did for you. Come on, Bobby.”

I lean back on the countertop and pull my legs up so my pussy is fully exposed. Bobby steps forward and buries his head between my legs. I put my hands on the back of his head and push against his mouth. I feel his tongue probing up and down my gash. The tip pushes into my opening and licks me in rapid swipes.

“Oooohhhh yes. Just like that baby. Use your fingers.”

I am going to cum. I fuck his face while his fingers give my pussy a workout. The pressure in my belly continues to build. My breathing is heavy. His tongue swirls around my sensitive clit. My body tenses just before my pussy explodes. I scream. My fingers dig into his scalp. I feel juices running down my ass.

I pull his face to mine and kiss his lips to savor the juices of my passion. I reach down between his legs and confirm that his cock has grown back to full hardness. I guide the swollen tip between the lips of my pussy and slot it into the opening.

“Fuck me, Bobby. Fuck me with your big young cock.”

He pushes. For the first time since I was married another man’s cock slides into my pussy. I gasp as his hard meat sinks deep into my cunt. I hook my heels on his ass and pull him deeper. He fucks me hard and fast. I rub my clit. My gasps and squeals are desperate. I am going to cum.

“Yes… yes… fuck me Bobby… oh god… harder… yes… oh… oh… right there… oh god… of fuck… ah… ah… UUUUUNNNNGGGHHHH…”

He continues to hammer my pussy. I cum again and again. At last I push him away and drop to the floor. I suck his slimy cock into my mouth and down my throat until my lips are pressed against his pubes. Then I stand and turn my back to him with my elbows on the counter and my ass tilted in the air. Bobby wastes no time in putting his cock back into my searing cunt.

I cum again. My legs shake. My screams are out of control. Juices are streaming down my thighs. His balls slap wetly against my clit as he repeatedly hammers my cunt with his hard young cock. Nothing has ever felt so good. I am addicted.

“Squeeze my tits, Bobby… ooooohhhhhh… pinch my nipples… uh… of fuck…”

His strong hands crush the soft flesh hanging from my chest. I reach between my legs and rub my clit in circles. I am delirious with pleasure. The explosion building in my belly is so strong I am frightened to let it burst. Then he pinches my nipples hard between his thumb and finger. It is like a trigger connected directly to my pussy.


An explosion of pleasure as intense as anything I have known makes my entire body tense and jerk violently. His cock continues to pound my gushing cunt sending a second and third wave of gushing spasms though my body. My knees feel like they are going to buckle. Just when I think I might get back on this planet I feel hot cum pouring into my cunt.


I am collapsed face down on the counter when Bobby pulls his cock from my twitching cunt. A flood of creamy juice pours from my body and splatters on the floor between my legs. I finally muster the energy to stand up and face my new fuck toy.

“Thank you for stopping by, Bobby. This will be our little secret. I won’t tell your mother what you did as long as you come by when I ask and help me out around the house.”

Session 3, Therapist Notes

During this session I used all of my willpower to remain seated until she had finished telling me about having sex with Bobby. I found it difficult to do nothing as I watched her squirm against her fingers and then explode into her panties when she described each of her orgasms. My erections felt like it was about to rip through my trousers.

It was time to bring her out of the trance but this time I was going to give her a hypnotic suggestion. I didn’t know if it would work. I also knew it was a dangerous game I was playing and that it could cost me my license but I was obsessed with this woman.

“Mrs. Jacobs,” I told her, “I want you to think about how angry you are at Dave for fucking all those whores at the office. Then I want you to imagine Dave sitting in that chair over there watching you. He cannot move and he cannot turn his eyes away.”

Mrs. Jacobs turned her head and looked over at the empty chair. When she said, “Hello Dave” I knew she was really seeing him there in her subconscious. I and moved over to the couch and pushed down my trousers and waved my rigid member in her face.

“You see a cock in front of your face,’ I explained. “You do not know whose it is and you don’t care. You want to punish Dave. You want him to see what a slut you have become. You will suck the cock like it is the best cock your have ever tasted and you will swallow every drop of cum that it pumps into your mouth.”

I brushed the head against her lips. She flicked her tongue over my swollen knob before taking my shaft deep into her mouth. Her eyes remained focused on the empty chair. She bobbed her head up and down swirling her tongue over the sensitive ridges of my manhood. I thrust it in and out between her lips. Mrs. Jacobs moved a hand between her legs and rubbed her sex.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth, Mrs. Jacobs, while Dave watches. When I am finished I want you to swallow all of it. When you wake up you will not remember any of this.”

Mrs. Jacobs attacked me with renewed energy. I could feel my shaft slide down her throat. Spit was drooling from her lips. I slammed into her mouth again and again. I felt my member swell from the rush of seamen surging up my shaft. I grabbed her head and grunted, then exploded inside her mouth like a volcano. My testicles pumped so much into her that it began to drool from her lips.

I finally pulled out completely drained and stuff my spent shaft back into my trousers. I watched Mrs. Jacobs close her mouth and swallow, all the time looking over at the empty chair. She continued to rub her sex until her body stiffened. I watched her jerk and gasp with a final orgasm. I wiped the excess seamen from her lips and chin and slowly brought her out of the trance.

She did not remember any of it. The hypnotic suggestion had worked. Mrs. Jacobs told me that she felt even better after this session than she had after previous sessions and asked me what had happened to make her feel this way. I told her that it was best she not know what her subconscious was telling me and then made an appointment for the following week.

Session 4, Mrs. Jacobs under Hypnosis – Transcript

It is Sunday afternoon. John is at the office and the kids are with friends. I am at the hardware store on the other side of town. My tiny red skirt and tight white top attract a lot of stares. I am shameless and just hope nobody I know sees me. It is exciting to walk around like this and have men wondering what it would be like to fuck me. My thongs are getting soaked in the crotch.

I find my target on aisle 4. Two good looking men about thirty-five do little to hide their lewd stares. One is an attractive athletic looking black man about 6’2″. The other is shorter and white. His bulging muscles stretch his t-shirt to the limit. I see a wedding band on his left hand. I sway over to where they are standing with a “fuck me” look on my face.

“Can you two good looking guys help a poor woman in distress? I have a problem with my plumbing and my husband is not home to fix it.”

We leave with my hands wrapped around each of their arms. Everyone is staring and knows I am about to be fucked. I am also about to live out two of my fantasies at the same time… getting double fucked and fucking a black man. I get into the silver pick-up and slide between them on the bench seat.

Marv, the tall black man, is driving. The truck pulls out. I have no idea where we are going. Chuck puts his arm around me. Our lips meet in a hot and wet kiss. His strong fingers crush my breast through the thin white top. He pushed it up over my tits and pulls on my swollen nipples. His tongue pushes into my ear driving me crazy.

We stop at a light and the car next to us honks. I look over and realize the driver has a perfect view of my naked tits. We make eye contact. Chuck moves his hand under my skirt and presses his fingers into the soaked crotch of my thongs. I bite my lower lip and gasp, never losing eye contact with the other driver. I realize for the first time that it excites me to have someone watch.

The light turns and we are moving again. I feel his thick finger push into my steamy chamber and then a second. I slide down in the seat and hump against his fingers which are thrusting in and out of my quivering sex. My hand moves over to Marv’s lap and rubs the bulge growing in his trousers. The size of it makes me wonder if the myth about black men is really true.

Chuck’s fingers are driving me crazy. He finds my clit and rubs it just the right way. I gasp and squirm in the seat. He keeps rubbing and fingering me until I have to squeeze my legs together and push him away because the pleasure is too intense. He feeds me his fingers and I eagerly lick them clean. He pushed down his pants and exposes a thick cock with a slight curl and a bulging purple head.

I am staring at his weapon when I feel his hand on the back of my neck. I follow his lead until his hard flesh brushes against my lips. I lick the bulbous knob like an ice cream cone all around the top and then under the crown. I finally take him into my mouth stretching my lips until he fits inside.

I have no idea where we are, but the thought of giving a blowjob to a complete stranger in the front seat of a truck in broad daylight is exiting. I use my well groomed oral skills on his swollen meat until he is groaning and squirming in his seat. Marv drops a hand from the steering wheel and slides it up between my thighs. I spread my legs to give him better access and soon feel his huge fingers push into my pussy.

I keep Chuck on edge as long as I can by pulling off him and backing away twice when he is about to cum. The third time he holds my head down on his cock. He fucks it rapidly between my lips and grunts. I feel him swell just before a hot spray of thick cream fills my mouth. He continues to cum again and again until it is seeping from my lips and back down his cock.

At last he is finished. I sit up and look at him with my mouth open and his seed dripping from my lower lip. I swirl my tongue in the potent mixture before closing my mouth. I swallow. I look over at Marvin and realize he has pulled out his cock. It is huge with coal black skin stretched around a vein streaked shaft.

I drop my head to his lap and explore his swollen shaft with my lips and tongue, probing each ridge and valley of his black monster. I take him into my mouth until he is pushing against my throat. My lips are only a third of the way down his shaft. I slide my tongue under his shaft and relax my throat until I feel him pushing deeper. I begin to gag and pull back drooling spit down his shaft.

“Hey man, this fucking whore is trying to swallow the whole thing,” he says. “Unbelievable.”

He calls me a whore and I love it. I double my effort to swallow his cock but choke when I still have several inches to go. I attack his cock again bobbing my head up and down his length. I wrap my fingers around his slimy shaft and pump his throbbing meat. My lips slide up and down his hard meat in perfect rhythm.

I feel the car swerve several times and then come to a stop. Two hands go to the back of my head to guide my movements. The rest of my body is pulled up until my knees are on the seat and my ass is in the air. Chuck pulls my panties down my thighs exposing my pussy and ass. He wedges himself between me and the door. I feel his hard cock slide between my cheeks and split open my swollen pussy. He pushes it deep inside me.

For the first time in my life two cocks are stuffed in my body at the same time. I feel like such a slut. It excites me. I want to be used and abused. I want to be fucked until I can barely stand. These thought bring me to the edge. I have to pull my mouth off the big black cock I am sucking. I scream. My pussy explodes around the fat cock stuffed inside it. Juices run down my thighs.

“What a slut,” the one fucking me says. “She loves it.”

“Ain’t that the truth? Get your mouth back on my cock, slut.”

I love the way they are talking to me. I slide the black monster between my lips. I am determined to swallow every inch. My throat stretches around his large knob. I try to relax and hold back a gag. I push out my tongue and feel his hard meat go deeper. There are still three inches left when I have to pull back. Spit is drooling from my lips as I gasp for air. My body jerks forward from each thrust of Chuck’s thick cock into my pussy.

Marv grabs my head and rams his huge cock between my lips. I open my throat and feel it slide deeper and deeper. He pushes down on my head forcing his thick meat so deep I feel like I am going to choke. I feel his bristly pubes brush against my lips. He holds me there until I am struggling for air. He finally grabs my hair and yanks my drooling mouth off his cock. Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I struggle for air.

“It’s time for this whore to take some black cock up her pussy.”

They drag me out of the truck.

My body is flopped around like a rag doll while they change positions. I notice that we are parked behind a big dumpster in back of a furniture store. Marv is now sitting in the passenger seat and Chuck in the driver’s seat. Their pants are down around their feet. Marv lifts me into his lap until I am facing him with a knee on each side. He removes my top. His hands crush my tits and tug at my nipples.

I reach down and wrap my hands around his black monster. I push up on my knees and guide it between my legs until the huge knob is pressed against my opening. I can feel my pussy stretch open wider than it has ever been from the first black cock ever to go into me. I lift up and push down several times until he won’t go any deeper. I ride his monster like the whore I have become. I am out of control. Filth spills from my mouth

“Fuck me… fuck me with your big black cock… ohmygod… oh fuck… uh… uh… oh god… fuck my pussy…”

The pressure in my gut builds quickly. He presses his oversized finger against my asshole. This new sensations sends me into orbit. I scream from the orgasm that grips my body. I am still screaming when I feel my head being pulled over towards Chuck. He is kneeling on the seat next to us. His cock pushes between my lips. Marv’s cock is still in my pussy fucking me.

“Aw baby… oh yeah… I’m gonna cum in your pussy… oh fuck… AAARRGGHHH…”

Marv thrusts up into me. Cum explodes into my pussy. I swear I can feel it splashing off the walls of my cunt. Another orgasm surges through my body. I am delirious with pleasure. I gasp for air but Chuck holds my head and shoves his cock down my throat. I feel like I am going to pass out when he finally lets me go. Spit drools in long strands from my lips and tears run down my cheeks.

They pull my limp body out of the truck. I can feel cum oozing from my pussy as they carry me to the back and flop me onto a dirty blanket in the bed of the truck. Chuck mounts me and fucks me until he cums in my pussy. Marv shoves his cock into my mouth. I suck it until he is hard. He rolls me over and slides his cock between my cheeks. I feel it slide deep into my slimy cunt. He fuck me in long hard strokes until I cum.

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