Chapter 01: Naom’s Deception

It all started with a phone call. I was sitting in my college dorm room, doing the last of my physics homework, when my cell started ringing. I glanced down, and my heard skipped a beat when I read the name. My lab partner from the previous semester was calling me. Not just any lab partner. Her name was Naomi. She was an absolutely gorgeous girl with red hair, green eyes, and an exquisite body. Somehow, I, the average-in-every-way guy, managed to end up with her as my physics 101 lab partner. We had become friends, but little more than that, most likely because I found myself tongue-tied every time this this angel addressed me. I could tell she found my obvious crush cute, but I could never manage to ask her out. I hadn’t heard from her since the previous semester. And here she was, calling me.

I answered the call hurriedly. “H-hey, Naomi,” I stammered, mentally slapping myself, “What’s up?”

“Hey!” She replied, her voice causing my heart to skip a second beat, “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Physics homework problem?” I asked, guessing at the only reason I could think of for this gorgeous woman to call me.

“No…” She said, giggling a little, “Actually, I’m sort of going to this party with my sorority tomorrow night, and I was wondering if you’d like to come with me.” This time my heart stopped completely. I couldn’t manage to say anything beyond a dazed “Huh”

“Unless you’re busy” She said quickly, “Or… don’t want to.” I snapped myself out of my reverie, forcing a reply.

“No, no.” I practically spat the words out, hurriedly assuring the girl of my dreams, “I’m interested. Very interested actually.” I grimaced at my own failure to be smooth, “Uhh, what kind of party is it.”

“Just a few of us sisters getting together. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

“Right, well, uhh, do I need to wear anything specific?” I questioned. Naomi paused for a second, her voice changing to a tone I’d never heard from her before.

“No… Nothing specific at all.”

“Alright,” I agreed, and then Naomi cut me off before I could ask my next question.

“Great! I’ll come by your place to get you at 8. Bye!”

I sat there, phone pressed to my ear in mild shock. I, the most average guy on campus, had just been asked out by the least average girl I could think of. It was probably a full minute before i noticed the dial tone buzzing in my ear. I slowly put down my phone, still unable to fully register what had happened. And have no clue as to what was about to happen…

The next night, I waited outside of my apartment’s door dressed in my ‘Cool’ outfit, dark jeans, a rock star t-shirt, and a black jacket. Soon enough Naomi rolled up and reached across to open the door.

“Hey.” She said with a smile. I felt the blood rush to my face and certain other areas. Naomi was wearing a short red skirt, barely covering the crook of her legs as she sat at the wheel, and a white halter top that left her midriff bare. On her right side just above her hip she had a small tattoo of the zodiac sign Cancer, or at least I thought it was a zodiac sign. She also wore several silver bangles on her left hand, and had a necklace with the universal symbol for female dandling down into her halter top and between her firm breasts.

“Hey.” I sheepishly replied, giving a small, awkward wave. I stepped into her aging mustang that I was very jealous of, and buckled into the seat.

As we drove off, Naomi turned to me, giving me a sly smile. “Nice to see you again.”

“Likewise.” I nodded.

“So anyway,” she started, still smiling crookedly, “We have this party about twice a semester. I’ve gone a few times, but never brought a date.” I involuntarily swallowed on the word “date”.

“We’ll, I’m frankly surprised you chose to invite me. Hope I live up to whatever expectations you could have possibly imagined about me.” I flashed her a grin.

She giggled. “Yea, it does seem awkward. Kinda like the premise to a bad porno, huh?”

I paused, for a moment fearing that she somehow knew that I watched porn. But then again what depraved nerd-like guy didn’t? I nodded, mutely agreeing.

“Given you’re not objecting to the word ‘date’” Naomi continued, “I assume you still don’t have a girlfriend?”

My heart, yet again, skipped a beat. I shrugged and threw down my one and only rehearsed pickup line. “Nope. You looking to apply for the position?”

Naomi laughed, a wonderful sound that was more pleasing to me than any music.

“That depends on how you behave tonight.” She said, giving me an even stranger smile, one I could have even sworn was even lustful…

“Well, alright then.” I said, the blood rushing to those two places again. I changed the subject, trying to ignore the swelling in my jeans. “Hope I’m dressed for the party. I would hate to be overdressed.” I said sarcastically.

Naomi looked me up and down, her eyes pausing on the lump in my jeans.

“You look good enough to get you in the door, after that, it won’t matter much.”

Yep, definitely lustful. Between that smile and her sweet perfume that was wafting over me, my first impulse was to reach over and French kiss this girl now. The fact that she was driving and that would probably kill us both, and that I was completely out of my element prevented me from acting on that impulse. I rode quietly after that, mustering my courage, answering only when she talked to me. By the time we arrived, I was a fair bit less nervous, and beginning to enjoy myself.

We rolled up to her sorority house, and climbed out of her mustang. She looked at me with that lusty smile over the roof of her car.

“Just so ya know, this isn’t your average party. I hope you’re not too uncomfortable.”

I shrugged in response, saying, “I’m here now. No turning back.”

“Good.” She replied, “just be a good girl and listen to me and you’re sure to enjoy yourself.

I overlooked her misuse of the guy-girl thing, and nodded my agreement. I followed her up to the door, guiltily watching her eight inch skirt bounce around her insanely cute backside. She rang the doorbell, and as we waited I could hear muffled party music from inside.

The door opened and my eyes widened. She sorority girl who answered the door was naked. Butt, ass naked. My eyes locked on her bouncing breasts, the swelling returning rapidly to my pants. I realized what was going on here.

“Hey Nomi, glad you made i….” The naked girl’s voice trailed off. “What’s He Doing here,” she said pointing to me, though making no attempt to cover herself.

Naomi grinned lustily at me over her shoulder. “You said to bring a toy to share, didn’t you?”

My mind was still reeling. This was an orgy. A sorority’s, lesbian orgy. And though I was unwilling to admit it, I was a virgin. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to walk away with my virginity intact however. My cock finally succeeded in reaching rock hard levels as I watched two girls dressed in red and black lingerie walk up behind the nude first one, who spoke to Naomi again.

“I don’t know… we don’t let guys into this.” She looked over her shoulder, breasts wagging sensually feet from my face. “what do you think girls?”

“Can he follow orders?” the girl in red asked, hands on her hips.

Naomi looked at me. “Can you?” What was I supposed to answer!?

“Y-yes.” I said nervously, blushing crimson.

“We’ll see.” Said Red. “Hey, boy-toy, come here.” I sheepishly walked forward. “Kiss my ass.” She said, turning then bending over. The other girls laughed. Red’s thong and garters stretched taught as her perfectly shaped ass reared up into my face. I started to bend forward to comply when the girl in black added “On your knees, you silly slut.”

I knelt down, these four sexy girls in varying stages of nakedness standing tall over me. I leaned forward, Red’s ass filling my eyes and her sensual perfume my nose. I slowly kissed the right cheek of her ass, tasting the flavor of her skin. They all laughed, including Naomi. I stood, feeling sheepish, but lustful and excited.

“Alright,” said the first, naked girl, “he can come in, as long as he keeps following orders.” I looked back at Naomi who nodded at me, giving me a soft push on the back, through the door. She closed it behind me. The lock sounded with an ominous click. No way out now.

The girls led me deeper inside the sorority house. I soon found myself in a common room filled with various couches and loveseats, with somewhere around 20 girls wearing lingerie, club outfits, or just their underwear. Several of them shrieked or called out when I was led in.

“What’s he doing here!?”

“Who let the guy in!?”

“What the HELL!?”

Naomi stepped forward to calm the crowd, running a hand down my side. “This is our boy-toy for the evening. We get to do whatever we want with him.” A few girls still cried out in protest.

“I’ll tell you what,” Naomi continued, “He’s agreed to follow instructions, and he’s submissive. Why don’t we make him just another one of us girls? You know. Dress him up.”

I blushed the color of Naomi’s skirt. The sorority sisters readily agreed. Before I knew what was happening, two of them grabbed me by each arm and pulled me towards the hall. They dragged me into a door on the left, and I found myself in a large communal bathroom with tile floors. Naomi had vanished.

“First things first, we can’t have him talking. He won’t sound like a girl.” A sister in a blue, filly lingerie set said, “Anyone got a ball gag?” She pushed me onto my knees on the floor, pulling my head back. A second girl, wearing rainbow stripped panties and a matching bra brought out a ball gag from between her breasts and forced it into my mouth, fastening it tightly. Next the group of girls started to strip me, pulling off my jacket and shirt, laughing the whole time. I didn’t resist, the rough domination exciting me enough to silence my nerves. Someone behind me grabbed my arms, slapping a pair of soft bondage cuff on my hands before pushing me to the floor. Next my pants came off, disappearing with the rest of my clothes.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, you man-whore!” the girl in blue lingerie taunted. My boxers we’re pulled off my legs, my hard though average sized cock waving in the air for all to see.

“EEW!” The girl in stripped underwear cried, “He’s all hairy! Someone grab a razor!” The group of dominating sisters prodded me forward until I was lying under one of the showers. They turned the tap on, the cold jet of water making me flinch. Two more girls who were conveniently wearing skimpy bikinis proceeded to rub girl’s shaving cream onto my groin and into my ass crack. One produced a razor and proceeded to shave my little forest. Others joined the effort, having found their own razors, shaving my legs, arms pits, and anywhere else they could think of, save my head. One that was done, the tap turned off, and I glanced down at my smooth, clean skin. The girls were giggling non-stop by this point.

“Mind if I get a little kinky here, girls?” The stripey underwear girl asked.

‘Get a little kinky!?’ I thought, looking at my feminine shave and the bondage gear. Stripey rolled me onto my back, and straddled my neck.

“I always wanted to do this.” She said with a lusty grin. She pulled aside her candy-stripe panties, her pink twat filling my view. My cock twitched, much to the laughing delight of the onlookers. She reached one hand behind my head drawing my ball gag against her pussy. I could smell her sweet feminine odor. I twitched again, the girls jeering.

“Someone hold his nose!” Stripey said, and proceeded to piss into the holes on my gag. I choked on the hot salty flow, the yellow juice spraying back onto her cunt. Stripey stopped her flow and waited for another sister to hold my nose.

“Not that easy, you man-whore.” Stripy said, “You’re going to drink it!” The flow resumed. The salty liquid filled my mouth, I spluttered, trying to breathe. Stripey slowed the flow, unwilling to let any of her piss flow out of my mouth.

“Swallow.” She commanded. I complied, the foul tasting liquid running down my throat. She kept pissing, and I forced myself to chug down the revolting fluid gasping for air between gurgling swallows. The other sisters roared with laughter. Finally, the flow stopped and Stripey cover herself with her panties again, standing. They turned on the tap again, washing the piss off my face and body.

The sisters forced me into a sitting position, and roughly dried me off with a towel.

“Here’s the clothes for her.” A girl toward the back said, passing forward a red and white stack. They spread my legs and ran a white thong with red trim up them. It just barely spanned the width of my balls. Next one of them un-fastened my handcuffs long enough to slip a white lace bra over my arms, fastening it tightly on my back. Stripey pushed rolled up sock into each side of the bra, giving me makeshift breasts. Over that they slipped a white halter top, and then ran a red min-skirt up my legs. I finally realized I was wearing Naomi’s clothes. The slid Naomi’s solver bangles up my arm then placed the necklace with the female symbol around my neck. Finally, they re-bound my wrists behind my back.

Pulling me to my feet, the led me back out into the hall. I now looked like just another one of them. I was herded back into the common room, where the rest of the sorority sisters we’re already getting busy. The room was full of buzzing vibes and moaning women. I looked around and spotted Naomi standing with her hands on her hips by a glass coffee table in the middle of the room. She was wearing my clothes, her unbound breasts bulging the front of my black shirt and jacket.

“Bring my slut over here.” Naomi commanded, “I get to use her first.” The girls complied, laughing and jeering, and forced me to my knees in front of Naomi, beside the table. Naomi reached behind my head and unfastened the ball gag, saying “You won’t be needing this.”

I remained silent, too excited and nervous to say anything. Naomi unzipped the front of her… no… MY jeans then pulled them and my boxers down several inches. A giant, red strap on dildo rolled out and slapped me on the face. My eyes widened. I suddenly didn’t like where this was going. Many of the girls in the room stopped fucking each other and gathered around to watch. Several pulled out phones and cameras.

“Fuck him!” One sister yelled.

“She’s dressed like a girl, fuck her like one!” jeered another.

“Teach that man how it feels to get dominated!!” A third screamed. Naomi grinned down at me, using one hand to slap her dildo on my face a few more times.

“Suck it.”

I hesitated, and then slowly opened my mouth, obeying her command. I leaned forward, and licked the silicon cock. I was far from confortable with this, but I knew it would pay off later. I wrapped my lips around the dildo and drew it into my mouth. The crowd roared and cameras flashed.

“Say hi to the amateur porn community!” A girl called, rolling a video camera. I forced the cock back as far as it would go, gaging as it hit my throat. Naomi put her hands on my head and violently face fucked me. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, Naomi stepped back, pulling her spit covered dildo out of my mouth.

“Bend him over.” She commanded, pulling my clothes all the way off her body. She was exquisite. Her firm, perfectly shaped breasts shook tantalizingly as she moved. Hey ass, framed by the strap-on was also a perfect double teardrop, the sight of it once more bringing me to a full erection.

Several of the crowd grabbed me and bent me over the coffee table face first. Naomi reached up my skirt and slid a single finger under my thong. Gently tugging it, she pulled it millimeter by sensual millimeter out of my ass crack. She let it fall back with an audible snap. I gasped out of reflex.

“I’ll be taking these back.” Naomi stated, pulling the thong down and off my legs. I bent lower and stared at the wooden tabletop. A lubed finger circled my ass hole, the cold wet sensation sending a shiver up my spine. Naomi flipped up my skirt over my ass and stood directly behind me, between my spread legs. The crowd was louder than ever. I felt the massive dildo price my anus, circle it once, and then fuck me deep and hard. I screamed aloud. It hurt, but somehow in a good way. Naomi pulled out her battering ram, and thrust it in again. The crowd took up a chant of ‘fuck-her-ass! Fuck-her’s-ass!” The cameras kept rolling.

Naomi started slow, and then ramped up the speed of her pounding. Mass anus engulfed her cock swelling and relaxing again with each thrust. Soon the pain gave way to pleasure as my muscles loosened to allow Naomi clear passage. Knowing what was expected of me, I moaned aloud. I could tell the girl taping me approved. I continued moaning, high and softly, imitating the girls I had seen in porn films. Naomi fucked me and fucked me, laughing joyously. I was surprised to realize I was enjoying the ass-fucking as much as she was. I was actually sorry when she finally stopped after five minutes of continuously ramming my ass. Naomi stretched back, panting from the exertion. I rolled over on the table, smiling lustily up at her.

Naomi reached down to untie her strap on, but an idea struck me. I reached forward and laid my hand on hers.

“Wait.” I said, speaking for the first time of the night, “Let me ride you.” Naomi looked down at me with a startled look. She hadn’t expected this. I just grinned. The girls around cheered at my willingness to be fucked.

“I’ll make a slut out of you yet…” Naomi said among the roars of the crowd. Naomi reached down and pulled me off the table, then laid down on hit herself, stretching her arms behind her head. I crawled on top of her as best I could with my hands bound. Stripey, standing behind me, noticed my struggles and unfastened the restrains, noting that I wouldn’t need them to be kept under control. Now free of all my bonds, I lowered my hands in front of me, the bangles on my right arm jingling. I adjusted my ass to be right above Naomi’s hips, using my left hand to hold the giant red dildo upright. I slowly lowered myself onto it. My anus wrapped itself around Naomi’s cock once more, swallowing it deep inside my body. I rocked back and forth, fucking myself and relishing every second. My red skirt flipped up and down as Naomi rested her hands on my hips. I moaned again, the pleasure coursing though me. Naomi looked up at me lustily, amazed that I was so willing, loose and whoreing.

The girl with the camera stepped right behind me, capturing every explicit penetration. After a minute, Strippy stepped around beside Naomi’s head.

“May I join in the fun?” she asked. Naomi nodded. Stripey slid her panties down and off her legs, opening her cunt to the free air once more. Climbing onto the table, she straddles Naomi’s face. Naomi, knowing the drill, immediately started to eat out Stripey’s pussy, running her tongue along the moist, steaming slit. I grinned at Stripey, who sat facing me, and she grinned back. She leaned forward, throwing her arms around my neck.

“You know,” she said, “For a guy, you’re not all that bad.”

I grinned, still bouncing on Naomi’s strap on. Reaching forward, I returned Stripey’s embrace. Her lips locked over mine in a violent French kiss. I kissed her back, with difficulty given my undulating fucking. Ours tongues danced the sweet taste of her making my nerves tingle. I ran my hands down her head and across her back, finding and unclipping her bra. With her help, I pushed the bra down her arms, and she tossed it onto the floor. Her beautiful, naked breasts hung in the air for a moment before she rushed forward again, pinning them to my chest as we kissed again. Moaning into each other’s mouths, we reveled in the taboo pleasure until my legs grew tired from the exertion of rocking myself on Naomi’s thick strap on.

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