“I want to become a dog- your dog.”

The words echoed through Marcus’s head as he walked up and down the aisle of his favorite hidden sex shop. It was amazing how many things he had found here in the past. There were so many items he had never bought because he had no chance to use them. There were giant dildos, butt plugs, leather straps, and more. The selection was astounding. Unfortunately, he would only need a few things that he could get from here for the night but the rest of the items he would have to find at the local pet store.

His hands latched onto a few items that he liked and he checked out by simply tossing a few bills at the cashier who looked to be a little questionable. He eyed Marcus in such a way as to assume he was being judged but Marcus paid him no mind. The idea of working at one of the sex shops in town baffled him. As he saw it, it would strip the pleasure of coming in to shop for only the select items at a time. If he worked at one he would have his entire house full and before he knew it he would be out on the streets.

The following hour consisted of him going to the pet store where he ran into the former man who had helped he and Kim out earlier that weekend.

“Hey! How did that new collar and leash work out for your new dog?” the attendant asked with a giant smirk on his face. The thought that Marcus was into a fetish that involved his product obviously didn’t register in his cranium.

“It worked out great actually. The new fleabag is a great pet. She loves the collar; the dang thing wears it with pride all around the house.”

“That’s good that’s good.”

“I’m actually here for some other things for the puppy though. I’m going to be in need of a replica tail for her to play with. She loves chasing after things and I think it’d be a great addition.”

“Oh yes!” the attendant agreed with a little too much enthusiasm. Marcus wondered how the man could possibly get so excited working at the pet store. The only reason his own heart was beating so fast was because it was having difficulties not imaging his Kim on all fours.

The man led him down the other isles in the store until they got to some fake tails that were meant for animal play. Marcus quickly grabbed a golden brown one that seemed about the right size and color to attach to one of the other articles he had picked up at the sex shop.

“This looks like it’ll do the trick.”

“Great, well do you need anything else today?”

“Puppy beds?”

“This way,” the man beckoned him down another aisle until they got to some plushy looking pet beds. They ran in all shapes and sizes and it was easy to pick out a big bed that Kim would fit into. Marcus grabbed at the bed and the store attendant quickly asked him a question.

“That’s a pretty big bed. What kind of dog did you say you had picked up again?”

The sentence irked Marcus. Had the man just implied that Kim was big? He knew that the man had no idea it was for Kim but it kind of radiated within his bones. How could he dare take a stab at the size of his puppy? It was none of his damn business.

“She’s a lab and she’s a perfect size for this bed,” Marcus replied while gritting his teeth.

The man just looked at Marcus and raised an eyebrow, “well I suppose she could always grow into it.”

“That’ll be all.”

Marcus gave the man a death stare and he got the hint.

“Okay, well I’ll just be around here if you need anything else. Thanks for shopping with us!”

The man walked off and left Marcus alone in the aisle clutching onto the pet bed and fake tail. He took that as his queue and headed to the check out and furthermore to the store exit.

Within a few minutes he pulled into the parking lot of his apartment. He stepped out of his car with the bags of things from the passenger seat and trunk and looked up at the bedroom window where Kim looked down at him.

Marcus grinned slyly up at her and reached for his phone. It felt cold in his hands but he punched a quick text to Kim-

“I see you staring down at me. Once I get to the top of these stairs you better be on your best behavior. Tonight you really become my dog.”

He closed up his phone and waited a minute until he saw Kim disappear from the window. That was his queue. The belongings in his hand twisted to readjust in his hold and his feet stepped their way hurriedly up the stairs and into their residence. Kim sat on the couch staring at him- patiently waiting for what was coming.

“Hey sweetheart,” Marcus greeted her. “I’m headed to the room for a little bit to get a few last touches down on these items and then your ass is mine. Enjoy the Television while you have the ability to use your thumbs.”

Kim’s eyes widened and she swallowed hard. The reality of what she had asked for hit her like a ton of bricks. She would be transformed into his dog tonight whether or not she had anything to say about it. Marcus was more than determined to get what was his this time and to simultaneously please Kim’s wish. She had asked for it when she was most vulnerable and he would go off of that statement and not the one of fear and cautious intimidation that now presented itself.

Marcus went into the bedroom down the hall and left Kim in the living room with the television on one of her favorite drama shows. His hands made quick work of putting the finishing touches on the tail and gloves that he had picked up. Within minutes he was finished and he headed into the front room.

Kim looked at him unaware of what to think. The mush that had now taken up the space in her brain was busy attempting to keep up with the happenings in front of her.

Marcus dropped the items he had been working on onto the floor in front of Kim and crawled onto the couch with her. His lips found hers passionately and the fears that plagued her mind suddenly felt expunged.

“I love you, Kim. Don’t be scared of what’s about to happen. I’m going to open you up to your fantasy and bring you to a whole new level of trust. I will not hurt you, nor will I try to put fear into you. I’m doing this for us.” He paused to let what he just said sink in.

“Do you remember your safety word?”

Kim breathed in deep, “hash browns?”

“Good,” Marcus kissed her one last time and stepped away. He closed his eyes and retreated himself to the far depths of his soul. The full extent of his fetish would now be unlocked for her eyes to see.

“Puppy!” he yelled at her and immediately leaped towards the couch. His hands shot to the clothes that she wore. “What the hell are you doing wearing these? These are not yours!”

Marcus tore her tank top in half and threw it to the floor across the room. Next he made quick work of her bra, unhooking it promptly from her back and throwing it to the same place across the room.

“You know better than to get into master’s laundry!”

Kim struggled underneath his power but refused to reject these accusations. Her mouth released whimper after whimper as he grabbed onto the back of her jean shorts.

“How the hell did you even get into these?” Marcus asked himself out loud. He pushed Kim’s face down into the couch cushion and raised her ass up. “Unbelievable, I tell you.”

The jean shorts that she wore were suddenly stripped from her lower region along with the thong she had hoped to surprise him with. They hit the carpet and left Kim with her bare skin. Her voluptuous ass lay there for all to see. She tried to sit up but Marcus forced her back down and his hands ran along her back inch by inch. Her hairs stood up as her spine took in the feelings down it all the way to her asshole where he stopped his fingers.

“You can’t be a dog without a few more articles, you know.” He scolded her evenly and tapped his palm frivolously on her buttocks. In the position she was in Kim was completely exposed. Her slit and asshole were presented to him like a gift. Air lightly lapped against it from the vents that fed circulation to their tiny apartment.

Marcus stood to his feet and grabbed a pair of auburn replica canine ears he had found at the sex shop in the costume section. He fastened them to her hair and ears easily and admired his work before going back to fetch mittens that would prevent her from using her fingers. The mittens slipped on just as easily as the ears had and he slid the straps that held them on into place to complete the job.

“How does that feel, puppy?”

Kim sat back on the couch cushions and put her hands and feet into the air. They had been replaced. Where they once lay were now mittens that simulated paws for her. She flexed them and admired the scene. As constricting as they were, they felt right. A smile crossed her face and she looked at Marcus adoringly. She loved everything so far and she could feel that her hot love canal felt the same. Some of her juices were exiting her and making a last second ditch down to her asshole.

“It’s not over yet, pup.”

Kim raised her eyebrows at him and whimpered. She wasn’t sure what he had in store for her next. The satisfaction that she felt from her new paws and comfortably fitting ears was more than enough. What more could there be?

Marcus grabbed one of her legs and slipped a soft, skin colored kneepad onto it and consequently did the same for the next leg. “You can’t be walking around the apartment on all fours on those weak knees of yours.”

“And lastly you’ll need a tail.”

Kim whimpered thinking about some belt that would have to be looped around her waist to give her a tail. The thought of her old Halloween costume as a kid flooded into her mind. She had been a tiger and she could remember how badly she thought her tail felt as it smacked around her legs and waist without a care in the world. The thought of being attached to another lame device was nowhere near appealing. Her paws went to protect her waist and she let out a giant whimper to set the tone for what she wanted from Marcus.

“Why are you clutching your waist? Tails don’t go on your waist, you silly puppy.” Marcus lectured her and moved her onto all fours.

Tails don’t go on your waist? Kim tried to understand what he meant by the sentence until she felt his now lubed fingers trailing down her butt crack and over her forbidden backdoor. Her butt cheeks clenched ravenously.

“No!” she squealed.

Marcus covered her mouth with his hand and he eyed her fiercely.

Kim flinched and bit her mouth shut. The no talking rule burned in the back of her mind. She wished she could take it back.

“This is your one and only warning. Don’t worry, puppy. This isn’t going to hurt and I promise that you’re going to love it.”

His words reassured her but it still took a few moments for her mind to register that she was about to give her anal virginity up. The muscles in her ass slowly released their tension and Marcus smoothly rubbed the tip of his finger around her hole to try to relax it a little further. As this was her first time, it was also his so he was going to make sure that it all went according to plan and without much pain.

“Breathe…” Marcus whispered to her as his lubricated index finger pressed firmly against her hole until it almost seemed to suck it in. Kim gasped as her once empty pathway felt the new intruder. The slight pain wasn’t as bad as she had expected and in fact felt somewhat pleasurable. Her mouth closed after her gasp and a moan escaped allowing Marcus to know he had not hurt her in doing so.

“Good puppy.”

With that he started to move his finger rhythmically in and out of her asshole. Within seconds it started to accept his presence within it and loosened up to the point where pleasure was the only feeling that coursed through Kim’s veins. The firm pressure that it applied to her insides was almost orgasmic.

Kim’s body began to rock in sync with Marcus’s finger as it made it’s home within her and soon it felt another finger slip it’s way into the mix. She barred her teeth at the painful pleasure that the new stretch caused but continued almost instinctually swinging her body back and forth.

“I knew you’d like this, puppy. I just need to loosen you up a little bit before I can slip your tail in.”

Kim blushed full scarlet. The thought of having a real tail extend from her tight little hole made her so embarrassed. Nothing like this had even come close to happening for her prior to this. The total domination that these acts brought on her left her in such a state of shock and arousal that she feared she would never again feel fulfilled without the same or better sensations.

Whimper after whimper escaped her mouth as she continued to enjoy the sinful gratification in her ass. It felt so full and yet so empty and ready for more that she knew would come her way in such a short while. She raised her ass higher for her mate to get a better entrance and her signal was well received. Marcus grinned as he felt the empowerment of his place in her.

“Okay puppy, here comes your tail…” he trailed off in his sentence and grabbed the moderately sized butt plug that he had attached the pet store puppy tail to the end of. He positioned it right above her ass and slowly removed his fingers from inside of her.

The rubber of the anal plug lightly caressed the crease of her ass up and down occasionally sliding over her slit and clit. He wanted to tease her just a little. This was far more than just a tail. This would complete her transformation into a dog so it was crucial that she like it.

Marcus bent down and his teeth sank into her back lovingly as the plug finally started to bear down against her hole. Marcus’s jaws bit a little harder as the plug pressed further and further inside of her to divert her from the stretching pain in her ass.

Kim’s eyes widened and the air in her lungs left her as she tried to withstand the pressure. “Oh my god!” she cried out as the largest section of the plug finally slipped in and her asshole secured the device in place.

“Good…” Marcus whispered to her as he relaxed his mouth’s hold on her back. “It’s all in sweetheart. It’s all over. Now you’re a real puppy.” He stepped back and watched as Kim ever so cautiously looked back at her backside to see a tail sticking proudly from her asshole at the end of the plug.

Her pussy juices started to over flow. The very sight of her now came full circle as she moved her hands inside of her mittens and gazed at her tail. Every bit of her was as canine as they had been in her dream- or as close to it as could be. She wagged her ass to give her tail a try and to her great amusement it swung just as a real puppy’s tail would.

Marcus moved close to her once more and wrapped his arms around her, “I love you, puppy. I hope this is everything you thought it would be.”

Kim bit her lip and smiled happily. It was everything she wanted it to be. It was clear to her. The reality was that she could not completely change into a dog. Although she could at least meet it as close as she could. She playfully licked Marcus’s neck.

“Aw, thank you, puppy,” Marcus thanked her and pulled back for a moment. “You’re missing your collar!” he blurted out as he realized he had forgotten the most important part. He ran from the room and grabbed her collar from the bathroom countertop where she had left it. In seconds he returned to her and fastened it with ease around her neck.

“Want to have a look?”

Kim nodded and followed Marcus as he led her to the bedroom to their full-length mirror. What Kim saw in the mirror surprised her. The dog-ears that Marcus had adorned her with shown through her hair out the tops of her head and her collar looked perfect around her neck. Everything was simply perfect. Marcus had left no detail overlooked. He was truly a master to be adored.

Marcus moved to the side of the bedroom and looked outside of the window down at his car and then up at the last remains of the sun. It was almost completely dark out. Now could be the perfect time to be risky.

“Puppy, you might want to get ready.”

Kim looked away from herself in the mirror for a moment just to look at Marcus to give him his response. She had no idea what he was implying.

He now held the leash that he had bought the previous day in his hands.

“I think it’s time we take you for a walk.”

Kim’s eyes widened as far as they could and she looked at Marcus in dismay. He didn’t really mean that she had to go outside like this, did he?

Marcus stepped closer to her and latched the leash to her collar. It clicked into place.

“All dogs go for walks, Kim”

Marcus tugged on the leash and Kim reluctantly followed as to not be dragged forcefully. She knew that she needed to trust him. They had been together for a long time and he had never done anything to hurt her before. If Marcus thought that they wouldn’t get caught, she would just have to trust him. That was part of what being his dog meant. He was her master and that was all there was to it.

After Kim swiftly came to terms with her situation she hurried closer to Marcus’s legs as he walked her for a warm up walk around the apartment. Marcus knew he had to wait a few more minutes before the sun went down completely. The last thing he wanted was for him to bring her outside and have her get so scared that she didn’t want to leave the house for fear of being seen.

Naturally this fear needed to be there at least mildly for her to test her limits but Marcus would prefer it being a little tamer on the first attempt.

Kim stopped and looked up at Marcus as he stopped at the door to the exit of their apartment. Marcus looked down at her and ordered her to stay still. He dropped the leash on the floor and went back to their room where he grabbed a long black leather trench coat. The coat would obviously come in handy if they were discovered. He would just need to make sure that he garbed his Kim in time.

Marcus returned momentarily and found his Kim waiting obediently at the door. His hand pet her head and ran down her back to her awaiting ass and tail. He knew the tail would still be a little too tender so he decided not to give it a courtesy tug to get her going. However, he did run his finger down her slit to test to see how she was doing.

It was completely soaked. Marcus bit his lip not wanting to break his resolve now. The wetness of her pussy begged him to slam his cock deep inside of it but he had to take her for a walk first. This was part of her training.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Marcus opened the door and a warm summer breeze came passing through it into their apartment. Kim got the chills and her body froze. She was nude and about to walk outside into the apartment complex that she knew people in. Was she crazy?

Marcus looked out of the doorway carefully and saw that nobody was in the hallway. The coast was clear for now. He tugged commandingly on the leash and Kim was thrust out into the hallway. Her heart started to race faster and she could feel herself shaking from how nervous she was.

“It’s okay, puppy. I won’t let anything happen.”

His words ran through her head and she took a deep breath. She couldn’t worry herself about how others may see her. Right now she was a dog. She had her ears, her collar, and even a tail and paws. The human thoughts that used to plague her had to be completely thrust out of her head. The only thing that mattered now was her master. He would take care of her and guide her.

“Come on.” Marcus assured her and shut the door behind her. Ever so carefully they both started to walk to the stairs and descend them. Three flights of stairs later they found themselves at the ground floor and Kim still remained on all fours. She could feel the pressure of the plug in her ass remind her that it was still there.

“Come on, Kim.”

Kim followed Marcus out the building door and into the parking lot where by their extreme luck nobody was found. It was an oddly deserted night in their small town apartment building parking lot. Ahead of them were the cars of people who lived there, lined in a row and a bunch of parking garages that had a small creek behind them and nothing else.

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