It was finally going to happen, after weeks of email chatter, texting, failed attempts and doubt, they finally were going to meet. The location, a little coffee shop in south Markham, the time, one in the afternoon, the plan, chat and see what happens next.

The challenge… well for him, if he was attracted to her, trying to talk to her intelligently without thinking about sex. Without allowing the tension to overtake his mind, without thinking about what she would smell like, how soft her skin would be, how she would taste and how she would move under his touch. He enjoyed challenges but this was going to be tough, after all he had a great poker face but a certain part of his anatomy would willingly give him away and show his hand and intention. No doubt she knew this, knew what he would want, knew that if she wanted him she could have him.

Her challenge was not all that different, would he be the one, she enjoyed his stories and allowed herself to indulge to the point where her panties were wet, her clit swollen, her mind racing, but would she be attracted to him? Hers was a different challenge, if attracted she would try to real him in, to captivate him and make him want her. She would toss her strawberry blond hair, show him her neck, laugh at his jokes, touch his hand or arm and more than anything watch him. Study him, look for a reaction, something that said he wanted her, he was interested… she was thinking that it may be fun to see if she could make him show how attracted he was to her.

He got there early, grabbed the table in the back and sat in one of the low leather chairs, really they were not all that comfortable but did offer him great sight lines of the place and away from the insanely bright sun streaming through all the windows. She would be arriving in 10 minutes, she told to get the spot in the back, so there he waited, anticipating, nervous excitement rolling through him as he sipped his way too hot Americano.

She had arrived 20 minutes earlier, ahead of him, ordered her Americano and sat along at at a table along the windows. A laptop open on her table, a basic disguise permitting her anonymity, an out, a way to look and decide if he was physically attractive to her. Cause in fact their playful banter on email had already lit the spark in her.

She had watched him walk in, he scanned the place, his eyes stopped on her momentarily, if there was any chance of recognition, he showed none, he ordered two Americanos in mugs and carried them over to the table where he sat now. His hair was short, goatee with some gray, green eyes squinting when he scanned across the window section. He wore a red down vest, green plaid shirt underneath, blue jeans and hiking shoes finished the look. If he hadn’t been on his way to his cottage he wood have looked like a lumberjack at a fashion show. He appeared confident, sitting there on a too short leather chair drinking a crazy hot Americano and waiting for a mystery woman who he would need to trust as much as his closest friend if not more so. She thought she should go over and talk to him, say hi, maybe even pretend to be just a curious woman, heck she should go over there and at least get her coffee. But then as she thought this he reached into his pocket pulling out his blackberry.

He typed and then placed it on the table in front of his as he took a sip of his coffee. She continued to watch him as her iphone vibrated.

“I’m here now, your bean’s getting cold” She smiled, amused by his expression, “well you are going to have to try to keep it warm for me till I get there.”

“How long?” he typed.

This was fun, she could see him typing and in seconds saw the results. all the while people moved, music played, discussions were had, coffees were ordered and the capachino machine steamed on. She just had to make sure she didn’t give her position away.

“At least 15, stuck in traffic, meeting ran late.” Huh… he actually looked disappointed as he scratched the side of his head and took a long sip of coffee glancing at his watch.

He knew he had to get the moving van back to Hertz or suffer the second day fee. The van which currently carried an oversized chair, ottoman, two bedside tables, blankets and two area rugs which he had loaded in this morning.

“What are you wearing so I will at least recognize you?” he typed.

“White tank top, jeans, commando.”

That one made him smile, wrinkles on his face, another sip of coffee, he typed back, shifting slightly in his seat.

“That made it move” was the message on her iphone.

Her eyes widened, she tried to see in the shadows, did it really or was he just having her on…

“Seriously?” she asked, her gaze locked on him at the table.


She felt her face flushing, she shifted in her seat, things were tingling, her legs crossed gently squeezing together. Taking a sip of her Americano she typed, “What if I don’t believe you?” she typed.

It moved again, this time growing making him shift in his seat. “You don’t believe that you turn me on?” Hitting send he shifted on his seat, he really was getting hard, his mind was racing thinking about her pussy, why did she have to tell him she was commando? Now his focus had changed to wondering how she tasted, smelled, how she would move under him, how she would respond to he touch, his warm breath on her skin. His phone signaled a message breaking the trance.

“You have told me in the past that it moved and grew but I have seen no evidence.”

Huh, he thought, was this a dare, a test, okay he thought let’s play. And with that he rose from his seat leaving the table and the two coffees at the table and disappeared to the rear of the store down a corridor.

Where the hell was he going she thought? He just left the two coffees sitting there, he was going to loose their table for fuck’s sake!

And then he was back and typing on his blackberry a smile on his face.

The message arrived with a single word “proof” a minimized pic on the display.

She clicked on it, at first she wasn’t sure what she was looking at, then she realized it was the front zipper of his jeans, with what appeared to the a bulge, his jeans being forcing away from his body.

Her face flushed when the second message came in “proof 2.”

With this one her eyes widened. Instinctually, she slid back from her table a bit and lowered her phone fearing others may see. This pic was much easier to decipher, brown leather belt undone, zipper down and fly pulled partially open. His cock shaft showing slightly, clearly hard, smooth flesh coloured skin contrasting behind the blue jeans.

Goose bumps raised, her movements made her skin tingle under the feel of her clothes, her nipples were hard and she could feel a gentle breeze brush her body as the door to the restaurant opened and closed.

“Proof 3″ pinged onto her screen. She reached up and pushed the hair off her neck, squeezing her legs together anticipating the picture as she clicked on the icon.

Jeans down, his cock hard, the head smooth, skin tight, the only hair being on the top.

“Believe me now?” he typed as he watched the strawberry blond by the window sitting alone, starring at the phone in her lap ignoring the cooling coffee and computer on her table. He was hard as a rock, the idea of taking those pictures and sending them to her. He hadn’t been sure it was Melissa sitting by the window but now he was. A good disguise but not the best poker face once pressed. Thoughts raced through his brain, wondering if this would be more than a coffee date, he hoped so as all he could now think about was yanking her jeans down and plunging his tongue into her pussy.

She was shocked, horny, wet, and really shocked… looking up he was gone, the coffees were gone, the table empty. Now what? Shit, How long had she been starring at the screen?

Her phone went off.

“You still there, did I freak you out?”

Typing back Melissa typed, her libido now doing all the thinking “So maybe we should just skip the coffee eh, cause I really am kinda speechless.Wish we had a spot to go to.”

“Spot?” appeared on her screen with yet another small pic. She clicked on it and laughed, a room of sorts appeared, white metal curved walls, double doors in the background square windows at the top, an overstuffed chair and ottoman sat on a red and blue area rug, and next to the chair a wooden side table with a lamp, two coffees siting there on top.

“Hertz moving van west side of the lot (no cars around), if you don’t get here soon, I am going to drink your coffee and start without you” was the last message.

This was it for her, the line in the sand, she hadn’t had sex in over a year, no touch, no intimacy, he was handsome, in shape, seemed honest enough and apparently wanted her badly. AND he had brought a “spot”, well a moving van filled with furniture on it’s way to his cottage.

She missed the spark, the feelings, taste, smell, the warmth of having a man’s arms around her. She swallowed hard, ran a hand through her hair and stood up. The butterflies took flight and the spark glowed bright as she typed “be there in 5.”

The cafe door swung open, held by an old man who smiled, she thanked him feeling the cool fall air on her flushed face as she walked out into the sunlight sliding her glasses over her eyes. Her skin was a little moist with sweat, he mind feeling like she had been through a bit of a mental marathon thus far.

Melissa climbed into her Jeep, took a deep breath and fixed her gaze on the white moving van parked in the north corner of the lot. There he stood, leaning against the front grill. A smile on her face as she turned the key taking a deep breath as the big engine came to life. Her exhale triggered her right foot to the break, as her right hand slid the jeep into gear and her left hand took hold of the leather wrapped wheel. without thought her right hand caressed the shift knob as she drove across the lot.

Nearing him she could see his confident smile, leaning back against the van, arms crossed. She knew the smile was caused by his satisfaction for figuring out her identity in the cafe. Pulling into the spot next to the van, muscles in her thigh tensed as she depressed the brake, sliding the jeep into park. A moistness between her legs as her left hand reached for the door handle. A smile creeping across her face, she could feel his eyes on her, through the glass, the anticipation charging the air.

He walked down the side of the van not speaking and opened the side door, climbed inside and sat on the ottoman grabbing his coffee off the table.

Melissa locked the door of the jeep as she closed it, walked slowly down the side of the van and leaned in through the door. There he sat, coffee in hand, looking over lid, “Coffees getting cold.”

“No shit she said, it’s cold in here,” climbing in realizing she had to duck her head. “This door lock?”

“Yup, give it a slam, I put a blanket on the chair if you’re cold.”

“Think I will need it?” She asked as she spun gave her butt a little wiggle before sitting down on the chair and grabbing her coffee and warming her hands.

“Hard to say,” he responded, “speaking of which did I shock you? It was all your fault with the whole commando comment.” His green eyes smiling as he spoke.

Swallowing a gulp of coffee she smiled, “naw, guys send me pics like that all the time, although your pics were kinda small” her grin wicked, the warm coffee felt good, the chat, better. Pushing her hair to the side she looked at him eyes twinkling “you are kinda far away and this is a big chair, and I am getting cold.”

He stood, coffee in hand, bent slightly at the waist as he took a couple steps, “don’t think that we can sit side by side, why don’t you get up for a second and I will sit down first, easier to keep you warm and all.”

Seemed sensible she decided standing up turning away from him to bend over slightly, he slid in close, placing a hand on her back, unnecessary, but first contact all the same. His hands moved from low to high, as he stepped forward his crotch pressing against her butt.

Leaning back she pushed up against him, her back into his front, his hand coming around to her stomach, pulling her tight as he lowered his face to the back of her neck. Breathing in her scent for the first time, feeling the heat of her neck, pressing his hard on against her. He breathed deep enjoying the smell of her skin, then exhaled, sending goose bumps across her body as he kissed her neck his mouth stopping to hover over her skin before kissing again.

Grinding against his crotch she turned and stepped back forcing him to the chair, before sitting across his lap legs on the arm rest.

His coffee placed on the table safely, their hands traveling over each other’s clothed bodies as they faced each other passion in their eyes, hearts racing. Their mouths locked on each others, tongues intertwined. The fingertips of his right hand sliding under the strap of Melissa’s tank top exposing a shoulder and the smooth skin over her collar bone.

He broke the kiss breathing in, drawing the air right from her as his mouth moved to her neck, across to her shoulder before gently kissing down her collar bone to her chest.

Her left hand moved down finding the bulge in his jeans which she grasped through the material. He breathed deep and lifted his head long enough to look her in the eyes to say “I just want to tear all your clothes of,f” as his right hand moved to the button on her jeans.

“I think we both should get naked, seems cruel to keep this thing covered up” giving his cock a squeeze to emphasize her comment.

“Works for me” he responded as he unbuttoned his shirt cuffs before pulling it over his head with his undershirt.

To her it almost felt like a race, they wanted each other so bad, layers pulled away his hungry eyes on her as she kicked off her shoes, unbuttoned her jeans pulling them down revealing her small vee strawberry blond hair just above what he believed was a perfect pussy. She sat up on the arm rest as he arched his back, jeans and underwear pulled down his cock springing up, balls neatly shaved, manicured hair on top.

Her top and bra were next revealing her smooth skin and pink nipples standing erect in the cool van.

His voice a little raspy “god you’re fucking beautiful, I don’t know where to start.”

Leaning back a bit she smiled extended her right leg across his crotch which brushed his cock before rising in front of his face.

Taking her leg in hand he began kissing the top of her foot, her toes, then moving up to her thigh as her hands moved to his shoulders. She wanted him to eat her, she knew how bad he wanted to, knew from their chats how much he enjoyed it. It was time to see what he could do.

His mouth moved from her waist down her left side, to the top of her bikini line. His hands lifting her left leg up and over as he ducked his head under it. He mouth now kissing and nibbling her inner thigh and bikini line, breathing in deeply, smelling her the scent moving through him like a drug willing his mouth to her pussy.

She was already very wet as he dragged his tongue from her ass, through her slit, stopping on her clit. His hands sliding under her butt as he lifted her pussy to his mouth a moan of pleasure coming from him as he tasted and ate her.

Her clit, moved under his tongue as his left hand slid down a finger teasing her butt hole before pushing into her pussy. Her whole body was hot, her hands moved to her breasts pinching a caressing her nipples as his finger moved deeper and faster. Lifting his face he gazed up at her only to say “you taste so good” before kissing her vee then trailing down her right bikini line to her wet pussy.

Her hips now rose on their own as she pushed her pussy against his mouth, bringing a moan of pleasure from him. Her left foot moved to his crotch and gently rubbed his hard shaft as she neared her orgasm.

He locked her clit in his mouth, sucking deep, tongue moving, now two fingers pushing into her. She moaned and moved with his fingers twisting her own nipples as her breath sped up.

Finally she released, a deep moan, her body tensed, muscles clenched, toes pointed her hands pushing on the back of his head, hips pushing into his face.

He looked up at her and licked at her lips, kissed her bikini line then began kissing up over her stomach to her chest.

She grabbed his head and pulled his face up to hers kissing him hard on the lips, smelling her own juices on his goatee.

Her left hand pinched one of his nipples as her tongue teased his. Her right hand now between his legs, forcing them apart so she could cup his balls. Then without a word she eased off the arm rest and straddled him on the chair, his hard cock shaft now resting against her slit. She ground against him, her right hand reaching behind her ass underneath to continue to cup and stroke his balls all the while they continued to kiss.

Rising up on her knees her left hand seized his cock guiding the head to her pussy before settling down on it. She felt him breath deep, as her left hand moved to his shoulder, their kissing more urgent, tongues moving passionately as he lifted up into her.

He knew at this pace, the feeling of her warm smooth skin, her smell, taste, and the urgency of their movements would have him cumming soon. He slowed his pace not wanting it to end and she slowed hers, their mouths separated, she smiled and said that she wanted to try something that she has seen in a video.

With that she lifted off his cock, the cool air in the van sending a chill up her spine. She had never felt like this before, horny, dirty, aggressive, she wanted to do things that she had never done before. Turning her ass to face him she bent over lowering her face to his cock which was wet with their juices, breathing in she could smell his sweat, her pussy the smells turning her on even more. Parting her lips she took his swollen head inside, her mouth squeezed enjoying the feel of how hard he was. His hips lifted up, his hands finding her ass cheeks a finger teasing her asshole while another slid into her pussy. She licked the shaft and lazily dragged her tongue around the edges of his head smearing precum all around.

He teased her asshole, making it more difficult for her to concentrate, he was making her feel even dirtier, she had never been touched there before, he was going to make her come again. She wanted him inside her again and with that she stopped sucking turned to face him kissing him hard, knowing he could feel the warmth left in her mouth from his cock, their tongues twisting around each other, their hands on each others body.

“I need you to fuck me some more” she said as she turned away from him, straddled him and lowered her pussy back onto his cock. The sensation was amazing, in reverse his cock pressuring her g-spot.

Melissa leaned back as his hands moved over her tits, her stomach, one moving to her clit the other pulling her backwards so he could bite and kiss her neck shoulder. His cock pushed deeper, their bodies moved as one, moans escaping from as a light sweat coated their skin.

Warm breath on her neck as he whispered “your so fucking hot, your going to make me cum,” then biting her neck as his pace quickened. Her hands moving over her own body as she began to feel another orgasm building inside.

His heart raced, breath quickened, sweat trapped between their bodies he could feel everything her nipples rock hard, the muscles in her stomach, her legs her heart beat through her chest. His pace now past the edge of control, his arms around her, pulling her tight against him as he tensed biting her neck again which triggered her orgasm as his cock exploded into pussy the pulsing resonating throughout her.

They continued to move, their bodies slick the smell of sex like a drug. They didn’t want it to end, knowing that life would change when the door of the van opened and they moved back into the world. Melissa leaned back his left arm coming off her chest long enough to pull a blanket around them.

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