The cold steel gave her goose bumps as she sat in her cage, naked and shivering. Normally, she lived in style with her handler and the rest of the girls on her handler’s deep space cruiser, but every time he sent one of his girls in to see a client he insisted they be caged. He said it was “humbling,” that clients didn’t want to see their escorts arrive in more style than the clients themselves could provide. She usually didn’t mind, but she had never been kept waiting this long and the cage was freezing! Plus, she hated to have her wrists shackled and chained every time she was bought for a night. Her handler said it turned clients on and gave them a sense of power, but she found it degrading. She reached out her hands, groping for the bars in the dark and shivering. Her cage had been covered as soon as they reached the palace and she had been left in the blackness ever since, only aware of sounds and movement. They had moved her frequently the first hour or so, but for the last few hours she hadn’t heard a soul and hadn’t been moved an inch. Every time she shivered, her pussy contracted and made her aware of the Tightener.

It was a new piece of technology that was inserted in the vagina as far back as it would go and it released a chemical that continually contracted the vaginal muscles. Her handler insisted she wear it from now on, that way her pussy would always be tight and he could charge more for her. The Tightener wasn’t painful, but she wasn’t used to it yet. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be so tight that it might be painful getting used to a client. Not that it mattered what she wanted. This gig better be worth it, she thought to herself, tired of waiting and ready to head back to the cruiser already so she could tell the other girls about the mysterious new client and sink into a hot bath.

Her name was Celestria, translated to Evening Moon in English. Her given name had been forgotten long ago, and the other girls just called her Moon. Her handler called her Tits or Melons. She had never learned his name, for all the girls he managed were told to call him Master at all times. In reality, he was just a lower-level employee for the Bombshell Comets Escort Service, Inc., a company run by a billionaire that the girls would never meet in person. Master was assigned a ship, ten girls, and a salary to troll this region of the galaxy soliciting business. He had friends in high places and low places throughout the region, and his girls were kept very busy turning tricks for everyone from drug-dealing insectoids to Paladian royalty. She hadn’t been to her birth planet in twelve years, and hadn’t seen Earth in two. Not that she cared. Neither of those planets had been any more of a home than the one she was on now.

She had been born on the small planet Mystalica, the daughter of a low-class barmaid and a no-class drifter. She was given up to government care immediately, and only survived in her nation’s foster system until she was six, at which point she stowed away on a huge merchant carrier bound for Earth. Earth was an intergalactic superpower with two hundred times the population of her tiny planet, and it was the trading center of the Larger Galactic Planetary Nation. The American Interstellar Union had controlled the planet for millennia, and stories of the success and happiness to be found under Earth’s banner abounded among the downtrodden of Mystalica. She was sure Earth would become the home she never had, the home of her dreams.

That, of course, was not the case. Not even close to the case, actually. The ship docked in New Berlin, the European financial hub of 90 million people. Once there, she was just another urchin in the crowd: begging for scraps, bouncing from charity to charity, and living on the street. She made few friends and barely survived, owing most of her progress to an elderly priest that always fed her when she was at her lowest lows. He first found her almost starved to death in a filthy dumpster, scrambling to catch roaches for protein. That priest brought her to the church, saved her life, taught her English, and educated her—teaching her how to live and survive on Earth. He never knew where she came from and never asked, choosing to focus on her present and future rather than her past. He was the only parental guide she ever had.

For some reason, she was always thankful the people of Mystalica so resembled humans from Earth. No one stared at her or even noticed her in a crowd, and the more patriotic humans were better inclined to give charity to other humans than aliens. In fact, she didn’t see much of a difference between the two peoples at all until she hit puberty. Her breasts filled out, her hips flared, her legs grew longer, and her body quickly readied itself for reproduction. Mystalican women mature quickly, and are considered full adults at age fifteen. Thus, by the time Moon was nearing twelve years old, she was developing in ways that most Earth girls her age wouldn’t see for another year or more. That’s when things started to fall from bad to worse.

A year later, when she was somewhere around thirteen, the old priest died. Thanks to his teachings she had made a place for herself among New Amsterdam’s homeless, and she felt that she owed him much more than her life. His was the only funeral she had ever been to, and she had bawled. All the guests stared at her to no end, such a spectacle did she make. She wailed and cried until her voice gave out and her eyes dried up, sitting there in her old salvaged clothes and knotted hair. She stuck out like a sore thumb among the aging, respectable crowd of mourners, but she didn’t care. Even if she had, she still couldn’t have stopped crying. No matter what, the man in the back would have noticed her.

He was a truly lecherous character, one of the old priest’s failed attempts at philanthropy. Like Moon, the priest had taught him and fathered him, but once he became of age, the priest could do no more for him. He was quickly arrested for drug trafficking and soliciting prostitutes, as well as pimping, and spent most of his young adulthood in prison with criminals from countless different nations and planets. Once there, his condition deteriorated. Earth’s prisons had stopped being humane with the first influx of alien prisoners, and one had to do all he could just to survive. He had done unspeakable things to creatures that would give most thirteen year old girls nightmares for weeks. He only attended the old man’s funeral out of some lingering sense of respect for the only person that ever cared for him. Had Moon not caught his eye, he would have ducked in and out in a few minutes and been back on the street, drugs in hand, off to his next crime. One look at her, however, and his drugs were forgotten.

Within minutes he had decided she was indeed Mystalican. To the untrained eye, she would’ve looked like any other homeless waif, but he knew the signs. Before he went to prison the second time for human trafficking he had spent time with a wealthy handler dealing solely in Mystalican women. Once in prison, he learned even more about them. Scant few men knew the actual name of the planet from which these girls were gathered, so small is the population of Mystalica, but almost all men who had ever been close to a red-light business knew of the girls themselves. To the public, they were known only as Angels, for reasons evident to the man as he looked at Moon where she weeped in her pew.

Even at thirteen he could tell she was no Earth female. For starters, her skin was perfect. She had been crying for hours and her face was neither red nor puffy. She didn’t have a blemish to be seen, and though it was winter he could see she was tanned from all the way across the church. The other signs were there as well: her figure was already curving; her legs were long and lithe, even tucked underneath the bench like they were; her hair, though tangled, held a gloss no homeless girl ever attained; and her breasts were that of a fully developed woman, not those of a snot-nosed little girl. He couldn’t be sure, given her hand-me-down sweater, but he guessed them to be at least a high C-cup already. The processors at the trafficking office would make sure his assumptions were correct, but he knew they were. Smiling, he slithered out of the church and waited outside. He waited for hours as the guests left, and was sure she was the very last living soul to leave the church when she finally crossed the threshold. Despite the wait, he had a warm smile as he slinked up to her and put his arm around her shoulder. Grinning the whole time, he explained how the late priest was one of his best friends and he could tell she was a friend too and would she like to sit in the warmth of his car and talk about the old guy? She couldn’t say no.

She grimaced as she sat in her cage, remembering him. An hour after she climbed into his vehicle he was parked outside the warehouse that served as the local processing center for every being unlucky enough to be captured and spirited away for profit. A leering doctor with groping hands and dirty nails drugged her, then untied her and undressed her. He was a pervert but no pedophile, and merely affirmed the church stalker’s claim that she was indeed an Angel.

Strangely, for all the signs, there’s only one sure fire way to positively I.D. a Mystalican woman, aside from DNA testing. It is an extra reproductive hole, situated right above the vagina, taking the place of the clitoris at the apex of the labia. Though it is larger than the clitoris, the pussy lips still join above it. Thus, Mystalican women have slightly longer vaginas with larger labias, encompassing two holes instead of one. In immature Mystalican girls, it is impenetrable, but as they age it loosens and becomes functional. The tunnel angles slightly downward and ends in a thick bundle of nerves just before it intersects the vaginal pathway.

A long penis inserted in the vagina can press upward on the bundle of nerves in the smaller hole, but the best stimulation comes from penetrating the actual hole and bumping that bundle directly. It is a hole functioning solely for the pleasure of lovemaking. Its walls secrete a concentrated lubricant that warms the male organ, and no matter how many times the hole is penetrated, it never loosens thanks to the extra thick muscles surrounding it, ensuring that the penetrator always feels it at its tightest. Countless sex toys have emulated it, but none even come close to the real thing. In Mystalican it is called the “maxiavula”, in English the “superior vaginal orifice”, and in the vernacular it is known only as the “honey hole.” The presence of the maxiavula is one hundred percent conclusive proof that a girl is a genuine Angel. That is what the stalker knew the doctor would find, and indeed the doctor did. Two days later Moon was sold to the Bombshell Comets buying agent for a huge profit. She was drugged into such a stupor she never even knew she had left Earth. By the time she woke up on the Bombshell Comet recruit ship she was light-years away and officially the property of the Bombshell Comets Escort Service, Inc. They were glad to pay for her: Angels are extremely rare to find, rarer to get in the escort business, and rarer still to arrive as virgins.

She spent her fourteenth and fifteenth birthdays developing on her assigned Master’s ship. He had the largest region to cover in the whole reach of the BCE Agency, so his superiors knew she would get the most use and the most publicity working there. Those first two years she was a cabin assistant to the other girls, waiting on them hand and foot while they taught her the art of forced escortship. Moon was surprised to find that the girls lived in lavish excess. For being technically property, they were treated like queens when they weren’t working. They were the best of the best at the BCES, and they knew it. By the time Moon turned sixteen, she had accepted her position and was eager for some of the fortune they enjoyed. At sixteen, she got so horny in her cabin that she masturbated herself to her first orgasm. This was no surprise. Any time the escorts did not have clients they were expected to pleasure themselves often. Several of them would gather in the common areas of the ship and mutually masturbate, and those that didn’t went to their rooms and used the variety of dildos and simulators available to them. Of course, Moon being an Angel, her orgasm was much stronger than any the other girls would ever have. As a result of that mind-blowing experience, she became willing and ready that night. The next day, she began taking clients from whatever planet was rich enough to pay for her. There was no looking back.

She was lucky that the person to take her virginity was the ruler of a province on a distant planet, one populated by a dwarfish humanoid race. His status meant he was clean and his stature meant that his penis was small by human standards, so he didn’t hurt her or stretch her terribly. Seldom would being clean and having a regular cock occur in the same client: Many of her Master’s best customers made their money from illegal activity or stole it, and they were rarely concerned with hygiene. There were also thousands of species in the galactic region with genitals that would make most, if not all, human men look shriveled. Since that first one, she had fucked many of them and had few regrets. That was the great thing about being an Angel, she discovered. She truly loved sex and the male reproductive organ, whether it was a bud, penis, tentacle, probe, or any other number of members.

Therefore, when this client called, Master knew she was the perfect choice. After hearing that Moon was an Angel, the client readily agreed and forwarded his deposit for her services on the spot. Moon had no choice in the matter. The client himself was new to the Bombshell Comets service, and Moon did not have even a basic knowledge of his species. The more she talked about him with the other girls, all older and more experienced than she, the more mysterious he seemed. She was only eighteen and had a long career ahead of her, so she relied upon the testimony of her fellow escorts, but they fell short in this instance. Only the oldest, an alien woman named Chalise, knew anything about the species in general. The two women bathed together and talked about it, the elder eager to fuel the imagination of her younger peer.

Though Chalise was only thirty-five or so by Earth years, she had peddled her wares far longer and more distant than Moon had. She washed her three heavy breasts, smiling and telling all she knew as Moon cleaned her back. All Moon could say for sure beforehand was that the client was a lord for the nearest planet, the leader of a private and reclusive species. No Earth ships had even been allowed on the planet before, and very few of the native species emigrated, so not much was known about them. Chalise abounded in rumor, however, and had heard every theory possible surrounding this planet.

She said the name of the species in their own tongue wasn’t known, but they were commonly known as Dragons, though she didn’t know why. Some said they were green, others that they were red, so no one knew for sure, but everyone agreed that it was a bald species. They were a proud people, and their men tended to be strong and tall. Chalise hesitated here, before continuing. Though the information so far had been brief, even more so was the intelligence regarding their reproduction. All the tips she had garnered from other escorts across the universe boiled down to one brief sentence: They are not small in that area, and be prepared for multiple penetrations and one hell of an orgasm. That was it for info on the new client.

A few days later, as Moon shivered in her cage awaiting his arrival, she knew no more than she had before in that bathtub. She was deep in the inner rooms of a foreign palace, inhabited by a species no one knew about, ready to fornicate in who knows what way, and more than a little scared. She gently reached down and ran a finger between the lips of her twat, smooth and closed around her holes. She whimpered as the digit passed over her vagina and pressed against the rim of her honey hole. At any other time, she would have immediately began to become aroused, thanks partially to her Mystalican libido and partially to the libido pill all the girls were made to take daily. On this day, even that failed to warm her, however, and she went back to clutching the bars, unable to masturbate in her anticipation.

When the cloth was finally removed from her cage, she stared around her in wonder, squinting against the sudden light. Once her eyes adjusted, she could see she was in a luxurious room, high ceilinged with stone floors and intricately carved columns along the walls. A heavily-clothed servant stood beside her cage; cover in hand, ready to open the door when necessary. She couldn’t see anything through the clothing wrapped around him except for a pair of bright yellow eyes, glaring out from light green skin. So, they’re green after all! She thought, smiling grimly. Rich tapestries hung from the ceiling, woven with words she couldn’t read. There were cushions around the room as well, but the only thing in the middle of the room, the only piece of real furniture, was a strange sort of bed. It was almost waist high, with slender legs, and it wasn’t overly large. Moon would have decided it was a table if it were not thickly padded on top. Her intuition told her she might be spending some time on that bed, and she appraised it carefully, finally finding it satisfactory. On the other end of the large room, opposite from her cage, was a curtained door, the only other entrance to the room aside from the one she had been placed in front of. The curtains were thick and heavy, and she had just started to look at them closely when they rustled. Moon’s breath caught in her throat and she stared intently, nervous and excited as her client finally walked into the room.

Her mouth fell slack and her eyes pored over him as he strode toward her across the cavernous hall. He was surprisingly humanoid, but obviously not a human. His arms, legs, and musculature were identical. He had the same number of limbs, the same number of facial features, and his head was in the right spot. There the similarities ended. His skin, as she expected, was a light green in color, and covered in small scales from his neck to his ankles. He was tall and lean, showing some impressive muscle tone, and his torso was long and sported an extra pair of abs, which flexed nicely as he walked. His hands, feet, and face were also long, ending in slender digits and a pointed chin. Moon couldn’t see a strand of hair on his body, she supposed because of the scales. In sharp contrast to the servant at her side, the client was scantily clad, to say the least, but whether that was his normal attire or just due to her purpose she didn’t know. All he wore was a loose loincloth that wrapped around his hips and hung between his legs. She studied that loincloth closely as he walked, but it revealed no extra bulge or movement. She was glad he had the muscular appearance of a healthy human male, but she still had no clue how he had sex! By the time he stopped in front of her she had finished her examination and found herself to be actually physically attracted to him! She smiled up at him happily as he glared at her with those yellow eyes.

With a wave of his slender hand the servant opened Moon’s cage and quickly exited the room without a sound, leaving the naked Angel with her buyer. As she stood, relieved to be out of that god-awful hunk of metal, she stretched and smiled, trying to work circulation back into her legs. His eyes now roamed her body, taking in her shimmering black hair and silver eyes, her slender neck leading down to a massive pair of DD size tits. Even he, on this closed planet, had heard tales of the Mystalican breasts, and he smiled slightly as he observed them for the first time. Dark pink nipples jutted out proudly from the mountains of flesh, little nubs of pleasure that emerged from large, equally dark areolas. They were surprisingly perky for such large tits, and they bobbed and swayed continuously as she moved and breathed. Goose bumps rose on her skin again as she felt his eyes drive into her and inspect her like a piece of property.

Her pubic mound was as naturally smooth as the rest of her body, a soft little triangle ending in her closed lips. He was eager to see her ass as well, and the hole it provided for his pleasure. The Dragon women could take anal, but due to the scales their men could not, for fear of grating their dicks like cheese. Before he was finished, he would take every hole she could offer.

His thin lips, darker green than the rest of him (as were his palms and the soles of his feet) broke into a white smile, showing short, blunt teeth except for his canines, which were long and fanged. It fit his general appearance, and since he had found her very suitable, she wasn’t scared. She smiled back and batted her eyelashes. He then reached out and took her hand, leading her toward the bed. She followed him confidently with long strides, glad to stretch her legs. Once at the bed, he jerked her toward him, pulling their bodies together while grabbing her temple with his other hand. Her huge melons pressed against his chest, which was hard but surprisingly smooth and warm. His fingers tightened around her skull, and for the first time she was afraid. Forcefully, he brought her shining eyes up to his intent gaze, and established the link.

It was a form of telepathy often used by the Dragons when a language barrier existed. It allowed them to communicate basic information and needs without talking, while at the same time gaining a primal sense of what the recipient of the link was feeling. In her, he sensed energy just below the surface: excitement, arousal, and imminent pleasure. Somehow he knew it was a Mystalican constant and would never change, no matter how well he pleasured her. What it meant, of course, was that he could have a blast trying, and he would do so.

He had let go of her and backed away slightly, still letting her nipples brush against the warm scales of his chest. When he communicated his own information, she didn’t hear a voice, though he could choose to talk directly into her mind if he wished, at which point she would have heard one. Instead, it was like she just knew what he was telling her. One second she was clueless, and the next she knew. It floored her, but excited her as well. If he could penetrate her mind, her aching pussy would be no problem. She beamed at him and nodded that she could understand. He had given her his name: Ferros.

He smiled as well, and now he did turn, pulling her behind him to the bed. Upon reaching it, they stood at its side, and he pressed hard on her shoulders, pushing her to her knees. Her face was a few short inches away from his loincloth. Her honey hole began to tingle with excitement, dampening slightly, always Moon’s first symptom of arousal. Slowly, smiling broadly, she reached forward to remove the only obstruction between her and her pleasure.

As she drew his loincloth down his legs and threw them behind her, the first thing she noticed was an absence of scales. After his palms and the soles of his feet, the only other place Ferros lacked scales was a wrinkled pouch between his legs. It was as bright green as the rest of him, but had the texture of a raisin. To Moon, it looked like a scrotum minus the balls, and for a split second she thought he might be castrated! She looked up at him in alarm, hoping for an explanation. Immediately, though, she calmed down, sensing from their telepathic link that it was a normal part of his functioning genitalia. Her worry faded and was replaced by an immense curiosity. She couldn’t wait to see his orgasm!

Even odder than his bald pouch, however, was his lack of any visible cock! Once again, she started to worry, but almost instantly noticed the two horizontal slits in his scales, about an inch above his sac, one opening above the other. Sensing their purpose, she knew now what she needed to do, though whether or not it was woman’s intuition or a product of their link she didn’t know. Tentatively, she leaned forward, extending her tongue toward his scrotum while at the same time laying her palms flat over both slits, still shackled together. Moon had a longer tongue than any human woman, and she used it well, curling it around his pouch and lapping at the soft folds on its surface. Her hands—smooth and firm—pressed on his slits, and she slid her palms up and down from the top of his sac to the top of his pubis, rubbing vertically against the openings. After only a few minutes, as her hands warmed from the friction of their rubbing and his pouch grew moist from her licking, he began to react.

The slits, as she had divined almost immediately, were twin sheaths. By rubbing the outside of his loins, she was grinding her palms up and down the shafts of the limp phalluses they hid. A low growl escaped his throat and he grabbed the back of her head, pulling her in, feeling her hot breath on his pouch. She felt a definite swelling under her palms as his cocks began to grow, and laughed aloud, joyful that she had chosen the right actions. She could feel his cocks through their scaly sheaths as they grew from flaccid to hard, much like she could have felt a boner through a pair of pants, pressing the fabric down around it. She pushed her nose into the wrinkles of his sac, running her tongue from the bottom of it all the way back to his anus. Her forehead pressed against the backs of her hands, adding even more pressure to his groin. He bared his teeth again, staring down at the top of her head, grimacing in pleasure. Every time the tip of her tongue flicked against his asshole he tightened his grip on the back of her head, driving her face into his soft sac. Finally, she felt upward movement under her hands through the smooth flesh of his groin as his cocks began to slide up and out of their sheaths, coming to erection.

She pulled back from his scrotum, missing the salty taste of his smooth skin, but watching his arousal with delight. She pressed harder with her hands at the top of his pouch, helping to push his members up and out into the open, where they bobbed and pulsed, curving slightly to the ceiling. They were identical in every way: 7″ long and a very normal width (much to Moon’s relief), dark green like his lips, soft and smooth and covered with a slick secretion. Rather than a ridged head, the cockheads of his dicks attached smoothly to his shafts, like the knobs on the tops of bedposts. His heads were also pointed at the tip, and the whole effect was that of a lopsided teardrop shape attached to a stiff green stalk. His cock holes were situated on the undersides of the heads where they curved upwards, facing Moon, about halfway between the tip and the connection of the head to the shaft, small slits in his taut organs. The phalluses were odd but not ugly in the least, and his green veins looked almost black as they wound around his shaft under the skin. She couldn’t wait to feel the pointed heads of his cocks in her every hole.

Once he was fully erect, he pulled her head back toward him, urging her to taste the fluid on his cocks. She started with the liquid on the upper dick. It was warm, as she thought it would be, but to her surprise, it produced a warming sensation as well! She was reminded of her own maxiavulan secretions, and couldn’t wait to find out how it felt when the two warming agents combined! It tasted salty and smelled of musk, but it was extremely slick and soon coated her lips and moistened her chin as it mixed with her saliva. Her lips and tongue tingled and felt hot as she went down on him, and the deeper she pulled his cock into her mouth the warmer her throat felt as well. After her initial experience yielded no displeasure, she eagerly grabbed his lower cock with both hands and began to stroke it as she inhaled the upper as far as she could go. He growled again, low, almost a purr, loving the feel of her tongue on his sensitive skin. The pointed tips of his members were packed with nerve endings, and every time she brushed the lower one with her fingers or bumped the upper one with the back of her throat his breath escaped in a hiss and he pulled her back and forth ever faster.

Her hands became coated in his penile juices as ten minutes turned to twenty, so she started to use one on his pouch, knowing that the warming would penetrate his smooth sac. She was right, and he loved it. His yells and snarls echoed in the massive hall, reverberating off the high ceiling far above the lustful humanoids. His scrotum tingled wonderfully and shone in the light with its coating of his fluid. Strands of it and her spit dripped from her chin onto her heaving breasts. She managed to keep control, though his hips thrust toward her wildly, and sucked and licked all the right parts at all the right moments. The area where his cockheads attached to their shafts was also extra sensitive, and she seized that opportunity early on. She gripped that band around his cock tightly between her lips and formed rings around the other one with her fingers. His eyes clenched shut and his jaw set, never having experienced both that sensation and the massaging of his tips as well. He didn’t sweat, for no Dragon did so, but she was surprised to notice that his scales became warmer to the touch. Every time she ran her hands up past his mound and over his flexing abs she found them to be hot.

It was only as she eventually began to use the flat of her tongue and her fingertips to rub over his piss-holes and his cock tips that she realized she was in trouble. With an animalistic cry he grasped her head with full force and drove his upper cock into her mouth, while pounding his lower one between her palms. She gulped on the narrowing head of his cock, tasting nothing but his salty musk and smelling his hot mound. Her chin smacked wetly into his wrinkled pouch, which somehow seemed bigger than before. His skin also appeared to be slowly lightening, changing from a light green to a pale yellow everywhere his muscles contracted. Electricity shot up his spine from his cocks as he probed her throat with his tips and stretched her lips with his shafts. Her mouth was veritably hot from the heat of his slick juices and the heat of his cock, and her palms were sweating, adding more ease to his thrust against her fingers.

Her outer labia had swelled and parted, giving way to her inner labia as it became engorged and poked out from her pussy. As it parted the outer lips, her honey hole also became visible; the tight sheath at her sexual apex that made the Angels famous. Moon was proud of her inner lips, though some men found them unsightly. She loved it when they were caressed and nibbled on, especially when a client pulled on them with his mouth. They framed her vaginal opening perfectly, somehow managing to be symmetrical on both sides. Moon loved her cunt. As she gagged and gasped against Ferros’ upper cock her womanhood began to grow damp and she yearned to caress it. She loved being used much more than playing a dominant role, and though her breath grew short she was loath to force the Dragon’s invading rods away from her hot tongue. Her maxiavula began to tingle harder, making her quiver. It was warming and flexing in preparation for the spears of his cocks.

After a few short minutes, as his dicks grew to their lightest green and long after his abs, pecs, and ass had lightened into yellow, he finally pulled away from her face, relaxing the muscles in his legs and letting his cocks fall away from her mouth and hands. They bobbed and pulsed hot in the cool air, more aroused than ever after such an intense blow job. His pouch had swollen indeed! It was hardly wrinkled at all, and about the size of a large tangerine, the same shade of yellow as his cocks. They both panted, and she looked up into his eyes, smiling weakly. Spit and cock juice dribbled down her chin and chest. Her nipples had been warmed from it long earlier and had hardened in pleasure. He thought they looked as delicious as she looked beautiful. Her raven hair was wonderfully askew in all the right places, and she was just beginning to sheen with sweat. He also noticed the change at her loins, and his breath quickened even more as he caught sight of her partnered holes. He looked down at his yellow skin, his bulging sac, and his concrete cocks, bobbing slightly but hard as tempered steel. Smiling at his own virility and the pleasures in store for both of them, he pulled her to her feet. Her massive tits swayed as she stood, and she smiled wide, as breathless as he was, swallowing the last of his hot juices and ready for more.

He swiveled her sideways, placing her ass against the bed, and then stood in front of her, grabbing her hips and lifting her up onto it. It was firm, but comfortable, and she quickly situated herself, leaning back on her elbows. She assumed he would bend down between her spread legs, eager to taste her sex after she had so deftly sampled his, but he surprised her again. With ease he strolled around to the side of the bed and clambered up, cocks catching and springing free from the edge of the cushion as he swung his leg over. Smiling gently, he bent his head to her left breast, tongue parting his lips. She gasped when she saw it, just moments before he licked her tender nipple. It was forked! The very tip of his tongue split in two, with each part moving independently. Using these, he first tasted her womanly flesh, caressing her breast lightly before licking hard on the nipple. He loved the taste of it, for to any creature but a Mystalican male the female’s nipples taste sweet, though the cause for the phenomenon is not known.

Each tip of the fork circled her nipple on its own, and they could pinch the nipple between them. His tongue was warm but rough; lapping at her smooth breast, and soon her nipple began to turn bright red: swollen and radiating pleasure. She moaned softly as he straddled her torso, cocks pressing into her stomach. His pouch pressed into her mound, soft skin on skin, and he switched tits, ministering to her right nipple for a while. He had just fallen into a steady rhythm, working first one sweet nipple then the other, when the curtain rustled behind her and another man walked into the room.

The new man walked quickly to stand at Moon’s feet, meeting her gaze where she lay. She was surprised to see him, only expecting one client, and she studied this new man intensely, excited and scared anew. It was difficult to concentrate, for as soon as Ferros sensed her distraction he picked up his pace at her heaving chest, flicking her nipples wildly. She moaned, arching her back and clutching his scaly head to her, but her eyes never left the new man.

He was huge! At least seven feet tall and broad to match, he towered over Ferros and Moon as he stood between her spread knees. If Ferros’ muscles were defined, the new man was ripped. His pecs jutted from his chest powerfully, and his abs were chiseled into his torso. Both her hands together could not have encircled his biceps. He was brown-skinned, but his whole body was covered with a short, soft coat of brown fur as well. It softened the lines of his musculature and his face, but somehow made him look more primitive. This affect was highlighted by the shaggy mane of hair falling from his head. It was trimmed around the face, ending just above his glaring black eyes, but it fell in heavy ringlets down to the middle of his back.

His chin was broad, his nose roman, and his lips thin and drawn. His mouth was wider than normal, seeming to stretch from ear to ear, or it would if he would smile, but he didn’t. To Moon, he was a cross between a bear and a human. He wore the same type of loincloth that Ferros had worn upon his entrance, but unlike the Dragon, this new man was hiding nothing with it. It bulged and strained between his legs, holding back what appeared to be a third arm. She was staring at it with relish, eager to taste him, when it moved! Slowly, the head of his cock pushed up past the waist of the loincloth and lowered the garment all on its own! Her mouth fell open and she gasped. His cock was prehensile! Like the tail of a monkey, it swayed and bobbed in front of him, curving from side to side, waving at her.

It was a huge organ, matching the size of his body, at least eleven inches long and extremely thick. The fur stopped at the base of his shaft, but continued on to cover his massive scrotum, housing three balls instead of the human pair. A sensuous trickle of fear tingled up her spine at his hungry stare, and she blushed. For the first time, a smirk graced his craggy face, and he waved at her with his cock, the erect brown head almost black with the blood pumping through it. An extra sharp nibble from Ferros brought her back to concentration, however, and she quickly accepted the new man to ravage her body, only a bit nervous about his size.

Soon after, amidst her soft moaning and gasping, the link told her his name. He was Reamur, a servant to Ferros and his right hand man. Once aroused, his species was required to procreate or die. Though he was not part of the night’s deal, the sight of his master licking her nipples on the table had started his reproductive process. Now he had to fuck her. Her whole body quivered in excitement, from her nipples to her toes, as Reamur stepped up to her thighs, his cock level with her loins.

Finally content with the tender, abused state of her nipples, Ferros moved as well. He slid up her body, dragging his swollen pouch from her mound up her stomach, sitting up as he straddled her chest, making room for Reamur at her crotch. His sandpaper tongue had rubbed her nipples red, and they shone wet and throbbing in the light, heaving atop her prodigious breasts as she groaned. She knew what he would do before he did it, and was ready as his slick lower cock slid between her tits. At her crotch, another member moved. Reamur was using his own erection to stroke her thighs, rubbing its heat from leg to leg, teasing her dripping pussy until she thought she would explode.

“Ohhhh, yes! Fuck my tits and pussy! I want your cocks! God I love this!”

Moon knew they couldn’t understand her, but she didn’t care. They got the point. Reamur’s eyes widened in surprise. What a horny little slut! It wasn’t often they found a woman that begged for his cock, and this one needed it like it would save her life! He smirked slightly as he rubbed the taut head of his brown cock against her exposed maxiavula, and then lowered it to tease her moist cunt.

Ferros grabbed her hands and pressed them to her own tits, urging her to push them together around his lower cock. It nestled perfectly between them, and he worked his hips back and forth in a rapid rhythm, spreading his hot lube between her melons. She moaned and arched her back, pressuring his lower member and reaching for his upper one with her mouth. Every time he thrust forward she was able to suck the head of it fully into her hungry mouth, and she loved the taste. Her lips and nipples tingled from his secretions and she loved it.

As Ferros drove his cocks against her chest and face, Reamur shoved two fingers deep into Moon’s pussy. He pushed in and out a few times, listening to them squish inside her, coated with her juices. Deeming her ready, he replaced the digits with the broad head of his erection and pushed inward.

She screamed at first, but lustily and immediately pushed back against him, smiling widely. She hadn’t been stretched in such a way for so long! His cock threatened to tear her loins apart, pounding into her newly tightened twat, but she adjusted quickly. Before long her pussy lips pressed into his furry mound and his massive nuts smacked lightly against her ass. Her pussy contracted around his girth, trying to cope, but all she felt was pleasure. Even his fur felt great as it tickled her thighs and ass.

Together the two males pounded her lithe body until she yelled in pleasure, wrapping her legs around Reamur like she would fall off otherwise and trying to suck all of Ferros’ upper cock down her throat. Ferros’ sac swelled between his thighs as he became more aroused, loving the sight of his cocks being serviced by the eager young whore, and it rubbed up and down on her stomach, squished against her abs. His skin had no tint of green at all by now, and was slowly turning orange on his cocks and muscles. His fiery skin matched his every temperature, and Moon found she was sweating under his hot thighs as she writhed between his legs. He growled continually, rubbing the sensitive tips of his cocks against her soft, hairless skin. Reamur growled as well, but it was deeper, vibrating from way down in his chest. Together, they growled, squished, and slid against her yelling body like it was a carnival ride.

Reamur’s massive organ felt like an arm inside her, twisting and bending against her tender walls. He would withdraw almost completely from her body, stopping when the ridge of his purple cockhead threatened to pop out of her, and then he would plunge back in to the hilt, making her squeal. Her pussy slurped hungrily every time he thrust, eager to devour all of his length. Somehow, he knew just where the bundle of nerves in her honey hole could be reached from her twat, and he targeted it with his cockhead. Once situated, he could bend his penis to poke and prod upward through her thin membrane to hit perfectly on the innermost depths of her Angelic sheath. At the same time, he dampened a finger with the juices running down his cock from her pussy and inserted it slowly into her honey hole, groaning as it squeezed his finger tight. She did more than groan, practically deafening Ferros where he sat fucking her tits. Her nipples were on fire, but the overwhelming sensation came from her honey hole, in which the nerves were tender and her opening tight. She thrashed mindlessly under the lustful ministrations of the two alien males, coming to orgasm within minutes of Reamur inserting his finger. They literally rode her orgasm out, pounding in and onto her body until she didn’t know up from down. For another fifteen minutes after the last shocks of her climax ended they thrust against her, Reamur reaming her cunt and Ferros beginning to turn red on her chest.

Reamur was the first to stop, pulling his rock-hard rod out of her twat with a smack and pulling his finger out of her succulent honey hole. Though he had just withdrawn one of the biggest cocks she had ever taken, her pussy immediately tightened again, thanks to the Tightener in its depths. His dick was covered from base to tip in her slick juices, and he wiped it off on her thighs. Never touching it with his hands, he used his cock to rub over her tight honey hole once again, just to feel her push back against it, desperate for penetration in what now felt woefully empty. Wordlessly, cock swinging lewdly between his legs, he knelt to satisfy her desire. For the first time, he opened his mouth.

What came out of his mouth caught her by surprise. To be sure, it was a tongue, but it was like nothing she had ever seen! It was flat and smooth, like a human tongue, but it was extremely thick, and the tip ended in a bulbous head not unlike that of a cock. It also showed no sign of ending, and disappeared deep in his mouth, unrolling from somewhere in his throat. She could only watch and feel in desperation as it pressed against her honey hole, insistently pushing its way inside. Pleasure exploded from down in her loins as his wet muscle parted the walls of her maxiavula, pressing on every nerve ending and prodding her closer to another climax.

Ferros finally dismounted as well, apparently to stave off his rapidly reddening complexion. She thought he looked gorgeous as he stood at her side off the bed, cocks, abs, and pecs a dark red-orange, the rest of him ranging from orange to yellow. The sac between his legs was quite large, at least the size of a large grapefruit, and only slightly darker in color than such. His hand moved slowly but steadily first up and down one cock, then the other, cooling down from the soft, slick mounds of her tits but still staying erect. He loved to watch Reamur work and loved watching Moon sweat and quiver even more, but he couldn’t wait to sink his pointed rods into her lusty holes. He leaned forward, licking the soft skin of her smooth stomach with his rough tongue, then smiled as she moaned, his fangs glimmering.

Moon was in a whore’s heaven. Reamur’s tongue was hard, yet soft; wet, smooth, and as long as he wanted it to be. With it, he forced her famous hole apart and purposefully drove the tip of it straight to her pleasure point. He wiggled it inside of her, massaging the deepest regions of her honey hole with its rounded tip. She tossed her hair, panting, twisting and rubbing her nipples with wild abandon. When they finally grew too hot and red she lifted them to her mouth, grabbing a handful of titflesh and sucking her own nipples gleefully. They fell back to her chest wet with spit and she was soon twisting them again, driven wild by Reamur’s tongue in her most favored hole. She wrapped her legs around his head, drawing it closer; letting his shaggy mane tickle her thighs and his facial fur rub her ass. It was only instinctual for her, of course. He could have given her more length from his mouth even had he been a full foot away.

She could have let him lick her maxiavula for hours, content to lay there and let orgasm after orgasm take her into oblivion, but Ferros was not so patient, only letting the furry giant lick for twenty minutes or so. He had cooled considerably just watching his servant service his escort, and was at a light orange hue by the time he touched Reamur briefly on the shoulder. The big man, knowing it was his boss’ desire to penetrate the young harlot, regretfully pulled his tongue out of her tightest of pleasures. She released his head, though she was feeling the tingling of another orgasm stirring within her, and looked at Ferros eagerly, ready for his barbed cocks. To her surprise, however, he grabbed her ankles and pulled her forward, telling her mentally that she needed to stand.

Stand she did, letting herself get pulled slightly away from the bed, wobbly on her pleasure-weakened legs. She supported her weight on Ferros, grabbing his shoulder for stability, but she didn’t have to wait long. Reamur moved quickly, laying down where she had been. His legs dangled over the edge of the bed, cock sticking straight up in the air like a monument to the manhood of his species. Ferros pushed Moon forward roughly, causing her to fall into Reamur’s lap, face pressed against his furry leg. “Mount him.” Her mind told her, communicating her client’s command. She smiled, ready for whatever they had planned for her, and obeyed.

She started to lower her pussy onto the giant cock beneath her, having clambered up over Reamur’s body on all fours, giving Ferros a perfect view of her toned ass and pussy from behind. Strong hands guided her hips, and she found that what the giant was really after was what his tongue had prepped her for already. His huge member pushed hard against the tight ring at the entrance to her honey hole, patiently pressing forward until the opening began to stretch wide around its girth. Moon yelled and arched her back, desperate for the penetration but scared of his size. She leaned forward and raised her ass in the air, pressing her soft tits against his hard torso as she fought to find an angle that didn’t resist him. She was so aroused, though, that the pain was slight, and she quickly realized that she could take him and love it. Even as his cockhead popped inside her honey hole, she was pushing back, hungrily swallowing his meat deep into her Angel’s depths.

She screamed his name as his width stretched her whole vaginal region apart, pushing down on her twat and spreading her lips as it was gripped tight by her maxiavula. No one that big had ever dared to fuck such a small hole, but he had done it and she was almost delirious with pleasure. He filled her like none other, and once inside he could move his cock, twisting and turning, without moving his body or pulling out. He bottomed out in her honey hole with room to spare, and just held her ass in midair with his organ while she panted against his chest. Weakly, she began to bob her loins up and down his shaft, feeling his cockhead rub her walls and bump her nerves. She collapsed, however, as her second orgasm rolled over her, causing her to clench his dick even tighter and leak juices down his shaft. She ground her nipples into his chest and bit his shoulder, mindless with lust as her climax erupted. He just lay there, twitching his cock in her honey hole, smirking at her delirium. Ferros slapped her ass, causing her to yelp and leaving big red handprints on her luscious globes, smiling at her orgasm but impatient to bury his cocks inside her as well. As her pinnacle faded and she was able to hold still for him, he climbed up on the bed, standing with his feet planted beside her ass. He bent and leaned forward slightly so he could hold onto her sides and reach her holes with his cocks.

The pleasure brought tears to her eyes as Ferros began to push at her two remaining holes, struggling to fit in her pussy due to Reamur’s girth. He worked faster, though, and was slicker, and soon had his cocks fully inserted in both her ass and pussy. As she suspected, their combined juices caused her pussy to tingle and warm delightfully, increasing the radius of satisfaction around Reamur’s furious activity in her honey hole. She had been triple penetrated before, but never with such a great combination, and as the two men began to thrust again she writhed between them, yelling and panting, oblivious to anything but the pleasure.

They alternated thrusts, with Reamur almost fully withdrawing before pounding his cock back into her tight upper hole, then Ferros doing the same to her pussy and ass. With Ferros supporting himself on her hips, Reamur’s hands were free to roam over Moon’s breasts. He kneaded the twin mountains like dough as he thrust at her honey hole, pinching her nipples just to see her squirm around all the cocks inside her. Once they got too sore for her liking, he sensed it, and would shoot out his tongue to soothe them, rubbing the flat of it against each nipple. She groaned constantly at the continuous influx of pleasure from her nipples and holes, rising to a yell every time Ferros spanked her and Reamur bottomed out in her maxiavula.

As Ferros shoved his cocks in and out of the nubile harlot he snarled, spanking her just to hear her yelp. The sensation of her lube on his lower cock was unbelievable, but more so was the feeling of her wrinkled asshole gripping his upper rod. He flexed his members inside her, stretching her even more. Her third orgasm was drilled out of her a scant twenty minutes after the second, ground out of her ass and pussy by Ferros’ members and rubbed from the nerves in her honey hole by Reamur’s monumental organ. It was the longest climax she had felt in a long time, and she quaked and shivered on top of Reamur as the three cocks never broke stride, stimulating her incessantly. She buried her head in the soft fur on Reamur’s chest, trying to keep herself from screaming in lustful satisfaction.

They waited until her orgasm had passed completely, content just to fuck her for their pleasure while she collapsed in her throes of passion, using her like a piece of meat. When she had finally regained some strength, however, and started to push her loins back at their thrusts, it was time for a change. Without warning, Ferros drove his cocks as deep inside her as they would go, leaning forward to grab her under the arms. He bodily lifted her off of Reamur, standing with his heels on the edge of the bed, sex locked with the Mystalican whore. She screamed in pleasure and surprise as Reamur’s cock was dragged from her tender honey hole with an audible pop and gravity drove her even deeper onto Ferros’ twin erections.

Reamur sat up, cock colliding with his fuzzy stomach, eye level with his master’s pulsating lower organ as it disappeared into Moon’s sopping cunt. He couldn’t see the upper one, but he knew it was buried just as deep in her asshole. She stared down at him weakly, her head resting back on Ferros’ shoulder, all her weight balanced on her well-used openings. Her tits heaved as she gasped for breath, sweat running down her chest, hair in total disarray. She groped for Reamur’s head, trying to draw his unique tongue back into her painfully empty honey hole, which was already starting to tighten again, but he leaned back. He would have loved to fuck the hole of the Angels once more with his tongue, but he had other plans.

He dodged away from her groping hands playfully, bounding off the bed and standing in front of her, looking up at her pleasure-ravaged countenance. She whined like a bitch in heat, trying to hump the cocks inside of her against gravity, desperate for the seed that was soon to come. Ferros teased her for just a moment longer, and then dropped to his knees, pushing her down onto all fours. The bed was just long enough for both of them to fit in a stable doggystyle position, and her head hung out just over the edge. This, of course, was Reamur’s plan, and as soon as Ferros was set and thrusting again the big man stepped up to Moon’s face. His cock slapped her on each cheek, then lifted her gaze to meet his, pushing up under her chin. She beamed at him, excited by his prehensile member, and opened her mouth wide. She knew what he wanted. He grabbed her by the hair and roughly shoved his cock deep into her throat. Fortunately, Mystalican women have no gag reflex, so Moon was able to just open her throat and let him go.

She could barely even groan around his huge dick, humming and drooling around it as two cocks impaled her bronze ass and velvety pussy. Spit dripped down her chin and matted the fur on his thighs and nuts, but he didn’t even notice, let alone care. His heavy balls knocked against her chin as well, making a wet slap in perfect tandem with the smack of Ferros’ body into Moon’s ass. Her tits swung heavily back and forth below her, begging to be held. This Reamur managed to do, leaning forward and grabbing them from the sides while humping Moon’s throat. Her nipples felt wonderful between his fingers, and her flesh was soft but firm, and very warm. His mound pressed into her forehead and flattened her nose, so by the time he finished with her breasts she was gasping for air.

He pulled out, letting her breathe, but quickly submerged his member again in the wet confines of her throat. He could feel the jizz boiling in his balls and was eager to feed it to her. He grabbed her head on both sides and fucked away, caring about nothing but his own orgasm. Not that he should have worried: Thanks to Ferros and the recent work on her supple tits, Moon was rolling in ecstasy. The twin cocks, now dark orange once again, stabbed her slick holes with a tireless rhythm, drowning Moon’s brain in a deluge of pleasure. She shut her eyes, unable to see anything but the brown fuzz on Reamur’s mound anyway, and concentrated on the heat and sensations emanating from the junction of Ferros and herself. The Dragon leaned forward periodically, laying his burning torso flat against her back, fucking her like an animal, and licked her neck and earlobes with the rough fork of his tongue. She tasted like sweat and female heat, and he loved it. Every time he did this, he reached around her waist and shoved two of his long, thin fingers into her honey hole, burying them to the knuckle in her satiny depths.

It was as he shoved his fingers in and out of her upper hole, completing the quadruple penetration, that her fourth orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her scream was muffled but audible around Reamur’s pistoning prick, and her arms and legs turned to jelly as the veritable train that was her fourth climax in just a few hours rolled over her young body. All her holes contracted around Ferros’ dicks and fingers, and Reamur could feel her yells vibrate all the way up his shaft. If the two men hadn’t been holding her up to fuck her she would have collapsed on the table, unable to stand or see or hear or even think from the sensory overload of her own orgasm. Every nerve ending on her body tingled, and the ones in her dripping cunt and honey hole exploded in satisfaction.

As her climax began, Reamur’s cock leaked its precum deep in Moon’s throat. He was close, and all her yelling and writhing only brought him further to the brink of his own orgasm. What was surprising to Moon, however, as her climax faded away and she was able to support herself weakly once more, was that she couldn’t feel him! Unbeknownst to the Angel was the sexual experience of Reamur’s species. His precum had slightly numbed her throat, allowing her to relax it even more and give him more room to thrust. Her tongue felt ungainly in her mouth as the shaft of his organ slid over it, but he loved the feeling. Her mouth had become a hole completely controlled by him, and it felt great. As she accepted what had happened and came to enjoy it, he buried himself to the hilt against her numb lips and released his fluid.

All Moon could feel was a new thickness in her throat and the rapid stretching of her jaw as the alien’s cock pulsed inside her mouth. He pulled out as he spasmed inside her, effectively filling her throat and mouth with his creamy cum. His snarl echoed around the room, and his whole body flexed and shivered as all his strength was bent on depositing his juices in the female’s gullet. His load was as big as the rest of him, and he only managed to fit half of it in her throat and mouth. The rest either spurted out the sides of her mouth and ran down her face, or was shot onto her shoulders and the tops of her tits. By the time his load was spent, his cock was already diminishing in size, fading from almost black to a medium brown and resting against his scrotum, flaccid but still moving back and forth.

Moon swallowed instinctively, sad that she couldn’t taste his seed. Just knowing it was cum excited her though, and she thrust back lustily against Ferros’ steady pounding. Reamur just stood to the side and watched, smirking. Moon was so wrapped up in fucking her client, it took her a few minutes to realize why Reamur was almost smiling, and why he hadn’t left. The numbing was worse! Everywhere his cum had touched, she had lost feeling. Her cheeks, throat, mouth, and face were all as senseless as raw meat, as were the tops of her tits. She tried to moan, confused but aroused at their toying with her, but found she couldn’t even speak! She stole a furtive glance over her shoulder at Ferros, her eyes wide and questioning.

The Dragon just laughed, pulling out of her pussy and ass with satisfaction, watching them gape slightly before slowly closing once more, tightening around his absence. She was notably crestfallen, and shoved her ass up in the air, pushing it back to try and find his rosy rods once more. He laughed at her desperation in spite of her confusion, and slapped her ass hard, leaving his palm print in her soft flesh. Her head rolled back and her mouth opened, but the yelp that should have escaped was silent. He laughed again and spanked her once more, just for good measure, then climbed back off the bed, pulling her backward with him.

She stood and turned to face him, grabbing his cocks with her hands and stroking them, feeling their heat with his palms. They were definitely red now, painfully aroused from his lengthy fucking of her pussy and ass, and they matched the rest of his skin almost completely. His jizz sac was engorged and heavy between his thighs, and he thrust unconsciously against her hands as she worked, trying to pull his cum from his loins. It was temporary, though, for he moved soon after, reluctantly pulling his members from her grasp and lying on his back on the bed, as Reamur had done before. His cocks laid flat against his stomach, one on top of the other, and he beckoned to her, telling her mentally to mount him in reverse.

She couldn’t straddle him fast enough, helped onto the bed by Reamur, who lifted her bodily onto the bed. Her horny little honey hole ached to be filled, so she guided half his sex into it, and the other half into her pussy, tight once more. He growled lightly as she lowered herself onto him, watching her ass descend to meet his pubic mound. He grabbed her ankles with his hands and lifted his hips slightly, hearing her gasp as he stretched her honey hole open with the teardrop head of his lower cock. His upper member submerged quickly into her damp cunt, gripped like a vise between her walls. Her lips hugged his shafts like they never wanted to let go. Only when he felt the sensitive tip of his lower cock hit the bottom of her maxiavula did he cease to push, growling and groaning at her unbelievable silky tightness wrapped around his manhood in both holes. She didn’t stop until she felt her ass hit his hot mound, and then paused for a few minutes, getting used to his length and width in her tight holes. By the time Reamur stepped in front of her she was ready to go, and leaned forward to meet the big man, eye level with him for the first time. Ferros took the hint and began to thrust; knowing that even his Dragon’s stamina was rapidly diminishing and feeling his sac rub against his thighs. He would give her a good run, though!

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