The rain is pattering softly on the window pane, I watch it as the droplets run down the window. The street lights are on beyond but my thoughts are lost in the maze that the drops create, much like what is going on in my mind. At any moment the door will open and a man will walk through it and come straight in and claim me. I watch another drop quickly runs down the window and my mind flashes back many months.

I was playing an online game and walked into a club and struck up a conversation with a total stranger. It turned into a year long journey of hundreds of hours together online, growing into chatting on camera, to finally play sessions even across the ocean. We knew so much about each other, yet nothing at all. Had talked late into many nights as how our first meeting would go. Now, I have traveled from the US to London to meet him. We had dinner dinner last night with some friends to set up guidelines and safe words. It was casual and nice, with an undercurrent of pure wanting. To see him but not touch him, was the hardest thing I had to do.

But now I am now gonna meet him for the first time alone, and I am scared out of my mind, yet my pussy clenches at the thought of it. My gaze changes from the window to the jack and coke in my hand, lifting it to my lips and take a long sip. I sigh softly as it coats my mouth and flows down my throat. Again my eyes shift from the glass to the door as I hear it open. In he walks and the presence is unmistakable. There is something about him that commands your attention and I notice that others in the bar turn to look at him also.

He walks directly to me and places his hand on the small of my back and simply says “Angel.” The accent and the warm pressure of his hand sends shivers down my spine. He looks at me with hazel green eyes and they stare at me knowingly and also questioning.

I feel my chest tighten and a soft yet clear “Master.” escapes my lips. This simple word takes my breath away, to say it to him face to face for the first time.

“Stand.” he says and I quickly grab my purse and stand. I am dressed as he likes, in white. The trench coat falls to just above my knee, and under it are the Malono’s heels I bought last summer, my red hair is pull back, and around my neck is a pendant with the letter M on it, for Master. His palm slides from my back to my elbow and starts to lead me from the pub. I notice people are starting to turn and look as we leave, probably finding it odd that I am leaving with a man that has literally said two words to me. I am finding this a little odd also and my step slightly falters. His grip tightens on my elbow and his eyes look at me with such care and loving, with his mouth close to my ear and in just a whisper says, “Do you wish to come, Angel?.”

My eyes meet his and my heart melts and I know he is giving me an out, then my lips say “Yes Master, take me.” I watch as the smile slowly grows across his face, and he takes me out of the pub into the night.

The next 20 minutes are all a blur of heartbeats. I am in the back of the car with Master, not even knowing who is driving. He parts my knees as we ride through town, “Don’t close them.” he says as his hand travels up my thigh and his finger traces the edge of my skirt hem. I am startled by the force in his voice and yet the softness of his touch, it is maddening in its seduction. All to soon we pull up to a cottage and he opens the door and holds a hand in mine to help me out of the car. I blink as I look around, wondering when we left town. I don’t see another house or light anywhere as we duck through the rain into the cottage.

The door closes and I am giggling from nerves and excitement until he pulls me toward him and with a fire in his eyes his arms wrap tight around me, his hand grabs the back of my hair and yanks my head back and bites the base of my neck under my ear. I scream and moan at the same time and now know why we are at this cabin, as no one will hear me. This thought flashes through my mind and it both excites me and terrifies me. I hear Master laugh deeply and pulls back and looks at me and says “Kneel Angel, like I taught you”. My legs simply fold on there own accord, knees wide, feet tucked under my ass, back straight with shoulders back and hands held behind me and I look up at him and I am his, this is where I belong. His eyes tell me the same thing. “Who do you belong to?” he asks.

“You Master.” I answer.

“What are you?”

“Your Angel”

“Unzip me” he says. My fingers shake as I reach up and unzip the front of his pants, something that I always dreamed of doing and it is actually happening. “Take it out and put it where it belongs.” I hear above me. My heart racing as I reach in and pull out my Master’s cock, it is so large. I know men always say they are hung well, but this thing is a monster. I lean forward and wrap my lips around it moaning softly at the taste and smell of pure male power. With cock filling my mouth, I again lower my hands to my back and look up at him. My Master smiles down at me while he slowly fills my mouth with his cock. I feel it fill me to the back of my throat and then some. I gag hard on it, tears stinging my eyes already. “Suck it angel.” I tighten my mouth around the cock wondering how this will ever fit in my ass cause I know he will use all of me. I move my head forward to sink him in deeper and then pull my head back slowly feeling the vein on my tongue, but quickly I am stung by a flick of the finger to my cheek and I look up in surprise. “I am in control here pet, not you.” he says in a stern yet loving tone. I nod, since I can’t say anything with my mouth so full, and my eyes return to the cock filling me. “Look at me!” and my eyes return up to his. “Never stop looking at me.” My eyes snap open and lock on his as he starts to fuck my mouth.

He starts slow and but soon he is pumping away deep and hard, I hear myself gagging and coughing, spit dripping down my chin. Tears brimming my eyes as the cock slams into the back of my throat. Trying to hold still, gagging. Can feel the spit running off my chin and staining my coat. I feel him pull out and hot cum hitting my face and chest, but I never look down, my eyes still locked on his, as cum is dripping from my eyelashes. He moans as the last of the cum drips from his cock, his hand opens my mouth and he wipes the head off on my tongue and I do everything I can not to swoon at the taste of him and he smiles and half laughs. “Angel is hungry for more I see.” I smile up at him and nod, but my legs are screaming at me from being on the wood floor for so long. He pulls me up to my feet and kisses my nose.

I feel his hands untie the belt on my jacket and slide it off my shoulders. It falls softly to the floor behind me. I hear him walk around me hopefully admiring his pet. My DD’s are quite perky in this bra and panty set and feel Master’s finger tips trailing along the tops of them, sending a shiver across my flesh. “Don’t move Angel.” and I stiffen and hold still. His hand continues to cover my body, one that has gone soft in age, but it is mine and I am proud of. Fingers dig into my belly and then release to then move onto the top of a thigh, cross to my ass and feel the sting of the slap and the struggle to hold still. The sensation of his rough hands finally touching my skin, the smell of him in my nose still, his eyes wandering over my body is all enough to make me want to cry in happiness. He feels the change in me and strokes my hair, leaning into my my ear and whispers “Mine.” I smile as a small shiver runs down my spine. He takes my hand and leads me down the hall to the back of the cabin.

We enter a room that is darkened but just enough light to see this is a play room. I am lead to the middle of the room and I see hooks in the ceiling and the floor. He takes out a knife and my air is taken out of my lungs as I stare at it. “Don’t you dare move girl.” My eyes widen as he comes near and with a quick flick of the wrist my bra and panties are removed.

I feel soft lined cuffs attached to my wrists and then my ankles, and watch as Master starts to weave ropes through the eye bolts and to my cuffs. As I watch him I feel my limps stretched, arms straight over head and feet about 2 feet apart. I am comfortable enough, and think I could stand this way for a long time, but then that might be bad too. Then I feel the blindfold brushing over my eyes and my world goes black and I have a moment of panic. Master is there with a hand on me constantly. Reassuring words in my ear, his arms enclose me from behind. I feel his warmth and his calm and I settle down and start to breathe easy again.

Then, I feel fingers on my nipples, they pinch hard and pull them straight up in the air. Pain floods my breasts and I moan into it as I lean back against Master. “Stand up girl. Hold yourself in pride.” I straighten and gasp as the pain increases as fingers pinch just the tips of my large nipples, it goes on for what seems like minutes, I am gasping in air. Then he finally releases them and the pain clears out but only for a second, because then the spanking of my ass starts. Hard solid blows assault my ass. Never in the same spot, he covers my ass completely. I am trying to stand still but the slaps never end and I never know where the next will land. There is no rhythm, constant change in the power of them. I am completely out of my element. Shaken and wondering what is happening and where next. I am on my toes and trying to move away when he stops and I feel his wide palm start to caress my bum. My ass is on fire and the tenderness now is overwhelming. I moan and start to move into the touch. “Oh, my baby likes I see.” I hear behind me. I smile and nod, and move back just a a little seeking more. The slap is fast and hard, with the soft caress after. I jump and moan at the same time. Mixing the pleasure and pain inside me. They start again the spanking but this time I am leaning into them. It is easier not to fight them and to let the pain wash cleaning over me. “Stick it out there Angel. Beg for it. Tell me what you want.”

I push my ass back as far as I can and gasp out in a small voice “Please my Master. Spank me. Please spank me.” I scream as a hand slaps my pussy. The shock makes I eyes fly open even under the blindfold. I am on my tip toes and rocking back and forth.

“Get your ass back here!” I fight that inner fight and slowly return my ass back to his hand. Then they start again, I am gasping and trying not to cry, when the pussy spanking really begins. Two to the ass, one to the pussy, three to the ass, two the the pussy. I am crying out in pain and but the pussy betrays me and starts to flow. Master is laughing at me. I can hear him in between the slaps. Laughing at his horny pet. I feel his fingers on the lips of my pussy, pulling on them, stretching them. I am moaning and dripping, moving into the pressure and the pain, when he flicks my clit with his nail and it takes everything I have to not cum.

“Oh God, please Master, may Angel cum?” I cry out. I hear what I know I will, him laughing and saying no. Then his fingers start to rub my clit, slapping it and rubbing it again. I am trying to take deep breathes and hold back the wall.

I hear in my ear “Who owns you?”

“You do Master” I gasp.

“What you are?”

“What you make me, Master.”

“How much do I own?”

“Allllllll of me, Master!!” I am dancing on my toes, trying to move into the fingers and away from them all at the same time. Trying to stay in the present. Fighting with everything I have not to cum.

Master’s hand is gone and then back with a sharp hard slap right to my pussy, and when I open my mouth to scream out I hear him say, “Cum Angel.” At the sound of the words the wall inside me falls and the orgasm floods through me, crashing from my toes to my head and back down. I am rocking on the ties, pulling against them and using them to hold me up as wave after wave hits my dripping pussy. The orgasms roll one after the other, my breath stolen with each one. After what seems forever, for I know not to stop without permission, my left breast is slapped and I hear, “Oh stop it.” I take a big deep breath and will them to stop. This has always shocked me that he can control my orgasms so much better than I can and with just a simple word.

I have hardly composed myself when I feel my ass pulled back and my arms loosened just slightly as I am bent forward over some sort of bench. Then I am shocked and cry out in a mixture of glorious pain and pleasure as Master slams his cock into my so wet pussy. I almost cum the instant he enters me but I know better and feel the massive cock go deeper and wider than anything has before it. He is not gentle. He is commanding, and taking what he has waited for a year to have. It has always been his, but now it is before him to be used and indeed he shall. My head is yanked back as Master grabs the ponytail and lifts it, as he pulls back to almost out and slams hard back in. The tears can no longer be contained and are soaking my blindfold as I ride that fine line. It is when he finishes that hole and fills my tight ass that I am gone. Screaming out in the most lovely pain and serving as he desires I find my place and it is with him, here, now, having my ass fuck and fucked hard. Then I am brought higher still as the whipping of my back starts. I have no idea with what, but it is a stinging piercing pain, cutting through all the other. My screams match each blow and with each one he slams into my ass. I am shaking and crying and inside screaming for more. As Master’s blows start to overlap it brings on a whole other layer of sensation. They all build together, one on top of the other. I can see them in my mind, and I am thinking they have to fall. I can’t hold them up any more. But he doesn’t stop, and I am begging. “Please Master please, it hurts.”

“Do you wish me to stop Angel?”

I find myself answering. “No my Master, noooooo.” my head shaking along with my entire body. I hear that chuckle behind me and I can imagine the smirk on his face as he continues, to beat and fuck his girl. I feel the marks raising up on my back, sure they are crisscrossing and making me a beautiful picture for Master to look at as he fucks my hole.

“Who am I?” he asks as the unrelenting cock fills my ass over and over.

“Master.” I reply.

“What are you?”

“I am Master’s Angel, Master’s pain slut.”

“Then cum!” I cum so hard I can feel the gushing down my legs and Master’s hand is there now too, shining my clit. That is when my mind blows to pieces and the world shatters away. I still feel and hear but through a fog of bliss. How long it lasts I do not know.

Then next thing I remember, I am laying on a bed and Master is wiping the pussy juice off my legs. I try to sit up and notice that my hands are cuffed together and are in my lap and I smile softly and lay still. The bed moves as Master slides in next to me and cradles me in his arms, stroking my hair and kissing my head. He is so gentle and warm that I melt into him. I know he is pleased with me. I can feel it and glance up and see him smiling down at me, he says to me in almost a whisper, “My woman!” then his lips cover mine and this is our first kiss. My entire body moves into him. This is more than just a kiss, this is hot possession. This is claiming of his woman. And I know I am never leaving.

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