I went into the bedroom and told Cindy about flashing her Mom. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard.

“This is my meat now and you better keep it out of my Mothers old dried up dusty cunt.” She tugged it hard enough that I yelped and tried to slap her ass as she jumped over the bed. We got dressed and I went out to the barn to see what Bob was up to.

“So, did you get enough sleep last night?” Bob asked with a grin.

“Yea, well, I did pass out for a while there I guess.” I said, starting to feel myself blush a little.

“She’s a hot little fuck, a real cock hound if there ever was one born.”

I must have had a mighty strange look on my face about then as Bob smiled and handed me a pair of gloves. “Look, I don’t mind you fucking Cindy any time you want, but when you fuck her here and eat my vittles I expect to get something out of it too, so put on those gloves and help me load this truck. You do know how to pitch bales, don’t you?”

I still felt a little dumbstruck and had a million questions crowding my head but just managed to spit out “Yea” as I pulled on the gloves.

“Good, head up top and toss me down about 20.” Bob got in the back of the truck and I went to the top of the bales in the loft and started tossing them down to him. By the time we had the truck loaded with about 1/2 a ton we were both covered in hay dust and had worked up a good sweat.

“Com’on’ let’s go get clean this dust off and see if the coffees still hot.” I jumped down and followed Bob into the house, brushing hay off all the way to the door.

“Well, Shit, that shower didn’t last long, and you got my poor baby sweatin’ like a treed ‘coon!”

Cindy said in her best Daisy Mae voice as she brushed at the straw in my hair and Terri sat two fresh cups of coffee down in front of us.

The kids all came running out and grabbed lunch sacks off the counter as they kissed and hugged Terri and Bob, Carrie, the 14 year old even gave me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek before bolting out the door to run the two miles down the hill to catch the school bus.

As soon as the kids had started down the road Terri sat a box down in front of Bob and as soon as he opened the wooden lid the smell of excellent skunk weed hit my nose. He carefully trimmed a well cured bud and rolled a nice doobie. He handed it to me and said “Thanks for the help, this should help ease those sore muscles.” I lit it and took a small toke and immediately hacked it back out. This was some serious mean chronic! Terri laughed and took the joint “Ha, got another one, Bob’s Bad Ass Buds do it every time!” She took a deep draw and passed it to Cindy.

“Yea, I took some of this to Spokane last Month and almost had guys fighting over who would get the next ounce!” Cindy took a small toke and passed it back to Bob.

“Well, when you give a free blow job with every ounce I imagine so!” Bob ducked the swipe from Cindy “Hey, they only get a blowjob if they take 5 or more!” She pouted.

I took a slow, careful draw on the joint and tried to hold it but quickly felt it expand beyond my lung capacity and went into another coughing fit.

Terri got up and pulled a feather roach clip off the window curtain and handed it to me. “Well, Pa, if we are going to get anything done today we best get doin’ it.” Terri said as she gathered her purse and some cartons of eggs.

“Yep, I ‘spose, don’t reckon you want to come along and off load that hay for me?” Bob smiled as he took the roach. Before I could respond Cindy entered her objections. “No way, you two just run along to Town, I have plans for him today.”

“Yea, I bet you do, just try not to break anything.” Bob said as he grabbed his hat and a ledger book. “And if you happen to head into town later bring the gas cans down and get ‘em filled.”

When the dust and hay from the departing truck settled Cindy took me by the arm and led me into the bathroom. “Let’s get that hay washed off you.” she said as she slowly removed my clothes. I was hard by the time she pulled my pants down and my cock almost slapped her as it sprang free.

“Well, Hello to you, too!” She kissed it on the tip and gave the knob a quick but passionate suck. I got in the shower and she stepped back and looked at me as I rubbed the soap over my body.

“I’ll be right back” She said and darted out the door. She returned a moment later with a VHS video camera already rolling.

“Hey, now, I get union scale for this kind of work!” I said, pretending to be indignant at being filmed.

“Yea, well this is just the screen test, you still have to audition for the part.” Cindy sat the camera, still filming, on the washstand pointing at the shower. She stripped off her clothes and stepped into the bath tub. I took her face in my hands and pulled her lips to mine as her hands stroked and fondled my cock and balls. She tasted like coffee and chronic and her hands felt amazing as they squeezed and pulled me just right. She kissed her way down my body until she was kneeling with my cock in her hand and her lips about an inch from the tip. She looked at the camera and licked her lips then started slowly spiraling her tongue around my knob until she had it all in her mouth. Then she started pushing and slowly slid by entire shaft down her throat and held it there while she massaged it with her throat. I was almost ready to blow my wad down her throat when she pulled her head back, releasing my cock from her mouth with a pop and then turning around and bending over, pointing her ass toward the camera and grabbing the side of the tub. I spread her pussy lips and started licking at her clit and slowly worked my way to her ass hole. I made sure the camera could see my tongue probing her ass as my fingers probed her pussy. She was working her clit and I replaced my tongue with two fingers, then three until her ass started to expand a little. I stood up and put the tip of my cock on her ass and held it there. She started to back onto it slowly then in a sudden push and scream drove half my cock into her tight ass. I gasped and just had time to brace when she pushed again and took my whole shaft, ass cheeks slapping on my hips and another, more protracted scream of mixed pleasure and pain. I felt her body start to relax and grabbed her hips and started power fucking her ass as hard as I could. She was clawing and screaming like a wildcat by the time we both came, I shot deep inside her ass then pulled out as my knees almost gave out and the next two shots of cum landed on her ass cheeks. She dropped to her knees in the tub and her ass was still clenching and oozing cum.

“Oh fuck, you deserve the award for best ass fuck in history after that performance!” I gasped as soon as I could speak. Cindy turned around and took my cock in her hand, lifted it up and gently

sucked each of my balls while her other hand stroked up and down the crack of my ass. She took my cock and deep throated it in one slow push and slowly let it slide, now 1/2 limp, back out. Then

she got up and walked over to the camera, turned around and put her ass right up to the lens almost and smiled at me. I could tell she was squeezing out some cum for the camera.

I turned off the shower and grabbed the same towel I’d used before and followed Cindy out to the Kitchen. She got two fresh cups of coffee and we sat down at the table naked. Cindy sat spread

legged with one leg one a chair. I was just looking at her perfect skin, small breasts and proudly displayed pussy in the bright morning Sun coming in through the door when a shadow crossed over her. She dropped her leg off the chair and turned as I dropped the towel off my shoulders and into my lap.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…I’ll come back later.” The silhouetted figure at the door said.

I recognized Barry’s deep voice and broad figure almost filling the door.

“No, don’t worry, come have some coffee.” Cindy got up and grabbed Barry by the strap on his

coveralls and led him to the table. She got him a cup of coffee and sat back down.

“Well, I must admit I feel a little over dressed for breakfast.” Barry said in a bad British accent.

“Well, then I’d suggest that you dress down to fit the occasion.” Cindy offered.

Barry stood up, undid his overall snaps, dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them and his

shoes and pulled his t shirt off as he sat back down, now totally naked too.

“There, isn’t that better?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, I feel much better!” Barry said.

“Yea, I must say this is the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.” I said as I hoisted my cup and

made a toast.

“So what brings you around these parts, stranger than most?” Cindy asked, leaning toward Barry.

“I was just headed down to the Big City and was hoping to get a lil mornin’ magic along the way.”

Barry said, leaning back a little and slipping his hand under the table.

“Well, I don’t know, would you mind if Barry fucked me here on the table while you finish your

coffee?” she asked me with huge puppy dog eyes.

“Well, ah…no…I…fuck, I think I could use another one of your Daddy’s doobies for this show.”

I stammered.

Barry stood up and bent over his coveralls and came up with a small leather case, he opened it and pulled out a joint. “Here ya go, Bogart that fat boy.” and he rolled the joint over to me. I took it and was slipping it into my lips just as Cindy bent and pulled Barry’s cock to her lips. His cock was as big soft as mine was hard and quickly grew to an impressive thick 10 inches as Cindy stroked and sucked it. It had veins that stood out from the shaft in deep relief and his thick black hair looked like a birds nest around his equally massive and tight balls. She turned and lay on the table and smiled at me so I reached over and cupped a titty while Barry worked his cock into her cunt. Soon he was sliding in long, slow strokes and Cindy was being transported by the huge tool splitting her open, I watched as she had at least 4 intense orgasms while he throbbed and plunged into her sopping wet cunt. Almost without warning Barry grunted and stepped back, pointing his hose and spraying cum from Cindy’s face to her wide, gaping pussy, huge globs dripped off her tits and face and flowed across her belly. She took my hand and pulled it to her cum coated tit and pressed and rubbed hard. I sat smoking the joint and rubbing Barry’s cum into her while Barry watched and pulled his shirt and coveralls back on.

“That was great, thanks Cin” and turning to me he said “Sorry for the mess.”

“Hey, no problem.” I said as I wiped a glob of still warm cum from her tit and then sucked it off my finger. Barry smiled and pointed his finger…

“Why don’t you stop by later tonight, I think the kid’s will be staying with friends tonight and

Mom and Dad would just love to see you again.” Cindy said as she sat wiping cum off herself with a paper napkin.

“OK, that sounds like a plan, “I’ll see BOTH of you later, but I got a job to take care of first. Anything you want me to bring you back from town?”

“Yea, a short red head.” Cindy chirped.

“OK, I’ll see what I can do.” Barry said as he tipped his hat and stepped through the open door.

“Well, That was one of the most impressive sights I’ve seen since I had my Mare bred by Jenkin’s

Stud last Summer.” I said as I passed the joint to Cindy.

Cindy took the joint and put it in the roach clip. “Yes, Barry Bear has been the ruin of many a Red Riding Hood. I hope you didn’t mind me being such a wanton slut, but I just can’t resist his orgasmic organ.”

“Mind? Shit, that was great, but if you can fuck Barry then I should be able to fuck your Mother, right?”

“Oh, so now my pussy isn’t good enough for you!” She said in a hurt puppy manner and stalked indignantly out of the kitchen.

I walked outside naked and gathered up the gas cans and stored them in the truck, and walked out to the Rabbit pens. Cindy came out dressed in a skirt and tube top and wrapped her arms around me from behind.

“Oh, I just love having naked Men running around the Farm, but you’d better get dressed so we can get to town and back before dark.”

“Well, considering it’s only 20 minutes into Town I don’t see the big hurry.” I said as I started back to the house.

“I was thinking maybe we might stop by the lake on the way back, I expect it’s going to be a hot one today.” She called over her shoulder.

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