As Mark’s rental rounded the corner to come into town he passed a familiar place and a smile flashed on his face. Of all the strip clubs he had enjoyed, the Pink Paradise was his favorite. It had nothing to do with the club, although they definitely served a killer rib eye steak. What they did have was one of his closest friends as their star dancer.

Mark made three calls after he checked in to his hotel room and took a shower. As he soaped himself, he reflected on the circumstances that brought him to this obscure, out of the way, mid west city. Phil Johnson had been Mark’s roommate in college and also became his best friend. After college, Phil returned home and married his high schools sweetheart Gloria. Their son David was born a couple of years later. David was a healthy, rambunctious boy that made friends with everyone. He was well liked by his teachers and fellow students alike.

David took sick when he was 15 and Mark learned he had Multiple Sclerosis. Phil and Gloria were devastated as was Mark. His three best friends were as well. David loved football and his three buddies were exceptional players. He couldn’t play but he loved to watch. His friends and their coach made room for him on the team bus when they traveled to play other teams. David was thrilled. As his illness worsened, his friends careers blossomed. These young men had all won football scholarships to great schools with excellent programs.

Late one night, Mark had received a call from Phil telling him that David’s condition had worsened and that it was doubtful he would last much longer. Phil then told him all about his three best friends and how absolutely wonderful these guys have been to David.

“Gloria and I have a huge favor to ask of you,” Phil said.

“Anything buddy, anything you need, you know I’ll be there for you.”

Phil went on, “They have been with David all their lives and they have treated him like a king. It seems they are each up for the draft this year and Gloria and I wondered if you’d represent them. I do chickenshit law but you are one of the top sports attorneys in the country Mark. David’s friends deserve the kind of representation only a guy like you can provide.”

“Say no more. If they will have me, then they are represented.”

Less than a week later, David passed away. Mark met his new athletes Jamal, Rashad and Chris at the funeral. What struck Mark was how alike they looked. Each man was over 6′ 2″. They had broad shoulders, slim hips and the brightest smiles you ever saw. Their personalities matched their appearance. They readily agreed to Mark’s representation. Mark told them how much he appreciated everything they had done for David and promised to do everything to make their football careers lucrative, to say the least.

They went high in the draft and Mark and his team were successful is negotiating excellent contracts with three separate NFL teams. Their stats increased each year and they became highly paid spokesmen in their own rights. They became wealthy beyond their wildest hopes. With the help of excellent tax attorneys and staying single, they were each able to retain their money and they invested it well.

Now don’t get it wrong. They were single and Mark learned that they were total horn dogs but they were discrete. Mark had returned to their home town because it was the off season and they were all home visiting their folks. This way, he could see all of them in one place. They had meetings and worked out all of the business arrangements they had to take care of. Mark told them he had something to do but asked them to meet him at the Pink Paradise at 9pm.

They left and headed out to dinner.

In a nice home on a secluded street not far from the hotel, Cherry stepped from the shower. She dried herself and admired her image in the triple mirror. Her flaming red hair was her trademark and she wore it well. Her eyes gleamed as she saw her perfect 34C’s in the mirror. Her nipples were, as usual, adorned with stylish jewelry. Today, she wore emerald studded nipple rings combined with dual studded belly button and clit bars. The ball on her tongue was, of course, surgical grade stainless steel. Two small tattoo’s adorned her body and her tramp stamp was elegant and refined, which was a reflection of her essence.

Her legs were her showpiece, long, slim and perfectly shaped. At 5′ 8″ and only 115lbs, she was a picture of perfection. Her legs led to the most amazing ass any man had ever laid his eyes on.

The secluded location of her home and the private pool allowed her to have an overall dark tan. The caramel color of her skin, the body jewelry and her natural attributes made her a walking wet dream. She was naked all the time unless she was working or shopping. She enjoyed the touch and the feel of her own body as well as that of other men and women.

Mark hit the shower and then picked up the phone. It was answered on the third ring.


“What time do you start work tonight?”

“Oh my God, are you in town?”

“Hello darling. Are you into a nice lobster dinner?”

“I sure am! What time?”

“An hour, our usual place.”

An hour later Mark pulled into the parking lot and saw a familiar face exiting her car. Cherry ran into his arms and she kissed him passionately. Cherry was wearing 4″ heels and Mark always found it strange to kiss a woman taller than his 5′ 11″ but in her case, he didn’t mind a bit.

They were seated and ordered drinks and entree’s. He held her hand as they got caught up on things they couldn’t or wouldn’t chat about online. She looked lovelier each time he saw her.

“I have a surprise for you tonight,” Mark quipped as he reached into his suit coat pocket and pulled out a flat jewelers box.

“What is this?”

“Open it and find out.”

Cherry opened it and stared in amazement. “Oh Mark, you shouldn’t have.” Cherry gazed back at the perfect triple stoned sapphire earrings, with matching sapphire nipple rings, double stoned sapphire belly button bar and double stoned sapphire clit bar. She leaned over and kissed him warmly. “Why are you so nice to me?”

“When I needed a friend, you appeared and you have never left. You have never asked me for anything and yet you, in your own quirky way, give me more than any other woman I know.”

“I’ll never figure you out Mark.”

“Don’t try, because it would only confuse you more. On the other side of this, I have a very special gift for you tonight. but you won’t know what it is until we get to the club.”

They finished dinner and Cherry and Mark left for the club. When they arrived, Mark saw that the guys were already there. He took Cherry over to them and introduced her to them. Rashad flashed her the brightest smile and offered her a seat.

“Oh I have to get ready for work but if it is alright, I will be back shortly.”

Mark attempted to sit but was dramatically dragged by the arm to the end of the bar.

“What the hell is this?”

“Those guys are three of my biggest clients. They are friends of mine. They were David’s best friends.”

“The boy who died?”

“Yes and I wanted you to meet them.”

“Meet them, the whole world knows who they are. Oh my God, why?”

“Because I know what you want, I know what you like and I know what you crave. Dammit, can’t a guy do a friend a favor?”

“You are so good to me!” Cherry exclaimed.

“Just remember hon, this is their home town and yes, everyone knows them, so be discrete and enjoy. I will expect a full report.”

She kissed Mark deeply and went to change.

Mark returned to the table and ordered a round of drinks.

Jamal laughed, “Mark, you always get the hottest women.”

“She’s my friend but she is not for me. I can’t give her what she wants. I am hoping that you three can.”

Chris looked at Mark quizzically and said, “That’s a load of crap Mark. You can give her anything you want.”

“Hey, is it my fault I was born white? I know this woman better than I have ever known any other, and I know that I can’t give her what she needs. Treat her well, treat her with respect, but take care of her completely please. Remember this guys, Cherry has to work for three years to make as much as any one of you make in an hour. Just stay away from the blow. Okay guys?”

“You got it boss.”

“I am going to go see Phil and Gloria. I’ll talk to you before I leave.”

“Give them our love and tell them that we will be over tomorrow to see them.”

“I will,” Mark stated.

As the lights dimmed, the music came up and the spotlights shone on a goddess wearing sparkling sapphires.

“Would you look at that!” Rashad exclaimed as Cherry danced on the stage. “How does Mark do it? This woman is awesome. Look at that body, damn, look at those legs!”

Chris laughed, “How does Mark do what? Find a drop dead gorgeous woman in our own home town that none of us even knew existed?”

“Precisely.” Jamal said.

“Well, we will just have to ask her.”

Cherry had removed her top and her spectacular breasts held the audience’s attention. The beat of the music was deep and driving, just the way she liked it. She moved with such grace and sensuality as she grabbed the dance pole onstage.

The beat increased and she went onto the pole with a look of lust on her face that was indescribable. She looked at her men and that look promised them the night of their lives. As she danced around the pole, she stroked it with both hands as she looked into each of their eyes. She licked her lips and went higher onto it. Cherry defied gravity as her slender body spun. She stroked her own body deliciously.

Somehow, as she came off the pole, she was naked other than for her heels. She inwardly smiled as she witnessed the look on those mens faces. Their dark, radiating skin, their bright white smiles and their hard athletic bodies had made her so wet in anticipation. It was normal for her to become aroused but not like this. She leaked onto her thighs and felt her own wetness that only inflamed her more. Flashing a broad, sensuous smile at the men, she left the stage and appeared at their table.

“Where is Mark?” she asked.

“He went to visit David’s parents. He told us to take very good care of you,” Rashad informed her.

“That does not surprise me in the least. I am so sorry about David. I know how much he meant to you guys. His loss affected everyone in this town. That is how I met Mark.”

“How so?” Chris asked.

“I had gotten off work and went to the coffee shop and I was sitting there and Mark was sitting across from me. I see a lot of men in my job but I had never seen such an attractive guy look so sad. I sat with him and just let him talk. He felt so sorry for David’s parents. I didn’t know about you guys and I doubt Mark did then as well. I just never saw a better man hurt so much.”

The guys bought another round of drinks and several other dancers came over to offer lap dances but the guys, politely informed them that they had their lady for the night. Each girl that came over was tipped nicely and eventually, no one else bothered. Cherry took them to the VIP lounge which, in this small town was empty but allowed a full view of the stage. She danced for them and they tipped her so well. These men were not only gorgeous, they were respectful and they were so nice to be with.

“Mark told us that you might like to party later. We’d really enjoy that if you’re interested,” Rashad told Cherry.

Cherry ran her hand along his leg and told him she would absolutely love that.

“What else did he tell you about me?”

“Well, as usual, he has a measure of understatement about him. He told us you were very pretty. He didn’t tell us you were as hot as you are. He also told us, and I don’t believe him on this, that he had never laid a hand on you. None of us believe that,” Chris stated.

“Well guys, believe it. He and I have become the closest of friends and we both love the same things. Porn. We are both addicted to porn but he has never even so much as had a private chat with me. We watch porn and talk and comment a lot and sometimes that can get heated but he has never made any kind of move on me.”

Jamal just looked at her in disbelief, “Are we talking about the same Mark? Our Mark is the guy with the most gorgeous women on his arm. I mean, you are just as likely to see him with a model or a starlet. Mark gets more sugar than the brothers do. What is up with that?”

“Are they tall, thin, hot and horny black women? That is what he loves,” Cherry asked.

“Say what? Who told you that?” Rashad asked.

“He did. He and I watch black on black porn every night. He knows I adore big black men with huge cocks and he loves tall, slender, tight, sexy black women with small butts and nice tits. That is what turns him on.”

“Oh really,” Jamal smirked as he looked at his buddies.

“Yo mamma, you really like big, black cock? Come over here and see if you can make this bigger!” Rashad exclaimed as he grabbed his thigh.

Cherry gave him an very evil grin and began the sexiest lap dance she could do and she was rewarded with a bulge in his trousers that almost made her faint.

“Fuck that girl, he ain’t big. We’re bigger!” Jamal burst out.

Cherry could not wait until this night at work was over.

The club closed and she had the guys follow her home. Cherry was so wet by the time she got there and let the guys into the house. Mark had given her a wonderful gift and she planned to make the most of it.

Cherry put on the stereo, poured the guys a drink and bumped up a couple of lines of blow for her. She was really feeling good as she walked into the living room. Jamal put his large arms around her and pulled her close. She looked up into his eyes as he bent to kiss her. She melted at his touch and she began to undo his shirt as he kissed her deeply. He loosened her top and it fell to the floor. Her spectacular breasts came back into view and he gently cupped her and toyed with her Sapphire ornaments. Jamal bent and kissed her breast and his broad pink tongue teased her relentlessly. As he was doing this, he undid her skirt. It too fell to the floor and she kicked it aside.

Her naked body pressed against his as she undid his belt and zipper. As his trousers fell from his fantastic body, Cherry fell to her knees. Jamal did not disappoint her as his gorgeous member presented itself for her attention. She wrapped her hand around it and it was so spectacularly thick and long. Cherry rubbed his entire length and cradled his balls as her tongue began to caress every ridge, vein and inch of his manhood. She was a truly in heat and she rolled her tongue over his large head. Her mouth fell over the top and she began to take him into her mouth. Her mouth was open so wide and her tongue pleased him deliciously. She wanted all of him. She knew she could do it. She wanted to feel his cock deep in her throat. She relaxed, took a deep breath and began to allow him access to her hot, hungry throat.

“Fuck man, look at that. Look at how she is swallowing all of his cock!” Rashad exclaimed.

Rashad and Chris watched breathlessly as Jamal hit the back of Cherry’s throat. She grabbed his tight butt and her eyes rolled up. She became totally relaxed and she sank him deeper into her throat.

Cherry felt the head enter her throat and she pushed harder. She felt as his cock entered her lips and it kept moving deeper. She held his balls and felt his cock slide deeper. Two more inches and he would be all the way inside. Jamal pushed deeper and his cock slid in completely. She held him in and regained a steady breathing pattern. Jamal began to pull out and push back in. He was very gentle and he let her set the pace. They watched as his massive cock fucked her face and she flowed a steady stream of cum down her legs with each thrust.

Jamal began to really fuck her face harder. She pulled his hips faster to let him know what she wanted. Rashad and Chris, naked themselves, watched as Cherry was loving the face fucking she was getting.

Rashad walked behind her and put his hand on her sopping wet twat. He adjusted her and ran his massive tool along her pink wet slit. He entered her and she forced Jamal as deep as she could into her face. Rashad stretched her tight pussy with every inch of his huge cock. She moaned and sucked. She fucked and shivered as he drove deeper and deeper into her insatiable pussy. He was massive and she was loving this. He tore into her and she began to fuck his cock with wild abandon. He did not disappoint her. His rock hard pole drove into her and she felt him bottom out on her cervix. She pushed him so deep into her. Her body wracked with the most erotic feelings as her face and her pussy were being mauled so deliciously. Cherry was in a constant state of climax. This much cock was more than she had ever hoped for and she knew she was just getting started. With every stroke, she came. She came on Rashad’s cock and Jamal’s cock made her cum again with every long thrust.

Cherry’s throat had worked it’s magic and Jamal arched his back and bellowed as he began to cum deep in her throat. Cherry felt the torrent of hot cum as it traveled down Jamal’s huge cock as it rested on her tongue. She grabbed his hips and felt his hot sperm as it shot into her stretched throat. She pulled him from her throat and sucked and licked his spectacular cock dry. Jamal pulled out.

Of all the guys, Chris was the largest and he was truly enormous. Cherry gasped as she saw him coming towards her pretty lips. She absolutely went wild as she worked on the head of this amazing appendage. She licked it and soaked it and took it into her molten hot mouth. Her jaw ached as this lovely licorice log sank deep into her mouth. Her throat stretched wider than it ever had before while Chris settled deep in her throat.

Cherry could not stop cumming. Her hips flailed on Rashad’s staff and her wanton, slutty throat devoured the luxurious log that was Chris. Jamal’s huge hands caressed her breasts and her sexy six pack stomach as her pussy and throat were stretched beyond belief. Cherry’s mind raced as her pussy pulsed. Her craving for huge black cocks was being satisfied deliciously.

Rashad grasp her hips and began to viciously slam into her. She clamped down and she rode him hard as he unloaded a torrent of his hot seed into her narrow hips. Cherry came on his cock again and again. Her hips flailed unmercifully on this erupting organ while Chris impaled her face. Delirious desire drove her body into a seemingly unending orgasm of sweet, strong convulsions. His balls emptied as her body soaked up every ounce into her.

Chris held her head and she knew he was close. She felt his black dick swell and she dove hard onto his rigid flagpole. Cherry truly was a cum slut, she knew it and she loved it. She loved everything that was cum. The log in her throat began to pump, and pump it did. She adored the hard black fire hose as it went off in her mouth. She drank it down and licked him clean. His massive pipe softened between her teeth and she looked into his eyes with a promise of more, so very much more.

Cherry collapsed on the sofa. Her eyes straining to focus. Her body trembled and she was totally drenched. She tried to speak but coherency was not to achieved, at least, not yet. Her eyes darted from one to another and she saw perfect specimens of the male form. Lovely bodies and massive delicious cocks. Cherry was in heaven. The guys smiled broad white grins and helped her sit up.

Jamal went and made drinks as she regained some semblance of composure.

“Damn girl, where did you learn to do that?” Rashad asked.

Her voice was hoarse, her jaw ached yet she smiled, “My darlings, for me, that just comes naturally.”

They all laughed.

Cherry walked to the kitchen and unsteadily, yet determinedly, bumped several large lines and returned to suggest they would all be much more comfortable in the bedroom. They fell on the bed and she kissed each lightly and playfully. A sea of large, strong hands caressed every inch of her nakedness and she reveled in it. Her hands stroked their exceptional, dark organs. She toyed with every ridge and vein and the weight of each mans cock shivers through her craving body. The drug was kicking in big time and her desire was unquenchable.

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