The after game party was a huge success yesterday. Cherry met so many people and yet, she couldn’t remember a single name. She remembered the sex and after all, that was all she cared about anyway.

She looked at the clock and wondered why she was awake so early. The party went on until the wee hours of the morning and here it was, barely 10AM and she was wide-awake. Perhaps the smell of fresh brewed coffee had something to do with it.

She stumbled out and saw three relaxed, wonderful men drinking coffee and talking about yesterday’s game. They were proud of themselves and they should be. Cherry knew she didn’t understand anything about the game but she did enjoy being there.

Jamal walked over to her with a cup of piping hot coffee. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. “Did you have a good time last night?”

“Yes I did. You guys didn’t do so bad yourselves, from what I saw.”

“Yeah, it’s funny, I know I didn’t even get anywhere near you. I don’t think any of us got to you yesterday at all. We are going to go golfing this afternoon so, since it is early, maybe we can rectify that before we go out,” Jamal smiled.

“Can I finish my coffee first?” Cherry smiled. “You guys were knee deep in so much pussy I figured you had forgotten about me.”

“Did those words just come out of your mouth? Seriously Cherry, give us a break. No matter what ever happens, we’d never forget you,” Rashad smirked.

Chris grabbed her cup and refilled it. He handed it to her and kissed her softly. The fog was slowly lifting and she felt that everything was good with the world. Last night she had such a good time. Her body had been treated to many wonderful pleasures. She had pleased countless men and women. Some were very famous, others were very wealthy but they all were fucking gorgeous.

“Lori wants to see you later. Mark and Aleka have already left. They are planning some nice things to see and do here in Hawaii. Who would be better than Miss Hawaii to know all the great spots to see?” Chris said.

Rashad’s cell rang and he walked back into his bedroom to take the call. Minutes later, he walked into Cherry’s room. She didn’t see what he was doing because Jamal was playing catch with Chris. They were throwing around a bottle of the nice baby oil that Cherry loved.

“You better be careful, you don’t want to spill that stuff. I’d get mad if you wasted that,” she laughed.

Rashad walked over and handed her a pair of platform heels. “You look so good when you wear these. Put them on please.”

Cherry looked at him with dancing eyes. “You want me to wear these right now?”

“Right now would be terrific Cherry. We want you now sweetheart.”

Cherry put on the shoes and stood as Chris walked over and undid her silk robe. He slipped it off her shoulders and noticed she was still wearing her sapphires. “I love those jewels; they are the perfect accessory for the prettiest woman I know.”

“Ahhh thank you Chris; they make me feel sexy.”

Jamal walked up to her with her little mirror. Three large lines were been laid out on the glass. “Here you go gorgeous. We’ll be gone all afternoon so we want this to be memorable. Do them all baby.”

Cherry looked at him and did as instructed. She figured this would be a great morning. She stood naked as Rashad came up behind her and put his strong arms around her. He kissed her neck and she rolled her head to one side to allow him full access. He kissed her ear and then put a blindfold on her.

“Hey…what are you doing?” Cherry whispered as the drug began to wind her up.

“Chris, what is it that Cherry always says?” Jamal asked.

“Oh, I know. She always says she is a fan of all things slippery. That’s it isn’t it?” Chris said.

With that, Cherry felt hands begin to apply the luxurious oil to her body. She heard the men begin to undress and she felt two hands on her body. She could not see but she felt two more hands begin to caress her. She loved the feeling and then she felt a third set of hands stroking and caressing her beautiful body. She felt a hard cock against her back and another on her leg. She loved the feeling of total darkness and the uninhibited hands teasing her body. Her head reeled with the effects of the drugs and the sensation of the many hands touching her.

The many hands…wait. Cherry tried to concentrate and she started counting. There were more than six hands on her body. There were many more than six hands caressing her body. Hands were on her neck, her shoulders, her breasts and her hips. There were hands on her ass and at least one hand on her pussy. Someone bent her over and she felt a cock slide into her tight pussy.

Cherry pulled the blindfold off and her eyes grew wide as could be. She was in a circle of the biggest, strongest, naked black men she had ever seen in her life. Bent over all she saw a sea of cock that made her swoon. So many gorgeous, huge, big black cocks were just inches from her face. The men walked into her and cocks were rubbing against her face.

She opened her lips and took someone into her mouth. Her hands came up and circled other cocks and she began to stroke. Whoever was fucking her was powerful. His cock was slamming into her and his heavy balls smacked her jeweled clit furiously.

Cherry went from one cock to another, licking, sucking and swallowing their lovely long logs. This was her ultimate wet dream. She had waited for and wanted this moment for as long as she could remember. It was something she fantasized over many times while screaming into her mattress. Being the recipient of a gangbang by so many black men was a badge of honor to her. She craved it.

She felt the man behind her pull out and another man took his place. Her mouth moved from one cock to another. She saw the large purple heads and she licked them, she sucked them and she shoved them deep in her mouth. Cock, everywhere she looked, she saw men, men with cocks. She saw black men with black cocks and her pussy gushed again and again. Another man was fucking her. She didn’t give a fuck who was in her pussy, just the fact that they were there stretching her pussy was all she cared about.

Whoever he was continued slamming into her pussy and hitting bottom with each stroke. With every stroke, she was forcing her face onto whatever cock was in her mouth. She was sucking cock, noisily and wetly. The men were slamming their cocks deep into her throat and their cocks tore into her from behind. Cherry was in a constant state of orgasm. There were so many men.

“Suck my cock bitch,” one man said as he pulled her head hard in his direction. “Suck this big piece of liquorice. Swallow it girl, show me what you’re made of.”

She opened her mouth and took him into her mouth. His long hard cock assailed her with brute force. Her lips spread wide as another man entered her pussy. Strong hands grabbed her hips and the man slammed himself into her deep. Her face impaled itself on the cock in her throat. She was cumming hard.

She looked up and saw four black cocks being jerked hard only inches from her face. She licked each cock. The men kept jerking and a flood of cum flew onto her face, in her mouth and onto her spectacular tits. Cherry had cum dripping from her eyelids, her nose and her chin. Her tits were covered with cum and four more men stepped into her face.

Rashad handed her a towel and she wiped her face just in time to take the next cock into her mouth.

Jamal came up and offered her the mirror again and she inhaled four lines deeply. She felt the rush instantly and began to suck fiercely.

The man behind her pulled his massive cock from her pussy and placed himself at the tight opening to her phenomenal ass. She inhaled as she felt him enter her. He moved in slowly and allowed her to adjust. He began to fill her tight ass with his massive cock and she loved the feel of him in there. He began stroking his massive cock in and out of her tight hot ass. Her breath was sporadic as her ass was being pummeled deliciously.

Cocks assailed her mouth and her ass was on a path of destruction, blissful destruction but destruction nonetheless.

The man in her ass departed and was replaced immediately. This new man was longer than the last and thicker too. He barged his way inside and began to fuck her ass deliberately. His long cock plowed her deeply and she was flowing more than she ever had as wave after wave of sensational orgasms completely overtook her body. The cocks in her face disappeared one by one, as she sucked with a determination that she had never felt before. The sight of all these glorious huge men had taken her to heights she never knew possible.

“Is our baby happy?” Chris whispered in her ear as her lips stretched over another new cock. “Suck them all baby girl. Suck these men and give them your ass. You love having their cocks fucking your hot, tight ass don’t you Cherry?”

She nodded and she sucked. Her ass was being spectacularly fucked and she sucked harder and faster. Never in her fantasy, had this scenario ever felt this good. The sea of smiling faces, the forest of huge black cocks and the sensations she could barely describe drove her wild with desire.

She was their whore, nothing more, nothing less. Her body was theirs to use and abuse to their hearts content. She wanted their cocks, she wanted their cum and nothing more. She didn’t want to know their names; she only wanted their massive loads of cum wherever they wanted to shove them into her.

The row of cocks in front of her face began to cum and she was showered massively with their hot, white cum. She watched as stream after stream of sticky, salty, tasty cum flew from those chocolate hoses and doused her face totally again. The cum stung her eyes and it dripped from her nose. She had tried to swallow as much as she could but this flood was enormous.

The man in her ass came hard and her gaping asshole leaked his cum as he pulled out. Chris who slid his enormous cock into her tight ass immediately replaced him. He whispered in her ear and she knew who was occupying her tight ass. She also knew he was going to fuck her well-stretched ass deliciously. She loved his cock but she had four pressing matters to attend to. They were pressing against her soft cheeks. She looked and saw Rashad, Jamal, and two others.

She took an unnamed cock in her lips and watched Rashad’s face as she sucked his friend deep. He had a lovely cock, long, thick and black as could be. She loved the look of her white lips surrounding these proud, hard cocks. She wanted them to fuck her face. She needed them to use her. She had to feel that she was their cum dumpster and nothing more. She had wanted this for so long. Use her and abuse her. Just cum on her face, in her twat and in her ass. Do that and you will make her so happy.

Chris picked her up and carried her to the sofa. His cock was firmly planted in her ass. He sat down and spread her legs offering her pussy to everyone. The men lined up and began to fuck her pussy while Chris was nailing her ass spectacularly. The men would fuck her and she would suck them. Cum was flying from the ends of those beautiful cocks and she was caked with the dried excess. She really had become the total slut she always dreamed of being.

Men fucked her face, her pussy and her ass and they continued. One man picked her up from Chris’ lap and planted her on his cock as he walked around the suite. With every step, he bottomed out inside her. He passed her to another and eventually, they had all walked fucked her around the suite. She had never cum so many times in her life. Her purpose in life now satisfied and yet, she wanted more.

She sank to her knees and they lined up in three rows. She sucked each in turn and the men rewarded her with more cum. She wondered if she would ever get it out of her hair but she didn’t care. Her clit was quivering with each cock she inhaled. Her wet, loud slurping was not only turning them on, the sound was making her cum as well. They slammed their cock down her throat. They used her. She kept cumming. They abused her face and she kept cumming. She was their total cock whore and she was in paradise.

She turned around and pushed her ass high in the air. One by one, they fucked her ass again. They slammed their massive cocks as far into her bowels as they could go. Her ass was stretched so far and so deep and she loved it. She would never forget this day.

When the last man finished with her ass, she rolled over and began sucking cock and having her pussy filled again. She wanted more and she needed more. She was obsessing over cock, there were so many long, hard, great looking black cocks, and she didn’t have to share with anyone.

She wanted them to fuck her again. They did and they began to ravage her pussy and her ass repeatedly. There was no way to know how many times her body came. Was it thirty orgasms or just one? How many times did that happen? She didn’t care. She wanted cock, cock and more cock.

The men did not disappoint and they each took turns fucking her one more time. She’d fuck him, suck him and on to the next. This time though, as she sucked each man, he quietly left the suite. The men had left their clothes in the vacant hall. The men left smiling and soon, Cherry found herself alone on the sofa.

Her head was spinning. Her pussy and ass ached but it was a good ache. She didn’t even know she was alone. Lights were flashing in her eyes. She was drooling and she was completely covered with cum. When the realization hit her that she was alone, she gingerly made her way to her bedroom and looked in the mirror as she ran the shower.

She was the living image of the expression, rode hard and put away wet. She walked into the shower and let the heat revive her exhausted body. She was leaking cum everywhere. The water felt so good.

As she was wrapping her hair in the towel, she looked at the clock. It was only 12:30PM. She had just had more sex in two hours than most women have in a lifetime. She needed a nap.

Two hours later, Cherry woke and tried to maneuver her body off the bed. She was sore. Her jaw hurt. She tried to speak and words were problematic. She tried to walk and with each step, she flinched.

She made her way to the coffee pot and nuked a cup. She gingerly walked to the sofa and sat down on the very spot that she had been gangbanged just a few hours ago. She started to smile and the smile turned into laughter.

“Fuck me…oh, no don’t at least not right now. Holy fuck, that was wild. I’ve always wanted that but I never thought it would happen. There were so many cocks, so many delicious, long, fucking huge black cocks spurting all that cum at me. Oh, FUCK! This just keeps getting better and better. Who the hell did I fuck? How many times did I cum?” she asked to herself.

She started laughing again. Her body was in pain; it was a pain she had craved since she first stole her fathers x-rated DVD’s as a kid. She would watch those movies and masturbate. She saw those huge black cocks and became addicted. She would drop her thong in a heartbeat for any black cock that wanted her.

She needed more coffee. She winced as she tried to stand up. She had to walk this off. With every stab of pain, her smile became brighter. She was going to get them for this. They could have told her. She poured another cup and nuked that one while plotting her revenge.

Well, it wasn’t actually going to be revenge. It was going to be sweet revenge. Football season was over. They were not going to be in any locker rooms for a while. Oh, she knew exactly what she wanted and she was going to get it.

She drank her coffee and walked around the suite. Each step came easier. She giggled as she wondered how long it would take her body to tighten up again. She was always resilient but she had never experienced anything like the brutal fucking she had just experienced. Time would tell but she didn’t think it would take too long.

She put on her silk robe, walked down to Mark’s suite, and let herself in. She walked in and found Diane and Lori in a lovely sixty-nine on the sofa. Cherry walked over to the chair and sat down.

Michelle walked out of her bedroom. Cherry smiled at the gorgeous naked woman she saw approaching her. Michelle kissed her and began to run her fingers through Cherry’s jet-black hair. Michelle’s hands started to caress her shoulders and Cherry moaned, as the tender massage did feel good. Michelle’s hands fell to touch the tops of Cherry’s breasts.

“Touch me, and you’re dead woman,” Cherry moaned.

All four women cracked up in hysterical laughter.

Lori looked up from Diane’s pussy, “What’s the matter Cherry? Are you telling us you are not interested in having sex?”

“Oh, that’s too funny,” Diane, laughed.

“Girls, I think they did it. I think they finally wore her out. Hmm, yep, I just won $300. I can’t wait to see their faces when I go to collect,” Michelle laughed loudly.

“What the fuck? You knew; you all knew what those motherfuckers had planned! I’ll kill them. You should have warned me. Ohmigod! Interested in sex? I’ve had more sex in two hours than I’ve had in my entire life and then some. Holy fuck,” Cherry winced.

“We are glad you enjoyed it. We are really, really glad it was you and not any of us. Last night was enough for us for a while. Life is definitely good in the Banner world isn’t it?” Michelle grinned.

“I love you Michelle. I love you enough to make you pay for this one day. I don’t know when and neither do you but someday, I’ll get you for this.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it. They had better be better looking and richer than the guys who just got you,” Michelle said hysterically.

“You cunts are all in deep shit with me,” Cherry laughed. “Ouch!”

That brought on more laughter and Diane pulled Lori’s head back to her pussy. “You had your giggle bitch, now keep nibbling.”

Michelle poured Cherry a drink and the two women sat on the other sofa watching Lori and Diane bring each other off.

“How many were there Cherry,” Michelle asked?

“I don’t know. More than a dozen but I am not sure. Have you ever had a two-hour long orgasm? I am serious. I came non-stop. Michelle, I’ve done some wild shit in my life but nothing can compare to this.”

“Word was that it was something you’ve wanted your entire adult life. I’m glad it happened safely and you came out of it smiling. We are all glad you enjoyed it.”

“The ‘WORD’, are you serious? There was only one person other than me who knew that. Mark set this up. Mark Banner was behind this. Tell me dammit Michelle, was Mark behind this?”

“I don’t know. I heard about it from Rashad. If Mark had said anything to him, I don’t know about it. I will say this Cherry, Mark loves you so much and it wouldn’t surprise me if he suggested it to Rashad. If that is how this all came to be, it took a special kind of love to arrange that,” Michelle said.

“I know that is true. I hope it isn’t because I don’t want that kind of love Michelle. I’m broken that way. I’m incapable of returning it,” Cherry said as she stared out into nothingness.

Michelle looked at her and for the first time, saw a different woman than she had known before. It bothered her on a very deep level.

Lori and Diane walked over and sat close to Cherry. Diane was stroking her leg and Lori began rubbing her shoulders. They were both teasing her playfully. Cherry was trying not to smile because her jaw hurt.

“There is no way I could take all those guys. Dating Chris was tough enough for me,” Lori said. “I’m surprised you can walk hon. Anyway, I need to talk to you about a few things.”

Diane and Michelle went into Michelle’s bedroom while Lori went over and poured each of them a drink. The two women sat down to talk.

“Cherry, the offer Gary has made you is unheard of in this industry. Most of the girls working in this business are already seasoned pro’s by the time they are seventeen years old. They have been modeling since they were children. You are thirty-three years old. Granted, you look ten years younger but the fact remains that you are what you are. That is what makes this so special.

D’Orgasmic Lingerie shoots four full catalogs a year. Many of the studio shots are photographed in either the Orlando or Miami areas. The location shoots take place all over the world. The location shots usually involve four weeks on location. You will be traveling all over the world so you need to have your passport in order as soon as possible. Therefore, figure that you’ll be traveling sixteen weeks a year and you’ll be in the studio another four to six weeks. There will also be personal appearances for clothing markets and live TV shows that you will be on. It will be a fast-paced life but it will be fun.

When we get back to Las Vegas, I have set up a photo shoot for you. Gary wanted to see your photographs before he agrees to finalize the contract. That is standard. They will do some shots and email them to him. It’s no big deal, I know Gary. He’s going to love you. You’re going to love him too.

Anyway, all your travel expenses are paid. Since you and Diane are going to be the lead girls in the shoots, you’ll probably be traveling with Gary and his entourage. His jet is one year newer than Mark’s. It is a big rivalry between these two. The contract you are being offered is $2.5 million a year, full medical coverage and of course, you will have the entire D’Orgasmic wardrobe of your own,” Lori explained to a shell-shocked Cherry.

“Are you kidding me? Ohmigod Lori, ohmigod.”

“Cherry, there are literally millions of hot, sexy women out there that would kill for this opportunity. Diane told you the other night; this is starting at the top. This is something I have never seen happen before in my entire career. Congratulations.

The Banner Agency will represent you in all other opportunities that will come along and there will be many. Gary is very good about that. There will be a clause in the contract that allows you to appear in other companies ads as long as they do not conflict with D’Orgasmic products. That is also standard. The contract is being prepared and as soon as Gary approves the photo’s you can sign it. It will be effective immediately.” Lori explained.

Cherry was listening intently. She had no idea how big this was going to be until now. She was having trouble processing all of this.

“Does this mean I am was going to have to move?” she asked Lori.

“No, you can live anywhere you want. You just have to be available when needed. Oh, you do realize that you won’t be stripping anymore. That would not be good for D’Orgasmic’s image. Of course, this contract pays you just over $48,000 a week so I don’t think you’ll miss the strip club.”

“It pays how much per week? Ohmigod!” Cherry said dumbfoundedly.

“You heard me Cherry. You need to understand one thing; the government wants over half of that each week. Part of our services is to invest your money and to shelter you against massive taxation. You are, like the athletes, looking at a very limited career. Our athletes can only expect an eight-year football career for example. You will probably have, at best a six-year career because of your age. Our financial people are the best of the best. They will guide you and make investments to make sure that the money you earn will last you your entire lifetime. We have you covered Cherry.”

“That is good to know.”

Moans and screams were coming from Michelle’s bedroom. Lori and Cherry started to laugh. Life in the upper echelons of the Banner Agency sure seemed good.

“What is Gary like to work for? I hear everyone say he and Mark are damned near identical,” Cherry asked.

“I’ve been handling the D’Orgasmic account for quite a few years. Gary owns the company. His parents and the Carters started the company from scratch years ago. Gary’s parents were killed in a car accident. Shortly afterwards, the Carters son Jeremy was charged with massive fraud charges stemming from his work on Wall Street.

Mark, Gary and Jeremy were best friends. Jeremy was guilty as hell and I don’t know all the details but he fled the country. He was convicted in absentia and I heard that if he comes back, he is looking at a thousand years in jail. Guess who isn’t coming back. Jeremy lives in Thailand and is huge in the Porn industry now. Word on the street is he is close to being a billionaire as well.

Anyway, Gary bought all of the Carters assets since they couldn’t leave anything to their son. They are co-CEO of the company but they have no financial stake in it anymore. They are out of the country most of the time. They do relief work in war torn countries.

Gary lives like a pauper. He rents a two-bedroom apartment in a nice area of Orlando. He is sweet, sensitive and a good friend. He also fucks like a champion. He spends his time writing technical stuff and erotica. It’s funny because he is so rich. He prefers to do that and he has so many friends online. If the women actually knew who he was, they would be all over him like white on rice.

He and Mark are identical in bed. They are the best lovers I’ve ever had.

I have never had anyone complain about working for him. I handle the models. I’ve heard him have a few serious discussions with film crews and cinematographers. That is normal. Gary is always on the photo shoots. There are usually six to eight models per catalog. Diane will star in the lingerie and you will star in the slut-wear catalog.

Diane and Michelle came back into the living room smiling and drenched.

“Did you two sluts enjoy yourselves?” Cherry smirked.

“Excuse me, who is calling who a slut,” Diane quipped. “Do we have to remind you of this morning?”

“Don’t make me laugh. It hurts to laugh. My jaw hurts.”

The room erupted in hysterical laughter as the door opened and Mark and Aleka walked in.

“What’s so funny?” Mark asked.

Michelle walked over and gave Mark a kiss. “We were just discussing Cherry’s disability.”

“Really, I wasn’t aware she had any physical disabilities. Hmm, that is interesting.”

“You know you’re dead meat don’t you Mr. Banner? I’ll get you for this. You just never know when it will happen.” Cherry glared at him from across the room.

“Oh that’s bullshit and you know it. If we are talking about the same things, you loved it and you know it.” Mark was laughing loudly as he watched Cherry attempt and fail to keep a straight face. “Ah, what’s the matter Cherry, does it hurt to smile?” he said while looking for a place to duck to in case she threw something at him.

“Dead meat Banner, you’re dead meat.”

The door burst open and Jamal, Chris and Rashad walked in. They looked at Cherry and laughed. Jamal walked over and started to lean in to kiss her.

“I’m gonna tell you what I told Michelle. Touch me and you’re dead!”

Mark slid off his chair and onto the floor laughing. He looked at Cherry and burst out in waves of uncontrollable laughter. Everyone was hysterical including Cherry.

“This is so funny, I haven’t had this good a laugh in years,” Mark gasped. “Who is ready to go get something to eat?”

They all agreed they were famished. Cherry tried to get out of the chair and winced. Jamal and Chris helped her out of the chair. Mark just kept laughing.

Rashad walked to the door and stepped outside. He returned in just a moment with an appliance cart. “You’re chariot awaits my Queen.”

Banner lost it. He was holding his sides as he was laughing himself into a seizure. Chris and Jamal helped her onto the cart and the three idiots wheeled her back to her suite to get dressed. As they pushed her down the hall, all they could hear was Mark’s laughter.

“You know she’s serious, don’t you?” Michelle laughed.

“Oh fuck yes, I will pay for this. I will pay for this big-time.”

Cherry dressed while the men showered and got ready to go out. She replayed the day so far and she could not wipe the smile from her face.

They had a lovely dinner at a waterfront restaurant on Waikiki Beach. The beach was alive with people walking, laughing and generally having a great time. Dinner was exotic, filled with wonderful, tasty Hawaiian delicacies. The tropical drinks were delicious and everyone had a great time.

Aleka told everyone about the plans she and Mark had made for the remainder of the week. It was definitely going to be a great time. Aleka sat on one side of Mark and Cherry on the other. Cherry was watching Aleka closely. Since their trip today, Mark had not been as attentive to her as he usually was. Warning bells went off in Cherry’s head. Was she becoming closer to Mark? This did not make her happy.

They took a stroll on the beach after dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the evening breezes. Mark walked with Cherry and he put his arm around her tiny waist as they walked. Maybe she was reading things that were not there. She hoped that was it. Everyone was tired from the exhaustive weekend, the game, the after game party and for Cherry, the gangbang she enjoyed so much this morning. They headed back to the hotel.

“I’ve got some business to take care of when I get back to the suite. It shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half,” Mark said in the limo.

“That works for me. I’ll see you for a nightcap later,” Cherry said.

“That definitely sounds wonderful Cherry. I want that too, my dear,” Mark smiled.

Jamal, Chris, Cherry and Rashad went back into their suite and as soon as the doors closed, Cherry went on the offense. “You know I love all three of you. You gave me something today I have wanted for as long as I can remember. If you will indulge me one more thing, you will have made my day absolutely perfect.”

Jamal smiled, “What can we do to make this the best day of your life Cherry?”

“You can start by getting naked. I will be right back.”

Cherry went into her bedroom and emerged naked with a tray and some items on it. She told them to sit naked on the sofa, side by side.

She knelt in front of Jamal and ran a wet cloth over his stomach and cock. He looked at her as she reached for a can of shaving cream. She put some on her hands and began to lather him up. “You know, I do like all things slippery. You won’t have to be in a locker-room for a while and well, I’ve wanted to do this from the moment I met you guys.”

She took out a razor and began to shave the hair from his chest, stomach cock and balls. She washed the lather away, sat back on her heels, and smiled at her handiwork. His, long, sleek carved body was hairless and it looked so yummy. She repeated this for Chris and Rashad as well. When she was finished, three of the sexiest athletes in the world sat naked, hairless and their hotness ratio was thru the roof.

Cherry reached for the baby oil and coated their ebony bodies to a shimmering gleam. She stroked each cock with her oily hands and their cocks were long, proud and glossy. She felt her body enter into a small but pleasant orgasm just from the sight of these wonderful men.

She reached over onto the tray and pulled out a small measuring tape. She measured Rashad and his cock was 11.5 inches long. Jamal was 12.25 inches in length and Chris came in at a whopping 13.25 inches. She knew they were big, now she knew exactly how large they were. Was it any wonder that they were her favorite play toys?

Cherry threw Jamal back onto the sofa and her face began to caress his body. She loved the hard feel of their muscled frames. They shone from the oil and her eyes glazed over as she saw their rippled abdominals that she just had to explore. Her face brushed against his tall cock and continued north and she began to lick his tight, hard stomach. She looked into his eyes and began to lick his fabulous washboard abs. Her men didn’t have six-packs. They had perfectly developed eight-packs of the tightest, loveliest, sexiest male flesh she had ever seen. She licked him completely. Her tongue traced each chiseled valley and she licked it all. She slid her lips up and took a nipple between her teeth. She playfully nibbled and then began to suck the tight, hard nipple in her lips. Her tongue washed over it and she gave him the pleasure he had given her so many times.

The silkiness of his body, the hairless feel of this black god drover her wild. Cherry began to cum just from the feel of his smooth, naked body against her own. Her face fell down his body and again, she marveled at the softness of this hard man’s flesh against her own.

Her lips fell to his perfect smooth cock and balls. She had licked, kissed and sucked this man many times but never like this. Her lips fell onto his cock and as he slid between her teeth, she felt the frictionless feel of his bald cock in her mouth. She came again. Cherry began to lick him, to suck him and to take him into her throat. Her tiny hands caressed his naked balls and she loved the feel of the smooth, crinkled skin beneath his hard shaft. Her face rose and fell deliciously as she reveled in the smoothness. Her eyes were on his sparkling abs as she fed on his cock. This was the perfect image in her mind.

Jamal was close, he knew he was going to cum soon. Cherry sensed it and she took him into her throat. Her face looked so sweet as he watched his smooth black cock pass between her alabaster lips. He felt his cock begin to swell and Cherry felt the torrent of cum race along his liquorice shaft and flood her mouth with his wonderful load of love. She swallowed every drop. Her hands were caressing his balls coaxing every drop from him.

Cherry was cumming non-stop. This was so hot. This was hotter than she had fantasized. She loved this. Her pussy was flowing freely as she turned and attacked Rashad’s equally hard body. Her lust was flooding her thighs as she repeated on him what Jamal had just received. His cock felt so slippery as she stroked him while her face explored his tight, fucking sexy abs. His body turned her on as much as his personality did. He was such a lovely man, sexy, sweet and funny. His body shone and she loved to see his abs rippling as she licked her way up. She took his smooth cock into her mouth and she let her tongue explore this familiar, yet different, sexy pole between her lips. He is so smooth, so sexy and so perfect. Rashad came buckets full and she drank it all down. His cum was always so sweet and so hot.

She turned to Chris and the very size of his shiny cock simply astounded her. Chris was the most muscular of the three men and his carved body was so statuesque. Cherry went insane on his body, licking, sucking, tonguing and tasting every square inch of his shaved body. Her hands roamed his shiny body and her tongue followed suit. Her pussy quivered as her tongue traveled the ridges and valleys of his stomach. She was licking with broad strokes from his bare pubes all the way to his tight hard nipples. Her thighs were very wet as she gushed constantly. He almost drowned Cherry with the enormous flood of sweet man cream that flowed into her tightly stretched throat.

Cherry was so happy. The vision of these fine hard men, glistening and shining so erotically fulfilled the final part of her perfect day. They were her perfect playmates and she wasn’t about to ever give them up. She jumped onto Jamal’s cock and rode him hard. She came, as much from the slippery flesh crushing her tits, as from the hard, smooth cock teasing her sweet pussy. She moved onto Rashad and rode him as well. The flesh, the smooth, sweet glistening flesh, on her body, in her body and in her eyes all set her off. Her pussy stretched over Chris’ massive cock and the length and breadth set her off instantly. Her pussy, her war torn pussy, was exploding with the pleasure she was having.

She stood, kissed each of the men and jumped into the shower. She wanted to see Mark tonight. It was important that she did. She put on her makeup and a lovely set of D’Orgasmic bra and thong she had purchased the other day. She found her new matching stilettos. She looked in the dressing room mirror and smiled. She looked as hot as she had ever looked.

She walked out into the living room and the guys whistled their approval. They saw something in her face, in her eyes as they kissed her goodnight. They knew that if she came back at all, it would be late. She closed the door and headed to Mark’s suite.

“I have never seen her look so determined in my life,” Chris said.

The other two agreed.

Cherry walked into Mark’s suite. Her silk, floral robe fit her tiny frame perfectly. She looked phenomenal. Michelle and Lori kissed her as Aleka and Diane came out of the bedroom.

“Wow, Cherry, you look spectacular. I love that robe,” Aleka said.

“I want those shoes,” Diane remarked. “Those are so sexy.”

“That is what Kono said as she was going down on me,” Cherry laughed.

“Well, she was right. Those are definitely the sexiest shoes I’ve ever seen on you,” Mark said as he poured two chilled Rum Runners and handed one to Cherry. She took the frosted glass and kissed Mark hello. She looked around and the women had vanished.

Cherry walked out onto the open balcony and was amazed with the colors still visible in the night sky. Mark walked up behind her and kissed her neck. Cherry loved when he did that. She cocked her head and his lips explored more of her long slender neck. He pressed his body against her and wrapped his arms around her.

“You really look wonderful tonight. Every time I see you, you just make my heart skip a beat. Thank you for being you.”

“I’m not all that wonderful Mark. I can be a colossal bitch and you know that.”

“Yes, I know that. I may not agree with you all the time, but I will defend your right to see things differently from me all day long.”

“You are a strange man, Mark Banner, a very strange man,” she said as she turned into his arms.

She looked him square in the eye and tilted her head slightly. Their kiss was warm, sweet and full of love. Her fingers crawled up to his neck and her long nails tickled the back as their kiss became passionate. Mark brought his hands to her face, held her sensuously as their fiery emotions exploded onto each other’s lips.

She inhaled sharply as he nibbled her lower lip. Her nails dug into him as he pulled her face tight to his own. Her eyes sparkled as her tongue traced his lips. He looked into her eyes as he felt her tongue erotically run over his lips. She teased him and her eyes pleaded for the man to make her whole. Her arms held him tight, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth. Their lips fought each other to see whose passion was greater.

Cherry pressed her body tight against Mark’s firm chest. Her breasts felt wonderful against him. She felt his cock harden against her stomach. Her hands slipped from his neck and she began to undo the buttons on his shirt. If it weren’t so expensive, she would surely have torn it off him. She slipped his shirt from his shoulders and her hands began to caress his strong, broad chest. Her nails stroked him as their kiss lingered and grew. Cherry lifted Mark’s neck and kissed the front of his neck. Her tongue slid onto his chest and she licked his nipples delightfully.

Mark picked her up and carried her through the living room and into his bedroom. The air was scented with the fresh scent of gardenias and candles were lit giving this room a truly exotic feel. Mark set Cherry on the bed and she reached for him and undid the belt of his trousers. Mark’s slacks slid down and he stepped out of them. Cherry knelt on the bed and her robe slipped from her shoulders.

Mark stood next to the bed and smiled as the single most glamorous woman ever to grace his bed looked longingly into his eyes. Her striking black hair framed her beautiful face perfectly. The red satin bra and thong suited her exquisite body perfectly. Her shoes completed the sexiest ensemble he had ever had the good luck to witness.

Cherry put her arms around his neck and pulled his naked body to her. Words were never spoken, wanton lust ruled and she attacked him with a hunger she didn’t fully understand. He wrapped himself in her and they lay on that bed entangled in love, lust and passion.

Their eyes played, their tongues traced and their hearts sang as finally they were together.

Mark looked at the beauty lying next to him. As his hands softly touched her flesh, he looked deep in her eyes. What he saw in return was the deep, burning desire of the most lovely woman he had ever known. He leaned in and lightly kissed her soft lips. She returned that kiss and moaned as their lips met again. The electricity of their passion was intense and breathtaking.

“You make me so happy. When I see you, it is like looking into a dream. I never thought a woman could captivate me as you have. My defenses must be slipping. I swore I would never let someone steal my heart Cherry. It has been so long since I made love to a woman, I hope I do not disappoint you.”

Cherry threw her arms around him and pulled him close. “Make love to me Mark. Make the sweetest, most beautiful love to me. I don’t know if I have ever made love to anyone in my life. Show me what love is all about.”

Mark held her in his arms and felt her heart beating against his chest. He kissed her lips, her face and her ears. Cherry shut her eyelids and he kissed them softly. Mark ran his hands through her hair and the beautiful black curtain splayed deliciously on the sheets. He kissed her shoulders and nuzzled her neck. His lips traveled down her arm and he kissed her fingers sweetly. She threw those arms around him and pulled his handsome face to hers and their lips touched softly, unhurriedly and longingly.

Mark’s arms circled her slender body and in one quick motion, he undid the clasp on her beautiful bra.

“You’re pretty good at doing that Mr. Banner,” she whispered in his ear.

“I kinda grew up in the D’Orgasmic factory. I’ve done this before.”

“And here I thought I was special.”

“You are more exceptional than anyone I’ve ever known in my life Cherry. I want you to know I mean that with all my heart.”

“I actually believe you, Mr. Banner. I really do,” she cooed as she bit his neck lightly.

Mark slipped the bra from her shoulders and began to kiss her extended neck. She moaned and cooed as he lightly kissed her tender body. She was not used to a man with such a light touch. He stroked her body and found every spot that most men ignored. He felt the curve of her perfectly orchestrated breasts against his cheeks and the firm flesh felt soft and lovely.

Mark’s hands traveled down the sides of her body lightly. He discovered many new and sensitive areas with which to tease and please her. His face crossed her hard, flat stomach and his tongue traced sweet lines of passion across her skin. Traveling upwards, he licked beneath her jeweled breasts. He watched as her nipples hardened and the flicker of the candles radiated from the deep blue of her sapphires. His mouth moved from the base of her breast and he circled her tiny, deep brown areola. Her nipple stood proud, begging to be vanquished.

Mark brought his tongue onto the tip her right nipple. He lightly touched the tip, teasing her deliciously. Cherry arched her back and her nipple disappeared between his lips. Mark took her nipple and gently began to suck the jewel into his mouth. As he did, his tongue washed the tip, which drove Cherry wild.

Her long nails scratched deep lines of desire across his back and her soft, loving moans drove Mark onward. He kissed between her lovely breasts, licking the deep valley and reveling in the soft, perfect mounds of pure woman that adjoined his face. He licked, loved and sucked her left breast and giggled as he tugged the sapphire repeatedly. She loved the attention her nipples were receiving. Mark’s hands caressed the fullness while his tongue teased and pleased this spectacular woman.

His face fell back onto her stomach and he licked her tight abs with broad strokes. She arched her back as the sensations drove her wild with desire. Her pussy was wet and with every lick, Mark released her floodgates a bit more. His tongue made its way to her jeweled belly button and his tongue circled her softly. It tickled and he teased her unmercifully. Her hips began to move and she forced his tongue into that tiny crevice fully. He wiggled his tongue and her hips began to move enticingly.

Mark carried his hands down to her hips and onto her thighs. Her long, dancers’ legs were strong and slim. They felt magnificent in his strong hands. He kissed the crest of her hips and down onto the tops of her thighs. His fingers curled around the thin elastic of her matching tiny thong and as his face fell onto her legs, the thong came with him. She extended her legs and Mark deftly removed the delicate piece, making sure he did not damage it.

The scent of her arousal was intoxicating. This man had imagined this moment since the day he met her. He never imagined it to be this phenomenal. This woman is a treasure.

He kissed the tops of her thighs and down onto her legs. He lifted her legs and kissed the backs of her knees. He continued trailing long, wet lines along her tanned shapely legs. Cherry moaned softly as he parted her legs and began to kiss up her inner thigh. The silkiness of her thighs thrilled him as she held his face firmly between her legs.

Mark held her ankles in his hands and spread her legs widely. He saw, for the first time in his life the essence of this creature. He knew know that she was the perfect woman. The lovely vision just an inch from his face was something only an artist would create, perfect in every way. His face caressed the uppermost tops of her inner thighs and his cheeks were wet as he moved it away.

Mark began to open her lips, gently, lovingly and passionately with the tip of his tongue. He stroked the deep valley of her soft, puffy lips and tasted the honey he had craved for so long. As his tongue moved upwards, her passion flow increased. His hands moved across her stomach and he cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples against the palm of his hands. His wet tongue continued to open the sensitive folds of her pussy and the slippery, wet slit rewarded him with a joy he had never known before. He climbed the hills, traveled the valleys, and climbed to the top of the valley. His tongue moved back down the valley to explore the other side. The dew was thick and he was thirsty.

Cherry flowed and Mark drank the nectar, savoring every drop. His journey created much movement in the valley of Cherry; she began to moan. Her lovely, spectacular ass began to grind onto the mattress. Her legs wrapped around his hard body, and he kept licking.

“Mark, Oh, Mark this feels so good. Love me darling, love me and make me yours. I love your touch, the feel of your tongue and the sight of you doing this to me.”

Mark ascended the valley again, his mouth closed over the prize, and his lip caressed the tip. Cherry shrieked and moaned. When she felt the tip of his tongue climb under her and begin to stroke, she screamed with delight.

“Oh darling, suck my clit, suck me baby, lick me and make me cum. I want to cum for you Mark, I want to give you everything I have darling. This feels so very good. Oh yes, Oh YES!”

Mark began to luxuriously suck and stroke Cherry’s clit and she began to writhe uncontrollably under the sweet movement of his tongue.

“Ohmigod Mark! No one has ever licked me like this before. I’m cumming Mark, Oh, I’m cumming so hard.”

Mark kept the soft under strokes going and her orgasms kept cumming and she was flaying all over the bed. His face moved in unison to her hips and his sensuous strokes never changed their pace. He was just getting started and her pussy was exploding massively. Mark kept it up and her body rode his face as she flooded his face repeatedly.

“Fuck, this is so good. Oh, this is so good Mark; My God, I can’t stop cumming. More please, don’t stop darling. No one has ever been like this with me before. I’m cumming again, OH!”

Mark kept licking her deliciously and she flowed like the Nile. Her pussy was drenched and she was insatiable. Each orgasm built in intensity and he wasn’t done. His tongue kept stroking the sweet sensitive underside of her clit while his upper lip held it in place. She moaned, she screamed and she bucked like a bronco as his magical tongue took her to Saturn and she saw the rings. Her eyes rolled into her skull and her pussy exploded again.

Mark continued to lick and Cherry was losing control of her extremities. He felt her body begin to convulse again and he kept licking. Her legs wrapped around his neck, her back arched off the bed and she screamed for all she was worth. The massive, gut wrenching orgasm was beyond description. She flew from the mattress and almost broke his neck as she flailed against his face. She began to vibrate massively and he kept up the soft, gentle licking of her body.

“Oh, you glorious man, what have you done to me. You lovely, lovely man. I can’t breathe. I can’t see, I don’t even know my own name. Ohmigod Mark what the fuck was that? How did you…”

Mark slid up and held her in his arms. Her body was trembling; her skin was beet red. Her breathing was ragged and he knew she was having trouble focusing. He held her, kissed her, and felt the beat of her racing heart.

Cherry’s mind was seriously having a problem processing what had just happened. She was accustomed to having delicious orgasms but she had never experienced anything like this in her life. She laid her head on his chest and looked up into his broad smile and lovely blue eyes.

“Are you alright? I have to tell you that I have wanted this since the night I met you in that coffee shop. There hasn’t been a day go by that I haven’t wanted to just fly up there and sweep you away. I never thought it would be this good,” Mark whispered.

“Mark, Oh, Mark. I can’t even put the words together to tell you how good that was. You are one hell of a man.”

“I’m just a guy who loves a woman. I’m nothing special. I’m just me Cherry,” Mark whispered. “Do you need a drink?”

Mark returned with the drinks and Cherry attacked the drink immediately. Mark giggled, “Drink up girl, I’m just getting started.”

She put the drink on the nightstand and rolled into his arms. She loved the feel of this strong man against her body. Mark kissed her soft lips and inhaled the scent of this adorable woman.

Her body molded into his and their soft kisses thrilled her. He was not rough with her. He had found every sensitive part of her being and he was softly touching her everywhere she loved. He was caressing her, teasing her, and loving her more with every passing moment.

Her naked body felt so good against his strong frame and she felt him stiffen as she held him tight. His hands roamed over her body stroking her breasts, her hips, her shoulders and her spectacular ass.

He felt his cock inflate and he shifted to place it between her legs. He instantly felt her wetness as his shaft slid between her lovely legs. Cherry shifted and his shaft was engulfed by her lovely pink lips.

They held each other and kissed softly and deeply. Their hands explored each other as their hungry mouths fed each other’s deep, wonderful passion. Her hands felt every muscle on his shoulders and back. He caressed every hidden spot he had found and his teasing pleased her immensely.

Mark began to move his hips ever so slightly and his cock began to travel the lovely valley between her legs. The slight movement caused sweet, lovely sensations that thrilled and excited Cherry to the core. She kissed Mark deeply and held him in her heart.

The motions increased and his hips began to glide him along the ever-wetter channel of love and lust. His substantial shaft fit her perfectly and she began to move softly under his strokes. Every movement brought more moisture and their kisses began to heat.

Cherry did not understand what was happening to her. Her mind was reeling.

Mark’s hips were moving and Cherry loved the sensations as he stroked her wetness perfectly. Her body held him tight and he stroked along the river of delight with increased speed. She felt her clit ride along his hardness and she began to cum again. She bit his lip and moaned deeply and came again. Her body crashed onto him and her ass shifted so allow the tip of his cock to kiss her lovely asshole with each stroke.

This man was creating sensations she never knew existed. She was riding him and feeling him bring her to glorious places of love and lust.

Mark pushed her onto her back and climbed atop her. Their eyes locked and he saw the ultimate longing in her gaze. The tip of his crown slid along her and the mixture of her moisture and his slick lubricant made the softest, silkiest passage he had ever know. He held himself at the entrance to her being and held it there.

“You are not the only one who has wanted this moment since that night Mark. I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you inside me, inside my body and inside my heart. Love me Mark, Make sweet, lovely, passionate love to me.”

Mark pressed forward and the joy he felt as he began to slide into her thrilled him.

“Mark, Oh, Mark! Fill me completely my love. I want to feel you inside me darling.”

Mark sank further and felt the warmth of her body accepting the passion he so lovingly gave to her. He began to stroke into and out of her warmth and their lips locked in a kiss for all time.

She felt every stroke of his cock filling her with a love she had never known before. Her arms wrapped around his neck. Her breasts crushed against his chest while his slow, wonderful movements were kind, sweet and delicious. His body moved into her in long, slow strokes and her body responded instantly to the insanely pleasurable passions she felt.

Mark began to move into her faster. She gripped his shaft as hard as she ever had and felt every single ridge and vein as he explored her so wonderfully. Mark stroked and they kissed constantly. They looked into their eyes and got lost in the love they each saw. Mark’s strokes deepened and her hips rose to meet him. Their passion built as his hips drove deeper into her. She bit into his shoulder as she felt her body give way to the first orgasm she ever felt from their coupling.

Mark felt it begin and his motions increased. He felt her body grab onto him and he stroked her through this memorable climax luxuriously. Her body arched into him and he stroked deeper and faster. She felt her tight muscles shrink and her hips flare. Her eyes rolled and she yelled as this crushing orgasm began. Mark continued to slide into her faster and harder as she held him as tight as she could. Her crushing orgasm exploded on his shaft and he stroked her through it. She continued to cum, his speed increased, and before the first one subsided, a greater one commenced.

She was lost in lust as Mark loved her forcefully and lovingly. Her legs wrapped around his waist and they became one with the feelings. His body moved faster and she rode him harder. Her tender body was wracked with the sustained erotic sensations multiple orgasms can brings. Mark was amazing as his hip speed increased further and she felt him hitting her cervix with each stroke. She moaned, yelled and whimpered as Mark brought her pleasure, joy and total ecstasy. Her pussy was gushing and he was saturated with her unbridled desire.

“WOW! Oh, this is so good Mark, it is so very good,” she gasped.

He kissed her and held her tight while his hard shaft filled her quivering sheath fully. He felt her pussy shivering repeatedly against his hardness as they lay catching their breath.

“You are breathtaking Cherry. I am having trouble finding the words to tell you how I feel. From the day I met you, I dreamed of his evening. You make me feel so wonderful,” he said as he kissed her again.

He held her close and felt her velvet pussy vibrate as she calmed down. With every movement, she would twitch as they held each other tight. Once she calmed, Mark began to flex his cock hard towards his stomach. Cherry’s eyes widened as she looked into his eyes. He kept stroking her, touching her and kissing her while, he flexed his strong cock towards his own stomach.

Cherry’s eyes widened as she wondered exactly what he was doing. This was a totally new experience to her and one she thought was highly erotic. He smiled as he flexed and the tip of his cock was riding onto her G Spot and she loved this each time he did it. Mark’s strong abdominals allowed him to do this forcefully and he knew the effect it would have over time. He kept it up and she began to squirm. The squirming became more pronounced and her tiny hands dug into his chest and she began to cum again. He never stopped and neither did she. Her body was flying all over his cock in total orgasmic bliss.

Mark looked into her unfocused eyes and saw the woman enjoying true, sexual bliss. His cock kept moving and her breath was sporadic at best. He turned her onto her back and began to flex and stroke and she went ballistic. Her lovely legs wrapped around him again and he brought her to countless wonderful climaxes.

He pulled out of her and she crawled into the warmth of his arms. He kissed her sweetly. He rolled her over and began to massage her neck and shoulders. He massaged her back and her legs. Mark positioned himself behind her and raised her to her knees. He ran his hands over her spectacular ass and marveled at the lusciousness of this true goddess. Her body is perfect. Her feet, ankles, legs and thighs all led to one of the most spectacular asses God ever created.

He kissed each cheek and ran his hand between her thighs. His fingers slid inside her wet pussy and he wet his fingers fully.

“Your ass is a thing of beauty Cherry. It belongs on display for the world to see,” he said as his wet fingers circled her tight asshole. “It is so lovely, so beautiful.”

Mark’s hard cock slipped into her wet pussy and he began to take her from behind. His fingers explored her tight ass while she slid into repeated orgasms from his precious shaft.

“Fuck my ass Mark, please fuck my ass darling, I want you in there. Please baby, do me now,” she whimpered.

He pulled his wet cock from her and placed the broad head at the entrance to her ass. Cherry pushed back onto his cock and he sank deep inside her. She inhaled as she felt his hips meet hers and his cock filled her so sweetly. Mark began to stroke into her hot, perfect ass and she was pushing back furiously.

“Oh, Mark this is so good baby. Fuck me baby; fuck my tight hot ass darling. I love this. I love it. I love you Mark, fuck me my sweet.”

Mark put his hand around and began to stroke her jeweled clit. He was stroking deeply into her and tugging on the tiny jewel. Cherry was shaking and cumming and moaning so sweetly. He began to stroke harder and she was in heaven.

Mark began to shake and she sensed it immediately. She pulled him out of her and she threw him down on the bed. Cherry kissed him and slid down to take his beautiful cock into her mouth. Mark looked as this black haired vision returned his gaze. She smiled and held his cock upwards. Their eyes never faltered as her tongue began to lick him. Her mouth was a thing of beauty, soft, lovely and wet. Her face was angelic, her lips divine and the sensations she delivered were out of this world.

Cherry began to take him in and her tongue rode along his shaft as he felt the sweet, lovely heat in her mouth. She felt him at the back of her throat, she opened, and he fell into the deepest reaches. Cherry held his balls and she began to suck his cock with all her heart.

Mark flushed, his body became rigid and his legs began to shake. Cherry licked, sucked, and coaxed him as deep into her as she could. She felt his balls rise and his cum rush along his length and begin to spray her mouth and throat fully. Mark arched into her lips and his body convulsed as he shot load after load of hot cum into her lovely mouth. Cherry drank it all down and held him in her mouth as he finally softened.

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