[Author's note: From this point in the story, the characters will begin to interact with characters from the series; "The Screamer" To avoid any confusion on my readers' part, a familiarity with both series would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read and for all your wonderful encouragement.]


Cherry woke to a warm Hawaiian breeze drifting off the ocean and into her suite. Her body ached. Every muscle, tendon, and sinew in her body screamed in pain. She laughed, even though her face hurt. She was confused. Why was her face sore? Could it be that it hurt from all the grinning she did yesterday?

Cherry knew she had to talk to Mark. Mark could make this right. He is a smart man. He deals with people in television all the time. One of the most successful television shows of recent years has a tag line that everyone knows. When the crowd yells, ‘Move that bus’, everyone knows what show they are watching. There has to be a market for Extreme Makeover, Pussy Edition. She giggled as it was less painful than a full out laugh.

Was yesterday a dream? It had started with Aleka, sweet, dear Aleka, followed by her guys later in the day.

Cherry had always lived on the edge right from her earliest years. It was one disappointment after another. She made it her life’s goal to live each day for her alone and to hell with what other people thought. She knew she was pretty but she also knew she could be better. Every relationship was a disappointment and most of the time, it was her fault. Men wanted the one thing that she refused to give them. She was happy to be alone, living her life as a fully, self sufficient woman. She obtained whatever she wanted by whatever means necessary and that worked for her. Thus, she created her craving for living on the edge.

Yesterday was over the edge. Never a stranger to mind-blowing, delicious sex, she wondered if she had reached a pinnacle yesterday.

She laughed as she reflected back to the days prior to her decision to change her appearance from adorable to goddess. It was something she had wanted but it was expensive and she was not a rich girl. She saved and eventually had it done. She had also decided that she never wanted a family. She wasn’t going to disappoint a child the way she had been. Two surgeries, two problems solved.

But yesterday she had total, massive pussy reconstruction at no cost to her. Would the smile ever leave her face? Dammit, her jaw was sore from smiling. She giggled again.

Rashad, Jamal and Chris came into the living room.

“Hon, the team meeting is in an hour. We have to go. What are you going to do?” Jamal asked.

“I am going to get in the hot tub and just relax and unwind. After that, I have to get ready for the banquet. Since I am Mark’s date, I have to look really good. I don’t want to embarrass him. I’ll see you later.”

“Cherry, you could not embarrass anyone,” Chris said.

“Hmm, I’ve let more people down than I care to think of,” she thought. She kissed each of them goodbye and went in to put on a new bikini. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and was happy with what she saw. This was a really hot bikini and she just knew that the designers had her in mind when they crafted it.

She walked down and let herself into Mark’s suite. The only things missing were stockings hanging from the chandelier. Obviously Mark was still having fun. The girls said he was good in bed and it seems that he is not only good but he has stamina too. She was happy for him, she thought.

“Well, would you look at you?” Michelle exclaimed as she walked into the living room. “Damn girl, that bikini makes you look so hot.”

Diane walked in and smiled. “I told her to get it. I modeled this one in the new D’Orgasmic catalog. It was my favorite. It makes Cherry look like brunch.”

“Hold that thought sweetheart, I need to hit the hot tub first. I have some kinks to work out,” Cherry sighed.

“Kinks, did I hear someone say kinks?” Mark quipped as he walked out of his bedroom with Aleka and Lori in tow. He appraised the beauty that was in front of him and truly appreciated what he saw. “I heard what you said Cherry. It has me a little concerned. I am not sure I want the kinkiest woman I know getting rid of any kinks.”

“Smart ass!” Cherry exclaimed. “It’s not fair. You keep saying shit like that and your scrawny white ass is always too far away for me to smack it.” She laughed, painfully.

“My ass is not scrawny, I’ll have you know,” Mark smirked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. You keep telling me that but I don’t believe you. Of course, I’m used to men with, shall we say substantial butts,” she smirked.

“Yeah, I guess you are,” he said in a somewhat deflating voice.

“I’m heading to the hot tub. Any of you ladies care to join me?” Cherry smiled.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Aleka smiled. “Mark and Michelle have a meeting or something so I’m free. I need sunshine.”

“Me too,” Diane agreed.

“You three run along. Mark and I would like to talk to Lori for a few minutes if that is okay with her,” Michelle said.

“Sure Michelle,” Lori said.

Cherry and the girls headed for the hot tub knowing they would be alone in it.

“Lori, we are aware of your situation with Trainer. We think that you would be a good fit in Mark’s firm. Would you consider a move to Las Vegas to join our firm?” Michelle asked.

“The only thing I know about the sports world is that I like dating athletes and I’ve only dated a few. I don’t see how much value I could bring to the firm,” Lori answered honestly.

“I don’t want you involved in sports representation Lori. For the last three years, Michelle and my best friend have been on my back every single day to get into model and movie representation. I’ve had my research department along with the number crunchers look into it. I knew it was a lucrative side of the business but one thing held me back,” Mark explained.

“What was that Mark?” Lori inquired.

“We know the sports business better than any other firm in the world. We know that. I employ the sharpest legal minds available but we know little about the intricacies of the fashion world. My best friend, someone you know quite well, mind you, says it isn’t that much different. If that is the case, I already have the support teams in place to do that. What has held me back has been my inability to find the right person to head this division up and make it a success. Until now that is,” Mark smiled.

“Until now?” Lorry puzzled.

“I would like you to head this division and make it a success. Michelle and I have prepared a package for you to look at. If it is acceptable to you, we would like you to start right away. Insofar as Trainer is concerned, you would have the full force and weight of my firm at your disposal. I’ll tell you this Lori, he and I are not friendly at all. He will settle with you for a lot more once he knows who your personal lawyer is on this.”

“I already have my own representation Mark. We’ve been working on this for a few weeks. Who did you have in mind to represent me?”

“I was planning to represent you Lori, not my staff, me.”

“Anyway, please take your time and review the package Lori. I don’t need an answer today. Look at it and if there is anything you want to talk about, let us know,” Michelle said as she handed her a package of legal documents.

“It would be a big move for me Mark. I have a lovely midtown apartment in New York and I’d have to find a place to live in Las Vegas. I also have an unusual contract with Trainer. It was presented to me as soon as I caught the mistake, I signed immediately. He has hated me ever since. I’ll have to get you a copy of the contract so that you can see it. That one mistake could be very valuable if I decide to do this,” Lori explained.

Michelle dug through her pile of papers and handed something to Lori. “Is this the contract you are referring to hon?”

A sly smile crossed Lori’s pretty face. “How the hell…?”

“I pride myself on having the best research department in the business Lori. Additionally, I have a rather luxurious place for you to live in Las Vegas. It is mentioned in the package but it is two floors below mine and it is quite nice. I’m sure you’ll have questions and of course, feel free to contact your lawyers as well.

I would like to have you on board with me on this,” Mark said.

The morning Hawaiian sun was wonderful. This place has always been described as paradise and Cherry was learning that was true. “You are so lucky Aleka, growing up in a place as beautiful as this. This place is exquisite,” Cherry said.

“I had a chat with Mark yesterday and starting Tuesday we are all going on an adventure. There is much to see and you’ve hardly seen any of it. I have made a few arrangements and Mark and I have to finalize some things on Monday. We are going to see some of the best that Hawaii has to offer. I know you’ll really enjoy it,” Aleka said as she leaned over and ran her hand along Cherry’s submerged leg. She was surprised to find Diane’s hand already there. “Why you greedy woman! I hope you’ll share.”

Cherry laid back and let the warm water soothe the aches from her body. It was working well and she was starting to feel human again. She loved the hands on her body and the sensuous women who knew how and where to touch her. Tender, loving hands stroked her body. Aleka had to be careful to keep her hands underwater as her celebrity would be in peril if she was seen to do anything untoward. Diane, on the other hand could be a little more overt. She sat close and felt her nearly naked body against Cherry. She began to touch her barely covered breasts. She felt Cherry stiffen under the thin fabric and she teased her deliciously. Cherry put her head back on the headrest as Aleka ran her slender fingers through the pussy she tore up yesterday. She was tender and loving today. Cherry was, as one would expect, slipping both hands into the soft folds of both women. She smiled as the warm Hawaiian sun tanned her lovely face.

“I wonder what is going on with Lori and Mark,” Diane said. “I hope everything is alright. Michelle had that business look about her. I can’t read Mark at all.”

“He did look a bit distracted after Cherry and the guys left last night. I don’t know either,” said Aleka.

“What can’t you read Diane? Mark is an open book. I can tell whatever mood he is in all the time. Right now, he is enjoying his time with the three of you immensely. Mark needed this vacation. He works hard and he seldom sleeps. Fuck, I keep him up half the night, every night myself.”

Aleka sighed, “Cherry, the three of us seriously don’t believe you know Mark as well as you said you do. We also think, and please don’t take this the wrong way, that you’ve either been lying to him or to yourself.”

Cherry sat up and looked at Aleka seriously. “Why do you say that? Mark and I are very good friends. He knows me better than anyone. I won’t let anyone closer to me than he already is. We have shared so much together.”

“Yes you two have shared a lot. We get that. I may be way off base. I don’t want to say something to piss you off either. I get the feeling that what you haven’t shared is what is bothering him. It is one thing to be almost a continent away and talk about sexual conquests and quite another to be a few feet away knowing that they are taking place. You say you love him. He says he loves you too. When will either of you two idiots going to realize that you are in love with each other?”

Cherry sighed, “Aleka, Diane, I love you both. I appreciate what you are saying but I am not in love with Mark. If the truth be told, I am incapable of being in love. I’m in this life for me and me alone. I don’t ever want to be in love with anyone and certainly not Mark. There is no way in hell that Mark is in love with me either. He’s my friend. He’s my best friend. He is not my lover by choice. It is his choice, not mine. He had chances, several times, and he ignored it. I don’t know why he did but he did. I accept that. What we have is special. I won’t make a move because I don’t want to lose him as a friend.”

“Girl, you have to be the dumbest white girl in history. Ain’t no sista on earth gonna say no to that fine, did I say fine, girlfriend, piece of honky fucking machine,” Diane roared in her finest ghetto dialect.

Cherry and Aleka lost it. Cherry slid off the bench and disappeared under the bubbling water. Suddenly Diane jumped. “The bitch bit my tit!” she cried.

Aleka was laughing so hard when she jumped too. She smacked at the water but Cherry had moved away. She surfaced and giggled as the two women tried to hit her.

“Well, now that I’m completely wet, and you two have analyzed my lack of a love life, let’s go back up and see if we can put some spice in my sex life,” Cherry quipped as she grabbed for her towel. Diane and Aleka left the hot tub and Cherry playfully smacked their asses with her wet towel. They chased her to the elevators, tits just a jiggling.

They were laughing so hard when they stepped off the elevator and went into the guys’ suite. Diane surprisingly was the first out of her skimpy suit and then Aleka. Aleka walked up behind Cherry and undid her top releasing her fabulous breasts. She began to kiss her shoulders delicately. The perfume from the flower Aleka wore was very subtle and sweet. Her lips tickled the back of Cherry’s neck and her gorgeous nipples popped instantly. The two small, highly sensitive, perfectly formed knobs sat atop the finest breasts ever constructed. Aleka wrapped her arms around Cherry’s tiny frame, her hands cupping her orbs sweetly. She continued to kiss her neck and onto her ear. Cherry moaned, thrilled by her Hawaiian lovers attention.

Diane sank to her knees and slipped the bottom of Cherry’s bikini off her lovely legs. Diane walked Cherry to the sofa and pushed her down. “I have become addicted to you pussy. I just want more and more of it every day.” She caressed Cherry’s legs, her long black fingers a perfect contrast to the porcelain legs she was so tenderly parting. Her lips kissed her toes and up her slim, athletic legs. Her lovely pink tongue parted Cherry expertly and the pleasure was beyond compare. Diane had most of the sexiest women on earth on speed dial but for some reason, her desire for Cherry was overwhelming. Cherry was a free spirit, a stripper with an attitude and a sex drive that knew only one boundary. Diane parted this delicious morsel’s soft petals and the scent of her desire drove her insane with lust. If Michelangelo had tried, he would not have crafted a more perfect pussy. It was a thing of beauty and a sweetness you couldn’t describe. Diane’s tongue parted every fold, tasted every crease and reveled in the dew she was creating.

Aleka continued kissing Cherry and playing with her beautiful, lithe body. Her honey colored flesh is darker than Cherry’s yet lighter than Diane’s exquisite black skin. It was an enchanting contrast, not so much of hue but of cultures. They were an enchanting stereotypical contradiction to be sure. They shared a rapacious need for sexual contentment. Aleka threw Cherry’s head back and began raining kisses along the front of her neck. Cherry moaned loudly. Aleka climbed onto Cherry’s lips and settled her lovely pussy onto her ruby red lips. Cherry extended her tongue and slid it along the scrumptious pink slit that Aleka had served up. From her position, Cherry was gazing into a moist slice of tropical heaven filled with deep, lush valleys and cotton candy hills. At one end of this picturesque valley, a smoldering, active volcano quivered as Cherry journeyed through the valley. She was sure it would erupt soon.

Diane’s talents fueled the fire in Cherry which spurred Aleka to flow furiously. Simultaneous earthquakes of mad passion ensued. This precipitated Cherry’s ignition of the Aleka volcano cascading molten lava onto her ravenous lips. Aleka screamed at the top of her lungs as her love flowed onto Cherry’s waiting tongue. Diane’s hunger brought Cherry a crescendo of orgasms and they kept building for her. The harder Cherry came, the wilder Aleka’s own massive climax flowed. Cherry’s muffled screams tingled Aleka to a higher octave; she flailed uncontrollably.

Diane’s long fingers slipped into Cherry easily. She pushed deeper and Cherry gasped. Her hand slipped inside and Diane began to run her arm into her. It was Cherry’s turn to flail and she grabbed Aleka’s cinnamon hips hard. She drove her tongue deep into her tight, sweet twat. Diane stroked her pussy deliberately and deeply. She had never done this before but after yesterday, she had the strongest desire to give Cherry the most delicious, mind bending orgasm possible. Her lovely lips and tongue teased, tugged and pulled on Cherry’s extremely distended clit. Her mouth, coupled with the fantastic feeling inside her tightly stretched pussy sent Cherry off like the Fourth of July.

Cherry had Aleka impaled on her tongue and was pulling her further onto it. Aleka clamped her walls onto that sweet tongue and came over and over again. With every driving thrust from Diane, Cherry fucked Aleka harder before lifting her to impale her tight ass. Total sexual frenzy hit a zenith as three horny women screamed in separate and mutual climaxes.

“That is the first time I’ve cum like that,” Diane panted. “I can’t remember a time I’ve cum from what I was doing and not from what someone was doing to me.”

“Well, you delicious horny bitch,” Cherry choked for air, “What you did was fanfuckingtastic. Ohmigod! I’ll tell you how good you were, if I can ever catch my breath.”

Aleka looked like she wanted to say something but gave up and fell onto the sofa smiling.

Three completely naked nymphs lay in various stages of disarray in the living room when the guys walked through the door.

“Damn looks like we are not needed around here. At least the girls are keeping our baby happy,” Rashad laughed. “All three of you look like you’ve had fun.”

The door opened and Michelle walked in. She saw the gals and laughed. “Cherry, Mark would like to see you for a few minutes.”

“Sure, let me throw something on.”

“Girl, go the way you are. He’s seen you naked many times. It’s not going to upset him one bit,” Michelle smiled.

Cherry slipped on her heels and walked naked down the hall. She walked into the suite and was surprised to see Lori, fully dressed talking to Mark. They both turned to see Cherry and they both laughed. Lori went to shake Mark’s hand but he pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly. Lori kissed Cherry and left the suite. He walked to the bar and poured a couple of Snakebites. He handed her one, put his arm around her waist and walked her out onto the balcony.

“Are you having a good time dear?” he smiled at her as he sipped his drink.

“Mark, I am having the time of my life. This place is gorgeous. I could live here. The company isn’t shabby either. The guys are the guys. Who am I to complain? The women are now good friends and delicious as well. Everything is perfect. Thanks again for bringing me. You have no idea how much it means to me. I’m still pissed as all hell with you but I’ll let it slide…for now!”

“Yeah, I am never going to hear the end of this, am I?”

“No you fuck, you will be hearing me bitch at you about this on your hundredth birthday.

Mark laughed and took her empty glass. They walked back to the bar. “Well, you look like you’ve been cumming all day. I guess you do know. Those ladies are delicious, aren’t they?”

“Well, I don’t hear your scrawny ass complaining. Lori sure as hell seems to love your cock. I guess turnabout is fair play huh? You’ve listened to me clamor about big, black cock so much and then I walk in and see one of the most delicious, sexy black women on this fucking earth with your puny cock all the way down her throat. So yeah, you’ve got nothing to complain about.”

“Wait one minute you, I have scrawny ass and now a puny cock too? I’m not black but I’m not that bad,” he laughed as he handed her the drink.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she giggled.

Cherry walked into his chest, put her arms around him and kissed him. That kiss lingered longer than they had ever kissed before. Mark broke the kiss and walked her to the sofa.

“I wanted to talk to you about Lori. I know you’re pissed at me about not telling you about, well, everything,” he stammered. “You know that my firm represents athletes from all over the world. As you can tell, it’s a successful business. For the last couple of years now, my best friend Gary has been on my back to start representing models and actors. He has been fed up dealing with the firm Lori worked with. She has left that firm under some very nasty circumstances. This afternoon, Lori agreed to join my firm and head up a brand new division representing models and actors. It is a big job but she is one hell of a lawyer. At the banquet tonight, you and Lori will be my dates. Michelle will be with Chris. I told you last night that the press will be covering this. The players date models from all over. There are many top models in town for the banquet and the game. I am going to make an announcement tonight. You’re going be on one arm and Lori on the other. I wanted to give you a heads up because you’re going to be in a lot of magazines next week. If you’d rather not, I can have Michelle with me.”

“I can’t believe you’d pull this on me, you son of a fucking bitch!” Cherry glared at him. “Scrawny ass, puny dick and motherfucking stupid. Fuck, Mark you are stupid. You tell everyone you know me but you don’t. If you think you know me so fucking well, tell me right this fucking minute what is it I strive for when I go out”

Mark started laughing, “If I answer this correctly, what do I get?”

“You get to live motherfucker.”

“Okay, okay. You don’t want people to look. You want them to stare.”

“Fucking right, I do. What the fuck were you thinking? I would simply love to wind up in a magazine! The man is motherfucking STUPID!” she laughed and swatted his leg. Her hand landed on his thigh and she left it there.

She leaned into him and rested her head on his chest. She heard his heart beating. Marks arm was around her shoulder and his hand was dangerously close to her exposed breast. “This is going to be a great thing for Lori. Will she have to move to Las Vegas?”

“Yes, Michelle has already made the arrangements to have her belongings back in Vegas by the time we get back. Her apartment will be on the market Monday and it should sell very fast. There are so many things that have to start right away to take advantage of this announcement. We’ll get it done.”

“Where are you moving her stuff to? Is she moving in with you?”

“No, I have several apartments in my building. She will be on the same floor as our pilots, two floors below me.”

“I don’t know if I like that,” she said as she stroked his thigh. “She likes your cock way too much.”

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we’ll never know for sure, Mark squeezed her fabulous breast, “Why, are you jealous?”

Her hand had moved up his thigh and he still cupped her breast in his hand, “STUPID MAN, why would I be jealous of you and Lori. Fuck me Mark, you’ve told me so many times that you like tall, thin, sexy, black women with nice tits. She sure fits that bill. She’s fucking hot as hell and she loves cock almost as much as she loves white pussy.” Cherry turned he face up and hoped her eyes wouldn’t betray her true feelings. She kissed Mark tenderly. Neither of their hands moved. She laid her head on his chest again.

“Gee Mark; I know that Aleka and Diane would love to be represented by you. I know that. Lori should sign them up right away.”

“Lori can’t approach them at all. It’s a legal thing in her old contract. If they approach her, once their contracts are up, she can represent them with no problem at all.”

“Good to know. If I was a model, I’d want you representing me. Strippers don’t have them. My body is my representative. Is Michelle going to tell Diane and Aleka?”

“She is doing that as we speak. They know the business and hell, until the blowup, Lori represented both of them. They will know not to talk to her about any of this.

So what are you wearing tonight? If I was a betting man, I’d bet you’ll blow everyone away but hey, I’m prejudiced.”

“I bought it earlier today. I hope you don’t mind but Michelle insisted I get it. You’ll see it. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you. After all, there are going to be so many models and now I’m worried. I hope I look good for you.”

He grabbed her tit very hard, turned her face to him again. “You could be dressed in a burlap bag and you’d still be the most beautiful woman in the room. I’m serious. You keep this crap up and I am going to spank you. Do you hear what I’m saying?” His hand still held her breast tightly. Her hand was only inches from his crotch.

Their eyes were locked on one another, “I hear you Mark. I think I am finally hearing you. Damn, I have to start getting ready for the banquet. I want you to be proud of me tonight.”

Mark kissed her gently and helped her to her feet. Her naked body folded into his arms. He kissed her softly again, running his fingers through her jet black hair.

Cherry smiled as she walked down to her suite. She had never really spent any real time with Mark. Their time was spent online, pouring their heart out to each other, loving each other not for what they are but who they are. Now, looking beyond his material wealth to the man himself, made her smile deeply. “The fucker squeezed my tit, he’ll pay for that. Don’t know when, don’t know where but I’ll get him,” she giggled as she opened the door to the suite.

Her giggle turned to full out laughter when she saw three men, three women, three cocks and three cocksuckers. Aleka had Jamal on the sofa, inhaling him fully. Diane had Rashad on the floor sucking him wildly. Michelle had pushed Chris against the wall and knelt in front of his monster cock. Her skirt was bunched up to her waist with her lovely tits bouncing from her open blouse. Cherry became the school marm, walking to each couple, inspecting their work. Aleka got an A as did Diane. She moved toward Michelle and Chris. Chris had the funniest grin on his face. Cherry giggled again. Michelle, her darling sweet Michelle’s jaw was almost broken in two. She looked up at Cherry and waved. Her eyes were laughing as her lips were smashed against his pubic bone. Michelle had Chris fully in her throat.

“You fucking cockslut, you little whore! I was supposed to be the only one who could do that…Bitch! Suck those cocks’ girls. Suck them well but just leave a little treat for the teacher,” Cherry smirked.

She heard a laugh behind her. It was Lori. Cherry held out her arm and Lori fell into her. Cherry took her into her arms. She kissed her and held her head in her hands. “I am so happy for you. I really am. I don’t know shit about this stuff but I know Mark. I know you are going to blow them away.”

“Thank you Cherry. Coming from you, that means a lot.”

“Coming from me? Darlin the people you work with are high paid models and I take my clothes off at the Peeler Palace. You are a delicious human being. I am just so happy to know you.”

The sounds of three men beginning to unleash a flood of cum caught their attention. Diane was sucking Rashad hard and he was fucking her throat and face deeply. He came at the same time Jamal exploded on Aleka’s face, mouth and tits. Chris held Michelle’s head and dumped a gallon of cum down her throat. Michelle drank him down while fingering her clit at the same time. Chris kept cumming and so did she.

Cherry went from one to the other and licked cum from their face, eyes and tits. She savored it all in her mouth, rolling her tongue around in the sluttiest way possible. “Three men, three loads, am I the luckiest cunt on the planet or what?” she shouted. Everyone cracked up.

Cherry showered and laid out her new clothes for the banquet. She held the dress up and admired it. She hoped Mark would like it since he paid for it. She would never have bought it herself. It was the most expensive dress she had ever owned. Michelle had insisted that she buy it. She had coerced Cherry into trying it on. It was spectacular. Cherry laughed as she thought back to the striking reflection in the mirror outside of the fitting room. What happened to the playful tart that drove men wild? Her new stilettos and matching clutch were the perfect accessories. They matched her sapphire ear rings perfectly.

She finished her makeup and hair and looked in the mirror. Not her usual look at all but she was happy with it. She wondered if anyone would stare at her new look.

“Cherry would you like Snakebite before we leave?” Rashad yelled from the bar.

She opened the door and walked from the bedroom. “Yes dear, I’d love one.”

Three, dark, ultra handsome men stood with their mouths agape. Their looks ranged from astonished to disbelief.

“Rashad, Chris, have either of you ever seen a more beautiful woman in your life? Jamal grinned. “Lady, what did you do with our Cherry? You look, um, um.”

“Phenomenal!” Chris finished his sentence.

Rashad’s hand was shaking as he handed her the glass. “It’s official, you are not just the nicest, sexiest and most fun girl we know, you are now, definitely, the most lovely woman on this earth.” He leaned over and kissed her softly on the cheek so as to not ruin her makeup.

“Yeah, she gets all dolled up on the one night we can’t have sex. Go figure.” Chris sulked.

“Hey, she’s not our date tonight. She’s Marks.” Jamal said.

“Well at least Mark will get lucky then.” Rashad smirked.

“You guys know that isn’t going to happen so cut that shit out,” Cherry pleaded.

They finished their drinks when Chris walked up to her and offered his arm, “Hardhead number one allow us to escort you to hardhead number two.”

Rashad opened the door for them, turned to Jamal and said, “Would someone explain to me how our two best friends can be so fucking pigheaded?”

“I can hear you, you know.”

“No you can’t. You just won’t listen. Neither of you will. Oh well, it’s like we told Mark, more for us.” Jamal laughed.

The visions of gorgeous that greeted them as they walked through that door were positively stunning. Four spectacular women turned as they arrived. Cherry had been worried that her friends would outshine her tonight and she had good reason to worry. They were fabulous women, sexy and gorgeous, each in their own right. She never saw herself in their league. She couldn’t have been more wrong. The women all complimented Cherry on her attire.

Mark came out of the bedroom and stopped dead in his tracks. He saw Aleka, Diane, Michelle and Lori and thought how lovely they looked. They moved away and Mark saw Cherry who had been standing behind them. His jaw dropped and his heart raced. He smiled the most charming of smiles. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mark Banner. It is a pleasure to meet you Miss…I didn’t catch your name.”

Cherry smiled her sweetest smile ever, “It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Banner. My name is Cherry Anderson. Nice place you have here.”

“Mark, please call me Mark. I used to know a lady named Cherry. I wonder what happened to her. She was sweet, gorgeous and steamy hot. You resemble her but you are…what is the word? Oh I know, you are, phenomenal.”

The guys burst out laughing. “We said that very thing ten minutes ago Mark. We said that exact word to be precise.”

Chris poured drinks and Cherry walked out onto the balcony. Mark walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. “Every day, in every way, you never cease to amaze and please me. I’ve never seen you look this lovely.” She wore her dark hair cascading over one shoulder and he kissed her exposed neck. “I’m glad you like the earrings. They look wonderful with this dress.”

“I’m wearing all of it Mark. It makes me feel…special.”

He hugged her as they watched the ocean, “You are special Cherry. More special than you’ll ever know.”

Mark, Lori and Cherry stepped from the limo and the cameras clicked furiously. Mark walked to the pool microphones flanked with Lori on one arm and Cherry the other. Cameras blinded the trio as Mark made his announcement. The next few minutes were taken up with a myriad of questions which Mark and Lori fielded professionally. Photographers followed them down the red carpet. Cherry had never been photographed like this before.

Cherry was not a football fan. She had three men in her life who she loved and they happened to play. Other than that, she was clueless about the game. Mark was talking to reporters and shaking hands with players. Cherry met so many players, strong, handsome men and before she reached the end of the carpet, she made a commitment to learn the game. So many big, beautiful, black athletes and Mark knew them all. She looked at Lori and saw the same interest in her eyes as well. The two women realized what each was thinking and burst out laughing.

“Oh God…would I? Cherry whispered.

“Right here, right now. You would. May I join you?” Lori giggled.

“Oh for fucks sake you two. Is that all you two ever think of? Mark laughed.

A photographer stepped in and took a photograph of Cherry alone. “No Mark, I was thinking about finding the designer of this dress and thanking him.”

“Oh God, Gary’s gonna get laid too,” Mark sighed.

“Okay, stop right there,” she said as Michelle came up to join them. “I’ve heard his name over and over again. You said he is your best friend and the guys said they met him at a party. What the hell does he have to do with this dress?

“It is a D’Orgasmic original. Gary owns the company. If you want to thank the designer, you have to thank him. You’ll meet him one day. You’ll really like him,” Michelle smiled.

“She won’t like him, she’ll love him,” Mark laughed. “Women always do. You can attest to that Michelle.”

Cherry laughed, “If that is the case, you can add Diane to that list too. Now I do have to do him, err, I meant meet him.”

Mark looked at Michelle and they both started to laugh, “Diane does Gary huh? We were right Michelle. It figures. I could never see him passing up his top model, especially one as gorgeous as Diane.”

“Why do you have to do him Cherry? Come on, what do you think you know that we should know,” Michelle asked with a lewd twinkle in her eyes.

“Diane told me that Gary and Mark could be brothers. They are so similar that it is scary. She even said they fuck exactly the same way,” Cherry smirked.

“Fuck that, I’m far better than he is. Michelle get me that lazy fuck on the phone. If he wants a fuck off we’ll arrange one. It will be fun,” Mark laughed.

“I am not calling him from the red carpet of the Pro Bowl Banquet to arrange a fucking contest between you two idiots. Even if it would be the only chance for Cherry to find out what you’re like in bed, I’m just not doing it,” Michelle sternly said from behind laughing eyes.

“Trust me Cherry; I am saying this from the heart. Gary and Mark are identical in bed. They are the two best men I’ve ever fucked,” Lori stated.

“Ohmigod, you too? That son of a bitch!” Mark blurted. Everyone roared.

The dinner was amazing. Cherry met so many gorgeous men and so many celebrities. Many of them came over to the table and congratulated Lori and Mark. Cherry met models and movie stars as well as so many players. She had to pinch herself to realize she was a part of this.

The banquet wound down and they returned to their hotel. The guys kissed all the ladies goodnight and headed to bed. Cherry stayed in Mark’s suite with the girls, sipping Snakebites and laughing about the evening. Lori told Mark that she had over a dozen of her former clients promise to move over as soon as their contracts expired. These were top name models that really wanted the Banner Agency representing them.

Cherry sat quietly next to Mark, listening attentively to this conversation. The only ones in her business who had representatives were the hookers. They were called pimps. Yes, there were a lot of those.

“Wait a minute, add me to that list. I definitely want you back representing me,” Diane said.

“Me too,” said Aleka. “I want Mark and Lori representing and handling my career. I know I am not all that well known outside of the islands but the last two movies were well received. I believe with quality representation from a firm the studio’s respect, I’ll get better parts and my career will flourish. My contract is up at the end of this month.”

Mark smiled broadly and looked at Michelle. As she began to speak, Lori’s cell phone rang. She got up and walked away to take the call.

Michelle continued speaking to Diane and Aleka, “If you do decide to have us represent you, Mark and I have to tell you something. We do not sleep with our clients. We fuck with our friends. I’m sure you can understand that. We have a lot of friends so we do not go without.”

“Her name is Cherry Anderson. Yes, she sure is hot. Sweetheart, she is hotter than anyone you’ve ever seen. You pervert, you lovely fucking pervert, if you must know, it tastes like pure ambrosia,” Lori said into the phone. “I’ll definitely tell her that. No, none at all. She is a dancer. No darling, she is a stripper. You know they say great minds play there, right? I was going to call you about this but you beat me too it. What am I about to do? I am going to tell him and then talk to her. After that, I am going to suck and fuck everyone in the room if you must know, you delicious son of a bitch.”

Lori was smiling broadly as she handed the phone to Mark.

“I knew I’d be hearing from you tonight. Yes, her name is Cherry. She made that dress come alive. What? Are you serious? The headline is ‘Mystery Goddess on Banner’s Arm’. WOW, I’ll be sure to tell her that. No, not at all. Never have and never will Gary. Do you remember me telling you about the woman I met in the coffee shop after David’s funeral? Yes, that is Cherry. Very close, pal. Closer than I’ve ever been with a woman. No, how many times do I have to say that? Okay, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Mark beamed as he turned to Cherry. “Girl, you better move because after what I say, Diane and Aleka may hit you. The New York papers are out already. Every paper and ESPN are all wondering who you are. You, my dear, are all over the news. I think that is so nice.”

Lori walked into her bedroom and walked back and handed two catalogs to Cherry. One was the D’Orgasmic Lingerie catalog and the other their Slutwear catalog. Diane was on the cover of the Lingerie catalog. “Gary has asked that you be featured in the new Slutwear catalog Cherry.”

Cherry looked up at Lori in disbelief. “You’ve got to be kidding me. He wants me to be in this?” she said as she waved the nicest catalog she had ever seen in the air? “Is this a joke?”

“It’s not a joke. He told me that he watched the announcement and the red carpet walk and he knew what he wanted. He had Diane on the red carpet and then his newest creation was being worn by you. Gary is serious about this,” Mark said.

“I don’t know how to model; I mean, look at Diane. She is so polished, so refined.”

“And I’m every bit the slut you are darling. I would love to work with you. Damn, we will have a blast. Each of these catalogs usually takes about four weeks to shoot in locations all over the world. There are four big catalogs a year. There are also many one or two day shoots for the other stuff they do. There are lots of internet photos to be taken of course. This is huge. Cherry, I worked for many years before I had a shot at this and they want you to start there. You have to do this.”

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