Cherry woke to the soft feel of Rashad’s hands stroking her dark hair. She struggled to focus after the previous evening’s lust filled adventures. He leaned in to kiss her. She returned the kiss to his playful, smiling face.

“Michelle called. Breakfast is in a half an hour next door. We have to leave for practice and we’ll be gone all day. We’ll catch up with you tonight for dinner. Have fun, I hear you guys are going shopping. The five of the islands sexiest women are going shopping. Holy fuck, I pity the clerks,” he snickered.

“Oh hell, yeah. I hope I find some really sexy show salesmen. I can be one hell of a zipper buster, you know,” she giggled.

He put his hand on his thigh, “You’re not telling me anything I don’t know. I pity the fool…,” he laughed.

One more kiss and he was gone.

Cherry jumped in the shower and got dressed in another ball busting outfit. Her makeup and hair were perfect. Today, while strolling the streets of Honolulu, she didn’t want to just turn heads. She wanted them to stare in wonderment and lust. After a final look in the mirror she walked to Mark’s place. She took her key card from her clutch bag and opened the door. The sight that greeted her made her laugh. There were shoes, stockings and a trail of lingerie strewn all over the place. It was obvious that Mark was getting his groove on in high style.

Cherry saw that the living room was empty, or so she thought. As she walked to the sofa, she saw the top of Lori’s head. From the back of the sofa, she saw a very naked Mark, eyes closed and enjoying the beautiful blowjob Lori was giving him. This was the first time in her life that Cherry had seen Mark unclothed. Mark had a very good body. Cherry’s eyes fixed on Lori, the gorgeous lawyer. She looked up at Cherry and waved as Mark’s substantial white cock was delicately held between her lovely black lips. Lori eased off Mark’s cock and Cherry’s jaw dropped as his thick cock kept sliding from her hungry lips.

“I’m bad. I just had to finish breakfast before I got dressed,” she giggled and winked at Cherry. With that, she took his rock hard cock back into her mouth and sucked him deliciously. Mark looked silently at Cherry and began to cum deep in Lori’s throat. Something was imbedded in the look that they shared but neither knew of them knew quite what it was. Cherry shook off the unsettling feeling as Lori finished licking Mark clean. She stood and her fantastic ebony body shone in the early morning light.

“Oh for God’s sake you two. Get dressed. Mark, you have appointments and the rest of us are going to be spending a ton of your money so hustle. Lori dear, his cock will still be attached when he gets back,” Michelle giggled. “Good morning Cherry. Damn, you look delicious.”

Mark stood with his substantial semi hard cock dangling between his legs. He leaned over and kissed Cherry’s cheek and hurried to get dressed. She raised an eyebrow and watched as his naked ass padded into his bedroom. “Looks like there has been a party going on over here too,” she said as she saw Michelle smiling broadly. She picked up a bra, “D’orgasmic, very nice. Wish I could afford their stuff. I love everything they make.”

“Noted, one of Marks best friends owns half of the company. You’d like him too, I know I sure do. Do you get their catalogs? Did you know that Diane is one of their models?”

“I don’t get their catalogs and no, I didn’t know about Diane. That is good to know.”

Aleka and Diane walked out of the bedroom dressed to kill too.

“Lori will be here shortly. She just finished her protein breakfast,” Aleka smirked.

“Yes, I walked in just as it was being served up,” Cherry laughed. “Looks like everyone had a good time last night.”

Diane sighed, “This promises to be the best time of my life Cherry. Seriously, the best time imaginable.”

“And look at you,” Aleka grinned, “You look good enough to eat.”

“Hopefully Aleka, hopefully,” Cherry smirked. “Ah, here is Lori now.”

“Let’s go shoe shopping ladies!” Diane shrieked as she shoved everyone to the elevators.

As with most elegant women, shoes are something that defines their personas. The shoes have to fit their mood, be that playful, elegant, sexy or slutty. The way they shape your legs and raise your ass are the true factors in proper shoe selection.”

The door to the limo opened and all people could see were tits and legs emerging. Each woman was dressed to kill and spectacular in their own right. Diane looked every bit the supermodel that she was. Her jet black hair framed her lovely face. Diane’s eyes were dark liquid pools that drew you in. Her long, slender body, great tits and spectacular ass drove everyone in her presence absolutely wild. Aleka was simply adorable. Her long black hair shone in the sunshine. The orchid she wore matched her sexy outfit perfectly. She was a true Hawaiian princess, lovely in every respect. The underlying, well hidden from the public, wanton lust she embraced made her so desirable. Unless you knew that Lori was a lawyer, you would never guess. Her dark skin and drop dead gorgeous face were just the beginning of a truly fantastic creature. Long legs, great tits and an ass to die for were only the visible aspects of her gifts. Lori was insatiable. Her need for cock was second only to Cherry’s.

Cherry’s exit from the limo was truly spectacular. She looked every bit the slut she was. Her tiny top tried, unsuccessfully, to cover her spectacular breasts. They strained against the thin material and her nipples poked out deliciously. The warm Hawaiian sun on her exposed flat, muscled stomach felt so good. She wore a tiny white linen skirt that barely covered her ass. Her legs were shaped so well by the platform heels she loved so much. She was every bit of the walking wet dream the guys were talking about the other night. In fact, they all were. Michelle was dressed rather conservatively as she had to meet Mark later for a meeting.

They looked in the window and saw a wide selection of very nice merchandise. As they entered, they saw that the store was staffed by a very attractive Hawaiian girl and an equally handsome young man. The clerks introduced themselves as Kono and Daniel. Daniel, it appeared, was so in awe of the creatures in his store, that as he turned to move away, he tripped over a display.

Cherry giggled to herself as he straightened himself. She couldn’t help notice the substantial bulge in his shorts. Lori saw it too. Cherry looked at Lori and flashed back to what she saw this morning. It excited her to see her good friend being pleased so expertly. The tiny smile that thought brought to her lips stayed there until she got one of the clerks’ attention by holding up a truly BITCHIN pair of platform heels — utterly stripperlicious.

Kono came over and Cherry smiled a wicked smile at this lovely Hawaiian young girl. “Do you have these in a seven in Red?”

“Let me check. I may have to measure as this style runs a little tight.”

“Tight is always good,” Cherry laughed.

Kono went back into the storeroom and returned with a pair. Cherry sat down and Kono slipped the shoe on her foot. Kono was right. The shoe was quite tight. As Kono looked up at her, she could not help but see right up her small skirt. Cherry wore the tiniest thong that did little to conceal her sweet pussy. Kono’s eyes lingered and Cherry saw more than a hint of longing in her eyes. Kono put on the other shoe and her hand lingered on Cherry’s leg. Cherry stood and looked in the mirror. She walked a bit and the shoes were, in fact, a bit too tight. Cherry asked if she had these in a larger size. Kono said she would check and she once again, re-entered the storeroom. Cherry watched as her tight ass disappeared. Cherry looked and Lori had Daniel’s rapt attention. She laughed as she could see the ravenous leer as she looked at this fine Hawaiian man.

Kono returned with a different pair of shoes. Her tiny hands held Cherry’s calf as she applied the first shoe. Cherry spread her legs wider to allow this lovely lady an unobstructed view of her pussy. Kono was lost in her gaze. She fumbled with the second shoe as here eyes were fixed on Cherry’s quickly moistening pussy. Cherry walked in them and they were so comfortable. She sat down before Kono once again and began to laugh as she saw Daniel enter the storeroom.

“Looks like Daniel is going to have a bit of fun,” Cherry giggled.

“What do you mean?” Kono inquired.

“I think my friend wants to suck his cock. Matter-a-fact, I’m pretty sure of it,” Cherry explained.

“Not nearly as much as I want to lick your fabulous pussy,” Kono cooed.

“Well, let’s find me some more shoes first.”

Kono brought out the sexiest shoes and Cherry was in slut-shoe heaven. Michelle came up and asked if she was finding what she wanted. Cherry said she had found several pairs but had to decide which ones to buy.

“Do you like them?” she asked.

“Oh there are several I really like,” Cherry admitted.

“Well, get them all. Mark is paying for this trip dear. Not you.”

“No way, I couldn’t Michelle. I’m not like that.”

“This shopping trip is definitely on him. He wants all of these ladies to get some nice things. He made me promise to slap your ass if you argued with me too.”

“Promises, promises,” Cherry smiled. “Looks like Lori is on a tear.”

“Fuck, if I didn’t have to meet Mark, I’d be all over him myself. By the looks of it, you are going to have some ‘Grade A’ tongue in you before you get out of here yourself.”

“I know and I can’t wait.”

Kono approached with more shoes and Michelle leaned over and kissed Cherry fully and deeply. As Kono began to show her the shoes, Michelle put her hand on Kono’s cheek and reassured her that her pussy tastes better than it looked. She laughed and walked over to Aleka and Diane who were still looking.

Cherry picked out a few more styles that she simply adored. Daniel and Lori had returned to the showroom. She had the look of a conqueror and Daniel couldn’t stop grinning.

Kono and Cherry slipped into the storeroom and Kono’s hands were all over Cherry. Her hands slipped under her top and she caressed her spectacular orbs. She raised it up and sucked each nipple with a passion that was hard to describe. Cherry ran her delicate fingers through her luxurious black hair as Kono licked, bit and tugged at her hard nipples. Cherry felt Kono’s full breasts through her dress and pinched her hard nipples wickedly. Kono dropped to her knees and kissed her thighs. Cherry moved her thong, exposing her lovely lips. Kono dove in with a hunger that Cherry did not expect. This Hawaiian delight licked and sucked Cherry and had her drenched in no time at all. Her tongue had Cherry squirming quickly and she began to cum hard onto Kono’s tongue. Cherry slammed her pussy hard onto Kono and came again and again. Kono smiled up at Cherry with such a look of satisfaction. Cherry kissed her and put her hands between her legs. Kono was dripping. Cherry turned her around and sank between her legs and began to bring her to two quick but very strong orgasms. Kono was delightful and Cherry knew that she could have spent much, much longer with her.

They walked back into the showroom and Michelle was waiting. The bill had been paid and the merchandise was in the limo. They spent the next two hours buying slut wear and lovely lingerie. They dropped Michelle at the stadium and the ladies enjoyed a nice, light lunch.

“Well, you two sure got lucky,” Diane said. “Aleka and I were wondering when our turn was coming.”

Lori giggled, “With all the fucking you’ve been getting, you’re still horny? Wow girl, that man fucks better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Not only that, there are three of us and he is keeping us all so satisfied.”

“Well, yes he is, if we can only keep his fabulous cock out of your mouth,” Aleka grinned. “I have to say, he is definitely the best I’ve ever had. He’s not only good looking with a great body but I swear his cock is amazing. He knows exactly how to use it and he does it so well.”

“You can say that again. Hell, I’ve been with so many men. There is only one other guy that I know that is as good as Mark and funny as it sounds, he and Mark are good friends. Technically, I work for him but he doesn’t run D’orgasmic anymore. He does supervise the product line I’m told. All I know is he is just as adorable as Mark and he fucks like Mark. You know what we mean Cherry, Mark is such a wonderful lover.”

“Actually, I don’t know at all. I’ve never slept with Mark,” Cherry admitted.

“Are you serious? The way you two act, the chewing out you gave him? You’re telling us you’ve never done him. Wow,” Lori said. “I can tell you one thing; he sure wants to sleep with you.”

“Mark and I are best of friends. He has never hit on me. He’s had chances but he never has acted on them. I believe he isn’t interested in me. I know he loves me dearly but only as a friend. I can live with that.”

What about your feelings Cherry?” Aleka asked. “I mean, Mark is one of the most successful men in his field. He is caring and charming and we can tell you, he is the most skilled lover you’ll ever have. How do you feel about him?”

“Until this trip, I had no idea that Mark was wealthy. I had no idea any of this existed. Mark and I spend so much time together, almost every day, and I had no clue. Honestly, I could care less. We are friends and that is all. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to sleep with me and I accept that.”

“Well, there are two things I know. The first is that I really think you are wrong,” Diane stated, “The second thing I am sure of. The three of us are dying to get into your pussy. Shall we continue shopping or head back to the hotel?”

Meanwhile, across town, Michelle sat down with Mark.

“Are you having a good time?” she asked him.

“Yes I am. I never expected this but, yes; I am having a wonderful time. I’m sorry that I’m not spending as much time with you as I had planned,” he said.

“I’m with you all the time. I’m fine and hey, you fucked me twice last night or have you forgotten?” Michelle said.

“I know I did. Damn, so much sex. I’m certainly not complaining,” he laughed. “Is Cherry happy? Are the guys treating her well? I really want this to be so special for her.”

“She’s fine. She bought some really sexy things today. You may hear about this as she was a little pissed that I wouldn’t let her pay for anything. She is so independent. I think I may have offended her. Anyway, I think she is as happy as a girl can be in her circumstances.”

“What does that mean?”

“I am not completely sure but I am getting vibes that she would rather be with you.”

“Forget that. I love her. You know that. She knows that. I can’t give her what she wants. End of story.”

“You didn’t see the look on her face the first three minutes that she watched Lori sucking your cock, did you? I thought she was going to cry but once you were aware that she was there, she put on one hell of an act.”

“You’re wrong. I think I know her better than anyone. I know what she wants and I can’t give it to her. All I can do is try to bring some excitement to her from time to time. Sure, she is the most phenomenal woman I’ve ever known. Would I like to make love to her? Sure I would. Would I like to fuck her? Damned straight I would. Will I? No! That is not going to happen!”

“Dammit, do you know how much you sound like Gary right now? Sometimes a woman just wants a good fucking.”

“What the fuck? How did Gary get into this conversation? Oh, I know, his I won’t fuck a woman until I’ve made love to her first philosophy. It has served him well, considering the guy has some of the world’s sexiest and hottest women on speed dial. Owning D’orgasmic has its perks. He lives like a pauper and he’s probably worth more than me. Hell, for all I know, he’s probably been banging Diane for some time. With regard to Cherry, she gets enough cock that she needs for nothing on that front. My problem is that I do think like Gary. Michelle, the very last thing Cherry wants is a man to make love to her. Are you telling me that the guys aren’t fucking her brains out? I am pretty sure she is getting the best fucking of her life this week.” Mark glared at her and Michelle dropped the subject.

“Speaking of Lori, what have we learned?” Mark inquired.

“She is top of her field. She had a massive war with Trainer and he pulled the plug. Apparently, she is going to sue his ass off and scuttlebutt says she is going to win and win big. She was senior partner too. Actually, she was their youngest but, whatever happened, it was bad. There is, according to our own research department, a very interesting flaw in her partnership agreement. Apparently, she is not precluded from representing any existing clients as long as they come to her. Of course, she can not initiate said contact but, should someone wish her representation, she is free to do so. I don’t know who would make that kind of error but it is there and from our perspective, it is a good thing. I also know that if we do this, her first two clients are with her right now. We are going to have to make an accommodation if that is the case. Somehow, I doubt you’ll mind that.”

Mark smiled, “I am sure we will find out what went on. I can pretty much tell you what it was right now. Trainer is an asshole. He always has been. Put the figures together and let me see them before you make her the offer. Does she have any idea what we are planning?”

“She doesn’t have a clue as far as I know. You owe Chris big time for this, you know. If his cock wasn’t so fucking big, we’d never be having this conversation. Lori stopped dating him because he hurt her. He definitely is huge.”

“I should be back to the hotel by seven. Let’s shoot for dinner somewhere around eight,” Mark stated.

Michelle left Mark and went back to the hotel. Mark sat and ordered another drink. He had heard what Michelle said about Cherry. He knew, in his heart, that he was right and she was wrong. He sat and drank but the gut wrenching, unsettled feeling just would not go away.

Michelle walked into the suite and just started laughing. Four very naked women were in various stages of extremely lewd activities.

“You couldn’t wait till I got here to start this party? What the fuck is up with that? My pussy needs loving too.”

“Well, get your naked, honky ass over here gorgeous,” Diane smirked.

Michelle couldn’t wait. Cherry laughed as she peeled everything off, “Who’s the fucking stripper around here, you or me?”

Lips mashed, tits bounced and five very horny women dove in to enjoy all things female. Lori was not just a fantastic cocksucker. She was an unstoppable pussy pleaser. She threw Michelle down and dove into her sweet, gorgeous gash with gusto. Michelle looked at this black goddess and loved the contrast between them. Lori’s lovely ebony face, bright red painted lips and perfect makeup between her pale thighs simply made Michelle gush. Lori stroked her tummy and raised her delicate hands to caress Michelle’s firm, full breasts. The sweetness on her tongue fueled her wildly. She was driven to have this gorgeous creature cumming all over her face as fast as she possibly could.

Diane and Aleka began to kiss Michelle’s breasts, kissing, licking, and sucking her sweet nipples.

Cherry, not to be outdone, straddled her sweet face. She guided her pretty pussy onto Michelle’s talented lips. Always the greedy bitch — she positioned her pussy just above Michelle’s face and rested her clit lightly on her outstretched tongue. Michelle giggled as she saw what Cherry was doing. She really did like that on the plane. Michelle began to so lightly touch her clit as her own was being loved so wonderfully. Cherry thrilled as the magic that was Michelle began to electrify her body. Michelle had the touch, she loved the taste and Cherry knew she received so much pleasure from making Cherry cum.

It didn’t take long until Michelle let out a scream and began a spasmodic thrashing under Lori’s pretty face. Michelle came and kept coming as Lori was relentless. She splashed Lori’s face repeatedly and Lori kept her going. The four hands and two sets of lips drove her further into oblivion and yet, through it all, Michelle’s tongue never wavered from Cherry’s vibrating clit.

Cherry began to cum and her body exploded in a record setting series of spasms that took her breath away. Both women kept cumming and shaking vividly. Cherry’s engorged clit rested harder onto Michelle’s face, soaking her further. Cherry ran her hands between Michelle’s breasts and down her stomach.

Aleka and Diane continued to lavished their talents onto her nipples. Lori finally relented and Michelle was spent.

Cherry threw her stripper body onto the sofa with one leg draped over the armrest. Her pink gash was airing in the cool breeze. Aleka knelt before her and began to lick and suck her petals delicately. Cherry loved her soft touch but the visual of her sent Cherry over the top almost instantly. Aleka was one of the loveliest women ever to have visited Cherry’s hot twat. Aleka looked into Cherry’s eyes as her tongue wickedly presented Cherry with wave after wave of pleasure. The lust in her eyes drove Cherry into a chain orgasm that started softly and built massively.

Aleka’s fingers entered her and she toyed with her steaming hot pussy. She grazed her clit but spent more time circling her vagina. Cherry loved what she was doing. It was different and it was good. Aleka spread Cherry’s legs wider and her pussy opened deliciously.

She began to tongue her vagina and she circled her opening with her tongue. Cherry felt her soft tongue sink into her, licking the interior of her velvet glove. Her tongue seemed to grow longer with each fantastic stroke. Aleka began to dip her fingers into her and Cherry moaned softly. Aleka reached for the oil and drizzled over Cherry’s smoldering pussy and onto her hand.

Cherry felt two fingers inside her and then three. Aleka never broke her gaze and it hypnotized Cherry completely. She felt a fourth finger enter and Aleka began to thrust deeper. Cherry starred into her dark eyes intently, feeling the pressure and the pleasure. Aleka cupped her hand and kept pressing. Cherry’s eyes went wide as she felt her hand attempt to slide inside her. Aleka smiled reassuringly and steadily pushed in. Cherry felt her hand slide in and Aleka held it in place. Cherry was panting and sweating but not for a moment did she break her gaze. Aleka began to move in and out of her and Cherry’s moans grew with each thrust. She had never experienced this before and she loved this. Her mind raced and her pussy pulsed as the arm sank deeper into her hot twat. Cherry was drenched from head to toe and Aleka kept driving forward. Cherry looked and saw that her forearm was nearly completely planted inside her. She came instantly and Aleka began to fist her lovingly.

Diane drizzled more oil onto her pussy and Aleka increased her speed as she began to drive into Cherry.

“Fuck, Ohmigod!, Oh fuck!, This is so fucking HOT!!!, Fuck me, oh dear Fuck ME!, Oh I never felt…!, This is so good!, So good!, Harder baby, harder!, Fuck me baby!, I want MORE!, MORE!, MORE!”

Aleka leaned forward and took her swollen clit in her mouth and Cherry came unglued. Aleka licked and sucked as her arm slid in and out of Cherry’s constantly spasming body. Lori and Michelle began to lick Cherry’s fabulous tits and Diane began to kiss her sweetly. Cherry was in sensory overload. She seriously didn’t know which way was up and the pleasures just kept coming.

Aleka touched Michelle’s side and motioned for her to get the oil. Michelle began to oil Cherry heavily. Aleka’s lubricated her other arm and as she pulled out, she placed her hand just below the wrist of the other. Aleka’s arm began to sink back in as her other hand rode piggyback. Cherry’s eyes went wide as she felt the added pressure. Aleka went slow and Cherry began to stretch. The tightness gave way, slowly and deliciously. Cherry was on fire. Her pussy demanded to be filled and Aleka accommodated her every wish. She had her arm and a hand inside her. She began to stroke a little deeper each time. Cherry didn’t know how and she didn’t care either. All she knew was that Aleka had both her arms inside her and she was fucking her wildly.

“MORE! DAMMIT, I WANT MORE! Ohmigod! I NEED MORE! I’m so fucking full! Ohmigod! I am so full! Stretch my pussy! Ohmigod! STRETCH ME MORE! FUCK! Can’t stop cumming! Can’t! I Can’t! Ohmigod!”

Aleka began to slow and Cherry nearly passed out. Aleka very slowly removed one arm and then the second. Cherry gaped widely but not as wide as her smile. Her body twitched and flailed uncontrollably and she lay giggling, her mind racing.

“Oh fuck, Ohmigod! That is the wildest fucking thing I’ve ever done. Ohmigod! Where did you learn how to do that?”

Aleka leaned over Cherry and was pulled quickly onto Cherry’s lips. Cherry kissed her viciously. The feel of her body against Cherry’s was like silk.

“Did you ever see the original Candy Stripers? Since you’ve been with Incredible Hulk’s, 1, 2 and 3, I took a chance and dammit, I am so glad I did. I can’t imagine what that felt like but I know what it looked like. Holy Fuck! That was so intense. I’m so glad you enjoyed that. I was cumming right along with you.”

The girls helped Cherry up and she moved, gingerly but she moved. “Would someone please pour me a drink?”

Diane handed her one, “That was one freaky, fucking workout girl, is there anything else you’d like?”

“Oh yes,” Cherry said wickedly, “There sure is. I want CUNT! I want all of you and I want you all now. I’ve never been this turned on in my life.” Cherry dove into Diane with a fury and enthusiasm she’d never felt before. This lovely model wrapped her shapely legs around Cherry and rode her tongue hard. Cherry sucked, licked and fucked her tight twat with her long tongue. Diane couldn’t wait to cum and when she blew, Cherry was sprayed deliciously, forcefully and sweetly. Diane was a fountain of delicious delight and Cherry loved playing in fountains. Diane’s thighs squeezed Cherry’s head tightly as she felt her entire being flowing onto this luscious stripper’s hot tongue. Cherry was in slurper heaven.

Cherry rolled over and attacked Lori with glee. Not only did this cock slut love pussy, she adored having her own pussy attacked. Her long, puffy clit fit Cherry’s mouth wonderfully and she screamed delightful profanities with each pass of her tongue.

“Oh you delightful slut… my precious delightful slut. Suck my cunt darling. You love the taste of my pussy don’t you? Oh you’re good. God damn, you’re good. Did it turn you on this morning Cherry? Keep sucking my clit slut. Well, did it? Did it turn you on watching his lovely, gorgeous white cock sliding past my hungry chocolate lips? Suck my cunt you glorious bitch! You should have tasted his sweet cream. He came so hard this morning. His cum is wonderful. I can’t get enough. Oh that’s it! Lick right there Cherry. Right there! Oh you’re going to make me cum! What was it like Cherry? Looking into his eyes while he flooded my throat with his hot cum? It turned me on a lot. I hope it got you wet. Oh fuck, you are such a good cunt licker. I came when he came, did you? Oh I’m cumming! I’m cumming baby doll! Suck my black twat! I’m cumming Cherry! Oh fuck I am cumming!!!”

Lori thrashed wildly on Cherry’s lovely face. Her pussy soaked Cherry once again. Her words excited Cherry and as Lori came, so did Cherry. She was right. Watching Mark’s thick, long cock slide between her chocolate lips had excited her amongst other things. Lori’s orgasm faded and Cherry kissed her sweetly.

Cherry drained her drink and pulled Michelle to her. They kissed tenderly. Michelle had, in a matter of a few short days become so important in Cherry’s life. She had become a friend, a confidant and a very special lover. Their hands roamed lightly across their lovely flesh. Each had learned the others sweet spots. Cherry wasn’t going to fuck Michelle; she was going to make love to her. Michelle cooed as Cherry kissed down her neck and between her luscious breasts. Michelle’s nipples stood hard and they received this lovely attention from Cherry. Cherry licked lower to her abdomen, her bellybutton and onto her hips. Michelle inhaled as she felt her hot breath on her swollen, wanton lips. Cherry kissed the top of her thighs and rolled her over onto her stomach. She spread her cheeks and licked her tight, hot asshole. The sound of Michelle’s whimpers was lovely on the ears as Cherry rimmed her lovingly. Michelle rose on her knees and spread her legs displaying her soft pink flesh. Cherry loved every inch of her succulent loins, licking, sucking prodding and poking her. Michelle had learned Cherry’s talents and reveled in her expertise. On her part, Cherry knew what turned this blonde on and she made certain that what she did brought maximum pleasure.

“Oh you know what I like. My daring Cherry, lick my hot pussy darling. You are making me so hot. I love your tongue! Tongue my ass! Damn girl, your tongue is fantastic! Stick your hot tongue up my ass baby! Let me feel you inside me! Oh FUCK, FUCK ME! Oooh, oooh, Yes! YES! Fuck my ass Cherry!”

Cherry played with her ass and slid down and under Michelle to her hot clit. Cherry tugged and pulled her hot lips open and she tasted her delightfully. Michelle felt her tongue graze the hood of her clit and she flinched. Cherry closed her lips over Michelle and her tongue began to stroke her into cascading orgasms. Michelle rode her tongue, rocking on it and bringing additional sequential orgasms. Michelle was becoming addicted to Cherry’s tongue. She rode it hard and wildly. She screamed as she came again and again. Her body spasmed and the river that was Michelle cascaded over her lovely face. Cherry was so turned on by her friend’s massive blasts that she came again herself. She held and kissed Michelle as she calmed.

Cherry looked and saw Aleka sitting on the sofa, legs spread, running her delicate fingers over her delicate pussy. She watched as her finger traced her clit while her other hand beckoned Cherry to her.

Cherry’s mouth watered at the thought of pleasing the woman who had given her the treat of a lifetime. She sat at her feet and looked at one of the finest examples of female form she had ever seen. Each delicate feature led to another and continued over her entire form.

Her pussy was a perfect flower, and Cherry was her honeybee. She ran her hands along her thighs and followed then with sweet wet kisses. The scent of Aleka was divine and hypnotic. Cherry tasted ambrosia as her tongue began to love this lovely lady. Cherry fell headlong into heaven. She partook of the copious nectar Aleka provided. Her tongue betrayed her lust and she caressed and coaxed pleasure beyond description into Aleka’s being. She began to whimper and run her hands through Cherry’s jet black hair. She sighed as she felt her gently suck her stiff, hard clit. Cherry was expert in the art of bringing a woman pleasure.

This woman was special and Cherry wanted to insure her total satisfaction. She toyed with her clit and began to lick her entire pussy. She tongued her tight sleeve and rolled her up to lick her lovely ass. She flattened her tongue and drew it over her hot ass and up onto her pussy again. Aleka levitated off the sofa when her tongue broadly stroked her hot clit. Aleka’s powerful orgasm arrived without warning and shocked her. Cherry coaxed more and more pleasure onto her body and Aleka held on tight. Wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss hit her like a truck. She was screaming and cumming and holding on for dear life. Cherry never relented and she began to drive more and more earth shattering bliss than Aleka could handle. They were both soaked and yet the orgasms kept arriving. Each harder and longer than the last. Cherry was ecstatic as she felt each amazing blast take her darling Hawaiian lovely’s breath away.

The girls saw the time and rushed to get ready for dinner. As Cherry padded down the hall to the suite she shared with the guys, she smiled. About half way down the hall, she yelled, “YES!” Her smile turned into a very evil grin while her mind planned her after dinner party with her guys.

Dinner was delightful at the waterfront cafe that Michelle had arranged. Lush palms, flower scented breezes and a spectacular sunset precluded a culinary delight. Cherry giggled to herself as she wondered why she was ravenous. She had experienced an Olympic workout already and the main event hadn’t happened yet.

“Remember ladies, tomorrow is the Pro Bowl Banquet and the press will be covering it. We have to be on our best behavior,” Mark said as he smiled sweetly. “For business purposes, Cherry and Michelle will be my dates for the evening. The guys have a football game to play so they have to hit the sheets early.”

“Was that comment directed at moi?” Cherry said with a raised eyebrow.

“Oui,” smirked Mark.

“Party Pooper!”

Everyone roared. Rashad pulled a bag out from under the table. “Now, I know you ladies went shopping today and I bet you bought some amazing things. We got you something to wear at the game.”

He handed Lori, Aleka and Diane each a different teams official jersey. Each lady’s jersey bore the names and number of their date. Rashad handed Diane his jersey with his name on the back and his number 36. He gave Aleka Jamal’s team jersey with his name and number 23 on the back. He handed Lori Chris’ jersey with his name and number 40 on it.

“What about Michelle? Doesn’t she get a jersey?” Cherry inquired.

“No honey, I can’t show any preferential preferences. Business is business,” Michelle replied.

A pregnant pause lofted over the table. Rashad looked at Chris who looked at Jamal and these three jokers cracked right up. They were laughing and high fiving each other but they were the only ones in on the hilarity.

Chris leaned over and poked Cherry in the ribs. “Did you think you were overlooked? Did you think we’d honestly do that…and survive? Come on bro, cough it up.”

Rashad reached into the bag and brought out a strange looking jersey. Her guys played on three different teams so the guys had this special jersey made just for her. She turned it around and saw all three of their names and then she started to laugh uncontrollably. On the back of the jersey, in nice sized letters 36 – 23 – 40. Mark literally lost it. No one had ever seen him laugh that loud.

“I love it. Oh wow, this is so cool. I won’t just be wearing this at the game either,” Cherry smirked.

“Damn, you guys had to pull a few strings to get that done,” Mark said.

“It was worth it Mark, it was worth it,” Jamal was smiling broadly.

“See, there is such a thing as truth in advertising,” Cherry snickered.

“What time is the team meeting tomorrow?” Mark asked Rashad.

“It starts at eleven. Don’t know how long it will last,” he replied. “After that, all we have is the banquet and then the game. What follows is called party time.”

“Good because I’ve made some plans for us next week. I think we’ll all have fun,” Mark informed everyone.

They walked along the street, laughing and people watching. Honestly, they were the ones on display and the women loved it. They turned heads everywhere they went and the sight of the three, very recognizable athletes just added to the stares. Cherry smiled wickedly at the gawkers, she loved the attention.

Back at the hotel, Cherry thanked Mark for the unexpected shopping trip.

“Well, I hope you bought some really nice things. I figured that they would have a great selection because Hawaii is known for beautiful women. What did you get?”

“Um, shoes and more shoes. I also bought something really nice for tomorrow’s banquet. I think you’ll approve. Oh and did I mention shoes? I bought some really hot shorts and tops that were off the stare-o-meter. Oh yes, I got a couple of bikini’s and thongs. Did I mention I got some shoes? They sure do have nice clothes here.”

“Is that all you got? Seriously Cherry, if there are other things, just say so.”

“I’m going to smack your scrawny white ass if you keep that up Mark. I mean it. I am so happy with everything. I don’t know why you are so good to me. I treat you like crap at times and you are always there for me. Thank you so much.”

Mark leaned over and kissed her lightly. “My ass is not scrawny. I’ve got a great ass, I’ll have you know. It’s not as good as yours, granted, but my women seem to like it. So there.” Mark turned, walked into the living room and was greeted by Aleka, Diane and Lori. Cherry watched him walk away. He did have a cute butt.

Jamal walked up behind her and grabbed her tiny waist. “Come dear, the Gods await.”

She burst out laughing as he picked her up and ran down the hall. He stood in the hallway, kicking the door like a five year old having a temper tantrum. Chris opened the door and laughed as Jamal put Cherry in his arms. “Here, you carry her. Da women is gettin heavy.”

He ducked as she tried to smack him but all she saw was the biggest grin imaginable. God, she loved these guys. She kissed Chris and he carried her to her bedroom. “Dessert is on the table guys, cum and get her.”

Rashad and Jamal walked naked into the bedroom, their hard, tight ebony bodies rippling with each breath they took. Cherry lay back and slowly undressed as while watching the fabulous bodies of the men who would ravish her fabulous white face, ass and pussy again tonight. Her lips watered at the thought of how their massive cocks would, in only a few moments, slide between her lips and down her throat. This day had started wonderfully and only got better. Her brief tryst with Kono was exciting and fun. Her afternoon with the girls had been so hot. What Aleka had done to her, hopefully, would allow her this night, to experience a fantasy she had long dreamed of. That thought made her throat itch for cock, their cocks.

Chris had joined in the nakedness surrounding the bed. His tree trunk of a cock slowly began to swell as he watched Cherry fingering her sweet pussy and listening to her soft, sultry voice.

“I am your special cum eating, cocksucking slut, you know that don’t you? I want to feel every millimeter of your delicious hard cocks sliding down my throat. Tonight, I wanted it hard, I wanted it rough and I wanted it brutal. I want you to fuck my face and fuck it hard. Will you do that for me, my darlings? I have such a fucking need for your cocks tonight and I want to try something new later too. Your cocks are getting hard, mmm, I like that. You like watching me finger myself don’t you? See my lovely fingers as they tickle my sweet, hot, pink slit. It turns you all on, doesn’t it? You know your cocks are going to be filling my every hole soon don’t you? Oh, I like that. Ohmigod, all three cocks just twitched in unison. Oh…it’s going to be a good night. Do you know how horny I am? Oh look, my little mirror. It’s going to be an even better night. Are you ready to brutally fuck your sweet darling Cherry’s mouth, cunt and ass tonight my darlings? Are you?”

Cherry quickly bumped up and pulled them onto the bed. Three massive cocks poked deliciously in front of her lips. She was incensed with her craving for these lovely huge cocks. Her hands pulled all three men together into a wall of cock. Her tongue went wild licking their massive heads simultaneously. Cock, that was all she could think of…cock. She held them together and tried to get all three huge heads in her mouth at once. She couldn’t, but she sure tried. She took one, then another, sucking them into her mouth. She got two in and her tongue went positively wild. Their velvet heads on her soft tongue drove her off the cliff and she began to cum. She lavished each delicious cock as if it were her last.

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