“Not a word to her, okay? Mark asked. “See if Jamal and Chris are on board with this little scheme of mine and call me back and let me know.”

“You got it boss. I can already tell you they will be but I will check. How long are you planning to be there? Rashad asked.

“I’m planning on a ten day vacation. I’m hoping you guys can stay for most of it. I don’t want you guys bringing dates because you’ll be getting all you can handle and more once you get there. It would really blow her mind though if you could arrange for a mind blowing party while you are there. She really would lose her mind and your rewards would be beyond belief. Trust me on that. I know her that well. Do you think you could arrange that?”

Rashad laughed, “Oh there is no doubt in my mind that could and will be arranged. Now who are you bringing to this shindig?”

“I’m bringing her as far as appearances go. Once she gets there, I’ll be on my own. She will be with me, in the box for the game but with you guys afterward. I’ve got a few other pleasant things lined up that I’d really like us all to do but as for me, I just want to unwind and relax.”

“Are you alright? Seriously Mark, we are worried about you. First, you feed us a line of crap that you don’t find Cherry attractive and none of us believe that for a fucking second. Now, you are telling me that you are coming to Hawaii, with her, for us. I mean this is our Mark, the man who dates actresses and models and gets more pussy in a month than the average guy gets in a year. Are you sick?”

“No, I am quite well. I’m sure if I want some female company while I am there that I can find some. As you say, I do know how. As for Cherry, she is not just a friend and you know it. I love that woman with all my heart but what she wants, I can’t provide. That is a fact of life and I accept it. If I looked like you three, I’d shoot you before I ever let you lay eyes on her. So, having said that, I have given her the best three guys I know and I am happy that you have treated her so well. Now, call the guys and let me know.”

“Question boss, where are you staying?

“Oh shit, I have taken the top floor of the Honolulu Palms. It is actually two four bedroom suites. I have one side and you guys have the other side. There will be plenty of room to party and all the privacy anyone could ask for. Diane in my office made those arrangements. I just forgot to tell you. My bad.”

“I’ll call you back,” Rashad said.

Rashad placed a conference call to his two buddies and caught them before they went to practice. They all played for different teams and all three had been selected for the Pro Bowl again. He liked the fact that they were going to see Cherry again. Mark was right about her. She was not only gorgeous. She was sexy, loving, caring and adorable. She also had the strongest sex drive any of them had ever encountered. Rashad filled them in on Mark’s plans and they loved what they were hearing. He told them to plan a ten day stay and not to bail after the game. They didn’t mind spending New Years Eve in Hawaii one bit.

Jamal burst out laughing, “We have to find three of the hottest women we know for Mark. I mean, seriously, these women have to be the sexiest black women on the planet. If that muthafucker thinks for one minute that he is going to be alone, he’s outta his honky head.”

I know who I am going to get but she isn’t black. She was Miss Hawaii a few years ago and she is the second hottest woman I know. All she has to know is that she will at least once get to be with Cherry and she will definitely be a go for this. Plus, she knows Mark, only by reputation. She asked me if I thought he could represent her in her movie career. Now, she can ask him herself.”

“Preferably while she has his dick in her mouth,” Rashad giggled. “As for me, I’m going to ask my friend Diane. Mark will love her to death. She fucks like a mink. She loves white men and she too, wants to meet Mark. She is one of the top lingerie models in the country. It’s funny because she asked me the same thing about him representing her. She earns millions a year. She is on so many covers and ads. Mark should consider this actually.”

“I don’t even have to think about this,” Chris stated. “Remember that lawyer I dated a while ago? Lori is so hot. She is exactly what Cherry said Mark loved. She and I are good friends but she won’t fuck me anymore. She says I am too big for her. She is a wild, fantastic fuck, gorgeous face and she lives to suck cock. I talked to her just the other day. She just left the firm she was with. She had some differences with the partners and she was tired of playing politics. She also knows Mark by reputation. I’m betting she would love the chance to meet him.”

Rashad said, “OK, call them and call me right back. Tell them where and with whom they will be staying. Also, Mark wants us to arrange a special party for Cherry. I mean he wants us to get the guys together and give her so much cock that she begs us to stop. Think we can arrange that?”

“Fucking right we can! Damn, can you imagine what she will be like with us after that?” Chris exclaimed.

“Call me back.”

Within a half hour, they had their answers. Everything was a go. They were like kids again, plotting Mark’s surprise. They were also wanting to see their dear Cherry once again.

Early the next morning, Mark logged onto his favorite site and sat in a room waiting. It didn’t take long until Cherry signed in.

When he saw her screen name, he didn’t say hello. He just typed three words, “Answer your phone.”

He hit speed dial and the phone rang once.

“Hello darling, is everything alright? You don’t usually call unless you’re in town or something has happened.”

“I need you to accompany me on a business trip. It is very important and you’ll be gone for ten days. I’ll cover all the money you would lose so that is not a problem for you. I really, really, need you with me.”

“When is this trip. Where are we going?”

He gave her the dates and then told her they were going to Honolulu.

“Hawaii? Did you say we were going to Hawaii? Are you fucking kidding me? Hawaii? You know damned well how much I want to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been there. It is so beautiful. I hope we get to see a few things. I want to go. Can we leave tonight? Oh Mark, I would love to go.”

“Well, let me tell you that the first three days, I have to work but I want you with me. I want you to look your usual gorgeous self. It is Hawaii so you’ll be dressed “casual gorgeous”. We do have a dinner to go to and that will be “really gorgeous” but not formal. Oh yeah, there is a really big thing we have to attend but you can be as casual as you want. After that, it is bikini’s or less for the next week. So, to wrap it up, it is 3 days of fun work and a week of pure luxurious vacation. Still interested?”

“Oh wow, I can’t believe you. You always make me so happy. Damned right I am going. Nothing could stop me from this. Oh wow, I have to go shopping. Fuck, I am so excited I just came.”

“That is too funny. It must not have you too excited. I’ve heard you have bigger orgasms ONLINE,” Mark laughed.

“Oh hush you or I’ll…”

“Or you’ll what?”

“I love you Mark. When do we leave?”

“Well, this is what I was thinking. If you want to extend it one day, I can pick you up on Wednesday morning, after the club closes. We can fly to Vegas so I can pack and get what I need together and then we can fly to Hawaii. We would get into Vegas about 4 AM Vegas time, grab a bite to eat and then some sleep. Thursday morning, I have to go into the office for an hour. You can lay out by the pool or go gamble or whatever. When I get back, it is off to the airport and on to Hawaii.”

“Oh I am so excited. I really am. I can’t wait.”

“Well, you won’t have to wait long. I am so glad you said yes. I will be so proud to have you on my arm Cherry. You know I really do care about you.”

“I know you do my dear, I know you do.”

The week flew by and they talked every night. With each passing day, Cherry got more excited.

“I have to tell you something,” she said one night. “I’ve completely changed my hairstyle and color.”

“You change your hair color all the time. That doesn’t surprise me one bit. In fact, you have many fetishes but hair color and shoes top the list and it is a very long list.”

“Well, my hair is much longer than the last time you saw me and it is jet black.” I really hope you like it.

“Sounds perfect to me. Just as long as it does not cover the most perfect ass God ever created, I’ll love it,” I quipped.

“You like my ass? You have never once commented on my body other than to say that I looked amazing. That is one hell of a compliment coming from you.”

“Cherry, there is absolutely nothing about you that I don’t like. You are, seriously, the sexiest woman I know. From your eyes, to your nose, your face and your killer smile. You have the most gorgeous breasts, ass and pussy I’ve ever seen. I really love your voice. There is nothing I would change.”

“Wow, I never knew that. Thanks.”

“You’re welcomed. I need to tell you something. Tomorrow night when you get off work, I want you to drive to the executive side of the airport. My assistant arranged for your car to be in the executive garage while you are gone. It is more secure. Do you know where that is?”

“Yes, what do I do, just pull in? Who will I ask for?” she inquired.

“I’ll meet you there and it will be taken care of.”

“Great. I can’t wait. Hawaii, we’re going to Hawaii. This is unreal.”

“I’m tired hon. I’ve been tired now for a long time. I really need this vacation. I’m going to bed. G’Nite.” I said

“G’Nite, get some rest. You’re going to need it.”

“No I’m not. All I need is rest. Luv ya. See you tomorrow.”

Mark laughed as he signed off. He really did care for her. Giving her this gift was going to be the best one he had ever done. He really loved to make her happy even though he would never touch her.

Mark left New York at midnight and flew to pick up Cherry. He sat and enjoyed his rum and coke. He lit a cigarette and watched the news. His pilot Jack informed him they were approaching the airport. He finished his drink and put out the cigarette as his assistant Michelle took the glass and stowed it. Another perfect landing. Mark was so happy with his flight crew. Jack and Tom were retired Navy fighter pilots and he stole Michelle away from a top law firm a number of years ago. Mark and Michelle had shared many a night in various cities and they had a very special relationship. She was a blonde with a great body, a hunger for both sexes and a drive that was hard to quell. She was the perfect traveling companion when Mark was not otherwise occupied. On a trip like this, she was a total professional.

They taxied the G5 to the terminal and Mark was pleased that they were there fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Mark deplaned and walked into the terminal. It was empty at this time of the morning. Tom came in and filed the new flight plan as Cherry arrived. He walked out and she ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. He took her bags from the car and Tom took them to the plane. Mark made the valet arrangements and they walked from the terminal to the plane. Cherry stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the plane.

“What is this? I thought we were taking a regular plane. Whose plane is this?”

“This is my plane hon. My job requires me to be all over the globe. You know that. I can’t wait on commercial carriers anymore.”

“This trip is getting better by the minute.”

They boarded and Mark introduced Michelle and took Cherry up to meet Tom and Jack. Cherry was awestruck and kept looking at the plane. Her hands were running over the softest leather she had ever felt. She kept looking as they reached altitude. Michelle served them drinks and Cherry was speechless.

“You never told me we would be riding in style. Holy crap Mark. I mean, I never knew you lived like this. I know you travel all over all the time but I just thought you took the same kind of plane we all do. This is impressive. What kind of plane is this? It is so pretty.”

“This is a Gulfstream G5 hon. Yes, it is a nice plane. It gets the job done.”

Another couple of drinks were served. Cherry sat beside Mark with her head on his shoulder.

Michelle winked approval at Mark after appraising Cherry critically. Mark laughed to himself. He wasn’t quite sure if she was approving her for him or for her. What she didn’t know was she would probably have her before this vacation was over. He knew he wouldn’t.

Tom announced that they were on final approach to McCarran and they buckled up. Cherry was looking out the window at the lights of the strip. She loved the view. It was a view that Mark could never get enough of himself. He loved this city. The plane landed and taxied to the terminal. The valet was gone only a couple of minutes and pulled up to the front door. Cherry just starred as the red Ferrari idled at the curb. She was seated in and Mark turned onto Koval and headed home. He turned on Tropicana and headed to the strip and turned right at the MGM Grand. Cherry sat speechless once again. She had been to Vegas before but she had never arrived in a private jet nor had she cruised the strip in a Ferrari. So much had changed since she was last there. Mark drove north on the strip and pulled into Trump Tower.

He pulled into the parking garage and into his private garage. There was parking for four vehicles. In addition to the Ferrari, there was a Maybach, a pickup truck and a Candy Apple Red 32 Deuce Coupe. If there was one thing she knew, it was cars. Mark helped her out of the car and walked to the elevator inside his private garage. She entered the elevator and saw there were only three buttons. They were labeled P1, P2 and P3. This confused her until the elevator stopped. She stepped out into the most beautiful apartment she had ever been in.

“Welcome home sir,” a strong male voice boomed.

“Hello Jackson, This is my friend Cherry. She is accompanying me to Hawaii tomorrow.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Jackson,” Cherry stated as she looked at one of the largest black men she had ever seen.

“Are you hungry sir?”

“I don’t know, are we?” Mark asked Cherry. “I know I could eat something.”

“A sandwich perhaps,” Cherry suggested.

“We have fresh Pastrami, would that suit you miss?”

“Jackson, that would be delicious. Thank you.”

Jackson walked away to the kitchen and Mark started laughing loudly.

“What? What did I say that was so damned funny?” Cherry demanded.

“It is not what you said but what you didn’t say that got me laughing.”

“What didn’t I say?”

“Jackson, put your dick on a hoagie and I’ll be the happiest woman on earth!”

Cherry looked at him and burst out laughing. “You fucking know me too well. That is exactly what I was thinking. Where did you find him?”

“Jackson was one of my players and he was very badly injured. His career was over and he could not get a job because of the medical issues and health insurance so I hired him. I am gone so much and I am glad he is here taking care of the place and the staff.”

“Staff? How many people are here.”

“Jackson and Michelle live here and Tom and Jack live two floors down. They are on call 24/7 as am I. There are 3 maids that come in every day. One per floor.”

“One per floor? Come on Mark, seriously? This place is 3 floors?”

“When were finished eating, I’ll take you on a tour.”

Mark showed Cherry the place and she was blown away. The top floor was Mark’s private quarters. It took up the entire top floor of the building. His living room was huge and the view of the strip was amazing. His office was elegantly constructed of dark cherry wood. It certainly was something to see. He had his own private gym with every piece of equipment you could ever imagine. Cherry lost her mind when she walked into his bedroom. It was literally half of the top floor. The furniture was so tasteful. The bed was a fantastic four poster unlike anything she had seen before. Whoever the decorator was, they had only one thing on their mind when they created this look. SEX. SEX and ORGASMS!

“Hey, What the fuck? You have a stripper pole in your bedroom?”

“Yeah and two more in the playroom on the lower level.”

“I can’t even describe this to anyone.”

He took her into the master bath and her jaw dropped. She walked into his closet and looked at him in disbelief. He had the smaller of the two closets. The larger one was empty.

“Why don’t you use the larger closet?”

“Well, someday, if I find the right woman, she will need it. That is why it is empty.”

They went down to the middle floor where they had eaten. He showed her where Jackson had his two bedroom apartment and then he showed her where Michelle had her two bedroom apartment. He showed her the kitchen and she started to laugh.

“You could just live in the kitchen. It is fantastic. Now I know why you love to cook.”

Mark took her downstairs and showed her the party floor. He wasn’t kidding. There was a bar that belonged in the Bellagio, a dance floor that was huge. There were slot machines and pinball machines too. Mark took her hand and walked into a double door room and Cherry was simply stunned. This was a twenty four seat theater. It was amazing. Mark walked in and sat down. As Cherry walked, she looked down at the floor. It was very soft. She sat next to him, looking at the floor again.

“Why is the floor so soft?”

“Get on your knees dear.”

“Oh my God. Holy fuck me flying! This floor is this way so whoever is sucking a cock won’t hurt their knees. You’ve thought of everything.”

“Honey, lots of pussy gets eaten in here too you know. There is more to see. Come, it gets better.”

They left the theater and walked into the next room. Mark hit a switch and turned on the lights. The floor was tiled for the first three feet of the room. After that, the floor was mattresses. This is part of the orgy rooms. He hit another switch and the lighting dimmed and the music came on and Cherry smiled broadly.

“Oh this is great. I love it.”

“Come see this.” They walked into the next room. It was long and narrow. A padded bench ran the length of the room and glory holes dotted the wall.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?”

“Nope, my friends like to party.” Follow me. He took her hand and walked out of this room and past the next. That was the other side of the glory holes. The last room was interesting to get into. It was a maze and the farther you went in, the darker it got. After the last turn, the floor was mattresses again but the room was pitch black.

“This is the grope room. When you are in here, you don’t have any idea who is touching you, sucking you or fucking you. This is a very popular part of the party. I enjoy being in here myself.”

They walked out onto the balcony which ran the entire length of the building. There were three hot tubs and lots of chaise lounges and mattresses. People liked to fuck in Vegas and this was a great place to do it.

They went back in and up to the second floor. This spectacular level was elegant in the extreme. Mark walked into the living room area which was so expansive. There was seating for at least 50 people. Big screen TV’s, large lounging sofas, perfect for fucking. There was a large area of hardwood floor set into the carpeted area. Cherry asked Mark why he had two dance floors when the one downstairs was so huge. Mark laughed and walked over to the wall and flipped a switch. The dance floor began to rise. As it lifted, a gorgeous swimming pool was revealed. It was lit with LED lighting that gave the pool very sensuous look and feel.

“Mark, I am beyond amazed. This is simply the sexiest home I have ever seen.”

“There you are,” Michelle said as she walked into the living room. “I’ve been trying to find you. Cherry, come with me dear.”

Mark kissed Cherry and she left to go with Michelle.

They walked down the hall and into a spectacular suite. For tonight, this is your room. I had your luggage brought up. We are only going to be here for a short time so you can sleep now or later on the plane.

“Where did Mark disappear to?”

“Mark has retired for the evening. He’s had a long day with meetings in New York that started early. He’s tired. He will see you in the morning after he returns from the office. He has to check on things with Diane, sign some contracts and then he’ll be back.”

“Who is Diane?

“Diane is the office manager. She is responsible for insuring that all things are properly completed. Mark’s clients are the absolute who’s who of the sports world. Not just football but all sports. Every professional athlete wants Mark to represent them but he can’t handle them all. He has over one hundred top lawyers working for him at the firm. He has been thinking of expanding into other areas but that would really put a lot of stress on him.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Are you okay Cherry?”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I know I am totally overwhelmed with everything. I had no idea. I mean, I talk to him almost everyday and I really didn’t have any idea of all this at all. I mean, well, you have to kinda understand where we meet all the time. It is a pretty different kind of website and women get hit on constantly. I met him in a coffee shop just after his best friends son had died. He was so sad. I sat and talked to him for hours. I see men everyday and some are nice and others are, er, well they are men. Ignorant and horny. Mark was so different. After the funeral, we stayed in touch. We meet in this chat room and watch porn and laugh and I get horny. I’m pretty sure he does too but all he does is comment that what I like should be illegal. He has never hit on me ever.”

“Yes, I’ve seen him type that to you many times. Cherry, I wish you could see the look on his face when he does that. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been up in the air and he yells that trigger is on the screen. He is laughing but I know he is secretly wishing, just once, that he was built like that guy. I know that wish is for only one person. You!”

“You have seen some of the stuff we watch? I’m kinda embarrassed at that.”

“Don’t be. I enjoy it too. I laugh at your comments. You’re funny. You make him giggle like a kid. I’m going to tell you something that you may not believe. An hour with you takes more stress way from him than any amount of hardcore, mind blowing sex. He gets a lot of sex on his own but he lives for what little time he gets to spend with you.”

“I doubt that. If that was the case, he would have me in his arms right now,” Cherry’s eyes began to tear.

“He has this dumb fucking idea that you are only interested in one thing and I’ve fought with him about it. He can be hard headed at times but I am working on him for you.”

Cherry walked over and gave Michelle a hug, “Thank you, I appreciate that.”

Michelle leaned in and kissed Cherry and she returned the kiss tentatively. Cherry’s head was spinning but Michelle was a warm, nice, sexy woman and Cherry was happy to feel her body next to hers. Michelle kissed her again and this time, the kiss was returned with gusto and desire. Michelle began to undress Cherry expertly. Her clothes seemed to vanish as Michelle’s hands began to explore her spectacular breasts.

“Mark said you had a body to die for. He sure wasn’t kidding,” Michelle stated as her own clothes disappeared to reveal a hot, hot body. “Now, I wonder how that got there?”

“How what got there?” Cherry asked.

Michelle walked Cherry to the coffee table and there, on a small mirror were four, generous white lines.

“I didn’t bring that. Seriously I didn’t Michelle!” Cherry looked to see the reaction from Michelle.

Michelle walked over to the mirror and picked up the tiny glass tube and drew two generous lines, She handed it to Cherry and she did the same.

The rush was amazing, it was instantaneous and it was strong. Michelle took Cherry to the bed and laid her down. Her lips began to kiss and lick Cherry completely. Her touch was soft, it was erotic and it was talented. Michelle knew how to love a woman and she obviously enjoyed it immensely. Cherry felt the drug charge her nerve endings, each and every one fired in rapid fire succession. Her tongue drove her wild. Cherry began to cum the instant Michelle touched her wet pussy. This woman was making her so wet. She was cumming quicker than she had ever cum in her life before.

Was it the bump or was it the woman? Cherry figured it was a combination of both but whatever it was, she wanted so much more. Michelle’s tongue roamed over her nipples and she came again. She began to kiss down her stomach and Cherry felt her tongue trace her hips. Cherry was on fire. Michelle was that good. She felt her hot steamy breath approaching her wet pussy and she came again. When her tongue parted her lips, Cherry went wild. She raised her hips and Michelle absolutely devoured her. Cherry began cumming and cumming and she would not stop.

“Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yes! Don’t stop, Oh don’t stop, uh, uh, uh, Oh yes, Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck yes, Oh, Oh, Holy fuck, don’t stop!” Cherry shrieked as she flooded Michelle’s face with so much cum.

Michelle kept licking and rolled Cherry up and licked her fantastic small, tight asshole. Cherry began to cum again. She bucked and shoved her ass hard into Michelle’s tongue. Michelle drove her tongue inside and began to tongue fuck her seriously. Cherry grabbed her cheeks and spread them for Michelle. Michelle reached up and began to stroke Cherry’s delicious clit with one hand and her nipple with the other. A betting man would bet that Hiroshima was quieter than Cherry when she went off this time.

“You gorgeous fucking woman! Fuck my ass! Fuck me with your tongue! Pull my nipples, tug my clit! Oh this is fantastic. Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!, Oh Fuck!, Yes!, Fuck YES!, uh, uh, uh, Fuck!, That’s it fuck my tight little ass. I’m cumming, oh Lord, I’m cumming. I’m cum, cum, cum, oh fuck, I’m cumming again!”

Cherry collapsed and Michelle slowly rose to meet her lips. On the way, she sucked Cherry’s clit delicately in her mouth and held it. She lovingly stroked it several times and then left to move higher. She kissed her breasts, licked her nipples and then sensuously kissed her extended neck. The electricity shot through Cherry and Michelle attacked her face and lips with pure lust. Cherry had kissed so many women before but none like this woman.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Cherry asked breathlessly.

“From Mark. When he makes love to a woman, it is a work of art. I know someday, you will find out for yourself.”

“But I want to do you now,” Cherry said through very heavy eyelids.

“You will sweetheart. It is, after all, a six hour flight to Honolulu. Sleep now, party tomorrow.”

Cherry fell asleep in Michelle’s arms.

The phone next to the bed rang softly. Cherry, disoriented, reached for it. It was Michelle informing Cherry that breakfast awaited her. Cherry got up and noticed a silk robe on the end of the bed. She put it on and walked out to the table. Jackson had prepared a wonderful breakfast of Eggs Benedict, fresh orange sections and chocolate covered strawberries.

“Did last night happen or did I dream it?” Cherry asked Michelle.

“Oh it happened. I loved it and if you’re game, it will happen many more times. Mark was right, you have one of the most perfect bodies I’ve ever seen. I’d kill to have an ass that fine. Damn girl. I could get lost in there for years. If someone wanted to describe the perfect body, all they have to do is describe yours.”

Cherry blushed deeply, “Yours is pretty amazing too. I don’t know what happened. For starters, that was the best buzz I think I’ve ever had and then some of the deepest, longest orgasms I can ever remember. I know I kissed you and then next thing I knew it was morning. I am so sorry to disappoint you.”

“You did not disappoint me at all. I had the best time I’ve had with a woman in years and I wasn’t kidding, I want more and more of you,” Michelle confessed.

“I have a question for you if it is okay?”

“Sure, anything at all.”

“You are not just a stewardess are you?”

“No dear, I am Mark’s personal assistant. I live here to take most of the load off of his shoulders. I am a lawyer as well. I am the pit bull that allows Mark to be the man he is.”

Cherry dropped her eyes and asked, “Last night, you said that Mark taught you what you did to me. I take it you’ve slept with him more than once.”

“I love Mark with all my heart. He loves me deeply. We sleep together frequently and enjoy a sex life that is fantastic. I will never be anything more than I am with regard to Mark. I know it and so does he. I’m good with this. Many very successful men have this kind of arrangement because it works so well. He has me when he needs me and I have him when I need him. I just hope and pray that if or when Mark takes a wife, that she will understand and not be jealous. It is a lot to ask of anyone but if they want to marry a man like him, it is a reality they have to live with.”

“What the hell does he see in me then? He can have any woman on the planet. He told me once not to try to figure him out because it would only make things worse. I didn’t understand it but I do now, I think,” Cherry inquired.

“Cherry, Mark is one of the most successful men in his field. He has very few friends. Even fewer good friends. He has a ton of clients and a zillion acquaintances. His clients are, for the most part, prim a donas who demand his attention for everything. That is how he makes his money. The acquaintances/hangers on are occasionally useful but mainly they are looking for something from him. You are someone who befriended a man you did not know. You allowed him to pour his heart out that night. You listened. You held his hand and he talked your ear off. Since David died, he spends more time with you than anyone, other than me. You have never once asked him for a single thing. You talk, he talks. You both listen to each other. He teases you relentlessly about your desire for the biggest, blackest cocks on earth. If you could only hear him laugh every time he says that guy should be illegal or that that is a fucking birth defect. I tell you, it is precious. He does it because you get pissed and that is the only reason. He is the biggest tease on the planet.”

Mark walked in the door and kissed Cherry. He turned and kissed Michelle as well. “I am glad to see you two are getting to know each other. I hope you two can become very close. I’d be a happy man if my two best friends became best friends as well. Jackson…breakfast please.”

That booming voice rang thru the place, “Coming boss.”

“Oh fuck, I wish,” Cherry smirked.

Mark damned near chocked on his coffee and Michelle literally slid off her chair, laughing hysterically.

“Mark, I love this woman,” Michelle giggled as her mascara started to run. “That is the best laugh I’ve had in ages.” She got up and kissed Cherry’s still smirking lips. “Time to get this show on the road. You, eat, you get dressed.”

“I wanted to take a shower first,” Cherry said.

“We have a six hour flight. Shower on the plane dear,” Michelle suggested.

“There is a shower on the plane?”

“Darling there is an office and a full bedroom complete with en suite bath on board,” Mark explained.

“Now I know I was totally overwhelmed last night. I still think this is a dream. I am kinda pissed at you, you know,” Cherry explained.

“What the fuck did I do now? Damn girl, I can never please you.”

“You never told me about any of this. Like the plane, the cars, this home, your business, your drop dead gorgeous personal assistant. Why didn’t you ever mention it?”

“I did mention it. I just didn’t elaborate that’s all. I told you when I introduced you to the guys that they were my clients and that I was a sports lawyer. I do recall telling you that,” Mark stated emphatically.

“Oh that’s not fair. Your friend Phil is a lawyer. He has a nice office downtown. I thought you were just like him.”

“I know you. I also know that if you knew you would not be sitting here right now. Now that you know, I know in my heart that you are going to see that I am the same perv you know and piss off every night. Nothing about me is going to change. I doubt that you will change either. That is why I didn’t tell you. Will you forgive me?”

Cherry got up from the table, walked over and stood behind Mark and placed her hands on his shoulders. She squeezed gently, leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. “You’re forgiven this time. If you do it again, I’ll cut your nuts off with a thirty year razor.” She kissed him again, dodging the playful slap Mark attempted to land on her perfect ass.

Jackson pulled the Maybach up to the front of the garage. All their luggage had been loaded and they were off for a wonderful Hawaiian vacation. When they got to the terminal Mark handed Jackson an envelope and told him to have a good time on New Years Eve. Jackson flashed the biggest smile and thanked Mark profusely.

They got on board and immediately taxied out to the runway. As they were cleared for takeoff, Mark yelled, “Let’s get this show on the road boys. Get me to Honolulu.”

“Oh quit your bitching, we’re pedaling as fast as we can,” came over the intercom.

Everyone burst out laughing.

“This just gets better and better. Your staff are funny as shit.”

“I won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. Life is too short not to take the time to laugh.”

“Michelle, show me to the shower please. I want to freshen up.”

They walked to the rear of the plane and Michelle showed Cherry the rest of the plane. To say she was impressed would be an understatement. When they walked into the bedroom Cherry saw her photo in a silver frame on the nightstand. Next to the the frame was the mirror from last night, fully loaded. She picked up the photo and then looked at Michelle.

“Oh shit, I never gave him this. How did he get a picture of me on stage?”

“He’s had that for a very long time.”

Michelle took Cherry in her arms and kissed her sweetly. As she reached for her breast, the intercom went off, “Michelle the boss wanted to warn you that Cherry can be insatiable.”

“Fuck you all flying.”

“Okay, get up here and fuck us all. We are flying,” the crew uproariously replied.

“Is this normal?”

“Sweetheart,” Michelle laughed, “Get used to this, it happens all the time.”

“The pilots sure seem like they are fun guys.”

“They are fun. They are both bisexual. They can fuck like stormtroopers too. Watching them suck cock is fun. It really gets me wet.”

“You’ve fucked them too?”

“We all have. I told you that Mark has very few good friends. He is a huge swinger. That is why he designed the playroom the way he did. Lots of people love theater sex. That is wonderful. I love that myself. Mark can’t afford the problems of being busted in any kind of raid so he built this. The glory holes are popular with all of us, Mark included. The maze and grope room are the best. When he has a party, there can be as many as one hundred or more people here. Everyone is naked and everyone is fucking and sucking like there is no tomorrow. There are very few guys that Mark will do out in the open. Jack and Tom are two that he trusts completely. All of the women that come here are bi, horny and hot. Many of the men are as well but you’d never know who because they are in the grope room and you can’t see anything in there. I’m going to make sure that you are at the next party. I don’t know when it will happen but when it does, you’ll just hop on the jet and get your sweet, pretty ass here.

I do want to fill you in on this. We don’t party with our clients. they are our bread and butter and we can’t afford to have any problems. There are three exceptions to that rule. Three clients that we represent that we do not charge a dime for our services. We party with them. All others are strictly off limits. The parties we have are for people that Mark knows. Local swingers. They are all good looking and horny as hell.”

Cherry had been listening to every word Michelle had uttered. She was completely unaware that while she spoke, Michelle had completely undressed both herself and Cherry. Michelle grabbed Cherry and kissed her hotly. She ran her fingers into Cherry’s wet slit and caressed her long, sweet clit with a need that had to be satisfied.

Michelle hit a button the main bulkhead and a device dropped from the ceiling. It was a chin up bar suspended from chains. Michelle took Cherry’s hands and placed them on the bar.

She sank to her knees and spread Cherry’s legs, opening her pussy wide. Michelle began to lick and suck her long, hard clit hungrily.

Cherry was suspended from the bar screaming in delight as Michelle sucked her clit like it was a small cock. This felt so good to her. She began to cum and Michelle kept sucking.

Cherry thought her orgasm would subside but it only got stronger. Michelle kept licking and gently sucking and the sensation just kept getting stronger and more delicious. Her orgasms kept getting harder and deeper.

Cherry was no stranger to massive orgasms but this one would not quit. Her body was shaking, trembling, moaning and screaming and yet, it would not stop.

Michelle knew she had more and she was hell bent on finding it. Her tongue barely grazed the sweet underside of Cherry’s clit and her upper lip held the hood in place. Michelle had never once changed the pace of her tongue and that is what was driving this incredible orgasm.

Cherry held the bar tight because her legs were useless right now. Michelle’s tongue was relentless. Her tongue, so very softly, stroked the sweet underside of her engorged clit. Cherry bellowed as her muscles contracted ever so tightly. Her pussy was like molten lava. It was flowing massive amounts of cum into Michelle’s thirsty mouth. She kept cumming and writhing in the ecstasy this marvelous woman brought to her. She grasped the bar tightly. In an enormous final climax, Cherry wrapped her legs around Michelle’s neck. Using what little strength she had left, Cherry rode Michelle’s face harder than anything she had ever done, spraying her face like a fire-hose.

Cherry collapsed into Michelle’s waiting arms. She laid her on the bed. Cherry was totally incoherent. Her body spasmed and constricted. Her legs flailed across the bedspread uncontrollably. She was hardly breathing. Michelle lay beside her, softly stroking and gently kissing her. Cherry had joined the Mile High Club in a most spectacular fashion. She tried to speak and once again, she found that completely impossible. She grabbed one of Michelle’s hands and just held it tight. Michelle rolled over and hugged her sweetly. Cherry basked in the afterglow, speechless and senseless.

In the hoarsest voice imaginable, Cherry looked at Michelle and asked one question, “Who the fuck taught you to do that?”

“Who do you think? Why Mark of course.”

“I’m either going to kill him or marry him. Those seem to be my only options. I don’t see any others, do you Michelle?”

They both began laughing.

Michelle pulled Cherry to her feet and they headed to the shower. Cherry felt the water begin to bring sense to her senseless body. The steady stream of water soothed her still quivering frame. She had to laugh at the old expression that you learn something new every day. She was not a novice when it came to enjoying an orgasm but at this moment in time she felt almost virginal. She had enjoyed two of the most unique, powerful climaxes of her life within a very short period of time. She was starting to rethink everything she thought she knew about the joy of sex. If the last few hours were an indication, she had much to learn and was eager to do so.

The shower door opened and Michelle stepped inside. She began to lather Cherry’s back and shoulders. Cherry turned into Michelle and their kiss was animalistic. Cherry could not get enough of this blondes face. Their soapy bodies felt fantastic as their hands caressed each other. Hungry faces and naked desire drove Cherry wild once again. Her desire to crawl into Michelle’s hot pussy was intense.

They toweled off and fell onto the bed. They began to kiss and explore delicately. Michelle picked up the mirror and handed it to Cherry and then used it herself. The drug was so intense and Cherry was starved for pussy.

She licked Michelle’s nipples, licking, sucking and biting playfully. She caressed them and kissed between her spectacular orbs. She licked down her stomach and tongued her belly button. Still massaging her firm lovely tits, Cherry trailed her lips over Michelle’s hips and onto her thighs. She heard a gasp of delight as Michelle felt her cheek on the inside of her creamy thighs.

The scent of her arousal inflamed Cherry and her desire to please this lovely woman was not to be stopped. Her precious pink lips beckoned and Cherry responded. Her soft, sweet tongue opened her to a reward of honey flavored nectar. Michelle loved the feel and tenderness of her tongue. She wanted more. Never one to be selfish, Cherry licked and tugged at her china fine lips. Her tongue traveled into her folds and the sweetness flowed copiously. Cherry was addicted to the taste, to the desire and the lust pouring from this delicious woman.

Cherry brought a single finger to the side of Michelle’s clit and lightly held it. Her lips and tongue began to flick and lick the other side which drove Michelle positively crazy. Cherry felt her begin to cum and she continued softly but determinedly. Michelle came and flooded Cherry with a warmth of love that she drank down passionately.

Cherry spread her lips wider and traced her tongue lower and Michelle felt her tongue circle her entrance to her vagina. She was stretched so wide and Cherry’s tongue felt too good. Cherry sank her tongue deep into her vagina and felt her clamp onto it. She began to fuck Michelle, loving the pressure her tight twat put upon her tongue. Cherry dove harder and Michelle clamped tighter. She began to cum again and again. Her orgasms shrieked throughout the plane. Cherry loved the taste of her pussy and Michelle loved to cum. It was a great combination. Cherry licked and fingered her hot ass. She then began to suck her clit deliciously. Not to be outdone, Cherry drove Michelle to the same level of orgasmic bliss she had just experienced. As she fired off her orgasmic screams only got louder. There was no doubt that everyone could hear her. Michelle was out of control and she did not care. Her body screamed for more and Cherry gave her more. Michelle copied Cherry in that she wrapped her legs around her neck and gushed wildly down her lovely throat.

As she began to calm, the intercom came on, “Attention all passengers. Please fasten your seat belts. We are concerned that the ass end of this aircraft is going to fall off. Once again, Thank you for flying ‘Fuck Me Flying Airlines’.”

The bedroom door opened and Mark stood there with two drinks for the ladies. He smiled at these two wonderful naked women and just laughed. “You were warned Michelle, you were warned.”

“Hey, no one warned me about her!” Cherry exclaimed.

The intercom clicked on again, “Our bad.” Everyone fell into hysterical laughter.

The ladies got dressed and joined Mark in the cabin. They both looked lovely. Cherry sat beside Mark and rested her head on his shoulder. “I have a message for you from Phil and Gloria.”

That got Mark’s attention. “When did you meet them?”

“Oh, I thought you knew. I got a phone call from Phil a week ago. He asked me to come to his office which I did. I met him and he is such a nice man. No wonder he’s your best friend. Anyway, he told me that Rashad, Jamal and Chris wanted to give me a Christmas present. He said they wanted to thank me for taking such good care of you when David passed away. It meant a lot to them and then they met me and they really liked me. Anyway, Phil needed to know how much I owed on my car. I told him I wasn’t exactly sure but I made a call and found out. He then had me sign a few papers and as I was reading them, I was shocked. The guys paid off my house and my car.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No, Phil said they were not going to be home until sometime mid February. They wanted me to know they would see me when they got home. They wanted to make sure I got my Christmas present. I am still in shock.”

Mark looked at Michelle, “Make sure accounting handles this properly, will you hon.”

“Definitely. I’m on it,” she said as she picked up the SAT phone.

“So what did Phil and Gloria say?”

“Phil said you are a lucky bastard and Gloria told me to give you this,” With that, she kissed Mark deeply, lovingly and longingly.

“I’m fucking screwed.”


“Seems I’m having a lustful relationship with my best friends wife.”

Cherry slapped his shoulder hard while Michelle just giggled uncontrollably.

The intercom clicked on and Jack stated, “Wheels down in 30 boss.”

“Time for one more drink.”

“It is so lush, so beautiful,” Cherry said as she looked out the window of the limo. “It is prettier than I expected. The water looks so lovely.”

They pulled into the Honolulu Palms and Michelle went to the front desk. She had pre-registered so she only had to pick up key cards. Moments later, they were on their way to the top floor. The bellman opened the door to a fantastic suite and began to put the luggage in the various rooms. Michelle and Cherry went to the balcony to take in the view. When he went to grab Cherry’s bag, Mark stopped him and told him to leave it by the door. Mark tipped him and he left. Mark looked at his watch and smiled. If everything goes according to plan, the guys should be here in less than five minutes.

Mark walked out onto the balcony and the fresh tropical sea breeze felt fantastic. He came between both women and put his arms around their waists.

“Heaven, this is absolutely heaven,” Mark sighed. “This is how to relax. Now what could be better than this?”

They heard a knock at the door and walked back into the suite. Michelle answered the door and three elegant women walked into the suite. This was not the plan Michelle knew of. They started to introduce themselves when there was another knock on the door. Again Michelle opened the door and she burst out laughing. Rashad, Jamal and Chris stood in the doorway with the most angelic looks on their faces. Cherry looked at the door and freaked. She ran to the doorway and hugged all of them, She kissed them and thanked them so much for their most generous Christmas present. The guys walked in, each one kissing Michelle hello and shaking Mark’s hand. Mark had a puzzled look on his face as he looked at the two black goddesses and this Hawaiian Princess. They were not part of his plan. They were also quite welcomed. They were gorgeous.

Michelle poured drinks and the guys introduced the ladies to everyone. Jamal introduced Aleka as a former Miss Hawaii and actress. Rashad introduced Diane as a top model and Chris introduced Lori to Mark. He told Mark that Lori was a good friend and a lawyer as well. Everyone seemed to hit it off very well. The ladies went to chat with Michelle while the guys stayed with Mark.

“What the fuck? You weren’t supposed to bring any women with you. I wanted you to have this time with Cherry.”

“We plan on it. Merry Christmas and Happy Fucking New Year. Aleka, Diane and Lori are our gift to you. You’ve been so good to us and well, since you don’t want Cherry, you know she is going to be taken care of. We didn’t want you left out. We found you almost the hottest women we knew. We know you’ll take good care of them.”

“Almost the hottest?”

“If you weren’t so fucking stubborn, you’d know we are taking the hottest one with us.” Rashad told Mark.

“Am I the only one who is hungry?” Let’s go find some place really nice that has great food, good booze and a great view of the sunset,” Chris exclaimed.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Mark agreed.

“I need to change and freshen my makeup,” Cherry said. “Which room is mine Michelle?”

Jamal grabbed her hand and started walking toward the door. He pointed to the bag by the door. “Is this one yours?”

“Yes it is.”

“Good, come with me,” he said as he picked up her bag and headed down the hall.

“What is going on?”

“We are here for ten days. You, dear, are with the three of us. The gals we brought were our surprise for Mark. Hope you are not disappointed.”

Cherry was overwhelmed. She threw herself at Jamal and kissed him deeply. Rashad and Chris walked in and she held them and kissed them and started jumping up and down.

“Mark arranged this?” she asked.

“Oh hell, yes he did. We turned the tables on him though. He is going to be so well fucked over the next ten days, we’ll have to wheel him onto that plane,” Chris said with a very evil grin on his face.

“Oh my God, I’ve got you all to myself for ten days! Oh my God,” Cherry shrieked.

“Not exactly, We have a game to play on Sunday dear. After that, we’ll have our time to ourselves.”

“A game, what game?”

“The Pro Bowl baby, The Pro Bowl.”

“Do I get to go to this game?”

“Honey, you’ll be in Mark’s sky box. The best seat in the house. Come on, hurry up, we’re starved.”

Cherry quickly changed into a drop dead sexy as hell outfit, fixed her makeup and ran back to Mark’s suite. She walked in to catcalls and whistles from the guys. She walked to Mark, who was talking to the ladies, excused herself and pushed her way right up to his chest. Her eyes bore holes in his as she interrogated him, “You planned this? You brought me all the way to Hawaii for this? Is that what you did Mark? Is it?”

“Yes Cherry, that is exactly what I did.”

She attacked his face furiously. He hugged him, she kissed him wildly, “I love you Mark. I really do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Everyone cracked up laughing.

“You’re not the only one who was surprised,” Mark smiled as he put his arm around Aleka and Lori. “You’re not the only one at all. I planned what I thought was going to be a terrific vacation for you and never thought I would get the surprise of my life in the process.”

Michelle and Diane walked back into the living room. “The limo’s are at the front door.”

They headed to the Bali Steak and Seafood Restaurant located in the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Cherry was impressed with everything. This was truly paradise. One would expect that walking into a restaurant with three Pro Bowl NFL stars would be enough to get you exceptional service. You would be wrong. If you really want exceptional service, walk into a five star Waikiki restaurant with Miss Hawaii on your arm. Now that will get you really good service.

They enjoyed a wonderful meal while Aleka regaled them with stories of the islands. She was not only beautiful but intelligent. Everyone found her enchanting. Her exotic beauty was obviously not lost on Mark. Cherry noticed this and deep down found this somewhat disturbing.

They learned that Diane’s modeling career had been a long, grueling struggle but she had succeeded in becoming highly in demand. Mark told her he had seen her on many different covers and that fact alone impressed everyone. Mark had many interests, many of which they still had not discovered.

Michelle told Mark that Lori was an attorney who had practiced a very similar style of law to Mark.

“Really, tell me more.”

“Mark, you represent the finest athletes world-wide. The firm I was associated with did the legal representation for some of the most successful models, and celebrities. Similar problems, different professions.”

Mark smiled broadly and flashed a quick look at Michelle who nodded almost imperceptibly.

Mark raised a glass, “To great friends, wonderful times and lots of good fun.”

They strolled along the beach and drank in the sunset. There was much laughing, and playful grabbing and everyone was having a wonderful evening. Cherry was so impressed. Mark smiled as it was becoming apparent that Cherry and the other ladies were fast becoming friends. It is so nice when the world is in harmony.

Rashad slid up beside Mark, Jamal and Chris who were walking a few feet behind the women. “Boss, is this, or is this not, the true definition of a Walking Wet Dream!” Lecherous laughter boomed over the azure waters of Waikiki Beach.

“We heard that,” an anonymous voice from ahead laughed.

More laughter resulted as the women turned and walked back into waiting arms. Yes, this was going to be a wonderful time.

“We have practice at 11AM so we had better get back to the hotel,” Chris said as they got back to the limos.

Back in the suite, Cherry stopped the guys before they could think. “Sit down, we need to talk. No, not there, all three of you on this sofa right now.”

The guys looked at each other and complied with her request. Cherry stood in front of the sofa, her heeled legs spread, hands on her hips in a very school marmish manner. “I want to know what the hell you three were thinking?”

“Thinking, thinking about what?” Jamal quizzed.

“About my car and my house for fucks sake. What the fuck were you thinking. Do you know what that makes me look like? I mean, Goddammit, I love you guys. I don’t fuck you for money, I make love to you because I care about you. I fuck you because you’re the best fucks I’ve ever had. However, I am perfectly able to take care of myself.”

“Hold on, hold on please. Don’t get us wrong. We talked about this. To you, this was huge. You work hard for your money. So do we. Unfortunately, we make more in an hour than you do in a year. We didn’t set the pay scale at the club. If we did, you wouldn’t have ever had to worry. You see, darling, to us, you are priceless. We know that you play with other men. You know we play with other women. There isn’t a man in this room that is ever going to claim you for our own. We know that. We accept that. What we will not accept is knowing that someone we strongly care about is struggling with things that we don’t have to worry about. We all own our own homes and we buy our cars cash. We only wanted to take that worry away from you. If that makes you look bad, deal with it. We love you and that is all we are going to say about that,” Rashad said seriously.

“Well then, I have only one thing to say. Love me like I’ve never been loved before,” she said as she flew onto the sofa with them.

Her manicured hands caressed their dark faces as she kissed each and every one of them. Their strong hands relieving her of her expensive threads. As her blouse opened, her alabaster breasts sprang into view and were immediately caressed by strong dark hands. Her skirt was removed and set aside. Rashad removed her thong exposing her pink, puffy flesh. He stroked her legs lovingly. He kept her heels on as the sight of this delicious woman’s legs in her ultra chic heels had his substantial cock hardening rapidly. Rashad had been dreaming of the feel of her on his skin ever since Mark called him with the plan. He looked in the middle of the sofa and Chris was stroking her stomach and teasing her spectacular breasts. Jamal had raised her up and was kissing her deeply and passionately.

The sensations Cherry felt as she lay naked across the laps of these three, long, lean, muscular men, took erotic to an entirely new height. Little did she know that when she and Mark watched Mr. Eight Pack online in their porn chat room, that she would ever have three of them all to herself. Just the thought of that would have made her pussy gush. Here she was, in Hawaii, experiencing them yet again. She felt Rashad and Chris begin to struggle to get naked. Jamal was so deep in her lovely lips that he didn’t move. Her kiss had made him so hard, so filled with desire. Like his friends, he’d fucked many women. He had made love to very few. The one thing he knew was that they were going to do both to Cherry, tonight and every chance they got, not only in Hawaii, but back home as well.

Rashad lifted Cherry by her ankles to allow he and Chris to stand up. Now naked, their spectacular cocks stood like electric poles while their true eight packs heaved in anticipation. They gazed onto her glistening lips and Chris bent over and pulled her pink pussy wide. Rashad leaned into her and began to lick and taste her lovely pussy. Cherry moaned and drove her tongue deep into Jamal’s mouth. Chris began to lick her nipples, circling them and making them longer and stiffer. She arched her back and moaned for more.

Her pussy wept with delight as Rashad took her clit into his mouth. He knew exactly what she liked wanted to give her all that and more. His expert ministrations coaxed the first of countless orgasms she would live through this night. She flooded his sexy black face and delivered a stream of her hot cum onto his gleaming teeth, and long pink tongue. He held her hips and she rode his face wonderfully. She quivered, shook and shaked hard and she came again. Rashad consumed every last delicious drop.

Chris tapped his shoulder and replaced him on her perfect twat. Rashad picked up her arms and pulled her from Jamal’s greedy lips. He began to kiss her deeply while Jamal became naked too. Chris was different from Rashad. Chris used his tongue and his fingers. He liked to play with her pussy while he soaked up all her lovely dew. Cherry was in the dew business right now. Her body was flowing and she was reeling. She could not stop flowing and knew that this was the just the start of the night. She smiled around Rashad’s probing tongue. Cherry began to cum again. She exploded on Chris, showering him lovingly. Oh how she loved to flood this strong handsome mans face. He gobbled up every last drop and wanted more. Jamal needed, no make that craved, to be within Cherry’s sweet lips. He was never one to disappoint his sweet white lover. Jamal was a bit rougher. He attacked more often than not. Cherry loved his rough tongue on her velvet slit. She rode his face hard and she knew she was about to unleash another torrent of desire. God, she loved these guys. Three more flicks of his rough tongue and Cherry came so very hard. Jamal drank her down like a drunken sailor. God he loved the taste of this sweet woman.

Her anticipation of the three massive cocks and their pending attack on her pussy and tight ass just drove her nuts. There was very little needed to have her flowing like lava. Slow and hot. She knew her eruptions tonight would be galactic. She never expected this at all. Cherry loved surprises and this time, Mark outdid himself. Strange as it sounded in her own mind, she hoped that Mark was enjoying his own surprise. Why did it bother her so much to think that?

Jamal replaced his face with his massive cock. He ran it along her wet, pink slit and then slapped her clit with it. Cherry marveled at the weight of his huge cock as it hit her tender clit. He was so big and so black and the contrast drove her wild. She loved the look, texture, length and thickness of a black cock at any time but when she had her three best men in the same room, in paradise, she was unrestrainable.

Jamal entered her velvet shaft and Cherry moaned in total lust as he stretched her and sank deep into her. God he felt good. His slim hips began to sink his shaft deeper into her. Rashad walked to the end of the sofa and tilted her head back. She looked up at him and saw his lovely, long cock aimed at her lips. She grabbed him and opened her lips to allow passage from his hips directly to her heart. Jamal stroked her pussy hard and deep and she felt Rashad fill her throat so tenderly. She felt Chris licking her tits as Rashad’s cock filled her face.

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