A pair of grey eyes opened and a toned body rolled off the mattress on the floor and immediately started the daily hundred pushups. When the man finished, he flipped onto his back and began a hundred sit ups, followed by two hundred squats and forty seven chin ups with the aid of the door frame.

The man with grey eyes gazed over himself in the mirror, sweat flowing off him in a veritable river. He rather fancied himself to be a heroic crusader, a man hell bent on ridding this earth from the scourge which plagued it, fated to travel alone till the end of his days, the silent protector of humanity.

The stranger strapped on his vest and belt and left the near closet sized room he had spent the night in, a smile on his face. Yes today would be a good day.


The next two days were fairly mundane and boring compared to the first day Zoey and I spent together. Zoey spent a large majority of the time going through her personals and deciding what to pack, burying valuables in the back garden, packing and repacking several suitcases, replanting household plants and a hundred other things that you do to put a house in order.

I, on the other hand, spent two days going through Zoey’s neighbors’ houses trying to find little odds or ends that could potentially be useful in the upcoming voyage. I managed to scrounge quite a few valuable things from the small neighborhood, the most useful of which would probably be the small trailer sitting in an abandoned garage. The trailer effectively meant that we could increase our carrying capacity two fold, vital since the veritable small-tank was chock-a-block full. I also managed to find a large foot pump, a couple of jerry cans, several long lengths of rubber tubing, a plethora of medical supplies to top up my existing stash, zip cords, a few technical manuals, steal ball bearings, a hand saw, a small camp stove and a pair of walkie-talkies.

Late on the second day, just as Zoey was zipping up the last of her suitcases, I strode triumphantly through the front door holding my latest project above my head victoriously.

“Edison invented the light bulb. Bell invented the telephone. Babbage invented the computer. Euclid invented Geometry. But I, I invented this!” I proclaimed, heaving my prize up high and beaming with pride.

“Well actually Meucci invented the telephone; Davy invented the first light bulb, Edison only improved upon it; it can be argued that since Babbage’s computer was mechanical not electronic that it doesn’t really count; geometry was used as far back as the 2nd millennium BC; and you seem to be claiming to have invented the foot pump,”

“Spoil sport,”

“Uneducated buffoon,”

“Know it all,”

“Is it my fault if I happen to be literate? Now do you mind telling my why you’re so proud over a common foot pump so I can go back to packing?”

“You my dear,” I addressed her as pompously as possible, “do take all the fun out of life. If you follow me to the back garden, I will endeavor to demonstrate why this foot pump is anything but common!” and with that I strode haughtily into the back yard to show exactly why I was a genius! During the half minute it took for Zoey to follow me, I had already set up my experiment.

“Okay, so what miracle am I supposed to be witnessing” Zoey asked dubiously, examining the set up. The foot pump had two hoses running from it, instead of the usual one; one of the hoses, the one which had not originally come with the device, was lying in the bucket of water we used for washing up, whilst the second hose was dangling freely into an empty bucket.

“To the uneducated eye,” I began, feeling like a cross between a magician and Q, “this may appear to be an average foot pump,”

“No it appears to be a foot pump which has been modified to-”

“Would you just… okay? I mean… come on!”

“Fine fine,” she relented, “please continue your presentation,”

“As I was saying, to the untrained eye this may look just like a normal foot pump. But if you examine it closely you will notice that several additions have been made, namely this hose here,” I tapped the hose that was trailing in the bucket of water.

“Will you get on with it?” I shot her a withering look but did none the less speed up the presentation.

“If madam would please watch the second hose?” I requested, indicating the empty bucket as I began to pump up and down the handle, my feet on the stabilizing plinth at the bottom of the pump. I watched the empty bucket expectantly and saw… nothing.

“Ooh impressive,” okay yes I deserved that, but did she have to rub it in?

“Damn, I really thought this would work,” I continued to pump the handle a few times just in case. Suddenly the pressure skyrocketed and I had to use all my strength to depress the plunger. As I slowly forced the handle down, a trickle or water shot from the second hose, spitting audibly into the empty tin bucket.

“Not bad,” Zoey appraised, nodding her head appreciatively, “let me guess, a ball bearing and a… cut up funnel serve as a valve to stop backflow?”

“Empty shotgun cartridge actually.”

“Nice, but why did you spend the better part of two days working on this little project? Not that it isn’t good to keep busy but…”

“Well I was tired of cutting fuel lines to syphon gasoline, not to mention if we happen to cross a petrol station this way we can use what’s left in the tanks.”

“Not bad thinking I suppose, but if you’ve finished playing around you can give me a hand loading up the trailer”

“Yeah okay,” I responded dejectedly, expecting a bit more praise for what I thought was a pretty decent feat of engineering. I purged the chamber of the pump of all remaining water and brought the pump back inside and deposited it with the small pile of stuff to be loaded into the car and trailer combination.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon packing and organizing the car; somehow despite the royal we Zoey employed she seemed to disappear for all the heavy lifting, emerging only occasionally to instruct and supervise.

We spent that night sharing the same bed, just as we had the previous two. I was surprised that she didn’t want to spend her last night in her house in her own bed but she said she felt more comfortable with me. We hadn’t kissed or even touched romantically since the first night and I was beginning to wonder if I hadn’t just dreamt it up.

As we lay in the large bed, Zoey’s back to me letting me spoon her, I decided to say something.

“Hey Zoey?” I asked, stroking her arm slightly as I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah?” She replied somewhat sleepily.

I almost lost my courage, I almost ended with a lame ‘nothing ,goodnight,’ but somehow I managed to gather the nerve to go on and ask my question.

“You know the other night how we… well… kissed?” My heart quickened in anxiety and the butterflies in my stomach started to flap their wings again.


“Well… did that… what I mean is… was it just a onetime thing? Consequence of stress or something?” The pause that followed my question felt like the longest I had ever experienced. Eventually Zoey disentangled herself from my arms and rolled over to me face me.

“Charles,” she said softly and my mind fervently started to imagine all the things she could say to reject me, “it’s not that I don’t want to do those things again, it’s just that… Well I’m confused. Here we are in the biggest things of our lives, or anybody’s lives, and well… I don’t want to be the girl that just jumps into bed with the first guy she sees.”

“Oh,” I responded, somewhat dejectedly.


“No it’s nothing, just… I didn’t realize that I’m only the first guy you’ve seen,” this was hard for me, I don’t usually share my feelings; in fact several girlfriends have broken up with me because of my reluctance to talk.

“Oh Charles, I didn’t mean to give you that impression!” I watched as a tear rolled down her face. ‘Oh great, I’ve made her cry. I really am a horse’s ass, I should just go and throw myself of a cliff!’

“Zoey, don’t cry. I didn’t mean it like that. God I’m sorry for bringing this up, of course it’s hard, just ignore me. You just have to say to yourself: oh that’s just Charlie, he’s an idiot!” I was scared to touch her incase my attempt at consolation was read as something else; but apparently Zoey had no qualms. As a second tear rolled down her cheek to mingle with the first at the base of her neck she wriggled closer to me and buried her face in my chest.

“It’s not just… you it’s… everything,” she managed to get out between sobs. I encased my arms around her and stroked her back softly as she let it all out. We lay like that for five minutes before the tears were all gone. I wasn’t sure what to say during that time so I kept silent and just shushing noises as I attempted to comfort her.

“Sorry,” She responded weakly as she extracted herself from my sodden shirt.

“No I’m sorry,” I responded, lifting a finger to tilt her head up so she could see into my eyes, “I shouldn’t have said anything, I didn’t mean to press a decision on you or anything, it’s just… well I kinda like you and I was just wondering if you felt-”

My words were cut off by her lips pressing against mine in a very wet, very passionate kiss. My mind was saying ‘I’m not sure if this is a good idea’ even as my lips were frantically kissing her back, our bodies pushing into one another as our tongues intertwined.

One of my hands roamed her back: stroking, massaging, caressing and tickling where needed; whilst my second hand cupped her face. Zoey, in turn, let her hands run wild across my body, touching everything from the stubble upon my chin and cheeks to run along the white scar that ran a good three inches down my left bicep, from my broad shoulders to my tight stomach. Her hand dipped below the waistline of my track pants and even the merest brush of my groin sent spams of pleasure shooting through my body, causing me to moan in her mouth.

Zoey, apparently taking initiative from my outburst, brought her hand back to my groin to trace softly along the outline my erection made in the soft fabric. Deciding that if she was touching me intimately she probably wouldn’t mind me touching her similarly, I slipped the hand on her back down lower and lower until it dipped below her flannelette pajamas and came to rest upon her tight, pert butt.

I squeezed and massaged the fleshy orbs through the soft cotton material of her underwear, please to find Zoey herself moan at this change in developments. It was only when Zoey’s second hand moved to the hem of my shirt, pulling it up, did we relinquish our kiss and did I withdraw my hand from her pajamas. We stripped off my shirt and flung it unceremoniously off the bed to lie crumpled in a pile at the floor.

When our lips had once again become entangled I started slowly upon the buttons of her pink pajama top, struggling to open up the heavy material. When eventually I did manage to fling open the shirt I was surprise and delighted to touch warm flesh, riddled with goosebumps, as opposed to the soft fabric of an undershirt.

As our bodies pressed together once more, I felt a thousand electric shocks of pleasure as our skin touched for the first time. I could easily feel her soft breasts press into my own chest and I let out another moan, my erection jumping and pressing hard against her own groin.

As we explored and became accustomed to the other’s body, I broke off our kiss to delve into the porcelain skin I found along her décolletage. I delighted in kissing, sucking and even biting the alabaster skin and was encouraged to feel her moan into my shoulder.

As we made out, our hips began to grid against one another and before too long we were each pushing down the other’s trousers, trackies in my case and pajamas in hers. As soon as our feet were disentangled from the restrictive clothing our hips went back to dancing together. Before too long, my erection, sticking out prominently in the soft fabric, was nestled between her hot milky thighs, pressing up against a decisively wet crotch.

“Oh,” Zoey moaned as we began to dry hump. I rolled her onto her back and took the dominant position, kissing down her neck until I reached the top of her chest. Slowly I began to kiss and lick her right breast, nibbling her long pink nipple softly as I did. This only served to increase her moans and soon her long nails were raking down my back.

“Where are you going?” Zoey moaned as I shifted my body down, forcing my member to withdraw from where it was ensconced. I didn’t respond but instead massaged her breast with my left hand as I trailed kisses down her tight stomach, pausing to tongue her belly button for a few seconds, before continuing south until I reached the elastic of her underwear. Gripping the material in my teeth, I rolled the constricting fabric down her waist. As I removed her underwear, I was greeted with my first sight of her most intimate parts, a sight that did not disappoint.

Zoey kicked off her underwear when they were far enough down her legs and I began to slowly kiss and lick up her thigh until I reached the apex of her legs. It was at this point that i was greeted with my first real smell of her; the heady musky scent of her sex did nothing to diminish my erection. I tentatively moved my tongue from her thigh to just outside her slit, licking up and down the sides of her nether lips. I delighted in their response to my ministrations and soon dared to slip my tongue between her folds.

“Wow,” Zoey’s cry was soft but enthusiastic, making me grin as I began to eat her out. I let my tongue run from her soaked opening to her clit in long slow licks, enjoying the way she began to writhe beneath me. In short time, she was pressing her hips hard into my mouth and her hands had found resting places upon my ears, encouraging me to devout more of my energies to her little button of joy.

Not one to refuse a ladies request, I lapped earnestly at the little nub, enjoying the muffled moans that were being issued nonstop from her throat. I slipped my right hand, from where it had been caressing her thigh, to her tight opening and pressed my index finger up against it. Slowly I inched the digit inside, until two kuckles were buried deep within her.

“Ohgodohgodohgod,” Zoey cried out as I began to massage her from the inside as my tongue continued to feast upon her clit. Her wild thrashing increased until she was actually bucking her hips beneath me, practically smashing my face into her sex.

Her orgasm, when it came, took me completely by surprise: all of a sudden she just ceased all motion, her body as stiff as a board and hips still raised high off the bed. Zoey’s thighs clamped around my ears and I intensified my actions; licking without abandon and fingering her hard.

“Ahhh,” she veritably screamed as the orgasm broke and subsided, her body slumping back to the bed limp and utterly spent. I took one last suck of her clit, savoring her tangy sweet taste, and withdrew my finger; crawling up the bed to lie next to her, one hand slowly stroking her stomach.

“Thank you,” she managed to get out between pants, “Oh thank you,”


The many with grey eyes stumbled back into his little hidey hole, covered in blood, sweat and the intestines of his enemies. Despite his grimy condition, he smiled: it had been a good day. He had dispatched just over a score of the Walkers and not sustained even a scratch! Most importantly of all though, he had done a fairly thorough sweep of the town and was confident in declaring it safe and sound: no more stubborn undead here to plague the living, not that there were any living of course.

The man with grey eyes pulled a map from a large stuffed backpack that was propped up neatly in the corner and spread it open across the floor. Next, the stranger withdrew a sharpie from his pocket and put a large X through the place he was.

“That makes two, only a couple thousand to go,” despite the ominous and daunting words, the man with grey eyes felt anything but discouragement, this is what he had been born to do! With the aid of his handy dandy compass, he plotted a course north, the interstate highway taking him neatly to a fairly remote township.

“Easthaven, here I come,” the man whispered to the room at large, a twinkle of excitement lighting up his grey eyes.


Author’s Note: Thanks for getting to the end of another chapter! Hope you liked it, I’m sorry things have been moving so slowly up until now but I think both the plot and our protagonists sex lives will heat up in the next coming chapters! As always comments are very much appreciated! (Incidentally I tried to ensure there were a great deal fewer spelling mistakes this time around!)

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