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This story describes the indiscriminate and gory dispatching of zombies. The end includes female on female sex with mild bondage (not lesbian, just due to shared physical need as they both fantasize about the approaching handsome biker).

This chapter is long. Let me know what you think. Too long? I’ll be looking for your comments for more direction. Haven’t started the next yet so I’m all ears.



By AsylumSeeker

It was early afternoon when Caria and Kandice were preparing a large meal. They both appeared to be concentrating on the task at hand but Caria was distracted by a question that had been bothering her. It was Kandice, a brunette in her forties, who’d been identified as the one who first knew about the baby and her great significance.

This was the first time the two women had been alone.

“How did you know about Serenity?” Caria finally asked.

“A dream,” Kandice revealed without missing a beat. “Had the first one about six months before you showed up, then closer to the time it became more and more common. Something wanted me to know about her, about you. I told the others, even though I had my doubts. Thought it was just a recurring dream with no real purpose.”

“There was a lot of that going on back then,” Caria said as she referred to her own frightening and worrisome visions. After the attack they had stopped. “What makes her so special?”

Kandice stopped what she was doing, looked over at Caria and said, “Guess we’ll all find out in time.”

“Zack said you’re a seer,” Caria continued the relaxed conversation. “What else have you dreamed about?”

“A house fire that would’ve killed my parents back when I was eleven,” the older woman answered, her open nature making it easy to share. “Then the first virus, which killed them years later. And then the second virus, then the…” she hesitated, her attractive face grimacing, “the walking dead. Turned my blood cold. Horrifying images. I fought sleep so I wouldn’t see them, but the dream kept coming back, even when I was awake.”

When the older woman wiped her tears away Caria felt badly for her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

Kandice smiled through her tears. “You didn’t pry. Think nothing of it. We’ve all been through worse, you especially. Zack told us about the gruesome battle and how you almost left him behind. It’s by the grace of thy heavenly father that brought you back together, and then brought you all here. We’re all blessed because of it.”

Caria heard a baby’s laughter behind her and almost immediately her swollen breasts began leaking milk. Zack, holding Serenity, came up and gently handed his daughter over to her mother for feeding.

Having taken notice of Kandice’s still-wet face he offered, “I’m sorry, I can see that this is a bad time. We can come back.”

Kandice was the first to respond. “No, no, I’m fine. When a baby’s hungry the baby has to eat. Simple as that.”

Taking a moment to admire Serenity, tickling her belly and being rewarded by sweet laughter, the older woman beamed with joy. As she did Caria removed her shirt and, topless, took Serenity into her arms and guided her mouth to a nipple.

“Before the virus breast-feeding in public was taboo,” Kandice reminded them. “It’s the most natural and beautiful thing for a mother to do and they tried to turn it into a crime, imagine that. Maybe the virus did some good, at least in that way.”

Zack chuckled. “You’re always trying to find the silver lining, aren’t you?”

Kandice initiated a hug with the strapping young man, who returned it. “This all happened for a reason, Zack. Of that I am most certain.”

* * * * *

The group of about forty survivalists had known years earlier that something was going to happen. That the federal government would become too powerful and threaten their individual liberties, that financial ruin would end the country as they knew it, or that another power or terrorists might initiate a war that included chemical or nuclear destruction.

Doomsday, they sensed, was impending. And for years they prepared for it by enlarging an existing mountain cavern into a network of tunnels and chambers. When Kandice told them of her premonition they wasted no time.

Kandice’s parents wanted nothing to do with the group and frowned upon her for being a part of it, which resulted in their demise. Not one survivalist caught either of the deadly viruses. Preparation had been everything. The supplies they’d hoarded and hidden would last them for several more years. Even longer if they resorted to rationing.

In fact the group had such a deep-seated belief in Kandice’s dreams that they had a chamber waiting for the baby, and her parents, at the very center of the complex. At the center so that the others would fight and die to protect her regardless of where the complex was breached, if it ever was.

Like the tunnels and the other chambers it was illuminated by camping lanterns. Their chamber was about the size of a small motel room — large enough for a queen-sized bed, a crib, a chair, and a dresser. It was all that they needed. And since it was inside of a mountain the temperature, winter or summer, remained at a more-than-comfortable sixty-eight degrees, give or take.

* * * * *

Zack accompanied his wife back to their chamber and watched as Caria put Serenity down for a nap. She was still topless and the erotic sight of her had his cock growing.

“If you’ll stay here I should go back and help Kandice,” Caria said after laying the baby down and turning to face him.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Zack proposed as he hugged her slender form.

“A better idea,” she said, mocking him as she pretended to go deep into thought, the index finger of her right hand tapping her lips as her eyes looked up at the ceiling. “Let me think what that could be.”

“It’s our responsibility as survivors to repopulate the earth,” he quickly countered.

Caria rolled her eyes as they returned to his. “What about our responsibility to the others? They’re feeding us, Zack. They’re keeping us safe.”

Zack knew Caria better than she knew herself. She was an incredibly unselfish, sacrificing woman. And he loved her for it. She was also fiercely devoted to her family.

“Kandice said I’d be a fool to let this moment slip by,” he told her. “I’m not kidding, either She did tell me that.”

“I know you’re not kidding,” Caria hesitantly admitted, the words he’d spoken not sounding like her husband at all. “That’s something she’d say, not you.”

Zack pressed her. “Well?”

“They’ve survived without us this far,” Caria decided in a dead-pan voice. “What’s another two minutes?”

Her prideful husband stiffened in more ways than one. “Two minutes? Oh baby, you are in so much trouble now!”

Caria shrieked as Zack tackled her and the couple landed on the bed. Serenity was deep in sleep so the ruckus didn’t bother her at all.

His wife was already topless and so he made fast work of her jeans. Then he quickly disrobed. By the time Zack was finished he was fully erect. Caria reached up from her reclined position and both hands wrapped around the shaft of his throbbing male organ.

“Start the timer,” Zack challenged.

Emulating a timer she said, “Tick-tock, tick-tock,” while simultaneously pretending to be trimming her fingernails in a bored gesture. “Are you done yet?”

Zack couldn’t help but to chuckle and said, “I bet you can’t wait for this alarm to go off.”

In the dim light provided by the lantern she smiled up at him with loving eyes as her hands guided his cock to her mouth. Then Caria’s eyes closed as her lips formed a tight seal and began sliding up and down his hard organ, immersing him in her welcoming saliva. Zack groaned as his hips began making slight thrusting motions.

Gently changing position without removing himself from her oral grasp, Zack placed his face between her thighs, which opened wide once she realized his intentions. He breathed in deeply her heavenly scent before his mouth, with tongue extended, began to feast on her succulent cunt.

As the thumb and index finger of his left hand opened her moist labia the tip of his tongue rapidly flicked over the enlarged clit. Caria’s body twitched and she softly moaned from the tingling sensations of delight that warmed her young loins.

Caria did her best to emulate timer sounds but, with Zack’s mouth invading her sex, they soon evolved into moans of delirious pleasure. Time no longer had any meaning at all.

Compared to the first time his wife, then girlfriend, had gone down on him, she’d really honed her skills. He savored the pleasure created by her lips, swirling tongue, and suction. Zack did his best to devour her sex the way she preferred, suckling the clit as he worked two fingers into her opening and stroking her juicy canal.

When Caria’s mouth pulled off of his wet organ Caria said, “Time’s up. I need more than two fingers.”

They changed positions with Zack on top.

Caria did her best to emulate timer sounds but, with Zack’s stiff organ invading her sex, they soon evolved into moans of pleasure. As their infant baby slept a few feet away their bodies coupled in a manner that only consenting adults should.

“Oh yeah,” Caria whispered into his ear as her hips met his every thrust with his own.

“Love you,” Zack whispered.

“Me too.”

After entering Caria’s juicy cunt a few times Zack gently guided her into a doggy-style position. After she placed her hands on the headboard he placed his over hers, fingers interlocking. Then his hips got busy, driving his erection deeply into her center. She was a wet, writhing mess in short order.

They hadn’t been sexual in several days given their new surroundings and he was more than eager. With his cock rigid he rammed it fully into her wet, hot core. He felt her welcoming body shuddering in spasms of delight as he buried his cock into her willing sheath.

“Oh sweetie,” Caria weakly groaned.

Zack wanted to fill his hands with her tits and pinch on those delectable nipples but he knew that would only release the milk that their baby needed to survive, so he concentrated on loving her body with his erect organ. Her nectar soaked his shaft as he pounded it into her. The bed made a slight squeaking noise as they mated.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she quietly chanted with each inward thrust.

Her lithe body went rigid when her orgasm was unleashed. As she wildly bucked Zack held on and kept pumping his cock into her sex. Her tightened, vibrating canal took him with her and his tingling, pressure-filled balls released their load in toe-curling delight. Their bodies completed the intimate union until both were spent.

* * * * *

Rick took off the previous evening in search of his friends, whom the man hoped had forgiven him of his transgressions. He’d explained to Ace before leaving, once the hot sun had set, that he planned on using an explanation of “divine intervention” in his release from the room. Many of his sect were devoutly religious and thought they might accept it on faith. Ace shook his hand, gave him a water bottle and an MRE, and wished him luck.

But Rick’s departure hadn’t left Ace fully relieved. If he’d stolen from his own friends, what guilt would there be in stealing from a drifter? Or he might try and make up for what he’d done to them by leading the others here.

And so Ace slept with one eye open beside the trailer with the assault rifle at the ready — just in case. Maybe his friends couldn’t find it in themselves to kill him, but Ace had no such trepidation if Rick’s actions warranted it.

Just as the sky began to lighten, indicating the pending rising of the sun, Ace woke up. He ate an MRE along with a bottle of water as he prepared for the ride of his life. If Rick had been truthful the survivors were on the west side of I-17. The zombies were on the east. The I-17 corridor was heavily patrolled and watched by snipers to make sure it stayed that way.

So I-17 was out of the list of options. Ace could take his chances with the survivors and pass through the west side, or he could take his chances and travel down what the locals called Zombie Lane.

Survivors were a strange breed, he’d discovered. Some were truthful, others devious, and he had no way of knowing which he’d encounter. They’d befriend you until your guard was let down, then take advantage. They’d rob a fellow survivor of everything, maybe even their life.

At least with the zombies Ace knew what he was getting into. He’d be getting into a fight to the death. But the zombies didn’t mentally calculate, they just ran at a person regardless of what they had with them with deadly intentions. A guy could respect that.

And maybe, just maybe, he’d have a little help from above.

There was another thing Rick had mentioned. The zombies had keen hearing. Ace witnessed that same thing as the group of zombies just outside of Winslow who’d been eying him looked up at the drone instead, long before Ace even knew it was there. The motorcycle, as loud as it was, would certainly draw them to him.

“You’re nothing but a zombie magnet,” Ace said with a nervous chuckle as he caressed the smooth, tear-drop shaped fuel tank of the motorcycle. “Let’s get you topped off and see if we can make it through this together.” Then he gave the tank a final love tap.

As he sat on the bike and watched the spectacular rising of the sun, which he knew could very well be his last, Ace practiced reloading his rifle with his left hand as the right one would be needed to be kept on the throttle. Just ejecting the spent magazine was a challenge. Reloading, he quickly discovered, would be nearly impossible when traveling at a high rate of speed. Which was very bad news indeed.

“I hope this is my lucky day,” is all Ace could say. “Here goes nothing.”

* * * * *

The sun was still ascending when Ace started out as he wondered what the future would bring. It wasn’t long before he approached the city, took the exit Rick had told him about, and drove east. A few miles later he turned south onto Zombie Lane. It wasn’t as if there was a sign announcing it; Ace knew based on the landmarks Rick had shared.

The survivors had cleared that road and several others for ease of travel. Then the virus came back a second time and the survivors moved to the west side to steer clear of the growing sickness, leaving it as it now stood.

“Here we go,” Ace murmured to himself.

He pulled the assault rifle from the holster and placed the butt against his crotch, with the business end leaning between the handlebars. In addition to the thirty-round magazine he also had the M-203 grenade launcher attached and loaded. Ace hoped that this, plus the speed and maneuverability of the bike, might get him through unscathed. Maybe.

He started off on the northern outskirts of the city, which was comprised of empty, sandy lots and small, dilapidated single story homes. After a couple of miles the scattered buildings were traded for more modern, gated housing areas.

He kept a close eye out for any zombies that might be drawn to the noise of the motorcycle but had not yet spotted any.

When he started to approach larger residential areas with smashed convenience store windows and empty gas stations, this was when the hair on the back of neck stood out. This was exactly the kind of place he expected zombies to be. Not taking any chances he held his rifle with his left hand, index finger on the trigger ready to fire as he used the handlebars to support the weapon.

He still hadn’t spotted any for the next two miles but the deeper he ventured into the city the greater the risk would be. Ace knew it still wasn’t too late to turn around but he was determined to get to the other side — and was still hopeful the drone might show up and give him a hand doing precisely that.

And then he saw them. Two zombies in the distance walking around aimlessly heard the sound of his bike and attracted their undivided attention. They paused a few moments before starting to run in his direction. They were still more than a half-mile away so Ace kept his cool as he closed the distance between them at a rapid rate.

He gently squeezed the trigger, mindful of his limited supply in the thirty-round magazine and the knowledge that these were just the tip of what could be an awfully large iceberg. The bullets were louder than the engine and the rifle bucked in his left hand as it sent .223 caliber slugs traveling in their direction.

One hit dead-on in the face and the first zombie fell down backwards on the road. Three more tore into the second zombie’s throat, which it instinctively grabbed with both hands as blood from either side squirted out in impressively powerful streams. It took the second zombie a few more moments for it to go down, but go down it did.

When he didn’t see any more zombies reacting to the noise Ace pulled over, discharged the magazine, and replaced the spent rounds with a handful of loose ones he’d placed in his right shirt pocket. Then he revved up the engine and headed south once again.

If the zombies he’d be encountering were in small roaming groups like the pair he’d just killed, with places where he could safely reload between them, then Ace felt much better about his chances. If that turned out to be a reliable predictor.

No sooner had these thoughts entered his head than a half-dozen of them appeared out of nowhere, running towards him from the southeast through an open door of a two-story red-brick office building. Having been caught off-guard Ace had no time to respond with his weapon so he squeezed the throttle hard to out-run them.

While this seemed like a good idea at the time another half-dozen, maybe more, alerted by the noise, began running at him through the burned ruins of another building up ahead. He was in a really bad spot with zombies coming at him from both ahead and behind.

Ace knew he couldn’t hope to outrun them all. If he tried they’d only follow from behind and even more of them would show up for the fight from ahead. Thinking quickly he spotted an alley between two buildings up ahead on the left and, desperate, he made the turn and noisily skidded into the narrow opening.

He followed the alley to the end… which was a dead end closed off by a six-foot chain-link fence. Ace considered dumping the bike and climbing over it but knew he’d be signing his own death warrant. He’d lose all of his supplies and there would be no escape on foot without them.

Turning the bike over onto its side he skidded to a halt, mistakenly reopening the left skinned leg from yesterday with a considerable amount of pain. He then turned over onto his stomach and placed his right index finger on the M203 grenade launcher.

The grenade launched and after thirteen rotations it armed, striking the pavement directly in the middle of the zombies. It detonated and sent deadly shrapnel tearing through them. Ace could see the first few being driven upward off their feet as the metal shards tore through their torn clothing and the rotting flesh underneath. Mists of red were everywhere as infected limbs went flying, landing with stomach-wrenching thuds.

But they were followed by more and Ace was expecting them this time. When they turned the corner into the narrow alley, maybe ten feet across, he used the scope and took out several with deadly and gory headshots. There was nothing more satisfying for him than to watch their heads being vaporized.

When they got too close he lowered the assault rifle and fired on full-auto, luckily mowing down the rest. Just to be sure he pulled a grenade off his web belt, pulled the pin, and tossed it into the pile of bodies. He covered his face just to make sure he didn’t get splattered with infected blood and seconds later a deafening explosion, and the noise of body parts slamming into the sides of the buildings that formed the alley, could be heard.

In the background he listened to the faint sounds of more screaming zombies. Ace ejected the empty magazine, pulled another from a pouch on his belt, and quickly reloaded. It sounded like a horde was coming for him.

“This isn’t going to be good,” he whispered to himself as he pulled back on the charging handle.

And then the ground rumbled from explosions a short distance away. Four, and then possibly another two sounded as Ace planned to make his last stand. Then he briefly caught sight of a drone speeding by overhead as nothing but a blur.

He didn’t make a move for a few moments. Instead he listened for the rumbling of the shockwaves to pass and any possible sounds of the zombies. There were none. Only then did Ace lift the bike back up, the side badly scratched and slightly dented, but still functional. He also righted and reconnected the trailer, which had fortunately not opened.

Luckily the bike started up and he cautiously approached the opening to the alley, unsure what he might expect to find. He was safe for the moment with pock-marks in the road where the missiles had detonated and body parts were scattered everywhere. He took this opportunity to reload the M-203 grenade launcher, which he was sure he’d need again… and all too soon.

He only had to wait a few seconds before the drone circled around and flew past him from the north. Once more the wings rocked in a friendly gesture. He waved his thanks for the air support, hoping the drone had a rear-looking camera.

Armed and ready, and with the knowledge that he had help from above, Ace accelerated and continued south down Zombie Lane.

* * * *

Despite having traded days off with Carol, Suzi had been so caught up in the drama that she sat beside her younger colleague and watched, even giving her advice at times.

“He couldn’t have chosen a worse route through the city,” Suzi complained.

Carol was defensive. “And the west side would be so much better? He’d be robbed. At least we’re cleared to kill zombies on sight, not other survivors.”

Suzi suddenly developed a deep-seated respect for the young, handsome man, although she was too stubborn to openly admit it. Her pussy began warming to the thought of his masculine prowess and her nipples grew taut, even as she suspected that younger Carol would win his heart if he ever did arrive at the encampment.

“So let’s get him through the city,” Suzi finally spoke up as she glanced down at the status display on the monitor and saw only four missiles remaining. “And not so trigger happy this time, okay?”

Carol rolled her eyes, turned to Suzi, and stuck out her tongue.

Suzi smiled. “This is no time for that,” alluding to their intimate relationship due to the lack of qualified men.

* * * * *

Ace watched as the drone flew back and forth quite low along the thoroughfare, perhaps allowing the noise of the drone’s engines to draw the zombies out from their hiding places. The technique must have worked because four more times, quite far down the road, too far for him to see, missiles were launched and exploded.

Then the drone gained height, waved its wings a final time, and disappeared to the south. Ace didn’t bother waving back. While grateful for what the drone had done for him, knowing he was on his own again left him with a feeling of dread. He knew there was no way they could re-fuel and re-arm in time to give him any further assistance.

As he continued his ride he slowed and looked at the carnage the four missiles had wrought at different locations. At one place the front of a two-story building had been decimated with blood, guts, limbs, and the severed heads of about six zombies littered on the sidewalk and east side of the road.

At another four zombies had been taken out in a similar matter. The other two missiles had a similar effect.

All in all Ace figured about twenty had been killed. He had no idea how many more there were coming up, but for the moment he was all alone. And the longer that lasted, the better.

He took the time to patch up his leg and place a second hand grenade on his belt to replace the one he’d used. He also downed two bottles of water to keep his body hydrated in the growing heat

* * * * *

Later that day Carol returned to the three-bedroom trailer she shared with Suzi. Their third roommate didn’t survive.

“You look awfully sexy in that blue flight-suit you’re wearing,” Suzi greeted Carol as the younger woman entered the trailer.

Carol smiled back, taking note of the short skirt and baggy t-shirt her older but still quite attractive roommate was wearing with those long, slender legs exposed.

“Did you go back looking for him on your second sortie?” Suzi asked.

“Couldn’t, had to fly to the southwest where there were some zombies threatening a ranch, killing some of the livestock,” she responded. “This biker really has you excited, doesn’t he?”

Suzi didn’t try to hide something that was so obvious. “Doesn’t it you?”

Carol sat down beside her best friend. “You know it does. And now you’ve caught the love bug too. Why else would you be at the airfield on your day off?”

“Maybe because there’s nothing else to do?”

“Never stopped you before,” Carol said. “I wonder what he’s like. I sure as hell hope he’s not into guys.”

They both laughed at that thought. Wouldn’t that be ironic. The best-looking and most appealing guy they’d seen since the second virus turned out to be gay. But neither one of them really thought that.

“No way, he’s too tough to be that type,” Suzi decided, putting the matter to rest. “Just sitting there beside you watching him, it really, you know…”

“Got your pussy wet?” Carol guessed, her comment making the more conservative, older redhead blush in embarrassment.

Suzi complained, “You know I hate it when you talk dirty like that.”

“That’s what you tell me, but I know it turns you on deep inside,” Carol countered. “Is your pussy still wet? Why that baggy shirt, anyway? Too embarrassed to show me that your nipples are hard from just thinking about being with a real man?”

Suzi’s face turned an even deeper red but she stopped complaining about the way Carol was talking. It was embarrassing for her, but the younger blonde was right — it did turn her on in a naughty way. Doing something a person had been told never to do usually did when that person engaged in taboo behavior.

“Maybe,” Suzi cooed.

“Maybe?” Carol echoed.

As if to prove herself right Carol reached her hands out, grasped the bottom of Suzi’s t-shirt, and lifted it off over her head and arms. Now topless Carol could clearly see the large, taut nipples her roommate was sporting thanks to the strange biker they’d been protecting for the past couple of days. The light pink nubs topped a set of perky, medium-sized boobs. Boobs that they both knew Carol enjoyed playing with.

“There’s no maybe about it,” Carol announced with a snicker as her eyes settled on the magnificent sight.

“What about you?” Suzi asked as she reached for the long zipper of Carol’s flight-suit and started tugging it down. “Something tells me yours are as big and hard as mine.”

After tugging the zipper down to the crotch Suzi pushed it off of Carol’s shoulders which revealed her pink bra. Then she pushed the cups up and away from the boobs, revealing the swollen pinkish-brown nipples. As Suzi’s eyes settled on the arousing sight of her roommate’s chest the nubs grew even tighter.

“You need a man just as much as I do,” Suzi commented. “But until he shows up we’ll just have to settle for each other. What’s the first thing you’ll do if he does get here?”

“I’ll kiss him,” Carol shared, feeling her pussy twinge with excitement both from the thought of being with a man as much as being with Suzi. “And then I’ll taste him. I’ll wrap my lips around his cock and I’ll suck it until he’s big and hard. Then I’ll fuck him like there’s no tomorrow, because there might not be.”

Suzi leaned in and the pair’s soft, flavored lips met in a kiss. Their lips opened as tongues snaked into one another’s mouth in a passionate embrace. As they savored the intimate gesture each reached for the other’s boobs, cupping them in their hands.

They already knew how the other liked to be touched. Suzi preferred to be fondled slowly and gently, while the more daring and less inhibited Carol enjoyed having her nipples twisted and tugged on to the point of it being slightly painful. As it turned out they were both aroused more than usual and in their excitement each of them became more aggressive in their fondling.

Muffled moans sounded as Suzi cupped Carol’s perky, hand-sized tits in the palms of her hands with thumbs and index fingers capturing the stiff, pinkish-brown peaks. She squeezed, twisted and tugged, causing stinging jolts of discomfort that had the young blonde whimpering and her lithe body twitching in response.

Despite the intensity of her arousal Carol kept her kneading gentle, the way she knew her older roommate enjoyed. She didn’t cup the swells but rather caressed her with the tips of her fingers, working them under and then over, index fingers lightly rimming the extended nipples as they noticeably throbbed.

Each of the women had thoughts of the lone, mysterious biker in their minds as they took things to the next level. Simply making out and touching above the waist wasn’t going to be enough this time, and so it was the more daring Carol who made the next move.

Her hands lowered to the top of Suzi’s shorts and her fingers tugged the button open, then the zipper down, waiting for a reaction from the redhead just in case she might not want to proceed any further.

But Suzi wouldn’t protest at all. Instead she leaned back on the couch and lifted her ass, enabling Carol to pull the shorts and damp bikini underpants down her sleek legs and off. Suzi opened her thighs and for just the second time in an erotic setting Carol gazed down at her roommate’s pussy.

It was a stunning and sexy sight as the bare vulva glistened with feminine wetness, the inner lips swollen from arousal and just barely peeking out. At the top, just above the clit, was a meticulously trimmed “landing strip” of fire-red curls, but everything else was completely void of pubic hair.

As Carol gazed down at the captivating sight Suzi began slowly rotating her pelvis up and down, as if beckoning for the blonde to enjoy it. Then she lowered her right hand. Using the index and middle fingers she separated the lips and exposed the bright pink valley nestled within. The nub of her clit was enlarged with her arousal.

As Suzi exposed her most private part to the blonde she thought back to their first time together. It was after they’d survived the viruses and when the zombies first made their existence known. It had been a frightening time, the end of the earth, or so they thought. So they gave in to the only comforting experience they could think of.

It was awkward at first for the new couple, and they found the much talked about sixty-nine position uncomfortable for them. But they found something that worked, and Suzi was confident Carol had the same thought in mind.

With her eyes still riveted to the redhead’s juicy sex, she pulled her arms from the flight-suit and pushed it down around her slender waist. Then she reached around her back, unhooked the bra, and tossed it carelessly aside.

Now topless, her perky tits bared, she leaned down and used her mouth to tantalize Suzi’s best part. Time was all they had and so she began patiently planting brief, gentle kisses from top to bottom, bottom to top as she listened to Suzi’s quiet moans of delight.

Once Carol’s lips were coated with the leaking juice and she got a hint of the tangy taste, they opened and the tip of her tongue extended. Initially Carol attacked the clit with flicking motions. Suzi reacted strongly to this, her slender form bucking, tits jiggling as intense waves of pleasure rippled through her core.

Suzi lifted her right leg and draped the calf over the back of the couch to make her pussy even more accessible. Carol didn’t let up and kept her energy focused on the redhead’s clit. When she could tell by the pitch and frequency of Suzi’s groans and the urgent thrusting of the hips that her climax was building, Carol then moved her darting tongue down and explored the juicy slit.

Without the direct stimulation Suzi’s body calmed down a bit but the erotic attention she continued to receive still felt wonderful. Her body squirmed as Carol’s warm, wet tongue caressed her slit all the way down to her opening, and then tongued the hole. Suzi’s hands grasped her own boobs and she captured the nipples between her thumbs and fingers, pinching and pulling on the stiff tips which was so unlike her.

After getting a good, long taste of the redhead’s nectar Carol replaced the tongue with two fingers which she worked into the tight opening. With two fingers of her other hand holding the lips apart she finger-fucked her roommate as her mouth returned to Suzi’s clit for the grand finale.

“Oh yes, so good,” Suzi moaned her approval.

Carol plunged her fingers into Suzi’s wet, hot cunt as quickly and as deeply as they’d reach. Her lips and tongue nibbled on and caressed the enlarged, pulsating bundle of nerves. Carol was enthusiastic and quickly had the redhead crying out as she writhed.

“Oh god!” Suzi weakly managed as her body shook, hips pumping and pelvis rotating up and down in feverish movements that betrayed her intense level of excitement.

Her juice was really leaking now and Carol got a good taste as it also glazed her lips, cheeks, and chin. The blonde’s fingers maintained the same frantic thrusting motions; her oral ministrations increased in speed.

Near the end Suzi reached both hands down wrapped them around Carol’s head with fingers interlaced. She pulled the blonde’s mouth tighter against her pussy as her hips and pelvis urgently fucked her face. Her weak cries grew louder in the final moments as the tingling pressure in her loins continued to build.

“Uh! Oh god, yes!” the redhead cried out just as her body went rigid.

Breathless cries of ecstasy filled the trailer as the orgasm was unleashed. Carol held on as best she could, keeping her fingers pumping and her lips attached to Suzi’s clit as uncontrollable spasms rocked the redhead’s body. A thin layer of perspiration coated her skin as she feverishly bucked and writhed.

For several moments all Suzi’s mind could focus on was the intense pleasure as tingling heat radiated through her loins. It was a powerful one and she savored every moment of her pent-up sexual release. When it dissipated it left her spent and breathless.

“Was that good?” Carol asked after she’d extricated herself from Suzi’s long limbs.

A wide grin formed on the redhead’s face as her eyes widened. “Wow! I really owe you one for that.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance next,” the blonde pointed out as she sat on one end of the couch, leaned over, and began unlacing her military-style flight boots.

“Why are you still wearing that uniform anyway? We had to back in the day, but those days are long gone.”

Carol shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, maybe it helps to remind me of my old life.”

“Here, you lean back and I’ll get those,” Suzi suggested as she got up and knelt down on her knees in front of Carol.

Suzi was quick and in under a minute her roommate was naked.

“Let’s take this to my room, okay?” Carol said as she had sex toys in the nightstand drawer.

The redhead smiled; while this was only the second time the women had taken things “all the way”, they had on many occasions enjoyed kissing and heavy petting, and at Carol’s request they’d used a few of those toys before.

“Sure thing.”

As Carol settled down on top of her bed Suzi opened the nightstand drawer and removed the familiar items; two velvet-padded handcuffs and nipple clamps. There was also another thing in there, a pink L-shaped vibrator of some type with Velcro straps.

“What’s that?” the redhead wondered aloud.

“I’ll explain it when the time comes,” the younger blonde reassured her roommate with a sense of urgency in her voice.

The thought quickly left Suzi’s mind as she set about the task of placing the handcuffs, one at a time, around Carol’s wrists and then the frame of the bed, leaving her laying there with arms outstretched and helpless. The risk Carol ran wasn’t lost on her as she wondered what might happen if zombies suddenly arrived with her tied to the bed, but it only added to her growing arousal.

“Make me your bitch,” Carol suddenly said. “Make my tits, make my pussy yours.”

Despite her conservative upbringing Suzi knew what the blonde wanted to hear and she said it. “You are my bitch, bitch. These,” she spoke as her fingers tightly gripped the nipples, pinching and twisting, “are just the beginning.”

Carol moaned and playfully fought against the handcuffs as her nipples swelled with excitement. Suzi straddled her waist and leaned down, taking each of them into her pleasantly warm and wet mouth for a good suck and tongue-lashing. It didn’t take long before both were as hard as could be, and when they were the nipple clamps were applied.

“Don’t make me tighten these,” Suzi warned.

“Go ahead,” Carol said, pretending to resist, “I can take it.”

And so she did until Carol’s squirming body finally cried out, “Okay, that’s enough. Please stop.”

“Who’s my bitch?” the redhead asked.

“I am. I am.”

“Well, bitch, I have a little surprise for you,” she announced as she reached for the new sex toy.

After a quick examination Suzi thought she had it figured out. She worked the short end of the L-shaped device into her own pussy and secured the straps around her upper thighs. The other, longer end she guided towards Carol’s pussy.

In an unusual twist, as Suzi was really getting into the sexy role-playing, she took a step outside of her comfort zone. “Beg for it, bitch.”

“Please, my cunt is so hot and wet, please give it to me,” Carol pleaded, the submissive game very exciting for her. “Give me what I need, what my pussy craves for. I’ll be your bitch, always your bitch.”

The redhead delayed, giving the younger woman some time to beg and plead. During this hesitation Suzi gazed down at Carol’s freshly shaved pussy, at the shiny pink folds that were swollen with her arousal.

Suzi had seen the power switch and turned it on. There were two vibrator units inside, one in each section of the L shape, so not only would it bring pleasure to Carol, it was already heating up the redhead’s pussy.

Carol laid there with her legs widened as her roommate gently entered her tight opening. Her pussy, already wet with lubricating juice, widened and accepted the artificial man. Then Suzi began fucking her cunt in earnest.

The blonde’s secured hands grasped the bed frame as her pussy was willingly violated by the plastic device. Suzi, playing the part of a man, raised her upper body up on both elbows as she drove her hips forward and back, driving the vibrating toy into her roommate repeatedly.

Carol’s moans indicated the pleasure her body received from the intimate interaction. Suzi paused long enough to twist the nipple clamps a little bit more, the blonde’s groans indicative of the increased discomfort of the modest pain created by them. And then she resumed fucking her bitch, her twenty-something, adorable bitch whom she’d been so jealous of all this time.

The toy not only was arousing to Carol but to Suzi as well. Both of their bodies were enjoying the coupling, loins set afire with tingling heat, tits touching one another with their taut nipples rubbing together.

It took several patient thrusts of Suzi’s hips to work the vibrating toy all the way into Carol’s sex. Even then the blonde was really tight and she used slow strokes at first until her pussy began to loosen up a little. When the friction was reduced slightly the redhead used longer, faster motions.

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