younger woman

After I awoke in the morning with Kelly still on top of me, I just lay there enjoying the feeling. Kelly sure was an incredible beauty.

I started to think about what it would be like to be with her every day. But then I remembered, she was married and only mine for this weekend. That was a fantasy killer. Even still, it would be wonderful to be able the hold her, kiss her and make love to her every day.

My hands were on her back and gently rubbing her soft skin. So smooth and warm. It was fantastic to pretend she was mine.

A few minutes of rubbing and Kelly started to wake. I loved watching her slowly come back to life. Her hand came up and rubbed her eyes. Then she seemed to realize where she was and lifted her head to look at me. “Morning. How long you been awake,” she asked?

“Just long enough to enjoy the view.”

“What view? The top of my head?”

“Much better than what I would have seen in my bed.”

Kelly leaned her head to me and kissed me. “Thank you!” She lay her head back down for a few seconds. “Are you up for a shower?”

“Well, I’m not up… ” I flexed my hips upward on the word up, “… yet but I could be.”

Kelly lifted her head to look at me and said, “You’re bad.” Then she kissed me.

“It isn’t all my fault you know.”

“So whose fault is it?”

“Yours of course. Well yours and Darrel’s. If it hadn’t been for you, I would have been safely tucked into my bed.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Not a complaint, just an observation.”

Kelly laughed then sat up. She pushed the comforter back and climbed off me. As she hit the floor, she bent over a bit and I looked at the lower half of her body. She reached between her legs, hooked her fingers into the leg openings of her panties and pulled on the material to straighten the panty between her legs. Her stockings were still mostly up on her legs but they were wrinkled and dishevelled. “Look, you still haven’t completely unwrapped your present yet.”

“Give me time. You shouldn’t rush me you know.”

“If you don’t come now, I’ll do it for you.”

“We can’t have that.” I swung my legs off the side of the bed and onto the floor. Kelly turned and headed to the bathroom. She went to the tub and leaned over to turn on and adjust the water temperature. What a sight. Her long legs topped off with perfect ass. The T bar panties stretched tight along her ass and over her pussy.

My cock was responding to the beautiful sight. I walked up behind her and put my cock head between her legs. With my hands were on her hips, I started to hump her. “Stop that or we’ll never get into the shower.”

“Stop what? Are you feeling something?” I joked.

Kelly’s hand came back and quickly swatted my hip. I did not move away. She stood and pulled the shower curtain closed as she turned on the shower.

She turned to me and said, “Now it’s time to finish the unwrapping.” I dropped to my knees. Her pussy was just about head level. I could smell the combination of our sexes. It was intoxicating. My hands were on her hips and I slowly pushed the waist band of her panties down. The top of her landing strip came into view. I leaned forward and kissed her stomach and my tongue then brushed the curly hairs. Lower the panties went. My tongue went lower as well.

Soon the top of her slit was under my tongue. I pushed my tongue into the slit and touched the side of her clit. Kelly grabbed my head and held me there. Her legs opened a little and she leaned back a bit. I was able to suck her clit between my lips. Kelly reacted by groaning and pulling my head deeper into her pussy. My hands moved her panties to the floor. As I brought my hands up, I rubbed her legs. When I got to the top of her stockings, I moved one hand between her legs. Kelly moved one foot sideways and my fingers found her wet pussy. Quickly I moved the tips of my fingers between her hot lips and my middle finger hit its mark. I pushed it up and inside of her. I held her clit in my lips and used my tongue to flick the tip of the little bud.

Kelly started to hump my face. A groan came from her throat. She was ready to explode again. I had never been with a woman who could cum so fast.

As the orgasm washed over her, her knees buckled a little. With my free hand, I reached around her and pulled her in close to steady her. Kelly’s body was quaking and shaking again.

After a few seconds, I felt Kelly straighten her legs and stand on her own. I released her and looked up. “Oh Richard, you’re incredible. I’ve never cum so many times in my life.”

“Thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever had the opportunity to make someone come so much.”

“Well I could never tell. You feel like an expert to me.”

I pulled my hand out from between her legs and moved to the top of her stocking. My other hand went to the outside and together, they started to peel the stocking down. It was a little stuck as it had been on her leg for so long. It yielded though and I was able to move the stocking down to her foot. Kelly stepped out of her panties and I removed the stocking. “Here, I’ll take that,” she said. I handed it up to her. I then repeated the actions on the other leg.

As Kelly took the stocking, I picked up her panties. They were soaked. “You better put those in the sink. Oh! Better yet, give them to me and I’ll take them into the shower. I’ll quickly wash them there.” With that, Kelly turned, pulled back the curtain, I handed her the lingerie and she disappeared into the shower. I went to the toilet and started to pee. “Are you coming? A girl can get lonely in here.”

“I’ll be right in. I have to pee. Unless you want me to do it in there!”

“No, it’s alright. You can do it out there.”

When I finished, I climbed into the shower. Just as I did, Kelly was wringing out her panties and then she flipped them over the curtain rod to join the stockings.

She turned to me and asked, “So what do you think now that you’ve finally unwrapped your present?”

“I couldn’t be happier. You are absolutely stunning. Your body is fantastic.”

She stepped over and put her arms around my neck. Her boobs were flattened against my chest. “Thank you Richard. I’m so glad we’ve had this time together. You are an incredible lover.” Kelly then kissed me.

My cock quickly responded and started to grow. I could feel her nipples harden against my chest. The tip of my cock scrapped up along her thighs as it grew. Kelly opened her legs and trapped my cock. I forced one hand between us and found her tit. It felt even better wet. Kelly started to move her hips so her thighs were stroking my cock. A few seconds later, she opened her legs and my cock rose so the shaft lay along her pussy. She closed her legs again trapping me against her.

I moved my other hand down to her bum. I found that crease line at the junction of her legs and butt cheeks and started to move my finger tips along the crease. I love this crease as it always leads to a woman’s most sensitive parts.

Leaning to the side a bit but I found the back of her pussy. She was hot and her outer lips were soft and puffy. I moved back out a little and my fingers found her anus. After running my fingers around the tight opening, I pushed in a bit. Kelly went stiff but did not complain. My finger tip was being lubed by the water flow. I pulled it out and pushed in again. This time, I felt her bum relax just a bit and let my finger go in a little deeper. I was in up to the first joint. Out kisses became deeper. I pulled out my finger and went back in again. This time, I was in up to the knuckle.

“Oh Richard, I’ve never had this before. It feels different but nice.” We continued to kiss as I slowly moved my finger out and then in again. Each time I went in, I went a little deeper. Soon I had my whole finger in her ass.

This being her first time, I moved slowly so she could relax. I also pulled back on my cock so it would rub her pussy lips. I figured if she thought about her pussy, she wouldn’t think about her ass. I was right and I felt her ass muscles relax completely. I could not reach any further without falling over so I just tried to make her cum again.

It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with her shaking and quaking. Her orgasm was powerful and I had to hold her tight to keep her from falling. Kelly sure could cum quickly. I liked that. I liked the feeling of bring pleasure to my lover.

As she started to calm down, I slowly turned us in the tub so Kelly was at the end away from the shower. We kissed and hugged. The warm water on my back felt great.

When she had recovered, I broke the kiss and gently turned her so she was facing the end wall. With one arm around her waist, I place my other hand between her shoulders and gently pushed forward. Her hands came up and she put them on the wall. Kelly was bent at about a 45 degree angle from the waist up.

My hand went to my cock and I aimed the tip for her bum. It landed between her soft firm cheeks. I slowly started to lower the tip enjoying the incredible sensation of her soft skin.

I felt her tense as the tip neared her butt hole. With the stimulation I had given it, I could understand. But I had a lower target in mind and kept sliding down.

As I rounded her cheeks, I pushed forward and my tip found the back part of her outer lips. They were still hot and soft. Pushing forward slowly, the lips yielded. The opening to her hidden treasure offered very little resistance as I slowly entered her. I could feel the muscle band yield to my pressure. The big head entered her and the muscles tightened around the shaft. I held still and just savored the sensation of being inside.

I brought my hands up and cupped each breast. Her nipples were between my fingers and I closed my fingers trapping the hard little buds. Kneading her breasts with my hands, I was able to pull on the nipples as I played with the firm flesh.

Again, this was too much for Kelly as I felt her start to cum.

This time I didn’t want to be left out so I pushed into her pussy deeper. I know I touched her G spot as Kelly let out an, “Oh My God” as I pushed in.

It took maybe four or five thrusts before I was in all the way. Her nipples were still trapped between my fingers and I pulled on them as I worked her breasts. The first wave of her orgasm washed over her body.

Quickly I started to pump her pussy. I wanted to be there with her and feel her pussy quiver around my cock as I came.

A few more thrusts and Kelly was completely in her orgasm. I felt her knees weaken. She pushed against the wall to steady herself against me. I was pumping into her as fast as I could.

Her orgasm started to subside before I came. It was maybe 15 more seconds before I felt my balls signalling they were ready. At this point, I didn’t care.. I pushed in hard and held still as my juice shot out and penetrated deep into her. This caused Kelly to have another orgasm. The feeling of my cum shooting deep inside of her brought it on. We both stood there and rested as the incredible sensations relaxed.

Kelly straightened up and started to turn to me. I pulled my softening cock out of her. Facing me now, she put her arms around my neck again and we kissed. It was a slow leisurely kiss, so satisfying and enjoyable.

After a few seconds, I felt her shiver. “Wow! Let me under the water will ya? It’s cold at this end.” Still hugging, we turned so she was under the water.

Kelly let go of my neck. She stepped backward, leaned her head back and the water cascaded over her head. It was erotic watching the water stream through her hair and over her face.

I picked up a bar of soap and reached forward. The bar in one hand and the other empty. Starting at the front of her shoulders, I rubbed the bar around and made a little foam. The water spray was working against me. But what the heck. I switched the bar to the other hand and rubbed the foam into her skin. Kelly lifted her head and smiled at me. “That feels so good.”

With encouragement like that, I continued. Her breasts were next. I paid particular attention to her nipples. Luckily, by lifting her head, the water spray was now mainly in her back and the foam lasted longer. Her stomach was next, then her lower abdomen.

As I got to her landing strip, my hand was now upside-down with my finger pointed to our feet. I moved the bar of soap to the strip and lathered it up. My free hand took over and I worked the whole area much more than was needed to make it clean. Mind you, I didn’t receive any complaints.

Slowly I moved my hand lower. Kelly opened her legs and let my hand slowly slide over her sex. She was still soft and puff and hot. My fingers easily entered her lips and I washed and manipulated her. It was easy to tell when she was clean but I didn’t stop. One finger at a time entered her and then withdrew. I had never had this much enjoyment in a shower before.

“You know Richard, if you don’t stop soon, I just might cum again.”\

“And your point is?” We laughed. “Ok, if you insist. Turn and give me your back.” Pulling my hand out, she turned.

Starting on her shoulders I worked my way down making sure I worked her breasts from behind as I went. Her buns also received special attention. Somehow, my fingers found her bum hole again and just as I started to work my way in, she said, “You like my bum don’t you.”

“Such a beautiful bum. I think it needs some special attention.”

“Well that would be a first for me. No one has every shown an interest if it like you have before.”

“What a shame. Well maybe I will have to introduce you to the pleasures it can give you.”

“Pleasures? From my bum?”

“Yupp. If you learn to trust me and relax, it can be fun for the both of us.”

“Really! Well I do trust you. I will have to learn the relax part I guess.”

“Well you did earlier. I don’t think you realized it though.”

“I did? No! I didn’t realize.”

“Ok, turn to me and give me your leg.” Kelly turned. She put on hand on the curtain rod and the other on the wall. She lifted her leg and held it at about my hip. Quickly I soaped up both hands, turned slightly and starting at her toes, I rubbed both sides of her leg at the same time. Higher and higher I went. Past her knee, up her thighs right to her bum cheek with one hand and her pussy with the other. My fingers found her softness again and started to stroke her.

“Stop that! I might want to cum again.”

“Spoil sport! Just as I was having fun.”

Kelly put her leg down. “Besides, I can’t stand here all day with my leg up. It hurts after a while.” She stood there for a bit then her other leg came up. “Hurry now.” I quickly soaped up and repeated the leg washing motions.

“Ok! My turn,” Kelly said. “Turn around for me.” I turned. Kelly started at my shoulders and soaped and massaged her way down my back. It felt incredible. Her hand just slid over my skin. The water worked like a lubricant and the soap made the water a super lubricant. My skin felt unbelievable as she slid her hands over me. It was like I was on drugs or something as every movement she made was amplified because of the water and soap. I was getting hard even though I had just cum.

Lower and lower she went. Getting to my bum, her hand went between the cheeks and started to work around my hole. Then she took her hands away and I felt the bar of soap being pushed between my cheeks. After a few quick strokes, the bar was removed and her hand returned.

This time, with the soap as a lubricant, she was able to push her fingers into me a little. Like Kelly, this was a first for me. I had done anal with my ex but she had never played with me. Hell, we had never had a shower together. In all the years we were together, we had never done anything like this. I was so turned on.

Kelly pulled her finger out of me. She pushed on my back indicating she wanted me to move a bit. As I stepped forward, I heard what sounded like Kelly sliding down to the tub floor. It was only a second or two before I felt her hands on my legs. Quickly she soaped down my legs washing the backs, sides and front as she went.

When she was finished, I felt a hand on my hip pulling me. I understood she wanted me to turn and I did. Kelly was on her knees, the shower was now spraying my lower half and washing over her head. My cock was right at her face level. She leaned forward and the tip disappeared into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip and started to flick the underside.

I groaned at the pleasure she was giving me. I looked down and for a quick second, Kelly looked up at me. Our eyes met. There was a look of pure eroticism in her eyes. It made me hotter just seeing her.

She let my cock slip out of her mouth. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. Kelly stood and looking me in the eye, she stepped forward. Her breasts pushed into my chest, my cock touched her water softened landing strip and out lips met. At that moment, I wanted her so badly.

Before I knew it, Kelly stepped back. She took the soap and started on my shoulders. Across my chest she worked then down to my breasts. She played with my nipples. Leaning back, the water spray washed the soap off me. She then leaned over and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth. Her tongue flicked the end. Again, this was a new thing for me. I guess I am one of the lucky ones as I felt a little jolt head down my body and into my cock. I have since learned that not all men feel this when their nipples are stimulated. I am happy to say it felt great.

Kelly stood up and resumed the soaping. She did my upper stomach then my lower stomach. My hips were next. With her hand upside-down, she ran her fingers, through my pubic hair. I could not believe how erotic and sensual this whole experience was. Standing there, I was anticipating her hands on my cock. If her hand felt this great on the rest of my body, what would it feel like on the most sensitive part of my anatomy?

The moment of truth was here. She took the bar of soap and made a big lather in her hands. She put the soap down and looked me in the eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she stepped a little toward me. Both of her hands made contact with my cock at the same time. With one hand in front of the other, she slid them down my shaft. Her eyes never broke contact with mine.

I could never have believed that the feelings could be this intense. I had rubbed my cock in the shower before, but her hands were the softest, most erotic I had ever felt. Slowly she stroked my hard cock. I then felt her hand cup my balls and she started to roll them around my sack. With the stimulation she was giving me, I was feeling the start of my orgasm deep inside.

Kelly leaned over, closed her eyes and our lips met. Her nipples pushed into me. Her hands were working their magic.

Suddenly, she stopped everything. I opened my eyes just in time to see her drop to her knees. She was looking up at me the whole time. The shower spray washed over me. With her hand still on my cock, she aimed it for her mouth. Moving forward, my cock was half way in on the first gulp. Her eyes closed as the water was all over her face. Her lips closed and she started a rhythmic bobbing of her head. Her lips were stroking my cock. I put my hands on her cheeks and started to pull her face onto my cock. Kelly’s tongue was swirling around and around making my desire greater. Her other hand never left my balls.

Never had I felt anything like this. It was erotic heaven.

Suddenly I was aware of her hand on my bum. Kelly had let go of my cock. Her fingers moved between my cheeks and found my butt hole. Slowly but steadily, she pushed one finger into me. For some reason, my cock felt like it was getting harder the further she penetrated.

I was so close to cumming. This was almost too much for me. My head tilted back and my eyes closed. I was experiencing excitement in two places at once. I was feeling things getting ready to explode.

It was late in the afternoon by the time I checked into my hotel room for a short stay in Tampa. Since it had been a long day I headed down to the bar for a good stiff drink to relax and cool off. It was too early for the business crowd and there was only one other person there, a young woman who appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties. The bartender was busy getting set up and told us she would be with us shortly.


There was something strangely interesting about the young woman sitting a few tables away. She was very plainly dressed in rather ill fitting, homemade cotton dress and smock, oxford type shoes with white socks folded down to her ankles. She looked like a country girl who just came to town. Her hair was braided and the braids were wrapped around the top of her head. She wore no make-up or jewelry. At first I thought she might be Amish but she did not wear the little white cap Amish women usually wear.

She looked my way several times and when I looked back and smiled she would lower her head as if embarrassed without smiling. I thought how silly it was to sit at separate tables since we were the only two people in the place so I moved over to her table.

I started to introduce myself in my usual friendly way but for some strange reason without so much as a smile I almost demand, “What’s your name?”

She looked up briefly then lowered her head submissively saying, “Gretchen”.

Without asking I pulled out a chair and sat down. That wasn’t like me at all. A waitress came over and asked what we wanted to drink and again without asking Gretchen I told her that we would have two bourbons with water. Gretchen did not show any sign of approval or disapproval.

The waitress asked Gretchen for an ID and she produced a driver’s license from the pocket of her smock. She gave it a quick look and handed it back. As soon as the waitress left our table I took the ID out of her pocket and gave it a close look, Then name on the driver’s license was Gretchen and that she was twenty-one but it was clearly not the girl I was sitting beside. I slipped it back into the pocket of she smock and did not question her.

Our conversation, if you can call it that, was mostly my asking questions and Gretchen looking down and giving short, specific answers. For some strange reason I was becoming very comfortable being in control of the very submissive young girl and almost demanded information from her; she responded to my demands in a very submissive manner.

Soon the bar was bustling with businessmen and women and Gretchen seemed to be relaxing a bit from the bourbon. My questions became more personal but she continued to respond. If she hesitated I would use a more demanding tone then she would respond.

She hesitated and showed embarrassment when I asked if she was a virgin but she answered any way, “No.”

I asked her who took her virginity and she told me it was a neighbor who owned the farm beside her families’ farm.

When I asked how old she had been she responded, “I had just turned 18.”

I became more emboldened by her submissiveness and pushed the limits to see how far she would go. I asked, “Did you like it?”

Her answer was, “Sorta.”

I moved my hand to her thigh and demanded, “Tell me about losing your virginity.” She breathed deeply and sat quietly for several minutes then she began.

“My friend Ruben and I sneaked off from a community barn raising and went to a neighbor’s barn. We were playing around in the hay, making out, and touching each other through our clothes. Ruben told me to unbutton his britches and touch him. After a few minutes of touching him I wanted to see what “it” looked like so I took “it” out and looked it over carefully before putting it back in his britches. Then he wanted to see up my dress so I let him lift it up and look between my legs. He moved the bottom of my panties aside so he could see everything then he started touching me with his fingers. His fingers felt so good touching me that I did not stop him.

All of a sudden a deep voice hollered out, ‘Boy what are you doing to that child?’

It was Elder Dirkenmier, the owner of the barn. Ruben jumped up trying to button his britches as Elder Dirkenmier took a stick to him and chased him out of the barn. I quickly adjusted my panties and pulled my dress down by the time he turned back to me.

His eyes were wild when he told me, ‘Your daddy will be giving you a thrashing tonight.’ I began crying.

He moved closer to me and asked if that boy had damaged me. He was close enough to me that I could smell his saw dust and sweat covered clothes as I shook my head, no, even though I did not know what he meant by ‘damaged’.

He looked me over as I begged him not to tell my father. I assured him that I had learned my lesson.

He shook his head as he continued to look me over then said, ‘My child I will have to make sure that boy did not damage you. Lift your dress up.’ I didn’t really want to but I had been taught to obey the church elders.

I lifted my dress up to my waist and the elder looked me over before putting his hand low on the front of my panties and asked, ‘Did that boy put his hand here child?’

I nodded my head, yes.

Then his fingers moved between my legs and he asked again, ‘Did the boy touch you here child?’

Again I nodded, yes.

His hand moved into the waist band of my panties and pulled them down to my knees. He moved his fingers into my thick hair and opened my lips, asking, ‘Did he touch you here child?’

I nodded my head but did not let him know that it felt good just like it had when Ruben touched me there.

With his fingers still moving in the slit between my legs he asked, ‘Child, did you also touch the boy’s private places?’

At first I hesitated I wanted to lie and say no but I nodded my head, yes.

‘Then show me where you touched him.’ He demanded.

I reached out to the front of his britches and laid my hand on his large object. ‘Is that the only way you touched him?’ he asked.

I shook my head, no, and immediately wondered if I would have to touch him in his britches. I did not have to wonder long, he looked at me sternly and said,

‘Show me how you touched the boy.’ My fingers shook as I tried to open his buttons before I reached into the elder’s britches and touched his much larger staff.

Almost immediately it jumped out the front of his britches without my help. The tip was covered with skin but something dark purple began to move out of the skin. It continued to crawl out of the skin and I noticed it had a slit on the very top. Except for the color it reminded me of our bull and how its long pinkish staff grew out of the bull’s belly.

‘Did the boy make you kiss his staff?’

I shook my head, no, but did not tell him that I would have if he had not caught us when he did.

The elder let me hold him in my hand for several minutes before he moved way and picked up a bale of hay and stacked it on top of another bale. I wondered what he was going to do when he took my arm and turned me to face the stack of bales. He directed me to bend across the bales then he lifted the back of my dress. I felt his big rough hands on my hips then my bottom. I turned my head to look back and saw him with his big staff in his hand moving it against me.

His big staff moved between the cheeks of my bottom and into my lips. He moved the fully exposed purple head up and down and gave me great pleasure. Then I felt a great deal of pressure against my opening, I cried out to let him know of my discomfort. The discomfort was quickly replaced by a sudden stab of pain that made me cry out. I felt like I was being torn open then filled by a hot iron. Elder Dirkenmier held me tightly by my hips and thrust in me again and again. The pain was soon replaced by the pressure of being filled completely then by pleasure of his movement in and out of me.

I heard him grunting then he pulled out of me and I felt a warm wet sensation on my cheeks. He stepped back and I saw his once large staff shrunken and covered with a slimy liquid.

As he put his shrunken staff into his britches he said, ‘We shall not speak of this to anyone my child. Do you understand?’

I nodded my head in agreement as I felt the wet stuff cooling on my bottom. I cleaned myself with the hem of my dress then pulled up my panties.”

I moved my hand over her thigh and asked, “Was that the only time the Elder fucked you?”

She shook her head no and blushed at my vulgar language and then told me she had let him have her several times after that.

She added, “He was a widower and had no wife to give him pleasure. He was kind to me so I wanted to give him pleasure.”

I asked, “Did he also give you pleasure?”

“Yes, he gave me pleasure. He also let me take Ruben to his barn again, sometimes while he hid and watched us then he would take me again after Ruben left.”

I added, “It seems like you like to be ‘taken’ by men”.

She replied, “That is all I know I guess.”

She surprised me again by asking my permission to go to the restroom. I consented but told her that she must do something for me, “When you go to relieve yourself you must remove your panties, fold them neatly and bring them back to me.”

She did not react or respond but got up and left the table. When she returned to the table, she sat down close beside me and discreetly handed me her neatly folded white cotton “granny” panties under the table.

I lifted them to my nose and inhaled her scent and told her how much her scent excited me. “Reach over and touch me to see how much you excite me.”

Without hesitation or checking to see if anyone was looking she laid her hand in my lap and gently squeezed my cock. I could tell by the rise and fall of her chest that she was also getting excited.

I asked, “Would you like me to fuck you?”

Again she lowered her head, looked into her hands in her lap, and answered, “Yes”

With my hand on her thigh I started raising her long dress up just above her knees. I found out she did not shave her legs they were covered with downy soft hair. I told her that I wanted her to open her legs when the guys at the next table looked our way. I could see her already heavy breathing increase more as she waited for the right time. When one of the men looked our way she did as she was told and opened her legs. The man told her budies and they all looked our way. The men acknowledged her with a big smile and she turned back to me; her face was flushed with embarrassment and excitement.

We soon left the bar and headed to my room. We stood at the elevator briefly with several couples waiting for the ride up. When the doors opened we filed to the back as people filled the car. I put my hands on her hips as she stood in front of me during our ride and pulled her against my hard cock then moved one of her hands between us so she could feel me.

After the first stop several people got off then we continued up again. I raised the back of her dress and exposed her bare ass against my front then moved my hand under her dress and around to her front. My fingers explored her pubic triangle before moving lower into the folds of her cunt. Others exited at the next stop and there was only one other person keeping us company, a business woman in her mid forties who looked at us standing against each other and smiled. I took a half step back and exposed Gretchen’s ass, the woman blushed, smiled again and turned to face the door. When we exited the elevator I told her to have a good evening. She turned and smiled at us before walking down the hall in the opposite direction.

Once In the room I had Gretchen to bend over and place her hands on the bed. I moved behind her and lifted the back of her dress exposing her milk white legs and flanks. I dropped to my knees and began to kiss her firm, round cheeks before opening them to expose her thick, dark pubic hair. My lips moved low to kiss her swollen vulva as my nose pressed against the tight hole of her ass.

As I breathed in I caught her musky aroma, my tongue darted out to explorer the folds of her vulva and to taste her sweet nectar. She began to purr like a kitten as I lapped the juices pouring from her opening. I moved higher so my tongue could brush aside the wisps of dark hair and dance around the rim of her ass.

I quickly tired of straining my neck to gain access to her juicy nooks and crannies and moved her to sit on the bed. I pulled her head to my lips and kissed her passionately but it was evident that she had little experience kissing. I sat back on my heels and lifted her foot to my chest and began to untie and remove her shoe and sock. She giggled as I covered her foot with kisses then took each of her toes into my mouth. Her arms and legs quickly broke out with goose bumps and she gasped to get her breath. I lowered her foot then picked up the other one and repeated the process. I ran my hands up her legs feeling the downy soft hair that covered them then I pushed her knees open and moved between them. I pushed her back on the bed and lifted each foot to one of my shoulders then moved my face close to the thick triangle of dark pubic hair.

Her womanly secrets were not completely hidden by the by her vulva and thick hair; her inner lips protruded along the slit all the way to her gushing vagina. Her scent was heady and the curly hair along her slit was glistening with her juices. I first kissed the inside of her thighs before moving to the hair covered shelf on each side of her swollen lips. I moved lower and let my tongue probe the well which over flowed with her sweet juices. As my tongue worked to lap up her juices I slipped a finger into the tight hole of her ass.

I looked up and saw her eyes widen then she let out, “Oh my goodness!” I lowered my head and continued enjoying her scent and taste.

Soon she moved her hands to my head and started moving her hips to meet the lapping of my tongue. Her purring changed to deep moans and her breathing increased. I sucked her clit between my lips and my tongue danced over her pleasure pearl. She came in a flurry of moments and deep grunts before collapsing on the bed.

I moved up to her and demanded, “Taste your sweet nectar on my lips.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my mouth moving her tongue over my lips.

We lay together in each other’s arms and talked and kissed. For the first time since we met earlier that afternoon I saw her smile. She explained about the Amish Rite of Rumspringa where young people could leave the community to learn about life outside their community before deciding if they want to commit to the life in the community.

She told me, “I have not had sex except with my dress pushed up; I have never been naked with a man before.”

I sat up and told her to stand in front of me and remove her clothes. She obeyed and removed her smock then unbuttoned her dress and stepped out of it. She did not wear a bra as such but rather an old fashioned button type top. I was absolutely amazed at the beauty that was uncovered beneath the frumpy, ill-fitting, homemade clothes.

When she removed her dress it was apparent that she not only did not shave her legs but her underarms as well. I had gotten used to that during my active duty years in Germany since most women did not shave there either. I stood up and removed my clothes so she could see her first naked man. I let her hold my hard cock in her hand to study it carefully. After a careful study she leaned forward and gave it a light kiss.

I had Gretchen to model for me so I could enjoy the perfect symmetry of her body as she moved in front of me. I took her in my arms and kissed her back, shoulders and front before pushing her beautiful tits together and sucking her pinkish, rose colored nipples into my mouth. Her moaning and deep breathing increased as I pushed her on to the bed and opened her legs to throw across my shoulders.

I taught her how to put a rubber on my cock then sunk it to the hilt and began to grind my pelvis into hers’. Her moans quickly turned into deep grunts as she tried to meet my thrusts but was unable to because I had her pinned to the bed. Realizing that she could not move she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer pounding my back with her fists. She came again gasping for breath and grunting deeply from her throat. We froze in time trying to recover and get our breath. I was not finished my balls still held a full load ready to deliver into the nipple tip of the latex sheath encasing my cock.

I rolled Gretchen on top of me so she could sit up and cool off a bit. Once we regained our composure I instructed her how she could move and be in complete control. My hands moved up to let my fingers play with her again hard nipples. She tried several different movements to find one that would work best for her. I showed her how she could even move her fingers to her clit while she moved. She soon found the best movement and quickly picked up a rhythm to bring her to another orgasm. She raised her hands into the air and began to chant something in German as if she was worshipping. Her hips moved faster and faster as she cried out. The complete experience was so over whelming that I let go a flood of creamy liquid that quickly filled the tip of the rubber and spread up my shaft.

We rested for a while then took a shower together; it was her very first shower. Her family bathed in a galvanized tub pulled into the kitchen at night so they could get hot water from the reservoir of the kitchen wood stove after cooking dinner. We took our time washing each other carefully so we could explorer each other’s bodies. By the time our washing was complete I had another raging hard-on and placed Gretchen’s hands against the shower wall and took her from behind. As I thrust in and out of her warm and wet cunt my hands moved over her tits my fingers pinched and pulled her hard nipples.

It was about ten-thirty when she looked down into her hands and submissively asked, “Can I get dressed so I can meet my friends. We leave tomorrow morning to go back home?”

I nodded my head yes then asked, “Are you going to tell your friends about getting fucked?”

She replied, “Only a few of the girls that I’m closest to.”

I took a box of a half dozen rubbers from my suit case and gave them to her saying, “Make Ruben and Elder Dirkenmier use these so you do not get pregnant.”

She thanked me and moved to retrieve her clothes. I held her panties and admired her young body for the last time as she stepped into them and pulled them up her shapely unshaven legs.

Once she was dressed I threw on a shirt and a pair of shorts and walked her to the door where we kissed one more time before she walked down the hall to the elevator. As she waited at the door of the elevator the lady who rode up on the elevator with us earlier stepped out of the ice and vending machine room carrying a bucket of ice and a Coke.

“I hope you are not going to be drinking alone.” I said as she approached me smiling.

“I will unless you want to join me.” She replied holding up the Coke.

“Or you can share a bottle of bourbon with me if you would prefer.” I added.

I stepped aside to allow her to enter the room. She shrugged then entered the room.

Michael Richter sighed as he looked at his watch and realised he was home late, again. Alison would already be out at her fundraising thing, and the babysitter would be dressing their son Jonah, after his bath. He should have left work an hour earlier but the account manager had called him into her office just as he was leaving. Penelope was the best manager he’d ever had, and though she had a reputation for having high expectations, he figured she had every right to: she had built a strong team and worked hard to keep her people happy, knowing how important morale was to a business.

His cock hardened as he thought of ways she could have made him happy that evening if she’d chosen to. She had been dressed in a skirt, and a silk top that had lost the top button sometime during the day. The top of her bra was just visible in her cleavage and he’d had to work hard to concentrate on the figures she was asking him to look over. He had let his hand brush her thigh once or twice as he leant over to point something out, and had noticed an almost imperceptible gasp as her nipples had hardened under her shirt. But Penelope hadn’t gotten to where she was by sleeping with anyone, and she wasn’t about to start now.

Michael tried to ignore his hard on, after all, he was married anyway, and fucking his boss was just a stupid fantasy that he’d be better off putting out of his mind.

If only he was getting laid that might have been easier to do. As he climbed the stairs into his apartment he tried to remember the last time Alison had sucked his cock. It was definitely before Jonah was born, and Jonah was two. Two years! He stopped, momentarily outraged. Damnit, he practically had a right to an affair after two years of not having his cock sucked!

He fumbled in his pocket for his keys, and shoved his other hand in the other pocket to try to keep his hard on in check; wouldn’t be good to scare the babysitter. Melissa was a cute girl, but young and innocent, and she’d freak out if a boner greeted her at the door. He lifted his hand and inserted the key in the lock.

Rebecca was just drying Jonah after his bath when she heard the chink of keys outside the door. Her little sister Melissa was sick, and Bec had offered to take her babysitting job at the last minute.

She’d always had a crush on Mr Richter, ever since she first met him at one of her parents’ dinner parties when she was twelve. Seven years later, her little girl crush had developed into a hidden desire to get the man naked. She knew it would probably never happen, but she looked forward to the evening ahead with anticipation nevertheless. Alison had said he’d be working which is why she was there – to keep Jonah out of his way. But even if he was working, there were ways to distract a man.

As the key turned in the lock, she allowed herself a shiver of excited arousal. She’d had plenty of sex, but always with guys her age, and guys her age knew nothing about pleasing a woman. She had lost count of the number of times a guy had told her “I know what I’m doing babe” before plunging his fingers into her pussy as though he was trying to unblock a toilet.

Sex with guys like that ranged from boring to painful, and you could always tell how much porn a guy watched by how hard he tweaked your nipples, scratched at your pussy with rough hands, and kissed you with twelve inches of tongue. Rebecca wanted – needed – a real man, and Mr Richter was definitely that.

Michael shoved open the door to his apartment, noticing with pleasure that dinner smelt amazing. He just had a couple of hours of work to get through, and then he was going to have a glass of whiskey, and try to fuck his wife when she came home. If she let him. His cock went soft at the thought of more disappointment, just in time for the babysitter to walk in. As he poured himself a small glass of wine he called over his shoulder to her.

“I’m home Melissa, is Jonah in bed already or can I go in and say goodnight?”

“You can say goodnight, he was a little difficult in the bath so I only just got him to bed.” The voice that answered him wasn’t Melissa’s. It belonged to someone a little older, a little more womanly. Michael turned around and raised his eyebrows in shock.

“Rebecca? My god, I don’t see you for a year and suddenly you’re grown up!”

Inwardly he cursed himself, he sounded like a dirty old man. But fuck, it was true. When she had left to live with her father last year she had seemed like a little kid. Now, she was taller, her eyes seemed darker, her hair was longer, and her body had filled out to boast curvy breasts that dipped into a nice waist before fanning out again at her hips and ass. He thought wryly of the hour he had just spent fantasising over his boss in her office; looked like he was now going to have to contend with a nineteen year old hottie in his own home as well. Things were not looking good for his marriage.

Rebecca had been drying her hair with a towel, but as he turned to face her she dropped it and smiled at him.

“Nice to see you again Mr Richter” she said in a throaty voice.

“You too Bec, although I was expecting Melissa. Is she sick or something?” he asked.

As he said it he noticed that her clothes were wet as well as her hair, presumably from wrestling with a lively two year old in the bath. The shape of her breasts stood out under her wet dress, at their peak were two nipples hardened with the cold air against her wet skin. She was wearing a light cotton dress that had been sensibly demure until its attempt at protecting her modesty was undone by the bathwater.

Michael paused and gestured with amusement at her clothes. “Err… you seem to be a little wet.”

Bec blushed with embarrassment — was her desire for him that obvious? She wondered how he knew that there was a heat building between her legs and moistening her panties…but then he gestured at her dress and she realised Jonah had splashed her in the bath and saturated the top part of her dress as well as her hair.

“Oh!” she laughed, relieved but also a little disappointed. “Um, I didn’t realise.”

Michael noticed that she made no move to cover herself, so he walked to the cupboard beside her and took out one of Alison’s evening gowns. “Here” he said “put this on while your clothes dry.”

Rebecca took it smiling, and turned to go into the bedroom to get changed, leaving the door just slightly open. Michael resisted the strong impulse to peek through the gap and instead walked past to Jonah’s room, to read his son a bedtime story.

“Mr Richter? You fell asleep.” Rebecca tapped him on the shoulder and he grunted as he awoke. He was sleeping on the bed next to Jonah’s. He looked up at Rebecca’s face, trying not to see the breasts that swung just out of reach of his mouth; she was still wearing Alison’s gown, and being a lot taller than Alison, she looked a lot sexier in it because it was so short.

Michael rubbed his eyes. “Ugh. Looks like those fairytale stories work on adults too huh,” he said with an embarrassed smile.

Rebecca smiled back. “You must be exhausted. Come and have some dinner. Mrs Richter asked me to keep it warm for you.”

She turned and swayed out of the room, her hips swishing just enough to flounce the delicate silk of the gown, so that for a moment he almost caught a glimpse of her panties. Assuming she was wearing any.

He followed her into the kitchen and sat at the table while she found the oven mitts, and bent to open the oven. He gasped in shock as she bent… she was naked under that gown! The lips of her pussy practically winked at him, and even from the other side of the table he could tell she was hot for him from the way they were so pink. Suddenly he wondered; was she doing this on purpose?

Rebecca held her breath as she straightened with the dinner plate in her hands. She had heard him gasp when she bent forward and showed him the view from her ass to her pussy, but was that a gasp of pleasure or outrage? She turned slowly to face him, but he was looking down at his phone, texting someone. He hadn’t seen! Or had he? Michael glanced up as she put the plate down.

“Sorry, just tidying up some loose ends. Dinner looks great. Have you eaten already?”

Biting back a pun or some sort about wanting to eat him, Rebecca just nodded as she sat down opposite him at the table.

“Do you mind if I have some wine though?” she asked.

Michael shrugged. “Help yourself, but pour me another too.”

Rebecca leaned across the table, knowing that her breasts were pushing against the thin fabric of the gown right in front of him. Michael’s gaze dipped and he grew hard; this time it wasn’t a mistake. She was looking right at him — she knew what she was doing. He reached for his glass as she sat back down, considering his options while he ate quietly.

Rebecca was frozen in anticipation. She was being so obvious, he must know what was going on. Why was he pretending he hadn’t noticed? Maybe he was just buying some time while he figured things out. The suspense was killing her, but he hadn’t turned her down yet, and her pussy was throbbing with the need to feel him against her. She sipped her wine, watched him and waited.

Michael had almost finished his dinner. By now his cock was thrusting against his suit pants. She was just sitting there watching him, the picture of calm. Her appearance of supreme confidence was turning him on, and as he looked across at her he finally made his decision.

“That was great,” he said, pushing his plate away. “I don’t suppose there’s any ice cream in the freezer?”

Rebecca stood and turned to the fridge behind her, taking out the container of ice cream that Michael knew full well was in there. She put it on the table and bent forward to open the cupboard that contained the bowls.

“No,” said Michael, his voice full of barely contained desire. “I don’t need a bowl.”

Rebecca turned and looked at him in surprise. “You’re going to eat it all?” she asked.

Michael looked right at her, his gaze boring into her and making the wetness pool in her pussy until she wondered if it would start running down her legs.

“Just bring me that spoon.”

Rebecca picked up a spoon that rested on the bench beside her and passed it to him. He didn’t take it.

“Bring it over here,” he demanded, pushing his chair back from the table as she walked around to his side. He reached out, pressing his strong hands against her hips, and pushed her ass onto the table behind her. He murmered quietly, “Sit.”

Rebecca held her breath as she sat on the table in front of him. He took a moment to look her over, taking in the shape of her legs as they tapered down to delicate ankles, her feet swinging in front of him as though she wasn’t sure what to do next. He raised his gaze to hers, and took one of her feet in each hand, gently spreading her legs as he guided her feet to rest on the chairs either side of him. The gown dipped in front of her pussy, and, still not taking his eyes off hers, he reached forward and lifted it aside. She swallowed, nervous, as he sat still, watching her reaction to what he was doing.

“Bec, are you sure you want this?” he asked quietly. “Because if you let me touch you, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop. Do you want me to touch you?”

Rebecca almost moaned her “yes” to him. “Please Mr Richter, I’ve wanted you for years,” she whispered.

Michael’s cock was rock hard now, uncomfortable under his trousers, but he didn’t release it yet. Instead he reached for the ice cream she had bought him, and the metal spoon that sat on the table beside it. Rebecca watched as he scooped the spoon into the ice cold dessert and then brought it towards her pussy. His left hand rested firmly on her ankle, a subtle request that she not move away. She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

Michael spread the ice cream across the lips of her pussy with the spoon and Rebecca squeaked, jumping on the table as the shock of the cold hit the warmest part of her body.

“Shhh,” Michael said. “Keep still.”

He reached for another spoonful, and this time he dipped it into her opening, the ice cream melting almost as soon as it touched her pounding heat. He had never done anything like this and was already close to cumming, watching the ice cream melt with the moisture from her pussy and stream down to her ass. She was moaning softly now.

“Please,” she whimpered.

“Please what?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Just touch me. Please.”

Michael put aside the spoon and used his other hand to hold her other ankle. Both of her legs were spread wide in front of him now and he leaned forward, his hot breath on her thighs for a moment before he kissed the throbbing desire between her legs.

He closed his eyes and breathed in her scent, mixed with melted ice cream, and pushed his tongue flat, gentle, lightly against the lips of her pussy. Rebecca almost screamed with the pleasure of his sudden heat fighting the cold. He dipped his tongue just inside her opening, then laid his mouth flat, still against her body, letting her move against him the way she wanted to.

Rebecca’s hips gyrated against him and she moaned, rubbing herself against his soft mouth. He felt the hard nub of her clit against his tongue and he circled it, still keeping his caresses feather-light, driving her mad with desire. He circled her clit three times before running his tongue back down her vulva, tasting the sugary, syrupy ice cream that mixed with her own juices. He moaned as he tasted the salty heat of her need for him.

Rebecca’s legs encircled his head as he let go of her ankles and raised his hands to caress her while he sucked the ice cream from inside her. His cock was throbbing as he licked and tasted her. Raising his eyes as he nibbled gently on her inner thigh, teasing her for a moment, he saw that his wife’s gown had fallen open and Rebecca’s naked breasts were bouncing above him, moving with the motion of her writhing body as she moaned on the table under his touch. The sight of her like that nearly made him shoot his load, but he concentrated instead on strumming his tongue lightly against her clit.

“Mr Richter!” Rebecca cried out. “I’m going to cum!”

Michael stopped immediately, drawing back, and watching the muscles of her thighs move as her body slowly relaxed. He stood in front of her and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling herself back up. Her face was flushed and she had a faraway gaze in her eyes.

“Oh my god.” She said. “I was so close.”

He chuckled. “I know. That’s why I stopped.”

In answer, she fumbled with the button of his trousers and he stroked her hair as he watched her taking them down. Suddenly she slid off the table and knelt in front of him. She looked up at him with an impish grin. “Revenge,” she said, taking his cock in one hand. Michael watched her as she darted her tongue out, flicking him gently on the end of his cock. Her dark eyes looked up at him as she leant forward, taking the tip of his cock between her lips.

Gently, far too gently, she opened her mouth around him and took more of him inside her. Her mouth was warm but she was barely touching him with her tongue. For a moment he wondered if she knew what she was doing, when suddenly she swirled her tongue around his cock, sucking on him, and pulling gently on his balls with her other hand. His knees almost buckled with the shock of it. She was pumping her mouth on him, alternating between a gentler caress and following it up with a deep suck. She moaned as she tasted him and he knew she was enjoying herself. Her hand on his balls moved to stroke his perineum and the sensation added to the pleasure of her mouth.

Suddenly she took her mouth off him, and looked up at him again, this time with only a trace of amusement showing through her lust. She spat on her finger and then pressed his cock once more against her lips, her wet finger stroking him just behind his balls, then suddenly he felt her press against his sphincter. He gasped in shock, and she rimmed his hole with her moistened finger while she sucked hard on his cock, all of him in her mouth.

The shock at this strange, new perversion of what she was doing subsided to be replaced with pleasure. She was pulling his balls tight with one hand, massaging her own saliva over them as it ran down the base of his cock. She sucked him deep and fingered him at the same time, and the newness of the sensation, the joy at having a mouth on his cock again after so long, and the pressure in his balls were combining to build a climax that he knew would be worth cheating on his wife for. He gripped her hair in one hand, pressing into her now, fucking her mouth and losing his mind…

…she stopped. Suddenly her finger in his ass was gone, her hands on his balls were gone, her mouth on his cock was gone. Frustrated, he looked down at her, and now she was grinning.

“Like I said. Revenge”.

It was almost too much for him. He laughed, but his cock ached, and he wanted to bury himself in her. Rebecca stood up in front of him, letting her breasts rub against his cock as she stood. She took a step back and sat once again on the table, spreading her legs wide. Her pussy was streaming with wet juices and he couldn’t resist bending once more, briefly, just to taste how badly she wanted him.

He licked her once, from ass to clit, Rebecca’s moans reaching his ears and her back arching as her juices smeared against his chin. He rose, and stood before her, pausing with the end of his cock against her hole. She was panting, her nipples like pebbles against his palms as he raised his hands to caress her.

He leaned forward, letting just the tip of his cock enter her. Her pussy was tight and warm, and he kissed her gently as he pushed slowly, achingly slowly, into her. Rebecca moaned as she tasted herself on his tongue, mixed with the sugary hint of the ice cream he had smeared across her pussy.

Michael pulled away, breathing hard, and pinched one of her nipples with his fingers. He was already so close to cumming and he wanted her to be there with him, so he dipped his head to her nipple, his cock still only just inside her.

Rebecca moaned, arching her back to try to drag his cock deeper into her. He maintained control and bit her nipple gently while his other hand ran firm over her stomach to the nub of desire between her legs. He circled her nipple with his tongue while running his thumb gently over her clit. Her pussy tightened around him and Michael groaned, desperate to fuck her hard.

Instead he kept up the pressure on her clit, not changing a thing, and listened to her moans and sighs and pleas as her body writhed beneath him and tightened around him. She was getting closer.

“Please, Mr Richter;” she was almost sobbing. “Please fuck me.”

She moved her hips against his cock and he nearly lost control as she pulled him another inch into her. He concentrated instead on his tongue around her nipple and his thumb against her clit, until finally he could feel that she was close.

Without warning then, he took his mouth from her nipple and pushed his cock deep into her, fucking her so hard that the whole table moved and slammed against the wall. He buried his shaft in her pussy, pulling himself almost the whole way out so that he could drive into her again. She was moaning into his shoulder, mindful of the two year old sleeping down the hall. Her fingers clenched against his back and he heard the moans come from his own mouth as he built a rhythm with her, both of them sliding, pushing, clutching at each other’s bodies.

Suddenly, in the back of his consciousness Michael heard a doorbell. Over Rebecca’s shoulder he glanced at the video intercom and saw that Alison was home.

“Fuck!” he swore into Rebecca’s ear. “Alison’s home.”

I’ve been divorced seven years; I had found a DVD of my wife with six of her high school students showing them the more adult aspects of her subject, Biology.

So, we settled the matter simply so she could keep her job; I know, you’re probably thinking I should have turned her in but I really wanted out and I really wanted my daughter, Krissa, who was twelve at the time. Having the DVD made sure I would be able to keep my daughter.

Krissa and I have always gotten along quite well, she’s been little trouble, thank goodness, and her grades have been good and the friends she’s hung out with were all good kids. It could have been lots worse, according to what I’ve heard from some other parents, even my own brother and his wife. Seems my niece has given them lots of trouble. But, Krissa, thankfully, was a good kid.

And she was now in college, one about a hundred and fifty miles away, far enough to give her a sense of independence, close enough to make both Krissa and me still feel connected and comfortable.

Being not too far away, she manages to visit fairly often, sometimes getting rides with other students.

She did have a new topic of interest lately, however, and it was about me, that I needed to get out, especially now that she was out of the house so much, that I needed to be dating now that I was on my own.

I told her how much work was keeping me busy and she kept asking me if I’d tried any of the these dating websites and I told her that I just didn’t want to hang myself up in a meat market like that. She dropped it for the moment but did bring it up from time to time.

So, one long weekend, she came home and brought a school friend, Liz Perry, and after a brief introduction and a quick dump of their things in Krissa’s room and the guest bedroom, they borrowed the car and were off on their own.

Well, it was a Friday night and my favorite way of winding down after a long workweek was to take a nice long soak in the hot tub on the back deck and have a nice, slow masturbation to end the session.

So, I took what was left of the bottle of red wine I’d started at supper and brought the bottle and glass to the patio, stripped and got in to sit there in the bubbling, swirling water as I contentedly sipped my wine.

I was just leaning sideways to pour the rest of the wine in my glass when I heard noises from inside the house. It had to be Krissa and her friend but it was way too early from what they’d told me of their plans.

Then, the slider opened and I heard from behind me, “Hi, Dad, we’re back. We got bored. Our friends didn’t show and Liz wanted to come back here.”

“Oh, sure, um, I’m just finishing my wine, um, if you’re staying in now, you two can grab something you want, there’s wine or there’s beer in the fridge.”

They said they would and I thought I might use that time to quickly grab my shorts and pull them on then slip back under the water but then I heard Krissa’s friend say, “She’s getting us a couple of beers. The water looks great, can I join you?”

I wasn’t exactly sure of what to say but she was moving toward the tub and pulling off her top as she said, “Oh, don’t worry, I’m over eighteen, Krissa’s told me you’re pretty openminded,” and she reached back and off came her bra exposing her quite large, quite beautiful breasts.

She simply pulled down her skirt right along with her panties and came right into the water, right next to me as my daughter brought out two beers, handing one to her friend and sitting the other one down nearby.

Liz was a fairly tall girl, about five-nine or ten, quite solid and athletic with a very curvy figure. Her boobs were full and firm and high with small, erect dark red nipples and I figured she was at least C-cup or better. As she swung her legs over the edge into the water, it was obvious that she was bare, cleanly-shaven and didn’t mind a bit pulling one leg, then the other over into the water giving me a nice look at her pussy before she slid into the water.

She was tall enough, however, that her breasts remained exposed, looking like they were magically floating at nipple-height in the shimmering, swirling water.

“Looks good, Daddy, we’re gonna join you,” Krissa then said as she pulled off her tube top showing me breasts that I hadn’t seen since she began puberty.

“Don’t be scandalized, Daddy, your little Krissa is pretty-much all grown up these days,” she said as she pulled off her shorts, then panties and got in on the other side of me from Liz.

“See, I told you my dad was nice,” she told her friend as I felt a hand take my cock and squeeze it gently.

“Did Krissa tell you I like older men? You feel nice and hard,” she said grinning at me as her hand began moving up and down, breaking the surface of the water on the upstroke.

“Just relax, Daddy, we really came back early to see you. See, Liz really likes older guys and I’ve told her lots and lots about my sexy daddy. I think she likes you,” she snickered as she nodded down to Liz’s hand surfacing and sinking over my lap.

“Well, your daddy rather likes your new friend,” I said looking at Liz sitting there, her breasts sending out ripples on the water.

“Can I have a turn?” I heard my daughter say and I felt Liz’s hand let go of my cock as a new, and quite thrilling, one took its place from the other side and began masturbating me under the water.

“Oooh, you’re big, Daddy. I’ve never seen you hard, you know. I’ve only seen your cock when it’s soft.”

“You have? And just when was this?”

“Oh, more than once, Daddy, I’ve done a little spying to see what you looked like. Hope you’re not angry. Raise up so I can see you, I want to see what you’re like when your hard,” and I lifted my hips up as she let go of my cock which was standing up like a periscope.

“Oh, Daddy, it’s really beautiful,” she squealed as she leaned over dropping her mouth over it and sucking me quite wonderfully. Liz moved closer, turning to me as she kissed me while taking my hand and placing it on her breast.

She kissed me for a minute while Krissa sucked me, then Liz whispered in my ear, “We’re both gonna fuck you all weekend long. We’re here until Monday night, you know, we’re not going to let you out of bed, not at all. Well, except to shower with you. You’re in for a fucking like you’ve never imagined.”

About then, I felt my cock come out in the open and Krissa pulled me to her, now kissing me just like Liz had been doing as another pair of lips slid over my cock to suck.

It was a strain to hold my hips up like that but well worth the effort. Krissa pulled back, looked me in the eyes and said, “Daddy, I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time, longer than I even want you to know. When the first boy pushed his cock into me, I was dreaming it was you. Liz and I have been planning this for weeks. I think it’s time for us to dry off and go play in your bedroom, you’ve got the biggest bed.”

The two girls stood up, each reaching down to pull me up, and they toweled me off, then I did them. As you can well imagine, my cock was out for fun, hard and stiff as I followed Krissa and Liz to my bedroom where the girls pulled the covers down and got in, leaving me room in the middle.

I crawled up, kissing my way up both girls, taking my time, after all it was four feet, four legs and, oh, yes, they opened wide when I got there, two, beautiful, smooth, plump pussies. You shouldn’t be surprised that I licked Krissa first, lapping all around under her, licking off the moisture that was on her labia, then sucking the top of her hood until my tongue felt her clit which I began to suck.

“Oh, Daddy, oh, right there,” Krissa groaned as I felt a warm, wet, soft pair of lips glide over the tip of my cock as Liz’s tongue began circling while she sucked so me softly.

I had never had two women before and the whole sense of it was almost overwhelming. I was giving pleasure with my fingers, mouth and tongue while I was given great pleasure by my daughter’s college friend’s warm, soft mouth and tongue; it was incredible.

“Oh, Daddy, you make your baby’s pussy just feel so good,” she squealed as her hands held my face to her opening and I licked and probed and flicked. “Mmm, I’ve been dreaming of this, Daddy, I’ve been telling Liz about how much I’ve wanted you, how I’ve wanted you to eat my hot, little pussy, how I want you to fuck me until I just can’t take any more, how I want to suck and suck and suck you until I’ve swallowed all your cum.”

It was difficult to hold still while Liz sucked me, after all I was busy with Krissa, but this girl surely knew how to make a guy feel good, she held me steady with one hand and licked around my tip like a melting ice-cream cone, then taking it in to suck softly as she rubbed her tongue around; it was breathtaking.

I parted my daughter with my fingertips so I could tongue farther up inside where I rubbed around in a circle and poked as far into her entrance as I could.

“Oh, Daddy, Daddy, you’re making me cum, Daddy, aahh, aahh, uhh, uhh, umm, mmm, oh, so good, my Daddy makes me feel so good,” she groaned as she was pulling me up. Liz was still attached to my cock, though, when Krissa said she wanted me to fuck her, Liz let go and I got up and knelt between her legs and began pushing into her wet, pink slit, parting it to push up inside her warm, welcoming love tunnel.

“Look, Liz, look. My Daddy’s fucking me. Oh, wait until you get him, he feels so good inside me. Mmm, Daddy, fuck me, fuck your little princess, make her cum” she moaned.

My hands were on her breasts feeling their firmness, each tipped with a puffy pink nipple all swollen-looking that I bent down to take in my mouth.

“Mmm, feels nice, Daddy. I like you sucking my nipples, it makes my pussy feel so hot,” she said as Liz began rubbing my balls while I went back and forth.

Krissa’s hands were on my head holding my face to her breast as I sucked and fucked over her. Then I pushed hard into her and took very small thrusts, keeping my cock deep, as far inside as I could.

“Oh, oh, daddy, oh, uuh, uh, mmm, oh, my Daddy made me cum, oh I knew it would be good, just fuck me a minute more, then Liz gets you, Daddy.”

I raised back up and slowly moved back and forth, then she told me to do Liz and I pulled out and moved over to her friend who was up on her hands and knees.

“Mmm, I get to watch my Daddy fuck doggie-style. Mmm, I’ve dreamed of this,” my daughter said as I began pushing into her college friend’s upturned pussy.

Krissa was on her knees next to us as I began fucking Liz. She put her hand on Liz’s pussy right where my cock was sliding back and forth, telling me that she wanted to both see and feel me fucking her best friend. So she kept her hand there touching my cock as it slid back and forth.

“You like feeling us fuck like that, Krissa?” I asked her.

“Mmm, yeah, I love to feel where we come together when I’m getting fucked, too. Did you see me reach down a couple of times when we were together? When you were fucking me?”

“I guess I didn’t, I’ll look for it next time,” I told her as she smiled at me, telling me that it wouldn’t be long before we were fucking again.

“Les, it’s all she’s talked about for the last two weeks, about how she’s wanted you to fuck her and how she wanted to feel with her hands as your cock went in and out. You’ve got a daughter that knows what she wants and she brought me along for some fun, too. I think I”ll try it,” Liz said as she slipped her hand down to feel my cock embedded in her slipping past her fingertips.

“Mmm, yeah, feels cool, really sexy.”

So, I put my hands down between us as I fucked her back and forth, feeling my swollen hardness sliding in and out. I also used the opportunity to rub her labia and clit which she did enjoy.

“Mmm, I love you touching me down there, feels so hot, keep doing it, it’s gonna get me off,” she murmured.

“Oh, rub right there, omigod, fuck me, oh, shit, I love it, rub me, fuck me, rub me, fuck me,” she shouted, then began humping me as I fucked back and forth. She was really getting off, obviously she just loved that fingering and rubbing of her pussy while she gets fucked.

“Come on, I want to suck my Daddy now, Liz, pull out Dad, my mouth is so ready,” Krissa said as I withdrew from her friend. She pushed me down on my back and was instantly sucking me with her warm, soft mouth. I reached between her legs to rub her pussy, then slid two fingers up inside rubbing her vaginal walls back and forth.

Liz moved to drop a nipple on my mouth as the room got quiet with just an occasional slurping sound as pleasure flowed freely among the three of us.

I worked my free hand under Liz and began fingering her as well.

Though most any man has dreamed of having two nubile young women providing him with their sexual pleasures, I’d never had such a thing happen to me until this. It was by far the most exciting, erotic time I’d ever had.

I was learning that Krissa could suck like no other, her mouth was soft and warm, her lips full and slick sliding over and over the swollen head of my engorged cock until I spewed my cum into her as she eagerly swallowed every drop while she was looking up at me enjoying every blissful pull from her mouth.

Liz and Krissa stayed for the long weekend, as planned. And, as mapped out by them all along, they fucked me almost non-stop, our sex was constant in one way or another.

Krissa told me that Liz really had a thing for older men and that she wanted to visit me whenever I wanted her. Of course, Krissa told me that she expected that I would be her lover from now on, something she’s wanted for several years.

So, as you can well imagine, my life has changed a lot since my daughter brought home one of her friends from college. And, whenever one or both come to see me, I have the hot tub ready, that’s where we always begin. Then, it’s off to my bed where we always end up. Happily ever after.


A week after Michael recorded his little film, I awoke on the floor of his bedroom ready to start another day of small town life. I rose to my knees and climbed onto his bed, slipping silently under his covers to take his beautiful cock in my mouth. He had wanted to sleep in this morning, so my bladder was achingly full by the time he came awake.

Each night, before crawling into his king-sized bed, Michael would point to the floor. A terse “Stay!” was enough to hold me there until time to wake him in the morning. No command would have held me there against an intruder in his home, nor against the least threat of harm to him. A previous order, even one as old as “wake me every morning with your mouth on my cock”, was enough to allow me to rise from the floor.

However the compulsion to obey was stronger than any physical need of my own. For this reason, I typically drank very little in the evenings. The days Michael asked to sleep in were always uncomfortable. I would have to see to all of his needs before being allowed to withdraw downstairs to see to mine.

The first was his need to cum. He sensed my discomfort immediately, of course, and I could feel the slow smile spread across his face. The head of his member was in my mouth, stretching my jaws wide; my hands were busy stroking his long thick shaft. Despite all the times Michael had used his cock to hurt me, as much as I remained terrified of it, there was no denying its perfect beauty.

“Slow down, baby,” Michael purred. “No need to rush. Don’t worry about making me cum, just enjoy my cock for awhile.”

I moaned loudly over his cock then let him slide from my lips. I traced my fingers over the thick, ropy veins, savoring the velvety feel of his skin. I played with his large balls, rolling them gently in my small hands. I traced my tongue beneath his foreskin and probed and sucked at his urethra.

It was times like these, lost in the pure sensation of Michael, that I could forget for a time that I was a slave. I was free to explore his beauty and power without the violence that was so much a part of him. I don’t know how long he let me play, long enough for the pressure in my bladder to gain urgency, perhaps half an hour.

Finally he reached down and pulled my hands from his cock. “Enough, baby,” he said. “Climb up here. Fuck me.”

I crawled up his body, knees to either side of his powerful hips. I lifted his cock, squatting on my toes in order to get enough height to position him at my swollen, wet sex. Slowly I began to work myself down over his substantial pole. Intercourse with Michael is always a challenge, but when he lets me control the pace, there is actually very little pain. Unless you count the panicked cries from my distended bladder.

When I was fully impaled, my cervix shoved far up into my abdomen by his steel rod, he ran one hand lightly over my lower belly and smiled.

“Now show me how much you love to fuck me.”

I did just that, rocking back and forth on that amazing cock, running my hands over his powerful chest and arms. I flicked my tongue over his nipples, sucking lightly on each one, before I sat up and began to really ride him. My tightly stretched cunt squeezed and sucked at his cock as I lifted my body up and brought it down over and over. He began to thrust up into me, meeting me stroke for stroke.

This was the Michael that was the balance to his brutality. Though he never truly suppressed his cruelty with me, this was closer to the Michael that the other women in his life got to experience: powerful and a little dangerous, but a good man, and a generous lover. He caressed my breasts, gently pinching my nipples, running his hands over my arms and back. He pulled me down into a long kiss, before letting me raise up to fuck him faster, harder.

It wasn’t long before I was riding the edge of orgasm. The rare indulgence of my own desires was overpowering me far too quickly. Michael realized this, of course.

“Enough! Stop,” he ordered. I froze instantly. “Finish me with your mouth.”

Not bothering to protest or beg, I slid off him and knelt on the big bed. I took him deep into my mouth, sucking hard, stroking him with one hand, cupping his large scrotum with the other. My body, so very, very close to getting what it craved, screamed in frustration as Michael shot his hot cum directly down my throat.

Inside my mind I could feel his exploding pleasure as he groaned and held my face with both hands. The intensity of it took my breath, even as my body shook from being denied its own explosion. More than my pain, more than my degradation, Michael reveled in the contrast his own breathless ecstasy made against my quivering, whimpering frustration. Denying me release was, for Michael, like bathing in pure, bright joy. I fed on his joy, like a vampire feeds on blood.

Breathing deeply, he finally pushed himself up to sit on the edge of his bed. I scrambled to the floor and darted ahead of him into the master bath, to kneel beside his toilet. He followed behind, but shook his head as I moved to lift the lid.

“No, baby, in the tub,” he said.

I shuddered, tears springing into my eyes for the first time that day. Michael smiled broadly. “That’s my girl,” he purred as I knelt in his enormous bathtub. He stepped up to the tub, and I took his softened cock in my hands, aiming it at my upturned face. Michael never handled his own penis while urinating unless we were apart.

I sobbed with shame and revulsion as the hot stream hit me directly between the eyes. The bond ensured that it was just exactly as humiliating and disgusting as it was the first time he’d done this to me over 200 years ago. This was my payment to him for the pleasure he’d allowed me a few moments before. I was very careful to keep the stream aimed directly at my face.

When he was done, I licked him clean. He stepped back to smile down at me, my face and hair dripping with his piss.

“Stay there on your knees until you’re completely dry. Do not piss in my tub. When you’re dry you can go downstairs. I’m going back to sleep for a bit.”

“Michael, please!” I called desperately as he turned away. “I won’t last that long, please!”

“I know,” he grinned at me. ” I expect your screams will be waking me up in a couple of hours. Do try to let me sleep as long as possible.”

With that he turned off the lights, and shut me in the dark. My knees were already feeling the bite of kneeling in the ceramic tub, and the stink of urine burned my nose. I fought against a rising panic. I was under a direct command not to do something my body would eventually do no matter what I wanted. My long thick hair would take hours to dry. I felt as if my bladder would give way at any moment. When it did, the pain would come. The otherworldly pain was brought on by the bonding any time I failed my master. Every instant of that pain was an eternity in Hell. It was like nothing I could begin to describe. I squeezed my thighs together and savored the spasming pain in my belly. Every second of cramping pressure was another second I remained free of the pain of the magic. I bowed my head in the stinking darkness and cried.


I was dreaming of a young man named George Melton. In my dream it was 1812, and George and I were visiting the slave quarters on his father’s Alabama cotton plantation. George was explaining the superior quality of “negro leather” for making boots while buggering the father of a young girl I was raping. Finishing with the girl’s father, George approached with a large hunting knife, offering to demonstrate his technique on the girl under me. Blood sprayed and the girl began to scream.

I awoke, panting and sweating, desperately trying to wipe the dream blood from my face. My heart was pounding, and bile rose in my throat, even as I realized it had just been a dream. That had never happened.

Her name had been Sarah, the girl in my dream. She had been sweet and kind, and a more than willing partner in our lovemaking. George had skinned her alive because I had refused his advances. She had been his sixth victim. Anya and I had heard the screams too late to save my sweet Sarah. Fitting, I suppose, that I of all men, should have my dreams haunted by the screams of a beautiful girl.

Abruptly my nightmare clouded mind registered the fact that I still heard screaming. I stumbled from my bed to the adjoining bath. Anya lay on her side in my tub, muscles contorted obscenely. I realized I had no idea how long the magic had had her.

“Anya, it’s okay! You can stop hurting now. You’re forgiven.” Slowly I watched her muscles relax. Her screams faded to panting. She was lying in a puddle of her own piss, my piss crusted on her face. Her eyes were wide with pain and terror, and she stank. I felt my cock lurch in my pants.

Turning from Anya I took a towel from the cupboard and tossed it to her over my shoulder. Without looking at her I said, “Go downstairs and clean up. I’ll be down for breakfast in an hour.”

I left her and went to sit on the edge of my bed, my face in my hands. I remembered how Anya had killed George Melton without a single word or glance at me for approval. He was a rabid monster, she’d said, and had needed to be put down. I remembered thanking her.

I heard Anya step lightly from my bath and hurry past toward the hallway. I sat with my face in my hands, thinking about monsters and justice, and wondering when I’d finally get my due.

An hour later I entered the kitchen. I was wearing only my robe, since I’d sent Anya away before bathing and dressing me. She was naked, of course, freshly scrubbed and smelling of strawberry shampoo. As I seated myself at the small table, she set a cup of steaming coffee down so hard in front of me that half the cup sloshed onto the table. She turned her back brusquely and stomped back to the stove where bacon was sizzling in a pan.

Stunned, I stared from the spilled coffee to my slave’s naked back, back to the coffee. After two hundred and thirty plus years I had seen Anya in practically every frame of mind. I had seen her happy, playful, passionate… sad, often; in pain, enraged… but Anya in a SNIT was remarkable enough to raise my eyebrows. To be honest, it was adorable, and just the thing to turn my mood around. Of course, it couldn’t be allowed to continue.

Odd as it may sound, I had no idea what was bothering her. The bond told me she was angry and worried and her feelings were hurt. It did not tell me why. The obvious answer would be that I had tortured her; pissed in her face, left her in the dark for hours, fighting to avoid the inevitable, only to finally piss herself and lie screaming in agony while I took my own sweet time getting to her. For some reason I didn’t think that was it, though.

When she dropped my breakfast plate on the table, making the food bounce and spilling more coffee, I stood and slapped her across the face. She caught herself just short of falling. She actually glared at me before dropping her eyes to the floor. But with the slap had come a spike of something through the bond. Had that been relief? Hope? How odd.

I slapped her again, much harder, and she went to her knees, pressing her face to the floor at my feet. There, behind the pain… definitely a sense of relief. She was still upset with me, and now there was fear too, but the worry was gone.

“I want an explanation, Anya.”

She sat back on her heels and glared up at me. Oh, yes, she was still angry.

“You are NOT a monster,” she practically spat at me.

I took a step back and my jaw dropped. “Excuse me?”

“Whatever you were on your way to becoming when we met, you are not a monster. You are not like LaLaurie or Himmler or George Melton or the dozens of other psychopaths we’ve encountered. You should not give in to your guilt.”

“Is that what I’m doing?”

“Yes. I suffered for you. For you, Michael! And you turned your back on me. You fought back your arousal and wallowed in remorse instead. I will not have it!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You won’t have it?” The words tasted strange in my mouth. “YOU won’t…?” I slapped her face again. She smiled up at me.


I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it. Then I shook my head, utterly confused. Never, not once, had Anya ever taunted me into hurting her. She was most assuredly not a masochist. She did love the effect her pain and humiliation had on ME, but that was only a result of the bonding. Wasn’t it? Something told me our relationship was more complex than I’d ever realized.

“You are a good man, Michael. You rid the world of evil men and cripple criminal enterprises the police can’t touch. You’re generous to a fault. You’re a sadist, but you hold yourself in check with everyone around you. But I am your outlet. With me there is no holding back. The shame does not scar me, the pain fades, and I heal. I am perfect for you.”

“You hate the pain, I know you do. What is it you’re asking from me, Anya?”

“I am asking you to take your pleasure, Michael! You deny me my pleasure, and I accept that as your right. But I will damn us both to hell before I let you deny me your pleasure as well. It is all I have!”

I groped behind me for my chair, and sat back down, hard. “Well,” I said. “Huh.” It made perfect sense, of course. Still. “Huh,” I said again. She looked up at me, grimly patient. “Wipe up this mess and get me another coffee.”

As she obeyed, I collected my scattered thoughts. Nothing had changed, I decided. She’d said nothing that was new, precisely. Except that somewhere amid that tirade, I got the distinct impression that Anya actually LIKED me. What a very odd thing to discover after all this time.

She served the coffee, this time with her usual grace, and knelt again at my feet. I ate a piece of toast as she bowed her head.

“Sweetheart,” I said suddenly, “press your face to the floor and reach up and touch the ceiling.”

She bowed low until her face kissed the floor and one arm shot out and upward. I watched as, unable to obey me, the magic took her. She screamed, and my cock hardened. I let her scream until her voice cracked.

“Relax, baby,” I said, and watched as the pain slowly faded from her. She was right, about everything. Her pain had my cock raging, but it would never scar her body or her mind. She was my perfect outlet.

“Again, sweetie, stay bowed and touch the ceiling.” I let my robe fall open and stroked my cock as she screamed her agony. My guilt was gone. For the moment, at least. I ate my breakfast and stroked my cock. I let her scream… for a long time.


I knelt on the tile floor, consumed by agony for a thousand years. After the first hundred years, I forgot where I was. After two hundred years I forgot who the man moaning over me was. Another hundred years and I forgot who I was. But still the pain continued. Long centuries after I had forgotten any existence other than this agony I continued to pray for death. Finally there were no prayers, no thoughts at all… and still the agony went on and on. How many centuries did it take for the release from Hell to register on my shattered mind? Three, four?

At last I was able to lift my face from the floor. Face… floor…my mind was relearning the meaning, the existence of words. I looked up to see Michael standing over me. Michael. Memories crashed home, of Michael, of the bond, of my SCOLDING him for denying his own pleasure. He was denying nothing now. He was awash in a pleasure so profound it very nearly transcended my millennium of torment. But it was not my pleasure, it was his.

Now that my suffering was abated, I could feel the throbbing hunger of my sex. His arousal had me wet and ready to meet his need. He surprised me by squatting next to me and placing his hand over my cunt.

“Hump my hand like the little bitch in heat you are, girl,” he growled.

I cried out at his touch and frantically rubbed my swollen pussy against his hand.

“Now, cum for me, bitch.”

I shuddered as I exploded against his hand. I screamed out my release as I’d screamed my agony. A year it had been since he’d let me feel this. I think I blacked out for a moment. But Michael was still holding my cunt.

“Don’t stop, bitch. Keep humping me, little puppy. I want you to cum again. Now!”

Again I screamed as I came. And I screamed as he roughly shoved three fingers inside me.

“Again, bitch. Cum now!” He pumped his fingers in and out of me, as I came for the third time.

“You wanted me to take my pleasure, hmm, Anya? How about if I take yours instead?”

His thumb was pressing and rubbing my too sensitive clit, and his fingers fucked me as hard, if not as deeply, as his cock ever had. Suddenly it was too much and my body tried to pull away.

“Don’t you fucking pull away from me, bitch!” he hissed. “I want you to cum again. Cum for me now, little puppy.”

But it was too much, I was too sensitive to climax again so soon. Just as the magic took me, I saw our neighbor, Bobby, standing in the kitchen doorway. Then my body exploded with pain.


Just before the screaming began, I noticed Anya focusing on something just over my left shoulder. Nothing ominous or the pain would have stopped and allowed her to respond to the threat. I glanced back and saw Bobby Edwards standing behind me with his mouth opened in shock.

“Help you?” I asked, grinning. “Relax,” I muttered under my breath to Anya. She stopped screaming which seemed to relax my guest as well.

“I..” the old man cleared his throat. “I was just stopping by, and I heard screams. Wanted… wanted to make sure everyone was alright.”

Well, that was a load of shit. Bobby had been the first person I had sent my video of Anya, so the man had to know what any screaming in this house likely meant. Still, no reason to call him on it.

“Just playing with the wife. Did you watch the recording I sent you?”

“Yeah,” he said, actually stepping into the room. I realized I had been at least partially blocking his line of sight, so I moved to the side, giving him an unobstructed view of Anya’s finger filled cunt. He smiled widely. “Nice pussy,” he noted.

“I guess you saw,” I said, “I finally broke down and let the whore cum.”

“Saw that,” Bobby nodded.

“She was getting so hung up on her own needs, she was losing focus. Maybe now she can properly pay attention to pleasing men, like a good cunt. Wanna give her a go, see how she behaves?”

Bobby’s smile grew bigger. “To be honest, I was kinda hoping you’d offer. I got the impression you weren’t exactly a selfish fella.”

“Not in the least. There’s a spare bedroom upstairs. Make yourself at home.”

“Um… just one thing…”

“What is it?” I asked, though I had a pretty good idea what he wanted.

“Is it all right with you if I, you know… rough her up a little?”

I pulled my hand out of Anya’s cunt and stood. I grabbed her hair to keep her from scuttling away from us.

“Be my guest. Just leave her in one piece when you’re done.”

“Yeah, yeah sure.” He stepped over and grabbed his own handful of her hair. I let go and stood back. “Come on, sweet pea,” he said to Anya. “Show me where this bedroom is and lets get started.”

One Friday after work, Bud joined a younger couple who were pretty good friends of his at a local pub to enjoy a few brews and catch up on what he and they had all been doing. He was approaching the half-way point in his fifties while his friends were respectively just past forty (him), and Julie, she was in her late twenties.

Hermano was a sculptor and Julie mainly took care of their home, gardened and was working on a few college courses as a part time student. Julie looked like the reincarnation of Ingrid Bergman. She was as tall as Bud, with beautiful blonde hair down to her waist, perfectly shaped long legs that seemed to reach from the ground she was standing on to the sky. Bud had known Julie since she had been fifteen, and though the thought had crossed his mind, any male would have to be dead or a strict homosexual to not see her and not at least think of sex, he hadn’t really considered trying to be with her. Because she was so young when he first met her, though already fully developed right up to the perfectly modestly large breasts that were as perky with no signs of the slightest sag, she had always remained a child in his mind. Thus, though they rapidly became tight friends, somehow they had just seemed to connect, Bud merely was an outside observer, and occasional advisor to Julie as she grew into an adult, and experienced the normal sometimes happy and sometimes troubled relationships with the men lucky enough to become involved, even if ever so briefly, in her life. Bud had been the classic father, or wise uncle figure in her life ever since she was fifteen, till now as she was approaching her landmark thirtieth birthday.

Hermano was a ruggedly handsome Latino of Cuban descent and though he was slightly shorter than both Julie and Bud, his muscular stocky build made up for any inches he lacked in the height department. After a few years of brief relationships with a reasonable number of men, Julie more or less settled down when she and Hermano met and became an item. They had been together for almost five mostly happy years by the time this story took place and for all practical purposes were a married couple, lacking only the paperwork. Hermano was totally in love with Julie and his love was returned by her. However if Julie had learned anything prior to meeting Hermano, it was that she LOVED sex. Julie loved all kinds of sex, and of course had her pick of sexual partners both male and female. Since they had gotten together, Julie’s promiscuous tendencies had almost, but not entirely, gone into remission. The increasingly rare occasions when Julie “cheated” on Hermano were the cause of the rare times trouble reared its head in their otherwise perfect paradise.

Hermano didn’t get too upset when he was cuckolded by a woman (or two) who were as likely, if not more so, to hit on Julie as any man with a functioning hormone in his body. When you get right down to it, everything about Julie, her beauty, her sweet nature and her ravenous sexuality that could be felt by people a block away who never had and never would even see her naked, much less touch her.

Bud imagined like most men, Hermano’s only complaint then was that he hadn’t been invited to participate, or at least get to watch. He thought this was because her lesbian adventures were usually, if not always, with dyed in the wool full time lesbians, who were as likely to hit on her as almost everyman in town and some passing through. The idea of having a man around gawking or ‘eek’ getting his dick involved in the proceedings was a non-starter with these women. Looking back, maybe this aspect of her sexuality contributed to Bud’s own relationship with her. She never seemed to have any desire to try to convert some straight wife or girlfriend to the Sapphic way of life, but gay women tended to hustle her as hard as men. Years before she had first discovered that women too wanted to get naked and crazy with her and it took her no time to realize she was attracted to them back. She like anyone, male or female, growing into their sexuality, found this difficult to resolve in her own mind, especially as she had grown up in a extremely red-neck region where most folks considered anyone involved in ‘exotic’ sexual practices, pretty much anything beyond yer basic missionary man on top stuff with the lights off, should be rounded up and be locked up or shot.

Indeed looking back, it was her confusion with bi-sexuality that probably helped her friendship with Bud grow even closer, because she was so comfortable with “Uncle Bud” and couldn’t go to any of her red-neck parents or relatives who would most likely set up an exorcism or at least somehow have tried to beat this devil of the love forbidden out this most beautiful creation of their genetic line that mostly produced spawn that could have served as the subject matter of a documentary version of “Deliverance.”

So when she came to “Uncle Bud” to help her with her newly discovered gender identity crisis, he knew it would be a great help if he told her right out front that he also was attracted to both sexes and had also been tortured for years, wondering if he was gay, and if he was, was that okay. He had eventually come to realize that he wasn’t gay because he liked women too much, including having sex with them, and they seem to like him too. On the other hand, he couldn’t be a doctrinaire heterosexual or Straigt8. because he liked cock way to much and had learned first hand that assholes feel and taste just as good on both men and women – Bud simply put his arm around her shoulder more in a fatherly than sexual way then and told her,

“Sweetheart, the first thing you gotta do is relax and trust me for a minute or two, cause I think I really understand how you feel and hopefully can help you work it through much faster than the time it took me to finally deal with it.”

“What do you mean Bud, the time it took you?”

“Well Julie, you probably have no idea, that I had what I imagine was very similar mental and emotional turmoil in my younger days. In my own case, I think it all started in earnest when I read “A Season in Hell” by Arthur Rimbaud. It is true there was a boy school mate in elementary school that I had feelings toward, though I only realized years later that they were probably sexual somehow and my family moved clear across the country from when he and I were in about fifth grade, and I spent the first few months out west really missing him. Myself and my family didn’t move to get us apart, nothing ever happened between us except for playing baseball, riding our bikes and raiding all the fruit trees and berry bushes in the neighbourhood every summer. Once we were 2000 miles away for months I was haunted by idealized memories of him and constantly dreaming up scenarios where I would get to see him again.”

“I finally realized that no, I’m not gay, but then I’m not straight either because as much as I like, and I do like, women, I may also enjoy cock as much or more than many of the women in this town or anywhere. My first response to these urges was to double down on my pursuit and capture of women and then even starting a family, but then occasionally the urges toward men and cock would win out and I would enjoy being with a man, and then feel guilty for some time afterward, sort of a post-coital dip, magnified. As time went by I became gradually more comfortable, to the point where I now think bi-sexuality is really natural, and would be the default orientation if it wasn’t for all the religious crap laid on us, from a time when perhaps reproduction was more important to the survival of our species. Today it is one of the threats to our continued existence. Now I acknowledge to friends, but don’t flaunt the fact that I am bi-sexual, and I have to admit it took me many years to get as comfortable with that as I am today.”

Once Bud got disclosure out of the way he said,

“Julie, relax, for starters for a beautiful woman like you it should hardly be an issue because, frankly, even the straightest men rarely have a problem with same sex action, if it is between two women, though they do resent those women who have absolutely no interest in their cock anymore. A pair of beautiful lesbians getting it on is not only rarely a problem, but a fantasy they cherish, especially if the heat of their passion (with him in the room) leads to both of them using his cock as a sex toy. The majority of men not only tolerate it, but would think they had died and gone to heaven if their wife or girlfriend brings her girlfriend home to share with him.

I hope I haven’t bored you readers with all this background, but I felt it was necessary to help if you understand who everybody was, before I tell you what happened that night.

After a few drinks together Hermano said,

“Hey Bud, Julie made a wicked stew that is up at the house simmering in the slow cooker, would you like to grab some beers and come up to the house for dinner? We could whip up some biscuits and a salad and listen to some music or watch a video.”

Bud said, “Well Hell, I’ve been working since seven this morning and my only other option is to go home and hope I have something in the fridge that I can throw together, so count me in.”

So they went up to Julie and Hermano’s house and continued the evening with some good eats, and a bottle of wine and more beer. Later on though, things took a turn for the worse as suddenly Hermano became increasingly angry about some previous indiscretion of Julie’s and his love turned into possessiveness which led to increasingly ugly verbal abuse of Julie and finally exploded into outright physical abuse as he slapped her around a bit and then pushed her into the corner of a counter which really bruised her lower back and she slid down the cupboard and laid there in pain on the kitchen floor. All of a sudden, Bud didn’t really want to be there, but at the same time, he didn’t want to leave and leave Julie in a situation where she could be even more seriously injured. Bud had already tried to pull him away from and off of her a few times, and it didn’t seem likely that he was likely to quit unless he somehow magically passed out.

So, feeling kinda weird, because it was his house, with Julie in full accord, Bud told Hermano that he just had to leave, or they would have to call the police to come and remove him to prevent Julie from getting more seriously hurt. After a bit of pushing and shoving between Hermano and Bud, they finally managed to get him out the door, without having to get any law enforcement types involved and Julie and Bud sat down and basically heaved a sigh of relief and tried to catch their breath.

Julie was feeling sore from being slapped around and being pushed into the sharp corner of the kitchen counter and asked Bud if he would mind if she went and soaked in the bathtub for a while to hopefully mitigate the soreness in her back and elsewhere, and he said go ahead. Bud sat on the couch and fired up the television and flipped around the channels while drinking a couple more beers, which led to a need to have a piss. Their house had only the bathroom where Julie was soaking in the tub to relieve her soreness so he politely knocked on the door and asked if he could come in to use the toilet, just to have a piss. Julie replied, “come on in, I’ll just close the shower curtain around the tub so we’ll both have some privacy. “

So he walked in, past the tub containing Julie’s beautiful body, which he had never seen naked, but had seen enough of in a bikini to realize he would enjoy seeing it. After all the beer Bud had had this evening, when he unzipped his fly and let his piss fly, the sound of his piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl was like a miniature fire hose. Shortly after the piss started flowing Julie stuck her beautiful face though the shower curtain and ordered Bud to STOP, so as a guest in her home, and being the polite kind of guy, he squeezed his cock and stopped the flow, even though there was still a large amount of piss swelling his bladder anxious to escape. Once he had staunched the flow Julie said “come here Bud” and while he was standing there squeezing his cock to hold his piss back with a puzzled look on his face, she slid the shower curtain back, rose to her knees in the bath and in a commanding tone of voice pointed to the bathroom floor next to where she was kneeling in the tub said “right here, right now.

Still confused, he meekly went over and, still squeezing his cock to hold back his piss, stood before her. She then started licking the tip of his cock and ordered him to stick it in her mouth. So still squeezing the base of his cock, he allowed her to wrap her lips around the head and then watched as she slid her lips down the length of his member until they were up against his fingers that were holding his bladder’s contents in. Julie then moved back far enough to mumble, “okay – go ahead and finish pissing now, here – in my mouth, please”, which took Bud by surprise, but he did have to go, and Bud had to admit, she was the finest looking urinal he would ever be privileged to use.

Then she pulled Bud’s hand away, that was holding back the flow, and slid her lips up to the base of his cock, which was still soft and small enough for her to easily accommodate without any gagging, though it was starting to grow bigger. It didn’t take long till Bud was able to relax enough to release the floodgates and send a powerful stream of piss virtually straight down her throat. His hot piss came so fast and furious that soon some started dribbling out of the corners of her mouth and running down her beautiful body into the bathwater. “Whew,” said Bud when his bladder was empty and she, still on her knees in the bathtub that had somehow been instantly turned into the fanciest toilet on the planet ran both of hers hands through her lovely waist long blond hair to get it out of her face. Bud certainly couldn’t think of her as the lovely young 15 year old “child” that she had somehow managed to remain in his mind anymore.

“Jeepers Julie” said this former foster father/uncle figure, “that was really a surprise, but I guess you’ve really grown up. I mean, that is really kinda kinky!”

Julie said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet, why don’t you take off your clothes and step into the water, sit on the rim of the tub and let me give you a first class blow job, and since I know you have had a cock or two in your mouth over the years, we can compare notes after I do you.”

Now being an adherent of the philosophy of Zorba the Greek, who said something like “one of the greatest sins a man can commit is when a woman invites you into her bed, to refuse,” Bud immediately stripped down, barely taking the time to deal with things like buttons or zippers and stepped into the water and sat on the rim of the tub and gazed at this facsimile of Ingrid Bergman who had already taken what seemed like a gallon of his hot beer fueled piss down her throat and now wanted to suck as much cum out of his dick as possible. What was there not to like about where he was sitting?

She then commenced to lick the inside of his thighs, and work her way to his ball sack and put first one and then both of his balls in her mouth, for starters. It didn’t take Bud long to figure out Julie must have done this before – I mean, suck a cock. She also proved that she could easily swallow his whole eight and a half fat inches as she rammed her lips against his pubic bone and then withdrew to the tip and occasionally even far enough to let it fall out of her mouth so she could gaze up at him and smile.

Now Bud was no certified expert, but he had received enough blow jobs from both men and women, not to mention performed blow jobs himself on many men with many happy endings to be able to assert that Julie had learned and practiced enough to be in the elite class of cocksuckers. She obviously wasn’t into just making him come and getting it over with – as she would pull back just before he was ready to explode, to smile at him and lick his balls or even come up and bite his nipples. Obviously she could feel in her mouth and with her hand often on his balls when he was ready to come and would retreat until his impending climax would subside so she could suck his cock longer. She seemed to be as tuned in to his impending climax as he was himself. Definitely a woman who enjoyed performing fellatio as much as the lucky recipient of her ministrations

Finally, after at least a half hour, if not more, though as they say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” which Bud definitely was, she decided it was time to let all the cum she had been helping to build up wherever cum is stored prior to ejaculation explode into her mouth. This time, instead of pulling back when she felt the telltale tremors of his dick in her mouth, signaling the impending deluge she merely pulled back far enough so that the onslaught of cum would arrive in her mouth, rather than deep in her throat where the head of his dick had so recently been so that she could enjoy the taste of the bounty he squirted into her mouth in great quantity. She tried to hog and savour every drop of the cum she so richly deserved but Bud shot so much so hard that some it dribbled out of the corners or her mouth just like his piss had done earlier.

Julie then took her mouth off his happy cock and gave him the most beautiful smile imaginable and then after swirling his cum around for a while and showing him how full of his seed was her mouth swallowed every drop with a big gulp.

Things were pretty quiet for a few moments, as both of them were somewhat exhausted, though she had been doing all the work for the better part of an hour. Bud was basking in a space that satisfaction is too weak of a word to describe and she too was still on her knees in the bathwater that now contained some of his piss and cum smiling at him like the cat that had just eaten the canary. Amazingly, she seemed to catch her breath before he did and said “I hope you aren’t going home now, Bud.”

He said, “Wow honey, I certainly didn’t expect any of what just happened.” She replied “I wanted to thank you for your help with Hermano, he has been violent with me before, but never when anyone else was around, and never quite so brutally. Besides I was horny and to tell the truth I’ve had a crush on you ever since I was so young you would have been sent to jail for touching me. So, will you stay with me tonight just in case Hermano comes back, and I also would like to now make love with you, cuz after using my mouth on you I’m even hornier. I’d probably have to go out and find a cock, any cock, if you won’t stay………

Bud, considering he thought she had already made love to him by letting him use her mouth as a urinal and then using her lips and tongue for so long with such gusto and gleefully swallowing one the biggest ejaculations of his lifetime, for a moment was almost confused by her invitation.

But Bud’s inner Zorba kicked in and he said sure, so they went to living room to grab their smokes and then a bottle of wine from the kitchen and then crawled under the covers of the king size bed in their bedroom and began a night long exercise in making love every which way imaginable. Julie sucked his toes, sucked his cock some more and drove her tongue, fresh from his ass down his throat. He too licked her beautiful body all over and inserted both his tongue and his amazingly resilient cock into every orifice she had that would accommodate either. By the time he had deposited gradually diminishing loads of cum in first her ass, then her mouth again, then into her cunt, and once again in her ass for good measure the sun had come up. They giggled, cuddled and chatted briefly between sexual exercises and with sunlight streaming through the bedroom window, they finally fell asleep, she with her lips wrapped around his well worked soft cock and her legs wrapped around his as she rubbed her nipples on his thigh and her well used vagina on one of Bud’s feet.

I know it’s been a while, I’ve gotten a couple of pings from people looking for the next chapter. Sometimes real life just gets in the way of my fantasies.

Chapter 7 ended like this…

Then one Tuesday morning, I get an e-mail from Kelly:

“Hey there, f-buddy. We need to meet with you soon. We have a problem we need your help with. Coffee place @ 5 OK?”

Unusual, something that couldn’t wait until we met later in the week?

I replied, “Works for me — see you at 5″

Chapter 8.

I got there a couple of minutes after five, and saw Kelly sitting by herself at a table in the corner, with a latte already in hand.

I walked over to her, and gave her a nice peck on the lips, saying, “Hi Babe, good to see you, let me go grab a coffee.”

I returned a few minutes later and sat opposite her. She patted on the chair beside her, “Sit here.”

I moved over beside her.

“You’re looking very sexy as usual.”

She had on a scoop necked t-shirt on, that showed a good portion of the tops of her boobs. I looked right at them, no need for modesty with her anymore. She noticed and leaned forward to me, “You really do like them don’t you?”

“Oh yes, I don’t think I’d ever tire of looking at them.”

“How about playing with them?”

“Oh, that too, sweetie.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get to play with them again.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“Well, it’s about Abby. You haven’t met her. She was gone on vacation with some girls from her class on an exchange thing to Ireland this summer when we met you, and you haven’t been with all of us together since the long weekend. Anyhow, her birthday was yesterday, and we want to have a bit of a party for her on Friday night. This party isn’t going to be candles, and cake, and balloons, but there could be some games. It’s not a party we can have at any of our houses, and no one is conveniently leaving for the weekend. We want to take her on a ride that she’ll never forget, and we need a place to do it, so we’d like to come over to your place. You can stay if you’d like, I’m sure you’d love to, and we’d like you to help too.”

“We’ve told her all about you, and what we’ve all done together, about the long weekend, how Steph gave you her virginity. She’s so intrigued by all of it that she wants to meet you, she thinks it is all so very, very hot and she wants to play with us. She says she’s constantly squirmy thinking about what we were doing.


“Oh come on, you know, her pussy gets all wet and makes her panties damp.”

“So how far does she want to take this?” I asked.

“Not sure. I mean, she’s just eighteen, and is a virgin, and she hasn’t said anything about wanting to change that with you. So I’d guess, pretty much anything except penis in pussy.” She whispered to me.

“Oh, here they come, meet Abby.”

I glanced up, and there were Steph and an absolutely stunningly cute girl. Shoulder length black hair, and a really, really pretty face. About Steph’s size, but a little bit curvier, looked like average size boobs, and very nice hips that I presume were surrounding a very nice bum.

I stood up, Steph gave me more than just a little peck on the lips, and then glanced with a smile at Abby. Not sure what to do, I leaned over, held her hand with my right, and placed by left overtop of hers and gave a gentle little squeeze. “Abby, great to finally meet you.”

“Yes, and really good to meet you too. I’ve heard soooo much about you” she giggled.

“All of it good, I hope.”

“Yeah… really good.”

“Hey, can I get you girls a coffee?”

They gave me their orders, and went up to get the drinks.

I came back, and my seat beside Kelly was still open, and Steph and Abby were sitting across the table. I set the coffees down and sat beside Kelly.

Steph began, “So, this is the last one of our little group. I think Kelly told you Abby turned 18 yesterday, so we wanted to show her off to you a little bit.”

At this, Abby blushed. She had on a sort of white denim jacket over a pink sweater, and quite short black skirt. She filled them all out quite well.

“Do you remember how we first met? Well, Abby here said that all of that sounded like a lot of fun. She got pretty excited hearing about me flashing you, about the little romp in the park, you feeling my titties. So as a kind of a reverse birthday gift, she’s here to show you something.”

She took her jacket off, and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, her breasts were nicely coddled by her sweater, and her nipples were visible, being a bit darker than her skin and you could see that they weren’t pointy erect, but that soft puffy kind of erect. She had her back to the rest of the room, so no one else could really see anything. She leaned back in her chair, and pushed her legs out towards me. Steph then reached over and lifted the front of her skirt, so I could see the white panty where her legs met. She slid her hand up Abby’s leg, until she touched her panty, then, slipped her finger inside. She pulled her hand back, and held it out to me. “Smell her, she’s really wet right now.”

I took her hand, and held it to my nose, and she really smelled good. The pheromones in her secretions really hit me, I took her hand and put her finger in my mouth. Abby looked at me, her eyes totally wide open. “You do taste really good, looking forward to another one”, I quipped.

She completely blushed and looked down.

Steph, took her hand and said in her ear, “OK, it’s time for part two, go ahead.”

“Do I need to?”

“You said you wanted to, so go on and do it.”

So she got up and walked to the back into the women’s restroom.

She was in there about three or four minutes, then came out. She sat back down in her chair, and held out her hand, clenched, palm down. “Here you go.”

I held out my hand, and she put hers in mine, and opened it, and small bundle of white fabric landed in my hand. “Feel it, feel how wet it is.

I did, and the crotch of the thong was quite wet. I looked at Abby, and rather than having a shy look, she had a look of anticipation, of lust.

Then Steph, said, “OK, the last part, you promised.”

And with that Abby spread her legs apart and showed me her pretty little, god, at this point I couldn’t call it a pussy, or vagina, or vulva, or cunt. She was so innocent in all of this that I couldn’t form the words to describe what was happening.

Then she slammed her legs shut, and exclaimed, “Oh, god, I’m so embarrassed,” and dropped her head on Steph’s shoulder. Staph held her for a sec, then said, “Hey, babe, don’t worry, Gene’s one of us. He’s our best friend. We told you what that means.”

“I know, you’ve told me all about it and I thought I was ready, and could to this, but, when it comes down to it, it’s freakin’ me out.”

Then Steph said looking at me, “Come here and switch places with me.”

So Stephanie got up, I got up and went around the table, and sat beside her while Steph took my place. As she turned a little to face towards me, I notice the beautiful curve her breasts had, how they jiggled just the tiniest bit as she readjusted herself in the chair and her nipples started to get little points on the end.

“Oh my,” I gasped, “Your really are beautiful, and your boobs are lovely.”

“You really like them? I think they are nice, the girls always tell me they are pretty too.”

“Do you want to touch them?”, Kelly leaned over to me, showing me her cleavage down her boobs, all the way to her very low cut bra that was showing just a peek of her areolas, “I know how much you like them, and she’ll let you.”

I looked around, and there were very few people around so I reached over and placed my hand on her left boob, gently lifting it, feeling the weight, the softness, the hardening nipple.

She then said, “I thought it would be so hot to do this, I got so excited about doing it, and then when it happened, I was just really scared.”

Giving tit a final little squeeze and letting go, I said, “Hey, sweetie, all I can tell you is that we are all friends here, it stays between us, you and I. You know that Stephanie and I have this very strange kind friendship, and so because of that you are my friend too.”

“Really, god, this is hard to understand.”

“Just talk to the girls, they’ll tell you.”

“Yeah, they already have, but, I just wasn’t sure. This is so strange. I mean, we have this thing between us girls, but to have a guy in here now, and particularly a guy as old as you. It’s going to take a little getting used to.”

“We’ll take our new relationship at its own pace. We’ll only do things you are comfortable with, and when you are ready. So we are good?”

“Yeah, we’re good. I trust the girls, and it sounds like I should trust you too.”

She then took my hand and put it on her knee, and I slid it up a few inches, and she didn’t object, then put her hand on my leg, quite a bit above the knee, and squeezed. After a short silence, Kelly, chimed in, “So, Friday night birthday party for Abby, Gene, you are hosting?”

“OK, I’ll be ready, come on over, just tell me what you need.”

Kelly said, “We are telling our folks that we are going out for pizza, then a movie, then going to Tammy’s place to crash. So I think we can be at your place around 7 and start the birthday party. Only thing is we’ll need pizza, can you fix that?… Silly, sure you can.

“I’ll make it happen. How many, all of you?”

“Yeah, we’ll all be there.”

With that we finished up our coffees, the girls got up, and moved towards the door. Then Kelly and Steph grabbed Abby’s skirt and lifted it up. Kelly being who she was, grabbed an ass cheek, and pulled it towards her and gave me a clear view of Abby’s little butt hole. They both looked over towards me, and smiled, and Kelly said, “Friday, Old Man, be ready.”

So, now I’ve met Abby, and she is so, so cute. My dick will twitch every time I think of her

The rest of the week went by with me constantly thinking about what was going to happen on Friday. Clearly it was going to be a very sexual event. I didn’t really get any sense of how they wanted me to participate. Was I going to get to play, or did they just need a place for an all girl orgy. I guessed that even if the latter it was OK, I’d get to watch all kinds of touching, feeling, rubbing, licking, pinching, and who knows what else.

Friday afternoon finally rolled around. I got home, cleaned up the place, took a shower, dressed my normal “going out to the movies” casual. At about 6:45 I called and ordered up 3 pizzas, didn’t think the girls were real big eaters. I had already made sure I had beer and wine in stock in case they wanted some.

Promptly at 7 my door bell rang and when I opened the door, Kelly, Lane and Tammy poured in, each girl giving me a very hard and promising kiss on the mouth, with a good but of tongue thrown in.

They weren’t dressed in any particularly special way. Shorts, mini-skirts, shirt type tops. Kelly had her usual scoop neck shirt that showed her great tits. They looked like a group of girls that were going out to the movies and pizza. Great disguises, I thought. They were all bubbly and excited. Some small talk, then, “Steph, Abby, and Brooke should be here in about 10. They were running late.”

“You guys want something to drink? I got beer and wine just like last time.”

“Sure, wine.” “Beer.” “Wine.”

“Come and get them. I’ll pour.”

I got the drinks, with a glass of red for myself. We’d gone back into the living room, when the door bell rang again, and I got up to open the door. It was the pizza guy, so I paid him and took the boxes back into the kitchen, then threw them in the oven on a warmer setting.

As I got back to the living room, I picked up the middle of the conversion, “…so, we’ll each take turns then. Should we blindfold her so she doesn’t know who it is? Maybe we can do her two at a time. That would be fun.”

“You have it all figured out?”

“No, really not at all, we’re just going to let whatever happen. Do you want to play with her some?”

“Oh yes, I’d love to. Kelly said no real sex, so I’m good with that, but I’d like to make her feel good as much as you guys do.”

“OK, we’ll figure something out. Main thing is to be sure that she has as many O’s as we can give her.”

With that the door bell rang again, and Kelly jumped up, her pretty boobs bouncing, and ran to the door opening, it and the other three girls came in. Steph led the way, pulling Abby in by her hand, and Brooke coming in and closing the door behind her.

I started, “Pizzas are here and keeping warm. Eat first?”

“Yeah, we’re starved.”

So we went in the kitchen, pulled out the pizzas, plates, I filled and refilled wine glasses. I asked Abby, “are you OK with having some wine?” Steph chimed in, “Oh, yeah, it’s OK, her parents let her have wine with meals on special occasions. And this is as special as it gets.”

So we ate, the girls were chatting away, and I just watched, enjoying how great they all were together.

We put away plates, utensils, boxes, wiped up the table and counters, and we were ready to go.

Kelly started, “Well, Abby, this is your special night. You’ve just had your birthday, and we want you to become a full member of our little group here. We’ve all decided that we want to show you as an exciting an evening as we can. Are you ready? You do want to go ahead and do this?”

“Oh, I’m so nervous, but yes, let’s go ahead and do it.”

“OK, Gene, go ahead and tell her what to do.”

Oh! This was going to be interesting. They wanted me to direct traffic, at least for now.

“OK, Abby, I’m going to tell you to do a bunch of things, and some of them will be very new to you. I’d really want you to try everything we ask you to do, but if you really have a problem with anything, just say so, and we’ll do something different. Is that all right?”

“Yeah, I’m good with it. I’ll try just about anything, I guess.”

I looked at Kelly and Steph with a question in my eyes. Steph answered first, “I think she should get naked first.”

“OK — Abby, take your clothes off for us please. Start at the top, OK?”

So she pulled off her t-shirt top exposing a camisole type covering that showed the tops of her boobs, hinting at the fullness hiding underneath. “Keep going.”

Then she pulled the cami off, revealing a pretty pink bra that had a fairly deep cleavage, and exposed a good amount of tit. It also showed how low riding her little skirt was. I could see her pelvic bones on the sides of her abdomen and no sign of any hair or fuzz at the belt line of the skirt. She paused for only a couple of seconds, and she reached down and undid the snaps at the top of the skirt, and slowly shimmied it down across her hips, then letting it fall down to the floor. The very tiny bikini panties were the same color and style as the bra, really pretty, and quite see through, and I could just make out the slightest shadow behind the fabric. Her skin was fairly pale, so the pink of her undergarments and very black hair made for a very erotic sight.

“OK, now slowly turn all the way around so we can all get a good look at your gorgeous body,” and she blushed quite noticeably, and turned slowly around. When she back facing me, the girls gave her an enthusiastic cheer and applause. “The rest now, top first, please.”

She slipped her bra straps off her shoulders, then slowly pulled the cups down off her boobs, until they were completely uncovered. They were very nice, larger than Steph’s but smaller than Kelly’s. They stood up very firm, absolutely no sag at all, not even a crease or fold of her skin along the underside. She spun the bra around and undid the clasp and handed the bra to Steph. With only a pause of two or three seconds, she slowly pulled down her panties, doing a full 360 turn in the process, lifting first one leg and then the other as she stepped out of them. She then turned to face me, and I could see that though not shaven, she had trimmed and shortened up her bush even more.

“God, Abby, you are a truly beautiful creature.” I glanced at Steph who seemed to have a bit of a pout on her lips. Looking at her, I said, “It’s OK, look, it IS her birthday. Aren’t birthday girls always beautiful?” And she smiled in return and nodded.

What to do next, I thought. Then a simple idea, “OK girls, I want you to go up to Abby one at a time and give her a birthday kiss and a nice warm welcome.”

Nearest was Lane, so she stepped up, whispered in her ear, held her by her face, and planted a full mouth kiss on Abby.

Next was Brooke who did the same, but gave her left tit, a slow sensuous massage as she kissed.

Tammy did the same, followed by Kelly. Kelly, though reached down and cupped Abby’s pussy and just held her hand there while she kissed her. She stepped back, announcing, “She’s getting kinda wet down there.”

The last one up was Steph, and it was a bit odd, because she seemed to hesitate a bit, but then went up to Abby, whispered something in her ear, then kissed her on the cheek, then gave a light peck on the lips while holding her by the waist.

Steph stepped back and went and sat down. All of a sudden I realized that everyone was looking at me. Kelly finally said, “Come on, you too!”

It took a few seconds to figure out what she meant so I got up and went up to Abby. She came to just above my chin, so I leaned over and at the same time reached behind and put one hand one each of her ass cheeks. She shuddered a bit, and I said, “Happy Birthday, sweetie, it’s really good to know you. Like I said before, I’d never do anything to hurt your or make you do anything you aren’t OK with. I hope you can trust me. You really are beautiful, you have a gorgeous body, and if you’d let me, I’d like to get to know it a lot better.” As I massaged her cheeks, feeling the incredible softness of her skin covering the wonderful firmness of her butt. This one I’m really going to have to get close to, I thought.

“God, I can’t believe what’s happening to me. Can you please let me go, I’m starting to feel a little too, too funny.”

“Sure babe, here you go,” as I stepped back. The girls, and especially Steph were staring at me.

Kelly immediately stepped up, and said, “OK, Abby, now it’s your turn, you tell us what you’d like to happen next.”

“Oh, gawd, I don’t know, all of that touching, whispering, licking my ears, touching my pussy, I am just so, so horny, I need to cum. Can you make me cum?”

“Oh, yes we really can. Here, I’ve got an idea, turn around.”

And Kelly grabbed a scarf that they had obviously found and put aside in anticipation of this. She wrapped it around Abby’s eyes and tied it in back. “We’re going to do you, but we’re not going to let you see who is doing what, you’ll just have to guess later. Are you OK with that.” And she stroked Abby’s inner thighs, all the way up to but not touching her pussy.

By now she was breathless, and panting in anticipation, “yes, anything, good, just get started, I’m dying here.”

“Come here and lie back on the couch.” Kelly motioned Tammy to come over, who turned Abby so she could spread her legs apart, and slowly knelt down in front of her and between her legs, first touching Abby’s pussy with her fingers, then slowly flicking her clit with her tongue, then licking down one side, then back up the other, and Abby was just rocking her hips back and forth, holding her breasts, and rubbing her nipples. Lane and Brooke noticed this, and moved beside her and replaced her hands and fingers with theirs and started gently rolling, massaging, twisting and pinching her nipples.. The gloriously puffy nipples started to harden, and small points slowly grew larger and larger as Abby was clearly getting very aroused.

Tammy licked and rubbed Abby’s pussy for three or four minutes, then Kelly pointed at Lane to switch places. She then got down and resumed, though, Lane being who she is, was pushing the envelope a bit, she was licking down and back towards Abby’s butt. Abby squirmed harder and harder, until she could resist no longer, and came really hard, tensing, screaming, moaning, clenching, then collapsing back on to the couch, almost comatose.

Everyone was just still for quite a while, After a few minutes she just uttered a long drawn out “WOW!!!”, “I could never have imagined what that could feel like, I just can’t even begin to describe how that felt. You guys are amazing. Can I take this off now?”

“Do you want to rest, or do you want us to do you again?”

“Rest, rest, rest!!!”

“OK, take it off,” and she pulled off the blind fold.

I took the opportunity to ask, “Everyone OK on drinks?”

A few glasses were raised so I went to get refills. By the time I got back and handed the drinks around, Kelly was fondling Abby, and Abby was starting to take Kelly’s clothes off. “I think I need to return the favor, though I don’t know if I can get to all of you, but I’d like to start with you.” And she peeled Kelly’s top off, then her skirt, and panties. She pushed her back on the couch, then crouched down on the floor between Kelly’s legs, and slowly kissed her way up her thighs until she had her head buried in Kelly’s pussy. I motioned for Steph to come over to me and she came and sat on my lap. “Pretty hot isn’t she?” I asked Steph.

“Yeah, she looks like she likes giving as much as receiving.”

I reached up her leg and slipped my hand inside the leg of her shorts. I was able to just reach the edge of her pussy lips, and wiggled in until I had a finger right at the entrance to her pussy. She was very wet. I asked, “Got you excited and wet?”

“Oh, yeah, we’re going have to do something real soon, ‘cuz like I said about Abby, I’m getting really squirmy here.

“Do you want me to strip you here and take care of it?”

“I don’t think so, maybe, Let me take off my shorts, and you can stroke it.”

She undid her shorts and wiggled them down her legs, taking a tiny white thong panty with them. I pulled her to me and she sat on my lap, facing me, her legs straddling mine. She reached down to her crotch with both hands, and spread her pussy lips wide open. “See how wet I am?”

I could see that it was glisteningly wet.

“Rub it for me.” And I did. I stroked around her pussy lips, dipping a finger inside to get it wet, then, putting the moist finger on her clit and started stroking.

“Inside too.” And I did, putting a finger from my other hand inside her pussy, moving both hands in time.

“Another one,” so I pushed my first two fingers all the way in, with my fourth finger brushing right up against her asshole that I massaged as my other two fingers were moving in and out of her very tight and very wet pussy. She was rocking harder and harder now, her breathes becoming shorter and stronger, almost panting. Then she stiffened up, collapsed against me, and let out a loud whimper

“God, you do that so well, it’s way better than when I do it myself.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”

I looked around Steph to see that not only was Abby still buried in Kelly’s pussy, but Tammy was now topless and was stroking her fingers in and out of Abby;s pussy.

We watched for a few minutes until first Kelly had her orgasm, followed shortly thereafter by Abby on Tammy’s fingers.

Lane and Brooke were sitting on the floor, watching, with their hands up each others’ skirts, stroking gently at each other. The girls on the couch had just collapsed in a heap and weren’t really saying anything.

Lane got up and came over to me, and she put her hand on Steph’s shoulder, who then stood up.

“I think we need to show Abby what one of these looks like,” and she knelt in front of me, and pulled down my zipper, undid my belt and button, and fished out my semi-erect penis. She stroked it a few times, then wrapped her lips around the head and it didn’t take very long for it to be all the way up.

“Abby, come here, I need to show you something.”

Abby came over, and knelt beside Lane. “Seen one of these before?”

“Yes, but not anywhere near that big.”

“Touched one?”

She shook her head no.

“Here, wrap your fingers around it, and stroke it up and down gently.”

And she did, and what a wonderful feeling it was. She looked up at me with a questioning look, so I responded, “Yes you’re doing it just right, keep it up, you’re doing great.”

Lane adjusted Abby’s hand and fingers on my cock, so that she as applying pressure to the underside, and it started to really feel good. I had been pretty excited watching

I had started leaking some fluid out the top, and Lane bent over and licked it.

“What’s that stuff?” Abby asked

“It’s some fluid that comes out when a guy is really excited. Just like you get wet, men let this stuff out, it’s like getting ready for sex more lubrication.”

Abby continued stroking, then Lane put her finger on the end and wiped up a bit of the liquid and offered it to Abby. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you at all. You might even like it!”

Abby stuck out her tongue and licked Lane’s finger, then put it in her mouth and sucked it clean. “You’re right, not bad.”

Lane then sucked me into her mouth and was moving back and forth and swirling her tongue all around the head of my dick. It was felling incredible, she really was very good at this. Then she pulled off and proceeded to provide Abby with a little anatomy lesson pointing out the parts, where the sensitive places were, how to stimulate them, and proceeded to show her. There was something about watching a girl doing this for what looked like the first time that made the entire experience that much more exciting. She stroked gently, looked up at me, smiled, “How does it feel, tell me, I want to know.”

“Exquisite,” I uttered, “really, nice, thanks Abby.”

“Go ahead,” Kelly said, lick the head and put a little into your mouth.”

“No, what if he, you know, spurts his stuff?”

“You mean his sperm, when he cums?”

“Yes that.”

“Gene, you’ll let us know before?”

“Absolutely.” So with that, Abby put the end in her mouth and she tentatively swirled her tongue around the head of my dick, around the underside. She seemed to have some idea of what would feel good. I was quite enjoying this, closing my eyes, and just savoring the sensations. Then I felt another wet sensation on my balls, and looked down, and Lane had crawled between my legs, and was licking and sucking my balls, then holding then in her hand gently massaging them. Then she took a finger and reached back and started massaging my asshole. At this point I had to tell them, “Girls, getting really close now.”

With that Abby pulled back, and Lane pounced on my cock, stroking, licking, sucking, pulling, until I tensed up and shot the full load into her mouth in five or so real strong convulsions. She sucked and licked, and held it all in her mouth.

She released my cock, and turned to Abby, and opened her mouth. We all could see my ejaculate sitting on top of her tongue. She then made a big show of swallowing, then opening her mouth to show it was all gone.

Abby just stared open mouthed, “You really, really did that. Took it in your mouth and swallowed, I don’t believe it. Tell me what it was like.”

“Well, you can feel when his cock tenses up, it’s a few seconds before the first spurt, and you can pull off if you want to. The stuff doesn’t taste bad, but it is unusual, and it mouth feel is a little odd — if you like yogurt, than you could handled it.”

“You swallowed it?”

“Yeah, I’ve done it a few times before. It’s kinda what you do for someone that’s special. Doing it is kind of a signal to the other person that you want to go out of your way to show you want to really please them.”

“You feel that way about Gene?”

“Yeah, I think we all do.”

“Oh, wow.”

With that a bit of a pause in the conversation, so I piped up asking anybody need something to drink, and standing up putting my pants back together.

Got yeses and nods, so went got a bottle of wine, a couple of beers and came back. Back in the room, Steph was snuggling with Tammy, head on shoulder, cupping and slowly massaging her leg, just below her panty. By this time all of the girls were pretty much without clothes on, a few panties and bras, though. Abby was stroking Kelly through her thong panty.

“So, let’s play a little truth or dare, OK?” Lane offered.

A couple of the girls agreed, “Sure”

“One new rule, though, we alternate questions between male and female.”

“But there is only one of me.”

“That’s right. You have every second turn, and we go around the room. So you get all of the action, OK?”

“OK, I guess, let’s see how it goes.”

“You start,” looking at me.

“How does this work?”

“You ask a question of one of us, and if that person can answer truthfully or ask to be given a dare that you then choose. Got it? And you get to choose who goes first.”

So I thought for a moment wondering who and what.

“Lane, how many different boys or men have you had sex with?”

“Just a sec,”, she pauses, “not counting oral only, I’d have to say six. Now my turn. How many women have you had sex with before you met us?”

“Not a lot. I think six, the same as you, but that’s spread out over more than 20 years.” It was my turn, so I looked at Steph and asked, ” So, tell me about what was the first thing that started all of you girls’ special relationship?”

“Oh, god, it’s really hard to know exactly. We’ve always been very close. I think Tammy and i were actually the first friends, then, I think Lane, I mean this was way back and nothing sexual happened, we were just really good friends, and we talked a lot about what we felt and what our fantasies were, what made our bodies feel good. I think we all did it a lot back then. I think it happened first when we were watching a movie that had a really romantic love session. Tammy was squirming a little, and I realized that she had her hand down the front of her PJ shorts. I could tell the way her arm was moving that she was playing with herself. By this time we were all doing it, but didn’t really talk about it much at all. I didn’t think about it much, I just put my hand on her tummy, started rubbing it, then slowly moving down. She didn’t stop me, so I moved down farther, then I asked, “OK, Tammy?”, and she just moaned, so I went further, then touched and started rubbing her clit. Lane was in the room, but I don’t think she ever knew that it happened. Tammy was real quiet when she had her orgasm, but she clenched up real hard and pushed her fingers into my arm so hard, I still remember how it felt.”

So it was now Steph’s turn to ask me. I was nervous, and she took a long time. “Tell me as honestly you can about you feel about me and my friends.”

“Oh, Steph, I don’t know that that is a question that I can do justice to. It’s really complicated. I love all of you, like we said before. But there is something about the way you all are, how you love each other, how you are so comfortable doing sexual things. All I can say, is that I will always be here for any of you, and yes, Abby, you too. Because if you are special to them, you special to me too. Anything any of you want to ask me, talk to me about, want me to advise you, help you, I will. I understand that as time goes on you will find boyfriends, probably have sex with them, maybe even get married. I’ll just be happy to be your friend, and help you on your way. Oh, and by the way, seeing you naked, and having sex with you ain’t too bad either.”

Now it was my question, and this was a tough one. Had to pick someone else and had to pick a tough question.

“OK, I’m stuck here, and don’t know who to choose, and what to ask, I mean, I already know a lot about you. So, I’m going to ask Kelly, tell us something about yourself, or something you’ve done, or had happen, that the others know nothing about, Oh, and there has to be some sexual aspect to it, not like when you fell off your bike when you were six years old.”

So, she sat, thinking for a while, and I could discern from her facial expression that there was something, but then she responded, “I’ll take the dare.”

I knew I had something, so I pressed, “Come on, we could come up with a dare a lot worse that anything you’ve done. I mean we could get really crazy.”

“You might think so, but I’m not sure it would be.”

All of a sudden it occurred to me that there might be something bad back there, so I quickly said, “OK, the dare is on. I want you to take off you bra and panties, and lay back on the couch and finger yourself.” I remembered that Steph told me “Oh yeah, she’s easy”

So, she got naked, lay on the couch and brought herself to a nice orgasm in two or three minutes.

Her turn to ask me a question.

“Do you masturbate? How often do you get yourself off?”

“I used to, maybe twice a week, but lately, none, I’m getting all the sex I can handle.” Giggles around the room.

I looked around and asked Abby, “Tell me about one of your fantasies, something you’d like to do, but haven’t yet.”

She had a bit of a twinkle in her eye, accompanied with a little grin on her face. She hesitated a bit was about to say something, then said, “I think I’ll take the dare.” I understood, enough talk, she wanted to get on with play time. :OK, Steph, take the rest of your clothes off and go sit in couch.” She did as I asked. “Abby, you were on the receiving end of some very nice play, so it’s your turn. Go and play with Steph’s pussy for us.”

Steph had a bit of a funny look on her face, and Abby hesitated a bit before she sat beside Steph, and reached over and started to massage her clit. Steph was starting to respond and move her hips when Tammy sat down on the other side, started kissing Steph and massaging her tit. After a few long seconds of this, Tammy rolled over and got between Steph’s legs and put her face right under Abby’s fingers and started licking all in and around her pussy. She didn’t last very long, and soon had a very nice soft orgasm, and relaxed on the couch.

“Very nice, ladies,” I said, “So, it’s Abby’s question.”

“I don’t have a question, just a request, I need to cum again, can you come here and lick my pussy, please?” looking right at me.

“My pleasure, sweet lady,” and went over, girls made room for her on the couch, and I got between her legs and started lapping away. She immediately responded, grinding her but into the couch, and occasionally lifting her mound up to press it against my face. I put first one and then two fingers in a little into her vagina, stimulating her there, but knowing I shouldn’t go too far. She was very wet and slippery. I was really enjoying getting her off. I glanced up and Brooke was kissing her, and Abby was holding her boob. Tammy and Kelly were each sucking and massaging one of Abby’s titties.

With this much stimulation, I didn’t think she’d last long and she was bucking harder and harder, when all of a sudden I realized, that my two fingers were a long way in, and still hadn’t hit any obstructions. That was a bit strange. Presumably she’s a virgin, yet I was able to get all the way inside her. So I curled my fingers up and under until I found her rough little gspot and after only a very few strokes, she started to tense up, shuddered, uttered a muffled scream, and I felt her vaginal walls clamp my fingers rhythmically as she tightened up more and more to the peak of her orgasm.

Then she just collapsed down, quite limp, and just fell over on Kelly’s lap. They all just lay there quietly, I got up and walked back to my chair. She opened her eyes looking at me, “Thanks, that was wonderful.” “You are very welcome, Birthday Girl.”

We just sat quietly for several minutes. A couple of the girls got up to go to the bathroom, others went into the kitchen. I surveyed around, and looked at half full glasses and bottles — “Anyone need a refill on anything?”

Then Kelly said, “Thanks, but probably not, we should get going I think We’ll be getting back just about the right time for the end of movies and a quick snack afterwards. This has been loads of fun, we’ll absolutely have to do it again sometime.”

And with that clothes were found, put on, exchanged, until everyone was looking more or less presentable. A couple of the girls had to go fix hair and a little makeup until they deemed themselves ready to go.

As they were all leaving, Lane hung back a little, and turned to me. “I’m not done for the night yet. Let me get the girls back to Tammy’s place, and then I’ll talk to Steph, and come back here. It will take about a half an hour. There’s something I need you to do and I need to talk to you too.”

“Sure, no problem, I’ll be waiting.”

I cleaned up some of the mess, put away bottles. Went to the bedroom to make sure things were fairly neat there. Got the iPad, checked some e-mail and news. It was a little after 11 when I heard the front door open; Lane was just letting herself in. By the time I got down, she was standing in the middle of the living room, undoing the buttons of her top.

“I got so fucking hot watching all of that. I never even got off properly in all of that and I’m still jumpy as hell, so I need you to get me to bed now, and take care of business.”

Her breasts were free inside her open blouse, as she turned to grab me by the hand, her blouse blossomed out, and I got a great view of her pretty little tit.

She led me upstairs, threw her bag on the floor, pulled off her blouse, and came over to me grabbing my hands and pushed them back behind her under her skirt, so I could caress her bum. Bare cheeks, thong maybe? I pulled her closer and kissed her, and reached around her backside enough to know that she was naked under the skirt.

“Ummm, Nice.” I whispered in her ear.

“I wanted to get down to business quickly, so I never put them back on, just stuffed them in my purse. Go ahead and take everything off.”

I did, and as the last came off, she knelt down, and started undoing my pants. She pulled everything down to the floor, as I took off my shirt. She grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed, then climbed up, and sat right on my crotch, and I could feel her wet pussy slowly sliding back on forth on my erection. I reached up and cupped and massaged her breasts. She just closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and moaned softly.

“OK, I’m pretty ready to go, but it looks like you need a minute or two. Let me work on it a bit.”

With that she made sure that my cock was lying up on my abdomen and nestled in between her pussy lips, and she started rocking back and forth, and I could feel the wetness surrounding my cock. As she moved back and forth I could feel it getting wetter and wetter as my dick continued to firm up. A couple of minutes of that, and she announced, “I think you’re ready.”

She lifted off of me, moved beside me and got on all fours, then put her head down on the pillow. There was no ambiguity about what she wanted, so I positioned myself between her legs, and slowly fed my now very hard dick into her pussy. I started stroking, and she got into a real rhythm pushing back on me. This went on for quite a while, and she was definitely getting more and more aroused.

“OK, take it out, and push it into my bum. It’s nice and clean in there, and if your dick isn’t wet enough, I’ve got some KY in my bag.”

She had hinted at this before, so I guess now was the designated time. It’s been a long time for me, going way back to a girlfriend even before the ex-wife. I looked down, and saw the pretty little butt hole presented to me. I pushed one and then two fingers into her pussy to get them wet, then pushed one in slowly into her anus, slipping in quite easily. I wiggled it around a bit, stretching her hole, then pulled back and went back in with two. I rotated them around, back and forth a bit trying to get her relaxed and comfortable. After a couple of minutes, I took them out, slipped my cock back into her pussy, then out and placed it at her back entrance. “You, ready?”

“Oh, yeah. Give it to me. I’ve wanted this for quite a while. Go slow to start, OK?”

The evening stretched on maddeningly. I played with my coffee cup, trying not to fidget and failing. I was wracking my brain trying to find a way to discretely slip my phone out of my pocket and send the pre-written text I had prepared. Anticipating the possible need for an escape hatch from tonight’s date, I’d arranged for my best friend Evelyn to call me if she got a text that said “Help”. Unfortunately, my date was completely fixated on me and I couldn’t find a way to get to my phone without being obvious.

It wasn’t that Rachel was a bad person. And she was kind of cute, in a pleasantly plump, overly bubbly way. Still, her eyes weren’t pretty, and that’s usually my first point of attraction. She had a nice smile and her ample cleavage was generously on display. Yet there was something about her that sent up red warning flags. Maybe it was the way her narrow eyes shifted from side to side as she talked . . . the way she glanced away when answering my casual questions, as though lying about the most insignificant things. Maybe all the desperate thinly-veiled hints that she wanted sex? Normally I would play along with that, but she had a way of bringing everything back to sex. I mean, I appreciate a woman being up front. If they want me I kind of need them to flat out say it. I’ve been studying body language and flirting, but I’m still rather dense. Usually obvious signals float right over my head. And so it’s saying a lot that I was picking up on Rachel’s hints. She didn’t come right out and say she wanted to screw me, but on a first date she was outlining all the ways guys had gotten her into bed in the past . . . it was almost like she expected me to take notes. If I was interested, I would have been—mental notes anyway.

I was a little surprised at myself for not being interested. Sure, she wasn’t beautiful . . . still she was attractive in her way. And it had been months since I’d broken up with my last girlfriend. I hadn’t been with anyone since then, and sometimes that was unbearably lonely. I figured I’d be hopping into bed with the first woman who showed the slightest interest. Yet here I was with a girl who was practically drawing me a treasure map to her bed and all I could think of was bailing out and going home. Sometimes I make no sense to myself.

As she continued chattering, my mind wandered. She didn’t seem to realize I’d stopped nodding and saying “Uh huh”. How could I get out of this without hurting her feelings? How did one end a faltering date anyway? I could go to the restroom and sneak out . . . nah. I didn’t want to be that guy. I could claim I wasn’t feeling well. Nope. I don’t like lying. It seemed impossible.

“So, what do you think?” she asked. I looked up at her and she was watching me expectantly.

“Um,” I said, confused. I very nearly said “sure” but stopped myself. I didn’t want to agree to something without knowing the terms. She obviously was hoping for a yes. I’d have to admit I hadn’t been listening. “Well, I don’t know . . . ” I said uncertainly. Yeah, so I was stalling. It seemed the safest response. For all I knew she was offering to give me a hand job under the table. It’s best to stall when you don’t know what you’re saying yes to.

She looked instantly disappointed. ” Oh? I mean, there’s something here?” (She was one of those girls who tend to add question marks to sentences that actually require periods.) “I think you’re a really cool guy?”

I cocked my head and raised an eyebrow at her. Those didn’t seem like actual questions that required responses and she wasn’t giving me any hints as to what she was really asking.

She looked embarrassed and covered her face with her hands. “Ohmygod. I totally misread everything, didn’t I? I’m sorry, I thought we were hitting it off?”

Ohh. Now I was on the same page as her. “Look, Rachel, you’re great and this has been nice, but I’m in no rush, you know? I’m just kind of taking my time and meeting new friends?” Aw crap, now she had me doing it. I cleared my throat and touched her arm lightly with my hand. I hoped that small touch wouldn’t give the wrong idea, but I felt the need to comfort her. “Let’s just take it slow and maybe set up a second date first.”

She nodded, still looking embarrassed. “Yeah, alright,” she agreed. I was really curious by this point what specifically she had asked, but not enough to have her repeat it.

Taking this as a good stopping point, I stood up, grabbing my empty cup. “Walk you to your car?” I asked, offering her my arm. She took it and we made our way through the coffee shop and out into the cool, dark night. There was an awkward moment at her car where she stood there looking down at the ground, quivering a little. Waiting for a goodnight kiss? Probably. I gave her a clumsy friend hug and thanked her for a nice evening. Then I scurried away, heading to my own car. Once seated behind the wheel, I breathed a sigh of relief. I’d worry about how to let her down easy tomorrow. At that point I was just glad to be on the other side of it all.

My romantic life had been nonexistent for a long time—long before I’d finally broken it off with my ex-girlfriend Janice. She’d taken me for granted and there was no spark left. Before that was my long and emotionally messy marriage. In both cases I’d been unappreciated. Also, in Janice’s case she’d been the instigator of the relationship. As a result of my lengthy marriage and then falling into the relationship with her, I was way out of practice with dating. I wasn’t shy—just careful, and I had a habit of falling for women I considered inaccessible or off limits. The inaccessible was usually due to distance—at this time I had crushes on a couple of friends; one who lived in another state and one who lived four hours away. The off limits were all my own issues. I had moral rules, lines drawn. Rule 1—no one who teaches me. I was taking a couple of classes in my free time. One of my teachers was very attractive, sweet and friendly, but I would never make a move. It felt wrong to get involved with someone I look to for guidance.

Plus, she also fell under Rule 2. This one was: No one married. This was an indelible rule and one I’d always had. It had lately proven to be an inconvenient rule, however. I’d managed to get a couple of married women interested in me, see. Both of them were in open relationships with their husband’s blessings, but even so, it felt wrong to me. I couldn’t cross that line.

Rule 3, and this was the important one—no one who works in any capacity with my son. His teacher, his doctor, and . . . most frustrating of all . . . his babysitter. I’ll get to her soon enough.

As I drove home that night, I tried not to think of the disappointing date and the lonely night stretching out ahead of me. I’d assumed by then that Rachel’s missed question was a proposition to go home with her. Or her with me. Why didn’t I? Was it because she weirded me out for some reason I couldn’t fully identify? Because, while pretty enough, she wasn’t my idea of beauty? Janice hadn’t been either, but I’d still fallen for her. Was I just looking for something more substantial this time around? Apparently I wasn’t as desperate for sex as I’d thought if I’d turned her down without even considering it.

I’d never done the casual sex thing. That was something I’d been hoping to try. If for no other reason, than to get it out of my system. Have a little fun while waiting for “the one” to reveal herself to me. I had no idea how to go about this, though. My female friends, most of them anyway, lived too far away to be convenient. The bars were a bust, and I don’t consider myself hot or smooth enough to pick up random girls anyway. Not that I’m bad-looking. Far from it . . . but there always seemed to be hotter guys around, and that got discouraging. I was a little out of shape, especially around the middle (too much beer on weekends) and since reaching my mid-thirties, gray was starting to show in my unkempt brown hair and my scraggly beard. I didn’t look old, but my age was starting to become evident. Enough to make me uncomfortable around younger sexy women.

Women like my son’s babysitter Courtney. But I didn’t want to think about her. I’d have to see her soon enough, and I’d deal with that when I got there.

Changing the topic in my head, I thought of the dating site where I’d met Rachel. It was the same one where Janice had latched onto me, but I’d not learned my lesson. I’d reactivated my profile and gave it another shot. Most of the women on there were uninteresting or standoffish, but Rachel at least had been friendly.

Going along with my wish to find something casual, I’d also joined a more . . . adult site. One of those dating sites where the profile pics were pussies, tits or cocks, depending on gender and preference. Mine was not . . . I went with a standard face shot, not feeling comfortable putting my parts on display like that. Evelyn (who was the only one I’d told about the profile) was of the opinion that I’d get more responses if I showed my junk. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t think I have anything to be ashamed of in that regard (never got any complaints, anyway) but it made me feel ill at ease to bare myself on the internet in front of faceless strangers. It also seemed a little backwards to me to know what a woman’s vagina looks like before seeing her face, but I suppose that’s the way it works if you’re looking for something casual. You’ve got to have an idea of what you’re signing up for. Or something.

Nothing much had come of that experiment, besides some chatting with the married women that I mentioned earlier. One of them was tempting (hell, they both were if for no other reason than their eagerness) but again, I couldn’t bring myself to take that step. Sadly, they seemed to be the only possibilities for me at that point, unless I ignored all the creeped-out feelings and gave Rachel a try. I’d initially hired the babysitter thinking that once I had her lined up, I’d have no excuse to not put more of an effort into dating. But I’d been stalling and usually when Courtney came by (which was every Monday evening) I ended up just going out for coffee or browsing a book store. It was still nice to get out, but it seemed a waste at $10 an hour, not having any decent plans. Courtney was a young single mom and a college student. She needed the money, so I didn’t have the heart to let her go. Plus, I knew that as soon as I did, I’d have a need for a sitter again. That’s how things work.

The worst thing wasn’t the money—my job paid plenty to support me and my son. And without a girlfriend to buy things for, I’d found myself with more than enough every paycheck. No, the problem was Rule 3. See, Courtney was, without a doubt, the sexiest woman I knew. Everything about her was amazing and took my breath away. I did my best to not look directly at her when she came by, but found that impossible. My eyes were always irresistibly drawn back to her . . . her eyes, her tits, her ass . . . everything about her. I wanted to take her in my arms, rip her clothes off, ravish her . . .

Taking a shaky breath, I pushed the images out of my head and focused on my driving. Too late, the damage had already been done . . . the mere thought of her and what I wanted to do to her had made my cock harden and my heart beat faster. I pulled up to the curb in front of my house and turned off the car; taking several deep, cleansing breaths to try and will myself to calm down enough to enter the house. Once I was as ready as I was going to be, I went in.

I slipped off my shoes and entered the living room. My eyes widened at the sight that greeted me. Courtney was lying on the couch, playing with her phone. I could see right down her shirt to her huge breasts. The bottom of her shirt had slipped up, revealing her rounded side. Bare flesh . . . it was enough to make me want to check my chin for drool. Tonight she was also wearing skin-tight shorts that hugged her curves and exposed her shapely legs almost up to her crotch. Courtney was very voluptuous. She’d had her baby not too many months before. She was working on losing the pregnancy weight but was still . . . I guess you could say “drastically curvy”. Rounded in all the places that drive me crazy. I’d never been into bigger girls, and Courtney certainly wasn’t big. She was just short and curvy. Sexy, womanly.

She tilted her head back and fixed her enormous gray eyes on me, looking at me upside down. She smiled, her face lighting up. She’d caught me staring, I just knew it. I could feel myself blushing and I tried to look away, but her eyes locked me in. My god, those eyes . . . “Hey,” she said, casually.

“Er, hey,” I replied lamely. “Um, how was he?”

“Oh, he was just fine. Went right to bed. He must’ve been tired. Did you have a nice date?” she asked. Her voice was another thing that turned me on. It was throaty, sensual. Still feminine, but in a sexy deeper register.

I rubbed the back of my neck, trying to will away the blushing. “Not really. It was awkward.”

She giggled, sitting up. I tried not to notice her shirt and shorts were riding up higher still, exposing more of her supple skin. “I’ve been on a few of those. Not for a while, though.” She adjusted her bra through her shirt, glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, as though making sure I was watching. I was, but had my head down, trying to pretend I wasn’t. As she made her adjustments, her breasts lifted and for a moment I could see her nipples poking out the front of her shirt.

I turned away, partly to get my mind off lusting over her body, and partly to hide the increasingly evident tent in the front of my jeans. I slipped my wallet out of my pocket and counted out the bills. Hoping she wasn’t looking down, I turned and crossed to her, handing her the money. She took it, smirking. “Thank you,” she said. I couldn’t tell if she was looking at the bills or at my crotch, but her smirk gave me an idea of which it was. “Say, I texted my mom just before you got back and Riley is asleep. I don’t really want to wake him, because it’s sooo hard to get him back to sleep . . . do you mind if I hang out here for a while?”

“Sure. Um, yeah. That’s fine,” I replied shakily, I scurried away into the kitchen, my mind racing. Was this a dream or a nightmare? On one hand I’d get to look at her amazing body more. On the other hand, well, her amazing body would be here. Close by. Driving me insane with unresolvable lust. (At least until after she left when I could . . . take care of it by myself.) Oh lord. Yeah . . . nightmare. No question. I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. “You want anything to drink?” I offered.

“Oh no, I’m fine,” she said. “Come on, sit down,” she said, patting the couch next to her. “Tell me about your awkward date.”

Trying not to show my nervousness, I sat down. She immediately leaned back, which served to put her even more on display for me. I forced my gaze down to my water, but it seemed a losing battle. “It was boring. We just . . . I dunno. I don’t think it’s worth a second date.”

“No sparks?” she asked, knowingly.

“Right,” I agreed, daring a quick glance over at her.

“I figured it didn’t go well as soon as I heard the front door open.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because if it had gone well you would’ve been late instead of early. And I would have gotten overtime.” She giggled and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“True,” I conceded. “But the date was awkward enough. Keeping it going longer would have been awful.”

“Sooo,” she asked, drawing the word out. “She wasn’t your type?”

“No. Not really,” I admitted.

“Uh huh. What IS your type?” she asked pointedly, her big lovely eyes still fixed on me.

I’d walked right into that one. I bit my lip to keep myself from blurting out, “You!” Instead, I took a deep breath and muttered, “Er, hard to say. I don’t think I have a type. I like all kinds.”

Her smile became broader and she raised an eyebrow. “That’s a total copout, Ray, and we both know it.” Her eyes sparkled and her simple lip ring caught the light from the lamp. “Everyone has a type.” She had an amused, stubborn look on her face and I knew I couldn’t talk my way out of this. I’d have to answer.

“Physically or personality-wise?” I asked, obviously stalling.

“Physically,” she said right away, still not taking her bewitching eyes off me. The look on her face worried me. She looked like a cat about to pounce.

I cleared my throat and forced my responses out before I could overthink them. “Short. Curvy. Long hair, pretty eyes. Full lips. That sort of thing.”

“Hmmmm,” she said, thoughtfully. She sat up and leaned forward. It took all my willpower to not look at her breasts. “Me, basically?” she asked, with the smug air of someone laying out a bear trap.

My breath caught in my throat and I started coughing, which made her giggle again. The sound of her cute giggle made me cough harder. Once I got myself back under control, I looked up at her. She was still smirking at me, waiting for an answer. There was no escape now. I nodded, stammering, “Y—yeah.” I felt like I needed to explain, but didn’t know how. “I’m sorry, Courtney. I– “

“Don’t apologize,” she interrupted, leaning closer to me. Her eyes searched my face as she softly added, “You’re my type, too. Tall, strong. I like older guys, and . . . ” she trailed her finger down my arm to my hand as she finished with, “you’re really . . . sweet.” I couldn’t respond. All I could do was watch her finger as it moved from my hand to my leg, closer and closer to where my arousal was apparent. “So . . . seeing as how your date sucked, and my baby is fast asleep at his gramma’s . . . ” she stopped there, idly moving her finger up and down my inner thigh, teasing but not quite touching the erection that was pushing out the front of my jeans. I tore my eyes away from her hand and met her eyes. She couldn’t possibly be . . . But my thought was cut off as she finished her suggestion. “You wanna fool around?”

Never before had that combination of words sounded so unbearable sexy. The whole thing felt unreal . . . it was like a masturbation fantasy come to life. Everything in me was clamoring to agree . . . and not just agree, but to dive over and pounce on her. Instead, my moral code (somehow) won out and I found myself saying, in a small, weak voice, “But . . . is that a good idea? You work for me.”

Her finger finally trailed up higher, toying with my hardness, as she said, in an amused tone of voice, “Not at the moment. I’m off the clock.”

“That’s true,” I said, smiling slightly. “But– “

She interrupted me again, her voice sweet. “Why make excuses? Why think about right or wrong? You want me, I want you. And I can see that part of you is . . . up for it.” She abruptly gripped my rock hard cock through my pants, biting her lip as she waited for my response.

I wanted to be strong and follow my rules. I liked to think I wasn’t like most men, my resolve crumbling at the first chance of sex. But with such a sexy young woman sitting right next to me, clutching my erection and casually asking to fuck me . . . well, I’m not THAT strong. “Yeah, alright,” I replied, trying to keep my voice cool. I wanted to match her casual tone, but I’m sure my eagerness was as obvious as my throbbing erection.

Giggling, she stood and started across the room to the hall. I stood up quickly, watching her round ass sway under her shorts. My head was spinning. All thought of rules and excuses had abandoned my head. All I could see was Courtney’s incredible body as I followed her into my bedroom. Once we got there, I moved past her to click on the bedside lamp and felt her reach out to squeeze my ass. I turned to find her pulling her shirt over her head. My eyes bugged out as her breasts, encased in a lazy bra, filled my vision. I had always been able to tell that her breasts were big, through her shirt and the glimpses of her cleavage she always seemed to give me, but seeing them this up close and with only lace in the way . . . they were breathtaking. Round and full and heavy, they cried out to be grabbed, caressed, nibbled on. Her nipples were big and hard, poking out the thin lace of her bra cups.

It was Sunday afternoon and Mei ambled slowly home, her thoughts drifting back to the morning’s activities. The girls had all met at Sarah’s and spent a wonderful morning experimenting with the treasures they had harvested from fuck world.

Warm, wet feelings washed between her legs as she thought of her naughty surprises they had shared, patting her pockets to check that her share of the treasures were still secure.

Still feeling horny as she passed by a local church, her gaze was drawn to a pretty young girl flirting with a boy. Mei had never seen the girl before so thought she must go to St Margaret’s, the catholic school at the bottom of town. She ducked behind a tree and slowly crept up on the young couple. Feeling like a predator closing in on her prey, she realised some of the chemicals from the yellow flower she had tried that morning were still coursing through her body. Her pussy flooded as she remembered the feelings of power and control she felt watching Lisa beg to be fucked by the huge organ that stood proudly between her thin legs.

Returning to the present she observed the pretty girl with the shoulder length light brown hair. Slim with small breasts, she was younger than Mei had first thought. She was wearing a v-neck knit top that was belted around her narrow hips and covered her bum, ending half way down her thighs. Mei’s imagination quickly removed her jeans and left the girl bare legged in front of her. “Oooh, so cute,” she thought, and shook her head to clear her thoughts.

She took a white berry from the tube in her pocket and consumed it. Waiting patiently, she remembered Sarah’s surprise earlier that morning as her body had shimmered and disappeared. She reminisced as invisible Sarah had teased her to horny madness, unseen fingers caressing her body.

The girl bent over to pick up something on the ground and Mei watched the boy’s rapt gaze focus on her tight bum. “Tease,” thought Mei, as the girl wriggled her bottom and the boy shuffled uncomfortably as he tried to hide his erection.

“Come on Jennifer, it’s only a kiss,” he said, not liking the pleading tone in his voice.

Jennifer was having none of this sort of talk. Her pastor had told her where kissing boys led to and no way was she going there. Her mum also spoke disparagingly of ‘fallen’ girls who got pregnant because they were weak and gave in to temptation.

Twirling the silver cross around her neck she gave the boy a condescending look. “Michael, we have been friends since we were six but I’m not getting pregnant and going to hell because you can’t control your urges.”

Mei saw the hurt look on the boy’s face as the girl shot him down in flames. She felt so bad for him as he looked so vulnerable. Mei had to admit he was kind of sexy as well if you were in to boys. “Let’s see how you handle the urges, Miss Prissy,” she thought wickedly, removing one of the vials from her pocket. Being careful not to touch the girl, Mei tapped the cylinder and watched the drops of liquid fall onto Jennifer’s neck and run down the v in her top. The liquid quickly absorbed into her skin and Mei sat back to enjoy the show.

Jennifer didn’t want to hurt Michael. She knew she liked him, but being honest with herself, she realised she was a little scared of the thought of “doing it” with him. He just needed to control himself. She had feelings too, times when the devil made her think bad thoughts. Thoughts about boys and their thingies. “Michael will just have to wait,” she thought, as more bad thoughts entered her head.

Michael was frustrated as hell and the look on his face caused Jennifer to feel tingles between her legs. She could see the longing in his eyes and it excited her but she knew she must be strong. Turning to the boy, she softened her tone. “Look babe, I like you a lot and I feel it too but we can’t give in. I don’t want to be one of ‘those’ girls.”

Jennifer watched Michael slowly accept her point of view. They’d been here before and she’d talked him down, but this time it seemed much harder. His lust seemed to be having an effect on her; she felt a seductive warm ache down there and she was regretting wearing this top as the fibres rubbed against her hard nipples, causing more devilish feelings.

Mei watched as the girl fought against her desire and the boy appeared more crestfallen. “Damn girl, enough already. Just fuck the poor boy,” she thought. Realising she didn’t have too much time before the invisibility effect wore off, she wondered if the voyeuristic show she had tried to initiate would occur at all. “You are one stubborn little bitch,” she thought, as she watched the girl fight against her increasing lust.

Jennifer’s head was spinning as Michael reached over to hug her. She felt light headed and her heart thumped in her chest. She stifled a moan as he squeezed her tight and a small tingly orgasm flushed her aching body. “Ok babe, I get it, you’re not ready and I respect that. It’s just sometimes I want you so much.”

Releasing the girl, Michael looked into her eyes. “You are so beautiful. I don’t want to, but I can wait if that’s what you want.”

At that moment Jennifer really didn’t know what she wanted. Dazed and reeling from how good the tingles had felt, she was feeling so lustful. “Oh please God help,” she thought. “Is this what girls feel before they fall from grace?” God didn’t answer but the devil filled her mind with more dirty thoughts as she wrestled with her desire.

Mei felt her body shimmer as the natural spectrum reasserted itself and she returned to view. “Oh well, I guess I’d better get this moving. Don’t have all day to wait for this silly girl to come to her senses.”

Jennifer was startled as a pretty Chinese girl came into view. Regaining her composure, she vented at the girl. “This is a private conversation, go sneak around someone else.”

The girl gave her a look that sent more tingles between Jennifer’s legs and turned to Michael. “If Princess over there won’t give you what you need, then I will.”

Jennifer watched in horror as the girl knelt down and unzipped Michael’s jeans. Transfixed, she watched as she pulled his thingie out and wrapped her lips around it.

Michael moaned with delight as the sexy Asian girl looked up at him with lust in her eyes.

Mei gave a startled “Oooh” as she unwrapped the boy’s package. Her pussy did flip-flops as she stared at the massive cock. “Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise,” she cooed, as she took him in her mouth.

Jennifer was indignant. “Get away from my boyfriend you, you whore!” she tried to yell, but her voice came out all husky and stammery.

The horrible girl turned her head and Michael’s cock slopped out of her mouth. Jennifer had never used words like cock before, but there was no other word that described what was pointing proudly out from between Michael’s legs. The dirty word made her head spin and she stared wide-eyed at his tool. The whore smiled at her with a self-satisfied smirk. “I bet you didn’t know he had something this beautiful, eh Princess? You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Jennifer found her voice as the girl turned away from her and continued to suck Michael’s cock. “Get away from him, you slut. Michael stop her!”

Michael couldn’t stop anything. Nothing in his life had felt as good as the sexy Chinese girl taking his cock. With a long grunt the tensions released and he exploded in her mouth.

Mei wiped the cum explosion from her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled at her new friend. “Wow Michael, that must have been building for a while. Haven’t you Catholic folk heard of wanking?”

Jennifer felt the devilish feelings flood between her legs and her resistance weakened as she stared at Michael’s cock. She couldn’t take her eyes of his manhood and she whimpered, “Oh Michael, its beautiful.”

Mei smiled and grabbed the girl, pulling her behind some trees. She reached around and unzipped Jennifer’s jeans. Giving the girl’s pussy a quick rub, she pulled them down around her ankles.

Jennifer protested loudly but the Chinese girl pulled off her panties and she felt an amazing warm feeling as the awful girl’s fingers brushed against her sensitive parts. “Oooh,” she moaned. Then, with an embarrassed growl, she turned on Mei. “Don’t touch me there, you lezzie.”

Mei responded in kind. “Shut up Princess, it’s not me that’s going to fuck you,” she said, pointing at Michael’s cock. “You can’t take your eyes off it and now you’re going to feel how good it is inside you.”

Jennifer felt her heart beating in her ears but she wasn’t giving in to the devil. “I’m too young to have babies,” she said, as she bent over to pull up her jeans.

Mei pulled out another jar and slid her hand up the girl’s thigh, rubbing the special cream along her butt crack. She whispered in the girl’s ear as she slipped a slim finger into her bottom. “More than one hole you can satisfy your man with Princess.”

Jennifer stopped shock-still and moaned. Her bum was contracting on Mei’s finger and it felt wonderful. She stopped pulling her jeans up and her fingers slid down to her tortured pussy. Jennifer masturbated for the first time in her young life. “Oh God please no, that’s so wrong, so dirty,” she protested while continuing to rub herself.

Michael watched as Jennifer moaned softy and touched herself. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen and his cock strained and ached. When Mei grabbed him by his manhood and pulled him towards Jen’s bum he didn’t offer any resistance.

Mei smiled naughtily and told the boy, “Time for your uptight little princess to loosen up a bit.”

Jennifer squealed as she felt Michael’s cock press against her bum hole. “No Michael, please don’t give in to the devil, please don’t stick it in my bottom,” she cried. Tears rolled down her cheeks as Michael, unable to resist, pushed forward into her bum. “Ooh God, oooh, ooh,” she moaned, as the feelings from her bottom made her pussy feel so good. Her fingers continued to explore between her legs and she shuddered with her first orgasm.

Mei smiled at Michael as Jennifer’s protests turned to moans and she started to beg Michael to fuck her. She smacked his bottom and Jennifer groaned as his cock pushed deeper in her bum. Mei faced the girl as another orgasm built deep inside Jennifer and she shuddered with pleasure. Placing a green berry in her mouth, she kissed Jennifer who swallowed and smiled back. “That berry will make it feel even better Princess, come and see me when you’re ready to admit what a naughty girl you are.”

Mei gave Michael a peck on the cheek and tucked a piece of paper with her phone number in his top pocket. “My friends have lots more sexy secrets to share. Don’t be strangers.”

Jennifer moaned and squirmed as she impaled herself deep on her boyfriend’s cock. Mei carried on her way home with a self-satisfied smile.

The following day Sarah drifted through her classes. The students came and went, and with the exception of a pretty redhead girl called Jessie, her thoughts were all about Mei.

Jessie had met her eyes in the history class Sarah taught and the look had made Sarah’s pussy tingle. Sarah realised she must be more sensitive to others because she hadn’t noticed the way the girl looked at her before. “Oh wow, she has such fuck-me eyes.”She couldn’t believe how she had missed the girl’s crush before. Meeting her blue-green eyes again, she lingered a while longer and smiled as the girl squirmed in her seat.

Jessie knew she liked girls way too much. She had first realised at swimming practice. Horny didn’t describe how seeing other girls naked made her. She had to be so careful not to cream herself as she stole sneaky looks at bums and boobies. Often she had to disappear into the toilets and relieve herself before she could leave the locker room. Silently rubbing herself, as the other girls giggled and talked about boys and cocks, felt so naughty. It was during one of these sessions that she noticed a hole in the toilet wall above her head. Standing on the toilet seat she could look into the next cubicle. Jessie knew her dirty little secret could be the end of her. She knew she would just die if she was caught but she couldn’t resist. She had once seen Amanda “Snow” White frigging herself and it had driven her wild. She came so hard as she watched the hottest girl in school masturbate. Jessie knew Amanda would beat her senseless if she knew that Jessie had been perving on her. The girl had a mean streak and she wasn’t Jessie’s type, but seeing her cum was still a thrill.

Since watching Amanda she hadn’t seen any other girls touch themselves. However the trip to the loo had become a ritual and Jessie still lived in hope.

After the pretty new teacher had eyed her up, Jessie has been fantasising all day about seeing Sarah as she peeked through the hole. The thought drove her crazy and she was so horny by the end of the day. Swimming was always last and the girls looked even better in their costumes. Jessie knew she would have fucked any of them. She was too horny to be picky. Coach finally released her group, and as the other girls drifted away, she made a beeline to the toilet block. Her pussy fluttered as she noticed the other cubicle door was closed. She nearly fell over in her haste but it was what she saw through the peephole that caused her legs to almost give way.

A cute brunette with glasses and nice legs was slowly pushing two fingers into her pussy. Jessie shook with arousal as she watched the girl’s fingers, glistening with her juices, plunge back inside. “Oh god, could this day get any better?” she thought, as her own fingers found her throbbing pussy and she almost came immediately. Unlike Amanda, who quickly came and left, this girl was drawing out her cum, slowly working herself to heaven. Jessie had no such control. Over stimulated, she came fast and hard and carried on rubbing her hungry pussy, her desire unsated.

Becky knew she had an overdeveloped sex drive. She had been masturbating since she was much younger and had become expert at teasing her body to orgasm. Intelligent and articulate, she knew she was okay looking but found most boys seemed to want big-breasted blonds. Leggy brunette geeks with glasses had a harder job getting laid. She also had an annoying habit of getting tongue-tied around boys she liked.

Her sex drive, combined with no luck at satisfying her urges, had led her to become a chronic masturbator. She often retreated to her room after dinner to “study”. Living with her Mum and little sister, she had plenty of time to herself. Her Mum Jasmine was a doctor and worked long hours. She was time-poor and was proud her daughter was so studious. Becky knew her mum wouldn’t be quite so happy if the topic of her daughter’s studies was known. Jasmine’s oldest daughter loved teasing herself while she watched or read porn. Becky would spend hours at night surfing through the naughtiest, dirtiest sites she could find. The young brunette found there weren’t too many perversions that didn’t turn her on at one level or another.

Becky would have been almost as aroused as Jessie if the situation was reversed. Not because she was into girls but because she loved watching people have sexual experiences. Her overactive imagination fuelled a range of fantasies and she had been hornier than usual all day. She had been walking to school when she had observed a large brown dog mounting another smaller dog. Catching a glimpse of its shiny red cock made her pussy tingle and all day she had been thinking of a range of perverse thoughts. She daydreamed that her female classmates were all in heat and the boys couldn’t resist them. She imagined wild sweaty orgies in the classroom as her young friends indulged in uncontrolled debauchery. It had all led to the moment Jessie had intruded on with Becky slowly relieving her tensions and dreaming of being ravished.

Sarah found it rather easy to convince the swim coach that she would lock up. Stating that she wanted to do a few laps after work, he was happy not to have to wait for the stragglers and headed home. She had spied young Jessie rush to the toilet block as she entered the facility. “I know what you’re doing, you naughty girl,” she thought, as the girl still hadn’t exited after her discussion with coach.

Sarah’s excitement grew as she fumbled with the keys and found the one that unlocked the stall door. She found herself staring at the girl’s bum and silently shut the door. Jessie was oblivious to her teacher’s presence while she focused on the scene through the peephole. Sarah watched the young redhead rubbing herself through the thin material of her swimsuit. Her pretty face was flushed with arousal and Sarah’s pussy ached with desire. She pulled out a vial from her jeans and breathed in pollen from the yellow flower. Trying not to scare the girl too much, she slipped her arm around her waist and pulled her down from the toilet.

Jessie nearly freaked out as Miss Riley grabbed her and interrupted her viewing. She almost screamed but bit her lip as the sexy teacher smacked her bottom. The feeling caused Jessie’s already inflamed pussy to leak uncontrollably.

Sarah heard the girl gasp as she paddled her cute bum. “Bad girls get punished Jessie,” she breathed huskily in the girls ear. “Are you a naughty girl, do you like rubbing your dirty pussy Jessie?”

Jessie was embarrassed but so turned on. Miss Riley’s dirty talk was making her feel crazy hot. In her best little girl voice she replied, “Yes Miss, it feels so good, I love being horny.” She felt Sarah remove her bikini bottoms and shivered with excitement. “Oh god, oh god, oooh god,” she thought, as her wet dreams were about to be realised. What happened next shattered her fantasies of a warm loving experience, as she felt something hard press against her bum hole. “Oh fuck Miss, you’re a man!” she squealed, as she felt her bum muscles give way to the invader.

Sarah pushed her cock half way into Jessie’s virgin arsehole and said, “I’m a woman you silly little slut, a woman who grew a cock to fuck you in your cute little bum”.

Jessie was reeling. She couldn’t understand how the beautiful teacher who she had dreamed about had a cock. Sarah was so sexy and Jessie found her mental image of Sarah naked with a huge erection was actually rather stimulating. She wanted to see the cock but it was buried in her bottom.

Sarah heard Jessie stifle a moan as she started to slowly fuck the girl. She felt the muscles loosen slightly and noticed Jessie had started to rub herself. The girl’s breathing become increasingly rapid and she moaned, “Oh Miss, that feels… ooh it feels good.”

Jessie had never considered her bum could give her pleasure. The initial pain and confusion had subsided and been replaced by a wonderful dirty pressure. The big cock in her bum was making her pussy feel so sensitive. Her hands fell to their familiar position between her legs and she started to rub herself enthusiastically.

Sarah urged the girl on. “You like my cock in your arse don’t you dirty girl, tell Miss Sarah how much you love it.”

Becky was startled as she heard moaning through the wall. Looking up she saw the peephole for the first time. She stood up and looked through just as she heard, “Yes Miss Sarah, I love your hard cock in my bottom, I feel so dirty, please fuck me.”

Becky was blown away as she watched the cute redhead being sodomised by the new teacher. Her pussy ached and her bum twitched as she thought, “I have to get a better view.” Slipping out of the stall she politely knocked on the next door.

Sarah smiled. “I think your friend wants to join us,” she said, as she let Becky in. “This dirty slut was perving on you Becky, time for payback.”

Becky was entranced as the teacher waved a vial under her nose and she felt an intense pressure between her legs. She gasped in shock as the erection grew before her eyes. “Oh that’s freaky,” she muttered as her hand wrapped around the shaft. “Ohhh freaky good, ooggh,” she moaned as her hand slid up and down the hard phallus.

Thanks go to my editor Althefish. You’re the best.

I was in a mood this month. I can’t quite say exactly what kind of mood, just a mood. Nothing spectacular, I wanted something; I just wasn’t sure what the ‘something’ was. Then one Wednesday morning it dawned on me, I wanted to have control. I wanted a toy I could play with and do anything I wanted to.

Poor Mike. He has no idea what he’s in for tonight.

I actually figured this out on my bike ride home for lunch. I was riding down the street and I witnessed a woman turn and stare down the guy she was with. I don’t know what was going on between them, but whatever it was, the woman won. The man broke eye contact, looked at the ground, and the woman spun around and walked off, with the man trailing after her like a puppy dog. I wanted that kind of control. I wanted Mike to submit to me.

I’m usually quite frisky, and Mike is usually happy to oblige. I’m not exactly submissive either. I usually tease him until he gets horny, then he takes over. But I wanted more, and I was going to get it.

When I got home, I stripped off my clothes and jumped on the bed. I twisted and pinched my nipples till they were nice and hard. Now I do the unthinkable. I take a naked picture of myself. (I know what you’re thinking; ‘huh?’ I am completely against naked pictures of myself. Once the picture is taken, it could end up anywhere. You could get robbed and the thief could post the pics anywhere. You could lose your cell phone or camera and anyone could post the pictures. In two years you could have a huge argument with your boyfriend, and who knows what he’ll do with the pics. Definitely not something I do.) So anyway, I take a nice cell phone picture of my tits with one of my long legs in the background and sunlight pouring through the window. It’s actually kind of artistic looking. I get dressed, grab some lunch and send the pic to Mike’s cell phone with a caption that reads ‘I’m horny.’ (I know what you’re thinking again, ‘She sent the picture she said she would never even take in the first place!’ Mike’s fairly computer illiterate, he can barely text with the phone. I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to figure out how to send a pic this afternoon. Besides, as soon as he falls asleep tonight, that pic is gone!)

On my bike ride back to work, I hear my phone ringing. I choose to ignore it. I’m going to play with his mind a little bit before he gets home. He’s knows my policy on naked pictures, and he knows what I just sent him. A little confusion is a good thing. I get several more phone calls before I leave work at 4PM, I ignore them all.

I rush home even though Mike usually doesn’t get home until 5:30. He might try to leave work a bit early to figure out what’s going on. I jump in the shower to clean up and shave. As I dry off, I head for the closet in the bedroom. I had ordered a special something during my mood, and stored it in the back so Mike wouldn’t find it. I take out a box, open it, and pull out this black lingerie that I’ve been saving for a special occasion and drop it on the bed. It’s sleeveless, and has a snug fitting collar, but the rest of it is mesh with solid wavy horizontal strips randomly sewed into it. I go to our toy box and start rummaging through it looking for fun stuff for tonight. I pull out the container of orange flavored dusting powder and dust my chest and neck and thighs with it. I grab the red bullet vibrator, check the batteries, and put it on the nightstand. I find the black handcuffs and put those next to the vibrator. (We talked about the handcuffs for a long time before we actually bought them. We decided on a keyless set of sturdy flat black cuffs. There’s a latch on each cuff that opens them so there’s no chance of losing a key or getting trapped in them.)

I’m fairly dry now, so I try on the black mesh number. As expected it covers everything, but doesn’t hide anything. The only problem is that the model in the picture must have been only 5 feet tall. The online picture had the outfit going to mid thigh on the model. I’m over 6 feet tall; this thing doesn’t even make it past my ass. I look at myself in the mirror. My light skin and slick wet red hair contrast nicely with the outfit. It doesn’t squish my breasts down; it holds them up nicely in fact. I still don’t like that the bottom half of my ass is sticking out, it just looks odd. I decide to try on a pair of black panties to go with the outfit, but the black doesn’t match the black of the mesh. I slip them off and try on a pair of red panties. Those look much better. The eye is drawn to the bright color. OK that problem is solved.

I grab my black boots with the 3″ heels and head for the living room, it’s almost 5PM. (I still know what you’re thinking; ’6 feet tall AND she’s wearing 3 inch heels!’ I admit I’m a few inches taller than Mike, but he loves it when I wear heels. He loves tall women. If he’s not complaining, then neither should you.) I grab one of the dining room chairs and place it in front of the doorway to the living room. I move it back a few feet so Mike won’t be able to see me until he’s standing in the kitchen. I put the boots in front of the chair, and head into the kitchen. I grab a glass and fill it with ice and water and stick it in the freezer. Ice cubes and sex go so well together, don’t you think?

I’m still standing in the kitchen when I hear the garage door open. The sneaky bastard did leave work early. I run to the living room, sit in the chair, and slip the boots on. I sit back in the chair, extending my legs and crossing them at the ankle. I don’t have to wait long.

I hear the back door open and Mike enters the long back hallway. I hear him take off his jacket and shoes and walk to the hall table. I hear him empty his pockets and drop his keys and change in the glass bowl. He calls my name, but I don’t answer. He walks into the kitchen, calls for me again, then turns to enter the living room and stops dead in his tracks. He looks like a deer caught in headlights. His eyes are wide, his mouth drops open, and he doesn’t move a muscle.

In my sternest, no nonsense voice, I ask “Why are you home so early?”

In his slightly startled, confused state of mind, Mike answers with a “Huh?”

I quickly stand up and take 3 long strides until I’m standing directly in front of him, over him, in fact. I put a hand under his chin and lift his face so he’s forced to look me in the eye. For some reason he keeps looking at my tits and red panties. I lean in, invading his personal space, and whisper in his ear “You better answer my question, or you will be in even more trouble than you are already in, little boy.” (I’m taking a chance on calling him little boy. Mike’s 52 and I’m only 30, so I’m not sure if that will have the correct effect on him, but I’m giving it a try.)

I feel his hands on my waist, pulling me into him. I grab his thumbs and twist them slightly. I don’t want to hurt him, but I don’t want him thinking he can just grab me. He releases me and I push his hands away from me.

“Truly pathetic. You just leave work early. You can’t or won’t answer the simplest question. You actually think you can just touch me whenever you want.” I slowly start circling him. My hand on his waist, roaming up his chest, over his shoulder and around to his back. He stands completely still. I cup a hand over his throat, gently pulling him back into me. I know he can feel me standing over him. I lean down and whisper in his ear “You had better learn your place, boy, or I will teach it to you.”

Mike makes this low, throaty, groaning ‘Oh God’ noise. I laugh and finish circling around him and return to my chair. (He’s playing along. He’s mine.)

Sitting again in the chair I tell him to remove his shirt. I watch as he slowly unbuttons it and drops it to the floor. “Don’t just drop it on the floor. Fold it and place it on the table. I will not allow you to be a slob.” He quickly picks it up, folds it and places it on the dining room table.

“Take the undershirt off as well.” Tapping my foot impatiently, now. He slips it over his head, folds it and places it on top of the dress shirt. “Good boy. See, that wasn’t so hard.” I give him an appraising gaze. The smooth skin over his chest and tummy. The muscles in his arms and shoulders. The sparse trail of hair leading down into his pants. I motion with my hands for him to turn around, and he slowly turns in a full circle.

“Very nice, now take the pants off.” I watch as he opens the button and zipper, and slowly lowers them. He steps out of them, folds them, and places them on top the shirts. I raise one of my eyebrows in a perfect Spock impersonation. He’s got the ugly grey undies on. They’re not quite as bad as tighty-whiteys, but they’re close. I call them loosy-greyees. I’ve teased him before about them, but he says they’re comfortable. The only good thing about them that I can find is that they’re easy to take off.

I look up at the ceiling and sigh. With my finger I motion for him to take the offending things off. He slips them off and puts them on the pile of clothes on the table. “What did I say about folding? This will be a very long night for you if you can’t follow simple instructions.” He quickly folds them and says he’s sorry. The socks come off next.

I lean forward in the chair, drinking him in. He starts shifting his weight and rubbing his fingers together as he stands there. “Stop fidgeting.” He’s semi hard already. His cock is just starting to rise up. “Hmmm, it seems I might have a toy to play with tonight after all. Good boy.”

I stand and walk toward him again, his brown eyes never leaving mine. I lift his chin, and start nibbling on his lower lip, slowly progressing into a long, slow kiss. He leans into me, and I feel his hands circle my waist. Breaking the kiss, I ask him if he has permission to touch me. His hands immediately fly off my waist. “Very bad boy. If you do that again, I will make sure that you behave properly.”

Wrapping my hand around his cock, I use it to lead him into the bedroom, back him up against the bed and push him down. I pull the pillow off the bed and toss it to the ground. Leaning over him, I start kissing his mouth, working my way down his neck, finally covering his chest and stomach with butterfly kisses. I slide down onto the foot of the bed, resting his feet between my legs. He tries to tickle and poke me with his toes, but I give him a little slap on his leg and he stops. Cupping the heel of one of his feet, I start rubbing the top of his foot. This is an erogenous zone, and a good place to start a massage. I start working my way up his calf and thigh. I brush the back of my hand against his hardening cock before starting on the other foot. Just like before, I work my way slowly up his leg. With both hands rubbing his hips, I let my hair drape over his cock. I watch his face as I work his ‘golfers muscle’ on the side. I straddle his thighs as I start rubbing small firm circles over every inch of his chest, leaning in to lick and suck his nipples occasionally. I feel his hands on my hips again. I guess the massage part is over.

Straddling his waist now, I reach for the bottom edge of the mesh outfit and slowly lift it up over my head. I toss it aside as I lean over to the nightstand and grab the cuffs, dangling them above his chest. “Bad little boy. Give me your hands.” Mike lifts his hands for me, I cuff one and thread the chain through the headboard, then cuff his other wrist “There now, that should keep you from grabbing me without asking for permission first.”

I look down at Mike. His face is set, his beautiful brown eyes are on fire, and I can feel his cock getting harder under me. I scoot down a bit so his cock is rubbing along my panties. Leaning forward, I let my tits fall just above his face. I start slowly moving up and down, feeling his cock gliding along my panties as he starts sucking my tits. I know he can taste the vanilla/orange of the dusting powder on them. I let him lick and suck each tit a couple times, making them nice and hard. His hips start moving up and down, trying to get himself inside me, but utterly defeated by my panties.

Now for the hard part, I stop. I lift my tits away from his mouth. I stop grinding my panties against his beautiful, hard cock. Climbing off the bed, I stand over him and look down at my toy. His hips are still straining to get at me, his eyes are focused on my nipples, and the muscles in his arms are tense. I slowly run my fingertips over his chest, down his stomach, and gently scrape them along the length of his cock. “I’ll be back in a little bit. Stay right here.” I turn and walk out of the bedroom. I can hear a strangled ‘No’ coming from the bed.

Walking into the kitchen, I take several deep breathes. I was ready to take him right there, but I want to wait. I want to prolong the experience. I want this to last. It’s not often I get to control things; I want to make it memorable. I pace the kitchen a few times, knowing Mike can hear the boots clicking on the tile floor. A new idea just popped into my head.

It takes a few more minutes to get control again. I open the freezer and take a sip of the ice cold water I put in there before. It’s not yet time for the ice cubes though; I want to try my new idea first. I return the glass to the freezer and head back into the bedroom.

Mike can see me as I stand in the doorway. His cock has shrunk back to its normal size. I watch as his eyes roam over my body, the muscles tensing in his arms and legs. I walk over to his closet; actually it’s more of a sashay than a walk. Give him a good look one last time. Exaggerating my bend at the waist, I grab his overnight bag and start rifling through it. At last I find what I’m looking for. I close up the bag, toss it back in the closet and turn toward Mike. Smiling, I watch his face as he recognizes his sleeping mask. Swinging it on my finger I walk toward him.

Standing besides the bed, I lean over and kiss him, my free hand resting on his chest. I can feel his heartbeat on my palm. I move to straddle his waist again, resting on him. I watch as his eyes dart from my face to my tits to my tummy to my red panties resting on his stomach. Running my fingers through his short graying hair, I start slipping the blindfold over his head. Checking to make sure it’s on properly and blocking out all the light, I sit there and do nothing for a few minutes. Let him wait. Let him wonder. Let him sweat a little.

So here I sit. I’m basically alone with my favorite toy. I take the red bullet from the nightstand and turn myself around so I’m sitting on his chest. I take his cock and slowly start to run my hand up and down, cradling the underside. I’m getting impatient now. I lean forward and slip the tip of his cock into my mouth. I love that musky, masculine smell he has. Alternating between sucking on the tip and swirling my tongue around it, I tease him for a while. My hand is still stroking him slowly, gently. Feeling him get harder and bigger, I regain some of my control. I’m not ready to have him cum just yet.

I decide it is time to up the ante. The hand that was stroking his length now starts playing with his balls. Slowly, I’m in no rush, I start stroking them, tugging on them, cupping and lifting them. I continue this for a few more minutes before I secretly place the bullet vibrator just below his balls. I was holding it my hand, so it has warmed up; Mike probably thinks it’s just a finger. Simultaneously, I tug up on his sack, suck his cock deep into my mouth, and turn on the vibrator.

Mike groans out an “Oh Fuck!” as his hips jump up off the bed, his cock poking the back of my mouth, gagging me. I pull away, coughing, trying to catch my breath. My hands stop playing with him, and I turn off the vibrator. I sit there, listening to him breathing hard, watching his cock sway back and forth. I watch as a drop slowly oozes out of the tip. Leaning forward I scoop it up with a long slow lick. I’ll give him this, the man does taste good. I plant a kiss on the tip and climb off him. I need some time, and Mike has to cool off a bit. I kiss him on the mouth and head out of the bedroom again. He says something as I walk out, but I didn’t quite catch it.

Walking into the kitchen, I fall into a chair. I am on fire right now. I need to cum, but I want to make this last as long as possible. This dominant stuff has unexpected drawbacks! I slip the boots off; Mike’s blindfolded and won’t notice anyway. I take a couple deep breaths to calm myself. My hand slips into my panties, I’m soaking wet. My fingers gliding over my slit feels absolutely wonderful. I don’t want to stop, but I know I don’t want to do this in the kitchen. After a long sigh, I take my fingers out of my panties, lick them clean, and head for the bathroom. I splash my face with cool water and try to regain my composure. I walk through the house a few times, cooling off. It’s time to finish this.

I take the glass of ice water out of the freezer and head back into the bedroom. Quietly walking in, I watch Mike for a minute. I watch his breathing, his muscles twitching, his cock lying gently between his legs. I shake the glass, and Mikes head turns toward the sound. Putting the glass down on the nightstand I slip my panties off and drop them on the floor. I start to run my cool hand over his chest. Leaning over, I start kissing him, deep and passionately. His cock is coming to life again.

I climb on top of him again, with my knees up near his shoulders. I run my hands through his hair, letting a few of my fingers linger beneath his nose. He takes a deep breath and I know he can smell me now. I slip the blindfold up and let it rest on his forehead. His eyes meet mine, then start to travel down my body. I reach over to the nightstand and grab the red bullet again, showing it to him. Smiling my evilest smile, I start rubbing myself. Working my fingers along my slit, feeling how slick I am. I watch Mike’s eyes as he drinks the sight in. I’m so horny right now. My fingers move faster and faster, before I finally start the bullet. I let out a groan and close my eyes as it makes first contact with my throbbing clit. “Oh fuck!” I’m moaning as the bullet dances over sensitive nub. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach as my hips grind against the vibrator. My head falls back as I feel my long awaited orgasm exploding inside me. “Oh fuck!” My legs clamp down around Mike as I start cumming hard.

Slowly regaining my senses, I notice Mike staring wide eyed at me. “Enjoy the view, little boy?” I slip my fingers into his mouth, enjoying the feel of his tongue swirling around them. I start to pull the blindfold over his eyes and he starts complaining. “Ah come on. Not again.”

“Stop grumbling, little boy or I’ll never let you go.” I make sure the blindfold is in place and pat him on the head. “Good boy.” I scoot down a bit and reach over to the glass of ice water. As expected, there is a lot of condensation on the glass. Holding it over Mike’s chest, I shake it a bit, watching as the cold drops splatter over his chest. Mike starts moaning as I dip my fingers inside the glass, pulling out a few ice cubes. I pop one into my mouth, and put down the glass. I hold one ice cube in each hand. My left hand I close as tight as possible, trying to get it as cold as I can. The right hand starts drawing all over his stomach, chest, neck, lips and thighs. Licking up any extra water, I keep teasing Mike till the ice cubes melt. I climb off him, moving to his side. His cock is nice and hard again. I blow on it, letting him know where my attention is now focused. Slowly I start running my fingernails along his shaft before taking a firm grasp with my ice cold hand. Smiling silently as I hear Mike let out a loud gasp. “What’s wrong? I know you like this part.”

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