younger man

David rested his head against his headboard, while on the other side of the wall, his mother screamed out yet another orgasm. His cock was firmly held in his hands, as his mother screaming to be fucked harder and harder. In his mind it was him, David, she was screaming for. He could feel himself getting close, but wanted to delay that pleasure, until she was done.

He gripped the base of himself, and waited for the sensation to ebb.

“Oh, fuck. Yeah, right there, baby, right there. Keep that up and you’re gonna make me cum agaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!”

That did it, and his semen shot out, making a high arc, before landing in the towel he had laid out. He quickly started rubbing up and down his shaft, trying to prolong the pleasure as he pictured himself shooting off into his sexy mother. Her short blonde hair matted to her head with sweat, as her large tits swayed above him. He moaned louder, and hoped that they didn’t hear him next door, as his own orgasm intensified.

By the time he was done cleaning up, he could hear his dad leaving. He was taking off on another one of his trips, leaving his mother, Marion, and him alone for a couple weeks. He was in the business of restoring businesses after a fire or some other natural disaster, and his company sent him to both evaluate the estimated costs, as well as supervise the restorations. Quite often it seemed like he was gone more than he was home.

“Oh, hunny, I didn’t realize you were home,” his mom told him as he dumped his towel in the laundry. She didn’t miss what he’d dropped off, and gave a small grimace. “Heard, us huh?”

David wasn’t in the least bit embarrassed. They were like best friends, and talked about almost anything. “Sorry, mom–” Not that he really was! “–It was kinda hard NOT to.”

She grimaced again for a moment, and then shrugged it off. “Your dad will be gone for about a week this time, so it’s just us till then.”

“Yeah?” David knew he should keep his mouth shut, but he couldn’t stop himself from asking the next question. “When is Peter coming over?”

This time her grimace turned into a fully fledged scowl. “My BOSS is coming over tomorrow, so that we can discuss some insurance claims that look fraudulent.”

We both knew that was a lie, and we both knew that we both knew, but mom did try to keep up some appearances.

His mom was a horny woman, and who could blame her? At forty-five she still looked like she was in her thirties, and she worked out regularly to keep her slim frame. The only thing that wasn’t slim about her was her huge knockers, which David realized he was currently staring at.

“If you’re done ogling me, dinner will be in a couple hours, and I could use your help.” That was another great thing about his mom. She hated to order food, and they almost always had home-cooked meals.

David soon found himself peeling potatoes, while his mom worked on the rest of the food. He kept catching himself glancing at her as she worked; admiring how her hips swayed as she kneaded the hamburger, or the way her pants hugged her ass as she bent over the counter. Marion caught him looking a few times, but she just shook her head at her son’s foolishness, and continued working.

After dinner, David had some reports to fill out online for his job, and so retired to his room for the night. He was an accountant for various firms, and made good money doing it. He chose to live at home to save on the cost of rent, and be close to his mother. It wasn’t that David always thought about sex when it came to Marion. He truly loved her, and enjoyed helping her out whenever his dad was away on business. He just couldn’t help himself when he heard her having sex, or when she dressed in a sexy fashion, as she was often wont to do.

He had just finished his last report, when he heard the shower start in the hallway. David had often wondered why the master bedroom didn’t have its own bathroom, but he didn’t complain, because the hallway bathroom had one more oddity, that worked to his favor; it didn’t have a fan.

This usually meant that his mother would crack the door so that the cool air would creep in and keep the mirror from fogging up. It also meant he could get a good peek at her naked.

Unfortunately, just as he reached the crack in the door, she was slipping behind the shower curtain, cutting off his view. David was patient, however, and waited for her to finish.

He whiled away the minutes imagining her rubbing her loofah across her ample bosom, along her slender thighs, and between her succulent butt cheeks. He was already hard as a rock by the time she turned off the water.

The shower curtain was thrown back, and David failed to cover a gasp at the glorious sight before him. Water droplets covered her body, dripping off her breasts, and running down her legs. Her short hair was plastered to her head, and she wasn’t wearing an ounce of makeup. He knew that some men preferred their women all dolled up, but there were times, like now for instance, that David liked the natural beauty of a woman to shine through. Her chest sagged only slightly, despite her age and having had him, and one miscarriage. After the miscarriage, his father had been fixed, not wanting to suffer that pain again. Her nipples were large and hard as the water cooled them, and sat perfectly on her mounds. Her pussy had a slight blonde fuzzy growth, which David knew she usually kept trimmed, if not shaved. From this distance, he could just make out her labia poking through her outer lips.

She grabbed a towel, and David slipped his hand down his pants, grasping himself again. His mother was a sexual goddess as far as he was concerned, and he was not in control of his lusts. In truth, it was by the barest thread of decency that stopped him from entering the bathroom and having his way with her, right then and there.

Marion bent over to dry her calves and feet, allowing David to see her brown hole and a better shot at her crotch.

As soon as she was dry, she wrapped the towel around her waist, and walked up to the fog-free mirror, breasts swaying with her movement.

This was the most dangerous time for David, as the mirror was directly in front of the crack in the door. All it would take is for a flick of her eyes to catch him staring at her, and he would be busted. There wasn’t an excuse he could come up with to explain why his face would be looking through the cracked door at his nude mother. He had to get his breathing under control, so that he wasn’t given away from the sound.

He couldn’t pull away though, as Marion placed her hands above her breasts, and lifted them by pulling her skin up, then let go, and watched them bounce. She did this a few times, grimacing, David figured, at the way they sagged. He was simply mesmerized. He watched as she leaned toward the mirror, her melons dangling from her chest, and began to tug at her face. She really didn’t look her age, but like most women, she saw flaws in herself that others were incapable of seeing, including her only child.

She pulled back, and David realized he had overstayed his luck, and had to get out of the hallway. He pulled his hand from his pants as he stood up, and started walking as normal as he could with his hard on, down the hallway. A second later, the door opened all the way, and he turned to see his mother stick her head out.

“Turn around, son. I’m coming out,” she told him when she spied him.

“I don’t understand why you don’t just wrap a towel around your whole body,” David replied as he turned around. The truth was that he didn’t want her to wrap it around her whole body, but he had to play the his part.

He didn’t hear anything in response, and turned to see that she was already in her room, the door tightly shut. David retreated to his own domain, locking the door behind him. He grabbed one of his tube socks out of his drawer. In what felt like record time, he was dumping his load into the sock, and collapsing back on his bed. That night, not for the first time, David wondered if there was some way to get his mother to sleep with him.

* * *

The following day at work, all David could think about was getting home, and hopefully catching his mother and her boss, Peter, fucking again. He had been shocked the first time he had found them together, and had confronted his mother about it as soon as Peter had left.

“I have needs too, son, and it just so happens that when your dad is away, Peter takes care of those needs,” she’d told him.

“What about dad? How do you think he would feel to know his wife was stepping out on him?” David had shot back angrily. His anger only increased when she started laughing.

“Do you think he stays celibate on his trips? Your dad is a good looking man, and he knows how to please a woman. We have an understanding: when he is home, we stay faithful to each other, but when one of us is gone, we are free to do as we like.” David had been speechless to learn this. “We both have strong sex drives, and quite frankly, it is unreasonable to expect either of us to go without a good screwing for longer than a day or two.”

Since that day, it was still a rare occurrence when he caught them. He didn’t know if it was his mother or Peter that was shy about it, but they were usually working by the time he arrived home.

David typed the last of his numbers into the spreadsheet, and double checked his math. Everything was accurate. Looking at the clock, it was about four PM. If he hurried, he might just catch them.

He broke a few speed limits on the way home, but he knew where all the speed traps were, and avoided speeding through those.

He saw Peter’s car in the driveway as he pulled in, and his heart started beating. He just might be in time!

He entered through the front door, stepping quietly, hoping to hear some moaning.

It was deadly quiet. He tip toed back to his room, and pressed his ear against the shared wall, and could hear something, but wasn’t sure what. He lithely moved back out of his room, and almost gasped as he noticed his mother’s door was cracked. She was usually more circumspect when it came to her and Peter screwing.

David dropped down to his hands and knees, and crawled to the slight opening.

The lights were off, but the thin curtains let in enough light for David to see, as soon as his eyes adjusted. Peter was on top of her, plunging in and out, as she grunted with each thrust. Her head was pointed in David’s direction, so there was no way she could see him, but for a second, he thought he had been busted by Peter.

Peter didn’t slow down, however, so David figured he was safe. He realized that the sound he had heard from his room, was his mother’s grunting, and wondered why she was being so quiet. Usually she was rather loud in her lovemaking.

Peter leaned forward, and hooked his arms under Marion’s shoulders, and pulled her back on him. “Oh, fuck!” Marion screamed as he did this, and then covered her mouth with her hand. David now had an excellent view of his mother’s ass, as she moved her hips on top of her boss.

“Let it out, baby,” David heard Peter say. “Your son won’t be home for awhile. You don’t need to be so quiet, and I love to hear moan.” Peter picked up his pace beneath her, and Marion had to place her hand against his chest to steady her at the new onslaught. She stuck her knuckle in her mouth, and David figured it was to hold back her cries. “Come on!” Peter moaned.

“I don’t want him catching us anymore,” she said, pulling her knuckle from between her teeth. “He already gives me weird looks, as it is.”

“Oh, come on! You like the way he looks at you. I’ve seen him looking at you breasts,” as he spoke, Peter began to lightly stroke Marion’s chest, “he seems to like your ass, too.”

“Stop it. He’s my son!” If David didn’t know any better, he would have thought she had moaned out that last part.

“You can’t fool me, Marion. I felt your pussy tighten as I mentioned him, and I felt you get wetter when you did.”

“No, no!” Marion whined.

“I wonder what you would do if he came in here right now and wanted to fuck you. Would you let him?”

“He is… Oh Gawd! He’s my son!” She moaned, picking up her own pace.

David didn’t know what Peter was playing at, but he was harder than he had ever been in his life. He silently unzipped his fly, and pulled out his meat. He started to stroke himself as watched his mother and Peter fucking.

“Say his name, Marion. Say your son’s name.”

“No, I can’t. Not while we’re… Ung… Yes, harder. Fuck me harder!” Peter stopped moving though, and Marion cried out in frustration. “Why’d you stop?”

“Not until you say his name,” Peter said in a tone that David knew meant business.

David watched, as Peter reached between them, and assumed he was going to play with her clit, but his mom didn’t react.

“I don’t know why you want me to. It is wrong! That’s too close to incest. I won’t–Ahhhh!” Peter must have finally touched her clit, but then he stopped again, and just looked at her, waiting.

Marion placed both her hands next to Peter’s head on the bed, and brought her face close to his. David could only imagine the serious look she was giving him. He had to strain his ears to hear what she said.

“Fine, if you want to hear me say it that badly… David.” The sound of his name as she sat atop Peter was like lightning running through his soul. He had to stop masturbating, because he was too close to blowing his load right there against the door.

As soon as she said her son’s name, Peter began to move inside her, slowly. “Say it again,” he commanded.

“Ahh, David…” this time his name came out in a definite moan, as Peter picked up his pace.

“Again,” the demand was repeated.

Marion’s hips were moving as fast as she could now, as she said it again, and again. Each time she called her son’s name, she grew louder and Peter picked up his pace.

“David, David, Awe, Fuck me, David! Fuck me harder! I’m gonna cum! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, David you’re gonna make your mom cum all over yooooouuuuuuu!” Marion began to shake and shudder and he heard Peter grunt as he started his own orgasm.

David had to run to his room, and barely made it before he shot his own load all over his carpet. He had almost lost it at her doorway, but had had just enough presence of mind to know that he couldn’t make a mess there, and left.

David quickly cleaned up his spunk, and then snuck out his window. He ran to the front door, and then took a few seconds to catch his breath. The image of his mom getting banged while she called his name and came kept running through his head.

It took longer than normal, but he was finally able to get himself under control, and he opened the door loudly, allowing it to bang against the wall. “I’m home,” he yelled, hoping that he had given them enough time to get dressed. He fervently hoped they wouldn’t suspect that he had been watching.

“Back here, son,” Marion called, and David wondered if she sounded out of breath. He went back to her room, where only minutes before, she had been screaming his name, but now looked up as Peter unscrewed a light bulb. “The light went out, and Peter was nice enough to change it for me. I can’t reach it myself,” she explained unnecessarily. David was certain it was a lie, but played along, as both were fully clothed, and there wasn’t anything other than his memory to say anything to the contrary.

Peter finally got the bulb free, and David thought he might have winked as he walked by to get another one.

“So, how was work?” Marion asked. Did she seem more nervous than usual? David wondered, but shrugged it off as his own paranoia. He started to tell her about work when Peter returned with a new bulb, and screwed it into place.

“Well, that ought to allow things to be seen better in here from now on, right David?” Why was he asking him, David wondered, but just shrugged noncommittally? “Well, Marion, I’d better get those files back to the office. We will have a busy day tomorrow, trying to prove some of those cases are fraudulent.”

Marion walked him to the door, and this time there was no mistaking the wink Peter gave him as he left. David then knew that Peter had caught him spying, and had probably said everything just for him. But the question that kept going through his mind was: why?

Dinner that night started out quiet as usual, until Marion spoke up. “When do you think you’ll find a good girl?”

This was a conversation David hated having, and she asked it all too often. Hoping to end it quickly, he told her the truth. “Just as soon as I find a woman that can possibly compare to you, mom.” That usually ended the conversation, but tonight it seemed to fail.

“And in what ways are you comparing them to me?”

David didn’t know how to answer, and started blushing instead. He couldn’t believe that at twenty-eight he could still blush like this. Well, the truth had gotten him into this mess; he would use it to get him out. “I am looking for someone who is smart, and funny, and is willing to take good care of me.”

“Is that all, David?” Did she seem disappointed? The sound of his name on her lips brought back memories of earlier that evening.

“Um… Okay. I am partial to blondes.”

“Blondes, huh? What about breasts?” To his shock, Marion cupped her large breasts through her shirt as she asked this question.

David mumbled out the truth before he could think better of it. “Yours are the perfect size.”

She just smiled, as she asked, “What about rear ends? I hear some men are really into those.”

“Yes, your butt is the nicest I’ve seen.” They had often talked about many things, including sex, but had never been this open or personal before, and David was beginning to like it.

“But we shouldn’t talk about me. I want to talk about you finding a woman for yourself.” The smile was still on her face, as she looked at him.

“What do I need a woman for, when I’ve got you?” He was surprised at the bluntness of his own statement, but relaxed as Marion giggled.

“There are some things I can’t take care of as your mother, son.”

He was about to protest this statement, but thought better of it. Despite what he had witnessed earlier that day, he didn’t dare cross that line yet. Instead he replied, “I can take care of those things myself.”

She looked at him for a few uncomfortable seconds, and then finally asked, “Do you… Um… Do you take care of those, er, things often?”

“Almost every day,” the answer was out before he could think better of it. Marion’s eyes grew large at the answer, but she dropped her gaze to her nearly empty plate.

“Eat your food, before it gets cold,” she finally said. David had forgotten that they were eating dinner. He recognized that she wanted the conversation to end, and even though he now wanted to keep it going, he had no idea how to.

That night when she showered, David was let down to find the bathroom door closed and locked.

* * *

The next couple days, David failed to catch Peter and his mother in the act, and was even surprised when they weren’t home when he got off work. He figured that they probably did it during lunch, and then drove back to their office, and an idea formed in his head.

It was Friday, and David got up as usual, drank the coffee his mom had set out for him, and then left as though he were going to work. He parked his car a couple blocks away, called to let his boss know that he was feeling sick and would be working from home, then walked back to his house.

He hid in some bushes till he saw his mom drive away, before going in, and locking the door behind him. He would make sure he was home when they came here to screw.

He opened his computer, and worked while he waited for them. Sure enough, a little after noon, he heard a car door close outside.

He flipped off his computer screen, and made sure his door was open. Jumping into his own closet, he waited to hear them pass by his room. He had left his door open so that his mother would see his room was empty, as well as being quiet when he left to spy on them.

My name is Helen Crusoe , I am fifty six years old, I am five foot six and have light blond hair and I keep it cut fairly short, for convenience reasons, Plus people say it makes me look younger.

I have a good body for my age, I think anyway. My thirty eight d’s are still firm and ripe and do not hang down at all so far anyway. My small pink nipples are still cute and get very taught when I am aroused. I still keep my pussy shaved because that was the way my husband always loved it.

Richard my husband of twenty years died sixteen mouths ago. I went thru a long grieving process, still don’t know if I am over it, I miss my husband still muchly. Richard was truly the love of my life.

I was devastated when I found out that he was killed in an auto crash, My lord it wasn’t even his fault.

He was hit head on by a man that was all drugged out. Since then I haven’t done much of anything.

One day I said “Enough” and began over to live my life, I had received almost 2.3 Million dollars from his trust and life insurance. I purchased a nice Condo, and an SL 500 Mercedes Benz , silver in color with a red interior.

Richard and I never had children our choice I guess, I was always on the pill and afraid to get pregnant.

One day a young man was working on the condo next to mine, I watched him through the window.

He looked to be about twenty three or four, it was hard to say really.

He was tall and sexy, without his shirt on I saw his six pack abs’s, I was aroused looking at him.

I had on a satin robe and nothing underneath, I felt naughty and ran my hand inside my robe and messaged my nipples, I imagined his big young cock in my small mature hand. OH I had to touch my throbbing pussy. I truly felt like being naughty, Even though I shouldn’t.

I opened the door and stood out on my steps and called to the strong looking young man.

He looked up and saw me, I allowed my robe to fall open slightly so he could see.

“YES ” he said

“You look like your hot, come up here and I will give you something to drink” I told him

My crotch throbbed, “OK Mam” he spoke.

Soon he was in front of me,

Oh Gosh I thought he was a young stud indeed.

His name was Kyle, I had him come in and sit at my table. I got him a coke from my refrigerator, I bent more then needed and allowed my robe to rise up in the back, I stood to the side of him and leaned down to sit his soda upon the table, I made sure that my robe was lose so it would swing open slightly , so he would have a good glimpse of my chest and my freckled breasts.

I did see him look, “Thanks Mam” he said. “Oh Please call me Helen” I told him.

“OK Helen it is”

I and Kyle talked for a little bit, He had a girlfriend , but she was in college away from our town.

“You must get lonely” I said to him.

“Not so much Helen I stay pretty busy” He told me.

While he sipped his coke, I noticed him looking at my chest, I was getting more aroused, wondering if his cock was growing in his work pants.

“You have a lot of friends”? I asked

“Oh a few” He told me.

I allowed my robe to slid a little more open, as we spoke.

He seemed to look surprised when he looked over toward me, I knew it was working. My thighs were quivering right now, I couldn’t stop it, It had been so long for me.

I said “Kyle do you like my chest, I see you checking it out”?

“Yes, Yes as a matter of fact I do” He told me.

” Kyle I am old enough to be your mother” I said to him.

“Mam, he hesitated “I like mature women” He said to me

“Really”? I said.

I kept my eyes trained on him and allowed my robe to fully open. “OH GOSH” he gasped

“YOU LIKE”? I asked

“OH Helen their beautiful” He said insistingly.

“Come over here and touch them Kyle” I instructed.

“Ok Sure” he told me.

I shook with sheer and utter excitement.

His hands trailed the sides of my big boobies, Then he filled his hands with them, and soon his fingers found my nipples, They were so still already.

I could see the huge bulged in his pants, Oh my it looked so big.

“You like them Kyle”? I asked

“Yes Yes I do” He told me.

I turned so I could touch his bulge, He felt huge, I ran my hand over his crotch.

He grabbed my breasts a little firmer now, I undid his pants He wore no under wear, It was easy for me to get his big young cock out, He was stiff as a rolling pin, He had at least a nine inch penis.

Larger than my husband ever was, I knew I deserved this today to fill my animal craving for some cock.

I stroked his young cock, it was heavily veined, and still growing, soon I bent and pulled him into my experienced mouth. “OOOOOHHHH” He gasped as I sucked him.

I made nice smooth strokes over him with my hot mouth, Then I stopped.

“Kyle I want you to fuck me” I told him.

He nodded his head, I took him by the hand to my bedroom.

I took off the robe, and lay ed spread eagle on my soft bed. ” Lick my pussy Kyle” I told him.

He obliged quite nicely, Licking my burning cunt with his young mouth, He spread me even wider and mauled my chest as he licked my older pussy.

“OOOOHHH KYLE” I moaned as he was pleasuring me.

I loved it, I was as hot as a torch, and torch that needed fucked bad.

Soon Kyle entered me, slowly at the start, “OH KYLE YOUR SO BIG” I expressed to him.

He soon plunged deeper into me “OOOOHHH” I moaned as I grabbed his little firm ass cheeks.

“Your Tight Bitch” he said to me.

“Yes Kyle” I said.

“I’m going to fuck the hell out of you” He told me.

“GOOD” I gasped out.

He began to fuck me with everything he had now, My thighs quivered with womanly excitement.

“OOOOHHHH OHHHHH”!!! I cried out as he gave me my first real cock orgasm in sixteen months.

“AAAHH AAAHH” He groaned as he plowed me full.

“I’m going to titty fuck you and come in your mouth bitch” He told me as he used me.

“OK KYLE” I gasped quietly.

“Maybe I will bring a couple of buddy’s next time I come over here, and we will all rape your pussy bitch”

He told me as he pounded my wanton wet cunt.

“OK Kyle, that would be fine” I e eked out in his ear.

I was having another orgasm and he was turning me on even more with his filthy talk. Inside I hoped his buddies would rape me.

I pulled his ass into me hard so he could slap his balls into my torching pussy.

Soon he pulled out, I firmly held my breasts together and he fucked them with all the fury that he had with in him, I love my big boobs fucked, expectational by a young man.

“OOOHHH FFFUUUCCCC” He loudly grunted as he came in my face and my neck and chest.

I jerked him to completion and sucked his final juices.

He staid in bed with me until he was hard again and we fucked once more before he showered and left.

The next day, he brought his friends Tim and Bob with him, Oh my lord, They all fucked me like there wouldn’t be any left for the next day.

Kyle held me down on my stomach and all three of them fucked and cum in my plump ass.

This now goes on at least once every couple of weeks . I love it and it keeps me feeling young.

To be continued.

It had been a long, hot day in South Central Los Angeles and the A/C in the building where Cathy worked had been out since before noon and she had spent much of the day working on her computer with streams of perspiration running down her back and cleavage, soaking the back of her white, satin blouse and outlining where her bra cups stopped and the swell of her breasts rose out of the lace that strained to contain her round, plump “C” cup breasts.

The mid-fifty redhead was still very pleasant to look at and the guys in the warehouse enjoyed bringing paperwork to her when the A/C worked so that they could see if her nipples were sticking out through her bra and today, they came in to check out how her, now nearly see-through blouse. She really wanted to unbutton it a button or two so that she could get some airflow, but knew she couldn’t until she was on her way home.

“Bruce, I am stopping at the beach on the way home.” Cathy had told her husband when she called him on his cell as she left the parking lot at work.

“Okay, sweetie,” Bruce had said, “But keep track of the time so you aren’t too late. Remember we had some plans tonight.”

“Oh, I won’t be too late.” Cat had replied. “I am really looking forward to making love tonight.” The slightly plump woman had told her husband with smile that he couldn’t see.

“I just need to unwind a bit and you know how the sand and ocean relaxes me.” She continued as she pulled onto the 110 Freeway.

“I’ll call you when I am about twenty minutes from home, so that you can pour me a glass of wine. Bye for now.” She said to Bruce.

“Okay babe. I will check the wine cooler and see what we have. See you in a while. Love you.” Bruce had said as his wife hung up the phone.

Traffic wasn’t too bad for a Thursday evening and it only took Cathy about an hour to go the twenty-some miles to where she wanted to park on Pacific Coast Highway, just past the Seal Beach/Huntington Beach line. Deciding that she didn’t want to wait until she got home to have a glass of wine, she had stopped at a little liquor store and picked up a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a plastic cup.

She had unbuttoned her blouse down past her bra after she got in her car, trying to cool off and the clerk at the store had gotten and eyeful when she bent over to get her wine from the bottom shelf of the cooler. She paid for her wine, completely unaware why the clerk was smiling at her, then she headed on down the road, found the parking lot she wanted, and pulled in. She drove to the farthest end of the lot, where it was deserted, parked the car and got out.

“I think I still have a beach towel and chair.” She said to herself as she opened the trunk and rummaged around until she found what she was looking for.

She pushed the trunk closed and headed for the sound of the waves breaking on the shore. It took her a couple of minutes to cover the two hundred yards to the water and then setup her low chair and spread her beach towel out.

“Don’t see anyone around.” Cathy said out loud as she pulled the wine and plastic cup out of her beach bag and opened the bottle.

“Good thing I was a girl scout. She said to herself as she fished her cork puller out of the bottom of her bag.

The sunset was beautiful and Cathy took several pictures of it with her cell phone while walking, barefoot, in the sand right at the water’s edge. She wandered on down the beach for about a quarter-mile and then decided she better head home. She had drunk nearly half the bottle of wine she had purchased and, because she had missed lunch, was feeling a bit tipsy.

“Going to have to sit in the car for a bit before I drive home, so I better call Bruce and let him know I am going to be later than I thought.” The plump, slightly drunk woman said aloud.

“Hey baby, I am going to be later than I thought. I picked up some wine and am feeling a bit too tipsy to drive just now.” Cathy told her husband when he picked up the phone.

“Do I need to come get you?” Bruce asked his wife, with a tinge of anger in his voice.

“No, I’ll just be later than I had said I would. We can still bounce around tomorrow night.” She said, reacting to the annoyance she heard in her husband’s tone.

“Well, call me if you need me to come get you. Bye.” He said to her as he hung up.

She had picked up her towel and chair and started back to the parking lot as she was talking to her husband and was about half-way to her car as she put her phone away. Because she hadn’t had lunch and had drank half of a bottle of wine fairly quickly, Cathy was really feeling the effects of the alcohol and she was so distracted that she did not see the group of college kids walking towards her from the parking lot.

“Hey, lady.” One of the young men said to her as they got close. “What are you doing on the beach all by yourself?”

“Just heading back to my car.” Cathy said.

“Needed to relax after a long day.”

“Well, we know exactly what you mean.” One of the other guys said.

“We are gonna go have a few more beers. You want to join us?” The first guy said to her, as he smiled at the other guys with him.

“No thanks, I am just going to head on home and go to bed.” Cathy said as she started to walk around the group.

She could smell the beer and the aroma of pot coming from the group and decided that she better move on quickly, but the seven young men had spread out in front of her and she had to walk between them to get to her car.

“Hey, you got a nice set of titties for an older woman.” Said the guy closest to her as she tried to walk between him and the first guy she had spoken with.

“Thank you…I think.” The plump redhead replied as she attempted to move on.

“I think you should show us those titties. You know, like Marti Gras.” The first guy said, as he took Cathy by the arm and pulled her towards him.

“Let me go. HELP!” Cathy screamed, dropping her bag and trying to wrench free of the young man’s grasp.

“No, no, no.” Another of the guys said as he grabbed her by her left arm and put his hand over her mouth.

Cathy suddenly found herself surrounded by the group of young men and felt hands all over her breasts and ass as she struggled to get free. One of the men was now behind her holding both arms, while another kept his hand over her mouth and fondled her right breast through her blouse.

“I have got to see these tits.” One of the seven said as he opened the last three buttons on her blouse and pulled it open.

“UUMMHH! UUMMHH!” Was the only sound Cathy could make with the big hand over her mouth.

“What I can see is not bad, but I NEED more.” The guy said. “Let’s see what you got under this bra.” He continued as he grabbed the bottom of the bra cups and yanked up on them, causing her plump tits to fall free to the admiring smiles of the seven young men.

“DAMN! Those ARE nice titties for an old woman.”

The young man said to Cathy and to his friends who were moving in closer to get a better look in the increasing darkness.

“Get the blouse and bra clear off!” One of the other guys said as he licked his lips and stared at the plump tits in front of him.

“Look at how hard her nipples are! God, I want to suck those things.” The first guy said as he bent down, wrapped his hands around her tits, and inhaled Cathy’s rock-hard nipple.”

“UMMMM, UMMMM!” Cathy mumbled through the hand that was still clamped over her mouth.

When the men opened her blouse and removed her bra, the cool beach breeze had caused goose-bumps to rise all over the plump woman’s body, causing her nipples to become rock-hard and stand straight out from her breasts. She was trying to communicate with the group of men, but they wouldn’t let her speak. Finally, the one who seemed to be the leader of the group looked at her and said;

“Joe is going to take his hand off your mouth and Seth is going to let go of your arms. You are not going to scream or try to run, understand? Shake your head “yes” if you understand.”

Cathy nodded yes and the huge hand that covered her mouth as moved away and her arms were freed.

“Now, take off your blouse and your bra, so we can play with them gorgeous knockers.” The leader said.

“Please don’t hurt me. Please just let me go and no one will ever know about this.” Cathy said to the leader.

“Hey, she has a half-empty bottle of wine in her beach bag and it’s still cold. She’s been drinking ILLEGALLY on the beach.” Seth said.

“Who the fuck are you going to tell about anything WE do, when YOU been drinking in public?”

“Now, take off your blouse and bra, like Louie said, so we can play with your tits.” Seth continued.

Cathy slid her blouse off and then pulled the bra off, tossing both of them onto the sand next to where Seth had dropped her beach bag and stood there, naked from the waist up in front of seven college frat boys.

“My turn.” Seth said as he knelt in front of this woman who was old enough to be his mother, and buried his fingers into her right breast. At the same time, he took her left nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it with abandon.

A small moan escaped from the plumper’s lips as the warm tongue swirled around her bud and the lips formed a seal as Seth tried to suck the nipple to the back of his throat.

“Oohh!” Cathy moaned again as he switched breasts. “Ouch! Please don’t twist my entire breast. It hurts.” She said to the group in general as Seth twisted her left breast and tugged violently on the left nipple.

“Here, have some more wine.” The leader said to her as he handed her the plastic cup from her bag.

It was completely full and she knew he wanted to get her more intoxicated, so she shook her head no.

“Drink the wine.” He said with a hint of anger in his voice.

“Okay.” Was all Cathy said as she took the cup and sipped at it.

“NO! I said DRINK the wine.” The leader said, obviously beginning to lose his temper.

“Okay” Cathy said again as she tipped the glass up and drained it.

“Good girl!” One of the guys who had been silent said. “Now, have another.” He continued, handing her a full glass again.

“Okay.” Was her one word reply as she again drained the plastic cup that she had been given.

As she took the last drop of wine from the glass, something sharp stuck her in the ass, through her skirt and panties.

“Ouch, what was that? She asked, but got no reply.

She could feel the alcohol coursing through her veins and didn’t even wait for them to tell her to take the last glass they handed her. She was feeling very warm and her vision was getting blurry

“Hey, I think she should suck our dicks.” Joe said as he slid his shorts off, revealing his rigid seven inch cock. “Get her towel out and she can kneel on it while she sucks us off.”

“I don’t want to do that.” Cathy said with a bit of a giggle, as the wine and cool ocean wind caused her to nipples to get even harder than they had been.

“Who cares what you want. I want a blow job, so start sucking, bitch.” Joe said to her as he spread her towel on the sand and Seth took her by the shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

The rigid cock was directly in front of her face and she knew that pleading would do no good, so she put her hands on the young man’s ass and pulled him towards her, taking his throbbing cock in her mouth and sucking on it as her tongue swirled around it.

“Oh yeah, that’s it! Joe said as Cathy started a slow bobbing motion up and down the length of his cock.

“Fuck yes, this bitch is good!” Joe moaned as she began to move her head faster in an effort to finish him off.

“You like to suck cock, don’t you…Cathy.” The leader said to her, causing her to stop and look at him.

He was holding her driver’s license and was going through the rest of the stuff in her wallet.

“Nobody told you to stop, Cathy.” Joe laughed as he grabbed her by the sides of her head and drove his cock back into her mouth.

“I think I want to face fuck her.” Joe said as he began to thrust his hips, driving his cock ever deeper into Cathy’s mouth, causing her to gag as it hit the back of her throat.

“Umph.” Was the only sound coming from her as the young cock slammed into her mouth and throat while her eyes pleaded with him to squirt in her mouth.

“You never answered James’ question.” Joe said as he neared his climax.

“You like to suck cock, don’t you?” He groaned as he bottomed out in her mouth and his cock erupted in a shower of creamy white semen.

“Unhuh, unhuh.” Cathy moaned as the young college student bathed her throat with more cum than she had swallowed in a long time.

All the other guys had been watching in amused amazement as the fifty-something woman did her best to drain the cum from Joe’s seven inch cock. Her tits had been bouncing and swaying the entire time and one of the James had about decided he wanted to fuck her tits when Joe came in her mouth.

Grant had been staring at her ass as she knelt in front of them all and had decided he wanted to fuck it real hard. When Seth stepped in front of Cathy so that she could suck him off, Grant sat down in the sand behind her and started rubbing her firm, round ass through her skirt. By that point, Cathy was really feeling the wine and did not protest as Grant slid his hands under her skirt and began to rub her panty clad ass cheeks.

Seth was about the same length as Joe, but was much bigger around and she had a little trouble stretching her mouth around him.

“My, but you have a big cock.” Cathy said with a devilish grin as she looked up at Seth’s boyish face and licked the end of his cock.

“Damn, what was in that wine?” Seth asked James as Cathy slid her mouth over his cock and sucked on it as hard as she could.

“I dropped a little X in the second cup I gave her and I shot her in the ass with a nice tranq. We can do anything we want to her and she won’t tell anyone.” James said with a smile.

“Hey Joe, go get this bitch another bottle of wine. And bring a blanket when you get back, because this towel aint big enough for what I got in mind.” James called over his shoulder as Joe set off to get more wine.

Grant now had Cathy’s skirt and panties off and was nearly cumming on himself as he rubbed, slapped and bit her plump ass. The alcohol and drugs in her system had her oblivious to the cold night air and she was working on the cock in her mouth like there was no tomorrow and all she did was moan when Grant slid two fingers into her pussy and then stuck them into her asshole..

“OOOhhh.” She groaned as the fingers slid into her ass and then “Umph. Umph. Umph.” Each time she moved down the cock in her mouth.

“Oh my God. She’s taking me all the way down to the base of my cock. She’s burying her nose in my pubes. I have never had a bitch suck my cock like this before.” Seth said with a dreamy expression on his face.

Even in her drug and alcohol high, Cathy knew that Joe was about to cum and she sped up her bobbing to finish him off.

“Uummmmm, ummmmmmm, ummmmmm. Oh yeah baby, give it to me. Cum in my mouth.” The plump redhead moaned around the young cock she was sucking.

“Ohhh Shhiittt!” Seth groaned as his cock exploded into Cathy’s mouth.

She slurped and sucked on his deflating cock, trying to get every drop of juice out of it and as he pulled away from her Rudy stepped in to take his place.

“Thisss iss a verrry big peeniis.” Cathy slurred as the full effect of the drugs hit her.

“Hey guys, look what I found by that trash can.” Rudy said, holding up a few plastic clothes pins.

“Hold your tits up for me.” Rudy told Cathy.

“Okay” She giggled as she cupped both of her “C” cup breasts and held them up for Rudy to do with as he pleased.

“You need a little pain, don’t you, Cathy.” He said to her as he took her left tit in his hand and placed one of the clothes pins on her nipple.

“That hurts, please take it off.” She whimpered as he tugged and twisted on the plastic pin.

“NO!” Was his one word response as he took the right tit in his hand and clamped a clothes pin on that nipple.

“AWWHH.” She wailed as he twisted the pin he had just attached.

“Suck my cock.” He commanded Cathy as he sat down in the beach chair she had had with her.

“Okay.” She was all she said as she leaned down and took his nine inch dick in her mouth.

Her ass was now stuck up in the air and grant looked at it and said:

“Damn! I have to have it!”

He had already peeled his shorts off and he slid his cock into her pussy to get a little lubrication on it.

“She’s fucking soaking wet. The X is really getting her going.” Grant said as he pulled his cock out of her pussy.

The others could see the pussy juice glistening in the moonlight and all they could do was whistle.

“I am fucking this ass.” Grant said as he placed the golf ball sized head of his cock against Cathy’s asshole and pushed.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” She groaned around the cock in her mouth as the young man slid into her ass and bottomed out against her ass.

Grant took hold of the plump redhead’s hips and pulled his cock all the way out of her ass, then drove it back in again. His thrusting was getting more and more frantic as he battered her ass with is cock and hands. He reached under her and grabbed hold of her breasts, which were swinging and swaying as she bobbed on the cock in her mouth and he slammed his cock into her and grabbed both clothes pins at the nipples and squeezed down as hard as he could.

“AAWWWWWHHHHHHHHH! URUGHHHHH” She wailed as the pain in her nipples made its way through the drugs and alcohol in her brain.

“Stop. It hurts, please stop.” Cathy begged, only to have Rudy grab her head and drive it down on his cock again.

“Mummph. Mummph” She mewled as she was now being hammered between by Rudy in her mouth and Grant in her ass.

“Ahhh, fuck.” Grant groaned as his cock erupted in a series of eight spurts into Cathy’s ass.

“Oh yeah!” Rudy said as he shot his load down her throat.

As both men pulled their cocks out of the drugged plump woman, she fell over on her side and just lay in the sand.

“Hey guys, I got the wine for our guest and the blanket James wanted. I could hear you all from 100 feet away and it made my dick hard again. I think I want to fuck her cunt now.” Joe said as he walked back onto the gathering.

“No, my turn first,” James said. “As wet as her pussy is, I want that first and I damn sure am not going to eat it after you fuck it. So, spread the blanket out and let’s get our guest on it. Give her another glass of wine while we’re spreading the blanket out too.”

Joe opened the cheap wine he had bought and poured a glass for Cathy.

“Here you go honey, have some more wine.” He said as he handed it to her.

“I need some water.” Was her response.

“We aint got no water.” Joe said to her. “You’ll have to be happy with the wine.”

Cathy took the wine and drank it down, then handed the plastic cup back to Joe.

“You still have five cocks to suck, so get with it.” James said as he moved her into the middle of the blanket.

“Okay, then I can go home, right?” Cathy said,

“Yup, when we are finished with you, you can go home.” Came James’ reply.

The drunk, drugged woman tried to kneel but James stepped in front of her, took her by the breasts and forced her over on her back.

“Put your feet flat on the blanket.” James told her as he dropped down and spread her legs.

He grabbed her feet and placed the soles down on the blanket and moved between her legs so that his face was just an inch away from her pussy.

“Somebody stick a dick in her mouth, I don’t want her moaning or screaming and attracting attention.” James said.

Greg, who had yet to use her, straddled her chest and wrapped her tits around his cock, which was the biggest of all seven at nearly 11 inches, and spit into the valley he had created. He slowly stroked her cleavage with his enormous cock while moving its head ever closer to her mouth.

*You leave your life to those who come after*

(Thanks to Shawhollow for the edit)

(This starts out seemingly unbelievable but it will make sense before the end)


I’m standing in my brother’s house, trying to figure out where to start when the doorbell rings. I go to the door, open it and there is this very properly dressed woman around forty/forty-five with a decidedly unhappy look on her face which makes me wonder what I’ve done wrong in the fifteen minutes I’ve been in this neighborhood. Since I’ve never been in this house before it is unlikely she knows me.

“Oh,” she sniffs with distain, “it’s like this again.” She stares at me. “May I come in?”

“Yeah, sure,” I get out of her way. She walks into my brother John’s, my brother, place with a strange familiarity. My brother is a bit of a slob and casual to the core. I am sure he has a bag, or three, of weed stashed about — alcohol is a given. I can’t imagine what this lady is doing here.

When she rounds the sofa she stops and looks at me with some impatience. I walk over to her; we stand side by side for several awkward seconds until she points to the sofa. I take a clue and sit down only have her to roll her eyes and give a long-suffering sigh. The lady gingerly gets on her knees between my legs, reaches out and starts working my shorts down.

My first thought is ‘I’m getting a blowjob’ which is sweet because of all the shit I’ve been going through the past twenty-four hours. Then the realization hits me that this ‘lady’ lady is giving me head on my brother’s sofa and I should do something. I am unsure what to do and while I try and figure it out she gets my shorts and underwear to my knees and starts stroking my dick with her hands.

“I…ummm,” I get out before she starts making the circuit of my spongy head with her tongue. I reach out and run my hand through her hair. She stops and angrily regards me so I stop. The lady goes back to work, bobbing past my helmet and slobbering on my shaft. A minute and a half later I can’t stop my hands from playing with her hair once more but this time she doesn’t react.

The lady has excellent technique which is at odds with her elegant, church-lady attire. More to the point, she is clearly getting into the blowjob she is giving me, fondling and licking my balls as well as kissing around the base of my shaft and licking my pee-hole.

“I’d like to see your tits,” I finally speak up. For a moment the lady hesitates then looks up at me. “You are very beautiful and you are making me feel so good,” I try to clarify.

She keeps up her ministrations to my penis with her mouth alone, while shifting out of her jacket then unbuttoning her blouse. Her bra is far racer than I would have expected with the nature of her conservative outer wear and her breasts larger than advertised though they sag a bit. The surprises keep coming when she starts working off her skirt next while still kneeling.

She is down to light brown stockings, black garter belt, white panties and bra.

“Can you get up here and give me better access?” I request somewhat timidly. She barely misses a beat and starts bringing her knees up on the sofa. “Wait, I want to do a ‘sixty-nine’,” I add. She stops and, while bent at the waist, the lady wiggles out of her panties to expose a neatly trimmed but full bush.

“Damn, you’re heartbreaking,” I whisper. She has a slight belly but her shape is still hourglass and her bra-clad breasts look delicious. She stops pumping my cock with her hand but she doesn’t look my way. I figure she isn’t upset because she lets me rotate my body so I am back down on the sofa then she carefully mounts me while her blowjob continues.

The problem with the sofa is that it is a few inches too narrow. The lady can put one knee beside my head, against the back of the sofa, but the other leg has to stand on floor so that her pussy can be lowered to my face. She is remarkably quiet and her vagina is dry as I first start paying attention to her love box then, in a second, she’s anything but.

She starts making ‘mmph’ noises in rapid succession as her juices are already dripping onto my tongue. I double then redouble my efforts until I’m making a wet sloshing sound as I tongue fuck her as deeply as I can. She explodes seconds later and I drink her up. The whole time the lady keeps up with the fellatio with barely any interruption.

Her skill, the absence of sex in my life the past few weeks, and her erotic display push me to ejaculate.

“Lady, I’m cumming,” I cry out. She pulls up to the point her lips are only controlling my cockhead and an inch of my shaft. Her tongue acts like a scoop that draws my spurting semen into her mouth.

When I finish shooting, the lady uses the suction of her lips to clean me up then kneels on the floor and opens her mouth to reveal the cum she’s yet to swallow. That makes no sense to me and she doesn’t look happy so I kiss her lightly on the lips.

“You didn’t need to do that for me but thank you,” I say hoping that changes her mood.

The lady looks at me, I look down her cleavage and my cock rebounds and slaps my stomach. Both our gazes flicker to my dick. She swallows, lowers her head, sighs and nods in resolution to some internal struggle. She stands and starts mounting me in reverse once more.

“Can we do it somewhere more comfortable?” I request.

The lady looks over her shoulder before dismounting and waiting for me. I get up, kick my shorts and underwear free and then start following her toward what I have only recently figured out is my brother’s room. What I want to ask is why this elegant, mature lady knows the way to my slovenly older brother’s bedroom. Okay, my brother is – was thirty, a well-off but slovenly real estate investor.

He was rich in some people’s estimation…I mean he’s rich enough to live in this exclusive community, but John, my brother liked his women younger than he was, not older. This made no sense. Of course, I hadn’t seen John in the flesh since he attended my graduation a year and a half ago, but still…does a guy change preferences that much?

Without a glance toward me the lady crawls onto my bro’s huge bed, stopping in the middle then goes down on her elbows, her ass sticking up in the air. I have the sinking feeling she’s been in that position, on this bed, far too often. I knee-walked behind her, put my grip to her hips with my hands and stop myself.

I’m not sure that I can forgive myself for what came next which was basically me not asking what the hell was going on. Instead I slowly start pumping my rod into her wet cunt. She lets loose an ‘ugh’ as I enter her and several ‘ah’s as I steadily press deeper. She rewards me with a resounding grunt when my hips push against her buttocks.

The lady reaches out and taps my thigh so I sit still as her vaginal muscles constrict and conform to my cock. She keeps this up for a minute before she finally speaks.

“Okay,” she says softly. I pull back about half way. When I get no reaction, I go delve back into her warm, wet depths once more. I’m starting to get into the zone when caution comes knocking a minute too late.

“Oh…” I was about to say ‘fuck’ but weirdly I don’t want to curse in front of this woman, “darn, I don’t have a condom.” She looks back at me, caught between a rush to climax, frustration and humiliation.

“I am not allowed to use a condom,” she mumbles. Here I am thinking ‘latex allergy’ so I leave it be and go back to fucking her.

Thirty seconds later she flexes her back and starts chewing the sheets as her orgasm grips her. Either I’ve gotten a whole lot better at this sex-thing or this woman highly sensitive sexually.

“Do you want me to slow down?” I inquire. She shakes her head so I keep going at it; her body is one hell of a treasure.

I start breathing heavily when the lady hits orgasm number three and it is even stronger and more violent than the first two. Shit she’s good and I’m starting to wonder if she’s some sort of pro who has been paid to role-play with my late brother. That idea excites me even more because my brother was always the promiscuous, successful one while I was awkward and lonely.

“Are you getting close?” the lady pants.

“Yes,” I groan.

“Stick it in my ass!” she pleads desperately. I’ve never been there before and I don’t mean just with her. Anal sex is something I’ve always fantasized about but I only have teenage porn mythology to call upon.

My dick makes a sloppy wet sound as it exits her pussy. I rub the head against her anus and sort of let my body tip forward. As sexually experienced individuals can tell you, the human penis tends to bend before the female sphincter surrenders its sanctity. I make two more goes at it before the lady’s long fingernails drum along my thigh once more.

“The lube is on the headboard shelf,” she indicates. Not wanting to lose my arousal I move lickety-split, retrieve the lube…

“That’s female lubricant,” the lady mutters. I grab the larger bottle and since she doesn’t stop me, I vault back to my position and began pouring it…all over her butt. Yes, I am nervous.

“Use one finger,” she instructs me. I use one finger to spread out the oil.

“In my ass,” she moans helplessly, “stick your finger in my ass and rotate it around. When I tell you put in a second finger.” She quickly adds, “Lube up the fingers first.” I’ve always been a good student and before fear brings about the death of my hard-on I have two fingers inside her rectum.

“Is this enough?” I whisper. She doesn’t say anything because orgasm number four rampages across her body. I take that to be a ‘yes’. This time I hold my dick in my hand as I push it against her bunghole and as promised, it stretches out her anus and forces the passage.

“Ah…yes…ugh…slow down, slow down damn…it,” she gasps through the discomfort.

I hold back until she gives me a ‘more’ which I take to mean roughly a half inch further then wait. That formula works for her, and my one regret is that I’m so attentive to her acceptance of my intrusion that I forget to commit this panorama to memory. When Then I start fucking her ass, I’ve read that you take it in tiny steps, slowly building up to thrusting my whole length in and out.

To repeat the obvious; this woman is phenomenal. Her colon (I know I’m not really in her colon but it makes me sound big) sends micro-vibrations up and down my cock, so on the second go-round I start ejaculating semen deep into her bowels. Of course this sends the lady off for one final ride.

Seven damn orgasms! I didn’t give any of the girls I dated in college that many. Hell, I doubted I gave out a total of seven orgasms in all four years of higher education combined. She slumps flat on the bed and I lay on top of her. I feel so good that I wrap my arms around her and hug her tight as I can with my arms not actually encompassing her.

“What are you doing?” she moans.

“You are the best sex I’ve had in my entire life and if you are not married I’d like you to entertain my proposal,” I sigh contentedly.

“Stop it,” she demands. “Get off me…please,” she adds the ‘please’ bitterly.

I roll off her, settling on my side so I can look at her and she looks exhausted and terribly pissed off. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong. You would think that she liked climaxing, right?

“What’s your name?” I ask. I can hear her grinding her teeth and see her body tense up.

“Claudia,” she allows.

“I’m Charles, John’s brother,” I introduce myself. “I take it you and John were close?”

“You…you are his brother?” Claudia’s eyes grow wide.

“Yes and I was sort of hoping you could help me contact some of his other friends in the area to help with his funeral arrangements,” I plead.

“He’s…he’s dead?” Claudia’s face contorts with both fear and elation. “He’s really dead,” she vocalizes giddily. She clutches my arm, her beautifully manicured fingernails digging into my flesh painfully. “You aren’t lying to me, are you? He’s really finally gone?” This is not the reaction I was expecting at all.

“Yes,” I try to pull away, “his convertible flipped off the road into a canal two nights ago. The fish left him somewhat of a mess so it may be a closed casket funeral.”

“But you are sure it was him,” she begs.

“Yes, he had that scar on his stomach where I stabbed him with my toy sword when I was nine and the tip broke off and punctured him,” I confess. “Worst Christmas my family ever had.”

Claudia sits up and stares off into space. I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

“If you weren’t his friend Claudia, what are you doing here…with me…having sex on his bed?” I try to understand.

“Oh my God,” Claudia’s hands fly to her mouth. “What have I done?” she mutters. “What have I done?”

She scoots off the bed and races out of the bedroom, her gorgeous ass covered with lube fleeing my line of vision. I pursue her but not for sex; I want answers.

“Oh God, I cheated on my husband,” becomes her new mantra. Husband; where do I begin? Perhaps I should begin with the big rock on her finger with the matching gold band next to it…yes, that should have been my first clue.

In my defense, she did push her way in and start giving me a blowjob without explanation. My rational thought processes sort of jumped out the window at that point. Besides I’ve never been hit on by a married woman before. It is not like I have experience in adultery. Unfortunately I am sure my brother did and suddenly his flipping his car seems much more suspicious — jealous husband and all.

Claudia’s grip on sanity is definitely tenuous because after droning on about cheating on her husband — who is, unless Claudia is a total shrew, the luckiest man in the state of Florida — she gathers up her clothes and races for the exit. I catch her by the forearm just before she opens the door and she gives me a slap to the cheek for my courtesy.

“You need to get dressed before you go sprinting across the lawn,” I caution her. Claudia returns to reality, takes a deep breath and nods. I quickly back away which is good because it allows me to slip around her to put on my underwear and shorts. Otherwise I’m only wearing socks and since technically I don’t even own the house yet, getting arrested for public nudity as an outsider in this community would suck.

Twice I try to get Claudia to open up and tell me what is going on but her glares are glacial and shut me down from the get-go. I end up letting my eyes follow her stormy march down the walkway where she turns right and proceeds…to the walkway next door. Oh fuck, she’s my next door neighbor. Half way to the door Claudia realizes her mistake. I’m not close enough to make out her facial expression clearly (these are some huge lots) but I doubt she’s sunshine and kittens at the moment.

(One Hour Later)

I head back inside and start by stripping the bed and by the looks of it, John should have done this much more regularly because there are definitely stains on the sheets that Claudia and I didn’t make. After that nightmare I check and sort the mail, crack his computer password and prepare a microwave dinner so I can spend my second night by myself. I spent my first night in Miami dealing with the police.

I’m mulling over the implications that the cops I talked to were homicide detectives and they were trying to figure out if I killed my brother for his estate. I’m a self-employed Day Trader but oddly enough I had an alibi — I was at a wedding reception with two hundred other people. My financials are complicated but I didn’t hire a hitman. My zombie-like state of grief was probably the main factor in ruling me out though. Dad was never present, Mom was a ditzy blonde but John was always there for me — and he is suddenly gone.

My brother was the last of my close family. Our Father married late and his first son was John but his Mother died when he was four. Two years later Dad married my Mother and a year later, I joined our little group. Though we were seven years apart, John was more of a Father to me than my actual Father. I’ve heard others bitch about their brothers and sisters but I’ve never understood them.

You name the male bonding ritual and John helped me with it; first shoplifting, first act of vandalism, first school fight (private academy), and first girl (he talked his GF, Tori, at the time to do the deed with me) (Oddly enough, Tori and I met up again six months ago and really hit it off) and first Spring Break (yes, when I was fourteen) though he made me go by the name of Monkey the whole week.

Dad died when I was ten from a heart attack. Mom and her ‘fitness instructor’ were stung to death by jelly fish when I was nineteen. John and I stood by both their gravesides. We never fought about inheritance — I got the Lion’s share but by the time of Mom’s death, John’s real estate deals were making him millions. We shared the major holidays at the family home but otherwise communicated with daily texts or e-mails.

The name Claudia had never come up in our talks. On his computer, the name Claudia Nils does appear quite often; mainly in old legal documents involving all kinds of property complaints made against John and later in e-mails with him demanding…things…kinky ass things up to and including pregnancy and paternity test kits. A quick search reveals there are eight other names that pop up consistently with the same general requests leveled their way.

I don’t have all the names matched with an address when there is a knock at the door. I take the screen back to the password box then pad to the door quietly and take a look out of the peephole. It’s Claudia. I open the door and let her in. I can’t tell if she’s nervous-angry or nervous-fearful. She’s probably both.

“Take a seat on the sofa,” I offer. Claudia flinches but does so. Halfway there I cut to the left and drop my butt in the Lazy-boy opposite her which gives her a tiny moment of relief.

“Well…I’m…sorry about your brother,” she stammers, “but I want to know…” It is painful to watch her beat around the bush.

“Why don’t you tell me what is really going on and maybe I can help?” I request. Seeing her reticence, “I’ve read multiple e-mails you two sent back and forth and I believe something screwed up was going on…”

“Screwed up?” she laughs bitterly. “Yes, you could say that.”

“Then tell me what is going on. I have two reasons; I want what you have been going through to end. My brother has been doing something that has made you miserable. While that isn’t the man I remember, my previous opinion is not what matters. I can’t pretend to make it up to you but I can make it stop. Tell me what it is I need to do,” I state rationally.

Claudia hops out of her seat, paces the length of the sofa then resumes her seat.

“You don’t know; you really don’t know…anything?” Claudia babbles. “Did he give you something — a password, the location of a safe or a safety deposit box key?” Even as she blabs she appears to regret talking to me at all.

“Okay, I’ve cracked his home computer password and there are plenty of incriminating e-mails,” I tell her. I neglect to tell her about the other women. “My second concern is that this may have had something to do with my brother’s death…and this means giving this all to the police.” Claudia’s eye bore a hole in me.

“What would it cost us to keep this out of the public eye?” she says with an abysmal emptiness.

“Oh, nothing like what happened this afternoon,” I pledge. “Not that you weren’t unforgettable and fantastic but you hated the whole episode and I didn’t figure that out until…well I guess it wasn’t love-making…anyway I’m don’t want to force you to have sex with me ever again.”

“How much will it cost us then?” she sighs. Two things were evident to me; she really wanted this buried and she kept using the word ‘us’ which I took to be Claudia and her husband.

Note: It is often assumed that in the May/December romances it is the December that seduces the May. But I know from personal experience sometimes it is the fresh, boldness of May against which December finds itself succombing. When your life is as cold and barren as winter then you can easily fall under the spell of springs warm rays. This is such an unusual story. Hope you enjoy.


Jeannette Reynolds inhaled deeply the stifling Southern California heat of early afternoon. Tossing the scant leftovers from her organic lunch to the pigeons on the brownish-green grass that was developing a noticeable crunch when you tread upon it, she wondered for perhaps the hundredth time that day alone if she had perhaps completely lost her mind.

At forty-five, she was certain she was the oldest student on the Cal State Long Beach campus. Oh, the woman in admissions had tried to convince her that given the difficult economy, there was a growing number of what they politely called ‘adult learners.’ But on this her first morning in higher education, she had yet to see a single grey hair or wrinkle on the hundreds of care-free young faces that filled the lecture halls and traversed the manicured lawns of the bustling campus.

What had she been thinking giving up her real estate career for early retirement and returning for the college degree that she had put on hold more than a quarter of a century before when she had become pregnant with her son? The next fifteen years had been filled with dirty diapers, Little League, church dinners and more than a tad of emotional and the occasional physical abuse at the hands of her preacher husband. She had felt trapped. With little in the way of education or experience and two teenage children, she had felt she had no other choice than to endure her lot in life.

Until the evening when she had walked into the Sunday school room to see her husband’s fat, naked body pumping away at the lithe young body of, as cliché as it sounded, the church secretary. In that single moment, she had found the courage that she had sought for years in religion. She had walked out of the small white clapboard church and never looked back.

Before he could even dress and return to their split-level four bedroom house a couple of miles down the bumpy country road, she had packed her compact Dodge Neon with clothes, gadgets to entertain the children and her old computer. A quick stop at the bank had provided her enough cash for gas, food and the night’s lodging. Without a word of explanation to her son and daughter, they had spent the night in a hotel in town.

The next morning she was waiting when the bank opened at nine. She knew she had precious little time to do what she must before her pious husband would begin to cover his devious tracks with lies and untruths. Smiling weakly at the bank manager she had explained that her mother had fallen and broken her hip. She and the children needed to go back east to help out for a bit.

The tears were real enough as she passed the withdrawal slip with her trembling hands. Three-thousand four-hundred and fifty dollars would virtually clear out the joint account, but it seemed a paltry offering to begin a new life with two teenagers. But it would have to do.

Her smile had been much broader as they drove away from the dry heat of that small Texas town. She had even caught a glimpse of her husband of over fifteen years as he strode confidently towards the double doors of the bank. Too bad that he would soon discover he was too late to protect his tiny personal fortune. But Jeannette was not too worried because she knew about the secret account that held the money he had syphoned off the weekly offering for the past two years.

While everything else in her life might be uncertain in that moment, her destination was not, Los Angeles, California. LA. It had been the one place that had captured her imagination for as long as she could remember. Whether it was Corbin Bernsen in LA Law or a young Julia Roberts starring as a prostitute in Hollywood, the land of dreams, it was the one place that Jeannette had always dreamt of living.

After three days of unrelenting heat crossing the desert along Interstate 10 and an outrageous repair bill when the temperature gage in her car had gotten stuck, she finally reached the outskirts of the Valley with barely two thousand dollars to her name. She had followed the highway to the very point where it ended in a stretch of white sand beaches plummeted by the cold, brownish waves of the Pacific Ocean. She had reluctantly paid the five dollars it cost to park.

She had opened the doors of her dusty car and pronounced, “We’re here” to the two groggy faces that stared at her from the back seat. Her oldest had simply looked around at the waves breaking on the shore and shrugged. With the adventurous spirit that not even his father’s belt had been able to beat out of him, he had stretched and without a single question stepped from the car and headed towards the water.

Her more obedient twelve year old daughter on the hand had yet again demand, “What are we doing here? Where is here? Where is daddy? You know he is going to be real mad at you for this stupid stunt.”

Jeannette though was exhausted and for the moment more than a little shaken at the uncertainty that stretched out before her. She had simply left the young girl sitting in the back seat with her questions unanswered as she walked over and sat down on the stone wall that bordered the beach.

For the next couple of hours, Jeannette had alternated between hope as she watched her son dance carefree in the waves. He had even made a new friend and managed to briefly borrow a surf board. She had been about to run madly into the crashing waves under which he had disappeared when his laughing face broke the surface.

But it was the weight of uncertainty that bore upon her small shoulders when she watched as her daughter finally emerged from the back seat of the car. She slowly walked across the hot pavement to sit silently next to her mother. When she finally spoke a few moments later, it was as prophetic in that moment as it was now almost a decade later, “Mommy, what are we going to do?”

With almost the same trepidation that she had felt on that beach all those years ago, Jeannette grabbed her backpack and headed across the campus to her next class, Society and Taboo.


Trevor Williams smiled as he watched the influx of humanity begin to fill the lecture hall that represented the culmination of one of his dreams. At the age of twenty-nine, he had managed to secure a tenure track assistant professorship at the university. Although CSULB as it was affectionately known held far less prestige than UCLA, Harvard and Oxford that had been his intellectual playground for the past ten years, he was content enough with the life choices that brought him to this place. Especially when he had seen her name, Jeannette Reynolds.

It was a name that held almost magical powers for the nineteen year old boy that he had once been. He supposed in a city the size of Los Angeles it was too much to hope that it would actually be her. After all, it had been over ten years since that one fascinating evening they had shared.

Over the past decade, his mind often wondered what might have been. His dark face scanned the crowd as he began the speech he had carefully practiced for the past three days. It would set the tone for this class and perhaps even his future.

“Good afternoon. For those of you wondering if this is the correct class. From a practical stand point, yes, this is Society and Taboo. But from a philosophical one, perhaps not.”

Pausing, he took in the shades of different skin tones that boasted of the regions multi-cultural diversity. “Due to health and personal issues, Doctor Myers has retired.” He waited a moment as this news sank in and the ensuing questions were clearly reflected upon the sea of young faces.

Beginning again slowly, “I am Trevor Williams. Doctor Trevor Williams, but you can call me Trev. I realize that I may not look much older than most of you, but I assure you my academic and life experience is more than sufficient for this post.”

Then he caught sight of her. On the far right of the room half way up the raised dais of uncomfortable theater-style seats. It might have been a decade since he had last seen that face, but the changes were barely noticeable. Those intelligent, blue eyes were fixed to his dark face listening intently as she had that night as he droned on and on about every imaginable societal ill. He had been young and full of himself then.

Looking unblinkingly into her blue eyes, he summarised the past decade. “I have lived in London and travelled both Western and Eastern Europe. I have done a two year stint in the Peace Corps in Africa. I have studied some of the last remaining hunter and gatherer societies in the Amazon. And the more I learned, the less I knew.”

Pulling his dark eyes away from hers, he walked back to the lectern. “So if you are here because you heard this course was an ‘easy’ grade, then to paraphrase a great modern philosopher,” using vernacular common to his youth, he did his best Chris Rock imitation. “Dis ain’t de class for you.”

With his back to the class, he fiddled with the laptop and remote control for the projector. He waited longer than it actually took to allow an exodus of those wishing to escape uncertain fates. He refused to look up even though curiosity was burning in his soul. He knew that unlike the dozens of feet he heard rapidly escaping their academic demise if she left it would be far more than the challenge of demanding studies and academic excellence.

It would be the same fear that had sent her running ten years before, that kept her from returning his calls, emails and instant messages. Fear of the very taboos, which this class debated among others…race and age.


Stale air hung in Jeanette’s lungs. It could not be. The confident, polished man that stood before her simply could not be that Trevor Williams. But even with his back turned, she could remember each line and plane of his handsome face. It was not that hard to do considering she saw a younger and slightly lighter version of it at the breakfast table each morning and bent over her I Pad most of the rest of the time.

She forced herself to swallow, to draw oxygen deep into her burning lungs. She watched as dozens of students emptied the lecture hall. If she were smart, she would join them. But she needed this class, it fit perfectly with her schedule and was a great choice as an elective for her degree in Psychology.

Besides one thing that Jeanette Reynolds had not done in a decade was run. Not since that first summer, when her whole world had collapsed in upon her, been turned upside down and then miraculously righted itself. Although she had applied for her divorce under the domestic violence protections that would allow her whereabouts to remain private, her ex-husband had somehow found them. He had succeeded in his legal rang lings, forcing her to allow him unsupervised summer visitation.

She had been at loose ends that summer. Even her job as the Executive Assistant at the real estate firm and the classes she was taking to get her own realtors license left her with too much time on her own. At one of her friends urging she had created a profile on a popular dating site. As the woman joked, dating was trading a kiss for dinner and movie. She had chatted with dozens of men, but none really appealed to her that much.

Except him. From the moment she had read his first email, she was captivated by his humor and intelligence. They had exchanged emails for three weeks. She had been more than reluctant to actually meet, but her friend simply would not let up. In desperation, she had agreed to dinner and a movie. They had agreed to meet at her favorite café, just blocks from her home in Long Beach. She had almost walked right out when she discovered that her ‘date’ was not much older than her beloved son. But he had been a smooth talker and by the end of the evening, she was thoroughly charmed and captivated. Too much so. When she learned that he had taken trains and buses to get to their date, she had insisted that he allow her to drive him back to the UCLA campus.

She smiled as he made a point about the nature of society as a parent to all its children. Many times over the past few years she had wondered if it was not he who manipulated her that night. When they arrived, he had insisted that she have a late night coffee with him in his dorm room. More of the titillating conversation ensued as she found herself discussing not just religious theory with him but her own experiences. He had held her as she allowed the tears to flow for the first time since that day. They had in fact ended up in his bed.

She had snuck out just before dawn. Her mind was in utter chaos that all that had happened that night. But things only got worse when she arrived home. There were over two dozen frantic messages from her ex-husband. He knew what a whore and Jezebel she had become. If she did not return to his side and her place as a godly wife, he would sacrifice their children to atone for her sins.

There was a ticket waiting at LAX for the noon flight to Dallas. They would meet her at the airport. And if she was not there, if she got the police involved then the children must pay for the sins of their mother, the Bible said so. She had not known what else to do so she did not even bother packing a bag, merely drove to the airport and parked her car.

Little of the next week was clear to her, even now. He had kept her and the children drugged much of the time, which was a blessing given her sketchy memories of the beatings and rapes that he deemed necessary to purge her of her sins. Then it was over in a blood bath. Her husband was dead. Her son was gravely injured and her daughter delusional. She had been arrested for the murder and attempted murder of both her children.

It was not until her son came around a week later that the truth came out. Rachel had killed her father when he had ripped her clothes from her body calling her daughter of Jezebel and told her that she must be purged just like her whore mother. Gideon had struggled with his father, allowing his sister to escape. But the man had thrown him across the room, cracking his head open on a table and breaking his back in the fall. The girl had reached the tiny kitchenette and grabbed a butcher knife. When he found her there, she threatened him with it. He had died when he lunged for it. They might have all died if the hotel manager had not called the police when he heard the ruckus.

As it was, the police had seen the dead man, found the unconscious young man and the catatonic girl rocking back and forth in a corner of the room. Then Jeanette had come stumbling from the bedroom. Looking back, she realized that she must have appeared drunk in her condition. But to the police it made perfect sense, she had killed her husband, injured her son when he tried to save his father and it had all been too much for the young woman. Jeanette’s own memories of those days were so fuzzy that she really could not say that it had not happened that way. She simply did not remember anything.

When the police had learned the truth, she had been released. They would have to stay in Texas for the rest of that summer. Her son needed weeks of physical therapy. He would never walk again. As for Rachel, the girl’s mind was more fractured than her brother’s back. Jeanette had spent weeks in therapy trying to come to terms with it all.

But only one thing made sense to her, they did not belong in this place. None of them would ever get better if they stayed here. They had rebuilt their lives once in California and they would again.

As soon as she could, she checked both her children out of the hospital and with the insurance money from her husband’s death, she had taken them all home to Long Beach. Their old apartment was gone but that was all right. They needed a completely fresh start and a place that was fitted for Gideon’s wheel chair. They had found a ground floor apartment right on the beach. The owner was a disabled veteran, who was moving in with his girlfriend.

The move had been the right choice. Not that it was easy. Gideon had struggled with depression until their therapist suggested he check out the local wheelchair basketball team. As for Rachel, her daughter still would not talk. To anyone.

Then one morning Jeanette had woken up sick to her stomach, she dismissed it as a simple flu bug. But when it continued for two weeks she had finally worked up the courage to purchase the home pregnancy test. Her hands had trembled as she stared at the two blue lines. It was the last thing she thought she could handle. After weeks of abuse at the hands of her ex, she was certain that it was his child that she carried and it turned her stomach.

She scheduled an abortion for the next week, but she made the mistake of looking up at the ultrasound screen while doctors tried to date her pregnancy. What she saw there was more than a blob of cells. It was a baby. Her baby and she would be no better than he had been if she made it pay for the sins of its father. She walked from the clinic uncertain what she would do but determined on one thing. Jeanette Reynolds was through running. She was determined to stand and fight. For her son. For her daughter’s sanity. And yes, for this baby too.

She had used her pregnancy and Gideon’s recovery time as a chance to study for the realtor’s exam. She had passed it just a week before she went into labor. After weeks spent in hospitals, she had not wanted her child’s life to begin there so she had opted for a midwife to deliver her baby at home. Of course, they had all been surprised when Hope had come out with her soft dark brown curls and over the space of the next week her skin began to darken. After the horrors of her rape and the children’s plights, Jeanette had all but forgotten her brief moment with the boy genius as she thought fondly of him.

At first Jeanette had worried that Hope would bring more questions and strife with her traumatized children, but those fears were dispelled the next morning when she woke up to find the baby gone from her bed. She panicked and ran from the room to find Rachel holding her sister and singing quietly to the child. Singing soon turned to talking as tears ran down her older daughter’s face. They were all relieved that the baby was not her ex’s, they never even asked who the father was.

As the class came to an end, she rose with the other students to exit the room. She felt an intense pair of eyes upon her, then, “Excuse me, Miss Reynolds, may I have a word with you?” Her heart froze as she came face-to-face with her past.


Trev watched as the woman approached. Her head was held high, her eyes stared start into his. But every muscle in her body was tight. Each step calculated and forced. He rethought his decision to confront the issue, but that was not his style. He built his life and his career on confronting things that made people uncomfortable. This should be no different.

“Yes, Mister Williams,” she replied in clipped words.

“Trev, I asked everyone to call me Trev,” he said as the years floated away. This woman was every bit as magnificent as she had been that night.

Trevor had always been attracted to older women, in a time when the word cougar was not even thought of. His first real crush had been his kindergarten teacher, but he supposed that was normal enough. It was not so normal for a teenager to date his guidance counsellor, but he had. He chuckled, wondering if perhaps his love of older white women had been his own rebellion just a guns and gangs had been his peers. But whatever the reason by the time, he had met the timid, former preacher’s wife, he had seduced half a dozen.

Chapter 1

I have been a financial advisor for a number of years. After college, I worked for a financial planning firm in more of a support role than dealing directly with the firm’s clients and moved to a different and smaller advisory group when they gave me the opportunity to build a client base of my own.

Well, the income potential was much greater compared with the former salary job and I jumped at the chance. That was eleven years ago, now I have a very nice clientele which I add to quite regularly.

The best way I’ve found to bring new people in is to hold free investment planning meetings from time to time, each one holding about twenty to thirty people with five or six often opting to become clients.

It was one of these early evening meetings, that I met the couple I want to tell you about, Martin and Alyssa Brent.

They were pretty typical of the people who attended my seminars, somewhere in their forties and pretty well-off financially. They sat right in the front row and as I talked my eyes kept going back to them. They were a very handsome couple, he was in an expensive business suit and shoes that were probably custom-made as well.

Alyssa Brent was quite attractive, lovely blond hair down along her shoulders, very nice figure in a woman’s business suit ending in a short black skirt from which came a pair of beautiful long legs, her feet encased in a pair of elegant black high heels.

The group turned out to be a good one, attentive and interested, and I went through my points one by one. I was occasionally distracted, only momentarily, by Mrs. Brent shifting in her seat every once in a while, re-crossing her legs, causing her skirt to ride up giving me a lovely view of the tops of her black net thigh-high stockings. I was the only lucky man in the room with such a privileged view.

These sessions usually last about two hours and I always plan a break in the middle for the intake and outflow of fluids from the audience. It was then that the Brents singled me out with some nice words on how they had found my comments and suggestions so far to be quite enlightening and useful.

“Yes, Alyssa and I have learned more already tonight than we have known all the time before this. Quite good. There are some questions we do have, however, that we would like to pose, more privately, if possible, and we were wondering if we could see you for a bit afterwards.”

“Well, I’d invite you to my hotel room but I live just forty miles from here so I was planning on just driving home after. Perhaps we could meet in the bar, the hotel bar, it’s nice,” I offered.

“Actually, our place is quite close, less than a mile, we could go there, it would be private and we’d love to offer you a glass of wine in small payment for your trouble,” his wife offered.

“Well, yes, I suppose that works fine, just hang around after and we’ll do it,” I offered. The seminar soon started back up and led, finally, into a brief question and answer period followed by a few people expressing their interest in meeting further to discuss doing business.

The Brents were there in the background and as the others left, we walked up to the front desk where I paid my bill and then followed them to their house.

There was an automatic gate we entered and then parked and were soon inside a very nice home, quite lovely, and Alyssa had poured us each a glass of Burgundy as we sat at their dining room table.

Their main question was one that was not terribly uncommon, though rather personal and I answered it as well as I could. I can’t, of course, tell you about that, it was protected information from a client but, I was able to dispatch their concerns in only a few minutes.

“Oh, Andrew, I’m so grateful, oh, this has weighed on me for months now,” she choked out as she began to cry.

Her husband patted her on the back and she was soon re-composed as Martin asked, “Well, Andrew, how much do we owe you, it was very helpful and we do appreciate your counsel.”

“Oh, my, it was only a few minutes, no, nothing to worry about, I’m happy it was so simple and that we had the opportunity to clear it up for you.”

“Well, at least let us provide you with your dinner this evening. We have a very good Chinese place we can get takeout and then you can go home on a full stomach, it’s the least we can do,” she posed.

I agreed to their generous offer and she went and called in the order then came back to tell us she would run out and pick it up as Martin did not like to drive at night.

While we waited for her return, we went in their living room where I complimented Martin on his lovely home.

“You and Alyssa have such a lovely home, quite nice.”

“Yes, thanks, she’s the one who’s made it such an attractive place. I just provide the checkbook.”

“Well, she’s done a lovely job of it and she’s such a lovely woman herself.”

“Hmm, yes she is and that’s the shame of it. Quite frankly, I’m just not able any more to satisfy her the way she deserves. Tragic, actually, I’ve urged her to find someone, you know, take a lover, she’s certainly capable of attracting just about any man around. Just won’t hear of it. I’ve tried these pills they have now and, well, it helps some but just not quite enough. Ah, sorry, to bring such things up to such a fine fellow, sorry.”

Wanting to lighten the conversation, I rather flippantly suggested, “Well, if she ever changes her mind, put my name in, Martin, she’s a beautiful and enticing woman.”

Right about then, Alyssa came back with two bags of boxes full of aromatic and tasty Chinese food which we all thoroughly enjoyed. There was more wine and laughter as we not only enjoyed the food but each other’s company as well.

Then, totally unexpectedly for me, Martin told his wife, “While you were gone, I told Andrew about my condition and that I’d wanted you to take a lover.”

“Oh, god, Martin, that’s hardly relevant,” she said blushing.

“Well, dear, he told me if you ever agreed, he wanted his name on the candidates’ list.”

“I’m afraid it was just guy-talk, Alyssa, please don’t take offense,” I hastily added.

“Oh, no, he does keep bringing it up, it does bother him I know and, well, you seem to give such good advice…”

“Well, it’s odd, I did have a client, a couple who had a similar problem, he told me about it once, what they had done about it. Ended up they did have sex again.”

This got their attention as they both, more or less in unison, asked me to tell them more.

“Well, it seemed that he found her someone and he wanted to watch while they were together. It was so arousing that the husband was able to also satisfy her that same night.”

“That seems a better solution as I could just never go and be with a man on my own, without Martin.”

“Um, might I use your bathroom? Down the hall, is it?” I asked and I went off to relieve my badder before I left for home.

I came back in and they had adjourned to the living room so I sat back down as Martin asked, “Do you think, Andrew, that you might help us with this? In the manner the other people had done?”

My face flushed as I realized exactly what he was asking.

“Well, that’s hardly what I do with clients,” I stuttered, trying to keep it light.

“Oh, we know that. But, well, you seem like a nice fellow and you had mentioned in your talk that you’re not married, so there’s no wife to consider. You did say Alyssa was attractive. I asked her if she liked you and she does, she thinks you’re quite handsome, right, dear?”

“Well, this is all a bit uncomfortable, but, yes, Martin’s right. You are an attractive man, I expect a few years younger even. And, well, I do find you quite charming.”

“So, would you help us do this?” her husband asked.

“Well, you shouldn’t rush into this, after all, it is quite personal and could have repercussions on your marriage.”

“Well, I’m afraid the status quo has done that all on its own. We have a strong marriage and I don’t think this would damage it. If successful it would make things better, much better,” he replied.

“Would you try this with us, Andrew?” she asked.

“Yes, please, it’s something we want to try.”

“I just don’t know if I should do this. I mean, it’s not Alyssa, certainly, any man would be eager to be with her.”

“Well, Andrew, I would like for you to help us out in this way and, well, I would want to make it enjoyable for the both of us as well,” Alyssa said softly. She then moved over next to me on the love seat and put her arms around me.

“I’m not sure how to begin this but, well,” and she leaned in and kissed me quite wonderfully, sliding her tongue into my mouth as her hand rubbed my chest.

Of course, I was quite uncomfortable. Who wouldn’t be? But Alyssa was also kissing me very nicely and it had been some time since a woman had kissed me quite so nicely. Her hand was rubbing across my chest as we continued to kiss.

She pulled back a second, said, “Here,” then kissed me again as she took her hand and put it up onto her breast and pressed it to her. We continued kissing as I felt her hand press down on the now-sizable bulge in my pants as she began to rub.

I pulled back for a second to tell her that we could stop at any time she wanted and she resumed kissing me again as my hand began unbuttoning her blouse. Once I had it opened, I slid my hand inside over the lacy bra and worked my fingers up underneath it to her nipple which was firm and excited.

She worked herself out of the blouse as I reached back and opened her bra, then brought my hand back around to her front and massaged her nice firm breasts.

Pulling her head back, she looked over at her husband who sat across rubbing his trousers as he watched.

“It this turning you on, Martin? Getting you excited?” she asked her husband.

“Sure feels like it.”

“Then we should go on then?”

Martin looked at me and said, “Well, Andrew, my wife is a pretty open woman and loves to have the man in charge, so just go right ahead and make her a happy woman.”

Chapter 2

“Why, then, don’t we move down the hall to more comfortable quarters, then,” she offered and she got up, took my hand and led me down the hall and into their bedroom where she pulled the covers down and finished taking her clothes off.

Well, Alyssa might have been over forty but she was a beautiful woman. There was an elegance about her that was very alluring and sexy. The telltale signs of aging were missing, her breasts were firm and her tummy flat and smooth. I was quickly out of my clothes as she sat down on the bed in front of me, reached out, took my cock and leaned her mouth to it and licked around the crown, then slid her wet lips over it to begin sucking me.

“Mmm, oh, Alyssa, you are so good, so wonderful, mmm.” She was a dream sucking me, I hadn’t had much sex in the last few months and this was stunning. She sucked a bit longer then raised up, moved up onto the bed and spread herself open for me.

I looked over and her husband was stroking himself, smiling at us as I saw him nod approval.

Lifting her legs up onto my shoulders, I dropped down to feast on her trimmed pussy as she began to move under me.

“Mmm, oh, oh, Andrew, yes, this is so good, mmm.”

I loved licking and tonguing her, she was very receptive of my caresses and was moving herself eager for more.

“Oh, god, that’s wonderful, oh, oh,” she cried, writhing back and forth. I couldn’t quite see Martin but was hoping it was working for him. It sure was for me.

“OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE, AHH, AHH, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, wonderful, so wonderful, mmm,” she groaned as she writhed under me.

I began to rise up, to position myself to enter her as she whispered, “Please, Andrew, I do want you but be gentle, it’s been a long time and make it last, I do want this so much.”

I nodded and took my cock and rubbed it up and down along her crease, so wet with her juices and my saliva.

I pushed gently and gave a quick shove which put the head of my cock inside her. She reached down to my hips and pulled me to her, sliding deeply inside.

“Mmm, mmm.”

Then I began moving back and forth, in and out of her smooth, wet insides. She was tight inside as I fucked her back and forth, Martin watching and stroking in his chair. I was taking long, slow movements which felt wonderful as she lay there under me, her eyes closed, a wistful smile on her face, obviously enjoying our mating.

“Umm, mmm, wonderful, Andrew, oh, yes, I’ve so missed a man inside me. And, you’re just the perfect one,” she said softly as she moved sinuously under me, heightening the feelings we were having. She raised her legs up over me so I could probe her deeply, pushing down hard as I entered her fully.

“Oh, yes, hard, push hard, Andrew. Mmm, yes, oh, that’s so good.”

I looked over at Martin and he was now standing quite near us, his cock hard in his hand, slowly stroking it. I looked up at him and asked, “Would you like a try, Martin?”

He nodded and I raised up, pulled out and he quickly got up over his wife and, as I watched, shoved his hard cock down into her as they both began fucking like teenagers. It was wonderful to watch.

“Oh, Martin, omigod, oh, I just never dreamed…but we are, oh, fuck me, Martin, fuck me, fuck me,” she screamed as her body began to quake and tremble under him.

“Oh, I’m cumming, Martin, I’m cumming,” she cried out as he pumped in and out of her. It was really beautiful to watch her orgasm from her own husband’s cock, she looked overcome with ecstasy.

He fucked her for another few minutes, then turned to me and said, “Could you take back over, Andrew, seems I’m losing a bit here,” and he pulled out and I moved to take his place.

Alyssa smiled up at me as I pressed back into her sliding down into her happy depths.

“Mmm, yes, nice, Andrew, you’re a wonderful lover,” she whispered as she began to move under me while I took long, lovely strokes in and out of her.

My cock had cooled off some so I still had some time before I might cum and I devoted it all to Alyssa. Soon, she was squirming under me once again.

“Oh, god, oh, it’s wonderful, oh, I’m going to orgasm again, oh, yes.”

I looked at Martin and nodded to him, then pulled back out of his wife once again as he pushed down into her and fucked her hard.

“OH, OH, OH, OH, UH, Uh, UHH, UH, uh, oh, mmm, omigod, oh, Martin, wonderful, just wonderful,” she squealed as he pumped faster and faster into her.

“Oh, yes, oh, Alyssa, darling, now, oh, yes, uh, UH, UH, UH, um, mmm, mmm, oh, this is so wonderful, together with you, wonderful,” he groaned as he moved down on her and began showering her with kisses.

I watched as they gripped one another, her legs wound tight around him as they bathed in their joy and contentment.

In a few minutes, Martin raised up, pulled out of her and said, “I’m sure Alyssa would love to finish you, Andrew. You’ve done so much for us.”

As he got up, she turned over and got on her hands and knees.

“I love it from behind, Andrew, if that’s all right with you?”

“It’s lovely any way at all with you, Alyssa,” I said as I got up behind her and pushed into her as she began moving around in a circle as I probed in and out. Oh, it felt wonderful.

“Mmm, oh, I’ve missed this. This is my favorite way as Martin so well knows. And, my dear man, you are doing me just wonderfully. I will never be able to thank you properly for tonight. But I’ll try.”

I was already thinking of several ways as I arched in and out of her, taking long, purposeful strokes in and out of her beautiful, plump labia all wet with the enjoyment of the evening together.

“I love seeing her happy, Andrew. And I will always remember this, you letting me bring her to orgasm twice like this. You’ve been wonderful to us both.”

Well, the truth was, I was now working toward my own happiness at this point. I’d done quite a bit of fucking yet hadn’t cummed and I really wanted to. She seemed to want it, too, the way she was moving her hips around as I fucked her.

“I want you make you cum now, Andrew. Just hold yourself still, I’ll do all the work,” she said as I stopped and arched forward while she rocked back and forth on my cock. I watched as I was first engulfed then released from her insides each time she moved back and forth.

“Mmm, god, this is so good. Oh, I may have another orgasm. Oh, I can’t believe how wonderful all this has been. Oh, yes, I am…I’m …uh, UH, UH, UHN, UHN, uh, mmm,” she cried out as I shoved hard into her, my cum bursting out into her as that ecstatic release took me over as I fell over her kissing her beautiful, smooth back as I reached around for both her breasts as we slid down on the bed.

“Oh, oh, that was incredible. Alyssa, I think that was the most breathtaking lovemaking I’ve ever had. Oh, thank you, thank you so much.”

Martin was at the bed himself kissing his wife and thanking me, as we all moved to be together with Alyssa in the middle.

“Ah, my two favorite men, my two favorite lovers, how wonderful I feel with you both here holding me.”

Well, as wonderful as it did feel, I did want to leave the two of them so they could be together in the warmth and closeness they had created.

“I’d like to leave you two now to enjoy the rest of the night together, so I’ll be on my way.”

“Oh, Andrew, we could never thank you enough for this. It was better than I’d ever hoped,” Martin told me as I was getting up and pulling on my clothes.

Then Alyssa said, “Yes, it has been wonderful, you were perfect and handled it all perfectly. I still can’t quite believe that I’ve been willing to do such a thing on just the spur of the moment like this but, well, it felt right, I suppose.”

“Yes, it did work out well, I’ll always remember being with you.”

“It did work out wonderfully well and I know I don’t want to try something like this again with anyone else, Andrew. So, my question is, ‘WIll you come join us in the future like you did tonight? Regularly, I hope?’ I would so appreciate it, not just for the chance for Martin and I to have sex, but, well, I’m sure my husband understands…for you and I to be together again as well. It was wonderful. I’ll never forget it.”

As you can imagine, I told her that I would be honored and that I would try to make myself available as they desired.

Well, little did I know that Alyssa, once she was reawakened to the sensual side of life once again, was to become an ardent supporter of my frequent visits to their bed. It soon became routine that I spent one or two nights a week with them encouraging them to ever new heights of passion. It was exciting to be part of their lives in such a meaningful and, oh, so enjoyable way.

The summer he turned 19, Reed traveled to visit friends on the coast. He had planned to crash with his buddies for the three weeks. However, his mother offered to help fund the trip if he stayed with her friend from school, Susie. She hoped the adult influence would moderate his behavior and curb his crazier teenage impulses.

Reed had met Susie when she’d visited, but didn’t know her well. She was unmarried and a mid-manager at a financial firm. Susie was of average height with moderate length, dark hair. She seemed sophisticated and with current tastes for someone his Mother’s age. When the three of them talked on the phone, it was clear he could come and go as he pleased, but had to return to her house each night. Since money was tight, Reed agreed to the arrangement.

The first few days of the trip worked out fine. Susie took him out to eat and showed him some of the highlights of the city. She was a fun host, had few rules and they enjoyed each other’s company. Reed had plenty of time with his friends. He actually liked using Susie’s house as his base. The spacious guest room was better than sleeping on the floor of his friends’ cramped apartment. He also had free access to her well-stocked kitchen.

Returning early one night, he walked into the house. Reed was a shade over 6 feet and in the summer heat wore a blue striped cotton shirt and old khaki cargo shorts. When he heard some noise in the TV room, he went down the hall to say good evening. Standing in the door, he saw his hostess sitting on the couch watching a chick flick. She had her back to him and there was an empty glass of wine on the end table.

He was about to say ‘Hi’ when he heard moaning. Surprised, he squinted his eyes in the dark for a better look. Reed noticed Susie’s hand moving slowly back and forth in her lap. His subconscious suspected what was happening, but in the dim light he wasn’t certain.

He stood for a couple of minutes observing. As his eyes adjusted, the writhing body and low satisfied sounds confirmed Susie was masturbating. His initial impulse was to back away and not intrude on her privacy. But Reed was riveted by the erotic tableau. When she shifted position, he got a better view and could see the front of her pink bathrobe was open. Her caramel colored lace nightgown was pulled up while her fingers worked the front of her matching, full brief panties. Captivated, Reed switched from accidental observer to prurient voyeur.

At forty three, Susie was a year younger than his mother. Although she wasn’t thin, she didn’t qualify as a Big Beautiful Woman. Rather, she was full-bodied with ample flesh and feminine curves. Like most men his age, Reed was constantly horny and easily aroused. He found almost any woman sexually attractive. So, sitting there half-naked, with her voluptuous breasts and pale thighs exposed, and playing with herself, Susie was extraordinarily exciting.

Instantly turned on by the unexpected sexual display, Reed was quickly stiffening. He repositioned his dick in his shorts. It was soon throbbing and straining his pants as he took in the salacious show. He was torn between going to his bedroom to relieve himself and continuing, at the risk being caught, to watch Susie pleasure herself. Just as he could never pull himself away from porn, Reed decided to stay.

While Susie’s right hand worked her crotch, her left now caressed her breasts. Her incoherent sighs changed to quiet words: “That’s good. Right there, Brad. Oh, yes.”. His mother’s friend was clearly fantasizing a sex scene.

His head in a lust-filled spin, Reed slipped off his loafers, stepped silently into the room and approached the back of the sofa. He saw that Susie’s eyes were closed as she wallowed pleasurably in her fleshy reverie. He enjoyed the sights and sounds of her rollicking masturbation and initiated stroking his rod as his breathing deepened. He could barely control a surging desire to grab her. Several moments passed before she sensed his presence.

When she turned, her half-closed eyes appeared merrily dazed. Reed froze in place. His dick was right at her eye level. At first, she seemed to think it was part of her fantasy. When Reed shifted his hips and involuntarily rubbed his lap, she was startled into alertness. Susie gasped and her eyes went wide. Still disoriented, she gazed at his pants containing a clearly engorged cock that was inches from her face. She momentarily kept her legs splayed and gown open. For his part, Reed stared at her large tits and exposed, inviting body.

When she realized it wasn’t a dream, she got flustered like she was a naughty teenager who had been caught. Susie belatedly tried to cover up. In her agitated state, she was only partially successful. “Oh dear. You’re home early……..You startled me. I was just watching a movie … and was a little warm.”. She croaked in an abashed tone.

With his body buzzing from surging hormones, Reed barely heard her. He shifted his glance from her now covered breasts to her still partially exposed, lace-trimmed panties. Noticing a wet spot at the front of her underwear added to his excitement. Still flustered, Susie couldn’t look at him or speak.

In the void, Reed plopped down next to her on the sofa and said with a combination of innocence and desire, “You’re beautiful.”.

Part of her mind told Susie she should leave the room, or tell Reed to leave. But, she was still agitated and his unexpected compliment added to her confusion. “What? Uhh….thanks. I mean…I should go to my room.”

Before she could leave, Reed looked at her face, smiled, placed his hand on hers, and said as if he were talking about something as routine as the weather, “It’s fine. You don’t have to be embarrassed, Susie. Everyone gets horny.”.

His touch sent a jolt through her already electrified body. Rather than get angry or withdraw, she blushed even deeper and was immobilized. She stared down at his hand and muttered a half-hearted denial, “No…I wasn’t…I was just…umm..umm.”

Reed didn’t know where he got the balls to continue, except that his libido was raging. It got even stronger as his leg rubbed against Susie’s and he inhaled the residue of her perfume. Before she could continue, he said, “I know what you were doing. I watched you and it was incredibly exciting. You have a very sexy body.”

Susie couldn’t believe what she was hearing. The embarrassing situation, the lingering haze of her sexual stupor and the unexpected assertiveness of her young and sexy guest, further twisted her muddled mind. His delightful praise for her body, and their physical closeness in the dark and cozy room, triggered subconscious warm responses. Their legs rubbing added a hot zing.

The seconds ticked and they stayed in intimate contact. Reed interpreted it as an invitation. He moved his hand onto her bare thigh. He half expected a slap. Instead, Susie’s mouth opened and she inhaled. His fingertips grazed lightly across her warm skin. Emboldened, he leaned forward, placed his mouth on her’s and kissed.

Jolted again by surprise, she didn’t resist. After long moments of sensual contact, Susie gave a half-hearted push and broke the kiss. She nodded her head forward and kept her palm on his heaving chest. Breathing deeply and not moving to stop his hand moving on her thigh, she said, “Oh, Reed. We probably shouldn’t be doing this.”

In his excited state and unwilling to stop, he took her mild comment as a desire to go further. With an irascible twinkle in his eyes he said, “My body says we should.”.

She was older, more experienced and supposedly more ‘responsible’. But in that moment, it mattered little. Her body was sending her the same signals. Both were driven my innate urges. They were equally wanton and sexually needy people.

Following his body’s imperatives, Reed pressed forward. Lifting her chin, he looked into her eyes and kissed her more passionately. When her lips responded, he embraced her and pulled her close. His strong hands softly molested her yielding, feminine skin.

After a second, the stiffness left her body as she was carried away by the physical enjoyment. Susie’s hands probed his torso. She wrapped her arms around his neck and nuzzled into his heat. Her body thrilled and her motions made her robe fall open again.

Momentarily breaking his hug, Reed yanked his shirt over his head. He bent in to kiss and nibble her neck as his hands reached for her shoulders and slid the pink robe from her body.

Susie’s mind was aflame. She felt wonderful sensations from mounting sexual tensions and the giddy rush of exploring a new lover. Stretching her neck to enjoy his ministrations, her hands fumbled blindly at his belt.

Reed shook his hips to help loosen his shorts. When they slid down his legs, he kicked them onto the floor. Now clad only in his tented black boxers, he leaned his weight against her and maneuvered Susie prone onto the wide sofa. He slipped in next to her. They resumed kissing and their passionate entanglement. Reed relished the soft feel of her silky nightie under his palms.

With her body tingling, Susie was over her previous reticence. She loved the fulfilling exuberance of satisfying sex and dove into their tryst with robust enthusiasm. Her hands caressed his body and her tongue toyed with his ears and neck. She whispered directions to her young lover on how to increase her pleasure. Neither was in the mood for long or slow foreplay.

In response, Reed placed his hands on her meaty breasts through the delightfully erotic nightgown. She breathed harder and her flesh heated as he toyed with her nipples and dark aureolas. When Reed’s mouth reached her boobs, she slithered out of the straps of her nightie to bare her breasts.

Reed attacked them hungrily. As he feasted on her generous melons, she emitted loud groans of pleasure and desire that drown the background noise of the television. She wriggled her body against his in a manner that increased the pressure in their loins.

Using his hands to squeeze her ass, his body matched her moves as they humped in unison. Their fervor increased and perspiration made their flesh slick and lubricated. All five senses zinged and stoked their sybaritic cravings.

When she reached inside his boxers to grab his cock, Reed paused in his tongue lashing to help force his underwear down his legs. Returning to his sucking on her erect nipples, Reed advanced his hands to the front of Susie’s silky panties. They had been damp from her masturbation. Now, as he rubbed them with the heel of his hand, the moisture increased from her ardor.

She blurted, “Oh God, that feels good! Right there. Harder. Harder.”.

As he pressed down and worked her slit, her hand tightened around his shaft. Reed’s mind spun and uncorked new levels of bliss. He ripped her panties down and off one leg. When they hung on her other ankle, he couldn’t be bothered to remove them. His focus turned to her snatch. He paused and stared. Her pubic hair glistened in the light from the TV. It was a thick and curly scarf around her vagina.

Susie had a moment of self-doubt thinking her young lover might prefer a clean shaven muff. “I hope you don’t mind hair down there?”

“I love it!”. He replied with gusto and matched his words with action. Reed dove between her thighs and buried his face in Susie’s jungly treasure. The smells were intense and overwhelming. Even without the assistance of her hands, his cock throbbed in response to the delights of his oral explorations.

As his tongue traced the length of her swollen lips and flicked her clitoris, she lost all rational thought. Her hands settled onto his head and her knees swayed in and out as his cunnilingus moved her into frothing hysterics.

Reed ate her out for minutes to the accompaniment of her satisfied squeals. It was heaven, but he couldn’t delay intercourse any longer. His dick was screaming to enter her. His face slick with her juice, he moved up her body leaving a trail of kisses.

When they were face-to-face, Susie’s eyes blurred from the heated aroma of her pussy. Their tongues entangled and she lapped at her own secretions.

His fingers delved into her moist center. They quested along her gyrating cunt with gentle brushes and strong pushes.

Their minds and bodies were floating on a sensual sea. Their horny individual foreplay and mutual attentions had catapulted them to the edge of satiation. The subconscious knowledge of the taboo nature of their pairing, further raced them toward a roaring climax.

With one hand, Reed dug his fingers into her tit. With the other, he prepared her for final penetration by inserting two fingers into her dripping hole. His thumb was aligned with her clit and he used it to circle teasingly.

Susie rocked with joy overlaid with need for final release. She began to thrash and reached for his penis to guide it inside. “Reed! Reed!”

He misinterpreted and feared she was about to stop them short of intercourse. One fast look at her expression and he knew the opposite was true.

“I really need this.”, she exhaled with urgency. Susie pulled him on top of her and opened wide in expectation. With a firm grip, she pulled his dripping prick along her hairy hole several times. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her face was ecstatic. She placed the tip at her snapper and lifted her hips to welcome it.

With a single slow thrust, they became coupled in love.

As the engorged cock eased into and filled the warm and muscular tunnel, they both let out a satisfied, “Ahhhhh.”.

Reed paused to enjoy the moment of copulation, but Susie couldn’t wait. She began squeezing and pulling back and forth.

Reed joined the fun and fucked every part of her body. He kissed her neck and said how beautiful she was. Rubbing his chest on her nipples, he enjoyed their engorged firmness. As his penis pumped in and out of her tight snatch, he heard the slurp of her wetness. It built in a crescendo with her throaty sighs and occasional acclamations.

As her fleshy curves rolled under the pounding of the young stallion, Susie smiled deliriously. Just as she had previously spoken while masturbating, she urged him on. “Yes. That’s great. A little left … lower. Ohhh, yah! Right there.”

Their frenetic pace accelerated. As she was about to cum, she gritted her teeth and exclaimed in a near shout, “Faster. Faster. Do me hard, baby!”. Reed wasn’t used to such obvious joy and encouragement from his school girl partners. It had him more aroused than he’d ever been. He slammed into her with all he could muster.

Involuntary shudders presaged his approaching eruption. He was concerned that he would explode before he finished her. Just as the thought crossed Reed’s mind, Susie hugged him with all her remaining strength and shouted, “YES! FUCK YES!”

He felt her body dissolve into paroxysms of convulsions.

Laying on her squirming flesh, he plunged into her spasming vagina. Within seconds, Reed stiffened and pumped his sperm deep into her box.

After the immolation of their frenzied sex, they lolled happily together for long minutes. Unable to speak, their hearts beat strongly against each other.

As her body rippled with the joy of gratification, Susie was delirious from the best shagging she’d had in months. Even more so for it being a surprise, and from such an unexpected source. She couldn’t believe her good fortune in attracting the attentions of such a pleasure seeking young stud. When he rolled off her, Susie gave Reed a tender and guilt-free kiss.

Reed ogled her sensuous body and pulled her close. He felt youthful wonder at his luck on stumbling upon such an exuberant and uninhabited lover who overlooked his inexperience. He returned her kiss and was already contemplating their next round.

After that night, Reed’s interest in seeing his buddies waned. They couldn’t compete with Susie’s spreading thighs. Two days later, Reed and Susie were in the middle of foreplay on the couch when his Mother called. After some preliminaries, she asked, “What are you up to?”

Reed grinned and tweaked Susie’s nipple with his free hand. “Just horsing around and having fun.”

“That’s nice. How’s it going with Susie?”.

“Couldn’t be better.” He moved his hand to plunge it down the front of her panties into her moist bush. Susie shuddered in response. “She’s a very warm hostess. She’s really opened up and made me feel very welcome.”

“That’s just what I expected. I hope you’re returning the favor and being a helpful and appreciative guest.”

“Oh, I’m very appreciative. She says I’m the best visitor she’s ever had.”. Listening in, Susie stifled a giggle and squeezed his turgid cock. “I’m glad you insisted I stay here.”.

“See, sometimes Mother knows best.”.

Reed agreed, said goodbye and returned to showing Susie his appreciation.

1PM, another 4 hours of work to the end of the week and the start of a weekend without my menopausal wife around since she, her best friend Laurie and a few of their friends were having a “girl’s weekend” at a luxury spa compliments of her employer. I couldn’t wait to hit my favorite bar, a very popular local band was playing tonight and there would be a few hot, horny ladies who would be getting drunk and looking for a good time. Buy them a few drinks, use a little charm, take them home and fuck their brains out. Only this time, I would be able to stay the whole night and get a wake-up fuck or blow job instead of leaving after making a couple “deposits”, I thought to myself as I stared out the window of my office. I was brought back to reality by my phone ringing.

“Yeah Dee? I asked after hitting the speakerphone button.

“Your wife’s on line 3″ she said.

“Hello dear.”

“No time to explain and no arguments from you. You’re going to be babysitting Laurie’s niece Jewel while we’re gone. We just picked her up from school and dropped her off at our house. See you Sunday night.” She rattled and hung up before I could get a word in.

“Fuck” I thought to myself, “there go my plans to get any pussy this weekend.”

What am I going to do to keep her entertained all weekend I wondered as I drove home we’ve babysat for her many times but my wife was also around and she kept Jewel entertained most of the time, I would play some video games with her to give my wife a break. While Jewel is a sweet young lady, the problem is that she is not only slightly ADHD but also has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Even though she’s a senior in high school, her maturity level is that of someone much younger.

“Jewel, I’m home, where are you?” I shouted as I opened the front door.

“In the family room, Mac. Watching TV.” She responded.

I was caught a little off guard as I turned the corner into the family and Jewel came flying toward me and launched herself toward me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist almost knocking me off balance.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said excitedly, “I’m glad you agreed to let me stay here so I didn’t have to stay with my doo-doo headed grandparents.”

“You’re very welcome” I responded, “now let me go so I can breathe a little.”

“I picked up a Pizza for Dinner?” I said.

“What’s on it?” she asked.

“Pepperoni and Sausage” I replied.

“That’s fine.” She answered as she bounced back to the couch.

“Damn,” I thought to myself, “when did she develop that sweet looking ass?”

“Get those thoughts out of your mind Mac, your wife and sister-in-law Laurie would castrate you if you did anything inappropriate” a little voice inside my head said.

“I’m going to change then we’ll eat” I said as I headed to my bedroom to get into something more comfortable than the suit I had on.

Hopefully she go to bed early so I can at least watch a couple porn flix and jack off since I wouldn’t be getting any live action this weekend I thought as I slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

“Time to eat” I shouted as I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat down at the table. My eyes about popped out of their sockets as I watched Jewel skip into the kitchen. Her tits were bouncing wildly and her nipples were poking through her tight t-shirt. She’s not wearing a bra I thought to myself as I felt my cock springing to life. While not overly endowed, she did have a nice set of boobs, they might be big enough for a good titty fuck I imagined. Down boy, my conscience told me, that’s trouble with a capital “T”, get those thoughts out of your mind.

“What would you like to drink?” I asked as Jewel sat down.

“How about a beer like you’re having” she stated.

“Not” I replied, “you’re not 21 yet.”

“My mom lets me have 1 or 2 when we’re home alone, even Aunt Kari let’s me when I stay over her house.”

“I’m not your mom or Aunt Kari” I stated emphatically.

“Pleeeeeease, pleeeeeeeeease, pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease,” she whined.

“OK, OK, but you absolutely can’t tell anyone. Promise?”

“Cross my heart and Hope to die” she said as she bent over and grabbed a one out of the fridge.

Damn, there’s that sweet ass again, what I wouldn’t give to hold on to it as I fucked her tight young hole my dirty mind wandering again as my cock sprung to full attention. This weekend is going to me more difficult than I thought, I really need to stop thinking about her like this.

“What would you like to do after dinner? I inquired.

“Could we play some video games and then watch a movie or two?” she responded.

“OK but you can’ stay up too late, I need to be up early tomorrow to get some work done.”

The rest of the dinner was uneventful and my hard-on had died down by the time we finished.

“You clean up while I get the video game set up.” I told her as I walked into the family room.

“Get ready for a butt whipping like usual.” she announced arrogantly as she walked in just as I finished connecting all the cables.

“Not this time young lady, I’ve been practicing and I’m pretty good.”

“Yeah, right.” She chuckled.

Needless to say, she whooped my ass royally.

“I surrender.” I said as I set down my controller.

“The winner and still champ – Jewel Hardy.” she shouted as she jumped up and down while spinning around.

Tits, ass, tits, ass, tits, ass both bouncing freely as jumped continued celebrating. I’m surprised I didn’t faint from loss of blood to my brain as it rushed to my cock. Thankfully I had placed a pillow on my lap before we started playing so she wasn’t aware of my raging hard on.

“Potty break.” she exclaimed as she bolted out of the family room.

Thank you I thought to myself, hopefully I’ll have time to settle down before she gets back.

“Hey Mac” she said as she came back in the family room, “can you help me practice my dance routine my girlfriends and I are doing for the upcoming talent show at school?”

“I’m a terrible dancer” I stated.

“I don’t need you to dance, just spot me as I practice some of the moves, make sure I don’t fall over.” She explained.

“No problem” I told her as she began pirouetting like a ballerina before stopping and doing a back bend and placing her hands on the floor behind her while her feet remained planted on the floor. Oh, to be young and limber I thought. I was caught totally off guard as she suddenly launched herself upward into a hand stand but went too far and her heel ended up hitting me square on the chin.

“Are you okay Mac?” she asked.

“Yeah, just surprised me.” I replied.

“That’s why I need to practice and someone to spot me, if you weren’t there I would have landed on my butt and that would have hurt. Can I try again?”

“Alright, you need to take it a little slower though, give yourself a little time to get your balance.”

She tried a few more times still going over a little too far before I would catch her by the ankles to stop her from falling. Finally on the 5th time, she did it perfectly.

“Now comes the tough part” she said as she began to slowly spread her legs until she was doing an inverted split, “make sure I don’t fall.”

I thought I was going to have a heart attack as I watched her legs spread open and her shorts pulled tight across her mound. It took all the control I could muster to keep from grabbing her legs and burying my face between her thighs and licking her through her shorts.

“Thanks Mac” I heard her say bring me back to reality.

“You’re welcome Jewel. Why don’t you go get ready for bed and I pop a movie in for us to watch.”

“Okie dokie, be back in a flash, don’t start without me.”

Let’s see, I began thinking, the movie is about 1-1/2 hours, if I take the Viagra now, I be ready for the porn flix once I get her to bed as I headed to my room to pop the little helper.

Returning, I sat down on the couch waiting for Jewel to return. I was staring out the window, lost in la-la land when I felt her plop down on my lap, her thighs straddling mine and her butt against my crotch.

“Just like when I was little” she said as she wiggled her but and grabbed my hands pulling them around her waist before starting the movie.

Oh fuck, I’m in real trouble now, with her ass pressed against my crotch, it was just a matter of time before my cock would swell and she would feel my hard on. I was trying my best to think of something, anything to prevent this but she just kept wiggling and jiggling, then suddenly began sliding back and forth along the length of my rapidly expanding dick.

Turning her face toward me, I could see this funny look in her eyes. “Wow, your thingy is a lot bigger than any of the boys I know.” she remarked as she slid her hand between her ass and my hard-on. “A lot harder too.’ Giving it a squeeze.

“Does it shoot more stuff since it’s bigger?”

I was flabbergasted. “How do you know about other boys? I asked.

“When the let me suck on their thingies, dummy.” she stated while continuing to stroke me.

“Is that all they do?” I asked curiously.

“Sometimes they play with my boobies but that’s all they can do. My mom told me it’s ll right to suck them and let the feel me up but that can’t touch me down here.” She said as she pointed to her pussy. “They can’t put their thingies in me either, she doesn’t want me to get pregnant before I am married like both she and my grandma did. Plus, now I really enjoy sucking them and I love when they shoot their stuff in my mouth.”

“Would you like me to suck on your thingy and let you shoot your stuff in my mouth?” she questioned as she jumped off my lap and began tugging my shorts down without waiting for my answer.

“I could get into a lot of trouble with your mom and my wife if they found out.” I tried to reason with her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell. It’ll be our little secret.” she stated as she got my shorts down enough to spring my steel hard cock free and in a flash had he lips wrapped around the blood engorged head. While I’m not hung like a horse, I am a bit larger than average and Jewel struggled to get more than a few inches into her mouth.

“I hope I don’t drown when you shoot your stuff in my mouth” she laughed a little sarcastically before enthusiastically continuing her wonderful blowjob. She’s better than most of the 20-30 something ladies I pick up in the bar. It wasn’t long before I felt the cum boiling up in my ball and then that familiar tingly feeling as my cock erupted into her waiting mouth, I thought my balls were going to be sucked my dick also as I experienced the most intense orgasm in my life. Looking down, I was surprised that she was able to swallow all but a couple drops.

“Yummy” she said as she licked her lips. “My gosh, it didn’t get smaller like the other boys do after they shoot their stuff.”

“That’s because I’m I man, not a boy.” I lied to her thanking the pharmaceutical industry for the little pill I had taken earlier.

Reaching under her arms I lifted her up so that she was standing in front of me. Slowly I started to lift the tee shirt she was wearing as pajamas.

“I guess you want to play with my boobies” Jewel stated as I eased the tee shirt over her head.

“Not only play with them but this” I said as I sucked one of her pink nipples into my mouth feeling it get longer and longer.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHH that feels great,” she moaned, “nobody’s ever done that to me before.”

Slowly I let my hands slid down her body and slipped them under the waistband of her panties and started to slide them down.

“No Mac.” She stated emphatically grabbing my hands, “I don’t want to get pregnant like my mom and grandma.”

“Don’t worry Jewel, I can’t get you pregnant. When men get old like me, they can’t make babies anymore.” I lied.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“100% positive.” I lied again, “Do you see any old people running around with little kids calling them mommy or daddy?”

“Are you going to stick your thingie in me and shoot your stuff in me?” she inquired as she released my hands allowing me to slide her panties down her legs exposing her bald pussy.

“Only if you want me to.” I replied while thinking to myself damn right I am. I’m not going to pass up the chance to deflower my 5th virgin.

Standing up, I told her to lay down on the floor.

“Why?” she asked.

“So I can return the favor.” I replied.

“HUH?” she inquired.

“Just like you sucked on me, I’m going to lick and suck on you.” I answered as I raised her legs to rest on my shoulders and lowered my head closer to her little slit.

“But I don’t have a thingie to suck on.”

“Yes you do but it’s not big like mine.” I said as I flicked my tongue across he barely extended clit.

“OH MY GOODNESS.” She screamed as her hips bucked wildly off the floor, “That felt weird but wonderful.”

“MORE.” She shouted as she pulled my head back against her pussy.

Her juices were really starting to flow as I licked her slit and fucked her tight hole with my tongue. I could hear moaning loudly as I took her now fully extended clit in my mouth and started sucking it and flicking it with my tongue.


“You’re not going to pee, just let it go.” I told her before clamping my mouth over her hole and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT” She cried out as her first orgasm shook her body and she began squirting her juices into my waiting mouth.

I held her tightly until her shaking settled down the slowly eased her ass back to the floor.

“What happened, that was absofuckinglutely fantastic.”

“You just had an orgasm.”

“A what?” she asked.

“An orgasm.” I replied, “You know when I shot my stuff in your mouth, that’s called an orgasm also. It’s also commonly referred to as cumming. It’s not really hard for a girl to make a boy or man cum. But a guy really has to know what he’s doing and work hard to make his lady cum.”

“Is that the only way a guy can make a lady cum, by using his mouth and fingers like you just did?”

“No my little darling, the ultimate is if he came make you cum before him by using his penis or cock inside your vagina or pussy which is called fucking. When you find one that can do this for you, he’s a keeper.” I laughed lightly.

“Can you make a lady cum by fucking her?” Jewel inquired.

“Every time.” I lied.

“Are you sure I won’t get pregnant if I let you as you call it fuck me?”

“Absolutely positive!” I lied not wanting to have a condom spoil the feeling of a tight pussy massaging my cock.

“Ummmmmmm, OK, Mac. You can fuck me.” She giggled. “What do I do?”

We got up off the floor and I sat down on the edge of the couch with my rock hard shaft pointing straight toward the ceiling and Jewel standing between my thighs.

“Now put your hands on my knees and slowly start sitting down until I tell you to stop.” I told a her as I grabbed hold of my cock. Ever so slowly she started inching her virgin hole toward spear. As soon as I felt her pussy come in contact with my head, I grabbed her hips and told her to stop.

“OK, reach between your legs and gently grab by cock and rub it a couple times on your pussy.” I said as I felt her wetness begin coating my blood engorged head. “Hold it right there and slowly start sitting down again.” I thought I was going to blow my load as soon as my head penetrated her little lips and began entering her hot, tight hole. It took everything I had to stop myself from pulling her down and impaling her fully on my steel hard shaft. I could feel her muscles contracting trying to push the foreign invader out.

“OOOHHHHHH that feels weird but wonderful.” She moaned as she worked about another inch of me into her.

“That’s it, just take your time. If it starts to hurt stop and wait and until the pains starts to go away then continue.”

“Ow, ow, ow” she cried quietly and she took another inch of my dick.

“Just relax a bit and wait a bit.” I whispered in her ear as I held her hips tightly to keep her from taking anymore of my shaft in her wildly pulsating love canal.

This slow pace was totally agonizing but I knew if I just slammed myself into her, the pain would be too much for her and she’d jump off me and I wouldn’t get to completely deflower her and deposit a nice big load of my sperm laden cum in her deepest recesses.

Suddenly she rose up a little and slammed her ass downward burying me completely inside her. It felt like my cock was in a vice, she was so tight.

“Shit, shit, shit. That hurt almost as bad as when I wrecked my bike and jammed by pussy against the crossbar.” she groaned.

“Let me know when it starts to feel better.” I told her as I slid my hands up to cup her soft little tits.

“UMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned as I continued to play with her tits with one hand as I slid my other hand down to her bald mound.

“YES, YES, YES.” She screamed as my finger found her fully extended clit and began rubbing it.

“It, it, it feels betterrrrrrrrrr.” She moaned. “What now?”

“Start moving up and down like this.” I moaned as I lifted her up and down a couple times. It didn’t take Jewel long before she got into a nice rhythm and was riding my dick like a pro. It felt like a thousand little fingers massaging my shaft and head as she bounced up and down. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I resumed my attack on her clit and nipples. Soon, I heard her breathing become labored.

“UH, UH, UH. FUCK PISS SHIT DAMN.” She screamed out as her body began shaking uncontrollably in the throes of her orgasm and her scorching hot juices poured out around my shaft, scalding my balls as they dripped down on the floor.

That was all it took as I slammed up into her, my cock exploding and started filling her with my fertile sperm.

“That was the mostest fantastic feeling I ever, ever had in my entire life.” She said gleefully. “Can we do it again?”

“Of course sweetie. Just not right now. You don’t want me having a heart attack. We still have the rest of the weekend. Let’s lay down and relax for a bit.” I said as I started to lift her off my still hard cock.

“Could you just leave it in me while were relaxing? It feels so gooooooooooooooodddddddd.” She giggled.

About 15 minutes later she was sound asleep with me still buried inside her. Seeing her sleeping so peacefully brought back memories of two other young ladies I had the pleasure of deflowering – Jewel’s grandmother when I was in college and her mother the night of her graduation party.

When Chelsea returned from her latest modeling gig in the Bahamas, one of her friends threw a “preview party” to preview the first cover shot Chelsea ever had in her short career.

“Come on, Mom,” she begged Steffi. “it would mean a lot to me if you were there. I’m a first-time cover girl! Can you believe it?”

“I’m not sure I’d fit in with your model friends, honey,” Steffi replied, “Don’t you think I’m a bit old to be hanging around such people?”

“You’re my mom and only thirty-five, so it isn’t like you’re ancient. You’re supposed to be older, silly. Will you come to the party? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?”

“Let me think about it.”

“God, you’re almost as bad as Mitch. I came short of squeezing his balls to get him to go with me.”

Steffi perked up. “Mitch is going?”

“Yeah, after I nagged him all afternoon. He finally agreed when I bribed him by saying he might ‘get lucky’ tonight when we come home.”

“Honey, you really shouldn’t use the promise of sex to get a man to do anything. Trust me, I learned from experience. The only difference was when I did the bribing, I ended up pregnant.”

“Too much information, Mom. Besides, I make Mitch use condoms. The last thing I need right now with my career taking off is a kid.”

“True, but just be careful.” Steffi paused for a moment before adding, “You know what? I think I will go to Liz’s party.”

Chelsea hugged her. “Oh, thanks, Mom! You won’t regret it, I promise!”

“What kind of mom would I be not to want a sneak peek at your new pictures?”


When Chelsea had gone home to get ready for her friend’s party, Steffi showered and dressed. She’d chosen a white low-cut peasant blouse and a loose skirt that came down to just above her knees. She checked herself out in a mirror before driving to Liz’s place.

Not used to drinking, she had a few glasses of wine and began to feel a little tipsy. Two guys drooled over Chelsea’s preview cover while Steffi and a few other women pored through some other pictures from her Bahamas shoot.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Mitch alone in a corner nursing his beer and looking bored. Steffi shook her head, wondering what was going through his mind as he’d watched several “beautiful people” fawning over his girlfriend. She made a note to have a chat with him once she could get away from Chelsea and her friends.

The wine hit her with a full effect and she needed to find a restroom. Pulling Liz aside, Steffi asked where it was.

“Down the hall, third door on the right,” Liz replied, pointing toward a nearby hallway.

Once in the bathroom, Steffi shut the door and quickly attended to much-needed business. She’d just washed her hands when she looked up in the mirror and realized she wasn’t alone.


She turned toward him. “What are you…”

He put his hand over her mouth. “Shhh…”

Mitch’s hand was immediately replaced with his mouth on hers. He kissed her hard and well, probing ever inch of her mouth with his tongue.

He yanked down the top of her blouse and the strapless bra she’d worn underneath, revealing her breasts. He almost came at that moment. Instead, he squeezed them together roughly and his thumbs moved over her lnipples, stimulating them until they were erect.

“God, baby, I’ve been so damn horny since you showed up,” he whispered in her ear.”Your tits looked so fucking hot in that top.”

Steffi noticed the obvious bulge in his pants, an aching hard-on begging for release She reached down and undid his jeans. With a wicked smile, she reached inside and grasped his shaft. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it teasingly.

It was all Mitch could take. “I need to fuck you right here, right now.” he said.

“Hmm, you’re such a bad boy,” she replied.

“Yeah, and you love it.” His tongue slithered in her ear.

Mitch pulled Steffi up onto the counter before he hitched up her skirt and removed her thong. He leaned in between her legs and shoved his entire length inside her. Steffi’s pussy muscles gripped the sides of his cock like a vise while they fucked and passionately kissed, their tongues probing each other’s mouths.

They stared into each other’s eyes while he continued pummeling her for a least twenty minutes. Steffi bit her lip to prevent crying out her orgasm, which she knew would draw attention to what she and Mitch were doing in the bathroom.

The idea of Chelsea only a few feet away mingling with friends while her mother and boyfriend engaged in raw sex behind a locked bathroom door made Steffi even more aroused.

Mitch put his arms under her knees and pulled her legs back toward her head while he continued to fuck her. They hissed dirty talk at each other the entire time, and he continued screwing her with rough, high-velocity thrusts.

“God, Mitch, fuck me!” she hissed.

He didn’t miss a stroke. “You love this,” he growled in her ear. “Tell me how much you love being such a slut for me, baby.”

“It’s so hot when we fuck like this,” Steffi replied as her hips thrust forward to meet his. She rubbed her clit as he thrust into her. “That’s it, Mitch,” she gasped. “Fuck me like the filthy whore I am!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re such a sexy little nympho…I love how you’ll take my cock anytime and anywhere.”

“I love how you want to give it to me all of the time.”

His balls began to tighten and his cock swelled inside her. Mitch increased his thrusts as hard as he could as his orgasm drew closer.

“I’m going to come inside you, you beautiful bitch,” he groaned breathlessly.

She gripped his neck. “Yes! Do it!”

Mitch kissed her hard to squelch any cries of their respective orgasms as Steffi felt the familiar wet warmth of his sperm passing into her.

After a few more thrusts, he pulled out and helped her down from the counter.

Mitch pulled up his pants and zipped them. “Wait here a few minutes and I’ll go out first,” he said with a wink. “Don’t want anyone to get suspicious, especially your daughter.”

Steffi nodded. “See you tonight?”

“Already got an excuse to sneak out. I should be there around nine.”

When he was gone, she wet a spare washcloth and cleaned up as much as she could before she put on her thong, fixed her top, and smoothed her skirt. Taking a deep breath, she returned to the party.


“Hey, Mom,” Chelsea smiled at her. “Feel better?”

“Much, thank you.”

“I was about to send Liz to check on you. You were gone for a long time.”

“Guess I drank too much wine too soon, but I’m fine now.”

“Yeah, I guess Mitch was a lightweight with drinking today too. He had to step outside for awhile. He came back just before you.”

“Well, I hope neither of us spoiled your good time, honey.”

“Not right now, but Mitch says he got a call while he was outside. He has to work tonight. Guess I’m going to have him ‘get lucky’ tonight earlier than I planned.”

Oh, he’s already gotten lucky, Steffi thought, and the only ‘work’ he’ll be doing tonight will be in bed with me…


“I bet you’ve been thinking about this all afternoon,” Steffi said as she bounced on Mitch’s cock that night.

“I’ve done almost nothing but think about you since the first night we fucked,” he replied, “but this was really my lucky day. You and I had that hot screw at Liz’s, then Chelsea decided she wanted to get laid when we got home, and now it’s you and me again. My dick’s been getting quite a workout.”

“Hmmm, so my daughter did go through on her promise.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think it lasted more than ten minutes and then she wanted to go clubbing with her girlfriends. Hell, one would think that twenty-year-old chicks would want to fuck all of the time.”

“Guess not all of them.”

Mitch grabbed her ass and ran his hands all over it. “Maybe I’m thinking it’s older women who are always hot for sex. At least you are anyway.”

“You’re complaining?”

“Not in the least, baby. Nothing like an older woman wanting to take advantage of me sexually.” He gave her ass a playful slap and then kneaded its cheeks.

“Like that bum, don’t you?”

Mitch grinned. “Mmmmm…it’s sexy as hell. So big, yet so tight.”

“Ever screw a woman in the ass?”

The question shocked him. “You’re into that?”

“It feels good when a man knows what he’s doing.”

“God, I’ve been trying to get Chelsea to let me fuck her ass for a long time, but she always says no. She thinks it’s dirty and will hurt.”

“My little girl needs to know most ‘dirty’ things are usually the hottest.”

“Yeah, no kidding. Think my cock will feel as good in there as it does in your pussy?”

“I KNOW it will. Mitch, I want you to fuck my ass. I need to feel your big hard cock buried deep in my asshole.”

Hearing Steffi beg him to give her anal sex made him so overcome with lust that he barely restrained himself from coming. She positioned her body on the bed until her ass faced Mitch, waiting for him to take her.

He found something on the bedside table to lube his cock before he positioned his face level with her ass. Mitch licked and fingered both of her holes to orgasm before he rose and aligned his cock and pressed it against her pink asshole. There was little resistance when he pushed inside. Steffi moaned at the sensation of him gradually pushing his entire length into her back door and began to thrust backward, her hips meeting his.

“Oooh, Mitch, you feel so good,” she moaned.

Once completely buried in her and knowing she wanted more, Mitch began slamming Steffi’s behind over and over. He grabbed handfuls of her cheeks and kneaded them while his cock slid in and out of her stretched anus almost effortlessly.

“That’s it,” she said. “Give my big ass a good pounding. I want to be a total fuck slut for you.”

“Hell, yeah,” he responded as he increased his thrusts. “I love it when you’re a dirty bitch.”

Steffi clenched on him with an orgasm shaking her in a way that made it clear he hadn’t expected it. In the few years he’d been sexually active, Mitch never experienced a woman coming during anal sex. He clasped her hips, holding her still as Steffi’s ass spasmed on his cock.

The pressure was far more than Mitch could handle. He gritted his teeth and felt heat rise in his balls. “Stef,” he groaned, “I’m going to come…”

“Come in me now. I want to feel it shoot deep in my ass!”

Feeling his release, Steffi experienced an earth-shattering orgasm like she never had before. It felt as if his climax went on forever, and she loved the feeling of his semen spurting into her bowels.

“What a filthy slut you are,” he grunted. “You love being my sperm dumpster, don’t you? God, you are so fucking hot!”

“Yes, Mitch,” she panted. “I want to be your fuck slut and give you everything Chelsea doesn’t. I can’t get enough of your cock!”

“Oh, baby, I can’t get enough of you, either,” he replied. “You’re the hottest woman I’ve fucked.”

Mitch continued to thrust in her ass until his climax was complete. He slowly withdrew his softened organ and collapsed beside her on the bed.

“Fucking incredible,” he moaned. “I never thought I’d experience anal orgasms from a woman.”

“Now you know you did it right,” she replied.

They lay on the bed awhile longer and stroked each other’s bodies before Steffi suggested they take a shower together. “I bet you and my daughter never had shower sex either.”

“Nope, can’t say we have,” he replied. “Last one in has to do the other’s back!”

They stood in the hallway for what seemed an eternity; Claire staring at James, he staring at the hardwood floors in the hallway.

The air practically hummed with anticipation, and as she stared at the skinny young pup, she thought, I can’t be thinking about this. I can’t!

Her body felt electric with desire, every square inch of her on fire. Her breathing quickened as she fought the tremendous urge to let her short skimpy robe slip off her shoulders, to be naked in front of this young man, to reveal her body to him, to show him everything…. She needed his desire, his touch, his cock…

But how? He was way too shy, way too innocent to make the first move. And she had never made the first move herself.. she had never had to..

After what seemed like a long time, she finally said, “Ah… why don’t you come inside and we can look at some gardening magazines to get some ideas?’

Gardening magazines? She couldn’t believe herself. Did she even have any gardening magazines?

He glanced up at her, his hair still hiding his eyes. Uh, ok.

She smiled shyly to cover her embarrassment then walked ahead down the hallway feeling how much of her body was on display for this young man, feeling his eyes on her legs, god, she wanted to just strip right here!

She saw a bit of lint on the floor and stopped. She glanced back at him. “This old house just gets so dusty sometimes.”

Then, right before him, bending at the waist, her knees straight, she leaned forward. The robe slid up her ass and she could feel the cool air wafting against her wet, swollen anus her pussy throbbing. She picked up the lint and straightened up. “There.”

She glanced back and nearly had an orgasm; James’ face burned red and he held his hands at his crotch desperately trying to hide his massive erection.

She turned and continued to walk down the hallway, her face glowing, trying not to break into a huge smile “this way,” she primly said, then whispered to herself, “Oh, my young stud…”

The hallway opened up into the kitchen on the right and a sitting room to the left; she flicked the bit of lint onto the kitchen floor. “Let’s sit on the sofa and see what we can come up with,” she said, feeling bolder, empowered by his discomfort, his erection still huge, his embarrassment evident.

She took his hand—the soft smoothness, the strength of his fingers nearly causing her to cry out in desire, and led him to the sofa. She motioned for him to sit, and when he had, she sat beside him, just a little too close.

Smiling, her robe barely covering her legs, her neckline slipping open even further, she began, “so…”

He looked down at his knees, then glanced at her for the briefest of instances. “uh.. did you want to look at some magazines?”

She tapped her forehead. “Oh! Right… You know, I’ve been… ah.. you know, so busy this morning and I’m a little sore. I wonder if you could just do me a favor and rub my calves a little? It’s ok if you don’t want to… I mean, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but I’m just really sore, and I notice you have such nice large… hands…”

She swallowed nervously.

“Uh… really? Yeah, I guess I can do that.’

“Thanks! You’re such a dear…”

She leaned back in the sofa and raised her leg and put it on his lap, right on top of his huge erection. He started with surprise and squirmed a little until her creamy smooth calf lay more on his knees. He tentatively touched her skin. “Like this?”

She leaned farther back on the sofa. “Yes… oh, that’s great… you’re really good at this…”

He glanced at her from beneath his hair. “I am?”

She smiled and licked her lips. “Yes… so nice. Keep going…” Leaning back even farther in the sofa, she slowly spread her legs. Her pussy was soaking- she knew she would probably leave a wet stain on the sofa, but right now she didn’t care. She lightly touched the hem of the robe and lifted it up just a bit. She saw him glance over and felt him squirm under her calf. The silence in the room was deafening… the air charged.

“Could you… maybe go a little higher?”

He looked at her and gulped. “Uh… you mean…?

She smiled and leaned forward and took his hand and placed it on her creamy smooth thigh. “Like this.”

Halting at first, he started to caress, then knead her smooth flesh. She moaned.

“Are you ok?” he asked, his eyes wide with concern and for the first time, looked her directly in the eye.

She smiled and placed her hand on his. “I’m great, James… You’re such a good boy. Keep going.”

She glanced at his crotch—he was leaning forward to cover it, but there was no hiding that monster that strained the fabric of his shorts. “A little higher,” she whispered as opened her knees a little wider.

Panting now, he let his fingers slide up her thigh… into the soft flesh under her hip… she wriggled a little and spread her knees open even farther… his fingers went higher….almost to her sopping wet pussy….she lay back, her eyes closed. “Keep going…” she breathed.

His fingers accidently, tentatively touched her swollen labia.. she moaned softly.. ‘Yes, that’s it…’

He touched her again, this time on purpose. She writhed a little and pulled her robe open, showing herself to him, her smooth belly with just a hint of swell from her pregnancies, her small breasts and thick erect brown nipples, her pussy now open to him. …. “Don’t stop…”

His fingers softly, gently massaged her sopping pussy; she glanced at him-he stared intensely at her nude body. She touched his fingers and led them into her gaping hole, and cried as he finally, after all this wait, penetrated her with his fingers. She orgasmed, grabbing his fingers, fucking herself with his long digits, a wave of ecstasy engulfing her.

When she opened her eyes again, he was staring at her, mouth hanging open.

She smiled and leaned towards him, reached to him and took his face gently and kissed him, her hunger rising as their lips caressed and tongues entwined.

“You’re wonderful..” she whispered to him. “Now, it’s my turn.”

She got off the sofa and knelt before him. She looked at him with a saucy smile on her lips as she reached for his zipper.

Instinctively, he clutched at his crotch.

She raised herself to him and kissed him softly once more, his frightened look only touching and turning her even more. She removed his hands gently. “Its ok, James.. it’s ok.”

Meekly, he acquiesced. She caressed the stiff shaft of iron straining against his shorts. “Does that feel good?”

Eyes wide, he nodded.

“Can I see it?”

Again he nodded wordlessly.

Gently, she undid the snap and lowered the zipper of his shorts. Breathing heavily, she glanced at him. He looked like a wild animal caught in a trap—scared,helpless. She pulled his shorts down- he lifted his ass off the sofa a bit to help… and finally, it sprang from its lair—the biggest, longest, thickest cock she had ever seen!

“Oh my god, James, its beautiful!”

Eyes still wide open, he smiled with a dazed look on his face. “It is?”

She smiled back, moaning just a little as her long elegant nails softly traced his length. “It’s amazing.”

She her tongue flicked out to kiss its hole, probing and then, like plunging into the ocean or jumping off a cliff, she took his head into her mouth,

His girth stretched her lips, she sucked in as much of his rod as she could, taking him deep, deeper, until she felt his thick head pressing against her throat and she gagged and pulled her mouth off of him.

“It’s huge,” she gasped, her almond-shaped doe eyes gazing up at him.

He looked amazed and terrified but then smiled at her. “It is?”

She smiled and slid her outstretched tongue along the underside of his shaft from its base slowly to its head and then took his pole once more between her lips and sucked him into her throat. Her head bobbed rhythmically on his cock and with each stroke she took him a bit deeper down her throat. she dropped her robe from around her shoulders and got up onto her feels and crouched before him, nude, one hand stroking her clit and penetrating her sopping slit. his cock seemed to grow even longer in her mouth and she sucked even harder.

With a cry he exploded creamy, gooey cum into her mouth, liquid ambrosia so thick and so much it spurted out of the seal her lips had made around his shaft and dripped down her chin. Her mouth filled with his creamy goodness, she orgasmed on her own fingers. She popped his shaft out her mouth, her orgasm surging through her and looked up into his amazed eyes and swallowed his load of cum, even licking her lips.

Sinking against his thighs, she continued to kiss and caress his still hard cock as he melted into the chair.

She looked up at him. “How was that?”

He looked her in the eyes, and shook his head in amazement. “Did that really happen?”

She giggled. “yes, you silly.” She paused to lick his still turgid cock, then looked up at him again. “I saw you, you know.”

What? Color again came to his face.

She smiled slyly. “I saw you. In the window… I was watching. You are so huge…. God, I knew I had to have you.”

He colored but his face broke into a confused smile. “I was thinking about you. I was hoping you could see me… But I didn’t think it would really happen.”

She ran her hands under his baggy t-shirt up his skinny chest. “what were you thinking about?”

His breath quickened. “Uh…. You know…. Like, sex stuff.”

She giggled again, massaging his tight abs—so different than her husbands flabby gut. “Sex stuff? Like what?”

“Uh… uh….”

Her hands grasped his tight pecs and started rubbing hard, and starting to suck his limp but still thick cock then dropped it with a flop. “Like this?”

She clambered onto his lap and pulled his shirt over his head. “Like this, James?”

She reached behind and with her elegant right hand, the hand with her wedding ring, slid his cock into her pussy. Although he had softened, she was so wet she was still able to slide into her hole; even flaccid, he was massive inside her. “Oh god, James, is this what you were thinking about?”

They grabbed hold of each other violently, kissing so hard they were sucking each other’s lips; he hardened in a second, his member huge and thick and stiff as steel inside her, “Oh god, James James James!!!”

She had never felt anything so big in her pussy before, and couldn’t believe the overwhelming orgasm that rushed through her entire being. She screamed and bucked on him and squirted all over his hairless torso, completely lost. Over and over again the waves crashed through her as he thrust into her harder, harder until once more he exploded inside her; she felt his cum gush through his cock inside her.

They collapsed together, giggling and sweaty, kissing and crying at the same time.

Slowly, they quieted and she lay on top of him, feeling his skinny lean body beneath her. “Was that what you were thinking about?”

He chuckled. “I could… I don’t think I could’ve imagined that.”

They sat together for a time and even fell asleep until her stirred beneath her. “Hey, my legs falling asleep.”

Dozily, she rolled off him onto the sofa beside him. “How do you feel?”

He stared straight ahead. “so, like, what does this mean? You have a husband, don’t you?”

She reached over to him and turned his face to look at her. “Yes, but that doesn’t matter. You are so beautiful I will always want you.”

“Really? but what about.. you know, if he finds out and stuff. Won’t he be pissed off and want to kill me?”

She smiled at him. “He won’t find out.” She sat up. “Wait for me a second.”

She got off the sofa and walked away, naked, delighting as she walked past the open windows, hoping someone on the street might just take a quick glance inside and see her in all her slutty glory, her teenage paramour waiting for her in her home. She went upstairs to her room and grabbed the tube of lube from inside the nightstand.

Giddy with anticipation, she nearly ran back to the sitting room only to find him standing up, his shorts pulled up and his shirt on.

‘Where are you going?’

‘Uh…Oh, I thought we were, you know, done.”

She walked towards him and pressed her smooth tight body against him. “Don’t you want more?”

He looked nervous as she kissed him and pulled him slowly back to the sofa, pulling his shirt off.

She then lay back on the glass coffee table before the sofa and spread her legs for him. She touched herself for him; he swallowed as a bulge grew in his shorts. “You like that?”

He nodded.

Her glittery nails caressed her swollen labia before going lower, to her smooth round purplish anus and delicately probed. First one finger, then another, she moaned and looked at him, her eyes wide, wild. “Will you fuck my ass? Please?”

He fell off the sofa scrambling to pull his shorts down. Finally, he kneeled on the carpet floor before her, his massive cock stretched before. She handed him the tube and licked her lips as he squeezed a dollop– “more please,” she admonished—and slathered it over his full length.

She leaned back and raised her hips and presented her rectum to him and reached around and helped him guide to her brown-purple hole. He pressed against her, but her sphincter was too tight,

“It won’t fit,” he said.

“Push, James, push!”

He kept the pressure on, his cock steely and massive, her sphincter locked, when suddenly, her anal hole relaxed and he popped into her canal.

She screamed….’Oh god, deeper! Deeper!”

Slowly, he slid up her, inexorably farther into her sticky hole, she moaned in pain.

“Is it ok?”

“Yes, yes, oh god James! Yes… deeper!”

Already, she cummed, her anus suddenly wet and slippery, he slid deeper, then out a little, then deeper. She grabbed him around the hips and guided his tempo — each thrust going deeper deeper “oh god!”

Nine inches of thick cock in her ass, and she cummed so hard she gushed all over the table, all over herself, screaming… “Yes! Yes! cum in my ass! cum in my ass James!”

And he did, his semen pumping past the tight ring of her sphincter to into her rectal canal.

Once again, they fell together in a wet, sloppy ecstatic tangle, kissing and touching and grabbing.

“Oh, James, you are the best!” she sighed, her orgasm still washing through her.

Then, in from the open screen door, they both heard a voice. “Yo, James! You there?”

James’ face broke in alarm. Oh shit, I forgot I invited my friends to help out with the gardening!”

Oh no! They scrambled apart, and she nearly fainted as his massive member popped out her rectum.

He reached down to pull his shorts up: she stopped him and greedily took his sticky cock in her mouth. His face broke with surprise. She grabbed it and looked up at him imploringly.

“Don’t tell! Please… we can do this a lot if you don’t tell. Ok?”

They came together with another kiss. “When? Tomorrow?”

She giggled. “yeah… just don’t tell.”

He pulled his shorts on but his erection was still huge.

“What are you going to do about that?”

Hide it under my shorts?

She laughed. “My stud, your shirt isn’t going to hide that.”

The laughed together and he slowly subsided.

With a final kiss, he ran out the back door and around the house to the front.

She heard them talking in muffled whispers outside the house as she struggled to sit up and pull her robe on. She heard them break into laughter. Uh oh…she thought.

He’s told them. Damn….

She walked towards the front and saw James outside with two other young men, one of them tall and black.

Her breath stopped, and she smiled with excitement.

She grabbed her purse and pulled out a twenty, then walked out the front door to the porch, still wearing nothing more than the tiny robe. “James, you forgot your pay!”

James looked shocked, and both young men’s brows raised.


‘Your pay. You did really excellent work today, and I just want to make sure you get your pay.”

The young men exchanged glances, James leading the way.

She stood before them, feeling their eyes, their lust, their hunger for her body, for her mouth, for her pussy, for her anus, she felt that and looked at them in the face. “Hi boys, I’m Miss Lin.”

‘Hi..’ they all said awkwardly. They all just stood on the porch for a moment.

“Hey, James, here’s your money. Thanks,” she said, giving him a secret smile. He turned bright red, mumbled a thanks and said they had to go. Again leading the way, James jumped off the porch, his skinny white friend following. The young black man turned to walk off, then glanced back. She stared at him boldly, one brow arched. His eyes widened and he smiled and followed his friends. She stood on the porch and watched them walk away, and gave the black young man a small wave when he looked back again, and thought, What have I done?

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