younger brother

For those of you who did read the first story, it might not be a bad idea to do that. But if you just want to dive into this one here is a quick synopsis: In Chapter 1 Lynn’s nerdy little brother Sammy visited her in college. The two played a steamy game with two of her roommates and ended up having sex. One of the two roommates, Adrienne, walked in and that is the cliff hanger we ended on. If you want more, click on my name at the top of the screen and look up Chapter 1, or go to the last page on this story and there should be a link on the right of the screen for Chapter 1. Thanks! YKN

* * * * *

I pulled my car into the driveway and turned the engine off. I looked up at the house. The Christmas lights were all hung up and about half an inch of snow sat perfectly white and even on the roof. It looked like it always did at Christmas-time, the same as it looked every single Christmas of my life. It was the day before Christmas Eve and everything should’ve felt great. But it was different now. My stomach was tied in knots and I felt a little bit light-headed. I had never been so nervous to come home in my life. But I had good reason.

It was just three weeks earlier that Adrienne had barged into my room and found my brother Sammy with his softening cock still buried in my ass. She’d walked into the room like she’d belonged there and torn apart my relationship with my brother. Okay, so that relationship was in flux anyway. I mean, you don’t have to be a genius to realize that if my brother’s cock was in my ass that things had taken a sort of strange turn.

“I thought I’d heard something,” she’d said when she’d seen us, “This is not over yet!” I knew at that moment that she was still really hot and bothered from our little game. I’d been in that position before. I knew that being really horny was a lot like being really drunk. That all of the sudden, things that seemed unthinkable when in a normal state of mind all of the sudden seemed possible. So here she was, looking on at a site that was absolutely shocking and at that moment she wanted in. But I also knew that eventually she would come down from her little high and she would be less certain about what was going. She might be disgusted by me. She might use this against me.

“Holy shit Adrienne, don’t you knock?” I asked, sliding forward so that my brother’s dick fell out of my ass. I pulled the covers up around me to cover my nudity.

“You guys are fucking nuts!” she said, ignoring my protest and walking into the room. I looked back at Sammy. He was sitting on his ass now, his legs spread a bit. His big cock was soft and lying against his leg. And that is when I realized what I’d done. I’d just fucked my little brother.

“Adrienne, please just go back to your room. I don’t think this is a good idea,” I said. She looked at me but her face was blank, like she wasn’t registering it.

“So Sammy, I guess if we played the game again, things would turn out differently. There are a whole bunch of things that you’ve done that most guys haven’t, huh?” she said. Sammy was just staring down and his feet. His eyes were glazed. I wanted to move to cover him, but I was too nervous.

Adrienne walked over to my brother and got down on her knees next to the bed. She moved her hand up over my brother’s thigh. I saw him jump a little and his eyes opened slightly. He was whispering something to himself but I couldn’t hear it. He looked so anguished. I wanted to protect him, but I had no idea what to do. Adrienne’s hand touched my brother’s soft cock. I looked at her face and her eyes were glittering and her tongue was poking out of her mouth slightly. And then her fingers wrapped all the way around his dick. And suddenly I felt insanely jealous. It was the most bizarre feeling ever. I had the right and obligation to have about ten thousand weird emotions at that moment, but the only one I felt was jealousy.

Adrienne’s hand started to gently stroke my brother’s cock. My brother didn’t move. His chest was moving slightly or I wouldn’t have known he was alive. Adrienne squeezed him tight, her hand moved down and brushed his balls and then gently stroked up to the tip. But Sammy stayed soft. Adrienne leaned forward and darted her tongue against the tip of my brother’s dick. The tip that had been in my asshole. I was burning now; the only thing that I could was sit there and take it.

“You seemed to have worn him out,” she said looking at me. She was smiling, but she actually sounded a bit angry.

“I don’t know,” I said, seething.

“Sammy, think you’re up to go again?” she asked him. He just sort of shrugged his shoulders. She looked back at me and rolled his eyes.

“Did you actually fuck him?” she asked, “Or were you just trying to show him what the positions are?” I was so angry. How dare she mock Sammy? She had no idea what he was capable of, maybe he just didn’t want her skanky ass! (Where were these thoughts coming from? I never felt this jealous about any guy and this wasn’t a guy, it was my brother).

“Adrienne, I think you should go,” I said as evenly as I could.

“I think so too,” she said, “I am like, so disappointed. I thought we were going to get into trouble tonight!” she said and she dropped my brother’s dick and walked out of my room in a huff.

“I am so sorry,” I said when the door closed after her, “I should have locked the door,” Sammy just nodded. Then he got out of bed, quickly put on his clothes and went out to the living room. I tried to talk to him, but each thing I said he’d just nod at. He didn’t say anything to me. And when he went out to the living room, he lay down facing the wall and refused to acknowledge me. And I knew that I’d let down my little brother. I was supposed to take care of him. And I’d fucked him and let him be humiliated. I spent most of that night crying.

The next morning I woke up very early. I woke up my brother and got him out of my dorm room. I wanted to get out of there before my roommates woke up. I didn’t think I could deal with that conversation. I took Sammy out for breakfast. I tried to talk to him, but he just ignored me the entire time. I don’t know if ignore is the right word. He legitimately didn’t hear me.

I gave up and just took him to the train station. We had all his stuff; I just figured it would be better for him not to be here. I was clearly making him uncomfortable. I stopped in front of the station and pulled into a spot. I looked over at Sammy. He looked exhausted. But he looked… hot too. I don’t know, I thought he looked sexy. How weird is that.

“So…” I said and I considered saying so many things. But I was a coward, so I said, “I guess I will see you for Christmas break.” And he nodded again. He opened the door. And as he was climbing out, he turned and looked at me.

“Sis,” he said, “I am so sorry that Adrienne saw that. I am sorry we did that, it was wrong. I think I ruined your life. I am sorry.” Before I could call out to tell him that he was wrong he’d closed the door. I rolled down the window.

“Sammy!” I called. Then I realized that I couldn’t very well yell out that he was the best lay of my life, that I thought he was sexy, and that any problems I had as a result of what happened paled in comparison to the joy I’d felt being with him. So I said, “You’re wrong. It’s not like that.” Sammy didn’t even turn; he just nodded his head and walked into the train station.

I’d gone back to the room after that. My roommates were doing Habitat for Humanity, so I had nothing but time to think. But I spent the whole time with my mind just reeling. The entire day passed and it felt like I didn’t have a concrete thought all day.

Adrienne came back first.

“Hey,” she said and she looked a little shy. I think she’d come down from her little horn-dog high, “Where’s your brother.”

“Home,” I said.

“Cool,” she said and then she came over and sat next to me.

“Yeah,” I said. I was so nervous.

“So I had a weird dream last night,” she said, turning to look at me. I waited her to finish but she didn’t so I asked.

“What was it?” She smiled.

“I dreamed I walked in on you having sex with your brother!” she said and I felt a cold stab in my stomach. She raised her eyebrows though, and I realized what she was getting at.

“Crazy!” I said, “Totally gross!”

“Yeah, then I tried to join in. In the dream,” she said. I nodded.

“What a weird dream,” I said.

“Listen Lynn,” she said, suddenly sounding more serious, “I don’t really know what to think about this dream. I can’t conceive of what it means. But I think it’d be best if I don’t say anything about it to anyone. Do you agree?”

“Oh god yes!” I said and I felt so grateful. I hadn’t even stopped to think about the damage this could do to my life. How could I be so reckless? “What can I do to thank you?”

“We are friends,” she said and she looked at me with soft eyes, “And I was an ass last night. In that dream.” She said. I tried to protest but she shook her head, “Hey, if you ever get a chance to do me a favor, do it and we will call it even.” She said, “And tell Sammy I am sorry.” I nodded.

Adrienne never said anything about it again. I think she was just so embarrassed. Both by what she’d said and what she’d seen. Whatever, I was grateful. And for about three weeks I just pretended that nothing had ever happened. For the second week there, it almost felt like I had. And Adrienne kept her word; she didn’t even act like anything strange had happened.

But now I was sitting in my car in the driveway of my house. I could see the light on in Sammy’s bedroom and I knew he was in there, playing on his computer or reading a book. And I was going to have to interact with him. I’d convinced myself by then that I didn’t lust after my brother. That it had been a one-time thing. But I still had to see him and talk to him. Around our parents. I sighed deeply and got out of the car.

I got all of my bags and things out of my car but I had so much junk I couldn’t open the door. I had to knock on the door. My dad answered the door scowling. Not that that was a surprise. My dad tended to scowl most of the time. I think his problem was that he was just too old to start a family. Taking care of little kids in his late fifties was tough on him. Now that he was closing in on seventy, he was completely burnt out. I hadn’t had a non-business relationship with my dad in about four years.

“Your drive okay?” he asked awkwardly, grabbing my bag and helping me into the house.

“It was fine,” I said. I was still struck when I came home from college how weird it felt to be back. I spent everyday of my childhood in this house, but it wasn’t my house anymore. It was sad. My dad shuffled off to the living room to watch a basketball game and I stood in the foyer, looking around.

“Hey honey!” I heard a voice say. I looked towards the kitchen and saw my mom standing in the doorway. My mom was my dad’s second wife. His much younger wife. In fact, I learned about the same time I went off the college that my mom was something of a home wrecker. My dad had been married to a woman his own age for ten years and my mom was his secretary. I guess it was one of those things. Anyway, while my dad was visibly deteriorating at 70, my looked as young and vibrant at 42.

People have always said my mom and I look very much the same. She also has long light blonde hair and big blue eyes. We have the same thick pink lips and oval face. We even have the same rotated eye teeth. My mom’s stomach isn’t quite as flat as mine but she has bigger, 36-C breasts. Her hips are wide and butt it still pretty firm (I guess that is a trophy wife’s job or something). And even now, right before Christmas, my mom looked incredibly tanned and pretty standing in the doorway.

I walked down into the kitchen and my mom wrapped me up in her arms. She smelled just like she always did, like perfume and flour. I loved that smell. She pushed me back like she always did, so she could admire me or something. She might look young and hot, but she was still a mom. Whatever.

“You look prettier every time I see you honey,” she said and hugged me again, “I’ve missed you so much.” I rolled my eyes.

“I missed you too mom,” I said and I meant it. My mom and I were close friends. I sat down at the kitchen table and she took my bags of dirty clothes to the laundry room and dropped them on the floor. For a while we just talked about school and everything else. She wanted to know about my friends and everything. I tried to play it cool, but I was thinking about Sammy. Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer.

“So where is my brother?” I asked and my mom bit her lower lip the way she always did when we talked about my brother. She worried about him. Now I did too, another thing that my mother and I had in common.

“He is up in his room…” she said and looked up the stairs.

“Is he okay?” I asked. My heart was in my throat. My mother seemed even more concerned that she usually did. My mom is a bit of an airhead and she was always a social butterfly, she was always confused by my shy, introverted, intelligent brother. But some of her concerns now might be legitimate.

“He’s fine,” she said wistfully, “I don’t know. He has been even quieter than usual lately, staying up in his room more than ever. Since… well pretty much since he got back from school with you.” My stomach did a little backflip. I was afraid of that.

“Oh,” I said, trying to sound cool.

“Did anything happen while he was there, something… I don’t know,” she said, crossing her arms in front of her breasts. I shook my head vigorously.

“No, absolutely not,” I said, a little bit too earnestly. But my mom didn’t seem to notice. She looked around the corner conspiratorially to check for my father.

“I have been thinking lately about your brother. You know he doesn’t fit in well at school and he seems very unhappy.” She said.

“No he’s just…” I started to say, but my mother raised her hand.

“And he is sort of small and…I don’t know, is feminine the right word,” and that took me by surprise, I didn’t get a female vibe from my brother at all. I got a totally different vibe, I am sure you remember, “I think your brother is gay.” I almost laughed right there. I knew for a fact he wasn’t, “And I was just wondering if something happened to your brother at school. Something with a boy maybe?” She said and I smiled.

“Mom, Sammy isn’t gay. You aren’t describing a gay boy, your describing a nerd. Your son is a nerd. He isn’t gay. Trust me,” I said. Well, at least my parents were as oblivious as ever.

“No, just listen…” my mother started.

“Seriously mom, Sammy and I…talk. I know he isn’t gay. Please trust me,” I said. She just shrugged her shoulders like she had other fears she was worried about, but she didn’t say anything else. I decided to change subjects. I looked into the living room.

“How’s dad been?” I asked.

“Oh him?” she asked like I’d asked about George Washington or Napoleon, “He is… your father. I don’t know. Since he retired, we barely talk. I don’t know.” I’d known my parents’ marriage wasn’t great for a long time. This was the sort of thing she always said.

“Sorry,” I said.

“No, don’t be,” she said, “You know your father and I. We never get along, but we’d never know what to do without one another. Anyway, I guess I have some laundry to do. Why don’t you go say hi to dad, or Sammy.” She said and I knew the conversation was over. She walked over to the laundry room and disappeared inside.

I walked out and looked at the living room and saw my dad staring at the TV. He started yelling at the basketball game. I rolled my eyes and decided that talking to my dad was probably not the way to go. So I headed upstairs. I was going to talk to my brother. I was terrified.

I knocked on his door and at first I heard nothing. I knocked again and I heard a sort of inquisitive grunt. I decided that this meant it was okay for me to open the door. So I pushed it open. My brother’s room was almost completely dark except for the glow of his computer screen. There were clothes and stuff all over the floor and it felt stuffy and uncomfortable. I saw him sitting in his chair, his back was too me.

“What do you need mom?” he asked impatiently. I saw he was playing some sort of video game. I didn’t say anything at first. I didn’t know what to say. It felt so awkward now. It wasn’t like being with my brother anymore. It was like running into an ex-boyfriend. I cleared my throat.

“Oh shit! Lynn, I thought you were getting home tomorrow,” he said and he turned and looked at me. His eyes were a little bloodshot from playing video games too long. He looked tired. His shirt was dirty and his boxers looked like they were threadbare. I could see his massive penis hanging limply against his legs through them, but I forced myself not to look at it. God help me, even if that bedraggled looking state, I still found him attractive. I fought down that feeling, that wasn’t a feeling that a sister had for her brother.

“No, today,” I said casually. I didn’t know what else to say. I walked over to the bed and sat down, “So how have you been?” It didn’t feel like the right thing to say but at least it didn’t feel like the wrong thing.

“I’m…fine,” he said. He refused to look me in the eye when he spoke to me. I could tell that he was ashamed. I wanted to get passed this. I wanted my brother back.

“Mom thinks you’re gay,” I said and smiled. My brother’s eyes got wide and then he laughed. He laughed harder than he had to; I think it was just the sense of relief. Things were normal again; I was giving him information about my mother’s most recent paranoia.

“What makes her think that?” he asked finally, and he looked at me when he spoke. His eyes looked so intelligent, so beautiful even tinged in red.

“Who knows,” I said, “You know how she is. She is always worried about something. I get the feeling there is more than the usual bullshit between her and dad lately.” My brother grimaced and then rolled his eyes. He got up furtively from the chair and closed the door to his bedroom. He returned to his chair and sat down.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about it but,” he started. He wanted to say something about how things were weird because we’d fucked each other, but he decided against it, “I haven’t had the chance. They are really weird lately. I mean more so than usual. They aren’t just arguing and stuff. Dad sleeps on the couch every night now.” I winced. My parents’ marriage had been on a slow decline for a while now. It was a topic of regular conversation between my brother and me. I didn’t know what I felt, relief because I was talking to my brother normally, or sadness because the decline of my parent’s marriage had apparently reached its nadir.

“You think they are finally going to get a divorce?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Sammy said and shrugged. And then we were quiet again. His room felt even stuffier than before and I felt like I wanted to get out of here. I mean the house. I wanted to go back to school and just get on with my life. I stood up and moved towards the door.

“Hey Lynn,” my brother said and I turned and looked at him. His eyes were cast down and he was clearly pained, “I am so sorry about what happened. I don’t know what got into me. I know I apologized before, but I want to say that I am sorry I took advantage of you. Things got out of hand and I should have stopped it. You’re my sister and I am supposed to take care of you, not hurt you.” He said all of this is one fast breath. He was shaking slightly while he talked, not like he was crying but like he was scared. I felt a wave of compassion race over me. I had spent all this time thinking about my own guilt and confusion, it never occurred to me that my brother would feel guilty. Why should he? The entire situation was my fault. I’d started everything. I moved over to my brother and got down on my knees next to his chair. I put my hand over his. It felt cold.

“Sammy is that really what you think happened there?” I asked. He looked over at me. His lips were tight and he shrugged.

“Yes,” he said in a terribly soft voice.

“No Sammy, it wasn’t like that at all. You never took advantage of me. Hell I practically threw myself at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. It was all me. I am the one who messed things up,” I said.

“That can’t be true,” he said, moving his hand out from under mine.

“Why not?”

“Because you are beautiful girl! Guys would take years off of their lives to do with you… what I did. I am a little troll and you only did that with me because I am your little brother and I made you feel guilty about what a loser I am. Now you are going to fall on your sword again to make me feel better. I don’t want that,” he said. I felt so flattered. I thought some about that night, the way my brother’s eyes had moved over me with desire. I knew he thought I was sexy, and it made me feel sexy. But I shook my head. I gathered my thoughts every carefully, I wanted to say this right. I wanted to tell the truth, even if I’d been denying the truth to myself since it happened.

“Sammy,” I said, “Listen. I know that I said I regretted what happened, but I want to explain to you why I regret what happened. I am sorry that we… had sex because I am afraid of losing you as my brother and my friend. I regret it because I think we’ve forced ourselves farther apart by acting the way we did. If I could be 100% sure that nothing between us had changed that night, I wouldn’t have a regret in the world. I don’t regret showing you how much I love you, I don’t regret that you saw my body or that I saw yours, and I don’t regret the pleasure that I felt that night. And I did, I loved the way you made me feel. That was the best sex I’d ever had. But mind-blowing sex isn’t worth losing my baby brother.”

“Mind-blowing?” he said, sounding half like he was impressed with himself and half like I was putting him on. But I wasn’t ready to stop talking yet.

“And don’t even give me that bullshit about the fact that I am beautiful and you aren’t. You are not a big meatheaded jock and you aren’t a pretty boy or anything, but you are attractive. You are a handsome kid and the reason you don’t get laid isn’t because of your looks, it’s because of your attitude. Most girls want a guy who knows what he wants and has confidence in himself. I like the nerdy, quiet you. But it wouldn’t hurt to be a little assertive,” I said and I was sort of amazed by my little speech. I said exactly what I wanted to say. Sammy was looking at me with a sort of confused, half-smile on his face. I was also feeling a bit hot, talking about the sex, thinking about it. It was making me horny! I was a complete basket case. But in my mind’s eye I kept playing that night in my mind, over and over again. I felt like I must be sweating. My pussy felt damp in my panties. This was strange.

“What are you afraid of changing?” he asked.

“That things will be like the way they’ve been for the last few weeks. That we won’t talk, that we will always be awkward around one another,” I said.

“I don’t want that either,” he said, “I understand what you are saying Lynn. And I think you are right. It doesn’t do us any good to feel guilty about this. Let’s just put it behind us and forget it happened. Let’s just stop.” He said. And I was glad I’d put his mind at ease, but I wasn’t so certain anymore.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t know if we can…” I was thinking about how awkward it had been when I’d first walked into my brother’s room. I was thinking about how much tension we’d felt, trying not to talk about sex. And then, when we just talked about it, it was better. And my brother thought I was beautiful and that wasn’t going to change. And I was going to think about his big, hard cock in my ass and that wasn’t going to change. If we just ignored it and pretended like it didn’t happen, we’d both know that it did. The memory would be this big thing sitting in the middle of the room. It would drive us farther apart. I knew that maybe there was a way to make us even closer. And I have to admit I was feeling incredibly horny at that point, thinking about sex, so maybe it clouded my judgment.

“What do you mean?” he asked. He looked concerned now.

“I think I have been going about this all the wrong way,” I said. I stood up quickly in front of my brother. I was wearing a thick red sweater and a pair of jeans. I quickly reached down and pulled my sweater over my head and threw it on the floor. Then I started to unbutton my jeans. The solution was so obvious, if a little scary; I couldn’t believe I had to wait until I was horny to realize it. Something had changed between my brother and me. I couldn’t be in the same room with him without wanting to fuck him.

“What are you doing?!” my brother asked, clearly he hadn’t come to a realization yet.

“Little brother,” I said condescendingly, “If we let this grow into something huge it will tear us apart. But, what if it is just something we do every once in a while? What if sex is just a part of our relationship? Then it wouldn’t be weird or anything.” While I was saying this, I started to realize why I’d felt guilty before. I mean, I was afraid I’d hurt my brother and afraid I’d screw things up, but most I was guilty because I liked it. But he liked it too. Who were we hurting if it was just the two of us?

“Lynn, I don’t know…” he started. He was just nervous; I could see in his eyes (and stiffening between his legs) that he liked the idea.

“Unless you didn’t have fun playing with me,” I said, pouting, “I liked playing with you.” I felt that same heady rush I’d felt that night, back in my room.

“I loved it,” he said.

“Then stay sitting and let me take the lead here,” I said. He nodded and didn’t move. I finished unbuttoning my jeans and slinked them off my body. I walked over to my brother’s door and made sure it was locked. Then I walked over to my brother’s bed and shoved a bunch of his junk off of it, leaving a nice open area on the bed. I flopped down on it. My brother started to get up, “stay where you are.” I said and he followed directions nicely.

I was lying with my head on the pillow and my brother was in his chair, near my feet to my right, looking at me. I smiled at him. It felt good, I felt kind of like we got to get back to that point where my roommate had interrupted us, like we were getting a chance to finish something.

“Tell me little brother,” I said, enjoying being lusted after, “how many times have you imagined me in this bed like this?” He squirmed a little. But I just kept looking at him.

“Like every day since I was twelve,” he said and blushed. I smiled. Well, I might as well give my fan club here what it wanted. I reached under my back and unhooked my bra. I slid it off myself and threw it on my brother’s floor. I saw his eyes glue themselves to my nipples. And I watched as his big cock pushed up the fabric of his boxer shorts. I didn’t really have a plan here; I was just sort of doing what my body wanted. I wanted to make him want me as badly as he had that night.

I put my finger to my lips and licked it lightly. Then I moved it down to my nipple, rubbing the tip very gently. My skin was taut from arousal and the cold and my finger felt electric on my tit. I put my finger back in my mouth and rubbed my other nipples. My hips moved slowly and seductively as I did this, rocking and moving but without any input from my brain. It just sort of happened. I watched my brother. He looked crazed, like he couldn’t control himself. I saw his hand move, he wanted to touch himself.

“Don’t touch yourself until I tell you to,” I said and he quickly moved his hand firmly against the arm rest on his chair. I lifted my hips off the bed, putting my feet flat on the mattress, thrusting my pussy up in the air. Then I slid my fingers into my panties and slowly moved them down. I had completely shaved my pubes that morning and I was bare and my skin glistened from my wetness. I could tell from the look on this face that my brother had stopped breathing.

After I kicked the panties off I slowly lowered myself down onto the bed. I ran my hand down over my breasts and against my stomach. My fingers ran across my clit and sent a shiver down my spine. Then they were enmeshed in the soft, hot, wet folds of my pussy lips. I moaned quietly (the parents were just downstairs) and spread my legs wide. I played with my pussy lips, opening them and touching them gently, letting Sammy get a good look. My fingers were dripping wet. When I slide them across my clit again my whole body felt warm. Then I took my wet fingers up to my mouth and plunged them in, tasting the salty sexiness of my cunt.

I opened my eyes and looked at my brother. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were wide, but he made no sound. I could see a spot on his boxers where his pre-cum was soaking through his boxers. For some reason that turned me on even more, and I knew what I had to do.

I looked around the bed frantically, desperately searching for the right kind of item. Finally, my eyes rested on a tennis racket that my mother must have bought Sammy to try to keep him active. It was old, but it was still covered in cardboard because it had never been used. Most importantly, the handle of the racket was long, about two inches in width, and rounded at the bottom.

I tore off the cardboard and brought the black rubber handle up to my lips. I looked over at Sammy, stuck my tongue out and licked it. Then I popped the end of it into my mouth. It tasted bad (you know, like rubber), but I liked the way it made me feel. Naughty. I opened my mouth wider, letting the handle of the racket slide into my mouth. I used my tongue, swirling around and making sure the thing was wet. Farther and farther the handle pushed into my mouth until it was rubbing the back of my throat, my eyes were watering, and I gagged. When I gagged, my mouth filled with thick, wet spit. I took the racket out of my mouth and used my hand to cover the whole shaft of the racket in my spit.

I moved the racket down between my legs and placed it against my pussy. I moaned a little as I rubbed it around on my pussy lips, letting my juices mix with my spit. The end of the racket touched my clit briefly and I thought I was going to cry it felt so good. Finally, I put the end of the racket against my pussy and pushed. It was cool and hard and it made me breathe in deeply as the very tip of it thrust itself into my pussy. I groaned as I slowly worked the handle of the racket into my pussy. I twisted it, getting it wet, feeling it stretch me out. It wasn’t as big as my brother, but it felt good. I looked over at him and saw him, trance-like, staring between my legs.

I pushed the racket farther, feeling my pussy close around it. While I plunged the racket into myself, I spit in my other hand, getting my fingers wet, and then started to gently rub my clitoris. The feeling was incredible. The racket moving in and out of me while the absolute center of my pleasure zone was stimulated. And the whole time, my brother was watching me. That’s when I decided I was done torturing him.

“Come over here,” I moaned while I played with myself, “I want to see you while I fuck myself.” I said. He was off the chair like he was shot out of a cannon. In a micro-second he was standing in front of me, his dick poking through his boxers. I bit my lip while I looked at him, staring into those intelligent, beautiful eyes and just wanting him to want me.

“I love you sis,” he said in a husky tone and I almost came, I loved to hear him say that.

“I love you too Sammy,” I said, “take out that cock. I want you to jack off onto my face.” I said. I don’t know where that request came from. It had never been a fetish of mine, but something about fucking your brother makes you want to do kinky stuff I guess. He pulled his dick out of his boxers as fast as he could, wrapping his hand around his meaty member. But he didn’t start to stroke.

“Oh fuck yes!” I moaned, moving the racket faster inside of my body, “What’s wrong Sammy? Don’t you want to cover my face in your cum?” I asked and he looked weak.

“Yeah but…” he started.

“Oh God, fuck me!” I groaned, “honey I don’t have the time or inclination to get you to talk tell me what’s wrong.” I said, I knew I was nearing an orgasm. A very powerful one.

“I have masturbated since we had sex, I was trying to control my urges,” he said and that seemed silly to me, “But the problem is now, I am real backed up…”

“What does that mean,” I said in a whisper as the five or six wet inches of tennis racket handle plunged into my pussy.

“There is going to be a lot, like a ton of cum. Is that okay?” he asked sheepishly, but his cock was almost quivering. I looked at his balls, they were hanging low, they looked full and hot.

“Oh god, I need all your cum on my face baby brother,” I said, rubbing harder on my clit. That seemed to be all the motivation my brother needed. He started to move his hand up and down on his long shaft. I watched him bite his lip and close his eyes as he did. And when he did, oh my God! He sort of changed from my nerdy, but sexy, little brother into an absolute stud. I can’t explain, it was just part of that moment. I felt my orgasm building.

But I guess not masturbating for a month and then watching me fuck myself with his tennis racket had just about put my brother over the edge as well. After only about a minute of stroking his cock, I heard a little croaking sound spill out from my brother’s lips and then a long sigh. I opened my eyes and turned towards him just as the first big spurt of his hot cum shot out of his dick. I opened my mouth but the first bit came out so hard it landed in my hair. But he wasn’t done. The second spurt landed squarely in my mouth and the salty taste was overwhelming. It was so much better than I’d remembered with anyone else. It was enough to push me over the edge.

I thrust my racket deep into my pussy and rubbed hard on my clit. It felt like every single nerve in my body all of the sudden was flooded with pleasure, and it rippled around my body over and over again. I moaned loudly (maybe too loudly). All the while my eyes were open and I kept watching as more and more cum shot out of my little brother’s cock and splashed against my forehead, cheeks, teeth, hair, and neck. My orgasm was subsiding as the last little bits of cum pushed out of his cock and landed on my neck.

I reached up and felt my face, the entire thing felt like it was coated in cum. The hollow in my neck was filled like a little cup of cum. I giggled to myself and the cum from my lips slipped into my mouth. I looked at my brother and he smiled at me. Everything felt rights.

“Kids!” I heard a voice call from downstairs, “dinner is ready.” And then I remembered where I was. And what I was covered in.

“Shit!” I said and then giggled some more.

“Don’t worry,” my brother said, “I will go downstairs and stall, you just… get cleaned up,” he said and he grinned at me. He quickly threw on some clothes and walked to the door. I was sitting up in his bed when he turned back to me, “hey sis,” he said.

“Huh?” I sighed contentedly.

“You look so hot like that,” he said and then, blushing, he rushed out the door. I giggled again. My face was still covered in his splooge as I removed the tennis racket from my pussy and collected all my clothes. I opened the door to his room, checked both ways and saw that it was clear and then darted into the bathroom. I felt his cum streaming down my body, onto my tits and even a little onto my belly. When I looked at myself in the mirror I smiled, I looked like glazed donut!

I quickly scooped a little bit of the cum into my mouth, I wanted to wait and get it all. I wanted every little bit of my brothers delicious love inside of me, but I didn’t have time. Eventually I just had to clean the rest off with a towel and go downstairs. But even as I walked, and sat down to eat in front of my whole family, I could still smell the scent of his cum on me, he’d made me his.

* * * * *

Dinner that night was pretty typical. My dad was a little bit drunk, but at least he was quiet. My mom talked to me about school and tried desperately to include my brother in conversation. She tried to talk about Christmas but no one was interested. My brother was very quiet and uncomfortable, and for a few minutes I was nervous it was about us again, and then I realized he could sense the tension between my parents and it was causing him some distress. I felt for him and I had a crazy little idea about how to make him feel better after dinner…

But once the dishes were cleared and my dad lumbered back into the living room, my brother went up to his room. I was going to follow him, but my mom grabbed me. It was clear that staying in the house alone with two nearly non-verbal men was driving her nuts. She kept me up until almost 1:00 a.m. gossiping about the neighborhood, talking about some of my old friends from high school, and generally just annoying the hell out of me. But she meant well and she could be pretty good company.

The only down side was that when she finally decided to go to bed, I walked past my brothers bedroom and saw that he was passed out on his bed. I figured, based on his generally nervous disposition, that he hadn’t slept a lot the last few weeks. So I let him sleep. I figured I would get him the next day. It was such a strange feeling. Like the way I felt when I just started dating someone, infatuated with them. I wanted to be around Sammy all the time. But it felt deeper than that, because on top of that romantic and sexual infatuation was a deep love for my brother and the knowledge that passion can cool but real love stays.

Unfortunately, Christmas Eve turned out to be a particularly awful day, at least at first. I was planning on sleeping in but my mother woke me up around six and told me that she hadn’t bought anything for Christmas, because she wanted to go with me. I don’t know what she was thinking. We were at the store when the place opened up, but there were already like ten thousand people there. So for several hours we fought and kicked and punched our way through a sea of consumers, trying to grab the last remaining electronic gizmos and books and other shit we didn’t really need. The whole time, my mind was back at the house, thinking about my brother.

Finally, around six in the evening we made it back to the house. My dad was watching television and my brother was not visible. I assumed he was up in his room. I considered going up there, but my mom had stopped on the way home and bought food so I knew we’d be eating in a few minutes. I didn’t want to go upstairs and maybe start something I couldn’t finish.

Anyway, my mom called us all down to eat whatever it was she’d bought from Boston Market. This passes for traditional Christmas Eve fare at my house. At least it tasted okay. The next day my mom would cook a turkey and it would not be as pleasant.

My father was a little bit drunk at dinner, but he was at least in a good mood. He spent a lot of time talking to me about school and everything. I don’t dislike my dad the way my mom does or feel repulsed by him like my brother. I love him a lot and just wish that he could get his act together. He once had a family that loved him, now he was driving them away with his miserly attitude and drinking. But tonight that was forgotten and I sort of basked in the attention he gave me. I noticed my brother and my mom talking a little during dinner, but for the most part they were both quiet. Occasionally, when my dad wasn’t monopolizing conversation with me I would see my brother staring at me and I would smile at him. He would blush and look back at my mom. He was so cute! But finally, when he was finished eating, my brother slipped back up to his room and my mom started cleaning up.

My dad kept me around, talking for a little while about nothing in particular, but finally around 9:00 he got tired and walked back to the living room to fall asleep on the recliner. My mom had been totally monopolizing my time, so I snuck out before she could talk to me again. I walked up the stairs and went to my brother’s door. My heart was beating with a driving pace. I didn’t know what we were going to do, but I wanted badly to do it.

His door was closed and I decided I would surprise him. The door was unlocked so I pushed it forward gently, trying not to make noise. I got it open just enough to look into the room. As soon I could see and hear, I knew what my brother was doing. I looked at my brother’s computer screen and saw a cartoon of a man having sex with a cartoon woman with an incredibly giant bust. It was anime porn! My brother is such a dork. I could hear the squeals that the woman in the video was making. I looked at my brother and saw that his hand was moving up and down in front of him. It didn’t take a sex expert to figure out what he was doing. I guess after the night before he decided to give up on attempt not to touch himself anymore. I was just about to go into his room, when I heard a voice.

“Lynn honey, can you come downstairs for a minute, I need to talk to you!” My mother said. I quickly closed my brother’s door and stood out in the hallway. I don’t think that he noticed I’d opened the door. I desperately did not want to have another talk with my mom, but I didn’t see a way out of it. So I headed back downstairs and went into the kitchen.

My mom was sitting at the kitchen table. There was a glass of coca in front of her and one in front of the other seat. I took that seat and a sip of the cocoa. I looked up at my mom and gave her an inquisitive smile. What did she want?

“Honey,” she said slowly, carefully measuring her words, “Do you remember what we talked about the other day?”

“I am going to need more information than that mom,” I said, taking another sip of cocoa. She was clearly nervous, and I wondered what was up.

“About your brother?”

“What about Sammy,” I said, suddenly feeling defensive. She needed to stop worrying about him. He was fine. Well…maybe not. I don’t know if what we were doing is wrong, but at least the problems he had had nothing to do with what she was afraid of.

“About…” she said then she looked around to make sure that my dad wasn’t around, “about him possibly being gay.” I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Mom…” I started, but she put her hand up.

“I know you don’t think he is gay, but I do. And I am worried. You know your father; if your brother is gay he won’t pay for Sammy’s college. He will kick him out of the house,” she said. I don’t know if I believed that, sometimes my mom just assumes the worst about my dad.

“I don’t think daddy would do that. Plus it isn’t even an issue because Sammy isn’t gay,” I said definitively.

“How can you be sure?” she asked and I wanted to tell her I knew because I’d licked his cum off my lips the day before, but I couldn’t.

“We talk, I know,” I said. That should’ve ended. But of course, it didn’t.

“I am worried,” she said, “And I love Sammy. And I want to be able to take care of him and love him forever and I can’t do that if your father pushes him away. So, I signed him up for a program.”

“What kind of program?” I asked as my eyes narrowed and I pushed back from the table. My mom’s smile faltered a little, but she kept trying.

“It is a gay reformation therapy course,” she said and I stood up. I was ready to leave the room, “It is a medical thing. They just suppress homosexual urges and replace them with heterosexual ones. Here look, this is the brochure,” she said. She handed me a brochure, but I wouldn’t take it.

“Mom. Sammy isn’t gay. Even if he was, you should love him the way he is. And even if you can’t do that, you have to at least know that these therapies are bullshit and that if someone is gay you can’t bully them into being straight,” I said. My mom looked defeated. She dropped the pamphlet on the table. I saw tears welling in her eyes.

“I just want my boy to be okay,” she said and she cried. I sat back down at the table.

“He is 18, you can’t make him go,” I said, putting my arm around her.

“I want him to go, I know I can’t make him.”

“He is straight mom,” I said.

“I want to believe you’re right, but I can’t. I just want to be sure,” she said. And somehow, that clicked with something in my brain. All of the sudden, I knew exactly what I had to do. It wasn’t going to be pretty, but I had to show her.

“Mom,” I said, “I can prove it. Follow me,” I said. I was taking her upstairs. I was hoping and praying that Sammy was still watching porn on his computer. If I could just show mom that he was watching straight (albeit cartoon) porn, then she would at least give up on this ludicrous plan. It might be embarrassing for Sammy, but it was less embarrassing having your mom tell you you’re gay and that you need to go to therapy. Yuck. I was worried about my mother too, she was clearly high strung and tension with my dad was freaking her out. I thought maybe having one less thing to worry about would be good for her.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Just follow me and be quiet,” I said. I started up the stairs and she followed. We reached the hallway upstairs and I walked to my brother’s room. Just like before I started the process of slowly and carefully cracking the door so I could look inside. When I got it about five inches open I could see the screen. Sammy was still pounding away at his dick and there were cartoons having sex on screen. One had giant boobs, so I was pretty sure my mother would be satisfied.

“What are you doing?” my mother whispered. But then we both heard the sound of a woman’s moan coming from the computer. My mother pushed past me and looked at the crack. I looked at her face as she registered what she was looking at. She blushed and looked embarrassed to see my brother masturbating, but I could sense that she was relieved as well.

“See!” I said carefully. My mom pulled away from the door, embarrassed but grinning.

“I do feel better,” she said and then started to turn to leave.

“Oh fuck mom, suck my dick!” a voice said from my brother’s room. It wasn’t my brother’s voice, it was the video.

“Oh son, I love you so much, I want to taste you!” A woman’s voice said. My mother’s eyes grew wide. Then she rushed to the door and looked inside again. I tried to get in her way, but I couldn’t. What kind of weirdo porn was Sammy watching?

“Momma, I want you to taste my cum!” the voice said.

“I want to eat it up!” the mother replied. I realized then that I might have made things a thousand times worse. But how was I to know?

“Come on mom,” I said, “Let’s get out of here.” But my mother wanted none of that. Instead she pushed past the door. Into my brother’s room.

“What it the hell is going on in here!” she hissed, obviously not wanting to scream and wake my father. I heard my brother give out a terrified yell and then I came into the room behind my mother. Sammy turned quickly, his dick still out and hard. When he realized this, he took a pillow from the foot of his bed and covered himself.

“Jesus Christ, what are you two doing here?” he said, his voice almost squealing with discomfort.

“What are we doing here?” my mother asked, “What are you doing here. What is that filth?”

“It’s just porn mom, all guys look at porn,” Sammy said, hanging his head and looking absolutely dreadful. I wanted to run over to him and put my arms around him. I wanted to expel this embarrassment. But for the time at least, I was trapped.

“It wasn’t just porn!” My mother said and she looked absolutely terrified when she said it. I realized she wasn’t angry, like I thought, she was scared. “It was porn where… where a mother was… having sex with her… with her son!” she said and she could barely get it out.

“No it wasn’t!”

“I heard it!”

“It’s a joke!” he said.

“Your erection wasn’t a joke,” my mother said and my brother recoiled as though he were hit. “I saw what you were doing. Oh god! What is wrong with this family! What did I do wrong?”

“Mom, you need to relax,” I said, trying to calm what was happening. But she didn’t seem to hear me.

“Is that what you want? You want me to have sex with you?” My mother said and Sammy’s eyes got wide. He was clearly terrified.

“No, it was just a fantasy mom, I am sorry,” he said

“Fantasies you have about me?” my mother said.

“No… Just…No!” My brother said, trying to slink back into the chair. And then I realized something. I looked at my mother and she was so passionate at that moment. She was so alive at that moment, I realized what was happening. I’d been there before. She was flattered. And curious. And a little aroused. And she was terrified of those feelings. She wanted to make sure they were not legitimate. She wanted them out root and branch. But she liked it. She was trapped in a loveless marriage, god knew when the last time she’d had sex. She felt sexy. That was what was swirling in her head; it was what was making her scared. And this was her little boy, she loved him. I had to convince her that the only way to keep him was to accept him… any maybe her own urges.

“Mom,” I said, “Mom stop…:” Finally my mother seemed to hear me and she turned and looked at me. Her eyes were red and she looked like she was about to start bawling. Her whole body was shaking.

“What is happening Lynn, this can’t be happening!” My mother said. Then she sat down on the bed and buried her face in her hands. I let her cry for a while. My brother looked at me, terrified and embarrassed. I just nodded reassuringly to him, in way that let him know I would take care of it. He seemed to relax. But just a very little bit.

“Mom,” I said, picking my words with extreme care, “I knew about this. I talked to Sammy about this when he came to visit me at school. He told me he had sexual fantasies about you.” My brother’s eyes widened and he looked like he was about to protest, so I pursed my lips and shook my head. He fell silent.

“Oh god honey, why did you tell me?” she begged through her fingers.

“Can I be very, very honest with you mom?” I asked and she looked up and nodded. “Sammy told me that he was terrified. He was terrified to tell you. He thinks you are a beautiful and sexy woman. And he wanted you. But he was afraid that if he told you that not only you would say no (and believe me, he knew that you would say no), but he was more afraid that you’d hate him. That you’d stop loving him. I told him that there was no way he could ever do anything that would make you stop loving him. Didn’t I Sammy?”

“Yeah, you did,” Sammy said and he sounded like his throat was dry. My mother looked up. Her eyes were red, and so were her cheeks. But she looked somehow beautiful, I can’t explain it. Seeing the intensity of her concern for my brother, so genuine. The passion was palpable and beautiful.

“How could he ever think that?” my mother said, “Of course I worry about him. But I love him and I will always love him. We can work through this.”

“I think Sammy needs for you to hug him and tell him everything is okay,” I explained. My mother looked over at my brother who gave her a sheepish look. I saw her eyes melt. She only ever wanted what was best for him. She threw open her arms. Sammy stood and held the pillow up against his crotch and looked at me. I made a motion, like he should throw it aside and he complied. His penis was flaccid now and bounced against his leg as he moved over to our mother. If she noticed, she pretended that she did not. He fell reluctantly into her arms and she held him close.

“I will always love you Sammy, you can’t ever lose your mother,” she cooed at him. As she held him, his penis rubbed against her side. Again, she pretended she didn’t notice. But Sammy couldn’t. As I said earlier, my mother is an attractive lady, she smells lovely, and it is clear my brother has a taste for family treats. As she gyrated and cooed at him while she hugged, I watched as his cock started to get hard, to press against my mother’s side. She still pretended she didn’t notice. But I did.

“Mom, I just thought of something,” I said and then I moved next to her, so that I Sammy was on her left and I was on her right. “I think you need to show Sammy that you will accept him no matter what.”

“How can I do that,” my mother said, smiling at me. She was euphoric right now. The wildly shift emotions had left her open and vulnerable. I felt bad having to attack, but… I had to attack.

“Show him that you accept him mom. Take him into your heart, and soul… and body,” I said. My mother’s brow furrowed. But I didn’t let her think or say anything. Instead I reached across her body. I could feel her warmth. I reached over to my brother and wrapped my hand around the base of his penis. His body shuddered. But I slowly started to stroke it. My brother gasped but didn’t move.

I looked over at my mother. She was staring at me wide-eyed, almost too confused for words. Today had been too much of a shock to her she was like putty; I could shape her into whatever I wanted. Not that I knew necessarily what I wanted. I wasn’t out to get anything here, I was just trying to fix a problem, and it was such a messy, sexy problem that I didn’t know what else to do but double down. I didn’t feel like I had a choice, I was stuck. Maybe I just wanted to be stuck. I leaned over into her ear and whispered so quietly that Sammy couldn’t hear.

“Mom, I know that Daddy doesn’t come to your bed anymore. I know that you don’t feel like a beautiful woman anymore. But you are. Daddy doesn’t accept you as a beautiful woman. Sammy does. He loves you and wants you. We both love you. Why don’t you show Sammy that you appreciate how much he loves you? Take Sammy’s cock in your mouth. Give your son pleasure and he will be devoted to you forever. You won’t lose him like daddy.” I didn’t know if I was telling the truth, I was just saying what I needed to say. But I hoped it was true. I prayed it was true.

My mother looked down at my hand as I stroked my brother’s hard cock. For a second she just watched. Then, slowly, she lifted her hand and placed it on my arm, arresting my ability to stroke. Carefully she lifted my hand away from Sammy’s dick. For a terrifying moment, I thought it was all over. I’d just compounded our already horrible problem. Sammy was gaping at me, wide-eyed. My mom looked at Sammy.

“I love you Sammy,” she said, and then she bent over at her waist. I watched as she took Sammy’s big, hard dick in her hand and then slowly guided it towards her mouth. I saw the bright pink tip of his cock slide into her mouth and I watched him shake. For a second he looked at me with a combined look of surprise, admiration, and lust. Then, my mom started to work his cock deeper into his mouth and he closed his eyes and enjoyed it.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t conflicted by what I was watching. First of all, just watching an older woman, a beautiful older woman, suck a younger man’s cock was kind of a turn on for me. They way her lips rested against his taut skin and the way the shaft of the cock plunged in and out of her mouth was undeniably sexy. However, I was a little jealous! Of my mom! I wanted to be sucking that cock, it belonged to me. Worse than that, I blamed my mom for this. If she hadn’t been so damn weird about thinking Sammy was gay and if she had just looked at Sammy watching porn and walked away, I wouldn’t have had to do this.

Suddenly I was struck by an idea. I would have to punish mom for this, but I couldn’t ruin the sex. So I took one last look at them, mom looking almost surprised, but also aroused, to be sucking Sammy’s dick. And Sammy, with his eyes closed, looking euphoric. I hoped I was better than mom. Then, after my glance, I went over to Sammy and whispered into his ear.

“Go sit down on the bed,” I said. He nodded but didn’t open his eyes. Carefully, he slid over so that he was sitting on the bed with his legs spread. My mom followed him, keeping his cock in her mouth. I saw her move her hand between his legs and gently start to massage his balls while she sucked. He moaned as she did this and I could see her smile. She was just happy to be having sex again.

Now they were positioned so that Sammy was sitting on the bed, legs apart and leaning back against the foot of his bed. My mom was on her hands and knees between his legs, her mouth on his dick and her ass in the air, just the way I wanted. I climbed up on the bed behind my mom. I looked over her and saw her big, round ass in the air and the way her body tapered to her narrow hips, I saw her elegantly arched back and the way her blonde head bobbed up and down on my brother’s cock.

She was wearing sweater and a pair of yoga pants. I quickly grabbed her yoga pants and her panties and in one quick motion I thrust them down to the bed around her knees. I noticed my mother’s head stopped bobbing, clearly she was wondering what I was doing. Sammy saved me this time.

“Mom, oh God don’t stop!” he said and in a moment his cock was sliding between her lips again, getting drenched spit.

Now I was looking at my mother from behind. Her ass was up in the air and her legs were spread slightly. I could see a sparse amount of pubic hair over her vagina, her vaginal lips looked pink and puffy and they glistened with her juices. I also saw her asshole, a crinkled little purple star in the sea of her white skin. And I prepared to go through with my plan.

Before I go any farther, I know some of you are thinking, “I read Lynn’s first story and it seemed impossible, but this one is even crazier and harder to believe.” And I know that. But all I can say is that it happened and that, at the time, it didn’t feel like there was any choice. I feel trapped by these strange incestuous events that keep happening in my life. I am trapped, but I love it. I don’t know, if you can’t understand it now, I guess I will never be able to explain it.

Anyway, I put one of my hands on either one of my mom’s ass cheeks and spread them apart. Her asshole contracted a little when I did it. I leaned forward, looking at it. I’d never been this close to anyone’s asshole before; I expected to be a little repulsed by it. Especially because it belonged to someone I was related to. But it looked cute. I leaned forward until I was just about half an inch away from it. My mother’s body had a thick, earthy smell that was intoxicating.

Slowly, I stuck out my tongue. I felt her asshole before I tasted it, it was hot and wrinkled and supple. It tasted like her skin, but more metallic somehow. When I pressed my tongue hard against her asshole I felt her whole body tremble. It felt for a minute like she would look around to see what I was doing, but I could feel her body continue to rise and fall as my brother’s cock pounded into her mouth. I heard her moan around the cock and I wondered if she liked the feeling.

I began to lap at her asshole, spreading my tongue wide and moving it all over her. I felt her push back against the tongue. Sometimes I would make my tongue rigid, dip into the soft, tight, salty recesses of her asshole, getting it wet and slippery. I dug my fingers into her supple ass cheeks as I did this, keeping balance and being overwhelmed by how hot I found this.

And we were like that for a while, my brother on his butt, thrusting his cock up into my mother’s hungry mouth, eyes closed and in heaven. My mother, in an almost trance, letting that cock slide into her, tasting his skin and licking her pre-cum, choking and letting her spit down his cock. At the same time, she thrust back at me, holding her asshole open and feeling the warmth and wetness of my tongue. Finally, there was me, on my knees behind my mother, my hands buried in her skin, my tongue fondling her dirtiest place and the whole time I felt so horny that my pajama pants were wet outside of my panties. My nipples were erect and they ached to be touched. It was incredible.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved my little brother Sammy. He was always just sort of, I don’t know, a dork. I think that she came out of the womb with a certain social awkwardness and a unique ability to make himself invisible in plain sight. Sammy is a total nerd and always has been. I am not saying that to put him down. Like I said, I really do love my little brother. We never had that sort of torturous older sister/younger brother thing that you see on television and movies. I just want you to know what we are dealing with here.

So, this story I am going to tell you about my brother and I happened about two years ago. At the time I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college. My brother was 18 and a senior in high school. Not that he looked it. He was always painfully shrimpy and reaching the age of adulthood hadn’t changed that. I am not a tall girl, only around 5’5, but I was still taller than my brother at 5’3. On top of that he was string bean thin, probably only 110lbs. He had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had a handsome face, but it was a bit childish and he couldn’t even begin to grow facial hair. His skin was always very pale and he was incapable of tanning. Worst of all, he always wore really baggy clothes and slouched. He looked like a pouty kid more than a man just a few months short of college.

If you just looked at us, you’d never know that we are related. As I already stated, I am taller than my brother. I have very long light blonde hair and bright, wide blue eyes. I have thick pink lips and a pretty, oval face. The only thing I don’t like about my face is that I have slightly rotated eyeteeth, but some people tell me they look cute. Whatever. I have small, round breasts (34-B) and a flat stomach. I have hips slightly wider than my breasts, a toned butt, and shapely legs. On top of all that, I take after our mother and tan very easily. You wouldn’t think we were cousins, let alone brother and sister.

It all started on a Friday morning. It was in December, near the end of the first semester. I would be going home for Christmas break in a few weeks and classes were just starting to wind down before exams started. As I said, my brother was a senior in high school so he was deciding where he wanted to go to college. His applications were all due in early January, so he was really running out of time.

I went to a big public university. Very much a party school. Also very affordable. My brother was always much smarter than me and he wanted to go to some small liberal arts school in the middle of nowhere. It was prestigious and quiet, which suited my brother’s personality perfectly. Unfortunately it was also wildly expensive. My dad had called me on Thursday to tell me that he was sending my brother to my school. He wanted me to show my brother around and try to convince him that my school, or a similar school, would be a better fit for him. I knew that meant my dad didn’t want to pay for my brother’s prestigious choice.

I was not really excited about showing my brother around on a Friday night. I had plans, I’d been invited to a party and I wanted to dance (things that I would not be able to do with my sulking brother lingering around). But, when the man who is paying for your education (and giving you money for food and gas) asks you to do something, you have to suck it up and agree to it. So on Friday morning (a day I don’t have classes) I was at the train station in town, picking up my brother.

“What’s up nerd?” I asked when he sat down in the passenger seat next to me. He gave me a sad little smile and threw his duffel bag in the backseat.

“Hey Lynn,” he said, “Sorry dad is making you do this.” He looked almost embarrassed, like he knew that I had been bitching about him the entire drive to the train station. I smiled at him.

“Don’t be a doofus,” I said, “It’d be an honor to show you around.” And with that I kicked the car into gear and headed back towards campus. While we drove I asked my brother about school and about his extracurricular activities (he was president of a thousand socially suicidal clubs, but I tried not to give him a hard time about it). He gave me short, embarrassed answers, so I mostly let things dropped.

“New girlfriend or anything?” I asked finally, trying to make him talk. My brother has a hard time warming up to conversation, even with my parents or me. He gets shy around people he’s known his entire life. You have get him started, then he can almost manage a normal human conversation.

“No,” he said and he looked over at me with the most pathetic face I’d ever seen, “I have pretty much realized that that is never going to happen.” He sounded sad, but not in an acute way. He seemed…resigned. Like he really had given up on the opposite sex. My heart broke for him. He was so smart and he could be funny when he allowed himself to be. He could be cute if he dressed himself properly. There was no reason for him to give up. I felt like I was going to cry. I reached over and gave his hand a squeeze.

“Don’t think like that Sammy, you will have a beautiful girlfriend someday very soon. I know it. And someday you will get married and have an army of cute little nerdy children with glasses and pocket protectors,” I said. He laughed a little and I felt better, even though I was pretty sure I hadn’t convinced him of anything.

It was around ten in the morning when I parked my car outside of my dorm. I had begged my dad to let me move off campus for my sophomore year. I knew a bunch of people and could have stayed at any number of houses. But he said he didn’t like the things that happened at off-campus housing and said I would be in the dorms at least through my junior year. Like you can’t get drunk in a dorm or something! Sometimes, my dad is kind of dense.

Luckily, two girls that I knew, Adrienne and Carrie, were both on full-ride academic scholarships. Because they were on scholarship, they received a grant to pay for their student housing. They’d lose the grant if they moved off campus so they stayed in the dorms as well. Since we were friendly (if not friends) we got a suite together. The suite was on the fifth floor of a large brick building and it had four rooms. There was a living room with a small kitchen essentially in one corner, a bathroom with a slim shower stall, and then two bedrooms. We’d had a coin flip to start the year and I’d won. So I had a private room and Adrienne and Carrie shared the other.

We took Sammy’s duffel bag up to the dorm and dropped it in the living room. I’d already discussed it with Adrienne and Carrie, and they were cool with Sammy sleeping on the couch. When we came up, Adrienne and Carrie were sitting on the couch watching television.

“Hey Lynn” Adrienne said, “Is this the rug rat?” she pointed to my brother. He almost flinched away from her finger and Adrienne laughed. She was the boisterous and friendly roommate. She was very pretty with long black hair, grey eyes, and olive skin. She was tall and lithe with small breasts and pretty legs that she poured into tight jeans to show off her small, muscled butt.

“You’re giving him a complex,” Carrie said. She was the sweet and shy roommate. Not shy by my brother’s standard, but by normal human standards. Carrie was short and curvy with long auburn hair and green eyes. She was almost as pale as my brother, but she pulled it off better, like a Victorian-era lady or something.

“Yeah this is Sammy,” I said, throwing his bag on the floor, “Sammy this is Adrienne and this is Carrie.” He stared at them blankly. His lips moved a little, but he didn’t say anything.

“Nice to meet you,” Carrie said, finally. Adrienne smiled and nodded.

“Same to you,” My brother said in a squeaky little voice. Adrienne looked like she was about to make a joke, but I shook my head. She would think it was funny and wouldn’t mean to hurt, but any little teasing would crush Sammy. We stood awkwardly and quietly for a few moments. It was like Sammy was capable of bringing discomfort with him.

“So what are you guys doing today?” Adrienne asked finally.

“Oh you know, doing the tour thing. Taking him out to Florentine’s for lunch, not really sure exactly,” I said.

“What are you kids doing tonight?” Adrienne asked, “Are the Sampson children going to go wild on a Friday night at the state college?”

“No,” Sammy said and I was surprised, “I don’t much like parties.” Well that was the end of that. I was hoping to take him out, to loosen him up and make him see the opportunities that were available in college. No dice.

“Well Adrienne and I are staying in tonight. Habitat for Humanity in the morning. If you guys want to hang out with us this evening, that’s cool,” Carrie said. I thanked them and then dragged my brother out of the dorm. We might not be able to go to a party tonight, but I wasn’t going to let him hang out in his room all day. It wasn’t like he was at home.

As I promised I took my brother out to Florentine’s. It’s a surprisingly good, and inexpensive, Italian restaurant that is sort of a hangout for the students at my school. He looked sullen most of the time, but that was normal. He seemed to like the food. When we were done eating we checked out the things I knew he’d like. I showed him the library and the computer labs. We walked around the gardens (though they didn’t look great in the winter) and the portrait gallery. We even looked in some of the darkened classrooms and dining facilities. I kept him away from the things most people would want to see, the bars and the frat houses.

But it was nice. During the day he started to warm up a bit. We had a conversation, an honest to god talk, about college. What he was looking and everything else. I knew from what he was saying that my school could be a decent fit for him. That’s the nice thing about a big college; there is plenty of space for everyone.

“I told dad I wanted to go to that little school we took you to in Springfield,” he explained as the sun was starting to go down, “The little liberal arts college. I did it just to get a rise out of him.” He explained and I laughed. My dad was paranoid.

“Where do you want to go? Here?” I asked and he shook his head.

“I want to go to an urban school somewhere, like New York or Boston or something. I just, I like being anonymous. I want to go somewhere where no one would notice me,” he explained. I guess I knew that feeling. But I felt bad for him. Part of his problem was that he was already too anonymous. He needed to branch out.

“Don’t go trying to disappear on me little brother,” I said, “I love you and if you try to become completely anonymous, I will hunt you down and find you.” Then he did something very strange. He reached over and grabbed my hand and held it.

“I love you too sis,” he said, “Sometimes you’re the only person I love, but I do love you.” I was touched. I mean, I really felt lovely when he said that. And we walked the rest of the way back to the dorm, hand in hand.

We arrived back at the dorm around 5:30 and the sun was almost completely out of the sky. Carrie was still sitting on the couch watching television, but I didn’t see Adrienne anywhere. Carrie didn’t look like she’d moved all day and she stretched and yawned when she saw us.

“How was the tour?” she asked. Sammy shrugged.

“It was fine,” I said, “We ran into that mouth-breather guy who likes you at the library.”

“Oh God!” Carrie said and we both started giggling. Then I heard Adrienne’s voice.

“Hey Carrie, are we taking your care to Habitat tomorrow? I was just…Oh!” I turned and looked Adrienne was walking out of the bathroom. She had clearly just showered. She had a towel wrapped around the top of her breasts but it was incredibly short. A triangle of flesh was exposed on the open side and one entire ass cheek was in the open air. If she moved slightly, she vagina would have been clearly visible. Normally this wouldn’t have been a huge issue. I, and to a greater extent Carrie, would have liked Adrienne to be more discreet, but if it was just us girls, who care? The problem was Sammy.

I looked over at him and he was staring at Adrienne’s hip. His eyes were wide as saucer’s and I swear his mouth was actually hanging open. This was probably the closest he’d ever come to a naked woman and I think I could feel his heart beating.

“What are you doing?” I said, laughing, “You knew my brother was going to be here, you pervert.” Adrienne put on a shocked face.

“How was I supposed to know you’d be back? You’re the pervert, staring at me!’ she said and I saw Sammy look away quickly, even though Adrienne was talking to me.

“Whatever,” I said, “Go get changed.” And Adrienne went into her bedroom. She came out a few minutes later in soft pajama pants and a tank top. He outfit was almost identical to what Carrie was wearing, except Carrie had a t-shirt on instead of a tank top. They looked comfortable.

“I am going to put my pajamas on too,” I said, “I will get changed in my room. You can get more comfortable if you’d like Sammy. Just use the bathroom. Please don’t come out half naked, that is Adrienne’s job.” Adrienne stuck her tongue out at me as I went to my room. I came back out a few minutes later wearing a pair of tight gym shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt. Sammy was already back, wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt. Both black, as fit his sense of style (if you could call it that).

We sat around for a while and watched television. I ordered a pizza and we all ate dinner. For a while the girls tried to get Sammy to talk. I did as well. But it was no use, he was too shy. Eventually, even Adrienne started to give up.

I was thinking about my brother’s eyes when Adrienne walked out of the shower. He clearly found her attractive. He hadn’t given up on girls because he didn’t think they were sexy, he did it because talking to girls stressed him out too much. If there was just some way I could show him that talking to girls didn’t have to be difficult, that it could be fun, I’d maybe make his trip here worthwhile. But how did I do that? Then I thought of something.

“Let’s play a game!” I said. Sammy would be forced to talk, and maybe even attempt to flirt, if we played a board game or something.

“Yeah, this show sucks,” Carrie said and clicked it off, “What do you want to play?”

“I don’t know. We have Risk, Monopoly, and Scrabble. But I am not in the mood for Scrabble,” I said. Scrabble is a quiet game; we needed something that required talking.

“Ah! No Board games let’s play something else. How about Kings!” Adrienne said. I shook my head.

“Even if we wanted to we don’t have any alcohol. How do you play a boring drinking game sober?” I asked. I looked at Sammy out of the corner of my eye. He was watching everything happen, but didn’t seem to be taking much of a rooting interest in anything.

“Well I won’t play if we play a board game,” Adrienne said.

“How about Poker?” I asked. Everyone else groaned at once.

“You always win, that’s no fun,” Carrie said and I laughed. It was true, but I still would have liked to play.

“I know!” Adrienne said, “I played this game with some people last week. You know that game ‘never have I ever?’ well it’s like that, except you have dares mixed in!” I was just about to decline to play that game when my brother spoke up.

“I don’t know that game,” Sammy said and I was shocked to hear him talk. Adrienne was so excited about her idea that she didn’t even notice that Sammy was awkward, she just engaged him, which is what I was looking for.

“Oh I’m sorry,” she said, “Okay so like everyone will put up a hand and then whoever’s turn it is will say something like ‘never have I ever eaten a peach pie,’ and if you ate a peach pie then you have to put your hand down. You can play it with beer, so like if you put your hand down you have to drink.”

“We aren’t drinking,” I said. Adrienne turned to me and rolled her eyes.

“I know that Lynn!” she said in an exaggerated tone, “That’s why I said it can be played with dares. If you play it that way, anytime you play a round everyone who puts their hands down it ‘out.’ Whoever is out, they have to do a dare that the people are ‘in’ make up together. So like on that last thing. If Carrie and I put our hands down because we both have eaten peach pie and the Sampson Siblings kept their hands up because they are sociopaths who’ve never had peach pie, the brother and sister team has to come up with a dare for Carrie and me to do.” She said it all in one breath; it was exhausting just to hear her.

“I don’t know,” Carrie said, she looked a little nervous about the room this game had for potential dangers. I was about to add my voice to the chorus, when I saw that Sammy looked a little bit excited. He was staring at Adrienne in the same way he had when she was nearly naked. Like she’d accidentally forgotten he existed and he was going to get to take advantage of it. I wasn’t happy about this game, but I’d do it for my brother.

“Come on Carrie, it’s this or more Jersey Shore,” I said. And now it was Carrie’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Fine, let’s play,” she said. I didn’t ask Sammy, I just assumed he was on board and figured he didn’t want me to point out his presence to the girls.

“I will go first since it was my idea,” Adrienne said and we all booed. She laughed and said, “hands up everybody. Okay, never have I ever… slept in Lynn’s dorm room when she was out of town!” Adrienne said and the laughed. Carrie blushed as her hand slowly went to her side.

“You bitch!” I said, “I can’t believe you slept in my bed!” I was trying not to giggle, I could care less if she took a nap in my bed.

“I cleaned the sheets! It was because Adrienne had a boy over. It was her fault,” Carrie said. I shot a look at Adrienne and she just shrugged.

“Carrie is the only one out, so we have to make a dare for her,” Adrienne explained. So Adrienne, Sammy and I huddled up and decided on a dare. Since my bed was defiled, I got to announce it.

“Carrie, we dare you to take off your tank-top and play the rest of the game in your bra!” I said. It was harmless, and I knew that Sammy would get a kick out of it. Carrie’s fair skin turned a deep crimson.

“I don’t know…” Carrie said, and I saw her eye dark to Sammy.

“He’s seen way more of Adrienne than he will see of you,” I said. Carrie saw that we weren’t going to budge. Deftly she slipped her tank top up over her head and threw it onto the floor. She was wearing a pretty pink demi-bra with white lace. Her breasts looked large and round in it. Sammy noticed as well, but did a decent job of hiding his interest.

“I think we should let Carrie go next, she is half-nude,” Adrienne said.

“Fine,” Carrie said looking right at Adrienne, “Never have I ever had sex in Lynn’s bed when she was out of town.” Now I was actually pretty angry.

“I assume you didn’t wash the sheets,” I said to Adrienne and she gave me a devilish smile. I looked around and saw, thankfully, Adrienne’s hand was the only one down.

“Shouldn’t you have a hand down, Lynn? I am sure you’ve fucked in your bed. I mean three weeks ago…” Adrienne started but I cut her off.

“She said while I was out of town. It is impossible for me to have sex in my bed when I am not in it,” I said. I didn’t really want to talk about my sex life in front of Sammy. I was a little nervous about where this was going.

“Fine, come up with a dare then,” Adrienne said. We huddled together. Sammy didn’t do much talking, but Carrie and I came up with one. Carrie announced it.

“Adrienne, we dare you to moon out our window for thirty second! Pull the window down too, the December weather is good for your ass!” Carrie said and we all giggled. Even Sammy laughed a bit.

Adrienne moved like she wanted to prove she was stronger than Carrie had been. When she reached our window, she pulled it down quickly and turned. The freezing air poured in and I wrapped my arms around my chest. Adrienne pulled down the back of her pajama pants and pushed her ass out the window. It was darkening outside, but there were lights on the side of the building. Our dorm faced into the middle of the quad and we heard someone laugh and we hoped it was because of Adrienne’s ass. I noticed that Sammy wasn’t watching Adrienne, his eyes were on Carrie’s chest, where the cold breeze from the window had made Carrie’s nipples hard. She didn’t notice.

After 30 seconds, Adrienne hiked up her pants and slipped the window closed. We gave her a hearty round of applause and I threw her a blanket. She was clearly freezing, but pretending she wasn’t. She wrapped herself up and then looked at me.

“You’re turn,” she said around chattering teeth.

“Never have I ever…stuck my ass out the window in December,” I said and then quickly waved my hands and giggled, “just kidding. No. Never have I ever… kissed a girl.” I said. This was true. I wasn’t the kind of girl who makes out with girls just to get a rise out of guys. But I knew that my roommates had once made out when they were drunk (to Carrie’s sober mortification) to impress one of Adrienne’s boyfriends. I also had a supposition about my brother. And I saw that Carrie and Adrienne’s hand drop and they looked embarrassed, but my brother’s hand was still up (his face was SO RED).

“Really? Never?” Adrienne asked, clearly for my brother.

“No I haven’t,” I said quickly, I wasn’t out to embarrass him. I didn’t confer with Sammy, I just let them know the dare, “I dare you, Adrienne and Carrie, to both kiss my brother once.” I said. It had worked out just like I’d planned. If he wasn’t going to talk to the girls during this game, I was going to jump him ahead a step.

I think Sammy was pleasantly surprised that Adrienne didn’t balk. She walked right over to the couch where he was sitting, sat down next to him and grabbed his head. She turned my brother’s face towards her own, closed her eyes and leaned forward. Their lips met and I saw that Sammy trying to give her a little smooch. But Adrienne was forceful. She ran her tongue along his lip until he opened his mouth and then Adrienne dipped her tongue into his mouth. They kissed for about ten seconds, then Adrienne moved back to where she’d come from. Sammy looked more than a little dazed and I smiled.

Just as Adrienne moved away Carrie moved forward. She sat in the same spot as Adrienne had sat and blushed. Neither wanted to make the first move, but I knew my brother better than Carrie did. Finally, she turned and put her lips against his. It was the smooch that Sammy had tried to get from Adrienne, their pursed lips pressed together for a few seconds and then they parted. It was sweet. When Carrie moved back to her chair, Sammy had a dreamy little smile on his face.

“Sammy, it’s your turn,” Adrienne said. For a minute, he didn’t seem to realize that she was talking to him. Then he started to blush.

“Oh, I don’t know, I don’t have any good ideas,” Sammy said, staring down at his feet.

“Don’t be a wimp!” Adrienne said. Carrie shot her a look. I was happy because she saved me the effort of scolding.

“It doesn’t have to be really good or anything, it just has to be something,” Carrie explained, “We are all just going to answer it. So don’t worry.” Sammy seemed to actually consider what she said.

“Okay,” he said and then paused for a few seconds while he thought. I think it was while he was thinking that he realized the huge advantage he had by being male and also being younger than everyone else, “never have I ever… sucked a cock.”

I was sort of shocked to hear him say that. But he was clearly horny from the kisses I had asked Adrienne and Carrie to give him and it was a logical progression in the game. Anyway, all three of our hands went down. I know I was blushing then. I knew my brother was thinking about me giving someone a blowjob. He had a little smile on his face; he was enjoying this at least.

“Now the dare,” Adrienne said, “It’s all on you.” Sammy took another few moments to think about his options. He looked at the three of us.

“Okay,” he said and he looked bolder somehow, like he was engaged. I wondered if it had to do with the fact that he was turned on. I had to admit to myself I was a little turned on, with all this talk of sex, “I dare you three to… flash me.” And I heard Carrie groan. It took me a second to realize what he’d requested.

“Even me?” I asked. That was kind of weird.

“I want to be fair,” he said. I looked at Carrie and Adrienne. Of course, Adrienne just shrugged, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her small, teardrop breasts dropped out of her shirt. Her nipples were small and hard and she looked quite beautiful. She put her shirt back down. My brother turned to look at Carrie. For a second she just sat and blushed. Then, she slipped her fingers into the cups of her bra and pulled down quickly. Her breasts popped out, exposing big pink nipples and large round breasts. The she quickly stuffed her breasts back into the bra.

Then all eyes were on me. Sammy was staring at me and he had a strange look in his eye. I think that it might have been lust. I have to admit, that I felt a sexy chill run through my body when his eyes fell on me. I felt the same about the two girls looking at me. I wanted them to want to look at my body. I quickly pulled off my long-sleeve t-shirt. I was wearing a black bra with a front clasp. My heart was beating now and I felt a sort of sick excitement mixed with fear. But I reached up and unclasped the bra. I grabbed the two cups and pulled them away from my breasts. I looked down and saw my round pink areolas and longish nipples, my small but perky breasts and felt proud of my body. I felt Adrienne, Carrie, and Sammy’s eyes on me and I looked up at them. They all looked at me hungrily. I close my bra back up, but felt strange. I could feel the moisture between my legs and realized I was very turned on! In front of my brother!

“You all have pretty bodies,” Sammy said and he blushed.

“He is so cute!” Adrienne said and he just blushed harder. I was sort of proud of him for making the compliment. And I actually felt glad he liked how my body looked. That was a weird thought. Suddenly I realized the room felt very hot (all the cold from Adrienne’s mooning had dissipated). It felt muggy in the room and smelled a little like arousal. This was getting weird. But I didn’t want it to stop.

“Ok Adrienne, your turn,” I said. I turned to hear and her cheeks looked flushed. Carrie was the same. I realized we were all getting turned on with our naughty little game. This had gotten sexy so quickly; I didn’t even realize how odd it was. This was not the sort of thing I did with my roommates! But I’d wanted something like this for my brother, so I had to keep going.

“Never have I ever,” Adrienne said, “masturbated in my sibling’s room,” I looked around and saw that Sammy’s hand was down! He was my only sibling. He had masturbated in my room?

“What?” I asked.

“I knew it!” Adrienne said, “I totally can tell that dudes like to do stuff like that. They crank it in weird places!” I was looking at my brother and he was blushing, but he was giving a sly little smile too. I felt a little grossed out. But also a little intrigued. Why had he masturbated there? What did he think about?

“Sorry sis,” he mumbled, “I just want to do it in a room that smelled like a girl.” He explained and Carrie and Adrienne giggled. I was dumbfounded. My brother, masturbating with my smell in his nose. I was a little disgusted that it turned me on even more.

“Come on, huddle up for the dare,” Adrienne said. This was Sammy’s first dare, so we discussed it for a while. I will have you know that I fought against the dare; I said it was gross and a bad idea and begged them not to do it. I was shocked by how quickly I felt this was spinning out of control. But they took a vote and I lost. Finally, Adrienne got to deliver the challenge.

“Sammy, we dare you,” Carrie said, “to show us your dick.” Sammy’s eyes got very wide and he made a small choking sound in the back of his throat.

“I…uh…” he managed to say. He looked at me for a moment, then his eyes darted away, mortified.

“Come on, you made us show you our tits, even Lynn had to show her tits. This is really the least you can do,” Adrienne said, putting her hands on her hips.

“Lynn…” Sammy started and I looked at him and shrugged.

“This is so embarrassing,” Sammy said and then he hooked his thumbs into his sweatpants. He was actually going to do it. I don’t even know how to describe the feeling I had when I saw that. I was happy he was into it, but I didn’t want to embarrass him. And I didn’t want to see his cock. I didn’t think I wanted to see his cock. I kept looking at my feet.

“Holy shit!” Adrienne said and I looked over at her. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was a little slack. Carrie had the same look on her face.

“What?” I asked.

“He’s got a huge dick,” Adrienne said. I turned quickly and looked. My brother was on the couch with his sweat pants and boxer shorts pulled down to about mid-thigh. His cock was hard and standing straight up out of his lap. Adrienne wasn’t kidding. My tiny, nerdy little brother had a huge dick. I am no virgin (nor a slut), I’ve seen my share of dicks. And his was the biggest. It was around 8.5 to 9 inches long. Not only that, but it was thick, maybe 2.5 inches in diameter at its thickest point. The circumcised tip was red and glistening with pre-cum. Sammy looked incredulous.

“I have a big dick?” he asked. I realized that he was probably the only person to see it since he was a baby.

“It’s one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen,” Adrienne said, “And I’ve seen quite a few.” Carrie just nodded her head. Suddenly I didn’t like these two girls staring at my brother. He was smiling and looking proud of himself as he slid his big dick back into his boxers. I saw it straining against his sweatpants now; I still couldn’t believe how big it was compared to how tiny he is. I wanted to move on.

“Carrie, it’s your turn,” I said, and my voice sounded thicker that I’d expected.

“Right,” Carrie said, “Sorry. Umm… Never have I ever… masturbated while thinking of a family member.” It was a shocking question. I didn’t know what Carrie was thinking. Then Adrienne spoke.

“You rat! I told you about that in confidence!” she said, but she was smiling. But her hand was down, “My cousin Ricky is really cute okay.” I giggled at that. So naughty. Then I looked; Sammy’s hand was down as well. One of our relatives? I couldn’t believe it. It could even be…

“Who was it for you?” Carrie asked, also looking at Sammy. For a moment, Sammy’s eyes darted to me, then down at his feet.

“I don’t have to answer, I mean that wasn’t part of the rules,” he said. I felt my stomach churning. He didn’t have to say it. We all knew what happened.

“No, its cool,” Adrienne said slyly and smiled at me. Then Carrie and I huddled up to come up with a dare for Sammy and Adrienne. My stomach was all butterflies and my panties were soaked through. What was wrong with me? I mean, I know sex talk turns me on, but this was not okay. Carrie and I were both a little timid at this point, so we came up with a dare we thought might slow things down. I delivered it.

“Okay, Sammy and Adrienne, I dare the two of you,” I said, “to switch clothes!” We thought it would be funny to see Adrienne Sammy’s baggy, but short, sweats and Sammy in Adrienne’s girly shirt. We didn’t expect what happened. We didn’t expect them to get naked in the living room. In a quick motion, Adrienne’s shirt was on the floor, and then she quickly shimmied out of her pajama pants. Finally, she threw a tiny red thong onto the floor. She was standing in front of us completely naked. I’d seen little bits and pieces of her naked, but never seen her completely nude. She was gorgeous, with slim body lines and a tiny, pink shaved pussy. My head was swimming. Sammy was staring at her as well.

“Hey I am naked here, want to give me those clothes,” she said to Sammy after a few moments. He shook his head like he was waking from a dream, smiled sheepishly, and pulled off his shirt. He was bright red all over from blushing. Next he took off his sweatpants and boxers in one motion and set them on the floor. He was thin and pale and completely devoid of chest hair. His monstrously large cock was still hard and looked even more absurdly huge now that he was standing.

Adrienne picked his clothes up and quickly put them on. She looked absurd with the cuffs of the pants falling just below her knees, but billowing out around the waist. Sammy bent over and picked up Adrienne’s t-shirt and threw it on. It was a little loose in the chest area and a little long on him. He bent over to pick up the pajama pants and threw the panties to the side.

“No way, you have to put those on too. I put on your boxers and they are damp!” Adrienne said and we all giggled nervously.

“Tough luck,” Sammy said and slipped on the long pajama pants. I was sort of proud of him for standing up for himself. But I was too busy laughing at how absurd they looked to say anything else.

“Come on Lynn,” Sammy said, pushing the action for once, “It’s your turn.”

“Uh, never have I ever,” I said. And I wanted this to be a good one. I was so horny at this point that I was no longer thinking straight. The room was downright humid and the sexual tension was thick. My tummy felt light and I felt like I was spinning. “Watched porn.” I was a little surprised when Adrienne’s hand stayed up, from what I was seeing of her today, she was very sexual. But I was more surprised when Carrie’s hand went down. Along with my brother (which I kind of expected).

“Woah! Carrie, you watched porn?” Adrienne asked.

“She didn’t say watched porn regularly, she just said watch porn. I’ve watched porn before, so what?” Carrie said defensively.

“What’s the dare?” Sammy asked, ignoring the controversy. Adrienne and I huddled up and made a decision. By this time I was completely past the point of self-control. I let Adrienne pick whatever she wanted.

“Okay,” she said, “Carrie I dare you to stroke Sammy’s cock for ten seconds!” She said. No one made a sound. Carrie and Sammy looked at one another and then looked away. They clearly didn’t want to do it. But Adrienne crossed her arms in front of her chest. I didn’t say a word, although I couldn’t make eye contact with Sammy.

“Okay…” Carrie said. She moved over to the couch next to Sammy. Sammy didn’t move a muscle. He seemed completely frozen by fear. Adrienne’s pajama pants (the ones that Sammy was now wearing) had a fly in the front (they must’ve been boys pajama pants, I don’t know). Carrie furtively stuck her hand into the hole of the pajama pants and fished around for a second. I saw Sammy tense. In a few seconds, Sammy’s cock was out of his pants through the fly. Carrie’s hand was wrapped around the base. Slowly she started to slide her hand up and down on my brother’s cock. His eyes were closed and he let out a soft sigh. The cock looked big in Carrie’s delicate little hands. I wondered how the cock would feel sliding between my own fingers or into my…

“Ten seconds,” Carrie said and released my brother’s cock. For a moment Sammy seemed too stunned to move. Then he quickly shifted his cock back into his pants.

“Wow, that was kind of hot,” Adrienne said, “Now I know why you watch porn.” Sammy adjusted himself, and then quickly got back into the game.

“Never have I ever had sex,” Sammy said. It was kind of a startling confession (though everyone could have guessed as much). I think he just wanted to give us all a dare. And he got to do it, as Adrienne, Carrie, and I dropped our hands.

“Carrie and Adrienne,” he said almost immediately, “I dare you to suck on my sister’s nipples for twenty seconds.” He said. I almost moaned. I was so horny, my clothes felt like they were too hot on my body. And I have incredibly sensitive nipples. This was going to be tough.

“Oh you are going to pay for this little man,” Adrienne said, but she didn’t sound angry. She had a wicked little grin on her face. I lifted my shirt up over my head and threw it in the corner. I unhooked my bra again and threw it off. Then my breasts were just open in the middle of the room. I felt Sammy’s eyes on them, part of me wanted his eyes there. I thought about his cock sliding up between them. Then I tried to shake out of it. This was my brother; I’d never had feelings like this before. I was some kind of horny drunk I’d never experienced before, its power was overwhelming.

While I was thinking about this, I felt hot warmth on my left nipple. I looked down and saw Adrienne’s beautiful eyes looking up at me. Her mouth was closed around my nipple and I could feel her tongue flicking it. My entire body vibrated along with that nipple. Then, a few seconds later, I felt that same feeling on my other nipple and turned to see Carrie, eyes closed, with her pretty little mouth on my chest. I closed my eyes and arched my back. I just luxuriated in the warmth and wetness of their tongues. Then, suddenly, the cool air was on my nipples. I opened my eyes.

“Twenty seconds,” Adrienne said. I quickly put my bra back on, but left the shirt off. I didn’t think it was worth it at this point.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked my brother and he just gave me a sheepish grin.

“Never mind, I told your little brother he was going to pay, now he is,” Adrienne said, “Never have I ever been named Sampson.”

“Oh come on, that is so lame!” I said. But when I saw Sammy put his hand down, I did as well.

“That’s what I thought!” Adrienne said. Carrie moved over towards her to huddle up for a conference on the dare, but before she had a chance, Adrienne spoke, “Lynn I dare you to make out with your brother for 25 seconds,” she said. Somehow I had almost sensed that was what she was going to say. And I was terrified. This was already out of hand, now I had to make out with my brother. I considered balking at it, but I remembered what everyone else had already done. If I backed out now, it would be truly unfair.

“You guys don’t have to,” Carrie said, sensing my discomfort.

“No come on, I had to put my ass out the window, flash everyone, take off my clothes, and lick Lynn’s nipples. They are going to make out,” Adrienne said and she said it so definitively that I knew there was no alternative.

I moved to sit next to my brother. For a moment we just sat there. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating. I hadn’t been this nervous to kiss someone since the moments before my first kiss. Finally, I turned my head towards his and closed my eyes. A few moments later I felt his soft lips graze mine. I opened my mouth and let instinct take over. I rubbed my tongue against his lips and when he parted them, against his teeth. Then his tongue was against mine and I felt the sandpapery feel of his taste buds. I felt his hand on my waist and I put a hand on his shoulder. I dug my tongue deep into his mouth and let him do the same for me. I pulled him close, I want to eat up all of his kiss. And… a hand was on my shoulder, shaking me.

“Yo,” Adrienne’s voice was saying, “25 seconds is long over, didn’t you hear me?” She asked. I opened my eyes and moved away from my brother. I looked at him and saw embarrassment. I looked at my roommates and saw Adrienne giving me a naughty look and Carrie looked embarrassed to have seen anything. Suddenly, the realization of what was happening hit me. I was seducing my brother, or allowing other people to seduce him for me. Or something. The room was almost moving with sexual electricity. This was terribly wrong. Everything I was feeling was wrong and evil. I felt hot tears start to run down my cheeks.

“I am sorry,” I choked, ” I don’t feel so well. I am not behaving like myself. It is almost 11, I am going to go to bed.” Then in a shot I was up and running into my bedroom. I closed the door behind me and threw my face in the pillow. What was going on? I cried until there were no more tears.

For a long time it was quiet in the living room. I heard the three of them talking softly. Then I heard the door to Adrienne and Claire’s bedroom open. I heard them both say goodnight and heard the door close behind them. I heard my brother getting his bedding and everything ready. I saw the light go out under the door and everything was silent. And the worst part was I was still unimaginably horny. Nothing had changed that. It just deepened my shame.

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