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7. Discussion on Anal Sex:

In which Dana makes the final decision:

I became conscious again of this beautiful young woman in my arms and I turned my head to kiss her cheek. Awake now, and apparently recovered, she smiled up at me. It was a wickedly mischievous smile but with a slight hint of question in her eyes. I understood pretty quickly for she wriggled from my arms and rolled onto her front. Her eyes watched for my reaction.

In truth, I was speechless. I have waxed lyrical about the beauty of Dana’s bottom and now she lay before me again. Her legs were slightly parted and I could see the bulge of her delectable pussy – lips still swollen from our earlier tryst. Above those sensuous lips was the cleft of her bottom, her anus – that tiny star – clearly visible.

I took a deep breath to try to control my heart rate – and my desire. I did not – absolutely not – want to think too long about Dana in this position. I could also feel the effect elsewhere in my body, for my cock, close to orgasm when I fucked her pussy, was now as hard as an iron bar – the Cialis was working!

I moved my eyes from the wonderful sight of her bottom and looked into hers. A soft smile formed on her mouth. Now? she asked, quietly.

Dana must have guessed the effect that lying face down like this would have on me, because she knew that my particular ‘thing’ was the female bottom. Although she could not possibly know that this position was my favourite for anal sex! Not that I would take her that way for the first time. Later perhaps, if she really enjoyed the experience.

I smiled back at her catching her mood. You are a cruel woman, Dana! I said.

She suddenly became serious. You want me? I raised my eyebrows, not wanting to consider the possibility that I might have read too much into the question. She saw my hesitation. My bottom, my bum? You want me there?

Dana! Dana darling, I said slowly, then took a deep breath. IT would be useless to lie, for I had told Dana earlier how much I would love to have her in that manner. She knew. Yes Dana, very much but . . . only if you want to. I would never do it without my partners consent.

You know I’ve never done it she said quietly. “I’m puzzled though, “she added with a soft smile, why a lot of my friends, and some of the books we read, say negative things about it. Like it’s un-natural; it hurts; it’s not enjoyable?

I wasn’t sure about where Dana was going with this. Was she teasing? It seemed unlike her. I decided to play it straight. I can’t give you definite answers, Dana. Un-natural? Perhaps it is from one perspective but, if two people agree? I think not – but that is just an opinion. I smiled, Men have been using that alternate route for an awfully long time.

Dana smiled and nodded. As to the fact that it hurts, and they don’t enjoy it? Well I honestly reckon that’s because it wasn’t ‘done’ properly the first time. Dana nodded, as if in agreement. I stroked her hair. This is killing me, I said laughing.

I know, she laughed back, explain!

Minx! The man has to be considerate. You can’t just ‘stick it in’ with pussy juice and spit!. Lube is essential, very essential. As is tenderness, care, and patience. Now Dana was looking at me wide-eyed. She was so lovely! And, I continued smiling, the lady has to be relaxed as well. Say a couple of orgasms – and she must really want to try it, because it can be uncomfortable, even painful, the first few times. Not necessarily, but it can. That’s why plenty of lube is required!

But women don’t . . you know . . have . . . what is it you men have? Oh! A prostate.

No, I know! I laughed. I couldn’t explain to you why they enjoy it – you would have to ask someone who does,” I said with a smile, then, “Dana . . . are you playing with me?

She smiled up at me and wriggled her bottom. My cock grew an inch – a fact that wasn’t lost on Dana as she glanced down! No, not really, she said softly, I want . . . I want you to do it! My heart almost stopped. Dana, this gorgeous young woman, was offering herself. I want to . . . like you said, she added quietly. I want to know. To know what it feels like and I know you will be . . . I don’t know . . . gentle. I’ll get to know properly.

I bent and kissed her lips. To be given the opportunity to introduce a beautiful young anal virgin to the pleasures of that route! Sure? I asked almost not wanting to believe my ears.

Yes, she smiled, very sure! 22 and never been fucked up the bum!” She laughed, “Time to change that! Her mood had suddenly lightened as if the decision had removed any doubt. Come here and kiss me!

My cock was hard now as she rolled back over and pulled me down. We kissed and her hands began to stroke my erection, growing stronger by the moment as my body began to realize exactly what Dana was implying. Dana, I said quietly, are you . .

Sure? she interrupted. Yes. Sure, very sure. I’ve seen it in porn movies. I raised my eyebrows. She smiled, We girls watch them sometimes, you know and, well, felt fingers in there. Now’s the time, she looked at me and smiled brightly, especially when I have a man who knows what he is doing! Now she laughed, And you get to prove my girlfriends and the books wrong!

I do?

Yes! If I enjoy it and ask you to do it again!

I laughed, Dana! You are priceless!

I guess so, she laughed back. “Now,” she continued seriously after a quick kiss, “what do I have to do?”

“Well,” I answered quietly, “if you are not ‘prepared’ it can be messy and uncomfortable.” She raised her eyebrows then blushed and nodded in agreement. “You have to be empty,” I continued.

“You mean . . . the bathroom?”

I nodded smiling, “Yes, the emptier the better! The first few times it’s good if you can be completely empty though.”

“I don’t understand?”

“You use an enema to empty your bowels completely.” I smiled, “Sorry to be a bit ‘crude’ but ‘prep’ is all important for anal sex, Dana. The more prep early on, the better. If you like I,t then less prep is OK when you are used to having your bottom filled.” She blushed but nodded.

“How do I do that?”

I smiled. “I was a bit presumptuous after what you said last night,” I answered. “While you were in the changing room for that long while I popped next door to the pharmacy and got an enema kit.”

She gave me an ‘old-fashioned’ look then smiled. “Good,” she said, “so I get to do that?”

I laughed, “Yes, if you would like. Or I could do it for you?”

She blushed bright red. “Are there instructions?”

“On the box.”

“I’ll do it then.” She reached down to my cock and gently massaged it. “Looks like you want it now!”

I took a deep breath. “Yes,” I said, “Dana love, your bottom is gorgeous and, well to put it crudely, fucking your arse would be wonderful but only if you are ready and want it.”

“Well,” she said with a smile, “I want it – now I have to get ready. Keep that,” she nodded towards my erection, “ready for me!” She left and headed for the bathroom, posing at the door and saying, over her shoulder, “Is it in here?” I nodded and she carried on into the bathroom with a sway of hip. The door closed and, a couple of minutes later, I could hear the running water.

I laid back on the bed enjoying the idea of what was happening in the bathroom and what was going to happen shortly. It’s not every day that a guy my age gets to do this, so I intended to savor every moment. Even more importantly, I wanted Dana to leave having enjoyed her first experience of anal sex. I hoped that I would take her there more than once over the next two nights for, as I have said over and over, she has a delectable arse that seems to be made to fuck!

She came out again after about 15 minutes and stood, naked, in the doorway. “That was . . . interesting,” she said with a big smile. Then, noticing that my cock was a little deflated, pouted and continued, ‘You don’t want my arse?”

I smiled, “Oh, yes Dana, love, very much indeed. Just needs a little stimulation!’

“Oh, I can do that,” she smiled then, crossing to the bed, knelt between my legs. Both hands stroked cock and balls before her mouth closed on my cock. Her sucking and tongue washing soon brought me back to full strength and she raised her head and smiled down at me. “You said a couple of orgasms before . . .?”

I laughed, “You’ve already had those,” I responded raising my eyebrows.

“Well . . . I just thought that, before that big thing there goes into my arse.” Wow, she had certainly learned quickly how to light my fire! “I think I would like a couple more!”

I laughed again, “My pleasure,” I said, ‘climb on board!” She giggled and she did. The soft velvet of her cunt encompassed my erection as she slid her body down onto me. Leaning forward she began to buck back and forth and up and down. “Your cock feels so good in me,” she whispered, “I wonder what it will feel like in my arse!” Well, or course, this was dangerous territory for my mind to wander into, so I just smiled and thrust up into her, trying not to think of her tight arse and rectum around my cock. Dana rocked around for a while, moaning and breathing deeply, then leaned right back and pumped hard. I felt her cunt grip my cock and had another crisis as her orgasm peaked. Helping her on her way, I thrust up into her again and again.

Finally she leaned forward and kissed me. “Wow that was good! You want my arse now,” she asked with a wicked smile as she wiggled her bottom on my groin.

I smiled back, “In a minute,” I responded, “turn round and face away.” Dana raised her eyebrows. “Different position,” I explained, “and I get a really good look at your arse!”

“OH.” She mouthed and then turned. She managed without actually getting off of my cock – that was good in itself! “Oh yes! I like this,” she said looking back at me and beginning to bounce up and down on my cock. “It feels sooooo different!” I left her to it for a while, then eased my finger into her cunt with my cock. “Whaaaat?”

“Just getting some lubrication,” I said, then dragged my finger back along her anal cleft. Like this her arse was spread wide, her anus completely available. I wasn’t about to waste the moment. I circled the muscle getting more of her juice on and off until she was moaning loudly and pushing both back and down on my cock. This is an interesting feeling, cock bent forward into her [fantastic for anal too – as I hoped I might experience soon]. Now my fingertip was at her anus, right at the centre of her star and, each time she pushed back, it entered a tiny fraction until, finally, she pushed back harder and took half inside. She came immediately. Her cunt gripped my cock and her anus gripped my finger. Didn’t stop me from fucking her arsehole gently right through her, seemingly, prolonged orgasm.

She finally came down from her high and laid, face down, beside me. There was a soft smile on her face as she said quietly, ‘That was fantastic. I’m ready. I want to feel what it’s like!” I knelt up and looked down at this beautiful young woman who was offering her most private place to me. You can do one of two things in this position. You can bugger her. Take her for your pleasure and enjoy the experience immensely. Odds are, you won’t ever get to do it to her again! Or you can do as I was going to do, take her gently, carefully, and slowly so that she had every opportunity to enjoy it. OK – selfish. If she enjoyed it she would want it again – that was the plan! I had this night, all day Sunday, and tomorrow night with her. I wanted to take advantage of that – what red-blooded man wouldn’t?

8. Her First Anal Experience:

In which Dana gives up her anal cherry:

While Dana was getting ready in the bathroom I had found my supply of lubrication [it was a long time since I had been a boy scout but I never forgot the motto!]. I had a bottle of Astroglide – the best as far as I am concerned, and some small, one shot, capsules with a long, thin, nozzle designed to be inserted and squeezed. Together these would ensure she would have the best chance to enjoy my cock in her arse.

“Open your legs,” I whispered in her ear. She did and I knelt between. Isn’t this one of the most wonderful sights that mother nature has provided us guys [and some gals as well!]? Dana’s hips were broad and they spread above the glorious rise of her bottom cheeks, full and round. Between, her cunt was dripping juice from her orgasms and above that the tiny, oh so tiny, star of her anus beckoned.

I stroked, caressed, and massaged the cheeks of her arse, running my thumbs along the sides of the valley containing her anus. Dana was moaning in pleasure and encouraging me with a continuous, “Yes!’ Finally I bent my head to her bottom and ran my tongue from the back of her cunt, up and across her anus; over and over again, reveling in the taste and the effect on her. Then stopping and rimming her sphincter with my tongue, I probed the tight muscle and, as she relaxed, pushed past and inside her virgin arsehole.

Gripping her hips I eased her into a kneeling position – the best I think for the first experience – and moved her to the edge of the bed. I wanted to stand, to be in control, not bouncing on the bed, for this first time. It was going to be difficult enough to hold off my orgasm as I entered her and I didn’t want to be thrown off by the effect of the soft bed. I knew from our early doggy that standing, I was just the right height for my cock to slip inside her arse.

“Head down, Dana love,” I said quietly, “knees a little apart and stick that gorgeous bum out!” Always a slightly different position for anal than vag!

“You’re terrible!” then, “Like this,” she smiled looking over her shoulder. WOW – difficult then not to just do it. Take her. Didn’t though – and that is important. I wanted to enjoy her arse for a while and, hopefully, ease her into her first anal. I began again to caress and stroke her then bent my head to her arse and licked along the valley between her cheeks. What is wonderful about this is hearing the positive groans, comments, moans from the lady – and Dana was certainly enjoying things so far!

Time to move on. I reached for the lube and twisted the tip off the small tube. “I’m going to use some lube, Dana,” I whispered leaning forward, “inside, so just relax.”

I could see her body visibly relax as I place the tiny application tube at her anus then pushed it inside. “Ooooooooooh! Feels funny.” Then, “Oh dear! That’s straaaange!” as I squeezed the lube into her rectum. Lube is so, so important, especially the first few times, so I wanted to make sure there was plenty inside her tight rear entrance.

“All OK still?” I asked leaning forward again.

“Oh yes! Don’t you dare stop now!” Well I wasn’t going to – unless she told me to, of course. I eased the tiny applicator tube out and squirted some lube around her anus and then some onto my cock, stroking it along my iron hard erection. Using my middle finger I began to work the lube around and into her sphincter. “Mmmm, that feels good,” she said softly as I teased her anus. “Oh GOD!” that was my finger pushing inside. “That feels big – your finger? Oh yes, do that. Ooooooohhhhh!” I was sliding my finger in and out. So much easier than before, due to the lube. As Dana got used to this I added my index finger initially under the middle.

“Oh my god! That’s even bigger!”

“Two fingers!”

“OH FUCK!” I was slowly fucking her arse with these two fingers now. Anticipation was making my cock almost burst with desire to be in there but, from experience, I knew not to rush this. Dana seemed to be relaxing and taking my fingers easily so now I set them side by side and let her have the whole length.

“OH MY GOD! That’s so bloody big!”

“Shall I stop?”

“NO! Don’t stop now! It’s OK.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Nooo . . . . a little. Stings and I feel so stretched. But . . . it’s strange. It almost feels good – very good. Don’t stop. Ooooooooooooo!” Harder, faster and deeper now before the final breach. Then I began to turn my fingers inside her to loosen her sphincter even more. “Jesus Christ! Oh Fuckkkkkkk! Ooooooooooooh! Yes!” Her body shuddered.

“Dana, OK?”

“Oh fuck yes. That was . . . funny! Strange. Oohhhhh, keep doing . . . THAT!”

“Time Dana, do you want my cock in your arse?”

A breathless, ‘Yes,” answered me, “put your cock in my arse!” Gripping my cock tightly, I placed the tip at her anus and pushed gently forward. This is a dangerous time and I dare not look down and see my cock spearing her arse cheeks – I would either cum or drive deep inside in one stroke and neither option was really good at this moment.

“Relax Dana,” I said softly. ‘let me in.” I saw tension flow from her back and my cock slipped past the muscle only to be gripped tightly just below the head where there is a natural depression from the circumcision.

“OH GOD!” she exclaimed breathlessly, “Fuck Mike. OH MY GOD – that feels so bloody big!” Well it was to be honest – bigger than the two fingers certainly.

“OK? Does it hurt?” I asked.

Dana took a deep breath. “OK. Yes. No. It’s big! A little.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she was saying. “Too big? Shall I stop?”

“No – I don’t think so. It feels funny. Do some more – slowly please.” I pushed another two inches into her. My cock is pretty much the same size as the head until just over half way down so all Dana would feel now would be fullness, no more stretching. “Oooooooooo! It’s so big. Full, so full.” The latter almost to herself, then, “It doesn’t hurt – too much! Oh god you feel so big and I feel so full!” I pulled out then to ease the muscle and let her feel me leaving. This brought another round of self-comment but she did not tell me to stop. Almost out, then back in slowly, enjoying the feel of her sphincter sliding along my cock and the hot slippery velvet grip of her lubed rectum. This is a glorious feeling; made all the better for knowing I was the first there. What is it about that that makes it so special for us guys? I don’t know but I do know that it is special. I squeezed some more lube onto my cock and her anus.

I was fucking her arsehole now – only half my cock sliding in and out – and it didn’t seem to be too painful for Dana. I wanted to be sure however so I leaned forward, still gently stroking, and whispered, “Is that OK Dana? Do you like it?”

She took a deep breath. “I . . . I don’t know! Oh god it feels so big inside me. Oooooooooooh!” She was loosening and I had pushed just a little deeper. I was almost halfway in now and beginning to move just a bit faster. For me the feeling was exquisite. Hot: slippery from the lube: and tight, oh so tight!

“Oh dear! Oh my god! FUCK!” I was sliding just a tiny bit deeper on each forward stroke and now she was feeling the full width of my cock, stretching her anus and rectum. Still, Dana seemed to be able to cope and wasn’t telling me to stop. I raised my body back up and gripped her hips. I was going to fill her completely now – I couldn’t hold back much longer. My cock felt as though it would burst, held so tightly as it was in her glorious arse.

“Jesus, woman, you are greedy.” Toots said this as Susan and he lay on the mattress in his “special” bedroom. Lexi watched and listened as they discussed her as though she wasn’t there.

“But you promised,” whined Susan. “You said I could have her eat my pussy after you finished fucking me.”

“No you said that. I never did, but…I didn’t say she wouldn’t either. You know how easy I am right after I get a nut off” he laughed. “I am mister nice guy for about two minutes. I’ll tell you what. Since this is about cock sucking, I think I would like to see what the little bitch here can do about gettin’ me off again. But I know you really want to have her clean your pussy out, so I think we should leave the choice up to our little slut here. Well, what’ll it be Lexi? Which would you enjoy more? Eating Susan’s fresh-fucked pussy or sucking me off again and making me cum down your throat?”

Lexi stood there with a look of total disbelief on her face. Which would she enjoy more? Neither! She just wanted to go home. She wanted this nightmare to end.

“Look over here sweetheart,” Susan said. Lexi did and she could see Toots on the mattress, with his hairy, ugly body grinning at her. Next to him was Susan, laying there with her legs spread open and Toots’ semen leaking from her gaping pussy. Lexi just couldn’t believe how open and big Susan was. Her labia looked like an old, saggy toadstool, the lips sagging and dark colored. She had shaved her pubic hair and it made the thing even uglier, if that was possible. “Wouldn’t you just love to bury your pretty little face in here?” Susan took her hands and opened herself up even further and more of Toots’ fluid dribbled out.

Lexi shuddered. Just minutes ago she had told herself she would never touch that vile woman’s pussy. Given a choice, she decided that sucking Toots’ again was preferable to that. ANYTHING was preferable to that.

“Well, what’s it gonna be, my little church mouse? Cock or pussy?”

Lexi heard herself say “Cock.” Toots grinned, but Susan’s glare made Lexi shudder in fear. Toots motioned to her and she resigned herself to get this over with as quickly as possible. She went to the edge of the bed and climbed up and positioned herself to suck Toots as best she could.

Susan got off the bed and pulled her dress and bra from the chair where she had left them. She slipped on her heels and told Toots she would be back for Lexi when they were finished.

“I have some plans to make for your little girlfriend here tonight.” As she said that, she gave Lexi a sweet smile, and said “You are going to be a busy girl tonight Alexa.”

She hadn’t used that name since Lexi was put to work that first night. She was sure that Susan was going to do something particularly bad to her before the night was over.

In the meantime, Toots just nodded to Susan and took Lexi by the ponytails and pulled her head down to his crotch. Lexi heard the door slam and she turned her attention to Toots’ cock, uh penis. Damn! She was starting to think and talk like them.

“Now little girl, remember where that cock just was a few minutes ago. It was buried in Susie girl’s cunt. I want you thinking about that while you suck me off!” He was laughing as he said “Let’s get started.”

Lexi reached out and took Toots’ sex in her hand. It was wet and slimy and she could smell the muskiness on it even before she inched it closer to her mouth. It disgusted her to touch it, knowing that it had just been inside of Susan.

“Come on, I haven’t got all day. Besides you are going to have to work it hard to get me off again and I am going to enjoy every second of it.”

Lexi guided the smelly thing to her lips and opened to take it into her mouth. Toots didn’t grab her hair or anything. He wanted Lexi to do it completely on her own. He could feel her lips as they wrapped around has flaccid cock and started to slowly slide up and down his length. She did as Susan taught her and alternated between taking his whole length into her mouth and sliding it out to use her tongue on the underside.

Lexi thought she may become sick. She could actually taste Susan’s juices on his penis! Toots lay there enjoying himself as Lexi’s ministrations finally began to harden his cock. Lexi continued to bob her head up and down, taking as much of Toots into her mouth as she could.

“Okay little girl, it’s time to get serious now. I wanna feel your nose and lips in my short and hairies. C’mon and deep throat me. Show me what you can do!” He lay back against the pillows and enjoyed watching his newest little cum slut worshiping his cock. He had a smile on his face as he watched. He knew the hidden cameras behind the mirrors were capturing Lexi sucking him off from every angle. He knew that with the right editing, it would make a nice little peep show movie. He couldn’t show it to an audience yet, but he knew it would do well on some of the underground sites he worked with. There was a lot of money to be made on the internet and that is where Toots planned on using Lexi once she had the skills she needed to satisfy her audience. He had told her he would sell her and he probably would, but not until he had squeezed every nickel out of her that he could. He knew that a series of films showing her going from being an innocent church girl to performing in some of the worst hellholes in Mexico would be very popular. God, he was getting harder just thinking about it. After all, sex was about power. And what was more powerful than transforming this sweet little girl into a raunchy cum whore, and knowing it was totally against her will? He had done it to Susan and he looked forward to making Lexi into her protégée.

Lexi knew nothing of this. She only knew that she had this horrible man’s thing in her mouth and he was telling her to work it into her throat. He kept telling her she was a deep throat cocksucker and that he owned her and he could use her any way he pleased. She could feel his belly rubbing against her head as he sat up a bit to watch her more closely.

“That’s it…that’s it. Play with my balls while you suck me off. Mmm, that’s nice baby. Use that sweet little tongue of yours. Good girl! Okay, stop for a minute while I get into a better position to fuck your mouth. Toots rolled over, his cock making a popping sound as he pulled it from Lexi’s mouth. “Okay bitch, lay on your back with your head over the edge of the bed.”

Lexi had an idea what he had in mind and she didn’t want him to do that to her. She tried to get up, but Toots immediately grabbed her by her hair and said “Where the hell do you think you’re going you little cocksucker? He dragged her by the hair until her head was over the edge of the bed. He looked over at the mirror and knew he had a great angle for the camera to film all of this. Perfect, he thought to himself, just fuckin’ perfect.

“Okay bitch, open your mouth nice and wide. Lexi knew she had no choice but to obey. She opened her mouth and she could see Toots’ legs as they came into view. Everything was upside down. She could see his sex and his testicles were hanging down from his groin as he moved in closer. She could feel the tears starting and she begged him not to do this to her.

Toots listened to her pleas and started laughing. “Shut the fuck up. Use that little mouth of yours for something useful, like sucking my balls.”

She saw him lift his penis up and move forward until his testicles were right over her eyes. He moved forward a little more and she could feel them as he dropped them onto her lips. She was crying freely now, but there was no escape.

“Come on, open wide,” Toots laughed as he felt her mouth close around first one ball and then another. “That’s it, suck ‘em baby, just like the whore you are!”

Lexi lay there and she couldn’t see anything but his balls and his…ass above her. She sucked and licked as he kept urging her on. She could still taste Susan’s juices on him and it turned her stomach to think of that.

“Okay then. Normally I would have you give me a nice rim job now, but I’ll save that for another time. After all, I don’t want to sample all the pleasures you are gonna give up to me…yet. Now drop your head and open wide. It’s time for me to give your mouth a good, hard fucking.”

Lexi felt his penis on her lips for a moment, and then it slid inside her mouth. He started sliding in and out, going deeper and deeper each time. She could feel his cock, yes, his cock pushing at the opening to her throat. Remembering what Susan had shown her, she opened her throat to let him use it as he demanded. She tried her best to breathe each time it slid out for a moment. Lexi could hear the lewd noises she was making and she could hear Toots as he grunted over her like a pig. She realized she was just what he said she was, a dirty whore. Yes, she was a whore, but she would never, ever enjoy it.

Toots was ready to cum. He wanted to make sure he was buried deep into this little cunt’s mouth, but he also wanted to shoot some of his cum on her face as he pulled out . He wanted that facial to be on film.

“Okay, Lexi, here’s your reward for being such a good little cocksucker!” Toots could feel the cum boiling in his balls as it started to shoot into her tight, pulsating throat. One, two good spurts, then he quickly pulled out and shot the rest of his cum onto Lexi’s upturned face. She opened her eyes in surprise as he finished cumming on her lips and cheeks. “Damn that felt great,” he said while wiping his cock in Lexi’s hair to get the last bit of cum off his cock.

Lexi was gagging and cum and spit was running out the sides of her mouth. She could hardly breathe as she choked and sputtered. Her tears mixed with the foul discharge on her face as she looked up at Toots in terror and hatred.

“Was it good for you, too?” he asked with a laugh, as he stepped next to the bed to take one last look at the teen’s disheveled face. Lexi went to wipe her face clean of the foul deposit there, but Toots jerked her arm away and said, “Leave it. I want the other girls to see you just the way you are.

Lexi started sobbing once again. Her face was covered in Toots’ semen and Susan’s secretions and her hair was sticky with it, too. She was mortified that anyone should see her like this, let alone Toots’ other whores.

“Okay then, time to get ready for the rest of your day. Hey Susan, are you out there?”

The door opened and Susan poked her head through. “I’m here. Are you finished with her? Good, because I have an idea. I’m not sure she should be out on the floor tonight. I would imagine that by now they are going to be looking for her. I can trust my girls to keep their mouths shut, but I can’t say the same for the customers. I can keep her in the back room for some of our regulars. They know how to keep quiet about this sort of situation.”

Yeah, you’re right about that Susan. I was havin’ so much fun with Lexi here that I forgot how fresh her disappearance is. She still has to be making money, though. Any ideas?

“I have the perfect solution. I think a night over at the theater working the glory holes would give her the training we want AND she could make us a little cash, too.”

Now that is good thinkin’ babe,” Toots said. “While she’s there, I’m gonna call a couple of my friends and let them know I have a virgin cocksucker here for them to use tonight. No need for them to know she has been workin’ the glory holes all night. So when you finish up with her there, bring her back here. I want her dressed and made up real pretty-like. I want her to look as young as you can make her. If they think she is just a kid, they will be happy to pay a lot more for her. And I can set the hook for when Lexi is fucking for me. I can guarantee they will line up to fuck her little pussy. I need that to happen soon, so tomorrow is Lexi’s big day. That’s when I am gonna make a real woman out of her.”

Susan turned to Lexi and said, “Did you hear that sweetheart? Toots is going to pop your little cherry tomorrow. Oh, it’s going to be so much fun watching as you give it up. It’s kind of like your honeymoon, honey. Your first time getting fucked by your pimp, just like a newlywed.”

Susan was laughing as she said it, but Lexi was crushed by the crude words. She had imagined her wedding, marrying a man who loved her in her church. She would be wearing white and they would make wonderful love and cherish the intimacy they shared together. Instead this vile woman was comparing her time spent with these sadistic people to a real marriage. It was unthinkable but she knew it was all too real. Just when she thought she couldn’t be degraded any further, Toots surprised her with one last thing.

“Oh, and I forgot to tell you something. When I am done fucking you, Susan is going to join us AND I have a special surprise in store for you. There is somebody here who will be joining us as well. Wait until you meet him. I believe he is an old friend and he has wanted to have you fuck and suck him for a long time now. That’s right Lexi. You are gonna get used by an old friend of the family!”

Author’s note:

To those who want to see more sex faster, I can only say that the devolvement of Alexa into prostitution is going to remain at the same pace. I am leaning toward exploring the first month or so of her captivity as I believe that is when the bulk of her humiliation will take place. Understand that a lot can happen in that amount of time and remember Toots wants this filmed so he can maximize his profit. You may be amazed at the changes that may take place in her appearance. I haven’t decided that yet. Suggestions are always welcome. If you would like to see something inserted into the story, don’t be afraid to ask. I may not include it, but I will consider each suggestion carefully.



How was any of this possible? I had spent my entire life laying on my bed, jerking off to the thought of having these guys cocks in my mouth and ass, and it was finally happening! I feel like a whole new person now, and I love what’s becoming of this. I never would have imagined any of this happening to me; I’m just Troy, an 18 year old high school senior, pretty normal looking, with an unusually large cock, measuring 10 inches when hard. Not that any of the guys I’ve been with lately have seen, but that’s beside the point.

I’m not making these moves so I can get my cock sucked. I want to see what I’ve been missing all my life from these guys, and if in the end my cock does get some pleasure, then that’s great too.

For now I’ll just stick to what I know.


School’s becoming weird. I go from class to class, looking at guys who I’ve ever been with, and strive to be with. Economics today was weird, in an adverse way. I sit right across from Jake, so I thought it would be weird. But he didn’t make it weird. He acted like absolutely nothing had happened, and there was no change in his demeanor at all.

Paul, unfortunately, also stayed the same. He was a rude, obnoxious little twat. He calls out and tries to outsmart the teacher, and it never really works out for him. I was amazed when I found out he was nominated for Mr. Spectacular.

In our school, in an effort to raise money for prom, a male beauty pageant is organized every year in late May called Mr. Spectacular. Both students and teachers are nominated, and compete in a variety of different events, ranging from a talent portion, fashion portion and a question and answer segment. In the end, one teacher and one student receive the title. This year, Paul was somehow nominated. Tonight was the big night, and it seemed to be all he boasted about.

“You’re coming tonight, right?” he barked at me, disrupting me from my daze.

“Uh, yeah,” I said, a little confused. Paul and I never really spoke, mostly because I didn’t like speaking to him, only staring at him, like right now. I could see his large bulge through his cargo shorts, nearly right in my face.

“Good, make lots of noise for me,” he stated with a goofy smile while he walked away. He was so arrogant.

The rest of the day seemed to just drag on. Band, however, was a little exciting. I walked into the room, a few minutes late, interrupting the band’s rendition on pomp and circumstance. The teacher didn’t seem to mind, and continued on with the song. What was interesting was Shawn. He just seemed to stare at me the whole time. Not like an awkward stare, more of a stare that meant he wanted something. That he wanted to look away but couldn’t seem to. It made me very excited, and very nervous. I’m not in this for a relationship, but having another round with Shawn would be excellent. I cut class the rest of the day to go home and relax and mull a few things over.

As the day neared its end, I headed back to school for the beauty pageant with my friend Francesca. She was the student body president, and had essentially put the whole thing together.

“Excited?” she asked as we walked into the auditorium.

“Very,” I simply stated with a smile. Who wouldn’t want to see the school’s finest on display?

The pageant was silly, but it was fun. Everyone got to see the teacher’s up there make fools of themselves trying to pull off a cheesy comedy act, make mistakes during their magic tricks, and singing horribly out of tune. Mr. Mitchell though, he was just an act of beauty. Being the chorus teacher, his voice was melodic and dreamy, and his blue eyes seemed to resonate throughout the entire auditorium. I was completely lost.

The students however were intense. They nailed their musical acts, danced their hearts out, and preformed beautiful gymnastics. Paul came out and did some skateboarding routine. After the talent section, Francesca told me she needed to go backstage for some reason and asked if I wanted to come. I said sure.

Apparently there was a tie between the judges, and they would need to issue a tiebreaker, which is traditionally a swimsuit competition. It was between Paul and another student, Ron. I gave Ron a high-five backstage for having the courage to go onstage in a tight speedo, and burst out laughing on my way back to the auditorium. My walk was interrupted, though, by someone grabbing my shoulder. It was Paul, wearing only swim trunks. His flat smooth stomach and chest seemed to glisten. He pulled me into a secluded spot underneath a staircase.

“What are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be on stage?” I exclaimed.

“They’re doing the Q&A for the teachers first,” he explained to me. Still didn’t explain why I was underneath the staircase with him. That was until he began fumbling with the button on my jeans.

“What are you doing?!” I nearly shouted.

“I see the way you look at me in class, the way you admire me. I want to try everything before I go to California next year for school,” he whispered. Sounded familiar. By this point, he had my pants at my ankles, and he pulled my shirt off over my head. So there was, sitting in my boxers with Paul Wagner, only in a bathing suit. He pulled me in for a kiss. Was this really happening? I pinched myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Turns out it wasn’t, and I only ended up with a small pain on my arm.

I was a little reluctant to kiss him at first, being in such shock from the whole experience of being approached by him. But before I knew it, he had his tongue swirling in my mouth exploring every area of my teeth and gums. His tongue wasn’t the only thing he was using to explore. I felt his hand reach inside the elastic of boxers, reaching around for my hardening cock


“Fuck,” he said in shock when his hands grasped my cock. “That thing’s a monster!”

I smiled and leaned back in to continue kissing. His breathe tasted like peppermints, and all I wanted to do was just keep kissing him. That was before he pinned me down to the floor. He began kissing my neck, and moving further down. He reached my nipples and began sucking on them, running his tongue all along my upper body, teasing me like crazy. He continued his way down south, seeming to lick every inch of my body. He again reached the elastic of my boxers, and slowly began taking them off until my rock hard member sprung out, poking in the face. He had just wrapped his lips around them when we heard someone yelling in the hallway.

“Paul!? Paul!? Are you there, Paul?” it was Francesca, franticly looking for the future Mr. Spectacular.

Paul quickly took his mouth off my cock, and raced down the hallway without saying a word to me, returning to the competition. He left me there, with a raging boner and my pants around my ankles.

Fuck this school.

I was at a party. A typical college party. Beer flowed from kegs and cigarette smoke filled the house. Men all moved about desperately trying to be cool and attractive for the ladies. The ladies moved about in various outfits. One wearing a teeshirt and jeans, one in a tight black dress, another in a halter top and shorts, and with each different outfit there was a different figure.

The girl in a teeshirt was not fat, but full figured with long dark brown hair and large breasts firmly standing underneath her shirt. The girl in the dress was almost her opposite, tiny features, tiny figure, tiny breasts, tiny blue eyes with soft blond hair. The girl in the halter top had a slim figure that curved around her body and lead to firm C-cup breasts, almost popping out of her top. If you could look up, you were drawn to her eyes which called for sex. Whatever the dress and figure, they were all beautiful and sexy.

I laughed. The room longed for sex, but not many of us would have the opportunity. I looked at the empty cup in my hand and turned back to the keg.

Bump. Slosh

“Oh shit, I’m sorry.” I hadn’t realized that there was a girl right next to me and had bumped into her, spilling her beer on the floor. “Shit, ummm, let me get that.”

She didn’t say a word, just looked at me. So I looked at her.

She was beautiful. A small body. Long, light brunette, slightly curly hair. A soft face. Deep green eyes. Long lashes. A figure that curved up and down her side, around her tight ass, and along her long legs. She had breasts that were the perfect size for her body, probably a C-cup, firmly pressed together and proudly standing on her chest. She wore a white tank top that showed a little cleavage, a long, brightly colored hippie skirt, and sandals. She was a dream woman.

She didn’t say a word, but her eyes washed over me, assessing me.

I didn’t know what to do, so I spoke, “I’m really sorry. Do you want a towel? Should I get a towel? I should get a towel.”

She took my hand. Her eyes gave me one last sparkle, then she turned, leading me through the crowd.

I didn’t know what to do, say, think, so I followed.

Somewhere in that time we had put down our beer cups. I’m not sure when, it all seemed like a dream. We stepped out side where it was cooler and much less crowded. She lead me further away from the house. We walked to a patch of trees and stopped. She looked around for a moment, seeming to consider the spot, then turned to me, the sparkle still in her eyes.

“Hi. Sorry ’bout what happened back there. My name’s…”

She put a finger to my mouth and slid her body up to mine. Her head reached the top of my chest. Her other hand slid up my chest, her nails pressing against me through my cloths. Both her hands moved around to the back of my neck and pulled my head down to her lips. We met in a soft, breathy kiss. Her mouth slid down and she lightly bit my lower lip as her body pressed hard against me. My hands reached around and began moving down her back. They reached the top of her skirt. I cupped her hard ass and pulled her toward my crotch. She pressed against me, my cock hard my now. She felt it with her crotch and smiled.

Our kiss was harder now. Our mouths almost fighting with passion as our bodies dry humped against one another. I was biting her ear. Her neck. The top of her chest. She pushed my head down into her cleavage. I kissed the top of her right breast. My hand slid over her tank top to cup her left breast. I could feel the nipple hard and pressing against my hand through her top. I pinched it. She moaned, throwing her head back and pushing my head deeper into her cleavage. I pulled her right breast out of her top. There was no bra and it was a beautiful breast. Creamy and white with a small nipple pointing hard against the cool air. I kissed the side of her breast, the top, the bottom, but carefully avoided her nipple. Every so often I would breath over the top, but never touch it with my lips or tongue. I was still pinching her left nipple this entire time, rubbing her tit with my fingers. Suddenly I cupped her entire left breast and my teeth caught her right nipple. She gasped and her hands left my head, moving down to her crotch. She began to rub herself through her skirt. I raised my head and my hands both shot underneath her shirt, cupping her naked breasts with both hands. Her head flew back, she threw off her shirt, she grabbed my face and pulled me to her lips with one hand, her other hand was still frantically rubbing herself through her skirt.

When our bodies met, my crotch pressed against her hand. She moved her hand and cupped my hard cock through my pants. Her fingers then began to fumble for the zipper, and soon I was free. Her small hand began to move up and down along it, unable to grasp the whole thing. She pulled it against her crotch and pushed the end against her covered cunt. It pressed against her and almost seemed to start to enter her. Was she wearing panties?

I didn’t waste long finding out. One hand left her perfect tits, went down her back. I reached the top of her skirt and slid underneath it, feeling her bare skin. I pulled her against me. Her hands slid her chest until she reached her skirt. She pushed it down and stepped out of it.

I stared at her beauty. Her light body stood out against the night. Her large breasts stood firm with tiny nipples rock hard. Her body was slim and curved. Her cunt was bare except for a small patch of hair at the top. Her lips were swollen. I could see the shimmer of her cream coating her slit.

She slowly, seductively walked toward me. I took off my shirt. Her short walk seemed to take forever. My cock throbbed, waiting for what I thought was coming. She reached me. Running her hands along my chest, her nails now softly touching my skin. Her hands covered my tits and played with my nipples. I breathed heavily and moved to kiss her. She giggled and stepped around me, running her hands down my body. I could feel her breasts against my back, her soft pubic hair against my ass. Her hands slid down my body and soon reached my cock. She kissed my neck and began to stroke me. Her teeth biting my neck. She cupped my balls, kissed my back. She then turned me around, guiding me with my penis.

We faced each other. Her breath was heavy. She laid back along the ground, her legs spread, opening herself for me. I laid on top of her, our hot bodies pressed together, wrapped in the cool night air. Our lips met, tongues still exploring one another’s mouths. I raised my hips. She reached down and adjusted my cock to her bare cunt, rubbing it up and down along the wet slit, covering the head in her juices.

I began to push into her. She closed her eyes, letting her head fall back and bringing her hips up to meet mine. Then I felt her hymen. She was a virgin. I started to pull out, but she just looked at me with crying, pleading, lust filled eyes. I leaned over, still half in her and kissed her forehead. She grabbed my ass and shoved me into her. I burst past her hymen. She let out a cry and tears began to drip out her eyes. I held myself in her, and just held her. Our bodies intertwined.

Soon she began to move. She was ready for more. I began to move in and out of her. Each thrust sliding along her wet hole. She was tight. Incredibly tight. She truly was an untouched angle. I pushed faster and faster, with each thrust rubbing my hips against her swollen clit. She let out moans that were filling in air, her hands running over her breasts, pinching her nipples. I pushed a deep thrust and held it. I kept going deeper and further into her wet canal. I pushed deeper. She let out a slight scream. I pushed deeper. I kissed her neck, she grabbed my head. I pushed deeper. She began to shake. Slowly I pulled out. A moan of lustful lose passed her lips. She tried to push me back in, but I kept pulling out. I stopped with just the head of my dick at her entrance.

She wanted more. I could tell she was close to cumming. Her eyes told me what she wanted. Her cunt was squeezing my head. Her hips were bucking up and down. I touched her cheek, smiled, and thrust myself even deeper into her. She let out a loud gasp and I began to fuck her with all I could. Pushing harder and faster against her. She met each thrust with her own hips, and with each thrust I went deeper.

I grabbed her right nipple with my fingers and squeezed, my mouth coming down and biting her left. That did it. Our hips pressed together. I was deep in her and she was cumming. She let out a gasp. Her cunt began to squeeze around me. Her pussy got wetter. She held my ass, holding my cock deep inside her. Her body shook for a least a full minute, a long sound floating from her lips. Time seemed to stop as she twisted in her orgasm.

Finally, she relaxed and gave me a soft kiss. I began to pull my still hard cock from her wet cunt, thinking she was probably spent for the night, but as I came out, she reached down and grabbed it, lowering it slightly and pressing it against her ass.

I looked at her, and she just nodded her head. I began to press into her ass. Her virgin ass was even tighter than her virgin vagina. I slowly pushed into it until I was halfway in. I then held it there, letting her get used to my size. When she seemed ready for more, I pulled out. She pouted, but as soon as I was out I flipped her over. She got onto her hands and knees and I could smell her sex in the cool air. I rubbed along her slit with my fingers, gathering juices and bringing them to her ass. I rubbed along the outside of her hole. I put a finger in her cunt, covering it with cum, her’s and mine. I placed my cum covered finger at her ass and pushed it in. She moaned, thrusting her ass back. I pulled my finger out and slipped two more into her cunt, covering them with cum. I brought both fingers out and placed them at her ass, slowly inserting both. She moaned and shoved her ass back against my hand. She was ready.

I whipped my hand on the grass. I grabbed her ass with one hand, my cock with the other. I placed myself at her ass and began to enter her. She pushed back. I was in her. Buried in her ass. I began to fuck her ass. Slowly at first, letting her get used to me. I reached around and grabbed her tits with both my hands, rubbing them as I began to pick up speed. She pushed back against me, encouraging me to go faster. Her hand went to her cunt and she began to finger fuck herself as I fucked her ass, teasing her clit with her thumb. She had three fingers moving in her soaked cunt and my penis could feel each finger while it was in her ass.

I bit her back and she began to cum again. Harder then the first time. A scream flying from her lips. Her body holding my cock with everything. That was all it took for me as well. My cock exploded, shooting my cum deep in her ass. We held each other tightly as our orgasms shook the world. Her ass squeezing every last drop of cum I had into her.

Finally we were able to breath again. I slipped my slowly wilting cock from her ass, sitting back on the grass and smiling. She stood and turned to face me. My cum dripping from her ass and her cum dripping from her cunt, mixed with a little bit of blood from her hymen. She brought a hand down and slid it between her legs, gathering a mix of all the juices and sliding it along her chest, covering herself in cum. She then brought her hand to her lips and licked off what was left.

She smiled at me and put on her tank top and skirt, cum still dripping from her cunt and her ass. She blew me a kiss, turned, and walked away.

And I watched her go.

After resting a little while longer to recover from their sexual episode, the boys hopped in the water again to wash off any cum or sunscreen that was still on their bodies. Taking a look at the sky, Dustin suggested that they head back to the house as it appeared to be getting close to suppertime. Throwing their trunks back on, the satisfied duo made their way through the woods at a leisurely pace. As they came into view of the farm, they saw that the last of the hired help was indeed heading on their way home, and Demetri waved at them as he closed up the barn.

“Did you boys have fun at the river?” he asked casually.

“Definitely,” each boy responded, a knowing smile on their faces.

Dinner that evening was excellent as usual, and was made even better by the fact that the twins were dressed up to go out that evening. Each was wearing a low-cut, flowery sundress that showed off their tits and asses superbly, totally adding to their images as the innocent but sexy young farm girls. Both Christian and Dustin were afflicted by numerous hardons during the course of the meal, and each was secretly hoping that he might have the chance to relieve such stress later on that evening. Each was thus quite pleased when the other mentioned that he was ready to retire early after cleaning up the dishes.

“Man, the twins were looking so hot tonight,” Dustin exclaimed after they had reached their quarters. “I was thinking about fucking them all through dinner.”

“Yeah, me, too,” Christian agreed. “Just bending one of them over the table, lifting her dress, pulling down her panties, and putting my cock straight in her pussy. They are so damn hot. I’m just so obsessed with how beautiful their faces are. I mean, those eyes, and those cheekbones, and those freckles…I just want to cum all over them.”

“Ah, so you’re into the freckles then, eh?” Dustin asked, coyly. “Does that mean that you like mine, too, or is it just a girl thing?”

“Well, normally it is just a girl thing,” Christian replied. “However, now that I think about it, I believe I’d like to cum on your freckles, too.”

“Well let’s just take our clothes off and see what happens then,” Dustin said with a grin.

Both boys began to disrobe themselves and were soon standing buck naked, facing one another with full erections sticking out obscenely.

“Doing this makes me so fucking horny,” Dustin said, stroking his cock lightly. “My body is just tingling like crazy…it must be because it’s “wrong”, but we’re doing it anyways.”

“Probably,” Christian agreed. “I so don’t care, though. All I can think about right now is how good it’s going to feel when I stick my fat cock up your ass in a bit.”

“Oh, so you’re going to fuck me this time, eh?” Dustin asked with mock surprise. “Well, I guess that’s okay, but only because you do have such a nice, fat cock on you. I hope that I’ll be okay, though, since it is a bit bigger than mine.”

“Yeah, it is a bit bigger,” Christian remarked. “But yours is so nicely angled upwards and it has that dusting of freckles on it that you know I like so well. I daresay that we have a couple of fine cocks between us.”

“I’m heavily inclined to agree,” Dustin said, closing the gap between the two of them. “However, I’ll need to inspect your piece a little bit closer before I can tell you for sure.”

“Do what you have to do,” Christian said, allowing Dustin to take his penis in his hand and begin fondling it.

After a few minutes of playing with his cock, Dustin told Christian to lie down on the bed and wait for a minute. Dustin soon came back from his night table carrying a plastic container that had a label for baking lard on it. Placing it beside Christian’s head, Dustin then straddled his friend’s face, and bend forward to engage them in a 69 position. Christian saw stars as he felt Dustin’s mouth engulf his member, his hot breath and wet tongue driving him into a sea of pleasure. After a few moments of sheer savouring, he managed to get a hold of himself and noticed that Dustin’s ass and cock were right there in front of him.

While Christian had been wanting to see what it would be like to suck Dustin off, he also really wanted to try fucking him in the ass, which he ultimately opted to do first. Raising his head up slightly, he ran a tentative lick up his friend’s crack, to which Dustin responded by ceasing his sucking motion and letting out a short gasp of air. Encouraged, Christian proceeded to repeat this action several times before settling on giving his friend a straight rimjob.

As Christian attempted to work his tongue up his friend’s ass, Dustin was having a great time receiving his pleasure and sucking on the beautiful penis before him. While at first he was just content to feel and taste Christian’s dick with his tongue and hand, he soon became focused on wanting to get as much of Christian’s cock down his throat as he possibly could. Spitting large gobs of saliva on it several times to get it nicely lubed up, Dustin jacked the tool up and down, soaking Christian’s dark pubic hair in the process. Holding in a moan from Christian now sticking a lard-covered finger up his ass, Dustin opened his throat as much as he could and bore down on the cock before him. While his initial attempts only allowed him to get within a few inches of Christian’s pubic hair and ball sack, his fourth try brought him all the way to the bottom. Hearing Christian groan loudly, he jacked him off in his throat a few times before coming up for air.

“That felt so sweet, man.” Christian exclaimed, his face beaming. “I’ve got to try that on you sometime.”

“I hope that you will,” Dustin replied. “Your fingers up my ass feel really good, too. I know what you mean about it feeling sort of weird and invasive, and yet so great at the same time.”

“Excellent,” Christian said. “Well, as much as I really want you to deep throat my cock again, I think that I’ll burst if I don’t shove it up your ass first.”

“Sounds good to me!” Dustin said, getting off of his friend. “I’m just going to assume a position, if it’s alright with you.”

Getting no objection from his friend, Dustin got off the bed and bent over the back of the nearby couch. This suited Christian just fine, as the ass that he was about to fuck was now right in line with his rock-hard, lard-laden cock. Spreading the tanned cheeks before him, Christian placed his head at Dustin’s backdoor and began to push forward. At the same time, Dustin reached down with one hand and began alternating between stroking his cock and massaging his balls in an effort to relax himself further.

Surprisingly, Christian’s cock slipped in quite easily and he was soon in a good fucking rhythm with Dustin pushing back to meet his thrusts. Having never been with another person before, Christian marvelled at how good it felt to stick his piece into a perfectly-fitted, body temperature, lubricated hole. Closing his eyes, he imagined that he was fucking Tiffany up the ass instead, and that she was loving every minute of it and begging him to fuck her harder. Then, in his mind’s eye, Julie entered the scene and began fingering her own asshole as Tiff ate her out from behind.

All of a sudden, Christian was snapped from his reverie as he heard Dustin begin to cry out and the ass around his penis begin to contract over and over again. Unable to stop himself, Christian cried out, too, and began to shoot shot after shot of cum deep into his friend’s rectum. Breathing heavily, Christian lurched forward and hugged Dustin from behind for support, his cock still imbedded in his friend’s anus.

“Wow, I almost don’t know which I like better,” Dustin said after a moment. “Fucking or being fucked.”

“I’m glad that you liked it,” Christian said, smiling. “They’re both so great…I don’t know if I can decide either.”

“Well, we’ll just have to keep doing both then, I guess,” Dustin suggested. “However, I now think that I’m totally spent. I usually jack off about twice a day, but that takes way less effort than sex.”

“But it’s not nearly as much fun,” Christian commented, dislodging his cock from it’s nest and moving to lean against the couch. “I think that it’s worth the tired feeling afterwards.”

“Indeed,” Dustin agreed. “Well, I think that I’m going to clean this cum off the carpet and then I’m going to hit the hay.”

“Good stuff,” Christian responded. “I think that I’ll just clean my cock off and then read for a bit.”

Doing just that, Dustin was soon asleep and Christian shortly thereafter felt like doing the same. Putting down his book, he threw on some shorts and a pair of shoes to head outside and take a piss before going to bed. The sun had gone down, so Christian simply took a few steps away from the building doors and began doing his business. As he surveyed the area around him, he noticed that all the lights in the house were turned off, save one in the basement of the house. Not feeling terribly tired, and perhaps a bit sneaky, Christian soundlessly walked towards the window, keeping a distance between it and himself. To his delight and surprise, he saw that inside was the room of Tiffany and Julie! The light was turned on, allowing him to see their sizable abode. Two single beds rested side by side in the centre of the room, and a door went off to another room that also had a light on. Moving a bit closer, Christian reasoned that it must be a washroom, and he was quite sure that he heard running water, as the window was slightly open.

Certain that he couldn’t be seen, Christian just sat and waited, his penis hardening in his pants at the prospect of seeing the twins in their eveningwear, or maybe even naked. Sure enough, he soon heard the twins’ voices and the pair soon walked into the room, still wearing their clothes from dinner.

“Wow, I can’t believe that Mark cancelled on us,” Tiffany said (Christian knew it was her based on the colour of her dress).

“Yeah, I know,” Julie agreed. “I mean, I didn’t think that he was right for either one of us, but I was sort of hoping that maybe one of his friends would be nice.”

“Me, too,” Tiff said. “And I mean, even if he knew that he wasn’t going to get any, I think that we’re still fun to hang out with.”

“For sure!” Julie exclaimed. “And we’re not that bad to look at either. Not to sound self-absorbed or anything, but you’re incredibly gorgeous and sexy, and since I look exactly like you, I guess that I must be, too.”

“Hey, thanks, sis,” Tiffany beamed. “You’re totally hot, believe me! Yeesh, now I sound conceited.”

“So speaking of guys, did you check out Dustin today?” Julie asked, a sly smile on her face.

“You know I did,” Tiffany replied. “He’s got such an amazing body…I wonder what his penis looks like…”

“You’re so bad!” Julie gasped in mock horror. “Thinking about boys’ cocks…it’s so unladylike.”

“Well, that’s not the worst of it…” Tiffany began.


“Well, don’t think I’m gross or anything, but…I think that Christian’s kind of cute, too,” Tiff finished.

“Yeah, I know,” Julie agreed. “I mean, I guess it’s kind of weird to be attracted to your cousin, but he is our step-cousin, after all. There’s no blood, so I don’t think that it’s too wrong.”

“Well, I’m glad that you think so, too,” Tiff said, relieved. “Jules…have you ever thought about Dustin being your first?”

“Oh, so many times!” Julie laughed. “But you mean outside of just fantasizing? I don’t know…I mean, I’ve certainly considered it, but I think that things could get kind of weird around here if we started dating, especially if things didn’t work out.”

“Yeah, that’s a good point,” Tiff commented. “I know that you sort of saw him first and everything, and I would never intrude, but I’ve thought similar things about him and myself, too. However, it could be fun just to have a roll in the hay…”

“You’re terrible!” Julie jokingly chided. “You know the deal: we don’t have sex until we’re with a guy who will truly appreciate us and isn’t just looking to fuck us. Somebody special…somebody who cares about us…and preferably somebody who has a really hot body and a nice, fat cock!”

“Now you’re the naughty one!” Tiffany retorted, smiling. “And worst of all, all this talk about boys and cocks and fucking is starting to get me all wet. And these are my good panties, too…”

“Well why don’t you take them off then?” Julie suggested, a hint of lust in her eyes. We can’t have your wet little pussy making a mess of your panties, can we?”

“Definitely not,” Tiffany said, standing up and removing her pink lace underwear from under her dress and tossing it to the side. “There, that’s better.”

“It certainly is,” Julie agreed, squirming a bit in her seat on the bed. “Now why don’t you come and sit on my lap for a minute. I have something I want to tell you.”

“Okay!” Tiffany said, crossing the distance between her and her twin and straddling her sister’s lap, bringing their faces very close together. “So what did you want to tell me?”

Christian’s cock must have grown about an inch as the two identical vixens before him locked lips in a slow, sensuous kiss, their hands roaming casually over each other’s bodies. Enthralled by these two visions who were now clearly using their tongues, Christian quietly removed his rock-hard penis from his pants and began to stroke it softly.

Wordlessly, Julie broke their kiss and after looking into her sister’s eyes proceeded to kiss and suck on her cheeks with large, wet kisses and a good deal of tongue afterwards. Upon closer inspection, Christian was amazed to see that she was in fact focusing on her sister’s freckles! As if to tailor to his fantasy even further, Tiffany began to moan and grind her pelvis into her sister’s lap, no doubt indicating that she liked such attention a lot. At this, Christian had to let go of his cock and settle for fondling his balls, as the sights before him were too much for his libido to take.

Breaking away from her sister once again, Julie allowed Tiffany to make the next move of taking off her dress by pulling it over her head. Underneath, both Tiff and Christian were pleased to see she was wearing a matching violet lace bra and panty set which clung tightly to her shapely curves. Christian gawked once again at her big tits and thought of how much he wished he could be in that room right now fondling and sucking on them. Coupled with her tight abs and graceful limbs, she made the perfect specimen in his lustful eyes. Apparently Tiff was having similar thoughts, as she soon unclasped her sister’s bra and took her left nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, that’s so good, sis,” Julie gasped, gently grabbing her sibling’s head in her hands. “I love it when you suck on my big tits like that. You’re making my pussy so wet right now!”

Mumbling something in response, Tiff continued her assault for a while longer before switching to the other breast to administer a similar treatment. As she did this, Tiff also placed a hand under her own dress and began to masturbate her sopping wet cunt, causing her hips to buck into her fingers. Noticing this, Julie pulled Tiffany’s head away from her nipple, removed her hand from under her dress, and stood both of them up, giving her sister a stern look.

“What were you doing, Tiff?” Julie asked, her voice serious.

“Umm…I was just touching my little pussy,” Tiffany responded sheepishly in somewhat of a baby voice, her head bent down and eyes looking up widely at her sister.

“You were playing with your pussy, eh?” Julie asked rhetorically. “That was a very naughty thing for a little girl like you to be doing.”

“I’m sorry,” Tiffany said, looking ashamed. “It’s just that I’m so wet and horny from sucking on your big titties. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Hmmm, well it does make me a bit cross,” Julie began, “but I suppose that there might be something that you could do to make it up to me.”

“Oh, anything, just tell me!” Tiffany begged, her eyes pleading with her sister.

“First of all, you need to take off that dress and show me that pussy that you’ve been playing with,” Julie responded, taking her own panties off in the process.

Within seconds, Christian was greeted with a sight that should have left him hard for the rest of his life: before him stood two identical twin sisters staring at each other lustfully, their big tits heaving rapidly with fiery passion, and their lightly bushy pussies literally dripping with wetness.


(to be continued…)

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Ch. 03 – Teens Alone in the Basement

“Hi Mom! Aline, Andy, and I want to study for the ACT in my room.”

Karen’s mother peered skeptically over her glasses at Andy, but only saw Karen’s cute boyfriend who looked her square in the face and said, “As usual Mrs. Smith, I can see where Janet and Karen get their good looks.” She blushed with a beaming smile and motioned for them to go on to the basement, which was Karen’s room.

All three of them hurried down the stairs smiling. Their anticipation came from a somewhat steamy conversation in the car ride from swim practice. Andy had declared that he thought the appropriate way for Aline to show her gratitude for him was to participate in a “bottom rub”. Karen immediately objected to the idea of her boyfriend doing a “bottom rub” with her best friend. And of course Aline did not know what that was. Andy’s grin widened as Karen explained that it was just a fun way to cuddle that she and Andy had come up with. Erotic tension filled the car with the realization that Karen had not said “yes”, but she hadn’t said “hell no” either.

Once in the basement no one seemed to know what was expected. Both Andy and Aline looked to Karen who gave in to her desire for control. “Ok, Ok, there’s nothing to it. Ya’ll just back up to each other and rub bottoms.” Andy and Aline continued to just stand there so Karen continued, “Go ahead, it’s Ok with me.”

Andy and Aline looked at each other and their grins signaled their consent. They backed up to each other with eagerness. Aline extended her hands back to Andy’s hips to steady their impact, and Andy responded by placing his hands on Aline’s shorts. Aline was a little taller than Andy, but that did not hinder their ability to mash bottoms together. Andy and Aline laughed with playful abandon as they held each other’s hips and wiggled rear-ends. Andy stumbled a little but would not let go, dragging Aline a step or so with him, which just made them giggle harder. They didn’t stop until their laughing finally ceased.

They stepped away from each other and turned with flushed faces to Karen. Both Andy and Aline assumed that was the end of the “bottom rub”, but they were wrong.

“Oh, that’s not nearly good enough!” said Karen, “It’s not supposed to be just play. It’s supposed to be hot. Come on, get down to your bathing suits.”

All three of them were wearing their suits as if they were underwear. Without hesitation all three dropped shorts and t-shirts to the floor.

Karen continued directing, “Now, let’s get you two warmed up. Help each other move your suits up to a thong style.”

Andy stood there shocked at the suggestion, and Aline did not immediately understand what Karen wanted. Karen led by example and turned sideways to them, moving her own suit up into the crack of her ass. “Go ahead,” she said, “Aline, you adjust Andy’s suit first.”

Although she hesitated, Aline took the opportunity to appreciate Andy. He stood confidently in the middle of the room wearing only his black Speedo. Andy may have been small for his age, but he was ripped. He was a wiry distance swimmer, with an occasional case of “attitude”. One reason he was well-liked was for his outgoing personality, but he was also very cute, with a perpetual friendly smirk. He had sun-bleached brown hair, a smooth olive complexion, and outstanding blue eyes. Females of all ages liked him and under normal circumstances he would have been a lady’s man, but he was a late bloomer and the swimming had taken all of his spare time up to this point in his life.

Andy turned for easy access. Carefully using only her fingertips, Aline pulled his suit up into the crevice of his bottom so that it resembled a thong.

Karen was scornful, “That wasn’t very exciting. OK Andy, show her how it’s done.”

With a glassy-eyed grin and a knowing look toward Karen, Andy circled behind the wary Aline. He knelt close to her, which made her nervously inch away. He gently guided her back close by corralling her knees with his hands.

“I’m sorry Aline,” Andy began, “but I’ve been admiring your beautiful ass in your bright blue suit all afternoon. Karen isn’t objecting, so I’m going to make sure to enjoy this while I can.”

Aline looked a little spooked as if she might run, but Karen spoke, “Don’t listen to Andy. He’s just being crude to shock you.”

Andy was being treated to a close-up view of Aline’s butt. The swimming helped fashion some truly remarkable back sides. Aline was more muscular than Karen and so was her butt. Karen had a very feminine looking tear-drop shape to her ass, and walked with a hypnotizing left and right swing of her hips.

Aline was very different. Her buttocks were round, almost like two small melons, with a back dimple above each mound. She had a slight sway-back posture which caused her butt to protrude back. This posture also resulted in an attractive “pooch” look to her tummy. There was no crease in the creamy-smooth skin at the junction where her legs attached, just a smooth transition into the buttocks. When Aline walked she did not sway as much from side to side, but rather her buttocks took turns moving up and down without much of a jiggle.

Aline looked over her shoulder to see what Andy was doing. He raised his hands to the level of her exposed butt-cheeks, and her butt began to quiver involuntarily.

Andy took his time. He very lightly placed his palms on Aline’s smooth white buttocks.

Aline flinched, “Oooh!”

Andy gently ran his hands along the edge of the leg opening to the front side, almost touching Aline’s vaginal area.

Aline bucked in his grasp, “OOH! OOH!”

He ran his fingers inside the leg opening, pulling upward as he came back, resting the suit higher on her hips. With one hand he pulled the leg opening back away from one buttock, and with the other hand he gently seized a handful of her bare bottom, pulling that leg of the suit into her crevice.

“OH MY GOD!” she whispered as her skin trembled under his touch.

Andy repeated the same procedure with the other leg opening, completing the “thong” look. He took the opportunity to place a palm on the inside of Aline’s thigh from behind and slowly ran it up her leg, with his fingers protruding out front.

“Ooh!” she gulped.

He pretended to stop just short of her vagina, but of course he managed to just barely graze her sensitive area.

Aline jumped almost three feet forward, calling out, “Whooaa!”

Karen took over again, as usual. “Oh Andy! She can’t take all of that. Remember she’s new to this.” Karen approached the skittish Aline and gave her a hug. “See, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Come on you two, it’s time for friendship hugs all around.” Karen hugged Andy and waited impatiently as Andy and Aline gave each other a very polite embrace.

Karen stepped forward in a matter-of-fact way. “Come on Andy. Do a bottom-rub with me first so Aline can see how it’s done.”

As Karen moved forward she did some unconscious preening. Karen had a round face with cute dimples, and she knew she was pretty. With her eyes cast downward she walked toward Andy, moving her hands sensuously over the outlines of her new red suit. Karen had a tiny waist to go along with her shapely bottom, and she put a little extra swing into her walk.

Andy was only slightly taller than the petite Karen which helped make them look particularly cute together. Andy and Karen tentatively reached back to gently grip each other’s almost bare hips. There was no laughing but they smiled with eager anticipation. Andy and Karen were wide-eyed with their mouths slightly open as they gradually braced for the erotic feel of skin on skin. With a fraction of an inch between them, both of their bottoms trembled in anticipation.

“Oooh!” said Karen in a high pitched voice as they made first contact. They stood still, barely touching for several seconds.

Gradually Andy began to move his bottom from side to side, and Karen followed his lead. Every few seconds she would express a nervous sounding “Oooh!” and each time Andy answered with a dreamy-eyed “Mmm”

Over the course of about half a minute they went from barely touching to pushing and mashing butts against each other. Meanwhile they had unthinkingly begun to let their hands move, so that by the end of the 30 seconds they were gripping and pulling on the front of each other’s bare thighs.

Karen gently pulled away with the exclamation, “That was a good one!” They were both red-faced and breathing heavy.

“Holy Shit! You two were hot!” Aline croaked. She skipped in front of Karen and gave her a bear hug. “That was so good!”

Aline turned with a smile and also gave Andy a full-body hug. Suddenly, Aline’s knees gave out and she collapsed to the floor laughing hysterically, disrupting the excitement-packed mood in the room. Aline continued to laugh uncontrollably and slowly pointed to Andy’s groin. The three robotically looked at Andy’s obvious erection, barely covered over by his bathing suit. Aline squealed, “I could feel his boner!”

Andy’s already red face got redder with embarrassment. “I can’t help it!”

Aline’s laughter almost died down but then exploded again, “And Karen, look at your wet spot!”

Sure enough, they all looked down to Karen’s vagina and a small dark spot stood out against the pure red of her suit.

Karen covered her privates with both hands and turned on Aline with an evil grin. “Oh, you’re going to pay for that, Best Friend. It’s your turn now, and I get to say what happens. You’re going to have to lean up against his thingie again, bitch!”

Karen was smiling, but stern. From a seated position on the floor Aline sobered up in a hurry, “Karen! I don’t know about this. It’s getting a little serious.”

“You should have thought about that before you laughed at us.”

Still embarrassed, Andy piped in, “Hey, it’s OK Karen. Aline shouldn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do.”

“Yes she does too! Now back up to each other.”

Andy looked toward Aline but she did not return his gaze. However, she slowly and reluctantly stood up with her back toward Andy, wearing a scared expression.

“Place your backs together and then I’ll tell you what to do next.” Andy stood next to the taller female so that his shoulder blades were just slightly under hers and their lower bodies several inches apart. Aline was breathing fast and shallow with her eyes closed. Andy reached back and gripped Aline’s bare hips and she did the same. Slowly they closed the distance between them. No one was smiling but all three were tense with anticipation and the only sound in the room was their labored breathing.

“AAHH!” groaned Andy and Aline in unison as their warm skin finally touched. Andy and Aline slowly and sensuously moved only enough to push against each other and enjoy the passion of the moment.

When they had calmed down some, Karen got on her knees, reached across to the front of their hips, and gently pulled. “Now stay pressed against each other and slowly turn.”

Karen kept her hands in place and her friends did as directed. From her knees on the floor, Karen was treated to a new visual experience as the two pelvic regions came into clear view. Andy had a more prominent boner than before and it was causing the top of his suit to stand out slightly from his six-pack abs. Aline’s suit had formed a serious “cameltoe” into her pussy, probably due to the thong arrangement, but also because her genitals were engorged and swollen.

Karen turned them until they faced each other. They had primly pulled their lower bodies apart so that only their upper bodies met.

“Now give your partner a good hug.”

They grabbed each other across their upper backs and hugged. This was still very intense given that only Aline’s racing suit materiel separated Andy’s toned chest from her high round tits. They gently rocked their shoulders and increased the warm sensitive feeling across their torsos.

But that was not enough for Karen. She gripped a handful of buttock on each of them and slowly pressed them toward each other. Andy and Aline both flinched at the contact with Karen’s palms and briefly looked down at Karen, who seemed to be focused only on their lower bodies. They looked back at each other and Aline slowly closed her eyes while letting her head fall slightly back.

Karen’s mind was on the joining of that boner with that cameltoe. As the two genital areas got close Karen guided Aline upward and Andy downward so that the head of his penis would meet with the opening of Aline’s pussy. When they were very close, Karen pushed them together. The almost visible head of Andy’s penis gently and firmly nudged through Aline’s cameltoe lips and lodged against the opening of her pussy.

“AAHHHHHH!” they almost yelled at the same instant. They violently jerked their hips apart. But neither one tried to fully separate.

“BINGOOOO!” yelled Karen.

She allowed a moment for her friends to calm down and continued, “Now keep turning around,” she croaked hoarsely as she pulled on them. All three were breathing heavy and fast.

Aline and Andy allowed their hands to fall and touch each other as they turned. By the time their backs met they had each lightly touched the other person’s thighs and buttocks with their fingertips.

“A couple of more turns and you’ll be finished.” Andy and Aline did not respond, they just kept turning.

As they turned to face Karen, she assessed the situation. Andy’s dick had grown even more and the head was even with the top of his suit. Aline’s cameltoe was a lot more pronounced due to the nudge, and her pussy lips were more engorged with throbbing blood. Normally Karen would have been shocked with such views but she was too carried away with the event to be shocked. She stretched higher to look down the top of Andy’s suit and got a brief look at the red top of his dick.

Andy and Aline faced each other again and hugged their upper bodies tight together. They patiently waited as Karen grabbed their butts again, she leaned in close to carefully lined them up, and very slowly pressed them together so that she could clearly see the head of his dick graze down the length of Aline’s cameltoe pussy to line up with her covered opening. Then Karen signaled with a push.

This time Andy and Aline pulled at each other across the lower back. “Aaahhhrrgg!” they both gasped through clenched teeth. They staggered slightly as Andy pressed hard enough for his butt cheeks to flex.

As Andy and Aline pushed, Andy raised up on his toes. Both of them had their eyes closed and accidentally grazed lips, causing Aline’s eyes to pop open.

“OK, keep turning.”

On this turn Andy and Aline were openly caressing each other. They touched and pulled on each other without quite touching the other’s genitals. As they turned to face Karen, she got a view that would burn forever in her memory. The head of Andy’s throbbing dick protruded at least an inch above the top of his suit. Both of their toned stomachs were rapidly moving in and out. And Aline’s pussy was totally wet from her lubricating fluids, causing her suit to conform so closely to her pussy that Karen could clearly see her protruding clitoris.

They continued to turn without urging from Karen. As they faced each other Aline leaned her head down to Andy and they again touched lips as if by mistake.

They patiently waited for Karen to line them up again, which she did with careful scrutiny. Aline spread her legs some more and they waited patiently while breathing so hard the noise filled the room.

Karen carefully used her grip on their butts to line up the head of Andy’s dick just above Aline’s clitoris. She gently guided them together and then signaled for Andy to move up and down against Aline’s clitoris. Andy and Aline gently carressed each other’s butts

Andy caught on that he was stroking Aline’s pussy with the head of his dick. Each time he felt himself rubbing across the little nub of Aline’s clitoris she would groan into his mouth.


After a half dozen gentle strokes, Karen lined them up again at the entrance to Aline’s cloth-covered pussy and gave the signal. She watched as the head of Andy’s dick almost disappeared into her close friend, stretching the bathing suit materiel close to the point of tearing.

“UUGGHHHH!!” they cried. Andy and Aline were gripping each other’s asses and pulling hard. They were red-faced and grimacing. Without encouragement they pushed hard several times against each other, as Karen concentrated on the veined head of Andy’s naked dick appearing and then disappearing into the hot bathing-suit-covered folds of Aline’s pussy lips.


“OK, that’s good enough. Ya’ll can stop now.” Karen croaked as she stood up from her kneeling position. “Now that’s what I call a good bottom-rub!”

Andy and Aline were slow to hear Karen. They continued to hold each other tight but with less motion. Their lips were together as they turned their faces to look incredulously at Karen. Finally they stopped moving, but in the position of their genitals jammed tight against each other.

“Come on ya’ll, that’s it,” Karen said. She fanned her flushed face with her hand, indicating that she was also affected by the “show”.

“We can’t keep doing this for a while?” Andy managed to ask.

“Oh no. I shouldn’t have let you get that carried away with my best friend,” Karen commented casually, “but this was a special occasion.”

Andy and Aline looked at each other’s red faces. They were both still breathing heavy through open mouths. Aline nodded that it was time to separate. Very slowly she backed away from their embrace with the last point of contact being their genitals.

“Aahh!” they both groaned.

Aline automatically looked down at Andy’s groin and saw his erect dick protruding half-way out of his bathing suit, “Oh my goodness!” She backed up to the wall in a daze.

Andy did not take his eyes off of Aline. “Karen, this is killing me!”

Karen snuggled close behind Andy and spoke in a mocking tone, “Oh, my poor boyfriend has a case of blue-balls because I won’t let him abuse my best friend!” To add insult to injury she lightly reached around and dragged her fingertips down the length of his aching hard-on.

“Uugghh,” he groaned while still looking intensely at Aline.

Karen scolded, “Andy, you just can’t do things like this with other girls.” She turned to go fetch their clothing.

Andy flinched with that comment, hesitated and slowly turned toward Karen. He briefly watched her exposed teardrop-shaped ass sway with a slight jiggle at each step. With a rapid movement Andy caught up with Karen, hugging her around the waist from behind. Karen squealed in surprise as he picked her up and spun her so that both of them faced Aline across the room, with Karen in front of him.

“Oooo Andy! Don’t embarrass me in front of Aline!” she laughed hysterically. But one of Andy’s hands was already moving vigorously across her bosom.

“Oh My God!” uttered Aline.

Karen was giggling but also getting turned on. She ground her butt against Andy, causing him to grunt. He was clearly out of control and probably would not stop until Karen got angry, and that did not look likely. As Karen and Andy openly groped each other in front of Aline, Karen looked at her best friend and tried to explain from across the room, through giggles and groans.

“Aline, I think I pushed Andy too far. He’s in one of his moods.” Karen reached behind her to grab Andy’s dick and give it a few jerks, causing him to groan as he humped against her thong-covered ass. She continued looking into Aline’s eyes, “Would you make sure to watch the stairwell and let us know if Mom opens the door?”

Aline kept her eyes glued on Andy and Karen as she stumbled to a spot where she could also see the stairwell. Karen had turned her head so that she and Andy could share a deep kiss as he stroked her breasts and she pulled on his dick.

Ananya was my neighbour’s daughter. She was slender and pretty and so innocent. She called me Babli didi and looked up to me for being a girl who knew her mind. I was her role model as she had told me many times. She had just started junior college and I encouraged her efforts as much as I could.

Her body had me fascinated for some time now and I was continuously thinking about how to get her to open up to me so much that I could help myself to it. I dreamt about her. I constantly undressed her in my mind. My hands itched whenever she was near and like a bitch in heat I always started salivating and thinking about her virginity. My mind was like a fertile ground where images of her nakedness flashed every time I saw her. And then later in the privacy of my bed or the bathroom, I would furiously finger myself to explosive, satisfying orgasms while fantasizing about her. My fantasies were driving me to the edge. I was becoming more and more frustrated by my imaginings, desperate to see her uncovered, to touch her.

I decided I needed to have her.

It was a Thursday and Ananya had come home early when her parents were not at home. Their flat was locked and I saw her sitting on the landing step, casually looking through some magazine.

I walked up to her. “Ananya, what are you doing? Are you locked out?” I asked.

She looked up and a pretty smile came on her face. “Babli didi! Yes, my parents are not yet home and they have locked the door so I can’t go in until they come back,” she replied.

“So come into my flat. You can wait there instead of sitting outside like some beggar,” I teased her.

She gathered up her bag and got up from the steps, following me into my house. She walked over to the sofa, put her belongings there and sat down.

“Do you want water?” I asked.

She nodded.

I went into the kitchen and poured two glasses of cold water. Bringing them out, I sat down beside her and offered it to her.

She drank greedily, gulping down most of the glass and then setting it on the coffee table. “Thank you, didi, I was so thirsty,” she said, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.

“Good then that I found you and rescued you.” I smiled. “That I quenched your thirst.” And I will quench my thirst too before long, I thought to myself.

She smiled at me.

“Ananya, I have wanted to talk to you for some time…” I began.

She looked at me expectantly, and then when I didn’t continue, her curiosity got the better of her. “About what, didi?” she asked.

“Well, you are a pretty girl and your mother… she asked me to talk to you,” I lied.

A wariness came into her eyes. She got the meaning of where I was going. All girls had this talk at some point in their lives. Usually it was their mothers but now I was talking to Ananya about it. She didn’t suspect that her mother hadn’t asked me to talk to her.

“So do you have a boyfriend?” I asked her.

Her eyes widened a bit and she ducked her head, her fingers nervously starting to play with the folds of her skirt. “No, didi,” she muttered.

“Sure?” I asked.

“I promise, didi. There is nothing like that,” she said in a reassuring voice, still looking down into her lap.

“Hmmm….” I looked at her downturned head for a few seconds. “So no boyfriends…”

She shook her head no.

“What about kissing?” I asked next.

“How can I kiss when I don’t have a boyfriend?” she asked in return.

“Oh come on! You can kiss your girlfriends to see how it feels, right? Experimenting?”

Her eyes met mine, horrified. “No, didi! Nothing like that,” she burst out.

“Okay, so you have not been kissed at all,” I persisted.

“No, I promise.”

We were silent for a minute.

“Don’t you wonder what it’s like?” I asked next.

“No…” she said in a small voice.


“Didi, this is so embarrassing,” she murmured.

I reached out a hand and caressed her shoulder. “You can tell me, Ananya. You can think of me as your friend. At least, it is better than to have this conversation with your mother, right?” I joked.

A small smile played around her lips.

“Do you ever feel ticklish in your stomach when you think about sex?” I asked.

I saw her swallow. She didn’t say anything.

I moved closer to her on the sofa and lay my hand around her. My other hand clasped her nervous fingers in mine and I squeezed gently. “Ananya, think of me as a friend and tell me your feelings, okay?”

She nodded hesitantly.

“Do you think about sex?”

She nodded a yes.

I felt myself getting aroused.

“Do your nipples get hard?

She nodded yes.

“And do you touch them?”

She was silent and still as a statue.

“When they are hard and brush against your bra or against your blouse, does it send tingles through your body?”

“Didi…” she choked out.

“Are they hard now, Ananya?”

She just took a deep breath and shuddered.

Slowly, I started bringing my hand up to touch her chest.

She sank into the back of the sofa and almost stopped breathing.

“I am just confirming since you won’t answer me,” I said lightly and placed my hand on her breast.

I cupped her small breast in my palm and held my hand to her, not moving. Finally I was getting to do what I had done only in my hundreds of fantasies. I pressed my hand a little and Ananya’s breath left her in an explosion. She started breathing in small gasps through her opened lips. I cupped my hand firmly on her breast and started pumping it like a blood pressure cuff in my hand. Ananya’s hands went crazy clutching and unclutching bunches of her skirt. Her breath grew even more ragged and I could actually hear her heart fluttering in her chest like a little bird’s.

“Don’t be afraid,” I whispered to her. “Every girl goes through this. Every girl does this. It is innocent, just experimenting. There is nothing wrong with it.”

“What… what am I… why are you…” she stammered breathlessly and then stopped in confusion.

“Shhh,” I soothed her. “Don’t get nervous, Ananya. I am just showing you how nice it feels when your breasts are touched. Since you said you haven’t done anything like this, I want you to know what it feels like,” I said.

“But didi…” she began.

“Shhh. Don’t talk,” I commanded.

With that I turned her face towards me and leaned down to her desirable lips. Her unkissed lips. Considering the lust I had for her body, I controlled myself like a saint and just gave her a moist kiss on her closed lips. Then I pressed my lips against hers. Oh God! They were so soft. Like rose petals.

I started nibbling on her mouth as she just sat there and took my sweet assault. After what seemed like the longest time, I put my thumb on her chin and pulled it down. Her lower lip slid open and I inserted my tongue in a smooth motion. She gasped and tried to wriggle away but I was ready for her. I made soothing murmurs and kept on nibbling and sucking on her sweet lips. I kept inserting my tongue in her mouth and sweeping it about in the inner side of her lips.

She was still trying to pull away and I was getting impatient of the tight control I had of myself. I wanted her naked with her ripe body open to me in every way. My brain skittered to pictures of her lying wantonly with her legs open, presenting herself to me in the most intimate way possible.

Impatiently, I moved away from her lips and looked into her face. “Open your lips wide, Ananya,” I ordered, my voice thick in its arousal.

But she bit her lower lip in nervousness. Her chest rose and fell with the wild way she was breathing.

I got distracted by her breasts and captured one of her small mounds again. “So soft,” I murmured, squeezing her gently. “Tell me how I make you feel when I kiss you and touch you like this, Ananya,” I whispered on a ragged breath.

She shook her head from side to side and I felt her nervousness increasing.

“Shhh. It’s okay. You don’t have to answer. It’s okay.” I soothed her in the voice I would use to calm a crying baby. Taking her lips up into a kiss again, I played with her breasts. My heart leapt as I found her hardened nipple. So she wasn’t unaffected! I took up the hard nub between my thumb and fingers and started rolling it until I felt Ananya tremble.

“Yes. Feels good, doesn’t it?” I said against her moist mouth. “Feels so good.”

By this time, Ananya was half drugged by what was happening. She was nervous, no doubt about it, and maybe shocked too. But now I knew that what I was doing was affecting her body just the way mine had yearned for her for a long time. I was playing her vulnerable spots expertly.

It was time to move further and take this to a place where there was no coming back.

I started opening her button down shirt in the front.

At first she didn’t know what I was doing, she was so drugged. But as soon as it penetrated her fogged brain, she started struggling.

I broke off from her and applied both my hands to the job. “Shh, Ananya. Don’t struggle or the shirt will tear,” I cautioned.

“Didi, no… please…” she kept struggling and trying to bat my hands away.

I looked her directly in the eyes and made my voice hard. “Ananya, stop struggling. If the shirt tears, then you will go disgraced back to your house. How will you tell them what happened if they ask? What if you father sees you in that condition?”

She stilled momentarily with the notion of the horrifying image I had painted.

That was all the time I needed. I had her unbuttoned to the waist, and slipped my hand in. I found the understrap of her bra and nimbly slid my hand under that too. Finally I was in contact with her naked breast! And it was the softest of flesh I had ever touched!

Her breast fitted into my hand completely and I started to knead her. My mouth found its way back to her sweet lips like a drug I couldn’t let go off. She was now sitting docilely, all struggles ceased. I didn’t know whether she was just in shock at what was happening or beginning to accept it or just too overcome with lust like I was at touching her naked flesh.

I was overflowing with pussy juice. I could feel myself slick and slippery down there. Even if I moved the slightest amount, I could feel my soggy panties wet with my cum sliding against me. It made me want to throw off my clothes and Ananya’s too but I had to proceed slowly and not scare off this sweet little virgin.

“So soft,” I murmured against her lips as I spread the ends of her shirt farther and exposed more of her. “Such a lovely, sweet girl,” I whispered to her before bending my head and taking her now exposed breast into my mouth. I heard her take in a breath sharply as I closed my mouth over the nipple. I suckled ferociously, laving her nipple with my tongue every few sucks and fondling the rest of the softness with my hand. I snuck my hand down to her stomach then and slipped a middle finger into her navel.

She arched up with a moan at that and almost dislodged me from her breast.

I slid my hand out and moved back to kiss her open mouth. She was soft and pliant in my arms by now. Drugged to the point of no return and mine to do with as I wanted. I saw her half sitting, half lying on my sofa with her eyes closed and her mouth open in a sigh.

I captured that open rosebud mouth and moved to the next stage. Bunching her skirt in my hand, I exposed her creamy thighs. There was no resistance. She was far too gone now to struggle. I had no trouble adjusting her so that my hand could access her panty clad pussy. At my first brush at the apex of her legs, I felt her moan into my mouth.

I pressed my hand hard against her and felt her welcome moist softness. She was so warm and ready. Her panties were wet with eagerness and I felt myself release more juices at her open surrender. I had waited so long for it! Now it was mine. She was mine to take and do with as I wanted.

I lifted my head and looked at her supple body lying pliant in my arms, her clothes in disarray, her breasts open to my roving gaze. My hand was placed in her most private of places. I rubbed her intimately and saw her lips tremble in reaction.

My sweet beautiful, Ananya. My lovely virgin lying before me.

I spread her legs farther apart to gain greater access. My hands passed that final barrier between us. I slid her panties to one side and dipped my hand into her honeyed wetness. She was so wet! My fingers were instantly coated with her juices. I burrowed past her pussy lips and felt her centre. I probed her with one finger. So small. I pushed against her and felt her tense up a little. I withdrew my finger a bit and found her little nub with my thumb.

As soon as I brushed her hard little core, she rose against my hand.

“You like that?” I asked her softly.

I continued circling and rubbing her little clit with my thumb while my finger stayed at her entrance, ready. Her breath was coming in short gasps now and I felt her body tensing up with each strum of my thumb. I played her body like an instrument, seeing her breasts rising and falling rapidly with indrawn breaths and gasps as I finger fucked her. My virgin was splayed open in front of my eyes, getting fucked like I had always imagined in my dreams.

My strokes got faster and faster, and in tune with it, her breaths got more ragged. She kept rising herself to my hand, to better position her pelvis against my tormenting thumb. I flicked her clit as hard and as fast I could, increasing the tempo, rubbing into her as she thrust herself up into my hand. She was moaning and moving her head from side to side now and I felt her buck once, twice, then go completely still before whole body tremors ran down her entire length and she thrashed like a puppet on a string.

As her explosive orgasm ran through her, I knew my chance. I clasped her to myself and pushed my finger firmly inside of her. She let out a cry and her hand clamped down on my wrist as I thrust myself deeper into her.

“Babli didi… didi, no…” she gasped.

“Shhh… Ananya… sweet darling,” I murmured into her ear. “It will be over in a minute.”

She squirmed but her orgasm was still running through her and she did not have the strength to stop me from burying my finger up to its length inside of her virgin pussy. I milked her clit with my thumb as she rode her high, all the while my finger submerged in her tight warm softness.

She eventually wound down and came to rest with her face on my chest, her arm draped over my shoulder and her breath slowing down to normal.

“Ananya?” I said softly.

She didn’t respond.

I slid my finger out a fraction and slid it in again.

I felt her breath catch.

“Does it hurt, sweetie?” I asked.

I felt a faint nod against my chest.

I moved my thumb which still rested against her clit a fraction of an inch.

This elicited a shiver.

“And this?” I asked.

She didn’t respond.

I applied a tiny bit of pressure.

“Please…” she whispered, barely audible.

“Let me take it out, okay? It might hurt a little,” I cautioned.

I felt her tense and pulled myself out as quickly as I could. My finger left her depths with a wet plop and I heard her let out a little mew.

I saw a few flecks of blood on my fingers mixed with her wetness when I inspected it. I had taken her virginity. I gathered her to me and hugged her to me like I would a small child. She pulled her legs close and sighed against my chest.

“You were so brave,” I said, smoothing her hair back over her shoulders. “And so sweet, so soft.” I caressed her back and then slipped my hand down to her round ass. I cupped her and pulled her towards me.

She in turn snuggled up and slid her arms around me.

We sat like that for a long time but eventually I could take it no longer. My mind had started complaining that I had her in my arms and I was just wasting the time.

I shifted a little and she raised herself off me, trying to pull away.

“Wait, Ananya. I have to inspect you,” I said.

She shrank back. “What? How?”

“To see that I haven’t hurt you.”

She looked at me apprehensively.

“It’s required,” I said firmly as I took up her wrist. “Lie down here now.”

I got up and pushed her down gently on one end of the sofa with her head resting on one arm and lifted her legs to lay them straight out in front of her. I lifted her skirt up to expose her and then pulled her panties down and off. When I started to arrange her legs, she held them closed.

“Ananya, I have to look,” I said. “Please help me to make sure you are okay.”

She grudgingly let me part her legs. I opened them as wide as I could. My first look at her would be magnificent. I took one of her legs and draped it over the back of the sofa and the other one I placed on the floor. She was spread open as far as she could be.

I drank in the sight of her naked pussy. I reached out and slowly parted her pussy lips. She was so delicate. As my fingers opened her up, I could see more flecks of blood stuck to her inner thighs, all the way to her centre, where she was bright red. I fingered her and she shifted uncomfortably.

“Ananya, there is some blood. I will have to clean it up,” I told her.

“I can do it myself,” she whispered, not meeting my eyes.

“No. I will do it,” I said firmly. “Come with me.”

I took hold of her wrist, got her up and walked her to the bathroom. I unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. “Sit.” I motioned towards the pot.

She slowly obliged. Her legs were close together as she sat.

I moved into a crouch and parted them. “Open your legs wide, Ananya. I need to see your pussy to wash it,” I said soothingly.

I took a tumbler full of water and started washing her. With one hand I poured and with the other, rubbed her pussy of blood and her juices. It was the most intimate thing anyone could ever do and I felt like I could burst with my orgasm as I held my face before her and washed her soft folds. I kept pouring water and gliding my hand between her legs even when she was clean because I just felt like I couldn’t stop.

Finally, I stopped pouring water and just held my hand against her pussy. “Pee,” I commanded her.

Ananya looked shocked.

I caressed her folds. “Come on, pee,” I urged her.

She bit her lip.

I kept caressing her gently, back and forth, and just when I thought that she wouldn’t obey me, I felt warm urine wash over my hand. I kept rubbing my hand into her, almost purring with contentedness. When the last trickles dribbled down my hand, I again washed her thoroughly and led her into my bedroom.

“Let me dry you,” I said, taking up a towel. I manoeuvred her into a squat and started rubbing the towel into her pussy. She took it for a minute before trying to move away. I let her.

“Lie on the bed,” I directed.

“I… have to go home,” she hedged.

“Ananya, I have to apply something on your pussy,” I told her. “It was your first time and you are so delicate. It was rubbed raw. It is red like the flesh of a watermelon. I have to put ointment on it,” I stated.

She reluctantly moved over to the bed and lay down. I again spread her legs as wide as I could and gazed at my fantasy. It was exactly as I imagined it. The combination of innocence and wantonness all in the young girl. I took up a tube of ointment and situated myself between her legs. Taking a liberal amount, I started spreading it on her. As my fingers kneaded the greasy liniment into her softness, I felt like seducing her all over again.

I looked at her young face with her eyes closed and her lashes against her flushed cheeks. Her shirt was still gaping open and her legs were laid open again to my ministering hands. This time I just couldn’t wait to go the slow way and just slipped a finger into her immediately.

She inhaled sharply but didn’t give any other indication of the intrusion. I started sliding my finger in and out of her in slow strokes. She lay still and pliant.

This is not really a story, more thoughts and remembrances.

Back in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds, they would cut out a hole in the floor and put in a cast iron grate that let the heat rise to the upstairs rooms. The grate also left through sound and if you were the type, you could peek down from the upstairs room to the downstairs room and see much of what was going on. When I was about eighteen, the summer before college, we moved into a house with heating grates. My bedroom was just above my mother’s room and at night, I could hear her soft snoring as she slept.

I could hear other things too. My mother was a single mom, and she had the same good genes she passed on to me, which means she had soft skin and looked younger than she really was. She was not the nicest person, but she was beautiful, a flirt, and something of what I recognize now as a slut. Back then I didn’t think that way. I just thought she had a lot of boyfriends. Many, many nights there were men in her bedroom, and yes, I would peek, peering through the cast iron grates, watching what went on that had the men, and at times, my mother, make such an array of passionate sounds.

Sex scared me, I had led a sheltered life in high school. And even when I first went to college, I stayed mostly to myself. But, when I was home. I would watch from above as the men, their hairy naked bodies, all larger than my five foot one mother, climbed on her and thrust into her like animals. Watching their cocks, which seemed so large to me, to into her tiny body seemed frightening. She would whimper when they entered her and then as they began to pound, always fast and hard, she would cry out. I didn’t realize then that her cries were likely cries of pleasure. It seemed to me that she was being raped and it was exciting and scary, both, watching them.

As time went by, I came to realize that it was pleasure, not pain, that caused her moans and cries, and while I wasn’t sure what was going on, I knew there were a few rare times, when something happened with her that caused her to almost writhe and cry out even louder. Those were, I came to understand later, orgasms. At the time, I only knew what she was doing was considered very naughty, not to be talked about, and very exciting. Watching and listening caused a new wetness between my legs and I found, if my fingers stroked myself there, as I saw men doing to my mother, I would reach my own moment of passion. It was hard, because I had to be quiet so they would not hear me as the orgasm washed over my young body.

The thing that fascinated me most though, was watching my mother perform oral sex.

I call it performing on purpose because I never thought she loved any of the men who shared her bed. And I could tell she was showing off, that what she was doing was not just about creating pleasure by letting a man’s cock slide in and out between her lips, but that part of what brought the men such pleasure was watching her do it, watching their swollen cocks as it penetrated her mouth, as she liked, sucked and kissed, for both total pleasure. I watched and mentally paid attention to what men liked, what she did that always brought men to pleasure. Watching her, and their reactions as she lavished such love on their cocks, I came to see oral sex as the ultimate act of pleasure you could give a man.

So at twenty, after a couple of years of this, I knew a few things most girls my age (and remember, this was a fair number of years ago, not now when girls are having sex so early), didn’t know. I knew most men would rather have a great blow job than other kinds of sex. I knew all about going slow, looking up into a man’s eyes when you sucked him. I learned men REALLY wanted to cum in a woman’s mouth. I knew ways to prolong a man’s pleasure, and ways to make him come fast.

back then, at twenty even, oral sex was one of those things girls barely talked about, and only in whispers. It was talked about but rarely admitted to. It was supposed to be some deliciously naughty thing, a mystery that NO nice girl would ever do. I felt like I knew a secret.and when we talked about it late at night in the dorms, I had the image of my mother pleasuring men as I watched through the grates in my floor. They would all giggle at the thought when the subject came up, while I was wet with remembrance and anticipation of when I might actually give that deep a pleasure to a boy.

I was a late bloomer. Halfway through college, I finally started to grow some breasts, those marvelous things that get boy’s attention. The first time I had sex at twenty, it was pretty crazy, but very frustrating. The boy practically raped me, he was so eager. coming just as I was starting to get really hot, and when he was done, he was done. He didn’t want to do anything with me, and he did not want me to kiss his half hard cock, which I was desperate to do.

That was the story of college life. Yes, I got to give head, but it was always with the over zealous hormones of a college boy. I think I was face fucked a lot, and yes, guys loved it. But it wasn’t anything like what I had seen, what I wanted, what I had been turned on by since I had been twelve. Getting married was not a lot different. I loved Alex and would have done anything for him, but he thought oral sex was nasty, and he had a love-hate relationship with it. It was terribly frustrating. I just KNEW I had some special talent to give, a secret knowledge that could bring crazy good pleasure to a man, and that’s what I wanted desperately to do.

The beginning of the end of my marriage was also finally, the validation of what I thought I had to give, and my own pleasure in giving it. My husband, who was vanilla sex all the way, became obsessed with the idea of my having sex with another man, and him watching. I have to tell you, I resisted like crazy. It seemed exciting, I admitted it. But I also didn’t think he could handle it, the jealousy, I mean. But Alex kept after me and kept after me and finally I gave in.

He brought home a friend he worked with. Tall, young and handsome and very polite. And, as I found out once we were naked, he had a beautiful cock. Straight, smooth, clean, with veins that bulged just a little. And best of all, he was slow. The first time was simple sex, with him on top and even though he came slightly before me, he stayed pumping his turgid cock slowly in and out of me. Even half hard it was bigger than Alex’s cock and when I came, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He pulled out and I shifted. I just HAD to try and give him head.

He seemed to know that this was not just something to do, but something I wanted to do, and he let me. Oh it was so delicious. I can still remember and relive it today almost like it was a slow motion movie. I can remember my being on my knees and lightly touching every it of him, letting my fingernails run over his balls, my finger tips caress him, my lips kissing his shaft up and down. I remember licking his head, round and round. I kept looking up at him, and I can’t tell you, it was such a turn on watching his pleasure. My husband was to one side, mesmerized.

At last, after kissing his shaft, I began to take it in my mouth. He lasted no time at all, I hardly had the head in when I felt him tense up. Part of me was the eighteen year old girl peeking through the grate, excited at what I was seeing, now close up, but also totally aware of what was happening as he arched his back and his cum shot into my mouth. I practically came myself. It was so affirming and so hot, like living in my own porn movie that I had seen played over and over in my head again and again all the way through college.

But then it happened. My ex went crazy. There was no second sharing, with his coworker or anyone else. His jealousy was awful, made worse by the fact that he had caused it himself. Our marriage hardly lasted a year.

There were other guys. I got to give head to others, but I was surprise, now that I was dating men in their forties, how selfish they all were as lovers, and how more often my loving gift turned into a quick face fuck and then it was done.

Then there was Paul. Delicious, perfect Paul. The first time we made love, I don’t think he even came, He kissed me, touched me, caressed me and fucked me in the wildest, longest array of multiple orgasms I had ever experienced. In fact, before that night, I never knew that multiple orgasms were real and not some kind of porn fiction. When he was done with me. I was a rag doll, limp from exhausted pleasure. We fell asleep together.

But the next morning, when I woke up, I was recharged. And when I looked down, I saw his cock, small yet still thick, lying there. I moved to the bottom of the bed, and began to kiss it. I ran my fingernails down his thighs. I took his small limp cock in my mouth.

And I felt it grow there as I had it in my mouth. IT was growing hard because of MY pleasure giving. Such a total turn on! Soon it was hard and straight between my lips. Then as I reached for his balls, I realized something else. It was shaved.

I pulled off to look at it in the morning light. I had never seen a shaved one before. 40 years old and never seen one for real! I was embarrassed, but it was so perfect, all velvety smooth, yet hard as a rock. I just stared at it. “Kiss it.” he told me, and like some kind of zombie, I bent back down and kissed it. “Kiss up and down the shaft.” he said and I did. His hips were moving just a little now with each kiss. I would look up from time to time and he would be looking at me, with a small smile of pleasure on his lips and in his eyes.

Oh the time I spent with his cock that morning! He told me just what to do, at times directing me to take him deep, at times just bobbing slowly on his head, at times licking. I saw myself as my mother, finally pleasuring a man who knew how to enjoy what I had to give. I found I loved his telling me what to do, how he liked it. I didn’t have to guess. I knew I was pleasuring him just as he wanted it. I felt like I was his, totally his.

Finally he said with a husky voice “I’m going to come.”. I didn’t slow down. At that point, I just had to have, HAD to have his cum my mouth. And he did come.

Since then,he has shot pictures of me loving his cock and they are still the sexiest pictures I have ever seen. Paul’s let me have other men (He is not jealous at all, or handles it very well.) I love him, be he has let me tasted and touch and be taken by other men. I still totally get turned on by giving head. Totally and probably irrationally. But it is what it is. And it all began when I was just eighteen, and even now, when I have Paul’s cock, or one of the occasional other men he shares me with between my lips, I have the same unbridled excitement I had long ago.


My name is Mike. I’m 45, 6′ tall, 180 lbs and in very good shape. I’d say I look ten years younger than my chronological age. I am recently, and rather amicably, divorced from my first wife who just didn’t meet my emotional and sexual needs. I’m not sure if she is happier, but I certainly am. Let me tell you why.

I’m much happier because my new girlfriend is everything I wanted and desired, but didn’t get from my wife. Amber is 20 years young, with a naturally lanky, slim build and stands 5’5″ in bare feet. I think her natural hair color is a dirty blonde, but when I met her she had long, soft light blonde hair. She has that uniform beach blonde look without highlights and she keeps the roots light. I’d have a better idea of her natural hair color except that her pussy is waxed smooth so she can wear those tiny, thong bikinis she looks so hot in. I’m not complaining, I like eating off a clean plate.

Unlike my ex-wife, Amber is adventurous and athletic. Since we met, she has learned to surf with me and is really pretty good after our two trips to Costa Rica in the last six months. Plus she looks so hot with her round butt half exposed in one of her tightly fitted brazilian cut bikini bottoms on a surfboard as she lays down and paddles back out into the lineup.

Amber’s body is that of a flawless, lean, athletic twenty year old, but what makes Amber so sexy is her adorable attitude and sexy mind. Not all girls could be attracted to a guy who looks 15 years older than they are and one that is really 25 years her senior, but Amber has a ‘daddy complex’ in a good way. Raised by her mom in a small town, I’ve come to realIze that Amber has a deep, unmet need to hear praise and feel affection from an older, authority-figure man. Lucky for me, I have become that guy and I do everything I can to satisfy her deep-seated need for approval and praise from a father figure. I try and praise her most when she is being a dirty, naughty girl. I know it turns her on to hear me praise her as she is blissfully sucking on my “older daddy cock” as she likes to call it and after we first started having sex, she spent a month working to supress her gag reflex. She now proudly takes the last few inches of my cock into her hungry, warm mouth every time she sucks my dick and swallows my tip with her throat like a champ.

Amber bounced into the living room yesterday wearing the black patent platform heels I bought her online last week, paired with black seamed stockings and a metallic-sheened blue dress with a hem that stopped a few inches below her ass and skin-baring cut outs on both hips.

“I want to wear this for you tonight!” she said with a giggle.

“To the neighbor’s BBQ?” I said with a grin.

“Yes. Is that ok? Or would you like me to wear something else?”.

“No! I love the way you look with this on you. But the heels have to be 7″ with those tall platforms. You sure?” I said.

She turned around so I could see the seams of her stockings as they continued the line from her super-high stripper-style heels.

“How do I look from behind? Do I look like I want to be bent over and fucked by my much older, sexy sugar-daddy who bought me everything I have on tonight? I hope that’s how I look. That’s how I feel. I love looking sexy for you, being your wet-dream girl come to life. Can I wear this for you? Please!”.

She moved to the couch, kissed me on the lips, rubbed my bulge and stood back up.

“I think your cock says yes. I gotta do my makeup. You look good tonight. I love you in that shirt and white pants”.

I held her slim wrist and pulled her back for another kiss and then swatted her firm ass, “Go put on your make-up. Make it dramatic and hot to match your outfit.”.

“Mmmmm, ok Daddy. I’ll be ready to go in fifteen minutes.”

She wasn’t ready for thirty minutes but finally at 7 pm, her hair was styled and her makeup was drammatic and sexy with dark, long mascara-enhanced lashes, eyeliner and pink and silver eyeshadow that matched her wet-glossed, pink lipstick that was infused with the glitter. We drove two short blocks and parked in Jake’s driveway and I helped Amber get out of the car. Her 7″ platform stilettos clacked on the white cement as we approached the house and let ourselves in the front door. Ten adults were scattered around the living room and kitchen and back deck as we walked in and sought Jake, the host. He eyed Amber up and down and gave her a peck on the cheek with his hand on her lower back and shook my hand. I grabbed a beer and made Amber a vodka and Sprite and watched the other guests check out Amber’s tight body in that sexy, hot dress and fuck-me style heels. As I made her a drink, I overheard her talking,

“…oh, do you like the dress? We are going out clubbing after the BBQ and I didn’t want to change outfits. Are the seams straight?” she said as she turned around and let one of the neighbors get a long look at her stockings and heels.

“Do they look right? I can’t see them from behind the way I’d like to. Mike likes them, especially with my new shoes. I feel tall in them. Do they look good with the dress?”.

She was fishing for complients and getting plenty from the two guys she was talking to as I walked up, kissed her neck and told her how sexy she looked in her new dress and heels.

“Thank you, daddy.” she said and I heard the guys pause and one of the girls let out a tiny gasp.

“You call him ‘daddy’? Asked Jeff.

“Um, sometimes. He’s sooo good to me.” she added. “Plus he likes if when I call him that, don’t you… Daddy?” she said as she ran her long nails over my chest.

“I won’t lie, I do like it.” I said with a grin.

“He’s like the daddy I never had, except that he’s soooo good to me and I try to be the best I can be for him. I love to make him proud of his babydoll and keep him happy.”

Twenty minutes later, Amber was fulfilling her promise to keep me happy as she bent over the vanity in the upstairs bathroom and spread her ass cheeks apart, inviting me to fuck her tight, pink cunt and get my cock wet for the first time this evening. Lining up my thick cockhead, I pushed into her wet pussy with one thrust and enjoyed the feeling of tapping into her snug fuckhole. Once I was deep inside her tight pussy, I kept myself buried in her wet slot as I felt Amber clench at my cock and squeeze like a velvet vice around my tool. Not only is Amber very eager to dress sexy, but she knows I love to hear her talk dirty and she has become so good at it.

She pushed her voice up an octave, into her baby-girl tone she uses when we fuck.

“God daddy, you feel sooooo good! Fuck your little girl, stuff your young slut. Pump your cock into your dirty girl, I’m your dirty little fucktoy, daddy’s pretty whore, his nasty bitch, your cum target. Fuck me!!! Ram it in. Harder, harder, harder! Give it to me, fuck my pretty, bare cunt. You like my waxed pussy, don’t you? You like your slut to keep herself bald and smooth? You like fucking your blonde whore with that big, hard cock? Fuck me daddy, pound it in! Give it to me, make me feel full and stuffed.”

I pulled out and made her taste my girl-cream-covered stick.

“Mmmmmmm, yes! I taste so good on your fat cock.” she said after I fed the tip of my cock back to her mouth and let her suck me with hollowed cheeks and adoring eyes. “Fuck my mouth daddy, fuck my pretty face the way you fuck my tight pussy.”

I took a handful of her blonde hair like I was grabbing the mane of a horse, she looked up at me,

“Daddy, they are going to miss us soon. Do you care?”. She said between sucks on the tip of my mushroom head. “Should I suck you off, or save your load for later.” she asked, knowing that it was my decision to make.

“Later, don’t make me burst in your sweet mouth.” I said.

“Mmmmm, my mouth is sweet, isn’t it daddy? Its your doing. You showed me what to do. Showed me how to please you with my mouth. It’s your fault I love having your big, thick cock in my young mouth. You kept buzzing my clit with the egg when I first started sucking you and now I get so wet when I just think about having your cock in my mouth. I love sucking your big cock.” she said and then proved it by slipping her glossed lips down over the head and artfully sucked and slurped on my sensitive glans as she massaged my balls with one hand. I looked at my watch and noted that 10 minutes had gone by since we disappeared upstairs. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and grabbed a hold of one of Amber’s nipples and pulled and tugged. She moaned, then spoke.

“Yes, play with your slut’s tits, pull on my nipples while I service your big cock. Does my daddy like his cunt’s new heels? Are they high enough? Do they make me look hot daddy? Do they make me look like your whore?”. She said that as she slapped my cock against her cheek the way she’s seen the porn stars do it, keeping my cock rock hard as I saw her saliva splatter a bit on her blush and make-up before she sucked again on the tip and hollowed her cheeks with that suction slurp she adds to the blowjob when she wants to bring me close to the edge.

“I don’t want to go back to the party daddy, not without knowing I made you happy. Do you want to cum in my mouth? I’ll swallow every drop, I promise.” she cooed as she licked down the shaft and mouthed my shaved balls eagerly.

“I’ll bet you are saving it for later, so you can ram my little cunt with your daddy-meat, aren’t you? I’m dripping wet for you, and I taste like candy.” she said as she slid her fingers into her slot and worked them in and out.

I smiled and pushed my cock deep into her mouth one more time and then pulled out.

“You are sooo delicious, I love fucking your mouth.”. She beamed as I helped her stand and straighten up her bunched together dress. “Let’s go downstairs and mingle for a bit, then we’ll go home and fuck.” I said as I kissed her cheek.

“Ok daddy! Give me a minute to freshen up and then I’ll be ready.” she said as she looked in the mirror and applied lip-stick and gloss to her pouty lips.

As Christian gazed down lovingly at the girl of his dreams, he also felt a growing animal lust and passion radiating from his cock.

“I think that I still owe you one from downstairs, don’t I?” Christian asked with a half smile and raised eyebrow.

“Hmmm…I wouldn’t say that you ‘owe’ me one, since I loved the taste and feel of your cock and cum in my mouth. But I suppose if you said that you wanted to reciprocate in some way,” Tiffany said, moving her mouth right next to Christian’s ear, licking it, and then whispering, “I’d tell you that you can do anything that you’d like to me.”

Then, moving back and bending her head down slightly, she looked up at him with her big, innocent blue eyes, her subtle patch of freckles lying underneath and, in a soft voice, repeated, “Anything.”

Christian felt his heart skip a beat and nearly came in his pants as he looked at the doe-like schoolgirl standing before him. In a flash he was kissing Tiffany again, their tongues tearing into one another’s mouths in a vain attempt to fully express their passion. Soon Christian’s hands had moved from Tiff’s waist and were now fondling one of her full breasts and tentatively stroking the length of her rigid penis, causing her to let out a tiny, desperate moan into his mouth. Tingling with pleasure, Tiffany’s own hands began to work on Christian’s belt.

After several more minutes, Christian broke the kiss and, taking Tiffany by the hand, wordlessly led her over to his bed. There, he bent down to scoop her up into his arms, smiled while he looked into her eyes, and laid her form on top of his covers. He then quickly removed his shirt and the rest of his pants and boxers and then positioned himself over top of his love. Their bodies pressing together, they once again fell into a kiss, one still laden with passion, yet fuller, deeper, and more delicate than those previous. Gradually Christian began to kiss down her neck, lightly sucking an biting, eliciting moans of pleasure from the girl’s throat. As he reached her full breasts, he marvelled at how long and hard her nipples had become; each protrusion was completely erect and nearly an inch in length, something that greatly intensified and facilitated his suckling.

“Do you like me sucking on your tits?” Christian asked teasingly as he rubbed his lower lip along the apex of Tiff’s right nipple.

“Mmmm…,” Tiff moaned in reply, her words accentuated my gasps and changes of pitch. “Yeah, I love you sucking on my, mmm, tits. Oh…my nipples are so hard for you right now…mmmmm…and so is my big, fat cock….oh, yeah….mmmm…I want you to suck on my cock, baby….yeah…I want to stick it in your mouth and…and…fuck your face with it…oh, fuck!”

Christian’s cock throbbed with every dirty word that came from his love’s mouth. He never would have expected her to say such things! Marvelling at how lucky he was to find such a prize, he left her magnificent tits in search of an even greater prize: the enigma between her luscious legs.

Sliding down the bed, Christian positioned himself so that he could get a good look of what lay between this girl’s legs. Sensing this and wanting him to look, Tiffany spread her legs out wide, allowing him an unhindered view. Fundamentally, she had an entirely normal looking vagina anus, and perineum, but simply had an average-sized cock (5.5″ long, 4″ around) protruding from immediately above her clitoris; the only thing that appeared to be missing was a scrotum and her testicles. Her vagina lips were quite full and hung slightly away from her body, and she had a modest patch of dark pubic hair surrounding both sets of genitals, both of which turned Christian on.

“From what the doctors that treated me when I was younger gathered, and I agree based on my own research, the embryonic tissue that normally forms either the clit or the glans of the penis basically split in two for me. From there it must be just the dumb luck of my genetics: I must have produced enough testosterone to grow a penis, and yet must have lacked the gene needed to form my testicles or to make me genetically a boy. Since I’m otherwise exactly like a female inside, I produce normal amounts of estrogen that gave me my breasts, lack of body hair, and other secondary female sex characteristics. The rest I’m a bit shaky on, though: I must have some sort of modified duct system inside, since I urinate out of the urethra in my vagina like a girl, and yet I still have a penile urethra, and I still ejaculate from my cock when I masturbate it. I guess I must have some sort of modified prostate gland and bulbourethral gland inside somewhere.”

Blushing, Tiffany continued, “Sorry, but I did come over here on the pretence of studying biology.”

Laughing, Christian asked, “So, you’re basically just like any other girl, except you have a penis and somehow have the ability to ejaculate from it?”

“Pretty much,” Tiffany replied, smiling. Then, becoming somewhat solemn she said, “The one thing is that I won’t be able to have any children, though. When I was having tests done as a child, they basically determined that I was going to be sterile.”

Having by this time moved up the bed to lay beside his love and hold her in his arms, he asked, “How do you feel about that?”

“Well,” she began, “it does make me sad in a way, but at the same time I’m okay with it, and somewhat relieved. I know that my genetic makeup is pretty unique, and I would hate for that to ever jeopardize my well-being of my baby. Also, there’s sort of the social aspect of possibly having an androgenous boy or girl, which is something that I’ve been dealing with for the past 18 years.” “I know that my future husband and I would love any child that we had, but I don’t know if he or she would have the same luck that I’ve had recently,” Tiff said as she smiled at Christian. “In any event, though, it pains me that I can never give birth to a child myself, but I know that I can always adopt and love that child just as much as I would have my own.”

Gazing at the girl before him as she spoke with such grace and maturity, Christian felt a shiver run up his spine.

“You’re beautiful,” he said. “And I love you for it.”

Seeing the truth of his statement in his eyes, and reflecting it with he own heart, Tiff replied, “I love you, too, Christian.”

The pair embraced, just holding one another and feeling their hearts beating as one. Eventually, Christian pulled away and kissed Tiff softly on the lips. He then gave her a wicked smile and began kissing her neck and breasts again, slowly making his way down to her pubic region. Within no time Tiff’s breathing had picked up to where it had been before, and she knew that she wanted this boy in front of her badly. Her rigid cock was aching for attention and she saw that it had a drop of precum leaking from its tip. She could also feel that her pussy was sopping wet and desperately needed a cock inside of it. Fortunately for her, there was a boy on top of her who was more than ready and willing to fulfill such desires.

Although Christian had never sucked on a cock before, he’d read about and seen enough of it to have a pretty good idea as to what to do. He began by licking the shaft all over, paying special attention to the head and urethral opening.

“Mmmm…that feels so good, baby,” Tiffany encouraged, loving the new sensations. “I know it sounds slutty of me, but could you spit on my cock, please? I just want it to feel all nice and slippery when it’s sliding in and out of your mouth.”

Greatly turned on by her words, Christian complied and spat some of his saliva onto her cock. He allowed it to run down the side that was facing her to tease her and to play on her fantasy. Watching her face, he saw her eyes glaze over even further with lust before he attacked her penis with a fury. Being careful not to graze his teeth along her head, he took the lubricated cock as far into his mouth as he could before he felt a gagging sensation in the back of his throat. Half-expecting it, he sought to relax the muscles in the area and let her tool in even farther. Sure enough, the gagging sensation passed, and he bobbed his head up and down the shaft, causing Tiffany to cry out in pleasure. Happy that he was on the right track, Christian began to experiment with different rates and depths of his blowing Tiff, alternated with just jerking her off and licking her penis head.

“Shit, baby…I think I’m going to cum soon!” Tiffany cried as she felt the spasms in her loins become ever stronger.

Now knowing that the moment he had been planning for was upon him, Christian pulled out his trump card by slipping a hand between Tiff’s legs and rubbing her slit up and down with his thumb. Eliciting an even louder cry from her, he took his now lubed up digit and began rubbing her clit, thanking the heavens that he’d read so much anatomy in his biology class. Simultaneously, he took her cock all the way down her throat until his nose was embedded in her pubic hairs and he could smell her musky scent. Bobbing on her cock, he felt her hands on his head each grab a handful of hair.

“Oh fuck, baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Tiffany cried out passionately. “Oh, my pussy is spasming and I’m filling your tight throat with my hot cum! Ahhhhhh….!”

With that, Tiffany arched her back and Christian felt jet after jet of cum enter into his belly, coating his throat in the process. At almost the same time he felt a small blast of fluid hit his hand and chest: it seemed that she had cum out of her pussy, too! Tiff’s hands pushed Christian’s head hard into her pubic region, as she tightened her grip on his hair, and then, after a long moment had gone by, she relaxed her hold on him.

“Oh shit, baby, oh fuck…” Tiffany panted. “Oh fuck…that was so good…oh yeah….you fucked my cock so well with your mouth…and you drank my cum like such a good boy….AND you made my pussy cum, too! Oh, shit…oh, shit, I love you…”

Loving her nasty babblings, Christian slowly released her member from his mouth and took in a deep breath of air. The taste of cum hit his palate as Tiff’s leaking cock traced over his tongue, and he found that while it tasted similar to his own, it was still distinct. Giving her cockhead a couple of gentle licks, he then moved his face in between her legs to taste the sweet nectar there. He found that the area was completely flooded, and he immediately began to lap up her juices. Finding that he liked the taste, he continued to lick with more fervour and was soon giving her a thorough cunt bath.

“Oh, what are you doing to me, Christian?” Tiffany asked rhetorically, still in her post-orgasmic daze. “You just went down on me and now you’re doing it again? Oh…mmm…you licked up all of my girl cum, didn’t you? Do you like eating my juicy pussy and tasting my cum in your mouth at the same time? Oh, that feels so good…”

Settling on her clit, Christian continued his assault as he listened to Tiffany’s incredibly sexy, dirty mouth. He noticed that the events of the past half-hour or so had left him with a terribly painful erection, and that he needed to fuck something soon. Getting an idea at this realization, he began to rub Tiff’s clit with his hand rather than his tongue, and reached under his bed to retrieve a container while Tiffany was none the wiser.

As Tiffany writhed in pleasure, she closed her eyes and began to pinch and pull on her nipples, heightening her experience even further. Suddenly she felt an entirely new sensation in an area that neither of them had touched all day: her anus. She looked down and saw that Christian was indeed licking her little rosebud, which sent her entirely over the edge. In a torrent, her pussy came all over Christian’s face, who in no time was swallowing it down eagerly after sliding a lubed-up finger into Tiffany’s now-puckered backdoor hole.

“Oh shit, baby, that felt so good,” Tiffany moaned, her voice now sounding distinctly drained of energy. “Keep doing what you’re doing to my little asshole with your finger, but can you move your face up closer to me at the same time?”

“Sure thing, beautiful,” Christian replied with a smile, his face still covered in Tiff’s juices.

Expecting her to meet him with a kiss, he was pleasantly surprised when she instead sat up and began to lap at his face with her tongue, tasting herself and cleaning him in the process. Making little moans of delight as she moved from his cheeks to his lips, she eventually came to his right ear and began to bite the lobe and lick the rest of it thoroughly. This sent a shiver through Christian’s body that caused him to moan softly, something that elicited a large grin from Tiff.

“You like it when I stick my tongue in your ear, eh?” Tiff whispered, teasingly.

“Oh yeah, baby…it feels amazing,” Christian replied.

“Do you know what would feel even more amazing?” Tiffany asked.

“What’s that?”

“If you stuck your nice, beautiful cock in my dripping wet pussy and fucked me with it.”

Not needing any additional encouragement, Christian turned his head and kissed his love fully on the lips. At the same time, he gently removed his digit from her anus and positioned his body between her legs, his throbbing cock hovering just inches from her sopping hole.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Christian asked, praying that the answer would be ‘yes’ and yet truly wanting to make sure that this was the right thing to do.

“I am so ready for this,” Tiffany replied, an animal-like hunger in her voice. “I’ve been fucking things like vegetables and my fingers for long enough now…I want to know what a real cock will feel like inside of me!”

“Well then here it comes, baby,” Christian replied as he slowly eased his throbbing member into her delicious snatch, drawing a long groan from her lips

The feeling of warmth, combined with the erotic feel of Tiff’s natural juices drove Christian into a world of intense euphoria that set his cock afire with pleasure. Settling into a nice slow and deep rhythm, he looked down at his love and nearly blew his load right then; her freckled cheeks were completely flushed, her eyes were tightly closed, and her mouth was slightly open as she took in ragged gasps of air. Suddenly her hips started to buck even harder in response to his own thrusts and her pussy began to spasm around his cock.

“Oh, Christian…oh fuck….I’m cumming! Oh shit, I’m coming!” Tiffany screamed, digging her nails hard into Christian’s back.

Slowing his thrusts down a bit, Christian waited until Tiff had stopped her convulsions and her breathing began to return to normal.

“Are you okay?” he asked Tiff, a hint of laughter and slight concern in his voice.

“Mmmm…so much better than okay,” Tiff replied, opening her gorgeous eyes and looking back lovingly at him, a glow having appeared on her face. “I didn’t know that having sex could be so amazing. I wish that I’d found you years ago!”

“Hmmm, me, too,” Christian replied, now having fully stopped his thrusting, despite the raging hardon that was still buried in his lover.

“So do you want to go and watch some TV now or something?” Tiff asked with genuine questioning in her eyes.

“Ummm…sure…,” Christian began to reply, confused. “I guess that there’ll be something good on…”

“I’m so kidding, baby!” Tiff laughed, a huge smile coming to her face. “Did you really think that I’d want to be anywhere other than here with you and your big dick inside of me?”

“You are horrible!” Christian responded, mock anger in his voice. “I’m going to fuck you so well now!”

“Mmmm, yeah baby, give it to me nice and hard,” Tiffany growled. “Make me feel it in my tiny little pussy.”

“It seems that you’re feeling it somewhere else, too,” Christian observed as he began pumping into his girlfriend’s snatch again, nodding towards the nearly fully erect penis that she was now sporting.

“Well, when you’re good, you’re good, I guess,” Tiffany replied, some words coming out louder than others, in sync with Christian’s thrusts of increasing intensity.

“Maybe so, but I think that you’re just plain bad,” Christian replied coyly as he neared his orgasm.

“You know, you’re right,” Tiff said. “I am a naughty girl, aren’t I? It’s naughty of me that I like having my boyfriend’s fat cock pumping in and out of my pussy, isn’t it? And it’s naughty that I liked it when you stuck your finger up my anus and started fucking my ass with it. Mmmm…and it’s naughty that now I’m jerking my cock off and I’m going to cum out of it soon. But Christian…do you know what the naughtiest thing of all? It’s that I’m going to tell you that you can cum on me wherever you want to. You can cum on my tits, or on my ass, or on my pussy, or in my hair, or wherever you want, okay?”

Replying only with a throaty groan, Christian began to pump even faster into the vixen under him, the feeling of cum boiling in his balls becoming overwhelming. “Okay, I’m going to cum,” Christian announced as he pulled himself out of the tender depths of Tiffany’s nether regions and began jerking himself off rapidly. “Put a pillow under your head and look up at me, okay?”

“Okay,” Tiff replied as she obliged. “I’m so close to cumming, too…cum on me and I’ll cum for sure.”

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Christian moaned as he knelt on either side of Tiffany’s tits and leaned forward so as to position his cock right near her face.

“That’s it, baby,” Tiffany moaned. “You’re so bad for wanting to cum on my little face….mmmm, and I’m so naughty for wanting you to.”

With that, the pair of them cried out and each shot a geyser of cum at the other. Christian’s semen hit Tiff square in the face, landing all over the freckles on her nose and cheeks, a sight which made his orgasm feel even stronger and longer-lasting. Tiffany’s stream on the other hand hit Christian square between his ass cheeks, some of it actually coming in contact with his asshole.

Christian collapsed forward onto his hands, which allowed him to rest and look straight down into the face of his lover at the same time. She looked up at him then with big, doe-like eyes, her freckles still coated with his thick, white cum, and a big, innocent smile on her face.

“So did it make you all hot, cumming all over my sexy, little-girl freckles like that? Tiff asked. “Do you think it makes me look like an innocent, little slut? Does that turn you on?”

“You are the sexiest girl that I have ever met or seen in my life,” Christian replied. “I’ve been wanting to shoot my load over your freckles ever since I first met you.”

“Aw, you’re so sweet,” Tiff said, a smile on her face. “I’m glad that you think my freckles are sexy and that they make you so horny. What would you say if I told you that it would turn me on like crazy if you licked the cum off of them for me? Would you do it, or would you think it was sort of gross?”

“I would do anything for you, sweetheart,” Christian replied as he began to clean his seed off of his love’s face. After a few moments, he felt Tiffany’s hands begin to move over his back and onto his ass. Enthralled with having the chance to lick the cum of off Tiff’s cheeks, he didn’t really notice what she was doing until he felt one of her fingers working the cum that she had shot at his ass into the area surrounding his anal opening. Moaning into Tiff’s face, Christian soon finished off the other cheek and then engaged his lover in a passionate kiss while she continued to manipulate his asshole. Eventually the pair separated, and Christian looked down to see that Tiffany had a wicked grin on her face.

“Well, since you were a good boy and licked up all the cum that you shot on me, it would only be fair for me to do the same thing to you, right…?”

to be continued…

Thanks to everyone who has sent their comments about Ch.1 and for the encouragement for me to continue the series. If anyone has any suggestions, comments, or things that they would like to see happen, please let me know.

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