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***Fortunately, without moving furniture they were able to fit everything and get it packed up before evening arrived. Rob went upstairs to his old room to make sure he had not forgotten anything. Once he was satisfied that he had not, he sat down at his desk and wrote a note to his mother and father.

To his mother he was gentle, understanding her fear and offering her an open door should she ever decide to get away from his father.

To his father he was honest. It was a letter of regret, of anger, frustration, and ultimately futility.

I only ask one thing more of you, Rob wrote, do not interfere in my life again.

***”Brianna and Jane…” she gasped.

“Are here because we invited them,” Rob reminded her. “This is your birthday present.”

He really did not need to talk her into this. Courtney was incredibly wound up from spending so much time trapped in a vehicle with Rob without stopping at some point to fuck each other’s brains out. The entire time thoughts of every other time they had been in a vehicle together came to mind. Their ‘gym dates’ which had made up the first month of their relationship, the joyrides in Rob’s car… Yes their relationship had featured a great deal of sexual intercourse in motor vehicles.

Courtney was about to protest again, but Rob slid two fingers into her pussy and turned her protestation into a gasp of delight.

“You’re really wet,” Rob commented.

“It’s hot in here,” she told him.

“Yeah, I don’t think its sweat,” he replied.

Courtney moaned as he sawed his fingers in and out of her pussy.

“How do you do this?” she asked. “I was a good girl before you came along.”

Rob laughed. “I thought you told me you were ‘evil’.”

“Playful evil,” Courtney told him breathlessly. “Puppy evil compared to you.”

“You’re my ‘bad bad girlfriend’ remember?” Rob asked.

Courtney pushed back against his fingers, which made them slide deep into her wetness. She gasped and ground herself back against his hand, her ass resting in his palm.

“Then punish me,” she told him heatedly.

“How?” he asked.

“Relentlessly, creatively, deeply…” she told him huskily.

Rob’s cock bobbed in his boxer shorts.

“Physically, mentally, psychologically?” Rob suggested.

Courtney expelled a shaky breath as his voice hypnotized her. Her eyes closed as she concentrated on his touch. His fingers slid in and out of her pendulously, slowly lulling her into a trance-like state of lust.

“Orally, vaginally, anally?” Rob continued.

Courtney moaned as his fingers squirmed around her, her body hunched over the sink with her hands braced on the cool rim. She did not perceive him moving behind her at first until his turgid member pressed against her ass. Before she registered what he was doing, Rob’s cock was pushed past her entrance and he was sliding deep into her. It happened in one smooth motion and made Courtney cry out.

“Is everything alright in there?” came Brianna’s voice on the other side of the wall.

“Yep,” Rob called back. “Thought she saw a bug but it was a false alarm.”

“A big bug,” Courtney hissed at him from over her shoulder.

Rob grinned at her and then started moving. Courtney bit her lip against the sensations of him moving around inside of her, and tried to fight back her moans as the ridges of his cock rubbed the sensitive inner walls of her sex. He moved in long smooth motions, one hand pressed against her shoulder, the other holding her hip as he thrust against her. Courtney was breathing heavily, not from exertion but from her struggle not to cry out every time he bottomed out inside of her.

Courtney’s circumvented panties were soaked at the site of their union, and a trail of her nectar ran down the inside of her right thigh.

“Rob,” Courtney gasped. He continued pushing into her, his thrusts getting more forceful and her ability to fight her moans weaker. Rob’s hand slid between them, going down between her legs and finding her clit.

“Cum for me Courtney,” he told her as he rubbed the clit.

“Rob!” Courtney groaned. Rob bucked his hips against her, flicking his fingers along her clit.

Brianna’s eyes widened as she heard Courtney practically scream in the bathroom.

“Oh, they’re at it already,” Jane said, glancing up from the notebook she was scribbling in.

The shaky moans Courtney emitted made Brianna blush but Jane seemed unconcerned. The pleasurable utterances ended and Rob said something that Brianna could not make out but made Courtney laugh. The water turned back on, and Brianna tried to get back to the book she was supposed to be trying to read. Footsteps, light ones, made their way out of the bathroom and Courtney appeared in front of their doorway. They had kept the door open to let the breeze in off the lake.

“Goodnight,” she said. The flush on her face from her orgasm was still fresh, and she had a slightly dazed grin on her face.

“Try not to keep us up too late,” Jane replied.

Courtney grinned sheepishly. “We’ll try our best,” she said.

“Goodnight,” Brianna said as Courtney disappeared from sight.

Rob came by a few minutes later and said goodnight as well before heading off to join Courtney in their shared bedroom. Courtney was waiting for him when he arrived, lying naked on her back. Rob came forward, and stripped down before crawling onto the bed over her. They kissed, Rob’s hand cradled the back of Courtney’s head as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Rob’s still erect member pressed against her, and became sandwiched between their two bodies.

“I love this place,” Courtney told him. “Thank you.”

Rob smiled at her. “I figured that after everything that we’d been through it’d be nice to get away for a while.”

Courtney grinned. “So far I’ve been having a more than ‘nice’ time.”

“Let’s see if we bring that up to a ‘good’,” Rob replied.

He kissed her neck, one hand gently holding her throat as his mouth pressed against it. His hand trailed down the front of her body. It went over her breast, and cupped it tenderly as he kissed her deeply. The top of Courtney’s foot rubbed against the outside of his calf, nuzzling against his leg as their tongues embraced. Courtney reached between them, and grasped his rigid organ to guide it to her opening. She gasped against his lips when he pushed his hips forward and his manhood slid into her sex.

Courtney wrapped her legs around him in encouragement for him to move. His hips began to sway and he came forward to kiss her once more. The kiss grew heated quickly, and the force of Rob’s thrusts increased. His hands pressed flat against the mattress on either side of her head. The darkness in the room made it nearly impossible for them to see each other, but Courtney was aware of his hands’ presence because of the depression of the mattress they made as he pressed his weight down onto them.

There was an incredible silence here. An absolute, utter lack of sound that they filled with their laboured breathing as they made love. Rob could make out the faint outline of Courtney in the darkness, but it was by listening that he gauged his actions. He became aware of all the little sounds she made, the little gasping breaths and almost silent mutters, the gentle whines and repressed moans. More than that, the faint whispers of her legs and the back of her head moving against the bed sheets.

If he moved too much these sounds were drowned out, their delicacy encouraged Rob to go very slow to savor these little morsels that he normally missed. Even his own breathing was too loud for his own taste, masculine grunting compared to the pantheon of wonderful airy sounds Courtney produced as he slid in and out of her. The sounds rose in volume the longer they went, her breathing growing heavier, the moans more frequent, the near silent mutters becoming audible encouragements.

“That’s it Rob,” she told him as she held him to her.

The bed creaked gently as he made slow, tender love to her. His hands sliding over hers, pressing them down against the mattress, her slender fingers linking with his much larger ones. Courtney drew one leg upward, curling it over his hip while the other remained mostly straight, opening herself up for him to slide into her more deeply. He kissed her neck as he thrust into her rhythmically, and her hands tightened around his as her breathing took on a new quality of urgency.

Courtney stared up at Rob’s silhouette, only just able to make out some parts of his features. Her eyes looked up at him in the darkness, the ache inside her becoming an uncontrollable need. Her body demanded release, and with every smooth thrust of his hips, Rob brought her one step closer to it. The pace of his thrusts increased and so did the volume of Courtney’s moans. The bed creaked a little louder as passion consumed them, and their mouths found each other in the darkness once more.

Courtney’s hips thrust up against his as he pushed down into her, their breathless kiss becoming something akin to a mashing of their lips together. Her legs both bent at the knee, with her feet pressed flat against the mattress to give her more leverage to buck up against him. Rob’s hold on her hands tightened and he pushed them down into the mattress more firmly. His lips left hers and he began listening again, hearing her heated breathing and excited moans.

Rob noticed a slight hitch in her breathing, a slight bump that became a sudden sharp intake of breath. A slight croak left her as she tried to fight back the cry, but as her body was overcome by her orgasm it ripped its way out of her throat and reverberated around the room. Rob continued to move, using her first climax as a springboard to the second, and then to the third. They seemed to be becoming more intense every time.

Rob only took slight breaks between each crest, kissing her trembling lips and the hot flesh of her neck before moving again when it did not cause her discomfort to do so. After the hypersensitivity of the third had dissipated, Rob continued. Courtney was moaning freely now, with Rob propped up on his forearms and her arms curled around him. Her hands pressed against the back of his head, and her mouth was near his right ear allowing him hear every cue it emitted which enabled him to set just the right pace.

It was not long before she came again, this time she nearly screamed and her body contorted, her legs tightening around him and squeezing him against her. She continued to shudder as the aftershocks and Rob tenderly ran his fingers along her hair line and kissed her mouth as she recovered. He turned her exhausted body over and grabbed a pillow. He lifted her waist up and put it beneath her hips to elevate her lower body.

Courtney groaned as he re-entered her, slightly confused as to how she had changed positions. She was starting to get delirious, the first orgasm was always the hardest for her to achieve, but once she had reached that summit it was easy for her to reach each subsequent one. Rob slid more deeply into her in this position and made Courtney gasp when he hit a spot inside her located near the back of her vaginal canal. He bottomed out, filling her completely and simply held it in there.

Rob kissed her shoulders to give himself a break as much as Courtney. Her rich scent invaded his nostrils, familiar and alluring, as he kissed along the nape of her neck. Courtney began to shift back against him to invite him to continue. He started slow at first, and heared her sharp intake of breath when he hit her G-spot on his way out, and then again on his way in. Zeroing in on it he began to move in short thrusts, and applying direct pressure against it.

Rob ran his hands along the backs of her forearms and over her hands, his mouth kissing her shoulders as he pushed into her. He found if he stimulated multiple areas at once Courtney’s body was more responsive, like it multiple triggers for the same gun. Courtney was breathing heavy again quickly. Her still sensitive pussy clinging to him tightly as he pushed into her. His chest pressed against her back, and his hands came to her sides and ran up from her hip to her arm pit which made her spine curl back against him.

“Oh God,” Courtney gasped. “Rob!” she cried.

It came on hard and unexpectedly, like a freight train impacting her. Rob had not anticipated it, and had to hold onto her as her ass suddenly lurched backward against him. He pinned her down with his body weight, and felt her shake and shift spastically beneath him. Courtney’s breathing was rapid, almost to the point of hyperventilation, and her head grew light as she shook for a long time between him and the mattress.

“Are you okay to keep going?” Rob asked gently.

Courtney moaned. “Yes,” she replied weakly.

Rob was doubtful so he waited a long time before starting again. It was late in the night now, well past midnight and into the early hours of the morning. The darkness remained absolute as he lay on top of her, the familiar curves of her body moulded to the front of his body. He ran his hands along her sides, finding her extremely responsive to his touch. She was very sensitive along her ribs, he knew, and gently trailed his thumbs along them as he rocked against her gently.

“I don’t want you to stop this time,” Courtney told him. “I want you to cum, and I want it inside me.”

His cock throbbed its approval inside her hot sex.

“Are you sure?” he asked uncertainly.

“I can take it Rob,” she told him. “Don’t stop, just keep going.”

Courtney did not think she could take much more, and wanted Rob to get off at least once before she needed to stop. She was already exhausted, thankful that all she had to do was lay there and take what he gave her. If she tried to ride him right now she thought she would not be able to, her legs would be jelly.

“Alright,” he told her. “Tell me if it starts to hurt though, okay?”

He heard Courtney’s head shift as she nodded in the darkness and he kissed the back of her right shoulder gently. Rob’s hands caressed her, sliding beneath her and cupping her breasts, and gave each a squeeze before coming back around and going down the back of her arms. They slid over hers, enveloping them and linking his fingers with hers, and pinned her palms against the mattress.

Then he began to move.

It was a fairly gentle pace, just a gentle rocking of Rob’s hips. He did not hold back the way his body felt, he did not pull back from any edge, he just moved inside of her and let the pressure build. Courtney’s breath caught every time the head of his shaft bumped against her G-spot, making her peak in near climax every time he did. Rob listened to her heated breathing and felt the way she pushed back against him to encourage him to keep going even in her exhausted state.

Sweat formed between their bodies, but the refreshing night wind drifted through the window and bathing their bodies in cool air as Rob thrust rhythmically against her. His lips found hers, kissing first the corner of her mouth and then full on the lips as she turned her head to meet him. He would have liked to take her harder, but knew that in her current state that was impossible. The bed creaked gently with his thrusts, and the steady beat of his hips eventually set Courtney off again.

She buried her head in the pillow, crying out raggedly into it. Rob slowed, and began to stop before she spoke.

“Keep going!” she growled huskily before burying her face in the pillow once more.

So he did. Hearing her muffled screams as he fucked her, feeling her squeezing around him, stopping only to reposition her if her squirming became too violent. Courtney could not believe what was happening to her body, she had never experienced anything like she was at that moment. Her head was light, and growing lighter as she muffled her moans ineffectually with the pillow. Her hands clawed at the bed sheets and her pussy soaked them as she gushed around his cock.

How many orgasms she had she was not sure, she was not fully aware of all of them happening. It was just a sea of bliss as his cock continued to pummel her pussy. It was not a particularly forceful pace, in fact by their standards it was quite relaxed, but it was the ceaseless motion that kept her cumming and cumming. Rob was breathing shakily behind her, near his own climax. It was going to be a big one, he could feel it, and did everything he could to precipitate its release.

At the end Rob could hold back no longer, he pushed himself up on his hands, bracing them on either side of the pillow Courtney was moaning into as he bucked into her frantically. The headboard shook, and Courtney came hard once more, an orgasm that kept on going and going. A release of such intense lust that her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she made a sound unlike Rob had ever heard before. He groaned loudly as his own climax exploaded rapturously inside of him.

It was like every nerve ending was on fire, a searing pleasure that consumed every part of her being. Courtney cried against the pillow, her pussy convulsing spastically around Rob’s swelling cock, taking in the seed that he began to pour into her. The hot fluid flowed, his balls resting against her as he entered her as deep as he could go. Upon feeling the first surge impact the back of her channel, Courtney could hold on no longer.

Rob felt Courtney go limp beneath him, his own body losing its strength and collapsing on top of her. He kissed her neck and tried to bring his mouth to hers but she was unresponsive.

“Courtney?” he asked softly.

Courtney groaned softly, confused about what had just happened. One second she had been there, feeling him fill her with his seed, the next he was stroking her hair gently and asking her if she was okay in a worried tone.

“Wh-what happened?” she asked. Courtney was exhausted, her body heavy.

“I think you passed out,” Rob told her.

His hand drew her hair out of her face and kissed her cheek gently. Courtney was still muddled, her mind foggy, like she was drunk but not on alcohol.

“How?” she asked him.

“Hyperventilating,” he told her. “Your heart was beating too fast but you did not have enough blood going to your head, and you were breathing too fast. Oxygen wasn’t getting to your brain so your body hit the reset button.”

“I fainted?” Courtney asked.

It was almost cute how tired and disoriented she was. She did not seem distressed by what had happened, she had heard about it before but had never experienced it personally. Rob got off of her and rolled her over on to her back. His cum seeped out from between her engorged labia, trailing down her perineum and pooling on the sheets beneath her.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asked her.

“No,” she said weakly. “Just, stay here,” she requested tiredly.

Rob got in close to her, pulling her against him. Courtney let herself be rolled over onto her side, snuggling in close to him, her forehead pressing against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. He murmured soft words of affection to her, and ran his hands along the warm flesh of her back. As he did this he slowly lulled her into a deep and fitful slumber.

***God she must do lots of squats. Jane thought to herself as she eyed Brianna’s posterior. Realizing what she was doing, Jane quickly stopped ogling her roommate and retreated from the room. It was rare for Jane to have so much trouble containing herself around a girl. Brianna would not leave her mind as she put on a pot of coffee and waited for it to brew by pouring herself a bowl of cereal. There was movement from within the sex den, and Courtney emerged.

Jane swallowed slightly at the sight of her. She wore just a pair of panties and a t-shirt. Jane watched her ass sway as she went to the bathroom and disappeared into it. After a few minutes she re-emerged and grinned tiredly at Jane before re-entering the little bedroom she was sharing with her brother. It was not long before her brother groans could be heard from within, and Jane supposed that Courtney must be getting a different sort of breakfast to the one she was eating.

After pouring herself a mug of coffee from the fresh pot, Jane gathered her cereal and a banana for good measure before heading out onto the porch. The morning was still young and the heat had yet to become oppressive, though Jane could feel the high temperatures coming. She ate her breakfast and then sipped her coffee, admiring the view from the porch. It overlooked the lake, a wide bay with a small island nearby.

Jane thought she could probably swim to it, maybe take Brianna with her, turn it into their own little paradise in the same way Rob and Courtney had the space with the shared wall to her bedroom. Jane sighed peacefully and bringing her feet up to the handrail that surrounded the elevated porch. She sipped her coffee as she stared out over the lake peacefully. Jane could hear movement in the main room of the cottage, and was soon joined by Brianna.

“Good morning,” she said welcomingly to the newcomer.

“Morning,” the blonde replied as she sat down into the chair on the other side of the table.

The two fell quiet after that, and enjoyed the serenity of the morning companionably. It was rare, Jane found, to find someone who knew when not to talk. People heard silence and always felt the need to fill it with their own voice. The two girls sipped their coffee and let it wake them up slowly as they eased into the day. A feminine cry could be heard from within the cabin. Rob must be getting his breakfast now. Jane thought to herself as she took another sip from her mug.

“They’re very loud,” Brianna commented.

Jane laughed dryly. “Hopefully they’ll get it out of their systems today. I don’t expect we’ll be seeing much of them until this evening.”

The words put forth the implication that the two of them would be spending the day together, a prospect Brianna both relished and found intimidating. She liked Jane, a lot, but she worried that she was not equipped to do the sorts of things Jane might expect of her. Brianna had never been with a girl before. Jane clearly had a great deal of experience, and she was confident in herself. Brianna let her eyes drift over to Jane, and found them arrested by the gentle arch of her bare foot in the sunlight.

She even had pretty feet.

Brianna was slightly miffed with Courtney for pushing this on her, even though she did like Jane, and did find her attractive. It felt like meddling. Brianna cast her eyes out over the lake in an attempt to ignore the beautiful woman sitting to her left.

“Well,” Jane said. “I think I’m going to go lay down by the beach. I’ve taken about all I can stand of that…” she said, referring to the increased volume of the lovers in the cottage.

Brianna nodded. “Okay. I’ll just finish my coffee and then I’ll join you.”

Jane grinned. “Sounds lovely.”

The older girl walked into the cottage before she saw the grin Brianna’s lips curled into at her words. Her heart seemed to skip a beat whenever Jane smiled at her or flirted with her. Jane reappeared with a towel wrapped around herself and a pair of flip flops on her feet. Brianna watched her descend the steps and grab a beach chair from beneath the porch. She walked off towards the beach, disappearing behind the trunk of an immense beech tree blocking her from view for a moment before she reappeared.

Brianna watched as Jane lowered her sunglasses over her eyes and erected the beach chair. Her cheeks grew warm when Jane unwrapped the towel around her, revealing the toned, lean body beneath. Even from this distance Brianna could only admire the exquisite shape of Jane’s form, and her eyes remained on her as she settled into the beach chair, the gentle morning rays bathing her body in a warm glow. She looked almost ethereal, the reddish tone in her tawny hair becoming illuminated brilliantly.

“Brianna?!” Jane called suddenly.

The sound of her voice shook the blonde from her trance.

“Yeah?!” Brianna called back.

“Can you bring me my sun tan lotion when you come down? It’s in my toiletry bag,” she asked.

“Okay!” Brianna called back.

Having been awakened from the spell the tawny haired girl had put her under, Brianna got up and entered the cabin once more. She could hear labored breathing coming from Courtney and Rob’s room, and hurried to change into her own bathing suit and retrieve the tanning oil Jane had requested. After throwing her towel over her shoulders, and tying her hair back in a ponytail, Brianna found the toiletry bag and retrieved the lotion Jane had asked for.

Just as she was leaving Courtney let loose a high whine, heralding the arrival of another climax for her friend. Brianna blushed scarlet and hurried out of the cottage. She descended the steps, and followed the route Jane had taken, grabbing a beach chair along her way. When she got to the beach she erected the beach chair next to Jane’s and handed her the tanning oil.

“Thank you,” Jane said, removing her sunglasses. “I burn to a crisp if in the sun. Unfortunately I took after my father in that regard. Rob got lucky, he took after our mother.”

Brianna nodded, and watched Jane rub the lotion on herself surreptitiously. The older girl’s hands slid along her legs and over her exposed stomach, and then over her arms and the top of her chest. Jane had no intention of exposing her back to the sun for a while, but feeling Brianna’s eyes on her made her want her hands on her as well.

“Do my back?” she asked.

“Uh,” Brianna said nervously. “O-okay,” she replied.

The little stammer was cute, and Jane smiled at her gently as she handed her the bottle. A gentler touch was needed, Jane realized, going to direct with Brianna would just intimidate her. Jane turned and pulled her hair out of the way so Brianna to smear the lotion over her back. The older girl had to fight back a pleased sigh as the blonde’s warm hands pressed against her back. She rubbed the tanning lotion in carefully, and disciplined herself like she did when she did this for Courtney or Karen.

The scent of Jane’s shampoo and whatever other products she used was thankfully masked by the sun tan lotion. Brianna had been catching alluring whiffs of both and it was making her hands shake slightly. Jane had a nicely toned back, leanly muscled. She had swam in high school and still did it for exercise on a regular basis. Brianna reached Jane’s lower back, and made the girl gasp when her fingers pressed against the small of her back.

“Sorry,” Brianna said apologetically. Her hands retreated and Jane was dismayed.

“No,” she said hurriedly. “Just a little ticklish, it’s fine.”

The tawny haired girl waited for Brianna to continue, and nearly sighed again when the warm hands came into contact with her body once more. Brianna did not linger, she finished the job and took her hands away feeling slightly warm in the cheeks and tingly in other areas. Jane was experiencing similar complications, she had not anticipated how strong her physical response would be to Brianna’s touch. She had been fighting with herself not to squirm the whole time.

“Thank you,” Jane said, closing the cap on the lotion and passing it to her. “You should use some too,” she told the younger girl, “you don’t want to burn.”

Brianna nodded and went through the same process Jane had. Jane had noticed early on that Brianna was very fit, with sexily defined abdominals and long toned legs. Unfortunately she had yet to catch a glimpse of that ass she had been admiring earlier that morning. She was, however, treated to a good look of Brianna’s impressive bust in the frankly skimpy bikini she wore. A lovely pale blue color, with trailing strings holding the bottoms up and a tie around the back of her neck keeping her top up.

Brianna had not chosen it for herself, Courtney had when they had gone shopping in preparation of this trip. She had felt bold when she purchased it, but now she felt self-conscious. She wondered now if Courtney had done this on purpose, isolated the two of them and ensured that the only swimwear she had was quite revealing. It was a crude plan, but likely to be effective given the way Jane was looking at the blonde as she spread the sun tan lotion into her already tanned skin.

“I’ll do your back,” Jane offered as soon as Brianna had finished with her front.

Brianna nodded nervously and turned. She put her ponytail over her shoulder and let Jane work the tanning lotion into her skin. She hummed softly at her touch before she realized what she was doing. Jane did not react apart from smiling to herself as her palms slid along Brianna’s soft skin. She felt the firm muscle beneath shifting under her fingers as she rubbed the lotion in, smoothing it around her shoulder blades before going lower.

Jane’s hands slid beneath the band of Brianna’s bikini for just a moment, revealing that previously unseen bit of flesh to Jane’s curious eyes. Her hands continued further down, rubbing her back and then approaching her bikini bottoms. Jane could not help but give Brianna a bit of a massage, gently pressing her fingers into the firm muscles of her back, releasing some of the tension they held. The blonde girl bit her lip to stop from sighing again, and almost protested when Jane pulled her hands away.

“There you go,” Jane said brightly.

Brianna released a breath that she had not realized she had been holding.

“Thanks,” she replied and laid back in her chair.

The two girls sunned themselves peacefully listening to the waves whisper against the shore. The sound slowly lulled them into a semi-sleep state as the sun warmed their skin and they lay gleaming in the sunlight. Jane heard Brianna shift beside her, and glanced over to see the blonde roll over onto her stomach. Brianna reached behind herself and undid the straps of her bikini top so that her back would tan evenly before settling back against it with her head pillowed with her hands.

Jane could see the sides of Brianna’s flattened breasts and eyed the curve of her back as it led into the high swell of her buttocks. Taking her lead, Jane did the same, garnering Brianna’s attention as she laid out flat on her stomach. Jane had nice long legs, Brianna could not help noticing, not to mention a tight little bum that looked really cute in her pale pink bikini bottoms. Jane undid her top as Brianna had in the hope that she too would avoid tan lines.

The two stayed in the sun until it was too hot to remain doing so. The sunlight beat down on them, making them sweat as the noontime heat arrived. They talked intermittently, nothing substantial, just enough to be companionable. Eventually the heat became too much for Jane, so she tied up her top and rose from her prone position, rolling off her beach chair and stretching her arms above her head.

Brianna watched as the older girl shifted her weight from one foot to the other, burying her toes in the soft sand of the beach, her ass moving from side to side above those long, lithe limbs she had been admiring before.

“I’m going to go for a swim,” Jane told Brianna. “Cool down a little.”

“All right,” Brianna replied.

Jane could not resist the impulse that came over her then. She swatted Brianna’s bum playfully, which made the younger girl gasp in outrage and surprise, and then bolted towards the water. Brianna moved to go after her, and charged into the water behind the older girl. Jane dove gracefully into the water while Brianna blundered in the shallows, dog paddling in the direction Jane had been headed before she had disappeared below the surface.

Jane emerged from the water, laughing happily as Brianna tried to catch her, easily evading the weaker swimmer. Brianna was laughing as well, her face flushed and her wet hair clinging to her head. Jane finally let the younger girl catch her, and felt her grab her by the arm.

“Gotcha!” Brianna exclaimed.

They were in water up to Brianna’s shoulders, which was a few inches over Jane’s, both breathing heavily from the chase.

Jane smirked at her. “Now what are you going to do to me?” she asked.

Brianna blushed but did not let go of her assailants arm. “This,” she replied.

Jane yelped, jumping forward against the pinch Brianna had applied to her buttocks, which made her chest brush against Brianna’s. She looked up at Brianna whose eyes suddenly went wide. She stepped back, and her hands went over her chest as her eyes turned to shore where she had left the top of her bikini resting on the beach chair. Jane saw Brianna’s face turning red and laughed.

“Not a big deal,” she said casually. “They’re just boobs, I have them too.”

Brianna’s blush just deepened and she hurried off towards the shore, leaving Jane dripping and alone in the water. Jane was frustrated, they were just having fun. Why was she worried about a little nudity? She had not even seen her breasts, they had been underwater. Brianna walked out of the water, a trail of it falling off of her as she retrieved her top, put it back on, and then grabbed her towel before heading up towards the cottage once more.

Jane made a sound of frustration and fell backwards beneath the surface of the water, submerging herself and letting a long cry of exasperation out, bubbles blooming before her eyes. She was like a scared doe. Anything Jane did freaked her out, anything remotely sexual. That’s when Jane got the idea. Smiling to herself she returned to her swimming, enjoying the water for a while longer before returning to shore, a little extra sway in her hips as she cracked the code of Brianna.

***Taking on his role of police officer Rob took on an authoritative tone.

“I’m sorry Miss, but there is mandatory sentencing in these matters,” he told her.

“Don’t I get a trial?” she asked.

“I’ve been extended extraordinary powers in this regard, ma’am. You have the right to remain well fed. Anything you eat can and will be cooked in a sanitary setting. You have the right to pick what you want to eat for dinner before having the others present during the cooking process. If you do not know what you want, a meal will be chosen for you…”

Courtney laughed. “Alright, alright. Let me go already.”

Rob laughed and did as she said, letting her go and slide out from beneath him. They got dressed for the first time in hours and made their way cautiously out of the room. Jane and Brianna were nowhere to be seen, but he could hear voices down near the water. He looked through the large panoramic window that dominated the front wall of the main room of the cottage, it overlooked the water and he could see his sister and Brianna setting up a blue structure made with looked like mosquito netting.

He and Courtney left the cabin, venturing outside for the first time all day, hunger finally drawing them out. Rob could smell food grilling, and spotted the charcoal range on the beach. Music was playing from a radio, generic pop stuff, as they approached Jane had said something that had made Brianna laugh.

“And so I say to her, ‘Why don’t you go downstairs?’, and she says ‘Because the chef’s waiting down there!’” Jane said.

Brianna lost it, laughing hysterically, dropping her end of the large insect tent they were trying to erect.

“Hey,” Courtney said, drawing the attention of the two girls.

Jane’s grinning face turned to them. “Oh hey. Finally worn out?” she asked.

Courtney pretended not to know what Jane was talking about, and Rob blushed. He helped Jane set up the tent, and they moved the deck furniture down into it so they could sit by the lake without being pestered by the insects that were starting to come out. They had burgers for dinner, a good hearty meal after all the activity of the day. Jane and Brianna had gone out on a hike, exploring the area for much of the afternoon before returning to camp.

Both of them had wet hair from the swim they had had after returning from the woods, this time without the awkwardness of lost bikini tops. After Rob had finished eating, and was responsible enough to wait the required time before doing so, he decided to go for a swim of his own. He pulled his shirt over his head, having already pulled on his swim trunks as his shorts, and strode off towards the lake.

Courtney had eyed his torso as he had stripped off his shirt, the attraction in her gaze absent from Brianna’s. Jane, Courtney understood, he was her brother after all. But she could not understand how anyone could not find that attractive. Even when he came back with rivulets of water trailing down his muscular chest and down his rippling abs, there was not so much as a peek from the blonde. If ever Courtney ever needed confirmation that her friend was gay, that memory would serve nicely.

After they ate dinner, both Rob and Courtney went to the shower hut, the detached bathing facilities. The water was warmed by the sun in a steel tank, positioned on the same hill as the solar panels which provided the electricity for the cottage. There was only one stall, but they were happy to share. Both were pleasantly drained, and their touches during the shower were more affectionate than they were arousing.

They washed the sweat from each other, and once they smelled human again they returned to the cottage. Jane and Brianna were sitting together in the bug tent, chatting pleasantly, when Rob and Courtney arrived.

“I’m going to head to bed,” Rob announced. “You coming?” he asked Courtney.

“I’ll be up in a bit, I want to hang out for a little while,” she said.

“Alright,” Rob said.

Jane averted her eyes when they kissed, not wanting to see the lovey dovey faces they made at each other before they parted. Courtney took her seat, leaning back against her chair and sighing contentedly.

“So…” Jane began. “What happened to keeping it down?” she asked.

“Well…” Courtney replied, “I did get it to go down, but then it just went right back up again.”

Jane laughed, followed by Brianna who took slightly longer to get the joke. The three girls sat together, chatting and joking, the conversation gradually getting raunchier until Courtney decided to go to bed. She left Jane and Brianna alone, pleased to see that they were getting along so well, and went up to the cottage. Rob had cleaned up the room, putting fresh sheets on the bed and tidying up the pillows before stripping down to his boxers and crawling in.

Courtney was as exhausted as he was. She dressed in her typical sleepwear, a tank top and a pair of panties, before crawling into bed with him. Courtney snuggled against him, the evening had cooled enough to make sleeping pressed against one another comfortable, and positioned his arms so that they were wrapped around her. After shutting off the bedside lamp, and settling in his embrace, Courtney closed her eyes and followed Rob into slumber.

When Jane and Brianna came up from the beach, they expected noise. Thankfully there was none, and the two went to get ready for bed. Jane had figured Brianna out, she thought, but it was going to be a long game. Fortunately they had two weeks and a great deal of that time was going to be spent with just each other. Brianna entered the room, fresh from brushing her teeth. Jane had already changed for bed and went to brush her teeth as well while Brianna dressed for bed.

The two took their separate beds, thankful for the reprieve in temperature and noise.

“Goodnight,” Jane said.

“Goodnight,” Brianna replied.

The two then fell asleep.

***”Like you’re complaining,” Rob retorted.

Courtney smiled broadly. “No, not really. They’re a very nice example of wall. Very… opaque.”

Rob laughed and rolled back over to her, kissing her as she remained lying on her stomach, her oiled up body gleaming in the light of the sun which had just peaked up over the horizon.

Jane and Brianna were down at the dock admiring that ascension, having been woken up by what Jane described as ‘the sound you least want to hear from your brother’s bedroom’. The light illuminated the two girls, both still dressed for bed, standing side by side. Brianna was taller than Jane, but not by a great deal. It was enough that it was noticeable, but not so much that Brianna felt like she was looking down like when she was with Karen or Amy.

Jane fell somewhere between Courtney and Brianna in height, but with a slender build rather than their more curvy ones. Brianna liked that, she thought, Jane was all elegance. Her face, her hair, her skin, her body, all of it screamed grace. In a way, Karen had always had the same quality; she was a dancer after all. Brianna had just never realized that was what had made her so alluring to her until she had figured it out with Jane.

That was not to say they looked alike. Jane was approaching tall whereas Karen was firmly in the short category, not as tiny as Amy but definitely below average. Their coloring was different as well, not to mention their faces. No, no one could accuse Brianna of implanting her feelings for Karen onto Jane because of her appearance. Or her personality, for that matter. Karen was a lot quieter than Jane, even now that Brianna was firmly in the ‘friend’ category she had experienced times where she had to draw out conversation.

Jane, on the other hand, dominated conversation. She made Brianna laugh almost constantly, and had figured out how to talk to her without making her blush. Brianna just liked being around Jane, and she thought the other girl felt the same way. They were able to take in the sublime sights nature provided around them without feeling the desire to pull out a camera phone to record the moment, or spoil it by filling the quiet with the sounds of their own voices.

The sun rose, and they stood together. Letting it warm their faces and illuminate them in its glow. Jane looked particularly pretty then, her eyes looking greener than ever, her hair looking golden in the orange light. Brianna was similarly illuminated, her blonde hair growing paler, her dark blue eyes squinting against the brilliance of the sunrise. Once the moment had passed, and the sun had firmly conquered the horizon, Jane did a half turn and did something that made Brianna grow hot.

She straightened up, leaned forward, and pressed her lips gently to her cheek.

“Good morning,” she said with a grin. “I’m going to go make coffee. The two of them should be done by now.”

The baffled blonde remained rooted to the spot, Jane’s saliva slowly cooling on her burning cheek as a brilliant bloom of pink formed on her cheeks. Jane walked away, her bum swaying a little extra as she went, drawing Brianna’s wide eyes. It was in that moment something crystalized within Brianna, something powerful and very frightening. She had felt this way before. She had fallen like this before, but this time…

Maybe this time it could be different.

After she had recovered her senses Brianna followed Jane back up to the cottage. Sure enough, Rob and Courtney had quieted again. The percolator was on the stove, the element on beneath it as the water heated. Jane was at the kitchen table, notebook out, writing away. Brianna wondered what she was always scribbling in that little notebook, but got the impression that it was private and did not ask. Jane looked up from her work as Brianna sat down.

The radio played softly behind them, and the weather report told them that it was going to be another scorcher. Brianna decided to make breakfast, though being neither a very good cook nor familiar with Jane’s tastes, was unsure of what to make. She settled on eggs and bacon, a simple combination that stretched Brianna’s limited cooking abilities. She was used to her mom having breakfast ready for her when she woke up, an artifact from her childhood that had endured.

There was stirring within Courtney and Rob’s room, and the brunette emerged wearing a pair of pajama bottoms and a tank top. From the way her breasts moved beneath the thin pink cotton, it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Both Jane and Brianna watched absently as she stretched her arms over her head, thrusting her impressive bust forward and her rounded tush backward, taking a few steps forward on the balls of her feet.

“Good morning,” Courtney said.

“Morning,” Jane replied.

“Good morning,” Brianna chimed in from the stove.

Courtney inhaled. “Ah, bacon…” she sighed. “This morning keeps getting better.”

“Yes, we thought you were enjoying yourself,” Jane replied slyly.

Courtney shrugged, she had gotten over Jane’s teasing a long time ago.

“Yes, your brother was an early riser,” Courtney retorted.

Jane blushed, Courtney grinned. She had won that little exchange.

“How long for breakfast?” Courtney asked Brianna.

“Not long,” Brianna told her. “A few minutes.”

Courtney nodded. “Save me some? I’m going to go take a shower.”

Brianna nodded. “Not a problem. Is Rob up?” she asked.

“Don’t think so,” Courtney replied. “He probably will be soon though.”

“Okay, I’ll make extra for him,” Brianna replied.

“Thanks Bri,” Courtney said as she walked off towards the door stiffly.

From the way she was holding herself Jane suspected that she had recently had something up a certain part of her anatomy. Courtney slipped on her flip flops and grabbed her towel and shower bag from the hook near the door, stepping through it and letting it clatter close as it was pulled back by its spring. The sun had just come up but the day was already growing warm. Courtney descended the stairs, flipping her towel over her shoulder, heading off towards the shower hut.

Rob awoke from the sound of a crash. He sat bolt upright and found Courtney missing. Scrambling out of bed and yanking on a pair of shorts he rushed out of the bedroom, finding Jane and Brianna chatting peacefully in the kitchen.

“What was that noise?” Rob asked.

Brianna blinked. “You mean the door?” she asked.

Oh. Rob felt foolish.

Jane grinned. “Coming to save Courtney?” she asked with a giggle.

Rob made a rude gesture to his sister and sat down at the table.

“Put a shirt on,” she told him.

“Get a life,” he told her.

Brianna laughed at the sibling banter. She was the same with her brothers, though she was more pampered because she was the baby girl of the family with two older brothers. One still lived at home, the other had a wife with a baby on the way. It seemed strange that she was going to be an aunt.

“Where’s Courtney?” Rob asked.

“Jeez, you should just get a tracker put on her,” Jane told him. “She’s gone to clean up. What did you do to her exactly? She was all shiny from something.”

“Massage,” Rob said, not caring to elaborate further as he took a sip of coffee.

“Are you two going to actually do something today?” Jane asked.

Rob grinned. “We did plenty yesterday.”

“So did Brianna and I,” Jane replied in deadpan.

Rob’s eyes widened and Brianna fought back a giggle as he glanced over at her. Jane rose a challenging eyebrow at him and smirked.

“Want some bacon?” Brianna asked him.

“Sure,” he replied. “You know Jane, you should have helped her with breakfast,” he told his sister.

Jane gave him a look and then took another sip of her coffee, shutting him up. Brianna forked some bacon on a plate for him and scooped some scrambled eggs onto the plate. Courtney reappeared not long after, her hair wrapped in a towel.

“All clean?” Brianna called from the kitchen.

“Squeaky,” Courtney replied.

“Ready to be made messy again,” Jane said under her breath.

Rob choked on the bit of bacon he was swallowing, making him cough and Jane to laugh as he gulped down some coffee to wash it down. He glared at his sister who looked at him with wry amusement. Courtney approached, still braless and with her hair wrapped in the towel, kissing his cheek as she sat down beside him.

“Easy there tiger, we need to get you home alive,” she told him.

Jane gave him a look as if to ask ‘Tiger? Is that what she calls you?’. Rob looked away from her and focused on breakfast. Brianna served everyone else next, and they dug into their meal. She had been hoping for a quiet breakfast with just Jane, but it was nice to actually spend time with her friends, the original purpose of this trip. As they were eating Rob felt a hand go to his thigh, Courtney’s. She continued to eat innocently, as though she was not running her hand up and down his leg.

Jane was sharing an anecdote about one of her many escapades while living in New York. Something about a game she and her friends had played that had led her to running through the streets wearing a pair of footie pajamas. Alcohol may or may not have been involved, she had not made that detail clear. Courtney’s hand moved upward, curling over the lump forming in Rob’s boxers. Rob finished his breakfast quickly, glancing over at Courtney.

She seemed to be eating slowly, languidly running her hand along the rising tent in his boxer shorts. Deciding to play her game he rested his hand on her leg, turning it inward and sliding upward. Courtney nearly choked herself when his fingers pressed against her crotch. Jane and Brianna looked at her, seeing her growing flush. Jane looked at Rob disapprovingly.

“Seriously?” she asked.

Rob and Courtney took their hands away.

“At the breakfast table?” Jane asked. “Jesus Rob, get a hold of yourself. Courtney doesn’t need you groping her at every opportunity…”

“But she…” Rob began but then Courtney flashed him a look and he stopped talking. He sighed. “I’m going to go take a shower.”

“Yeah,” Jane said. “Maybe that’ll cool you down.”

Courtney giggled as Rob made an irritated sound and wandered off.

“You gotta tell him when enough’s enough,” Jane advised Courtney.

“I don’t think she minds,” Brianna said. “She’s worse than he is.”

Courtney blushed and was suddenly very interested in her eggs. Jane kept the ball rolling.

“Maybe your right, it sure sounded like she was enjoying herself yesterday,” Jane replied.

“And this morning,” Brianna added.

Courtney was grinning to herself now.

“God, no shame about it either,” Jane said.

“Love will do that to you,” Brianna said.

Jane laughed softly. “I guess so.”

Courtney realized they were suddenly not talking just about her. The rest of the day passed smoothly, Rob and Courtney went for a long leisurely walk, and Jane and Brianna spent the day relaxing down on the beach. Brianna read, Jane wrote, the two of them stopping periodically to talk about some topic that had caught their interest. Jane learned Brianna’s religious views, what sorts of movies she liked, what she hoped to do in her future.

Brianna in turn learned all that and more. Jane had not had anyone but Rob to really discuss her situation with her parents. Unlike Rob, she still wanted to have a relationship with both her mother and her father. Rob it seemed had turned his back on them, though seemed less angry at their mother. Jane thought he saw their father as controlling her through fear, when really what Jane saw was a woman who had fallen in love with a man before knowing everything about them.

Brianna learned that Jane had been unexpected, a surprise to the blonde girl who had assumed that their family had been carefully planned and cultivated. Her mother had met her father while working towards her doctorate, he had already left school and was working at Fletcher’s somewhere in middle management. They had met at the bar at their elder siblings’ wedding, and a fling had started. From what Jane understood, her mother had become completely smitten with him from the moment they met.

Then the condom broke.

Jane had found out that lovely little tidbit during one of her father’s enraged tirades. It had happened a month or two into their relationship, and they had hurried to get married to save him the scandal it would bring his family. Their mother had seen the marriage as a sign that he loved her as much as she loved him, and at first everything had been fine. She finished her doctorate while pregnant with Jane, and had taken a short break before starting to work after she had given birth to her.

These were bits and pieces Jane had put together over the years, laid out as a neat narrative that had taken her a long time to puzzle out. The problems started soon enough, their father had never wanted to be a parent, however now he had an image to maintain. So Rob came along, to complete the ‘millionaire family’ unit and to make Jane look less like a surprise. Image. That is what the family was for their father. For their mother, a good image became the same as being happy.

To Brianna who had a very happy home life and parents who loved each other this seemed incredibly tragic. It was hard for her to understand how such a thing could work, but then ultimately it clearly had not. Jane attributed their father’s discarding of them to the two of them becoming too damaging to his reputation. His daughter was a lesbian, and his son’s girlfriend was ‘beneath him’. It was better for him to effectively disown them than keep them around.

Jane eventually changed the topic, realizing that it was a bit intense to be discussing such things when they were supposed to be on vacation. Brianna could see that Jane was bothered more than she was letting on, she spoke clinically but it was clear that the wounds her parents had inflicted upon her were deep. She wanted nothing more at that moment than to take the older girl into her arms and hug the hurt out from her, but knew that would not be enough.

***Courtney began to feel him moving, walking forward towards the beach that they had started out at. Her heart began to flutter inside her chest when they reached chest level, and she whimpered against his lips as her buoyancy no longer aided him in holding her up and it was his arms beneath her and her legs around him keeping her aloft. He stood up to his hips in water, working his fingers in and out of her, grinding his swollen member against her.

“Rob,” Courtney gasped. He pushed against her, fingering her feverishly, his sawing cock gliding against her engorged clit. It sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body, and he could feel the change in her hold of him. It went from supportive to ‘get inside me I want to cum’, a signal Rob was not about to ignore. Water trailed along their bodies as he carried her to shore, rivulets flowing down the musculature of Rob’s back and the swells of Courtney’s breasts.

They made it to shore and Rob lowered her to the beach, diving into the kiss as Courtney’s hands pushed down his swim trunks insistently. Rob came forward, his cock in Courtney’s guiding hand, and entered her. Courtney groaned as he began to thrust, working her straight away. The afternoon heat had warmed the soft sand beneath her, and now gleamed on their wet bodies as they writhed together frantically by the water’s edge.

Courtney’s hips thrust up against his, the crotch of her bikini bottom pushed aside to allow him to enter her. Her hands made fists around the hot sand beneath them, burying them in their warmth as he hammered his hips into her.

“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Don’t fucking stop Rob.”

Rob pounded his hips against her, the sun baking the flesh of his back and buttocks, droplets of water falling from him and splashing against her as he fucked her. Courtney’s fists tightened around the sand, and her head tilted back. Her cry of exquisite lust carried out over the lake, torn from her throat in that moment of exquisite bliss as her orgasm overcame her. Rob sank deep into her and her legs squeezed him tight as her climax rocked her.

Rob kissed her trembling lips, bringing his mouth to her neck as the aftershocks ran through her body. Courtney began to move against him again before long, grinding her hips up against his as he began to pick up steam once more. She pushed against his shoulder, making him roll over onto his back, sinking her knees into the sand as she began to ride him.

Sand clung to her wet skin, coating her legs, buttocks, and back as she bounced on his shaft. Courtney straightened, grinning at Rob as she made a circular motion with his hips and squeezed her internal muscles, making him gasp. Her hands went behind her, undoing the restraints of her cobalt bikini top. Her breasts spilled free, the tan darker and more even than it had been before their vacation had started.

That had been another fun activity. Courtney had asked him to apply her tanning oil to her back, which in itself was fun, but then he had offered to do her front as well. This had led to a wonderful massage of her breasts, which had ultimately gone the obvious route of a tit fuck. Courtney had loved watching Rob’s glistening shaft disappear inside the deep valley between her oiled up breasts, pumping away until he had been unable to take it anymore and blown a heavy load between them.

Courtney had had to go clean up in the lake after that, which had given him the opportunity to re-apply the oil and then return the favor with his tongue, fingers, and ultimately the erection that had come back to life after doing all that. Now, as she bounced on his shaft, Courtney was beginning to wonder if it was possible for two people to have too much sex. Then realized that that was probably impossible as long it was safe and with someone you loved.

Rob watched Courtney’s fit body move above him, her dark eyes gazing into his, smouldering as she rode and ground him towards his release. When he was close she dismounted, got down onto her knees in front of him, and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him deep, drawing him into her throat and holding him there as her eyes locked with his. He knew what she wanted, and was very close to giving it to her.

Courtney reached upward and grabbed his hands to bring them to the back of her head. Come on, she seemed to say silently, do it. Rob tightened his hold on her head and pushed his hips upward, pushing his cock further into her throat. Courtney hummed around his shaft, her lips wrapping tightly around it as he began to buck his hips up against her face. This was a fairly new thing for them, a sort of experiment that Rob had been reluctant to try at first but seemed to please Courtney.

Rob thrust his cock against her, using her mouth like her pussy, her saliva leaking out the corners of her mouth as he picked up the pace. She gagged but her throat continued to yield to the intrusion of his stiff shaft. The drool trailed down his shaft and along his balls, his glistening shaft gliding between her puffy lips. Courtney’s eyes gazed up into Rob’s, willing him to cum. His hands tightened around her chocolate locks, his thrusts became irregular, and then he drove upward.

Courtney hummed gleefully as Rob’s cock began firing his load, and felt the hot cum slide down her throat and into her stomach. Her face grew flushed, and his hands tightened around her hair as he held her against him until he was spent. His hold on her head relaxed and she pulled back, a web of cum and saliva bridging the gap between her lower lip and the head of his deflating cock. Courtney nursed the wilting organ, sucking on it lovingly, and bathing the head tenderly with her tongue until it was completely flaccid.

Now, time to get cleaned up and ready for another round.

***”You can move your hands,” Jane gasped. “Touch where you want.”

With that abruptly granted permission Brianna’s hands moved upward and slid along Jane’s back as though uncertain of where to go. Understanding what she wanted to do, but knowing that she was too afraid to do it, Jane broke the kiss again.

“My boobs like attention,” she told her helpfully. “And so does my butt. Go ahead and give it to them.”

Brianna nodded cutely, and made Jane grin as she dipped back down into the kiss. Their mouths both tasted of the alcohol they had indulged in earlier that evening, but neither was too drunk to be fully present in the moment. One of Jane’s hands pressed against Brianna’s stomach, and her other cradled the side of her head. She ran it through her soft hair as she chased the blondes tongue around her mouth.

Brianna’s hands came around to her side, and made Jane breath in excitably as they pressed against her sensitive ribs. Encouraged by this response Brianna went on, her hands going over Jane’s pert breasts. They fit her hands perfectly. Even through the dress she wore they felt exquisite. They were the first pair of breasts apart from her own that Brianna had ever held before. Unencumbered by a bra, the soft mounds moulded to her hand.

Afraid to hurt her, Brianna simply held them there, pressing her hands against the twin swells but not doing much else. Jane’s chest pushed outward to encourage Brianna to proceed but found the girl reluctant to do so. She took her hand from the other girl’s stomach and put it over her hand. Jane guided the motion of Brianna’s hand, showing her how to squeeze the breast it held. The sweetness of Jane’s mouth was exquisite, the feel of her body pressed above hers incredible, but making Jane gasp in approval was what unlocked something inside Brianna.

She wanted that. She wanted to do that again. She wanted to bring this girl pleasure that she could not give herself, to be like this forever, consumed in Jane’s overwhelming presence. Brianna felt Jane’s hand leave hers, trusting her to continue on her own. She matched the motions with her other hand and massaged both Jane’s breasts as the other girl’s hands slid down to the hemline of her tank top.

Jane felt Brianna stiffen slightly when her hand slid up under her shirt, but the other girl relaxed and she resumed its upward trajectory. Her fingers brushed against the stud in Brianna’s pierced navel, and toyed with it with just her thumb. Brianna moaned against Jane’s lips as she discovered something about herself: she liked having her navel teased. Maybe it was an erogenous zone for her, or maybe it was for everyone, but when Jane started toying with her piercing what once had been solely an aesthetic feature became something far more exciting.

It was like there was a bundle of nerves that shot a jolt up along her spine, the most notable effect of which was the tingling sensation that bloomed between her legs.

Jane noticed the deepened breathing of Brianna, and also became aware of the blonde’s unconscious thrusting motions of her hips. Emboldened, Jane’s mouth left Brianna’s, and her mouth went to the soft flesh of her throat. Brianna gasped as the other girl kissed her neck and coupled the act with a circular motion of her nail around the rim of the other girl’s navel. The blonde moaned softly in an unconscious vocalization of her pleasure and excitement.

“That’s good, Brianna,” Jane told her. “Just relax.”

Her voice was seductive, hypnotic, and sent Brianna into some sort of trance. Jane kissed along Brianna’s throat until it arrived at its junction with her shoulder. She smelt incredible, her feminine odor made Jane grow even warmer. She tilted Brianna’s head with her hold on the side of her head, and trailed her lips down until coming to the hollow of her neck. Jane shifted down, her breasts sliding from the pleasing sensations Brianna’s massaging hands were giving them, to press her lips against Brianna’s upper chest.

The blonde’s chest heaved, her burgeoning breasts thrust upward, and a nervous release of breath escaped her as Jane’s soft lips played along the exposed flesh of her bosom. Jane’s hand left her hair, and went to the bottom of Brianna’s shirt. She pushed it upward, exposing the blondes exquisitely toned abdomen, and then pushed it the rest of the way over her chest. Brianna helped Jane pull her top over her head, which left her in just her bra from the waist up.

Jane kissed the tops of Brianna’s heaving breasts as both hands slid upward along her sides. Brianna was squirming beneath her already and Jane had hardly done anything but tease. Her hands went around Brianna, and slid along her soft skin around her ribcage beneath her. Brianna felt her bra grow slack around her chest as Jane’s practiced fingers undid the clasp with ease. Her mouth came back up to the blonde’s, and kissed her deep as her hands slid up under the blue cups of her bra.

Brianna gasped as Jane’s hands went over her breasts. The heavy swells far too large for them to cover, but that did not stop Jane from trying to restrain them. Brianna’s hands were pressed to the back of Jane’s head, kissing her hungrily, and allowing her instinct to take over. Jane took Brianna’s breasts in hand, and cradled them in her palms as she felt the nipples capping them rise against her skin. Her breasts were firm, yet pliant, perky despite their size thanks to the rather intense workouts Brianna generally partook in.

Jane pulled the bra away, and drew the straps down Brianna’s arms before kissing her languidly. The only sounds around them were their heated breathing and the creaking of the bed beneath them as they moved together. The sound of Jane’s hands moving along Brianna’s breasts, flesh gliding along flesh accompanied the soft sounds of their lust. Brianna’s hands remained buried in Jane’s tawny locks, keeping her hold on her so she could keep tasting the wonderful sweetness of her mouth.

Jane’s fingers slid along the flesh of Brianna’s breast, brushing against her nipple and making her gasp. Without realizing it the two had begun to rock against each other. Their groins rubbed into one another unconsciously in response to the intensity of what they were feeling. When Jane’s fingers closed around Brianna’s nipples her hips bucked up against Jane and a moan escaped her. Suddenly she panicked. Everything had been going so well, but this was a lot. This was so much. This was…

Brianna pulled back, gasping. She was breathing heavily, and Jane saw the fright in her eyes. One second everything had been alright, the next Brianna had been flooded by fear and doubt. The same fear and doubt that had been coursing through her all week. How could she measure up? How could she possibly be good enough for this perfect girl? How ridiculous was she for thinking that she could have the most incredible person she had ever encountered?

“Brianna?” Jane asked softly.

Her hand came upward, and brushed aside a strand of pale gold hair from Brianna’s damp forehead. The touch calmed Brianna somewhat, though also served to intensify the feeling of inadequacy and her fear of rejection. How could she feel this strongly about someone and not get hurt? That was how it worked. You fell in love with the wrong person, and you wound up hurting terribly. Jane would have so many better options. Older girls, or more experienced, or prettier, or just… better.

Jane’s lips pressed against Brianna’s forehead tenderly, and her hand caressed her soft cheek tenderly.

“What’s wrong?” Jane asked.

“I’m scared,” Brianna replied, almost inaudibly. She was whispering so softly that it was almost like by speaking them she was telling the vilest secret conceivable.

Jane’s hazel eyes became warm. “You don’t need to be. I promise, you’re with me remember?”

Brianna nodded, but she looked uncertain.

“What’s scaring you?” Jane asked. “Am I moving too fast?”

Brianna shook her head.

“Then what is it?” Jane asked.

Brianna was reluctant to say. Insecurity was not attractive, a lack of self-confidence would not appeal to Jane who herself was the epitome of self-esteem. But then Brianna remembered that moment of vulnerability, that admission that she was not as calm as she appeared. It was an act, she was an actress. She pretended everything was okay when really nothing was. She had maintained the charade all through the week, but had slipped for a moment and in that moment Brianna had seen the real Jane.

And had fallen in love.

Brianna felt herself calm down. “Nothing,” she replied. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Jane asked.

In response the blonde came up and kissed Jane with the full force of her emotion for her. Using all the tricks Jane had been teaching her for the past hour to convey just how strongly she felt. Jane was rocked by the intensity of it, and met Brianna’s assault with equal passion. Brianna’s hands pulled up at Jane’s dress. It slid up the backs of her legs and over her ass, going up and up until it was drawn over her head and discarded to the floor.

Jane stayed partially erect, gazing down at the girl below her as her blue eyes gazed back, the look of awe and admiration identical on both their fine features. Brianna gazed at the lean, lithe form of Jane, whose breasts were now in full view. Their eyes met for a moment, the intensity of attraction drawing Jane back down to her so that they could kiss once again.

One of Jane’s hands returned to Brianna’s chest, but the other went to her stomach, her nails dragging along the flat surface and making the other girl squirm. Brianna’s hands went up between them to cup Jane’s free breasts. She massaged them in the way Jane had demonstrated, which earned her a soft sigh of approval from the older girl.

Jane’s hand slid down Brianna’s stomach, and made sure to make a stop at her navel to tease the enticing piercing that adorned it before coming to the waistband of her shorts. Brianna felt the button of her shorts being unfastened. Her shorts grew looser around her and a shudder running through her.

Jane drew back from the kiss. “Is it okay?” she asked.

Brianna nodded. “It’s okay.”

“Okay,” Jane replied with a grin.

Brianna smiled back and Jane returned to the kiss as the tips of her fingers brushed against the waistband of her pale blue panties. They were not the sexy kind Brianna would have cared for Jane to see, but the other girl seemed very unconcerned with the well-worn cotton garment. She was more intrigued by what lay beneath it as her hand slid inside. Her fingers found Brianna cleanly shaven.

“Did you get ready for me?” Jane asked, smiling wryly.

Brianna blushed. “Don’t flatter yourself. I’m always shaved.”

Jane smirked. “So am I. You’ll get to see it later,” she told her.

The kissed again.

“Oh really?” Brianna asked.

And again their lips met.

“Hmm. Only after I’ve had my fill of yours,” Jane told her, sliding her hand deeper into her shorts.

Once more they kissed.

Brianna gasped against Jane’s mouth, and her hips squirmed as the older girls fingers brushed against the hood of her clit. Jane’s mouth pressed against Brianna’s chin, and her teeth grazed against her flesh as she moved further down. She gently swept her finger back and forth across Brianna’s clitoral hood, but made no move to directly touch the little bud. Brianna’s hands slid between them once more, going over Jane’s breasts and feeling their warmth as the firm mounds settled in her hands.

Brianna gasped when Jane’s teasing fingers finally came into contact with her swollen clit. The little utterance of pleasurable excitement made Jane grin against the kiss. She rolled the little nubbin with her fingers, and sent electric jolts up Brianna’s spine that radiated out to every corner of her being. They did not stay there long, Jane slid her had further into Brianna’s shorts, and slid them against the damp folds of her sex.

Jane moved her fingers along them appraisingly, and appreciated the aroused warmth of her sex radiating out from her. Her fingers slid along Brianna’s slit, which made her hips move without the blonde’s conscious awareness. They moved both backward and forward as she to get away from but also push toward the source of pleasure. Brianna felt Jane’s fingers slide between the outer folds of her sex and begin to massage the pink interior.

Judging by touch, Jane thought that Brianna must have an exquisitely beautiful pussy. The shape of the lips, the thickness and the proportion of the outer to the inner, all of it felt exceptional beneath her fingers. Brianna moaned into the kiss, and Jane ended it to let those exclamations of pleasure free. She kissed Brianna’s throat, and listened to her pleasurable utterances as she massaged her breast and explored her pussy.

Jane teased around the entrance to Brianna’s pussy, and found it to be exceptionally tight. Brianna did not usually insert any more than one finger inside herself. Just enough to find her G-spot while masturbating. Her hymen was no longer intact, years of intense physical exercise and the use of tampons had taken care of that, but her virginal pussy was still extremely tight.

Brianna wrapped her arms around Jane, and her legs widened as she prepared for the invasion of Jane’s fingers. Jane sensed the trepidation in that hold and slowed down marginally. She brought her lips to Brianna’s once more for a tender kiss before slowly pushing her middle finger past the slick entrance of the younger girl’s virginal sex.

“Ahn,” Brianna gasped.

“Is it okay?” Jane asked gently.

Brianna nodded. “Yeah,” she replied shakily, “keep going.”

Jane’s finger slid further into the wet heat of Brianna’s pussy, and her channel gripped the single digit snugly as she went further in. Her probing finger had a purpose, it curled upward searchingly, as though beckoning to something or someone to come to her. Brianna gasped when it found the something it was searching for.

“Is that good?” Jane asked.

“Oh God,” Brianna breathed shakily. Jane had found her G-spot and was rhythmically massaging it. It was like masturbation in a way, it was essentially the same thing Brianna did to herself when she pleasured herself, but having the hand belong to someone else made all the difference in the world. She was surrendering her body to someone else, giving Jane access to all she had. Jane’s knuckles pressed up on the cotton of Brianna’s panties, and her thumb moved to press against her clit.

Brianna cried out, nearly reaching orgasm right then. Encouraged, Jane kept going, her finger working inside her more quickly. The pad of her finger massaged the sensitive spot on the roof of her channel to send ripples of pleasure through her body. Brianna held onto Jane tight, her hands going over her slender shoulders and gripping them as she drew nearer and nearer to the edge. Jane tugged on Brianna’s nipple more aggressively and put her finger into overdrive.

“Ah! Jane!” Brianna cried. If it were possible, Brianna grew tighter around Jane’s finger as her orgasm tore through her. A smile lit up on Jane’s face.

“That’s it,” she urged, “let it come.”

Brianna’s body shook, her mouth agape as a series of shaky gasps escaped her, and her head titled back as her eyes shut tight. Jane continued to work the sensitive spot inside her, but refrained from applying more stimulus to her clit. Brianna’s orgasm endured, her body trembling, and her moans flowing freely as she experienced her first climax at the hands of another. It was incredible, it was beautiful, and it was pure bliss that kept washing over her as Jane’s finger squirmed inside her.

Jane drank in Brianna’s orgasmic bliss by kissing her throat while listening to all the pleasurable gasps, moans, and cries that went through her. Her chest heaved against her hand, mashing her breast against her palm as her muscles tensed and relaxed wildly. Brianna’s pussy flooded her panties, soaking them and Jane’s hand as she came. All nerve endings were firing, her whole body pulsing as one as if telling her ‘Yes, that. That’s what I want. More of what she’s doing,’ with every fibre of her being.

Eventually Brianna came down from her peak, and Jane’s lips found hers as she continued to shake uncontrollably. Her hand came up from the blonde’s breast to cradle the side of her head, and then kiss her tenderly as she recovered from the intensity of what she had just experienced. Her first orgasm brought on by someone other than herself.

Intense and confusing emotions of affection were running through her as she kissed Jane back, powerful feelings for this beautiful girl above her imbued in every aspect of the act.

“Thank you,” Brianna said breathlessly.

Jane gazed down at her, the golden brown glinting in her eyes warmly, and smiled.

“Don’t thank me yet,” she told her. “I’ve just gotten started with you. The way you’ve been teasing me all week? Rob and Courtney better get some earplugs.”

Brianna surprised herself by laughing. She felt as though she should be more nervous, but Jane was making that impossible. All she felt was a happy excitement. Jane kissed her again quickly, and then slid down. Her lips went down the length of Brianna’s toned body, feathering kisses as she went.

“You’re breasts are amazing,” Jane told her. “You’re so beautiful.”

Brianna blushed as Jane looked up from between the twin mounds of tit-flesh.

“When I first saw you stumble out of the truck I could not believe that something so amazing existed and that I’d never seen it before,” she continued.

Brianna smiled despite herself. “Quit it,” she said.

Jane grinned at her. “Quit what?”

“Being so damn cute,” Brianna told her. “I like the naughty Jane better.”

Jane’s grin turned salacious. “Oh, my thoughts were far from cute. All I could think about was how great your boobs looked in that tank top. Were you wearing a push up bra?”

Brianna laughed. “No, they’re just like that.”

Jane’s hands scooped them up. “Yeah, I’ve noticed. Jesus, these things are magnificent.”

Brianna’s blush deepened but her smile remained. The smile became an expression of pleasurable surprise as Jane’s body shifted down further and her lips pressed against the swells of Brianna’s lush bounty. Jane squeezed Brianna’s breast, and then guided the nipple to her mouth. Brianna groaned as Jane’s full lips wrapped around her areola and applied suction to the sensitive bud of her erect nipple. Jane circled the point with her tongue, and prodded it with the tip and swiping across it.

Jane feasted on Brianna’s breasts, going back and forth between the two exquisite swells, and left them gleaming with saliva by the time she moved on. Brianna whined as she left, but quickly forgave the abandonment when Jane’s lips pressed against her stomach. As inexperienced as she was, Brianna had an idea of what Jane had in mind. Suddenly ridiculous worries of hygiene ran through her mind, these were quickly banished as Jane’s lips went lower, enveloping her navel.

“Oh!” Brianna gasped pleasurably. It was impossible, it seemed to Brianna at that moment, to be truly nervous when you were both tipsy and very horny. Jane teased the stud piercing with her tongue, and slipped the clever organ into the little cavity teasingly to make Brianna squirm beneath her. She palmed Brianna’s breasts, and tweaked the nipples as she toyed with Brianna’s navel with her tongue. Brianna’s hips rocked beneath her in anticipation of what was to come.

Jane’s hands left Brianna’s breasts and she knew playtime was over. The older girl’s hands curled around the waistband of Brianna’s shorts and she drew them down along with her panties, thus exposing Brianna fully to her for the first time. She had Brianna shift upward so that she could lie on her stomach between the blonde’s long legs. Jane gazed with intense curiosity at the alluring sight between those lithe limbs. She studied the perfection before her eyes most attentively.

Jane had never seen a prettier pussy. It was gleaming from Brianna’s earlier orgasm, with the thick outer lips coated in the sweetness of her sex. The scent was fresh and exquisitely feminine, an intoxicating musk that ensnared Jane. The pink slit ran even, directly down the middle, evenly dividing her vulva into to equal sections. The little nubbin of her clit peeked out from beneath its little hood, and called to Jane.

Knowing Brianna required no further teasing and lesser still foreplay, Jane decided to give the girl a break and get right down to business. It was not a completely altruistic decision, if Jane were completely honest with herself, she had been fantasizing about this moment for days now. Jane drew closer, the aroma of Brianna’s sex growing stronger as she approached, nearly making the older girl salivate as she came within an inch of the blonde’s beautiful pussy.

Brianna’s heart was hammering at that moment, her earlier thoughts that alcohol and arousal prevented nervousness suddenly proving to be false. Somehow this felt like it was it. This was losing her virginity. She might have been afraid, but when she looked down at the young woman between her legs. Jane was looking up at her as she kissed the flesh of her inner thigh, and Brianna perceived an implied question: Are you ready?

Brianna’s hands slid through Jane’s tawny locks in confirmation. She exhaled and felt the tension leave her body. She watched Jane closely, and their eyes never parted as she ran her tongue lightly along the soft skin at the junction of Brianna’s leg and her torso. As long as she looked at Jane, as long as she remembered who she was sharing this with, Brianna really could not feel any fear. She watched Jane’s face draw closer still, her lips pressing against the top of her pubic mound, and then lower, and then…


Brianna exhaled shakily as Jane’s mouth went over her pussy, and moaned as it wasted no time to get to work. Jane hummed as she got her first taste of Brianna’s sweet nectar as she ran her tongue down the outer lips of her pussy, and then flattened it to run it along the length of her slit. Jane’s tongue delicately pushed aside the fleshy outer folds to gain access to the tender interior of Brianna’s sex. The taste was stronger here, and Jane lapped up the nectar thirstily.

Brianna’s hands became entangled in Jane’s soft, tawny locks as the older girl’s tongue massaged the tender interior of her sex. It circled around Brianna’s opening, prodded at it appraisingly, and made the blonde’s hips squirm. Jane’s tongue stiffened and slid past Brianna’s opening.

“Ahn!” Brianna groaned as Jane’s soft-yet-firm organ slid into her channel. Jane’s mouth widened to envelope Brianna’s vulva as her tongue wriggled inside of her. Normally Jane would have done a great deal more teasing, but Brianna was so responsive anything she did seemed to send her to the brink. Every motion of her tongue made the blonde gasp, every swipe and prod elicited another exclamation of pleasure from the young woman lying back on the bed.

It was almost unfair.

So, Jane feasted. A steady flow of Brianna’ nectar ran onto her tongue and filled her mouth with its sweetness. She hummed against her pussy pleasurably as she maneuvered her tongue further into Brianna’s channel, and the bridge of her little nose brushed against Brianna’s swollen clit accidentally. That was enough, the blonde exploded.

“Oh God!” Brianna cried. Her hands seized down on Jane’s hair, gripping it tight and yanking her down against her convulsing sex as her orgasm crashed over her. Jane’s mouth was flooded with the essence of Brianna’s sex, the sweet-tangy substance flowing over her tongue and down her chin wantonly as the other girl’s hips bucked up against her. Going for broke, Jane kept up the stimulation, and made Brianna nearly scream in ecstasy as she unleashed every trick she had on the unsuspecting girl.

“Jane!” Brianna moaned in shock. Crest after beautiful crest crashed over her, and made her exquisite form tense and relax spastically. Her abdominal muscles shifted beneath her tanned skin as she torqued on the bed above the older girl. Brianna’s hold on Jane’s hair remained tight for the entirety of her climax, and the floodgate that followed. Jane was in her element, the chaos of Brianna’s heightened state allowed her to bring the blonde a number of peaks in rapid succession.

Jane let up finally, and allowed Brianna to fall back against the pile of pillows behind her. Her hold on Jane’s hair relaxed and her hands ran through it gently as though to apologize for gripping her so hard. Jane kissed the inside of the exhausted girl’s thigh, her lips and chin shiny with Brianna’s nectar. An incredible grin spread over those gleaming lips, one of intense satisfaction as Jane looked up at Brianna with complete adoration.

Brianna pulled her upward. Jane crawled over Brianna and allowed herself to be pulled into a tender kiss. Jane lowered herself over Brianna, and their fingers combed through each other’s hair as they kissed tenderly. Brianna was exhausted, Jane could tell, emotionally and physically. She did not press for them to go any further that night, enjoying the sweetness of the kiss, and then the lovely intimacy of simply being held by the younger girl as the two slowly drifted off to a peaceful sleep.


Ryan barely got through the front door before he and Isabella were ripping at each other’s clothes, frustrated by the zippers and buttons that impeded their progress. In less than 24 hours, Isabella was leaving for Geneva, Switzerland, having accepted a four-month internship with an international agency. Their looming separation and all the insecurities it raised gave their lovemaking a frantic, desperate quality.

Isabella wound her legs around Ryan’s hips as he carried her to the bedroom. She clung to him, her face nuzzling into the crook of his neck. She knew four months wasn’t that long, only a third of a year, the tiniest fraction of time since she and Ryan planned to spend the rest of their lives together. Still, right now, it seemed endless.

They collapsed on the bed, the worn cotton duvet cushioning their knotted arms and legs. Isabella wanted to cram every detail about Ryan into her memory–the way he smelled of anise and licorice, the coarseness of his chest against hers, and how his shoulder-length brown hair sometimes fell across his face, hiding his deep-set blue eyes. She hauled him close now, squeezing one of his thighs between hers, the solid muscle pressing against her crotch. She needed his arms, chest, legs and pelvis to meld with her own. She couldn’t remember why she’d thought this whole internship business was a good idea or why she’d even accepted. It seemed so stupid now, so pointless. If she’d just left things alone, she and Ryan wouldn’t have to be apart.

His hands framed her face. His teeth gently, playfully nipped at her upper lip before he sucked it into his mouth. A chill ran down her spine, settling at her groin. His mouth travelled down her neck and along her collarbone. Ryan moved to his knees, the bedside lamp casting a soft glow around his head. He reached for her breasts, squeezing the firm lobes together in the centre of her chest. His thumb and forefinger pulled at her nipples. He groaned as he saw them stiffen.

Slowly, never taking his eyes off her, he bent, taking her tits into his mouth, aureole and all. He flicked at the erect buds, first one and then the other with his tongue’s pointy tip. His hair fell forward, swaying, tickling her skin. She writhed beneath him, her breath short and choppy. He sucked even harder, using his hands to push her further into his mouth. She offered him a distant smile as her head fell back. She closed her eyes, her eyelashes resting on her cheekbones, lost to the seductive smell of sandalwood incense.

His tongue trailed over her belly and towards her crotch, the air from the ceiling fan cooling where he’d licked, goosebumps lighting her skin. He pushed her legs wide open, taking in her vagina’s every nook and cranny, its fleshy, swollen lips and bright red inner walls. He stared for a moment, showing an absolute reference for her body. His finger trailed up one thigh and down the other, his mouth following this path, placing firm kisses on her tender skin. Her body tensed in anticipation, waiting, wanting his mouth on her cunt.

Pushing his head away, Isabella brought her legs together. She raised them over her head to give him complete access. It was the sign he’d been waiting for. He shoved his hands beneath her and dragged her towards him, moaning as he buried his face in her pubic hair. It was a sound so animalistic, so erotic. She was spiralling out of control. She clutched at his head, her fingers pushing their way through his smooth, silky hair. “Fuck me,” she pleaded, already imagining the feel of his bulging cock as it slipped inside her. Her body ached.

He blew a swift short breath on her clit, making her gasp. “No,” he said, his eyes, which were so often those of a tormented artist, sparkled and shone. “I want to watch you come.”

Ryan’s tongue traced along her vagina’s moist folds and up to her clitoris. He licked it quickly, teasingly, before moving his tongue deep inside her. In and out it went, venturing every now and again to her clit for a quick suck, a swift nip. Every part of her buzzed and tingled. Her head moved from side to side. She smelled her apple shampoo, heard footsteps from the apartment above, felt how wet she was.

She abandoned his head and took her full nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Now she was the one who pinched and pulled, who gathered her breasts together as Ryan’s long, thick fingers penetrated her, rubbing her slick vaginal walls. Her mouth hung open. She heard herself whimpering, panting almost, the pressure in her groin growing. She pulled the duvet to her waist, crowding the fabric into her hands, crushing it between her fingers. She was so close, but, selfishly, she wanted the sensations rippling through her brain, spine and genitals to last forever.

Ryan had other ideas. Keeping his finger deep inside her, he took the wide, flat surface of his tongue and lapped at her vagina. Her head shot back. Her eyes closed. Relishing her obvious arousal, he turned his attention to her clit, savaging the sensitive nub. A primal need took over Isabella. It obliterated all rational thought and doubts for the future. Her cunt spasmed over and over again, and with each shudder, each tremor, each contraction, she cried Ryan’s name. She offered herself to him completely, thrilling in the pleasure, the bliss only he could bring.

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***As he bottomed out Courtney cried out from the added power, the sound one of pleasure. Rob took it as a sign that she could handle more than what he was giving her. He drew back two thirds of his length and then pushed it back in.

“Hoah,” Courtney groaned. It was a sound he had never heard her make before, a combination of surprise, discomfort, and most of all pleasure. He repeated the same motion, and she gasped, this time all pleasure. He worked himself in and out of her steadily, teasing her clit mercilessly, strumming it with his fingers until…

“Fuck, Rob!” Courtney screamed. Her hands drummed against the wall, slapping wetly against the tile as she came. An expulsion of air left her through her nose as her jaw clenched along with every other muscle. Rob felt her ass clamp down around him, trapping him at the top of one of his thrusts, deep inside her. He groaned deeply and released his control. Courtney felt him flooding her; felt him filling her ass with his cum.

The sensation was strange but incredibly pleasurable. Rob bucked against her, pushing her against the wall as she shook and trembled through her orgasm. His cock spewed a heavy load into her, pumping his thick seed into her. It was a big one, bigger than Rob would have thought he was capable of given the activities of the past day. When it drew to a close they both remained still, Rob’s still hard cock acting as a plug, holding the semen inside her.

Courtney turned her head and pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him happily, relishing the sensation of his cock slowly wilting inside her, feeling it pulse as it gradually softened. Rob slid out, a trail of semen following his manhood, running down along perineum and dripping down to the ground. Courtney turned and Rob pressed against her, her breasts flattening against his chest as he kissed her once more. His hands went through her hair, the damp locks clinging to his fingers.

“You’re perfect,” he told her again.

Courtney smiled. “You’re not so bad yourself,” she replied, as had become their custom.

Then they cleaned up, discovering that petroleum jelly was not the best thing to use as a lubricant in the process. They rubbed soap across each other’s bodies, shampooed each other’s hair, touching and caressing as they went. After they’d finished their shower they dried off and ate lunch. They took a nap that afternoon, cuddling and kissing for a few hours before making love one last time. Then it was time for Courtney to go home.

As Rob pulled up to Courtney’s driveway she had a moment of indecision. She wanted to tell him how she felt, how she really felt, to say the three words he had anticipated from her the previous night.

But she could not say them.

Somehow she felt like that would hurt them. Damage what they had going. So the words did not come, but when she kissed him goodbye there was little doubt in Rob’s mind of how she felt about him, and with the way he returned the passion she knew he felt the same way. Maybe that was enough, the knowing. The words did not matter when they already both knew without saying it. As their lips parted Courtney grinned at him.

“Later honey,” she said.

Rob grinned. “Bye sweetheart.”

Courtney walked up the driveway and entered the house. Winston greeted her in his usual manner of hysterical happiness. She entered the kitchen. Lauren was seated at the table.

“Good night?” she asked knowingly.

The façade had been pretty thin, Lauren knew precisely where Courtney had spent the night and it was not Brianna’s.

Courtney grinned. “Yeah.”

“So, are you too still ‘just dating’?” Lauren asked.

“No. He’s my boyfriend,” Courtney said.

The words felt so right coming out of her mouth.

***Now that she was bare from the waist up Rob figured it was time to try out their new toy. Courtney was distracted by the kiss and did not notice him grabbing the vibrator. He found the remote blindly and hit the button, setting it to a steady hum. Rob pulled away from the kiss, and smoothed her hair against the side of her head.

“I’m going to use it now,” he told her.

It went unspoken that if she did not like it they would stop. The setting Rob had the vibrator set to was gentle, but that didn’t stop Courtney from gasping as he pressed it to her areola. He squeezed her other breast with his free hand, but focused on what he was doing with his right hand. Her nipple perked right up, the cool toy and its insistent vibration making it stand proud from her high swells. She moaned pleasurably, tilting her head back. Rob pulled it away, thinking she needed a break.

“Put it back,” Courtney told him.

Rob did as she bade, circling her rigid nipple with the pink toy. She had teased herself like this with her own vibrator, but this was different. The material of the toy felt good on her skin, its rhythm and intensity made her squirm beneath him. More than anything it was because it was Rob doing the playing, she was a glutton for teasing. She loved it when Rob brought her to the brink and stopped, making her want it so bad but not at the same time because the feeling of getting there was so exciting.

He brought the vibrator to her other nipple, making it as rigid as its twin. Rob used his mouth, sucking on one nipple while he teased the other with the toy. It did not take long to figure out what Courtney liked, and how to best make her writhe pleasurably beneath him. He pulled the toy away from her nipple, sending vibrations through the less sensitive flesh of her breast before slowly bringing it back to the nipple, circling the areola before dragging it across the nipple straining for the ceiling.

Courtney reached down, undoing the button of her jeans and sliding down her zipper. She slid her hand into her pants, going beneath her panties. She was soaked; her fingers became wet with her juices as she began to rub herself. Rob continued to tease her breasts, her breathing becoming heavy as she rocked her hips against her hand and pushed her chest up against his lips and the toy. His lips wrapped around her areola and he applied suction as he flicked his tongue across her nipple.

Courtney groaned unhappily when he brought the toy away from her breast. He brought it to her stomach, and she was surprised by how good it felt. He traced the gentle definition of her tight core, circling her little bellybutton with the pink bullet. It had its target, the little bud Courtney was currently strumming with her fingers. Rob set the toy aside and grasped the waistband of her jeans and panties, Courtney lifted her hips and he drew both down her legs.

Rob set the toy to the lowest vibration he could get and slid the toy towards her clit slowly, gradually approaching her epicenter. Courtney cried out when it made contact, a jolt of pleasure running through her. She bit her lip; it felt like the vibrations were reverberating throughout her entire body. Rob pulled the vibrator away and the sensation ended, he slid it down to her glistening labia, collecting some of her natural lubrication while massaging her tender pussy lips.

Rob brought it back up to her clit, going by what he would have done if her were fingering her. Applying direct pressure to her clit briefly before providing respite, maintaining her pleasure by stimulating less sensitive parts of her vagina, it worked. Courtney was squirming towards him and thrusting her hips up against the toy. Rob slid a finger into her pussy as he stimulated her clit, rubbing her inner walls while stimulating the sensitive bud.

Courtney groaned when a second finger joined the first and he began sawing them in and out. Her wet pussy coated his fingers, and he strained to find her most sensitive spot, knowing he succeeded when she bucked up against him. She cried out from the increased pressure of the vibrator the motion caused and fell back against the mattress. Rob drew it away from her clit, not wanting to make her cum just yet. He withdrew his fingers and slid the bullet all around her lips, spreading her fluids around.

Rob circled her entrance, dipping the toy inside just a bit. Courtney’s hands went over her breasts. She squeezed them and teased her nipples. The abundant tit-flesh overflowed her hands, making the firm swells look even larger than they were. Courtney cried out when Rob pushed the toy inside, holding onto the retrieval cord as the bullet entered her chamber.

Courtney’s eyes were wide, it filled her well, not as well as Rob’s cock would have but the vibrating sensation that went out through every nerve inside her channel. Rob pulled it back out with the cord and teased her entrance again before sliding it back in. He pushed it deep, letting the vibration massage her insides.

Courtney began to thrust her hips up as though she were making love to the toy. The sensation inside her was wonderful, and Rob reached over to the remote. He adjusted the vibration, putting it to half power.

“Oh, fuck!” Courtney groaned. She went over the edge, her pussy squeezing around the toy, trapping it inside as it continued to hum. Rob reduced the vibration, setting it to low and then off. Her body shuddered, her abdominals rippling. Her channel relaxed around the toy but still gripped it snugly. Rob drew it out and she sighed contentedly, the toy glistened with her juices as he rested it on the bed. She pulled him up to her and kissed him, her lips moulding to his, her tongue delving into his mouth.

Courtney pulled back and looked up at him thoughtfully, brushing his bangs with her fingers thoughtfully. Rob’s eyes peered down into hers, the green flecks floating in the pools of light brown, seeming extra bright in this light. Courtney had looked up whether or not eyes changed according to mood and found that they could indirectly. Small changes in facial expression and pupil dilation could make the size of his iris change, making his eyes appear lighter or darker.

“What’d you think?” he asked.

Courtney smiled. “I liked it.”

Rob grinned. “I thought you would.”

“It still seems more like a gift for me than for you,” she told him.

Rob looked into her eyes, running his hand through her hair gently, the soft fibres sliding smoothly between his fingers.

“Let me show you something,” he told her.

Rob climbed off the bed and pulled her with him. He led her to the full length mirror she had behind her door, and had her stand in front of it. Rob rested his hands on her shoulders and stood behind her. Courtney looked at him from over her shoulder, seeing where his eyes were gazing. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his bare chest against her back, resting his chin on her shoulder.

“Do you ever really look at yourself in the mirror?” Rob asked her.

“Uh, yeah. I guess. When I’m applying makeup or picking an outfit,” Courtney said.

Rob shook his head. “I mean naked, really looking at yourself without any obstruction like right now.”

Courtney frowned softly. “Kind of, I mean to see how good my exercises are working. I adjust them to make sure I’m doing what I need to be doing.”

Rob shook his head again with a slight grin. “See, that’s not what I’m looking at. You’re looking for flaws, but I don’t see them.”

Courtney scoffed. “Thanks for trying Rob, but there’s plenty not to like.”

“Like what?” Rob asked.

“My breasts are too big,” she said.

Rob shook his head. “No they aren’t, look. Really look. They’re perfectly proportioned with your hips, and if you look at yourself from profile you’ll see that your ass matches them as well.”

Courtney looked at herself, trying to see herself through his eyes. Maybe they were not as awkwardly large as she thought.

“My stomach,” she said.

“What about it?” he asked. Rob brought his hand up to it, tracing the soft ridges of definition of her abdominal muscles.

“It could be more toned,” she said.

Rob slid his hand back down. “It’s flat, it’s strong, why would you want abs? You’ve already got that sexy toning so many girls strive for at the gym.”

Courtney scowled. “Rob, today isn’t supposed to be a ‘make Courtney feel good about herself day’ it’s your birthday.”

“That’s not what I’m trying to do,” Rob said gently. “I don’t see any flaws in you. I’m being perfectly honest here. You work hard to look like you do and I’m recognizing that effort. For me, you’re perfect. I don’t just say that because I think you like it, I say it because from my perspective it’s true.”

Courtney nearly pulled away, getting frustrated with him. “Rob I don’t want false flattery.”

She saw Rob’s face change slightly, and was surprised to find that he looked pissed.

“Do I lie to you Courtney?” he asked.

Courtney hesitated.

“Have I ever been dishonest with you?” he asked.

She shook her head.

“Then why would I lie about this? I don’t need to say what I’m saying, you know I find you desirable, hell we’ve proved that over the past two and a half months many times over. You are the sexiest girl I’ve ever been with. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“Rob shut up,” Courtney said. She tried to pull away but he held her.

“Hear me out, okay?” he asked.

Courtney stopped moving and grew still in his arms once more.

“Listen, I think you’re perfect. Even the things you changed about yourself, your tattoo, you knew exactly what would look beautiful on your body. Doing these things to you makes me feel good because I get to see you in ways others haven’t, to experience your beauty in different ways.”

“I don’t want to be on a pedestal,” Courtney retorted. “I’m not some piece of art meant to be revered. For God’s sake Rob, I’m just a person. You can’t possibly feel like that, and if you do we’ve got a problem,” she said.

“Then how do you feel about me?” Rob asked.

Courtney looked at him, hesitantly.

“You feel the exactly the same way don’t you? I excite you in the same way?” he asked.

“I…” Courtney couldn’t speak. He was right. Jesus Christ, what was wrong with her? It was crazy to think of someone like that, to not find flaws.

“Why does it scare you so much?” he asked her.

“Because I can’t live up to it,” she told him.

“But you already do,” he said.

Courtney looked at his reflection in the mirror, meeting his eyes.

“But what if I change? What if I get fat? Would I stop being ‘perfect’? If I got into an accident and my face got fucked up, would I still be the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? You’re talking bullshit. You know I don’t like bullshit,” she told him.

Rob looked at her sorrowfully. “That’s not what I mean.”

“That’s what you’re saying,” she argued. “I mean, okay I guess I look good now. But what about when I’m forty? Is the only reason you like me because I’m hot?” she asked.

Rob looked dismayed. “No, Courtney I’m trying to say I love you.”

Courtney stopped entirely and fell quiet. “You don’t mean that,” she said softly after a long silence had passed.

“I do Courtney, I love you,” he said.

Rob wasn’t getting the response he was expecting. She looked like she was going to cry, and not because she was happy. She looked distressed, like the words repulsed her.

“What’s wrong? I’m saying I love you, Courtney?” he asked.

“Stop,” she pleaded.

Rob looked at her worriedly. “Why?”

Courtney shook her head, looking away. Her eyes were open but unseeing, she stared away from him. Something had been triggered inside of her. The echo of those words rang in her head, like the chiming of a bell, drawing forth old memories that she tried to repress.

“Courtney, why shouldn’t I say that if that’s how I feel?” he asked.

She still didn’t say anything, her eyes shutting as she tried desperately to stay in the moment, trying not to let herself fall into the past. This was Rob, it was not those people. He was genuine, they were not. Despite knowing this, tears leaked out from between her eyelids, trailing down her cheeks. Courtney was terrified, she did not understand what was happening. Why should those words upset her so much? She knew he felt that way, why did saying the words affect her like this?

Rob hugged her, holding Courtney still until she began to formulate some understanding of what was happening. She had seen it in her mother before, she was suffering a flashback, like the one’s her mother did sometimes. Her heart was racing, she was in Rob’s arms but she was also far away. This had never happened to her before, why was it happening now? She had never experienced this waking, sleeping yes, through nightmares, but never while she was awake and alert.

“He said that. He kept saying that,” Courtney said trying to explain. She looked utterly terrified. “So I would do what he told me. She made me be quiet, to prove I loved her. Then Keith, he said it too. They always say it before…” Courtney rambled, trying to assure him that it was not him frightening her. She wasn’t making sense but Rob realised he was upsetting her more and more.

“Courtney what happened?” he asked her.

She was shaking. Oh God, she thought, what’s going on? Why was this happening now? They had been having a good time. They had been having fun. Now images kept flashing before her eyes. Moving portraits. Familiar memories that she had revisited many times over the years but had thought she had gotten over. Those dreams were leaking through; he was following her into the waking world.

“He… He said if I didn’t let him she wouldn’t love me anymore,” she said softly, trying to make it make sense to Rob but knowing that she was failing. Her eyes were closed and she was shaking, trying to keep it at bay but finding it impossible. She began to cry in earnest, and Rob’s heart dropped.

Rob turned her around and hugged her tight, she clung to him desperately. He dragged her back to the bed, steadying her. They laid together, Courtney’s forehead pressed against his chest, tears streaming down her cheeks. Rob rubbed her back gently and spoke to her softly, calming her down enough to be able to speak. What she told Rob repulsed and enraged him, but much of it made sense.

When Courtney had been thirteen years old, her mother had thrown a party at the small house they had been renting at the time. The guests were drunk, and Courtney had been in bed sleeping, she had grown accustomed to the noise such events made over the years. She had woken up with the bass player’s hand over her mouth. The other had been pulling up her shirt. She had managed to get her mouth away and screamed for help, earning herself a slap.

He had told her to shut up, that her mother had said it was okay and that if she did not let him do what he wanted she would not love her anymore. Fortunately the bands drummer had heard her scream and had gone to check out the cause. He had stopped her attacker before he had gotten much further than pulling her shirt over her head and his hand into her pajama bottoms, but the damage had been done. Courtney recalled the terror she had felt, how powerless she had been, how sick it made her feel.

Her mother had wanted to pretend like it had never happened, and had forced Courtney to promise not to tell anyone what had happened. She had not, not until now. Not her father, not Karen, nobody. She had pleaded with her father to seek full custody of her after that, not telling him the real reason. There had been other incidents of different kinds, such as drug use in the home, which had built up his case. That along with Courtney’s plea to be live with her father had made it successful.

As Rob listened to her he held her tight, he had never seen her cry like this. Seen her so exposed and vulnerable. All he could do is hold her and try to whisper soothing words to her. His touch seemed to bring her some respite, and his words seemed to penetrate the fog of despair that had engulfed her. Rob had a new reverence for her, for her strength and endurance. Getting past what she had gone through could not have been easy, trusting again.

I trust you. She had told him, nearly a month earlier. At the time he had been disappointed that the second word hadn’t been ‘love’, but now he understood just how profound those words were. Courtney could love someone but not trust them. She loved her mother but did not trust her. She had loved Keith and had trusted him, only to have that trust betrayed. Even Karen, with whom she shared the most, she reserved some things from.

Rob she both loved and trusted, even after everything she had gone through.

He loved her more than he could describe. Felt a protectiveness unlike anything he had ever felt before. Courtney would hate that, he knew, she hated feeling weak or being perceived as weak, and she would think that his desire to protect her was a belief that she needed protecting. That was not it, he knew her strength, he saw her courage, but she deserved someone else to be fighting in her corner. She could not be the one defending everyone and not have anyone watching her back as well.

Karen tried to be that, Rob thought. But from what he saw from the relationship dynamic between the two girls Courtney was the protector. That did not make their friendship any less good, but it meant that though Courtney would share some weakness with Karen, she could not share all. Rob she did not need to protect, he was in no danger that she could perceive, and in him she saw incredible strength, not just physically but as a person. He was assertive, he was confident, and he knew how to solve problems and did not hesitate in doing so.

If only she knew the truth. How badly he had failed previously. But he would not again, never again. Not with her, not with anyone he loved. Not with Jenna and Simon at that party a few years earlier, and not with Courtney now. She was his, and he was hers, they faced everything together and woe to those who tried to cause them harm.

Rob caressed the side of her head, continuing to murmur soothing words until she had stopped crying. She looked up at him, her eyes watery and fogged with the ghosts that still haunted her. Rob dipped his head down and she stretched her neck up to meet him in a kiss. There was an intense intimacy, adoration and loving that had not been present before. Rob’s thumb ran along the slope of her cheek bone, coming away damp with her tears.

“You know how I feel about you,” he said softly.

Courtney nodded. “I feel the same way.”

“We don’t have to say those words,” Rob said. “We can say something else.”

Courtney shook her head. “I can’t live in fear of a few words. I can’t let them take that away from me,” she replied. Courtney paused for a moment. “I love you Rob. I love you so much.”

Rob kissed her tenderly. “I love you too, Courtney.”

“Thank you,” she said.

They kissed again, and again. Their lips meeting over and over, holding each other tight. The kisses were shaky, unsteady, not the lustful or affectionate kisses they had shared before, but a true and honest display of the intensity of their emotions for the other. Neither had ever been kissed like this before, neither had felt this way before, the intensity of it was overwhelming. They held onto each other, taking strength from the other, steadying themselves as they felt what exactly true love was.

Courtney pressed herself against Rob and he rolled onto his back, pulling him with her as their lips remained joined. Her hand went through his hair and cradled the back of his head with the other. Rob had one hand pressed to her upper back, and the other held the side of her head as they continued to kiss in this new way. They were already shaking for each other, a need unlike any they had ever experienced before, a desire for closeness that caused all other thoughts to melt away.

Courtney undid Roy’s belt and fly, and the two of them worked his jeans and boxers down his legs. Now naked liked she was, and with a fully erect manhood, Rob lay beneath Courtney. She took hold of his erection and aimed the helm at her entrance. Courtney shifted back, a groan of satisfaction escaping the two of them as he penetrated her. His shaft stretched her in the familiar way, her channel embracing him welcomingly as he slid fully into her.

“I love you,” Courtney said.

“I love you,” Rob replied.

It excited her; it gave her a thrill like swearing had when she had been little. Like she was saying something she was not supposed to, but had now been given permission to use it freely. Courtney kissed him again, feeling love for him so profound that she knew only he could match it in return. It was fast, but love was, it worked how it worked. Sometimes it took time, years even, but for them it was happening now.

Courtney kissed him with unbridled passion, giddy from having unburdened herself of her secrets and from saying the words and having them said in return. She had told herself that she did not need to hear them, that the knowledge of how he felt was enough, but there had been room for doubt and Courtney had not been unable to fully cast it away. Now she had no doubts, no fears or worries, she loved him as much as she knew he loved her.

Rob gasped as she began to move, her hips slowly undulating, their mouths pressing together. Rob moved with her, matching her rhythm, as though silent music was playing guiding their movements. It was a slow beat, a steady rhythm that let them rock and sway together. His hands remained where they were, he could feel the muscles in her back shifting beneath her skin as she moved above him. Her body was so full of life, so full of wonderful, delightful energy and power.

Courtney’s breathing changed, becoming laboured as she rode him more quickly. Having him inside her, while feeling like this, was incredible. This intense sense of belonging, of knowing where they both fit, together like this, in this moment, was sublimely beautiful. Rob slid deep inside of her and they paused, grinding against each other. There was no need for a signal, no need for a leader, they were in tune with what the other wanted and did it without prompting.

Courtney’s hair hung down, acting as a dark veil around them as their lips pressed together, only coming apart to snatch a breath. The wet sounds of their kisses joined the soft sounds of their skin moving along the bed sheets. Limbs strained outward, soft gasps and groans of pleasure, and the hot breath of the other tickled their lips between kisses. Hands caressed, sliding along smooth skin, sending shivers through their bodies, as they made love.

Rob shifted under Courtney and they effortlessly shifted position. Courtney rolled with her legs splayed around Rob, wrapping around him as she settled on her back. Their hands found new homes. One of Rob’s cupped her breast while the other cradled the back of her head. Courtney’s splayed over his back, embracing him with both her arms and legs, holding him close. He swayed above her, graceful motions matching hers below him.

Courtney angled her hips, easing his passage into her as he slid in and out of her glistening sex. They had long since learned to pleasure each other, to have sex, but this was different. This was unlike anything they had ever done. An honest and pure expression of how they felt. Courtney’s high sounds of pleasure were met by Rob’s lower utterances. Their lips remained in their determined union, failing to break a part even as they’d rolled over.

It was slow, it was sensuous, and it was filled with emotions that neither had felt before. When this had started back at that New Year’s Eve party neither would have dreamed they would arrive at this point. Then they had been casual acquaintances, the friend of a friend, but Karen had known somehow. Maybe she had been lucky, but she had brought them together with her drunken instruction to Rob to go tell Courtney a joke. That they’d been partners in crime in detention years earlier seemed impossible.

When Rob began thrusting into her harder Courtney spurred him on. Suddenly the need for release was overwhelming. They needed it, and they needed it now. Courtney squeezed her legs around him, pulling him into her as he thrust forward, relaxing them to let him wind up for the next stroke. Their mouths came apart; their cheeks pressed together as they cried out and came together. Courtney felt Rob’s manhood swell inside her, and felt the release of the first hot cord of his seed.

Courtney’s arms and legs hugged him tight to her, holding him deep inside her while he came. Wonderful surges of pleasure radiated out from her center, like crests of a wave flowing outward from her middle to every corner of her consciousness. Utter joy filled both of them, pure elation and bliss. Their bodies writhed in their paradise, Rob’s shaft flexing and relaxing inside her steadily. The euphoria of their union struck hard, leaving them both panting when it’d finally set them free from its embrace.

“I love you,” Rob told her breathlessly.

Courtney kissed him. “I love you too.”

They held each other for a while longer, kissing gently and running their hands along one another. Rob drew away and looked into her eyes, she returned his gaze with her usual grin curling her lips.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Okay,” she confirmed.

Rob looked at the clock on her bedside table; it was still early in the day.

“Want to go out for lunch?” he asked.

Courtney smiled. “I’d love to.”

They cleaned up and Courtney went to get dressed. Rob went out to the truck and slid the CD she had made for him into the slot. He was listening to White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, Courtney’s voice was stunning, and the audio quality was incredible. The rich tone and effortless phrasing was incredibly beautiful. Courtney came out from the house and approached the truck. She was wearing a ruffled red skirt, a dark blue t-shirt, and a denim jacket.

The skirt she had made herself. Her maternal grandmother had been a seamstress and had taught her granddaughter the trade. Courtney could make practically any outfit with needle, thread, some fabric, and a bit of time. It had served her well in high school. While other girls had to beg their parents to buy them designer clothes she was buying the fabric for cheap at the shop downtown and making outfits worthy of a runway with her grandmother.

After her grandmother had died she had continue to ply the trade, as Rob had the trade his grandfather had taught him, getting better and better. The design of her tattoo was from one of her grandmother’s sketchbooks. It was a pattern she had hoped to one day embroider onto her daughter’s wedding dress, but Courtney’s mother had never been married and the design had remained drawn in pencil on the yellowed pages of her grandmother’s sketchbook.

Courtney had gazed at it as a young child wondrously, the swirls and shapes all perfectly proportioned and gracefully flowing into one another. When Courtney had wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate the passing of her beloved grandmother there could only been one choice of what it would be. Courtney remembered how angry her mother had been when she had seen it, not knowing the significance and not caring to understand it.

When she climbed into the truck her mouth curled into a frown and she switched to the radio.

“Hey!” Rob complained. “I was listening to that.”

“I can’t listen to myself,” she said. “It gives me the creeps.”

“You have a beautiful voice,” Rob replied.

“Not really. I have trouble with anything too low, and my highs really aren’t that great either. I wobble,” she said critically.

Rob shook his head. “God, you’re like Jane.”

“What do you mean?” Courtney asked.

“She’s at Julliard and insists she can’t act or sing,” he replied.

Courtney laughed. “Most people hate to hear their recorded voice, something to do with how you sound in your head not matching how you sound in reality.”

Rob frowned doubtfully, but something else had attracted his attention.

“What’s that?” he asked, seeing what she had in her had.

Courtney held the remote for the vibrator up, a broad grin curling her lips.

“I thought we could have a bit more fun with it,” she said.

Courtney laid the remote between them, and Rob stared at it.

“Wait, you have it inside you?” he asked.

Courtney’s grin grew to a smile in affirmation. Rob picked up the remote, turning it over in his hand. He turned it on, the digital display blinking until he hit the setting button. Rob set it to a low rumble.

“Oh,” Courtney gasped. She shifted in the passenger’s seat, her hands tightening around the edge of the cushion.

Rob turned it off and she relaxed again.

“You’re evil,” he told her.

“You’re the one who turned it on,” she retorted with a smirk.

Rob laughed and pocketed the remote, the ideas that came to mind endless. He gave her a few more jolts as they drove. Hearing her gasp in surprise every time he set it off sent a twinge through him. The play was good, Rob thought, after the intensity of emotion that they had just shared.

They went downtown and parked near Gibson Park, a small sanctuary of wildlife in the middle of the city. Courtney and Rob held hands as they walked down the street, choosing to eat at a small Greek restaurant with a patio.

They stepped inside, and a smiling waiter came to greet them.

“Hi,” Courtney said brightly. “We’d like a table for –” she stopped suddenly. Rob had turned on the vibrator.

“Miss?” the waiter asked, his expression changing to one of concern.

“Uh, yes I’m fine,” she gasped the final word. Rob had turned up the vibration.

“We’ll have a table for two,” he said to the waiter. “On the patio if possible.”

The waiter looked at Courtney with confused eyes. “Of course, Sir.”

Rob turned off the vibrator and the waiter led them to a table outside. He took their drink order before departing. Courtney burst into laughter as soon as he was out of earshot. Rob joined her.

“Jesus, he must think I’m having some sort of fit,” she said.

“He’d be kind of right,” Rob replied. He pressed the button on the remote and made her jump.

Rob cut the vibration when he spotted the waiter returning with their drinks. He left them to pick what they wanted from the menu. Courtney scanned the menu; her heart beating quickly as she waited for what she knew was coming. He saw Courtney trying to predict when she would get her next surge of stimulation and held off, prolonging her anticipation of pleasure. The waiting was almost as exciting as having the toy go off itself. Almost.

“Gah.” Courtney gasped, her eyes opening wide. The wicked little toy shook inside her, sending vibrations through the nerve endings of her channel, promulgating her pleasure throughout her body like a telegraph carrying electric pulses. Her juices trailed from her, soaking the crotch of her panties, making her worried about staining her skirt should they soak through.

Rob relented as the waiter approached. Courtney hurriedly arrived at a decision of what she wanted for lunch, choosing the chicken souvlaki without thinking too much. The waiter took their menus away, leaving them alone once more. Courtney gazed at Rob from across the table as he spoke casually, the restaurant filling up as people from the surrounding buildings went on their lunch breaks. The toy lay dormant inside her, pressing against her internal walls, clutched tightly by her pussy.

An elderly couple was sat at the table beside them and a family with small children behind them. Suddenly Courtney was re-evaluating just how good an idea this whole thing was. Rob pressed the button, putting it on a low vibration. Courtney’s mouth tensed and her voice quavered slightly as they carried on a mundane conversation about the success of the launch of Rob’s app. Rob observed her, watching her hand shake slightly as she took a sip from her glass.

It was warm for March, but not warm enough for the flush that had bloomed on Courtney’s cheeks and along her neck. The waiter arrived with their meals, and Rob ramped up the vibration. Courtney’s eyes widened and she gripped the table tight, clenching her jaw to keep from making a sound. They thanked the waiter and he departed, unaware of the sensations Courtney was experiencing.

As she took her first bite of chicken Rob altered the vibration pattern. Powerful pulses went through her, and she moaned lustfully. The food was in her mouth, but she was not chewing. The garlic taste of the souvlaki spread over her tongue as she struggled against the cresting pattern of the stimulation from the toy. Rob took a bite of his moussaka, humming happily at the taste.

“Is it good?” he asked her. The vibration increased.

Courtney exhaled sharply through her nose, trying not to squirm as she felt her juices soaking her panties.

“It is,” she replied challengingly.

Why egg him on? Courtney wondered. She was already struggling to hold on, but she was having so much fun being so very bad. The vibration changed to rhythmic pulses at the same power level as before. Courtney’s fork shook in her hand as she struggled to eat her food and not cum in the middle of the restaurant. She had not expected Rob to be bold enough to go this far with it. She had thought he would tease her a bit when it was safe, maybe play a few little jokes here and there.

She should have known better.

The vibrations changed again, two short bursts followed by a long one. Courtney had just swallowed down some rice and nearly coughed it up as she struggled not to cry out. Rob struggled not to laugh from across the table as he let up a little by going to a lower setting. Courtney relaxed slightly, but one more bombardment like that and she would be gone.

The thought of climaxing in public was incredibly sexy to her for some reason, maybe it should not have been, but it excited her in ways she never thought it would.

Rob took a long drink of his soda, the ice clinking against the glass. He could not hear the vibration of the toy, so he assumed no one else could either. It was supposed to be quiet, and was designed for just this sort of fun. Courtney ate some more of her chicken, the flush spread from her neck to her chest. She felt hot, hotter than she should have in the shade. She wanted to take off her jacket but worried that she might expose the rigidity of her nipples.

Rob brought the vibration back up to where he had had it previously. Courtney hunched forward in her chair, her hand tightening around her fork. Her carefully manicured nails dug into the tablecloth and her mouth opened. Courtney’s straight white teeth gnashed together as a rippling sensation went through her. Rob watched as her eyes shut and his widened, realising what he had done. He had not known just how worked up she was getting.

The orgasm hit her hard, but she managed to hold back the groan that was trying to claw its way out of her throat. Her feet squirmed and her toes tightened in her flats, her legs pressing together tight as her panties became sodden with her release. Rob shut off the vibration, stopping the stimulation and letting her recover without anyone noticing what had happened. She looked at him with a dazed expression as she took carefully measured breaths.

The toy remained off as they finished their meal. The way Courtney kept staring at Rob made his jeans uncomfortably tight around the crotch. Rob and Courtney ordered dessert, and ate it without incident. Courtney insisted on paying the bill, she had enough money with her job at the salon she told him, and it was his birthday. Rob reluctantly agreed, and the two departed. As they were approaching the truck Rob reached back into his coat pocket and pushed the button.

Courtney staggered slightly, her hold on his arm tightening as she steadied herself from the unexpected stimulation. They walked the remainder of the way to the truck with the toy vibrating inside her channel, walking past busy business people as they went. Courtney climbed into the truck and let loose a relieved moan as she could at last vocalise her pleasure. Rob watched her shut her eyes and tilt her head back, her cheeks pink with arousal.

Rob left the toy on as they drove, cycling through the settings on the remote and causing Courtney to writhe in the passenger seat beside him. It probably was not safe to have the distraction of an oversexed young woman nearing orgasm immediately to his right while driving, but Rob managed to get them back to Courtney’s house without killing either of them. He had avoided the highest settings during the trip, keeping her close to climax but not quite letting her achieve it.

Courtney walked unsteadily into the house, and attacked Rob as soon as he had closed the door behind him. She grabbed his arm and yanked him upstairs, her strength surprising considering her size. Winston was more than a little frustrated at being put behind a closed door as they went staggering into Courtney’s room. Rob shoved her against the door and she pulled him down into a kiss.

Courtney’s lips attacked his, her tongue chasing his around his mouth.

“You’re fucking evil,” she told him breathlessly. “In front of all those people.”

“You looked like you liked it,” he countered. Their mouths came together again.

“I need it now,” she said huskily.

“Turn around,” he told her.

Courtney did as he said, facing the mirror for the second time that day. This time Rob was not telling her how beautiful he thought she was though, for which she was thankful. He might really see her as having no flaws, but it was impossible for her to see herself that way without being an extreme narcissist. His hands gripped her jacket and he pulled it from her shoulders. Next her shirt slid up her torso, discarded somewhere behind them. Her bra followed it, leaving her naked from the waist up.

Rob removed the remote from his jacket pocket and put it on the dresser nearby. He tossed his jacket over the back of her desk chair and then settled behind her again. He pushed her skirt up and drew her pink panties down to her thighs. She was a mess between them, her labia engorged and glistening. The retrieval string for the vibrator hung between her legs, sticky from being contained inside her panties. Rob took hold of it and pulled it out, making Courtney sigh as it left her.

Rob was not sure if that sound was relief or disappointment, but as he undid his belt he recognized a whimper that could only mean excitement. His jeans fell to a puddle around his ankles, and he pushed his boxers down, his fully erect manhood springing free gleefully. Rob was rigid, his cock jutting out from him and pulsed with need. He positioned himself behind Courtney and slid into her hot, wet sex.

He watched her face in the mirror as he entered her, seeing it change from excited anticipation to pure pleasure as his swollen member stretched her soaked pussy. Her body wrapped around him snugly, hugging him welcomingly until he was all the way inside. Courtney braced her hands on either side of the mirror and leaned forward slightly. Rob’s hand slid up her stomach, going over her breasts and cupping them as he began to move.

After the high emotions of earlier it felt good to be together like this, the simple physical release not unlike which they had grown accustomed to. There were new feelings, new understandings, but Courtney was still the girl Rob was crazy about, and Rob was still the guy who made Courtney feel things she was not entirely comfortable with. It was better now that it was in the open and since she had accepted it, but her depth of affection for him still startled her.

It would just take time.

Courtney’s nipples pressed against his palms, the heavy swells of her breasts filling his palms and forming to his grip. Rob sawed in and out of her pussy, his long stiff organ sliding in and out of her soaked channel with ease. She saw herself in the mirror in for a moment, she could see him entering her, could see the way he held her breasts, the way her face had changed. She had never seen herself like this, and perhaps for a moment she understood what Rob had been talking about before.

When you click with someone so well on an emotional and intellectual level, seeing them in an impassioned physical state brings you joy and pleasure as well. Courtney had misinterpreted what he had been saying as gratuitous compliments, but it had been his clumsy way of explaining this phenomenon to her. That she understood, but it required depth to make the phenomenon as potent as it was between them.

Their physical chemistry had been the catalyst to their falling in love. Rob had understood that on some level but had not been able to properly articulate it, or Courtney had not been able to hear it. Saying she was perfect, or without flaws, did not mean that she could not change or that she must remain static for him to feel the way he did, but in fact the opposite. That the way she made him feel was unyielding. His feelings for her were permanent, as was her beauty, just as hers were for him.

Perhaps Rob did not understand it himself, but that was what he had been attempting to describe. Courtney was not sure she fully understood it, and maybe that was what being in love was. Not knowing what it was, what the force compelling you towards another human being so completely, so utterly and absolutely potent that it overwhelms all other emotions. Perhaps that inability to describe the concept fully is what had led artists to attempting the task over and over.

So, as Rob worked in and out of her body, his hands squeezing her breasts and his fingers teasing her nipples, Courtney believed she was perfect. Not in reality, but in this space, in this one situation with this one person, she could have no flaws. They may incite each other’s anger, they may hurt each other, and misunderstand each other, but that was what was required to make this unknowable thing work.

Rob was not putting her on a pedestal; he was taking her off of it. He was reaching for her, drawing her out of her isolation, bringing her closer to him with every passing breath, and she loved him for it at every moment. Their eyes met for a moment in the mirror and Rob grinned at her, a smile bloomed on her flushed face. His hands went to her waist they shifted back slightly so that Courtney could lean further forward. Her breasts hung beneath her, swaying pendulously as he fucked her with long, powerful strokes.

Courtney’s face was pointed right at the mirror, and her gasps reverberating against it as Rob drove into her. His hips pummeled her ass, his body slapping against hers with every wild thrust. Courtney saw her expression as she braced herself against the barrage, the hopelessly lustful look on her face, her mouth opened as he drove into her. Rob’s hands went up her back and over her shoulders, he held her in his firm grip as he continued to work his cock in and out of her.

Courtney shifted her hands, her sweaty palms pressing against the mirror, the cool surface warping as her hand pushed into it, distorting her appearance. Rob let up slightly, leaning back and letting her push back against his thrusts. Courtney ground her ass against him, stirring his cock inside her slick chamber. He pulled out and turned her around, pushing her back against the door. Courtney pulled his mouth to hers and he grabbed for one of her legs.

Courtney’s leg ascended, folding between them as she gripped his shaft and pressed his cockhead to her entrance. He entered her, their tongues dancing behind each other’s lips, and he slid deep inside of her. His left hand gripped her breast, his right the back of her knee, holding it up. Their sweaty forms rubbed against each other, their glistening foreheads pressed against each other as their lips came apart, and their eyes burned into each other.

Courtney recognized the change in Rob’s breathing, the added urgency to his thrusts, the way his lips kept brushing against hers. His thick shaft scoured the inner walls of her pussy, driving her to the edge. His balls batted against her at the top of every thrust, and as he lurched upward she was set sailing into the stratosphere. Rob groaned gutturally, his shaft swelled, and the first cord of his cum impacted the back of her channel.

Courtney tightened her arms around him, her ass squeaked against the mirror as Rob nearly lifted her from the ground as he pushed up into her. Her pussy squeezed around his spewing shaft, her leg growing unsteady beneath her. Her head tilted back and her high cry of lust joined Rob’s low growl. Rob’s hand tightened around her leg, his hips bucking spastically against her as he drained himself inside of her.

Rob grew gentler, his hold on her leg loosened and his body relaxed against hers. Courtney giggled elatedly as he lowered her leg, her foot pressing against the cool hardwood floor as she steadied herself. Her giggling was cut short by a playful kiss from Rob, which itself was interrupted by the frantic barking of Winston.

“Oh shit,” Courtney said. She was still flushed and giggling. “Lauren must be home from work.”

They scrambled to get dressed.

“She has to have the worst timing…” Rob muttered.

Courtney laughed at his grumbling as she pulled a pair of pants on.

“You feel cheated of snuggles?” she asked in a cutesy voice.

Rob grinned at her. “Not snuggles, the things they usually lead to.”

“You don’t like snuggling?” she asked in an adorable ‘hurt’ voice.

“Of course I do,” Rob said, hurriedly trying to recover.

He approached her and went to hug her, a wicked grin curled on her lips.

“Oh, you little…” he muttered as he realised she was joking.

“God, you’re too easy Rob,” Courtney said with a sly grin.

Rob shook his head and chuckled to himself as they left her room. He squeezed her ass as they descended the stairs, earning himself a swat and a playful scolding. Lauren greeted him knowingly, and wished him a happy birthday before he left. Courtney gave him a long, wet kiss before he left. He listened to the CD she had made him as he drove, staggered by the thoughtfulness of the gift. Each song was perfect for displaying some aspect of their relationship, the lust, the love, the fun, and the confusion.

Rob’s happy buzz started to wane as he entered his neighborhood, and had all but evaporated as he went past the front gate and drove up to the house he had called home for the majority of his life. As he stepped through the front door he braced himself.

“Robby!” Jane exclaimed.

Rob smiled when he saw his excited sister. He had left early that morning to spend as much of the day with Courtney as he could, so she had been sleeping. She was home for the break, and he was glad to have her here. The house lacked the joy and light she brought to it, and as she hugged him he began to feel at home for the first time since Christmas.

“Happy twentieth!” she said happily. “My baby brother’s not a teenager anymore.”

Jane let him go and looked up at him. She was fairly tall for a girl, though her brother far exceeded her height. Her hair was a tawny color, a warm sandy brown with hints of red and even blonde. Her twinkling hazel eyes had more green in them than his, though was similar enough to mark them as siblings. This was heightened by the similarities in their features, though whereas Rob’s were masculine Jane’s were all feminine.

“How was your date?” Jane asked as Rob went up the stairs.

“Good,” he replied.

She followed him into the bedroom. “What did she get you?”

“She made me a CD,” Rob said.

“Ooo, kinky sex noises?” Jane asked.

Rob’s cheeks grew pink. Jane was the only person apart from Courtney who could embarrass him this easily.

“No, singing. I’ve told you she can sing, right?”

Jane nodded. “Yes, and she’s beautiful. And she’s funny. And she’s smart. God, you sound like me.”

She said it as though she were tired of hearing her brother talk about his new girlfriend but she was eager to learn more about Courtney. Jane had had her misgivings at first, her awareness of Courtney’s reputation making her wary, but Rob’s assessment of her was all positive, which was rare. If Rob had a fault it was that he expected people to live up to the standards he set for himself. That meant the standards their mother’s father had set for him.

It was an almost chivalric code that was perhaps honorable in some ways, but in Jane’s opinion too unyielding. She had adored her grandpa, but she had never been as close to him as Rob had. Jane was convinced it was his passing that had led to Rob’s decline in the months leading up to his breakup with Jenna, and perhaps was even the cause. He had not been himself. He had been moody, spending far too much time alone, and she had been gone and so unable to help pull him through it.

Now he was happy again, he was his usual self. The Rob who she teased and the one who was perhaps a little oversentimental, but in a way that was charming. He was back to being her little brother. The siblings chatted while they waited for their parents to arrive to celebrate Rob’s birthday. It was a quiet affair, mercifully without incident. Jane had observed a change in her brother’s attitude towards their father.

Gone were the days where he simply submitted to the patriarch’s will. He was becoming rebellious, and she could see her father did not like it. Rob had never been troublesome, he got the right grades, he dated the right girl, and he had good hobbies. Unfortunately, in their father’s view, those hobbies had become passions, and that was when things had started to break down.

Jane had been gone for much of the fighting that featured in the closing months of Rob’s high school career, but she knew that he had won. He was following her path, and she knew it could not be easy while still living under their father’s roof. She had run, she had gotten out, but Rob stayed. He endured.

Dinner was quiet, yes, but it was not unpleasant. Rob was given the customary envelope containing a cheque for an amount of money Jane knew to be more than generous, and then they returned home together.

Jane had gotten to her room before she heard the shouting. Male voices, her father’s and Rob’s, yelling at each other. They had the same tone now, low, almost growling in their anger. It intimidated many, including Jane, so she remained in her bedroom until it had quieted. She heard Rob’s footsteps move down the hallway and the door to his bedroom slam shut, and sighed. Jane changed into her pajamas and then crossed over into Rob’s room. She knocked on his door and then entered.

Rob was sitting at his computer, scanning the usage data for his app. Jane sat at the foot of his bed, hands clasped in her lap, her eyes staring down at them.

“What did you fight about?” she asked.

“He’s calling in a favor,” Rob replied.

Jane nodded. “What does he want you to do?”

“Meet with someone,” Rob said.

“Who?” she asked.

“The CEO of IMECO’s daughter,” he said. “Apparently she’s in town for the break, and he’s scheduled a meeting between the two of us tomorrow.”

Jane nodded. “Did you tell him about Courtney?” she asked.

“Yes,” Rob replied.

“What did he say?” Jane asked.

“That I am to stop seeing her immediately. That she is below me, and that I am to find a proper ‘woman’,” he said.

“At least he didn’t hit you,” Jane said. She sighed as she lied back on his bed.

“He can’t hurt me like that now and he knows it,” Rob said. “I’m not fifteen anymore.”

He climbed into bed, still dressed for dinner. Jane came close to him and rested her head on his shoulder, holding his hand compassionately. Jane could see where his thoughts were going.

“It wasn’t your fault. There was nothing you could have done,” she told him.

“He’s not going to hurt you again,” Rob said. His voice cracked slightly tears tried to come unbidden. “He won’t hurt anyone I love again. No one’s going to hurt her or anyone else.”

“I know Robby,” Jane said.

Jane remembered the day she came out. Her own screams as their father tried to beat the ‘filth’ out of her, the shouts of her mother for him to stop, the frozen look of terror on Rob’s face. Then there had been the thaw, the rage as he had thrown himself in their father’s path only to be completely unequipped to handle the enraged man and quickly cast aside. Seeing him now she knew that would not happen again. He was a man now, no longer a scared boy.

He had someone he loved, and he was not going to give her up without a fight.

***The possibility that he might be serious, that the one she worked hardest for found her undesirable… Karen pushed those thoughts from her mind. They were stupid and they were dangerous. She put her phone down and resumed doing her homework, but left the toast and peanut butter to grow cold. Her appetite for it was gone.

***Adam stroked the side of her head gently, watching the movie. His touch put her at ease, and she took another piece. Karen had had urges the past week, urges she had not felt since high school. Not since the last time she had been bad. However, she had fought them and she was proud of herself for that. She wanted to see Courtney though, but she was busy with Rob. Karen was happy Courtney had a boyfriend who treated her well, but she missed her best friend.

They still talked and texted each other daily, but it was not the same. Karen had never spent this much time with just Adam before, and though she enjoyed the new closeness of their relationship she would like to have more time to spend with Courtney. However, right now she was happy. The movie was keeping her attention, a thriller about a journalist trying to solve a cold case, and Adam was being pleasantly affectionate.

The movie ended with the journalist confronting the man who had raped and murdered the girl who had gone missing. The hero wound up shooting him, which Karen thought was a bit stupid. If she had evidence that the man was a murderer, why hadn’t she just called the police and told them? Karen’s thoughts were interrupted by Adam’s hand moving down her arm. She turned her head and looked up at him, he had that look.

Karen smiled and put the mostly empty bowl of popcorn on the table in front of her. She sat back down beside Adam and he wrapped an arm around her.

“What’d you think?” he asked her.

“It was pretty good, the ending was dumb,” she said.

Adam shrugged. “I thought it was good.”

“What do you want to do now?” Karen asked. Her hand rested on his thigh, moving up and down it suggestively.

Adam shifted. “How about we go to bed?”

Karen smiled. “I’m not sleeping here, I have to go home. My brother’s birthday’s tomorrow.”

He scowled. “He can’t wait until later in the morning?”

“The day’s all planned,” Karen said apologetically. “We’re going to my grandparent’s house to visit. I haven’t seen them since Christmas,” Karen told him.

Adam sighed.

“What?” she asked worriedly.

“It’s just… You seem to have been avoiding me. I mean last week was your Spring Break and we barely hung out, and all this week you’ve been ‘busy’. Now that it’s the weekend you’re telling me you can’t even spend one night with me?” he asked.

“I’m not avoiding you,” Karen tried to assure him. “I’m just really busy at school. I didn’t realize how much work an extra course was going to bring. I’m sorry we didn’t hang out more during the break, but with you working and Courtney at school and her job at Grace Plus I had to figure out a way to spend time with both of you.”

“Why?” he asked.

Karen blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Why do you have to spend so much time with her? I mean, she had a boyfriend now. Don’t you think she’d rather spend time with him?” Adam asked.

“We’ve only hung out once since…”

“Yeah, but you’re always in contact with her. It’s like you’re not even here…” Adam broke off as if tired. “Never mind, I’m expecting too much.”

“No, Adam,” Karen said. Her hand went to the side of his head, stroking it reassuringly. “I get it. I’m sorry. When I’m with you I should be with you. It’s just hard to shut everything down and just relax.”

Adam’s hand slid down her arm and to her lap, squeezing her thigh.

“Well, maybe we should do something to help you out. I’ve heard physical exertion is a great way to relieve stress,” he told her.

Karen grinned. “Oh really?” she asked. She drew herself up so her face was level to his.

“Yeah,” Adam said, matching her grin.

His arm curled around her and drew her close to him. Karen tilted her head back, pushing her chin forward. Adam’s hand came up and pressed against the side of her face, and brought his mouth to hers. Karen’s lips pressed against his, parting to allow his tongue to slide into her mouth. Adam’s tongue swirled around hers, probing around her mouth with great agility. The kiss grew in heat quickly, Karen straddled Adam’s legs and his hands went to her ass. Eddy was out, they had the whole apartment to themselves.

Karen ran her fingers through his dark hair, massaging his scalp as he fondled her firm buttocks. Adam sighed happily as Karen pressed her lips against his jaw and grinned at him before beginning her descent. She kissed his neck and pulled at the hem of his shirt. Adam pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it over the arm of the couch as Karen continued downward. Her lips pressed against his collar bone and kissed down his sternum as she lowered herself down to the ground in front of him.

Karen’s hands went to his fly, undoing it as she kissed her way down his stomach. His lean abdominal muscles shifted beneath his skin as he squirmed to help her pull his pants down to his ankles. Karen’s green eyes shone brightly up at Adam as his cock sprang free, slapping her in the face. She laughed in surprise.

“Well, he’s ready isn’t he?” she said with a grin.

Adam caressed the side of her head. “He’s been waiting all week.”

Rachel had relieved him a few times that week, but she couldn’t do the things Karen did.

“I’m sorry,” Karen said.

“No baby, it’s cool. We’re together now right? We’ll just have to try and set more time aside for each other from now on,” he said.

Karen nodded and smiled. “I’d like that.”

“Cool. Now, back to the fun,” Adam said.

Karen grinned and took his stiff member in hand. She kissed his stomach as she stroked his cock, methodically running her fist up and down the length. Karen brought her mouth lower, pressing her lips against his balls as her fist pumped his shaft. Rachel did not do those things; she did not know how to please him like Karen did. However, there were things Rachel let him do that Karen would not. That’s why it was best to have both.

Adam didn’t want to hurt Karen, but she would never understand his needs, not fully. It was best this way, he got what he wanted and nobody got hurt. Karen’s tongue ran along the bottom of his shaft, sandwiched between her palm and the warm, wet organ. Adam brushed her hair away from her face for her, gathering it into a loose ponytail as she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. Karen ran her tongue along the head of his cock, tasting the pre-cum as it oozed out from the slit at the tip.

Adam wondered if he could convince Karen to get a tongue piercing like Rachel’s. He doubted it, she was too conservative about her appearance to get something like that done. Karen soon made him forget Rachel as she drew more of his shaft into her mouth, her tongue massaging the underside as she began to bob up and down deftly. Her movements were smooth, the size and shape of his shaft familiar and manageable. Karen knew all the right rhythms, all the right patterns of movement to get Adam off.

Adam’s head titled back and he groaned. He buried his hand in her hair, but didn’t guide her motions. Karen knew what she was doing, and as she drew him into her throat he looked down to see his cock fully engulfed by the beautiful girl kneeling before him. Her green eyes met his pale blue ones, seeming to smile up at him as she held him inside her throat. Karen’s lips tightened around his shaft and she came upward, applying suction along his shaft as she came upward.

“Oh baby,” he groaned.

Karen toyed with the head of his cock with her tongue before drawing him back into her throat. She bobbed up and down his length, moving along the entirety of his shaft, paying all of it attention. Karen cupped his balls with one hand and buried the other inside her pants, bringing her fingers to her pussy and getting herself ready. She teased her clit as she ran her tongue around the helm of his shaft and then swallowed him deep, holding him there as she massaged her sensitive labia until they were gleaming.

“Oh fuck baby,” Adam sighed. “Get up here.”

Karen let his shaft slide out from between her lips and gave his balls a parting squeeze before kissing her way back up his body. Adam kissed her deep and then pushed her back to let him get up. He pulled up his pants and the two went to his bedroom. Karen lied back on the bed as Adam let his jeans fall back to the floor and took off his socks before joining her. He grinned at her and kissed her once more before looping his fingers around the bottom of her shirt and drawing it over her.

Karen undid her bra as Adam pulled down her jeans and panties, undressing her fully before he rejoined her on the bed. Their lips met and their tongues teased each other before Adam flipped her over onto her stomach. He kissed her shoulder, making Karen shift as she anticipated what was to come next. His hands trailed down her flank and went over her ass. Adam’s lips pressed against her back, directly over her spine. He followed the curvature of it, feathering kisses along it until he reached her tail bone.

Karen raised her ass from the bed as Adam ran his fingers along the gleaming lips of her pussy.

“Jesus babe, you got turned on sucking me off?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Karen told him. He liked hearing that from her, even though in truth it was her fingering herself that had made her wet like that.

“You’re such a horny girl,” he said approvingly. He slid two fingers into her.

“Hmm…” Karen moaned.

Adam sawed his fingers in and out, testing her wetness before positioning himself behind her. Karen felt his hands grip her waist and pull her ass upward. She rose to all fours and he settled behind her, the head of his cock ran along the glistening folds of her pussy. The helm pressed against her entrance which stretched as he penetrated her. A slight ripple went through Karen, a pleasurable sensation of being filled possessing her as Adam slid deep inside of her.

Adam entered as far as he was able, holding himself inside. The blowjob had brought him closer than he cared to admit, but he was not going to slow down now. Karen pushed herself back against his cock, her shapely ass grinding against him as he remained still behind her. She came forward and pushed back, fucking herself with his cock while he squeezed handfuls of her ass. Karen grew still when he gripped her waist again and began to thrust into her himself.

“That’s it baby, fuck me,” she told him. He liked dirty talk.

“That feel good babe?” he asked.

“Yeah baby, you’re so deep, don’t stop,” Karen told him.

She brought her hand beneath her, finding her clit and rubbing it as he sawed his cock in and out of her. Adam fucked her hard, bucking his hips against her plump ass as he took her in long deep strokes. Karen continued to urge him onward, complimenting him how he liked, telling him how good he made her feel, and toying her clit feverishly to get off before he came. Adam’s hands slid under her and came to her breasts, he squeezed them, wishing they were big like Rachel’s.

Also unlike Rachel’s, Karen’s breasts were very sensitive. Adam forgot this in the moment of passion and squeezed them hard enough to make her yelp.

“Sorry,” he said, slowing his thrusts. “Got a little carried away.”

Karen laughed. “It’s alright. Just be gentle with them.”

Adam began to move again, but the mood was broken for him. Karen moved just how he liked, she talked to him just how he liked, but as he approached his climax he wasn’t feeling really satisfied. She did not have to scold him like that, he knew he had to be gentle, that was why he had apologised. He fucked her hard as he approached his orgasm, working out his frustration with her as he plowed his hips into her. Karen felt his grip on her waist tightening, and tried to slow him down.

“Easy babe. I’m almost there,” she told him.

Adam did not let up. He ignored her and kept going. He grunted gutturally behind her and thrust raggedly against her. Karen fingered herself rapidly and was able to work out a weak orgasm as he came inside of her, his cock squirting his load into her as she squeezed around him. Adam slumped over her when he was spent and the two rolled onto their sides. He had felt her cum for him, and a deep sense of satisfaction went through him.

“Felt good, didn’t it?” he asked as he ran his hands along her body.

Karen was a bit disappointed, she had been on her way to a really great climax but he had forced her to push it out rather than letting it happen naturally. She was not mad at him necessarily; it was sort of a compliment that he lost control like that. She turned him on, he couldn’t stop himself, wasn’t that a good thing?

“Babe?” Adam said after she hadn’t responded to his question.

“What?” Karen asked.

“Jeez, you came harder than I thought,” he said.

Karen laughed softly. “Sorry, a bit dazed I guess.”

Adam wrapped his arms around her, and Karen sank comfortably into his embrace. He ran his hands along her front. He squeezed her breasts gently, teasing her nipples playfully. Karen smiled, it was his way of apologising for hurting her. He never hurt her on purpose, and always apologised when he did. Adam’s hand went down to her stomach, and she felt him running his thumb along the soft skin. It moved back and forth, and he made a thoughtful sound.

“What?” Karen asked worriedly.

Adam’s hand grew still. “Nothing,” he said.

Karen could hear the uncertainty in his voice.

“Adam, what is it?” she asked.

“I’m not supposed to bring it up,” he told her.

Karen paused for a moment, putting two and two together. Her hand went to her stomach, pushing his aside. It was not as defined as it had been. Her less frequent trips to the gym had lost her that hard earned look.

“It’s okay babe,” Adam assured her. “It’s barely noticeable.”

In reality it was not noticeable at all. Her stomach was still flat, still taut. Karen was thin naturally, a high metabolism and a petite build that had made her perfect for the dancing and gymnastics she had always done in high school. But Adam was mad at her for blowing him off all week.

Barely?” Karen asked, embarrassment filling her.

She felt her stomach again, perceiving a problem when there was none. She was healthy, but she felt huge.

“It’s nothing babe, just a little extra for me to love,” he told her.

He’s trying to be nice, Karen told herself. She wished he would just stop, he was not making it better. All her old insecurities were coming back. She wanted to cry, if Adam was noticing who else was? Courtney would not say anything, and neither would her parents because they worried that she would start purging again. Karen’s heart beat rapidly in her chest, trying to remember what she had looked like in the mirror that morning. She had not felt like there was anything wrong then, but now upon reflection she felt that maybe…

“Karen, you’re beautiful alright?” Adam told her.

The words were lost on Karen, she was obsessing. Adam gave up, and rolled away.

“We should get you back home. Unless you want to give Eddy a hand too?” he suggested. “Pretty sure he just got home.”

Karen made a face, making Adam laugh though seeing her with his friend would be interesting. Eddy had unusual appetites when it came to sex, seeing Karen’s responses to it would have been funny.

Karen saw Adam’s thoughtful look. “You’re not serious are you?” she asked worriedly.

Adam gave a dismissive laugh. “No way babe, you’re mine and I don’t share. C’mon, let’s get you home. You don’t want dark rings under your eyes when you go visit your grandparents,” he said.

Karen nodded and started to get dressed. Adam drove her home and Karen went to bed, ignoring the urge she got when she saw the toilet to force her fingers down her throat. She was strong, she did not need to do that to feel powerful. She needed to see Courtney though, and soon.

***”Jesus Christ, who taught you to drive like that?” she asked.

“My grandpa,” Rob replied.

“Of course he did,” she said.

Rob drove to a quiet campground off the highway, driving out near the shoreline of the river that ran through it. He killed the engine and they looked out on the water as the sun started to set. Courtney’s hand trailed across the seat and went to his. He grasped it, leaning back with a slight grin on his lips.

“What’s gotten into you today?” she asked. Courtney had only seen Rob this mixture of happy and reckless once before: the night they’d first hooked up.

Rob shrugged. “I don’t know. I just am. I’ve got everything a guy could want.”

Courtney smirked. “Would you like me to make you even happier?”

Rob arched his eyebrows at her. “I wouldn’t say no.”

Courtney shrugged off her jacket and came forward, crawling over to his seat and straddling his legs. She found the lever on the side to make it recline, and then brought her lips to his. Their lips curled at the corners as they smiled into the kiss. Rob’s hands went along her back to the back of her head, drawing her more deeply into the kiss. His good mood was infectious, and Courtney’s tongue toyed with his playfully. It curled around it, the smooth bottom of hers sliding along the rougher top of his.

Courtney’s fingers played with his hair. It was about as long as Rob usually let it go, he’d intended to get it cut during Spring Break but had never gotten around to it. Courtney curled it around her fingers as they continued to kiss. Rob slid one hand back down her back, gripping her ass through her black leggings. Courtney adored Rob’s hair, it was soft and fun to play with, and at the length it currently was she could get a good handful of it.

Rob’s fingers pressed into the firm cheeks of her ass, his other hand still pressing against the back of her head and keeping her mouth on his. Courtney curled her spine, pushing her ass back into his hand, encouraging him to take a handful. She hummed against his lips when he squeezed her buttock, firm as ever thanks to the number of times a week the two of them went to the gym for their ‘dates’. That had also given them plenty of practice of maneuvering around a vehicles front seat, as they were doing now.

Rob’s other hand went down to her ass, squeezing the other twin mound and pulling her down against him as they kissed. Courtney began to rock against him, letting him feel her glutes flex and relax under his touch. As one hand teased his hair, Courtney’s other hand went between them. It went under Rob’s shirt, hiking it up as her palm pressed flat against his chest. The warmth of his body leeched into her palm as the kiss grew from playful to lustful.

Courtney’s lips pressed more firmly against his, her tongue losing its coyness and attacking his directly. Rob hummed into her mouth and met her assault with one of his own. Their tongues dueled, each attempting to gain supremacy while they rocked against each other. The playful base was still there, but the game had changed. Courtney moaned against his lips as her need for him hit a boiling point, his groping hands making her hunger for him in the most base of ways.

Courtney drew back, her forehead pressing against Rob’s. Her eyes looked into his; dark and inviting.

“What?” Rob asked, smiling mischievously.

“You know what,” she told him. Courtney kissed him again and then gave him the same look.

Rob had grown very familiar with that look. “You want something,” he said as he slid one hand back up her back.

Courtney smiled. “It’s about this long,” she said, drawing a line down Rob’s chest beneath his shirt. “And sometimes it makes me scream,” she said, gasping as his hand came around and squeezed her breast.

“A snake?” Rob asked.

“Sort of,” Courtney replied. Her hand began to slide down his stomach, going to the waistband of his jeans. Her fingers skillfully undid his fly and slid lower. “It lives under bushes,” she said as her fingers went through Rob’s pubic hair. Rob gasped as she took hold of his semi-erect member. “But it’s warm, and smooth,” she told him as she drew her hand up and down the length.

“Really?” Rob asked, his voice slightly distant as he concentrated on the sensations of her stroking.

“Yeah. And it stands up when it’s touched,” she told him airily as his organ swelled in her hand.

“Does it like going into caves?” he asked.

“Only if they’re warm,” Courtney replied.

“Hmm,” Rob sighed. Courtney continued to run her fist up and down the length of his shaft, her fingers curling around his erect cock tight as she drew back his foreskin. Her fingers slid through the pre-cum that had dribbled from the head and smeared it along his length.

“It likes to spit venom when it’s touched too much, or stays in warm caves for too long,” she purred into his ear.

Rob laughed softly. “God you have a dirty mind.”

“Sexy imagination, remember?” she told him. Her thumb ran along the sensitive head of his cock, making Rob gasp pleasurably.

Courtney’s breast moulded to Rob’s touch, the weight of it settling into his hand as she pushed back from him to grant herself easier access to his cock. She kissed him as he brought his other hand around to her front, cradling both her breasts in his supine hands. Courtney continued to run her hand along the length of his shaft, letting it disappear into his boxers to tease his balls as well. She continued to toy with his hair, the two kissing and grinning at each other.

Rob slid a hand down Courtney’s front, going under her overlong t-shirt and coming to the waistband of her leggings. Courtney purred against his lips as his fingers when under the waistband, the pads running along her freshly shaved mound. The soft skin glided beneath his fingers as he pushed his hand further in, the tip of his middle finger brushing against the hood of her clit. Courtney gasped as he manoeuvred around her clit and drew his fingers along her slick labia.

Courtney pushed her chest out, forcing her breast against his hand as her legs opened wider, giving him easier access to what lay between them. Her hand continued to work along his shaft as Rob teased her pussy, her strokes matching the slow rhythm of his rubbing. Rob kissed her, their forearms brushing against each other as they prepared one another for what was to come. Courtney’s kissing became more heated as he circled her opening with two fingers, pressing the tips to her entrance.

Rob grinned to himself as Courtney gasped into his mouth when he dipped two fingers into her pussy. He fingered her slowly, drawing his fingers out from her to spread the nectar he’d harvested from her along the engorged lips of her pussy. Rob kissed her heatedly as she changed the rhythm of her stroking hand, making long methodical motions, squeezing tighter as she came up as though trying to milk out the cum that lay inside his balls.

“You’re going to cum,” Rob told her breathlessly.

“Not before you do,” she told him.

They were becoming competitive, a common feature of their relationship. They pushed each other, emotionally, physically, intellectually, each trying to find new ways to figure out just what it was that made them care for the other so much.

“You know you won’t win,” he told her.

Rob curled his fingers and found her G-spot with relative ease, having learned exactly where it was. Courtney gasped, her hips pulling away from the sudden increase of stimulation. Rob’s hand chased her up and she settled back against him, looking into his eyes as her gaze became sad.

“What?” he asked.

“You never let me win,” she said sulkily, working her fist up and down his shaft rapidly.

“Well,” Rob said as he stopped massaging her sensitive spot, “I only get one. You can go on and on.”

Courtney’s hand kept working his cock as she pouted. “But you always win everything.”

Her fist worked up and down his shaft rapidly, Rob’s eyes developed a faraway look to them as he got closer to release. Only then did he realize what she was doing. Courtney smiled at the look of realisation on his face.

“Oh, you little bitch,” he said scoldingly.

Courtney laughed, her laughter becoming a gasp as Rob began to move his fingers once more.

“Leveling the playing field,” she told him.

“Cheating,” Rob replied.

His fingers rubbed inside her as his thumb found her clit.

“Ahn,” Courtney gasped. “Now who’s cheating?”

“Leveling the playing field,” Rob retorted.

Courtney giggled breathlessly, a moan escaping her as he flicked his thumb along her clit. Rob was fighting to catch up at this point, and straining with every part of himself to not lose the hold he had on his load. His fingers worked fast, strumming her clit while fingering her rapidly, pressing against her G-spot as he plunged his fingers deep into her and then drew them back out. The stimulation he was feeding her made it more difficult to maintain her own stroking as she was lost in the sensations his fingers brought her.

Rob could see the turning tide and held on with an iron will. Courtney could sense the change too, but was not able to fight her rising climax like Rob was. He pressed his thumb directly against her clit, rubbing it as he massaged her G-spot, a motion he’d been repeating for the better part of five minutes, but this time Courtney could withstand the surge of stimulation that it fired through her body.

All her nerve endings lit up with pleasure as her climax overcame her, her chest slumped on top of him, squashing his hand between her breast and his chest as she moaned loudly. Courtney’s hips pushed back against his fingers, burying them deep inside her pussy as it constricted around the wily digits. Her grip on his cock tightened but her fist remained stationary as she was overwhelmed by her orgasm.

Rob’s hand slid out from between them and rested on her back as she shook on top of him. Her climax ended and she lay on top of him. Courtney’s dazed eyes stared into Rob’s and the grinned at each other.

“I won,” Rob said.

“I let you win,” Courtney protested.

He kissed her in response, drawing her mouth to his as she giggled at his tongues silly motions in her mouth. Rob wiggled it around wildly until Courtney bit down on it, holding it in place.

“Play nishe,” she said through her teeth.

“Awrite,” Rob replied.

Courtney let his tongue go and he kissed her properly, a deep soulful kiss, his tongue embracing hers and enticing it into playing with his. He poured his hunger into that kiss, the newness of his love for her, his youth and vitality and adoration. Then he pulled back, leaving Courtney wanting more.

“That better?” he asked with a teasing grin.

Courtney slapped his shoulder. “Don’t start kissing me like that and just stop!”

Rob ran a hand along her cheek, brushing her hair to the side with the backs of his fingers.

“What should I do?” he asked her.

Courtney smiled, she liked this game. She loved it when Rob made her lay out exactly it was she wanted him to do to her, and then have him live up to every aspect of what she could imagine.

“Kiss me like that again and then make love to me,” she told him.

Rob gazed into her eyes, the love was easy to see there. The giddy, excited, untamed emotion was in its infancy and at its most vibrant. He stroked the side of her head, sliding his hand around the back and then drew her close, their foreheads pressing together and his eyes gazing into hers. Rob’s head tilted forward, their lips brushing against each other, and then parting once more. They came together again, their lips curled at the corners as they two smiled.

Rob’s mouth opened and his tongue slid out, pressing against her slightly parted lips. Courtney let him in and his tongue entered her mouth, sliding along the top of hers as she kept it pressed to the floor of her mouth. She played coy, letting him seduce her tongue, coaxing it to join his in a dance. Eventually Courtney gave in and her tongue accompanied his in a lustful waltz, curled together and sliding along one another in a loving embrace.

Once again Rob attempted to display how he felt about her. His gratitude for choosing him to be with, his affection for her, and his love for her. Courtney mirrored his motions, her hand pressing against the side of his face as she thanked him for being with her, for making her feel safe, and being someone she could trust. Their lips came apart as Rob shifted beneath her, he moved and they swapped positions, with Courtney now on her back and Rob above her.

Their lips remained locked as Rob drew her leggings and panties down her legs, Courtney’s shoes clunking to the floor of the car as she kicked them off awkwardly. This allowed him to pull her leggings over her feet throw them over to the passenger seat. Courtney gripped Rob’s shirt by the hem, and their lips parted only briefly as she drew it over his head. Their lips re-locked, desire creeping in with the love and affection, intensifying it, focusing it.

Rob’s hands went to the bottom of Courtney’s shirt, pushing it upward slowly. Her lower stomach was bared first, her cute belly button came next, centered in the toned surface of her abdomen. Her upper abdominals swelled into her breasts, which were revealed to be restrained by a purple bra. Courtney lifted her arms and let Rob break the kiss for just a moment to pull her t-shirt off, tossing it over to where her leggings rested in a puddle.

Next he pushed his own pants and boxers down to around his ankles, propping himself up over Courtney. Her hand crept between them, grasping his cock once more. The panicked need to cum had receded, but Rob was still hard. She stroked him gently, kissing him luxuriantly as his hands slid beneath her in search of the clasp that held her bra closed. With deft fingers he undid it and the garment grew slack around her ribcage. Courtney untangled herself from it, her hand leaving his manhood briefly in the process.

When it gripped him once more she guided it to her entrance, her eyes opening and her mouth agape in a gasp as he penetrated her. Rob’s thick shaft burrowed into her, her inner walls expanding to accept him, hugging the welcome invader warmly. He slid his hands up along her flank, his thumb tracing her tattoo blindly before coming to her ribcage. His fingers followed it around to the swells of her breasts. His hands moulded to them, her stiff nipples pressing against his palms.

Rob kissed her neck as he pushed his cock deeper inside her channel, going further and further until he bottomed out. Courtney spread her legs, opening herself up so he could squeeze another quarter inch inside of her. Rob straightened, his improved posture allowing just a little more penetration, filling her to maximum capacity. Courtney wrapped her legs around him and held him to her, relaxing her hold as he drew back.

Rob began to rock into her, his mouth pressing against the sensitive spot beneath her ear as he pushed his hips against her. Courtney’s breathing changed as his motions increased their breadth, her hands pressing against the back of his head and drawing him to the crook of her neck. He squeezed her breasts gently, kneading them carefully as he pulled his hips back and then pushed them forward once more. Courtney’s breathing grew heated, her mouth close to Rob’s ear as he made love to her.

Rob could hear the rising passion in her breath, and was glad that she had become able to accept her pleasure rather than fight it. He wasn’t quite sure when that change had occurred, it had been a gradual process, a peeling away of layers until she’d finally exposed herself to him. Rob promised himself that he would never betray the trust she had given him, that he would be who she needed. He worked his hips harder into her, adding urgency to his motions.

Courtney felt the change, and knew what he wanted of her. She did not fight the sensations, she let them consume her, envelope her and overcome her. Her nails pressed against his scalp, her flesh sliding against his as he moved between her legs. Courtney knew what Rob had been looking for all that time, why he got pleasure from giving her pleasure. It was the honesty of it, the unconcealable truth of the emotion, the undeniable response of her body to his.

“I love you,” she told him breathlessly. It seemed important to say it. Again and again.

“I love you too,” he told her.

When Courtney came it was unexpected. Rob hadn’t done anything different, just the same motions he had started with, but she went off with such ferocity it was as though he had shattered her reality. Her shuts shut tight and her brow furrowed, and she clung to him as though he were her only lifeline to the real world as she was sent into her own personal paradise. Everything tensed, all of it seized, her heart fluttered in her chest and her nails dug into his scalp.

Courtney let go of a series of shuddering gasps as her orgasm rocked her, expelled directly into Rob’s ear. He could feel the heat of her breath as she wordlessly thanked him for bringing her this rapture, and felt her relax beneath him when her visit to paradise ended. Rob kissed her neck as she breathed unsteadily beneath him, her chest heaving, pushing her breasts into his hands. Courtney pulled his mouth to hers in a scalding kiss.

“I want to be on top,” she told him.

They shifted again, maneuvering in the seat until Courtney was once again straddling him. Without hesitating Courtney began to move, her hips making circular motions, stirring his stiff member inside of him. Rob met her motions, shifting his hips against hers as she rocked above him. Her long hair was getting in the way, strands clinging to her perspiring forehead. She looked amazingly sexy as she absently pushed her hair away from her face, flipping it over her shoulder as she began to ride him.

Courtney’s hands pressed against his shoulders, bracing herself and holding him down as she worked herself up and down his shaft. Rob thrust up to meet her, and held her waist as she bounced in his lap. She straightened up, cupping her breasts. Her hair slid over her shoulder and veiled half her face as she grinned at him wickedly and teased her nipples, one eye burning lustfully into his. Her hands went to her sides, letting her breasts bounce freely.

They jolted and shuddered, colliding with each other as she went up and down his gleaming pole. Rob reached up and cupped them, holding them steady as she made love to him in her own way. Courtney could not fight back the naughty side of herself; it bled into the way she made love to him. Rob did not doubt the seriousness of her affection, it was in her motions, but so too was the air of mischief to which Courtney seemed to bring everything.

Courtney ran her hands up his stomach, enjoying the feel of him beneath her. She lowered herself back down on top of him, kissing his neck and nibbling at his ears. Rob brushed her hair out of her face, and watched her grinning at him as she kissed down his chest. She teased his nipples with her tongue and pushed her hips back against him, her motions being met with Rob’s as he began to feel the overwhelming urge for release.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you?” she asked him.

“Not quite yet,” he told her.

Courtney smirked. “Atta boy.”

She straightened up and began to ride him hard once more, her downward thrusts being met by upward thrusts from Rob. He gripped her waist, aiding her in her motions by lifting her up and down along with her own momentum. Courtney slid up and down his length, her nails digging into his chest as they began to move more aggressively. Her breasts shuddering and bouncing wantonly as their bodies slapped against each other.

Courtney lowered herself down and ground her pelvis against his and leaned back. Her hands rested against the dashboard behind her as she steadied herself. This position stretched her body, showcasing her toned stomach and flowing curves spectacularly. Her head tilted back and a long moan left her as Rob thrust up into her wildly, losing his control. Courtney brought her fingers to her clit and teased it as she pushed herself to climax with him.

Author’s Note:

This is my second attempt at writing a series of erotic fiction. I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who sent me such kind responses to the conclusion of the Coach King series, they were greatly appreciated.

Just a word of warning, this is the first chapter, so it takes a while to get to the action.

Now, I hope you enjoy ‘Taken By the Wind’.



Chapter 1:

The sound of a hundred chairs dragging against the floor echoed throughout the examination hall like the rumbling of thunder as the first hour passed. ‘Happy hour’ is what the students had taken to calling it. Students were not permitted to leave the examination hall until the first hour of an exam session had passed, which meant after sixty minutes there was a mass exodus. If you finished within the hour because it was very easy, you were relieved. If it was because you had given up and accepted failure, then you were off to get drunk and re-evaluate your academic future.

Rob wasn’t leaving at ‘happy hour’, and he hardly registered the sound of a human checkerboard of happy and dejected students migrating its way out of the gymnasium. No, he was too absorbed in solving the matrix equation he was using to solve a system of linear equations to solve the physics problem that he’d been working on for nearly twenty minutes. He performed a few quick mental calculations and arrived at his solution.

There was a sobbing sound from somewhere in the sea of students scribbling furiously in exam booklets; someone had broken. The stress of exams at post-secondary education institutions was one of the leading causes of anxiety and depression in teens. For Rob it was the being single for nearly four months. Turns out relationship difficulties were in the same list as exam pressure. Rob wrote rapidly, cursing his professor for the difficulty level of the exam, but managing to get satisfactory answers to each question.

He sighed with relief when he completed the final question, and pushed his chair away from his desk, his long legs propelling it backward before he collected his calculator, writing utensils, and student card, and headed towards the adjudicator’s desk at the front of the expansive room. Rob glanced at his watch, two hours fifteen minutes, considering the exam period was three hours he felt pretty good about that number. He handed the exam paper and booklet to the woman at the table before retrieving his jacket and backpack, and then left.

Free at last.

Rob drew his phone out of his pocket and turned it back on. He answered the text messages he’d received while he’d had it off, mostly wishing him a good Christmas break and promises to hang out in January. However, there wasn’t one from the person he most wanted to hear from: his ex-girlfriend Jenna. They’d broken up at the end of August, when they were both returning to school. She went to a college out of state, but he’d stayed in town because the Engineering program at the local university was one of the top in the country.

Rob sighed, she would be in town and he had hoped that she would want to see him. They’d dated from their sophomore year of high school, up to the beginning of their sophomore year of college. Four years, and then it had just ended. It’d been mutual, in a way. Rob wanted Jenna to be happy, and saw that the long-distance relationship was making her miserable so when she sought to end it he didn’t cling on too hard. The departure had been emotional, with promises that they’d still be friends and still talk all the time.

For a few weeks that had been true, but then the emails and text messages had dried up and so had Rob’s hopes that the breakup was just a temporary thing until they got back together. The hardest thing was seeing her post photos of herself on her Facebook account showing what she was wearing for her ‘night out with the girlz!’, where they were going to go ‘pick up some guyz!’ because they were so ‘hawt’. Rob worried what college was doing to Jenna’s brain sometimes.

He admonished himself for thinking that way, reminding himself that she was just doing what they were both supposed to be doing: moving on. He’d tried to as well, his friends had set him up with girls they were sure he’d hit it off with. They were all nice enough, pretty too, beautiful even, but no one compared to Jenna. His friend Wayne told him he should just take the first opportunity he got; get it over with so he could move forward. Rob thought he was probably right, and his libido certainly agreed.

While Jenna was going out, Rob was working out. He’d been athletic all through high school, not quite a jock but near enough that he was welcome in that circle if he chose to join them at their table in the cafeteria. The problem was he’d always been too smart to be just a jock, having been on the honor roll every year of high school. Add that to involvement in other school clubs due to Jenna’s insistence and he had had quite the college application. The athleticism had bled into his stress-relieving work outs that he’d started the previous year to deal with being separated from Jenna and losing his old outlet: sex.

Now working out was his only form of stress release, and he was starting to have to work harder and harder to keep that demon at bay. Rob continued to swipe searchingly through his text messages, and considered sending one to Jenna himself but decided against it. He needed to move on, apparently she had and it did no good waiting for something that was never going to happen. He’d told himself that before, but he always went back to hoping.

It made him feel weak, like it shouldn’t bother him so much, that it shouldn’t hurt anymore, but it did. He hadn’t just lost his girlfriend he’d lost his best friend too. Rob sighed and slid his phone into the pocket of his jeans and zipped up his jacket.

Through the window in the hallway he could see that the snow had not yet let up, a December storm that they were calling the ‘Yuletide Bombardment’ on the news. Rather than go to the gym like he had intended earlier that afternoon, Rob decided to head straight home. He went to the stairway and descended the steps to the ground level. He reached the landing of the stairs and saw someone he recognized, Karen Dubicki. His slightly dimmed mood brightened at the sight of her.

“Hey Kavanagh,” she said when she saw him.

She had black hair, which made her bright green eyes stand out dramatically. It was long, flowing out from under her red woolen hat and clung to the shoulders of her buttoned up jacket that was a shade of black that matched her hair. Kavanagh was Rob’s surname and what everyone in high school had called him, his friend Wayne ‘Schmitty’ Schmitt had started that in middle school to get back at him for starting his nickname, and it had just carried forward. Most people hadn’t even known his first name in high school, and most still referred to him that way.

“Hey, what exam did you have?” he asked.

Karen finished pulling her red gloves over her hands as she answered.

“English, took a while with the essays but not too hard,” she replied.

Rob nodded, “How’d you find Accounting?”

Though he was a year ahead of her he’d taken an introductory accounting course that semester as an elective. That’s where he knew Karen from, apparently she’d gone to the same high school as him, but he didn’t remember her. To be fair to him, they’d gone to a very large school and she’d been a year younger in a vastly different crowd. Their high school had been divided into two distinct groups, those from the South End, and those from the North Side.

Rob was from the South End, which was wealthier and generally had a reputation producing the ‘good’ kids; Karen was from the North Side which generally had the opposite reputation. This distinction created a schism within the school and a great deal of hostility. Even the North Side nerds didn’t associate with the Sound End ones, despite being natural allies.

It went without saying that the popular boys from the South End like Rob didn’t associate with the girls from the North Side like Karen, unless they wanted to face the scorn of the entire student body. Rob had had a good high school experience, but that was something he wished had been different. Karen had only known him by sight, and had never actually talked to him. He wished he’d known her sooner.

He was sure he’d never seen her before. He felt like he’d remember, she was more than beautiful enough to stand out. But, she’d had a year to develop since he might have seen her. Perhaps she’d changed in that time. Lately he’d been running into her everywhere: at the gym, at the line up for coffee, and just out of the blue like now. It was getting to the point that he was beginning to wonder if she was engineering their ‘accidental’ meetings, something he didn’t mind at all, she was excellent company.

“Good,” she said laughing, “I guess I should have thanked you but I’ve been so stressed about exams and everything I forgot.”

They’d been study partners for the midterm exam, and then for the final exam. Being a second year student Rob had developed study skills Karen was still learning, so she’d gotten more academically out of the sessions that he had. However, he hadn’t been meeting with her solely because he wanted to help her with posting journal entries to the general ledger, he wasn’t that altruistic. He’d done it because he’d also wanted to spend time with her. He liked her, enough that he’d been considering asking her out on more than one occasion, there was only one problem.

She had a boyfriend.

It was an on-again off-again sort of scenario, but she seemed to genuinely love the guy, so Rob admired while keeping things as platonic as possible. He got the impression Karen liked him, and sometimes wasn’t sure if that was a symptom of her relationship with her boyfriend, or if he might be part of their problems. From what he understood they had been that way long before they’d met, so he preferred to hope that the former of those two options was the case. Being the ‘other guy’ didn’t appeal to him.

“Not a problem. Glad I could help,” he replied.

Karen had finished putting her gloves on and Rob opened the door ahead of her. She smiled her thanks to him and pulled her hood tightly over her head against the cold wind.

“Good thing your health held up, huh?” he said.

She seemed to miss class on fairly regularly, which was part of the reason why they’d become friends. He’d provide her with his notes for the lectures she missed. She’d gone to him because he was the only one in the class that she recognized. Karen told him she was sick but Rob suspected she was just skipping.

Karen gave a slight laugh, “Yeah. No headaches or sniffles.”

“How were your other exams?” Rob asked, raising his voice over the howling wind.

“Good,” she replied at the same volume, “My stats class was kind of hard, but pretty good overall I think.”

Rob nodded. Their boots crunched on the snow beneath them, unheard as the wind tore at them.

“How about yours?” she asked.

“Good,” he said.

“Where’d you park?” she asked, “I got here early but number three was already almost full.”

Rob laughed, “I’m way down in the pit.”

‘The pit’ was parking lot number eight, set aside solely for students so they were pretty much guaranteed a spot, but it was also the furthest away from the main buildings on campus.

“Ouch,” Karen replied, “Do you want a ride down?” she asked as they came to parking lot three.

“Nah, I’ll be alright,” Rob replied, “Have a good break.”

She seemed disappointed by his refusal, but didn’t push him.

“You too,” she said.

Karen walked off into the parking lot, and Rob picked up the pace. He wondered about the disappointed look that had crossed her face when he’d refused a ride from her. Rob hadn’t been trying to be rude, he just didn’t see the need to take her out of her way when he could easily walk. About ten minutes later he arrived at his parking space, where a big four wheel drive half ton truck with snow tires that was perfect for the storm they were experiencing was waiting for him.

He fired up the engine and let the cab warm up while he cleaned off the snow that had accumulated over the past few hours. Once finished he climbed in and was about to leave when he felt a buzzing in his pocket. He found his phone and saw that Karen was calling him. Rob frowned, she’d only called him once before, when she’d been panicked about not being able to find the room for their midterm exam in accounting, usually they just texted each other.

Rob hit the green phone icon, “Uh, hello?”

“Kavanagh?” Karen asked, sounding relieved.

Her voice sounded hoarse, as though she’d been crying or was holding back tears.

“Yeah, what’s up?” Rob asked.

“I… My stupid car won’t start,” she said, sounding like she was fighting back a sob, “I don’t know what the hell’s wrong. Do you think you could give me a hand, I have no fucking clue what I’m doing.”

“Yep, on my way,” he replied.

“Thanks so much,” she said, relief flowing into her voice.

They hung up and Rob pulled out, he drove through campus and arrived at parking lot three. He swiped his parking pass to get through the gate and drove into the now sparsely populated parking lot. He found Karen without much trouble, and pulled into the spot next to her old Civic. He killed the engine and hopped out of the truck. Karen rubbed her eyes irritably as he approached her, wiping away the tears that had been leaking out from them.

“Hey,” Rob said, letting her save face by ignoring the tears she was trying to hide, “So, is it the battery?”

“I… I don’t know. It was trying, but I stopped because I didn’t want to kill it,” she said.

Rob nodded, “Pop the hood.”

Karen opened the drivers’ side door and there was a clunk. Rob pulled the hood up and peered down at the engine. It was a mess, and Rob marvelled that she’d managed to get to her exam at all. He peered beneath the vehicle, seeing that coolant had leaked into the snow.

“Try it again,” Rob told her, he wanted to hear what the noise it made when it tried to start.

Karen tried, and so did the engine, but it wasn’t budging. Given the state of it, it could be any of a number of things, and Rob didn’t have the tools to fix it even if there wasn’t a blizzard around them.

“Alright,” he called to her and she let up on the ignition.

She climbed out of the car, “So do you know what’s wrong?”

“Did you hear anything on your way here?” he asked, “Like a whistling or hissing?”

Karen frowned, “Uh, yeah. But it’s been doing that for a long time”

Rob laughed humorously, “I think it might be the air intake, if it’s cracked the air and fuel mixture will be out of whack, so it won’t fire. You’d better call a tow-truck.”

Karen was normally quiet, even a touch shy. He never would have expected what she did next. She kicked the front tire of her car and cursed, and kicked again, calling her vehicle all sorts of horrible names. Her boots left dents as she kicked the door, tears streaming down her cheeks. She threw her fit before slumping against the side of the car and burying her head into her arms as she began to cry harshly.

Rob stood there speechless, not sure what he should do. He walked up to her, and placed his hand on her back.

“It’s okay,” he said gently.

“No, it isn’t!” she shouted between sobs, “Oh fuck…” she groaned and started sobbing harder. She beat her fists against the roof of the car angrily.

Rob rubbed her back consolingly, not sure why she was so upset. Karen let him wrap his arm around her shoulders as she hunched over the car. She turned and pressed herself against him. He hugged her and held her to him as she buried her face into his chest. He held her as her shoulders shook, rubbing her back comfortingly. She seemed to calm down after a while and pulled away from him.

“Sorry,” she said embarrassed, “I shouldn’t have yelled at you,” she said, wiping the tears from her sparkling green eyes, “It’s just I’ve just had a really shitty couple of weeks, I guess this just pushed it over the top.”

Rob nodded, “Alright,” he said, “Why don’t I call the tow truck?” he suggested.

Karen looked up at him with red eyes, “Okay, thanks,” she replied gratefully.

Rob made the call and they waited in the cab of the truck until the tow truck arrived. It took a quite a while, with the storm came accidents which held up its progress. While they waited they talked, or rather Karen talked. Apparently she’d broken up with her boyfriend two weeks earlier. A friend of hers had told her that he’d been fooling around with another girl. Then a few days earlier later her family had left town for her brother’s hockey tournament somewhere in Michigan. They’d be gone until the twenty-fourth, two days later.

“So basically I’ve been all alone, trying to keep Adam away, but he keeps showing up at the house. He wouldn’t do that if my Dad or brother was around, but they’re gone and he knows it. I tell him to go away but he just doesn’t,” she said, “He just stands at the door, knocking, asking me to talk to him. It’s driving me insane.”

“Why don’t you call the cops on him? He’s harassing you,” Rob told her.

“I wouldn’t do that to him,” she said.

“You don’t have to actually do it, just threaten to do it,” he suggested.

“I can’t do that,” she said.

“Why not?”

Karen laughed, “It wouldn’t go well.”

“Why not?” Rob asked but then there was a beeping of a horn, announcing the arrival of the tow truck.

“We’d better go let him in,” Karen said, thankful for the change in subject.

Rob went to swipe his card through the gate to allow the driver into the parking lot, and stayed with Karen as her car was fastened and raised onto the truck bed.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

Karen told gave him the name of a shop near her house.

“‘kay, you need a ride? Or are you driving her?” he asked, directing the question to Rob.

“I’ll drive her,” he said.

Karen tried to protest, but Rob insisted, which seemed to cheer her up somewhat. She was finding comfort in being with him. They went to the shop, but it was going to be at least a day before the mechanic would be able to look at her car due to the storm. There’d been plenty of fender benders. They left the service desk and walked back out into the snow.

“Listen,” Karen said, “thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it.”

“Any time,” Rob said, “Do you need a ride home?”

“Uh sure, thanks,” Karen replied, seeming sheepish.

They climbed back into his truck, and she gave him her address. Rob drove and they talked, arriving at her house more quickly than either of them wanted. They were enjoying being together, even if it wasn’t under the best of circumstances. While Rob wasn’t going to swoop in now that she was single, he felt more comfortable flirting with her. He wasn’t very good at it; he’d never really had to flirt before. Jenna had basically picked him to be her boyfriend back in high school and she’d been the only girl he’d ever dated, so he’d never developed those skills.

“So,” Karen said with a self-conscious smile as he pulled into her driveway, “Do you want a coffee or something? I mean, let the storm die down a bit before you head home?”

“Um,” Rob hesitated, about to refuse until he saw her face falling, “Sure, just let me call my parents to let them know I’m alright.”

Karen nodded and Rob made the call.

“… Yeah, I’m fine,” he paused while whoever he was talking to said something, “Yeah it went well,” he went quiet again, “I’m hanging out at a friend’s house, trying to wait out the storm,” he told his father.

There was a beep and his mother came on the line suddenly, the conversation suddenly becoming a conference. He’d intentionally called his father at work to avoid her, but apparently she’d been on the other line and his father had linked her in.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Robert’s going to wait out the storm at a friend’s house,” his father replied.

“That’s a good idea. Don’t drive if it keeps up. You can go and get him after work,” she told his father.

“Yes dear,” his father replied.

Karen giggled when he saw Rob roll his eyes, “I’ll be fine Mom.”

“I know sweetheart,” she replied, “Have a good time. Just call us when you’re ready to head home.”

Suddenly the ‘if it gets worse’ had become ‘your father’s driving you’, which was how conversations with Rob’s mother usually went.

“Okay,” Rob replied.

“Love you,” she said.

He glanced at Karen, “Love you too,” he said hurriedly and then hung up the phone, “Moms,” he said to Karen.

She nodded sympathetically, “Yeah, your best friend and worst enemy at the same time.”

They left Rob’s truck and entered her house. It was small but clean and well maintained. Rob looked around with interest, and Karen watched him self-consciously.

“It’s kind of…” she began to say.

“It’s nice,” he said.

Karen smiled, “Thanks.”

She pulled off her hat, letting her long dark hair fall free. Next she unbuttoned her jacket, pulling it apart to reveal that she was wearing a close fitting white sweater underneath. She pulled her boots off next, and dodged the snow they’d tracked in from outside as she stepped into the kitchen. Rob hung his coat on the same coat rack she’d hung hers on, and kicked off his boots before following her. He found her stretching up to grab a glass from the cupboard.

She was in profile, her round ass wrapped tight in the snug fitting sweatpants she’d worn to the exam. Her chest was thrust forward slightly, her pert breasts straining against her sweater. The image lasted only a moment, her calves taut as she went up on her tiptoes to retrieve two glasses. Her legs and ass were what Rob had originally noticed about Karen, both were incredible. She had a slender build, and was quite short, but her ass was simply incredible and the legs it sat above weren’t far behind.

Karen lowered herself back down, and grinned at him. Rob realised he’d been staring and grinned back at being caught.

“Sorry,” he said.

Karen gave her bum a little shake, “Don’t mind a little admiring. It’s the drooling that’s the problem,” she joked.

They both laughed, Rob’s laughter slightly nervous, but both relaxed a little bit.

“So, what do you want to drink?” she asked as she went to the fridge, “I think we have eggnog. Feel like being festive?” she asked.

“Sure, why not. ‘Tis the season,” Rob replied.

Karen pulled out a carton and then led him to a flight of stairs that led down to the basement rec room. They sat down on the couch and she poured them each a glass of eggnog. Karen grabbed the remote to turn on the TV; she flipped around until finding a movie, A Christmas Story, and left it on while the two talked. Without Rob really noticing at first Karen shifted closer to him on the couch.

He didn’t really become aware of her presence until she rested her forehead against his shoulder as she laughed at a joke he’d made about their Accounting professor and slapping his knee scoldingly.

“He’s nice, he’s just old,” she said, “We shouldn’t be laughing at him.”

“They should let him retire, remember our midterm? They had to cut out a quarter of the marks because he didn’t give enough information to do the question,” Rob retorted.

Rob was suddenly aware of how close Karen was when she turned her head and rested it against his shoulder. The hand she’d swatted him with remained on his thigh, and he felt her shifting against him. Rob didn’t say anything, he liked having her close like this. The familiar scent of her perfume drifted up his nostrils, making him wonder for the hundredth time what it was and why it made her smell both sexy and beautiful simultaneously.

The unfamiliar sensation of her touch made him feel warm, and the way she was pressing against him made him feel even warmer. They continued to talk, but the conversation was going on autopilot. The movie played in the background, forgotten as they sat together. Karen wasn’t really thinking of what she was doing, she just found it nice to press against his warmth. She wished he’d wrap his arm around her, but that might be too intimate for what this was supposed to be.

They were friends, and that’s all she wanted from him. She got that she wasn’t the type of girl he would date, and she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend anyway. Karen wasn’t even sure if it was really over with Adam, she’d confronted him with what she’d been told by her friend but he’d denied it forcefully enough that she found herself believing him. She didn’t want to think about that right now though, right now she just wanted to focus on how nice it felt to sit with Rob like this.

Karen realised how alone they were for the first time. Her parents and brother were gone, would be for at least another day. Today was the twenty-second, the final day of exams and the first day of winter break. Her family wouldn’t be back until Christmas Eve, and Rob’s parents knew he was out with a friend, but not which friend. The thoughts she was having distracted her from the conversation, and she realised Rob had said something that she’d failed to reply to.

“Karen?” he asked.

She pulled away from him, feeling flustered.

“Sorry,” she said hurriedly, “What did you say?”

“I asked where the bathroom was,” he said.

Karen put some distance between them, feeling embarrassed about what she’d been doing. What would he think? She had invited him into her house after telling him that she had broken up with her boyfriend, and then she had been rubbing against him like a needy cat. Karen felt herself growing nervous, unsure of what he wanted, but even worse unsure of what she wanted.

“Uh, up the stairs, go left and it’s at the end of the hall on the right,” she told him.

Rob got up, “Thanks,” he said and left her by herself on the couch.

Karen felt warm, embarrassment and a collection of other emotions running though her. The basement suddenly felt altogether too warm, so she pulled her sweater over her head and tossed it to the growing pile of clothing near the washer. Karen breathed deep and gave herself a pep talk. Just relax, he’s just a guy. He’s not expecting anything from you, and you’re not giving him anything. She felt herself relax somewhat, and noticed that the end credits were rolling for the movie. She flipped to the news, and her eyes widened.

Rob was upstairs giving himself a pep talk not dissimilar from the one Karen had been giving herself. Relax man, she’s just being friendly. It didn’t feel friendly though, and Rob was worried that she was trying to use him to feel better about what had happened with her boyfriend. He splashed some water on his face and dried off with the towel before returning downstairs. As he was just at the door to the basement he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at the name: Mom. Rob sighed but answered.

“Hi Mom,” he said.

“Rob? Oh thank goodness. Listen, don’t drive anywhere alright?” she said.

“Mom, I’ll be fine, the roads aren’t…”

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Uh, Schmitty’s,” Rob lied, regretting it immediately.

“Good, can you stay there over night?” she asked.

Rob blanched, “Jesus Mom, is that really…”

“Have you seen how bad the storm’s gotten?” she asked him incredulously.

“No, I’ve been in the basement,” he replied honestly.

He found it was easier to adjust the truth for his mother rather than to fabricate something entirely new, he lacked the imagination and acting ability to make outright lies convincing. Something he and his sister Jane did not share.

His mother sighed impatiently, “We’re going to be getting another ten inches of snow overnight.”

“Holy shit,” Rob said.

“Watch your language Robert,” his mother chastised him, “You stay where you are, I’m not even going to let your father leave now that he’s home,” she told him.

“I’ll be…”

“Let me speak to Schmitty’s mother,” his mom ordered impatiently.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I wish to speak to her, Robert,” she said.

She was just trying to protect him, Rob knew, but his mother was really starting to irritate him.

“She isn’t here,” Rob lied.

Jesus Christ, Rob said, sinking deeper and deeper.

“I’ll call her,” his mother said.

“No!” Rob exclaimed, “Just a second I think she’s just pulled in.”

His heart started beating rapidly and he went downstairs.

“Uh, hey Karen?” he asked quietly.

She turned to face him, her eyes finally going away from the video footage of the storm.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Could I stay here tonight? My parents don’t want me to drive in this,” he said, pointing to the TV which was showing a head on collision between an SUV and a Lexus sedan on a loop.

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea,” she said.

“Cool,” he said, his heart relaxing.

He finished the call with his mom, and sat down on the couch next to Karen. She’d stripped down to a white tank top, the spaghetti straps failing to hide the pink straps of her bra beneath. Suddenly his heart rate was back up. They sat together and watched the news footage. Rob tried to avoid sneaking glances down Karen’s top but failed. Karen didn’t notice the effect she was having on him. She was absorbed by a realisation: he was staying the night.

She didn’t snuggle up against him again, worried that she was pushing him in a way that might hurt their friendship. Karen decided that she really shouldn’t be cozying up with another guy while she was still dealing with what had happened with Adam. Once she decided that the conversation returned with ease, and turned to the topic of relationships. Rob told her about how he’d broken up with his girlfriend, Jenna, which Karen already knew because she’d seen it on Facebook but acted as if she didn’t because she didn’t want to seem too well informed about him.

They talked for quite a while, the news running in the background. Eventually hunger set in and they went up to the kitchen in search of scraps. They found leftover shepherd’s pie, which Karen’s mother had made for dinner a few days earlier.

“What do you want to drink with it?” she asked.

“Uh, what do you have?” he asked.

Watching her bend over to search through the fridge blew Rob’s good intentions out the window. Her ass strained against the material of her sweatpants, begging to be squeezed and fondled. Rob decided to give in. She was hot, she liked him, if she wanted to have a bit of fun with him who was he to argue? So he relaxed, and when she came up with a bottle of everybody’s favorite captain and a carton of eggnog he didn’t even blink.

“Since you’re not driving,” she said with a grin, passing him the bottle of rum.

“Can’t argue with that logic,” he replied.

Karen wasn’t sure what she was doing, and gave up on trying to stop what was happening. Screw Adam, she told herself, she was done with him. Rob wanted her, and if she alone wasn’t enough for Adam then he wasn’t going to have any of her. She and Rob returned to the basement and ate their dinner. Karen poured them a drink each, and kept them topped up throughout the meal. She began to hope that the alcohol would ease the tension between them, and the drunker she got the more sense that idea made.

By the time they reached the end of their meal she was starting to feel pretty tipsy. Rob was buzzed, but wasn’t feeling the effects quite as strongly as she was. Karen poured him another eggnog, though this time it was mostly rum as they’d reached the end of the carton, and they sat back on the couch to watch another movie.

“God, it’s nice to not have to do anything,” Karen sighed.

She was curled up next to him, her head propped up on her hand, her elbow pressing against the armrest. Her feet were pointed his way, which meant he could sneak peeks of her taut legs and round ass as she lay there.

“Yeah, it’s great to be able to relax,” he said.

Karen hummed her agreement and took a swig of rum directly from the bottle before passing it to Rob who finished off the rest and put the now empty vessel on the table. She scooched towards him, and rested her head on a cushion. She turned over onto her back and looked down at him with mischief in her eyes. A smile grew on her lips as she looked at him.

Rob laughed drunkenly at her staring, “What?”

“Do you like me?” she asked.

“Sure do,” he said, suddenly feeling drunker than he’d thought he was.

Her smile grew wider, “Do you like my feet?” she asked wiggling them at him.

Robb gave a little laugh, “Sure, they’re cute.”

“Would you mind rubbing them?” she asked, biting her lip nervously and pointing them towards him.

“Sneaky,” he replied, slurring his words slightly, “Sneaky sneaky Karen,” he muttered drunkenly as he pulled her right foot into his lap.

“Thank you Kavanagh,” she sighed.

“Call me Rob,” he said.

“Alright Rob,” she said.

Though she was drunk Karen wasn’t as drunk as Rob apparently was, she’d been quietly cutting herself off as she’d noticed her words starting to string together. This had left Rob with more of the rum to drink, and though they’d spaced it out over a few hours, the alcohol had taken its effect on him. Rob slid the sock off of Karen’s foot, noting the dark blue nail polish she’d applied to her toenails.

“Pretty,” he said.

“Thanks,” Karen said, feeling her cheeks growing pink.

He took her foot in his hands and started massaging. Rob was good at this; Jenna had run track in high school and often had sore feet that he’d rubbed for her. It had been one of the sure-fire ways of getting her motor going, so he’d never minded obliging her request. Karen was benefitting from his experience now, and as he kneaded the tension from her feet she began to feel warm all over again.

The heat spread from her center, and she felt her breathing deepen as he worked his hands over her elegant foot. Rob admired the gentle arch of it, and felt the softness of her skin as he rubbed it. Her eyes closed contentedly as the massage continued with her other foot. Rob ran his thumb along the back of her foot, following the length of the metatarsals, his gentle touch making Karen squirm pleasurably.

She wasn’t used to being treated with such care, he squeezed and massaged her foot tenderly, working out the spots of tension he found. Rob did next what he would have done with Jenna, which was to turn to face Karen and bring his hands down to her calf. Jenna had been a runner, so her legs had often been sore along with her feet. He massaged Karen’s toned calf through her sweatpants, and she was beginning to have difficulty hiding her growing arousal.

Rob switched to her other leg and repeated the process, feeling the firm muscle under the fabric. Karen’s leg stretched forward, and her foot pressed into his groin, making Rob tense up. Her eyes opened and she looked down to him, her eyes glazed over. She pulled her foot back apologetically, and Rob let go of her leg as she came forward. Her hand went to his, and slid up his bare forearm. She looked up at him, his hazel eyes staring back into hers, his dirty blonde hair slightly mussed.

Karen reached up and ran her hand through his hair, it was soft, not too long but enough to grab at which she liked. There was a lot about Rob that she liked, he was very handsome, with a strong jaw and straight-edged nose that fit his face perfectly. More than that though, he was smart, he was cool, and he was nicer than most guys she’d met. She kept waiting for him to show some of the snobbishness that she associated with people who came from the South End. But it never came.

She remembered him as the football and track star, how he’d seemed to glide through the hallways with a gaggle of followers, always seeming slightly embarrassed by the attention. Karen remembered seeing him with Jenna, how he’d only ever seemed to have eyes for her. Adam wasn’t like that with her, he didn’t care about her at all. Maybe Rob would.

Rob looked at her as she studied him, her fingers combing through his hair, their breathing growing heavy with desire. Her eyes seemed to glaze over, her mind wandering as she rationalised what she was about to do. She was angry, she was sad, but she’d found someone who was nice to her and made her laugh. Karen stopped caring about whether or not it was good to do this, she wanted to do this, and she was just drunk enough to make it seem like a good idea. Her head tilted upward and her hand went to the back of his head.

Rob had a momentary crisis, rethinking his earlier assertion that if she wanted this it was okay. But he’d been too lonely for too long and he was too drunk to care. He let his hand reach outward and he grazed her soft cheek with the backs of his fingers as he brushed her jet black bangs out of the way. Karen leaned forward, her hand pressing against the thigh nearest to her as their lips came together at last. The kiss was cautious at first, but the effects of the alcohol had loosened them up enough to grant them the confidence to keep going. Rob felt her soft lips mould to his, and then part as their tongues crept out to come together.

Their tongues slid over each other, their mouths widening as they both leaned into the kiss. Karen moaned into the kiss, her fist tightening around his hair as she drew him tighter to her. Their mouths were sweet from the eggnog and rum, their saliva mixed, growing homogenous as the kiss grew in intensity. Rob’s free hand reached forward, resting on her hip, the warmth of her body bleeding out through her clothing.

Their tongues embraced one another, and their lips remained locked as Karen swung around to straddle his thighs. She now had the advantage of height and with a wicked smile she pushed him back against the couch before swooping back down into the kiss. Both of Rob’s hands swept Karen’s midnight locks out of the way and pulled her against the kiss. He felt her ass resting against his thighs, shifting as she rocked into the kiss.

The movement caused his cock to stir in his pants, and his erection swelled as she continued to shift in his lap. Karen kissed him hungrily and he matched her passion as they made out. The sound of their heavy breathing and wet sounds of suction as their lips came apart and then together again between kisses filled the room. Rob was a good kisser, Karen realised, he was firm when she was firm but softened when she did.

He toyed with her tongue, and nibbled on her lower lip in a way that made her giggle and gasp. His hands ran through her hair, and she shut her eyes at the sensation of his touch as his long fingers worked their way through the long dark locks. She pushed forward without really thinking of it, pressing her crotch firmly against the rising bulge at Rob’s groin. He groaned into her mouth as she rocked her hips against him, the heat of her center pressing directly against his swelling organ.

Karen felt the lump and pressed into it, swaying her hips into his groin as she continued to kiss him. Rob’s hands slid down to her shoulders and followed the gentle ridges of her shoulder blades as he brought them lower. His fingers brushed against the strap of her bra over her tank top and then pressed into the small of her back. He pulled her against him, pushing his hips up to meet her downward motions.

Without his hands restraining Karen’s hair, it veiled them in darkness. His hands slid lower, his pinkies pressing against the narrow band of flesh exposed between where her tank top ended and her sweatpants began. One of Karen’s hands came between them, pressing against his chest as their tongues continued to chase one another around their mouths. Rob reached lower cautiously, his pinkie and ring fingers pressing into the flesh of her shapely buttocks.

Karen broke the kiss, “Go ahead,” she panted into his ear before fusing her lips with his once more.

Rob slid his hands lower, now cupping the cheeks of her ass in his hands. She worked out a lot, he knew, and before that she had danced competitively. Her ass was wonderfully round, and as he applied pressure with his fingers he found the twin buns to be firm. Karen groaned into his mouth, the motions of her hips growing more urgent. Rob fondled her ass, squeezing each cheek in turn, making Karen feel very warm.

The swaying of her hips grew frantic as he groped her ass, and before long she was practically humping his groin. Rob’s cock had groin rigid inside his jeans and was threatening to tear its way through the denim. Karen angled her hips, and her mouth left his as she ground her clit against the stiff cylindrical shape that had formed in Rob’s pants. The kiss had devolved to the two of them simply mashing their lips together as they moaned freely into one another’s mouths.

Karen tore her lips away from Rob’s and pulled his head to her shoulder. Her moans grew louder, and her thrusting even more urgent. He felt her ass clenching as she shoved herself against the bulge in his pants, her pussy soaking her panties as she felt herself getting close to the edge of climax. Rob kissed her bare shoulder, turning his mouth and bringing his lips to her throat. Karen’s heart was racing, perspiration formed on her forehead as she drove herself down against Rob’s contained erection.

Her hold on him tightened and a loud groan escaped her. Rob felt her stiffen above him, and had to fight not to release his load inside his pants as he realised that she’d just hit a climax. Karen drove herself against him wildly, her heart hammering in her chest, her panties becoming soaked with her nectar as she drove herself against his turgid member. He listened to her breathing come in shuddering gasps as her body flattened against his and she shook against him.

Rob continued to kiss her neck gently as her chest rose and fell against his, her hand pressing against his back balling into a fist around his t-shirt. Her nails dug into his scalp and she fought to recover, a rush of embarrassment following her rush of euphoric bliss. She wasn’t sure when she had lost control, but as she fought to recover it she worried that she had just humiliated herself. As she came down, Karen couldn’t believe that she had reached climax from just a bit of grinding.

She’d been so sensitive with him. Everything had felt so good and had built up so quickly that before she knew what was happening…

One of Rob’s hands went upward and pressed against her back, holding him to her as she breathed into his shoulder. She breathed in his scent, recovering faster than she was letting on because she needed to come to terms to what had just happened. Her drunken mind failed to form coherent thoughts, and all she wound up thinking was that she wanted more of what she’d just had. She pressed her lips against Rob’s exposed neck and relaxed her grip on his shirt.

“I think it’s time to go to bed,” she murmured into his ear.

“I like that idea,” he told her.

Karen laughed softly, “I bet you do. But you can’t join me unless you carry me there,” she commanded jokingly.

Rob slid his hand back down to her ass, “Alright,” he said.

With a sudden burst of strength, Rob drove his body forward and upward, scooping Karen’s up as he stood on his slightly wobbly legs.

“Are you sure you won’t drop me?” she asked worriedly, reconsidering her earlier conditions.

“Positive,” he said, giving her ass a squeeze.

Karen breathed in sharply, “Upstairs,” she said.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, hugging him tight as he walked to the stairs, going up them unsteadily. If he’d been sober this would have been an easy task, but being staggering drunk was proving to make it difficult. He took it one step at a time, Karen squeezing her body tight against his the entire time. Her breasts squished into his chest, her breathing quickening as her excitement grew over what they were about to do.

With what she was about to do, with Kavanagh, with Rob, the guy she’d had a crush on since ninth grade, the guy who had met her at seven in the morning the day of their accounting exam for one last frantic study session. It was happening and she squeezed him tight with her strong arms and legs to reassure herself that this was real. They reached the top of the basement stairs and Rob staggered forward, pressing her hard against the wall, making Karen gasp from the impact.

He held her up with his hips as he steadied his legs beneath him. Rob’s lips found hers, kissing her hungrily as he pushed his hips up against her. Karen pulled his mouth against hers, the back of her head pressing against the wall, her fingers entwining with his hair.

He pulled his mouth away from hers, “Which way?” he asked breathlessly.

“Right, up the stairs, first left,” she replied heatedly.

Rob pulled back from the wall and stumbled down the hallway towards the front door. He reached the bottom of the stairs, and went up the first four steps before reaching the landing at the base of the longer flight. He pressed her against the wall once more and kissed her deeply before carrying her up the remaining stairs. Karen’s mouth attacked his neck as they drew closer, kissing, licking, even biting, making Rob’s breath catch and his swollen cock throb inside his jeans.

They reached the top of the stairs and he pushed her against the door. Her mouth went to his, and he reached blindly to open the door. Karen’s hand went down, joining his in the search for the elusive door knob, before closing around the cool metal and twisting. The door swung back suddenly and Rob staggered past the threshold and into her bedroom. He had to accelerate to keep them vertical and they impacted a wall. Karen gasped from the force, but kept her lips locked against his as their teeth knocked together.

Rob pulled away from the wall and meandered blindly around her room until his legs hit the foot of her bed. He fell forward, Karen’s weight pulling him down, and he landed on top of her. He broke his fall with his hands and managed not to crush her. Their lips had come apart during the fall so Rob pressed his mouth back against hers. Months of tension was breaking, of being friends but wanting more. Of wanting to be with this nice guy, but unwilling to hurt the one she was with. Of needing to keep things proper, to do the right thing. Rob pushed his hips downward, his groin pushing into her crotch, and felt her legs wrap around him.

Karen’s hands went down his back and fumbled at the bottom of his t-shirt. Rob broke the kiss and tore his shirt from his body, throwing it somewhere behind him before diving back down into the kiss. Karen ran her hands along his torso, feeling the definition of his abdominal muscles, and up to his powerful chest. Her hands continued to roam over his torso, running along his flank and finally down to his groin. She pressed her hand against his package, squeezing his swollen member through his clothes.

It felt big, she traced the shape with her fingers, making him breath shakily into the kiss. It seemed to go on for a long time, and for the first time Karen since she’d lost her virginity she worried that a cock would be too big for her. Adam was above average in the size department, even big, but Rob felt huge. The rest of Rob’s high school nickname came to mind: Knee Knocker Kavanagh. She squeezed it, feeling the bulging organ through his jeans before bringing her hand to the buckle of his belt.

Rob felt Karen trying to undo his buckle blindly, and pulled back to help her. Karen pulled her hands away and he stood at the edge of the bed. She pulled her shirt over her head, throwing it aside as he undid his belt and moved onto his fly. Rob pulled his jeans and boxers down simultaneously, and Karen gasped as his turgid manhood bounced into sight. Thick and long it jutted out from his body, pointing straight at her.

Karen sat up and reached out with her right hand. Rob watched as she gazed at his cock, her eyes wide. He had no idea how large he was compared to other guys, though he was aware of the nickname he had been given in high school. Rob had always assumed it was a joke, something the other guys said to take the piss out of him. Karen took his thick member into her hand, her cool touch made him gasp.

She drew back his foreskin, a silvery bead of pre-cum leaking out from the slit. He was large certainly, but so was the rest of him so it didn’t seem obscene on his body, it seemed proportional. Adam’s had always looked big on him because he was thin, more wiry ectomorph than chiseled mesomorph like Rob. She stroked his shaft gently, feeling the warmth of the blood bloated organ. She brought her other hand up to his balls, weighing them in her hand as she admired his shaft.

Karen got over the size of it quickly enough, the alcohol helped to push down her worries and instead grow excited. She leaned forward and drew back the foreskin. Her lips pressed against the drooling head of Rob’s cock and he sighed they widened, drawing the first inch of his throbbing organ into her warm mouth. Her fist ran up and down the length, her tongue circling the helm as she masturbated him.

Rob sighed pleasurably and brought his hands to her head, holding her hair out of her way as she sucked on his cockhead. Her hand at his balls began to work, squeezing them gently, feeling the semen sloshing inside the sack, waiting to be released. Karen drew more of him into her mouth, her tongue flattening against the floor of her mouth as her lips stretched around the girth of his manhood. She breathed through her nose and massaged the underside of his shaft with her tongue.

Karen began to bob carefully, only taking about a third of his length into her mouth. She stroked as she sucked, swirling her tongue around the oozing helm at the top of every stroke. Her saliva spread along the length of his shaft as she took in more of his length, managing to get two thirds into her mouth before hitting her gag reflex. She coughed around him and pulled back, resuming the comfortable range of motion she’d determined earlier.

She applied greater suction as she was pulling away from him, as if she were trying to draw out the cum that threatened to erupt from Rob at any moment. Karen’s hand rolled his balls in her hand, juggling the twin orbs skillfully as she continued to bob on his shaft. She hummed around his shaft, swallowing down his pre-cum and her excess saliva as they mixed in her mouth. Her eyes turned upward at last, having thus far remained either staring straight ahead or closed.

Her bright green eyes shone brightly in the warm light from the hallway that spilled in through the open door to her bedroom. The sight of his glistening shaft disappearing between her lips, her round breasts clutched possessively in her pink bra, and her eyes looking up at him entreatingly nearly set Rob off. He fought back the building pressure and reached down, cupping her breast over her bra with one had as he held her hair in a loose ponytail with the other.

Karen withdrew from the blow job and reached behind herself to undo the clasp of her bra. It grew slack around her and she pulled it off, tossing it in the same direction she had her shirt moments earlier. She looked up at him, leaning back on her arms to let him see her wonderfully round swells. They weren’t large, but they were perfectly shaped, lovely mounds of firm flesh that flowed from her chest smoothly, matching her petite frame.

Rob moved forward and pressed his hand to her shoulder. Karen shifted back on the bed, and lay back as his weight sank into the mattress once more. He lay over her, mostly naked, his cock pressing into her bare stomach as he brought his mouth to hers. Karen was surprised by the tenderness with which he kissed her, the caring and softness of it exciting her in a different way than any of the kisses earlier had. His mouth left hers and pressed against her jaw gently before moving further down.

He kissed down along her throat, letting his teeth graze along the flesh, making her shudder. Rob kissed her bare shoulder gently before bringing his mouth to her collar bone, kissing his way around to the hollow of her neck. His hands slid up her naked flank, making Karen gasp as they reached her ribs and reached around to her front. They went over her breasts, squeezing the firm swells gently as he slid further down her body to kiss her sternum.

Rob’s thumbs followed the underside of her breasts, sliding up along the side of the fleshy hill to the peak marked by her proud nipples. He kissed her chest between her breasts, circling her swollen nipples with his thumbs as she squirmed excitedly beneath him. Her hips pushed upward, her crotch pressing against his burgeoning erection. Rob squeezed Karen’s right breast and surrounded her nipple with his mouth, making her gasp as suction was applied to the stiff nubbin.

He switched breasts, flicking his tongue over her left nipple while squeezing her right. Karen hummed happily under him at his ministrations, the sound urging him to do more. He rolled her right nipple between his fingers and grazed his teeth along the left, making Karen gasp and thrust her chest up against him. Her hand clawed at the back of his head, pulling his mouth to her breast, and he sucked greedily one nipple while toying wickedly with the other.

Karen’s hips squirmed under him, tendrils of electricity coursing through her body from the treatment of her sensitive nipples. Rob pulled away from her chest, making Karen moan in protest until she felt his mouth press against her stomach.

“Oh yes,” she breathed as Rob kissed his way down her flat abdomen.

His fingers slid down her flank and gripped the waistband of her sweatpants. They dug in, hooking the elastic of her panties as well as he pulled downward. Karen lifted her hips and Rob pulled both down her toned legs and over her pointed feet. He threw them to the floor impatiently and grabbed her right leg. He pressed his lips against the arch of her foot, and then to her ankle. Karen wriggled with excitement as he feathered kisses teasingly down the length of her limb.

He paid particular attention to her inner thigh, the scent of her pussy growing stronger as he drew closer. Karen shifted on the bed, practically forcing his mouth to her center, but Rob held her down and kept up his teasing. He kissed inward, and Karen felt his breath against the lips of her cleanly shaved labia. She braced herself for the contact between his mouth and her pussy lips, but he kissed the inside of her other thigh instead. Karen groaned in frustration.

“Please, Rob,” she whined, pulling him towards her pussy.

Rob laughed softly before giving her what she wanted. He grabbed her right leg from behind the knee, spreading her wide as he brought his fingers to the glistening folds of her sex. She shaved the lips and trimmed the bush down neatly to the bikini line. The dark color was the same shade as the hair on her head, and wonderfully soft to the touch. He ran his fingers up along the folds of her sex, brushing against the pink bud of her clit.

Karen gasped excitedly and Rob pulled his fingers away, sliding them back down her slick folds. He rubbed her sensitive labia and pursed his lips, his lungs pushing out a jet of air that teased her sensitive clit. Karen moaned as his fingers massaged the pink inner folds of her sex, her wetness coating the digits as they probed at her tight entrance. His tongue poked out of his mouth and he pressed the tip against her stiff clitoris as he slid two fingers into her.

“Ahhnn,” Karen cried, nearly cumming instantly.

Rob got his first taste of her pussy as he dragged the flat of his tongue along her clit, the dew of her sex running along his taste buds, sweet and tangy at the same time. He pushed his fingers deeper into her pussy, her channel gripping the two digits tight as he worked them further into her. Rob focused his efforts, his tongue flicking against her clit as he drew his fingers in and out of Karen’s dripping sex. Her juices trailed down his digits, flowing into his upturned palm as he probed deep into her channel.

Rob molded his lips over her clitoral hood, rubbing his tongue against her clit as he curled his fingers up against the roof of her vagina. He was basing his movements on what Jenna had liked and on Karen’s responses. When he found the slightly rougher patch of flesh he was searching for, he knew he’d done the right thing. Karen cried out, and he kept rubbing at her G-spot. Her hips bucked up against him awkwardly, splayed wide as she was.

Karen felt herself become overwhelmed for the second time that night when Rob wrapped his lips around the hard bud of her clitoris and applied suction. She nearly screamed as she came, her hands pulling at his hair to draw him in closer as she filled his palm with her sweet nectar. Her pussy convulsed around his fingers, squeezing them tight as she shook and jerked on the bed above him. Rob pulled his mouth away from her sensitive clit, letting her overloaded body tremor its way through her climax.

When her shuddering form grew still and he felt her pussy loosen around his fingers he kissed her stomach gently. Rob withdrew his fingers from her sodden cunt and brought them to his mouth. He tasted her sweetness on his fingers, letting her juices mix with his saliva on his tongue, savoring the taste of her. He’d never understood his friends’ aversion to performing oral sex for their girlfriends, seeing the look of utter rapture on Karen’s face just now was something he wasn’t going to soon forget.

Rob kissed his back up her stomach, releasing her leg and letting her wrap both around him once more as he brought his mouth to hers. Karen tasted herself on his tongue, moaning into the kiss as he rocked his hips against her. His swollen manhood was sandwiched between their bodies, the fat shaft pressing into Karen’s stomach. The kiss intensified, and Karen shifted beneath him, trying to get him into position.

“I don’t have a condom,” Rob told her between kisses.

“It’s okay, I’m on the pill,” she replied urgently.

“Thank God,” he gasped.

Karen giggled and he shifted lower so he was between her legs. He crouched over her and rubbed his bulbous cockhead searchingly along the slick folds of her pussy. Rob found her opening, and pushed forward.

“Aahhnn,” they moaned in unison as his shaft pried past her entrance, the swollen head of his cock entering her slippery channel.

Rob sank his bloated organ into her slowly, its girth stretching her tight pussy to its limit as he entered her. The veins and ridges of his shaft pressed into the sensitive flesh of the walls of her pussy, dragging along them as he eased his way into her. Her body gradually accepted more and more of his long, thick organ. Karen breathed heavily as she felt it fill every spare bit of room she had, gripping the bed sheet beneath her tightly.

Finally, just when it felt like he was going to hit the back of her channel, he bottomed out. Rob gave a satisfied groan, her pussy stretched tight around his throbbing manhood. Karen didn’t think it would take long for him to set her off again. She was riding the precipice right now and all he’d done so far was put it in. He’d taken it slowly enough that there hadn’t been any pain, only agonising pleasure as she felt her channel being stretched in new and impossible ways.

Rob came forward, laying on top of her, and pressed his lips against hers gently. He rocked his hips against her slightly, making her moan against him as his pulsing organ stirred her insides. Karen grew used to the motions and began returning them, gasping under him, gripping his hard biceps tight to brace herself against the intensely pleasurable sensations his turgid member was feeding her body. Rob kissed her deep, and then pulled back.

This is the story of what happens when you get bored. I have it all. The nice house, beautiful wife, two college aged children, who haven’t given me too much trouble, and I make a very good living working for myself. I invested well when I was younger, so now I mostly manage my investments and play a couple rounds of golf every week. Not a bad life for a 45 year old if I do say so. The problem is there is no passion in my life. I love my wife and we have a healthy sex life, but it is like we are just going through the motions. She heads off to the school where she mentors young teens and I head off to my home office. I still have an office in town for meetings and the such, but I rarely have to work from there. Today was a work at home day, and the day my life changed.

I was sitting at my desk just staring out the window when all of a sudden I saw something flash across my yard, and a few seconds later I saw my neighbor’s daughter, Jennifer, run after it. The it was their dog pebbles and she was running full speed after a squirrel. I decided to be nice and help Jennifer corral Pebbles before anything happened to the dog or the squirrel. Running out the back door I was able to head the dog off and catch her for Jen. By the time Jen caught up to me and the dog she was breathing rather heavily and had a nice sweat going on.

I laughed at her when she finally stopped by me and the dog and asked if she lost something. She took a couple deep breaths before explaining that Pebbles had gotten out while she was trying to bathe her. It was then that I notice her t-shirt, while not soaking wet, was definitely damp. This allowed a very nice view of her obviously braless tits. To say I was embarrassed is an under statement. There before me stood the beautiful friend of my own daughter, and I was trying hard not to look at the two very erect nipples that were visible under her wet shirt. The more I tried not to think about them the more I did. I kept wondering, what color are they? The next thing I knew I had helped her get her dog back to her yard, and for the life of me I couldn’t remember a single thing we had talked about.

“Well Mr. Roberts what should I do?” asked Jennifer.

I stared at her for a couple seconds before I started to recall our conversation. Her parents had told her that they were not paying for her spring break trip because she got into some trouble. “I’m not sure what to tell you Jennifer. Have you tried looking for a job?” I finally managed to stumble through.

“Oh please!! I don’t have any work experience, and who would hire me in this economy?” She said as she bent over to rub her dog’s ears giving me the answer to the question I have had since I helped her catch the dog. Her nipples were eraser sized and light brown.

Thinking fast, or maybe not thinking, I said “I might can find some work for you to do. I have been looking to open my office in town for a few days a week. If you think you might like being my assistant. Maybe we can work out a deal.”

“Oh thank you!!” She squealed. “That would be great!”

The next thing I knew she was pressed against me giving me the hug of my life. I’m sure she was saying something, but all I could do was pull her closer and enjoy the feel of those nipples pressing into me.

When she finally let go I told her that it was up to her parents to say yes or no. She agreed and said she would ask them as soon as they got home. I spent the rest of the day going over in my mind what I would, or rather, what I wouldn’t do. Could I bring myself to make a move on my daughter’s best friend? How would I do it? What would happen if she said no? Even more scary, what would happen if she said yes?

The next morning I was having breakfast with my family before they headed off in their various directions. I had already brought the subject of hiring Jennifer to my wife, Gabby, and she thought it would be a great idea. Gabby thought I needed a new challenge, and reopening my downtown office would be good for me. When Gabby brought up the idea of a new challenge I almost could feel myself turning red from embarrassment, but I also felt myself getting hard from the “new challenge” I really was after.

Within 10 minutes of my wife leaving I heard a soft knock on the kitchen door, and there stood my fantasy, or my nightmare, I haven’t decided. Not knowing where this would lead I opened the door and let Jennifer in. She was dressed in her usual shorts, but today she also had on a low cut halter top that showed off more than her youthful C cup tits.

Once inside Jennifer told me she had asked her parents and they said it would be fine with them if she worked for me. She said they also told her not to take advantage of our families’ friendship.

We both set at the table drinking coffee while I explained my investment company in general terms to her. I noticed the whole time she was running a finger around the top edge of the coffee cup with a smile on her face. I kept finding my gaze moving from her green eyes down her body to her tits. I tried, and thought I was doing a semi decent job of hiding it. I know I was glad to be sitting at a table because my body wasn’t hiding the reaction she was having on me. I had gone from a semi hard cock, to a rock hard cock in less than a minute. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my mind as I talked to her.

Then Jennifer stopped me and said “can I ask you a question Mr. Roberts?”

“Sure” I replied.

Moving the coffee cup out of her way she leaned across the table and said “Do you want me? I mean I saw the way you looked at me yesterday, and the way your eyes are roaming over my body today tells me that there is more to this job than being your assistant.”

Stunned, I just set there. I could feel my face turning every shade of red, and I had no idea how to respond.

Jennifer, sensing this said “Don’t be embarrassed. I’m flattered, and more than a little turned on by the idea of being with my best friend’s father.”

With that Jennifer pushed back her chair and stood up. She helped me turn my chair away from the table and looking down at me smiled before telling me that we would have to make this a quick one because she had an early class.

The next thing I know Jennifer had slid down between my knees and was pulling my pajamas I was still wearing down. Once my cock popped out she said something about how this job is going to be very fun. She then reached up and gave my cock a couple quick strokes with her soft hands. Sliding up and down my shaft and letting her thumb slide over the head. My cock went from hard, to like a steel beam in a blink of an eye. I didn’t think it could get any harder. Until she leaned down and ran her tongue across the head. I thought I was going to explode with that move alone, but then her lips closed around the head and I felt like I was in another world.

Looking down there was my daughter’s 20 year old best friend between my knees. My cock sliding into her warm, soft mouth. Her lips wrapped around my cock. Her tongue dancing and stroking my cock as it slid in and out. I finally moved my hands from the arms of the chair, that I had been gripping the entire time, to stroke Jennifer’s long blonde hair. I pulled her hair back so I could see her face as she gave me a blow job, She looked up into my eyes and she sank all the way down on my cock. Swallowing every bit of it until her nose was pressed against me. Then she started doing something that I had never experienced. She started swallowing while my cock was buried in her throat and the sensation was incredible. The next thing I knew I could feel my cock expanding. I grabbed Jennifer by her hair and held her as my balls exploded, sending one shot of cum after another down her throat. Jennifer didn’t miss a beat as she kept swallowing every last drop. As the flow subsided she pulled slowly off my cock. Her tongue making sure to catch the last remaining drops before she leaned back on her knees and looked at me with a wicked grin, and I collapsed in my chair.

“Holy shit Mr. Roberts. That was fucking awesome!” She said.

All I could do was look down at her and smile. To be honest, I was so out of breath that I couldn’t speak anyway. Sensing this she got up off the floor and set in my lap. She wrapped her arms around me and leaned in to give me the deepest french kiss I have ever had. Our tongues doing a magical dance. I slid my hand in her top to get a feel for those tits that started all this. As I captured her nipples between two fingers and played she broke the kiss.

“I hate to do this, but I really do have to go. I can’t miss another class” She said as she slid off my lap and exposing my growing cock. She laughed as she looked down “Jesus Christ Mr. Roberts. Don’t you ever get enough? You are going to have to save that for our first day of work. “

With that she was out the kitchen door and I was left there thinking about my plans. I had an idea, but I didn’t know if it was too kinky for Jennifer or not. After this morning I was thinking we would be a perfect match.

In her modern-style office Jennifer was standing at her desk. The young woman was still working at a document for a new order and wanted to finish this before heading home in about two hours. It was a Friday afternoon and all colleagues had already left for the weekend.

Her tight little ass stuck into a short black skirt. Normally she is always wearing short clothes, it was summer and very hot outside. Jennifer can afford to wear tight dresses. Her young body was nothing you better hide. Started at her feet with white painted nails in a pair of high-heels, her long and shaved legs, her well formed hips and this simply great ass, her big breasts with nipples you could see even through her bra under the tight white top up to her pretty face: Her brown eyes, her little nose and her sweet lips suited perfect with her long dark hair.

She was totally concentrated at her work and did not hear the door to her office being opened.

Slowly a person was sneaking up to her from behind enjoying this fantastic view. This cute little ass Jennifer was holding in his direction, moving from left to right while working on her document.

When she was leaning forward you could almost see her nice black slip.

Suddenly Jennifer was grabbed at both hands at the same time. The stranger was holding her hands on the desk in front of her and was standing real close behind her. She could not move anymore. He was holding both hands with his left and putting his right hand between her legs. Before Jennifer could realize what was happening you could hear her slip being torn and falling to the ground.

Jennifer was paralyzed. She didn´t even move. The stranger turned her around. He put one arm around her and looked her deep in the eyes. And suddenly she felt like… uhhh. Could it be that she liked this situation? His hand wandered over her skirt, then slipped slowly between her legs, his eyes still fixed on hers. Jessica felt shivers down her spine. She didn´t know what was happening to her. The stranger told her to stand up. Slowly he pulled her skirt down, then started to kiss her neck tenderly.

Soon his hand moved between her legs and slowly caressed her pussy. He threw her onto her desk. While his one hand was playing around with her pussy, the other one went to her titties, pressing them softly. Jessica moaned silently. Slowly he put one, then two and finally three fingers into her pussy that was already getting wet. This time her moaning was louder. As he touched her clit with his tongue Jennifer grabbed his head with her hand. She moaned: “Oh yes, further…” Then he stood up and undressed himself. His cock was already hard as a rock, ready to get treated by Jessica in the right way. And so she took his cock into her mouth, licking, caressing and blowing like she used to do it for her boy-friend. The stranger obviously enjoyed her treatment and moaned. He grabbed Jessica und told her to turn around.

“I cannot like that!” Jennifer thought, but – she got soaking wet immediately.

The stranger was rubbing his fingers at her dripping wet pussy, spreading the juices from her pussy over her tight little ass. He was spitting on it, spreading this wetness and driving her completely wild this way. At her ass she felt the top of his hard cock, finding his way into her tight little ass hole!

She whispered silent sounds of pain as he drove his cock into her ass inch by inch. It did not take him long until he was in with his full length. Her face was showing her pain. Her eyes were closed, she was biting her lip and her breath got heavy. He took his dick out of her for about ¾ of his full length, just to drive it back in. It worked quite well. As he was back in he was able to fuck her well. “Not that heavy, please” she moaned. Her words just made him go faster and stronger. With every move his body smashed onto her ass while he went on pushing his prick into her ass as far as he could.

The whole situation got him so hot he could feel his orgasm coming near after about three or four minutes of fucking her tight little ass. He damned her ass being so tight and the whole situation being so great. He´d rather had been fucking her sweet ass another 30 minutes or so. Shame on him his orgasm came nearer as an unstoppable wave.

Then the wave crashed on the shore. He drew his cock out quickly, turned around her and placed his cock right into her mouth.

He was shooting his full load into her mouth that she held wide open, as if she was paralyzed. After she had swallowed every little drop he gave her, she sat on the desk, not moving anyway.

As soon as he had appeared out of nowhere, he was gone.

Jennifer was afraid, so she did not tell her boy-friend or anybody else what had happened.

On the following Friday she wanted to leave for the weekend in the afternoon, but her boss gave her some extra work to do that would keep her in the office until the evening.

As all her colleagues had left one after the other, Jennifer started to feel not too comfortable.

All the time Jennifer was thinking about what had happened last Friday.

And again she was alone in the office on a Friday afternoon. She could not really concentrate on her work. In her mind she saw again and again what she went through with this stranger. And unable to avoid this she got really hot with these thoughts.

After a while Jennifer’s hand went under her skirt and between her legs. She felt her own heat and the nearer her fingers came to her pussy, the hotter she got. Jennifer closed her eyes.

Highly excited her body shivered as her fingertips touched the thin silk of her slip over her pussy lips. Jennifer moaned silently. She was so focused on herself and her lust that she did not recognize the door to her room being opened silently.

Jennifer leant on the edge of her desk and showed her hot ass to the visitor she had not recognized until now. Someone could already believe as if she would play the scene that had happened last Friday again in her mind. Suddenly she felt these hands laying down on her ass and starting to caress it. Frightened she watched backwards just to recognize the stranger was back again. She turned around and stared at him in fear.

Without saying a word he stripped down her blazer and started to open up her blouse. She was not wearing a bra, so her naked tits jumped right into his face.

Jennifer was fighting hard against the stranger as his hands were grabbing her tight young tits and started to massage them tenderly but demanding. She felt her nipples erecting under his treatment. Her mind, her feelings for her boy-friend waiting at home for her return, told her No. “Don´t fight it sweetheart, I know that you want it.” She heard his deep hoarse voice whispering in her ear while the tip of his tongue was playing tenderly at her auricle. A shiver was running from her head to her toes. “You are mine. Just accept it.” His words were echoing inside her as his lips were wandering tenderly over her neck. Shortly after that Jennifer was completely naked. Before Jennifer really got through her confused thoughts the stranger started to please her erected nipples with his skillfully fingertips, kneaded them between two fingers and pulled them slightly. Jennifer’s nipples got harder then she had ever experienced with her boy-friend. She moaned slightly and felt her legs getting weak but the stranger grabbed her body and prevented her from falling down.

Jennifer’s nipples were rubbing yearning at the inside of his hands. She gasped and licked over her lips. She heard him giggle while she tried in vain to escape his arms of steel while his right hand was wandering over her slim belly.

His hand was moving down over Jennifer’s belly, his finger drawing circles around her pussy and entering Jenny’s wet cave entrance, just to move back immediately. His natural access to the most secret parts of her body, the extreme opposite in comparison to the always considerate carefulness of her boy-friend started a so far unknown fire in Jennifer. She shouldn´t let this happen. Wanted she to let it happen? Was this really happening? Or was she only dreaming?

If so then this dream seemed to be very real and just didn´t stop. Again and again Jennifer was pressing her legs against each other over her hand at her crotch and opened her thighs again. She gasped in her empty office. She wished the stranger had returned in reality!

Her daydream was over too soon. If not she would had cum and wouldn´t be lying moaning on her desk now, hot and unsatisfied. Jennifer wanted her orgasm now, there was no other way if she wanted to get the special tasks done her boss wanted her to do, she needed to get her head clear. But her thoughts were circling around the stranger again.

Some kind of noise brought Jennifer back to reality.

This is a rewritten version of Chapter 1 in the story of Tina’s abduction. Bit by bit I hope to rewrite each chapter over the coming months, and this time bring the story to a conclusion. It features the abduction and training of a young woman with the intention of selling her on into the sex industry. If the subject is likely to cause you offence, or you are under age, I would ask you not to read further. Otherwise read and enjoy.

Your comments would be appreciated.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

The snatch went smoothly. More importantly perhaps, it also went quietly; exactly the way they’d planned it should go. In a way Mason felt a tinge of disappointment that it had gone so easily.

For him the snatches were becoming mundane now, almost routine and he missed the raw edge of excitement he’d experienced when they’d taken some of the earlier girls, the fear that something could go wrong, and the consequences if it did. He gazed down at their latest prize and smiled at the thought of what they’d be doing to her in a couple of hours or so.

Tina Featherstone was her name, and she was a real looker, a natural-born English Rose. To be honest it was one of the main reasons they’d chosen her ahead of the others. The sphere of operations they operated in demanded that a woman’s looks were of paramount importance and Tina had them in abundance; the kind that could turn a man’s head with little effort on her part.

There was an easy, natural grace about her; a quiet dignity that seemed almost to lure men into taking a second glance even if they were with their wives or girl friends at the time. Assuming things went well, training her would be a real pleasure, and they should get a decent price for her when she finally went on the market.

That trim, athletic figure had gained Tina many an appreciative smile and her dark, shoulder-length hair framed an attractive face that sported a pair of brown eyes so deep in colour they could almost have been taken for black.

Quiet and unassuming, she had a great sense of fun and laughter came easily to her until the night she disappeared. Well, maybe disappeared isn’t quite the right word to use, given the circumstances, because Tina Featherstone was snatched off the street right outside her house for the sexual gratification and financial benefit of five grown men.

As far as they were concerned, Tina hadn’t disappeared at all. They would know exactly where she was from the moment they grabbed her until the moment she was sold on into the porn trade as a sexual plaything for the rich and famous. At least that was their intention, only this time things didn’t work out quite the way they’d hoped.

The snatch itself took place on an autumn evening a matter of minutes after darkness had descended on Walpole Road. The walk from the bus stop to her house was a short one, and despite the encroaching darkness Tina always felt a sense of safety this close to home.

The house would be there in front of her as she turned the corner, her younger sister Susanne would be full of life, as usual, and Ma would have her tea on the table in a matter of minutes. Pops should be home around seven and later in the evening she’d be meeting a few friends for drinks in town. Yes, as far as Tina Featherstone was concerned, life had much to offer.

It was hardly surprising then that she should have a smile on her face when she came round the corner and walked straight into the ambush. The large, white Hi-Top van was parked almost directly outside the house, its engine murmuring quietly, but Tina thought nothing of it until the shadows loomed up on either side of her.

Almost before she realised they were there a single, vicious punch swung low and caught her in the pit of her stomach. Her legs buckled and she doubled up in pain. When her mouth opened it was to gasp frantically for air, it was the only sound that escaped her lips during this initial stage of the assault. Even at close range the sound was little more than a sigh. Strong arms swept her off her feet and tumbled her through the van’s side door before slamming her down hard on the carpeted floor. Bodies piled in on top of her, pinning her down as the door slammed shut behind them, and the van pulled away from the kerb, disappearing quickly into the gathering gloom.

The abduction of Tina Featherstone might have been four weeks in the planning, but it had been carried out in seven short seconds and nobody realised she’d gone.

Inside the van Tina’s struggle for survival had begun. The moment she opened her mouth to scream, a ball-gag was pushed into it, forcing her jaws painfully wide and reducing her cries to a series of ineffective whimpers.

A bag of some loosely woven material was pulled over her head and secured round her neck. At least it allowed her to breathe, though she could see little of what was going on around her. Even so, she knew instinctively that these men meant her harm, and she fought them as best she could until powerful hands rolled her onto her back, seized her wrists and her ankles and stretched her out across the floor.

In this manner they sat in silence for several minutes, catching their breath and gazing down at the dim, shadowy figure of the young woman spread-eagled on the floor between them. They seemed to be waiting for something and it took the voice from the front seat to defuse the tension.

“Nobody saw a thing,” said the driver. There was a sense of excitement in his voice. “Looks like we took her clean guys. The bitch is ours, now we can do what the fuck we like to her.”

“Fuck being the operative word.”

Instinctively Tina stiffened; this was a different voice. Quiet, controlled and threatening, it whispered its words into her ear at close range. It was a voice she would learn to loathe in the coming days and weeks. She could sense someone leaning over her, though he was no more than a shadow through her mask. She jumped as a hand reached for her breasts, squeezing them hard as he continued to whisper his threats.

“Because that’s what we’re going to do with you young lady. Tonight we’re going to strip you naked and give you the biggest fucking of your life.”

A chorus of approval rippled its way around the van as Tina struggled to escape their clutching hands. It was always going to be a lost cause, and gradually her struggles slowed until she grew tired of fighting them and lay still once more. She half expected him to say more, to touch her up again, but he did neither and for several minutes, things went quiet again.

All five of them were absorbing the reality of Mason’s words, for his was the voice she’d heard. They were considering the parts each of them would play in the coming assault. At last they had another girl to lock away in their cellar; a new victim to be used and abused any way they chose. Tina Featherstone no longer had a life of her own for she belonged to them now, body and soul. For her the torment would be under way all too soon; for them the fun was only just beginning.

For tonight it seemed that Tina Featherstone wouldn’t be sharing drinks with friends in town after all. Instead she would find herself on the receiving end of a savage and sustained sexual assault for the perverted pleasure of her captors. Within a week, two at the most, they’d exercise total control over her, not only over her body but also her spirit, her very will to resist.

And yet they hardly touched her on the rest of the journey. It wasn’t a part of their game to start touching their victims just yet, and to do so would have meant flouting their self-imposed rules. Instead they allowed her to lie there on the floor in the semi-darkness and listen as they told her exactly what they were going to do to her as soon as they got her into the cellar.

There were no rules against talking to her, and in some ways that was worse than the touching. For the rest of the journey Tina was forced to lie there, and listen in growing horror as the quiet, threatening voices explained to her exactly how the rest of her evening was going to be spent. It made painful listening.

Sharing a few drinks with her friends in town was a definite non-starter it seemed because Tina was on her way to a party. To be precise, Tina was the party, and the excitement in their voices grew stronger as they described the different ways in which she would be used to satiate their sadistic pleasure. Descriptions that grew ever more personal and specific the longer the journey went on.

Tina wasn’t a virgin; not technically speaking anyway. But neither was she the sex-hungry whore they were making her out to be. Just as they’d intended it should, her fear grew stronger with every passing moment. It was the opening gambit of a well-honed training programme, for past experience had shown them that a truly frightened woman was less likely to risk their anger by doing something stupid.

Before tonight, Tina’s sexual experiences had been pretty limited. They could have been counted on the fingers, (and thumb) of one hand, and to be honest none of them had been all that satisfactory. Hurried, fumbling fucks in the front seat of a car had been about par for the course, and she’d been disappointed with every one of them. Yet she was a normal, healthy young woman and felt sure there had to be more to sex than she’d experienced so far.

But not this; not the mindless, violent assault they were talking about now. Her body moved uneasily across the floor, and she curled into a tight, protective ball. Right away they rolled her onto her back again, and straightened her limbs.

“Don’t do that,” said the quiet, threatening voice. “Not unless you want to get hurt. You’ve got such a nice body on you, it would be a shame to get it damaged at this early stage.”

They seemed very relaxed, but why shouldn’t they be? Unless her middle name was ‘Houdini’, the only place Tina would be going tonight was down into the cellar beneath the big house, and the whispered threats continued with hardly a break for the best part of two hours. By the time their journey came to an end, Tina was shaking in fear; tears were flowing freely beneath the hood and she’d peed herself. She might have been scared, but she was also angry. Very angry.

‘How dare they treat her in this way?’ She thought. ‘They had to be a bunch of inadequate shits to threaten her with the kind of things they were talking about. Things they’d never dare to do with their wives or girl friends. Fucking queers every one of them, they just had to be.’

In a way the gag in her mouth did her a favour at this point. Tina was a feisty, independent young woman and, despite the situation she was in, she’d have made her feelings known if they’d given her half a chance, and probably taken a beating for her trouble. Instead she was forced to lie there in the darkness, listen and think.

The images conjured up by their words were too terrible to contemplate yet she couldn’t get them out of her mind. Rape was the word they were threatening her with, over and over again. ‘We’re going to rape you sweetheart, rape you, rape you, rape you… and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.’ They must have whispered the words into her ear a hundred times and, slowly but surely, they turned every woman’s worst fear into Tina Featherstone’s personal nightmare. What made it worse was the certain knowledge that they were right — there really was nothing she could do to stop them.

The thing she found most disturbing was the manner in which they’d taken her off the street; with speed and precision. There’d been no panic or uncertainty in their actions, and the disciplined way they were sitting with her now merely added weight to her concerns. All of them were highly sexually charged, yet not one of them had tried to touch her up after that brief, initial exploration of her breasts.

No one had reached a sly hand inside her top for a quick feel of those breasts, and no one had groped between her thighs for a handful of free pussy. Not that she could have done anything about it if they had, but hell, you couldn’t expect a night’s clubbing these days without that sort of thing happening three or four times.

Tina had few illusions that these men wouldn’t carry out their threat. They’d made their intentions clear from the start, whilst letting her know they weren’t too fussy about hurting her if that’s what it took. It was all a part of their sick little scene; making sure their victims understood exactly what would be expected of them when the van reached the end of its journey.

“We’re going to have a bit of fun with you sweetheart, that’s all,” was the way one of them described it to her, “because that’s what we do with our women. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.”

There was something in his voice that suggested Tina’s enjoyment was a long way down their list of priorities and as far as she was concerned, it didn’t sound like a lot of fun for her. The more she listened to the quiet confidence in their voices, the more she came to realise that she wasn’t the first girl they’d abducted in this way. These bastards knew too well what they were about; they must have done this kind of thing before. Even Tina would have been shocked if she’d known how many times.

Back on Walpole Road they didn’t get really worried until her Dad got home from work. Then they rang round a few of her friends; even tried her boss at home, but nobody could remember seeing her after she’d left work. Tina Featherstone had been missing for more than three hours before her parents finally rang the police and, to be honest, the men in blue didn’t seem all that interested.

Attractive twenty-year-old women were going missing every day they said. It was a fact of life, something to do with their hormones apparently, and their need to be always on the lookout for new experiences. They usually turned up safe and sound after a day or two with a smile on their faces, and a guilty secret in their hearts.

This apparent disinterest on the part of the West Yorkshire police force had little direct bearing on Tina’s fate. A full hour before her parents had made their call, she was a hundred miles away; locked in the rambling suite of rooms beneath the big house. In a very short time the assault on her would get under way, and Tina Featherstone would learn the true meaning of hell.

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