young guys


My Darling Tom,

Thank you for your letter

I too am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and I am really looking forward to you making love to me. Since you encouraged me to have fun with your friends I have really enjoyed my and our sexual adventures and I know sharing these has not only excited you but made us feel closer together.

As you know while I thank you for being faithful when you are away — as you will have stored up lots of passion , desire and semen – you know I don’t insist on as I gave you the freedom to have fun while you are away. However I too have not over indulged in fact I have only been out on three nights.

I had thought I would cheer myself up with a bit of ‘retail therapy’ and go into town to get a couple of nice sexy things for you coming home. I wasn’t really looking for any action and dressed simply in tight sweater & jeans and my suede over the knee boots. I noticed a couple of young guys in their early twenties check me out as I parked the car and heard them make a couple of typical comments — about my rear and my boobs and the fact that I was braless. You know I now find such interest good for the ego but thought nothing more of it, until I was coming out of one of the dress shops and they were standing chatting to another guy. They smiled and said hello and I smiled back before heading for the lingerie store where I got a top you will actually love — as it leaves little to the imagination.

I had to smile when I came out of the shop to find them outside and they took this as an encouragement to invite me for coffee. I was both amused at their cheek and of course flattered , as they were two handsome fit looking six footers. And of course I had never been ‘picked up’ in a shopping centre before.

They were both 21 and final year students at uni, but surprisingly confident. They declared that they much preferred older women. Rick, the more forward rather proudly admitted he had been out with a woman of 33! Alan, was less confident and admitted that he just had a thing about older women — especially their figures!

I wanted to shock them so I asked what they thought was so good about my figure and was, myself, a little shocked when they told me in quite graphic terms! Apparently they loved the fact I had big breasts and wasn’t afraid to show them and my nipples off by not wearing a bra, they loved my big womanly rear, and my thighs and Rick rather cheekily said and what’s between them! In short they made it very clear that they did really fancy me. Of course I was flattered when they invited me out for drink that night and they looked so crestfallen when I said they were far too young to be looking for a date with a mature married lady, that I agreed I would meet them- but only for a drink.

I said I would meet them in town but Rick rather cheekily said that if it was only for an innocent drink then they would pick me up from home. As I hadn’t intended to do anything I agreed to it. But he was such a cock sure guy that I thought I would tease them a bit by wearing something a little bit ‘over the top’.

I was surprised that on the dot of 7.45 a rather sporty mini cooper pulled into the drive way and Rick very handsomely turned out in a smart jacket , white shirt and slacks came to the door. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw what I was wearing — you know my white sheerish crossover blouse , the very short little flared mini skirt that you like and the short black jacket that you like me to wear because it ‘doesn’t hide my bum. ‘ The ‘wow’ said it all and as he escorted me down to the car and held the door open I could see Alan who was in the back was equally impressed.

As I slid into the low front seat my short skirt road up to give both guys a flash of my stocking tops and suspenders and as the compliments flowed I could see the way I had dressed was a huge hit with my escorts.

They said they were going to drop the car off at their flat in town because they were taking me to a uni do in a pub and they both would be drinking but they would organise a taxi home for me.

They dropped the car off at quite a smart block of apartments — apparently Alan’s parents are loaded and were so well organised they had a taxi waiting. I think the driver was a little bit surprised to see that the guy’s date was a lot older than them and I saw him glancing back in his mirror at Rick and I sitting in the back. He wished us all a good night and as he did so I saw him wink conspiratorially at Alan as he paid him.

Initially I felt a little bit conspicuous amongst all the younger people in the pub because although some of the girls were in even shorter skirts than mine and were also braless, I appeared to be the only one wearing stockings and of course my boobs were much larger than theirs and so much more obvious.

After a few drinks, and as the pub was sufficiently far enough from the village that I was unlikely to run into anyone we knew, I relaxed enough to really enjoy myself and I was really quite flattered by some of the comments I heard and compliments I received , albeit some slightly crude, when I took off my jacket and got up to dance with the guys and some of their mates. What was even more flattering was that in a room full of gorgeous young girls that I received nearly a dozen requests for dates from some ‘drop dead’ handsome young guys.

The drink flowed and I always seemed to have a large G&T pushed into my hand by one or other of my dates or some other admirer. At c 1.00 when the bar closed I have to admit I was slightly the ‘worse for wear’ and happy to take the guys suggestion that we get a taxi and crash at their pad for the night rather than get the longer taxi ride home.

Alan had obviously organised the same driver but this time the two guys joined me in the back of the cab. Apart from a bit of banter about my assets and the odd hand on my thigh, boobs or rear, the two guys had been perfect gentlemen but I made the mistake of allowing firstly Rick and then Alan to ‘snog’ me and they took this as the ‘green light’ to go further. Their hands were everywhere and I ended up with my skirt pushed up , my boobs pulled out of my top and my pussy and boobs being very roughly groped as they rather fought over who was snogging me. When I came up for air I caught the driver’s eye in his mirror and realised that he was enjoying quite a show.

As you know since we started our sexual adventures I quite like to be watched so I thought I’ll give him something to look at. So as the guys got bolder and rucked my skirt virtually up to my waist I got busy releasing their hard young cocks. Things really heated up and by the time I felt the car stop and the driver said ‘ Sorry to disturb you but we’re here,’ I was almost totally exposed with boobs totally exposed and Alan groping them and my g string pushed aside and Rick’s fingers embedded in my pussy. While Alan pulled up his zip and got out to pay I disentangled myself from Rick’s fingers and hastily tried to cover myself but of course the driver got a right eyeful of my dangling boobs as I hastily got out the back and I saw him smile as Rick slid across the seat and putting his hand up my skirt grabbed a handful of butt. I suggested we move quickly to the apartment rather than have them grope me in the street.

I was glad there was no one in the building as by this time the guys were really up for it and were snogging and groping me as we waited for the lift. By the time we tumbled into the lift my skirt was up round my waist again and my boobs were out of my top. Although they were a bit rough it was flattering to hear them comment on my breasts, butt, thighs and my shaven pussy mound.

When I was rather propelled from the lift to their apartment door and through it into their lounge , it was obvious that I was not going to be made love to — I was going to be fucked. They quickly lost their trousers and I was faced with two large throbbing erections.

As you say since we experimented with other guys I have moved from liking cock to loving seeing the effect my body has on young guys’ erections and as you also say ‘ these don’t lie!’ For young guys to have these what guys had — rock solid throbbing erections must have meant they very much liked and wanted what they saw.

I know that you like me to describe my lovers’ cocks when you aren’t there — something to do with men having penile envy. Rick’s was similar to your own and indeed most cocks I have seen c7″ and similar sort of thickness to your own. Alan’s was a bit longer and thinner.

As you say I not only like seeing from their erections how much young guys want me but I now also almost crave the physical sensation of being ‘taken’ by hard bodied young guys with hard young cocks and to feel and take their desire and energy when they pump their climaxes into me.

I did enjoy my night with them, again as you say — young guys have much more stamina than you ‘old guys’ and I know they enjoyed having my mature body and the fact that I was a very willing partner. I will tell you again in more detail what we did and what they said when I see you but they enjoyed me giving them head, letting them ‘ tit fuck me’ and them ‘roasting me’. They also enjoyed kissing and licking my clit until I climaxed and I begged them to fuck me and riding my cunt front and back until it was sore — they really loved my big shaven pussy mound . Most of all I think they wanted my rear — I still can’t understand what it is that young guys find so attractive and desirable about a mature woman’s big rear. I always thought this was my worst feature but since we have played around I know that for a lot of guys, including yourself, that’s what they find most attractive about me. Rick admitted he had ‘buggered’ a few girls but none with ‘such a fantastic ripe big ass’ like mine and for Alan it was a number of firsts — first time he had a threesome, first time he had been with a mature woman and first time he had ‘put it up a woman’s butt’. It was also the first time he had been involved in dping a woman. He liked my rear so much , or else perhaps he thought it might some time before he found such a willing partner, that he was in it at least four times over the night’s action.

We got very little sleep and it was nearly twelve before I struggled out of bed, to have a shower , after a couple of late morning shags. They made coffee and then Alan drive me home.

I think we all had fun and I arranged to meet them again on Tuesday night . Once again I dressed to ‘tease and please’ in short skirt, stockings and see through top but after a few drinks and them showing me off to a few friends it was rather quickly back to their flat. As I said the three of us spent most of Tuesday night in bed and although their erections were as good and hard as the previous night their lovemaking was less frantic and more considerate and they seemed more interested in bringing me to orgasms and hear me asking for more cock than the rather rougher sex of the previous time. But of course ‘butt fucking’ me was a key part of the menu as Alan couldn’t seem to be able to get enough of it. As I had some business the next day I cut it short at c 2.30am and I was literally shagged out when I had to meet a customer on Wednesday morning. I had hoped for a relaxing evening that night but felt bad when Alan literally begged me to go with them to a party at a friend’s flat in a neighbouring block and agreed but only for a few hours.

When I arrived at their they said they liked the black sheer top I was wearing teamed up with black shiny leggings — the ones you say show my buttocks and pussy off to perfection but said they thought I would have worn a skirt as they loved me in stockings and suspenders. When we reached the party and I found that apart from two other girls I was the only female present in a room with around 15 guys. I realised that my dates may have led their friends to believe I was available to party.

When I said I thought the party was rather boring they suggested we either spice it up a bit in the bedroom with them and a few of their friends ‘who had been dying to meet me’ or I go back with them and a few of the guys for a more private party at their flat. They were a bit miffed when I declined and suggested that if they wanted any action it was just going to be a ‘quickie’ at their flat.

They took this a little too literally because when we got outside their friends flat they pulled me into the garden area and after snogging and groping me tried to pull my leggings down to fuck me there. I declined and although we had a reasonable session back at their place I felt they were rather disappointed that I hadn’t put out for their friends and that I told them my rear was off limits as you would be taking it on Friday.

I look forward to our lovemaking tomorrow night love and I will use hands, mouth and tongue to keep me you aroused . I will wear the corset that you think shows my buttocks off best and my rosebud is almost literally twitching at the thought of taking your cock. I can’t believe I refused to let you have my rear for so many years. Now I really love when you prepare to make love to me there — your long tongue circling my rosebud and probing it , then you putting the cool salve on before you enter me and me pushing back until you are completely in my rear ‘up to your balls.’ I love the feeling of those big full balls on my butt and the feeling I get when you deposit your ejaculate deep in my bowels. Of course I know that as well as making love to my rear you also like to ‘butt fuck’ me or bugger me especially after someone else has had me anally. And I suspect that is what you will do to me tomorrow night but its OK I don’t mind you being a little rough with me and it is obvious from your letter that you want to see me ‘fucked’ rather than being made love to if we go out on Saturday night.

If we go out on Saturday night I know you will enjoy my low cut see through corset top and the new 14″ mini. The latter shows off more than my stocking tops off when I walk – it actually shows a bit of bum cheek. I am very happy to go to any bar you choose and I am happy for guys to see my unbraed breasts and my nipples as I know it turns you on to see guys lust after me. I am also prepared to go out without my g string and if you want to flash my freshly shaven pussy.

As you know since you encouraged me to be more sexually adventurous and allowed me the freedom to have whoever I want whenever I want them, the corollary of that is my body is yours to use how you please and that includes showing me off in public, picking up other guys and if you want me to be fucked, by whatever guys you want to let have me.

So if it pleases you I am happy to go along with exposing myself and picking up a couple of guys or more than that up to a max of 3 or 4, from one of the rougher bars and let them fuck me in the car park. If you want me to take a lot of cock for a really rough sex session then I would find it preferable to have 3 or 4 guys ‘gang bang’ me at one bar rather than trawl a lot of bars. If it also pleases you I will not hold back and encourage them to take what they want including let them bugger me, use me like a whore and to fuck me as many times as they like. I know sometimes you like to see me be totally wanton and encourage guys to take my ass and sodomise me. I have to admit if I am in the mood I like this too but without lube there is just so much cock I can take I my rear.

However after you have seen me ‘rough fucked’ I would prefer if we could pick up someone nicer to take home for a good session. I know you find it exciting sometimes to see me treated like a slut or a whore by some strangers, but tomorrow I would prefer a more relaxed session at home with you and one or two others. If you go with me on this you won’t regret it.


July 2018
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