It all began with a photograph. A photograph of me I never remember being taken. It was a much younger me, back in college. Someone had snapped it while I smiled innocently towards the camera, totally unaware, and I had simply forgotten. And today, years later, it turned up on facebook, posted anonymously on some nostalgic college alumni page. And it would change my life forever.

I did a double take when the image first popped up on my screen. There he was — this incredibly attractive, blue eyed boy. Definitely my type. Slender, supple. He was wearing this tight dark blue T-shirt, showing off his tanned, well defined arms. His smooth skin, his mysterious gaze, and his full lips revealed a me, a Jack, who had yet to be touched by a woman. His expression was one of melancholy, but also held tones of mischief, and beneath that, untapped curiosity and hunger. It was as if he were looking right back at me across all these years. And I dare say, as I looked back into his inviting eyes, I felt a twinge of arousal.

The days went by. I kept my schedule busy… teaching twelve yoga classes a week. But when I got home, I would open that file, and just look at him. It was weird. It was taboo. I was falling for him. I was falling for me. This beautiful but impossibly distant creature.

I saw him for who he was: a lovely, innocent confused sophomore. His desires tamped down. His sexuality almost invisible to the rest of the student body. Even to himself. A virgin. I wanted to go back to then, and meet him. And teach him what he had been missing all along.

Today I know myself. It has been a long journey to this place. Plenty of wrong turns and mistakes. There had been several relationships with women, all of them ended badly. After a struggle and some deep self examination, I finally accept who I am. I’ve only dated a coupe of boys, but it feels right. I’m just a late bloomer. Still, it’s thrilling and liberating. Looking at my reflection in the mirror throughout the years, I always fancied what a great boyfriend I’d make. Amazing body. Arresting gaze. Very disciplined. Well grounded. I wondered what kind of kisser I was like.

One night, after coming home from a party, I was charged with sexual energy. No one had tickled my fancy at the event. I’d had a few drinks, and kept noticing my reflection through the crowd in the big mirror at the house. I was rather tipsy, and caught a taxi home. My skin felt electric beneath my tight jeans. My fingers kept traveling up and down my arms. I wanted to get home, and be with me. I hastily locked my front door behind me, ready to undress and romance my reflection, when I stopped. What was that glow? My computer was on. I was sure I had left it off. It was set to my facebook page, and that picture of my younger self was on screen, gazing wistfully back at me.

My heart skipped a beat. No one else could have pleased me more at that moment. Younger Jack looked equally pleased in some strange way. But it was the same photo… a male Mona Lisa — open to infinite interpretation. Or had it changed? I sat down and brought my face right up to the screen, right up to his face. I knew every pixel of the image now, having taken a swim in it every night now for several weeks. He looked the same. Or did he? The smile was slightly more pronounced. His skin was slightly more flushed. His gaze had just a hint more intensity. I felt my mouth go dry, at the same time, I felt my armpits go damp. What was happening to me? Was I experiencing some narcissistic psychotic breakdown?

I didn’t care. I started to touch myself. Slowly and tenderly as I looked into his (my) eyes. The arousal built quickly, in that pitched way that no one else could conjure. I had started doing this a few weeks back… No way in hell would I tell anybody, it was the height of taboo. I would climax while crying out my own name, groaning in ecstasy while trying in vain to lure him out of the screen. I would collapse, my smooth, toned, sweat drenched body gasping for air as the afterglow settled in. Unrequited love.

I stepped out of the shower, all cleaned up, ready for bed. I opened the bathroom door, but I stepped into a different room entirely. Big paisley tapestries adorned the wall. Snow and frost framed the window. A small empty bed in the corner… all too familiar. The muffled throb of a Pearl Jam tune came through the wall. I froze in place, taking in the impossible: I was standing in my room at college, twenty years ago. I took a deep breath. It even smelled like the past. The old floorboards, the slightly musty walls. But except for me, the room was empty. Its inhabitant, a far younger me, had already left for the day.

I figured it was just some alcohol induced dream. So what? There I was. My adult self, transported back to sophomore year. And not far off, was my 19 year old self. All I had was a towel. I couldn’t be found like this in my room, so I rifled through his (my) bureau) and got dressed — in clothes I hadn’t seen since the Clinton administration. They fit perfectly… All these years of yoga had paid off. I quickly made an exit into the hall and out into the snowy field of North Campus. There they were, all my classmates, as they were back then. I pulled my knit cap over my head, and drew the scarf around my throat. It was intensely cold. Up ahead, Amanda was chatting with Elizabeth. And over there was Bill and Ashton. I hadn’t seen them in ages! Then Melanie passed me on the path and waved right at me, smiling. I waved abruptly and trudged on through the snow. I hoped she wouldn’t notice anything different — in my gait or my posture. No one noticed anything. I was passing for the younger Jack (at least in heavy winter clothing!)

Then I heard a cry. “Jack!”

I froze. Tania, was running up to meet me. Her long blue scarf flowed behind her. What was I to do? I couldn’t run. She stopped right in front of me on the path, a big smile on her face, her breath steaming in the cold air. She looked right into my eyes. I was busted. I kept my scarf around my mouth.

“Fucking freezing out!” she said.

“Yeah!”, I replied, nodding sheepishly.

“Hey did you bring your book for Skiff’s class today? I left mine back at the room, and I’m never going to make it if I go all the way back.”

I looked down at my empty hands. “No. I forgot everything. Totally spaced! I’m skipping class today.”

Tania laughed. “You’re as bad as me Jack!” She giggled. Tania lived in the room adjacent to me. If anyone was going to notice, it would be Tania. I shuffled my chilly feet, looking for some sort of reply. The she furrowed her brow. “That is so strange.”


She looked back over her shoulder. “I could have sworn I saw you down at main campus a few minutes ago.”

A shudder passed through me.

“How could that be?” was all I could come up with.

“Yeah, and your car is already parked down at the Commons. What’s up with that?” She looked inquisitively at me. I was quickly trying to come up with a bullshit explanation.

“Either you run faster than any human alive,” Tania looked at me closely, then laughed “Or it’s your doppleganger!”

My mouth was dry now. “Well, I’ll have to track him down!” I said, pseudo jokingly, “Where did you see him?”

Tania gave an ironic wink. “Last seen at Kline Commons getting a coffee… But you know me. I was probably just hallucinating.” She took off, back to the dorm. I looked down the snowy road, towards Main Campus. “If you see him, give him a hug for me!” Tania yelled.

I stood there for a moment, trying to process this insane new reality. A flood of emotions passed through me. Anticipation, nervousness, fear, excitement. What if it didn’t work out? What if I was terribly wrong about my assumptions of Jack? Then I imagined the sensation of his lips on mine, our hands intertwining as we stole a kiss behind some snowy hedge… I knew him. I knew this was going to work. I headed for Main Campus.

The breakfast scene was just as I remembered it. It was like yesterday. It was weird — a world of college students — with no iPhones or iPads or blackberries. I was tempted to get my bagel and Capn’ Crunch and sit with the gang. Nostalgia filled every crevice. But I paused, remembering that I was on a quest… a hunt. And yet I was starving (and still a little drunk), so I went up to the counter and filled a plate with eggs and sausage. And there he was.

My younger self was five people ahead of me in line. My heart leaped. He must have left his coat at the table, because he was wearing a bright orange T-shirt and tight black jeans. And he was in true form. Those lovely arms, that slender back. I was mentally undressing myself from ten feet away. He looked lonely and pensive as he carried his tray back to his table. I followed, a safe distance behind, still in hat and scarf.

A whole bunch of his friends were coming down the hall right toward me! Todd, Jaylene, Ray, Julie and Elizabeth… all in one pack. They stopped and chatted with my younger self, fifteen feet ahead of me. I had to take evasive action. God, he looked cute though. I noticed how everyone was one happy gang. The group laughed. Aside from his undiscovered sexual self, Jack was a well adjusted, respected part of the campus community. Was I doing the right thing? Was I about to disrupt the life of an innocent young guy and throw everything into chaos? I wanted to awaken him. I wanted to comfort him. I wanted to help him discover himself earlier in life, and spare him the years of repression and denial. But what if there were unexpected consequences? My motives weren’t absolutely pure either.

The group waved to Jack and continued right towards me. I was a deer in the headlights. Fumbling with my breakfast tray I tugged my hat over my face. I walked over to the wall and stared at my feet. The group, chattering amongst themselves, somehow, miraculously, walked right past me without noticing. That was too close a call. I looked up. And there was Jack, waving back to his friends. His captivating smile. His big blue green eyes. His gaze passed over me. I turned my head and looked out the window, just in time. Had he seen me? A passel of students passed between us, and I slipped away.

Professor Skiff’s class was about to start. I felt like a stalker, following myself to class. I also felt like an impostor, here to mess with my destiny. I didn’t even know the way back to the present. Or if there even was a way back. So here I was, stuck in 1985, in someone else’s clothes. No money. No I.D. No choice but to go forward with the plan.

My younger self was in the second row, just as I remembered. I got a pretty good grade in Skiff’s class on quantum theory. There were no flasks, no frogs. It was strictly rocks for jocks, or in this case, science for stoners. I watched through the snow and ivy covered window. Skiff gesticulated wildly, his words flowing from behind that massive beard. He filled the blackboard with theorems and graphs, and squiggly arrows all pointing down some funnel. I remember this very class! He was postulating on the notion that one could travel through time. All you had to do was exceed the speed of light, and bend space, while passing through an impossibly small dimensional keyhole. It was all “theoretically possible”; his favorite phrase. I giggled to myself, thinking how I had just manifested a theory into reality.

I got back into the commons for dinner. The lunch lady in the back entrance waved me in, since I was a dead ringer for my younger self. At least I wouldn’t go hungry for the time being. I sat alone in a corner table, staring down at the all too familiar mystery burrito. Several tables away, Jack and his friends were eating. My ears perked up. They were discussing that days’ class.

“You could be in two places at once!”

“Well if that was possible, we’d already know.”

“Skiff’s lectures are fascinating, but it’s all fantasy”.

“No it’s not”.

“Jack, I could swear I’ve seen your twin on campus.”

The group laughed. My stomach clenched.

“You were at breakfast today right?”

“Of course, right at this table.”

“Well, Tania said she saw you up on North Campus.”

“Shut the hell up!”

“For real… Unless you can run 200 miles an hour without breaking a sweat, you were in two places at once.”

The whole table went “wooooo!”, somewhere between smart ass sarcasm and genuine fear. This couldn’t remain under the radar for long. Someone was bound to see us both, at once, and the whole universe would unravel. Or at least my life. I finished my meal, kept my back to the crowd, and headed back into the night, to “my dorm”.

I realized I had left my wet towel by his bed. An artifact from the future! There could be consequences.

The hallway was empty. I tried his door. Locked of course. I had nothing but my face to convince security that I had “locked myself out of my room and needed to get back in.”

“Yes, everything. My keys, my wallet, even my I.D. Stupid, right?”

George, the security guy, laughed. “Naah, we get at least seven or eight lock outs a day. I just never figured you’d be one of them.” I laughed to myself. Apparently I had the “responsible guy” reputation. George pulled out his ring of keys and let me into “my” room. This was workin way too well. I thanked him and closed the door.

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I trudged through the snow, thinking about Skiff’s class today, and the whole concept of overlapping time. Twice today my friends had told me they had seen my “twin” walking through campus. Once would be a funny fluke, but twice? What were the odds? The warm musty hallway of Manor was a welcome embrace after the winter chill. I had lots of reading to do, and looked forward to the cozy confines of my room. Tania passed me in the hall. She gave me a funny wink.

“Well you certainly get around.”

“What do you mean?”

She smiled. “Didn’t you just come down the hall, in your black sweater?”

“Huh? No. I’ve been in my orange parka all day. It’s freezing out there!”

“Yeah right… Or I’m tripping. But I’m not.”

“So what are you saying Tania? There’s another me walking around in my black sweater?”

“That’s what I saw. Unless you can change your clothes kung fu fast.” She gave me a playful karate chop to the arm. “See ya!”

I closed my door behind me and put my books on my table. So much reading, so much studying ahead. I passed the mirror on my wall. Oh, the distraction! There I was, all slender and sad and alluring. My assignment drifted away into the future. For now, I had to peel out of my clothes. My melancholy evaporated when I took in the sight of that honey colored boy. All smooth and toned. My heart started fluttering like it always does. Time to escape the world out there. All the fear and insecurity. I walked closer to the mirror. God he was cute. He would never hurt or betray me. I looked into his kind, hungry eyes. I felt myself getting a little hard. My fingers traced up my ribs and across my shoulder. So did my reflection. My other hand cupped my tight round bottom. His eyes were filled with desire and a sense of searching, wandering.. I always felt so disconnected out there in the world. In spite of my friends, and the girls who flirted with me, something was amiss. But right here , right now, I looked at this Jack in the glass, and felt this rush of fulfillment, completeness, and hunger. Goosebumps appeared on my arms. My breath quickened. I didn’t think I was gay… But maybe… I… at this moment, nothing mattered.

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I lay there, frozen, silent, trying barely to breathe. I had squirmed under the bed as soon as I heard his key turn in the door. Made it by the skin of my teeth. Thank God he didn’t find me. I’m just not ready to meet him. So I lay there under my bed, in my college dorm room, watching myself. It was more erotic than I ever imagined. I was a voyeur, gazing across the ages as my younger self undressed, and explored his blossoming beauty. My mouth grew dry and my heart quickened. Every time his fingers caressed his slender young body, I felt a slight shiver along the same part of me. It was as if we were electrically connected. He looked into the mirror and touched his right nipple. My right nipple tingled. Then his hand played lightly down his smooth belly and teased his hardening sex. A surge went through my body, and I arched up off the floor. I bit my tongue to hold back a whimper. By now he was making soft noises. His hand hungrily played along all the sweet spots I knew so well. But this was a boy who hadn’t truly discovered himself. At this early time in my life , this was a guilty pleasure, fiercely guarded, totally secretive. I remembered my fears in college. No one could ever know that I had this ritual. He indulged in the forbidden fruit of his reflection. I could actually remember this particular passionate session, years ago… one of many. He finished up with a beautiful climax. I watched, captivated, a voyeur who had just hit the Jack-pot. He let out one great sigh, infused with a not so restrained moan. God…. I wonder if Tania had heard “me” through the wall! As he cleaned up and prepared for sleep, I smiled to myself. I wanted so badly to kiss him.

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Quivering and gasping, I quickly went to the bathroom and dried myself off. And wiped the mirror off. Yes, I had come against it. In the last frenzied moments, I couldn’t help myself, and went right up against the glass, rocking and squirming like a fish out of water. I had just discovered this amazing technique a few weeks ago. It got better every time. It was starting to scare me a little. I was often late to class, and my concentration on my studies was waning. I would find excuses to break with friends and come back to my room early just so I could undress and become one with that smooth perfect boy in the mirror. My lover, trapped behind the glass. Oh! But in spite of these ecstatic little Jack-trysts, I couldn’t bear the thought of anyone finding out. I would be ostracized. Even in the relatively gay friendly environment of college, this was going too far. It was my ultra secret. And it was painful that I couldn’t share it with anyone.

I looked in the bathroom mirror. It only showed me from the waist up, (as opposed to the wall mirror in my bedroom) but I still got that little shiver again. I was just looking up into his face, when I heard a sound. Like a door closing, right in my room! That was weird. I cautiously opened the bathroom door, and peeked back out into my bedroom. All was quiet and dark. But I sensed something. Like a presence had been in my room just minutes before. I checked my front door. It was closed, but unlocked! Still naked, I cracked open my front door. The hall was empty. Just muffled laughter and music from other dorm rooms. I slammed and locked my door. Oh Christ, someone had been in here? Or had I just forgotten to lock the door when I arrived an hour ago? I scanned my room to make sure that nothing had been stolen. Everything was in place. But that was even worse! If someone had snuck into my room an hour ago, not to steal anything, but to spy… —-!!! I looked over at myself in the wall mirror. Oh my God. I’ve been outed! Someone was out there telling the world. My life was changed. I would be marked as a pervert, a weirdo. But maybe they liked what they saw. After all, it was a pretty amazing session. “Shut up Jack!” I said to myself. I was just making this all up. I was paranoid. I had just forgotten to lock my door. The world tomorrow would be the same as yesterday. Then I noticed my sweater missing from my chair.

In the next room, Tania lay quietly on her side. She had heard those noises from Jack’s room again. Sweet soft moans. It was her guilty pleasure — every time the sensual sounds starting up next door, she put everything down, and just listened. He was so cute – she thought – but he never had a girlfriend. She’d never seen him with anyone romantically. He was an odd creature. Who was in there with him, making such passionate love?

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I found a desk on the top floor of the library. The lights were just being turned out. Security had left. I was alone. I’d have to sleep here. At least it was warm, and no one would find me until morning. Wrapped in my younger self’s stolen sweater, my mind started racing. I was suddenly in 1995. I had no money, and I was starting to get hungry. Would I have to resort to stealing? I laughed to myself. Such a crazy predicament. Not to mention possibly destroying the space time continuum. I looked around at the deserted desks, the narrow moonlit stacks in the library attic. This is where I came to study years ago. This was my little cove, when I needed to finish off a challenging paper or crunch for finals. This was where I would silently run my hand up under my shirt and trace my smooth flat belly… I remembered it well. My younger me was even more appealing than I expected. If I was going to eat, if I was going to drink, if I was going to stay alive… I would have to meet him — tomorrow. And this was the perfect place!

Next morning, I showered at the gym (two days of grime slid off of me with warm soapy caresses. I was sparkling clean. After all, I want to be presentable when I meet my hot date. I went into the Commons once more as “me”, grabbed a Danish and wolfed it down. Then I went up to the library.

He was already up there, getting an early start on his studies. Alone, in the furthest alcove at the end of the gloomiest aisle of books. The radiator was creaking and cranking away, the air was dry and warm. His back was to me. I soft shoed towards him, watching him breathe as he read. His blue T-shirt stretched tightly over his muscular back… an angle I never got to admire. His beautiful, tormented form. My heart went out to him. And then he looked up from his book… staring straight ahead. I stopped in my tracks. I had nowhere to go. He turned around slowly in his chair. The back of his head became his profile. His eyes turned in his head as he came all the way around. We saw each other for the first time. There was no alarm. The room actually got quieter. For a full minute we just stared at each other, wordlessly. His mouth relaxed slightly, as if he were about to say something. My breath quickened. His eyes traveled down my body, sizing me up, checking me out.

“Am I dreaming?” he asked.

“Maybe I’m dreaming”, I said back. He swiveled all the around in his chair. He quickly looked right and left, to make sure there was no one else around. Then he stood up. “Jack?”, he asked, almost breathless with amazement.

“Yes… Jack.” I said back, warmly.

That Mona Lisa smile appeared on his face. His soft blue eyes let their guard down. It was as if he had been expecting me. I stepped closer. He stood up. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. His face was getting flushed, just like in the photograph back on my computer.

“Everyone else has seen you already”, he said, his eyes locked onto mine. “They were joking about it throughout the day. I didn’t believe them.”

“They weren’t joking”, I said, stepping closer. “Here we are.” I giggled… “Or… Here I both am.”

He reached out with his left hand and touched my face. His fingertips were like electricity upon my cheek. “I just had to touch — to see if you were a ghost, or a hologram, or some long delayed remnant of that acid I dropped a month ago.” I felt my loins begin to stir. His fingers traveled down my neck, along my throat. “You’re wearing my sweater.”

“Yes Jack. I’m sorry, I had nothing to wear”

“So that was you in my room last night.” The slightest upturn on his lips. “I’ve been stressing out all morning that someone had broken into my place and stolen something, or worse — seen what I do every night.”

“Your secret is safe with me.” He knew that I watched his entire “ritual”. It was as if we had the same memories. Because, of course, we did.

Our gazes upon each other deepened. But behind his seductive front, I saw his tender fragile side.

“So, are you my — what is it – my doppleganger?

“No. I am an older version of you.”

“But you look exactly like me — how is this even possible?” He sized me up. “So how much older?”

“All I can tell you is, I have already graduated, and gone out into the world. There’s a lot about me you’ve yet to discover.”

“I’m sure there is.” He was looking me over like he was mentally undressing me.

My right hand reached forward and traced his smooth cheekbone. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. ‘Here we go’, I thought. My hand traveled involuntarily down his neck, along his shoulder, caressing the ever so smooth bicep of my younger self. Our hearts were beating loudly in our chests as we drew nearer. His other hand reached up under my sweater, and my shirt. My muscular belly goosebumped at his fiery touch. He grinned slightly.

“Wow. You’ve been taking care of me.”, he said.

Between breaths I managed to say “Ten years of teaching yoga. But there’s more.”

His hand traveled around my waist. My caress on his left arm became a grip. Our breath synchronized. “I’m sure there’s lots more”, he said in a husky voice. The chemistry was approaching combustion in this dusty alcove. This shy boy was suddenly completely free, in touch with his seductive power. And he was turning it upon his older self. I was the one who had instigated this whole scandalous mission, and he was taking the initiative. He looked so lovely in his newfound confidence. But what about the ramifications of changing my past? A flicker of caution entered my mind. I had no memory of this happening to me. So how could it be happening?

“Jack, we’re making a profound choice. It could change everything”.

His hand spidered up my belly to my smooth chest. His eyes were wide and hungry. “Well then, maybe a change for the better.”

And then our lips were upon each other. The world vanished around us. Fireworks danced behind my tightly shut eyes . Our tongues invaded each other. He tasted faintly of caramel and vanilla. Our hands played along each others’ backs. I grabbed a handful of his hair, and tugged. He let out a small whimper. This only aroused me more. I opened my eyes and was looking right into me. How could this feel so perfect? The desire re-ignited and our mouths crushed together. I could feel his hardness against mine. Our hips started grinding and my kisses traveled down his jawline to his neck. His left leg wrapped around mine and we almost lost our balance! Then I twirled him around and pressed him up against a row of books. Delicious, unsavory thoughts swirled into my head.

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

He pressed his pelvis into my backside. His arousal rocked and probed against my jeans. The heat and strength of my older “me” filled me with such swooning vulnerable pleasure, I arched my back and let out a heavy throated moan. His mouth was upon my nape, kissing and biting. His hand played down my back and squeezed my ass. Then his fingers reached around and found my belt buckle. I had never been so hard. My face pressed into a row of books. Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Capricorn” swam into and out of focus on the spine of the nearest book as my older self undulated against me from behind. The dusty smell of old books mingled with the scent of our passion. I was melting in his arms. I was ready to surrender completely. And just as older Jack started to undo my zipper — footsteps and voices approached on the stairwell!.

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My younger self vanished into the stacks. Several girls – Erica, Andrea and Tania, were busy chatting as they entered the seemingly empty top floor. They were laden with books, preparing to study for some big exam.. I was flushed and breathless, standing there like a deer in the headlights. They looked over at me with moderate surprise…

“My oh my, Jack, you look like you just ran twenty flights of stairs!” At this point I had to just assume they thought I was the younger me. So I went with it.

“Thirty flights actually. I’m practicing for the Empire State Building stairwell race” I joked.

They laughed. Tania looked at me knowingly. “So is this your private study? Is this where the mysterious Jack disappears off to during the busy day to write his masterpieces?”

“It’s the best place to focus. No one ever comes up here.”

“Ooooh” said Erica, “So you want us to leave you alone? In your ivory tower?”

I blushed. The bulge in my pants was still there. I grabbed a large book off a shelf and held it over my midsection. “No! My place is your place. Please stay, and have a drink.”

Evidently my dry sense of humor was a dead match for my younger self. Tania Andrea and Erica all sat at the big wooden table in front of me and put their books down. They thought I was cute. I felt that old shyness start to return. Tania asked me about the random book I was using to cover my still rock hard self. I came up with a quick explanation… about my interest in Medieval Illuminated manuscripts (of which I knew nothing). “Well you could use a little company” Andrea said, her big brown eyes searching mine. I was playing myself flawlessly. They flirted. I made jokes. And all the while I wondered where “I” had gone.

I excused myself from the big desk of girls, to “bring my books over from the corner” so we could study together. Once I was free of them, I started wandering the stacks. My lovely Jack had vanished like the wind. I knew he was terrified of being discovered (those were my own memories) and I was concerned he has panicking now. We had opened up a rift in the time continuum. The narrow aisles of books revealed no Jack-in-hiding. But at the end of the darkest aisle, I saw his books! He had left them behind in his hasty departure. Oh where was he, my caramel and vanilla kiss?

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was walking briskly through the chill air towards the coffee shop. My God! What just happened back there? I was completely captivated by this Jack, this older me, and my inner compass was spinning. Ghostly doubts and fears and uncertainties were evaporating. That shyness that always gripped me in the presence of flirtation — it was no more. But I wanted no one else. He was the one. I was still swollen down below as I played out that kiss. That’s when I almost collided directly with Elana.

“Jack! Woah that was close! We could have injured each other!” She smiled, Elana was this dark eyed Syrian girl. I had a huge crush on her last year, but she never gave me the time of day. I remember feeling infatuated, and frozen by shyness. Now I looked at Elana, and that was like a million years ago.

“Elana! Sorry. I’m a little lost in thought. You know how that goes.”

“Yeah. Finals approaching. I’m swamped.”

She had no idea! But Elana was looking at me funny.. Her mouth curled into a smile.

“Where’d you get that?” She pointed to the raised red oval on my neck. Her indifference to me had done a 180. I brought my finger up to it. Still sore.

“Nice hickey there Jack. Doesn’t look more an hour old.”

“Not even an hour”, I said back with a slight grin.

“Well well… Who’s the vampire?”

“You’d never guess.”

“I didn’t think you had it in you Jack. Honestly, you always came off as …. Asexual?

I blushed. “Me? No… Not really.”

Elana brushed her finger against my hickey. “That’s a doozie. So you’re getting some action Jack!” Now she was interested in me, because I was “getting some” How ironic.

“Come on…. Who is she?”

“She?” was all I could blurt out.

“Oh. Is it a ‘he’?” Elana raised her eyebrows. I felt a butterfly turn in my stomach. Now she was really intrigued. “Come on Jack. I promise I won’t tell anyone.” I was trying to make up a name, just to satisfy her curiosity. Then I decided to tell her the truth.

“I gave it to myself”.

Elana laughed. “Don’t bullshit me. Unless you have the most flexible neck on earth.” She seemed to back down. “Okay Jack I don’t mean to be so pushy. I’m just curious.”

“I’m telling you Elana, you’d never guess.”

She started up towards the library. She turned back, smiling. “Well you’ve got my imagination going. Whomever she is… or he is, they’ve got good taste!” And Elana turned and headed up the hill. Great! I pined for her a whole year and nothing. Now she admits that she liked me all along. Well, too bad. I’ve met someone else.

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I scrawled a note and left it in my younger self’s book.

“Jack. Where are you? I promise I won’t tell anyone. They all thought I was you… No bullshit. No one suspects a thing. You are safe. By the way, you are an amazing kisser. When will you be back at your room? Love, Me.”

I left it, as a bookmark, right in the chapter on relativity. He would find it, I was sure. I zipped up his book bag, and left everything in place. I walked out the back stairs of the library. It was warming up outside. A quiet day. Several students were bravely wearing shorts and tossing a frisbee around in the snow. As if to coax spring into an early blossom. Where was he? Maybe I triggered a nervous breakdown. Maybe he was just mad at me. Or he was scared… and needed some space. God — I was feeling all the symptoms of a new relationship — insecurity, longing, warmth between my legs. But there was one missing link… if this was truly happening, I would remember it, right?. So what was going on? Maybe time folded upon itself like some M.C.Escher staircase, and the past was erasing itself from my memory with every new action I was taking. I was truly fucking with history!

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I would wait in the coffee shop for a while, then go back and get my books at the library. I couldn’t let anyone see us both. I wanted to be with myself right now, and feel that warm strong passionate familiarity. He knew exactly what I liked. But I also had to avoid him, for fear of opening a Pandora’s Box of scandal. Tugging my collar up over my hickey, I got a coffee and looked out the window. I couldn’t help thinking ‘I’m going to be a yoga teacher in the future’! I wanted to know more about my new ‘boyfriend’…. We would have to arrange a rondez vous. But first, I had to retrieve my books out of the library. Those dusty stacks would never be the same.

< <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was getting a little depressed. No sign of my younger self. And I was getting hungry. Having no I.D. and no money was becoming less of a novelty, and more of a creeping danger. Part of me wanted to get back into that warm shower and travel home, to the present. But was that “home” anymore? Had I already obliterated the future, and created a universe 20 years from now where I didn’t even exist? I still didn’t have a key to “my” room, and going to Security a second night in a row looked really suspicious and flaky. I didn’t want to sully my ‘boyfriend’s’ reputation. And so, hungry and depressed, I walked into the evening dark, headed for ‘my’ dorm.

I soft shoed down the stained dorm hallway carpet. The sounds of laughter and music behind all the closed doors made me feel even lonelier. I was quite possibly the loneliest guy in the universe. The man who fell out of time. All my friends and family were twenty years away. It might as well have been infinity.

There was something taped to the outside of my door. An envelope. Written on it was “Jack”. It could have been a note for him. Or maybe he had written it for me…..! I ripped it down and opened it. My eyes poured over the words.

Hey older me ~ Where are you? I can’t stop thinking about you. You’ve corrupted me. And I like it. But we can’t be seen together. If you get this letter, know that I am aching for your touch. You know exactly where my sweet spots are, like no one else ever will. If you haven’t vanished back to your dimension (sob), then meet me at my car in the dorm parking lot at 10:00pm. You know which one it is. Yours forever, Jack.

Younger me was a smart bastard. No one would have suspected he was leaving a love note to himself on his own door! It was around ten. My heart was beating hard and slow. I hadn’t seen my baby blue ’71 Ford Torino in over 20 years. I missed that car. It would be a classic now, if only I had taken better care of it.

I felt the crunch of gravel beneath my feet as I entered the dirt parking lot. It was like a museum to me: rows of 1970′s and early 80′s cars. Not a hybrid among them. But there was no ’71 Torino either. I circled back, just in case I had missed it. No baby blue Ford. I stopped in the cold night and looked up at the stars. I didn’t have a watch. Was I late? Did he forget? Did he get cold feet? My stomach was growling now. I hadn’t eaten in almost 12 hours. My younger self had just stood me up! Self rejection.. the worst kind! And then I saw the headlights through the distant trees. They were headed my way. My heart quickened. The dark outline of the Torino emerged from the woods and turned into the parking lot.

He pulled up along side me. “Sorry I’m a little late. Last minute details” He grinned that mischievous grin. It was like a first date. I went around and got into the passenger seat along side me. And we drove of into the night. His hand traced my left forearm.

“We can’t be seen together, for so many reasons. But once I touched you, and you weren’t a phantom, or some figment of my imagination, I didn’t want to lose you.”

Our fingers interlaced. “I thought I had taken it too fast and scared you away. Forgive me for not slowing down.”

Younger me smiled. “Jack. I’m full of feelings I never knew I had. I don’t know where this is going, but we have to get away together. Even if just for one night.”

We left the college. We crossed the river, and headed into the countryside. A full moon filled the sky above us. My fingers slid up his sleeve and cradled his bicep. He took in a deep sigh. This was my boyfriend. After all these years. And across the ages, we had found each other. We headed for points unknown. Well, Jack seemed to know where to take me.

Jesse’e Diner was open 24 hours. We found a booth in the corner. Jack ordered exactly what I remember me ordering… cheese omelet and chocolate milkshake. I ordered the same. He smiled.

“I see your diet hasn’t changed. How have you managed to keep that lovely figure?”

I smiled at my younger self. “Oh you’ll become a vegetarian, and take good care of yourself. But, on occasion, you’ll indulge. In this case, I haven’t eaten since breakfast. So don’t lecture me.”

We laughed and looked into each others’ eyes. My hunger for a good meal was only surpassed by my hunger for him.

“I don’t remember any of this though…” I said to my younger self.

“Maybe you blocked it out. It’s all so taboo, your memory couldn’t handle it.”

He was wiser than his 19 years. Wiser, more confident and more imaginative than I ever remembered. The delicate latticework of time had irrevocably shifted. I was already changing my destiny, and with it, my personality. When he finished his milkshake, I took his hands. They were warm.

“Taking myself out on a hot date? How could I ever block that out?”

“You tell me.”

“I’ve been on some bad dates. And I’ve made some big mistakes. All because I didn’t believe in myself.” My fingers tightened around his…

“As of tonight, you are going to grow up faster, you’re going to discover yourself sooner. No more Jack the shrinking violet. Are you okay with that?”

“What’s the alternative?”

“Letting your life be decided by rejection and doubt. You will be a late bloomer, if you bloom at all.”

His lip curled ever so slightly. “What do you have in mind?”

He took my hand and placed my finger in his mouth, sucking off a little chocolate milkshake. I couldn’t believe how warm and wonderful it felt. His gaze broke with me and his mouth released my finger. He looked over my shoulder politely, just as the waitress came with the check.

“Ugh, what the hell,” Troian yelled out as she checked thee time on her phone.

It was three o’clock in an early November morning as the slender star of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ lay in her bed. It had been about three hours since she threw on her long black t-shirt after a shower and lay down in her big bed. She had been dead tired since the minute she woke up the morning before and was looking forward to some much-needed rest. Unfortunately, her mind had other plans.

Troian shut her eyes and tried sleep but had no success. She tossed and turned for an hour, trying to find her best comfort spot and again failing. She readjusted her pillow, she switched blankets and even pulled the shirt off of her body and tried to sleep in the buff but nothing was working.

As the clock struck three, Troian sat up and angrily tossed her blankets aside. Standing up, she turned the light on and went into her closet. She swam through the rows of clothes that the fashionable actress had amassed over the years. She tossed a tight red tank top out on to the ground outside the closet. A black sports bra, black cotton panties and black yoga pants followed out.

Troian walked out, tying her flowing chestnut hair into a ponytail. She quickly slipped on the sports bra which held her tiny a-cup breasts tightly. Slipping on her panties, yoga pants and tank top, she was ready for a late night workout. As she exited her room, she stopped at a closet and retrieved her sneakers, workout bag and yoga mat. She quickly ran downstairs, grabbed her keys and left her Hollywood home.

Since it was so late at night or, more accurately, early in the morning, there was no traffic for Troian to maneuver through on her way to her regular gym in her shiny red sports car. She knew that the gym was on a twenty-four hour schedule so there was no worry about driving to an empty building. As she pulled into the parking lot, she let out a deep yawn.

“Oh fuck you,” she cursed at herself.

Troian got out of her car and grabbed her bag and mat before jogging to the door. As she walked in, she noticed that there was no one waiting at the front desk. Since she usually came to the gym during the day, she figured that it was just normal for the overnight hours and walked through. Never before had she seen the usually-bustling fitness center so empty. There was not a soul in sight as she made it to the designated yoga area.

After she lay her soft, black mat on the ground, Troian sat down cross-legged and took a deep breath. She cleared her thoughts and put herself on an island in her mind. Slowly, she started to stretch her muscles and begin her usual routine. For a good ten minutes, she was in her own world and feeling the full physical benefits.

Even though the gym was almost completely silent, the brunette actress was too focused on her yoga to realize that an employee had been standing a few feet away watching her do her routine. After a few seconds, the man finally decided to make himself known.

“How goes the workout?” he said as she was in mid-position.

“Fuck,” she said as the surprise caused her to fall down.

“Damn, I’m sorry,” he said as he extended a hand.

“It’s fine, I just wasn’t expecting it,” she said as she rolled onto her back and looked up at the man. She smiled as their eyes met and she grabbed his hand. “I’m Troian,” she said as he pulled her up.

“I’m Max,” he responded as she made it to her feet.

“How long were you standing behind me,” she said as her brown eyes remained locked to his bright blue ones.

“This is going to sound creepy but about five minutes,” Max said with a nervous chuckle.

“Pervert!” she yelled as she held her hand back, ready to slap him. He flinched before she dropped her hand and started laughing. “Just kidding!”

Troian looked his body up and down before getting back on the mat and crossing her legs. She went through her routine again while Max looked on. She slipped into a downward-facing dog pose, pointing her round ass at the focused instructor. He noticed that her legs were not straightened properly.

“Let me help you with that,” he said as he moved next to her.

Max stood behind her and leaned on to her lower body. Troian straightened her legs to support his weight and looked back at him.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked as he bent forward and pushed down on her back, straightening it as well.

“You weren’t straightening yourself, I had to fix that,’ he said as his body draped over hers.

“That wasn’t what I was talking about,” she said as she gently wiggled her ass against the large bulge in his shorts.

“Oh, didn’t even notice that,” he said nervously, trying to sound sincere.

“Sure you didn’t. You also weren’t staring at my ass either, right?” she said.

“Nope,” he said as he pulled himself off of her.

“You are a terrible liar,” she said as she dropped to her knees and lifted her body up until she knelt in front of him. “I’m not an idiot. You like what you’re seeing aren’t you?”

“It’s not that, I…” the fit instructor stammered while Troian smiled at his nervousness.

“This says otherwise,” she said as she grasped the bulge in front of her. “This is a nice one. How big are you?”

“I…uh…I don’t…” he stammered while Troian tugged and squeezed as his package.

“Fuck it,” she said before grabbing the loose shorts and yanking them down.

Troian lifted his legs up to free the shorts and tossed them aside. She then pulled his underwear down, revealing his solid seven-inch cock. Her eyes went wide as his member stood straight ahead just inches from her face.

“Wow, I haven’t seen one this big in a while,” she said as she thoroughly inspected his rod.

“I…um, th-th-thank you,” he said, still nervously stuttering.

“Don’t be nervous Max, just enjoy,” she said, trying to bring him back down to earth.

Max smiled down at Troian as she smiled back. The happy actress looked back down at his throbbing cock and grabbed hold of it. She heard him gasp as her fingers tickled his sensitive head. Slowly, she started to stroke him while she began to lick her lips.

“It’s been so long since have one of these to play with,” she whispered as her other hand joined the fun.

Troian stuck her tongue out as she pumped him fast with both of her hands tightly gripped around him. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and winked at him. Before he could respond, her left hand dropped to her side and her mouth engulfed his massive member. She quickly covered all seven inches of him with her warm, watery mouth. Her moist tongue slid across the lower base as she started to pull back slowly.

Within a few seconds, her head was bobbing roughly against Max’s cock. He closed his eyes as the head bumped rapidly against the back of her throat. Sounds of sloshing saliva and light gagging were the only sounds that could be heard in the building. After a minute, Troian pulled away from him and wiped the trail of slobber from the corner of her mouth. She looked up at him and motioned towards the doorway.

Max turned and saw a couple entering the gym. Quickly, he pulled his underwear up and grabbed his shorts before scurrying into the restroom. Troian softly giggled as she stretched her arms out to make it seem like she was in the middle of a workout.

The couple went onto the treadmills, which faced away from the yoga area. As Max exited the restroom, fully dressed, he stared at Troian who blew him a kiss before turning around, dropping her head down and deeply arching her back. He smiled as he saw her ass once again, hugged tight by the stretchy fabric of her pants.

For about twenty minutes, Max stared on as Troian maneuvered into several very provocative positions. Every new position she tried properly showed either her ass stuck out or crotch spread wide. He wanted so bad to tackle her, tear every stitch of clothes off of her and make rough love to her. He felt as if his cock would explode out of his pants. Both of them were praying that the couple would leave soon and let them tend to their primal urges.

Luckily for the two horny lovebirds, the treadmills shut off and the couple headed out of the gym. The second their car pulled away, Max ran over to the door and locked it, hanging the “out for lunch” sign on the handle and drawing the shade down. All windows were on the upper third of the walls, out of eye level, so there would be no way for anyone to see what was about to happen in this young California gym.

Once Max turned back towards Troian, his jaw almost hit the ground at the sight he saw. His beautiful new friend had pulled her black tights off and tossed them across the room. Her legs were spread wide as her hand rubbed against the massive wet spot of her panties. She had a devilish smile and a ‘come get some’ look in her sparkling eyes.

Max walked over to her, swiftly removing his grey t-shirt. Troian took a deep breath and sucked on her bottom lip as the athletic man quickly came closer. Once in front of her, he placed his hand on her chest and softly pushed her down until she was flat on her back. She threw her hands back until they were next to her head as he grabbed the waistband of her panties and gently slid them down her legs.

The young, blonde employee’s mouth watered as he saw a neatly trimmed pussy behind the moist, cotton cover. Her panties quickly found their way on top of her pants. Troian’s sneakers remained on her feet as he lifted her legs into the air, giving her a good look at them. Without hesitation, Max’s tongue darted deep into the welcoming entrance of the brunette’s vagina.

Troian moaned and squirmed as his warm tongue tasted the hot juices which coated the walls of her tight pussy. She giggled as his nose brushed against her wispy pubic hair and deeply inhaled. She started to arch her back and push her rather small chest into the air.

Max slid his hand under her tight shirt and began to push it up her body. As it approached her bra, she grabbed onto the red shirt and roughly pulled it off of her sweaty body. He grasped the front of her bra and pushed it up to expose her a-cup breasts. She quickly pulled it off as well and started pinching at her nipples.

Troian slid away from him for a second to position herself on her hands and knees. Max started to move his face to her exposed crotch when she stopped him.

“Enough playing around, just fuck me already,” she said before winking and facing forward.

Max put his hands on her ass cheeks and spread them wide as he lifted himself to his knees. He gave each cheek a light smack before grabbing hold of his cock and pushing it between her extremely moist lips. Troian let out a deep moan as she finally felt his throbbing dick stretch her tight pussy. She tilted her head back and took a deep breath while his thrusts increased in rhythm.

The blonde man rapidly slammed his cock into her soaking wet cunt. His balls slapped hard against her bulging clit, causing her to moan louder and faster.

“Oh yes…yes…god yes,” she repeated as the level of pleasure in her lower regions increased.

They remained locked in a doggy-style position for several minutes, though their pace did not decrease one bit. The slapping sound of Troian’s ass against Max’s pelvis was loudly spreading throughout the empty gym. Troian looked to her right and saw a mirror against the wall, giving her full-on look at the intense sexual action she was experiencing. She smiled as she saw the sparkling residue of her pussy shine on his cock as he pulled back.

Max noticed Troian staring at the mirror and hatched an idea. Slowly he turned her around until she was facing it head on. The brunette stared at the mirror as she panted, smiling and nibbling at her lips. She balanced herself on one hand and began roughly squeezing at her breasts, making sure to watch with focus. Max watched as well, loving each of the new expressions that her exotic face could form. He was surprised that his cock was not jetting out cum at this point, but there was an orgasm about to explode between them.

Troian’s breathing had gotten very rapid and her moans higher in pitch. Beads of sweat trailed down her entire face as her body shined in a glaze of sweat as well. Her eyes went wide and her jaw hung low as every muscle in her body began to tense up. Her vaginal walls closed tightly around Max’s cock and released a high volume of her sticky, sweet juices. The orgasm washed over her slowly as her body froze, only twitching every few seconds. She was in a complete haze of pleasure.

As her orgasm began to subside, Troian gently lowered her head to the mat as Max pulled out of her red-hot cunt. He instantly started rubbing his slick cockhead against her tightly-puckered ass hole. She looked back at him and nodded before reaching back for his hands. He grabbed her wrists and slowly slid his cock into her ass.

While she was not one to constantly have anal sex, Troian was experienced enough in the act to know exactly how it would feel. She gritted her teeth and groaned as all seven inches, coated in her ultra-slick juices, fit inside her.

Max grabbed her by the wrists and started fucking her roughly once again. Troian was definitely one to like her sex very hard. She closed her eyes and buried her face into the sweaty mat as she felt her ass being almost split in two. She made sure to keep her moans and groans as loud as ever, which only encouraged Max to go harder and faster.

While Troian’s pussy was tighter than he had expected, Max was even more surprised by how tight her asshole was. He had given anal before to less experienced girls who were nowhere near as tight as the twenty-eight year old in front of him. The unexpected vise-like grip was all that he needed to reach his finish line.

Troian instinctively could tell that Max was about to end the passionate session and pulled herself away from him. She lay flat on the ground as he crawled over her. He gently rested his ass on her chest and violently shook his cock, just inches from her beautiful face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as he started to groan.

Max shot glob after glob of his thick, creamy cum onto Troian’s waiting face. She caught some of his cum in her mouth but ended up catching most of it on her nose and cheeks. She lightly giggled as he wiped the remaining cum from his cock on to her chin, leaving a trail of glaze as it slid across her smooth skin.

Troian hungrily scooped the cum off of her face, tasting it and smiling while Max slid off of her. He wiped the sweat off his brow and caught his breath while watching her eat his baby batter. After completely cleaning her face, the worn out starlet slowly sat up and took a deep stretch.

“Mmm, that was fantastic,” Troian said as she slowly rose to her feet.

“Absolutely,” Max responded before kissing her wet pussy lips one more time.

“You sure know how to properly fuck a girl. I might have to make some more late night gym trips,” she said as she gathered her clothes and started to dress.

Max happily watched as the slender girl covered her still-sweaty body in her workout clothes once again. He himself got dressed and walked her to the front door.

“You working tomorrow?” she asked him.

“Yes ma’am,” he said as he unlocked the door.

“See you tomorrow night then.”

Troian pulled him close for a deep kiss before exiting the gym and heading for her car. As soon as she sat in the driver’s seat, she checked her phone to see that it was 4:30 in the morning. She yawned and instantly fell asleep, capping off a long but amazing night.

To be continued…if I get enough response asking for it to be continued

For those of you who have read my first 3 submissions you’ll know this is a fantasy based on real people involved in real situations, only the outcome is yet to be concluded.. this is how my naughty little mind is hoping things develop, Please enjoy Bethany xx

Chapter 4 Valerie

Things have been pretty hectic recently, what with exams, boyfriend troubles, being a teenager and most of all my new found love of writing erotic stories based upon my recent sexual awakening… In the last year I have found my first boyfriend and finally at the age of 18 I’m no longer a shy reserved virgin.

Jed was my first and still is my only male lover; however my sexual awakening has ignited another side to my life which I had only previously considered on a few private occasions; my desire to explore my sexuality has led me to explore my bisexual side too and up until now I have had two such episodes. The first was a chance meeting with a beautiful woman called Emma and more recently with one of my best girlfriends Sally. Sally and I have since played and explored further but throughout the last 12 months my mind often wanders back to the very first lesbian thought I ever had, and that was fantasising about my friends mother Valerie.

During the last year I have discovered what sex and boys are all about, but adding to that I have discovered more about myself and my sexuality than I’d ever imagined. If you have read my other contributions you’ll know what I mean. One underlying dominant thought has been the idea of sex with another woman and once I knew I had such strong desires to explore this I knew exactly the type of woman I liked, one who is omnipresent in all of my sexual dreams and fantasies, and that woman was Valerie.

Valerie is Nina’s mum and a very attractive woman indeed; to me she is the perfect woman, elegant, mature, professional and very sensual. Everything about her screams of female sexuality in a posh ladylike sort of way; her legs are toned and long, her bosom big, her lips red and her auburn hair long and immaculate. I guess that men would typically say she is librarian porn star type which I guess is close, but to me she’s much more than that. I’ve never not seen Valerie not looking immaculate, be it going to or coming from work, casual home wear or dressed up for a night out with her husband Derrick; she is always looking womanly, sexy and elegant.

My admiration of her turned into sexual fantasies soon after my friend Sally started quizzing me about my sexuality and desires; she would talk about things in such a way that it would bring images of people into my mind. Sally would openly talk about how she wondered what it would be like to sleep with another woman or how it would be to suck a man’s hard cock, and all the time our sexual fantasies would grow and grow. When with her I imagined kissing Sally and sucking my boyfriend’s cock, but when I was alone in my bed and allowing my mind to drift to places new, it would usually end with my slender fingers moving from my erect pink nipples to between my legs and into my pussy.

After a while of solitary fantasies I realised I was masturbating thinking exclusively about my friends mum and from that realisation onwards I knew she was the principle object of my sexual desires; she of all people was the most exciting, most feminine and most sexual person in my world and thinking about her in many situation was an everyday occurrence many times a day.

Things however have now changed somewhat; no longer am I a virgin, no longer do I wonder what it’s like to suck a hard cock; and no longer do I need to fantasise about what it’s like to have the pleasures of another woman. I’ve been having some exciting sex with my BF Jed and that is getting more exciting and adventurous all the time, but since I gave my virginity to him I’ve slept with a lovely girl called Emma whilst away on a university trip, and now I’ve succumbed to Sally’s dirty chat and slept with her too.

In fact I’m currently having more pleasures with Sally than I am with Jed, so much so that we had our fingers in each other’s panties on the way home from school the other day with a bus half full of other students, and she even took me into a locked room at school and lifted my skirt, pulled my little panties down and sucked my clit to an amazing orgasm and then left me there to straighten up whilst she went onto class.

But all through these wonderfully exciting things which contribute to my sexual exploration, whenever I’m alone I think not of what I have recently achieved, but what I’d like to achieve, and most of that is to make love to Valerie. To fall into her heavy breasts and feel her hot body against mine, to feel her mouth on mine, to unveil her body as I remove her clothes and to make her cry out as I give her pleasure.

I want her to talk to me telling me she’s aroused, I want to suckle on her nipples and explore her pussy with my tongue and fingers, I want her to spread my legs wide and eat my smooth 18 year old pussy and most of all I want to make her cum hard and loud – that’s what my mind keeps picturing.

The one problem I have with all of this is the fact that Val is one of my friends’ mum, and I’m never in her company without Nina. There is probably little chance of spending any time with Valerie alone and even then things would have to move pretty quick for anything.

That one afternoon of sheer sexual excitement when I did find myself alone with her was so amazing and sealed my fate there and then. I was going out with Nina that evening and decided to go to her house straight from school only to find she’d missed her bus and would be on the next one an hour later. Valerie and I chatted over a coffee in the kitchen until she asked me to come up to her room to continue our chat whilst she got out of her work outfit, she then proceeded to fully undress, right for my own private viewing.

Images of her standing only a few feet away completely naked are still so vivid in my mind, her heavy breasts with dark proud nipples, her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair covering her bulging pussy and every inch of her beautiful olive-skinned body all there for my viewing. The most erotic thing about all of this only dawned on me later, and that was her just how comfortable she was with my teenage eyes all over her body. It wasn’t a quick change either, I got to admire her heavy breasts in a lovely white quarter cup bra and could see the patch of dark hair through her little panties before she changed both, I was able to soak up as much of her as I wanted and only now I realise it was not just about her getting changed and continuing a chat.

It could well be the only opportunity I got to enjoy her in the way I really wanted to; this after all was on the back of numerous occasions of over-exposed cleavage moments of changing her blouse, flashing her stocking legs or changing her skirt all in my presence and all in the knowledge she had my fully attention.

So I have come to a clear conclusion after months of doubt that Valerie knew exactly what she was doing and that on that special day, she definitely took the opportunity to expose her naked body to my full gaze, knowing she was safe and that Nina wouldn’t be home for at least another hour. I also realise that she couldn’t risk any form of misinterpretation and so that’s why it followed a safe path of her getting dressed and being back downstairs before her daughter arrived home. However, now I think she was as aroused as I was and that given the chance she would do it again without question, the only question is how and when.

Well things did move on and another couple of times when I went over to Nina’s before going out with the girls, Val gave me really big hugs crushing her boobs into my chest. She was so very complimentary about my outfit and the fact I was a little daring with my top, her extended look at my own boobs sent shivers straight to my pussy. At the end of that night when the taxi was dropping Nina off I reminded her I wouldn’t be over until later on Sunday afternoon as I was going to the gym in the morning to do a yoga class. This proved to be a very usefully bit of information as Val had waited up and was at the door in as Nina skipped down the drive and I waved them both a good night.

The following morning I woke and as usual on a Sunday morning I lazed longingly in my bed touching myself and enjoying my body until I realized I needed to get up and out for the gym, arriving with only minutes to spare I reluctantly took up a position at the very front of the class as most people like me hide at the back.

The session went well and I felt good from the experience but most of all I was looking forward to a new found pleasure, a pleasure I didn’t realise existed until one day when I went into the locker rooms for a drink. Let me explain. It has always been the case that whenever I did anything at the gym I would usually wait until I got home to have a shower in the privacy of my own bathroom, probably because I would go with mum and she always wanted to go home to shower.

A few weeks ago the girls and I had arranged to go out early and so I was being picked up from the gym to go straight into town. Time was a little tight so I chose to shower and get ready there. This obviously wasn’t an issue but indeed I found the idea of being around other semi-naked women exciting as my realisation was growing that I did indeed like women as well as men, so the thought of seeing something was already stirring in my pussy. However what did surprise me was the number of women who would walk around either semi-naked or completely starkers!

From that day on I have showered at the gym as often as I could and loved the fact many women were very comfortable with being naked around others, and that I too could feel very naked and very exposed knowing that maybe somebody was looking at me with the same naughty thoughts I was having.

This practice continued and I became more comfortable being naked around strangers and also better at acting normally and not like a scared little girl; this pleased me a lot. Some women were always around at the same time as me as they did the same yoga class and there were a number of women who were always around when I was changing or always getting naked in my presence. This became noticeable after a few times and I began to enjoy it for my own sexual pleasure. There were even some who when showering would leave the cubicle door open and on a few occasions found myself aroused looking at the person opposite as I exited my own shower.

I remember the first time I went after completely shaving my pussy. One of the regular women (an older woman of about 40ish) was clearly impressed by my exposed pussy; she would always choose a locker opposite and I never failed to catch her looking at my young body which always excited me, and I hoped she hadn’t seen me admiring her too much. The locker room was a “U” shape with a big seat/bench in the middle. Usually she would bend over to dry her feet and so I could see her hanging breasts and right up her thigh. At that point she would always look over straight at my young trimmed pussy, but on this day I waited for her to follow her usual and all too obvious routine and just at the right time I removed my towel to show a completely smooth and hairless vulva, her mouth opened and her eyes widened as she stared at my bare pussy, only this time she couldn’t help but stare for much longer than usual and by the time she realised she was staring I was already looking right into her eyes. We exchanged smiles and I skipped to the shower feeling VERY pleased with myself.

Anyway, back to where I was. Imagine my surprise to see Valerie at the back of the class as we were all warming down at the end of the session. As soon as I saw her I felt a tightening in the pit of my stomach; she smiled a big smile and instantly my mind skipped forward in time to the locker room and then the showers. Valerie had never been to the class before so it was either pure coincidence or a result of my late night goodbyes with Nina that put us together here and now, either way I was caught completely off guard and must have looked dumb struck.

As we left the gym studio she greeted me with a big hug and kiss and asked if I was going for a sauna or swim and without thinking I said I was just having a shower, then I thought I’d missed an opportunity to be alone with her but she smiled and said she was just showering too. We used lockers in different bays so I didn’t get to see her undress for her shower or even know if I was going to be in before her but my mind was racing and my pussy already aching with the thought of seeing her naked or just partially naked again.

When I got to the showers (which are basically two rows of about 10 cubicles facing each other) there were many in use and doors all closed so I continued to the far end and turned the shower on, whilst waiting for the initial cold water to run warm Valerie skipped in behind me and took occupation of the opposing cubicle; giggling she tugged at my wrap around towel and leaned into my ear

“Good job this one’s free, as I might have had to join you?” and without hesitation she hooked her towel on the peg and turned the shower on.

I stepped in, and as I turned to pick up my toiletries I was surprised to see Val still waiting for her shower to warm up and looking right me. Her neat pussy was only a couple of feet from my face and then I realised she was looking right down my body, my young boobs fully on show as I bent over and I’m sure I saw her eyes travel down to my midriff and down my legs. Panic was the dominant thought and instead of using the moment to my advantage I giggled like a shy little girl and closed the door!

“Shit” was all I could say to myself “That was such a big moment and I’ve blown it, what did you do that for?”

I was still cursing to myself five minutes later when I heard Val’s voice

“Beth sweetheart, do you have any conditioner?”

Thankfully I did, and this was it, I wasn’t going to blow it this time. Without hesitation I opened my door ready to pass the bottle through or under Valerie’s door only to find it fully open and Val standing facing me under a hot running shower. Again I was about to panic as she stood there smiling back at me but this time I held myself together and stepped over to give her the bottle. It was ‘The’ moment which changed my relationship with my friend’s mother forever.

Suddenly it was not a case of Val teasing or playing games with me by flashing her mature sexy figure, or pretending to talk casually whilst undressing or changing, this time we were both completely nude and for the first time ever Valerie could see every inch of my naked teenage body. I could feel the warmth of her eyes burning into mine and the smile that spread across her face told a story all of its own. She took the bottle from me and although I felt my nipples harden to bullets and my pussy throb with excitement, her eyes never left mine until she said a very soft and sexy “Thank you”.

As I retreated to my own cubicle I watched as her eyes dropped to my chest and then to my hips. I was shaking with excitement as the object of my desires was looking over my wet body, my aching breasts and my throbbing pussy. I watched her eyes watching me, the intensity of it all made my surroundings fade away into a blur and all that mattered was the right here, right now moment. I suddenly realised I had a choice to make, close the door or leave it open…

Well if I’d not left it open, I’d not be writing this next paragraph would I? As I turned away to regain my composure under the shower the feeling inside was one of utter fear and total excitement all in one; all I could think of was what happens now and will she still be there when I turn back around?

I finished rinsing the conditioner out of my hair whilst my stomach was doing cartwheels. I showered with my bare bottom and long legs on show to anybody who walked to the end of the cubicles and of course to the occupant of the cubicle opposite. I had to do something pretty soon or else the moment would be gone, and so whilst the water was still running down and over my face I slowly turned to face the open door.

If all of those thoughts and dreams and desires were justified, Valerie would still be there, naked and looking right at me; if I was wrong and she gone, I’d feel as empty as the cubicle opposite. I was now facing the door but with my eyes closed and water running down my face. I was so excited knowing I was now full frontal, fully naked and in a state of complete arousal, my nipples aching and noticeably proud as I arched my back trying to get all the conditioner out of my hair, and of course my sweet little pussy throbbing deep inside, but also bare and in full view of anybody standing facing me.

Slowly I opened my eyes and as the light shone back from the cubicle opposite, a beautifully familiar woman stood facing me, her naked body toned and tanned and her full womanly breasts sitting high on her chest, glistened with the falling water. Suddenly I realised I was staring at her body, soaking up the image of her dark nipples big and very proud, my eyes flashing down to between her thighs and I loved the image of the dripping water running off her dark pubic hair.

It was only when I looked up at her face did I fully realise the gravity of the situation. Valerie was just standing there smiling a welcoming smile. I felt embarrassed staring but she just stood there allowing me to have my dirty little girl pleasure. I put my hand to my mouth almost in a moment of shyness and then realised that everything I was seeing, Valerie was seeing right back. She was looking at my young perky breasts and my slim figure and then I watched as her eyes drifted to my bare pussy and remained there for what seemed like an age.

I could feel her stare send magic bolts of electrifying pleasure straight to my little clitoris; nothing had every prepared me for this feeling. I didn’t know I could get so excited, so wet and so desperate to touch myself without actual contact with another person. My moment was broken as suddenly Val reached down for her shower gel bottle showing me the full size of her breasts as they hung beautifully, her big dark nipples pointing like bullets ready to shoot right at me, then for the next few minutes without a word being spoken I watched as Val covered every inch of her body with soapy hands.

I smiled as she caressed and cupped her breasts, pushing them together, lifting them and sliding the palms over her nipples and then when I looked down, right on cue, Val parted her feet and with two hands she slid them down from her chest to between her legs. Nothing on this planet has every made me so aroused as that moment when Val’s arms pushed her boobs together forming a very big soapy cleavage whilst at the same time I watched her finger slide into her pubic hair and with a very deliberate act she just spread her pussy lips wide apart.

The running water only added to the visual effect and at that point I paused to picture the image before me. There I was, complete exposed in a shower at the gym, staring right into the pussy of my best friend’s mum; not only that but she was so turned on she began to rub her clit with one hand whilst reaching up to pull on her nipples with the other.

I felt my own pussy clench as I realised Val was too excited to stop herself from finishing what she’d started, she stepped further back into her cubicle as we heard another person enter the showers but nobody else could see what I could see, and for the next few minutes I watched in pure erotic amazement as Valerie, rolled her nipples, grabbed at her breasts and rubbed her clitoris… I knew it was going to be quick and hard but didn’t think she’d cry out in pleasure.

Wednesday Morning

When the alarm went off the next morning I opened my eyes and saw Elissa in the doorway with coffee. She was smiling and said, “Seeing the three of you sleeping together is so cute. Makes me wish I were younger.”

For the second morning in a row I got up and took a cup from her without attempting to hide my morning wood. In the bathroom Liz dropped to her knees and sucked all my troubles away. It wasn’t too difficult. I had no troubles. When her mouth was full she and Beth kissed and shared my cum. We showered one at a time in the small bathroom.

When we were dressed we joined Elissa for breakfast. I asked, “If it can wait, I can come home a little early and help you bring your things into the house. Can you wait?”

“Don’t need to. I’m in. While you slept I got moved in. I think my new room is cute, especially the bedspread!”

We laughed and congratulated her on being so efficient.

We were gone when the workers arrived. I stayed at work all day. Elissa spoke to Liz on her morning break and Beth called her on her afternoon break.

Elizabeth talked it over and decided they would do yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays near the end of the men’s workday. On Wednesday it was really warm so they did yoga in the back yard on blankets. The half hour they were stretching and bending in the back yard was the least productive half hour of the day. I wondered how many wives and girl friends would be having sex that night. I was pretty sure it would be all the wives and girl friends of our workers.

After dinner Wednesday night I saw Elissa carry an armload of clothes to her car. I stopped her. “Are you leaving us?” I asked.

“The weekend is almost here. No workers will be here this weekend. I’ll go home, do laundry and hang out at home. Bright and early Monday morning, I’ll be back.”

“If that’s what you want to do, fine. You can stay here with us, if you like. You are family, you know? Not just an employee.”

“That’s kind, but I should go.”

“Tell me what’s going on in your head, please.”

“You sound like my husband used to sound. Ok. Other than the blow you got in the bathroom the other morning I’ve seen and heard no sign of any sexual activity. I think it’s because you three don’t want to offend or embarrass me, so I should go home and let you play for the weekend.”

I was suddenly aware of something I had done unconsciously. I set about repairing the damage, “We should have talked. I apologize. Elizabeth waits for me to initiate all sexual activity. Without thinking about it very hard at all I did back off, in deference to you. Are you telling me that seeing us play wouldn’t embarrass or offend you?”

“I’ve had sex before. I know you do it. I may not sit and watch you do it, but if I hear noises from across the hall I won’t scream and cry.”

“Ok. Please stay. I know all three of us enjoy having you with us. Laundry can be done here anytime you want.”

We brought her things back into the house. We watched a movie that night and when it was over Elissa said, “Maybe this weekend I’ll go visit Emily and Brad.”

I said, “If you want, invite them here and we can have a meal together. It’s been too long since my brother and I have hung out.”

She nodded agreement and asked, “You want to call or should I?”

“I’ll call.” I said. Beth got me a phone and plopped herself in my lap as I called. Brad answered. I loved when either of them curled into my lap.

“Brad, We’d like you and Emily to come over for dinner this weekend. We can show you how the house looks all torn apart and we can hang out, just the six of us.”

“Six? You’ve added another woman?” I could hear the laughter in his voice, along with a hint of jealousy.

“No. The sixth is our security person, Elissa Williams. I think you know her.”

He laughed and said, “Met her a few times! Yeah, I’d like to come over and hang out with you. Emily’s at the market. Let me talk to her and I’ll call you back, Big Brother.”

Less than an hour later the phone rang and Beth picked it up. It was Emily. She accepted the invitation and they talked about the menu for the visit for a few minutes.

It was decided we would get together on Saturday. It was also decided that Elissa and Liz would go shopping that morning while Beth started cooking and Emily made potato salad.

In our bedroom, after the door was closed for the night, I said, “Tonight we play. No toys, just fun. Please get naked.”

I loved how there was never any hesitation. They stripped and waited for instructions. I limited our play to quiet things; pinches, forceful positions and blindfolds. I worked them hard and made sure they were covered in sweat before they were allowed to cum. Part of the time we played I had them teasing, prodding and pushing each other towards orgasms… that they were not allowed to have. At least not as soon as they could have.

When the score was Elizabeth six, Pete one it was time for a shower and sleep. As we walked down the hall to the bathroom Liz opened the door to check on Elissa. She caught her masturbating. She had her eyes closed and Liz opened and closed the door very quietly.

She whispered in my ear, “Elissa must have heard us, playing. She’s doing herself.”

I stopped and whispered to Liz, “Go inside and pleasure her. Anything she wants that brings her pleasure. Don’t stay up too late.”

“Thank you, Master. When we’re done I’ll shower with her, then come to bed with you.”

“Or sleep with her. Whatever she wants.” I kissed her and then pinched her ass one more time before heading to the shower with Beth.

Under the water Beth said, “Liz is staying with Elissa.”

I nodded. “If it goes well maybe tomorrow night it will be you staying with her.”

“What let you know she was open to a little girl-girl action, if I may ask?”

“It wasn’t in what she said. It was in her eyes. When she discovered the two of you had lived together for years sharing one man I think she figured that you are bi. I think she’s either bi or bi-curious.” I said.

We got vey clean, dry and back in the bedroom before a sound was heard from the room down the hall. The sound heard was Elissa screaming two words, “Thank you!”

Liz spent the night with Elissa. When our alarm sounded it was Liz standing in the doorway with coffee and a huge smile. She said, “E is in the kitchen laughing because someone likes peanut butter on his waffles.”

Thursday Morning

“Waffles? She’s making waffles?” I asked. Liz nodded and I took my cup of Navy strength coffee. Ten minutes later we were at the table eating Belgian waffles, crisp bacon and an egg each. A great breakfast!

When the timer sounded Elissa said, “Time for ya’ll to head off to work. If one of you will call me I’ll get dinner going this afternoon.” She held the door open for us. Liz was first out the door and she kissed Elissa’s mouth on her way out. Elissa gave as good as she got. Beth stepped into the arms Liz had just vacated and another kiss was shared.

My turn. I stepped up and we kissed. I think her intent was to light my lips on fire and burn me to the ground with one kiss. Peanut butter must be a fire retardant. When the kiss ended she whispered, “Thank you for last night, Master.”

I looked in her face for signs she knew what she was saying. I only saw sparkling eyes filled with tears that didn’t fall and a grin. I said, “We need to talk tonight, over dinner.”

“I plan to be here.”

She helped me out the door and closed it behind me. On my drive to work I called Liz.

“Did you and Elissa talk last night as well as share orgasms?”

“We are girls. Of course we talked.”

“She called me Master this morning. Does she know what she said?”

“She sort-of knows what it means to us. I explained it to her. She probably doesn’t understand it at the depth we live it. Would you like me to talk to her about it?”

“No. We will talk at dinner. Please call Beth and talk about how you both feel about Elissa.” My other phone line rang and I ended the call with Liz. The other call was Beth.

“”E” called me and asked what she should make for dinner. Any requests?”


“”E”, Liz, Beth What else would we call her? If you want her named something else, just say it. As you wish, Master.”

“Are you telling me you’ve already accepted her as a possible sister?”

“Of course. My eyes are not your eyes. What my eyes see is that she is willing to offer herself to you without even knowing what all that implies. How you handled the thing with Brad, Emily and Kaye said everything she wanted to know about the man you are. Then you sent Liz in to be with her last night!”

“Liz is going to call you and discuss the implications of “E “calling me Master this morning. We will be having a conversation at dinner.”

“Dinner. Anything you’d like?”

“Surprise me.”

“As you wish, Master.” I could hear the giggle of delight in her voice. I told her I loved her and ended the call.

At the end of our workday Beth met me at my truck. Rather than kissing her in the company parking lot and having employees watch as she did her best to melt my clothes with a kiss I drove us almost a mile and parked behind a market for a minute or two while we kissed. Then I waited for my blood pressure to start back towards normal before resuming the drive home.

“Do you know what’s for dinner?” I asked.

“I only know what “E” told me. I don’t know that I’ve ever had it.”

“Do you know what’s in it?”

“Nope. She asked what you don’t like and I told her. She said, “No problem.”

“Then I don’t need to know what it’s called. Thank you.”

“She did tell me it’s good food for cold days.”

“Shhh. I don’t want any more information. I want the surprise.”

“Me too.” She smiled at me.

When it came out of the oven I recognized it. When I was a kid my Mom made it in the winter. Mom called it Shepherds Pie. Lots of veggies, some condensed soup with a little water and a mashed potato covering on top. When I make it I add meat. Mom never did.

“E” had added a personal touch. Just before the casserole came out of the oven she crushed some bbq potato chips and sprinkled them on top. A little crunch, a little color and a burst of flavor. One bite and I gave a thumbs up. Elizabeth loved it, too.

As we ate “E” asked, “How often would you like dessert with dinner?”

“I wouldn’t want dessert to become an habit. We’ll all put on weight if we have it too often. Maybe it should depend on how exciting the dessert is. A three layer chocolate fudge cake we shouldn’t do more than quarterly.”

“E” smiled and asked, “How about a berry cobbler over shortbread with vanilla ice cream?”

“Fresh berries in December?”

She smiled at me as she said, “I think they were grown south of here.”

“I think we should allow ourselves a little fun tonight and maybe no more dessert until the remodeling is done.”

She and Beth got up and Beth asked, “May we serve dessert now, or wait a little while?”

“Let’s have a little discussion and then enjoy the cobbler.” I said. They sat back down.

I said, “This morning you said, “Thank you for last night, Master.”

“E” nodded, but didn’t speak. She glanced at Elizabeth.

“Using the honorific Master is reserved for certain relationships. Beth and Liz have convinced me to have that relationship with them. Before we go any farther into it, tell me what you think it means to call me that, for you.”

“Last night when Liz and I talked, she didn’t call you by name. She kept saying “My Master…” and as I understood it, it’s a term of endearment, and more. Liz believes that her life will best the best it can be by letting you make decisions and leaving her to focus on making your life work for you.”

“So, when you said it this morning what were you saying to me?”

“When my husband was alive, I should have been calling him Master. He made the major decisions for us. We talked things over often and always the decision was his. I trusted him with my life.” She took a big breath and continued, “I guess what I was saying was I hate being alone. I hate making all the decisions on my own. I would willingly join your family and give you my life.”

“It may mean you become the chief cook of the family.” I said.

“I love cooking and having people enjoy my cooking.”

“It may mean never sleeping alone again.” I said.

“I would count that as a blessing, especially if sleeping includes playing, too.”

“It would mean never masturbating without permission again, ever.” I said.

“You knew?” Her eyes widened and she blushed.

“Yes. It would mean living here for the rest of your life. Giving up your condo and depositing every dime you have in my accounts. From the moment you join the family you depend on us totally for everything. Need a new sweater, I approve it or you don’t get it. You will, for example, never wear red again. I don’t like red.”

“May I ask a question?” She asked.


“Will you ever have sex with just me?”

“We all will. Sometimes one-on-one and sometimes as a family.” I watched her for signals. What I got was a smile and her knees relaxed and parted just a fraction of an inch. I changed subjects, a little.

“Why will I ask you to deposit everything you have in my accounts?”

“It means I willingly depend on you for everything.” “E” answered promptly.

“Are you willing to obey me, without question or hesitation no matter how crazy you think my request is?”

“I need to trust you. I can see two smart women who do, who talk about you as if you make their lives work. I’m not a feminist. I don’t want to be one. I will obey you.”

Liz spoke after a nod from me, “We will go through all your clothes and everything Pete doesn’t like goes in the trash. You will never buy or own clothes he doesn’t like.”

I said, “I don’t like panties. The women of this family only wear panties when they are having their periods. They only wear pants if pants are appropriate at work, not at home. If you own pantyhose, throw them away. Panties and pantyhose limit my access to you. By the same token I don’t like bras at home. Beth can show you how to modify the bras you wear around me, when bras are needed.”

“I agree. Shall I disrobe now?”

“No. There’s more. You will always sleep nude except when you’re on your period and never turn me down if I want sex or I ask you to have sex with anyone. Never.”

“You might ask me to screw someone else?”

“I may. I may ask you to eat Beth to orgasm, suck on Liz’s breasts, or have sex with someone who is a stranger to you. You agree not to balk, argue, hesitate or refuse.”

“I haven’t done anything like that since Emily was born.”

“Is that a deal breaker?”

“No! If you want me to do anything, I’ll trust you have a good reason.”

“I will expect each of you to treat each other as equals. How much money you bring to the family doesn’t change your status. How well you cooperate, get along and assist each other matters a thousand percent more. Beth’s status isn’t higher than anyone’s just because she was first. Elissa, after all that, do you still want to call me Master?”

“May I?”

“Do you want to?”

“Yes…” She almost did, then reconsidered and didn’t.

I turned to face Beth and asked, “Beth, I want your thoughts on this matter.”

“Yes, Master. I think a trial would be proper. Perhaps a month?”


“I think a month will tell her if this is for her. May I ask “E” a question?”

I nodded. Liz asked, “E”, what will you say to Emily and Brad?”

A shadow crossed over her face. Seconds got longer and longer until she smiled and said, “Emily, I need to be needed, wanted and to contribute. But, it can’t be with you and Brad. I’m moving in with Pete and Elizabeth. I can cook and clean for them as I did when we were a family and I can do it without being their mom. If I did it with you I’d be your mom and rob you of being your own woman in your own home.”

Liz looked at me and said, “I advise letting her in.” Beth nodded.

“There is one more thing.” I said.

Liz and Beth instantly knew what it was. “E” looked at me expectantly.

“Liz, did you tell her about the playroom?”

“No, Master. It is not my place.” She adopted the pose I’d read about and had never asked for; head bowed, eyes looking down, hands at her sides and legs spread. Her body language and words said, “You are my Master and I know my place.”

“Elissa both Beth and Liz need pain and control in their lives. Not the kind of pain that damages the body forever, but a bit of pain and sometimes a loss of control.”

Her eyes widened again and she asked, “You mean like in the bondage movies and the movies where a woman gets tied up and whipped?” There was alarm in her voice.

“Yes, but not as severe I think. They need it and they achieve orgasms and pleasure from it, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. During your thirty-day trial period we will use the new playroom. You will be in charge of what happens to you. You will watch what Liz and Beth do and what is done to them. You get to choose if it happens to you.”

“If I don’t like it… am I out?”

“No. You may be excluded from our play parties in the playroom, but for me it is not a deal breaker. We will discover what expressions of affection and lust best meet your desires and needs, then do our best to meet them.”

She looked from my face to Beth, from Beth to Liz and then back to me. Long looks.

At least a minute passed and she asked, “May I call you Master, now?”

“If you accept this as your choice, yes. We will still love and honor you as a friend and relative if you say no. I will still let Elizabeth have sex with you, if you say no.”

“As you wish, Master.” She bowed her head and spread her legs a bit.

Hugs were shared all around and we decided to visit “E’s” condo to see how best to integrate her into us and our home. It was late when we got back to the house and we needed to get to bed. I said, “No one sleeps alone tonight. Beth and Liz get the hide-a-bed and Elissa will sleep with me. We are to sleep. No masturbating, no pussy play, no fucking. Sleep.”

Three voices said, “As you wish, Master.” I washed all three women in the tiny shower and they dried each other after they washed and dried me. “E” crawled into bed with me and snuggled against me. She said, “God, it feels so good to be in bed like this again. Thank you, Master.”

“You feel very good to me, too. Do not transfer money to my account until the month is over. Before Saturday morning we’ll talk about what we’ll say to Brad and Emily, and when.” We kissed for a few minutes and I could feel her wanting more. At the end of those few minutes I had her roll over, spooned against her backside and we fell asleep that way.

Friday Morning

She got up without waking me and was standing in the doorway with my coffee when the alarm sounded. She was nude. I got up and headed for the coffee and then the bathroom. As soon as I took the mug of coffee “E” asked, “May I suck you, Master?”

“I don’t think so. I had a dream last night about Beth. This morning I want Beth.” I called Beth and she came out of the little bathroom wrapped in a towel. “Yes, Master?”

“If you assume the Uttanasana Big Toe Position and I join with you, will that make us late this morning?”



She dropped the towel and bent in half. She wrapped her arms around her legs just above her ankles. She asked, “With my back against the wall?”

“Yes, please.” She took tiny steps and stopped with her back against the wall. I asked, “Can you spread your legs a bit?”

“Yes, Master I can.” They inched apart and when they were far enough apart to align her pussy with the exact height of my cock I stepped close and slid into her. My hands held her hips and I pushed all the way inside as “E” stood in the hallway and watched.

Beth looked up and watched me push into her pussy. She said, “Thank you. Being filled like this is incredible! Thank you.”

I increased the pace and was slamming against her as I pushed as far inside her as I could on each stroke. Liz came out of the bathroom and looked at me for permission, guidance, something. I said, “Honey, Wet her anus and guide me inside Beth, please.”

I expected her fingers to gather lube from Beth’s flow and spread it on her anus. She bent and licked Beth as her fingers spread Beth’s ass cheeks. When she was satisfied with the amount she wrapped a hand around my shaft as I backed out of Beth and she guided me to Beth’s anus. At my first touch Beth relaxed and I was admitted easily into her ass.

Beth grunted and thanked Liz and I for what we were doing. Liz stood tall and waited for my direction.

“A kiss for me and then get ready for work, Sweetheart.” I said. We kissed and she disappeared. “E” had not moved at all. Beth thanked me and asked if she could cum.

“Cum when you can. Tell me when you cum. Say “TEN!”

I was close too. Beth was shaking and I raised both my hands above my head waiting for her signal.

She screamed “TEN!” and I slapped her ass cheeks with both hands! When my hands landed I made sure they stayed on her ass. The slapping sound was loud and as it reverberated in the hallway I came inside Beth’s ass. A little squirt came from Beth and her ass clenched as she came.

“Master, Thank you! I can feel your cum inside my ass! I love how that feels. Thank you.”

When I felt my cock begin to wilt I pulled out. I helped Beth stand upright and kissed her before going into the shower. As I stepped away I said, “Please, Wear panties and a liner until lunch time.”

“E” followed me into the bathroom. She said, “Master, I don’t know what to do.”

“Do you have time to shower and dress before the workers arrive?”

“Yes, if I hurry.”

“Go get your clothes while I finish. Then shower and dress in here.”

When I stepped out of the water she was right there, her clothes piled on the toilet tank. I took a towel from her, kissed her and left the bathroom. She stepped into the water and started singing.

I met Beth in the kitchen. We put our coffee cups in the sink and left the house eating toast. In the truck Beth asked, “May I ask questions?”


“Why didn’t you join with “E”? She wanted you to.”

“I wanted you. I wanted her to see how you respond to a request. I wanted her to see how open we are to the expression of affection and pleasure. And, I want her to anticipate how joining with me will be. I want her to think about the visual she got this morning.”

“You didn’t tell her not to masturbate.”

“Please dial her at home.”

Beth called home. “E” answered. She handed me the phone. “Elissa, you can touch any part of your body you want, except your breasts, your anus or your vulva. Do not cum today. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

I hung up. I glanced at Beth who smiled back at me.

“Did you bring pads or extra panties?”

“Yes. I will not soil the panties. I’ll check the liner often and take care not to ruin panties.”

“Can you do that and be panty-free at lunch?”

“I think so.

“I know I’ll want to taste you during lunch. Please make that possible.”

I glanced over at her in time to see the light go on. She had figured out how to give me a taste of her pussy while not leaking from her ass.

We parked and I caught a glimpse of her panties as I helped her out of the truck. I said, “Thank you. I know you aimed that glimpse at me and I thank you for it.”

She kissed me and said, “Anytime. You’re welcome.”

At lunch Beth got a salad and extra tomatoes. When I sat down she asked, “Taste?”

Phil’s head came up and he watched her slide the tomato and her wet fingers into my mouth. I sucked and smiled, then I thanked her.

“Anytime.” She said, looking at Phil and winking.’

He blushed and looked back at his ham sandwich. About halfway through lunch I passed a note to Beth, ‘Give Phil a tasty tomato, please.’

She dipped the tomato and her right-hand fingers into her honey and then stood and walked around the table to Phil. She tapped him on the shoulder and when he turned and said, “What?” She held the tomato a few inches from his face and asked, “Taste?”

He opened his mouth to answer and she quickly slid the tomato and her fingers into his mouth. His eyebrows went up. His eyes went wide and he sucked! When Beth pulled her fingers back she asked, “Aren’t these just the best tomatoes? Hard to get good tomatoes just anywhere.”

She sat back down and resumed eating her salad. Bob asked, “Do you have a great tomato for me or just Phil and Pete?”

“If you have two tomatoes left, maybe he can have one and I can have the last one.” I said.

Beth smiled and said, “I have enough for each of you to have one.” She held up a tomato in her left hand and Bob’s eyes followed it. In the same moment she dipped the last tomato in her pussy and stood up. She walked the step to Bob and put it in his mouth. He sucked her fingers loudly and after she retrieved her fingers he said, “You’re right! Damn good tomatoes.”

Beth walked to me and slid her pussy wet fingers and tomato into my mouth. I winked at her and she sat back down. I touched her hand and smiled at her. She had done well.

When lunch was over I walked Beth back to her work area. We didn’t kiss. Public Displays of Affection are not a good idea in our work environment. Five minutes later I was back at work and my phone rang.

“Pete.” I answered.

Phil said, “You sent Beth to give me that tomato, didn’t you?”

“Nope. I sent her to give you a taste. Was it a good taste?”

“God! Pete! You know damn well it was great! I spent the rest of lunch thinking, “I’ve tasted Beth’s pussy!”

“You have! How would you feel about me tasting Veronica in just the same way?”

After a long pause he said, “If Veronica wanted to give you a taste like that, I’d be Ok with it. But, no other way!”

“Ask her tonight if it’d be Ok?”

“You don’t think I’ll ask!”

“Either way, I don’t lose anything. Remember when we were kids and we’d dare other kids to do stuff? Well, this is a double dog dare.”

“A double dog dare for me to ask her? I’ll do it!”

My other line rang. I wished him luck and switched to the ringing line.

Before I could even say hello I heard Elissa’s voice. “Master, did I do something wrong?”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“This morning you had Beth in both her puss and butt. Liz got to lick Beth. All I got was a kiss before I got in the shower. All morning I’ve been wondering what I did wrong.”

“Nothing. Sleeping with you last night was wonderful. I wanted you to see how free and easy we are about sex play. When I fill you the first time it may be like that, in front of Elizabeth. When you watched, did it turn you off or on?”

“On! And frustrated. I wanted to cum too.”

“I understand.” I paused, glancing at my schedule on the computer screen. “Elissa, you know where we work, don’t you?”


“Come get me. I’ll leave Beth the keys to the truck and come home with you. When you get here I’ll be waiting outside. Do not get out of your car. Wear shoes, wide leg shorts and a t-shirt, nothing else.”

“Yes, Master!”

I hung up. I knew I had twenty-five minutes before she arrived. I called my supervisor and took the rest of the day off. I walked to Beth’s work area and gave her keys to the truck. She didn’t ask what was up. I volunteered, “We have a sister who needs some attention. Pick up something for dinner on your way home, Ok?”

She nodded her understanding and said, “Shall we have a late dinner? Say eight-thirty or so?”

“Yes! Great idea.”

I was standing out front when Elissa pulled up in front. She smiled and stopped the car. I got in and she leaned towards me for a kiss. I said, “We do not kiss here. It would start rumors by the hundreds if we did. Please drive.”

She did. Half-way home I asked, “Are you a little damp, wet or dripping?”

She looked away from the road and at me as she said, “I think I have soaked through the towel I’m sitting on.”

“How long has it been since a hard cock was inside your pussy?”

“Years! My husband stopped being able to do it two years before he died. He died last December.”

“So, in almost three years no man has been inside you? No lovers?”

“Liz. No one else.” She paused and added, “At home I have a battery powered thing.”

She pulled into our driveway and parked. I got out and she opened her door. I said, “Please close your door.” She did.

When I got to it, I opened it and helped her out of the car. She said, “Thank you.”

I smiled. Somewhere far away, Kaye grimaced.

When we got inside I stopped her in the kitchen and we kissed. She was shaking, trembling, a little.

The workmen were making lots of noise with hammers, a power saw and yelling at each other. I went to see them after asking Elissa to wait for me in my bedroom. I looked over the progress and then spoke to the foreman.

“Elissa isn’t feeling too great. I’d appreciate it if you guys could knock off an hour early today. Maybe come in early on Monday to get the hour in.”

“She’s gonna be Ok?” He asked. “We really like her.”

“She’ll be fine. Can she have an hour?”

He smiled and said, “We’ll clean up and be gone.” I thanked him and left him to his task.

Back in the kitchen I got a diet Coke and downed half then I went to my bedroom. Elissa was standing in the middle of the empty part of the floor. She was looking at the bed. It was just as she had left it earlier. Made. I make the bed only when I change linens. Elizabeth makes the bed when we have time in the morning, or when we get home from work. Since Elissa had been hired she made the bed.

I closed the door behind me, stepped to the Bose clock-radio and turned on some soft music. I surrounded her body with my arms, standing behind her, pressing against her back. I whispered, “Elissa, what is you favorite fragrance? Lemon, lavender, jasmine, vanilla? What?”

“Vanilla.” She whispered.

“Don’t move from this spot.” I left the room and returned with my massage table and lotion. Minutes later she was nude and face down on the table. She was covered by an oven warmed towel. I put three drops of vanilla extract on a hand towel and draped it over the face cradle.

As always I started with massaging her feet. When I got up to her knees she asked, “Master may I speak?”

“Is it urgent?”

She nodded. “Speak.”

“I need to pee.”


She jumped from the table and flew to the little bathroom. I was glad I’d had the workers leave. She didn’t take anything to cover herself with.

When she was back on the table and covered with the towel again I asked, “Did you forget there were workmen in the house?”

She jumped, startled and said, “Did they see me?”

“No. I sent them home for the day. Now take ten deep breaths and let them out slowly. Focus on the fragrance surrounding you and the sound of your breathing.”

My hands held her feet until she breathed out breath number eight. I added lotion to my hands and began kneading her legs.

Almost an hour later she had turned over and I was working her torso, spreading lotion on her and kneading it in. She was at the edge of sleep. I moved beside her and slowly slid my index finger along her swollen lips. It was not long and her legs relaxed more and her pussy lips spread.

All the rest of her body had been done. I lifted her legs and stretched the muscles. When I put them back on the table I said, “Spread your legs as wide as you can, keeping your eyes closed, please.”

She spread her legs wide and the lips of her pussy popped apart, allowing me to see her vaginal opening. A large drop of her lubricant perched at the edge of her opening.

My mouth approached her pussy slowly and deliberately. I knew the urge to look was strong, but she resisted. She felt my breath and heard my breathing change. I saw her hips lift a fraction; looking for the touch she prayed was coming.

My hands on her thighs pulled away from each other and spread her pussy wider than she would have, if it had been up to her. Then my face pressed into her wet, hot folds and sucked in her gift. Her back arched and she had an orgasm. Her entire body quivered as the muscles in her belly tightened along with those in her ass. I was gifted with more of her delicious nectar and drank it down.

When I climbed onto the table with her she kept her eyes closed. I lifted her legs and held them spread. My cock rested just above her slit and I slowly dragged it back towards her wetness, until it slid down across her clit and into her folds. It nestled in her opening, without actually penetrating.

“I love you, Elissa.” I said and as I said the words I pushed completely inside her.

She moaned and said, “I love you, too, Pete.”

When I hit bottom I held still. Her hips were moving, begging me to move, aching for the stimulation she craved. I decided to leave her tender and possibly even a little bruised. I lifted her legs even closer to her chest and leveraged my body up above her hips and slammed in and out of her, jamming our pubic bones together. At each hit I could feel the skin taking a pounding and I heard her involuntary moans and grunts. “E” lifted her pussy to meet every thrust. Her hands gripped my arms at the biceps and pulled me against her.

When she hit her first orgasm her eyes opened wide and she said, “Oh God! I have missed you so!” Her eyes were open wide but it wasn’t me she saw and felt. It was her husband. I believed he loved pounding into her, leaving her bruised and tingling for hours and possibly days.

I continued to pound her, moving my hands from beside her chest to up on her chest squeezing her large soft breasts. As I squeezed her legs wrapped around my hips and helped me slam into her pussy.

My hand squeezed harder, thumbs and first fingers pinching her nipples. “Thank you, Thank you!” She screamed.

My juices had been building up pressure and when the pressure released she said, “I feel your fire inside me! Give it all to me!”

I did. We rolled over so she was on top of me while I was still inside her. We rested a few minutes and I slid out of her. As soon as I did she lifted her head and asked, “May I clean us up?” I nodded. She ran to the bathroom and came back with a wet wash cloth and a towel. She cleaned me first and then herself.

“Come back to bed. Stop being the one who cleans and be the one who gets taken care of. Lie here beside me. Let me hold you.”

She got back in bed and covered us both. A few minutes later she asked, “How did you know?”

“How did I know you needed to join?”

“No, how did you know I needed to be bruised?”

“I just felt your energy and it seemed to be what you needed.”

“It was. Thank you.”

“Close your eyes, please.” I paused and continued, “You couldn’t tell your husband what you needed either. But he was patient and discovered what worked for you. What was the first thing he discovered?”

“On our Honeymoon he wanted to experiment. He had me go topless at the beach and within ten minutes my juices had wet the crotch of my bikini bottoms. When men stopped and looked at my tits I flooded myself. He loved it. I think I showed a hundred men my tits while we were in Hawaii!”

“And that wasn’t all, was it?”

“No. He thought of a hundred ways for me to be seen and not get arrested. By the time we were back in California over a hundred men had seen my tits and many had also seen my pussy.”

“Then what did he try?”

“Sometimes he was the gentlest lover imaginable. Like you, when you massaged me; gentle yet firm. Other times he was an animal! When he was gentle he would tease me to five or six orgasms, slowly and carefully. When he was an animal I got used and used roughly. There were times when I had hand sized bruises for weeks on my chest, my ass and even my inner thighs.”

“Today, you craved the animal and the gentleman.”

“Liz told me about how she feels in the playroom. I came while she told me. I squeezed my legs together while she talked and I came! I wondered what you would be like when I brought you home. I knew you were coming home to do me.”

“I’m not done.”

Her face and body energy shifted. She wanted to know what else I was going to do. She could not ask.

“Elizabeth will be home in a little over an hour. They both know I came home to take care of you. I think they both want a shot at you. They may get it. Please come with me.” I led her to the toybox and opened the smaller box within and she saw six butt plugs; three different sizes.

“I’m going to put one of these in your ass. You have fifteen seconds to pick the one you will wear.”

Her eyes showed fear and she hesitated a few seconds before choosing a medium sized plug with a sparkling ball as the end. She picked it up and handed it to me. I said, “Thank you. Have you ever worn a butt plug before?”

“No Master. Never.”

As we talked I got some lube and lubed the plug. “Why did you pick the medium? I expected you to pick the easiest size for your ass. If you’ve never worn one, this may be very tight.”

“I picked it because I don’t think the big one would fit without ripping me apart… and I want to do good for you.”

“You are doing extremely well.” I kissed her and our tongues danced as I made sure her nipples were rubbed by my chest. When I ended the kiss I said, “You do yoga, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I’m not quite as limber as Elizabeth.”

“Show me Big Toe, please.” She smiled and as she bent forward she said, “I have been practicing that pose.” She did it quite well. Her arms wrapped around her lower legs, just above her ankles. She looked up at me, expectantly.

“I like this pose because I like having each of you watch as you feel me penetrate you. For this plug to fit inside you must consciously relax, otherwise it will hurt and you may even rip a little and bleed. We don’t want that. I’ll begin with a finger, then two. When I think you’re ready I will push the plug inside. Do not close your eyes, watch. If you can’t take it, use your safe words.”

“Yes, Master. I can take it.”

A dollop of lube squeezed from the tube onto her anus and I used a finger to push against her opening. I coached her on relaxing and soon that finger was deep inside, spreading lube and helping her relax. When I felt her relax a bit more I made it two fingers, then three. The visual I had was wonderful and I felt my cock stir and begin to grow.

The plug was held in my other hand and I moved it close to her opening as I said, “Take a deep breath and hold it. When you feel my fingers leave your ass begin to exhale, concentrating on holding your ass open as you exhale.”

“Yes, Master.” She took a big breath and I began to pull my fingers out of her. She stayed open. As soon as my fingers were out I touched the plug to her opening and I heard her start to exhale. I looked down and saw her watching everything I was doing. I suddenly had the thought to mirror the ceiling of the playroom.

The first inch penetrated her easily, then the taper of the plug began stretching her. I twisted the plug as I applied constant pressure. “Another deep breath, Sweetheart.” I said. When she started to let it out I pushed two more inches inside her. She moaned.

“One inch to go. Can you take it?”

“Yes, Master. I can take it!”

I put the palm of my hand on the knob end of the plug and raised my other hand. As I slapped her ass cheek hard I pushed the plug the rest of the way in and it seated.

“You did it! I am so proud of you. Can you hold that pose another minute?”

“As you wish, Master.” Her voice sounded strained and proud.

I hurried and got a small towel to clean the excess lube from her ass. After I cleaned her I helped her stand and I hugged her, kissed her and asked how it felt to be so full.

“It started to feel like I needed to poop, but it changed. It feels different than anything I’ve felt before. Thank you Master, for introducing me to something new.”

“We are going to do one more thing before Elizabeth comes home.” I wrapped my arm around her and walked her back into the bedroom. With my assist she got on the bed, on her back, legs spread. I dropped to my knees and began eating her.

A minute passed and I stopped. “You must not like what I’m doing. You haven’t thanked me.”

“I love what you’re doing! Master, I’ve never had feelings like these before! Being eaten with my butt filled is wild! Thank you! Thank you!”

My face went back into her pussy and I used my right hand to twist the plug in her ass. She moaned loudly and said, “Oh sweet Jesus! I’m getting close! May I cum Master?”

I backed away an inch and said, “When I bite your clit, you may cum, not before.”

I licked her from tain’t to clit, slowly. Every time I licked her clit I twisted the plug. Her body twitched and shook hard. She begged for release.

When I knew she was about to lose control and cum I used my teeth and gently bit her clitoris. My hand pulled on the plug, not hard enough to dislodge it, but enough she felt the pull.

Elissa screamed, long and loud. She gasped for breath and almost screamed, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh My God!” Her juices didn’t flow, they squirted, soaking the bed and me. I left her and went to the bathroom to get two more towels. A load of laundry would need to be done.

When she was somewhat back to normal and dry I helped her off the bed and we stripped it. Every few seconds she thanked me and kissed me. She brought the standing fan to the doorway and started it. I opened the windows. We left the bed unmade, so it would dry.

I tossed a big beach towel over my recliner and sat. I beckoned “E” into my lap and she snuggled in. I pulled a lap blanket over us and we dozed until Elizabeth got home.

When “E” heard them come in she got out of my lap and went to the kitchen. As soon as they came in she helped with their packages and food then showed them the plug in her ass. I kept my eyes closed and heard Beth ask, “Do we get one, too?” “E” didn’t know.

They woke me from my “nap”and asked if I wanted dinner. I said “E” and I would set the table and serve the food while they went to the toybox and inserted butt plugs in each other. They would insert one medium and one small. I looked at the second hand of the clock and since it was in the last half of the minute I said, “Beth gets the medium. Go.”

In minutes the table was set, the food on the table and all three ladies were seated at the table with their but plugs in place.

The food was passed and we began to eat. Liz told us about her day at work, then Beth told us about her day. When she was done she asked “E” about what she had done. She told them about the work she had done around the house, right to the point where she had called me to ask if she had done something wrong. Then, she stopped.

“Tell them what happened.” I said. She told them about coming to work and driving me home. She described, in detail, what happened when we got home. She described every orgasm she had and how it felt. Both Beth and Liz looked at me with pleading eyes.

When she was done I said, “Tomorrow is Friday. On Friday’s you do yoga. I want you to weaken the material in the shoulders of your leotard so it might slip off and expose a breast. If it does slip off I want you to get upset and lower the strap so it’s out of your way, leaving your breast uncovered. The work should be done tomorrow. If it is, I think their bonus is a nude hug from each of you. That’s you nude, not them.”

It was quiet as they digested the news. I knew that on their own they would never do such things. I also knew they would probably cum from the excitement.

“Let’s get dinner cleaned up.” They took care of it. I replaced the tablecloth. We sat together and planned a celebration for the night the work on the house was done. We planned a private celebration and a small gathering of friends celebration.

“E” wanted to know which celebration Brad and Emily would be invited to. I responded, “The small gathering of friends. The playroom will not be seen as a playroom. We should have a rug to cover the drain and exercise equipment to mask the other purpose of the room. Two bikes, a treadmill and a rowing machine for sure.”

“And,” Liz asked, “Who will be at the other celebration?”

“Only people who live here. All the toys will be in a new toy cabinet, the rug moved out of the way and there will be celebrating for long hours of teasing, kneading, and many orgasms for each of you.”

“And for you Master?” Beth asked.

“Do not worry about me. I have three beautiful, willing lovers to play with. I’ll die happy.”

An hour before bedtime I took all three to the bedroom and removed their plugs. “E” first. She was amazed at how hard I needed to pull to get her ass to release it. Then she was surprised at how quickly her body wanted to use the bathroom. While she was gone I sucked Beth’s breasts and told her how wonderful they were.

When “E” reappeared I removed Liz’s plug. It was the small one and came out easily. I said, “That was too easy. From now on if I start you with a small, you are to remind me that I said, “No more small plugs. Start with a medium.”

“Yes, Master.”

While she was gone in the bathroom I played with Beth and with “E”. When all three were on the bed with me I got up and sat on the chair near the bed. I asked Beth to get three blindfolds. She left, headed for the toybox and came back with two blindfolds and a belt. “We only have two blindfolds in the toybox, Master.” She said.

“Do you have a scarf?” I asked. She said, “Yes, Master” as she ran from the bedroom.

When she returned I said, “Please blindfold your sisters. I will do you.” She began with Liz. I blindfolded her. When neither could see Beth found “E” and blindfolded her. I helped Beth to one corner of the bed, Liz to a different corner and “E” to the third. I said, “There is a reward for the woman who cums first, a different reward for she who cums second and a penalty for the one who does not cum. You are not allowed to speak words, touch your own pussy or pinch your own nipples. All touching must be done while you are on the bed.” I paused. “Any questions?”

Beth asked, “You want us to give each other orgasms and if we don’t have one there is a penalty?”

“Yes! Begin now.” They climbed onto the bed from their corners and when they bumped into each other the action began. Beth bumped into “E” and held her head in her hands as they kissed. “E’s” hands held Beth’s tits and squeezed as they kissed.

Liz bumped into the pair seconds after the kissing started. She moved between Beth’s legs and found her pussy with both her hands and mouth. The licking began and Beth’s response was to move “E” so she found Liz. They stopped kissing and “E” lay on the bed so her face could find Liz’s vulva. Beth lay down without losing the connection to Liz’s tongue. She searched for and found “E”, burying her face between her legs. Somehow they had forgotten about their breasts. I got up from my chair and pinched Beth’s nipples hard, but only for two seconds. She gasped and groaned.

I moved to “E” and pulled on her long nipples, again for two seconds. Her back arched and she moaned. At Liz, I twisted her nips as I pulled them. She yelped and reached for Beth and found her chest and began mauling her tits. “E” was attacking Liz’s nips and in seconds all three were being eaten and their tits mauled.

I sat back down and watched. Beth let go of the breast she was mauling and reached to “E’s” anus. With no preliminary action she shoved two fingers in “E’s” ass. “E” shuddered and screamed into Liz’s pussy. She was the first to cum. None of the action stopped.

“E’s” fingers probed Liz’s ass and Liz immediately pushed two fingers into Beth’s ass. Seconds later Beth shuddered, screamed and flooded Liz’s face. I got up quickly and pulled blindfolds off all three. I moved faces from pussies, hands from breasts and asses.

They calmed and waited for whatever was next.

I said, “”E” came first. Beth came second. Liz hasn’t cum. Help Liz cum.”

“E” was closest to Liz’s pussy so she dove in, with mouth to pussy and fingers in her ass. Beth twisted and both grabbed Liz’s breasts and sucked one nipple into her mouth. In less than a minute Liz screamed and covered “E’s” face in juice.

“Since “E” came first, she gets me in her pussy and Beth rides her face to another orgasm.” We twisted around and I slid deep inside “E”. Beth started to face away from me as she straddled “E’s” face, but I turned her to face me and I held her breast and one of “E’s” as I pumped. Liz lay beside “E” and played with her unattended tit. When I came I pulled back and sprayed the outside of her pussy with my seed. Beth said, “Thank you, Pete” as she bent forward and licked up all the spunk I left behind.

We took a long hot shower, one at a time. Liz was being dried by me when she said, “I lost? How can that be? I had a great orgasm. I feel loved, tingly and I’m still having aftershocks!”

“Losing doesn’t have to mean life sucks! This honestly wasn’t a contest. I wanted the three of you to deepen the bond between you. Now, we need to go to sleep.”

I slept in “E’s” bed with “E”. Elizabeth slept in the only real bed in the house. When my eyes opened at 6:15am “E” was standing in the doorway with coffee. She followed me into the bathroom and while I drank coffee she held my penis and directed my stream. Beth was next in line. She thanked me for lifting the seat and putting it back down. I had done neither. “E” did both.


“E” had made Chiliquilles for breakfast. Spicy, but not too. We ate, thanked “E” with words and kisses, dressed and headed for an uneventful day of work.

Friday night we stayed pretty quiet. I did some work at the computer. Beth, Liz and “E” did something in the kitchen. At about ten they came to my office door and sat on the floor quietly, waiting for me to notice them. When I did I ushered them inside and asked them to talk to me.

Beth got the look from “E” and Liz, so she spoke. “While we were at work today “E” watched a show on TV about fitness. People were using colorful mats to do exercises. She thought what a great idea for our playroom! We could get mats and everyone would think we use them for yoga, sit ups and things. And, we could all sleep together sometimes by sleeping on the mats.”

“I like it!” I said. “Find out where we buy them and how much they cost. Find out what colors they come in, as well.”

She produced three sheets of paper with all the information I wanted printed on the pages. I read the pages and looked up at three excited faces.

“Can one of you sew?” I asked.

“Not me, but Emily can.” “E” said.

“Ok. Tomorrow morning we’ll order four 4X8 pads, two inches thick. Order them in forest green. That will give us four inches of thickness. We’ll need enough mattress covers to double cover the whole pad and be able to get it apart to wash the pieces. Sewn together flat sheets for the whole bed too.”

“New pillows and blankets too?” Liz asked.

“Yes! Blankets in matching greens to everything else.”

“E” said, “Brad and Emily are coming over around noon tomorrow.”

“Good. Can you enroll her to sew for us as a gift or do I need to pay her?”

“It can be their Christmas present to us.” “E” said.

“Good. Now, what do we get them?”

“Emily has wanted Brad to take a vacation for three years. He makes excuses. She doesn’t even care where they go. She just wants a few days away.”

“There are three, four and seven day cruises that leave and return from Los Angeles harbor. We can give them a cruise for Christmas!” I said.

“E” said, “I tried to get my husband to go on one of those. He kept putting it off and we didn’t ever go.”

I said, “And, you aren’t going on the same one as Brad and Emily either. It would dampen the reason for going if Mom went along.” She nodded in reluctant agreement. It gave me an idea of what to give each of them as a Christmas gift.

It was after eleven. I let them do rock, paper, scissors to see who slept on the hide-a-bed. I got Beth. Liz and “E” seemed happy about what they shared as well.

Saturday Morning

Cooking got started. Things were ordered on the internet. The house got cleaned within an inch of my life and we stayed nude until almost eleven. Brad called and said they were leaving home. He requested we get dressed. We did.

The ladies even wore bras. The ones with holes so their nipples showed easily.

We gave Emily and Brad the tour and explained what we needed Emily to sew for us. Brad and I tended the grill and cooked the meats and some of the veggies. While we were out in the yard cooking we talked.

“You’re sleeping with Emily’s mom?”

“Sleeping and lots of other things.” I nodded.

“There’s something wrong with that!”

“Was there something wrong with her Dad sleeping with her Mom?”

“No. They were married.”

“Are you sure? Maybe Emily started life in the back seat of a Buick. Would it matter?”

“No! It just feels weird, that’s all.”

“Would you rather she moved in with you? Cooked and cleaned and was there with you twenty-four-seven?”

He smiled and said, “You know, you’re a great big brother. Always looking out for me. Thanks.”

“If I’m so good, maybe you’d get me a diet Coke?”

“Ok if I get a beer while I get you a diet Coke?” I nodded. He went in the house. When he came back he said, “Whatever they were talking about, it stopped dead when I went in the house.”

“Not to worry. They have no secrets from me.”

“All women keep secrets. It’s part of their training.”

“Name one of my three.”

“Liz.” I called her name and in seconds she was beside me.

“Liz, do you purposely keep secrets from me?”

“No, Pete. No secrets.”

“So, if I asked what you four were talking about for the last fifteen minutes you’d tell me?”

“I would. I would remind you that Emily is not your wife and what was said was hers as well as ours. I would then tell you everything that was said, if you asked me to.”

“Thank you, Liz. I knew you would. I will not ask at this time.”

“May I bring you anything, Pete? Brad?”

“A platter please. The meat is within minutes of done and the veggies are done.”

She rushed off and came back with two platters. She held one for the veggies and gave Brad the one for meat. The other women came out and readied the table loading it with drinks, salads, plates and things. December in Southern California. We had sweaters on, but we were having a BBQ, not shoveling snow.

As we sat around the table we talked. Emily said, “Pete, momma talked to me about the sewing job. At first I thought you were nuts. Momma explained it to me and I understand now. I think I can sew the mattress pads together so they can be thick enough to work well and still come apart easily for washing.”

“Want me to give you money to get what you need or should one of us buy things?”

“I’ll buy it and make it. Momma said we could count it as your Christmas gift.”

“Ah yes, Christmas. It’s been a long time since we had Christmas together. Let’s.”

“Be together on Christmas?” Brad asked.

“Yes, little brother. I’d like all of us together on Christmas morning. We can have a big breakfast, open presents, watch football, eat a big dinner and be in love together all day.” I watched Elizabeth and “E” give away their excitement without saying anything. I saw Emily’s face echo the desire for the family Christmas.

“Ok. We’ll come. But if the stuff Emily is doing is your gift, there won’t be any gifts to open.”

“How about, the sewing is the big gift from you two to us. We’ll get a big gift for the two of you and we each get gifts for each other… with a twenty-five dollar limit for each gift.”

Emily said, “That’s only five gifts for each of us to buy. Pretty easy.”

“Ok.” Brad said.

“If you have friends or other family you want to invite, invite them too. Just let us know so we have enough food for everyone. I plan to invite some friends from work. I’ll get them gifts, you don’t know them, so you needn’t buy them anything.”

When they went home that evening Emily had a written plan for their gift for us and I had a plan for theirs. We all went to my computer and booked a four-day cruise to Mexico for any of the scheduled cruises leaving L.A. in February. They could pick the dates.


We bought paint for the playroom, bathroom and trim. I bought a giant calendar and we started plotting our to-do lists onto a schedule of “when.” At dinner I gave each of them a thousand dollars in cash. I said, “For the Christmas we share with Brad and Emily the twenty-five dollar limit applies. When they go home we’ll hold another Christmas, for just us. Buy what you wish, wrap it and hide it away. On Christmas night after they are gone, we’ll open the gifts. I want to invite Bob, Norma, Phil, Mike, Alison and Veronica to Christmas too. Even if they don’t come, I’ll get them gifts out of my thousand. You may invite anyone you feel moved to invite.”

“E” said, “I haven’t given you any money. My trial is up at the end of the year. I should give the money back to you.”

I moved close to her, put my arms around her and softly asked, “Thinking about leaving?”

“Lord, No. I’m just aware that I’m not a full participant, yet.”

“Perhaps the month was not necessary. Are you ready, willing and anxious to be my wife and sister to these two women?”

“Yes, Master. Ready, willing and anxious.”

“Before you joined us I had talked about getting rings for Liz, Beth and me. I didn’t do it. If you can be ready to go shopping after work tomorrow, we’ll go. I know a place that will make matching rings for us. We will give you the rings and then set about changing your names so all of you are married to me. Are you in?”

Three voices said, “Yes Master” in unison.

I said, “Me too.”


When dinner was over we looked over the construction progress and were presently surprised. They were finishing up inside and the concrete had been poured for the shower and covered patio outside. The plumbing and electrical had been inspected and signed off. We talked about what things to move from Elissa’s condo and she asked if she could sign up for a class.

She wanted to improve her cooking skills. A specialty market near our home was sponsoring a three afternoon class on Asian cooking. We agreed that the class would be great for her and I gave her money to sign up. That opened a conversation with Elizabeth about computers. Both of their computers, one laptop and one desktop, had been purchased before Jerry died. They were old and needed replacement. I said I would speak to the techies at work and we’d take their advice about what to get. I wanted a list from them of what they needed the computers to do, programs they knew and needed, etc.

They had the lists prepared and gave them to me.

It was a good time for getting them new computers. Retail companies were slashing prices as Christmas neared and the end of the year tax advantages for them hung like a cloud in the air. Beth and I talked about gifts for our co-workers. Even though they were in couples we agreed that individual gifts would be best. We decided a hundred dollar gift from all of us to Alison’s new baby’s college fund would be appropriate.

Liz and “E” discussed gifts and possible invitations to people they knew; neighbors, co-workers of Liz, people “E” knew for many years, at church and that she had met socially.

We got together before bed and decided to have three gatherings; one for us, Brad and Emily on Christmas day, one for just us and one for all our friends, including Brad and Emily. As the nightly rituals were being done by my ladies, “E” asked Elizabeth, “When you were with Jerry, did he ask you what you wanted for Christmas?”

I could hear them talking even though I was down the hall.

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