JUST AS THE SNOW IS just beginning to pick up, showing signs of an upcoming storm. A dark skinned creature with pointed ears, wild orange hair and a mask similar to that of a Kabuto creeps up to the edge of a ridge overlooking an expansive valley. High above the valley, sitting on the mountain side is a grand palace.

Behind her three Yeti snort with impatience causing a smile to creep across her face beneath the mask. Each creature is far larger than the tiny dark skinned figure is with their massive upper body and arms compared to their smaller torso and legs. Beneath the thick pelt of fur stick out spikes of clear bone that resemble ice from their head, backs and forearms. Drool constantly drips from a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and bad breath to match.

Destroy anyone in your way, but make sure the sword stays safe. Hirikika says in an ancient tongue.

The Yeti grunt digging their terrible clawed hands into the snow and then they leap over the edge and down the mountainside billowing snow up in their wake.

Once the three Yeti descend onto the palace grounds they work solo. The beasts tear through the grounds and guards, ripping flesh from bone, painting the ground and palace walls in a deep crimson red.

As the beasts strategically work their way through the grounds, the small dark skinned figure slips quietly through into the palace. Her mission is to seek out Alexandros and his famed sword Masamune. It isn’t difficult to find him as she is lead by the sweet sounds of moaning pleasure.

Hirikika slips into the private chambers just in time to see Alexandros slide his fingers into, as Hirikika presumed, Rashida’s pussy. Softly whispered whimpers begin to escape from her mouth. Almost as quickly, he leans over, opening Rashida’s outer pussy lips and starts flicking her clit with his tongue. Spreading them further he reveals her inner pussy lips and delves with is tongue further in.

Hirikika feels her own pussy moisten and slips a hand down to it. Two fingers slip easily in through the wet barrier and she begins to steadily slide them in and out, rubbing over her clit each time.

Alexandros drives his tongue deeper and deeper, as far as he can plunge it into his wife’s pussy. Her whimpering cries become more intense and audible and it pushes Hirikika to work her fingers harder.

He breaks contact, sliding up to touch her lips with his and as they lock, his cock slides slowly into Rashida’s moist, waiting pussy. Her soft pussy is so inviting and slippery wet that his entire shaft disappears into its welcoming depths.

Alexandros pulls out and thrusts deeply back into her, burying himself totally inside her. He thrusts in and out, hard and fast, burying his cock totally in her body. Rashida, the dark skinned creature assumes, moans loudly with each hard thrust. Alexandros reaches down to lift her legs and she wraps them around him. Leaning forward he kisses her face and neck, all while thrusting hard into her, fucking her as deeply as he can.

He thrusts hard into her, repeatedly pounding himself into her body, her body taking him into it with each thrust. As she arches backward, he lowers his mouth down to take the offered breasts. Her moans of pleasure grow deeper and harder. She begins to push up toward him with each thrust, grinding her pelvis into him, taking him as deep into her body as she can.

Hirikika orgasms, exploding in her clothing so much that it runs steadily down her legs. She has to push through the ecstasy of it though as she quickly pulls free her hand, remembering why she is here. She unsheathes her sword and quickly slips around the room, using the shadows as cover.

Alexandros hooks his hands under Rashida’s shoulders. Holding her tightly, he sucks on her breasts, moving between them, licking them all over and biting gently at the hard nipples. She cries out wild cries of passion as his cock slams in and out of her.

Then she squeals sharply just before he feels her body tighten around him as she erupts into an orgasm. She squeals and gasps into his neck and the sensation of her cumming brings him to the edge of his own, but he never gets there.

Then suddenly before his eyes her head goes rolling of her shoulders onto the floor. Standing behind his wife is Hirikika with her face well hidden behind her mask, hiding her wicked smile. Quickly, Alexandros slides Rashida’s body off and attempts to make it to his sword, Masamune, but before he even get a few feet he feels the point of a sword at his neck with the blood of his wife still fresh on it.

“I would stay very still if I were you,” Hirikika says glaring at him. “I’m here for the sword.”

“Isn’t going to happen, Magi,” Alexandros spats at her.

“Interesting that a human knows what I am,” she says a little puzzled.

“Not real hard if you study your history.”

A glint comes to her eye and she says, “So here is the famous Alexandros.” She smiles. “Sorry but I didn’t really recognize you without your clothing. My, my, those are quite a few scars you have.”

“Happens when you fight against evil like you.”

“Tsk, tsk. I’m not evil, just someone with an agenda.” She slips the blade up and strikes him across the face with the broad side of it, sending him to the floor. “Now like I said I am here for Masamune.

“Like I said it isn’t going happen,” he says defiantly. “As soon as I hand it over I’m dead.”

“That’s the idea,” she says wickedly.

“Then do it,” he says holding out his arms wide, exposing his chest to her.

Her wicked grin returns beneath the mask and she raises the blade to strike, but instead of doing so she spins around to catch the blade of Uriel, Alexandros’ Valkyrie guardian.

“Sneaky devil,” she says.

“I am no devil, you slimy whore,” Uriel replies.

They engage in combat between each other, both as good as the other like to sword masters fighting each other with neither gaining the upper hand over the other. Alexandros takes this opportunity to race over to Masamune. He slides the sword from its sheath and starts to join the fray when he is interrupted as one of the Yeti blast through the wall taking him to the ground.

“Your hopes of winning against me are hopeless,” Hirikika taunts.

“I am a Valkyrie,” Uriel fires back. “My power far exceeds your own.”

“Not today,” the dark skinned creature says.

Another Yeti crashes through the wall and into Uriel just as Alexandros starts to race across the expanse of the room to aid her. Hirikika laughs and heads for the open window. As she reaches the ledge she looks back and nods to Alexandros. “Until next time.” Then she is gone out the window.

She drops to the next ledge, then the next and so on until her feet finally touch the snow. Without looking back, she heads a sprint and disappears into the forest.

HIRIKIKA ARRIVES AT THE VALLEY of the Loteu by early dawn. Knowing the mountain paths, she is able to take the quickest and safest route. She is greeted by the familiarity of twilight spread across valley’s ceiling and the moss-like grass that covers the valley floor and walls. The sweet smell it lets off is invigorating as it heightens her senses briefly reminding her of watching Alexandros. Her pussy moistens again, but she brings her mind around and casts out the idea.

No time for that right now.

She looks up at the statues high above, her eyes catching a view of her own depiction off in the distance and just beyond that Isirath’s.

I hope she forgives my failure.

Like all her other thoughts she casts this one away and races along the river.


HIRIKIKA ARRIVES TO SEE THEIR leader Isirath sitting with Mileries and Necizesa, the two fighting for the graces of Isirath.

How fares your mission? Isirath asks in their ancient tongue.

I failed in my task. Hirikika says bowing her head in shame.

You should have sent me. Necizesa says. I could have taken a couple of warriors instead of those filthy beasts and brought back the sword.

No doubt anyone of us could have, but you obviously ran into trouble, Uriel. Isirath says glaring at her.


How do I know? The leader asks. I have had dealings with her, which is why you knew the layout and path to take. She must hope to betray us.

To use the sword for herself? Mileries questions.

She seemed eager to destroy me and protect Alexandros.

Precisely. Isirath says. They will be coming to us and I will use that to my advantage. She stands and leaves for her personal chambers. Be ready for when the time comes.

Then we will all strike, ending the Black List and claiming he sword once and for all. Mileries says holding up a fist.

No. Isirath says spinning around. I will take Kisa and Ikalyta. They should prove worthy enough.

When Isirath leaves the three woman look at each other, neither saying a word. Finally Mileries opens up. “There is something not right with Isirath. You’re the best tracker,” she says to Hirikika. “Shadow her and report back what you find.”

“You want me to spy on our leader?” she asks very reluctantly.

“We’ve lasted this long for one purpose,” Necizesa says. “Something has changed and only she knows what that change is.”

“I understand,” Hirikika says and quickly leaves.

“If she has to be removed, which of us will lead?” Mileries asks already planning her movement into that position.

“We will together,” Necizesa explains. “The last thing we need is infighting and losing sight of our goals.”

“Very well,” Mileries says. She leans in pressing her lips against Necizesa and kisses her with passionate fervor.

Necizesa’s tongue sweeps inside and Mileries opens her mouth further fully accept it, wrapping her own tongue around the other.

Maintaining and deepening the kissing, Mileries’ free hand tugs Necizesa’s breasts free of her clothing. She squeezes a nipple with a firmness bringing a look of pleasure to the other’s face. Then she brings both breasts to her mouth and starts licking and nibbling on them.

Necizesa rolls off Mileries body to lie back begging to be sucked and fucked. Mileries quickly jumps between the other’s legs and drives a finger roughly into her open pussy. Neither wore any clothing to cover themselves, which makes it all the more easier. Necizesa arches back and spreads her legs wide apart in response. While simultaneously ramming her index finger into the wet pussy, Mileries starts sucking on the other’s luscious breasts.

Necizesa not staying a passive participant shoves her hand down and pushes two fingers into Mileries’ now sopping wet pussy. She gives a deep moan of pleasure, rearing up and then riding against them, thrusting her own pelvis up and down and after just a few second she closing her eyes shut tight and shudders in climax.

When she reopens them a few seconds later, Necizesa is smiling down upon her holding a long straight shafted dildo with a ribbed abstract crystalline pattern.

“Care for some extra fun?” Necizesa asks.

“Mmmm, nice one,” Mileries says eagerly. “Yes, please!”

Necizesa pushes it slowly into Mileries’ pussy, using a pendulum-like motion, twisting first to one side, then the other. After several inserts and withdrawals she has Mileries pussy well lubricated. She thrusts it in far enough to bring her fingers to the top of Mileries’ clit.

“Oh, my!” Mileries gasps. “Oooh, yes! Do me!”

She is overtaken by waves of orgasm which leaves her lying completely spent, her thoughts in a dazed whirl while Necizesa licks her clean and then smears the pussy juice over Mileries breasts.

With a sudden energy, Mileries rolls them both over. She reaches between Necizesa’s invitingly spread legs and thrusts two fingers into her pussy. And after only a matter of seconds she was cumming.

Mileries quickly scoops up the dildo and has the other woman roll to her stomach. She grabs the woman’s hips, hauling her pelvis backward so that her ass is thrust into the air and shoves the ribbed dildo into her asshole.

“Aaaah!” Necizesa moans. “Yes, oh yes!”

Mileries drives it in and out, hard and fast pressing against her inner walls in different ways. Quickly, Necizesa climaxes, but Mileries doesn’t pause and instead continues to drive it in and out bringing the woman to a second in her rhythmic shafting and then a third. Mileries pulls free the dildo, letting it fall to the ground and quickly slides underneath the other to get a mouthful of Necizesa’s sweet tasting pussy juice from her final orgasm before swallowing it down.


OVER THE NEXT COUPLE OF days Hirikika didn’t have anything to report except that Isirath planned to meet with Alexandros to drive a wedge of betrayal between him and Uriel. When Alexandros and his group had finally arrived at the valley, she was instructed to follow while the others planned to deal with Isirath’s betrayal upon her return.

Isirath slips in from behind the waterfall Alexandros had decided to set up his camp and waits unknowing of Hirikika’s presence. She watches him send his two soldiers accompanying them across the river and Uriel’s questioning about it. She can tell from Alexandros’ tone he lied about the reason.

The hours passed after both Uriel and Alexandros retired to their tents and as planned Uriel slipped out into the darkness presumably on her way to meet with her at their designated place. Isirath has no intention of meeting the Valkyrie.

Kisa and Ikalyta watch as their leader slips into the lone tent. Kisa turns to the other, “It’s been awhile since one of us has had a human male.”

“I doubt we’ll see her before morning,” Ikalyta says.

“I don’t understand why we can’t kill or capture those two,” Kisa complains. “They would make such good playthings either way.”

“Because we were told to wait and watch them.”

“Do you suppose Mileries is correct and Isirath will betray us?”

“We’ll find out soon enough.”

“I hate the waiting,” Kisa complains.

“I think I can remedy that then,” Ikalyta says grinning.

She kneels between Kisa’s spread legs, spending a couple of minutes letting her hands roam over her body, concentrating first on her breasts and stomach, and then tracing her fingers up her inner thighs. Then Ikalyta’s mouth descends onto Kisa’s breasts, making her nipples firm and pointy in seconds. Her hands slips down and she guides two fingers into Kisa’s pussy for a moment, getting her juices flowing even more and eliciting from her the first in a series of moans.

Ikalyta suddenly swings around, lowering her ass and pussy onto Kisa’s face for her to give some eager oral attention. Kisa uses her tongue, sliding it into Ikalyta’s pussy, seeking the prize of her clitoris when she feels an amazing sensation in her own pussy.

Kisa assumed that Ikalyta would perform normally, but Kisa instead is being penetrated by something hard and firm. With a squeal she discovers Ikalyta is fucking her with a massively long dildo. It is instantly amazing to Kisa as she sucks in Ikalyta’s smell and the taste of pussy juice.

Ikalyta begins using deeper and longer strokes and Kisa has to push her face deeper into the other’s pussy to muffle her moans. A further thrust makes her arch her back as far as she can go before she cums with a long shudder and tremor. Her ass clenches, her hips thrust and her back arches as much as it would allow. Kisa feels the world whirl around her, dizzy and a bit faint.

“Fucking amazing,” she whispers.

“I thought you’d like it,” Ikalyta smiles.

A thought runs through Kisa’s mind. She still has to finish Ikalyta off, so she grabs the other’s hips pulling her onto her face. Kisa shifts Ikalyta’s hands to her breasts, coaxing the other to knead and rub them.

Kisa gathers a bit of strength from somewhere and applies herself to the task eagerly. Before long, Ikalyta is rising up and down, hands spread out to keep from toppling over, her pussy wide open and her eyes squeezed shut. She shifts her hands suddenly to her own breasts and Kisa knows she is about to cum. Seconds later Ikalyta climaxes with a series of deep rasping grunts.

Spent and satisfied, Ikalyta rolls off Kisa. For a moment she lies beside Kisa on the moss-like grass, and then she kisses her softly on the lips. “I hope that takes out the boredom until tomorrow.”

Kisa smiles. “At least for a little while.”

MORNING COMES QUICKLY AND IKALYTA and Kisa have already moved to a better attack position. They watch eagerly both eh two soldiers and both Alexandros and Isirath.

Eventually Uriel makes her return alone, sliding into her tent silently and acting as if she never left. Minutes pass and when Isirath doesn’t act, Kisa and Ikalyta do. Alexandros’ two men signal that movement is being made toward the campsite and seconds later Uriel bursts from the tent as if there the entire night. “Alexandros!” she yells. “I sense danger upon us!”

There is no movement which surprises the Valkyrie. Her face scrunches in anger and she rushes over to his tent ripping the entrance open and seeing emptiness. Anger floods her and she races over to the other two tents repeating the process. She spins around, scanning the immediate area. “It’s a trap!” she calls out.

To her left stand Kisa and Ikalyta. Kisa pulls a dagger from the back of Alexandros’ man and the other runs a dagger across the other’s throat.

“That is obvious,” Ikalyta says.

“You didn’t do a very good job at convincing him,” Kisa says accusingly.

“Or you two were spotted,” Uriel argues.

“Or I just know a traitor when I see one,” Alexandros says stepping out from behind a large moss covered boulder, Masamune drawn.

“What lead your suspicions?” Uriel asks drawing her own sword.

“Me,” Isirath answers stepping out from behind the two Magi.

Instantly the two Magi were spinning around. Their daggers are replaced with scimitars.

“So you’ve brought an ally I didn’t know about,” Uriel says. “Kisa, Ikalyta, can you handle her while I kill Alexandros?”

Ikalyta, he dark haired one smirks. “This one is trivial. It is you that you should worry about.”

Kisa laughs. “We would certainly hate to have to do all the work ourselves.”

The two Magi take up a fighting stance facing Isirath. The Apsara smiles and suddenly her hair turns into fire along with her hands. “Bring it,” she says.

“You’re going to pay for your betrayal,” Kisa warns and both Magi launch into an attack against her.

“My only betrayal is not following your ridiculous conquest!” she yells as she launches two fire balls the Kisa and Ikalyta, slamming them in the chest, caching them off guard.

Uriel throws herself at Alexandros, their blades locking leaving them face to face. “All you had to do was give up the sword,” she growls.

“Why would you betray God and side with them?”

“Free will Alexandros,” she answers. “Free will.” She pushes off him and presses her attack.

Kisa is the first to her feet. Without looking back she closes in on Isirath driving the scimitar at her. The Apsara moves slightly, allowing the blade to pass harmlessly. She then grabs Kisa’s arm and using her body as leverage, breaks it then slams a fiery fist into her chest sending her flying backward.

Intensity flares in her eyes as she sends a giant blast into one of the massive statues high above them. The fireball hits the statue square, blowing it into pieces that rain quickly down upon the two Magi.

The destruction of the statue steals Alexandros’ attention away from Uriel for a moment and she uses the opening to throw a kick into his face. He spins around from the force of the unexpected kick, but quickly regains control of his momentum and carries it around full circle bringing Masamune around swiftly to slam the hilt of the blade into the Valkyrie’s nose.

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