It was the middle of September in 2003 and New Zealand actress Lucy Lawless was in the city of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, to film a documentary on the late Apache female warrior Lozen who had ridden with the famed Geronimo. It was part of a series called Warrior Women for the Discovery Channel, and Lucy had been hired as the presenter. The series had taken her to China, France, England, Ireland, and finally New Mexico. Truth or Consequences, known as T and C, was originally called Hot Springs and was a spa city in southwestern New Mexico. It was the county seat of Sierra County, New Mexico, and at the time that Lucy was there its population was about 4,300. It was a small city of less than 13 square miles.

Lucy had become famous as a result of her American tv show “Xena: Warrior Princess” which was filmed near her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand and ran from 1995 to 2001. It had only been just over two years since the last episode had aired. She had been working hard on this documentary for the Discovery Channel and enjoyed working and traveling. This evening the president of the official Xena fan club, Sharon Delaney, had just interviewed Lucy in her hotel in the city called the Sierra Grande Lodge. It was located at 501 McAdoo Street, within the Hot Springs Bathhouse and Commercial Historic District. The interview was for the official Xena fan club and was about Warrior Women. Lucy sat relaxed in a chair in the hotel as Sharon and the film crew from Creation Entertainment interviewed her. She wore a green Eurythmics shirt with a red star on it, a British pop rock band with one of Lucy’s favorite singers, Annie Lennox, and beige khaki pants. As she was about five ten, her long legs were crossed and there was a close view of her brown hair and large blue eyes. At the end of the interview, she described that she was filming the segment on Lozen and that her hotel had an incredible chef. After the interview, she said goodbye to Sharon and the crew, who would return to Los Angeles, and went upstairs to return to her room.

Lucy opened the door to her rather luxurious room and removed her shoes and socks. She walked barefoot to her bed and sat down on it, relaxing. She then lay on it for some time, thinking, and then heard a few knocks on the door. She got off the bed and walked barefoot to the door and opened it. There was a tall handsome man in a cowboy hat who said, “Howdy, ma’am. We met the other day at the hotel’s restaurant. I’m Derek.”

Lucy recognized him and said in her attractive Kiwi accent, “Ohhh, Derek. How are you? Come on in.” She invited him into her room, then shut the door. She locked it. “How have you been?” she asked him again.

“I’ve been pretty well,” he responded. “How ’bout you Lucy?”

“I’ve been pretty busy filming on Lozen. I like the job though. New Mexico is a gorgeous place. I just filmed something for the Xena fan club today.”

Derek nodded. “Been hard at work I see. You not gettin’ much free time are you?”

Lucy shook her head no. “No, not with all the work.”

Derek nodded again. He knelt to take off his boots, which had spurs on them. Tall, rather muscular and handsome, he looked like the classic cowboy. Lucy was attracted to cowboys. She especially was attracted to their swagger, their confident, arrogant gait, the way they walked. They excited her. Derek took off his hat and tossed it on the table. He stepped closer to Lucy and made eye contact with her. Lucy had been away from her husband for too long and was feeling horny. It had happened often this year as she traveled around the world to film Warrior Women.

It happened fast. Derek grasped Lucy and kissed her. Lucy took off her shirt and tossed it on the floor. Then she sat on the bed and took off her pants. Derek noticed her bare feet. They were very sexy, with great structure and arches and very sexy, perfectly formed long toes. He had never seen a woman with feet and toes as sexy as Lucy. At about five ten, her feet were on the large side for a woman as well, as she wore size ten shoes. Lucy unfastened her bra and dropped it on the bed. As she reached for her panties, to slide them off her long sexy beautiful long legs and feet as well, Derek continued to undress.

Lucy and Derek were naked as Derek climbed atop the luxurious bed and kissed Lucy. He lay on top of her. He went down on Lucy’s beautiful breasts and large, erect nipples and sucked them. Lucy gasped. She lay naked on her back. Derek kissed down her stomach and then paused at Lucy’s sexy navel. He circled it with his tongue a few times, then started licking inside it. Lucy moaned and arched her back. He tongue fucked her navel several times before licking below it, kissing down her lower stomach. He had reached her pubic hair when she stopped. Stroking down Lucy’s large, amazingly sexy thighs, he felt down her long legs. He rubbed her sexy right foot in his hands, then raised it upwards and licked up her sole. Then he began sucking rather voraciously on her long, amazingly sexy toes. Lucy moaned again with pleasure.

At once he stopped and put her right leg down on the bed. He spread Lucy’s long legs, positioning himself between them, and then started licking Lucy’s beautiful pussy. He licked it up and down for nearly thirty seconds, then grasped her pussy lips and started licking inside Lucy’s vagina. His tongue made contact with the pink inside of Lucy’s pussy. She panted and moaned,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Lucy’s long legs were spread and her bare feet were in the air. He tongue fucked her vagina for several seconds. Then his tongue traveled lower as he flicked it against Lucy’s asshole. He licked her asshole as Lucy moaned in pleasure. Lucy was such a beautiful and sexy woman that he would even go as far as doing this with her.

When he was done, he grasped his large erect cock and shoved it inside Lucy’s pussy. Lucy panted. He began fucking her hard, in and out, in and out, in and out. The foreplay was over. Lucy continued moaning. Her long legs and bare feet were spread apart around Derek. After some time of this, Derek pulled out of Lucy’s vagina and shoved his thick and lengthy cock into Lucy’s tight ass. Lucy grunted and then her voice got even higher as Derek fucked her hard in her ass. “Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lucy moaned. Then Derek took it out of her ass, leaving it gaping, and put it in her lovely pussy again. He fucked her for about another minute as she would periodically moan, then he finally came. They both climaxed at about the same time, with Lucy shuddering and moaning with an intensely pleasurable orgasm as Derek cummed in her vagina. He then pulled out, panting, and his warm semen oozed a little out of Lucy’s pussy.

The cowboy got off the bed and began to dress. Lucy put her clothes on as well. “Boy,” Derek said, “you sure know how to show a cowboy a great time,” he put in. Lucy nodded, dressed by now, and sat on the edge of her bed barefoot. “Thank you Derek I totally needed that. You are great. I have a thing for cowboys,” she explained. As Derek put on his boots and hat and stood at the door Lucy said, “You can come again. I should be here at night for the next several days.”

Derek nodded with a smile. “I’ll see you ma’am.” He opened the door and left and Lucy got up to lock it again. Afterwards, she got under the covers of her bed and gave a satisfied sigh.

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