This is a ThePac story in no way did this really happen or will ever happen, I do not own WWE copyright or the rights to the Divas. This is an adult story featuring Divas over the age of 18 and you should be over the age of 18 to read this erotic story. This story features lesbian domination, spanking, verbal insults and anal. Hope you enjoy reading it.


“Here is your winner and the number one contender for the Divas title, Beth Phoenix,” Justin Roberts announces as the crowd roars.

Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon one of the best and most powerful Divas on the roster just amazed the sold out crowd winning a battle royal to become the number one contender for the Divas championship. She won it by picking up both Bella twins and dumping them over the top rope in an amazing feat of strength and power. Beth is nearly crying as her hand is raised as this is her first shot at the Divas title since coming back from a knee injury late last year. Kelly Kelly was outside the side doing commentary is now up and the Divas champion climbs into the ring. She has a big smile on her face and is clapping her hands together with her shiny silver championship belt on her shoulder. Beth dressed in her normal wrestling attire of a black bodysuit with white trim now drops to her knees in the middle of the ring.

She is delighted to be back in the title picture after having spent most of 2010 on the side line with an injury it has taken the Glamazon a few months to climb back near the top of the Divas division. Kelly couldn’t be more delighted for her friend; the two blondes have become close over recent months since Beth’s switch back to Raw. They hung out backstage and even tag teamed in a few house show matches around the country. She is very happy her friend is now the number one contender for her title. The blonde is happy she is finally rid of the annoying cheating Bella’s as rivals for her belt.

Not dressed for in ring action Kelly is in a cute black leather zip up jacket that doesn’t cover her flat mid-section or a small amount of cleavage where the zip has been pulled down. She is also wearing green cargo pants and spiked black boots making her wobble as she walks. Kelly slides into the ring with her title smiling widely at a nearly crying Beth. Getting to her feet Beth stands in front of the champion who drops the belt down and moves towards Beth with her arms wide. Kelly embraces Beth with a big hug squeezing her friend tight so happy for Beth. Beaming back at Kelly Beth locks the hug in tighter as fans around the arena cheer the two Divas as they are celebrating together. It is rare to see a champion and new challenger getting on so well without all that hate and animosity you normally see from wrestlers. Kelly breaks the hug but keeps hold of Beth’s arm then lifts it high in the air to show the WWE Universe who the winner is.

Beth has a huge smile on her face coming thought all the heartache of the past year has been worth it. Kelly has a huge smile on her face just like Beth keeping the large blonde’s arm in the air walking her round the ring to show her off to every corner of the arena. Putting Beth’s arm down Kelly goes back to joining the fans in clapping the new number one contender. Beth keeps fighting back the tears as she steps towards Kelly grinning then suddenly drives her knee up slamming it right into Kelly’s gut. The cheering crowd suddenly stops as they look shocked into the ring as Kelly falls to one knee. She is holding her stomach coughing and in pain as Beth just blindsided her. Beth Phoenix has an evil little smirk on her face as Kelly kneels below her in some distress. Leaning down Kelly’s long blonde hair is grabbed by Beth who cruelly twists it in her hands making Kelly scream out.

Kelly’s agony filled screams seem to make Beth happier as she roughly pulls Kelly up to her feet. She drags Kelly forward and using her amazing strength Beth hair throws Kelly halfway across the ring. Kelly spins though the air hitting the mat hard and bounces off the canvas all the way under the bottom rope. She drops from the apron right out to the arena floor landing hard getting a moan from the crowd who have been stunned into silence by Beth’s actions. Kelly just got hair tossed all the way across the ring and right onto the outside. Poor Kelly looks hurt, her normally cute face twisted as she moans while Beth looks super calm and confident. She slides under the bottom rope out of the ring to stand over Kelly. The Divas champion is fighting to get back to her hands and knees while her pants are fighting to stay up around her waist. Beth spots Kelly’s low slung pants and laughs moving her index finger down poking it against Kelly’s bare ass crack.

The fans that see it cheer and Kelly flinches as a foreign feeling just rubbed up against the top of her ass crack. Grabbing Kelly’s hair again Beth lifts the butt crack showing Kelly up to her unsteady feet once again. She keeps Kelly bent forward as the Glamazon smiles in total control of the situation. Running forward Beth tosses Kelly sending the little blonde flying through the air smashing back first into the barricade.

The fans wince as Kelly smacked hard against the padded metal guard rail. Her back hit hard and now she is lying on the floor screaming in pain. Kelly’s poor spine has been punished after Beth Phoenix brutally tuned on her. In three power moves Beth has the Divas champion down and in real pain with Kelly’s back leaving an imprint in the padding around the guard rail. In no rush Beth takes her time walking round to the time keepers table to pick up a microphone. Fans close to her are booing as for seemingly no good reason Beth attacked and maybe seriously injured Kelly Kelly. Slowly Beth walks over to a groaning Kelly making sure to kneel down next to her pained face.

“Awwww is poor little Kelly Kelly hurt,” Beth says mockingly clearly enjoying Kelly’s predicament.

“You know something Kelly the days of the cute, perky, Barbie doll like fake wrestler is over,” Beth says menacingly.

“You little blonde bimbo are a horrible role model, a below average wrestler basically just a street walker wrapped up in very pretty clothes flaunting yourself for these idiots,” Beth carries on the insults speaking right into Kelly’s pain filled face.

“So in order to take woman’s wrestling back from the slutty bimbos like you I’ve decided Kelly that in front of all these people I’m going to break you,” Beth threatens.

“Would you like that Kelly? Would like to be taken to the edges of endurance and exposed for what you are right here on Monday night Raw?” Beth says in mockingly excited tone.

Kelly groans trying to get her sore body up to her hands and knees, she looks at Beth and spits, “Screw you Beth you will never break me.”

Beth smiles as Kelly’s words fill the arena before she slaps Kelly hard around the face dropping the skinny blonde again.

“Was kinda hoping you would say that Kelly as its pointless breaking a willing subject,” Beth says almost sounding happy as she gets to her feet.

“Oh one more thing Kelly sort of important,” Beth says suddenly remembering, “I’m not gonna physically break you I’m going to break you sexually.”

Even though the crowd is solidly behind Kelly on Beth’s last statement they can’t help but cheer loudly. The Glamazon can’t mean what everyone thinks she means not even the Glamazon would do that to a rival in front of a packed out arena and TV cameras broadcasting to the world.

Beth smiles as the fans around are buzzing so she looks down at Kelly again, “You heard me right Kelly I’m gonna use your body, your little cockteasing body just like all the men and woman here would love to use your slutty little frame.”

The fans are shocked at Beth’s words but not as shocked as Kelly who suddenly feels in real peril and very exposed. Beth drops the microphone taking hold of Kelly’s long blonde locks and starts pulling her across the arena floor. Fans cheer, their sympathy for Kelly reduced to nothing in the face of HLA between two smoking hot Divas. Everyone rightly thought the big powerful Beth would be a top sexually and now they are gonna see her top the ultra-sexy Kelly. A scared looking Kelly is dragged to the announcers table and on cue the announcers spilt and run before Beth threatens them with being broken sexually. Beth is grinning as she easily scoops the struggling Diva off the floor with great ease, Beth holds her in the air for a couple of seconds before dropping the champion down. Kelly smashes face first into the announce table, her beaten up body taking another massive blow as she is now flat out on the arena floor.

In total control Beth now pulls the top off the table throwing it away along with the monitors and any other rubbish lying on it. Pulling a weakened Kelly up by her hair once more Beth rolls Kelly’s body on top of the stripped down table almost like she has made a little work bench to work on breaking Kelly. Beth leaves a flat out, groaning in pain Kelly on the table as she goes back into the ring getting the silver butterfly belt known as the Divas title. Back on the outside of the ring Beth looks at the belt before she climbs onto the announce table. She stands tall on the table above Kelly’s body holding the belt in the air.

“What do you think guys, think this belt should be worn by the best wrestler in the company,” Beth shouts and some of fans response with cheers to the all-powerful Glamazon.

“This blonde bimbo beneath me is only a champion at lying on her back and taking hard fuckings from all the boys backstage,” Beth says taunting Kelly with the rumours that have followed her around her whole career.

“You are a champion Kelly but only a champion slut and tonight I’m gonna prove why,” Beth says her voice ringing out on camera without the aid of microphone as she drops the Divas title.

Beth kneels down on the table next to Kelly grabbing the zip of her jacket. She pulls it down much to the delight of the fans getting to see Kelly Kelly’s black bra. Pulling the zip all the way down Beth has undone the jacket and now lifts a near lifeless Kelly up and pulls the jacket down her arms. It’s like Beth is undressing a doll and Kelly is still moaning in pain too weak to fight back against the strong Diva. Beth removes Kelly’s black leather jacket throwing it away leaving the former model clad in just a tiny cotton black bra just about covering her firm tits. Grinning down Beth leans up and her hands grab Kelly’s tits squeezing hard. Fans cheer as Kelly with Beth Phoenix roughly grabbing her breasts. Beth squeezes them though Kelly’s bra and Kelly uncomfortably moans under Beth’s firm grip. Beth’s hands grip Kelly’s small all natural boobs squashed them like someone would squeeze fruit at a market. Beth squeezes down really hurting Kelly’s boobs as her tiny bra offers no protection to Beth’s evil tit crushing hands.

Beth is really crushing down on Kelly’s tits and despite being one of the few Divas in the company with natural real breasts Kelly is wishing it was different as the pain is excruciating. It is almost like Beth is trying to crush Kelly’s tits flat even worse when she starts twisting her hands. She is turning and moulding Kelly’s boobs and the poor young Florida native is howling for her life. Twisting and squeezing Kelly’s breasts shows just how strong Beth is as her fingers tightly crush into bra able to really cause Kelly pain. The blonde cries out as her face grows red while she screams loudly with the Glamazon trying to mould her boobs into flat pancakes. No lover in fact no one in Kelly’s life has ever treated her tits this roughly really hurting her but somewhere in the back of her mind she feels Beth’s dominating presence. Beth beat her down so easy and is now using and abusing her tits so bad that Kelly can feel tears forming in her eyes.

There were rumours backstage that Beth was into some hardcore BDSM lesbian porn, Kelly never knew what BDSM meant but now she is getting the idea it involves pain. Beth finally lets go of Kelly’s tits letting the screaming blonde get her breath back as she rubs her boobs in pain. She had imagined a lot of torture for those sexy little tits but Beth has another target on her mind from the little cum dumpster champion. She has already shown her power, boob squeezing Kelly’s soft tits giving the blonde a small sample of the pain yet to come.

“Are your little boobies sore Kelly?” Beth teases, “Hopefully later on you will be begging to feel that small amount of pain again.”

Her voice is so menacing Kelly wishes she didn’t squeak in fear in response. She wonders where her friends are but seeing the evil look in Beth’s eyes and the way she dominated that battle royal Kelly rightfully thinks no one man or woman is willing to risk saving her and getting beaten up too. Beth roughly flips Kelly over as if she was as light as a pillow. Kelly grunts with pain as her sore chest slams onto the hard wooden table as she feels Beth rest a forearm on her bare lower back.

Beth is now staring at Kelly’s big cargo pants covered ass grinning, “Wow Kelly is this really the big stinky ass you perform the stinkface with?”

Kelly blushes with Beth mocking her again then to her shock Beth raises her hand slapping it down right on her ass. She yelps in pain from the slap then yells again as Beth gives her another spank. Her big ass now being targeted as Beth fires down another three fast hand spanks making Kelly moan with pain. Her ass is starting to burn under her pants as Beth slaps her asscheek again. Beth keeps switching cheeks to spank keeping a moaning Kelly guessing as she is being given a humiliating spanking. The crowd are really getting into this now getting behind Beth as she delivers some sexy discipline to the Divas champion. Blows keep raining down keeping Kelly in pain and moaning for mercy as Beth spanks her big ass over and over again. The constant spanking pain brings tears to Kelly’s eyes as she has never been spanked before apart from the odd time in a wrestling ring but nothing this intense.

Her big butt is being battered under this barrage of spanks from Beth and the fans have gone from booing to cheering Beth as she spanks the smoking hot Kelly. Beth stops spanking Kelly’s big ass instead resting her elbows on her soft cheeks like she is deep in thought.

“I’m bored,” Beth complains, “Come on Kelly you’re a wrestling slut I think it’s time you showed some more skin,” She taunts.

Kelly moans in pain and embarrassment at having to show more off but that moan earns her a slap on the back of the head from Beth.

“Naughty girl you have never complained about being stripped or appearing half naked before hell that’s the only reason your slutty ass has a job,” Beth happily taunts spanking Kelly’s ass one more time.

Beth grabs the middle part of Kelly’s cargo pants using both hands trying to pull it apart. Kelly moans in shock as she feels the strong Beth pulling at her pants almost trying to rip them right off. Amazingly Beth’s pulling works as the middle of Kelly’s pants are splitting as Beth is looking to Hulk Hogan the back of her pants. Beth rips a big hole in the pants getting a large scream from the fans at the hole in Kelly’s pants. The blonde groans blushing as her bare ass crack and bits of her tanned ass cheeks can be seen.

“Are you not wearing any panties slutty Kelly?” Beth wonders aloud grabbing the freshly torn hole pulling at the sides again.

Kelly cries out as the hole is being made bigger with Beth stretching it, pulling it out totally ruining the material. The hole is getting bigger so the more Beth pulls more of Kelly’s big bare ass is exposed to the Raw audience.

“That will be a fine for you Kelly you know the office’s view on slutty Diva’s wearing no panties on a PG show,” Beth mocks, “Mind you wearing no panties got you a job here so why not stick to what you know.”

Beth’s words hurt almost as much as the spanks did as Kelly moans lying hurt and exposed on top of the announcers table. Pulling at what’s left of the ass of Kelly’s pants Beth rips them open fully baring Kelly’s naked ass to everyone and the many HD cameras all now round pointing at the Glamazon and her stripped victim. Beth steps back allowing everyone a good look at Kelly’s bare cheeks almost hanging out of the massive rip in her pants. Kelly groans trying to crawl forward but Beth stops her with an ultra-hard hand slap to her bare cheek. Screaming loud Kelly stops moving as the pain of a spank on her bare skin makes her whole body shake. Her tanned ass already has a slight pink tinge from Beth’s earlier spanking now Kelly’s perfect ass is fully exposed and defenceless. Beth is unsurprising not gentle as she slaps her hand though the massive tear in Kelly’s pants swatting her bare ass cheeks. Kelly is really crying out as Beth brutally spanks her tanned ass, really hard swats staining her flesh with dark red hand prints.

Beth grabs a nearby camera man and pulls the lens of his camera forward into the hole so he can show the big screen and the watching world the spanking damage she has done to Kelly Kelly’s butt. The dark red tinge is clearly visible, her ass looks in the kind of state a spanking model would expect her ass to look like after a long shoot and Beth isn’t finished yet pushing the cameraman back delivering several more hard shots. Kelly’s face is bright red and the Divas champion is on the edge of tears as she takes an unmerciful spanking from Beth. Kelly has never felt punishment like this in her life even her wrestling training felt a breeze compared to this Amazon like woman spanking her exposed ass. Beth throws out a few more spanks to Kelly’s red tinted ass before ripping at the hole more making sure Kelly’s well spanked ass is fully visible to everyone. More moaning from the teary eyed blonde as her ass cheeks sting so much, Beth’s spanking is ruthless and hard.

Her cheeks are so sore and Beth knows this, her hands moving forward grabbing two big handfuls of butt flesh. Much like with her tits Beth squeezes hard using her powerful grip to torture and hurt Kelly’s already sore ass cheeks. Kelly yelps in pain as Beth squeezes her butt cheeks in a rough uncaring manner really gripping tightly on her naked cheeks. The fans cheer, their love for Beth is only increasing as they watch her so easily dominate the current Divas champion spanking her like a little brat and now having the exposed Diva yelling in pain as she crushes her cheeks. Beth fingers punish and squeeze at the tanned well spanked flesh as Kelly slaps her palms against the announce table yelling out in pain. With her grip only tightening Beth enjoys pushing Kelly’s big cheeks together just crushing the flesh with her palms. Dominating and sexually exploiting the slutty Kelly’s body feels good to the Glamazon and the cheers from the sell-out Raw crowd tells her the public like it too.

Kelly is trying to crawl forward as Beth uses and abuses her cheeks like her own personal toy as Kelly notices the tears rolling down her face, she has been crying in pain for a bit but has been too worried and in pain to notice. Her eyes are getting puffy from her soft tears as her make up starts to leak and wear away as Kelly’s tears splash from her eyes. Digging her fingers in deeper Beth laughs at how fleshy Kelly’s spanked ass is as her fingers sink into her tanned flesh.

Moaning in pain Kelly starts trying to crawl forward using her elbows against the table to push herself forward. Beth squeezes and crushes Kelly’s ass cheeks together twisting the peachy skin until she feels Kelly dragging herself forward. Kelly crawls hard getting to the edge of the table when she feels Beth’s hands leave her ass cheeks and grab onto the back of her waistband. Her ripped pants barely have a waistband but Beth has grabbed it and is trying to use it to pull Kelly back across the table. With more panic Kelly pulls herself forward more, the scared and near naked Divas champion sees a chance to escape from this nightmare like situation. She struggles a little in vain as Beth is much stronger and clearly toying with the skinny blonde as she crawls further along the table. Kelly is pulling hard at the edge of the table, her upper body is dangling over the edge and that is when Beth pulls back. The ultra-strong Glamazon yanks hard pulling back the waistband of Kelly’s ripped pants and to everyone’s surprise Kelly’s pants shoot back up her legs.

Kelly screams as her momentum makes her fall forward off the table just as Beth pulls her ripped cargo pants back up her legs. She is being fully depantsed live on Raw, Kelly’s stained eyes flood with tears once more as her head and shoulders touch the arena floor with her long golden legs fully exposed. Beth Phoenix is laughing hard as Kelly’s ripped pants are pulled all the way up her body catching around her sexy boots. Kelly is bent over the table for a few seconds, her fully bare butt visible before gravity tips her body the rest of the way off the table. She hits the floor with a little bump and Kelly’s first thought is moving a hand between her legs to try and cover her now exposed pussy. Fans close to the announce table are laughing at the stripped Kelly making her blush deepen as she covers her pussy and with her free hand tries to pull her pants up. The ripped material has twisted around her boots making it near impossible for her to pull up.

It also more or less binds her feet together meaning she can’t get up and escape as Beth climbs off the table right in front of her. Kelly squeaks in fear and tries to back away sliding her bare ass across the floor trying to get away from Beth. Smiling widely Beth lets Kelly push herself backwards until Kelly’s back hits up against the guard rail. The look of understanding then panic moving across Kelly’s face makes Beth’s day even better as the dumb blonde finally understands the hopelessness of her situation. Backed up against the barrier, bottomless and with a revenge filled strong blonde standing over her Kelly does the only thing she can think of.

“Please Beth don’t do this we were friends, please just leave me alone please,” The Divas champion wails tears free flowing down her face.

Beth smirks, “Awwww does little Kelly not wanna play anymore, have I broken my sweet little Barbie doll?”

Kelly nods looking a mess with her face bright red and her make up messed up from her tears, “Please Beth please you have made your point please let me go.”

Beth overacts standing and thinking for a second, her hand resting on her chin clearly deep in thought, “Ok Kelly I’ll make you a deal you can leave unhurt and embarrassed no more if you do one last extreme expose and show all of us your pussy,” Beth smiles as the rafters of the area shake from the loud cheering of the horny crowd.

Kelly Kelly’s face drops in shock at what Beth just asked, “I can’t Beth that’s… I can’t even believe what you asked.”

“Come on you little slut do it maybe if I offered you money or maybe a championship run you would show me your nice slutty pussy,” Beth taunts some more making many fans laugh.

“Please no,” Kelly begs fresh tears leaking from her swollen red eyes.

“Come on you little tramp you said anything, Anyway this is something we all know your good at and like unless you are not a slutty little exhibitionist,” Beth’s harsh words hit the mark worse than her spanks as Kelly is almost recoiling from her cruel words.

“Please Beth I wasn’t, I’m not a whore please don’t make she show myself off in front of all these people,” Kelly says weakly her voice barely carrying to Beth.

“These are your only two choices Kelly either strip for me or I will strip you for them,” The Glamazon threatens.

Kelly starts thinking; the poor little diva is shaking still with a hand covering her bare pussy and her upper half clad in just a small black bra. Getting impatient Beth reaches forward grabbing one of Kelly’s boots roughly pulling it off. Kelly squeaks as her boot is yanked off and her bare foot is exposed, the fans cheer as Beth throws Kelly’s removed footwear into the sea of WWE fans. Beth grabs Kelly’s other boot as the blonde screams as her boot is forcefully pulled off her foot. Kelly is now bare footed and her pants are still wrapped around her ankles as she pushes further back into the security barrier.

“Come on Kelly holla girl and show us all what you got,” Beth mocks powerfully stood over a clearly scared Kelly.

“Ok, ok Beth I’ll do it I’ll show everything please let me pull my pants up first,” Kelly begs.

“Fine just hurry up these people have been waiting a long time to see if you really are blonde all over,” Beth grins standing back a little giving Kelly room.

Awkwardly with one hand still covering her privates Kelly reaches down pulling her twisted ripped pants back up her legs. The entire arena is now on its feet staring at Kelly as she pulls herself to her feet yanking her pants back around her sexy little waist still with a hand hiding her pussy and not removing it until her pants are fully up. She looks up seeing Beth’s smiling face and the horny lustful faces of the WWE fans. Kelly looks uneasy on her feet as she stands then suddenly she takes off running hard looking to get away from Beth and this nightmare. She is quickly around the announce table running hard for the backstage area until she feels a large hand grabbing the back of her long blonde hair. She is stopped in her tracks then her hair is roughly pulled back on sending Kelly crashing to the floor. She lands hard driving the air from her as the hand stays clenching onto her long hair and now starts pulling her across the arena floor.

“Silly Kelly did you not think I’d see your escape coming naughty girl I would have left you alone if you stripped naked for these people now a bigger Barbie breaking punishment is called for,” Beth says as Kelly groans.

The blonde is dragged back to the announce table and Beth’s power easily tosses Kelly back over the table. Lying on her front Kelly’s red raw ass is exposed to the world again though the big hole in her pants. Beth grabs onto the back of Kelly’s dirty torn cargo pants and wastes no more time in pulling them down. Kelly groans, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as Beth strips the pants right off her body, her back throbbing too from being pulled down hard leaving Kelly to think her escape plan was pretty shit only getting her into worse trouble. Kelly Kelly is bottomless lying across the Raw announce table and the fans are going wild.

Beth throws Kelly’s ripped and useless pants away then pulls Kelly’s legs apart letting a camera zoom in and capture a shot of Kelly’s pussy. Seeing the young blonde’s shaved cunt up on the big screen gets a massive almost title changing hands scream from the crowd as the tease’s bare pussy is on show for all to see. Kelly hangs her head trying to fight back the tears and moans of humiliation as Beth is exposing her bare pussy to the whole world. Beth Phoenix isn’t finished yet as she moves between Kelly’s legs crawling onto the table behind the flat out blonde. Raising two fingers Beth presses forward pushing her two fingers right into Kelly’s spread pussy. The blonde cries out loud as she feels something invade her tight pussy and her scream is only worse when she works out they are Beth’s fingers. Beth Phoenix just pushed two fingers into Kelly Kelly’s pussy from behind live on Monday night Raw right on top of the announce table for the world to see.

The fans in the arena are cheering and screaming for joy while Kelly is just screaming as Beth’s fingers move further inside her. Beth’s fingers curl inside Kelly’s pussy teasing the inner walls of the blonde who is moaning in discomfort as another woman’s fingers invade her private area. With one hand on Kelly’s lower back pinning her face down onto the table Beth pulls her other hand back and starts thrusting her fingers in and out of Kelly Kelly.

“NO BETH PLEASE STOP NO OHHHH NO PLEASE GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME,” Kelly screams for all to hear as Beth rocks her two strong fingers in and out of her cunt.

Beth ignores Kelly’s loud cries as she focuses on rocking her fingers into the Divas champion’s pussy. Pumping them in and out of Kelly’s tight pussy hearing the blonde moan and scream for Beth to stop is an amazing feeling for Beth the power over the blonde cocktease is an incredible turn on. This is far worse than being forced to strip in Kelly’s mind; Beth is performing porn on her in front of a worldwide TV audience, an audience that must be growing by the second. Beth pushes her fingers in as deep as they can go really filling Kelly’s tight cunt up.

“OWWW BETH STOP TAKE YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME PLEASE FUCK PLEASE BETH STOP IT,” Kelly whines as Beth starts to pick up the pace in finger fucking her.

Beth ignores Kelly’s cries pumping her fingers in harder making Kelly screams grow in volume as her fingers drive in at a fast slut breaking pace. Pumping in hard Beth can hear the gasps and groans from the crowd as she sexually plays with Kelly Kelly’s cunt finger fucking her in front of a sold out arena. She can feel Kelly’s tight pussy contracting then opening allowing her fingers all the way inside her damp hole.

“BETH PLEASE I’M NOT A LESBIAN PLEASE GET YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME PLEASE STOP,” Kelly howls rocking back and forth on the announce table.

Beth laughs loudly at Kelly’s cries, “I think your lying little Kelly,” She says pulling her wet fingers out from Kelly’s pussy.

She holds her two fingers up so the fans can clearly see the juices dripping down her two fingers. Kelly’s juices shine under the bright arena spotlights on Beth’s long fingers clearly showing the blonde’s mouth and body are thinking different things. Fans love this new extreme attitude from Beth, this dominating, powerful and sexy performance has aided the public in turning on her side against Kelly. The WWE Universe does like Kelly but they like seeing her under Beth more than seeing her run away. With her Kelly cream stained fingers up in the air Beth smiles before pushing them back into Kelly filling the slutty blonde’s pussy again. Another scream comes from Kelly as flat out across the announce table and bottomless is an ultra-vulnerable position with Beth’s fingers again pounding into her cunt.

Beth’s fingers move fast picking up pace once again making Kelly’s entire body shake. Pumping into Kelly’s once straight cunt Beth can feel the young blonde’s juices flowing down from her fingers onto her palm and down her wrist. She has a massive smile on her face while Kelly has a look of agony and hatred plastered across her bright red face. Kelly screams again her hands slapping against the wooden announce table as Beth is violating her pussy while fans around her laugh and point at poor Kelly being dominated sexually by another woman.

“You know what I think this little slut wants more than anything,” Beth says out load talking to no one but still getting a loud roar of approval from the crowd.

“I think our Barbie doll world fucking champion needs to feel more inside her overused cunt,” Beth teases Kelly even while finger fucking the Divas champion.

Kelly doesn’t like the sound of that and before she can scream or react Beth opens her hand out and adds the rest of her fingers into Kelly’s cunt. The Glamazon now has four fingers of her right hand inside Kelly’s cunt almost like she is turning the Florida born model’s cunt into a glove. A 4 fingered assault on Kelly’s cunt is enough to have the blonde screaming bloody murder as Beth’s fingers drive deep into her sensitive woman area. Beth’s fingers are stretching out Kelly Kelly’s pussy walls pumping in quickly and clearly turning Kelly on as in between her screams are small moans. While the fans might not be sure how much Kelly is enjoying it Beth is sure she is turning Kelly into a little lesbian slut as against the blonde’s better judgement her stretched cunt is getting wet. Her juices drip covering all four of Beth’s fingers and leaking down into a puddle of cum on the announce table.

Kelly moans again but the moans hidden in the screams are her worst fear feeling a sexual thrill from this massively strong girl fucking her pussy using only her fingers. Her long standing nightmare of being stripped naked and having to endure a public fucking like she is a porn star or a hooker is the sort of fantasy that keeps her awake and scared at night. She likes showing off her body but the skinny blonde likes being in control, she is the cute girl next door an innocent acting submissive but more controlling of people’s actions and emotions around her. Kelly knows how to play men and use her charm and body to her advantage, she has never done some of the more disgusted perverted things but Kelly does think she is a little bit of a tease. Kelly never thought another woman could be interested in fucking her let alone one as powerful as Beth and she never guessed if a girl was every with her she would be so beaten and submissive sexually to her that she would start getting turned on by the abuse. Beth’s finger fucking drives into her hard and Kelly’s entire body feels tired as she is being fucked hard by Beth’s quick working fingers.

Beth has a large grin on her face as she finger fucks Kelly teasing and working over the sexy blonde using her four fingers to great effect turning Kelly on more than Beth herself thought she would. Kelly feels like she is being turned into Beth Phoenix’s sex bitch right here live in front of the entire Monday night Raw audience in the arena and watching around the world. Howling loudly Kelly starts shaking as Beth’s fingers drive in really testing her pussy insides stretching them wider than any cock could.

“Please Beth stop it please oh god please Beth stop fucking me please,” Kelly softly grunts begging Beth to stop.

Unsurprisingly Beth doesn’t stop instead working her four fingers at a quicker pace watching them disappear filling up Kelly Kelly’s pussy. Beth’s wrist is starting to become a blur as she power fucks Kelly Kelly’s pussy. Her fingers curl inside the Diva’s champion pleasuring her in ways Kelly never knew possible. She has had no sexual experience with woman never even a full on lips kiss so having Beth’s experienced and well trained fingers is sending Kelly’s body to a new and massive sexual nirvana. Beth pulls out of Kelly’s soaking wet pussy only to flip the sweaty blonde over onto her front letting the public get a full frontal view of her sweet wet cunt for the first time. She spreads Kelly’s legs and the Divas champion is too tired and sore to try and get away. She wishes she could get away as again Beth’s four fingers push inside her cunt now with her on her back making it more in view of the fans making the humiliation worse.

Fans get an almost porno view of Beth’s fingers disappearing into Kelly’s pussy seeing the blonde’s sexual organ stretching out as Beth’s fingers fill her up. Beth pushes further and deeper inside Kelly’s cunt, her fingers pressing higher making the blonde’s screams go up several tones. Kelly bucks her hips as she is laid out like she is in for a doctor’s exam with her legs spread and Beth pushing her fingers higher up inside her. Her right hand pumps hard but Beth’s left hand is now moving up Kelly’s flat out body and before the little blonde knows what is happening Beth’s hand moves up right onto Kelly’s breast.

“Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze Kelly boobies,” Beth taunts in a sing song voice as her left hand clamps down on her bra covered boob.

“Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Owwwwwwwwww Beth that hurt’s that fucking hurts stop it,” Kelly cries as her sore boob is subjected to yet more punishment.

Beth’s hand is crushing down on Kelly’s tit squeezing right though her bra as her fingers turn and tilt inside Kelly’s pussy. This double pronged sexual attack is a brand new pain for the young Diva. Kelly’s screams are getting louder as her breast is punished by Beth’s hand while her talented fingers are making her pussy so turned on and wet. Her pussy juices are really flowing down across Beth’s fingers as she is hitting some of the untouched and most sensitive parts of Kelly’s pussy making her howl with pleasure while her sore body not used to this feeling. Fans are watching with shock and awe as Kelly is flat on her back taking pleasure from Beth’s fingers as Beth’s big hand switches breast crushing Kelly’s other C cup boob.

More pain as her boob is crushed while Beth’s fingers work overtime pumping into the blonde’s soaking wet cunt. Playing and crushing Kelly’s normal sized boobs Beth pulls her hand out of Kelly’s pussy with her four fingers and palm shining with Kelly’s cum while letting go of her sore boob as well. She climbs off the announce table and walks round, her unstained hand giving Kelly’s boob one last squeeze as she walks round to Kelly’s red sweaty face. The tears in her eyes have dried leaving red raw rings around her normally sexy face while the rest of her face is blotchy from the blushing and effort she has expended as Beth has easily beaten her around.

Beth is standing close to Kelly’s face grinning as she leans down, “Hey there slutty Kelly would you like to taste what you have been leaving on WWE staff worker’s dicks?”

Kelly cringes at the question and wonders if she should answer knowing that a cocky answer will get her even more humiliated and beaten up yet she can’t bring herself to be Beth’s submissive little bitch.

“Come on you fucking bitch taste yourself,” Beth threatens grabbing Kelly’s jaw and pulling it down.

She forced the blonde’s mouth open and before Kelly can scream Beth pushes her sticky fingers right into her mouth. Fans cheer at the disgusting act; the powerful Beth forcing poor little Kelly to taste her own cum off the fingers that were just fucking her. Kelly resists the temptation to bite Beth’s fingers as she is forced to use her tongue to clean the fingers that have been pumping inside her cunt. Her tongue humiliatingly swishes around Beth’s sticky fingers forced to taste her own juices in front of a worldwide television audience. Beth grins as she just force fed Kelly her own cum off her fingers as she pulls her hand out of Kelly’s mouth to hear the blonde cough and look disgusted with what she has done. She doesn’t give Kelly ay time to move as Beth reaches down both hands firmly grabbing her sexy black bra.

With one forceful pull Beth tears Kelly’s bra clean off as the fans roar with delight once more as the much teased Kelly Kelly boob reveal has finally happened. Kelly groans as her tanned tits with her sexy little pink nipples are exposed just like the rest of her. Kelly Kelly naked on Raw is probably trending worldwide on Twitter as cameras flash and zoom in on the blonde’s sexy body. Sweating and perfectly laid out on the table, fresh tears form in Kelly’s eyes as she feels so degraded. Stripped naked and fingered for everyone to see Kelly had hoped a job with the WWE would have saved her from the slutty show off fate or porn careers that many of her former model friends were forced into. Beth throws Kelly’s bra into the crowd and climbs back onto the announce table this time straddling Kelly’s gut pinning the blonde down. Fans excitement picks up as Beth is sitting on top of Kelly hopefully to perform some more sexual domination. Beth grabs the front of her black bodysuit ripping it open slightly exposing more of her large cleavage.

Reaching behind her Beth unhooks her own black sports bra and pulls it off under her wrestling costume. Fans cheer even louder as Beth is starting to strip as she sits on top of a weak abused Kelly. Beth grabs the front of her suit ripping into it again turning her deep cleavage into two bare breasts bouncing out of the open hole. Everyone gasps as Beth just exposed her boobs for the whole world; her D cups with her rock hard dark pink nipples hanging out the front of her bodysuit. Kelly has no idea what Beth is doing exposing herself but she is scared of what Beth will do to her as she twists and groans trying to shift Beth’s weight off her. Beth looks down at the trapped and naked Kelly grinning as she rubs her own tanned boobs.

“Guess what Kelly we are going to see if in real life you are just a big baby,” Beth says confusing the crowd and scaring Kelly more.

“You have already cried more than an infant, like a baby you spend most of you time naked and now we are gonna see if baby likes big tits,” Beth mocks grinning.

The Glamazon starts to lean down over Kelly, her big boobs aimed right at Kelly’s face. In a pure blind panic the blonde screams and struggles harder turning her face left and right as Beth’s massive tits loom over her. Beth lowers down wrapping her tits right around Kelly’s head breast smothering her and the cheers from the fans can probably be heard in the next state over. Beth’s massive tits have hidden Kelly’s whole head as the skinny blonde’s hands and feet kick and shake around. Beth’s cleavage smothers her and Kelly can feel Beth’s warm tit skin brushing up and rubbing against her cheeks. She wails pitifully as Beth is once again showing sexual dominance over the Divas champion smothering her with her big tits letting everyone laugh and mock Kelly. Beth moans a little feeling Kelly’s head trapped between her tits feeling her breathing right up against her chest tickling her skin. Clamping down hard Beth can feel the blonde thrash fiercely underneath her as she is starting to cut of Kelly’s oxygen.

“Kiss my boobies Kelly come on you little whore, give my tits a little kiss and I’ll let you go,” Beth says wondering if already early on in their mistress/sub relationship she can order the sexy ex model to do things.

Kelly hears the order and without thinking of anything other than her freedom she puckers up her lips and kisses the flesh on Beth’s boob. The strong Glamazon groans clearly as Kelly’s soft lips touch her skin, not just from the pleasure of the kiss but feeling the slutty blonde respond to her orders brings a big grin to her face and a whole realm of evil possibilities into Beth’s mind. Kelly kisses Beth’s boobs pressed deep against her head until Beth starts lifting her tits off her face. Beth has a big beaming smile on her face as she moves back up to sitting on Kelly’s mid-section as Kelly is blinded by the arena lights gasping for air.

Beth easily slips down Kelly’s body taking her four freshly cleaned fingers and pushing them right back into Kelly’s dripping wet pussy. Kelly roars with pleasure, her body being teased, attacked and pleased from so many angles she isn’t sure what will happen to her next. Having nearly been smothered by Beth’s boobs to now have the Glamazon’s big talented fingers inside her again has Kelly groaning with pleasure. Her naked body turns and grinds on top of the announce table as Beth Phoenix gives her the best and only fingering of her young life.

Kelly can no longer fight the growing lust inside her as this big sometimes butch other woman is bringing her body so much pleasure. She wants to scream and run away but her tired body can’t fight it as wave after wave of pleasure shoot across her. Beth’s fingers pound in hard really working to a quick pace already having done the foreplay work earlier making Kelly’s pussy stretch out to support all 4 of Beth’s fingers and she is wet enough for her fingers to just slide in and out without causing the moaning blonde any pain. Beth’s fast paced fingers really slam into Kelly’s pussy and the young blonde can feel herself building up to orgasm making her whine as she can’t do anything to stop Beth.

Faster and faster Beth pounds her fingers in looking try and drag her finger tips against Kelly’s clit while her thumb presses down on her outer pussy lips teasing and rubbing some of her own leaking juices into her small sensitive lips. Kelly groans loudly as Beth’s fingers really drive deep inside her pleasuring her pussy. Beth pumps her fingers deep into Kelly’s pussy teasing the blonde bringing her closer to an orgasm. Kelly screams her fingers scratching against the wood as she cries out moaning loudly Kelly bucks her hips getting so close but Beth suddenly pulls her teasing fingers out of her cunt.

“OHHHHHH NOOOOOO FUCK,” Kelly moans with frustration as Beth’s pleasure bringing fingers are pulled out her pussy.

Kelly looks up at a grinning Beth “I was so close,” She mumbles then blushes as she realizes what she just said.

“Awwww does little Kelly want to cum?” Beth mocks in a baby voice.

Kelly holds her lips together afraid of what she will say and what her reaction will be as Beth waves her wet fingers in the air.

“I mean you are certainly wet enough down there to cum Barbie,” Beth teases more, “Come on Kelly just admit how much you need a superior woman to make you cum.”

Kelly moans preferring Beth when she was just beating on her as this mental and pleasurable attack is hurting her head. She bucks her hips up trying to find Beth’s fingers again but Beth is keeping both hands up in the air denying her pleasure.

“Does Kelly really, really need to cum?” Beth teases as Kelly’s own hands move down her body trying to scratch the sexual itch Beth caused.

As quick as a flash Beth grabs Kelly’s arms pinning them to looking up at the frustrated blonde, “Naughty self-pleasuring slut, do you want me to make you cum or not?” Beth asks again.

Kelly bites her lip fighting with every last ounce of mental strength not to give Beth what she wants to hear. Beth however has already made her do so much against her will and Kelly doesn’t want to think of the humiliating consequences that Beth will force upon her if she doesn’t give in.

“Ok, ok I want to cum,” Kelly whispers in a voice so soft not even the front row fans inches from the announce table can hear her.

“Speak up Kelly,” Beth demands letting go of Kelly’s wrists grabbing her pink nipples roughly twisting them between her fingers.

Kelly screams as Beth twists her nipples roughly pulling them upwards arching the former gymnasts back. Kelly’s nipples are being pulled in the air pulling her back off the table as her screams fill the sold out arena. Twisting and pulling harder Beth has a sick grin on her face as she tortures Kelly’s nipples getting the sexy blonde to scream at will.

“Now say it you little bitch or I swear I will pull your little teasing tits off and hang them on my wall,” Beth threatens.

Kelly groans as Beth loosens her grip on her nipples and her voice still high and pain filled squeals “Please make me cum Beth I need to cum.”

“Louder,” Beth orders squeezing Kelly’s nipples again getting a fresh scream from the humiliated blonde.

“OH PLEASE BETH MAKE ME CUM I NEED YOU TO MAKE ME CUM BETH FINGER FUCK ME AND MAKE ME CUM,” Kelly screams deeply humiliated at having to do it in front of so many watching people.

Beth laughs letting go of Kelly’s nipples looking around at the screaming fans all of whom are amazed and excited at the pure smut coming from the good girl’s mouth.

“So dear sweet Kelly wants to cum just like she does with all the boys and staff backstage,” Beth fires yet another cheap shot at the rumours of Kelly’s slutty attitude backstage.

Kelly could cry as she moans bucking her hips again, “Please Beth stop it just do what you want please I want to cum.”

Beth can’t help but laugh at Kelly weak and desperate begging for an orgasm, “Its ok Kelly I will make your slutty little body cum but first I want to feel what most people backstage have felt.”

Kelly aches her eyebrows confused looking up at Beth wondering what crazy turn the powerful blonde has taken now.

“I want to feel those sweet lips and tongue I want the same treatment all the head office guys have gotten Kelly, I want you to suck me off,” Beth grins as the crowd erupt with noise.

Kelly’s face drops of all the things Beth has done to her to hear that from Beth’s mouth is so shocking. The big grin on Beth’s face is scaring Kelly too as the Glamazon has made a deeply upsetting request. Kelly hopes her family has long since turned the TV so as not to see her looking like this. The naked Kelly hangs her head trying not to look at Beth or hear the loud cheering fans all getting a free porn show with their favourite Divas.

“Lick me Kelly come on I know you have never done it before but still I’ve heard from backstage that your lips are the best so eat me out,” Beth smirks her grin can’t get any bigger seeing how uncomfortable Kelly is.

“No I can’t please Beth I don’t wanna, I can’t I don’t like woman please Beth,” Kelly begs as Beth ignore her reaching behind her neck unclipping the back of her bodysuit.

Fans and Kelly watch the powerful Beth kicking off her wrestling boots and slowly pulling her outfit down exposing her well-built ultra-fit body. The body suit peels down past her already exposed breasts showing off her thick 6 pack showcasing the fact Beth has such a hot toned nearly goddess like body. Even a scared Kelly can’t take her eyes off Beth’s curves and all the blonde’s big brazened muscles as she works the tight material down past her hips. Beth’s black panties are exposed as she squeezes and squeaks the tight latex material down past her powerful thighs. Most men in the audience have to drool at watching the sexy Beth strip off exposing a body almost entirely made at the gym. Beth works her suit down past her knees then kicking the rolled up bodysuit off her feet and stands on top of the announce table clad in just a pair of black panties that barely cover her big toned ass.

Beth seems totally confident and unabashed at her near nudity while Kelly is still meekly embarrassed her arms pointlessly wrapped against her sore chest. She is almost in awe of Beth and amazed with the ease Beth managed to attack her, strip her and sexual play with her body. Kelly has never been the biggest or the best but Beth had played with her body like a doll and total outclassed her. Now in the presence of this all power all conquering Diva Kelly can’t help but feel little in the shadow of the Glamazon. Beth grabs her panties and pulls them down revealing her well shaved and shining wet pussy to the stunned WWE Universe. Kelly is shocked at how relaxed at her own nudity Beth is while she the model is trembling at being nude and played with like a sex toy in front of all these people. Beth grins as fans take pictures of her stunning fit nude body as Kelly curls up knowing what Beth will ask and in her mind Kelly wonders if she can refuse such a strong beauty.

“Come on Kelly eat me, relax bet a slutty tramp like you will end up loving it,” Beth taunts dropping her weight back onto Kelly’s mid-section pinning her to the desk once more.

“Please Beth no you can have the title, you can have my money and my job please, please don’t make me lick you I’m a good girl I don’t do things like that,” Kelly pathetically begs.

“So you’re a good girl that just sleeps her way through men rather than woman, That’s even worse Barbie at least I fuck for pleasure, you fuck for a better job and more money that makes you a whore,” Beth spits the anger at her misused career and Kelly’s easy climbing up the ranks spilling out of her.

“Yes. Yes ok I’m a whore I’ll say it I’m a whore just please don’t make me eat you out in front of all these people oh please Beth,” Kelly begs, her eyes leaking with fresh tears as she stops struggling to beg the big Glamazon to spare her.

Beth doesn’t listen as she slowly crawls her way up Kelly’s tanned and spread out body. Kelly is disgusted as Beth’s sweet dripping pussy moves closer to her face. She struggles harder than even trying to break free but Beth is too powerful as she sits right on the very top of her chest kneeling with both legs pressed against Kelly’s airy blonde head.

“You are gonna eat bitch and guess what you will love it,” Beth says grabbing the back of Kelly’s head and pushing her forcefully into her pussy.

Kelly closes her eyes holding her mouth shut too as her pretty face is pressed right into Beth’s crotch. The muscly blonde moans as she feels Kelly’s resisting face pressing against her wet pussy lips. Beth lets out a soft groan of pleasure feeling Kelly’s lips against her sensitive area. She pushes Kelly’s head deeper in between her legs and for all Kelly’s crying and struggling she can’t get Beth off her or move her head away from Beth’s snatch. The blonde goddess is really grinding her pussy right into Kelly’s face probably staining the model’s poster selling face with her leaking pussy juices. Beth rocks her hips really grinding her cunt into Kelly’s face but much to her annoyance Kelly isn’t responding by using her tongue or even kissing Beth’s pussy. Kelly keeps her eyes closed tight wailing between her closed lips trying to ignore her body’s lustful reaction to the sweet smelling juices rolling down Beth’s thighs. Beth is rocking her hips harder trying to get a response from Kelly with the cute blonde’s whole head trapped between her legs.

Fans are cheering loudly all taking the amazing picture of Beth Phoenix sitting on the face of Divas champion Kelly Kelly. Grinding her dripping wet pussy into Kelly’s face is fun but Beth wants more, she wants her little Barbie doll slut to give her good oral like she expects from all her conquests. Kelly groans as she is being smothered, her good looks totally obscured by Beth’s shaved pussy. The Glamazon pulls harder on Kelly’s blonde hair trying to get some pussy licking from the first time lesbian but Kelly isn’t budging. Beth turns half her body around to stare at the rest of Kelly’s naked body. Taking her free hand Beth slaps it backwards cracking her palm into Kelly’s gut. Kelly yelps as Beth slapped her belly, her mouth opens for the tiniest second and Beth’s pussy grinds over her open lips and teeth.

Some of her pre cum drips from her swelling lips into Kelly’s open mouth and the tanned blonde closes her mouth quickly disgusted and ashamed with herself for tasting a woman live on TV. The worst and most embarrassing moment of her life only worsens when Beth’s free hand trails from her belly down between her legs. To have Beth’s fingers go over her wet pussy lips again makes Kelly shiver with lust and fear wondering what the face sitting blonde is up too. Beth’s hand slaps down on Kelly’s soaking and sensitive pussy lips making her groan as Beth rocks her hips again. She grinds harder but Kelly still isn’t giving anything like the oral Beth expects from bitches she likes to fuck.

Growling Beth pulls back on Kelly’s hair moving her face away from her pussy, “Now listen you fucking whore you are going to lick me out or I swear I will tease your pussy for hours until you are broken and begging to be my pussy slave, UNDERSTAND!” she threatens ramming a finger and swirls it around Kelly’s cunt.

Looking frightened Kelly nods sticking her tongue out as Beth moves back round to fully sit on Kelly’s face. Both hands grab her long mane of hair and force Kelly’s head back between her legs. Scared by Beth’s threat which Kelly doesn’t want as the thought of Beth teasing and pleasuring her for hours is just too horrible for her to think about. The second her head is back between Beth’s legs, Kelly lets her mouth open instantly rubbing her pink tongue against the bigger blonde’s cunt. Beth makes a loud moan as Kelly’s tongue and lips touch her horny pussy and her fantasy of making the little tease her bitch is starting to come true. Kelly’s tongue is sloppy licking around Beth’s cunt lips occasionally flicking inside and tasting her flowing juices. Kelly is glad Beth can’t see the disgusted sick look on her face as she tastes the Glamazon’s cum. The WWE Universe is in a state of shock at the live and totally unforeseen HLA performance acted out in front of them.

Sweet innocent Kelly Kelly is eating out Beth Phoenix even if she was forced she is still soaking wet and with her tongue right up the pussy currently sitting on her face. They watch Beth moan while bobbing up and down, rolling her hips around grinding into Kelly’s hot face much like the way Kelly shakes her ass into her opponent’s face in the ring. The crowd cheering only turns Beth on more as Kelly’s tongue is pushing into her cunt and stays there meaning Kelly is now properly licking her out. Kelly is just trying to get this ordeal over as fast as she can, her lips sucking and kissing Beth’s outer pussy lips as her tongue pistons against her inner pussy walls. Beth giggles thinking Kelly must be a natural as she bucks her hips harder getting more turned on and closer to her own orgasm. Kelly’s tongue probably isn’t hitting the right spots but the erotic though of cock tease Kelly with a face full of pussy is driving Beth on more. She never guessed dominating Kelly in front of everyone would be this erotic as she gets close to the end her pussy flowing with pre cum and Beth’s moans are growing in volume too.

With her head tucked tightly between Beth’s legs Kelly can’t hear her moans or the fans screams all she wants to do is too keep licking ignoring her body’s hot feeling and the fact she is starting to enjoy the sweet female juices running down her throat. Beth grips her hands tighter in Kelly’s hair bucking her bare cunt into Kelly’s face and moving tongue. Getting the same oral pleasures many WWE higher ups got but doing it live on Raw with a worldwide audience around to see her break Kelly brings Beth to her climax much faster than normal.

“OHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM FUCK KEEP SUCKING Kelly gonna cum, gonna cum all over your pretty blonde face,” Beth screams holding onto Kelly’s hair as she has a long overdue and massive orgasm.

Kelly shivers with disgust feeling Beth rocking faster before screaming out loud and Kelly only works out what is happening when it’s too late. Beth’s cum flows fast and hard drenching Kelly’s tongue and cascading down her open mouth before the blonde can even blink. Kelly is taking her first cum load from another girl she tastes it, swallowing it all up as her head is locked in a vice grip between Beth’s knees. She starts crying again hating the fact she likes the taste of Beth’s cum but worst are the principle the methods Beth used to teach her this added to the fact she isn’t a lesbian ruin it for Kelly. Also making it worse is 15 thousand people and millions more at home just watched her become a pussy licker and female cum drinker.

She hates to think how many loads similar to Beth’s have just been shot to her ordeal around the world. Beth’s cum overflows from her mouth onto her lips and probably spills over her face as Beth finally slides off her still shaking in the warm post glow of a massive orgasm. Kelly gasps at fresh air and gags trying to spit up any cum she swallowed but can’t as a close by camera gets a good close up shot of Kelly’s face speckled with little drops and smears of cum. With her naked sweaty body and already deeply wet pussy now with a face full of cum Kelly looks more like the backstage slut everyone has heard rumours about.

“MMMMMMM wow I can see why you are champion Kelly that little slut mouth of yours is a delight,” Beth says lying back on the table dipping her fingers into her juices.

Kelly just looks sick thinking of the embarrassment this will cause her home life, her career and everything else. Worst of all for Kelly is despite being forced and hating this ordeal Beth has made her horny and tasting all that cum has not damped her own sexual excitement. This for Kelly is the worse night of her life all she wants now it to go back to her hotel, curl up in bed and stay there till people forget about this night. Kelly ignores the soaking wet lusty feeling in her groin and turns to try and get off the announce table. As she rolls away Beth’s hand shoots out grabbing her by her ankle. Kelly squeaks as her ankle is grabbed and she is rolled back on top of the announce table with Beth soon rolling on top of her.

“Planning to escape Kelly? Well you can’t go yet I have too many fun things planned for you,” Beth whispers, her body pressed into Kelly’s.

Kelly whines hearing Beth say that and with the added disturbing measure of having the Glamazon’s naked body pressed against her it is taking all of Kelly’s last inner strength not to scream out and cry like a baby. As Beth’s massive breasts squash her own Kelly feels Beth’s hand moving down south and the blonde sighs in fear and slight happiness at Beth letting her cum. Kelly’s mind is racked with contradicting thoughts as Beth lies on top of her rubbing her free hand against the young Diva’s soaking wet pussy. She hates this public sex show and hates it being with another woman yet for all the humiliation and pure domination Beth has shown Kelly can’t deny her body’s lust filled reaction to it. Kelly isn’t given much time to think of anything else as Beth pushes up her four fingers again and slams them right into Kelly’s wet hole.

“NOOOOO PLEASE DON’T DO THAT AGAIN BETH OHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHHHH,” Kelly screams her body once again twitching with lust as Beth fingers drive deep into her wet pussy.

Kelly lets out another couple of pleasure filled screams as Beth lies on top of her pumping her wrist back and forth. Her strong fingers slide into Kelly’s wet hole filling and teasing her lust filled body. Beth isn’t starting slow as her fingers slam full pace into Kelly’s pussy curling them around her insides rubbing them quickly up and down her pussy walls. Kelly howls with pleasure as her tired body reacts to Beth’s probing fingers in the same way they would to a hard thrusting cock. Beth is finger fucking Kelly hard lying on the blonde with full skin on skin contact. Groaning Kelly can feel her own smaller sore boobs being flattened by Beth’s big strong tits. She can feel the sweat of the Glamazon trailing down mixing on her own skin and when she opens her eyes she can see Beth’s grinning face inches in front of her.

“How do you like your fucking Kelly?” Beth asks her smile so wide Kelly can see all her bright white teeth.

“Please stop Beth please,” Kelly groans as she feels Beth’s expert fingers once again bringing her to the edge of cumming while she tries to fight it determined not to give Beth this last piece of pure sexual domination over her.

Beth has already brought her close once and Kelly isn’t sure her skinny frame can’t take any more sensual punishment. Beth’s fingers keep finding her wettest and most sensitive areas and all Kelly can do is moan loudly while she blushes to the camera hovering over her face. The perfectly straight Kelly is being deeply pleasured by another woman’s hand and the smile on Beth’s face shows Kelly that she knows just how horny and wet the ex-model is. Her cunt is overflowing, her pre cum juices leaking out soaking Beth’s fingers and palm as she drives her fingers deeper making sure she gives Kelly the best fucking of her young life. Kelly screams while the fans cheer watching the sexy blonde writhing from side to side against Beth’s body as the powerful Diva’s fingers bring Kelly crashing onto the edge of a long building climax. Kelly’s tight cunt is stretched out by Beth’s pumping fingers and Kelly closes her eyes feeling nothing but the powerful pleasure she is being given.

Her moans grow louder as live in front of the world Kelly is being pushed towards her first lesbian orgasm. The grin seems stitched on Beth’s face as she twists her fingers a little inside Kelly rewarding the blonde with a loud scream and a jolt of pure sexual bliss. Kelly starts tilting her hips up pushing back against Beth’s fingers not wanting to be denied another orgasm by Beth’s perfect pussy pleasing fingers. Groaning and now unashamedly lost in her own world Kelly moans more as Beth’s fingers drive into her soaking wet cunt breaking her completely from cock loving heterosexual to moaning, begging lesbian submissive slut.

Leaning forward a little more Beth gets her lips right next to shaking Kelly’s ear and whispers, “MMMMMMM sounds like you love it Kelly, do you wanna cum for me?”

Kelly’s moan gets higher in pitch as Beth’s warm breath tickles her ear and her teasing suggestion sounds so good to the weary and battered Kelly.

“Come on Kelly I know you want it, you want to let a girl make you cum, you want to do it loud and proud in front of all these people cumming so very hard for a sexy girl like me,” Beth moans softly kissing Kelly’s cheek as she talks dirty while her fingers pound inside Kelly’s pussy.

“Yes,” Kelly groans, “Yes I wanna.”

“What Kelly, what do you want?” The big blonde teases sliding her fingers inside her as far as they can go.

“I want to cum Beth please, I’m so horny please let me cum please,” Kelly begs humiliated at even asking but she is so horny and so close she can’t stop herself.

“Good Kelly now I want you to shout it, scream it out so everyone can hear what you want,” Beth orders controlling Kelly like a puppet on a string.

“OH PLEASE BETH MAKE ME CUM I NEED TO CUM PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME CUM,” Kelly screams at the top of her voice letting the fans cheer wildly at Kelly amazing demand.

Smiling Beth sits up and pumps her hand quickly inside Kelly’s cunt happy she just took the first step in properly training Kelly to be a good little lesbian slut. Making her do it in public too will probably bind Kelly towards her even more but for now Beth aims to make Kelly have an orgasm that blows her mind. Beth prides herself in being very good in bed and giving any woman she fucks an orgasm ten times better than any man could give her.

This strategy normally meant that the girl she was fucking almost became hers by default as they had nowhere else to go, not able to get the orgasmic high with a man and too scared and straight thinking to try with other girls. Beth can’t help but hope she can add Kelly’s Barbie doll good looks to her little band of fuckable Divas. Pumping her fingers in fast Beth presses her thumb against Kelly’s wet pussy lips as she drives her fingers in deep. Kelly is so wet and sticky Beth can hear the squelching sound of her fingers hitting all that pre cum. She loves how wet Kelly is as her fingers pound in and Kelly’s screams only get louder.

“Cum Kelly cum for the sexy woman finger fucking you cum now!” Beth demands as she bunches her fingers together before pressing them hard against Kelly’s clit.

Kelly screams as Beth’s tightly packed together fingers pleasure her dripping wet cunt, her screams growing louder in volume until finally she falls off the edge and let’s go.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK, OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK CUMMING PLEASE OHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH OHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT CUMMMING,” The Divas champion screams, Her little blonde body shaking from side to side as Beth finger fucks her to a massive orgasm.

Poor humiliated Kelly is washed away with bliss as she cums hard soaking Beth’s fingers which are still pounding into her tight hole. Kelly cries get higher and more incoherent as she experiences a massive body shaking life changing orgasm. Her whole frame is still shaking as Beth slows her fingers down while cum leaks from Kelly’s pussy collecting on Beth’s hand and in a puddle on top of the desk. Her loud moans and cum face is captured perfectly on camera and transferred to the big screen making sure everyone in the arena and around the world can see Kelly’s cum face and watch her post orgasm panting. Sweat pours off Kelly, her blonde hair soaking wet sticking to her as her entire body feels like it has run a marathon.

Lying flat out and screaming one last time Kelly finally collapse in the warm glow of her ultra-powerful orgasm that has drained her to the core. A grinning Beth pulls her spunk stained fingers out of Kelly’s cunt looking at the cute blonde’s juices totally covering her right hand. Kelly gasps flat out with her pussy sore and overly pleasured, she can barely breathe feeling so tired. Everyone in the world just saw Kelly cum from a lesbian fucking and even worse for her they all heard the normally good clean girl begging for it to happen and clearly loving it. Beth rolls a still shaking and moaning Kelly over onto her front showing off Kelly’s still red bruised ass. Looking at Kelly’s well spanked ass Beth looks happy as she has always slightly dreamed of doing this to Kelly if she ever got the chance. Beth is willing to argue that Kelly has the hottest ass in wrestling and that as a lesbian she has always wanted to fuck it and now live on Raw she has a perfect chance.

Not only does she get a chance to fuck such a hot girl’s ass but this should also cement her dominance as the most powerful and unstoppable Diva in wrestling as if she can ass fuck the champion and make her love it then what will stop her from doing that to all her other rivals. She spreads Kelly’s ass cheeks with her unstained hand then starts wiping the hand coated with cum all over the entrance to Kelly’s ass. Beth is lubing Kelly’s asshole up with her own spilt cum wiping her cum stained fingers up and down the crack of Kelly’s ass. Wiping Kelly’s cum from her palm and wrist onto her fingers Beth slowly presses her digits into Kelly’s ultra-tight asshole. Beth rubs and cleans all the spunk off her hand and rubs it off on Kelly’s ass coating and lubing up the young Diva’s booty.

Kelly can only groan weakly her head still light as she can feel something brush and poke her asshole but she is too out of it to do anything about it. Beth finally cleans her hand of cum now it’s all over Kelly’s ass crack dripping into her tight asshole. She doesn’t know if Kelly is an anal virgin but she is sure Kelly will grow to love a female ass fucking. With Kelly’s spanked ass dripping in her own cum Beth leans over Kelly’s flat out form to whisper in her ear once again.

“This is the bit I love Kelly you had better be awake for this baby,” Beth whispers her hand touching Kelly’s ass cheek giving it a little squeeze.

Kelly just groans Beth’s voice barely making an impression in her messed up head as she recovers from a horrible yet utterly pleasurable experience.

“And what is even better Kelly is that you will grow to love it too,” Beth says with almost a super villain smile, “I am going to fuck your sexy ass Kelly Kelly, your ass is mine I am gonna fuck you so good,” Beth growls loud enough for the camera to pick up.

Beth moves back off the announce table leaving Kelly flat out face first on the desk as she goes under the ring curtain clearly looking for something. Kelly moans her sweaty body so tired and she can still feel her cum leaking out of her pussy flowing out onto her belly and thighs. Beth comes out from under the ring and to everyone’s shock she is with a sex toy. It’s a big black 8 inch strap on and the plastic dick looks very thick and the waist straps look well-worn telling people this is clearly one of Beth’s best toys. Still completely naked Beth steps into the strap on slowly pulling it up her powerful legs to strap it round her waist. As she does Kelly slowly starts coming around feeling her ass is just at sticky as her pussy but when lifting her head up she can see Beth Phoenix wearing a massive fake cock.

Even in her tired and beaten state Kelly can see that Beth wearing a huge strap on isn’t a good sign for her. Painfully Kelly tries to pull her tired body across the announce table to escape only to then fall unceremoniously off the side of the desk. Beth looks round and sees her little blonde fuck doll fall off the table and is now slowly crawling across the floor. In no hurry Beth takes her time fixing the big black cock securely around her waist then slowly walks over to a crawling Kelly. Naked, sweating and having suffered multiple humiliations Kelly just crawls with every ounce of strength left in her body wanting more than anything to get away from Beth and this horrible nightmare.

Beth walks behind Kelly grabbing her long blonde hair yanking the tired Diva to her feet pushes her forward under the bottom rope into the ring. Tired Kelly rolls onto her back completely exhausted now knowing her fate is with Beth and that thick 8 inch penis. Beth slides into the ring too rolling Kelly’s flat out body into the middle of the ring as the Divas champion whines softly knowing her utter domination and humiliation isn’t quite over yet. Kelly is so sore she can barely think with the warm afterglow of her orgasm is still rushing around her body making it impossible for her to even convert any real solid thoughts. With a handful of Kelly’s blonde locks Beth has Kelly lying on her front before pulling her up to her knees getting Kelly in the doggy position. Kelly’s red and now lubed with cum ass is up in a perfect placement for Beth and her big strap on. Beth kneels behind her hearing the fans roar as their live Diva lesbian domination sex show is going to carry on and include an ass fucking.

“Does anyone want to see me fuck Kelly Kelly’s ass?” Beth asks getting a huge roof shaking cheer of approval from the WWE crowd.

The cheers are perfect for Beth as she lines up her fake dick right up against Kelly’s bent over exposed asshole. A weak and vulnerable Kelly can only groan as Beth is kneeling behind her spreading her asscheeks staring at Kelly’s cute pink hole. She pushes her finger in guessing already that Kelly is tight back there but Beth is torn between wishing Kelly was a no good whore like the rumours say however there is nothing Beth enjoys more than taking a girl’s anal virginity. Beth wastes no more time pulling her finger out and moving the first few inches of her thick plastic shaft into Kelly’s lubed up ass. Even with the lube it still hurts and Kelly shoots back to life screaming loudly almost pulling her head out of Beth’s grip.

“AHHHHHH FUCK BETH NOT IN MY ASS PLEASE NOT IN MY ASS BETH I’M BEGGING PLEASE NOT IN MY ASS,” Kelly cries out loud as inch after inch of strap on sinks into her hole.

A few very horny camera men have slide into the ring to capture Kelly’s anal invasion as close up as their HD cameras dare to go.

“Come on Kelly relax you have let loads of guys backstage do it why not enjoy it when a girl does it,” Beth lies to the anal virgin pushing a few inches more into Kelly’s booty.

Her fake cock stretches out Kelly’s tight hole slowly thrusting forward though Kelly’s pain filled screams suddenly spits out a moan of pleasure. Her soaking wet pussy is still leaking juices all over her lower body and now with both of Beth’s firm hands on her hips pumping forward those extreme feeling of pleasure are breaking out of the small blonde. Naked in the middle of the ring being ass fucked by another stronger Diva is a nightmare Kelly would have never even thought possible yet here she is with Beth pushing deeper inside her tight asshole. Her moan is loud again with a hint of pleasure edged in the shout only added to the trauma of this night a night Kelly doesn’t think she will ever get over. Beth pushes her 8 inch strap on a little deeper inside Kelly feeling the blonde’s ass loosening up as her thick strap on pierces her insides. Kelly groans her entire body shakes with joy with her pussy starting to run extra wet as her ass fucking is amazingly starting to turn her on.

Kelly hates herself and her body’s reaction to this ass fucking as she moans bitterly to Beth’s slow rocking motion that teases her tight ass. Beth loves hearing Kelly’s moans, she didn’t think the blonde would be so fast to convert to loving anal but it seems she made Kelly hornier than she thought. The feeling of that big fake cock poking inside her ass slowly fucking her is turning Kelly’s body on but in her mind Kelly is in no way loving this as she can hear the cries and gasps from the crowd as they watch her being fucked. Beth slowly pulls out then pushes 7 inches of cock deep inside Kelly really stretching her ass out making her scream as Beth dominantly fucks her ass not caring how tight it is as she pushes though it. All the lube that Kelly’s cum provided is doing a bit of buffering but not enough for Kelly’s liking. She screams again as Beth pulls out and thrusts back in again. Her cute little ass was already feeling hurt from the spanking now it’s her asshole being fucked red raw.

Beth pulls out sick of Kelly’s screams and drives her thick strap on between Kelly’s legs into her warm wet pussy. Kelly gasps as the cock pushes into her pussy hitting her sensitive spots right away making her purr with joy. On her knees in doggy style Kelly just moaned at having Beth’s strap on push into her pussy, it’s an image and a moment few will ever forget. Kelly cries out with lust again as Beth bucks her hips driving the big strap on deep into the Divas champion. Her lust filled moans only get louder the faster pace Beth moves letting her cock pound Kelly’s cum soaked insides. She is driving the strap on deep into Kelly’s sloppy wet cunt making the blonde’s lusty groans grow as she starts rocking back trying to gain more pleasure from the fucking. Kelly’s fingernails grip the canvas as Beth is really fucking her wet pussy good, about as well as any man she has ever been with maybe better. The big black 8 inches of cock is becoming soaked and stained with Kelly’s cum as it pushes in and out of her.

Beth’s hands let go of Kelly’s hair moving onto her hips grabbing Kelly’s flesh tight as she slides forward moving her strap on all the way into her pussy. Kelly groans, eyes tightly shut as the plastic dick slides all the way inside her filling her wet cunt to breaking point. Her whole body starts shaking, buzzing with hormones and Kelly starts moaning almost panting with pleasure as Beth starts to fuck her hard. Beth slams her hips into Kelly’s ass at break neck speed driving in as hard as she can her fake cock pounding Kelly’s soft wet pussy.

“OHHHHHH AHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH OWWWWWWWWWWW OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK,” Kelly moans losing the ability to think as Beth just keeps pumping inside her wet pussy.

“Yeah come on Kelly millions of people are watching show them how much you love my big hard cock in your pussy,” Beth spits thrusting harder taking great pleasure over the deep humiliation and fucking of her untalented rival.

“OHHHHHH YES I LOVE IT MORE PLEASE MORE I’M SO HORNY OHHHHH OHHHHHHH YES AHHHHHHH OWWWW MORE, MORE,” Kelly screams with great lust her head bobbing around as she loses control of her body in front of everyone.

“Bet you want it in your sexy ass now don’t you Kelly bet you would love these big fat cock inside that ass,” Beth taunts pumping in filling Kelly up.

“OHHHHHH NO PLEASE NO OHHHHHHH SO GOOD PLEASE DON’T,” Kelly groans fighting a losing battle to retain control as her doggy position pounding is happening live in the Raw ring.

“Come on you know you want it you wanna cum from me pounding your ass, you want me to slam your ass hard until you cum screaming in the centre of the ring,” Beth says thrusting into Kelly’s pussy harder trying to force the already mentally broken Kelly into doing yet more degrading sexual madness.

“I’m not gonna let you cum until you say it Kelly,” Beth teases once again trapping the horny Kelly in an impossible situation.

“Please, please, please I don’t wanna be fucked in the ass please Beth please don’t make me,” Kelly pleads trying to fight the pleasure being given to her by a hard pussy fucking from a fake plastic cock.

Beth pounds in harder really driving in deep to Kelly’s pussy really fucking the sexy Diva hard, “Come on say it Kelly say you want it in the ass.”

Kelly shakes her head no but moans again with pleasure her body is getting so close to cumming again. She cries and groans but Beth isn’t stopping driving harder trying her best to keep Kelly on the edge. Kelly is again fighting her own personal feelings and her body’s horny reaction to being pounded by a big strap on. She doesn’t want to give up and submit even more to Beth’s controlling will but is running out of options as she can no longer deny another woman fucking her doesn’t affect or turn her on at all.

“Give in Kelly you want to cum and you want to feel it in your ass,” Beth teases again this time going a stage further pulling her strap out of Kelly’s soaking wet pussy.

Kelly howls with frustration as without feeling of Beth’s cock filling her cunt up leaves her horny and dripping wet. Beth’s strap on is now almost completely covered in Kelly’s sticky white cum making the big black shaft barely visible with all of Kelly’s cum with lots more cum flowing from between her spread pussy lips onto the ring mat. Beth points the thick cock head aiming it right at Kelly’s ass hearing the young woman whimper and the fans go wild.

“I’ll make you cum Kelly you know I will but you have to say it baby, you have to beg for it,” Beth says fully in control teasing the strap on head right up against Kelly’s crack.

This is a sexual fantasy story using the Divas of the WWE this story is therefore not endorsed by the WWE or by the Divas featured in the story. I am not doing this for profit or by orders of anyone other than my own sick kinky mind, This story has deep sexual themes from the start and features lots and lots of lesbian fact it’s pretty much all lesbian sex really so if that makes you uncomfortable or you do not like reading erotic stories please don’t read this story. You must be 18 to read this story and any feedback good, bad or indifferent is welcome though my email. Thanks for taking a look at my story if you do read it I really hope you enjoy it, ThePac


It’s the New Year’s Eve special of ECW live of Sci Fi and the main event is a hopefully feud ending match between ECW’S hottest Divas. Kelly and Layla have been feuding since the summer of 2007 on Sci Fi after Extreme Expose spilt up. The two Divas have had a few battles but neither getting the upper hand on the other. Kelly bested Layla in a Halloween food fight then beat Layla in a best body contest but after the contest Layla beat up a bikini clad Kelly. Teddy Long the new ECW GM has decided for the New Year’s Eve special all the old feuds and hang ups from the past year will be sorted. Layla and Kelly then will wrestle tonight one last match to truly separate who is the better Diva Mr Long has made the match extra special using a deeply underused gimmick. Kelly Kelly will face off against Layla in a First Cum match meaning the first Diva to make the other orgasm will win the match.

As its ECW the match will be contested under extreme rules and seeing the bitterness of the girls in the best body contest Teddy Long rules that for the match the girls will be clad in only their hottest bikinis. The fans are looking forward to this match up as seeing two Divas that hate each other performing lesbian acts in order to win is deeply erotic. An old First Cum match between Trish and Lita is still one of the most re watched moments in WWE history. The fans also know in this type of match the tease is backed up by the act unlike Kelly wanting to strip naked and extreme strip poker the rug will not be pulled from under these horny fans as tonight it’s nearly a guarantee they will see some skin with some hot lesbian action. They are also intrigued by the match up, neither girl having great wrestling experience Kelly being a bikini model and Layla a dancer yet both women are amazingly hot and maybe a more down beat catfight style match will suit them.

It’s main event time in the ECW and Layla’s rather sinister drum beat intro plays first bringing out the British born Diva who walks out past the small shiny ECW stage with a scowl on her face. Her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and round her body is wrapped a black robe hiding her choice of bikini from the fans. What they can see under the robe is the big black leather knee high boots Layla is sporting, very dominatrix like but surely with 3 inch heels very tough to wrestle in. Layla chooses not to do her normal splits lying on the second rope taunt choosing instead to get right into the ring with the announcer waiting for her opponent. The lights in the arena go pink and a very sexy voice calls holla over the speakers making the fans roar at the arrival of one of their new favourite Divas. The sexy blonde Kelly Kelly walks out smiling, raising her hands to her cheering WWE fans.

Having started out as more or less a cheap stripper Kelly has been working hard in the ring to show some small improvement. A former gymnast, the tiny tanned blonde looks incredible wearing just pink and white sneakers with a small pink robe like Layla teasingly covering her choice of bikini. The fans know however that Kelly is far happier stripping down to next to nothing than Layla is as Kelly came out on the first ever ECW broadcast calling herself an exhibitionist. She climbs into the ring as the happy smile on her face is replaced with anger staring across the ring at Layla. Both girls are ready to fight but as the ring announcer steps out of the ring everyone looks around to see that there is no referee in the ring. The music of ECW GM Teddy Long plays as out walks the small man in a well cut purple suit, microphone in hand.

“Now ladies I know you plan on putting a heavy beating on each other but first I have to tell you I’m appointing a guest referee for this contest,” Long says with a smile as both Kelly and Layla look confused.

“This person is well is the perfect fit for a match type like this I’m sure she will keep order and above all else call it right down the middle, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Brooke Adams.”

Fans are stunned but cheering as the third member of Extreme Expose walks out dressed in a micro ref’s shirt showing off her black bra clad cleavage cut high enough to show her tight belly. With black booty shorts and white sneakers Brooke looks like one hot referee as she walks down to the ring.

Kelly is smiling but Layla is fuming taking a microphone, “What is she doing here Teddy, her ass got fired a few months ago she can’t referee this match,” She screams.

Long tilts an eyebrow, “Well Layla I rehired her for her experience and knowledge of you two girls so she will keep this match as clean as possible and won’t fall for any of your tricks or rule breaks antics,” Long says smiling.

Brooke gets in the ring and Kelly has her arms out for a friendly hug but Brooke completely cold shoulder’s her moving to the middle of the ring.

“So girls enjoy your match try not to get too extreme and I’ll just holla, holla, holla,” Long says walking off to general confusion until eyes turn back to the action in the ring.

Brooke stands in the middle of the ring ordering the two Divas to disrobe so the match can start. Layla still fuming at the change of referee to someone who was fired a few months ago quickly unties her robe pulling it off. Her bikini is black with silver ties, the top easily covering her large boobs and the bottoms also do a fine job of covering up Layla’s big booty. The British born Diva is looking unhappy at the cheering and camera flashing from the fans at the unveiling of her bikini body. Kelly however doesn’t take such a cold way of taking her robe off as she slowly teases the belt off shaking her hips a little. The temperature in the arena seems to go up as the sexy little blonde grinds around just like the days when she was a stripper style character with her own little stage. She pulls the robe apart a little teasing pulling one shoulder down getting a bigger ovation the more bare well-tanned skin she shows. Layla gets bored of being the one lonely girl in the strip club rushing forward when Kelly turns to get some cheers from the fans behind her.

A hard clubbing forearm to the back knocks Kelly down against the ropes and with the blonde’s head on the second rope Layla presses her boot covered knee into Kelly’s neck. Kelly screams as she is being choked and referee Brooke is right in Layla’s face ordering her to stop and get back to her corner. Layla does stop but tell the ref to ring the bell as she is not waiting any longer to get her hands on the slutty blonde. Brooke tries to restore order but as Kelly is crawling away Layla boots her hard in her ribs sending Kelly rolling across the mat. Still wearing her pink robe Kelly groans holding her flat mid-section rubbing the sore area when Layla strides across kicking her hard right in the side of the head. Kelly collapses and Brooke gets in-between Layla and Kelly ordering her to back off to let Kelly recover to start this contest.

“Oh fuck off Brooke your only here to be the extra set of tits now either go stand over there and shake your ass or ring the bell and let me tear this bitch apart,” Layla says staring Brooke right in the face.

Brooke isn’t going to back up standing tall staring down Layla pumping up her chest letting Layla stare at the WWE logo on her ref’s shirt. Both Divas don’t blink waiting for the other to move but when it’s clear neither will Layla lifts her hand up slapping Brooke hard in the face. The ref staggers back holding her sore cheek then as she turns round Layla grabs a handful of Brooke’s hair throwing her face first into the top turnbuckle. Brooke’s model face smashes into the pad making her fall down to the mat as Layla mockingly dusts her hands off over Brooke’s body. She turns away from the stricken ref only for her vision to be impaired by a light pink robe. Kelly has recovered from the cheap attack and is back on her feet in just a small pink string bikini she was worn in the ring many times before. The top and bottoms are cut small so Kelly’s ass cheeks hang out of the suit and a large amount of cleavage is on show. Kelly looks amazing and the only person in the arena who can’t see her is Layla as she fights for a few seconds to get Kelly’s robe off her face. When she does Kelly charges spearing Layla down to the mat then takes two handfuls of hair and starts banging the back of Layla’s head against the mat.

Both girls are screaming as Kelly pulls on Layla’s hair cracking her head against the canvas. Layla twists and turns until she reaches up grabbing lumps of Kelly’s long blonde hair using them to roll her over. Now Layla is on top banging Kelly’s head into the canvas making Kelly produce those high pitched scream seconds earlier Layla was creating. Kelly keeps pulling and tugging on Layla’s hair as Layla bangs her head into the match. Soon Kelly is able to roll sideways pinning Layla to the mat and having a few shots at ramming her head into the canvas. Keeping to the catfight pattern Layla rolls Kelly over onto her back and is ramming her head down until Brooke gets back to her feet. She forcefully grabs Layla by her bare mid-section and rips her off Kelly carrying her away to a corner. Layla and Brooke are both screaming at each other, Layla wanting to get back on top and beat Kelly, Brooke pissed at the slap and the fact the match has yet to start. Layla goes to slap Brooke once more put this time Brooke blocks it with her arm and with her free arm she slaps Layla.

The crowd cheer as Layla falls back holding her face and slips down so she is sitting against the bottom turnbuckle. Still holding her cheek Layla looks up to see Kelly shouting at Brooke to move then runs over to a seated Layla. Kelly leaves her feet and hits a bronco buster on Layla; the fans cheer as Kelly rubs her bikini covered crotch right into Layla’s face. Kelly does a few more bounces on Layla’s face before getting up and then looks at Brooke then a still seated Layla rubbing her face. She walks over and whispers something to the sexy brunette that makes her smile. Kelly starts walking round the ring lifting her arms up in the air, Brooke then does the same before slapping her big booty and pointing to Layla. The fans roar and Brooke slowly peels her shorts down showing off her big tanned ass in a small black thong. She backs her thick ass up towards Layla who doesn’t notice until Brooke’s huge butt is hovering right over her face. Layla screams as Brooke presses her ass right into Layla’s face as the fans and Kelly cheer. Layla’s screams are muffled as she is being given the stinkface by the hot referee just seconds after having Kelly’s crotch rubbing against her face.

Layla struggles and screams as Brooke shakes her big booty from side to side rubbing it across her face she can almost taste the cotton of Brooke’s thong. Brooke finally moves away leaving her rival dancer coughing and trying to rub her face clean before Layla rolls out under the bottom rope walking away from the ring. Kelly and Brooke share a high five as Layla rubs her face looking like she is going to be sick. Brooke remembers her ref role pulling her pants up ordering Layla into the ring so the match up can start. Unsurprisingly Layla shakes her head and doesn’t want to get back into the ring pointing at her two former team mates saying they are working together. Brooke nods in agreement so she slides out on the other side of the ring leaving just Kelly alone in the squared circle. Layla still refuses to get back in the ring only for Kelly to mock her pulling the same kind of scared disgusted face Layla had while being stinkfaced. That pisses Layla off enough to walk back towards the ring, slide under the bottom rope and get right face to face with Kelly.

On the outside Brooke calls for the bell and finally the match is officially underway. Trash talking from Kelly telling Layla what a whore she is before Layla slaps Kelly hard then whipping her into the corner. She goes for a running shoulder tackle but Kelly moves and Layla’s shoulder bounces off the middle turnbuckle. Groaning in pain Layla staggers back walking into a big slap from Kelly. Layla falls backwards into the corner, her cheek burning with pain as the crowd cheers. Kelly raises her arm and chops it down right across Layla’s chest making the dark haired Diva scream out in pain. One palm up Kelly decides to be cheekier and slaps her hand down right onto Layla’s right breast. Shock and pain runs through Layla’s body as Kelly just clearly slapped her boob. Kelly slaps her other boob and Layla’s bikini top bounces up and down as her tits are stinging with pain. Layla is unhappy moaning as Kelly is teasing her slapping around her big tits.

Kelly now does a double handed slap hitting both of Layla’s tits making them bounce up bringing another squeak of pain from Layla. Weak and dazed Layla tries to get out the corner but Kelly pushes her back into the turnbuckle before smashing a fist right into Layla’s gut. It’s a very un-Kelly like move to use a closed fist but it’s very effective punching Layla’s big belly making her rival gasp with pain. Hard shots make a loud slapping nose with knuckles on skin so Layla is grunting in pain as she is belly punched. Kelly’s right fist drives into her rival’s belly pounding her flesh leaving Layla hurt and weak before she stops punching. Kelly now in control has Layla weak as the dark haired beauty moans rubbing her mid-section. She smiles waving to her fans who all cheer amazed Kelly has taken such early control of the contest. Kelly now looks at Layla up and down spotting a small gap between Layla’s body and the waistband of her bikini panties so Kelly tries to push her hand into Layla’s bikini bottoms.

Layla screams struggling and fighting trying to stop Kelly from getting her hand into her bikini. Blocking the little blonde’s probing hand as she tries to touch her pussy. When they were in Extreme Expose Kelly was always a little touchy groping boobs asking for more sexy dances where the girls touch each other up. Layla always had feelings that Kelly liked girls as well as boys and was sure she and Brooke where fuck buddies which is why she left not wanting to be part of a lesbian group. The fans cheer as Kelly is trying hard to get her hands on Layla’s pussy but Layla is still strong battling hard holding onto Kelly’s wrist. She is battling to protect her pussy from Kelly’s quick moving hands fighting to keep them out of her panties. Layla suddenly out of desperation pushes her hand out thumbing Kelly right in the eye. Kelly moans in pain staggering backwards rubbing her eye in pain as Layla checks that her bikini bottoms are still covering her up.

She spies Kelly standing a little closer to the middle of the ring still blinded from the thumb in her eye. Layla climbs up the turnbuckle so she is stood on the second rope before leaping off landing on Kelly with a perfect Thez press flattening the blind blonde back down to the canvas. Back on top and in control Layla throws hard right and left fists to the pretty blonde face of Kelly. She tries to cover up with her eye still watering as Layla pounds down on her but too many shots are getting though. Layla’s fists bounce off her head making Kelly scream in pain as Layla’s hard fists crash against the side of her head beating on every bit of exposed blonde flesh she can see. Getting up from her mount position Layla stands over Kelly looking down at the tanned blonde smirking as Kelly stays on the ground covering her head with both hands. Layla aims one hard booted kick right to Kelly’s pretty much bare back. The hard chop of leather onto flesh makes the crowd moan as Kelly screams rolling over onto her front holding her back. Layla grins back in command of the matchup as she gets an idea rolling a bikini clad Kelly over onto her back.

“You like people rubbing their asses in my face well bitch see how you like it,” Layla mutters down at Kelly then throwing a dirty look outside the ring at Brooke.

Turing round Layla shakes her big booty a little then looks with distain at the cheering fans like their cat calls are beneath her. Lowering her big ass down Layla sits right on Kelly’s cute face getting a loud roar from the sell-out crowd. No one thought this match would turn so sexy so quickly and both girls are breaking out some erotic moves to confuse the other trying to catch an early victory. Layla smothers Kelly with her big ass, sitting down right on her face blocking off oxygen to the blonde. Kelly struggles moaning into Layla’s thick booty as her brown skin and bikini bottoms is all Kelly can see. She grinds her ass down harder making sure to block Kelly’s air holes; Layla even blows a little mocking kiss to Brooke as she ass smothers Kelly’s cute face. Moving and grinding around Layla is hoping her massive ass with smother all the fight out of Kelly making it an easy win as she can feel Kelly moving underneath her. The blonde feels Layla’s thick cheeks pressing down on her all that flesh in the dark haired dancer’s trunk is now directly perched on Kelly’s face. Kelly fights hard trying to use her hands to push Layla’s butt of her but as that doesn’t work she gets a better idea. Sticking her tongue out, Kelly runs her tongue over Layla’s bikini bottoms pulling them to one side exposing her bare asscrack. Layla is unaware as she sits down firmer on Kelly’s face wanting to choke the blonde out. With her final few gasps of fresh air Kelly thrusts her tongue forward driving it right up Layla’s ass pushing it between her meaty cheeks deep into her asscrack.

“AHHHHHHH HOLY SHIT FUCK WHAT’S THAT,” Layla screams springing up grabbing her ass.

Kelly grins rolling up from her back sticking her tongue out letting Layla understand what just penetrated her ass.

“You dirt slut,” Layla says wiping her ass shocked that sweet little Kelly would shove her tongue up her asshole.

“Tasted nice,” Kelly mocks, “Bet you enjoyed it too.”

Layla growls at the insult charging forward to grab Kelly who simply moves out the way. As Layla moves past her Kelly uses her powerful legs to take Layla down with a drop toe hold. Layla grunts his pain as she lands face first on the ring mat then before she can recover Kelly jumps up onto her legs. Kelly sits down on Layla strong looking thighs pinning the Brit down her hands shooting forward before Layla can react grabbing her bikini bottoms again. More screaming from Layla as Kelly just won’t quit, going early and often for her sexy private area covering panties. She pulls the black bikini down to the top of Layla’s thighs exposing her bare booty making the crowd cheer and the volume of the cheering only grows louder when Kelly presses her whole face right into Layla’s bare ass. She is horrified when Kelly presses her face right between her fat ass cheeks but Layla’s horror turns to terror as Kelly pushes her tongue back into Layla’s hole. Fans cheer all loving how horny this matchup has already got with Kelly pretty much self-stink facing her own pretty model face into Layla’s big meaty ass. Layla had never really been into any of the anal games lovers have wanted to play with her and now having another woman’s tongue up there disgusts her to her very core. Kelly pushes her tongue deeper into Layla’s huge booty licking her insides out tasting her rival’s asshole as Layla rocks round clawing at anything trying to get away.

“GET OFF ME KELLY QUIT IT STOP YOU FUCKING SLUT GET OFF ME GET YOUR TONGUE OUT MY ASS,” Layla screams crawling across the ring mat like a solider crawling under barbed wire while the crowd all roar stunned that Kelly is tonging Layla’s big ass.

Kelly ignores Layla placing both hands on her ass squeezing her fleshy cheeks with Layla trying to crawl to the edge of the ring. Desperately Layla pulls herself under the bottom rope forcing Kelly off her as she falls to the arena floor. Layla is flustered and angry getting up yanking her bikini back up to cover her ass pissed off at being so easily stripped. Kelly kneels close to the bottom rope licking her lips in a tasty treat way to annoy Layla more.

“Fuck you, you dirty little whore,” Layla screams pacing around ringside totally lost and out of control with confusion at Kelly being dirtier than anyone ever dreamed she could be.

Referee Brooke wanders around to a fuming Layla telling her to get back in the ring but this just pisses Layla off more.

“Fuck you too you’re just as bad and as slutty as her, you rubbed your big naked ass in my face,” Layla roars as Brooke backs away a little telling Layla she is sorry.

Brooke knows that maybe a future job with WWE is on the line if she doesn’t call this match right and fair so she begs Layla for forgiveness after giving her the stinkface but her apology is drowned out by Layla screaming about the illegal moves Kelly is using.

“Layla it’s a first cum match, Kelly is more than allowed to shove her tongue into your ass if it stimulates you enough to orgasm,” Brooke says looking worried as Layla is flipping out.

“Stimulate me, stimulate me you dirty bitch who could get turned on with some slut’s tongue in her ass,” Layla screams her face starting to glow red in rage.

As the argument intensifies on the outside Kelly takes her chance waving to the crowd before sliding out of the ring on the other side of Layla and the ref. She sneaks up on a yelling Layla rushing at her slamming Layla hard in the back knocking her forward right into Brooke. Both girls fall to the ground Layla on top of a bumped Brooke and before either knows about the suggestive position they have fallen into, Kelly jumps onto Layla. Kelly pretends to be a cowgirl riding a bikini clad Layla like a bucking bronco making the cocks of every guy around her stiffen instantly. Kelly is riding Layla on top of sexy ref Brooke so Kelly rides on top long enough for the fans to get some sexy snaps of all three former extreme expose members on top of each other before she gets off dragging Layla with her. Kelly has Layla by her long dark hair pushing her shoulder first into the metal ring post. A grunt of pain comes from Layla sinking to her knees rubbing her shoulder before Kelly has her up by the hair again. The sexy blonde is in complete control of this First Cum match whipping a hurt Layla right into the announce table. Layla moans in pain again as her barely dressed body crashes into the wooden table. Kelly scoops Layla up once more this time rolling Layla on top of the announce table. The crowd is buzzing wondering what Kelly has in mind with a bikini clad Layla lying on the table. Kelly crawls on top of Layla making it look like a softcore porn scene taking place on top of the announce table.

“MMMMMM baby I’m gonna make you cum,” Kelly groans showing off her own youthful sexual energy more than anyone has ever seen before from the girl next door looking blonde.

Layla groans opening her eyes as Kelly’s hand slides down her belly and onto her bikini covered pussy. Kelly’s hand wraps around Layla’s crotch again squeezing hard and for what seems like the 10th time tonight Layla moan is combined frustration and shock at Kelly acting this slutty way with her. Kelly’s palm pushes down fast rubbing across Layla’s pussy with the ex-dancer trapped underneath her as Layla wriggles around moaning attempting to push Kelly off her.

“Don’t fight it you little slut,” Kelly grins pressing her hand harder into Layla’s crotch, “Always knew you were a big assed sub bitch Layla.”

Screaming at Kelly’s mocking words and the skill of her pussy rubbing hand Layla lifts her head up. Her forehead catches Kelly right on her chin head-butting her away. Kelly falls off the announce table landing hard right onto the floor and is now moaning in pain rubbing her bare back in pain. Layla quickly tries to gain the advantage spinning round on the table booting Kelly hard in the head. The side of Layla’s leather boot catches Kelly’s head sending the pink bikini wearing Diva rolling across the arena floor holding her head in agony as her skull was nearly snap kicked right off her shoulders. Brooke is just getting up rubbing her hip having fallen hard on the floor but she sees Kelly down so walks over to see if she is alright. Layla jumps off the table smarting herself out then walks towards Kelly but the blonde has recovered ready for Layla. Kelly leans back lifting her legs up planting them into Brooke’s chest as the sexy referee leans over her to check on her condition. Her bare feet push Brooke hard in the chest sending the ref flying backwards running right into Layla’s path. Brooke screams as she is violently shoved towards Layla who ducks in time making Brooke’s sore hip bounce hard off the announce table. Brooke hits the floor moaning rubbing her sore hip though her tiny kid sized shorts eyes closed in pain as she hit the side of the table really hard.

Kelly uses the distraction of Layla avoiding Brooke to get back up charging forward and spear tackling Layla right back up onto the announce table, Kelly again tries to gain the dominating position as Layla struggles beneath her fighting to break loose. She gets a hand up raking Kelly’s eyes blinding the blonde allowing Layla to grabs a handful of Kelly’s hair pulling it down. Kelly’s skull smashes into the hard wooden table knocking her loopy so Layla can easily push Kelly off her and the table. Now its Kelly’s turn to land right on top of Brooke who is still lying in distress next to the table. Both former expose members grunt in pain as Kelly splashes right on top of Brooke crushing the slightly hurt referee. Standing up on the table Layla gets the loud cheers from the crowd but it’s only until Layla looks round seeing her bikini has been pulled up her crack leaving half her butt cheeks is hanging outdoes she understand why the fans are cheering her. She fixes her bikini back into place scowling at the dirty perverted fans as she does while Kelly and Brooke are slowly helping each other up but Brooke suddenly shoves Kelly away.

“What the hell Kelly,” Brooke says with anger, “You tried to push me into Layla I’m the referee of this match you can’t do that to me.”

“Oh please your just the guest here Brooke you have no power,” Kelly says stunned by her former friend’s harsh words.

“Really just a guest? I’d still be here if some bitch Diva didn’t sell me out to management hell I think it was you,” Brooke snips back the two attractive ex models now stand nose to nose.

“Oh yeah me why would I rat you out it’s not like you’re a threat to me,” Kelly says with a forced anger laugh.

“Good I don’t wanna be in your league I don’t fancy being second place to you in the league of sluts,” Brooke snaps back getting a loud ooh from the nearby fans who can hear the bitchy insults these two hot Divas are throwing at each other.

“I’m a slut really Brooke who tried to get into John Cena’s pants first time you met him?” Kelly asks glaring at Brooke whose tanned cheeks flush slightly.

“At least I went to the top Kelly you slept with every fucking loser on ECW,” Brooke snaps back, “I mean Punk I understand but Balls? Hell bet you did Sandman and all those other old broken down freaks.”

“At least I knew their fucking names when I joined the company,” Kelly yells getting visible angry at the guest referee, “And I didn’t sleep with all the losers on ECW cause I never slept with you.”

Brooke growls lifting her arm back in anger when suddenly from out of nowhere Layla jumps off the announce table clotheslining Kelly hard. Brooke softly moans in anger as she knows she got involved in the match yet again now both Divas have got issues with her. She decides to back away and let the match carry on hoping that she will not be needed again. Layla gets up quickly yanking a dazed Kelly off the thinly padded floor and pushes her hard into the guard rail. Kelly’s bikini clad body hits the rail hard so she moans in pain with Layla suddenly feeling in control for the first time in the match. Brooke the ref is no longer on her back and she is no longer underestimating the wrestling or the lesbian slut ability of Kelly Kelly. Picking her up Layla has a smile on her face lifting Kelly’s skinny body in the air then drops her ribs first onto the top of the barricade. Another loud grunt of pain comes from Kelly as she slides off the barrier holding her stomach in pain.

She drops to the ground cradling her mid-section but Layla doesn’t waste a second so scoops Kelly back up this time slamming her back first into the guard rail once again. Kelly groans leaning back into the guard rail as she was just bodily thrown by the much stronger Layla right into the metal padded guard rail once more. Layla examines Kelly’s leaning body before she hits a hard knife edge chop making the crowd woo as Kelly scream. Layla chops Kelly’s C cup tits again making them shake inside Kelly’s string bikini top stinging pain shooting though the blonde’s body. Another chop to the chest then Layla changes direction with a hard punch to the already weakened stomach of Kelly. As the blonde doubles over in pain Layla hits another chop then a hard slap to the face. Kelly is dazed and confused in real trouble as Layla has her backed against the guard rail teeing off on her defenceless body. Layla throws different mixes of combos as Kelly’s propped up body mixing hard chops to the chest with punches to the ribs. She even throws in a few knee lifts into Kelly’s ribs too battering the poor blonde back into the security wall as the fans boo Layla for beating on sweet and sexy Kelly.

“Take that you filthy fucking slut,” Layla spits her posh British accent taking another hard slap to Kelly’s cheek followed with another belly punch.

Layla slaps Kelly once more then follows up with another hard chop making Kelly’s knees give out only the guard rail keeping her up. Another couple of belly punches with a double face slap, both hands to both cheeks bringing a cry from Kelly as the loud double slap echoes around the arena making her cheeks sting. Kelly Kelly is being battered and she doesn’t seem to have any answer to Layla’s onslaught. She tries to put her hands up to protect her face but all that seems to do is help expose other parts of her body for Layla’s assault. Layla moves forward, driving her knee right up in between Kelly’s legs into the young Diva’s pussy making Kelly cry out in pain. She drops off the barricade to her knees with her hands covering her bikini covered pussy for protection. Rubbing the pained area Kelly looks up at Layla who jumps up slamming a hard forearm right into Kelly’s forehead. Kelly is now flat out on the arena floor and the fans boo Layla who has taken control of this First Cum match.

She looks over at Brooke waving cockily at the sexily dressed referee who is politely asking Layla to move the match back in the ring. Layla laughs at seeing Brooke scared trying to use manners she doesn’t have as the big assed former bikini model seems to have worked out if she pisses all the Divas off she won’t get her job back. Leaning down Layla gets a big handful of Kelly’s blonde hair pulling her to her feet making her scream from the pain in her scalp. She wraps Kelly’s head around her arm then lifts the blonde up for a quick snap suplex. Kelly screams out as her back splats down hard against the thinly padded floor from a perfect snapping suplex motion. The poor bikini clad girl is groaning in pain as Layla kicks her in the face forcing her to roll onto her back. Layla then presses her thick leather boot down right on the back of Kelly’s head. More screaming comes from Kelly as Layla is trying to crush her head into the floor and Brooke is far too scared of Layla to step forward and restore order. Layla drops down slamming all her weight onto Kelly’s bare back pushing hard with her leather clad boot trying to imprint Kelly’s face into the mat.

Layla gets off Kelly standing directly over her grinning, “If you like my ass so much babe then maybe I should give it to you,” She says dropping down with all her weight big ass slamming down onto Kelly’s back

This brings a great grunt from Kelly as Layla is sitting on her tanned body crushing her back under her weight. Leaning forward Layla grabs one of Kelly’s legs bending it back almost like she is trying for a submission. Once Kelly’s bendy leg is pulled backwards right up to Layla the evil Diva rests her hand on the sole of Kelly’s foot. Fans are shocked as Layla starts to tickle Kelly’s foot but are even more surprised when the blonde screams loudly. From their days in Extreme Expose Layla knows how ticklish Kelly is with her feet being the most sensitive area. She is now using that information to her advantage as she traces her fingers across the bare sole of Kelly’s foot. The blonde is screaming and twisting underneath Layla, her face glowing red as she gasps for breath. Her sounds of pained laughter fills the arena as Layla is tickling her foot hard pulling Kelly’s leg back like a half Boston crab. She is still sitting on Kelly’s back pinning her down as she plays and tickles Kelly’s exposed vulnerable foot. Tears leak from her eyes and the ex-model’s perfect make up is being ruined as she yells like a banshee at having her delicate feet tickled.

Layla presses her fingers down harder really scratching the surface of Kelly’s cute foot getting louder yells from the trapped blonde. Screaming like crazy Kelly starts tapping her hand on the floor yelling the words I quit as loud as her high pitched wailing tones can manage as Layla tickle attacks her foot. Brooke is deeply confused sliding out of the ring moving towards Layla telling her to stop. Hearing the tapping and the vocal submissions Layla glares at the sexily dressed official almost demanding that she counts it. Shaking her head no Brooke reminds Layla that it’s a First Cum match and only an orgasm will end the contest. Pissed off Layla drops Kelly’s leg letting the blonde stop her forced giggling and breath hard trying to stop her lungs from bursting. Layla stands up grabbing the front of Brooke’s tiny top pushing her backwards making Brooke stumble to the ground. Not even turning round to see if Brooke would retaliate Layla turns her attention back to the pretty Diva in the cute pink bikini. Kelly is curled up in a ball holding her sensitive foot in one hand but a big kick by Layla to her exposed mid-section rolls Kelly back onto her front. Lifting her boot again Layla cruelly brings it down right onto Kelly’s pussy from behind bringing the loudest groan of pain of the night from Kelly. Squirming around on the arena floor Kelly cups her most private area barely protected by the fabric of her bikini now stinging with the feeling of Layla’s boot sole.

Layla can’t help but laugh watching Kelly grunt in pain, her face a mask of agony as Layla stomps down hard on her pussy once again. She kicks Kelly over to her back one more time stomping that thick leather boot down across Kelly’s crotch hopefully crushing the blonde’s young sweet pussy. Layla has seen Kelly’s pussy far too many times for her own liking as the blonde was always dancing around their locker room naked. The impact is sick and Kelly’s screams match any cry of pain heard in ECW as Layla’s boot digs onto her soft pussy. Layla watches as Kelly again curls into a ball like a frightened animal trying to protect herself and her stomped on crotch. Grabbing Kelly’s legs Layla pulls the hurt Diva over onto her back spreading her legs one more time. Kelly tries to keep her hands over her pussy to protect it but Layla kicks her hands away then presses the sole of her boot down onto Kelly’s pussy. It is pain Kelly has never felt before as Layla grinds her boot into her pussy like she is stamping out a cigarette. Kelly can do little but yell out in pain as Layla grinds harder really pressing the sole of her leather boot down onto Kelly’s barely covered pussy. She is torturing her most private area then out of nowhere Brooke is back wrapping her arms around Layla’s mid-section pulling her away from Kelly.

“What the fuck are you doing you dumb slut,” Layla screams clenching her fist looking wild and enraged.

“I’m the official referee in this match Layla get Kelly back in the ring or I will cancel the match awarding the win to Kelly,” Brooke says dominatingly, “And if you even think of striking me I will go to the GM and make sure you are suspended.”

Layla growls under her breath at the referee a former friend of hers now dressed like stripper is ordering her around. Brooke is happy she finally thought of a way to control Layla taking all thoughts of physical vengeance out of her mind. She puts her hands down keeping eye contact on Brooke while walking back over to a hurting Kelly. Brooke rolls back into the ring happy she regained her authority on this match up showing Layla who is boss. Layla grabs Kelly’s long blonde hair pulling her back to her unsteady feet with the blonde still bent over holding her sore pussy only for Layla to push her forward sending Kelly crashing head first into the floor. Layla yanks Kelly up again this time rolling the hurt blonde back into the ring glaring at Brooke who has been yelling at her to do this for some time. Layla follows into the ring after Kelly then starts kicking away the blonde rolling her across the ring mat. Kelly grunts in pain as her weakened body is kicked across the canvas sending her rolling towards the corner. Sitting up resting against the bottom turnbuckle Kelly tries to catch her breath but Layla is quick to take advantage of this. She leans forward pushing her boot forward getting the sole right under Kelly’s chin into her throat. Layla leans forward with all her weight pressing Kelly into the corner her boot cutting off Kelly’s air supply. Kelly chokes fighting for breath as Layla’s boot chokes her. Her bare feet slap against the mat as she struggles from side to side trying to save herself but once again Brooke is too her rescue pulling Layla away from her.

“WHAT NOW,” Layla yells frustrated with an official that has already rubbed her near bare ass into her face.

“No choking in fact your boots are illegal weapons take them off,” Brooke orders.

“You want me to strip?” Layla questions looking stunned at this bossy guest ref.

“No keep your bikini on just your boots, they are weapons you are clearly bending the rules to your advantage I want them off,” Brooke says again firmly.

Layla shakes her head, “I thought this was no DQ,” she complains wanting to hit Brooke but not wanting to lose this chance to defeat Kelly by having the match thrown out as Brooke threatened.

“It is but you abused using boots as weapons so it stops now I’m only sticking to the laws,” Brooke says.

Layla drops down sitting on the mat unzipping her boots muttering unspeakable swear words under her breath wanting now to do nothing more after this match then punch Brooke right in her smug tanned face.

She tugs each boot off passing them to Brooke with an angry frown on her face, “Just so you know bitch the second I win this match I’m kicking your ass,” Layla threatens.

Brooke ignores the threat taking the supposedly dangerous boots to a far corner but has to drop then suddenly and rush back. Over in the far corner Kelly has pulled herself back up using the corner of the ring but Layla has charged forward catching a standing Kelly with a shoulder to the gut. Dropping the boots Brooke moves back over as Layla starts slamming hard shoulder thrusts into Kelly’s gut pressing her against the corner. Kelly groans in pain at each hard slam of Layla’s strong shoulder hitting her bare skinny abs pressing her back into the turnbuckle. Layla drives forward slamming her shoulder into Kelly’s skinny waist making the little blonde squeak in pain. Kelly is bent over with pain rubbing her now hurting abs as Layla grabs her by her hair. Pulling her out of the corner Layla openly laughs right into Kelly’s writhing in agony face before she slaps her hard. Her palm stings Kelly’s cheek making her drop out of Layla’s grip holding her face in pain. Kelly’s ribs are really hurting as she was battered in the corner now Layla just mocked her by slapping the cute little blonde.

Kelly drops to her knees with Layla grinning as she leans down pushing her hands into Kelly’s bikini top grabbing the young Diva by her bare tits. Screaming in pain Kelly is in shock as Layla’s hands squeeze her bare tit flesh digging her fingers into her skin. The feeling is new and uncomfortable for Kelly with her trying to twist her body away as Layla’s hands are deep inside her tiny bikini top. Layla’s hands maul and play with Kelly’s real boobs inside her top pulling them around inside her cute little bikini top. On her knees Kelly fights to break free grabbing Layla’s wrists trying pull her hands off her young boobs. Layla keeps recklessly twisting Kelly’s tits moving her wrists around pulling then around on her chest squeezing them rougher than a man ever would. Out of desperation Kelly throws her hands up swatting Layla right in the chin. The blow stuns her knocking Layla’s head back as she staggers away holding her chin as Kelly slides away on her knees. She is rubbing her sore boobs still safely tucked away inside her sexy bikini top but hurting from Layla’s attack. Layla recovers from the blonde’s stun attack a little annoyed at being caught by such a blow from Kelly and walks towards the blonde with a purpose. The ex-model gets back to her feet too then charges full speed right at a striding Layla catching her off guard.

Kelly leaves her feet jumping up wrapping her long sexy legs around Layla’s head. She uses her own momentum and starts rotating in mid-air as the fans cheer for one of Kelly’s signature moves. The fast spinning head scissors is one of Kelly’s best moves as she spins around making Layla dizzy. With Kelly’s legs wrapped tightly around her head Layla can’t see anything but the bright pink of Kelly’s bikini bottoms. The standing Layla is spinning in one big circle thanks to Kelly and her head scissors but Layla knows enough to lift her hands up grabbing onto Kelly’s hips as she spins. They spin around as Layla’s fingers find the pink string holding together Kelly’s bikini bottoms. Kelly does her final spin unaware Layla is pulling at her bikini bottom strings as she finishes the move falling forward flipping a dizzy Layla down to the mat. Layla is flung forward hitting the mat hard but as she falls she pulls with her Kelly’s bikini bottoms. Kelly Kelly gets to her feet only to look down and see her bikini bottoms have been torn right from her body.

Layla is lying on the mat holding up her prize, those slutty pink bikini bottoms untied and held in her hand. Everyone turns to look at Kelly who blushes bright red with embarrassment. Her hands drop down to cover her now bare pussy as she squeaks at Brooke to help her. The busty referee can only shrug her shoulders as all those in the arena suddenly burst into life cameras flash taking shots of Kelly’s hand covered pussy and her completely naked ass. Kelly is bright red, deeply humiliated at being stripped bottomless in front of a sell-out crowd and in front of 15 TV cameras beaming her naked butt to TV’s around the globe. Layla gets back up happy tucking Kelly’s untied bottoms into the top of her bikini before walking over to the vulnerable blonde. Kelly has both hands between her legs trying to cover and hide her bare pussy allowing Layla to easily slap Kelly in the face knocking her down. Kelly hits the mat hard that slap having lit up her already bright red face with her hands still covering between her tanned legs. Layla leans over grabbing Kelly’s hair pulling the blonde up to her knees laughing at how the fans have reacted since by near accident she managed to strip off Kelly’s panties. She is still trying to cover up as Layla grins looking right into Kelly’s watery eyes blowing her a little kiss taunting her former best friend some more. Layla reaches around Kelly looking to pull the strings off her bikini top too.

“Your not much of an exhibitionist are you Kelly if you don’t wanna show off that slutty pussy of yours,” Layla taunts grabbing Kelly’s bikini trying and begins to pull.

She pulls hard on Kelly’s top and out of desperation Kelly throws her covering hands up like a hammer blow hitting right between Layla’s legs. The fans cheer loudly as Kelly just low blowed Layla and the British Diva groans falling backwards her own hands now wrapped round her crotch. Her eyes wide open never having expected the sweet innocent Kelly to do such a low down dirty tactic. Kelly gets to her feet one hand still covering her modesty as she wanders over to a now grounded Layla kicking her hard in the side. Kelly rolls Layla over sitting on her back looking at her former friend’s big thick ass barely contained by her bikini. Layla is still moaning in pain from the low blow as Kelly gives one big open hand slap to Layla’s thick ass. More cheering from the fans as Kelly just spanked Layla’s meaty ass the flesh is still jiggling from the blow. Kelly delivers another spank to Layla’s ass then lifts up her bikini bottoms sliding a hand under the fabric. Layla can feel what Kelly is doing instantly starting to kick out screaming like a child trying to push Kelly off her. All the crowd can see is the bulge of Kelly’s hand under Layla’s black bikini bottoms as it looks like the young innocent looking Diva is running her fingers along Layla’s ass crack.

“You have no idea how long I dreamed about getting to play with this big butt,” Kelly says grinning tracing her index finger up and down Layla’s bare crack.

This statement makes Layla panic more, twisting her body around trying everything to push Kelly off her. Kelly however is sat perfectly on Layla’s lower back pinning her down to the mat making it hard for Layla to sit up and push the weaker Kelly off her.

“MMMMM yeah keep moving Layla makes your big chocolate butt jiggle, it’s so sexy,” Kelly purrs like a sex kitten.

Layla grunts with anger as the girl next door character is acting more like a dirty slut her fingers teasing up and down Layla’s asscrack. Her fingertips feel so soft sliding across her butt cheeks that Layla can’t help but moan hating herself for enjoying the feeling. Both Divas are covered in a thin layer of sweat as Kelly moves her fingers up from Layla’s big chocolate shaded ass lifting two fingers up putting them in her mouth. The fans cheer as Kelly seductively sucks on her two fingers getting them wet as underneath her Layla bucks around trying to twist Kelly off her. Kelly moves her wet fingers back down to Layla’s ass as the British born Diva shivers feeling Kelly’s wet fingers sliding across her bare ass crack. Layla’s bikini bottoms have slipped down exposing her ass to the viewing ECW audience so they can now see what Kelly’s fingers are doing rubbing around Layla’s ass. All of Layla’s twisting around has helped in bunching up her bikini bottoms down under the bottom of her asscheeks. With Layla’s ass completely exposed Kelly can’t resist dragging her fingers up and down Layla’s ass before suddenly pushing her fingers forward inserting them into Layla’s booty. Groaning Layla nearly screams as fingers invade her big ass the first thing ever to enter into her asshole. Kelly’s fingers feel so big inside her tight hole slowly pushing in more filling Layla’s big tight ass up making her eyes bulge out.

“I can’t believe that you’re an anal virgin Layla I was sure some nasty boy would have had their way with your fat ass,” Kelly coos sounding and looking so comfortable in this match type.

“OWWWWW OHHHHH TAKE THEM OUT TAKE YOUR FINGERS OUT OF ME I’M TOO TIGHT AHHHHHHHHH FUCK,” Layla cries out feeling Kelly’s two wet fingers pumping into her asshole bringing her so much pain.

She can feel her tight hole stretching around Kelly probing fingers feeling them sliding up and down inside her making her feel sick. Layla moans loudly not able to help herself as Kelly’s fingers clearly know what they are doing inside Layla’s tight anal cavity. She moans loudly again as Kelly’s spit covered fingers go deeper teasing almost curling inside her. She is sore and tight but still Layla is shocked she is getting pleasure from having another woman roughly finger her asshole. Layla bucks her hips trying to roll away from Kelly as Kelly’s fingers push up deeper inside her ass. Kelly pumps her fingers into Layla with Layla’s bikini bottoms wrapped around her thighs exposing her ass to the fans that can see Kelly go knuckles deep into Layla’s ass. No one knew Kelly would be this sexually expressive or would be such a lover of woman and their asses. Kelly has a big smile on her face working her fingers into Layla’s ass picking up the pace as she finger fucks Layla’s booty. Brooke moves into position checking to see if Layla will cum and lose this match as Layla moans again Kelly’s fingers pounding inside her. Layla hates this yet her body is starting to react pleasurably to Kelly’s invading fingers.

Kelly keeps finger fucking Layla’s asshole her free hand squeezing on Layla’s big ass cheeks while she pumps two fingers inside her. Layla moans twisting around trying to buck an ass fingering Kelly off her when suddenly Kelly loses her grip sliding sideways off Layla. With no blonde pinning her down Layla quickly rolls sideways going right under the bottom rope to the safety of the arena floor. Kelly stands disappointed in the ring upset she couldn’t finish Layla off but she gives herself and the fans a treat by sucking on her two wet fingers clearly tasting Layla’s ass much to the pleasure of the sell-out crowd. Layla looks pissed off standing on the outside with her ass hanging out of her bikini bottoms, a clear layer of spit all over her crack. Kelly giggles in the middle of the ring running her hand over her own exposed pussy teasing her hairless lips to the delight of millions of fans. Moving her hand away sends the fans crazy looking at Kelly’s shaved little cunt amazed the blonde is willing to show it off live on TV and in front of all of them.

“MMMMMM can’t wait to properly taste your big ass Layla,” Kelly moans like a wanton slut rubbing her hand quickly between her legs.

Layla is disgusted and uneasy at Kelly acting like such a slut openly in public. Layla heard the rumours like everyone else backstage that Kelly was some kind of blonde fucking machine but seeing proof in front of her own eyes makes her thankful they were never that close in Extreme Expose. Even Brooke in the ring looks a little uneasy at Kelly acting like a porn star as Kelly turns round grinning at the brunette. Brooke takes a worried step back as Kelly moves towards her, juices clearly leaking down from the blonde’s pretty pink exposed pussy. Kelly stalks forward her hand shooting out grabbing Brooke’s right boob though her shirt. The fans cheer so loud the roof might blow off as Brooke looks down shocked at Kelly grabbing hold of her tit softly squeezing it. Kelly’s cute good girl attitude has disappeared over the course of this dirty sexually extreme match type. She is now groping the referee who looks stunned and unsure what to do. Moaning a bottomless Kelly squeezes her hand a little harder on Brooke’s breast making the former bikini model gasp in shock at another woman touching her up. Kelly just smells of sex her throbbing pussy dictating her actions as her second hand moves up grabbing Brooke’s other boob. Fans watch amazed at Kelly groping Brooke’s big breasts pulling and squeezing on them inside the brunette’s tight referee shirt. Brooke can’t help but moan in surprise at Kelly touching yet she likes how soft the young blonde’s touches are on her big tits.

Stepping closer Kelly is nearly nose to nose with Brooke still rubbing the ref’s big tits smiling as Brooke gets caught up in the lesbian groping. Kelly is so hot right now if she was like this backstage she would just tease some guy till he whipped his cock out for her to suck and fuck. Doing it in the middle of the ring feels so much more dirty and doing it with a woman she often admired in the showers or getting changed Kelly is getting a big thrill finally touching her magnificent breasts. Kelly is turning Brooke on slowly groping her big tits feeling how firm they are though her shirt with Kelly licking her lips leaning her face forward. Layla watches the lesbian show for a second before snapping back into life yanking her bikini bottoms back up then rolling into the ring. She pulls Kelly’s pink bikini bottoms from their hiding place in her bikini top holding them in her grip as she moves towards Kelly. With her back turned Kelly doesn’t see Layla as she is too busy groping Brooke’s big boobs. Her face moves closer to Brooke’s, lips puckered up looking to kiss the sexy brunette but as her lips get close Layla attacks from behind. Layla wraps Kelly’s own stripped off panties around her mouth saving Brooke from a live girl on girl kiss. She is using Kelly’s bikini bottoms as a cloth gag pinning the slightly damp material tightly around Kelly’s mouth.

Brooke staggers away rubbing at her own breasts trying to rub out the feeling of Kelly’s hands of them. She is annoyed and upset at herself for nearly being seduced by Kelly and being felt up like a cheap whore. Kelly grunts struggling trying to fight back against Layla as she is being smothered with her own bikini bottoms. She walks backwards trying to push Layla off her but Layla is much bigger and stronger wrapping her arms around Kelly holding her head firm keeping the bikini pressed against her lips. Kelly’s air is being cut off as she staggers around groaning as Brooke tries to recover her official side after embarrassing falling slightly to Kelly’s advances. Her nipples are hard under her light black bra so are poking through her zebra striped shirt as she regains her composure moving back over to them in the middle of the ring. Layla won’t let go holding hard to the panties cloth gag she has on Kelly and the exhibitionist is starting to fade. She drops down to one knee trying to catch her breath, breathing hard though her sexy bikini panties as she is weakening falling down to both knees. Layla roars keeping the bikini pressed against Kelly’s face wanting to knock out the crazy sexy blonde to give her the easy win. She is nearly stuffing the panties into Kelly’s mouth gagging her while still pushing a little bit of the fabric into Kelly’s nose making sure to cut off every air hole the blonde has.

Brooke finally warns Layla about cutting off Kelly’s air but Layla ignores her trying to wrap her arm around Kelly’s neck to add a chokehold to the cloth gag. The blonde panics feeling Layla’s arm under her chin making her wildly start swinging her hands around desperate to do anything to get Layla off her. She swings her arms violently back looking for any way out Kelly even throws some hard back elbows. Most of them hit Layla in her big thigh muscles not effecting Layla at all but annoying enough that she decides to move. But as she steps round slightly looking to better apply the choke one of Kelly’s elbows shoot back catching Layla right in the top of her fleshy inner thigh. Layla screams from the impact jumping back in pain letting go of her hold and panty gag. She rubs the top of her thigh scared it came so close to smashing her right in her pussy again so Kelly is free but is still down on her knees gulping up lungful’s of air. Brooke picks up Kelly’s wet bikini bottoms throwing them out the ring as Layla keeps rubbing her thigh looking more enraged at Kelly for trying to low blow her. Kelly is back up to her feet still coughing slightly but the grin is back on her face as she moves to face a leg rubbing Layla. The two Divas step back into the centre of the ring Layla lifts her arms up going for a lock up and Kelly does too but at the last second Kelly moves her hands down grabbing hold of Layla’s big boobs.

“AHHHHH MY BOOBS LET GO OF MY TITS YOU SLUT,” Layla screams as Kelly grabs hold of Layla’s D cup roughly squeezing them.

Kelly ignores Layla’s screams and squeezes harder as Layla’s bikini top offers no protection to her tight pressuring fingers.

“Let go let go you bitch,” Layla cries her hands grabbing onto Kelly’s wrists trying to pull the tanned Divas hands off her sore squeezed tits.

“No way, these are my new big real toys and I wanna play with them,” Kelly says in a brattish tone squeezing Layla’s tits harder roughly playing with them trying to flatten the flesh in between her fingers.

Kelly really loves bouncing and squeezing Layla’s big tits but Layla is overpowering her wrists trying to pull her hands back from her sore boobs. Thinking quickly Kelly stomps her foot down crushing her sole against Layla’s bare foot. As Layla yelps in pain lifting her hands off Kelly’s wrists Kelly pulls backwards ripping at Layla’s small black bikini top tearing it right off her body. No scream matches the scream of Layla when she is stripped topless in the middle of the ECW ring. Her horrified embarrassed scream fills the entire arena up as the crowd cheer seeing Layla exposed by Kelly. Layla is quick to cover up her big tits but she was exposed for a vital few seconds for the thousands of cameras and phones to get a once in a lifetime shot of Layla’s bare boobs visible in public for the very first time. Layla is blushing looked so frightened with her arms wrapped round her tits as a bottomless Kelly dances around waving Layla’s bikini top. Layla has never felt so frightened and weak in her whole life as a bottomless Kelly skips around waving her top while she keeps her arms hugging tightly around her big chest.

“Don’t be so embarrassed Layla they are only boobs every girl has got them,” Kelly says taunting a covered topless Diva, “Though you don’t see many as big as yours,” She teases.

Layla turns to Brooke, “Please let me get a shirt or get my top back from that cow,” She pleads.

Brooke shrugs her shoulders in a there’s nothing I can do motion as Kelly steps forward, “Its ok Layla if you want a top I can give you one.”

Layla nods as the 20 year old Diva full of sexual energy and with a growing confidence no one thought after the early part of the match now grabs the strings on the back of her top and pulls them. The strings come loose and Kelly to the amazement of everyone in attendance pulls up her bikini top stripping it off. The fans go nuts as Layla and Brooke just stare in amazement at Kelly Kelly who is now stands full naked in the ring. She throws both hers and Layla’s bikini tops away totally at ease walking round the ring completely naked. Kelly is smiling and waving for the fans all of whom are on their feet cheering loudly snapping pictures like mad at Kelly’s fully nude frame. The sexy all over tanned blonde just walks around the ring naked letting fans stare slack jawed at her perky round C cups and her well shaved pussy. Kelly walks to all 4 corners of the ring embracing in her nakedness, since she has had her bottoms removed and this match became more about sex than wrestling Kelly has been a whole new person. That horny energy the kind that normally makes her swoop around backstage looking for cock is now making her strip naked and show off in front of thousands of fans in the arena not to think of the millions watching at home.

Still holding and covering her big breasts Layla is utterly amazed at what Kelly is doing when finally she remembers she is in a match. Layla charges forward hoping to catch Kelly unaware and end this fight before her exposed tits spend even longer uncovered. Kelly turns round seeing a covered up Layla charging forward looking to spear her down to the mat. She easily side steps the charge then while an unbalanced Layla tries to keep her feet and her dignity the naked Kelly easily leg sweeps her rival. Layla squeals falling down to the floor, her arms wrapped round her tits barely keeping her modesty as she hits the mat. Flat out on the mat looking up at lights Kelly sees an opening diving right down after a grounded Layla. Fans around the globe are shocked at what happens next as Kelly dives down sticking her face right between Layla’s spread open legs. Kelly Kelly just stuck her face right into Layla’s pussy making Layla scream in shock as she can feel Kelly’s nose pressing against her pussy lips. The British born Diva has never been happier at having her bikini bottoms on but Kelly however seems to know this too as her hands grab the sides of Layla’s bikini and starts to pull them down.

“Ahhhhh no Brooke stop her she is pulling my knickers down please stop her,” Layla screams still trying to keep her breasts covered as Kelly pulls her bikini down to her thighs meaning the cute blonde’s face is now perfectly resting on Layla’s bare shaved pussy.

“Wow Layla you have such a pretty pussy I can’t wait to make it all wet,” A nude Kelly teases lightly blowing onto her pussy lips the cool air sensation making Layla shiver.

“Please I quit I quit I’ll tap out anything,” Layla says desperately looking up at the ref.

Brooke shakes her head, “No Layla sorry rules our first Diva to cum loses and that’s the only way.”

Fans cheer as Kelly Kelly works Layla’s panties down past her knees while still keeping her face pinned between Layla’s legs. Layla is really scared now as there is no way she wants her first lesbian experience to be in front of thousands of horny WWE fans and for it to be performed on her by a slut Layla utterly hates. Kelly keeps her face in Layla’s pussy only now pushing out her tongue flicking it against Layla’s pussy lips. Layla shivers trying to twist out moving her hips trying to shake Kelly off and save herself from having her pussy eaten out live in the middle of the ring. Kelly won’t let her move however using her hands to pin Layla’s hips down keeping her trapped while she keeps blowing warm air onto Layla’s cunt lips. Layla keeps struggling in vain as Kelly presses forward her tongue snaking out of her mouth sliding between Layla’s pussy lips. Layla’s loud groan is a mix of fear and pleasure as Kelly pushes her tongue into her pussy. She can feel the blonde’s tongue wiggling around inside running across the sensitive inner walls of Layla’s pussy pleasuring the Diva in ways she never thought possible. Another woman’s tongue is giving her as much if not at this moment more pleasure than any man ever giving her oral. This can’t be her first time Layla thinks still covering her bare boobs wiggling her hips trying in vain to fight Kelly off.

Layla grunts louder, her struggles becoming fiercer as her cheeks start to blush a hot red. Kelly smiles still face deep against Layla’s cunt as she can feel her rival starting to have a reaction to her tongue. Kelly considers her tongue one of her best features as she can use it so effectively to end a boring blowjob in seconds. Now she is using her wet pink tongue to full effect probing inside Layla’s pussy very slowly licking the young black girl out as Layla starts to moan. She bites her lips trying to stop feelings of pleasure but Kelly’s tongue feels so soft and is just applying enough light pressure to make Layla feel pleasure even when her entire brain is screaming at her not to feel it. She does feel it however she feels it so much Kelly’s tongue pushing inside her teasing and making her pussy wet wanting her rival to enjoy every second of having her most private area licked. Kelly can taste Layla’s juices hearing the frustrated moans of the Diva as her pussy is being sexually teased. Layla wraps her legs around Kelly’s head squeezing down trying to get a leg lock around Kelly’s neck looking to cut the air off from the blonde. She hates Kelly she hates her so much for doing this to her and now has her as good as naked eating her out live in front of the world. Kelly can’t just be a great cock sucker Layla thinks her pussy licking is too good wearing down Layla’s normally well balanced mind into loving this.

Kelly feels Layla’s thick thighs tightening around her neck squeezing her hard but she just keeps licking. She sucks and works her tongue into Layla’s wet pussy working hard really starting to piston her tongue into her faster. Layla’s pussy is beginning to drip heavily with her own juices as Kelly’s well trained tongue works hard licking across every wet inch of Layla’s pussy. Layla can feel Kelly’s tongue deep inside her turning her on making her feel pleasure when she is trying everything to avoid feeling it. She moans as Layla can feel her pussy getting wetter, her body submitting to Kelly’s tongue. She tries harder than ever to fight it closing her legs tight around Kelly’s neck but that only makes the spunky blonde lick harder. Brooke is standing over them both looking for signs of Layla’s orgasm as the British Diva’s face goes red with sweat staining her naked body. She howls again with pleasure as Kelly’s tongue rams in harder slamming deep into the folds of her wet pussy really pushing deep into her wet snatch. Layla grunts trying to regain control feeling Kelly’s tongue brushing against her clit as the blonde moves her face deeper between her crushing thighs really makes her panic. Instead of bucking her hips Layla tries to move her hips looking to roll to one side and after a few failed attempts she finally rolls to one side.

Layla rolls all the way over so now she is lying on top of Kelly pinning her down with her crotch over Kelly’s face. Layla is thrilled at getting off her back until she feels Kelly beneath her drive her tongue upwards right into her soaking wet pussy bringing Layla an even greater sexual thrill. Her whole body shakes and pre cum leaks from her wet pussy lips down into Kelly’s open mouth. Even on her back she still keeps her mouth pressed to Layla’s cunt eating her former friend out. Layla moans shocked that even while lying on her rival’s face Kelly is still licking away at her cunt trying to win the match. Layla can’t help thinking what a slut her former friend is and how much she is getting into the spirit of a first cum match. Still in mount position Layla grinds her legs together pressing her full body weight down on top of Kelly trying to smother the pussy licking blonde. She is running out of breath but nothing is stopping Kelly from thrusting her tongue up licking Layla’ pussy out making the ex-dancer moan loudly. Layla can feel her juices flowing out of her pussy onto her inner thighs running down across Kelly’s face. She groans loudly again embarrassed that in front of thousands of people another woman is bringing her pleasure eating her out. Layla grinds her bare pussy harder into Kelly’s face trying to clamp her legs shut to finally cut off Kelly’s oxygen supply. Kelly pulls her tongue back a little running out of air so quickly moves her hands up wrapping them around Layla’s waist.

Layla is caught off guard as Kelly’s hands move around her body grabbing and squeezing her thick ass. Kelly is becoming weaker running out of air her licking down to little tiny tongue flicks. Layla leans forward putting both hands on the ring mat really pushing her warm sex into Kelly’s face smothering the pretty blonde’s face. All Kelly is doing to fight back is groping Layla’s naked butt but it’s not enough as Kelly is being choked out in one of the hottest almost porn like submission the WWE fans have ever seen. Layla is pretty much doing a press up but is grinding her own wet pussy into Kelly’s face. Fans would all agree they have never seen anything hotter as Kelly’s legs move around with the blonde clearly finding it hard to breathe now. Her face is completely covered by Layla’s crotch her licked wet pussy now spilling juices out all over her face as Layla’s cunt has her pinned. Kelly’s hands keep rubbing Layla’s ass until her index finger pushes over enough to be touching Layla’s bare ass crack. The anal obsessed Diva doesn’t wait pushing her finger forward inserting it into Layla’s thick ass bringing a loud scream from Layla. Shocked by the sudden anal invasion Layla jumps up off Kelly trying to get away from the blonde’s probing tongue and evil anal fucking finger.

Her squeak of fear is real as Layla jumps up rubbing her big ass as Kelly’s finger just pushed into her tight untouched hole. On her feet Layla backs away to a corner shocked and worried tripping up as her bikini bottoms are twisted up around her ankles. Kelly is smiling as she sits up her face slightly stained with Layla’s cum as the teasing blonde makes a big show of licking the finger that was briefly inside Layla’s asshole. Kicking her tied up bikini bottoms off Layla curses herself for forgetting how much Kelly liked her big ass already having tried several times to fuck it. She knew she was seconds away from knocking Kelly Kelly out and getting an easy win in this tough sexy match but once again Kelly went further and kinky that Layla could imagine. Both girls are back on their feet, both naked and sweating with juices dribbling from their pussies down their legs. Layla is slightly disgusted that Kelly is wet from being on top of her and licking her pussy but tries to clear it from her mind as they circle around each other. Layla is still a little ashamed of her nakedness keeping her hands close around her body trying to hide her big tits and pussy from view. She is wet and sweaty understanding finally she must shed her few inhibitions or they will cost her this match as the little blonde slut clearly wants to do nothing more than make her cum in front of millions of watching WWE fans

“God I need to fuck that big ass Layla,” Kelly says breathing hard stalling to recover from being smothered by Layla’s pussy.

“Tough bitch you and your slutty ass are getting nowhere near me again,” Layla smirks seeing Kelly is a little dazed on her feet the face smothering doing more damage to the blonde than anyone first thought.

Kelly is breathing hard fighting to get her breath back thinking of another sexual taunt to annoy her rival when Layla pounces. She tries to step to the side but her arms and legs are feeling heavy as she fights to get air into her body. Layla easily grabs her slapping Kelly hard in the face spinning the blonde around allowing Layla to move down. She hooks a arm underneath Kelly’s legs pulling her backwards into a roll up almost a school boy wrestling manoeuvre. Nothing is hotter than two naked chicks doing a roll up as Layla slams Kelly into the mat bending the sexy gymnast over. Kelly’s shoulders are pinned to the canvas while her back is curled up and her lower body is in the air making her legs kick ineffectively in the air. Kelly moans pinned to the mat in such a vulnerable position as Brooke leans over telling Layla this isn’t a pinfall match as Layla holds a tired Kelly in place moving her hand between Kelly’s legs. Upside down Kelly has no way to fight as Layla’s hand slides between her legs slowly rubbing her wet pussy. Layla’s palm presses into Kelly’s wet lips taking advantage of the fact Kelly is slutty enough to be turned on by a match of this type. Kelly moans trying to wriggle free trapped against Layla’s sweaty body her own tired frame doesn’t have the energy to push Layla away.

She regrets staying on the bottom licking and sucking Layla’s pussy when she could have broken free and kept fighting. Kelly now doesn’t have to chance to catch her breath and fill her tired body full of air. She is now rolled up like a ball with Layla’s hand rubbing against her wet cunt. Layla isn’t too thrilled about getting her hand dirty on Kelly’s pussy but she just wants to win this match now getting away any shred of dignity she might have left. Layla just wants to get out of this ring and this arena anywhere far away from this blonde pussy licking cum dumpster. She rubs and grinds her palm across Kelly’s wet pussy lips feeling Kelly’s dripping juices stain her palm as she works over Kelly’s clearly sensitive pink pussy lips. Kelly moans again struggling much like Layla was to control her own horny emotions while being erotically pleasured by her enemy. Layla’s palm presses and rubs harder the dark haired Diva looking to do anything to break Kelly and make the little slut cum. Her soft palm presses down nearly sticking to Kelly’s shaved pussy lips from her sticky leaking juices flow out. Kelly’s pre cum flows all from her pussy dripping down over her ass crack as she is all trapped held down by Layla. The crowd watches in awe once again loving this First Cum match for making their biggest girl on girl fantasies come to life right in the middle of the ring. Kelly groans again her pre cum flowing from her pussy and with the odd angle she is bent up in her juices flow down dripping on her belly and chest.

Her back is starting to hurt as she is getting hotter feeling her body submit more to Layla’s soft hand. Fans and Brooke all watch waiting to see if Kelly will lose and cum as Layla rubs her pussy faster. Layla’s hand becoming a blur as she rubs and presses it down onto Kelly’s wet pussy masturbating the slutty blonde in front of millions of viewers. Kelly purrs so exposed to Layla’s touch bent over in this roll up she can feel her pussy getting wetter her body reacting to Layla’s palm rubbing quicker across her pussy lips. Kelly is trying to hold on but she feels so horny and Layla’s hand across her pussy feels so good. She moans shutting her eyes trying to think unsexy thoughts as Layla strokes her wet pussy lips. Layla keeps pumping her hand across Kelly’s bare pussy teasing her soaking wet lips trying to make the blonde cum. Kelly’s moans are getting louder, her whole body shaking with lust as she is getting closer to cumming. Layla grins knowing she is close holding onto Kelly’s sweaty leg with one hand while her other keep attacking Kelly’s pussy wanting her to lose control. She knows she is seconds away from winning this match as a red faced Kelly moans loudly the fans watching her cheer on wanting to see the blonde lose control and cum right in the middle of the ring. Suddenly Kelly’s music starts to play distracting everyone as they all look to the stage where Kelly’s music plays for a few seconds then this strange unknown sexy looking blonde step out onto the stage.

Everyone is stunned at this sexy blonde interrupting this great match coming out to Kelly’s music standing there looking into the ring. She is dressed rather professionally for an attractive woman in a tight green button up shirt, a knee length black skirt and black 3 inch heels. Her long blonde shoulder length hair hangs down from her face as her lipstick painted red lips crack a smile before she starts to walks down the ramp. The action in the ring has stopped and the entire crowd is in a stunned silence wondering who this woman is and what she is doing. This beautiful skinny well-tanned blonde keeps walking down to the ring, a massive smile on her face like she is unaware of the silent stunned reaction greeting her. She walks all the way down to ringside kicking off her heels as she climbs up the steel steps getting into the ring. Brooke shakes off the shocked expression on her face walking over to the mysterious blonde telling her to get out of the ring as a match is going on. The blonde doesn’t even look at Brooke as she raises her hand pushing the ref right in the face knocking Brooke down. With Brooke down she strides towards Layla who hasn’t moved since the blonde stepped out onto the ramp. Layla is still kneeling down with Kelly Kelly rolled up next to her. The sexy blonde grabs Layla by the hair pulling her away from Kelly making Layla yell out in pain. Layla is dragged to her feet roughly by her hair as the mystery blonde smacks her hard in the face with an open hand slap.

Layla drops down to her knees holding her cheek in pain as she looks up at the blonde standing over her with her hands on her hips and a big grin on her face. Enraged Layla tries to spring forward to attack her but Kelly is back on her feet grabbing Layla by the arm pulling her back. Still on her knees Layla doesn’t see Kelly leave her feet dropping a leg on the back of her neck driving Layla down face first to the canvas. The fans are back awake now cheering loudly as Kelly just planed Layla down with a Fameasser style move. The distraction of the mystery blonde was enough to save Kelly from cumming and now has the sexy blonde firmly back in control again having hit a finishing move on a stunned and confused Layla. With Layla down and out on the mat Kelly now turns to this well dressed mystery blonde shocking everyone in attendance when she walks over giving the sexy blonde a big hug. Fans notice both blonde’s look a bit alike not like sisters but from the same family both short, tanned with big beaming white smiles. Kelly looks happy at the blonde being here as she breaks the hug then grabs the blonde’s black skirt tearing it off the new blonde’s body. Fans are shocked at Kelly stripping her friend even more when they see the smile on the blonde’s face and the big pink strap on between the unknown blonde’s legs. Both the blonde and Kelly are smiling as everyone takes in the fact somehow this mystery blonde was hiding a thick 7 inch dildo under her skirt and now flaunting it for all in the arena to see.

The ECW crowd don’t know what to think as this blonde is clearly a sexy friend of Kelly’s but has come out to the ring stopping Layla from winning the match. Now she is wearing a large cock like sexy toy around her naked hips the big beaming smile on her face shows she clearly enjoys the attention from the sold out crowd. The two similar looking blondes stand over a downed Layla with Kelly lifting her foot up poking it into Layla’s thick naked ass. Looking down at her juice soaked pussy Kelly knows she was close to cumming as she wipes her palm over her wet lips. She leans down with once juice stained finger drawing two K’s into one of Layla’s thick ass cheeks in her own pre cum. Kelly draws a T in cum on Layla’s other cheek before she and the strap on wearing blonde grab hold of Layla and roll her over. The fans all gasp as they see Layla’s thick curvy body fully naked and exposed for the first time in this contest. Her big thick D cups breasts hang off her chest, dark brown nipples hard in the cold air of the arena and both the blondes standing over her point at them. Layla groans trying to come around but as her eyes flutter open one of the blondes flick a foot out kicking Layla in the side of the head dazing the naked ex dancer again.

Attention turns from Layla’s big brown tits down her body to her small shaved cunt that Kelly was a few minutes ago licking quite heavily. Her juices are still leaking from out her wet pussy lips shining under the arena spotlights making them more visible over Layla’s inner thighs. Kelly leans down rubbing her hand over Layla’s private area again making her out cold body twitch with pleasure from that soft female touch. Giggling up at her strap on wearing mate Kelly rubs her hands a little harder getting a soft moan to sneak out of Layla’s lips and the ex-dancer’s legs open a little more unconsciously. Fans round the arena are wearing out the batteries on their cameras taking a once in a lifetime shot of Layla naked having her pussy massaged by a naked Kelly. Grabbing Layla’s thick legs Kelly and her blonde friend pull Layla’s legs apart spreading her pussy out for the cameras. Kelly moves over grabbing a horny WWE cameraman standing on the outside pulling him into the ring to film a close up of Layla’s wet spread pussy. The image is cheered as loud as any face wrestler as Layla’s spread open pussy is put up on the big screen and the roar only grows when Kelly teasingly slides a finger right in between Layla’s wet cunt lips. The mysterious blonde laughs grabbing her strap on pretending to stroke it as Kelly slowly slides her index finger into Layla’s spread pussy wiggling around for a few seconds so the camera gets a good shot. Layla comes round with the sound of loud cheering and the uncomfortable feeling of something poking around inside her pussy.

Kelly pulls her finger out giggling as Layla lifts her head, “Come on lazy girl fun has only just started,” The teasing naked blonde grins leaning forward.

Kelly and the unknown blonde leans forward grabbing Layla’s hair pulling the flat out Diva up to her unsteady knees. Layla groans still groggy from Kelly slamming her head into the mat so can barely make out the penis shaped object in front of her. The blonde waits for a second soaking up the screams from the crowd as they can see Layla on her knees, her face inches away from a thick plastic sex toy. Pulling back on Layla’s hair the blonde forces Layla’s mouth open then before she can utter a word the blonde pushes her hips forward ramming her fake cock down Layla’s throat. Kelly and the fans both cheer as Layla’s eyes flash open shocked at her mouth being filled up by this blonde’s hard fake cock. She gags trying to spit out 7 inches of strap on but the blonde has too much of a grip on Layla’s hair. She is effectively holding her in place pulling back and forth on her hair making Layla give her a blowjob while Kelly is clapping her hands loving every second. Layla pushes back trying to get away but her face is just dragged forward into the strap on dildo. She is sucking almost hating herself for being so weak as to take this face fucking as she is two on one and still dizzy from her head hitting the canvas. She sucks this stranger’s fake cock as the blonde pushes her hips forward again naked from the waist down her strap on cock pushing into Layla’s wet mouth feeling her struggle with her lips sliding across her shaft.

“Yeah suck that cock Layla suck that dirty girl cock,” Kelly taunts staring right down into Layla’s upset face, “You think I’m the biggest cock sucker in the WWE well I clearly got nothing on you girl.”

The blonde thrusts forward jabbing the head of her plastic cock right down into Layla’s throat brushing the very back of it making Layla’s gag reflex work as she struggles for air. She keeps her hips moving pumping back and forth clearly enjoying fucking Layla’s sexy mouth feeling all the saliva building up on her strap on. Tears begin to form in Layla’s eyes as she feels the fake cock fucking her mouth and fans all over the world are getting the perfect fantasy picture of Layla giving head. Through her ruined make up Layla looks up into the tanned blonde face of the mystery woman who has probably cost her this match still wondering who the hell she is. The blonde grins back thrusting forward a little harder changing the shape of Layla’s mouth as she fights hard to control the thick plastic shaft fucking her mouth.

“Oh I see your wondering who is this smoking hot girl that is dominating and making you her slutty cock sucking bitch,” Kelly says nearly mind reading the peril and confusion on face fucked Layla’s expression.

“This slut is my BBF Tiffany,” Kelly says kneeling down grabbing Layla’s jaw keeping her head steady as Tiffany smiles at her name mentioned moving forward fucking Layla’s sexy mouth.

“She has just been signed to the WWE as assistant general manager to ECW GM Teddy Long,” Kelly says with glee, “She made this match a First Cum match, she made Brooke come back as referee and most of all she wanted to be part of this match fucking you right in your slutty little face.”

Layla groans with a mouth full of fake cock as she realizes she has been set up from the start. Kelly has had someone on the inside pulling the strings exposing Layla to this horribly embarrassing situation. Her mouth is stretching around the strap on as her eyes turn sideways looking Kelly in the eyes wondering how she could have been so fooled by the little blonde bimbo, tricked to a point where she will probably be made to cum on worldwide television. Trish and Lita did this match then both retired in the same year due to the embarrassment and never ending talk about the match driving them to quit pursuing other things now Layla finds herself trapped in the same position.

“So enjoy yourself Layla I have been waiting for this day for so long I know all the talk about me backstage and I know how much of it has been made up by you so now revenge sweet revenge is mine for you Layla it’s going to feel so good too,” Kelly smiles an almost evil grin as she lies down to the mat.

Kelly has fooled everyone that sweet little innocent blonde act seems to have been hiding an evil lesbian sex loving slut. Much like when Batman takes of the mask everyone stares at the real Kelly Kelly wondering if they like this blonde revenge searching genius or not. Layla grunts trying to look and see where Kelly went but Tiffany bucks her hips forward again slamming the whole 7 inches down Layla’s mouth making her choke. Tiffany still has a big smile on her face as she holds onto Layla’s dark hair fucking her face like a guy in a porno movie. On her back Kelly pulls apart Layla’s kneeling legs sliding right between them looking right up at her former friend’s dripping pussy. Layla feels Kelly’s hot breath on her cunt making her squeak in fear trying to move but Tiffany’s plastic cock works as a very good pacifier keeping her still and kneeling. Kelly lifts her head up thrusting her tongue once more right between Layla’s pussy lips slamming deep inside her. Layla groans out of anger and sexual frustration as once again Kelly’s talented tongue is in her pussy and even though cumming is the very last thing she wants to do Layla can feel her resolve weakening. Tiffany rocks back feeling Layla’s drooling and spit staining the shiny plastic of her brand new strap on that she bought with Kelly earlier in the week.

Kelly is so thankful that Tiffany showed up when she did as she knew she was seconds away from cumming. She is now healed up breathing fine as Layla more or less helpless Kelly can finally succeed in finishing the plan she thought of many months ago. Tiffany is more than Kelly’s friend but is Kelly’s fuck bunny too, fittingly she is an ex Playboy bunny but the girls have been friends for a long time with Tiffany was Kelly’s first lesbian fuck. She came up with the idea of getting Layla back for making Kelly into nothing more than a dumb blonde dancer then lying to everyone backstage about what a slutty tramp she was. Kelly is a tramp but she fucks far more girls than boys so the idea she is a cock slut when she would much rather prefer some hot wet pussy upset Kelly deeply. She twists and drives her tongue deeper into Layla’s pussy feeling the Diva’s pre cum flowing down into her mouth giving Kelly such a thrill tasting another Diva’s juices. Being sexually attacked by two Divas is driving Layla nuts as she feels so horny yet is so disgusted at being so horny while being teased by these two evil blondes. Tiffany groans loudly pushing her hips forward digging her strap on right into the roof of Layla’s throat making the British born Diva choke on her thick plastic cock. Kelly’s tongue licks right across Layla’s wet pussy lips almost sucking the juices off them as she moves her tongue back inside Layla. She is no lesbian but these two bitches are experienced and her poor overworked body doesn’t know the difference.

Layla’s whole body is rocking around as she is being fucked by two Divas, two of her holes filled and being sexually attacked while she is trapped on her knees with little choice but to take it. The fans are all on their feet in the packed out arena watching and cheering on Tiffany as she fucks Layla’s sexy mouth while Kelly is between her rival’s legs eating out her pussy. Kelly tilts her head up allowing her to drive her tongue deeper into Layla’s wet pussy. She swirls her tongue around inside her collecting a lot of Layla’s pre cum on her tongue. Layla shivers feeling Kelly’s tongue deep inside her pussy and she can feel her sensitive inner pussy walls starting to react to Kelly’s hot wet tongue brushing against them. She tries to move away again but Tiffany still has a firm grip on her long dark hair roughly plunging her strap on deeper nearly blocking off Layla’s throat making her gag. Tears form in Layla’s eyes as Tiffany pulls her sticky spit covered strap on all the way out of Layla’s mouth allowing her a few seconds of air before shoving it back inside her mouth once more. Layla is being sexually used and teased by these two hot blondes pounding, licking and driving her already sweaty body into an even bigger burst of heat and horniness. She groans with Kelly’s tongue shoved deeper inside her pussy really eating her out now and it is taking all of Layla’s inner strength not to start rocking her hips back against Kelly’s probing tongue.

Kelly’s tongue isn’t holding back pushing in hard and Layla can feel her naked body caked in sweat. In front of the world she is being abused, dominated and worst of all her body is reacting to and enjoying this lesbian fucking. Layla groans onto Tiffany’s fake cock rocking her hips back grinding her dripping wet pussy into Kelly’s tongue. Kelly feels her rival finally breaking down giving in to her so she attacks even harder flicking her tongue around inside Layla’s cunt. Layla’s juices flow more as Kelly’s tongue pistons into her wet pussy really eating Layla out as Tiffany eases up on the face fucking. Layla is starting to bounce up and down on Kelly’s face with the blonde driving her tongue in hard. She is moaning as eats her ex best friend out knowing how hot and horny this scene must look to millions of WWE fans worldwide. Layla moans loudly on the plastic cock in her mouth as she can feel her orgasm building up, even though cumming to her rival is deeply humiliating and it could ruin her career she doesn’t think that all. Layla knows is she needs to cum badly as Kelly’s tongue snakes out of Layla’s pussy teasing it across her soaking wet pussy lips letting Layla’s juices trickle down into Kelly’s open mouth. Kelly loves the taste of girl cum and Layla’s cum is so sweet and unwillingly given just turns the blonde on more. Layla closes her eyes her struggling body finally giving over to the building pleasure inside her as Tiffany sees the change on Layla’s face pulling back.

“MMMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Layla groans breathing in hard drool dribbling down her chin as she tilts her head back.

“That’s it Kelly do it lick your bitch’s pussy the little tramp wants to cum so bad,” Tiffany says leaning back against the ropes watching her blonde lover eating out Layla’s shaved pussy.

Kelly pushes her tongue in curling it inside Layla’s pussy tasting her juices teasing on her grinding pussy. Poor Layla howls with pleasure again knowing pictures and videos of her naked riding on Kelly’s face like a porn star will be pasted online for years to come. She moans reaching her hands up grabbing her own large breasts squeezing them as Kelly’s tongue takes her well pleasured pussy past its limits. She is getting so wet from Kelly’s tongue Layla hasn’t felt so hard and horny in a long time. Very horny Layla howls rocking back rubbing back against Kelly’s face not thinking about anything now other than the pleasure Kelly’s amazing tongue is giving her.

“UHHHHHHH OHHHH OHHH OHHHHHHH I’M CUMMING FUCK I’M CUMMING,” Layla screams leaning back coming into a massive orgasm right on top of Kelly’s mouth.

The blonde doesn’t stop instead Kelly excitedly licks at Layla’s pussy tasting her juices as she cums. Layla’s juices flow down as Kelly just leaves her mouth open letting Layla’s cum cascade down drinking up her rival’s defeat. Layla’s whole body shakes as Kelly induces a massive orgasm from her keeping her moaning and groaning. Kelly’s tongue laps at her pussy a couple of times between taking big gulps of cum as Layla’s pussy just explodes with juices. Tiffany stands watching with glee as Kelly licks her rival clean now swallowing all her dirty messy cum. Layla is getting light headed still cumming for a good few seconds before she finally feels her body stop and tired out she falls sideways. She hits the mat hard on her side curling up into a ball still shaking from the amazing lesbian pleasure she was just given. Kelly sits up cum all over her mouth staining her lipstick but she has a big grin on her face. The whole crowd is roaring as the bell rings with Brooke looking confused but is on her feet doing her job calling for the bell. The fans are going crazy having just watched Kelly licking out Layla then making her cum so hard. Layla’s porn like moans and groans will be stuck in a lot of fan’s minds forever as they were so needy and erotically charged. Layla is curled up on the mat shivering still with cum flowing down staining the inside of her thighs. Kelly is back up on her feet grinning with her spunk covered face at having her plan finally come perfectly to fruition.

Tiffany walks over taking her best friend by the hand giving her a slight hug so as not to impale her with the big strap on hanging between her legs. Kelly smiles at Tiffany looking her right in the eyes leaning forward to give the sexy blonde a kiss on the lips trading some of Layla’s pussy juices. Licking her friend’s lips clean as Tiffany grins too having a taste of Layla Kelly’s rival who is now a beaten and humiliated wreck. Brooke looks uncomfortable as she walks over grabbing Kelly’s wrist looking to quickly lift the blonde girl’s hand in the air declaring her the victor. Brooke feels like she has just been a pawn in this match with Kelly and the mystery blonde Tiffany so she doesn’t want any part in their plan. She also feels in front of these two lesbian predators that she is a little exposed in her slutty referee outfit. She lifts Kelly’s hand high then looks to turn and get away but Kelly still has hold of her wrist pulling Brooke over in-between her and Tiffany. Completely straight Brooke feels uncomfortable having just watched some clearly planned two on one fetish like lesbian sex and is now even more uncomfortable at the way these two blondes are staring at her. Tiffany and Kelly are both looking up and down Brooke’s sexy curvy body making Brooke feel like a piece of meat under the glare of these two sexual lionesses. She steps back looking to get away but now Tiffany grabs hold of her other arm keeping Brooke between them. Brooke is scared now and makes no hiding of the fact she is trying to pull out of their grip to run away.

“Awww hey where are you going Brooke?” Kelly asks, “Don’t you want to stay and have a little victory celebration with us?”

Kelly’s utter confidence and relaxed teasing tone scares Brooke more as she worries she will suffer the same on screen fucking fate Layla just suffered.

“Please Kelly you girls have had your fun with Layla please let me go I don’t wanna be fucked on camera,” Brooke squeaks meekly.

The blonde bombshells both laugh, “Please Brooke babe you have been begging for a good fucking since you came out here,” Tiffany laughs.

“Yeah Brooke you couldn’t wait to get your big ass out and sexily rub it in Layla’s face could you?” Kelly says stepping closer towards Brooke her lips nearly touching Brooke’s cheek.

“Come on girls no it’s not like that I did that for all the guys in the audience, I’m not a lesbian,” Brooke says shaking on the spot clearly in awe of the openness and the sexual prowess of the two blondes.

“Oh we think you are Brooke and if nothing else you are so sexy,” Tiffany says biting her painted red lips moving her free hand placing it on Brooke’s exposed mid-section, “I saw backstage how much you loved Kelly touching your big tits you are begging for more lesbian loving.”

Brooke shivers again pulling her hands up trying to get away but Tiffany and Kelly easily haul Brooke down to the mat. They flip Brooke over so she is flat out on her back with her sneakers quickly pulled off her bare feet. Brooke struggles and screams trying to pull herself up off the mat with Tiffany and Kelly pinning her down. One of Tiffany’s hands is already all over Brooke’s exposed mid-section sliding along her belly as Kelly drops a hand down on Brooke’s boob squeezing it though her referee’s shirt making Brooke yelp.

“No please don’t do this please not in front of everyone please,” Brooke begs not wanting the same humiliating live sex show performance that Layla suffered.

Tiffany and Kelly ignore her loud begs as Tiffany’s hand moves up Brooke’s shirt brushing the bottom of her bra covered breasts. Brooke shivers as she is being groped as she feels her D cup breasts being teased and rubbed by feminine hands. Kelly and Tiffany are leaning over her both with big smiles on their faces as their hands brush against Brooke’s breasts. Brooke groans trying to roll away but she can’t get away and her situation is made worse when Kelly grabs the top of her shirt pulling it down hard tearing the black and white striped top. Tiffany licks her lips as Brooke’s black bra covered cleavage comes into view before she helps Kelly rip and tear at the rest of Brooke’s referee top.

“Stop please you can’t do this to me please,” Brooke wails trying to pull away but stops once a hand of Kelly’s and Tiffany each grab one of her breasts each squeezing hard.

Kelly and Tiffany rub and play with Brooke’s big tits rubbing them though her bra tracing their fingertips across her large tanned cleavage. Brooke stiffens up at the blonde’s light almost feathery touches across her soft skin. She sees Tiffany’s dark red painted fingernails sliding across her tits before taking her boobs in both hands giving them a loving squeeze. Brooke struggles to stop a light moan escaping as Kelly is rubbing the underside of her breasts though her tight black bra. The two girl’s touches are so light and loving very unlike the rough almost painful groping Brooke normally feels her tits getting from men. This soft approach has caught her off guard and much like Layla she has never been with a woman before so is finding out how erotic it is to have another woman intimately touch her. Tiffany and Kelly’s hands feel so good on Brooke’s skin; she can feel goose bumps forming on her arms as she is trying hard not to let a gasp of pleasure come from her open mouth. Kelly’s hands slide up and start pulling one of the bra straps down from Brooke’s shoulder. Brooke struggles a little again until Tiffany moves her hand under one of Brooke’s bra cup taking a firm grasp of her bare tit skin for the first time.

With Tiffany’s hand moving inside her bra feeling up her boob Brooke can only gasp and hope the cameras are not pointing at her. Kelly leans over pulling Brooke’s other bra strap down her arm as Tiffany pulls free her hand helping Kelly grab hold of the front of the bra. Brooke looks up at both of them begging with her eyes but that doesn’t stop the naughty blondes who rip Brooke’s bra clean off her body to a massive ovation from the sell-out crowd. Brooke groans in horror trying to wrap her arms back around her big naked boobs but Kelly and Tiffany are quick to pin her arms to the side leaving the former model’s ample chest exposed for all to see. Brooke whines as her fully tanned big tits are visible to everyone now and multiple cameras around the arena are recording her bare tits. Tiffany moves a hand onto Brooke’s darker pink nipple pulling at her near inch long nipple squeezing it in her fingers trying to make it fully hard. Kelly leans her head down too kissing Brooke bare tit skin feeling her former friend shake with embarrassment. Kelly plants kisses all over Brooke’s soft tits as Tiffany leans over her playing with Brooke’s nipples twisting them gently. Brooke moans helpless to this two girl assault on her big breasts as she looks over at Layla wondering if she will help her but Layla is still curled up in a ball moaning softly. Pleasure streaks though Brooke’s body as she has never had her tits played with like this before and her body is reacting favourably to them.

Tiffany pulls and teases Brooke’s large pink nipples till they are fully hard then she leaves them for Kelly to work her amazing tongue over them. Brooke moans as Kelly’s tongue teases her erect nipples sliding all the way round the base of them then up licking the very tips of her nipples. Like Layla before her Brooke can’t help but get turned on by Kelly’s tongue as the little blonde’s pink tongue feels so good sliding around her hard nipples. Tiffany moves down Brooke’s body rubbing her toned belly then around the waistband of her shorts. Kelly lets one of Brooke’s nipples go into her mouth and the rumoured backstage cock sucker starts to suck on Brooke’s nipple. Brooke moans loudly as Kelly sucks on her nipple she can feel the blonde’s soft lips rubbing up and down her sensitive nipple. Tiffany’s soft hands are now on Brooke’s thighs rubbing her tanned skin sliding her finger tips inches in front of Brooke’s booty shorts. Brooke shivers rocking from side to side on the ring mat trying to imagine this isn’t happening to her. The arena watches on amazed and cheering as from seeing just one girl cumming they seem to be getting a whole Playboy channel style lesbian orgy. All are amazed that Kelly is a lesbian but all love the fact she clearly has a hot blonde lover and she is going to sexually pleasure other Divas. The web is already alive with shots and talk of Layla’s tongue fucking then huge body shaking orgasm. From the looks of action in the ring the ex-bikini model Brooke looks to be the next player in the lesbian orgy.

“Please stop please no more please,” Brooke begs starting to blush, a heat rises between her legs reacting to Kelly’s sucking and Tiffany’s groping.

“Awwww your no fun Brooke we wanna do so many things to you,” Tiffany says slapping her strap on down against Brooke’s thigh making her jump and her flesh jiggle.

“No I don’t want to you can’t make me AHHHHHHHHH,” Brooke screams as Kelly stops sucking biting down slightly on Brooke’s nipple sinking her hard white teeth in.

Tiffany laughs as she can see Kelly’s teeth clamped down on Brooke’s nipple lightly biting down pulling it from side to side. She places her own hands on Brooke’s shorts yanking them down exposing the top of her black thong making Tiffany giggle thinking how good Brooke’s ass looked in that thong when she watched her deliver that stinkface on a monitor backstage. Brooke can feel her tight shorts being pulled down as Kelly moves to sucking and lightly biting her other nipple leaving one covered in spit and slight teeth marks. Kelly’s hands grab the bottom of Brooke’s breasts giving them a hard squeeze as she sucks hard on Brooke’s nipple teasing her tongue around every inch of the ex-model’s rock hard nipple. Tiffany lowers Brooke’s shorts down more fully showing off her choice of underwear and Tiffany can already see the crotch of the panties is slightly damp. Unable to resist Tiffany runs a finger along Brooke’s clothed pussy bringing a back arching moan from the brunette. Kelly hears this and lifts her head up off sucking Brooke’s nipple to see what could have made the straight Brooke moan like she loves this blonde lesbian love feast.

“MMMM Kelly this little slut is so wet already,” Tiffany moans running her finger up and down Brooke’s wet slit again getting another loud groan from the brunette.

Kelly moves a little away from Brooke’s spit covered nipples and bare boobs to watch Tiffany rubbing her finger against Brooke’s thong covered pussy. Tiffany lifts her middle finger adding it to her index finger rubbing them up against Brooke’s wet pussy. Brooke shivers groaning loudly as Tiffany has her fingers pressed right up against her pussy her tiny thong offering little protection as Tiffany intimately rubs her. Two small thin fingers are pressed into Brooke’s pussy rubbing hard making more juices leak from her pussy staining the front of Brooke’s thong. Kelly sits close to Brooke’s stomach still pinning the young girl down as she watches Tiffany go to work. Tiffany is pressing her fingers right into Brooke’s mound rubbing her fingers quickly against Brooke’s wet pussy. Brooke chews her bottom lip trying not to let out a sexual moan as Tiffany’s two fingers stroke her wet pussy slowly teasing her. Her ass grinds against the ring mat as she shifts from side to side with Brooke trying her hardest not to enjoy Tiffany’s rubbing fingers. It is so hard as Tiffany’s fingers are so talented and feel so good rubbing Brooke’s pussy making her wet.

Though her thong Brooke can feel her pussy being pleasured by Tiffany’s amazing fingers and from hating the very thought of the blondes touching her Brooke now finds herself arching her hips up to feel more of Tiffany’s fingers. Kelly laughs watching Brooke lift her hips up off the ground to press into Tiffany’s rubbing fingers. Tiffany rubs her two fingers hard into Brooke’s pussy making the front of her thong get wetter soaking the tiny strip of material covering her. Brooke groans as her body starts shaking lying flat out on the mat having her wet pussy pleasured with Kelly moves up to grabs Brooke’s big boobs once more. Squeezing her D cups Kelly grins as Brooke moans loudly again only sounding upset when Tiffany moves her hands away from her pussy. Tiffany grabs Brooke’s shorts pulling them down further bringing them past Brooke’s knees letting them go all the way down to her feet. Kelly squeezes Brooke’s tits hard looking into Brooke’s eyes seeing the sexy looking brunette breaking down in front of her hating the lesbian experience but unable to deny the pleasure she has been given.

“Do you want us to make you cum Brooke?” Kelly asks sweetly making Brooke bite her lip out of nervousness.

Brooke thinks about it for a few seconds feeling Kelly’s hands softly crushing her breasts rubbing them lightly making her skin tingle. Finally Brooke nods her head hearing the massive cheers from the crowd as a couple of WWE cameras captured her moment of submission for the world to see. Kelly grins at knowing how weak and easy to control Brooke is so willing for some lesbian action. If it was down to her she wouldn’t have Brooke at all but Tiffany had declared an interest in fucking Brooke’s sexy body especially that big thick ass. Rubbing her hands all over Brooke’s boobs Kelly squashes both of Brooke’s big tits together seeing how excited Brooke is at being touched in such a soft sexual manner. Tiffany has now grabbed Brooke’s slightly damp thong peeling the damp cloth down Brooke’s hips exposing her bare pussy. Her pussy lips are shining wet with her own leaking juices as Tiffany yanks her thong down then presses two fingers up against her slit. Brooke groans loudly as for the first time Tiffany touches her bare pussy sending a jolt of electricity though her. Tiffany presses her two fingers into Brooke’s private area hard sliding her finger tips up and down her wet pussy lips rubbing Brooke’s own juices around. Brooke closes her eyes moaning forgetting she is in the middle of the ring being played with on live TV.

Naked and lying in the middle of a wrestling ring isn’t the best time to have your first lesbian experience but Brooke doesn’t care anymore. Her body has betrayed her and her mind has slowly slipped into submission alongside her. Kelly rubs Brooke’s tits a little harder, her own bare pussy leaking juices out onto Brooke’s stomach as she sits on her ex dance partner’s body playing with her breasts. Tiffany moves her fingers up and down Brooke’s wet slit rubbing her finger tips against the side of her pussy slowly teasing the brunette. Brooke moans again closing her eyes trying to block out the idea of millions of men and woman around the world getting a thrill from watching her being played with like a sex toy. Kelly squeezes Brooke’s boobs hard and the curvy brunette gives in completely stopping her mental battle not to moan giving the blondes and the watching crowd the satisfaction of seeing her beaten then acting like the trampy hoe Layla is. Lying flat out Brooke is totally exposed to the two sexual strong blondes letting them run their hands all over her naked body turning her on with each touch. She moans when Kelly rubs her big boobs slowly rubbing and moulding her large D cups as Tiffany’s fingers lightly dance over her pussy lips.

“MMMMMMMMM OHHHHHHHH GOD OHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Brooke moans her mouth open wide as Tiffany just teasingly pushed the tips of her fingers inside her pussy.

Tiffany can’t help but laugh pulling her fingertips out watching Brooke’s hips shake moving around looking for some stimulation for her soaking wet pussy. She eases her fingers in again drawing another deep moan from Brooke as she slides her fingertips over the inner walls of Brooke’s pussy. Kelly stands up leaving Brooke flat out on the mat knowing she won’t try to get away now as she is at the sexually mercy of Tiffany’s amazing pussy fucking fingers. Brooke feels Kelly’s weight off her chest but just when she thinks about sitting up Tiffany drives her two fingers into Brooke’s warm wet pussy hard sending all reasoned thought out of her mind. She groans loudly lying back grinding her fingernails across the mat as Tiffany’s fingers pleasure her. Going almost in to her knuckles Tiffany grins as Brooke moves arching her back with her fingers sending pleasure running all though her body. Tiffany twists her fingers around inside Brooke’s pussy feeling the brunette’s cum dribble out over her digits. Her fingers are getting very sticky almost lubing them up allowing Tiffany to push them forward finger fucking Brooke’s tight pussy hole. With a hand on Brooke’s belly Tiffany is able to work up a good rhythm pumping her fingers inside Brooke making the naked Diva groan loudly with joy. Kelly meanwhile has stopped watching the finger fuck feast and has gone back over to where Layla is lying. She kneels down next to the curled up Diva admiring her body and the weak moans a deeply humiliated Layla is making.

She pushes Layla in the shoulder rolling her over onto her back letting the fans get another long look at Layla’s naked body with her pussy soaking wet from her own cum. Down next to her Kelly rubs her hand up a moaning Layla’s belly across the undersides of her tits. Layla groans as Kelly’s hand rubs her weakened body as she keeps her eyes closed breathing hard hoping Kelly will leave her alone. Kelly much like with Brooke moves on top of Layla sitting her cute ass down right on Layla’s mid-section. Kelly doesn’t grab Layla’s tits instead she brushes her hand along her own bare dripping wet pussy. Across the ring Tiffany is finger fucking Brooke hard making her cry out like she’s acting in soft core porn making loud ungodly noises filling the ECW arena. Sweat is pouring down Brooke’s face making her hair stick to her bright red face as she moans loudly. From no woman ever touching her in a sexual way Brooke is becoming a lesbian lover as she screams out loud becoming addicted to Tiffany’s fingers. Tiffany presses her fingers deeper inside Brooke’s pussy rubbing her sensitive insides feeling her juices dripping down onto the ring mat. Tiffany’s fingers pump harder curling inside Brooke’s wet pussy pleasuring the ex-model in ways she never thought possible. She has fingered herself plenty of times and a couple of ex-boyfriends have touched her with fingers but nothing even comes close to the pleasure Tiffany is giving her cunt. Tiffany is finger fucking Brooke’s cunt as the brunette lies flat on the mat moaning loudly picking up the pace on the sexy ex referee’s cunt.

“Oh you sexy little bitch I’m going to enjoy this,” Kelly says across the ring sitting up on Layla’s breasts now leaning over her face, “I’ve been so horny Layla I’ve not cum all week building up for this moment.

Layla groans at hearing Kelly talking over her still teasing and tormenting even after humiliatingly bringing the dark haired Diva to orgasm right in front of everyone. Kelly leans down kissing Layla on top of her head before she slides forward sitting on Layla’s big tits pinning her down. Kelly moves closer her bare pussy taking up most of Layla’s view space, Kelly moving closer sitting now on Layla’s upper chest her pussy inches away from Layla’s face. Layla groans trying to struggle and turn away as Kelly’s pussy aroma fills her senses making her panics not knowing what the sexually open blonde will do to her. Pushing forward Kelly slides her pussy forward till it is nearly pressed on Layla’s face and pinned down naked Layla thrashes around in complete fear. Kelly is trying to sit on her face pushing that soaking wet bare pussy right into her face and Layla squeals trying to get away. Brooke squeals across the ring as Tiffany’s two fingers are fucking her good really making her groan. The match referee is on her back unashamedly bucking her hips up trying to get as much pleasure as she can out of Tiffany’s probing fingers. She groans rocking back with her juices flowing from her fingered pussy down into a small puddle on the canvas. Tiffany grins looking so relaxed and in control of Brooke’s body as the brunette thrashes around becoming very sweaty. Her voice is cracking as her moans loudly getting closer to the brink of an in ring orgasm she would have never thought possible.

“Eat my pussy bitch,” Kelly threatens almost sitting on Layla’s face as the tired defeated Diva twists her head away trying hard to get free.

“Come on you little slut stop fighting bet you will love it Tiffany says I taste like cherries now stop being a baby and get me off,” Kelly growls bucking her hips back and forth trying to shove her pussy into Layla’s face.

Layla resists still weak from her unwanted but ultra-powerful orgasm but Kelly’s strong body sitting on top of her chest has her pretty much trapped. She is battling hard on the bottom but Kelly is too much for Layla’s tired body however the threat of performing another lesbian act this time licking the wet pussy of her rival makes Layla fight harder trying to avoid that fate. Kelly is annoyed that her former dance partner won’t lie down and make her cum so she leans backwards letting her hand slide between Layla’s legs. Layla instantly stiffens up feeling Kelly’s fingers again rubbing round her pussy lips then without any warning Kelly once again shoves her fingers into Layla’s cunt. Layla cries out with pain as her poor pussy is still very raw and sensitive from being made to cum a few minutes ago now Kelly’s fresh attack on it is making Layla very sore. Kelly only pumps her fingers inside Layla for a minute or two long enough to let the sensitive stinging feeling flow though the Diva’s entire body. When Kelly pulls out Layla is calmer almost tamed having had her fucked raw pussy teased and played with once more. Layla is flat out on her back looking up at the lights moaning her whole body a mess of pain and pleasure emotions. Her pussy is sore and sticky that quick rough finger fucking reminded Layla of her place vanquishing most of the fight left in her

Kelly inches forward and this time has no trouble planting her pussy right on Layla’s face disgusting her as the blonde rubs her naked wet private parts right into her face. Her nose and mouth have Kelly’s pussy wiped over it as Kelly is shamelessly grinding down on her face really pushing her sex into Layla’s face. The fans in the arena are going wild as Kelly bounces and rides Layla’s face rubbing her pussy all over her rival’s pretty face. Layla can feel Kelly’s juices leaking out staining her face as Kelly is dominantly smothering her with her pussy really rubbing her wet outer lips all over Layla’s face. She moans in pure embarrassment as Kelly is really going all out to embarrass her and prove she is the better and more sexually dominate woman. Kelly nearly wipes her pussy up against Layla’s closed lips adding her juices like a lip gloss over Layla’s big sexy lips. She is getting the ultimate pleasure from embarrassing and humiliating Layla is this deeply public and sexually way. Layla groans shutting her eyes so as not to see Kelly’s bare pussy rubbing it against her face. She feels like she is being owned Kelly’s cunt pressed against her she can smell the blonde’s leaking dripping pussy as it’s so close to her nose.

“Come on Layla lick my pussy come on don’t make me do all the work you little slut,” Kelly says smiling as her hands move into Layla’s long dark hair pulling it keeping a pinned Layla’s face deep in her wet snatch.

A few feet away Tiffany is still finger fucking Brooke amazed at how quickly Brooke has turned into a willing lesbian submissive. She is moaning loudly with her juices flowing out of her finger fucked pussy decorating Tiffany’s wrist as she drills her fingers in. Brooke is being so embarrassed in front of the world on TV and probably be on computers minutes after ECW ends but she isn’t thinking clearly with Tiffany’s skilled fingers inside her cunt.

“MMMMMMMM FUCK TIFFANY MMMMMMMM FUCK ME,” Brooke moans cameras moving in close to pick up more of her loud pleasure filled audio and watch Tiffany’s fingers disappear between her pussy lips.

“Yeah you like it don’t you, you little bitch you love my fingers deep in your slutty little cunt,” Tiffany teases grinning at how quick and easy it has been to turn Brooke.

“OHHHHHH OHHHHH YES TIFFANY IT FEELS SO GOOD MMMMMMM YOUR FINGERS ARE THE BEST,” Brooke screams eyes closed head back all other thoughts gone from her head as she is building up to a big orgasm.

“What would you let me do Brooke? What would you let me do in order to let you cum,” Tiffany asks taking on her normal sexually dominate role.

“OHHHHHHHH ANYTHING TIFFANY ANYTHING PLEASE I’M SO HORNY IT’S BEEN SO LONG PLEASE I’LL DO ANYTHING TO CUM PLEASE,” Brooke screams making the fans cheer making Tiffany’s clear white smile crack even wider.

“Good girl I like it when my sluts are willing to do anything Kelly loves me doing all kind of kinky things with her amazing body,” Tiffany smiles pulling her two cum coated fingers out of Brooke’s soaked pussy.

Brooke gasps as Tiffany pulls out of her pussy and out on instinct she starts rocking her hips up looking for that same sexual pleasure the blonde’s fingers were giving her. Tiffany grins at how easy Brooke is giving it away begging to be sexually pleasure on her back obscenely thrusting her hips up looking for Tiffany’s fingers. She lifts the fingers of her left hand up before pushing them together popping right into Brooke’s soaking wet pussy. Her fingers slide between Brooke’s wet lips making eyes almost pop out of her skull as she pushes inside her. Pleasure explodes inside her mind as Tiffany has 4 fingers tightly packed in pushing into her cunt making her juices leak out at an even bigger volume. Tiffany has her fingers in tight and is slowly starting to work them in an out of Brooke’s pussy. The brunette gasps with her tight cunt feeling so full with 4 of Tiffany’s fingers buried inside of her stretching her out teasing her pussy in ways Brooke had no idea about. Tiffany’s soft fingers begin to pump inside her making Brooke shudder letting out a long low moan of pleasure as Tiffany’s fingers rub her wet insides. She is being teased good as Brooke can feel her pre cum leaking out all over Tiffany’s probing fingers. Her pussy lips are stretched out with most of Tiffany’s hand moving around inside her finger fucking her tight pussy. Tiffany pumps her hand good grinning as Brooke’s moans become louder as she loves having her pussy filled by another woman’s fingers.

Tiffany works hard pushing her fingers in deeper curling them inside Brooke’s pussy getting a loud scream out of the referee. All 4 of her fingers are really pumping good and hard inside Brooke’s pussy making Brooke scream, her pre cum flowing wildly now soaking her inner thighs and a good portion of Tiffany’s wrist. She is moaning loudly letting Tiffany’s fingers use her as they are giving her so much pleasure her curvy tanned body can barely handle it. Just as fast as Tiffany pushed 4 fingers into Brooke’s cunt she pulls them out admiring Brooke’s juices dripping from them. Brooke groans in disappointment as Tiffany sits up onto her knees leaning over Brooke lining her big pink dildo right up with the Diva’s wet pussy lips. Shivering in anticipation Brooke feels the cold hard plastic head of the strap on rubbing against her pussy lips. The only thing to enter her pussy other than a cock was a small vibrator she used to own as a teenage this will be her first dildo. Tiffany rubs the strap on against Brooke’s wet pussy admiring what her fingers did in working up the little brunette’s pussy. She teasingly slides her fake cock across Brooke’s pussy lips almost stroking them with her fake cock mixing Brooke’s cum into it. This gets a very surprised yet deeply satisfied groan from Brooke’s lips as the sexy ex model is coating in a layer of her own sweat loving everything Tiffany is doing to her. The strap on rubs her sensitive wet pussy so good with Brooke writhes around on the canvas totally unaware her every moment is captured on all the WWE cameras in the arena and her sex filled antics are being beamed right around the world.

Brooke doesn’t care about any of that as she just wants more pleasure as she grinds her hips into Tiffany’s fake cock wordlessly begging for more. Tiffany reaches forward grabbing Brooke’s hips poking the tip of her strap on right into Brooke’s hole. Brooke gasps taking a deep breath as the shiny spit covered dildo is now right on the tip of her pussy entrance. Leaning forward Tiffany pushes with all the power in her hips slamming her big pink strap on right into Brooke’s pussy. Brooke screams with delight as her pussy is impaled by Tiffany’s big thick fuck toy. Her wet pussy so lubed up with her own juices making even the tight fit of the dildo against her cunt brings tingle of pleasure though Brooke’s body. She gasps as Tiffany keeps pushing forward burying the whole strap on right up inside her making the two girls private parts touch with the whole strap on up her cunt. This simple First Cum match has turned into an all-out lesbian fuck feast as Tiffany pushes forward drilling Brooke’s wet cunt with her fake cock. Brooke’s yells and screams are getting louder all the time as Tiffany delivers short hard thrusts. She feels so filled the thick plastic strap on thrusting into her making Brooke’s insides swell up. Brooke’s face is glowing red as a long overdue orgasm is building up in her young fit body as she is spread flat out letting Tiffany control her. Tiffany pushes forward again rocking from side to side a little before grabbing the base of the strap on sliding it all the way out of Brooke.

“MMMMMMMM no put it back please put it back in,” Brooke groans unfulfilled and feeling empty without the big thick strap on in her.

Tiffany says nothing simply lifting her juice soaked strap on up then leans forward grabbing Brooke by her hips. So tired and horny from her long teasing fucking Brooke doesn’t object or even question what Tiffany is doing as the blonde grabs her hips rolling her over. Brooke’s near dead weight rolls over onto her front, her tits crushing into the canvas pussy still leaking a big wet puddle beneath her. On her front Brooke coos softly as her legs are spread with Tiffany taking her sweet time with her new brunette fuck toy. Tiffany kneels behind Brooke admiring the girl’s big firm ass seeing what Kelly meant when she said Brooke really had more a booty than an ass. She grabs two handfuls of Brooke’s big tanned cheeks giving them a hard squeeze playing with the jiggling flesh. Brooke moans loudly as Tiffany squeezes her butt spreading her tanned cheeks apart exposing her hole. She moves forward pressing her juice coated strap on right into Brooke’s asscrack and Brooke starts to get uncomfortable.

“Tiffany no what are you doing no I’ve never done butt sex please no, that big thing can’t fit in me,” Brooke squeals in fear.

“You said anything you offered to do anything to cum,” Tiffany reminds her stroking her wet strap on up and down Brooke’s ass still holding her cheeks apart.

“But it will hurt I don’t want it in the butt,” Brooke whines like a baby trying to wriggle away but is tired and still pretty horny.

“Then let me fuck your ass you have such a pretty ass Brooke I only let you come back so I could fuck this fine butt,” Tiffany purrs.

“Now you will let me fuck your ass and you will love it and I’ll make you cum hard from it,” Tiffany says sounding like a tempting seductress teasing poor horny Brooke.

“Please no anything but up my ass please there must be something else,” Brooke begs trying to ignore the burning heat between her legs nearly begging her to cum.

“Do it come on your cheap little slut I know how much you loved me fucking your pussy it will be so much better in your ass,” Tiffany teases moaning slightly pushing the head of her strap on into Brooke’s asshole.

The poke makes Brooke’s whole body shake and she makes an odd whining noise as her body has never felt anything like that. Tiffany pokes Brooke’s asshole with her fake cock again this time Brooke does let out a very porn star like groan of passion.

“OK OK YOU WIN DO IT PLEASE JUST MAKE ME CUM,” A frustrated Brooke yells bringing a big grin to Tiffany’s sexy model face.

Kelly meanwhile is still rubbing her bare pussy right into Layla’s pinned down face. Layla’s entire face is being covered in Kelly’s juices as pre cum leaks from her lips smearing across Layla’s face. She is just very unhappy as Kelly is just humping her pretty face using it to bring her sexual bliss doing it in front of everyone. The WWE crowd has already seen her lose a First Cum match and now surely footage of her cumming to another woman’s tongue will be up online to haunt her forever. Kelly rocks her hips around grinding her sex into Layla’s nose and mouth soaking the Diva’s face in her flowing juices making Layla feels so disgusted. Pinned under Kelly unable to buck off the face sitting blonde Layla can only moan weakly praying Kelly cums quickly so this humiliating ordeal can be over. Kelly is however taking her time proving her sexual dominance over her rival rocking slowly making sure to rub her burning clit with her own fingers as she humps Layla’s face. Feeling her face being used just to give pleasure to Kelly makes Layla feel sick and she is glad Kelly’s legs are trapped tightly against her head so she can’t hear the roar of the crowd.

Kelly grins in total control rubbing her pussy up and down against Layla’s wet lips adding her pussy juices like lip balm to the Diva’s big thick lips. Layla groans trying hard to keep her mouth closed but there isn’t enough air for her with Kelly sat right on her face so finally Layla is forced to open her mouth to take a big gulp of air. With the accuracy of a pro Kelly takes her chance dropping her pussy down into Layla’s open mouth stretching her jaw out pressing her leaking sex right into her former best mate’s mouth. Layla tastes Kelly’s juices feel them running right down her throat as Kelly massages her private parts against her trapped open mouth. Layla is too scared to bite but is nearly blushing thinking of the image this must be giving to the WWE fans. Her mouth trapped wide open breathing though her nose as Kelly’s pussy rubs into her open mouth. Kelly’s pussy lips rub around Layla’s mouth the blonde getting a small thrill of pleasure every time nay part of Layla’s mouth comes into contact with her wet pussy.

“Come on Layla eat me you know you want too,” Kelly groans rocking back and forwards making her wet pussy lips rub all around Layla’s mouth groaning slightly as Layla breathes hot air right onto her bare cunt.

As Kelly grinds her soaking wet pussy into Layla’s unwilling mouth across the ring Tiffany has her big strap on lined up with Brooke’s big bubble butt. Fans cheer loudly getting two doses of HLA action and now the sexy Brooke looks like she is about to lose her anal virginity to a woman on national TV. Tiffany pushes the head of her wet strap on into the opening of Brooke’s ass spreading her thick cheeks out. On her hands and knees Brooke moans weakly as her virgin asshole is being lined up to be fucked live in the middle of the ring. Tiffany pushes in more watching her thick strap on disappear between Brooke’s fat ass cheeks hearing the brunette groaning loudly with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her tight ass is being spilt apart by Tiffany’s fake cock Brooke’s tight virgin asshole is being penetrated for the very first time. Tiffany’s strap on fills up the whole of her butt as it sinks deeper inside her bowls. All of Layla’s spit and Brooke’s pussy juices have lubed the fake dick nicely letting all 7 inches of it slide into Brooke’s ass with only the minimal amount of pain forced onto the young referee. Brooke moans her ass feeling so full barely able to move as her whole asshole is filled up with a plastic sex toy. Tiffany is a real pro at ass fucking knowing you don’t break early looking for pain the slower and nicer the first entry is the harder you can fuck afterwards because the girl is more relaxed.

Tiffany pulls back nearly all the way out before slamming forward again nearly knocking Brooke over as she lets out a stiff long moan. Her first thrust nearly rips Brooke apart the brunette screaming for her life never having felt something so powerful. The blonde begins to fuck Brooke’s thick sexy ass with the fans in attendance going wild as Brooke hangs her head groaning trying not to think about the cameras or how good it feels to have Tiffany’s strap on up her butt. Pumping in slow and steady Tiffany watches her fake dick almost being eaten up by Brooke’s big ass putting her hands on Brooke’s asscheeks for support giving the mounds of flesh a good hard squeeze. She pumps her hips a little faster picking up the pace in fucking Brooke’s big ass making Brooke shake rocking back and forth in time with Tiffany’s thrusting. Brooke moans loudly again being turned into a WWE style porn star her ass fucked in the middle of the ring by a smoking hot blonde and she can do little but moan and groan about it. Her pussy juices leak down her legs as Tiffany moans bucking and slamming into her ass harder really testing how deep she can drive that strap on.

“MMMMMMMM do you like it slut c’mon tell the world how much you love it in the butt, tell everyone your nice virgin ass is mine,” Tiffany orders roughly squeezing Brooke’s cheeks making her squeal.

“YES, YES I DO I LIKE IT UP THE BUTT IT HURTS BUT IT’S SO GOOD,” Brooke yells not thinking about the fans or viewers at home laughing at her as she can only think about the mind breaking pain and pleasure this ass fucking is giving her.

“You want more?” The assistant GM asks teasingly rubbing her hands over Brooke’s big tanned cheeks.

Brooke nods, “PLEASE MORE I NEED TO CUM IT HURTS BUT IT’S SO GOOD PLEASE FUCK MY ASS,” She screams sounding so desperate.

Her poor tight asshole feels so sore from constant pounding of Tiffany’s thick strap on yet her pussy is still soaking wet clearly she loves every second. She rocks around on her hands and knees just moaning having totally given up fighting back letting the sexy Tiffany control her fucking her sweaty naked body. Tiffany smiles getting a large sexual thrill from being in control like this knowing she has tamed another straight girl into being a lesbian sub for the rest of her life. She rocks back harder really driving into Brooke’s ass hearing Brooke gasp looking back at Tiffany who grins then Brooke wordlessly leans over as far as she can go offering up more of her ass to be pounded. Brooke moans shaking hard as Tiffany teases her then slams into her tight butt. She can feel the strap on deep in her tight hole pounding her open breaking her virginity bit by bit pushing deeper filling Brooke up with very horny urges. Tiffany giggles seeing Brooke flush red moaning loudly as she has never seen a slut get off this much to a bit of anal invasion particularly off the first time. She takes a hand off one of Brooke’s ass cheeks moving it round her body so she can touch her pussy. Brooke’s pussy is soaking wet, her lips coated in her own juices and so sensitive even one slight brush from Tiffany’s fingers makes Brooke lift her head back and groan heartily. Privately Tiffany thinks it’s a long time since Brooke has come and probably years since she gained a good orgasm from fucking. Luckily for the brunette referee delivering world class orgasm is something Tiffany has done for a while in is extra good at giving it to girls.

Tiffany’s fingers stroke across Brooke’s wet pussy teasing her dripping juices as she keeps thrusting into her big ass. Brooke moans loudly feeling amazing as Tiffany touches her most private place rubbing her fingers into her almost leaking wet pussy. Brooke doesn’t think she can feel any more pleasure until Tiffany’s brushes her fingers against her clit making the brunette gasp with total pleasure. Brooke is in a state of total bliss being pleasured in both holes her ass being slammed hard while her pussy is rubbed by Tiffany’s fingers. She is moaning loudly with her head tilted back in total happiness enjoying it so much she doesn’t care about the fans or the cameras all trained on her. Tiffany rocks her fingers into Brooke’s clit feeling her cum flowing from her pussy staining her palm. She doesn’t let up in fucking Brooke’s big sexy ass ramming her strap on deep inside Brooke filling her up. Brooke’s clit is being teased and the brunette cannot last any longer moaning loudly being fucked live in the middle of the ring by a hot blonde lesbian. She wants her release so bad her pussy has never been so wet and it feels like her body is on fire with pleasure. Brooke wants this she wants it so bad she will do anything to get it Tiffany’s cock in her ass feels so damm good she never wants to stop being butt fucked. The blonde’s teasing fingers too are taking Brooke to places she never knew of sexual as she submits fully giving her body, mind and soul to the sexy fuck machine of a Playboy bunny.


“MMMMMMMMM yes cum for me you little bitch I own you and want to make you cum so fucking loud you are gonna cum so big and hard for me,” Tiffany growls pressing two fingers into Brooke’s wet slit.

Brooke howls rocking her head back with her whole body shaking with lust pleasured in so many different ways and in so many holes. Tiffany keeps pumping her hips making sure Brooke’s ass is still being fucked good keeping the horny brunette on edge as her fingers teases across her sensitive clit. Brooke shakes moaning loudly again so close to cumming not wanting Tiffany to stop like last time needing this orgasm as her sweaty body shakes around on the ring mat. Fans watching know this is the moment a sweaty ass fucked Brooke Adams will cum for them her orgasm will be a million times better as she has become the new assistant GM’s private fuck toy.

“CUMMMMING FUCK I’M CUMMING SO GOOD DON’T STOP CUMMMING OHHHHHHHHHHH,” Brooke cries out having a massive orgasm right in front of millions of WWE fans.

Tiffany laughs moving her hand away from Brooke’s pussy to grab her tanned hips and pound her all the way though her orgasm. She slams her sexy ass harder as Brooke just groans and shouts, cumming hard delivering a massive orgasm that shakes Brooke’s entire body. Soaking the ring mat with her juices Brooke is now just moaning almost purring as Tiffany is butt fucking her to a lesbian orgasm. She nearly squirted onto the ring mat her orgasm was so hard shaking every bone in her body. Tiffany still owning her ass making sure anal pleasure is the last thing a cumming Brooke feels so she knows this orgasm came from having her big thick ass fucked.

“MMMMMMMMM OHHHHH OHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHH CUMMING SO GOOD,” Brooke screams as the last drips of her orgasm flow though her sweaty tired body.

Tiffany smiles pumping forward a few more times but she sees Brooke is slumping a bit with her head down looking tired. Laughing Tiffany pulls her thick strap on out of Brooke’s ass and stands up letting a tired Brooke slide down to the floor.

“Shhhhhhh the little whore is sleeping,” Tiffany mocks holding her wet finger to her lips as Brooke is face down on the sweat and cum stained mat.

Brooke is sleeping after a massive body shaking orgasm unaware anymore of her fate or infamy now as a WWE porn star being fucked hard by another woman cumming so hard in the middle of the ring. The ex-bikini model will probably never live it down as the internet will forever been stained with the video of her and Tiffany’s XXX rated show. Over on the other side of the ring Layla hears Brooke’s loud cries and orgasm filled moans fully understanding what an impossible career killing situation she is stuck in. With Kelly’s pussy still grinding against her face Layla feels like crying as her pretty face is being soaked in Kelly’s juices. Kelly’s slit is everywhere all over her face poking into her mouth trailing across her lips and Layla only knows one way out of this hell. Her pride has to go and the chance of her not being seen as some kind of wrestling slut will disappear forever too but she has no other choice. Kelly moans loudly feeling Layla lie still under her not struggling against her face sitting, pussy rubbing antics. Layla wants this nightmare over with even if it means swallowing a bitter pill and her rival’s dirty wet pussy. Layla lifts her tongue up flicking it against Kelly’s wet pussy lips making the blonde gasp with shock.

She does it again and Kelly rocks harder moaning out loud, “Oh yes Layla lick my pussy eat me out you little lesbian whore,” She yells loud enough for the cameras to pick up her cries broadcasting them around the world.

Embarrassed Layla keeps licking hoping to make Kelly cum so she will stop and let her get away from this in ring nightmare. She flicks her tongue along Kelly’s wet lips trying to push her tongue inside the blonde who is bouncing and grinding her sex across her face more forcefully. Kelly is so happy she broke her rival down feeling Layla lick all across her horny pussy willingly tasting her juices. Pre cum flows down into her mouth as Layla just keeps licking needing to make Kelly cum to finish this horrible experience. Fans around the arena cheer wildly now as Brooke is out cold in a happy post cum sleep so they all now watch Kelly riding Layla’s face. The camera guy closest zooms in so the fans watching on the big screen get a porno like close view of Layla eating out Kelly’s cunt. Her pink tongue flicks and rubs all around Kelly’s wet pussy making the blonde’s hips rock more into Layla’s face aimed right at her mouth seeking out more pleasure from the Diva’s tongue. Layla’s tongue is giving a rocking Kelly so much sexual pleasure as the blonde moans out load grabbing a handful of Layla’s hair keeping her mouth placed right on her pussy lips. Layla’s tongue dances around Kelly’s pussy lips lapping at her cunt like it’s a lollypop but she isn’t enjoying the sweet cherry flavours coming from Kelly. Moaning Kelly is getting closer to her own long building much needed climax as she rides on top of Layla’s face feeling her tongue willingly licking at her horny wet pussy. Layla keeps pushing hard working her tongue in good hoping that she can make Kelly cum quickly ignoring the loud cheering from the fans. The sight of Layla licking at Kelly’s pussy is an image many people watching will never forget cheering wilding at another all Diva lesbian scene acting out in front of them.

Groaning in defeat Layla lets Kelly rest her pussy on her mouth making her fully taste Kelly’s leaking juices with her pussy crushed right in between her lips. Layla pushes her tongue inside Kelly’s pussy tasting her rival’s insides making Kelly squeal with delight rocking back and forth feeling Layla bury her tongue deep inside her cunt. Tiffany walks over kneeling next to a moaning Kelly smiling as she strokes the blonde’s hair. Kelly is rocking on Layla’s face as Tiffany leans over pushing her mouth right against Kelly’s kissing her fellow blonde’s soft lips. The fans go wild watching two hot blondes make out with Tiffany face pressed into Kelly’s swapping spit with the young starlet. Tiffany’s hand moves down cupping one of Kelly’s breasts as she keeps up the sensual lip lock. The tanned blonde keeps rocking her hips wet pussy grinding into Layla’s open mouth. Kelly breaks the soft kiss to let out some low groans while bucking her hips harder into her rival’s face. Kelly’s wet pussy slides across Layla’s face utterly covering her faces in leaking pussy juices degrading her even more as Tiffany rubs her hand all over one of Kelly’s boobs tracing her fingers around Kelly’s rock hard nipple. Moaning out loud Kelly presses her soaking wet pussy down harder on Layla’s mouth pushing her sex into her wide open mouth with Tiffany teases and twists her hard pink nipples. Kelly growls as Tiffany leans forward again capturing Kelly’s lips giving them a rough wet kiss making Kelly groan into her open mouth. Tiffany gives her sexy little face smothering blonde another hot sexy kiss before breaking it to watching her rapidly humping into Layla’s face.

“Cum for me Kelly,” Tiffany whispers leaning over nibbling Kelly’s ear, “Cum a big hot sexy load all over Layla’s face, make her drink your hot sexy cum like I do MMMMMMMMMM make her feel your hard slutty orgasm right on top of her,” The sexy blonde whispers making Kelly whimper and Layla groan in fear.

“Soak her fucking face make that dirty bitch swallow and drink up all your cum do it cum all over her face,” Tiffany whispers sexily into Kelly’s ear as the young blonde keeps grinding her wet cunt over Layla’s pinned down face.

“Wash that dirty cock sucking face in your juices babe cum so good let all these people how much better you are than your little pussy licking bitch,” Tiffany teases pushes Kelly on harder.

Kelly squeals, her rocking getting faster before tilting her head back screaming her little blonde head off as a powerful long building orgasm rushes though her. Layla braces herself as Kelly’s whole body is shaking and the blonde’s leaking pussy is pressing down hard against her tongue. Kelly shakes with lust as she starts cumming the build-up of her orgasm so great she starts squirting cum out all over Layla’s tongue and mouth making her rival recoil feeling so disgusted that she is being covered in Diva cum live on TV. In the middle of the ECW ring Layla’s pretty face drenching her so humiliating as her most bitter wrestling rival explodes with pleasure over her face. The blonde’s screams only get louder clamping her eyes tightly shut as her body squeezes out every last inch of pleasure squirting it all out of her pussy onto Layla’s pretty model like face. Cum drips and squirts out all over staining Layla’s looks covering her in an almost spunk like mask as she keeps her eyes closed trying not to cry or be physically sick. Kelly rubs her dripping wet pussy against Layla’s spunk coated face making sure to cover her whole face while still panting hard, her massive orgasm tiring out her entire body. Gasping Kelly offers her arm to Tiffany who helps her friend up to unsteady feet while looking down at a naked Layla with her face utterly caked in Kelly’s cum. Fans cheer the roof off the building as Kelly just squirted Layla’s whole face with her pussy juices almost like a guy’s cum shot off a blowjob. Her cum shooting into Layla’s open mouth as well as splashing all over her face a massive money shot that will be a moment reliving to Layla for the rest of her days.

“Well done girl,” Tiffany says kissing Kelly on the cheek, “You finally got some revenge on that little bitch some perfect revenge,” She says as Layla groans lying embarrassed and utterly humiliated on the mat her mouth may never get rid the taste of Kelly’s squirting cum.

The two blondes look down and giggle as Layla rolls onto her side sobbing as cum drips of every inch of her pretty face with the WWE fans in attendance laughing hard chanting nasty things at Layla for looking like a cheap little porn star. Kelly grabs Tiffany’s head pulling her into another big slutty kiss pushing her tongue down her friend’s throat and even with two naked cum covered Divas lying on the mat the crowd is still going crazy for the two hot blondes making out. Kissing harder Kelly moves her hands up under Tiffany’s top pulling it upwards sliding it off her blonde friend’s tanned body. She pulls it past Tiffany’s big boobs then breaks the kiss long enough to peel the shirt over her head stripping Tiffany naked in front of millions of horny WWE fans. Tiffany giggles at the loud reaction and all the camera flashes at seeing her big tanned boobs, she shakes them a little to the pleasure of the fans and the wide grin of her BFF Kelly. Reaching forward Kelly grabs Tiffany’s big boobs giving them a hard pleasurable squeeze bring the strap on wearing blonde a small rush of pleasure. She massages all over Tiffany’s boobs making her blonde friend moan out loud before Kelly drops her head down flicking her talented pink tongue against Tiffany’s hard nipples. Tiffany lets out a big loud cry as her nipple is teased by Kelly’s tongue flicking it all over it her hands move round unsnapping the strap on from around Tiffany’s waist. The strap on drops down as Kelly keeps on licking and rubbing Tiffany’s breasts making the blonde moan before she stops to kiss up Tiffany’s tanned chest. She grins making Tiffany purr rocking from foot to foot loving the way Kelly’s soft lips play with her bare tanned breasts.

“I’m not finished with Layla yet babe,” Kelly purrs kissing Tiffany seductively on the neck as Tiffany gasps wondering what evil thoughts her sexy blonde partner has.

Kelly stops kissing Tiffany’s neck instead she lowers her hand down brushing it against the blonde’s exposed bare pussy feeling how damp her lips are.

“Maybe you should have Layla eat you out too, her face will feel so good against your pussy I know it,” Kelly says rubbing Tiffany’s pussy a little harder making Tiffany bite her lip as her body bubbles with pleasure.

Tiffany nods as both she and Kelly turn around seeing Layla who is crawling slowly along the mat trying to get away with cum stains on her thighs and all over her face.

“God I so want to drive my pussy into that dirty face fucking that little tramp’s mouth with my pussy,” Tiffany groans rubbing her own pussy with pleasure as the blonde bombshells watch Layla slowly trying to get away.

Kelly strides forward grabbing Layla’s hair pulling the moaning nude Diva back into the middle of the ring making Layla shake with nerves not knowing what the blonde wants with her now. She has already been stripped naked, made to cum and has had Kelly squirt all over her face but Kelly is tugging her around on her hands and knees still not seeming though with her former friend. Layla is moved into the middle of the ring as Tiffany sits down on the canvas spreading her legs wide like a real naughty slut. The cameras zoom in close seeing the pre cum shining across her shaved pussy lips as Kelly drags Layla by the hair over to the seated legs spread Tiffany. She shoves Layla’s face forward driving it right in between Tiffany’s legs as Layla moans with disgust her spunk coated face once again being rubbed into another woman’s pussy. Tiffany wraps her long legs around Layla’s face moan at the feeling Layla’s face rubbing against her wet cunt. After her hard fucking and total domination of the sexy brunette Brooke, Tiffany has felt really horny looking for her pussy to get worked feeding the blonde’s needs. Layla pointlessly struggles trying to move her face around as her features are once again being rubbed into a woman’s wet pussy yet another blonde using her face for sexual fulfilment. Tiffany’s legs are tightly wrapped around Layla’s neck pinning her face into her pussy then the blonde rocks her hips around grinding her sex into her. Layla’s face is rubbed and used by Tiffany who is humping on her facial features as Kelly moving around looking at Layla’s bent up ass. Still on her knees Layla’s ass is bent over presenting such a big target so Kelly picks up Tiffany’s dis guarded strap on wrapping it around her own hips.

She walks around behind Layla giving a little look over to a still naked and out cold Brooke giggling before kneeling down behind Layla. Placing a hand on Layla’s thick ass cheek Kelly squeezes the soft flesh making her butt flesh jiggle. She spreads Layla’s cheeks grinning seeing her rival’s tight little asshole all stuck up and totally exposed to her. Taking the Brooke cum soaked strap on Kelly places it at the entrance for Layla’s ass only pausing to smile at a seated Tiffany before fully pushing in. Layla screams into Tiffany’s open pussy as her asshole is invaded by another woman for the first time in her life. The cheers of the crowd are enormous watching Kelly shove a big thick strap on right into Layla’s big sexy ass. The plastic cock disappears between Layla’s cheeks filling up her tight asshole as a trapped Layla can only scream loudly into Tiffany’s pussy lips. Tiffany grinds her pussy against Layla’s open screaming mouth getting full pleasure from the British born Diva’s open mouth purposefully rubbing her sensitive clit against Layla’s top lip. She can feel the vibrations of Layla’s screaming on her pussy lips acting as extra stimulation for her while Kelly pushes the full length of her strap on inside Layla’s ass. Kelly takes great joy in filling her rival’s ass to near breaking point with fake cock grabbing onto Layla’s hips pausing for a second letting everyone in the arena with cameras take a picture of Layla’s two on one lesbian fuck feast, a moment that will haunt and follow her around for the rest of her life. Kelly wiggles her hips a little trying to open up Layla’s big tight asshole a little more for her strapped to the waist sex toy.

Kelly doesn’t think Layla is an anal virgin but her big ass is super tight and she can feel her asshole clamping down on the plastic cock. Slowly Kelly pulls a few inches of strap on out of Layla’s tight ass before driving forward slamming the fake cock deep into Layla’s insides once again. This is beyond humiliating for Layla being fucked in the ass by her skinny blonde rival, all the other humiliations pale in being trapped on her hands and knees her ass just a hole for Kelly Kelly to strap on fuck. Tiffany’s wet pussy is rubbing all over her already sticky female cum coated face as Layla loses what little fight was left in her. Her struggling stops as she lays still accepting defeat as Kelly pumps into her big juicy ass while Tiffany humps over her pinned down face. Kelly grins pounding hard into Layla’s ass feeling her strap on loosen up her rival’s tight asshole after each thrust while Tiffany grabs her own boobs squeezing them roughly as she self-pleasures with Layla’s face. Kelly is working at a nice thrusting pace amazed at how good she feels how powerful it is as a woman to fuck another with a fake cock. Tiffany is so turned on with Layla’s head rubbing into her pussy, the lack of resistant from her now making it easy for her to buck her hips up pleasuring her sensitive wet pussy against Layla. Her moans are getting louder as the long building orgasm inside her much like with Kelly is starting to become uncontrollable for Tiffany as she pussy fucks Layla’s face crying out as her juices stain Layla’s face adding to Kelly’s.

Pounding hard into Layla’s thick brown ass Kelly moans digging her fingers into the big cheeks of Layla’s ass smashing into her harder more for added humiliation and dominance than her own sexual pleasure. Layla’s defeated body however is reacting to her hard rectal fucking with her own juices leaking down her already sticky thighs. Moaning weakly Layla wants to struggle and break free as again the tell-tale signs of her own pleasure start to grow inside her but she is trapped, so tired as she has been turned into a little blonde fuck toy. Kelly slams into Layla’s ass fucking her hard driving her strap on deep making sure to leave all the WWE fans around the world with a very special memory. Layla moans feeling so utterly helpless being used and now pleasured as Tiffany rocks into her face making her taste her pre cum with Layla’s own juices leak out down her legs. Moaning Tiffany grinds her cunt into Layla keeping her long tanned legs tightly wrapped around her neck. She is even twisting and rubbing her own hard nipples trying to give her body as much pleasure as possible. Tiffany looks over Layla’s kneeling body to see a grinning Kelly thrusting forward fucking her former dance partner’s ass and that only serves as more porn for Tiffany’s eyes. She squeals as Layla’s mouth is open through sheer exhaustion Tiffany can now feel Layla’s breath right on her pussy lips and she can feel Layla’s tongue so close to her pussy. She bucks her hips up harder wishing Layla would lick her out just like Kelly would but she will take what she can get riding Layla’s face.

Tiffany moans feeling her body lose control getting closer to the edge in the middle of a WWE ring pumping her hips into Layla’s cum stained face. Her moans grow louder as Tiffany is so turned on so ready to cum and seeing Layla’s dark mane of hair sticking out from between her legs only increases the feeling of sexual dominance and power. Tiffany groans rubbing her pussy in Layla’s face grinding in harder getting so close her bare wet pussy rubbing right into Layla’s nose. The blonde is looking for cheap sexual stimulation grinding and pressing into Layla’s face and Kelly can see her friend is so close to cumming. Tiffany humps Layla’s unmoving face as hard as she can her wet lips pressing against every part of Layla’s sticky face. Layla just groans no longer wanting to fight back letting the two blondes own her body letting them degrade and abuse her.

“Cum Tiffany cum all over my little bitch’s face, she is loving my ass fucking I can feel it but I bet she would like some more hot girl cum splashed all over her face,” Kelly dirty talks trying to push Tiffany over the edge.

Tiffany screams out hearing Kelly’s dirty words and feeling her pussy rubbing all over Layla’s lips and chin. She humps Layla’s face hard not hearing Layla’s weak moans of disappointment as she knows what is coming feeling the blonde’s hips bucking harder against her. Tiffany’s wet pussy works its way all over Layla’s wet face making Layla feel Tiffany’s pussy lips touching every part of her face almost making her shiver at how easy she is being owned and used as a pussy humping post. Gripping her legs tighter around Layla’s face Tiffany thrusts her hips up and down like she is being fucked planting her pussy right onto Layla’s lips owning the Diva’s sexy little face rubbing her pussy all over her big lips. Layla groans weakly knowing how utterly defeated by thee two evil sexy blondes she is as Kelly keeps hammering into her asshole as Tiffany approaches orgasm humping her face. Tiffany howls bucking her hips faster losing control over her own body as pleasure builds inside the young tanned blonde as she rubs her leaking wet pussy over Layla. She fucks her pussy lips into Layla’s mouth feeling Kelly’s wet juices on Layla’s face as she pussy humps her. Tiffany moans loudly getting into her final orgasmic grunting loud looking up at the camera leaning over giving the lens a little smile before shutting her eyes going over the edge.


Even with her eyes and mouth tightly shut Layla can still feel Tiffany’s pussy juices flowing out all over her face. She can feel the blonde’s cum hitting her face not squirting over her but dripping right out of Tiffany’s pussy leaking over her facial features. Her massive orgasm leaves cum leaking freely from her pussy adding yet another coat of girl cum to her already red and sweaty face. Layla moans in discomfort as Tiffany lets her tight leg lock go as she finishes cumming hard soaking Layla’s face and once again another blonde has used her face live on camera to get off. She has pussy rubbed Layla’s face to orgasm spunking right over the former dancers face leaving her juices dripping off it as Layla moans feeling sick and humiliated.

Tiffany opens her legs wide but grabs Layla’s hair keeping her face buried in her cunt, “Lick me clean little girl I’m no dirty slut like you who leaves cum running down her legs,” The assistant GM orders.

Obeying though fear and a broken resistance Layla pushes her tongue out and starts to lick clean Tiffany’s sticky pussy. She wipes all the cum off her shaved pussy lips completely humiliated as a camera man zooms in close showing Layla licking clean Tiffany’s wet pussy. Layla licks away cleaning the blonde’s pussy of all her cum that she didn’t rub and grind all over her face licking the blonde’s inner thighs clean as well. As she embarrassingly laps away at Tiffany’s pussy Kelly keeps up her rough anal fucking pumping deep inside Layla’s thick ass. Even with her tongue out all over Tiffany’s pussy lips Layla is powerless to stop her moaning as her body is rocked backwards by the force of Kelly’s fucking. Kelly hears the groans and quickly moves a hand underneath Layla’s body between her legs to touch her rival’s pussy. To Kelly’s utter delight she finds Layla’s pussy is soaking wet with pre cum just like they were on Kelly’s tongue when she licked out the bitchy ex dancer. She rubs her hand over Layla’s wet pussy lips laughing with delight at how horny Layla is for her hard ass fucking while her sexy blonde friend is making Layla lick her pussy clean. Tiffany keeps hold of Layla’s hair rubbing her soaking wet face against her shaved pussy making sure Layla’s licking keeps cleaning her up. Layla licks Tiffany’s pussy clean finally getting her head out of her blonde rival’s pussy only to start moaning feeling the full force of Kelly’s hard anal pounding.

“Yeah let Kelly fuck you Layla take your hard ass pounding in front of everyone you little bitch,” Tiffany moans standing up rubbing her clean pussy as she stares at Layla’s pleasured cum soaked face as her mouth is wide open moaning in shock as Kelly teases her pussy and invades her tight ass.

“She loves it Tiffany I bet she would beg for me she is so wet for a hotter woman to fuck her big fat ass,” Kelly taunts adding more salt to Layla’s big wounds as she helplessly moans with pleasure feeling Kelly’s hips bucking into her with a strong quick moving pace.

“Come on beg me,” Kelly taunts reaching up grabbing Layla’s hair lifting her head back so fans can see her cummed over wet face, “Beg me to make you cum or I’ll stop,” Kelly threatens further pushing her advantage over Layla who has long since given up on a way out feeling pleasure building from Kelly’s strap on inside her ass.

“Yes please don’t stop,” Layla says in barely a whisper the long drawn out antics of the match and lengthy humiliation of the post-match have just left her longing for the end, Her body has betrayed her too many times for Layla to even think of fighting back any more.

“Speak up you little cum drinker,” Tiffany taunts laughing with the fans that saw Layla eat out and make both sexy blondes cum, “Scream loud for what you want or Kelly will stop.”

“Please fuck me in the ass Kelly please make me cum you are so much better and more sexual than me,” Layla mutters loud enough for the blondes to hear but the rest of the arena is still in the dark.

“Louder,” Kelly says thrusting forward bumping the full length of the strap on deep inside Layla’s tight hole making her squeak with discomfort as her asshole spreads out with the thick plastic pushing deep inside her.

“FUCK ME KELLY FUCK MY BIG FAT ASS MAKE ME CUM PLEASE I BEG YOU MAKE ME FUCKING CUM,” Layla scream dropping her head back to the mat as she just gave in to Kelly giving her blonde rival a moment over her no one will ever forget.

Tiffany and Kelly beam at each other before Kelly thrusts herself forward impaling Layla’s insides with her big powerful strap on. Layla moans and just rocks her hips back as Kelly is in full control pulling in and out of her ass controlling her hole with her pink sex toy. Kelly is taking great joy in dominating Layla like this ever since she met Layla she always wondered what it would be like to have a big cock and fuck her sexy ass and now in the middle of the ECW ring in front of the world her fantasies are being fulfilled. Kelly rocks her fake cock deeper and harder into Layla opening her tight little asshole up as the plastic dick slides between her thick brown cheeks. No longer holding back Layla moans as hard as she can feeling her own pre cum leaking down her stained thighs making sure the whole ring will stink of hot lesbian sex for days afterwards. She might never be clean with the amount of sweat and cum dripping off Layla’s body making the ex-dancer feel so sick with herself as Kelly’s hard thrusting makes me moan making her into a little anal whore.

Kelly pumps harder with Tiffany right next to her watching Layla rock in time with the blonde’s thrusting hips. Embarrassingly for Layla she moans out loud getting closer to her second orgasm at the hands of Kelly Kelly and the strap on fucking her thick ass. Layla moans fiercely as Kelly dominates her asshole fucking her hard bringing her pleasure that the British born Diva never knew about opening up pleasuring her from fucking her virgin hole hard. The fake plastic cock feels so big inside her and the dampness leaking from her as well as tingling pleasure in her pussy is unlike anything Layla has ever felt. She was an awful feeling that if Kelly and Tiffany asked her to do this again she would in a heartbeat as the pleasure she has been given and the total easy lack of control has given Layla the biggest thrill of her young life. Sweat pours from every inch of Layla as she rocks back with more force knowing she won’t last much longer against Kelly’s firm butt fucking. She groans face down on the mat ass still stuck up in the air willingly letting Kelly dominate her, the smaller weaker Diva proving to be more sexually controlling than Layla.

“Yes you will fucking cum for me Layla you will cum and have the biggest fucking orgasm of your life, you will never forget your little blonde bimbo friend Kelly Kelly is the girl that gave it to you,” Kelly says fully completely her transformation in front of the WWE fans from timed little girl next door to wild controlling lesbian sex slut.

Layla knows it’s impossible to hang on much longer as she lifts her head up letting out a loud primal scream as her body’s senses go into over load as she is anally fucked to a huge orgasm.

“OHHHHHHHH CUMMING, CUMMING OH GOD I’M CUMMING PLEASE DON’T STOP MY GOD FUCK, FUCK OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK,” Layla roars at the top of her lungs as she finally hits her peak orgasm cum flowing freely from her pussy down over her legs as Kelly jackhammers into her shaking ass.

The screams of her rival’s orgasm are sweeter than Kelly could have ever though as she slows her ass fucking pace down as Layla keeps thrashing and rocking around losing balance falling face first to the mat. As Kelly slides the strap on from Layla’s hole Layla’s hands quickly move to her over sensitive pussy cupping it as her cum keeps flowing from between her lips sending pleasure though her body the likes of which Layla has never felt. She runs her hands over her pussy lips as her body keeps twitching as she keeps cumming for several seconds longer before finally stopping making Layla’s hip stop shaking. A massive spunk puddle now stains the middle of the ring before Layla’s tired body rolls into it as she moans helplessly sounding so tired and weak. Her pussy is on fire Layla doesn’t think she has ever cum that much in her life as her asshole stays open for a few seconds longer obscenely stretched by Kelly’s hard anal fucking. Layla rolls to one side curling up in a ball as her orgasm keeps rushing around inside her as the beaten humiliated Diva gives a big pleasurable smile on her cum soaked face. Her eyes close and Layla much like Brooke passes out into a post orgasmic sleep the two hot ECW blondes having unloaded so much pleasure onto her. Getting rid of her strap on Kelly smiles at Tiffany and gives her blonde lover a big hug and kiss as their plan went better and more thrilling than either one ever though.

An hour before Raw on this Monday night, every one of the WWE Divas were called into Vince McMahon’s office. They all stood waiting until the chairman strutted into the room.


“Ladies, you are probably wondering why I brought all of you here.” He said in his classic Mr. McMahon voice. “As you know, ratings for Raw and Smackdown have been down way too much recently and the people at USA Network and SyFy are not too happy. We need something big to draw the coveted 18-34 male demographic back to the show. That’s where you girls come in.” The girls all looked at each other, wondering where he was going with this. “I just got off the phone with the network head and he has given us permission to do WHATEVER it takes to raise the numbers. The best way to draw men back is with hot, young women like yourselves.”

“Mr. McMahon,” AJ Lee stood forward and said “when you say ‘whatever’, do you really mean ‘whatever’?”

“Yes AJ, that’s exactly what I mean.” He said.

“So, if I want to call Eve a fucking cunt, I can?” She looked back and smiled at Eve.

“Like I said AJ…whatever it takes.”

The girls all chatted about what they had just heard.

“And tonight, you will be given a long, main event slot for your segment. It will be a tag match with AJ and Kaitlyn going against Eve and Layla. Have fun and remember what I said. You can leave now.” The girls filed out of his office and headed back to the locker room.

AJ and Kaitlyn stopped each other outside the locker room and started discussing what to do for the night.

“I have a fantastic idea that will definitely draw the men back to the show.” Kaitlyn said to her friend. “And it will really test just how far we can go.” She started whispering in AJ’s ear, causing a mischievous smile to appear on the small girl.

It was 10:30 and time for the Divas main event segment. AJ’s music started playing and she came out, skipping to the ring wearing her green ring attire. She smiled at the crowd and made her way into the ring as the crowd cheered loudly.

“You’ll be cheering louder in a few minutes.” She said to herself; her words inaudible to the loud crowd in Miami.

Kaitlyn came out next to a slightly smaller ovation. She wore her black two piece attire and twirled around atop the stage. When she made her way into the ring, she drew a large ovation when she kissed her partner on the neck.

Eve’s music hit and she came out with Layla, both wearing matching red attires. Since they we replaying the heels, they had agitated looks on their face and ignored the crowd until they reached the ring apron. They turned towards the hard camera side, flipped the bird and screamed “Fuck Miami!” The crowd silenced, mainly from the shock of hearing those words and knowing that they were on live television.

The four girls stared each other down in the ring. They were close enough to talk without the crowd noticing what they were saying.

“We have a plan, just go with it.” AJ told her opponents. They all nodded and headed to their respective corners.

The match started like any other match. AJ and Eve were in the ring, Eve beating the hell out of the smaller girl. She stopped every few seconds to yell at the crowd, eventually becoming enough of a distraction for AJ to tag in Kaitlyn. With Eve still facing the crowd, Kaitlyn came up behind her slapped her on the ass. This caused the crowd to erupt before Eve turned around and stared at her opponent with a disgusted look on her pretty face. Before she could do anything, Kaitlyn slapped her across the chest.

“What the fuck!?” Eve yelled.

Kaitlyn tackled her and started slapping her upside the side multiple times. She didn’t even notice that AJ had entered the ring and crawled towards the two. She looked around at the crowd and gave them a cute smile before grabbing Eve’s shorts and started roughly pulling them off her body. The crowd went wild as Eve tried to fight off the two. AJ stood up with Eve’s shorts in hand and started skipping around the ring with them. Eve was left on the mat, still with Kaitlyn on top of her, with her black panties barely covering her crotch.

Layla ran into the ring and was met with a clothesline. AJ tossed Eve’s shorts into the front row of the crowd, giving a lucky man a great souvenir. She rolled Layla on to her stomach and started to rip her shirt off. Layla tried to fight it but AJ placed her foot on her back to keep her still. She eventually tore the top from the British woman’s tanned body. Layla rolled back over and gave the audience, both in the arena and at home, a sight they never expected. When she turned over, her bare chest was exposed to the world. All three other girls stopped and looked at her as she screamed.

AJ jumped on top of her and prevented her from covering up. She directed the cameraman outside the ring to get a close-up. She grabbed the camera off of his shoulder, pulled it in the ring and pointed it at her opponent. The crowd started chanting “holy shit” as the titantron screen was filled with a shot of Layla’s bare breasts.

AJ and Kaitlyn stood in the center of the ring and hugged as the other two girls stood up and confronted them.

“What the fuck AJ!?” Layla screamed.

“Is this what you two perverts were talking about!?” Eve yelled.

AJ and Kaitlyn looked at each other and smiled. They looked back at their opponents and grabbed onto their hair. Kaitlyn had Eve and AJ had Layla. Kaitlyn roughly shoved Eve’s face into the exposed chest of Layla. The two girls screamed as they were forced to do something they never thought they would have to. As they held the girls in place, AJ and Kaitlyn leaned forward and gave each other a long, sensual french kiss. The camera flashes in the arena were insane. People wanted to capture this once in a lifetime moment.

Once the kiss was broken, they pulled their opponents back, irish whipped them and let them run into each other, hitting the mat. Kaitlyn covered Eve and AJ covered Layla, both in a 69 position, as the referee counted. 1…2…3!

“Here are your winners, Kai…Kaitlyn and AJ.” Justin Roberts announced to the crowd, still in shock as to what he had just seen.

The girls remained in the positions they were. They looked over at each other and smiled again. Kaitlyn grabbed on to Eve’s panties and slowly pulled them down her legs, exposing her trimmed pussy to the wild Miami crowd. AJ pulled Layla’s shorts and underwear down and showed her bushy crotch to them.

“Ready!?” AJ shouted.

“Ready!” Kaitlyn responded.

They looked at the crowd, placed two fingers to their mouths and stuck their tongues out, causing the crowd to start a “Yes!” chant. The roof almost blew off the arena the second their tongues made genital contact. The eyes of Layla and Eve sprung open and they moaned very loudly when the warm feelings of tongue made contact with them. They tried to get out from under their opponents but both of them had their arms pinned down by legs.

AJ was around the lips of Layla’s pussy while Kaitlyn went right for Eve’s reddening clit. They worked their genitals like pros, making the other two girls wonder if the rumors they had heard about them were true. Ever since NXT, the locker room thought there was something going on between the two. Eve and Layla were now almost positive as they noticed just how good they were at eating pussy. It didn’t take long before instincts took over and both girls were starting to like it.

Eve lay on the mat, a look of pure bliss on her face, as she looked at the roof of the arena. She moved her hands up and started slowly rubbing Kaitlyn’s toned ass.

“Eve?” Layla, lying next to her, asked.

“Yeah?” She responded through moans.

“Do you know how many people are watching…ohhhhh…us?”

“Yeah.” She responded, looking nervous.

“Does that turn you on as much as me?” Layla smiled when Eve looked over at her.

“Yeah.” She smiled big and closed her eyes

Both girls grabbed onto their dominators and flipped them around, now on top of them. They both grabbed onto the tops of the girls and looked at the crowd. Layla held her thumb up and asked the crowd, “Should we!?” Another “Yes!” chant broke out which caused them to tear the tops from their bodies.

AJ and Kaitlyn both laughed as their breasts were exposed. Eve slowly pulled her face into Kaitlyn’s large chest and started licking every bit of skin she could find. Layla was busy pinching and squeezing at AJ’s petite tits and hard, pointy nipples.

“Eve next! Eve next!” The crowd chanted, upset that only Eve had her breasts covered.

Layla, being quick, jumped off of AJ and crawled towards her partner. She slid her hands under her shirt and slowly lifted them up until her voluptuous breasts slipped out. She started parading around the ring, arching her back and pushing her tits forward. Kaitlyn and AJ had gotten to their feet and stood tit to tit with the other girls. Kaitlyn held up one finger and said, “I’ll be right back.” She started running to back, her breasts flopping around as the crowd cheered on.

AJ, Layla and Eve stood in the ring and watched Kaitlyn run away. Not knowing what else to do, Eve and Layla stood behind AJ and each grabbed on to her. Eve massaged her tiny tits while Layla gently patted her on the ass.

“Great idea AJ, this is fun.” Eve whispered.

They were so lost in each other that they jumped when the crowd erupted. They looked at the stage and saw Kaitlyn standing nude with a large vibrator in one hand and a microphone in the other. She rubbed the head of the microphone against her clean shaven cunt before talking.

“Is the WWE Universe ready to see something awesome?” She asked the crowd. The crowd was still as loud as before. “That’s what I thought but I think AJ is still too overdressed. Eve, Layla…will you do the honors.”

Both girls grabbed a side of AJ’s shorts and roughly yanked them down, making her the final girl to expose her trimmed bush to the live audience.

“You’re letting it grow a little, huh sweetie?” Kaitlyn asked as she slowly strolled to the ring.

AJ started laughing and running her hand across her wispy bush. Eve and Layla were sitting in the ring and removing the rest of their gear. Elbow pads, knee pads and boots started flying out of the ring until they were completely nude. AJ did the same and finished just as Kaitlyn entered the ring.

“Now, I think it’s time to get the party started.” Kaitlyn said as she flipped the vibrator on. “No offense AJ but I’ve used this on you enough times…” The crowd gasped while the other two girls looked at each other, realizing that they were right. “…I think one of these two should go first.”

AJ grabbed the microphone from her best friend. “I think you’ve got the right idea. WWE Universe, who should get it first!?” She walked up to Eve and rubbed the toy against her face. “Should it be Eve?”

“Yes!” The crowd yelled.

She walked over to Layla and did the same. “What about Layla?”


“Wow, you guys can’t decide.” AJ climbed out of the ring and walked along the barricade, giving every man in the front row an up close look at her naked body. She stopped in front of a young man in a University of Miami t-shirt. “What’s your name?”


“Well Jack, how would you rather see get fucked by that big thing. Eve or Layla?”

“I can’t decide. I want them both.” He said with his eyes locked on her chest.

“They will both get it but pick one.” He still couldn’t decide. “Pick one and I’ll let you suck on one of my nipples for a few seconds.”

Jack’s eyes went wide. “Eve!”

“Good boy.”

She slid the microphone into the ring, grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled it to her chest. His mouth instantly closed around her solid nipple. She ran her hand through his hair while moaning. The crowd started chanting AJ’s name.

AJ finally pushed him away and kissed his cheek. She ran back into the ring and grabbed the microphone.

“Eve, take a seat on the turnbuckle and get ready to meet my friend.”

Eve did as told and sat on the top turnbuckle. Kaitlyn handed the toy over to her petite friend and stood back. She stood next to Layla and started caressing her backside. Eve grasped tightly to the top rope and waited as AJ slowly walked towards her, the toy pointed directly at her wet, waiting cunt. When she was literally an inch away, she stopped and held up five fingers. She started counting down as the crowd joined in.


AJ pressed the vibrator against Eve’s pussy and slowly inched it in. It was a good thing that Eve was holding onto the top rope or else the intense feelings in her body would have knocked her out of the ring.

“Oh my fucking god!” Eve screamed out. The crowd had silenced and sat watching. “AJ, harder baby! Harder!”

The crowd came to life once again. “Harder! Harder! Harder!”

Wanting to please the fans, AJ started fucking Eve harder with the toy. Eve started bouncing her ass on the turnbuckle cover as she got rammed harder. The juices coming from her pussy were gushing down the vibrator and on to AJ’s hand. She leaned forward and slowly licked until it was cleaned.

As she continued fucking Eve, AJ looked over her shoulder and saw Kaitlyn and Layla both on all fours. Layla was behind Kaitlyn, licking up her pussy and puckered ass hole. Kaitlyn was holding on to the rope and moaning softly. AJ could see the streak of liquid dripping down Layla’s inner thigh; starting a puddle on the ring mat. She turned her attention back to Eve who was arched back as far as possible without toppling to the floor.

AJ started using her free hand to massage her own moistening pussy. She slowly inserted her index finger into her wet hole while her thumb pressed on her bulging clit. She bit down on her lower lip and moaned. She continued for several seconds before stopping to pick up the microphone.

“Eve? How do you feel?” She handed the microphone over to Eve who was literally shaking.

“I…I feel…like I’m…I’m gonna…cum!” The crowd erupted once again. “Oh yes…yes…AJ…make me…oh make me cum!” AJ started licking her clit while moving the toy in and out as fast as possible. “Oh my god!”

AJ pulled the toy out in time for Eve to squirt her cum clear across the ring. Layla turned around when she felt the juices hit her ass. AJ let her finish squirting before resuming her tonguing. Eve was shaking so badly that she would have fallen to the mat if AJ wasn’t there to hold her up. The crowd sat in silence as they witnessed, to their knowledge, the first orgasm in a WWE ring.

Once Eve came down from the high of her orgasm, AJ grabbed the microphone and climbed to the top rope next to her.

“You did a great job Eve. Would you like to know what you taste like?”

Before Eve could answer, AJ shoved her tongue into her mouth and gave her a long passionate kiss. Eve was still moaning from her orgasm and enjoying the taste of her own juices. They were so busy that they did not notice Kaitlyn and Layla crawling towards them. Kaitlyn picked the vibrator up off the ground and held it between herself and Layla. The two girls each took a side and started licking Eve’s cum off of it while the girls on the top rope continued making out.

AJ finally broke the kiss. “Your turn Lay. Come here and taste my pussy while Kaitlyn fucks you. I’m the only one who hasn’t had their cunt licked and I’m ready!”

Layla slowly rose to her feet and spread AJ’s legs as Kaitlyn started rubbing the wet toy against her soaking wet pussy. Instead of waiting, Layla pushed her hips back and forced the entire ten inch toy into herself. She screamed into AJ’s pussy which caused her to moan loud into the microphone.

“Oh Layla. Fucking Layla.” She panted.

Kaitlyn roughly slammed the vibrator into the Brit’s cunt over and over again, feeling her juice splash out and land on her hand. She ran her finger over the small puddle so she could get a taste. As she continued slamming the brunette, Eve crawled off of the top rope and started kissing her neck while groping her double-d tits.

The people in the crowd and those watching on television sat in amazement as they continued watching the foursome occurring in front of them. USA Network never cut the feed, they were serious about doing ANYTHING it took to raise ratings. They could only imagine how many people were tuning in; the numbers were going to be huge.

Layla was panting heavily into AJ’s dripping pussy. The hot breath hitting her sensitive hole only drove the petite girl crazier. She crawled down off of the top rope and lay down flat on the mat, not letting Layla’s mouth lose contact for more than a second. The girls all shifted positions. Layla was on all fours with her mouth buried in AJ’s twat, Kaitlyn was kneeling behind her slamming the vibrator in and out of her pussy while running her finger around her asshole and Eve was kneeling behind Kaitlyn still kissing her neck and groping her breasts. Eve stood up and retrieved the microphone.

“Who’s ready to see these two hot girls cum for you all?” The crowd started yet another “Yes!” chant. “AJ, are you ready to cum?”

“Ohh…yes Eve…I’m gonna cum real soon…fuck!”

“Layla, are you ready?” Layla nodded and moaned, not removing her mouth from AJ.

Eve held the microphone to AJ’s mouth as she came closer and closer to reaching an orgasm.

“Oh yes…yes…mmm I’m…I’m cumming!” She screamed.

Eve grabbed Layla by the hair and shoved her deeper into AJ’s cunt as the small girl exploded in orgasm. Layla’s face instantly became coated in the sweet juices splashing into her. At the same time, Kaitlyn’s tongue pressed against her asshole which sent her over the edge. Layla screamed into AJ’s pussy, prolonging her orgasm. The British woman fell to her stomach and moaned as her body twitched in pleasure. Eve moved the microphone to her mouth and let her moans be heard by all.

The two girls lay flat on the mat recovering from their respective orgasms. Eve and Kaitlyn stood over them and smiled. Eve grabbed the microphone again.

“Well, I think that’s about everyone.”

Kaitlyn grabbed the mic. “Not everyone. You came, AJ came and Layla came…it’s my turn!” She looked around the ring. “Hold on, I left something the back. Put the vibrator down…or in someone, wherever you want! I’ve got something better.” Kaitlyn handed her back the mic and ran out of the ring to the back.

Eve picked up the vibrator and licked it clean of everything that Layla had left on it.

“Here you go sweetie.” She gently shoved the entire toy into AJ’s recovering cunt. She left it there and walked away.

Kaitlyn came back onto the stage holding a new toy, a black sling that held a long, black rubber dildo on to it.

“You kinky bitch!” Eve said.

Kaitlyn ran down to the ring and quickly fastened the strap-on around Eve’s waist. She dropped down to her knees and started giving the toy a masterful blowjob. The crowd could tell right away that she was very good at sucking dick. She looked behind Eve and saw AJ fucking herself slowly with the vibrator as Layla crawled next to her. Layla took control of the toy and carefully fucked her while sensually kissing her.

Eve shoved Kaitlyn down flat on the mat and crawled behind her. She spread her toned ass cheeks and spit a huge wad directly on her asshole. She positioned herself and slowly inched the thick dildo into her airtight asshole. She threw the microphone down in front of her in time to hear the blond girl scream in a mix of pain and pleasure. Kaitlyn grabbed onto the bottom rope as she slammed harder and harder. Eve wanted to make sure that she felt every inch.

“Fucking hell! Yes!” She screamed into the mic.

Eve grabbed onto Kaitlyn’s hips and forced more of the dildo into her, which she did not think was possible. AJ and Layla had crawled over to them and started kissing the screaming girl up and down her back. Eve took the opportunity to give each girl a stiff slap on the ass.

Maryse smiled widely as she looks at the picture on her phone of a big fat disgusting ass. The massive cheeks were being spread, presenting a perfect view of the fat ass bitch’s ass hole which was gaping obscenely wide.

After a few minutes of just staring at that beautiful sight Maryse sent the pic to Melina along with the words, you weren’t my first bitch.

Soon she would tell Melina all about who’s gaping ass hole she had sent her, but for now Maryse was content to just relive the glorious memory of it herself…


It all started with the note Mickie James found in her locker. For the most part she couldn’t understand it, but two words stuck out like a sore thumb. Or more accurately to names stuck out, those being her own and that of Maryse, the stuck up bitch who had temporarily blinded her with hairspray which made Mickie lose a #1 contender’s match for the diva’s title. The title Maryse held.

Conveniently that same bitch just happened to saunter into the diva’s locker room and give Mickie a knowing smirk.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face around here after that stunt you pulled out there.” Mickie growled, stepping menacingly towards the blonde bitch.

“There’s something you need to know Mickie, I do what I want, when I want.” Maryse grinned.

“Like run away from me and ducking my challenges because you’re scared of me.” Mickie smiled humorously back.

“Oh please, I’m not scared of you or anyone.” Maryse said dismissively, her eyes locking onto a piece of paper in Mickie’s hand before another smile crossed her face, “Speaking of which, how did you like my note?”

Mickie shrugged, “I don’t speak French.”

At this Maryse grinned wickedly, held out her hand and said, “Then allow me.”

For a few seconds Mickie just stared at the open hand. She was pretty sure the note was just filled with insults so it would probably be better just to tear the note up and shove it right in Maryse’s arrogant face. Then again maybe Mickie could use Maryse’s words to fuel the rage inside her, revve her up to give this stuck up bitch the ass kicking she deserved.

In the end though it was Mickie’s curiosity as much as anything which had her handing over the note, a decision she regretted pretty much instantly.

Clearing her throat Maryse gave an obviously false smile, and then began to read, “Mickie, ton cul est gros, gras et dégoûtant. Je ne comprends pas comment une fille avec un cul aussi gros que le vôtre est considérée comme une diva, et cela me fait honte que certains me comparer, le plus sexy de la sexy, à vous. Pourtant, je suis plus honte de ce que je veux ton gros cul. Il est tel un gros, gros cul se révolter, mais je ne peux pas arrêter d’y penser. J’ai donc décidé que ton gros cul sera le mien.”

“Yeah, I don’t care what it actually says, just give me the translated version.” Mickie grumbled.

After another smirk Maryse began to translate, “Mickie… your ass is big, fat and disgusting. I do not understand how a girl with an ass as fat as yours is considered a diva, and it shames me that some would compare me, the sexiest of the sexy, to you. Yet I am more ashamed of how much I want your big fat ass.”

Mickie had just been about to interrupt when Maryse’s last sentence completely floored her, the confused brunette murmuring, “What?”

Taking advantage of Mickie’s confusion Maryse slowly advanced on her prey, beginning to read again until she was almost face to face with the other diva, “It is such a big, fat revolting ass, but I cannot stop thinking about it. So I have decided that your fat ass will be mine.”

Getting over her confusion Mickie glared up at the taller diva, “Oh really?”

“Really.” Maryse confirmed, “You have an ass that was made for fucking. And soon it will be fucked. And fucked, and fucked, your ass hole becoming my personal fuck hole.”

“In your dreams.” Mickie said.

Maryse smiled, “Mickie, I am being very nice and giving you the chance to bend over now. If you do I will use lube and make gentle love to your ass hole, at first. If I have to take your fat ass I will spank those big, fat disgusting cheeks of yours until you beg for mercy.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Mickie said.

Again Maryse just smirked, “Fighting you is beneath me. Besides, you clearly want me to fuck your fat ass. I can tell.”

“No I don’t.” Mickie said, quickly adding, “I don’t take it up the ass. I’m a top.”

Maryse immediately burst out into hysterical laughter for almost an entire minute, then she finally said, “So… you weren’t the bitch of Trish Stratus?”

“Only for about a month.” Mickie blushed before quickly adding, “Then she was my bitch.”

“And Beth?” Maryse question with a raised eyebrow, proving she had done her homework.

“That was a one off.” Mickie said dismissively, “I haven’t been butt fucked since Trish left, and I am not about to start bending over for you.”

“Oh but you will, trust me.” Maryse grinned.

“Not a chance.” Mickie growled.

“Really? You truly don’t want this?” Maryse questioned with a grin, “Then let us see if you can listen to the rest of my letter without getting turned on… now, where was I… oh oui… I have decided that your fat ass will be mine, and I will fuck you up your big fat ass and make you scream my name. I will pound those big fat filled cheeks and make them jiggle like jelly. I will slam your fat ass and make you my bitch. I will make you beg to be my bitch. I will make you beg for the privilege of being my Fat Ass Bitch. Once I grant you the honour of being my Fat Ass Bitch your fat ass will no longer belong to you. It shall be my property, mine to do with as I please. Oh and I shall use it. I shall use your big fat ass for my pleasure whenever I want, for as long as I want. All I will need to do is click my fingers and you will bend over. Failure to do so will result in a nice hard spanking, far harder than the ones I will be giving you on a daily basis to remind you of your place, although nothing compared to the spanking I will give you if you do not bend over for me soon.”

“That’s enough.” Mickie finally interrupted weakly.

Ignoring her Maryse quickly continued, “So you might as well just give up your fat ass to me right now and make it easy on yourself and your fat ass. Otherwise I’m just gonna have to take it. Either way I promise you Mickie, soon you will be Maryse’s Fat Ass Bitch. Love. Maryse. P.S. as Mickie James is an inappropriate name for my bitch soon you will simply be my Fat Ass Bitch. I may even make you officially change your name to Maryse’s Fat Ass Bitch.”

There was a few seconds of silence and then Mickie asked, “Are you finally done?”

“Almost.” Maryse purred, before grabbing Mickie, slamming her against the wall and pressing her body against hers, making sure her inner thigh was pressing in between the other diva’s legs, Maryse smirking widely as she felt Mickie’s wetness through the fabric of her close.

Mickie blushed with shame, partly because Maryse had taken her by surprise and now had her pinned up against the wall and partly because now the French bitch knew just how much her treacherous body had reacted to those dirty words. Still Mickie was determined to remain defiant.

“I don’t care what you say or what you do, I will never be your bitch.” Mickie said firmly.

“We’ll see.” Maryse smirked before turning on her heels and leaving the locker room, taking the letter with her.


For the next couple of weeks Mickie was constantly finding notes in her locker, this time mostly in English but they were never signed so even though she knew exactly who they were from she couldn’t prove it. The same went for the constant text messages she got from unlisted numbers, Maryse most likely using a disposable phone so nothing could be traced back to her. And the sexual harassment didn’t end there, no, Maryse was constantly leaving butt plugs, anal beads, strap ons and a few toys Mickie couldn’t identify, all with notes telling Mickie to imagine what it would be like to have them inside her fat ass, and to go ahead and try them because soon she would be very familiar with the feeling of each one of them being in her big booty. Of course Maryse was quite happy to take the direct approach, subtly rubbing up against Mickie during their matches and in the locker rooms, constantly whispering in Mickie’s ear how much she wanted her fat ass, how she was going to brutally fuck her fat ass, how Mickie was going to be her fat ass bitch, etc.

Throughout all this Mickie never said a word to her friends and never even seriously contemplated trying to report Maryse to management for anything. No, Mickie wanted to deal with Maryse on her own, and that meant hitting the bitch where it hurt and taking the diva’s title from her. And, after a few setbacks, the title match was booked and it became only a matter of time before Mickie became the diva’s champion.

Of course there was a big part of Mickie who really, really wanted to ass fuck Maryse. And not just as a way of shutting the bitch up and giving her a taste of her own medicine, but because Maryse really did have a spectacular ass. Unfortunately the French-Canadian refused every ‘loser is the winner’s bitch’ challenge Mickie made, only further proving the fact that Maryse knew deep down she couldn’t beat her.

After all Mickie won every singles match they had, and most of the tag team matches, although in the case of particularly the latter Maryse did everything in her power to avoid tagging in when it was a fair fight, always hiding behind her partner and either attacking Mickie when she was down or taunting her on the apron. Which to be fair were the cliché actions of a typical bitchy diva, so at least Maryse was living up to her stereotype, but it wasn’t exactly making Mickie want to fuck her.

It was far from the case of every WWE diva, or superstar for that matter, but Mickie liked to think she had standards, and the more time she spent around Maryse the happier she became that the French-Canadian was refusing her ‘loser is the winner’s bitch’ challenges because it meant she didn’t have too fuck the bitchy diva and could at least avoid her for the most part.

Unfortunately no matter how much she tried Mickie couldn’t stop Maryse from getting to her. The blonde was just so annoying, the worst part of it being that Mickie’s own body was at war with itself because as much as she didn’t want to fuck Maryse, and really, really didn’t want to be a bottom for her at the same time there was part of her that did. And of course Maryse knew that, and was quite happy to remind Mickie of it every chance she got.

Less than a week away from their PPV championship match Maryse reminded Mickie of that in the middle of a tag team match. Despite Maryse trying to knock her off her game with even more embarrassing texts than usual and a giant butt plug in her locker Mickie started out strong, the small brunette using her speed and quickness to get the better of Beth while Maryse hid on the apron, clearly wanting no part of a fresh Mickie. Then Mickie made a mistake and Maryse tagged in almost immediately, taking the opportunity to whisper super degrading things to her while using cheap tactics to keep her down. Eventually Mickie made the tag, but while resting on the apron she took her eye off the ball and Maryse gave her a cheap shot which knocked her to the floor. When she recovered Mickie saw red and chased after Maryse who cowardly fled up the ramp.

The last thing Mickie remembered was chasing Maryse backstage, but unfortunately for her this had all been part of the plan, Maryse running to where she had hidden a lead pipe and allowing Mickie to run head first straight into it, the combination of the blonde’s swing and the brunette’s speed knocking Mickie unconscious.


When Mickie awoke the first thing she noticed was there was a massive strap on dildo right in front of her face. This thing was a monster, at least 12 inches long and almost 2 inches thick, the sight making Mickie’s pussy and ass hole shudder and clench in both fear and excitement which must have been Maryse’s intention.

Picturing the blonde bitch quickly had Mickie returning to full consciousness at which point she realised just how literally screwed her ass was, and was going to be.

She was in some kind of dull looking basement tied to some kind of metal frame designed for BDSM fun. She was face down across it, her wrists securely fastened to a couple of outstretched bars while her feet were tied to the bottom of the frame. No amount of struggling could loosen her restraints and although she tried valiantly Mickie knew it was hopeless. She couldn’t even make the frame budge an inch it was so heavy. Still she kept trying for quite a while, even resorting to screaming for help when she spotted what was just past the little stool ensuring the strap on was eye level, namely the table filled with whips, chains, crops, etc. Of course Maryse had firmly secured a ball gag in Mickie’s mouth, and even if she hadn’t Mickie guessed the French-Canadian had made sure she would be the only one who would hear any cries for help.

Eventually Mickie relaxed in her bonds and accepted her fate. Accepted that Maryse was going to use the huge dildo in front of her to abuse her ass hole. To stretch her back hole wide open and pound her most intimate orifice hard and deep. The current diva’s champ using her as her own personal anal slut. And to her shame as the seconds ticked by Mickie found herself becoming increasingly excited at the thought of being so forcefully taken by another woman.

What felt like hours later when Mickie was using what little movement she had to hump the metal frame like bitch in heat while imagining herself being ass fucked by Maryse, the image now so vivid Mickie could almost feel that big dick in her ass, she suddenly heard the sound of a door being opened. She wanted to continue humping the metal frame because it felt like she was really getting close to an orgasm but Mickie’s pride forced her to stop, the brunette trying not to whimper as she looked up to see Maryse standing high above her with a smirk on her face.

With the shining light behind her Maryse looked like some goddess descending from the heavens, her beauty doing nothing to quell Mickie’s horny body.

“So… you are finally awake. Good, I was beginning to worry I’d have to wait until tomorrow to fuck your fat ass.” Maryse said almost casually once she had reached the bottom of the stairs, the blonde taking off her robe, revealing she was naked underneath, and then slowly walking over to Mickie, “It wasn’t easy you know, dragging your big fat butt to my limousine and then all the way down here. But… it was totally worth it.”

Maryse licked her lips as she grabbed the strap on, pushed the stool out of the way and then slowly pulled the harness up her thighs and strapped it firmly around her waist. She then grabbed the dick and pointed the tip directly in Mickie’s face.

“As I’m sure you figured out the chance to bend over willingly has expired. Now, I take your fat ass and make it mine! Ça va être à moi!” Maryse said while menacingly stroking her big fake dick, “And make no mistake, every single inch of this big cock is going right up your ass. I am going to slide every inch into the tiny hole you shit from, stretch your shit hole wide open and then slam your shitter so long, hard and deep that you won’t be shiting right for a week. There is nothing that can be said or done to stop this, it is simply what is going to happen. The only question is how red I’m going to make those fat filled cheeks of yours first.”

Pausing momentarily Maryse gave Mickie the chance to threaten her, or beg her for mercy, but the slut just aired longingly at the blonde’s big dick, further proving that this uppity little dyke desperately wanted to be her bitch. Maryse was given further proof of this when she walked round to find Mickie’s pussy lips glistening with juice, although it took the blonde several seconds to notice her she was so busy almost literally drooling over the brunette’s big butt.

Once she had knocked Mickie out Maryse had wasted no time in tying the number one contender to her title up, stuffing her in the trunk of her limousine and quickly being driven to this house. Once reaching her destination she quickly dragged Mickie down, untied her, stripped her and then secured her to the metal bar. Then and only then had she allowed herself to admire Mickie’s naked body, Maryse staring lustfully at her enemy’s backside for what felt like hours and only leaving because she needed something to eat. Now not only could Maryse look but she could touch, something she was quick to take full advantage of when given the opportunity.

True, she could have done this and more to Mickie if she had wanted too, but Maryse preferred her bitches to be conscious when she touched them. After all from the way Mickie tensed Maryse could tell she was trying to be brave but was deliciously scared of what the blonde was going to do to her, yet all Maryse had to do was spread those meaty cheeks to see that at least part of the brunette was also looking forward to the inevitable spanking and butt fucking she was about to take.

Maryse certainly wasn’t about to disappoint, but she had waited for a long time to have Mickie James at her mercy and now she finally had her right where she wanted her Maryse fully intended to take her time and enjoy it. So for who knows how long she groped Mickie’s fat ass, caressing, squeezing, pinching and lightly slapping those meaty cheeks to her heart’s content.

Eventually Maryse began slapping Mickie’s ass harder, telling the brunette, “Since you’ve denied me this ass for so long I will have too spank it, at least a little. But don’t worry though, I can’t wait much longer to fuck this big fat ass of yours. And who knows, maybe if you beg for mercy loudly enough I may even take it easy on you. Or just go straight to the ass fucking. Mmmmmmm oui, if you beg me for mercy Mickie I will most likely switch to fucking your big fat ass right away.”

Mickie seriously considered this as the spanking got fully underway, Maryse raining down blow after blow onto her meaty ass cheeks, those globes the flesh jiggling with every stroke while the sound echoed throughout the room. At first this was more humiliating than painful, but once Maryse really got going the pain easily rivalled some of the most devastating moves Mickie had taken during her wrestling career, if only for the fact that the pain eventually felt endless. Which was ironic considering there was a somewhat easy way this could end, but Mickie’s pride would not allow her to do it.

Wrestling in a male dominated sport Mickie had been forced to suffer through various indignities while fighting to be taken seriously. One of those indignities was being spanked by Beth who had beaten Mickie’s ass far more roughly than Maryse, and while Beth hadn’t offered her an out for doing so Mickie had been able to prevent herself from stooping to begging for mercy then so she wasn’t about to do so now.

Besides, if anything the worst part wasn’t the spanking itself, it was Maryse caressing her ass cheeks in between the spanks, treating Mickie’s ass as if it was a piece of meat. A close second was that Mickie’s body was betraying her, part of her not only looking forward to the now inevitable ass fucking she was going to take but actually enjoying the spanking itself. Being forced to take such humiliating pain just appealed to Mickie’s submissive side and no matter how much the proud women’s wrestler tried she couldn’t stop her nipples from hardening and her pussy from dripping with arousal.

The one thing Mickie was able to do throughout this experience was keep her mouth shut. Well, keep herself from begging for mercy, as despite her best efforts Mickie couldn’t stop herself from crying out in pain when Maryse started spanking her for all she was worth without hesitating to grope her ass in between the strikes. Then things escalated further, Mickie biting down roughly on the gag in her mouth and screaming various curse words as she suffered an intense pain the likes of which she had never known before. At least not like this.

That escalation was Maryse retrieving one of her more vicious looking riding crops from her table, the French-Canadian grinning wickedly as she thought how appropriate this was. After all these things were used to break in horses, and now Maryse was using one to break in her new bitch.

Maryse was sure to take her time getting the crop, slowly walking over to the table and guiding her hand through all the different toys before silently selecting the crop, turning back to Mickie and then sadistically licking the head of the spanking device. She then slowly walked back to her previous position behind Mickie, rubbed the crop over the other woman’s well rounded flesh for several long seconds, then lifted the crop high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on Mickie’s bubble butt.

Immediately those juicy cheeks jiggled, Mickie cried out in pain and Maryse laughed wickedly. Particularly the first two were repeated over and over again, Maryse mostly just sticking to grinning wickedly as she began beating Mickie’s big butt with every ounce of her strength again, this time the crop digging into the brunette’s skin like the blonde’s hand never could. It was almost enough to cause the flesh to break, but Maryse was too skilled a Dom for that. Instead the well rounded flesh, which had already been turned pink thanks to Maryse’s hand, became an angry red. There were even cute little bruises, striking them causing Mickie to let out extra loud screams and even little whimpers of agony and shame. Best of all those cheeks continue to jiggle throughout the butt beating, meaning Maryse became absolute lost in the heaven that was spanking Mickie James.

When it was clear she couldn’t do much more damage to that ass without it ceasing to be fun Maryse stopped, wiped her brow, through the crop away and then admired her handiwork. Mickie’s ass was perhaps the darkest red she’d ever seen, the tough and respected women’s wrestler shaking, whimpering and even crying as she recovered from her ordeal. And yet Mickie’s pussy juices were dripping down her thighs, a clear sign that Mickie’s training couldn’t have been going better.

Almost painfully turned on Maryse slowly got up, grabbed hold of the tube of anal lubricant from her table and then coated a generous amount of it on her dildo. As she slowly rubbed it in right in front of her soon to be anal slave Maryse grinned wickedly and said, “Now… I take your big fat ass and make it mine!”

Mickie just glared at her in response, perhaps partly out of pride but mostly because she was an anal whore who desperately wanted to be fucked in the ass. All Maryse had to do was walk round and see Mickie’s pussy was still dripping wet to know the truth, the diva’s champion taking a final few seconds to admire her prize before going in for the kill.

Mickie tensed as she felt one of her ass cheeks being spread and Maryse pressing the tip of her strap on against her butt hole. The brunette remained tense as for almost a entire minute nothing happened, Mickie hating Maryse even more for dragging this out, but not as much as she hated her treacherous body for being so excited to be ass fucked. Then, finally, Mickie felt pressure against her ass hole. It was surprisingly the gentle kind which slowly stretched her shit hole, Mickie groaning into her ball gag as she felt her back hole slowly stretching around the large head of the dildo. And for some bizarre reason that gentle stretching had Mickie relaxing, probably because for the briefest of seconds she figured Maryse was going to draw out every moment of this ass fucking.

That turned out to be another mistake for Mickie as Maryse quickly took advantage, suddenly slamming forwards with a force which sent the first couple of inches hurtling into the brunette’s bowels and had Mickie screaming in pain into her gag.

Maryse laughed cruelly, smacked Mickie’s ass cheeks hard enough to make the flesh jiggle and said, “Oh oui, take it Mickie! Take it right up your fat ass!”

Desperately trying to tell herself she was just trying to make things easier on her poor poop hole Mickie relaxed as best she could, Maryse able to get the rest of the dildo up Mickie’s ass with relative ease although she took her sweet time, the French-Canadian obviously savouring shoving her strap on into the American country girl’s butt.

When her hips came to rest against Mickie’s well-rounded ass cheeks Maryse roughly smacked her rival’s ass again and said, “Ohhhhhhh oui, oui take it! Take it right up your big fat disgusting ass! Mmmmmmm fuck, I have been waiting so long for this. I have been waiting so long to fuck this big fat disgusting ass. These cheeks, they are so big. So fat. So disgusting. I am so ashamed of myself for wanting this fat ass so much, but I just can’t help it. Mmmmmm, your fat ass is a slice of heaven. Made to be fucked. And now, I’m going to fuck it and make this big fat butt all mine!”

Maryse quickly proved herself a skilled butt fucker, beginning the sodomy at a slow but steady pace which seemed to stretch Mickie’s ass out in seconds. Trish had used a similar technique, but she went so slowly that it took a while for Mickie’s butt to fully relax. As for Beth, she had just hammered Mickie’s rectum until the brunette’s screams turned from pain to pleasure. But, as embarrassing as it was for her, Maryse had Mickie moaning in pleasure after only about a minute of gentle ass fucking, the blonde then quickly picking up the pace which made Mickie moan like an anal whore.

Surprisingly instead of mocking her Maryse focused completely on the butt fucking, pounding Mickie’s pooper until the brunette was sure she was going to cum in record time. Then at the last minute Maryse slowed down, denying Mickie her climax. Then the cruel blonde repeated the process a few times, ass fucking Mickie to near climax after near climax before finally stopping altogether, Maryse then quickly reaching over and undoing the ropes restraining Mickie’s hands.

Instead of reaching back to try and hit the blonde as she had been planning Mickie allowed her hands to slump down beside her. She didn’t even bother to try and remove the ball gag.

Laughing at this Maryse gave one hard smacked to Mickie’s butt and then ordered, “Spread your ass cheeks bitch!”

Mickie paused only briefly before she reached back, grabbed onto her meaty ass cheeks and pulled them as widely apart as she could. She even lowered her head, a silent acknowledgement that she had been beaten. That Maryse had won. That Mickie was now so horny and desperate to cum that she was willingly giving up her ass hole to the cruel blonde, allowing Maryse to abuse it as roughly as she wanted just as long as she made her cum.

For a few long seconds Maryse just stared at the sight in front of her. Then she burst out laughing, “That’s it Mickie, accept it. Accept your place. Accept the fact that you’re my bitch now, mmmmmmmm, my fat ass bitch. That’s what you are. That’s all you are.”

While continuing to verbally abuse her new bitch Maryse tightened her grip onto Mickie’s hips and restarted the ass fucking. This time Maryse had no interest in nearly making Mickie cum or even giving the other WWE diva any pleasure at all. No, finally it was all about Maryse’s pleasure, as it should be.

So Maryse fucked Mickie James’s big fat ass as slowly as she possibly could, grinning wickedly at the whimpers of frustration coming from the brunette bitch. Not that Maryse focused on them of course, not when there was a pair of big fat ass cheeks being spread submissively in front of her, this proud women’s wrestler showing off her ass hole as it took every inch of Maryse’s strap on dick. Of course with an ass like hers Mickie had been no blushing virgin, but as a trained women’s wrestler she had looked down on Maryse, acted superior, and worst of all denied Maryse access to her big fat ass when Mickie should have been bending over the moment someone like Maryse showed interest in her big bubble butt. And look at the superior women’s wrestler now, spreading her big fat butt cheeks and taking it up the ass for Maryse’s pleasure.

Oh oui, the sight of Mickie James spreading her ass cheeks in total defeat was breath taking, Maryse revelling in her victory for what seemed like hours. And there was no mistake, it wasn’t just a small victory, Maryse had won. Mickie James was now her fat ass bitch. Later she might try and deny it but Maryse would be able to put Mickie back in her place because right now the mighty women’s wrestler Mickie James was so desperate to cum she would do anything Maryse said, and after the French-Canadian had made her cum this stupid little country bumpkin would forever crave more of the ecstasy Maryse could give her. So the battle was over, and all that was left was for Maryse to enjoy her conquest.

With that in mind Maryse completely ignored Mickie’s pathetic begs into her ball gag for a harder butt fucking so she could just stare at and gently fuck the fat ass in front of her. The only thing that changed was Maryse started randomly pulling out and watching with glee as Mickie’s butt hole remained gaping open, at first the French-Canadian waiting until it closed up to restart the sodomy before losing patience as Mickie’s ass hole remained open for longer. Finally when she was sure Mickie’s ass hole had been thoroughly abused Maryse pulled her strap on from that very well stretched shit hole, stood up, removed Mickie’s ball gag and leg restraints, and then moved back.

“Stand up and face me bitch.” Maryse said, putting plenty of emphasis on the final word.

To Maryse’s delight Mickie meekly did as she was told, standing up on wobbly legs and turning around but noticeably didn’t look her conqueror in the eye.

Of course Maryse hadn’t specified that, but nevertheless she slapped Mickie hard across the face and yelled, “Look me in the eye you stupid butt slut!”

For a moment Mickie became angry, gritting her teeth and glaring up at her tormentor. Then as their eyes locked Mickie became meek again, a slight blush crossing her cheeks as she was haunted with memories of her ass hole being fucked by this woman. It didn’t help that Mickie could feel that her ass hole was still gaping open and it was aching both with pain from being misused and a burning desire to be abused again by the long, thick strap on cock which was still in between Maryse’s legs.

When Mickie’s eyes briefly lowered to her dick Maryse smirked, slapped Mickie hard again and then when the former women’s champion was glaring at her again Maryse spat in Mickie’s face and ordered, “Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

Another couple of long seconds past and then Mickie fell to her knees and swallowed the head of Maryse’s cock, tasting the deepest part of her ass for the first time in almost three years.

Mickie knew she had just given up what little remained of her dignity and she had pretty much just damned herself into being Maryse’s bitch but she couldn’t help it. She was just so horny and desperately in need of a nice hard orgasm. And it couldn’t be just any masturbation induced orgasm, or an orgasm induced by Mickie pounding the hell out of Maryse’s ass hole or something, no Mickie needed to get her ass hole destroyed and have one of those mind melting climaxes Trish used to give her when the seven times women’s champion would fuck her up the ass.

So, promising she would later make Maryse pay, Mickie did her best to embrace her submissive side, something embarrassingly easy to do as she was reintroduced to a flavour she had honestly missed. Of course Mickie had given plenty of rim jobs to the divas and sucked the flavour of their asses from dildos, and even occasionally shoved her own dildo up her ass, but it just wasn’t the same. For one thing Mickie had never used a dildo this size on herself, and more importantly there was just such a submissive thrill to go ass to mouth on a strap on dildo another woman had just used to ass fuck her.

Of course it would have been much more thrilling if Mickie could stand the woman who ass fucked her, but considering the skills Maryse had already displayed as an ass fucker Mickie supposed it could be worse. At least, sooner or later, this bitch would give her that mind melting climax that she was now so desperately craving.

Unfortunately the bitch distracted Mickie somewhat by grabbing her hair and forcing her further down on the cock before she had properly finished savouring the flavour of the deepest part of her butt, Maryse even growling, “More! Take it bitch! Take it down your fucking throat! Mmmmmm oui, that’s it, suck that cock! Suck the cock that was just deep inside your shit hole. Ohhhhh oui, oui, fucking suck it! Suck it like the ass to mouth whore you are! Oh oui. Oui fucking suck it!”

When Mickie had originally fallen to her knees in front of her Maryse had grinned widely, the French-Canadian momentarily believing she had won. Then Mickie failed to put much effort into the blow job and it became clear that there was more work to do. Luckily Maryse was up to the challenge and quickly had Mickie bobbing her head up and down on more than half of the cock while slurping on the shaft loudly, Maryse generously guiding her new bitch by pulling her hair back and forth.

Thanks to Maryse’s tireless efforts she eventually got Mickie to deep throat the entire length of her cock, her soon to be bitch gagging and choking as Maryse forced her lips all the way down to the base of the dildo and then holding her there for several long seconds. The best part of it was that Mickie tensed, letting out a garbled complaint and looked as if she was about to try and push Maryse away, but didn’t, the accomplished women’s wrestler submitting to this latest perverted act and allowing Maryse to abuse her mouth and throat for her own amusement.

Pushing things even further Maryse began slowly thrusting her hips back and forth while holding Mickie’s head in place. Again Mickie tensed, letting out a garbled complaint and looked as if she was about to try and push Maryse away, but didn’t, the former women’s champion allowing the current diva’s champion to fuck her mouth like it was a pussy. It wasn’t long after that until Maryse was pounding Mickie’s mouth like it was a loose whore’s cunt, the brunette violently gagging and choking but still doing nothing to stop the blonde from fucking her throat.

Through it all of course Maryse was only to happy to continue offering verbal encouragement, “Ohhhhh oui, ohhhhh oui, that’s it, take it you worthless whore! Take my fucking cock right down into that fuck hole you call a throat! Mmmmmmm oui, I prefer ass holes but throats are almost as fun to fuck. Mmmmmmm oui, your throat makes an excellent fuck hole Mickie! I will definitely be fucking it almost as much as I will be fucking your fat ass. After all, my toys will need cleaning whenever I shove them up your big fat butt, and what better way to do it than by using your nasty little whore mouth? Mmmmmmm oui, take it you fucking cock sucker! Prove you’re not just an ass on legs, but also an excellent face pussy!”

Maryse thoroughly enjoyed dishing out this rough treatment for several minutes, then she pulled her strap on dick out of Mickie’s mouth and smacked the other girl in the face with that wet dildo. Mickie was mostly too busy gasping for breath at first to protest, but even when she got her breathing under control she still allowed Maryse to continuously slap her in the face with the cock. This thoroughly delighted Maryse who slapped and then rubbed the dick all over Mickie’s face, making sure to cover the other diva in her own saliva before violently pushing her backwards so she fell on her butt.

As her butt was incredibly sore from all the abuse it had taken Mickie immediately yelped in pain and rolled over onto her side. She then hesitantly got onto her knees while looking at Maryse, the cruel blonde smirking down at her before turning around and murmuring, “Follow me on your hands and knees like the bitch you are.”

Maryse smirked again as she could practically hear Mickie gritting her teeth yet the brunette followed her as instructed up two flights of stairs to the blonde’s bedroom.

“This is one of my smaller homes. I use it to break in fat ass bitches. That way it’s less likely anyone will find out I lower myself to fucking unworthy sluts like you.” Maryse explained casually as she sat on her bed before indicating to a pile of clothes, “As your training is going so well I will give you the choice. You can get dressed and leave. I will not stop you. Perhaps I will even decide you’re not worth my time and find myself a hotter piece of ass to be my anal slave. Or you can get your fat ass back on this dick and start riding it like a good little anal whore. Which is of course what you really want, so why don’t you save us both some time and energy and can come ride my dick.”

Silence fell over the room as the two WWE divas stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then Mickie glanced over at her clothes and bit her lip, obviously considering leaving. That would not do.

The choice was a bluff. Maryse had no intention of allowing Mickie to leave. Not until the feisty brunette was properly broken in. Besides, Maryse could practically taste Mickie’s submission. All it would take was a little more butt fucking and Maryse was confident Mickie would be begging to be her bitch. That would allow plenty of time to train Mickie to be the perfect bottom, not only willing but happy to do whatever her top said, including taking a dive in their upcoming match. Not that she didn’t think she could beat the other diva. No, Mickie proving her submission to her by throwing the match would merely be an added bonus. The main prize was Mickie’s big fat ass, which wasn’t going to be allowed to leave this house until Maryse owned it.

Suddenly Mickie stood up and took a step towards her clothes, causing Maryse to tense. Then Mickie took another step forward, causing Maryse to tense even more. If Mickie took too many more steps in that direction Maryse would pounce, confident that while they were both a little tired Mickie was feeling too sore and humiliated to put up much of a fight. And even if she did a few hard smacks to that big butt would probably be enough to defeat Mickie, if not distract her long enough so that Maryse could DDT her into unconsciousness or something and then tie her back up for another round of spanking and butt fucking.

Fortunately the above proved to be unnecessary as with a cry of frustration Mickie stumble towards the bed, a huge grin, possibly the biggest of the night so far, crossing Maryse’s face as her new bitch made the right decision. That grin got wider as Mickie got closer, the brunette crawling up onto Maryse’s lap and positioning her gaping butt hole against the other diva’s strap on dick.

“Non, turn around. I want to watch that big fat ass of yours as it bounces up and down on my cock.” Maryse said, before adding with a smirk, “And spread those fat filled cheeks. I wanna be able to see my cock.”

Mickie gritted her teeth but again did as she was told, quickly turning around and spreading her ass cheeks before lowering herself downwards. Thanks to Maryse holding the dildo firmly Mickie was able to skewer her already loosened butt hole on the blonde’s cock, the brunette letting out a gasp as the tip re-entered her butt and then moaning as her horny back hole swallowed the entire length of the fake dick. When her spread ass cheeks collided with Maryse’s thighs, announcing the brunette’s cock hungry ass hole had swallowed every inch of the blonde’s fake cock, Mickie didn’t hesitate, the multiple times women’s champion beginning to bounce her big ass up and down like a shameless anal slut.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Maryse, “MMMMMMM, oh oui, oh oui, ride that dick! Ride it you fat ass whore! Mmmmmm, fucking ride it! Ohhhhhh oui, you fucking love it, don’t you Mickie? You love being a ass whore. An anal slut. A submissive little bottom who takes it up the ass for her dominant top. Oh oui, I told you that you were a bottom and I was right wasn’t I Mickie? You’re a pure bottom with a big, fat, juicy bubble butt which was made to be fucked. Mmmmm, and now you’re my bottom. My pure bottom with a big, fat, juicy bubble butt which was made to be fucked. Oooooooh oui, oh oui, admit it Mickie. Admit you’re my bitch now. Tell me you understand that I own you and your big fat ass. Tell me what is obvious. Tell me you love being my bitch. There’s nothing you want more than to be my bitch!”

Mickie wished she could have made herself believe she was enjoying getting her ass fucked despite Maryse’s verbal abuse but the truth was it was making her hotter. And fuck, she had totally forgotten how good it felt to be butt fucked.

Sure, she had fond memories of bending over for Trish, and Mickie didn’t think she’d ever cum harder than when Beth was fucking her ass, but after her break-up with Trish she had pushed those memories to the back of her mind until they were all blurry and hard to recall properly. They even kind of seemed like a dream, like they never really happened, which was kind of fitting as Mickie almost felt like her ass was virgin again, her back hole and back passage feeling as if it was being stretched out like never before… and it felt so, so good.

Of course it wasn’t long before Mickie really, really wanted to cum again, and even though she knew in her heart it wouldn’t work she tried telling Maryse what she wanted to hear, “I, oh, I… I ooooooooh Gawwwwwd, I love being your bitch. Mmmmmm fuck, your dick feels sooooooooo gooooooooddddddd, so good in my ass. Fuck me! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh please fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum. Please Maryse, ahhhhhhhh fuck, let me cum. I need to cum soooooo bad. If, if you let me cum I’ll… I’ll be your bitch. Mmmmmmm Gawwwwd, I’ll do whatever you want, be your butt slut, your ass whore, your anal slave, your pure bottom, whatever you want just make me cum!”

“Non, you are my bitch, and if you want to cum you have to admit it. And you have to mean it. You have to truly accept you are my fat ass bitch.” Maryse insisted.

Mickie whimpered softly, “Please, I’ll give you anything. You can have the diva’s title, I don’t care, just make me cum.”

“What I want is your fat ass, and you as my bitch!” Maryse snapped, emphasising her point by smacking Mickie’s ass.

Again Mickie whimpered and tried to think of another way out. And there were ways, like Mickie might not have been in any condition for a fight but she could probably still take Maryse. Even if she failed it would be good for her ego if she at least tried. The same goes for running away, either grabbing one of Maryse’s dildos or finding something, anything to shove up her own ass to get the job done. Or she could find some other less annoying dominating lesbian to ass fuck her. However Mickie didn’t want to have to wait another second to cum, and perhaps just as importantly get her ass roughly fucked. And she was so emotionally and physically drained she wasn’t totally sure she could take Maryse. And, even though she really hated herself for it, in that moment the proud former champion Mickie James wanted to be Maryse’s fat ass bitch.

The more Mickie rode that big cock she thought back to briefly being Trish’s bitch. How blissful it had been to submit so completely to another female wrestler, becoming the fuck toy of someone she was literally in competition with, something to use and abuse as they saw fit. Maryse wasn’t half the wrestler Trish had been and Mickie couldn’t ever see herself having feelings for this blonde other than lust, but maybe that was for the best. After all Mickie had tried to avoid heartache as a top, only to find it with Melina so being with someone she hated seemed like a logical step to truly avoid any more heartbreak. Most of all being a top wasn’t as fun as it used to be for Mickie. She was even kind of tired of it, but hadn’t wanted to truly admit that to herself until right now. Mickie definitely couldn’t deny Maryse was a great top. If Mickie was going to be anyone’s bitch, she was glad it was someone as dominant as Maryse.

Yes, Mickie thought, perhaps it was time to fully embrace being a bottom again, only this time she wouldn’t plot to overthrow her top. No, she would be a good bitch. A good fat ass bitch.

She didn’t know it at the time but at that moment Mickie James was broken by Maryse, although it didn’t become official until Mickie opened her mouth, “I, I’m your bitch. I’m your fat ass bitch. Mmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, that’s what I want to be. I want to be your bitch. I need to be your bitch Maryse, mmmmmmm fuck, but you’re wrong, I’m not your bitch yet. First you need to finish fucking me up the ass. Finish breaking me in. Then I swear I’ll do whatever you fucking want, be your anal slave, your butt slut, your ass whore, your pure bottom, your fat ass bitch, whatever you want just please, please, please make me cum! Aaaaaaahhhhhh fuckkkkkk, mmmmmmm Gaaaawwwwwdddddd I love the way you fuck me! I love being fucked up the ass by you! I love it up the ass! I love being an anal whore! Mmmmmmm it feel sooooooooo goooooodddddddddd! Please fuck me Maryse! Fuck me and make me your bitch! Fuck me in the ass and make me your bitch! Fuck me up the butt and make me your bitch! I want to be your bitch! I want to be your fat ass bitch! Please, please, please let me be your fat ass bitch! Oooooooohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy Gawwwwwwwwd, mmmmmmmm fuck, I admit it! I admit I want to be your bitch! I swear I want to be your bitch!”

“I suppose that will do.” Maryse grinned wickedly, “Now… you may remove your grubby little hands from your big fat ass cheeks and ride my dildo as hard as you can. Make yourself cum you little bitch. Mmmmmm, I wanna see my new bitch make herself cum. Oh oui, that’s it, ride it lard ass! Ride my fucking cock with your big fat ass!”

Without a moments hesitation Mickie let go of her ass cheeks, grabbed hold of the bed sheets in front of her and started jack-hammering her ass hole up and down on that big strap on dick. Which may not have been the easiest way to do it but no longer having to hold back Mickie was able to build up enough momentum so she was able to make the ass fucking harder than it had been all night, the brunette feeling her orgasm building and building and building until finally she exploded in a climax so hard it nearly knocked her unconscious. Perhaps she really had forgotten how hard she had cum as a bottom, or maybe all this build up had caused this effect, but whatever the reason Mickie wanted more, the usually proud former WWE women’s champion shamelessly slamming her own butt hole up and down on Maryse’s cock with every ounce of her strength. As a result Mickie came over, and over, and over again, each orgasm just as if not more powerful than the last.

Just before she became a completely mindless creature who was completely lost in pounding her own pooper Mickie smiled to herself and thought she had made the right decision, and she was going to enjoy being Maryse’s fat ass bitch.

When Mickie first started roughly sodomising herself Maryse laughed cruelly, but the wicket blonde’s laughter slowly died on her lips as she became lost in watching Mickie’s big meaty cheeks jiggle gelatinously from the force of the ass fucking. That, combined with the feeling of those juicy cheeks rippling against her thighs and the stimulator on her clit had Maryse cumming over, and over, and over again. Not as hard as Mickie who’s cum was squirting out of her like a fountain at this point, but still pretty hard.

Maryse had no idea how many orgasms Mickie had fucked herself too on her cock but she was very pleased with her new bitch’s stamina. What she was less pleased with was the fact that when Mickie finally collapsed she fell backwards, her curvy body falling on Maryse’s perfect body and knocking the wind out of the diva’s champion. It could have been worse if Mickie’s head had collided with Maryse’s, but luckily it hit the pillow beside her harmlessly. Of course Maryse was pretty sure Mickie had been aiming for her head, wanting to knock her out so she could turn the tables on her or at the very least just wanting to cause whatever damage she could by bringing her thick body down on the perfection which was Maryse’s body.

This would not go unpunished, Maryse already debating just how many spanks she should give Mickie’s big butt in punishment for this. Tomorrow. Oui, Maryse would severely punish Mickie with a really vicious spanking tomorrow, however in the meantime Maryse had barely even started using Mickie’s fat ass for her pleasure, the French-Canadian’s anger quickly being replaced as she became overwhelmed in her perverted anal lust for the other diva’s shapely rear.

With that in mind the horny champion rolled her challenger over into the spooning position and began nuzzling her neck almost tenderly. That didn’t last long, Maryse soon beginning to lick, suck, and bite at Mickie’s neck while sliding her hands up, or in one case underneath and up, to grab the other woman’s big tits, and immediately beginning to expertly manipulate the already rock hard nipples and the soft flesh surrounding them. Mickie moaned softly at this treatment at first, then loudly, then let out a cry of pain and pleasure as Maryse slowly started rotating her hips, moving the strap on around inside the brunette’s bowels.

Then Maryse gently restarted the butt fucking, Mickie immediately whimpering, “Maryse, please, ooooohhhhh, I don’t think I can take anymore.”

Quickly moving one hand up to Mickie’s hair Maryse grab a handful of brunette locks, yanked back roughly on them and growled in the other diva’s ear, “I don’t give a fuck what you think you can take! You’re my bitch and I own your fat ass, so you will take whatever I want to give you! Understand?”

“Yes.” Mickie whimpered.

“Yes what?” Maryse growled with another tug on Mickie’s hair.

“Yes, I’m your bitch and you own my ass so I will take whatever you want to give me!” Mickie parroted.

“Good, now shut the fuck up and take this shit up your ass!” Maryse barked, letting go of Mickie’s hair and grabbing onto the brunette’s hip so it was easier to thrust in and out of her bitch’s butt hole.

At first Mickie whimpered as her overused ass was violated by Maryse, although she did nothing to stop her torment even though she was probably awake and strong enough to do so. Why? Because Mickie was no longer telling the French-Canadian what she wanted to hear, she really did feel like she was now Maryse’s bitch. That feeling only grew stronger when her ass relaxed and accepted its latest fucking, the sharp pain suddenly disappearing and being replaced by pure pleasure which had Mickie once again moaning like an anal whore.

Again this did not go unnoticed by Maryse who started softly whispering in Mickie’s ear, “You finally understand, don’t you Mickie? Non? You understand you are a bottom? An anal whore? An inferior woman meant to be a superior Alpha female’s bitch? That is what you are Mickie. I’ve been telling you all along, and now I think you’re finally beginning to realise the truth. Not that it’s surprising that it’s taking you this long considering you’re just a dumb country hick who I wouldn’t even bother with if your ass wasn’t so fat and fuck-able, but I’m still proud of you. I thought it would take weeks of ass fucking for you to finally get it through your thick head that you’re nothing but an ass slut. Mmmmmm, I guess you’re more desperate to be owned than I thought. Oh well, at least you can be what you’re truly meant to be now, isn’t that right Mickie?”

Mickie whimpered in shame at a few of Maryse’s words but like before they only made her hotter. And it was more than that… Maryse was right. She’d been right this whole time and Mickie had just been too stupid to see it. Mickie was a bottom. An anal whore. An inferior woman meant to be a superior Alpha female’s bitch. And now she truly was another woman’s bitch Mickie felt grateful to that woman for putting her in her place. Also Mickie really, really wanted another hard butt pounding.

So Mickie softly whimpered, “Ye, yes Maryse.”

“Yes what?” Maryse pushed.

“Yes, I… I can be what I was truly meant to be now.” Mickie whimpered, and then realising she needed to say more added, “I can be the ass slut I truly am. I can be a bottom, a anal whore, a bitch for a superior woman. I can be your bitch Maryse. I want to embrace my role as your bitch. I know I’m a inferior woman, meant to be a superior Alpha female’s bitch, and I want to be your bitch. I want you to be the superior Alpha female who owns my fat ass!”

Her words of submission were quickly rewarded as Maryse growled in Mickie’s ear, flipped her over onto her stomach and began roughly pounding her pooper.

This in turn caused Mickie to squeal joyfully, “Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss, FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS! Oh Maryse! Fuck me! Fuck my fat ass! Make my fat ass yours! Ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm yes, make me your bitch! Make me your fat ass bitch! Mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk I wanna be Maryse’s fat ass bitch! Fucking destroy the hole I shit from and make me Maryse’s fat ass bitch! Slam my fucking shitter! Wreck my rectum! Pound my pooper! Make me your bitch! Oh Maryse! Maryse! Maaaarrrrryyyyysssssseeeee!”

Each one of Maryse’s thrusts was making Mickie’s pussy rub against the bed sheets, creating a extremely wet stain and when combined with the dildo roughly slamming in and out of her ass hole helped Mickie quickly reach the edge of orgasm. However before she got over that edge Maryse abruptly pulled out and moved back. Of course Mickie looked behind her and glared at Maryse but that glare quickly disappeared and was replaced with quiet embarrassment that she wasn’t showing her new top the respect she deserved. After all Maryse owned Mickie’s ass hole now, so it was up to the Canadian how she would use it.

Please that Mickie didn’t offer much complaint Maryse ordered, “On your knees and spread your fat cheeks.”

Without a moment’s hesitation Mickie did as she was told, positioning herself so she was face down and ass up, her gaping ass hole on perfect display to her new mistress.

Grinning down at the sight before her Maryse asked, “Who owns that big fat disgusting ass?”

“You do! You own my big fat disgusting ass!” Mickie said quickly, “My fat ass is yours!”

Mickie then let out a long loud moan as Maryse slammed every inch of her cock back inside the brunette’s bubble butt. Then Mickie let out a soft cry as Maryse grabbed a handful of her brunette locks and slowly but firmly pulled upwards, forcing Mickie to let go of her ass cheeks and place her hands on the bed, which was exactly what Maryse wanted.

“What are you?” Maryse growled.

Again without hesitation Mickie replied, “I’m your bitch! I’m your fat ass bitch! I’m Maryse’s fat ass bitch!”

Mickie then moaned loudly as Maryse began to slowly but steadily pump her pooper again, continuing to pull on her hair as she did so. Maryse also began spanking Mickie’s ass, relentlessly increasing the force of those spanks until on a hunch Mickie began screaming over and over again, “I’m your bitch! I’m your fat ass bitch! I’m Maryse’s fat ass bitch!”

She could hear Maryse laughing cruelly but instead of humiliating her it made Mickie happy. She was pleasing Maryse. She was pleasing her top. That was all that mattered to her now. Well, that and taking every inch of Maryse’s wonderfully big dick up her ass. And cumming. Oh how badly Mickie wanted to cum again, the broken WWE diva willing to do or say anything just to feel one of those amazing orgasms again, just like Mickie knew she would be willing to do or say anything Maryse wanted in the future if the dominant blonde would only fuck her fat ass.

For awhile Maryse switched back and forth so she was always pulling Mickie’s hair with one hand and spanking her with the other, thus making sure both of Mickie’s meaty cheeks received plenty of blows whenever the brunette pause to moan, grown or whimper. However eventually it became clear that Mickie was too far gone to form coherent sentences, of course by that point Maryse had been going to stop anyway. The spanking that is. The hair pulling Maryse kept up until shortly after Mickie’s latest series of orgasms, the blonde redoubling her efforts after she stopped the spanking so she could butt fuck her new bitch to climax.

Once Mickie came Maryse let go of her hair, grabbed onto her hips with both hands and started slamming her ass hole as hard as she could. Not for Mickie’s pleasure of course, for her own.

Maryse had enjoyed every moment of sodomising Mickie James into submission. The slow and gentle butt fucking, making Mickie wreck her own rectum, hurling insults at her and eventually even making Mickie verbally submit had all been heavenly. Maryse had savoured every moment like a fine French wine. However as much as Maryse had loved it she had been holding back, saving her strength in preparation for this moment when she would finally be able to show Mickie exactly what she was capable of and make sure this little bitch would always recognise Maryse as being superior to her and all the other so-called divas in the WWE.

After all the sexiest of the sexy was the only true top in the WWE, and as Mickie was now learning all other so-called tops paled in comparison. Of course while she was drilling that into the country girl’s thick head Maryse was also drilling the stimulator in her harness rapidly onto her clit and allowing herself to get caught up in the sheer joy of fucking a big fat ass, the most private hole of the female bent over in front of her nothing but an orifice for her pleasure.

As always in this situation Maryse eventually lost count of how many climaxes she had, both she and her victim becoming mindless animals completely lost in the perverted act of anal sex. This particular victim even relentlessly slammed herself backwards on Maryse’s thrusts, making the dildo jack-hammer in and out of the once tiny hole which both women now seemed determined to destroy at what seemed like lightning speed, the best part of it for Maryse being that the sound of her hips smacking off the fat ass underneath it became even more deafening and those bouncy cheeks seem to jiggle even more under the force of her thrusts.

What was maybe hours later Mickie’s upper half came crashing down onto the bed sheets, the brunette too exhausted to do anything but whimper and cum as Maryse’s vice like grip kept her ass exactly where the French-Canadian wanted it. With Mickie face down and ass up like that Maryse was able to squeeze half a dozen more orgasms out of them both, the diva’s champion even speeding up at the end in her quest to ensure Mickie James would truly be unable to sit down for a week. Then Maryse fell forwards, her weight forcing Mickie’s lower half downwards so both divas were laying in a pool of sweat, cum and pussy juice.

They stayed like that for several long minutes, the only thing stopping Maryse from slipping into unconsciousness being the unpleasant moistness of Mickie’s sweat which was covering every inch of the brunette’s body. Maryse was sweating hard too, which pushed the French-Canadian to roll off her defeated enemy and lay on her back for another couple of long minutes. Then almost casually Maryse ordered, “Suck your fat ass juice off my beautiful cock you little whore.”

Without a word of protest Mickie did as she was told, slowly lowering herself down, taking the dildo into her mouth and sucking on it greedily. She even deep throated the entire length without complaint, Maryse casually playing with her new pet’s hair as she did as she was told.

Once the cock had been thoroughly cleaned Maryse pushed Mickie away, stood up and ordered, “Present your slutty ass hole to me. I want to see how well I destroyed your little shit hole.”

Again the broken Mickie obeyed without hesitation, the rested brunette moving much quicker now as she pushed her ass into the air, reached back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could, exposing her thoroughly fucked ass hole.

Maryse licked her lips, literally salivating over the sight of Mickie James’ gaping ass hole, the diva’s champion able to see deep into her challenger’s bowels via that completely destroyed back door.

Beth Phoenix loved entering a WWE divas locker room. She was always fashionably late so everyone would already be there, all of them falling silent and turning their heads towards her as she strutted over to claim a locker as hers. As she did this her eyes would scan the room, admiring her bitches, deciding which one or ones would have the privilege of eating her pussy and/or ass, and who would know the joy of her strap on in their asses. Of course sometimes she’d have already made up her mind, and other times she would still debate it, but the point was the other divas knew they would be sized up like the pieces of meat they were, the Glamazon obviously debating which one of them she would use for her pleasure.

Today was different. Beth didn’t enter with her usual swagger. She didn’t look at her bitches. Instead she kept her eyes down and tried to concentrate on walking normally as possible, which was proving far from an easy feat.

That something was off didn’t go unnoticed, but none of the divas could figure out what it was and all but one was too afraid to ask. However as Beth’s best friend and a powerful wrestler in her own right Natalya Neidhart had the guts to call out, “Hey Beth, what’s up?”

There was a long moment of silence as Beth blushed, wishing the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

All of a sudden Beth heard a voice prompting her, “Well, aren’t you going to tell everyone the good news?”

Turning around to face her tormentor Beth blushed. Then she opened her mouth to protest but no sound came out.

“Cold feet? Here, let me help you.”

Beth’s open mouth proved a too tempting target and suddenly the mighty Glamazon found herself pulled into a tiny pair of arms, the blonde forced to bent down slightly so she could kiss the much smaller woman. Despite herself Beth found herself becoming lost in the kiss, her eyelids fluttering closed so she could concentrate on massaging the invading tongue with her own. If she’d been thinking clearly Beth would have realised it was a trick.

Too late Beth found those pair of tiny hands grip onto the waistband of her tight fitting pants, the younger girl ensuring she had hold of Beth’s underwear too before yanking them down, leaving the Glamazon’s backside exposed.

There was a chorus of confusion, no one really having any idea what was going on but all the divas were far too afraid of Beth to say anything too loudly.

Natalya said nothing, because while everyone else was staring at Beth’s butt Natalya was close enough that she could see what looked like a tiny little ring sticking out between Beth’s well rounded cheeks. But that was impossible.

Beth Phoenix was the Alpha female of the WWE divas, a secret title which meant that she was in charge of her fellow divas and they in turn were her bitches. She had earned that title by brutally sodomising her predecessor Trish Stratus into submission and had been sexually humiliating every diva on the roster ever since. Having a huge anal kink the Glamazon never went a day without abusing the asses of her fellow divas, but unlike every other WWE diva she had never taken it in the ass. The only thing she allowed up her ass was another girl’s tongue, something Natalya knew from experience.

So Natalya’s eyes must have been playing tricks on her, because there was no way such a dominating woman would ever allow a butt plug anywhere near her.

Just as the thought went through Natalya’s head a hand reached behind Beth and grabbed a firm hold of that little ring which Natalya was sure wasn’t really there.

Beth whimpered softly in protest and blushed but didn’t try and stop what was happening.

Natalya’s eyes grew as big as saucers in disbelief and amazement as she watched the Glamazon’s ass hole slowly stretch wide open to allow a large toy to be pulled out of it. The butt plug had to be 2 inches thick and it seemed to be longer than Natalya’s arm as it just kept coming and coming.

All around the room there were loud swears and gasps of amazement and disbelief as the huge butt plug was slowly pulled from Beth’s butt hole, the head finally coming out with a loud pop which left the WWE divas looking in disbelief from the 12 inches long dildo and the Glamazon’s obscenely gaping ass hole.

Once everybody had been given ample time to stare little AJ Lee broke the kiss with Beth, moved slightly to the side and smacked the feared Glamazon’s butt.

“Spread your cheeks bitch!” AJ ordered boldly, “Show everybody the hole I now own, and tell them exactly what you are now.”

For a few seconds Beth just stared at the petite brunette, both herself and AJ knowing full well that this was the Glamazon’s last chance to regain control. Because sure, AJ had humiliated Beth privately to the point the former champion might never be the same again, and it would be a struggle to regain her place after all the other divas had seen her ass hole stretched so widely, but if anyone could do it it was the Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

Brutalising AJ’s cute little butt would be a good start, Beth spanking it until it was bright red and the tiny girl was begging for mercy. Then Beth could make the younger diva eat her pussy or ass, or she could skip right to using the biggest strap on in her collection to ass fuck AJ for hours, turning the uppity little bitch’s butt hole into such a widely open crater that Beth could shove her hand up AJ’s ass without touching the sides. After that Beth could butt fuck every single one of the other divas until they wouldn’t even remember what they had just seen. That was what the Glamazon Beth Phoenix should do.

Instead the Glamazon Beth Phoenix bent over, reached back, spread her ass cheeks, lowered her head, and whimpered, “I’m… I’m AJ’s bitch.”

There was a few long seconds of silence, the other WWE divas clearly still not believing what they were seeing, then there was a chorus of applause and congratulations for AJ. This caused a fresh blushed to cross Beth’s cheeks, the mighty Glamazon thinking back to how she had ended up in this position.


It had all started innocently enough, that was to say with Beth forcefully pushing AJ against a wall and turning her around so she could grind against the smaller girl’s ass while growling in her ear, “Hey there pretty girl, guess who’s ass I’m fucking tonight?”

“B, Beth… I’m a top now.” AJ tried to say firmly, though it came out as a whimper.

Beth chuckled, “Just because your little girlfriend and a few of the other anal sluts around here happily bend over for you doesn’t mean jack. You and all the so-called divas around here belonged to me. And if you’re forgetting that, well, between later tonight and our match I bet I could remind you.”

“You, you could…” AJ stammered, before finally managing to find the courage playing Crazy AJ had given her lately, “Or we could make this interesting?”

“How so?” Beth asked with a raised eyebrow.

Turning to look Beth directly in the eye AJ whispered, “Traditional diva rules.”

This made Beth laugh harder than she had in a long time, directly into AJ’s face to emphasise her point, “You actually think you can beat me?”

“Kelly used to all the time.” AJ shot back.

Immediately becoming deadly serious again Beth growled, “Yeah, but that was just to piss me off so I’d slam fuck her tight little ass so hard she’d barely be able to walk. And she had the good sense not to challenge me to a traditional match. In fact no one has since Maryse got herself injured so she could finally go more than a few hours without getting her ass fucked!”

“So what are you afraid of?” AJ questioned.

“I’m not afraid of anything!” Beth snapped, fuming with anger for a few seconds before laughing, “You know what, you’re on! But if you think what me and Nattie used to do to you and Kaitlyn was bad, you just wait. When I’m done with your ass hole you’ll never even think about strapping on a cock again. Hell, you’ll probably end up quitting the WWE just to get away from me, and even then I bet your ass hole never fully closes again! You’ll probably never sit properly again too. And just remember you asked for this. I’ve never lost a traditional match, and I never will!”


Perhaps Beth should have known better than to jinx herself like that but when it really mattered she had always won. She’d beaten everyone from Victoria to Natalya to the legendary Trish and Lita. Even Stephanie had fallen before her. Or more accurately bent over and spread her butt cheeks. However Beth made the mistake of punishing AJ when she should have finished her off, but the uppity little bitch started off the match by slapping The Glamazon across the face. What could Beth do except teach the little pipsqueak a lesson.

So Beth responded to the slap with a brutal forearm strike which knocked AJ to the ground, the muscular blonde immediately mounting the dazed diva and delivering a series of vicious right hands, utilising the five count to punish the tiny brunette. After that Beth pulled AJ up by her hair and began throwing the smaller girl around like a rag doll, using a variety of different suplexs and slams to effortlessly lift the other diva high into the air and then bring her crashing back down to the mat.

After about five minutes of brutalising her opponent Beth hit AJ with her finishing move the Glam slam, a huge grin on her face as she drove the smaller diva’s face into the mat and then turned her over into the pinning position. Half-heartedly the audience chanted along with account, everyone fully expecting this would be it as anyone kicking out of the Glam slam was almost unheard of. However at the last second Beth pulled AJ up by her hair, her grin becoming even more evil as she dragged her clearly defeated opponent back up, hit her with another Glam slam and again pulled her up before the three count.

Hellbent on making an example of this girl Beth busted out two moves she had previously used as finishers, the Samoan drop followed by a delayed fishermen’s suplex, for the latter keeping AJ upside down in the air for almost a full minute before bringing her crashing down to the canvas. Then, after a little posing, Beth finally picked AJ up for what she intended to be the match ending Glam slam, only to be taken by surprise by an elbow from the tiny girl.

While the blonde was stunned AJ jumped onto Beth’s back and applied a sleeper hold. Starting to get lightheaded Beth defensively moved backwards against a turnbuckle to try to get AJ to let go. AJ almost got the wind knocked out of her from the powerful impact, but she was resilient enough to change the hold by reaching under Beth’s left arm and grabbing her wrist to raise it above Beth’s head trapping it. AJ followed this by quickly lifting her left leg up to Beth’s neck to try to lock in another submission. Before Beth knew what was happening AJ had her in a Pentagram submission. With Beth’s head and arm trapped between AJ’s powerful thighs the Glamazon struggled to break free, the older diva almost achieving her goal when out of desperation she fell backwards, driving her weight onto the smaller girl. Unfortunately AJ still held on tightly, leading to panic flooding Beth’s body as she made a few last desperate attempts to struggle free as her whole world slowly turned black.

A few long moments after the powerful blonde went limp the referee cautiously lifted up Beth’s right arm which fell limply down once, twice and finally a third time, leading to a mixture of cheers and surprise murmurings from the audience as the ref called for the bell.

As her music began playing AJ released the hold and began jumping around wildly for joy before she wisely ran away with a big smile on her face and the historic upset win, leaving the mighty Glamazon to slowly come too. When she did it took Beth a few long seconds to figure out what had just happened. Then the powerful blonde fumed with rage, Beth letting out a scream of frustration before running after the brunette bitch.


Tracking AJ down was easy enough, and when she did Beth immediately slammed the smaller diva against the nearest wall and growled, “You bitch.”

“I believe you’ll find you’re the bitch here Beth.” AJ grinned, feeling on cloud nine thanks to her win.

Fuming with rage Beth began to yell, “Do you realise what’s going to happen to you now AJ? I’m-”

“You’re going to bend over!” AJ interrupted sternly, “Because if you don’t I’ll tell everyone you refuse to follow the rules, and you know what happens then, don’t you Beth? Pretty much all the divas will gang up on you, hold you down and spank you until you’re begging to be butt fucked. Then they’ll gang bang your butt until you’re begging someone else to be the Alpha female, because you just can’t pretend you’re a top anymore.”

There was a few moments of silence and then Beth grumbled, “It’s my word against yours.”

“Yeah, and we both know Stephanie, Trish, Lita and even your buddy Natalya will happily use any excuse to ass fuck you into submission.” AJ pointed out, pausing to let that sink in before adding, “Or, you could come over to my hotel room tonight and honour your end of the bargain by taking one little butt fucking. If you do I promise I won’t tell anyone, not even Kaitlyn, so your reputation will remain intact. If you don’t, well, one way or another I’m sure I’ll end up getting a turn with your ass, even if I have to wait in a very long line to do it.”

Beth gritted her teeth and opened her mouth to say something but AJ beat her to the punch by shoving her tongue down her throat. The Glamazon wasn’t used to such treatment, and when she began fighting back, her skilled tongue gaining the upper hand, AJ pulled away and smiled.

“Think about it.” AJ said, managing to break free of Beth’s now loose grip and skip away, leaving the muscular blonde stunned and questioning what she should do.


Hours later Beth found herself standing outside AJ’s door. More than anything she wanted to break it down and ass fuck AJ into a whimpering wreck. Instead she politely knocked on the door and waited for AJ to open it. She didn’t have to wait long, the door quickly flying open to reveal AJ wearing only a strap on dildo and a grin.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show.” AJ said brightly, stepping aside so Beth could enter the room.

Unlike AJ’s strap on and smile the hotel room wasn’t very big, not that it was surprising. WWE superstars and divas never knew when an injury or a falling out with management or something could end their careers so it was always important to save money whenever possible. The possible downside in the situation was it meant that the moment she walked in Beth was faced with the bed in which she would receive the ultimate humiliation. Not that it really mattered, AJ was clearly in no mood to wait around and honestly neither was Beth.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Beth grumbled, beginning to strip off her clothes the second AJ shut and locked the door.

“Oh Beth, you’re so romantic.” AJ giggled, The Glamazon giving her one of those stairs which normally terrified the tiny diva but tonight AJ felt untouchable, “But it’s not up to you though, is it Beth? No, tonight I’m the top and I get to make the decisions. You’re just the bottom.”

“For tonight maybe, but tomorrow I’m going to make you wish you’d just bent over when you had the chance.” Beth growled, getting in AJ’s face as she took off her bra, secretly hoping to intimidate the smaller girl into just surrendering to her.

“Maybe.” AJ murmured, staring at Beth’s big boobs for a few moments before looking up at the blonde with a wide grin, “But for now, you’re my bitch. That means you have to do what I say, when I say, so… get down on your knees, bitch!”

AJ switched from playful to serious with the last few words, the little diva feeling very proud of herself not just for having the guts to say that to Beth but managing to keep her cool as the muscular blonde stared down at her with the most terrifying look AJ had ever seen.

Of course AJ had been expecting this reaction and had spent the last couple of hours psyching herself up to do this. After all if she was going to top the longest reigning Alpha female in the history of the WWE AJ was going to need to act the part. Besides, Beth HAD to do what she said, something AJ reminded herself over and over again for a few terrifying seconds as Beth continued looking at her as if she was about to snap her like a twig, something the powerful blonde could no doubt do without breaking a sweat.

Then to AJ’s delight Beth cursed and dropped to her knees, her head lowered in defeat.

Resisting the urge to jump for joy, which would have no doubt affected the momentum she had as a top, AJ grabbed her ‘dick’ and began stroking it as if it was real, the whole time watching as Beth refused to look up. After a few seconds of this AJ slowly stepped forwards so that if her cock had been real she would be literally jerking off in Beth’s face.

After another few seconds AJ ordered softly, “Look at me Beth.”

Beth made AJ regret that commanders she looked up at her with a steely gaze, although sadly that didn’t stop the little brunette from pressing the dildo to the blonde’s lips and softly ordering, “Open up.”

There seem to be a long staring match again between the two divas, AJ being the one to literally blink first however metaphorically speaking it was Beth, the Glamazon momentarily excepting her debasement as she slowly parted her lips wide enough to allow the weaker girl to push the dildo into her mouth.

“Now suck it.” AJ said huskily before grinning, “I know you’re not used to that, what with you being a big butch dyke and all, but tonight every inch of this cock is going straight up your ass! So I suggest you embrace your inner cock sucker Beth, because this is the only lube you’ll be getting. Which if you think about it is fitting, as it’s all you used to give me.”

If possible Beth’s blood boiled even hotter and her gaze became even deadlier for a few long moments, then The Glamazon finally broke the stair and started sucking AJ’s cock. This was something which felt alien in more ways than one to the Glamazon as Beth had been with enough men to know she preferred women, and while in her past with men she had given the occasional blow job she had never sucked another woman’s dick before. And why would she? She was the most dominant woman the WWE had ever known, turning every single diva in her path into a whimpering submissive slut. So this was indeed an indignity Beth had hoped never to know, although it was at least more pleasant than sucking a man’s cock. The taste was better for one thing, as was the smell, but mostly Beth enjoyed it because she was envisioning that it was AJ sucking her cock, something that would be happening very soon.

Not soon enough however, especially as AJ began to ‘encourage’ her, “Come on Beth, you need to do better than that. Remember, every single inch of that dick is going deep into your butt, stretching you like you’ve never been stretched before, so you’ve got to get every single inch of it nice and wet. You’ve just got too. Spit on it if you have too, just make it wet. Come on Beth, spit on to the base and then rub it in with your hand. Yes, that’s it! More. Don’t forget to keep sucking my cock. Mmmmmm, that’s it, good little Glamazon.”

Hearing her nickname, which she had spent so much time teaching the other WWE divas to fear inside and outside the ring, being used in such a playful and even degrading tone had Beth glaring up at AJ, but once again it had no effect which led the blonde to a rather terrifying conclusion… she really was going to have to go through this. She really was going to have to take a dick up her ass.

Her entire professional life Beth had been dreading doing just that, but once it became clear she was finally going to have to suffer that very dignity her cunt absurdly became wet, the powerful blonde blushing furiously at the undeniable evidence of her body’s betrayal. Refusing to try and rationalise it Beth did the only thing she could do under the circumstances, make sure the dildo was as wet as possible by embracing her inner cock sucker. That was why Beth began to bob her head up and down on AJ’s dick at a slow but steady rhythm, eventually lowering her head far enough that the dildo hit the back of her mouth. Then, with a lot of effort, the mighty Glamazon forced herself to suffer the indignity of deep throating a cock. Not that she got very far, Beth beginning to choke after just a few inches, but she kept trying, the former WWE women’s and diva’s champion suddenly feeling desperate to make the dick as wet as possible.

This delighted AJ, “Mmmmmm yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! Suck my cock Beth! Take my cock down your throat! Ohhhh yes, get it nice and wet so I can shove it straight up your dyke ass! Mmmmmm fuck, can you imagine it Beth? Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like to have this massive cock forcing your virgin ass hole open? Huh? Your untouched back passage slowly stretching for this big cock? Your insides being rearranged as I turn your shit hole into my own personal fuck hole? Think about that little Glamazon. Think about what it’s going to be like to get a taste of your own medicine!”

Even from this angle AJ could tell that Beth was thinking about it, the little brunette letting the big tough blonde contemplate what was about to happen to her for a long ten minutes, at which point the dildo was thoroughly lubed as whatever Beth hadn’t stuffed down her throat she had thoroughly spat on.

Finally AJ ordered, “Stand up.”

Beth was more hesitant to obey this order, and when she finally did she didn’t look AJ in the eye, something which made the little WWE diva grin happily.

“Look at me.” AJ commanded softly, waiting until Beth was looking her in the eye to step forward so they were nose to nose. Then, after staring the big tough Glamazon down for a few long seconds, AJ murmured the words she had heard from this former champion countless times, “Bend over, bitch.”

Again Beth hesitated, a brief look flashing over her face like she was about to offer AJ anything not to go through with this. Then the terrifying blonde slowly turned towards the bed, crawled on top of it, and then pushed her ass up into the air, offering it up to be fucked.

For a few seconds AJ pretty much just drooled at the sight, then with a huge grin on her face the brunette jumped into position behind the blonde, grabbed two handfuls of Beth’s well rounded butt and began playing with it. That included squeezing, pinching and most importantly slapping, AJ licking her lips as she watched Beth’s butt cheeks jiggle from the impact of each strike, which made the tiny diva question whether she should spank The Glamazon or not.

Technically she had already decided not to as she really wanted to save all her strength for fucking Beth’s virgin ass, however watching those cheeks jiggle like that made AJ seriously want to reconsider that decision. She certainly gave The Glamazon a mini spanking, AJ bringing her hand down as hard as she could on Beth’s butt half a dozen times just to watch the flesh ripple, and maybe to turn it a little pink. Mostly though AJ simply stuck with groping the blonde’s ass, silently promising herself if she ever got another shot at this hot ass she would definitely give it a proper spanking.

AJ actually became kind of lost in the vision of herself spanking The Glamazon, but also kind of lost in simply the joy of groping Beth’s ass, the thought in turn making her smile and wonder something out loud, “You know something Beth, I always thought you were a really underrated hottie. I mean you’ve got those big beautiful boobs, and this big juicy ass which just looks so… fuck-able. I bet if you weren’t such a scary top divas would be lining up to fuck your big, fat ass.”

AJ could practically hear Beth’s teeth grinding in anger but the former women’s and diva’s champion said nothing, leading AJ to grin again and then spread The Glamazon’s ass cheeks as wide as possible.

“Mmmmmm, and just look at those fuck holes. They’re so pretty… and so obviously eager to be fucked.” AJ beamed as she moved a couple of fingers down to gently stroke Beth’s pussy lips, “Ooooooh God, you’re sooooo fucking wet Beth. You must really wanna get ass fucked.”

“Fuck you AJ!” Beth blushed furiously before letting out a sharp gasp as AJ pushed a finger into her cunt.

“No, it’s actually me who’ll be fucking you Beth. It’s me, little AJ Lee, who’s going to fuck your virgin ass!” AJ growled lustfully as she gave the bigger girl’s pussy a quick finger fucking before then pressing that pussy juice coated finger against Beth’s rosebud and pushed forcefully forwards, both WWE divas letting out loud cries as AJ’s finger slowly violated The Glamazon’s virgin ass, “Oh my God… you’re sooooooo tight. I’ve never felt an ass this tight before.”

“That’s because only complete ass whores like your girlfriend let you fuck their asses.” Beth snapped angrily.

Defiant to the end, AJ thought with a grin, pulling her finger from Beth’s ass hole after a few quick thrusts and then slowly leaning in and whispering, “I guess that makes you my ass whore, huh Beth?”

“NO! You’re my ass whore, and no matter what happens you’ll always be nothing but my ass whore!” Beth screamed angrily as she felt the tip of AJ’s strap on cock pressing against her virgin ass hole, the blonde gripping tightly to the bed sheets beneath her and gritted her teeth as she accepted her fate.

This was it, the moment she had dreaded her entire professional life. A moment which was agonisingly drawn out, Beth having to use every ounce of willpower she possessed to prevent herself from whimpering as she felt her virgin butt hole beginning to open from AJ’s slow but insistent thrust.

Beth had ass fucked countless women, a lot of them anal virgins before she got her hands on them. Some of them Beth had savoured, taking her time to slowly opened their ass holes to draw out the joy of ass fucking them. AJ’s girlfriend Kaitlyn had been one of those women due to her muscular physique and the fact that she used to compete in bodybuilding competitions, so while in reality she hadn’t put up much of a fight Beth had enjoyed taking the anal cherry of a woman almost as strong as herself. Meanwhile AJ was such a tiny little thing and had been so easy to conquer that Beth had treated her like an insignificant notch on her belt and slammed through her virgin butt hole after applying only the minimum of lube. As such Beth would have thought AJ would have wanted to get her revenge by brutalising her back door cherry. Of course whether AJ knew it or not this was a far more effective revenge, the mighty Glamazon forced to wallow in the humiliation of being robbed of her anal virginity.

Not only did the build up take forever but when AJ finally did it, pushed the head of the dildo into Beth’s virgin butt hole, the little pipsqueak officially taking the Glamazon’s anal cherry, AJ stopped in her tracks and murmured over and over again, “I did it! I got your anal cherry! I got the Glamazon Beth Phoenix’s anal cherry! Me, little AJ Lee, just popped the anal cherry of the big bad Glamazon Beth Phoenix!”

Those words were more or less repeated, Beth doing her best to ignore them for several long minutes as the initial pain of her ass hole being penetrated for the first time slowly faded. Then the weaker diva seem to take some time to just stare down to where her strap on was buried in Beth’s butt hole until the stronger diva almost wanted to yell at her to get it over with and ass fuck her already. Then AJ finally started pushing the dildo the rest of the way into Beth’s well rounded bottom and the powerful Glamazon found herself longing for the moments that just the head was inside her. Or just before then. Or long before then when the idea of taking it up the ass was still absurd.

It wasn’t because of the pain. While that was unique Beth had experienced far worse during her wrestling career. There was even a gentle start of something that could be almost called pleasure, but after ass fucking so many women Beth knew that was an inevitable response and didn’t worry about it. What did bother her however was the complete and total humiliation she felt from having her ass filled with strap on dildo. And while this moment would have been humiliating no matter what, to have it be tiny little AJ Lee being the woman who finally busted her butt cherry was so humiliating the Glamazon could barely stand it. And in the following moments it only got worse for the powerful blonde, Beth blushing furiously as she already began feeling strong sparks of pleasure coming from somewhere deep inside her bowels as a result of the butt fucking she was now receiving.

Of course while Beth was in hell AJ was in heaven. Like literally heaven on earth, something AJ was very used to at this point in her WWE career. After all there had been so many different versions of heaven for her. Beth’s strap on cock up her ass. Kaitlyn’s strap on cock up her ass. Pretty much having any divas’ strap on cock up her ass, or using her mouth and tongue on any of their tits, pussies, or asses, but especially Kaitlyn’s. Oh yes, sliding her mouth and tongue all over Kaitlyn’s body might be the greatest heaven of all. Either that or fucking Kaitlyn’s big juicy ass. Not that AJ didn’t love it when Kaitlyn used her mouth and tongue on her, or having one of the other divas do that, but AJ had grown to prefer being the giver over the receiver, and everything with Kaitlyn was special because she was her girlfriend and she loved her. However what she was doing right now was a whole different level of heaven. Not necessarily better than it was with Kaitlyn, but something AJ had never quite experienced before.

Ever since she had started acting ‘crazy’ AJ had felt different. More confident. Dominant even. And up until this moment she didn’t think there could be anything better than making Kaitlyn bend over for the first time. However as powerful as ass fucking her first woman had made AJ feel it was nothing on shoving a strap on up Beth Phoenix’s virgin butt. In fact nothing in her entire life had ever made AJ feel this powerful and dominant, that feeling becoming overwhelming when her little thighs finally came to rest against Beth’s butt cheeks, announcing the tiny diva had buried every single inch of her 10 inch strap on cock into the bowels of the feared Glamazon.

That fact caused a tiny whimper of delight to escape AJ’s lips, followed by another a few minutes later when the small diva finally gripped tightly to Beth’s firm waist and slowly began pulling the dildo from the bigger diva’s no longer virgin ass hole. As with every second of the anal penetration AJ’s eyes were locked on Beth’s butt hole, watching in delight as it stretched obscenely wide to allow the strap on to slide out of it and then back into it, the brunette establishing a slow but steady rhythm as she… as she began butt fucking the Glamazon.

Butt fucking Beth. She was butt fucking Beth. She, little AJ Lee, was butt fucking the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. The Alpha female of the WWE divas was bent over and taking AJ’s big strap on dick up her fat ass.

Those words, or some variation of them, echoed in AJ’s mind for hours. Literally. She glanced over at the clock to check that they were slowly ticking by, AJ never more glad than she was at that moment for her years in the WWE women’s locker room where she learned to have incredible stamina. It was a mandatory requirement for a WWE diva so they could cope with the demands of their forever horny co-workers. Of course AJ’s stamina wasn’t infinite, but luckily she had a way around that.

“You know what? I’m tired of doing all the work. Start pushing yourself back against me.” AJ ordered, immediately halting her thrusting and then when Beth didn’t immediately do as she was told the weaker girl smacked the stronger girl’s ass as hard as she could, making one of the Glamazon’s ass cheeks jiggle, “Come on bitch, I said move it! Move that fat ass!”

Immediately Beth turned her head to give AJ a look which had never failed to make the receiver tremble and stumble over their words. Until now that was, the fact AJ had a strap on up the Glamazon’s ass clearly making the smaller girl brave. Or stupid considering it only fuelled Beth’s rage, the powerful blonde more determined than ever to make AJ pay for this.

Unfortunately for Beth she was currently bound by diva law to do whatever AJ said so with cheeks flushing in embarrassment the mighty Glamazon began slowly pushing herself back and forth, which earned her another smack to her ass and praise from the tiny brunette, “Yes, that’s it! Bounce that fat ass on my dick! Mmmmmmm fuck yeah, bounce it! Harder! I wanna see those big juicy cheeks of yours jiggling as you ride my fucking cock! Mmmmmm fuck, you really do have a great ass Beth. Ohhhhh Gawwwwd, it feels so good jiggling against my thighs. Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkk yessssss, I love the feeling of Beth Phoenix’s big bubble butt jiggling against my thighs as she bounces her no longer virgin ass hole on my cock! I love the feeling of The Glamazon impaling her own ass for my amusement! I love having the Alpha female of the WWE taking it up the ass for me!”

Ignoring AJ’s words Beth concentrated on what was important, not under any circumstances allowing herself to moan.

Again Beth had known a certain amount of pleasure was inevitable however it was embarrassing just how quickly the agonising pain turned into a dull ache and then to pleasure which became increasingly hard to ignore. And sure, Beth usually prided herself on the fact that even by the super high standards of the WWE divas her stamina had been called almost superhuman by many of her conquests however for once her stamina had betrayed her because while she had been so busy pretending there was no part of her which was enjoying being fucked in the ass the pleasure inside her just kept building and building. Places deep inside her bowels which had never been stimulated before were now suddenly experiencing the thrill of being rubbed by a large cock, even the stretching of her anal walls suddenly pleasurable to the degraded Glamazon.

This left Beth with a humiliating dilemma. If she continued on like this she would cum just from the gentle ass fucking but… but part of Beth didn’t feel like she could wait another second to cum, however she wasn’t sure she could bear begging for a hard rectum wrecking. At the same time the former women’s and diva’s champion was terrified of just how powerful her climaxes would be if AJ started wrecking her rectum. Either way Beth knew it was only a matter of time before she had to suffer the indignity of cumming like a submissive bitch, and the powerful blonde was worried what such humiliation might do to her.

In the end the choice was taken out of her hands when a moan finally escaped her lips, leading AJ to smack Beth’s butt and joyfully cry out, “Yes! You love this don’t you? You love taking it up the ass! Say it! Say it and I’ll let you cum!”

Gritting her teeth Beth debated this for what felt like an eternity before finally mumbling, “I love taking it up the ass.”

Smacking Beth’s ass AJ demanded, “Louder! Say it like you mean it!”

“I love taking it up the ass.” Beth said more firmly.

“LOUDER!” AJ yelled with another smack to Beth’s behind.

“I LOVE TAKING IT UP THE ASS!” Beth screamed.


“I’M YOUR ASS WHORE!” Beth screamed even louder.

“YOU’RE MY BITCH!” AJ pushed.

“I’M YOUR BITCH!” Beth cried out.

Having to say such things utterly humiliated the Glamazon but it almost seemed worth it thanks to the overwhelming pleasure that filled her body. Beth honestly thought she was cumming for a few seconds before realising the ecstasy she was feeling wasn’t an orgasm, it was just the incredible sensation of AJ beginning to fuck her ass again, this time slowly speeding up her thrusts until the little pipsqueak was pounding her pooper as hard as she could. And Beth only truly realised this much later as all of a sudden she was attacked by something far stronger than any orgasm she’d ever known, the mighty Glamazon becoming a complete wreck as her cum squirted violently from her cunt.

AJ was used to turning Kaitlyn into a Bucking Bronco whenever she fucked her girlfriend in the ass. However while Kaitlyn was far bigger and stronger than AJ the blonde with the dark highlights had nothing on the power of the Glamazon. As such AJ was extremely proud of herself for holding on as long as she did but ultimately she was knocked backwards, landing on her back on the bed, her dildo coming out of Beth’s butt hole with a loud pop.

Given Beth’s reluctance to bend over in the first place it seemed this would be the end which made AJ extremely sad, however to her shock Beth immediately grabbed hold of the dildo, positioned her ass hole over it and forced the fake cock back inside her bowels. Then Beth leaned back so she was almost resting against AJ’s body with her arms and legs stretched out, then in that position the powerful blonde began using all of her strength to hammer her own butt hole up and down on the dick.

For a few seconds AJ was too stunned to analyse what was going on, then once the ability to think returned to her she quickly concluded that Beth was so overwhelmed by anal lust that she wasn’t thinking about her actions, just simply doing whatever necessary to satisfy her new anal need. Of course AJ had seen Beth lose herself in her desires before, however all those other times the intimidating blonde had been in control. Now she was completely out of control and giving into her submissive side in a way that AJ would have never imagined. Hell, most WWE divas didn’t think Beth had a submissive side, but here it was and it was relentlessly slamming itself up and down on AJ’s cock to make itself cum over and over again.

Of course even the legendary stamina of the Glamazon had its limits and eventually Beth came crashing down on top of AJ, the two WWE divas just lying there for what felt like an eternity. However while Beth’s amazing stamina had finally run out AJ’s hadn’t, the little diva grinning wickedly as she rolled the WWE Alpha female over onto her side and then snuggled up behind her.

When Beth finally returned to her senses she found she was whimpering like a little bitch, her entire body still shaking from the after-shocks of the biggest orgasms of her life. Not that Beth had the mental and physical energy to stop herself, that fact just as humiliating as how hard she had cum while being ass fucked and how all that pleasure had turned her into a mindless anal whore.

To add insult to injury Beth found she was being spooned which was another degrading first for her. She hadn’t really liked to cuddle with men, and she only occasionally did it with women to show her dominance. The spooning position was great for that, Beth often leaving her strap on buried in her victim’s ass overnight or at least allowing it to lay between them as she spooned the other woman from behind, either way the toy being a constant reminder that there were more ass poundings to come. Now Beth was on the bottom. She… she was the little spoon while AJ was the big spoon, such a ridiculous thing considering their height difference.

Just when Beth didn’t think it could get any worse AJ began gently sawing her strap on in and out of the blonde’s butt hole, the mighty Glamazon letting out a pathetic little cry and whimper as her incredibly sore shit hole was once again turned into a fuck hole. Luckily Beth was able to prevent herself from the indignity of begging for mercy, and for better or worse the pain quickly faded and while the pleasure that replaced it had nothing on the ecstasy Beth had so recently experienced it was still really intense, so much so that no matter how hard she tried the powerful blonde couldn’t stop herself from moaning loudly as AJ began fucking her in the ass again.

“Did you think I was done Beth?” AJ taunted playfully in between gently nipping at Beth’s ear, “Did you think I was done fucking your big sexy dyke ass? Because I’m not. Mmmmmmm, I’m not done fucking the Glamazon up the ass. I’m not done ass fucking the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. I’m not done fucking your ass! And I’m not going to be done until your ass hole is gaping so wide that I’ll know just from looking at it that you’re not going to be able to sit for a week! Until then get used to the feeling of my dick up your butt Beth, because honestly, I think I could fuck this big sexy dyke ass all night long!”

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