Drew had known Jessica for quite a few years, and he’d always lusted for her. In all the time of their friendship she’d never been single, and so he always considered her unavailable. But still they talked and flirted (Jessica really was SUCH a flirt), and every time Drew spent time with her he’d go home wishing he’d just ignored her relationship status and gone for it, especially now that she was with this new guy and had an open arrangement. There were countless nights where Drew would lay in bed remembering the gentle pressure of her hand on his thigh, or the secret glimpse that he’d catch of the tops of her soft white breasts. Never really intending to, Drew would often find himself stroking his penis to thoughts of touching or licking Jessica’s perfect C-cups. It wasn’t until a year ago that Drew learned something about Jessica that would change his fantasies forever. It happened late one night when they were chatting online, Jessica seemed distracted; her normal fast and witty responses taking upwards of five minutes, and her answers being short at best and “lol” most often. Drew tried quite a few times to ask her what was going on, but she was elusive for some time. Finally, with the promise of a sushi lunch and eternal secret keeping, Jessica admitted she was writing. A few more nudges and promises later Drew learned that Jess was writing erotic fiction. Drew felt butterflies in his stomach as he pleaded with Jess to share her story with him. She was adamant in her refusal though, explaining that she couldn’t share something so rough and unfinished. Instead she linked a different one. A short story about a couple’s first intimate encounter. Drew read it through three or four times before telling her how wonderful her writing was. The whole time he felt the stomach butterflies moving lower and lower until the tingling was entirely between his legs.

Over the next few months Drew obsessively checked his “Jess” bookmark to see if she uploaded new stories. He noticed her posting frequency would get higher when he’d plant ideas in their conversations…and so his late night chats with her began to bend more and more to the sexual. It worked like a charm, in one month she’d posted twelve stories all beautifully written and vividly descriptive. Drew also noticed one other thing…her stories were rough. Very rough. But not in an unfinished way. Jess’ imagination liked degradation, humiliation, and forced sex bordering on rape. Drew had never really thought of sex as being anything but a sensitive and soft blending of caring between to lovers. With the discovery of Jessica’s stories, his idea on sex began to change. By the end of her tales he was furiously masturbating to the ideas of tying a woman up and using her every hole for his own personal needs. He relished in the idea of finding a cum slut who would get off on the rough treatment, just like the women in Jessica’s writing. His questions to her became more graphic and pressing, as he tried to get an idea for where her tales came from and how she learned the things she did.

Late one night after a good dinner of sushi and quite a bit of sake, Drew was driving Jess home and of course the conversation had come around to her stories. He asked her about some of his favorite stories, she looked so cute when she blushed while talking about them. Drew was surprised to learn that every story she’d ever written was based either from one of her dreams or from a fantasy she’d had. Jess confided in him that half the time she had to stop halfway through a story to play with herself because she’d be so turned on she couldn’t focus on what she was writing. The more the two of them talked the more he felt the familiar ache for her between his legs. Their conversation tapered off a bit as she stared out the window lost in her drunken thoughts. Drew stole glances of her, sitting so calmly in his passenger seat. He admired the way her jeans hugged her curves just right, and stole glimpses where the buttons on her blouse had stretched just enough so he could see the lace outline of her bra. As Jessica sighed heavily, Drew watched the rise and fall of her chest a little too long, and had to slam on his breaks to avoid hitting a car that had pulled out in front of him. When she didn’t react he knew she’d fallen asleep. He was less than a block from her home, which he knew was empty since her current boyfriend was out of state visiting family. Drew’s lustful side briefly considered swinging around taking her to his house and doing everything he’d imagined in the past few months…but his rational side won out as he pulled into her driveway.

Putting the car in park and killing the engine, Drew gave a silent prayer of thanks that she was actually asleep. He didn’t think he could stand it if she saw the large bulge that had developed in his pants. He knew he’d be too embarrassed to talk to her after that. After all, they were friends first, always had been. He laughed to himself as he got out and walked around to the passenger side; but what if? Drew fished for her keys in her purse, and being nearly twice her size, it was easy for him to lift her out of the car. Jess wrapped her arms around his neck, nuzzling down into him. Again he thought about taking her back to his place and again his “friend” side won out. Drew reluctantly walked toward her front door. Juggling both Jess and the two sets of keys as he unlocked the door he was surprised to hear her moan in his ear…”nnnnoooo…..dooon’t”. She writhed a bit in his arms and settled back down again. Drew closed the door behind him and carried Jess back to her room. The lights were off throughout the house, but he’d been here so often he navigated it perfectly. He laid her down on her bed and started to tuck her in. Her laptop was sitting open on one side where she’d left it, and when he lifted it to move it to the desk it came to life. On the screen was her latest story. Unable to resist, Drew sat down on the edge of the bed and started reading from the top of the displayed page.

“…She felt his rough hands pushing her legs apart again. Her pussy gaped open, abused and dripping the cum of one of the five guys standing around the room. She honestly didn’t know which. She hurt everywhere, her shoulders from having her arms tied above her head, her jaw from being held open by the gag, her ass from where John had whipped her, her clit from where they’d decided to pierce her just moments earlier…and of course her pussy which had had more cocks in it tonight than it had in her entire life before. The man with the scar on his face loomed before her again, smiling a lecherous smile of someone who knows he’s just about won. She moaned behind the ball in her mouth and tried to turn away but scarface grabbed her throat, holding her head still. She could feel his dick sliding in and out of her well lubricated puss, but she hardly noticed through the other man’s slime. Lights flashed before her eyes as her oxygen level plunged dangerously low. She tried to call out, to cry, to beg…but nothing made it past the round piece of rubber wedged between her teeth. The room danced and spun as she felt his finger growing tighter and tighter around her neck. Something sharp bit at her nipple, bringing her back to reality momentarily but it wasn’t enough to hold her there, and she could feel herself slipping away under the weight of…”

Drew’s cock was so hard it hurt. He’d always lusted for Jess as a person, but now he wanted her in so many more ways. Her unfinished story left so much to his imagination. He stood up slowly, knowing the tightness of his pants would press against his aching hard-on and cause it to pain even more. He had to have release and he wouldn’t make it home, he’d have to do it in the bathroom down the hall…he leaned over Jess to make sure she was sleeping. That’s when he noticed how hard her nipples were, and the smell….the smell of sex emanating from her body. Hesitantly, he reached out to softly caress one of her nipples. She moaned and writhed again. A small “pleeease” escaped her lips. Drew couldn’t help himself, he was in such a state. He had to have her…and now. His friend side screamed for caution…after all, he didn’t want to lose her…and that’s when his passion side came up with an idea. She wrote the fantasies…she should have it. He moved quietly and quickly around the room, gathering things…a silk scarf and two pantyhose from her closet, lube from her dresser drawer…where he also found a vibrating egg with wireless remote he didn’t know she had. His first act was to tie the scarf around her face, covering her eyes completely. Then, straddling her in case she woke up, he braced himself on his knees and started to tie her arms to the bed frame with the pantyhose. She struggled quietly beneath him, as if her dream and waking state were starting to meld, but remained asleep.

Drew took a deep breath, it wasn’t too late to back out…she’d never know what he was considering. Then he thought, maybe just one glance at her breasts before he left. Just so he’d have a better image. Then he’d untie her and jack off out in his car where it was safer. He quickly undid the buttons of her blouse, and it fell open invitingly. Her bra was one of those that closed behind her back…he hadn’t thought about that. But then…he hadn’t seriously thought he’d be doing any of this. He pushed the thin lace material up over her mounds and her breasts fell out with a light jiggle. There they were, out for the world to see…and just as perfect as he’d always imagined. Smooth and milky white, with nipples the size of pencil erasers. He pinched one before he could stop himself, and he smiled as her hips thrust involuntarily under him. He pinched the second with his other hand and her hips thrust again. “Donnnn’t” she moaned again, followed by another “pleeeease”. His lustful side rose again and he started massaging and squeezing her breasts like ripe melons. She squirmed and moaned at his ministrations, all the while the smell of sex in the room growing stronger. Unable to hold back, he quickly unzipped the fly on his pants and pulled out his member. It was longer and harder than he’d seen it be in years, and already dripping precum. The pain of being bound by the pants was soon replaced by the ache of need. Drew leaned forward and tentatively rubbed his shaft between Jess’ beauties. When she didn’t scream out, he thrust harder, squeezing them together to form a masturbatory tunnel that satisfied nearly every curiosity he had about her chest. He twisted and pinched her nipples roughly as his excitement heightened, and he came fast, covering her chest and chin in thick white ropes of gism.

Feeling a little ashamed, he dismounted quickly and went to the restroom to get some toilet paper to clean her off. But he wasn’t ready for what he found when he came back into the room. Jess was awake, breathing quickly. The smell of sex still hung in the air, but now there was something else…fear? Excitement? Drew wasn’t sure. Her nipples were as pert as they were when he left, and he stood there a moment admiring the way his cum slowly oozed down the side of her breast onto her shirt underneath. It took him a second to realize she was talking…

“Who’s there?” Please…answer me? Why are you doing this? Please…just take what you want and go.”

Drew hesitated, he didn’t want to scare her, not really…but he so loved her fantasies…and they were hers after all. She’d told him as much only an hour before. He moved across the room with determination, afraid any more hesitation would change his mind. When he reached the end of the bed he didn’t say a word he simply undid her pants and pulled them and her panties off swiftly. The jeans he tossed aside, the panties he stuffed in her mouth to muffle her screams. He lubed up the egg and pushed it against her sopping wet hole. She kicked her legs trying to push him away, but he was bigger than her, and her struggles were ineffective. Her puss sucked the egg in quickly and for a moment he was afraid it was going to go too far in. But the cord hung out with plenty of room to pull. He hit the single button on the remote and she screamed in panic. He knew it wasn’t hurting her, so he figured she was just scared. Drew left the room, shutting the bedroom door loudly behind him.

Seeing her panic like that made him lose his nerve. He knew that was what the fantasy was about, but he found that living it out was a lot harder than he’d imagined it would be. Drew paced around the house a few times trying to figure out what to do…he could leave now. Just go home…she still wouldn’t know it was him, he could claim he put her on the couch and left…feign that he forgot to lock the door behind him. Then he remembered her boyfriend was out of town…he wouldn’t be back for three days. No one would be there to discover her. He couldn’t leave her like that. After what seemed like hours, Drew walked down the hall again, stopping outside her room. He glanced down at the small pink remote in his hand. The red light was on, a steady glowing reminder that he was raping his friend via a little electronic egg. Disgusted with himself, he hit the button again to turn it off. A second red light came on and he heard another muffled screaming moan from in the room. The egg had multiple settings he listened to her moan for a while…intrigued, he hit the button again…a third light came on and he heard a third scream from the room…though it was beginning to sound much more like a moan. He cracked the door a bit so he could see what was happening. Jessica was twisting on the bed, legs clenched together. She’d turned herself over and seemed to be grinding down into the mattress. Her firm round ass rose and fell above the covers…her hands clenched at the nylons binding her down. Sweat glistened on her forehead and her skin was a deep shade of red. Drew hit the button again…the three red lights started flashing and Jess full on moaned through her panties. She pushed down into the bed harder, rubbing her legs together in a primal fashion. She looked so raw, so desperate. He felt his lustful side spring to life again…both in his brain and in his crotch.

With long fast strides he crossed to the bed again. Grabbing her by the ankles, he spun her around so she was once again on her back. Jess tried to say something, but it was muted by the panties. Drew decided it was “please”. He pushed her legs apart roughly, dropping the remote on the bed, and latched onto her clit with his mouth. He alternated sucking, licking, and nibbling on to her hard wet nub, lashing at it with his tongue with abandon. Jess moaned again and thrust her hips up into his face. He reached up with his left hand, hoping to gather some of his drying cum off her chest. He found nothing, he guessed it must have rubbed off on the bedspread. He wasn’t too concerned though, she was dripping around that egg…he wet two of his fingers with her juices and reached back up to rub it on her nipples. Jess moaned again loudly. With his right hand Drew began to pull the vibrating egg back and forth to simulate thrusting, hoping she would respond to that even more. And his efforts were rewarded, Jess’ whole body began to shudder uncontrollably and she was soon screaming through her panties and bucking against his face. He stayed latched on though, pinching her nipple hard and biting at her clit when she tried to pull away. It was obvious to Drew that she’d cum, and he wanted her to do it again. A fast hard shudder through her body a few minutes later told Drew he’d done his job so far. He let go of her nipple and clit and sat back on his heels. kneeling between her feet at the end of the bed.

Jess started trying to talk again, and this time he decided to let her. He removed the panties from her mouth and waited patiently as she wiggled her jaw, adjusting the muscles. Drew expected her to ask to be let go again, but was pleasantly surprised when she instead started begging for his cock. Drew couldn’t count the nights he’d rubbed himself imagining just this situation…and now here he was watching the woman he’d lusted after for so long beg him. He wanted so badly to just dive right in, he’d imagined sliding his dick into her in so many ways. But he hesitated again…after all, this was about her fantasy too. And hers didn’t end so easily. He stood up, removing his clothes completely and instead of climbing back between her legs he straddled her head facing her feet. Without saying a word, Drew began to rub his ball sack on her face, letting her feel the closely trimmed hair run from her forehead to her mouth. When he got there he stopped, Jess’ warm breath heated his sack, and he could feel his short hairs moving quickly with every exhale. He pushed down once, then again, on the third down press she got the idea and opened wide to suck his nuts into her mouth. Her warm wetness enveloped his sack, and her eager tongue darted out steadily grazing against the base of his dick. He was teasing her, he knew…but she wanted that. Every written fantasy said so. He pulled back a bit and waited, when Jess whimpered he pushed his balls back into her mouth. The whole time he was doing this, Drew played with her nipples and breasts. Sometimes mashing them together and squeezing them roughly, sometimes lightly flicking her nipples to see the response. It was lovely…Jess had the most amazingly sensitive nipples he’d ever touched. Drew wondered if they were really the way to control her sexual responses.

His dick started to ache with that urgent need again…the one that caused him to lose his mind and take advantage of his friend. The one he knew he couldn’t ignore. Drew shifted his weight, leaning down over her body and roughly shoved his cock down to her throat. Jess gagged and started to whimper around his meat. He held it there for longer than he normally would have…but he wanted them both to have the full experience. When she started to seem to panic he pulled back just enough for her to breathe. For being unable to use her hands, Jess gave an amazing blow job. Drew thought she was born to be a cock sucker the way she went at him…and he could tell she loved it. He decided to reward her efforts by licking slowly again at her clit. Long, firm strokes that ended at her dripping hole where the egg was still vibrating madly. Every time he hit her clit she would moan around his dick and he swore he could feel it in every inch of his body. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to lose his load down her throat; and he wasn’t sure he could recover in time to enjoy her in every way he’d imagined. Drew paced himself, and waited until it seemed Jess was about to cum again and stopped. He pulled away swiftly, rolling off the bed and landing on his feet on the floor. He spotted the remote where he’d dropped it and picked it up. Hitting the button again turned off the egg…satisfied, he left the room. Jess cried out in despair thinking he was done. But Drew wasn’t done by a long shot, he just wanted a two minute time out.

He wondered into the kitchen and got a bottle of water from the fridge. He glanced at his reflection on the kitchen window glass. It felt like someone alien looking back at him. He’d never done anything even remotely like this before, he’d never even been rough with a woman. But now, he felt empowered and ready to take on anything. Drew took a swig of water and flexed some muscles at his reflection. A whole new man was going home tonight, old Drew was gone.

When he got back to Jessica’s bedroom she looked like she’d been crying. A momentary concern flashed across his mind just before she started screaming for him to fuck her….hard. And really that was all he wanted to hear. He finished off the water, tossed the bottle on the floor and practically dove between her legs. Feeling his dick slide into her was like slipping into a warm welcoming wet blanket. Her muscles contracted tightly around him, squeezing and releasing in an unsteady rhythm. Jess wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her and holding him there for a moment. Drew was lost in an instant where sex, lust, and desire culminated into the most primal passion. Nothing else in the world mattered…not losing a friendship, not who would be upset, not even if Jess’ boyfriend was coming home early. All of his previous doubts were abated in that one perfect moment. Her moans snapped him out of his mind and focused him right where he really wanted to be, his cock. He grabbed her ankles from behind his back and spread them wide above his shoulders. With little ceremony he began slamming into her, his balls slapping against her ass as each thrust landed home. Jess thrust her hips back, rubbing her clit on him whenever they came in contact. Sweat poured from both of their bodies as they moaned and grunted through their movements. Drew felt the tightening and tingling that he knew singled that it would be over all too soon, and he worried for a moment that she wouldn’t finish before he did. Her guttural howl a moment later told him otherwise, and as he felt her pussy spasm around him he released the beginning of a great flood of cum into her. After two spurts splashed against Jessica’s cervix, he pulled out and aimed higher…hitting her stomach chest and face each once before finally running dry. Jess moaned and writhed and shuddered…then licked her lips, tasting his fluids. She smiled for a moment then asked again to be let go.

Tonight’s prey was becoming hard to locate. Lynk had noticed the remarkable man whilst on his third drink. About to call it a night, he had seen the man looking over from the other side of the bar with such intensity Lynk knew he wasn’t just admiring the shirt he wore.

The man was sat with a woman. Pretty, but not enough to change his selected prey. On closer inspection Lynk noticed that neither of the pair wore a wedding band, but in this day and age that was nothing strange, though it would take a lot more than nuptials to turn Lynk off. The man caught Lynk staring over and they held each other’s gaze before the man turned, smiling at his female companion.

Definitely interested.

About Lynk’s height, he guessed, watching the couple converse. Pale eyes, hard to tell the colour at this distance. Dark haired in contrast, slightly shaggy with a gentle curl, longer than the traditional short office cut most people hosted in places this upscale.

Before Lynk could speculate any further, he turned to the bar and ordered another drink, swearing internally at the price that appeared on his ID screen as he swiped it over the reader. When he turned back his seemingly more available prey had vanished. Lynk swore again. Their vacated chairs and empty glasses were soon tidied by circulating staff members.

Too late. He drank to his bad luck, swallowing the disappointment. Thinking the night was over as no one more promising came into view, Lynk finished his drink. His mission to find someone new he hadn’t fucked in this city was proving difficult and expensive. Having more money didn’t make you anymore fuckable was Lynk’s opinion and it had been proven true tonight. Maybe he should go to his regular haunts and try to pick up an out-of-towner.

His increasingly depressed libido was suddenly lifted as he caught sight of his dark haired, pale eyed wonder, alone and definitely fuckable. Much better view, Lynk noted, seeing the tight, high arse complemented by the snug fitting jeans, in perfect proportion with his broad shoulders. Now closer to the bar, the harsh lighting no longer distorted his colouring: olive skin and green eyes, always a favourite of Lynk’s.

The man made his way to the bar. Lynk thought he was heading his way, but instead the man sat a few seats away and ordered another drink. Intrigued, Lynk stayed and watched as the man pulled out his ID screen and something Lynk had only ever seen in an antique store or museum, a paper notepad and ink pen. The man was drawing more than just Lynk’s attention at this point as he scrolled and enlarged the image on his screen. He started to write with the pen. As more eyes observed the man’s strange activity, Lynk decided to act. Taking the remainder of his drink over Lynk asked, “Mind if I join you?”

Without turning the man checked his Rolex, “Three minutes and fifty-six seconds.”


“I wondered how long it would take you to come over.”

Cocky bastard. “What made you so sure I would?”

“I wasn’t. I took a gamble. You seemed hesitant when I first saw you looking over, so I thought I’d give you the opportunity. However, after the first two minutes I gave up and thought I’d catch up on some work.”

Being read so well by a stranger almost made Lynk retreat, but curiosity gave him pause, “Work?”

“Yes. Would you like to see?” He gestured to the notepad, pen and ID screen.

Lynk leaned in, brushing his forearm against the other man’s, enjoying the goose-bumps erupting over his flesh as he turned the notepad to face him. The texture surprised him, he’d expected paper to be rough, but instead it was smooth apart from where the pen had marked it which felt somewhat like a brail ID screen. He rubbed his forefinger and thumb together expecting the ink to mark his skin.

Lynk caught the man smiling at his ministrations. He leaned in further, getting a better look at the image on the ID screen and pressing his chest against the man’s back. A photograph of more written words in a font and language that was completely unknown to Lynk. The paper in the image on which it was written looked even older than the pad in front of him.

“What do you do?” Lynk never usually asked unless it was part of his pickup plan, but the question fell out of his mouth before he could stop it.

The man took back his ID screen and pad, gliding his fingers along Lynk’s, and pocketed them, “Antique Restoration, specifically books, especially books.”

“I thought all this stuff became obsolete and unsustainable after the war destroyed the world’s forests.”

“Yes, but my sister always manages to find an unused notepad for my birthday. The image you saw was a vellum page from an ancient, handmade, hand written, Bible, circa 1350, originating from France.”

“Bible? Religious texts are banned under the Restriction of Harmful Information Act after the terrorist revolt of 2561″

“Also correct, but for the wealthy collectors of such materials there are always loopholes. In this instance the book is written in Latin, a dead language and therefore deemed un-harmful. You seem to know a lot about it.” He arched his eyebrow at Lynk.

“Lawyer.” Lynk said simply.

The terrorist revolt had been in fact a religious revolt. In the first half of the millennia, when the extreme climate change had taken its toll on the world, religious leaders cried out that it was their God punishing the evils of the world. For many years they were ignored until the constant series of floods, droughts, tsunamis, heat waves and electrical storms had bought the human race to its knees. People began to believe the zealots, promising salvation through belief. Gaining power over the government until they became the government, leaders clashed, fighting for their different causes, terrorist attacks threw the world into new chaos. Finally war broke out. They brought about their own apocalypse.

After years of fighting and uncountable deaths, the different sects had nearly died out, with the innocents and bystanders crying out for an end, seeking new government and reforms. New technology had made life sustainable again and the with the world’s population almost cut in half, a new party arose, small at first, taking it upon themselves to execute the remaining trouble makers. Gaining followers by supporting logic and development, their reform stuck. With the people of the world living in hope again, they followed the new law without complaint. Religious texts were destroyed with vigour along with anything deemed harmful by the new government.

England 2.0 was born from the ashes left by the extremists. ID screens were issued to everyone creating freedom through control. They held everything from medical records and bank details to the gaudiest parts of the Internet and the routes automated taxis took. Electronics ruled. Paper and ink were forgotten along with more of the old world.

“I thought writing was a dead talent. Where did you learn?” Lynk asked.

“My great grandfather was an artist, particularly the art of writing: calligraphy. Everyone in my family knows how, but I’m the only one to apply it to a career.”

Spoiled rich kid, Lynk thought, maybe he was wasting his time.

After a moment of silence, the man said, “So do you think you know enough about me now to fuck?”

Lynk was taken aback for a moment, but managed to get the dumb look off his face before the guy turned to look at him directly. Lynk held out his hand, which the other man took automatically. Staring into his light green eyes, he said, “I’m Lynk.”

The man smiled, “Stephen.”

“Nice to meet you Stephen. Did you have somewhere special in mind?”

Stephen wet his lips before answering, “How about my place? It’s close by.”


Book restoration, Lynk thought, must be much more lucrative than his own job in the legal department at the Control and Development of New Technology. As he walked open mouthed into the apartment, which may have been a doorway into the past. It was open plan, like most places. It had a kitchen, dining, and living area, like most places. But looked like something out of a period drama, which period Lynk was unsure, something from the last millennia.

“Nice place.” Lynk said absently. Turning back to Stephen, he watched as he reactivated his security system, pressing his thumb print to the screen and scanning his retina. Not satisfied with that, Stephen took out an iron key, fitted it into an equally old fashioned padlock. Lynk watched with mild fascination.

“Isn’t that a bit pointless?” Lynk asked gesturing to the lock.

“One can never be too careful.” Stephen answered placing the key into a large wooden bowl, real or synthetic Lynk couldn’t guess, holding a mass of keys of a similar design and age. “But in truth, I just like the look of it.” He smiled at his bizarre collection.

The place was very clean, not a speck of dust and everything in its place. Mostly dark, wooden furniture and more than likely all original, Lynk asked if so.

“Yes, well, mostly. I restored most of it, but some things cannot be saved, so they are re-made.” He smiled fondly again.

“And the fireplace?” Lynk noticed its grand majesty in the living space. Most apartment complexes didn’t allow open, wood burning fires, deemed too hazardous for the home and environment. “Does it work?”

“Yes. Being on the top floor does have its privileges. As for the logs they are ceramic and I had a hard time converting it to work with non-fossil fuels.” Stephen proceeded with a demonstration and lit the fire. The size of the flames made Lynk blink until his eyes adjusted to the new flickering light. He watched the flames dance and lick against one another, enjoying the heat soaking into his skin. Utterly absorbed, he stopped himself from jumping a foot into the air when Stephen took hold of his shoulders.

“Take your coat?” he asked. “Unless you plan on leaving already.”

Lynk leant back allowing Stephen to slide off his jacket then turned to watch him fold it carefully over the sofa arm. Stephen had already removed his own coat, shoes and socks. The first three buttons of his shirt were also unfastened revealing the hollow of his throat.

“Would you like a drink?” The question was pointless, as Stephen was already making quick work of undoing the rest of his buttons.

Words dried in Lynk’s mouth as he gazed at Stephen’s bare torso. He was probably the fittest book worm Lynk had ever seen. His olive skin made his already heavily defined six pack look even more so. Lynk couldn’t resist stroking the back of his fingers along Stephen’s chest and stomach, watching the dark nipples harden and the air catch in the smaller man’s throat.

“You don’t do this often.” It wasn’t a question.

It took a moment for Stephen to focus his eyes and clear his throat. “What, bring strange men back to my apartment? No, but my sister insisted I come out before I become an official hermit.”

Sister. Lynk thought back to the bar. He hadn’t noticed the resemblance.

“But aren’t you worried? You said yourself, I am a stranger. How do you know I won’t kill you and steal your valuables?” Lynk watched Stephen shiver regardless of the heat from the fire.

“Highly unlikely. There are many cameras, very well hidden in accordance with the décor. Also, even if you cut off my thumb and pull out my eye, the police would have arrived by the time you found the right key.”

“I could break down the door.”

“You could try, but the door is re-enforced with steel, I had a friend of mine design and paint it to look eighteenth century.”

Rich people and their weird quirks.

“Besides,” Stephen continued, not taking his eyes off Lynk for a second, “the ‘valuables’ are secure, most of which are too heavy even for you to carry very far.”

“Almost makes me want to try.” Lynk raised his hand to Stephen’s throat and squeezed, giving him just enough room breathe. Stephen barely flinched, but his heart thumped hard against Lynk’s palm, and his breath shook. “Ah, you like the risk.” He rubbed his thumb over Stephen’s stubble free chin.

“Perhaps.” Stephen swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple struggled under Lynk’s hold.

Lynk added pressure and with little hesitation Stephen sank to his knees.

“Open your mouth.” Lynk commanded, pressing his fingers to Stephen’s lips, which parted slowly. “More.” He forced to fingers between Stephen’s teeth. Stephen whimpered and licked hungrily at Lynk’s prints.

Releasing Stephen’s throat long enough to open his trousers, Lynk freed his already swollen cock. Without further instruction Stephen replaced Lynk’s fingers with his cock, licking greedily at the oozing pre-come from the slit, before taking in the full length down to the root. Lynk gritted his teeth against the sudden onslaught of deep throating and proceeded to fuck Stephen’s mouth.

Lynk combed his fingers through Stephen’s hair, grabbing fistfuls, using more force than necessary to thrust down his throat. Stephen didn’t seem to mind as he let loose a deep groan that vibrated around Lynk’s cock.

After an evening of anticipating a mid-week fuck and now having this beautiful, eager man down on his knees, servicing his cock, Lynk was brimming on the edge of orgasm already. As much as he wanted to dirty the clean freak and this pristine apartment, he pulled back, enjoying watching Stephen desperately hold Lynk’s cock head in his mouth, nearly bringing him off.

“Stop.” Lynk said breathlessly.

Stephen’s talented tongue continued to play with him.

“I said stop.” With measured and controlled strength, Lynk slapped Stephen across the face, hard enough to make him fall back on his heels in surprise, but not so hard that it stopped Stephen’s cock from being so. Lynk marvelled at the impressive bulge still in Stephen’s trousers. Lynk absently stroked the cheek he had reddened. Maybe it would leave a mark.

Lynk cleared his throat, “Where’s the bedroom?”

Stephen wet his lips before replying, “Upstairs.”

Obvious really.

“Good. Go up there and wait for me.”

“Is this the part where you try to rob me?”

Lynk slapped the other cheek just as hard. Stephen went silent. “Move.” Lynk ordered. He fought to keep a straight face as he watched Stephen comply on weak legs.

Once Stephen was out of sight he took the chance to catch his breath. He knew the longer he left his tasty meal waiting, the more scared he’d get about Lynk filching his possessions.

He went to follow Stephen’s lead, but he paused seeing the notepad Stephen had been working on earlier. For a moment he couldn’t read it, there was no recognisable font and though there was definitely a similar style it wasn’t consistent and sometimes there was scribbled out mistakes. Despite this Lynk couldn’t help but be impressed by the swirling, joint, sometimes messy writing.

The ink pen sat atop it and Lynk couldn’t stop himself from having a go. It was made of brittle, clear plastic with a dirty gold nib. Lynk had used a stylus on his ID screen before so he knew how to hold it, but when he tried to write his name his hand shook trying to control the rolling tip and he made a mess of it. Not wanting the leave evidence of his inadequacy for the cocky bastard to find later, Lynk ripped out the page, enjoying the sound it made. He wouldn’t miss one page.


Entering the vast bedroom was as shocking to his senses as the vast downstairs had been. Like the rest of the apartment the bedroom smelt earthy, layered with rich wood varnish and ink. It was stronger up here. Lynk inhaled the almost alien scents, enjoying the contrast from the usual re-recycled air in his office building, with the smell of overheated plastic and metal from the mass of machines powering his and everyone else’s life.

As far as he could tell the only electronics Stephen owned were his security system and ID screen. Maybe everything else was hidden in the décor along with the cameras.

Wood panelling covered the majority of the walls. As far as Lynk could tell, all the furniture was made of wood. Though it had been beautifully done, this along with the fireplace seemed like an accident waiting to happen.

Lynk expected to find Stephen under the covers of the huge, king size, four-poster bed, but he stood in the same state in which he had left Lynk: naked from the waist up and almost dangerously aroused.

Lynk wet his lips, almost not noticing a second fire flickering behind Stephen, setting his olive skin alight and darkening the contours of his muscles and cheekbones.

Rich bastard.

Lynk walked toward him, staring him down with a hard look. Once within reach, Lynk held Stephen’s jaw, forcing him to look into his eyes. They were the palest green Lynk had ever seen, that and his dark skin verified his high class breeding.

Breeding Rights were more likely to be granted if the couple were of different races, creating greater diversity in the gene pool made for more evolved and superior offspring, something the higher classes liked to flaunt.

Lynk kissed Stephen’s full lips, tasting the inside of his instantly responding mouth. The alcohol still held its sting on his tongue. The combined heat of the fire and the smaller man’s skin was becoming wonderfully uncomfortable. Time to up the ante.

Lynk took hold of Stephen’s wrist. Breaking the kiss he turned Stephen, pinning his arm up against his back, trapping him.

Stephen let out a protesting moan, trying to pull out of Lynk’s grip. “Ah! Lynk!”

It sounded delicious, Stephen pleading, calling his name. Lynk tightened his grip and clasped his free hand over Stephen’s mouth suppressing a cry of pain. He forced Stephen’s head back and whispered in his ear. “Shut the fuck up.” Stephen trembled at his words. “You like this don’t you. I could do anything I wanted to you, anything I like and you can’t stop me.”

That was only partially true. Undoubtedly, Lynk was the stronger of the two, but all upper class citizens were taught self-defence from a young age. Stephen seemed to have forgotten this. “I could hurt you if I wanted to.”

A very hard shudder vibrated through Stephen’s body. He gave quite a convincing attempted to escape before Lynk pulled his arm higher. Lynk trailed his hand down finding and pinching Stephen’s nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger and then reached down; satisfied that Stephen was still in the game, still hard in his trousers.

“Time to lose these I think. Slowly reach down and strip for me. I want to see you.”

Freeing Stephen’s arm, he immediately obeyed. Lynk tormented both nipples, pulling on them as Stephen’s shaking hands fought with his trousers. Once naked, Lynk had to marvel at the flawless skin and the fine muscles beneath. Lynk traced his fingers down Stephen’s spine and rested his palm on the perfect curve of his left arse cheek, smiling and the small mole just above the right.

Taking both wrists in one hand, Lynk pushed Stephen to the enormous bed. “Lean over.” He said in Stephen’s ear, to which he complied, rubbing his arse against Lynk’s crotch. Stretching Stephen’s arms apart Lynk said, “Hold onto the posts. Don’t you dare let go.”

With Stephen in place his muscles were tauter than before, bent over, head down in his expensive bed cover, arms and legs spread and his arse high in the air. His chest heaved and his hard cock jumped nearly hitting his stomach.

Lynk wanted to drag out the tormenting minutes and watch Stephen’s legs started to feel the strain, but found himself stripping off faster than Stephen had. He hadn’t noticed the perspiration making his shirt stick to his skin. With his clothes peeled off, he thanked the soft carpet for dampening his footfalls as he approached Stephen, knelt down between his open legs and licked his dangling balls. The noise that erupted from Stephen was somewhere between a squeal of surprise and a moan of desperation resulting in something far more primal. His hips bucked and he shamelessly wiggled his arse in Lynk’s face.

Lynk gave Stephen’s arse cheek a sharp slap, “Don’t move a fucking inch.”

Stephen let out a whimper as he steadied his body, limbs straight. Lynk massaged the skin he’d hit, then with both hands spread Stephen arse further, giving him a rather excellent view. He watched as the tight ring of muscle convulsed, pleading for his attention, of which he gave. He thumbed over the sensitive skin, feeling it try to suck him in. He licked from sac to spine before biting hard into the left arse cheek, hard enough to make Stephen whimper again. Now that would leave a mark.

Lynk flicked his tongue torturously gentle over the wriggled skin, drawing more delicious sounds from his victim. When Stephen’s legs began to shake Lynk finally probed further, tasting Stephen’s clean, musky insides. Pre-come dribbled from Stephen’s cock onto Lynk’s knee. Stephen hand jumped to his previously overlooked cock and nearly lost balance. Lynk retreated, grabbed for Stephen’s wrist and tore it from his cock.

“Stay still or I’ll break your fucking wrist.” Lynk held it high and he felt Stephen stiffen under his fingers. “Who the hell said you could touch yourself?”

Stephen was breathing hard, staring blankly at the bed spread.

“Answer me.” he pulled Stephen wrist harder, making him wince.

“No one.”

“So you’re not deaf. Good. I won’t have to repeat myself. Now hold onto the post or I won’t hesitate to break some bones. You know I can do it.”

Stephen nodded once.

“Good boy. Now do you want me to continue?”

He nodded again.

Instead of resuming his rimming, Lynk spat on his fingers and mixed it with Stephen’s oozing pre-come and drove his index finger into Stephen’s relaxed hole. Knuckle deep, Lynk twisted his finger, probing in and out until Stephen muffled his cries into the sheets. He added another finger with ease and took hold of Stephen’s balls and rolled them in his palm. Stephen’s nails were scratching at the dark wood, knuckles white.

Only when Stephen was crying out and his skin was slippery with sweat, did Lynk remove his fingers. Lynk nearly laughed at Stephen shaking body and still throbbing cock had he not been in a similar state.

He gently eased Stephen’s stiffened fingers from the bedpost and slowly straightened his body. Lynk let Stephen lean against his body, loving the feel his cock crushed between his stomach and Stephen’s arse. He kissed and bit at Stephen’s neck.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

Stephen let out a shaky breath.

“Kneel on the bed.” Lynk pushed him forward, until he climbed lethargically onto the bed on his hands and knees. Lynk maintained as much skin contact as possible; keeping hold of Stephen’s hip and sliding his cock between parted buttocks. Stephen rocked back to meet him.

“What do you want?”

Stephen pressed harder against him.

Lynk chuckled, “You have to ask me for it.”

“Please …”

Lynk ground harder into him. “What”

“Please … please fuck me.”

“As you wish.” Lynk plunged in with less grace than he intended, feeling as desperate as Stephen at this point. His own pre-come eased his entrance.

Stephen groaned, deep and primitive, slowly turning into a scream when Lynk was balls deep inside him. Lynk nearly shot right then and there, but held himself together and started to fuck deeply into Stephen. Stephen’s arse seemed to be made for Lynk’s cock, perfect shape, perfect heat, perfect tightness pressing around him. Stephen met his every thrust with exquisite precision, pushing him closer to the edge.

Lynk pushed in harder and Stephen matched him. He leant over Stephen’s sweat slick body and took hold of his cock. He pumped it in time with his thrusts and soon Stephen was screaming through his well awaited orgasm, thoroughly dirtying the expensive sheets. Lynk wasn’t far behind swearing through the pleasure as his balls tightened and white light filled his vision. He came hard, thrusting every last vibrating shot deep into Stephen.

Still inside Stephen, they both collapsed, sweat soaked and undeniably satisfied. Once his heart had calmed, Lynk rolled away and promptly fell asleep.


Lynk awoke, warm under masses of sheets smelling of unfamiliar detergent, but too tired to question it, he rolled over and intended to sleep longer. However, a white light was shining through his closed eyelids. Squinting into the disturbing light, last night’s fuck came back to him with blissful clarity.

The light was coming from a door he hadn’t noticed, no wonder as it was opposite the fireplace and bed where the majority of his focus had been last night. Curiosity and the lack of another body in the bed, forced Lynk from the warmth. Unashamedly naked, with his morning being more than glorious, he padded his way over.

Lynk adjusted his eyes to the blinding light. Stephen was full of surprises. Through the door there was another room. How big was this place? The first thoughts that came to Lynk’s mind were laboratory or maybe hospital room. Everything was white, eye meltingly so. Every surface, desktop, floor, ceiling, walls, screen and pieces of equipment were almost inseparable in the same pristine white.

The only oddity in the room was the dark figure sat apparently in mid-air. Stephen sat naked facing away from Lynk. His ID screen rested expanded before him, magnifying the image. Stephen highlighted a section and it pixelated, then he wrote down a note with a stylus and without a touchscreen keypad, onto the clean desk.

Getting bored of just watching, Lynk edged his way into the room. He took only three steps before his shin collided with something equally as invisible as Stephen’s seat.


Stephen jumped a foot from his seat and turned to the intruder rubbing his injury.

“How did you get in?” Lynk saw real fear and anger in Stephen’s expression for the first time and it only aggravated him.

“The door was open. What the fuck is this place?”

“My office. I never leave the door open.”

“Well this time you did. What the hell did I hit?”

“Oh, give me a minute.” Stephen minimised his screen then somehow lifted his written words from the desk and placed them into a draw, which promptly disappeared.

Lynk’s mind clicked. “A hologram room.”

“Yes, a database holding hologram room.”

“What’s the difference?”

“It’s like a computer memory where I can store almost unlimited information by storing it in different places in the room.”

“You need that much space?”

“I back up all information I come across. To lose my clients’ information and the text they give me would be disastrous, but it also serves as a second memory.” Stephen typed something on his ID screen and the room turned black. It wasn’t darkness as both Stephen, himself and their nakedness was clearly visible.

“What did you do?”

“This is the information on display.”

“Wait. You keep the texts from your client’s books. Isn’t that illegal?”

“Rest assured, my very pricey lawyers, my clients and I have sorted through the legal aspects of me keeping such priceless information, namely that no one other than me enters my office.” Stephen gave a worried smile before turning back to his work.

Stephen resumed typing and soon the blackness was fading and what was left behind was a much smaller room, fitting in with the style of the rest of the apartment. There were no windows, or there were but hidden behind the floor to ceiling shelving units. More wooden furniture.

“Fucking hell.” Lynk stared in utter disbelief at the enormous collection of books filling every shelf.

“Its breath taking isn’t it.”

They weren’t the words Lynk would have used, but he couldn’t deny it was impressive. He turned and saw a low table with books piled high on top which he must have hit on his way in, “I didn’t know there was still so many.”

“Most are from the collectors I work with or items deemed too dangerous to have on display in museums during the war. Some were buried in antique shops or in destroyed manor houses. I saved them.” Stephen spoke as though he were listing his child’s accomplishments with a warm open smile on his lips.

“Should I be worried that you were working in here naked?” Lynk raised an eyebrow.

“It was easier than stumbling about finding clothes and waking you. I woke and had an urge to work. Sex is an amazing stimulant.”

“Glad I could be of assistance.”

Stephen wasn’t listening. His gaze still lingered lovingly at his collection.

“Have you read all of these?”

“Read them, copied them and backed them up in my holo-room.”


“If you wish, but first would you like to take a look?”

Lynk was taken aback a moment and absently nodded to Stephen’s suggestion.

“Wonderful. Other than your ability in bed I know that you are a lawyer.” Stephen fingered the spines. “Hmm, how about ancient law and politics?”

Really not wanting to think about any aspect of work with a fuck, Lynk thought of another idea. “Can I see you write?”

Stephen paused for a moment. “You already have.”

“Not up close. Maybe you can teach me.” Lynk pulled Stephen against him, pressing his cock against Stephen’s arse, reminding him of their nudity. He took Stephen’s hand, kneading each finger separately, gliding nails down his fingers and stroking his palm. “Show me how you handle your equipment.”

He thought Stephen might laugh at that, but he could practically smell the arousal pumping through him. Of all the people Lynk could have gone to bed with he had to pick a rich, eccentric, masochist with a book fetish.

“Why don’t we sit down and you can show me?” Lynk dug his fingernails into Stephen’s hip.

Stephen cleared his throat, “Sure. Sit and I’ll … I’ll get the … yes.”

Reluctantly, Lynk released Stephen and sat at the antique desk that was far too large for the small office. He resisted the urge to peek in the mass of drawers and watched Stephen rush to find paper and pen whilst supporting quite an impressive semi. He returned and joined Lynk at the desk, their knees touching.

Stephen swallowed. “You know how to hold a stylus I presume.”

Lynk took the offered pen and laced it between his fingers the way he had been shown in a presentation at work.

Stephen reached out and took Lynk’s hand. “That’s good. But for better control hold it closer to the nib.” He adjusted Lynk’s fingers accordingly. “Try writing your name.”

Lynk thought of his earlier attempt and grimaced, but set pen to paper. The L was easiest if not a little shaky. Lynk cursed at having a Y in his name. He knew how it looked on screen, but didn’t know how to start. Seeing his hesitation, Stephen covered Lynk’s hand with his and said, “Here, let me help.” His palm was moist, Lynk noticed as he proceeded to write out his name with Stephen’s guidance.

“Want to try on your own again?” Stephen asked without releasing Lynk’s hand.

Lynk fought back his humiliation and offered Stephen the pen, “Why don’t you show me?”

He took it in his left hand with ease and elegance. Despite his cool composure Stephen couldn’t resist showing off. Within seconds Lynk’s name appeared in a beautiful, yet overly complicated curly script so perfect it could have been typed.

Lynk couldn’t help but be impressed, “Shit, how did you do that? Do it slowly so I can see.”

“Easily impressed aren’t you?” Stephen didn’t wait for a reply and put pen to paper again, a grin shaping his full lips.

Smug bastard. Leaning in closer, Lynk marvelled at the ease in which Stephen worked. The pen rolled smoothly then scratched the paper as he looped into the next letter. Stephen wet his lips then chewed the lower as he slowed his pace.

“Again.” Lynk said. Stephen complied promptly as he had in the bedroom. Lynk’s gaze fixed on Stephen, watching his brow furrow with concentration. Lynk allowed his hand to travel under the desk and take hold of Stephen’s now limp cock.

Stephen jumped in his seat. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you my technique. Why did you stop?”

Not to be defeated, Stephen continued his work. Lynk pumped him harder and Stephen’s hand froze. The pen shuddered, marring the paper.

“Don’t stop.” Lynk prompted, letting his free hand find and roll Stephen’s nipple between his fingers. A delicious moan rumbles from Stephen’s throat as Lynk circled his thumb over his already dripping slit.

“Lynk.” Ah, that pleading voice again. Lynk’s own cock twitched for attention and he squirmed in his seat, but he kept his hands on Stephen, who still attempted to finish the N with shaking fingers.

“More difficult than it looks isn’t it.” Lynk breathed into his ear, tightening his grip and pulled on Stephen’s still aching nipple. “I wonder if you could write my name with your load. Want to try?”

Stephen bit down hard on his lower lip. Lynk pumped the dark man’s cock fast and hard. Stephen groaned through his orgasm, coating Lynk’s hand and the desk with come.

Lynk kissed Stephen’s chewed lips and looked down at his third example.

“Ha, not bad.” Despite that he had crossed through it with a thick black line as he came, Stephen’s spunk had shaped into a quite accurate K. Lynk laughed into Stephen’s shoulder.

Stephen let his breathing even out before frowning at his work with a critical eye, then let out a chuckle and threw his head back, resting it against Lynk’s chest, “Invisible ink.”

Lynk laughed again. “You alright?”

“Better. I wonder how many clients I’d lose if they saw this?”

“I’m guessing bodily fluids don’t add to the value of books.”

“No, unless I can prove it’s a few hundred years old.” Stephen laughed again before turning to face Lynk. “Now what can I do for you?” He asked, noticing Lynk’s cock standing proud.

Almost automatically Lynk said, “Ride me. Maybe I can inspire you some more.”

Matching Lynk’s lack of hesitation, Stephen opened his legs and hoisted himself from his chair to Lynk’s lap. Lynk took hold of a buttock in each hand and held Stephen close against his body. God, this man was gorgeous. He stroked his hand up and down Stephen’s thighs, kneading his thumbs into his hips that shook under the pressure.

“I want you inside me again.”

“I guessed.” Lynk continued to stare at Stephen and rubbed the dark skin encasing the tight muscles of his chest.

Stephen squirmed and ground their cocks together.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Lynk pressed down hard on both nipples and Stephen rocked his hips toward Lynk, bowing his back.

“Lynk.” Fuck, Lynk would never get used to hearing Stephen call his voice like that. But he didn’t relent, his fingers continued to torment Stephen’s hard nipples.

“Come on. I want to see you prepare yourself for me, so I can fuck you hard just like you want me to.”

Stephen worried his already sore lips between his teeth.

“Here, let me help get you started.” Lynk took hold of Stephen’s wrist, licking it and up along the side of his palm, tasting the bitter, acidic favour of ink staining Stephen’s skin. He took three fingers into his mouth with as much skill as though sucking a cock. With Stephen’s fingers slick with saliva, Lynk slapped his palms against Stephen’s arse and spread him wide. “Go on then. I’m not going to do all the work.”

Stephen held on to the back of Lynk’s chair with his dry hand and positioned his knees as wide as the chair would allow, kissed Lynk deeply before reaching behind and entered himself.

Lynk swallowed at the mouth watering scene: Stephen stretching himself, waiting for Lynk’s cock, obeying his every word and loving every minute of it. Stephen’s hot breath soaked into his face as they stared at one another. It didn’t take long until Stephen was begging.

“Please Lynk, fuck me.”

“I told you, ride me.”

Stephen positioned Lynk’s aching cock against his ready hole and impaled himself, taking as much as he could. Lynk thrust up to meet him.

“Move.” Lynk ordered.

Stephen was already shifting his hips, but it wasn’t enough.




“I can’t. So … big.”

Magical words. Once said they flipped the switch. Lynk grabbed the back of Stephen’s thighs and threw him onto the desk. Stephen let out a yelp of surprise. His back was going to hurt like a bitch tomorrow, but for now it drove him crazy. With a hungry growl he grabbed for Lynk, wrapping his arms and legs around him tight, clawing at his back. With twice the animalistic passion, Lynk crushed Stephen with his full weight, thrusting into him so hard the desk rocked with dangerous creaks. Paper and other rare antiquity scattered to the floor.

Stephen cursed and moaned and pleaded, his fingernails embedded and hurting Lynk’s flesh. Ripping them away, Lynk held Stephen’s wrists above his head with one hand, while Stephen struggled against him. Stephen continued to set the pace and depth of Lynk’s cock inside him, balancing the balls of his feet on the edge of the desk he bucked his hips until Lynk was balls deep.

Their sweat soaked skin made it hard for Lynk to keep hold of Stephen, but the tightness of Stephen’s arse around Lynk was unbreakable. Their bodies fused together as perfectly as the first time. Lynk hammered harder into Stephen, too lost in his own pleasure to worry over Stephen, but there was no need. Stephen gave has good as he got, writhing under Lynk, nearly throwing the bigger man off balance.

Lynk cried out a primitive string of colourful curses, clenching his teeth against his pending orgasm. Not yet, not yet.

The smaller man’s eyes were focused on Lynk, reading his partner’s face. “Come inside.”

Lynk would have obliged Stephen’s wish had he not voiced it. Stephen might have said something else after that, but his words were broken with hoarse grunts, matching the pace of Lynk thrusting into his gut.

Lynk took Stephen’s leaking cock in his hand and pumped it time with his invading thrusts. The walls of Stephen’s arse closed further around Lynk as pre-come dribbled onto his stomach.

Lynk’s shoulder hunched, his balls drew up, his hand crushed Stephen’s against the desk, he quickened his pace on Stephen’s cock and cried out through his mounted orgasm that he fucked hard into Stephen’s welcoming arse. Seeing nothing but white light, he reached the cliff edge of his arousal and then fell fast, coming back to earth when Stephen’s vibrating muscles tensed around his cock as he also came, covering his stomach and chest. Collapsing into one another, the two lay until they could breathe evenly and their hearts stopping thumping madly against each other’s chests.

Eventually Lynk rolled off of Stephen and rested alongside him on to the hard desktop. “That was … fuck!”

“You’re quite eloquent. But yes it was.”

Every fibre in Lynk’s being was repelled by the sudden idea forming and tried to squash it. He moved to leave and found the heaving, dark skinned and tightly muscled torso in his sights. Stephen laying sprawled out, sweat glistening, wearing nothing his own spunk, like a delicious meal on a platter, Lynk couldn’t stop the words coming out his mouth.

“We should do this again.” He made it a suggestion not a question.

“Hmm. That would be nice.” Stephen’s eyes were closed and a soft grin played on his lips.

That wasn’t a rejection, Lynk let go of a breath he hadn’t noticed he was holding, but he stayed quiet, unsure of how things went after this. If this had followed the usual chain of events Lynk would have left straight after his partner fell asleep, or once he’d woken alone.

Stephen was rummaging beneath his back. Lynk thought for a moment he was preparing for another round, but instead Stephen pulled out his moist ID screen.

“What’s your contact code?” he asked, typing Lynk’s name into it.

Lynk hesitated a moment, nearly giving out his false one, but changed his mind. With swipe of his hand across the screen, Lynk knew Stephen was sending his information to Lynk’s screen.

I’m not sure one would really consider this a how-to article, but from the categories offered, it seems the closest one that matches the intent of this effort. I have not written this to deprecate or put down any author’s writings, but to offer small suggestions that might help improve future writings. I mean no offense and if any is taken, I apologize in advance.


I) Regarding cock sucking and deep-throating a large cock:

I have read with misgivings when authors write about that moment when a man or woman sucks down a larger than normal-sized cock, one that can reach the greater depths of a person’s throat, how the cock passes through the person’s mouth.

They usually write at that point that it has touched the back of their throat. Now, I don’t mean to be nit-picking here, but my problem with this is one of visualization, or perhaps conceptualization. What I mean to say is, at this point, hasn’t the cock really only reached the back of the mouth and now just begun to enter the front of the throat?

It seems to me that it doesn’t really reach the back of the person’s throat until the cock has been completely swallowed and fully deep-throated, don’t you think? I mean, the back of the throat, I would think, would be where the stomach begins or esophagus ends, no?

Take for example, this sentence:

“His cock slid precariously between my teeth until the head of his rod was just at the back of my throat.”

My aforementioned thoughts on the matter would then cause this sentence to read as follows:

“His cock slid precariously between my teeth until the head of his rod hit the tonsils at the back of my mouth, and I knew he was about to force its massive girth down my throat.”

I’m not sure if this is better, or more descriptive, but it does seem to me to more accurately state the step-by-step description of just how a cock travels as a person takes it from lips to esophagus.

A picture in my head, so to speak, looks like this: The cock, traveling from lips to pallet to pharynx to throat and finally to gullet, or rather, esophagus, that is, the back of the throat.

If you agree or disagree, I would love feedback regarding this concept.


II) Regarding grammatically incorrect statements:

I keep seeing lines like these in stories I read, and again, please don’t take offense, it is not just here in Literotica, but everywhere in today’s English grammar.

Hell, I even saw one like it in a Bible verse. It was a modern translation, so it was most likely the translator who was at fault. Therefore, no one is perfect. The lines go like this:

My wife is an innocent exhibitionist from long back that enjoys going braless to tease and fluster…

She talked to some of the men that had seen her virtually naked in the pool today, as well as the ones that spied on her having sex last night.

“He’s just a dirty old man that likes young tits just like yours. “

“Why Mom, you look beautiful, there is no other woman that could compare with you”

Each line seems okay and probably reads fine to most people, but it is just that each line uses the word “that” to refer to the subject of the sentence.

All of us know that my wife is not a “that”, but rather, a “who”, as are the men “who” had seen her virtually naked. And the dirty old man is really a person “who” likes young tits.

Finally, there can be no other woman “who”, rather than “that”, can compare with Mom. It is a simple matter of remembering just who or what you are talking about in your sentences.

If it is a person, then it is “who”. A thing, then it is “that”.


III) Regarding incorrectly used words:

I have seen the following words used consistently enough that I thought I should comment. They are not words I necessarily consider misspelled, but rather misused.

I would rather not get into misspelled words here because that would be entirely too nitpicking, and everyone has issues with that problem, including me.

The words I am about to list here are words I’ve seen used on this site simply because authors have mixed up the spelling of one word for another. I thought I would try to help out some. starring vs. staring:

starring- when an actor plays a part, he is starring in that role. staring — when a person glares at another without stopping, he is staring at him/her.

shuttered vs. shuddered

shuttered — he locked the doors and shuttered the windows in preparation for the upcoming storm. shuddered — he shuddered at the thought of being alone in the creepy, old house.

surreal vs. unreal –

My reasons for including these two words is purely subjective. I have seen and heard the word “surreal” used here on this site and in movies and on television so often in recent years, that I am about to go out of my mind.

For some reason, surreal has become the catch-phrase of the 21st century, so much so that I wish it would just go away! There is nothing special about the word, and it holds no particularly novel meaning.

I have just been seeing it pop up in so many stories and movies lately. I was sort of hoping I could ask people if they might start using the old-fashioned word “unreal” again, and maybe start a trend back to originality.

There are other words as well. Words like imaginary, fanciful, fantastic, illusory, delusory, deceptive, phantasmal, phantasmagorical, imagined, all in the mind, and incorporeal, to name a few.

For example, the sentence:

“Lisa had never been in such a surreal situation.” could be rewritten as “Lisa could never have imagined herself to have been caught up in such a fantastic situation. The whole thing boggles the mind.”

Yes, it would take some effort on our parts to be more creative than to just jot down any thought that comes to mind and then not do a creative rewrite, and yes, I also know this is only a sex site, but hey, nothing says that we can’t try to attain some sort of literary heights here, eh?

I’m just saying, if you happen to find yourself writing a story here and you feel yourself using a line including that word, see if you maybe can’t find some more creative way to express your intent. Anyway, again, just a thought.


IV) Panties and Garter Belts

And finally, for those of you writing scenes where you find yourself dressing up fine ladies, or in my case, transvestites, in nylons, garter belts and panties, the panties go on last.

Throughout history, this has always been the case because dire emergencies seem always to arise which require the swift removal of the panties .

Because of this, the panties need to be able to be removed first, without having to worry about undoing the bothersome stays and clips of the garter straps.

Such emergencies include times when the wearer, in cases of urinary distress, needs to find it easy to quickly lower the briefs in order to relieve herself once finally in the restroom, after having waited 7-10 hours to finally find a privy.

And then, during any seduction scene, the guy or girl molesting our lady or drag queen really doesn’t want to feel he or she need rip off every single item of clothing just to get to her nether hole for that quick janitor closet fuck during school hours.

All he or she need do is lift the dress and slip the panties down (or move them to the side) and slide either a cock, finger or dildo in.

Being able to remove the panties from a properly dressed lady or transvestite wearing garters and stockings and keeping them as a trophy, leaving her completely naked beneath her dress, is quite a humiliating and yet exciting experience for most transvestites, and another thrilling literary treat for the rest of us


That is all, for the moment. I hope I have helped some and not offended too many others as I meant no umbrage.

I have been experiencing a bit of a writers block with my stories. I have come up with some outlines and some material to use to help guide me in the direction I want to take the stories, but I am still having difficulty writing them out.

Putting out this how-to article hopefully will not only assist others but will also help get me a step closer to writing more on my stories.

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